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8. • מחזור מכל השנה: כמנהג פולין וליטא ורייסין MACHZOR MI-KOL HA-SHANAH: KE-MINHAG POLIN PIHEM U-MEHRIN VE-LITA VE-RAISIN. Ostraha (Ostrog), 1831.


76. • Joint Emergency Committee For Jewish Religious Education In Great Britain. SUKKOT. NO. 27, SEPTEMBER 1943.


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18th CENTURY IMPRINTS (see also Hagadot)

GH-3-5311.jpg (158142 bytes) 1. • MAHZOR: HELEK SHENI: KE-MINHAG ASHKENAZ VE-POLIN: `IM PERUSH LESHON ASHKENAZI VE-DINE ME-HADRAT KODESH VE-KAVANAT HA-PAITAN...: PESACH... [ONLY]. Linevil (Lunéville, France): Bi-defus Avraham Frizek, 1797. Half-leather, 4to, 126 leaves. Hebrew text with commentaries in Judeo-German. "Among the Hebrew printing presses established in France in the latter part of the 18th century and early in the 19th was one belonging to Abraham Brisach, who produced in Luneville a mahzor with Judeo-German translation in 1797..." (Gilbert Cahen in EJ) SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. -- Prayer-books and devotions. Judeo-German literature. Machzor. Sukkot. ; Hadrat kodesh. ; Kavanat ha-paitan. No copies on OCLC. Only one institution (Harvard) lists any volumes of this Machzor (Yom Kipu, Helek Rashon). JTSA owns (only) 2 of the volumes (Shavuot & ?) , which they keep in their rare book room. Wear to boards, internal rag paper and binding remain in Very Good Condition. (GH-3-5) (ID #16962) $350.00.

GH-3-4310.jpg (150494 bytes) 2. • MAHZOR: HELEK SHENI: KE-MINHAG ASHKENAZ VE-POLIN: `IM PERUSH LESHON ASHKENAZI VE-DINE ME-HADRAT KODESH VE-KAVANAT HA-PAITAN...: SUKOT... [ONLY]. Linevil (Lunéville, France): Bi-defus Avraham Frizek, 1797. Half-leather, 4to, 109 leaves. Hebrew text with commentaries in Judeo-German. "Among the Hebrew printing presses established in France in the latter part of the 18th century and early in the 19th was one belonging to Abraham Brisach, who produced in Luneville a mahzor with Judeo-German translation in 1797..." (Gilbert Cahen in EJ) SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. -- Prayer-books and devotions. Judeo-German literature. Machzor. Sukkot. ; Hadrat kodesh. ; Kavanat ha-paitan. No copies on OCLC. Only one institution (Harvard) lists any volumes of this Machzor (Yom Kipu, Helek Rashon). JTSA owns (only) 2 of the volumes (Shavuot & ?) , which they keep in their rare book room. Wear to boards, internal rag paper and binding remain in Very Good Condition. (GH-3-4) (ID #16961) $350.00.

GH-3-8312.jpg (214243 bytes) 3. • SEDER SELIHOT MI-KOL HA-SHANAH: KE-MINHAG ELZOZ... Karlsru (Karlsruhe): 1769. Quarter-Leather, Large 8vo, 96 leaves. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. Repentance -- Judaism -- Prayer-books and devotions. OCLC lists no copies, but lists a single copy which is identical except that it has 90 instead of 96 leaves (Harvard, perhaps an error?) Very Good+ Condition. An absolutely beautiful copy, embossed with previous owner's name in front in gold. (GH-3-8) (ID #16964) $500.00.


4. • Yozefa Yosef, Meh. S. Noheg Ka-Tson Yosef,. IGERET AHAT KETANAH BI-SHEMAH KANEH: UVA-KANAH SHELOSHAH GEVIIM. UVA-SOF HA-HIBUR PERUSH AL 2 MIZMORE TEHILIM [22, 116]. Amsterdam: Hirts Levi Emdan, 1733. Hardcover, 80 pages, 12mo, 16cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Piyutim -- Early works to 1800. Pilgrim Festivals (Judaism) -- Liturgy -- Texts. Bible. O. T. Psalms XXII -- Commentaries -- Early works to 1800. Bible. O. T. Psalms CXVI -- Commentaries -- Early works to 1800.Other Titles: Kaneh. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (JTS, NY Public Library). Ex-library. Stained, browning of pages. Hinge Repair. Wear to edges and folding of cover. Otherwise, good condition. (rab-34-1) (ID #21784) $250.00.


RAB-40-2.jpg (270110 bytes)5. • המחזור מכל השנה HA-MAHAZOR MIKOL HA-SHANA. Dyrenfurth: Yosef Meye, 1815. Hardcover, Folio, 112, 115 leaves (2nd part jumps from page 77 to 115, lacking leaves in between). In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. Fasts and Feasts, Judaism -- Prayer books and devotions. Other Titles: Mahzor. 1815. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (JTS). Ex-library with usual markings. Page signitures loose. Heavy edgewear to pages, including title page. Some stained pages. Hinge repair. Wear to cover binding. But good rag paper has held up well. (Rab-40-2) (ID #24642) $175.00.




HEB-1-7.jpg (67327 bytes)7. • MACHZOR LECHAG HASHAVUOT KEMINCHAG ASHKENAZ. Sulzbach: H. Frantschen, 1845. Hard cover, 1, 8vo. 200, 22 pages. In Hebrew. In Hebrew and German languages. Liturgy. Prayers for Sukkot according to the rite of Germany with German translation. CD # 0172773. Hard cover, card board and leather. Some tear to the spine, otherwise in excellent condition (HEB-1-7). (ID #17745) $150.00.






Rab-34A-3.jpg (251781 bytes)8. • מחזור מכל השנה: כמנהג פולין וליטא ורייסין MACHZOR MI-KOL HA-SHANAH: KE-MINHAG POLIN PIHEM U-MEHRIN VE-LITA VE-RAISIN. Ostraha (Ostrog) , 1831. Full Leather, Square 8vo, 86 leaves. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S). Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. Pilgrim Festivals (Judaism) -- Prayers and devotions. Mahzor. OCLC lists 3 institutions with similar copies, (Harvard, California, JTS) , though all have slightly differing titles. Wear to leather, but solid; wear to heavy rag paper as well, but no damage. Nice old signatures on end papers. Institutional bookplate. Stained pages. Chipping on spine. Notes inside front and back cover. Good Condition overall. (Rab-34A-3) (ID #24543) $225.00.

HEB-1-5.jpg (61004 bytes)10. • MACHZOR SHEL ROSH HASHANA KEMINCHAG ASHKENAZ. Sulzbach: H. Frantschen, 1845. Hard cover, 1, 8vo. 144, 136, 22 pages. In Hebrew and German languages. Liturgy. Prayers for Rosh ha Shanah according to the rite of Germany with German translation. CD # 0172773. Hard cover, card board and leather. Missing spine, foxing, otherwise in excellent condition (HEB-1-5). (ID #17746) $150.00.






HEB-1-8.jpg (93797 bytes)11. • MACHZOR SHEL SUKKOT KEMINCHAG ASHKENAZ UPOLEN. SUKKOT ONLY. Metz: Efraim Haadamar, 1817. Hard cover, 1, 8vo. 118, 62, 8 pages. In Hebrew. Liturgy. Prayers for Sukkot according to the rite of Germany and Poland. CD # 0172625. Hard cover, card board and leather. Missing backstrip (spine covering) , otherwise in excellent condition. (HEB-1-8). (ID #17741) $200.00.






HEB-5-1.jpg (151646 bytes) 12. • MAHAZOR KE-MINHAG ASHKENAZ: LE-ROSH HA-SHANAH VE-YOM KIPUR Vol. I only. Sulzbach, Germany: Zekl Orenshtein, 1830. Leather, Large 8vo. Xxi, 274 pages. Approximately 300 leaves. In Hebrew. Printed on fine laid rag paper. Two volumes in one. Contents: Vol. 1. Rosh Ha-shanah ve-Yom Kipur -- Translation in Judeo German. SUBJECT (S): Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. Pilgrim Festivals (Judaism) -- Prayer-books and devotions. OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide (Harvard, George Washington, Wayne State). Owner inscribed with contemporary birth records of the Kahn family on rear flyleaves. Death certificate of Margaretha Kahn, died 1873, laid in. Backstrip not present; spine split; edgeworn; corners chipped. Usual age staining. Interior in good condition. (HEB-5-1) (ID #19387) $50.00.

RAB-38-15.jpg (117197 bytes) 13. • מחזור לראש השנה: כמנהג ספרדים שבקוסטאנטינא ומדינות מזרח ומערב ואיטאליא: עם התפלות מכתבי האר״י ומספר חמדת ימים MAHAZOR LE-ROSH HA-SHANAH: KE-MINHAG SEFARADIM SHEBE- KONSTANTINA U-MEDINOT MIZRAH U-MA’ARAV VE-ITALYAH: ‘IM HA- TEFILOT MI-KITVE HA-ARI UMI-SEFER HEMDAT YAMIM. Livorno: Mi-Yad Mosheh Yeshu’ah Tubyana, 1835. Hardcover, 8vo, 137 leaves, 20 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Rosh ha- Shanah -- Liturgy -- Texts. Judaism -- Sephardic rite -- Italy. Other Titles: Mahzor. Rosh ha- Shanah (Sephardic). Hinge repair. Handwritten notes inside front and back cover. Bumped cover corners and edges. Wear and chipping to spine. Otherwise, very good condition. (Rab-38- 15) (ID #24623) $175.00.



MX-8-4.jpg (128707 bytes)MX-8-4title page.jpg (40882 bytes) 14. • MAHZOR LA-YOM KIPPUR. FORM OF PRAYERS FOR THE DAY OF ATONEMENT. New York: L. H. Frank, 1877. Leather, 8vo. 415, 18 pages. In Hebrew with English facing. SUBJECT (S): Atonement (Judaism) ; Yom Kippur. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (George Washington Univ). Singerman Nr. 1884. Full red leather with gilt detail, all edges gilt. Leather missing from spine and worn around edges of covers, covers have been reattached, text clean, good condition. (MX-8-4) (ID #18927) $225.00.




AMR-17-17.jpg (111629 bytes) 15. • Adler, H. MAHAZOR LE-ROSH HA-SHANAH: `IM TARGUM ANGLIT. New York: No Publisher, 1937. Cloth, 8vo. 263, 270 pages. In English and Hebrew on facing pages. SUBJECT (S): Judaism – liturgy – texts; Rosh ha-Shanah – prayer-books and devotions. Cloth missing from spine, binding a little loose, text clean, floral design on cover, good condition. (AMR-17-17) (ID #18878) $30.00.


MX-21-11.jpg (100678 bytes)16. • De Sola, D. A. MAHAZOR LE-MO`ADE H.: KE-MINHAG POLIN. THE FESTIVAL PRAYERS ACCORDING TO THE CUSTOM OF THE GERMAN AND POLISH JEWS. VOLUME 3, SERVICE FOR THE NEW YEAR. London: Vallentine, 1860. Leather, 12mo. 345 pages. In English and Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Judaism - liturgy - texts; Jews, German - prayer-books and devotions; Jews, Polish - prayer-books and devotions; Mahzorim; High Holidays - liturgy. OCLC lists 18 copies worldwide. Full leather with gilt design, all edges gilt. Backstrip missing, covers worn, pages clean, good condition. (MX-21-11) (ID #23890) $35.00.

sef-10-9313.jpg (155320 bytes) 17. • Gaster, Moses; David De Sola. SEDER HA-TEFILOT: KEFI MINHAG KEHILAT HA-KODESH SEFARADIM SHA`AR HA-SHAMAYIM BE-LONDON: `IM TIRGUM ANGLI MI-YESUD DAVID DI AHARON DI SOLAH... ; U-TEFILAT BAR MITSVAH ME-ET...BINYAMIN ARTOM... ; VE-LUAH HA-MO`ADIM VEHA-SHABATOT...ME-ET MOSHEH DI AVRAHAM. MENAHEM GASTER. VOLUMES 1 AND 3. London: H. Frowde, 1904. Leather, (FT) 8vo. Xxx, 245, 69; xvi, 280 pages. In English and Hebrew; includes music. Volume 1 and 3 (of 3) only. SUBJECT(S): Judaism – prayer-books and devotions; Judaism – liturgy – texts. OCLC lists 13 copies worldwide. Gaster (1856-1939) was born in Bucharest, but studied in Braslau, where he was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary of Breslau in 1881. In 1885 he was expelled from Romania due to his political activism on the part of that country's Jews. He moves to England, where he began teaching Slavonic literature at Oxford University in 1886. Aside from his scholarship, Gaster was an active Zionist. “He accompanied L. Oliphant on his visits to Rumania, Constantinople, and Erez Israel, and also played a considerable part in the establishment of Zikhron Ya'akov and Rosh Pinnah in Palestine, the first colonies settled by Rumanian Jews. ” He was also elected as a vice president at the first four Zionist Congresses. (Roth, EJ) Vol 1 has red leather covers, vol 3 has brown leather. Gilt dentelles, marbled endpapers, all edges gilt; gilt title on spine. Edgeworn, moisture stain on first few pages of vol 1, first few pages of vol 3 stuck together. Good condition. (SEF-10-9). Price per volume. Please indicate which is needed. (ID #20906) $75.00.

MX-21-15.jpg (49840 bytes) 18. • Liberal Jewish Synagogue, London. ; Union Of Liberal and Progressive Synagogues (Great Britain). LIBERAL JEWISH PRAYER BOOK. VOL. III, SERVICES FOR PASSOVER, PENTECOST AND TABERNACLES. London: The Liberal Jewish Synagogue, 1926. Cloth, 12mo. 278 pages. In English with Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Reform Judaism - Great Britain - liturgy - texts; Jews - Great Britain - London. OCLC lists 17 copies worldwide. Ex library with minimal markings. Backstrip loose, covers worn at corners, clean, good condition. (MX-21-15) (ID #23894) $30.00.





MX-21-14.jpg (76356 bytes) 19. • Marks, D. W. SEDER HA-TEFILOT. FORMS OF PRAYER: USED IN THE WEST LONDON SYNAGOGUE OF BRITISH JEWS: WITH AN ENGLISH TRANSLATION. VOLUME 1, DAILY AND SABBATH PRAYERS. London: Werthmeimer, Lea & Co, 1898. Cloth, 8vo. Xv, 119 pages. In English and Hebrew. Fifth edition. SUBJECT (S): Judaism - liturgy - texts; Siddurim - texts. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Pasted in is the "Table of reference for the members of the West London Synagogue of British Jews 1908." Tape on spine and hinges, wear at corners, bookplate, good- condition. (MX-21-14) (ID #23893) $30.00.




mx-21-10.jpg (110942 bytes) 20. • COMPLETE PRAYER BOOK FOR SYNAGOGUE, HOME & SCHOOL. London: P. Vallentine & Sons, 1912. Hardcover, 8vo. 376 pages. Second edition. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Judaism - liturgy. Spine repaired, edgeworn, occasional pencil notes, pages tanned, good- condition. (MX-21-10) (ID #23889) $30.00.




21. • Central Conference Of American Rabbis, editors. THE UNION PRAYER-BOOK FOR JEWISH WORSHIP. PART II... Cincinnati: Central Conference of American Rabbis, 1894. Cloth, 12mo. 340 pages. In Hebrew above English title: Seder tefiloth Israel. Contents: Services for the new year. Services for the day of atonement. Part of text in English and Hebrew (on opposite pages). "This prayer-book has more Hebrew than other American Reform prayer-books. The prayer for mourners occupies a prominent place, as do the silent devotions. It contains also "The Blessing of the Light" for Hanukkah (on Sabbath eve) , readings from the Torah and Haftarah (translations) , selections from the Scriptures, and recitations. It has no Musaf prayer. "Abinu Malkenu" is recited on Rosh ha-Shanah and Yom Kippur. "Our Father, our King! Inscribe us in the book of life, " is paraphrased .”.. Help us to lead a good and pure life. " "Inscribe us in the book of redemption and salvation" does not occur, though the Hebrew appears there unchanged. The Yom Kippur service is divided into five parts: Evening, Morning, Afternoon, Memorial, and Concluding Prayers. By 1905, ten years after its publication, "The Union Prayer-Book" had been adopted by 183 Reform congregations, and 62, 224 copies had been issued. " (JE) Singerman 4700. SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Prayer-books and devotions. Jews -- Social life and customs. Judaism -- Liturgy. OCLC lists 13 copies of this edition. "Simon Levy" inscribed on flyleaf. "Necrology of Members and Seatholders of Temple Beth-El and Their Relatives for the year 5686/1924-1925" laid in. Lacks rear board and backstrip. Front board scuffed. Some darkening to pages. Text in very good condition. (AMR-5-26) (ID #16249) $50.00.

Rab-34A-11.jpg (41410 bytes) 22. • Bet Ha-Sefarim Ha-Leumi Veha-Universitai Bi-Yerushalayim. סדר מה שאומרים קודם ברכת המזין...: הכל כתיבת יד... על קלף...: ובציורים נאים BIRKAT HAMAZON OF THE JEWISH NATIONAL & UNIVERSITY LIBRARY IN JERUSALEM, YAH. MS. HEB. 143. London: Cyelar, 1738. Hardcover, 24 leaves, color, illustrated, 16mo, 10 cm. In Hebrew. Edition: Complete facsimile-edition in original size. Facsimile of Hebrew manuscript, in unvoweled Hebrew, Amsterdam, 1738. Copy number 247. Issued in handsome custom clamshell case, 18 cm. Other Titles: Grace after meals. Hebrew. ; Birkat hamazon. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. Very good condition. (Rab-34A-11) (ID #24551) $65.00.



MX-4-21.jpg (74725 bytes) 23. • Einstädter, Heinrich. DEUTSCHE UBERSETZUNG ZUM HEBRÄISCHEN GEBETBUCH: FÜR DEN SCHULGEBRAUCH. Frankfurt A. M.: Verlag Von J. Kauffmann, 1910. Quarter cloth, 12mo. Viii, 120 pages. In German. SUBJECT (S): Judaism – liturgy – texts. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Good condition; tear in front cover, edgeworn, chips on first couple pages. (MX-4-21) (ID #18393) $20.00.





Polychrome siddur.jpg (85118 bytes) 24. • Freedman, Jacob, editor. POLYCHROME HISTORICAL PRAYERBOOK "SIDDUR BAYS YOSEF": INCLUDING DAILY, SABBATH AND FESTIVAL PRAYERS... Paper Wrappers, 8vo, [Springfield, MA]: [The Author], 1969. Stiff paper wrappers, 8vo, 28 pages. Despite it's title, not a complete siddur, but rather a preliminary draft showing what a polychorme prayerbook would look like. As such, these 28 pages show the same kind of careful and colorful approach to illustrating the evolutionary history of the Siddur, by which different parts of the text were added at different periods. Unfortunately, the author died before the project could be completed with a final, complete work. Despite being incomplete, the 28 pages are themselves very useful for what they show. Subject: Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. Title: Siddur bays Yosef; Sidur bet Yosef; Bet Yosef. Fine Condition. (ID #12617) $20.00.


GER-29-25.jpg (85395 bytes) 25. • Furst, Julius. SEDÄR JOSEROT LE-KOL SABBATOT HAS-SANA: DAS BUCH JOZEROT ODER DIE RELIGIÖSEN LIEDER FÜR ALLE SABBATE DES JAHRES IN SORGFÄLTIG CORRIGIRTEM TEXTE UND MIT STROPHISCHER ANORDNUNG ALS CHRESTOMATHIE DES SCHWEREN STYLES DER PIJJUTIM. Juterborg: A. M. Colditz, 1852. Cloth, 12mo. Xvi, 371 pages. In German. SUBJECT (S): Judaism – liturgy – texts; Sabbath (Jewish law) – prayer-books and devotions; Piyutim. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide. Tape label on spine, pages a little spotty, boards rubbed, good condition. (GER-29-25) (ID #20400) $100.00.



26. • Jacobs, Ella. CHILDREN'S PRAYERS FOR USE IN SCHOOL AND HOME. 1894. Philadelphia, PA, 1893. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 7 pages. Only 1 copy listed on OCLC (Yale). Jews -- Liturgy and ritual. Slightly stained on boards. Good condition. (P-2) (ID #16548) $100.00.

MX-13-4.jpg (129106 bytes) 27. • Jacobson, Bs. MEDITATIONS ON THE SIDDUR: STUDIES IN THE ESSENTIAL PROBLEMS AND DREAMS OF JEWISH WORSHIP. Tel Aviv: Sinai Publishing, 1966. Hardback, 8vo. 185 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Judaism -- Liturgy. Prayer -- Judaism. Siddur. Dust jacket present, marginalia throughout first half of book, some pages have been dog-eared. In good condition. (MX13-4) (ID #21345) $30.00.





RAB-36-8.jpg (56630 bytes) 28. • Rosenzweig, Franz. DER TISCHDANK. University Of Manitoba, Dept. Of Judaic Studies, 0. No Date (ca. 1970?) Photocopied booklet, unstapled, 17 pages. In German (printed in blackletter). The Birkat Hamazon, (grace after meals) translated into German by Rosenzweig while on his honeymoon, after his marriage to Edith Hahn in 1920. This spurred his interest in translation, leading to his famous translation of the Hebrew Bible, done in collaboration with Martin Buber (Vanderbilt University Divinity Library Website) No copies on OCLC. Paper slightly tanned, very good condition. (RAB-36-8) (ID #24584) $50.00.



k-hag-1-1cover309.jpg (143451 bytes)k-hag-1-1photo.jpg (169541 bytes) 29. • HAGADAH ERETZ YISRAELITH LE’PESACH. Tel-Aviv: Y Zilberber, 1948. HARDBACK, 8vo. 47 pages. In Hebrew. Musical notes to various songs. Photographic illustrations of the old and new in the Land of Israel. Usual stains, wear to boards, internal binding starting, otherwise Good Condition. (k-hag-1-1) (ID #21068) $200.00.






HEB-1-10.jpg (96718 bytes)HEB-1-10B.jpg (89383 bytes)29A. • MACHZOR SHEL RISHON VESHENI SHEL PESACH [LEBNEI ASHKENAZ]. Roedelheim: W. Heidenheim, 1827. Hard cover, 1, 8vo. 108, 116, 12 pages. In Hebrew. Liturgy. Prayers for the first and second days of Pesach according to the rite of Germany. CD # 0172671. Hard cover, card board and leather. "In 1800 Heidenheim began the publication of his most famous work, the nine-volume edition of the mahzor, Sefer Kerovot (Roedelheim, 1800-02) , which went through numerous printings. The work included the first pure German translation (in Hebrew characters) of the liturgical poems for the festivals (individual pieces were translated by his friends Wolf Breidenbach and Baer Bing) , a Hebrew commentary and a literary historical introduction, and an alphabetical summary of the liturgical poets. Heidenheim devoted great care to typographical setup as well as to the restoration of the correct text of the prayers. With this objective, he drew on manuscripts and occasionally on old printed texts. The prominent rabbis of his time approved of Heidenheim's work and also contributed notes and comments to many piyyutim...His other works in the field of liturgy include...the ritual for Passover eve (Roedelheim, 1822-23) " [Sefton D. Temkin in EJ]. Spine has major tear, otherwise in excellent condition (HEB-1-10). (ID #17743) $150.00.


gershom cohen hag.jpg (51174 bytes) 30. • THE PASSOVER HAGGADAH OF GERSHOM COHEN: PRINTED AT PRAGUE, IN THE YEAR. Tel Aviv: Sinai Publishers, 1954,. Cloth, 12mo, 23, [81] pages. Illustrated, 18 cm. In Hebrew with English introduction. Facsimile reproduction of the Hebrew text, with introd. In English. Previous owner’s inscription, Pages slightly wrinkled, water stain on bottom of endpapers. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide (Barry U, Duke, Penn, Vanderbilt, HUC, Texas). Good Condition in Good Jacket with large chip at front top, with some text loss. But a nice copy. (K-HAG) (ID #21216) $90.00.

31. • SEDER HAGGADAH SHEL PESACH (HAMBURG, 1731 FACSIMILE). New York: Orphan Hospital Ward Of Israel, 1961,. Paperback, 12mo. Includes black and white illustrations. In Hebrew with title page and page of explanation in English. “First printed edition of a haggadah from a parchment manuscript of the early eighteenth century, Anno 1731 Hamburg. ” From a series of 29 facsimiles of 18th century haggadot put out yearly by the publisher. Very Good Condition, slight discoloration on cover. (K-HAG) (ID #21213) $30.00.

Union hag321.jpg (101520 bytes) 32. • THE UNION HAGGADAH: HOME SERVICE FOR THE PASSOVER. Central Conference Of American Rabbis, 1923,. Cloth, 12mo, xvi, 162 pages. Includes illustrations & music. 20 cm. In English & Hebrew. Slight wear on cover and spine, notations in pencil throughout (K-HAG) (ID #21212) $30.00.






Spec-2-25322.jpg (187082 bytes) 33. • Gugenheimer, Raphael. KOMMENTAR ZUR HAGADAH SCHEL PESACH. Frankfurt A. M.: Sanger & Friedberg, 1912. Cloth, 8vo. 42 pages. In German. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Haggadah – commentaries. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. Ex library. Last page missing, boards warped from water, pages tanned, good- condition. (SPEC-2-25) (ID #20135) $30.00.





Rylands hag.jpg (185396 bytes) 34. • Loewe, Raphael, intoductory notes and translation. THE RYLANDS HAGGADAH: A MEDIEVAL SEPHARDI MASTERPIECE IN FACSIMILE... An Illuminated Passover Compendium from Mid-14th-Century Catalonia in the Collections of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester... N.Y.: Abrams, (1988). 4to, 76 pages of text, many color plates. red silk cloth, lettered in gilt, matching slipcase. Near Fine Condition. (ID #16907) $150.00.



RAB-40-1.jpg (221250 bytes) 35. • Abravanel, Isaac and Leone Modena. סדר הגדה של פסח: אדער פארטראג אויף דיא ביידען ערשטען אבענדע פאן פסח... וגם הדפסנו בתוכה רוב דינים השייכים להלכות בדיקת חמץ וביעורו והנהגת ערב פסח בכולו יומו וסדר קרבן פסח בהקריבו והלכות לסדר של פסח כראוי... עוד תצמא בה טעם לשבח פירוש צלי אש והוא קיצור זבח פסח SEDER HAGADAH SHEL PESAH: ODER FORTRAG OYF DI BEYDEN ERSHTEN ABENDE FON PESAH... VE-GAM HIDPASNU BE-TOKHAH ROV DINIM HA-SHAYAKHIM LE-HILKHOT BEDIKAT HAMETS U-VI'URO VE-HANHAGAT 'EREV PESAH BE-KHULO YOMO VE-SEDER KORBAN PESAH BE-HAKRIVO VA-HALAKHOT LE-. SEDER SHEL PESAH KA-RA'UI... 'OD TIMTSA BAH TA'AM LI-SHEVAH PERUSH TSELI ESH VE-HU KITSUR ZEVAH PESAH. Be-Fiyorda [Fuerth]: Be-Vet Uvi-Defus Ha-Meshubah Veha-Torani Itsak Ben Ha-Manoah Ha-Torani David Tsirendorf, 1804. Hardcover, 8vo, 48 pages, 25 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Haggadot -- Texts. Seder -- Liturgy – Texts. Haggadah -- Commentaries. "Oyfs naye ins reyne Daytshe iberzetst [be-otiyot meruba’ot] und mit anmerkungn firzehn. " Text of Haggadah in Hebrew with commentaries in Yiddish. Abravanel's commentary is Tseli esh, an abridgement by Leone Modena of the former's larger work, Zevah Pesah. Other Titles: Haggadah. Hagadah shel Pesah; Tseli esh. Sefer Akedah. ‘Olelot Efrayim. Mateh Aharon. Abravanel (1437-1508) was a “statesman, biblical exegete, and theologian. Offshoot of a distinguished Ibero-Jewish family, Abrabanel spent 45 years in Portugal, then passed the nine years immediately prior to Spanish Jewry's 1492 expulsion in Castile. At that time an important figure at the court of Ferdinand and Isabella, he chose Italian exile over conversion to Christianity. He spent his remaining years in various centers in Italy where he composed most of his diverse literary corpus, a combination of prodigious biblical commentaries and involved theological tomes. Like his father Judah, Abrabanel engaged successfully in both commerce and state finance while in Lisbon. After his father died he succeeded him as a leading financier at the court of King Alfonso V of Portugal. His importance at court was not restricted to his official sphere of activities…After the 1492 expulsion, Abrabanel passed two years in Naples. Here he completed his commentary on Kings. But he was again prevented from devoting his time to study for long, eventually coming to serve in the court of Alfonso ii. Abrabanel tells of wealth recouped in Italy and renewed fame "akin to that of all of the magnates in the land. " Abrabanel's fortunes turned again, however, when the French sacked Naples. His library was destroyed. Before departing Naples, Abrabanel managed to complete a work on dogma (Rosh Amanah) structured around Maimonides' enumeration of 13 foundational principles of Judaism. Abrabanel now followed the royal family to Messina, remaining there until 1495. Subsequently he removed to Corfu where he began his commentaries on Isaiah and the Minor Prophets and then to Monopoli (Apulia) , where early in 1496 he completed the commentary on Deuteronomy which he had begun in Lisbon, as well as his commentaries on the Passover Haggadah (Zevah Pesa’) , and on Avot. Of the same period are his works expressing the hopes for redemption which at times explain contemporary events as messianic tribulations – Ma’yenei Yeshu’ah, Yeshu’ot Meshi’o, and Mashmi’a Yeshu’ah. Two other works addressed the problem of the world's createdness, Shamayim Hadashim and Mifalot Elohim. In 1503, Abrabanel settled at last in Venice. He was engaged in negotiations between the Venetian senate and the kingdom of Portugal in that year, for a commercial treaty to regulate the spice trade. He now finished commentaries on Jeremiah and Ezekiel, Genesis and Exodus, and Leviticus and Numbers. In a reply to an enquiry from Saul ha-Kohen of Candia, he mentions that he was engaged in composing his book ‘Edek Olamim, on recompense and punishment, and Lahakat ha-Nevi'im, on prophecy, and in completing his commentary on Maimonides' Guide of the Perplexed. Abrabanel died in Venice and was buried in Padua. Owing to the destruction of the Jewish cemetery there during the wars in 1509, his grave is unknown” (Avneri, Zvi, Avraham Grossman, Alvin J. Reines, and Eric Lawee in EJ, 2007). OCLC lists 4 copies worldwide (JTS , Hebrew Union, Harvard, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek). Ex-library with bookplate. Hinges repaired. Wear to spine. Stained pages. Wear to pages. Minimal tear on some pages. Otherwise, good condition. (Rab-40-1) (ID #24641) $325.00.

Kasher hag.jpg (239178 bytes) 36. • Kasher, Rabbi Menahem M.editor. ISRAEL PASSOVER HAGGADAH. HAGADAT – PESACH ERETZ YISRAEL. N. Y.: American Biblical Encyclopedia Society, 1950,. Cloth, 8vo, 11, 335 pages; 26cm. In English & Hebrew. Includes color & black & white illustrations. Gilded edges, dustjacket. Inside hinges repaired, Very Good Condition in Good jacket. (K-HAG) (ID #21208) $30.00.





American heritage hag.jpg (83107 bytes) 37. • Geffen, David, compiler and editor; English translation by Moshe Kohn; Introduction by Stuart E. Eizenstat. AMERICAN HERITAGE HAGGADAH: THE PASSOVER EXPERIENCE. Jerusalem: Geffen Publishing House, Ltd, C.1992,. Cloth, 4to, 9, xix, 91 pages. ; 31 cm. In English &Hebrew. Includes many black & white and color illustrations and photographs. With commentary on the celebration of Passover throughout American Jewish history. Hebrew text photographed from a 1857 New York Hebrew- English Haggadah. Inscribed in English and Hebrew by the author to then JTS Chancellor Ismar Schorsch: “To Ismar, continued good health and much more success in your work for our am Yisrael and the Conservative Movement.” Very Good+ Condition. (K-HAG) (ID #21211) $30.00.


Paque Hag324.jpg (110476 bytes) 38. • David Berdah. HAGGADA DE PÂQUE. HAGADAH SHEL PESAH. (FT) Haggada de Paque. Tunis: Editions "La Caravelle," No date (ca 1960). Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 99 pages. In Hebrew with instructions in Judeo-Arabic. SUBJECT(S)Haggadah. Light wear to covers, tiny corner chip, otherwise Good+ Condition. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide. (K-HAG) (ID #21219) $125.00.






Polychrome Haggadah.jpg (182463 bytes) 40. • Freedman, Jacob. POLYCHROME HISTORICAL HAGGADAH FOR PASSOVER, HAGGADAH... Hardcover, 8vo, Springfield, MA, Jacob Freedman Liturgy Research Foundation, 1974. Cloth, 4to, xxvi, 134 pages. Illustrates the quilt like nature of the text by cooler coding Bible, Mishnah, Talmudic passages (etc.) based on when they were added to the Haggadah as we know it today. In his article for volume 77 of the American Jewish Year Book entitled "Jewish Scholarship in the United States: Selections from the Literature, 1973-1975," Menahem Schmelzer highlighted Freedman's Polychrome Haggadah: "Seven colors indicate the seven periods, from biblical to modern, in which the various layers of the Haggadah came into being. Marginal comments on each passage give the source and comprehensive references to scholarly literature. Freedman's new translation and reproductions of many beautiful pages from medieval Haggadah manuscripts make this Haggadah particularly attractive." (1977, pp. 211-212). OCLC lists 17 copies worldwide.Very Good Condition in worn but good Jacket (HAG-1) (ID #12597) $325.00.

Allon hag320.jpg (253649 bytes) 41. • Gerard Allon (Photographs). PASSOVER.HAGGADAH SHEL PESACH. Israel: Zabam, 1982?,. Hardcover, Long 8vo, with color photographs. Slight warping to front cover, Very Good Condition in Very Good Dustjacket. OCLC lists only 1 copy worldwide (Harvard) (K-HAG) (ID #21206) $125.00.


MX-7-19.jpg (243071 bytes) 42. • SERVICE FOR THE FIRST NIGHTS OF PASSOVER. Vienna: Jos. Schlesinger, 1928. Quarter cloth, 4to. 64 pages. Illustrated. In Hebrew and English. SUBJECT (S): Judaism – liturgy – texts; Seder; Haggadah – texts. OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide (Univ of Chicago, Univ or Oregon, Virginia Theological Seminary). Covers are warped, owner's name written inside front cover, dark moisture spots on top and front edge and several pages, good condition. (MX-7-19) (ID #19333) $50.00.





golden hag316.jpg (66585 bytes)golden hag pic317.jpg (375220 bytes)43. • Stern, Jossi, illustrator. Calligraphy by Noah Ophir. THE GOLDEN HAGGADAH OF JERUSALEM. Herzlia, Israel: Palphot, Ltd, 1986 (?) ,. Hardcover, Long 8vo. With watercolor & pen and ink illustrations and slipcase. In English & Hebrew. OCLC lists 12 copies worldwide. Very Good Condition, slight warping on front cover. (K-HAG) (ID #21205) $40.00.

the seder325.jpg (32280 bytes) 44. • Krauskopf, Joseph. THE SEDER: A HOME SERVICE IN COMMEMORATION OF THE LIBERATION OF ISRAEL FROM EGYPTIAN BONDAGE. Philadelphia, Keneseth Israel Sisterhood, 1913. Paper wrappers; small 8vo. Signed "Jos Krauskopf" in pencil on cover. Fifth edition. 24 pages. Contains hymns and prayers. Earloy 20th Century American Radical Reform hagadah. OCLC lists one copy worldwide. Some editing notes (incorporated in later editions) pencilled in text. Cover sunned; very good condition. (K-HAG) (ID #15410) $200.00.


Link Hag323.jpg (270260 bytes) 45. • Pablo Link. HAGADAH SHEL PESACH. HAGADA. Buenos Aires, 1949,. Cloth, 8vo, xxxv, 124 pages. Includes color illustrations 21 cm. In Spanish & Hebrew. OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. Very Good Condition. (K-Hag-1-9) (ID #21207) $100.00.






sarajevo hag315.jpg (42871 bytes) 46. • ROTH, CECIL. THE SARAJEVO HAGGADAH (FACSIMILE). New York, Harcourt Brace, 1967. Hardcover, 8vo, 45 pages (introduction),104 leaves [i. E. 208 pages]; 24 cm. In Hebrew with introduction in English. Full color hard cover facsimile of the famous illuminated manuscript now in the National Museum of Sarajevo. Text by Cecil Roth. Missing dustjacket and slipcase. Ex-library with spine label, bookplate, and "for reference" label on back flyleaf. Very Good Condtion. (HAG-1) (ID #21619) $130.00.



Rab-35-4.jpg (239712 bytes) 47. • Shnatikh, Elhanan. חלק ראשון מספר ארבע יסודות: יכלול ב׳ יסודות הראשונות מהארבע ואלו הן יסוד היראה, יסוד האהבה, יסוד העבודה ויסוד הברכה: גם יכלול סדר הגדה של פסח... HELEK RISHON MI-SEFER ARBA YESODOT: YIKHLOL 2 YESODOT HA-RISHONOT MEHA- ARBA VE-ELU HEN YESOD HA-YIRAH, YESOD HA-AHAVAH, YESOD HA-AVODAH VI-YESOD HA-BERAKHAH: GAM YIKHLOL SEDER HAGADAH SHEL PESAH... Amsterdam: Yohanan Levi Rofe, 1783. Hardcover, Leather Spine. 102 pages, 8vo, 25 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Passover -- Customs and practices -- Early works to 1800. Haggadot -- Texts. Seder -- Liturgy -- Texts. Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. Haggadah. Other Titles: Haggadah. ; Arba yesodot. OCLC lists 4 copies worldwide. Stained pages. Water stain throughout book. Notes on front page. Handwritten letter in Hebrew laid in. Chipping to edges of cover and corners. Wear to cover and spine. Otherwise, good condition. (Rab-35-4) (ID #24565) $350.00.

Wexsler Hag366.jpg (228130 bytes) 48. • Wexler, Jacov. HAGADAH SHEL PESAH. Tel-Aviv: Hazvi, 1954,. Cloth, 4to, unpaginated. Loaded with modernist color illustrations; 34 cm. In Hebrew (K-HAG) (ID #21214) $150.00.






AMR-32-15.jpg (56111 bytes) 49. • Gottheil, Gustav. HYMNS AND ANTHEMS ADAPTED FOR JEWISH WORSHIP. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1887. Cloth, 16mo. Xi, 191 pages. First edition? Signed presentation copy. SUBJECT (S): Judaism – liturgy – texts; Jewish hymns. OCLC lists 25 copies worldwide. “Gottheil [1827-1903] was born in Pinne, Posen. He was drawn to liberal Judaism at the University of Berlin, and studied with such scholars as Steinschneider and Zunz. During 1855–60 Gottheil was a teacher at the Reform Gemeinde in Berlin and preaching assistant to Samuel Holdheim, who impressed him greatly. In Manchester, England, where he served the progressive Congregation of British Jews from 1869 to 1873, Gottheil mastered English, then joined Temple Emanu-El of New York City in 1873 as co-rabbi to the aging Samuel Adler. Challenging the ethical culture theories of Felix Adler, son of Samuel Adler, Gottheil espoused a more traditional theistic Judaism, and was upheld by the congregation. He attempted to maintain a rabbinical school under Emanu-El's auspices during 1874–85, but it had very few students. Gottheil published a hymnal in 1886 and a devotional compilation Sun and Shield (1896). He voluntarily abandoned issuing his own prayer book in favor of the Union Prayer Book, which included a number of his translations and renderings. The most important American rabbi publicly to support Zionism during the First Zionist Congress in 1897, Gottheil, his son Richard Gottheil, and Stephen S. Wise were among the founders of the Federation of American Zionists. Gottheil was a teacher and friend to such young rabbis as Stephen S. Wise, Leon Harrison, and Samuel Schulman. In a sense he was a bridge from the German beginnings of Reform to its Eastern – as distinct from Midwestern – American flowering. ” (EJ, 2007) Gilt titles, red-colored edges. Ex library. Corners bumped, front hinge starting, good condition. (AMR-32-15) (ID #20198) $50.00.

Baal tefilah[1].JPG (479436 bytes) 50. • Baer, Abraham, 1834-1894. BAAL T'FILLAH ODER DER PRACTISCHE VORBETER. Frankfurt A. M.: Baer, 1883. Rebound in boards, large 4to, xl, 358 pages. In German and transliterated Hebrew. Musical score. Subtitle: "Der practische Vorbeter. Vollst"andige Sammlung der gottesdienstlichen Gesa¨nge und Recitative der Israeliten nach polnischen, deutschen (aschk'nasischen) und portugiesischen (sephardischen) Weisen nebst allen den Gottesdienst betreffenden rituellen Vorschriften und Gebr"auchen.” (The practical cantor. Complete...collection of liturgical song, and recitatives according to Polish, German (aschkenaz) and Portuguese (Sephardic)...with all relevant rules and ritual..."). Cantor Abraham Baer "was born in Wielen (Filehne), Poznan (Poland). He was a teacher and hazzan in various towns in western Prussia and in Posen, before becoming assistant cantor in Goteborg, Sweden, in 1857 and chief cantor in 1860. Collaborating with the organist of the synagogue, Joseph Czapek, he published a two-volume collection of hymns (principally those of Sulzer) for choir, with organ accompaniment, Musik till sångerna vid Gudstjensten (2 vols, 1872). Five years later came his great work Baal T'fillah, a collection of melodies and recitatives according to the Polish, German, and Sephardi rituals, which became the basic manual for European cantors. The fruit of 15 years' work, it contains about 1, 500 melodies which cover the liturgy of the year. Among them are several melodies of Sulzer, Naumburg , and Lewandowski , and some of his own. The collection went through five editions between 1877 and 1930" (Bar-Dayan, EJ, 2007) Note(s): For voice solo, chorus [SATB] and organ. SUBJECT(S): Synagogue music -- History and criticism. Jewish chants. Judaism -- Liturgy. OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide (Nat. Library of Israel, UCSanta Barbara, Bibliotek University Amsterdam) , only 1 in the US. (music-1-2) (ID #24179) $200.00.

GER-12-24.jpg (103718 bytes) 51. • Bamberger, M[oses]. L[oab]. SEDER ZMIROT YISRAEL. GESÄNGE FUR SABBAT UND FESTTAGE. Frankfurt: A. J. Hofmann, 1922. Cloth, 12mo. 63 pages. Marbled boards. In German and Hebrew on facing pages. Bamberger was a German Rabbi, Talmudic scholar, and author. SUBJECT: Gezangen. Liturgie. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (Tresoar, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek) , none outside of Europe. Bit of edgewear. Binding tight. Very good condition. (GER-12-24) (ID #17770) $200.00.



bib-15-42.jpg (86257 bytes) 52. • National Jewish Music Council. Bibliography Committee. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF JEWISH VOCAL MUSIC. New York, National Jewish Music Council, 1947. Hardcover, 33, 18 pages, 4to, 28 cm. WITH: Wohlberg, Max. THE MUSIC OF THE SYNAGOGUE, a lecture on the development of cantiallation, liturgical music, and the role of Chazzanim throughout history. Includes musical notation. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Music -- Bibliography. Vocal music - Bibliography. OCLC lists 24 copies worldwide. Ex-library. Light wear. Very good condition. (BIB-15-4) (ID #24274) $30.00.



 Leeser Spine[1].JPG (337694 bytes)Leeser Cover[1].JPG (350664 bytes)Leeser set[1].JPG (579815 bytes)53. • Leeser, Isaac. SIDUR SIFTE TSADIKIM:...KOLEL SEDER HA-TEFILOT LA-TA`ANIYOT KE-MINHAG...SEFARADIM....THE FORM OF PRAYERS: ACCORDING TO THE CUSTOM OF THE SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE JEWS. 6 VOLUMES IN 7, COMPLETE. Philadelphia: Slote & Mooney, 1853-1856 (2nd Rev. Ed. ) & 1864 (3rd Rev. Ed). All Full Leather, large 12mo. 277, 163, 194, 144, 232, 247, 216 pages. 18 cm. Hebrew text, parallel English translation. All beautiful matching green gilt- tooled morocco, except for vol I, which is attractive tooled brown leather with marbled edges. Mixed printings, as often found in sets of this vintage. Vol I is 1867, 3rd ed; Vols II, IV, V, & VI are 1867, 4th ed; Vol III parts 1 & 2 are 1864, 3rd ed. All Very Good Condition, a beautiful set. $1000.00


53A. • Dembitz, Lewis N. JEWISH SERVICES IN SYNAGOGUE AND HOME... Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1898. Cloth; 8vo. 487 pages. First edition. Not the more common Macmillan edition. Gilt titles and decorations. Bibliographical notes; indices. 4 pages of advertisements at end. Tissued frontispiece photograph. Dembitz was an Amrican lawyer, scholar, and author; he was strongly attached to conservative Judaism. (JE) Singerman 5333. SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Liturgy. Damp stained; red color of boards has bled onto flyleaves. Binding tight; interior very clean. Spine sunned. Very good condition. (AMR-6-9) (ID #16347) $30.00.

RAB-42-11.jpg (68237 bytes) 54. • Einhorn, David. `OLAT TAMID: GEBETBUCH FÜR ISRAELITISCHE REFORM-GEMEINDEN. Baltimore: Schneiderith, 1862. 12mo. Viii, 490 pages. 2nd edition (1st edition was 1858). In German and Hebrew. "Vorwort" signed "Dr. David Einhorn, Baltimore 25, Juni 1858." Einhorn is compiler and copywriter. David Einhorn was a rabbi, preacher, and author; leader of the Reform Movement in the U. S. "Olat Tamid didn't just shorten the traditional service; it was a creative work expressing the Einhorn's Reform ideal of the universality of humanity with an anti-particularistic strain. In its modern approach to worship, it cut out Kol Nidrei; it utilized various Sephardic piyyutim (religious poems); it dropped the Musaf service entirely; it did not include blessings fort the blowing of shofar or the lighting of Chanukah lights; it de-emphasized Israel as the Chosen People; and it removed all references to a personal Messiah, a return to Israel, or the resumption of the sacrificial cult. " (Jewish Virtual Library) Goldman 45: “This work, in which ‘Einhorn’s thought was crystallized’ (Olitzky, et al, 44) was ‘the largest single influence’ on the Union Prayer Book.” SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Liturgy and ritual. Jews -- Prayer-books and devotions -- Hebrew. Jews -- Prayer-books and devotions -- German. Lacks boards. Chip to margin of title page, text not effected, last 20 pages dogeared, other light wear, but paper is good and solid (rab-42-11) $200.00.

RAB-42-12services.jpg (177799 bytes) 55. • Central Conference Of American Rabbis. THE UNION PRAYER-BOOK FOR JEWISH WORSHIP. PART 1. Cincinnati: The Central Conference OF American Rabbis, 1895. Cloth, 12mo. 110 pages. Part 1 only. In Hebrew and English. SUBJECT(S): Judaism – prayer-books and devotions. Very Good+ Condition. A beautiful copy. Rab-42-12) (ID #18887) $100.00.






RAB-42-12philipson.jpg (38563 bytes) 56. • Philipson, David. SERVICES FOR SABBATH AND HOLIDAYS. Cincinnati : No Publisher. 1891. Original Publisher’s Cloth, 16mo, 112 pages. 1st edition. In Hebrew & English. Goldman 85: “Philipson is remembered as ‘The Dean of American Reform Rabbis’ and a ‘standard bearer for Classical Reform Judaism’ (Olitzky, et al., 162-3).” Singerman 4221. Deinard 931. Wachs 445. Though Goldman includes this title in his bibliography, he notes that he himself has not been able to acquire a copy. SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Dusty, otherwise Very Good Condition. $145.00.



RAB-42-13cover.jpg (158508 bytes)RAB-42-13tp.jpg (39311 bytes) 57. • EVENING PRAYERS FOR THE HOUSE OF MOURNING; WITH THOUGHTS ON DEATH AND IMMORTALITY. New York, Philip Cowen, 1895. Cloth, 16mo, 46 pages. 16 cm. In English and Hebrew. Selections of poetry at back of book SUBJECT(S): Religious poetry. OCLC lists 2 copies of this edition worldwide (HUC, Brown), and only 5 copies of the 1st edition of 1890 (none west of Cincinatti). Neither edition in Goldman. Very Good Condition. (rab-42-13) $225.00



RAB-42-14.jpg (148850 bytes)RAB-42-14title page.jpg (59676 bytes) 58. • תפלת ישראל PRAYERS OF ISRAEL, WITH AN ENGLISH TRANSLATION. NY, L.H. Frank, 1860. Leather, Square 12mo, 228 pages. “Fifth Edition,” though this is the first edition published under the L.H. Frank imprint. In English and Hebrew. No illustration. Goldman 46. Singerman 1668. Wachs 95. Goldman incorrectly suggests that his copy is “lacking p 229.” In fact this edition has only 228 pages (and 228 is clearly the final page). OCLC lists 2 copies (Penn, U of Missouri). Vinograd, v.2, p. 480; New York 57. SUBJECT(S): Siddurim -- Texts. Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. Heavy wear to tooled red morocco covers, and much of backstrip missing, hinges weak, foxing, but complete and internal binding remains good and solid. (rab-42-14) $150.00


RAB-42-15cover.jpg (157819 bytes)RAB-42-15tp.jpg (44734 bytes) 59. • תפלת ישראל PRAYERS OF ISRAEL, WITH AN ENGLISH TRANSLATION. NY, L.H. Frank, 1870. Leather, Square 12mo, 229 pages. “Eleventh Edition,” In English and Hebrew. No illustration. Goldman 46. Singerman 1668. Wachs 95. SUBJECT(S): Siddurim -- Texts. Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. Hinge repair, backstrip replaced. Heavy wear to tooled brown leather covers, and foxing, but complete and internal binding remains good and solid. $100.00 (rab-42-15)




RAB-42-16cover.jpg (159527 bytes)RAB-42-16.jpg (43419 bytes) 60. • Schlessinger, W. (Wolf). TEFILAT YISRAEL. ISRAELITISCHES ANDACHTS-BUCH: NEBST DEUTSCHER ÜBERSETZUNG. MIT NEUEN DEUTSCHEN GEBETEN [&] TEḤINOT BENOT YESHURUN. RELIGIÖSE BETRACHTUNGEN UND GEBETE FÜR ISRAELS FRAUEN UND MÄDCHEN. New York : L.H. Frank, 1874. Leather, Square 12mo, 240, 228, 32 pages. ; 16 cm. In German and Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Prayer-books and devotions. OCLC lists 1 copy of this edition (Balch). Lacks backstrip, heavy wear to boards, some leaves coming loose, otherwise. good and complete. (rab-42-16). 100.00

Union Hymnal.jpg (87824 bytes) 61. • Central Conference Of American Rabbis. UNION HYMNAL FOR JEWISH WORSHIP. New York: Bloch, 1914. Cloth, 8vo. 333 Pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Church music, Hebrew. Jewish hymns. (ID #21506) $30.00.






Spec-5-5.jpg (179194 bytes) 62. • Central Conference Of American Rabbis. SEDER TEFILOT YISRAEL. THE UNION PRAYER BOOK FOR JEWISH WORSHIP. Cincinnati: Published By the Central Conference of American Rabbis, 1918. Cloth, 4to. 340 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. In very good condition OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide (SPEC5-5). (ID #21005) $30.00.





K-AMR-1-2.jpg (126422 bytes) 63. • Hirshovitz, Abraham Eliezer. OTSAR KOL MINHAGE YESHURUN HA-MESHUKHLAL: YAFITS OR AL KOL MINHAGE YIS´RAEL...KOROTEHEM...VE-YETDOTEHEM HA-MEFUZARIM...BE-SEFRARIM SHONIM... St. Louis: Moinster Printing, 1918.  Cloth, 309 pages, 8vo, 23 cm. In Hebrew. Standard No: LCCN: 19-7823. SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Customs and practices. Wear on binding and cover. Fingerprints on front cover page. Pages 49-64 are brown. Page 309, missing bottom right corner, no text loss. Otherwise, very good condition. (k-amr-1-2) (ID #22422) $50.00.


spec-7-8.jpg (60736 bytes) 64. • Huebsch, Adolf, Alexander Kohut. SEDER TEFILAH: PRAYERS FOR THE DIVINE SERVICES OF CONGREGATION AHAWATH CHESED. VOL I (OF 2). New York: A. L. Goetzl, 1889. Cloth, 12mo. 245 pages. 1st edition thus (with English). In Hebrew and English. Singerman 3809. Deinard 956. Wachs 398. Goldman 79: "Kohut republished Huebsch's Seder Tefilah in 1889 with an English translation instead of a German one. " Wachs notes that Kohut translated Huebsch's German hymns into English "with remarkable sensitivity and fidelity...The Huebsch/Kohut prayer book was an influence on liturgiographer [Isaac S.] he set out the edit the first draft of the Union Prayer Book (1891) .” This is vol I for Sabbath, Festivals, and Weekdays. Vol II is for High Holidays. SUBJECT(S): Judaism - liturgy. OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide (NY Public Library, Hebrew Union College, JTSA). "Huebsch [1830-1884] was born in the Hungarian town of Lipto-Szentmiklos. Upon receiving his rabbinical diploma in 1854, he became rabbi of the small Orthodox congregation of Miawa. In 1857 he went to the University of Prague to study philosophy, receiving his doctoral degree in 1861, the same year that he accepted the rabbinate of the Neu-Synagogue in Prague. In 1866 Huebsch was invited to become head of Congregation Ahawath Chesed in New York, where he served for the remainder of his life. His interest in liturgy led him to introduce a moderate reformed ritual and to compose a new prayer book, later adopted by many other congregations. " (EJ, 2007) Rebound. Ex library. Some pages chipped, slightly tanned, good condition. (SPEC-7-8) (ID #24236) $225.00.

65. • MAHZOR LE-HAG HA-SHEVU`OT / FORM OF PRAYERS FROM THE FEAST OF PENTECOST WITH ENGLISH TRANSLATION... New York: Joseph L. Werbelowsky, No Date (1890's). Cloth; 12mo. 216 pages, 20 leaves. Embossed boards; decorative endpapers. English and Hebrew on facing pages. The word "mahzor" (shortened from "mahzor tefillim") , denoting "prayer-book, " means literally astronomical or yearly cycle...Spanish, Italian, and French mahzorim were issued sometimes in octavo and smaller sizes, and were often written in small script and handsomely bound. In Germany the various collections were seldom issued in quarto, but generally in folio, with the exception of the Siddur proper, which was issued in smaller size. In contrast to these heavy and expensive volumes for public worship, the 12mo or 16mo Siddur was used for private devotions after the thirteenth century. The latter often contained much superstitious matter, part of which, in the course of time, found its way into the regular prayer-books and was then accepted as part of the ritual service... The first attempt to render the Mahzor into English was made by A. Alexander, who in 1787 published the piyyutim for the eve of the Day of Atonement, and in 1789 the whole service for New-Year. In 1794 David Levi published an English version of the services for New-Year, the Day of Atonement, and the feasts of Tabernacles and Pentecost, and thirteen years later gave a new version of the whole Mahzor. In 1860 a new English version was published by David Aaron de Sola. " (JE) This edition not in Singerman. SUBJECT(S): Shavuot -- Liturgy -- Texts. Mahzorim -- Texts. OCLC lists one copy worldwide (Florida Atlantic U.). Binding tight; pages dark but very clean. Title page detached, but present; otherwise, very good condition. Scarce. (AMR-6-13) (ID #16351) $200.00.

AMR-20-47 and mx-8-6.jpg (57145 bytes) 66. • Vidaver, H[enry]. SEFER HA-HAYIM. THE BOOK OF LIFE: A COMPLETE FORMULA OF THE SERVICE AND CEREMONIES OBSERVED AT THE DEATH-BED... New York, J. Rosenbaum, 1889. Cloth, 8vo. 194 pages. In English and Hebrew. Singerman 4542. Goldman 87. "Lewis Abraham, Rutland VT" pencilled on rear endpaper in 19th century hand. SUBJECT (S): Judaism – liturgy – texts; Jewish mourning customs. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (Harvard). Patterned endpapers, gilt edges. Light wear to spine, Very Good Condition. (amr-20-47) (ID #19069) $100.00.



AMR-20-47 and mx-8-6.jpg (57145 bytes) 67. • Another Copy. Light marks on covers, corners bumped, small tears at the ends of the spine, previous owner's name on back flyleaf, good condition. (MX-8-6) (ID #18929) $100.00.










RAB-38-10.jpg (90462 bytes) 68. • Ashkenazy, J. D. ברית יצחק: ללמוד בליל שמיני טרם יכנס הבן לברית המילה... בקצת דינים וענינים השײכים למילה... SEFER BERIT YITSHAK; LI-LEMOD BE-LEL SHEMINI TARAM YIKANES HA-BEN LI-VERIT HA-MILAH... Bombe [Bombay]: Ha-Madpis Veha-Mokher Yehuda David Ashkenazi Ha-Mohel: Printed At The "lebanon Printing Press", 1909. Hardcover, 8vo, 193, 5 pages, 18 cm. In Hebrew; Hebrew with additional matter in English. SUBJECT(S): Berit milah. Circumcision -- Religious aspects -- Judaism. Judaism -- Prayer-books and devotions -- Hebrew. Other Titles: Berit Yitshak. ; Berit Yitshak; Laws concerning the rite of circumcision. OCLC lists 6 institution worldwide with holdings (UCLA, HUC, Yale, NYPL, Leeds, U of Amsterdam). Hinge repair. Chipping to edges of some pages and cover. Chipping and wear to spine. Otherwise, good condition. (Rab-38-10) (ID #24619) $250.00.


RAB-38-14.jpg (64765 bytes) 69. • Ashkenazy, J. D. ספר זכרון לטובה: להתפלל... בערב וצהורים ביום הזכרון... ומשניות עם זוהר. SEFER ZIKARON LE-TOVAH: LE-HITPALEL... BA-‘EREV VE-TSOHORAYIM BE-YOM HA-ZIKARON... Bombay: Ha-Dofes Veha-Mokher Yehudah David Ashkenazi: Printed At The Lebanon Printing Press, 1899. Hardcover, 12mo, 112, 59, 32 pages, 15 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Mahzorim -- Texts. Rosh ha-Shanah -- Texts. Judaism -- Sephardic rite -- Liturgy -- Texts. Judaism -- India -- Bombay -- Customs and practices. Other Titles: Mahzor (Sephardic). Rosh ha-Shanah. Selections. ; Zikaron le-tovah. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide. Ex-library with bookplate. Hinge repair. Stained pages. Chipping to edges of some pages. Light staining to front cover. Otherwise, very good condition. (Rab-38-14) (ID #24622) $200.00.


RAB-38-13.jpg (85376 bytes) 70. • Ben-‘ami, Yitshak. SEFER PIZMONIM LE-SIMHAT HA-TORAH: KE-MINHAG ‘I.V. BE-Y. BAGDAD Y.’A.E. Bombe [Bombay]: Bi-Defus Lebanon Tayp And Lito Vorks, 1912. Softcover, 12mo, 29 pages, 17 cm. 1st edition. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Simhat Torah -- Liturgy -- Texts. Piyutim. Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. Vocalized text. Other Titles: Pizmonim le-Simhat ha-Torah. Pizmonim le-Simhat ha-Torah. OCLC lists 1 institution worldwide with holdings (UCLA). Ex-library. Book in plastic cover. Wear to pages. Stained pages. Top corner of pages slightly damaged. Wear to edges of pages. Otherwise, very good condition. (Rab-38-13) (ID #24621) $175.00.


RAB-38-11.jpg (120379 bytes) 71. • David, Yehezkel Shem Tov and David Samuel Ben Jacob Pardo and Hayim Moda’i. מחזור לימים נוראים: נדפס באותיות גדולות גמנהג ק"ק ספרדים: עם תפלות מכבתי האר"י... ומפסר ח״י [MAHAZOR LE-YAMIM NORAIM]: ROSH HA-SHANAH NIDPAS BE-OTIYOT GEDOLOT KE-MINHAG KAHAL KADOSH SEFARADIM 'IM TEFILOT MI-KETAVE HA-ARI... UMI-SEFER H. Y. 'IM HAGAHOT LA-MORENU VE-RABENU HA-RAV RABI HAYIM MODA'I... (VOLUME 1, ONLY, OF 2: ROSH HA-SHANAH). Bumbai (India): Bi-Defus He-Hadash Shel Yehezke’el Shem Tov David, Printed At The Hebrew And English Press, 1892. Hardcover, 8vo, 163 leaves. In Hebrew. Contents: Volume 1 (present): Rosh ha-shanah. Volume 2 (not present): Kipur. Helek rishon. Tefilat minhah ‘arvit ve-shaharit. Helek sheni. Musaf minhah u-ne’ilah. SUBJECT(S): Fasts and feasts -- Judaism -- Sephardic rite -- Liturgy -- Texts. Mahzorim – India. High Holidays -- Liturgy -- Texts. Judaism -- Sephardic rite -- Liturgy -- Texts. Other Titles: Mahzor. Hebrew & Aramaic. Hemdat yamim. Pardo (1718-1790) was a “rabbinical author and poet. Born in Venice, he went to Sarajevo for a time as a result of a dispute over an inheritance, and from there to Spalato, in Dalmatia. From approximately 1738 he was a teacher of children, at the same time studying under the local rabbi, Abraham David Papo. Eventually Pardo was appointed rabbi of the town. From 1760 he was rabbi of Sarajevo. From 1776 to 1782 he traveled to Erez Israel, settling in Jerusalem where he served as head of the yeshivah Hesed le-Avraham u-Vinyan Shelomo. Pardo was regarded as one of Jerusalem's great rabbis. Of his many works his series of commentaries and novellae on tannaitic literature are especially original. His first work was Shoshannim le-David, a commentary on the Mishnah. The somewhat sharp language he employed in the first part in criticizing contemporary scholars gave rise to friction between him and David Corinaldi and Mas'ud Rokeah in Leghorn. But after he mitigated his language in the second part and published an apology, a reconciliation took place. Pardo's Hasdei David on the Tosefta is considered the most important commentary on this work. He completed the work in Jerusalem on his 68th birthday. Portions of it were published in the Romm Vilna edition of the Talmud with the text of the Tosefta. Similarly, his Sifrei de-Vei Rav, which he commenced in 1786 and was published by his son Abraham after his death, is the most important commentary on the Sifrei. In it he makes use of commentaries of Hillel b. Eliakim, Solomon ibn Okhana, and Eliezer ibn Nahum, all of which he had in manuscript. Other works he wrote are Mikhtam le-David, halakhic decisions and responsa; Maskil le-David, a supercommentary on Rashi's biblical commentary; La-Menazze'ah le-David, on those talmudic passages where alternative explanations are given; and Mizmor le-David, notes on the Perot Ginnosar of Hezekiah da Silva and Hayyim ibn Attar on Shulhan Arukh, Even ha-Ezer. Pardo's liturgical poems and prayers are included in the Sephardi daily and festival prayer books. His arrangement of the Avodah for the Day of Atonement, which was adopted in the Sephardi rite, appeared in his Shifat Revivim” (Havlin in EJ, 2007). OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (Stanford). Ex-library with bookplate. Hinge repair. Stained pages. Chipping to edges of some pages. Bumped corners. Wear to cover binding and spine. Otherwise, very good condition. Scarce. (Rab-38-11) (ID #24620) $200.00.

RAB-38-8.jpg (90728 bytes) 72. • Hamavi, Avraham. ספר ימלט נפשו SEFER YEMALET NAFSHO. Kalkatah [Calcutta]: Bi-Defus Eliyahu Mosheh Duvik Ha-Kohen, 1884. Hardcover, 12mo, 120 leaves. 2nd edition (1st is 1883). In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Customs and practices. Prayer -- Judaism. Judaism -- Liturgy. Intercessory prayer -- Judaism. Other Titles: Yemalet nafsho; Yimalet nafsho. OCLC lists 7 copies worldwide. Ex-library. Hinge repair. Wear and chipping to edges of cover and binding. Few stained pages. Otherwise, good condition. (Rab-38-8) (ID #24617) $200.00.



RAB-38-7.jpg (134674 bytes)72A. • כפור: נדפס באותיות גדולות כמנהג ק״ק ספרדים... KIPUR: NISPAS BE-OTIYOT GEDOLOTH KE-MINHAG K.K. SEFARADIM. Bombay: Yehezkel Shem Tov David, 1892. Hardcover, 8vo, 236 pages, 21 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Yom Kippur -- Liturgy -- Texts. Mahzorim -- Liturgy -- Texts. Judaism -- Sephardic rite -- Liturgy -- Texts. Other Titles: Mahzor (Sephardic). Yom Kippur. OCLC lists 3 institutions worldwide with copies (U of Leeds, Harvard, UCLA). Title page and page 160 in facsimile. Ex-library. Yellowing to edges of pages. Light wear. Otherwise, very good condition. (Rab-38-7) (ID #24616) $200.00.






RAB-38-9.jpg (110281 bytes) RAB-38-12.jpg (119482 bytes)73. • Zechariah, Nissim Elisha Eliyahoo. MAASEH NISSIM... MA'A SHARH BIL-'ARABI: HEBREW DAILY PRAYERS WITH ARABIC TRANSLATION. COMPLETE IN 2 VOLUMES. Bombay: Hebrew & English Press, 1888. Hardcover, 8vo, 336, 48, 330 pages, 21 cm. 1st edition. In Hebrew. Contents: Helek 1: yeme ha-hol shel kol ha-shanah ke-minhag k. K. Sefaradim. Helek 2: Seder tefilah le-khol Shabtot ha-shanah ke-minhag k. K. Sefaradim. SUBJECT (S): Siddurim -- Texts. Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. Judeo-Arabic language -- Texts. Siddur. Other Titles: Siddur (Sephardic) ; Ma’aseh Nisim. OCLC lists 4 institutions worldwide with copies (UCLA, Princeton, Manchester, Harvard) Ex-library. Hinge repair. Bumped and worn cover corners. Stained pages. Tape and chipping on some pages. Slight browning. Otherwise, very good condition. (Rab-38-9/12) (ID #24618) $350.00.



RAB-38-7.jpg (134674 bytes)73A.• כפור : נדפס באותיות גדולות כמנהג ק״ק ספרדים ...KIPUR: NISPAS BE-OTIYOT GEDOLOTH KE-MINHAG K.K. SEFARADI. Bombay: Yehezkel Shem Tov David, 1892. Hardcover, 8vo, 236 pages, 21 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Yom Kippur -- Liturgy -- Texts. Mahzorim -- Liturgy -- Texts. Judaism -- Sephardic rite -- Liturgy -- Texts. Other Titles: Mahzor (Sephardic). Yom Kippur. OCLC lists 3 institutions worldwide with copies (U of Leeds, Harvard, UCLA). Title page and page 160 in facsimile. Ex-library. Yellowing to edges of pages. Light wear. Otherwise, very good condition. (Rab-38-7) (ID#24616) $200.00.







holo2-8-3.jpg (79745 bytes) 74. • PRAYER BOOK FOR JEWISH MEMBERS OF HM FORCES. London: H. M. Stationery Office, With The Authority Of The Chief Rabbi, 1940. Cloth , 16mo. 75 pages. In English and Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Judaism -- Great Britain -- Liturgy -- Texts. Jewish soldiers -- Prayer-books and devotions. World War, 1939-1945 -- Religious life -- Prayerbooks, hymnbooks, etc. OCLC lists seventeen copies worldwide. In good condition. (HOLO2-8-3) (ID #23682) $75.00.




MX-21-12.jpg (74973 bytes) 75. • Jacobson, Bernhard S. PESAH: ARBEITSPLAN UND STOFFSAMMLUNG. Hamburg: Tenu'at Torah Wa'awoda In Deutschland, 1936. Paper wrappers, 12mo. 47 pages. In German. Passover preparation guide published in Germany during Hitler's reign. SUBJECT (S): Passover - customs and practices. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Covers tanned and have small moisture stains, owner's name inside front cover, good+ condition. (MX-21-12) (ID #23891) $50.00.





MX-21-23.jpg (117584 bytes) 76. • Joint Emergency Committee For Jewish Religious Education In Great Britain. SUKKOT. NO. 27, SEPTEMBER 1943. London: Jewish Educational Publications, 1943. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 35 pages. In English with some Hebrew. Holocaust-era publication, issued at a time of intense Jewish refugee immigration to England. SUBJECT (S): Jews - Great Britain - London. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (Kennys Book Export Co.). Spotty, good condition. (MX-21-23) (ID #23902) $40.00.





MX-21-18.jpg (96107 bytes) 77. • Weinstock, I. CHAMISHAH ASAR BI'SHEVAT: THE TREES' NEW YEAR. London: Issued For Bnei Akivah By The Bachad Fellowship, 1943. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 19 pages. In English with some Hebrew. Holocaust-era publication, issued at a time of intense Jewish refugee immigration to England. SUBJECT (S): Tu bi-Shevat. SERIES: Torah va'avodah library, ; no. 2. OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide (Stanford, Univ of Florida, Hebrew Union College). Covers faded, rust stains around staples, good condition. (MX-21-18) (ID #23897) $45.00.





MX-21-17.jpg (85914 bytes) 78. • Weinstock, I. PURIM. London: Issued For Bnei Akivah By The Bachad Fellowship, 1943. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 27 pages. Illustrated. In English with some Hebrew. Holocaust-era publication, issued at a time of intense Jewish refugee immigration to England. SUBJECT (S): Purim. SERIES: Torah va'avahod library; no. 3. OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide (Harvard, Univ of Florida, UPenn). Very good condition. (MX-21-17) (ID #23896) $50.00.






k-mx-2-32.jpg (111081 bytes) 79. • Gilboa, Violet, preparer. CATALOG OF THE BERNICE AND HENRY TUMEN COLLECTION OF JEWISH CEREMONIAL OBJECTS IN THE HARVARD COLLEGE LIBRARY AND THE HARVARD SEMITIC MUSEUM... Paperback, 8vo, Cambridge, Harvard University Library, 1993. Paperback, 8vo, 172 pages. Loaded with photos of objects. 23 cm. Includes bibliographical references on pages 168-172 and index. Subject: Tumen, Henry J. -- Art collections -- Catalogs. Tumen, Bernice -- Art collections -- Catalogs. Subject: Harvard Semitic Museum -- Catalogs. Harvard University. Library -- Catalogs. Subject: Judaism -- Liturgical objects -- Private collections -- Massachusetts -- Cambridge -- Catalogs. OCLC lists 7 copies worldwide. (k-mx2-32) (ID #12727) $15.00.


BIB-9-14.jpg (79577 bytes) 80. • Parke-Bernet Galleries. JUDAICA: HEBREW MANUSCRIPTS AND BOOKS, RITUAL SILVER AND OTHER OBJECTS... PUBLIC AUCTION TUE, APR. 18, 1967. New York: Parke Bernet Galleries, Inc, 1967. Softcover, 65 pages, illustrated, 8vo, 24 cm. Series: Sale no. 2549; Variation: Parke-Bernet Galleries. ; Sale no. 2549. SUBJECT (S): Liturgical objects -- Judaism -- Catalogs. Jewish art and symbolism. Manuscripts, Hebrew. Hebrew imprints. OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide (American Sephardi Federation, YU, Penn). Sunning to cover edges and spine. Small writing on front cover. Otherwise, very good condition. (BIB-9-14) (ID #23969) $30.00.



Holo2-18-30.jpg (206470 bytes) 81. • Vytrhlik, Jana. PRECIOUS LEGACY: TREASURES FROM THE JEWISH MUSEUM IN PRAGUE. Sydney: Powerhouse Pub, 1998. Softcover, 112 pages, illustrated (some color) , 4to, 28 cm. SUBJECT(S): Art, Jewish -- Czech Republic -- Exhibitions. Judaism -- Liturgical objects -- Exhibitions. Jewish art and symbolism -- Exhibitions. Art -- Czech Republic -- Prague -- Exhibitions. State Jewish Museum in Prague. Kunstvoorwerpen. Joden. Zidovske muzeum v Praze -- Exhibitions. Statni zidovske muzeum (Czech Republic) -- Exhibitions. Catalog of an exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney Dec. 17 1998-Feb. 28, 1999, and at the Immigration Museum, Melbourne, Mar. 25-June 13, 1999. Includes bibliographical references on page 111. Very Good Condition. (Holo2-18-30) (ID #23298) $30.00.

mx-7-14.jpg (200788 bytes) 82. • Yeshiva University. THE SEPHARDIC JOURNEY, 1492-1992. New York: Yeshiva University Museum, 1992. Paperback, 8vo. 420 pages. Illustrated. SUBJECT (S): Sephardim – exhibitions; Judaism – liturgical objects – exhibitions; Jews – Spain – exhibitions; Spain – ethnic relations – exhibitions. A little worn around the edges, light creases on spine and top corner, very good condition. (MX-7-13) (ID #19326) $80.00.






MX-21-33.jpg (127052 bytes) 83. • Peretz, Yitschok Leibush; Tehilla Feinerman; Alice Horodisch. THE THREE CANOPIES. New York: Shoulson Press, 1948. Cloth, 8vo. 128 pages. Illustrated. First English edition. SUBJECT (S): Fiction. Inscribed by Feinerman, the translator. Has chipped dust jacket. Pages tanned, good+ condition. (MX-21-33) (ID #23912) $30.00.





K-Rab-1-26.jpg (98414 bytes) 84. • Berman, Jacob, Shemuel Bornshtain. הלכה לעם: הלכות מוסברות ומבוארות על פי המקורות וסדורות מחדש למקרא העם ולמורה עם תלמיד HALAKHAH LA-AM: HALAKHOT MUSBAROT U-MEVOAROT AL PI HA-MEKOROT U-SEDUROT ME-HADASH LE-MIKRA HA-AM ULE-MOREH IM TALMID. Yerushalayim: ha-Mahlakah le-hinukh ule-tarbut toraniyim ba-golah shel ha-Histadrut ha-tsiyonit ha-olamit, 1975. Cloth, 348 pages, 8vo, 22 cm. In Hebrew. Contents: Sefer 1. Mekore ha-halakhah, Be-kumekha, Tsitsit u-tefilin, ha-Tefilah, Keriat ha-Torah, Bet-ha-keneset, Berakhot. -- sefer 2. Shabat, Yom Tov... Teshuvah... Rosh ha-shanah ve-Yom ha-kipurim... Yeme zikaron, Purim ve-Hanukah. -- sefer 4. Kidush ha-Shem, Mitsvot she-ben adam la-havero, Nis´uin u-mishpahah, Ben Yis´rael la-amim. SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Liturgy. Jewish law. Fasts and feasts -- Judaism. Handwritten letter on inside cover. Very Good Condition. (k-rab-1-27) (ID #21678) $30.00.


K-Rab-1-26.jpg (98414 bytes) 85. • Berman, Jacob, Shemuel Bornshtain. הלכה לעם: הלכות מוסברות ומבוארות על פי המקורות וסדורות מחדש למקרא העם ולמורה עם תלמיד HALAKHAH LA-AM: HALAKHOT MUSBAROT U-MEVOAROT AL PI HA-MEKOROT U-SEDUROT ME-HADASH LE-MIKRA HA-AM ULE-MOREH IM TALMID. Yerushalayim: Ha-Mahalakah Le-Hinukh Ule-Tarbut Toraniyim Ba-Golah Shel Ha-Histadrut Ha-Tsiyonit Ha-Olamit, 1975. Cloth, 107 pages, 8vo, 22 cm. In Hebrew. Contents: Sefer 1. Mekore ha-halakhah, Be-kumekha, Tsitsit u-tefilin, ha-Tefilah, Keriat ha-Torah, Bet-ha-keneset, Berakhot. -- sefer 2. Shabat, Yom Tov... Teshuvah... Rosh ha-shanah ve-Yom ha-kipurim... Yeme zikaron, Purim ve-Hanukah. -- sefer 4. Kidush ha-Shem, Mitsvot she-ben adam la-havero, Nis´uin u-mishpahah, Ben Yis´rael la-amim. SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Liturgy. Jewish law. Fasts and feasts -- Judaism. Very Good Condition. (k-rab-1-28/26) (ID #21679/77) $30.00. 


RAB-39-6.jpg (78996 bytes) 86. • Cohen, Arthur Allen, ; 1928-. THE JEW, ESSAYS FROM MARTIN BUBER'S JOURNAL DER JUDE, 1916-1928. University Of Alabama Press, 1980. Cloth, 8vo. 305 pages. Series: Judaic studies series. SUBJECT (S): Judaism. Zionism. Judaism -- Germany. Includes bibliographical references. Selected, edited, and introduced by Arthur A. Cohen ; translated from the German by Joachim Neugroschel. Contents: pt. 1. The Jews amid the nations: Nationalism / Hans Kohn -- Yiddish / Moses Calvary -- Graetz and national Judaism / Josef Meisl -- The Polish Jew / Hermann Cohen -- pt. 2. Zionism, Judaism, and Germany: Germanism and Judaism: a critique / Jacob Klatzkin -- Zion, the state, and humanity: remarks on Hermann Cohen's answer / Martin Buber -- The Hebrew language and our national future / Yehezkel Kaufmann -- The eternal Galut: a cardinal issue in Zionist ideology / Abraham Schwadron -- Zionism in Max Nordau / Leo Strauss -- The maturing of man and the maturing of the Jew / Ernst Simon -- pt. 3. Jewish history and literature: The Jewish conception of redemption / Friedrich Thieberger -- Dostoevski and the Jews / A. S. Steinberg -- Strindberg's Historical miniatures: a lecture / Gustav Landauer -- The inner structure of the Yom Kippur liturgy / David Baumgardt -- Jewish historical writing / Josef Meisl -- pt. 4. Thinkers and theologians: Secularized religion / Max Wiener -- Pharisaism / Martin Buber -- The idea of the holy (Rudolf Otto) / Leo Strauss -- Samson Raphael Hirsch (1808-1888) / Friedrich Thieberger -- Hermann Cohen / Jacob Klatzkin -- Apologetic thinking / Franz Rosenzweig -- Franz Rosenzweig's The star of redemption / Margarete Susman. Jacket slightly tanned. Very good + condition in very good jacket. (RAB-39-6) (ID #24635) $30.00.


RAB-17-17.jpg (215010 bytes) 87. • Cohen, J. Simcha. TIMELY JEWISH QUESTIONS, TIMELESS RABBINIC ANSWERS. Northvale, N. J.: J. Aronson, 1991. Cloth , 8vo. 364 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Responsa -- 1800. Judaism -- Customs and practices. Jewish law. Judaism -- Liturgy. In very good condition in a very good jacket. (RAB17-17) (ID #21700) $30.00.






SEF-10-14.jpg (168334 bytes) 89. • Dobrinsky, Herbert C. A TREASURY OF SEPHARDIC LAWS AND CUSTOMS: THE RITUAL PRACTICES OF SYRIAN, MOROCCAN, JUDEO-SPANISH AND SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE JEWS OF NORTH AMERICA. Hoboken, NJ: Ktav; New York: Yeshiva University Press, 1988. Cloth, 8vo. Xxii, 526 pages. Revised edition. SUBJECT (S): Judaism – Sephardic rite – customs and practices; Sephardim – social life and customs. CONTENTS: Special Family Occasions; Daily Reminders of Heritage; Worship in Public and Private; Sabbath, Festivals, and Special Days. ISBN: 0881250317. Has dust jacket. Very good condition. (SEF-10-14) (ID #20910) $30.00.



RAB-38-2.jpg (206150 bytes) 90. • Ghazzati, Nathan Benjamin and Benjamin Ha-Levi Of Safad. ספר חמדת ימים: דרשות לשבתות ולמועדים SEFER HEMDAT YAMIM: DERASHOT LE-SHABATOT ULE-MO’ADIM. Yerushalayim: Makor, 1970. Hardcover, large 8vo, 4 volumes, 109, 129, 96, 103 leaves, 28 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Fasts and feasts -- Judaism. Judaism -- Customs and practices. Authorship, previously ascribed to Nathan Benjamin Ghazatti, disputed by later scholars; new theory ascribes work to Benjamin ha-Levi, of Safad. Cf. A. Yaari: Ta'alumat sefer. Other Titles: Hemdat yamim. OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. Staining to some covers. Hinge repair. Light wear. Otherwise, very good condition. (Rab-38-2) (ID #24611) $100.00.


RAB-29-3.jpg (50632 bytes) 91. • Gordis, Robert. DECISION AND DESTINY. Rockaway Park, N. Y.: Temple Beth-El, 1963. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 30 pages. SUBJECT (S): Judaism -- 20th century; Sermons, Jewish – United States; Bible – criticism, interpretation, etc. ; New Year, Jewish – sermons; Day of Atonement – sermons; Rosh ha-Shanah sermons. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (JTSA, Hebrew Union College). Gordis (1908-1992) , born in New York City was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1932. “He served as rabbi of Temple Beth El of Rockaway Park, N. Y...and while there established the first Conservative day school in the United States. A professor of Bible at the Seminary from 1940, [he] also taught at Columbia University, Union Theological Seminary , and Temple University. He served as editor of the periodical Judaism, president of the Rabbinical Assembly and of the Synagogue Council of America, and consultant to the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. Within the Conservative movement he was a spokesman for the centrist position, advocating change within the framework of the law. ”(Robinson, EJ) Pages tanned, good condition. (RAB-29-3) (ID #20705) $30.00.

SEF-10-25.jpg (233811 bytes) 92. • Harte, Ralph S. ; Rose Hirsch Harte. ONEG SHABBAT: SONGS OF SABBATH JOY, PUBLISHED FOR THE CONGREGATION SHEARITH ISRAEL IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK BY RALPH S. AND ROSE HIRSCH HARTE AS AN OFFERING OF THANKSGIVING ON THE TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF THEIR WEDDING HESHVAN 6, 5692/OCTOBER 17, 1931. Jerusalem: the Hartes, 1931. Cloth, 8vo. 31 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Judaism – liturgy. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Very good condition. (SEF-10-25) (ID #20919) $30.00.



Rab-6-10.jpg (70712 bytes) 93. • Heinemann, Joseph, Ed, and Jakob Josef Petuchowski. LITERATURE OF THE SYNAGOGUE. New York: Behrman House, 1975. Cloth, 8vo. X, 292 pages. First edition. Gilt on spine. Series: Library of Jewish studies. Notes and sources, glossary, suggestions for further reading, and index. SUBJECT (S): Judaism -- Prayers and devotions. Midrash -- Translations into English. Piyutim -- Translations into English. Jewish sermons, Hebrew -- Translations into English. Midrash. Prières juives. Sermons hébreux -- Traductions anglaises. Sermons hébreux. Title Subject: Midrash -- Traductions anglaises. Piyyutîm -- Traductions anglaises. Piyyutîm. Excellent condition. (RAB-6-10) (ID #18215) $50.00.



GER-15-46.jpg (114170 bytes) 94. • (Hoffman) Steckelmacher, M. WIDERLEGUNG DES SENDSCHREIBENS DES DR. D. HOFFMANN, REKTORS AM RABBINERSEMINAR IN BERLIN: ÜBER DEN VON DEM GR. BAD. OBERRAT DER ISRAELITEN HERAUSGEGEBENEN GEBETBUCHENTWURF UND DIE ZUGEHÖRIGE DENKSCHRIFT. Mannheim: Mannheimer Vereinsdruckerei, 1908. Quarter cloth, 8vo. 72 pages. In German. David Hoffmann was a rabbi and Biblical and Talmudic scholar. "Toward the end of his life he was regarded as the supreme halakhic authority of German Orthodox Jewry and was inundated by questions in halakhah from most of the German rabbis...In his commentaries to Leviticus and Deuteronomy he emphasized the importance of rabbinic homiletical and exegetical interpretations for an understanding of these books. " (Moshe David Herr, EJ) SUBJECT(S): German language; Jews – Germany – intellectual life; Judaism – liturgy – history; Prayer – Judaism; Jews – liturgy and ritual – commentaries; Reform Judaism – customs and practices. OCLC lists ten copies worldwide. Good condition; solid binding, some marks on covers, flyleaf missing, tear on title page, text very good an clean. (GER-15-46) (ID #18825) $150.00.

Rab-17-21.jpg (206242 bytes) Rab-17-21photo.jpg (179120 bytes)95. • Idelsohn, A. Z. THE CEREMONIES OF JUDAISM,. Cincinnati: The National Federation Of Temple Brotherhoods, 1929. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. 1 p. L, v-vii, 56 pages. Illus. (incl. Music). In English. SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Customs and practices. Judaism. Fasts and feasts -- Judaism. Idelsohn, (1882-1938) , was a musicologist. Born in Filsberg (Felixberg) , Lithuania, he received a thorough cantorial training and then continued his musical education at the Stern'sches Conservatorium in Berlin and the Leipzig Academy. In 1905 after having served for short periods as cantor in Leipzig and Regensburg, and in Johannesburg, South Africa, he settled in Jerusalem. There he worked as a cantor and music teacher, especially at the Hebrew Teachers' College. His confrontation with the-as yet small and partial-"ingathering of the exiles" in Jerusalem made him dedicate himself to the collection and study of their musical (and linguistic) heritage. (EJ, Katz) In very good condition (RAB17-21) (ID #21704) $30.00.


GER-29-16.jpg (86380 bytes) 96. • Jacobson, Bernhard S. ימים נוראים YAMIM NORAIM: ARBEITSPLAN UND STOFFSAMMLUNG. Berlin: Tenuat Tora Wa'awoda in Deutschland, 1930. Paper wrapeprs. 12mo. 117 pages. In German. SUBJECT(S): High Holidays. OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. Spine faded, owner's name on title page, good condition. (GER-29-16) (ID #20391) $30.00.






CT5.jpg (91384 bytes) 97. • Jewish Theological Seminary Of America. A REEL GUIDE TO THE LITURGY COLLECTION: REELS 1-67, FROM THE LIBRARY OF THE JEWISH THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY OF AMERICA... Ann Arbor, Michigan: University Microfilms, 1978. Wrappers; 8vo. 69 pages. With appendix. No copies listed on OCLC. Very good condition. (CT-5) (ID #24268) $30.00.






K-Amr-1-3.jpg (75315 bytes)K-Amr-1-3Inscription.jpg (71959 bytes) 98. • Ki Tov, Eliyahu. THE JEW AND HIS HOME. New York: Shengold Publishers, 1963. Hardcover, 233 pages, 8vo, 24 cm. SUBJECT (S): Judaism -- Customs and practices. Jewish way of life. Family -- Religious life. Translated with an introduction by Nathan Bulman. Wear on cover, otherwise very good condition. (k-amr-1-3) (ID #22424) $30.00.






Rab-23-20.jpg (125071 bytes) 99. • Ki Tov, Eliyahu. איש וביתו: תורת הבית היהודי ISH U-VETO: TORAT HA-BAYIT HA-YEHUDI. Jerusalem: Hotsaat Sefarim Alef, 1957. Cloth, 8vo. 353 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Judaism – customs and practices. OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide. Hinges starting, edgewear on covers, good condition. (RAB-23-20) (ID #20482) $30.00.






Rab-21-22.jpg (135795 bytes) 100. • Knoller, Hayim. ספר דבר יום ביומו: יכיל לכל יום ויום מימי השנה דברים השוים לכל נפש DEVAR YOM BE-YOMO: YAKHIL LE-KHOL YOM VE-YOM MI-YEME HA-SHANAH DEVARIM HA-SHAVIM LE-KHOL NEFESH. COMPLETE IN 2 VOLUMES. Brooklyn: Shraga, 1946. Cloth. 8vo. 236 pages. In Hebrew. Two volumes in one. SUBJECT(S): Judaism – customs and practices; Fasts and feasts – Judaism; Jewish devotional calendars; Chronology, Jewish. OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide. Spine faded and torn, otherwise good condition. (RAB-21-22) (ID #20670) $50.00.


RAB-18-21363.jpg (101549 bytes) 102. • Landau, Abraham Ben Raphael; Menahem Mendil Hayim. ספר ויעש אברהם SEFER VA-YA`AS AVRAHAM. Lodz: Y. Verdinger, 1936. Cloth, Small 4to. 512 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Judaism – Poland – Ciechanow – customs and practices; Judaism – Poland – Ciechanow – liturgy; Judaism – liturgy – commentaries; Landau, Abraham ben Raphael, 1789-1875. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (Univ of Florida, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College). Landau (1789-1875) was a “rabbi, author, hasidic zaddik of Poland, talmudic scholar and ascetic. His family name was originally Dobrzinsky but when he married the daughter of Dan Landau, the parnas of Polock (Polotsk) , who supported him for many years, he changed it to Landau. Abraham's mentor in Hasidism was R. Fishel of Strykow. He was an admirer of Simhah Bunim of Przysucha whom he twice visited. In 1819 Abraham was appointed rabbi of Ciechanow, where he officiated until his death. Although invited to serve as rabbi in Lodz, Lublin, and Polock he refused to leave the smaller community. From 1866 he was acknowledged as a zaddik by the Hasidim in Ciechanow, but continued to follow the Ashkenazi rite contrary to usual hasidic practice. He never followed the custom of receiving "petitions" or money from his followers. Abraham frequently took part in consultations over public matters of Jewish interest. In general adopting a stand of extreme conservatism, he strongly opposed the order of the Russian authorities that Jews should modify their dress. ” (Alfassi, EJ) Marbles edges. Pages tanned, ex library, shaken, good condition. (RAB-18-21) (ID #20576) $150.00.

MX-10-6.jpg (194090 bytes) 103. • Levy, Victor E. HEBREW AND SOLAR CALENDAR EVERY DAY FOR 200 YEARS, HEBREW 5611-5810, SOLAR 1850-2049, BY VICTOR E. LEVY. London: Edward Goldston, 1937. Cloth, 8vo. 31 pages. SUBJECT (S): Calendar, Jewish. OCLC lists 23 copies worldwide. Ex library, very good condition. (MX-10-6) (ID #19369) $35.00.






Rab-21-30.jpg (66857 bytes) 104. • Lewin, Benjamin Manasseh. נר שבת תלמוד קטן למתחילים גמרא: כולל בתוכו נר שבת, נר יום הכפורים, נר חנוכה ואור לארבעה עשר: עם פירוש רש׳׳י ותוספות רב, הקדמה ומבוא בראשו ובאורי־מלים בסופו NER SHABAT: TALMUD KATAN LE-MATHILIM GEMARA: KOLEL BE-TOKHO NER SHABAT, NER HAVDALAH, NER YOM HA-KIPURIM, NER HANUKAH VE-OR LE-ARBA`AH `ASAR: `IM PERUSH RASHI VE-TOSAFOT RAV, HAKDAMAH U-MAVO BE-ROSHO U-VEURE-MILIM BE-SOFO. Jerusalem: Alumah, 1940. Cloth, 8vo. 3, 48 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Candles and lights - Judaism; Fasts and feasts - Judaism; Talmud - study and teaching. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (Univ of Florida). Lewin (1879-1944) was a "rabbinic scholar, educator, and authority on geonic literature. Born in Gorodets, Russia, into a wealthy hasidic family and orphaned at an early age, Lewin studied at various yeshivot and for a time served in the Russian army. He came under the influence of A. I. Kook, who was then rabbi at Bausk, Latvia, and served as a tutor in his house. When Kook left to become rabbi in Jaffa, Lewin continued his studies at the Berlin Rabbinical Seminary and Berne University. In Berne he edited the journal for Jewish studies and Jewish religious thought Tahkemoni. In 1912 he went to Erez Israel, where he served as a teacher and later as head of the religious schools network Nezah Yisra'el. He also founded the short-lived Alummah Society for Jewish Studies, for which he edited the publication Alummah. Lewin's major and pioneering work was in the field of geonic studies... He also reconstructed from Genizah material and early rabbinic literature parts of the lost Sefer Metivot. " (EJ, 2007) Front free end paper detached, tape mark on spine, otherwise good+ condition. (RAB-21-30) (ID #21754) $60.00.

RAB-37-5.jpg (83094 bytes) 105. • Lewysohn, Abraham. ספר מקורי מנהגים: הנהוגים בבני ישראל, הן מנהג טעות או איזה הנהגה טובה, גם מנהג העשוי להשתנות מהשתנות הטעם והזמן SEFER MEKORE MINHAGIM: HA-NEHUGIM BI-VENE YI’SRAEL... Berlin: L. Th. Kornegg, 1846. Hardcover, viii, 143 pages, 8vo, 22 cm. 1st edition. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Rites and ceremonies. Jews -- Social life and customs. Lewysohn (1805-1860) was a “Polish rabbi and scholar. Lewysohn, a native of Schwerzenz (Swarzec) , Poznania, served as rabbi in Peiskretscham (Pyskowice) , Silesia. He belonged to the pioneering generation of modern Jewish scholars, and his Mekorei Minhagim (1846) , a study of the origin of religious customs in rabbinic literature, was a considerable contribution to scholarship. A shortened version with the same title was plagiarized by J. Finkelstein in 1874. He wrote numerous biographies of tannaim and amoraim, in both Hebrew and German, and also talmudic novellae, grammatical studies, poetry, and Hebrew and German sermons” (Berenbaum and Skolnik in EJ, 2007). OCLC lists 18 copies worldwide. Ex-library with usual markings. Slight chipping to edges of some pages. Hinge repair. Wear to cover corners and spine. Otherwise, very good condition. (Rab-37-5) (ID #24594) $175.00.

106. • Mann, Jacob, 1888-1940. Sonne, Isaiah, 1887-1960. THE BIBLE AS READ AND PREACHED IN THE OLD SYNAGOGUE:. Cincinnati, Ohio: Mann-Sonne Publication Committee [and] Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, 1966. 8vo, 255, 239 pages. In English and Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): SUBJECT(S): Judaism - Liturgy, Midrash, Jewish preaching, Midrash, Bible. O. T. -- Liturgical use. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide. In excellent condition. (MX-30-2) (ID #23865) $55.00.

RAB-2-8.jpg (84228 bytes) 107. • Milgrom, Jacob. THE TASSEL AND THE TALLITH... [Cincinnati]: Judaic Studies program, University of Cincinnati, 1981. Wrappers, 12mo. 9 pages. First thus. Series: The fourth annual Rabbi Louis Feinberg memorial lecture in Judaic studies. Notes following page 9. Milgrom was Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and a prolific author. SUBJECT (S): Zizith. Jodendom. Liturgische gewaden. OCLC lists 17 copies worldwide. Mailing label addressed to Aaron J. Lansky, founder and director of Yiddish Book Center, on back. Bit of cover soil; else very good condition. (RAB-2-8) (ID #17281) $20.00.



MX-30-4.jpg (131000 bytes) 108. • Morabito, Vittorio; Crown, Alan David; Davey, Lucy; Société D'Études Samaritaines. International Congress (1996: Milan, Italy); International Congress Of Asian and North African Studies; (38th: 1997: Budapest, Hungary). SAMARITAN RESEARCHES.VOL. 5, PROCEEDINGS OF THE CONGRESS OF THE SES (MILAN JULY 8-12, 1996) AND OF THE SPECIAL SECTION OF THE ICANAS CONGRESS (BUDAPEST JULY 7-11 1997). Sydney: Mandelbaum Publishing, 2000. 8vo, 1 volume (various pagings) Series: Studies in Judaica ; no. 10. Contents: The significance of the Samaritan oral tradition for the textual history of the Pentateuch(Stefan Schorch) -- Saül, David et Salomon dans la tradition samaritaine (Philippe de Robert) -- Observations on the orthography of the Samaritan Pentateuch -- The function and meaning of names in Jewish Islamic and Samaritan tradition with special reference to the Samaritan names of Moses (S. Powels-Niami) -- Samaritans in Cairo / H.S. Jamgotchian -- The Samaritans' own contribution to Samaritan studies / Benyamin Tsedaka -- Die Moses-Terminologie in Tibåt Mårqe / F. Dexinger -- Further Samaritan motifs in Stephen's speech / G.R. Shafer -- Qumran, Samaritan halakha and theology, and pre-Tannaitic Judaism / A.D. Crown -- Zion or Gerizim: the association of Abraham and the aqeda with Zion/Gerizim in Jewish and Samaritan sources / Isaac Kalimi -- The Samaritan Arabic liturgy / H. Shehadeh -- The personal status of the Samaritan in Israel. I Samaritani / Luigi Cagni -- The Martyrdom of Isaiah and the background of the formation of the Samaritan group / Magnar Kartveit -- Religions in contact and conflict: the Samaritans of Caesarea among "pagans", Jews and Christians / R. Pummer -- The return of the Diaspora Samaritan to Nablus at the end of the Middle Ages ; The new dispersal of the Samaritan of Nablus in the twentieth century / Nathan Schur -- The correspondence between the Samaritans and Yitzhaq Ben Zvi / G. Steindler Moscati -- Transfer of knowledge and the biographies of Samaritan scholars / Gerhard Wedel -- "Open your eyes and look at the fields": contacts between Christians and Samaria according to the Gospel of John / J. Zangenberg -- The Samaritan torah case / Bracha Yaniv -- Samaritan oil lamps / Varda Sussman -- The sanctuary and holy vessels in Samaritan art / James D. Purvis. OCLC list 29 copies worldwide.Very good condition. (MX-30-4) (ID #23867) $50.00.

109. • Muller, Samuel. VON JUDISCHEN BRAUCHEN UND JUDISCHEM GOTTESDIENST. Karlsruhe, Verlag Boltze, 1930. Paper Wrappers , 8vo. 86 pages. In German. SUBJECT (S): Judaism -- Customs and practices. (ID #20327) $50.00.

k-mx-1-46.jpg (190729 bytes) 110. • Neuman, Abraham A. & Solomon Zeitlin. THE SEVENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY VOLUME OF THE JEWISH QUARTERLY REVIEW. Philadelphia, Jewish Quarterly Review, 1967. 1st Edition. Hardcover, 8vo; 592 pages; Smooth paper, very attractive printing. Contains 39 articles on Bible scholarship, medieval judaica, theology and Jewish Liturgy. Note(s): Bibliographical footnotes. Other Titles: Jewish quarterly review. Wear on cover and binding. From the Louis Littauer Foundation with bookplate. Slight yellowing of pages. Otherwise, very good condition. (k-mx-1-46) (ID #21410) $60.00.



MX-19-20.jpg (243575 bytes) 112. • Petuchowski, Jakob Josef. UNDERSTANDING JEWISH PRAYER. New York, Ktav Pub. House, 1972. Cloth, 8vo. Xiv, 175 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Prayer -- Judaism. Prière -- Judaïsme. Jodendom. Gebeden. Contents: Dynamics and doctrine: Petuchowski, J. J. Spontaneity and tradition. Offering and obligation. Cult, entertainment, and worship. Petition and praise. Hebrew and vernacular prayer. Can modern man pray? --Meanings and directions: An anthology: Heschel, A. J. On prayer. Schwarschild, S. S. Speech and silence before God. Simon, E. On the meaning of prayer. Blidstein, G. J. The limits of prayer: a rabbinic discussion. Weinberg, D. The efficacy of prayer. Berkovits, E. From temple to synagogue and back. Himmelfarb, M. Going to shul. PETUCHOWSKI, JAKOB JOSEF (1925–1991), U. S. Rabbinic scholar and theologian. Petuchowski was born in Berlin and brought to England from Germany in a "children's transport" before the outbreak of World War II. Living in London from 1939 to 1947, he studied with Isaac Markon and Leo Baeck and earned a B. A. From the University of London while holding a variety of jobs in the Jewish community, including education director of the Youth Association of Synagogues in Great Britain, social worker in the Windermere DP camp, chaplain to the DP Tuberculosis Sanatorium, and Hebrew and religion teacher at the West London Synagogue. In 1948, Petuchowski immigrated to the United States, where he received his B. H. L. (1949) , M. H. L. And ordination (1952) , and Ph. D. (1958) from Hebrew Union College. He served as rabbi of Temple Emanuel in Welch, West Virginia, and Beth Israel Synagogue in Washington, Pennsylvania, before returning in 1956 to HUC to join the faculty as a lecturer in Jewish theology. In 1974, he was appointed professor of theology and liturgy, and in 1981 he became the Sol and Arlene Bronstein Professor of Judeo-Christian studies. He was the first director of Jewish studies at HUC-JIR in Jerusalem (1963–64) and a visiting professor of Jewish philosophy at Harvard University Divinity School, Oxford University, Antioch College, Theologische Fakultat Luzern (Switzerland) , and Tel Aviv University. (EJ, Gordon) In very good condition. (MX19-20) (ID #21550) $30.00.

RAB-6-14.jpg (156721 bytes) 113. • Schechter, Abraham I. STUDIES IN JEWISH LITURGY; BASED ON A UNIQUE MANUSCRIPT ENTITLED SEDER HIBBUR BERAKOT. Philadelphia: Dropsie College, 1930. 1st edition. Wrappers, 8vo. Viii, 139 pages. 1924 Dropsie College Ph. D. Thesis. Illustrated with facsimiles. Includes bibliographical references and index. "Published with the aid of the Rose Adler Fund." SUBJECT (S): Judaism--Liturgy. Edgeworn; pages dark. One-inch tear in front cover. Interior in very good condition. (RAB-6-14) (ID #18218) $30.00.





GR-6-1.jpg (96760 bytes) 114. • Schmiedl, Adolf. SANSINNIM: BETRACHTUNGEN ZU DEN FÜNF BÜCHERN MOSIS NACH ORDNUNG DER WOCHENABSCHNITTE. EINE BUCH FÜR SCHULE HAUS UND TEMPEL. ZUR VERBREITUNG ERHÖHTER KUNDE UND WÜRDIGUNG DES JUDENTHUMS, SOWIE ZUR FÖRDERUNG RELIGIÖSER INNINGKEIT UND BEGEISTERUNG... Prague: Wolf Pascheles, 1859. Cloth; 8vo. Xii, 288 pages. In German. Annotated. "SANSINNIM: Examinations of the five Books of Moses in the order of the weekly readings. A book for school, house, and temple. For the spreading of increased following and appreciation of Judaism, as much as for the promotion of religious committment and participation." SUBJECT (S): Bible. O. T. Pentateuch -- Meditations. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide. Owner inscribed on title page. Flyleaf inscription "to Rabbi Gruenwald from Library of Rav Gedalia Mendelsohn with compliments of Samuel Mendelsohn. " Bookplate on inside front cover gifting to institution from Dr. Max Gruenwald. He was a member of the Executive Committee of the Reichsvertretung, which led the Jews of Germany during the Nazi period, and later American chairman of the Leo Baeck Institute. Samuel Mendelsohn was a Jewish rabbi, scholar and author, one of the collaborators in the completion of the Jewish Encyclopedia. Age stained; some marginalia in pencil. One page detached but present. Good condition. Bound with Philippson, Ludwig, ISRAELITISCHES PREDIGT- UND SCHUL-MAGAZIN. ZUGLEICH EIN BUCH DER LEHRE FÜR ALLE GLAUBENSTREUEN ISRAELITEN. Leipzig, Baumgärtner, 1854. Xviii, 587 pages. In German. Annotated. Edition: 2, theils verm, theils verminderte Ausg. Rabbi Philippson was a moderate proponent of reform Judaism, a popular preacher, and founder of the Allgemeine Seitung des Judentums and the Institut zur Foerderung der Israelitischen Literatur. (SUBJECT(S): Jewish sermons. OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide. Age stained. Some marginalia in ink. Good condition. Also bound with Kley, Eduard. DIE FESTE DES HERRN. ISRAELITISCHE PREDIGTEN FÜR ALLE FESTTAGE DES JAHRES; GEHALTEN IN DEM NEUEN TEMPEL ZU HAMBURG. Berlin: Maurer, 1824. X, 358 pages. In German. This volume is one of many collections of sermons published by the prolific Israel (or Eduard as he called himself) Kley. Kley was the first preacher at the Hamburg Temple, "which inaugurated a reform in the liturgy and stood, in general, for the adaptation of Jewish worship to the spirit of the times. " (Isidore Singer and Meyer Kayserling, JE) Thus an extremely early collection of Reform sermons. SUBJECT(S): High holiday sermons, German. OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide (Stanford, JTS, Wisconsin). Usual age staining. Institutional bookplate. Very good condition. (GR-6-1) (ID #15916) $400.00.

RAB-12-19.jpg (312863 bytes) 115. • Schreiber, Abraham. HA-MIKHTAM ON THE TRACTATES SUKKEH, BEZAH, MOED QATAN AND PESAHIM BY DAVID B. LEVI OF NARBONNE TOGETHER WITH A COMMENTARY ON LITURGICAL POEMS BY MEIR HA-MEILI OF NARBONNE. New York: Hadar Linotyping & Publishing Co, 1959. Cloth, 4to. Xxiv, 463 pages. In Hebrew. OCLC lists 13 copies worldwide. Very good condition; facsimile illustrations, Shalom Spiegel's bookplate. (RAB-12-19) (ID #18270) $100.00.






IT-3-3.jpg (47315 bytes) 116. • Soltau, Henry William. I VASELLAMENTI SACRI E GLI ARREDI DEL TABERNACOLO D'ISRAELE. Firenze: Tipografia Claudiana, 1865. Paperback, 8vo. 146 pages. In Italian. OCLC lists one copy worldwide (Yale). Good condition. (IT-3-3) (ID #18306) $75.00.






ct8.jpg (218311 bytes) 117. • Sotheby's. A FURTHER NINETY-SEVEN HIGHLY IMPORTANT HEBREW MANUSCRIPTS: FROM THE COLLECTION FORMED BY THE LATE DAVID SOLOMON SASSOON, THE PROPERTY OF THE FAMILY OF DAVID SOLOMON SASSOON... New York: Southeby Parke Bernet, 1984. Paper; large 8vo. 90 pages. Illustrated in color and black and white. 97 objects listed and described. Indexes and bibliography. Sale 5283 "SASSOON. " From the Preface: "This fourth selection of ninety-seven Hebrew manuscripts from the celebrated collection of the late David Solomon Sassoon illustrates further the great wealth and diversity of Hebrew literature from the earliest times and illuminates for us the spiritual life of the Jews in the Orient, Palestine (Eretz-Israel) , Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Persia and the dispersed Jewish communities of India, the Benci Israel and Cochin and demonstrates their great cultural attainments in Spain, Italy and Germany. The contents of these manuscripts cover the Bible, Talmudic commentaries, Liturgy, philosophy, Kabbalah, Midrashim and science. One of the most important items in the sale is the world-famous Bible, completed in Soria (Spain) in 1312 by Shem Tov Ben Abraham Gaon, the great authority on Halakha and Kabbalah. The sale includes a Torah rich in micrographic art, one of the oldest manuscripts of Rashi's commentary (with variant readings) , the Former Prophets from Spain and the Latter Prophets from Ashkenaz, all of the 13th century; the Psalms in Hebrew and Judaeo-Arabic from 14th century Yemen are probably the most important part of Sa'adva Gaon's translation. Among the Rabbinical Codes and commentaries is that of Maimonides written in 1355-1356, which includes important textual variants and many Responsa of famous German Rabbis, some of which are unpublished and contain a remarkable illustration in gothic style. Other unpublished texts are Talmudic texts in the tradition of Spanish Provencal Novellae: on Pesachim and Nazir. Cultural and social life of the Jews in 13th century Italy is illustrated by the three Codes of Isaiah di Trani the Elder and the Younger. Very few Hebrew manuscripts refer to England, but we have here a rabbinic codex of the 13th century mentioning England before the expulsion of the Jews in 1290. The liturgical works include a 14th-century Spanish work of importance for its early primitive Jewish Art, and another one in Spanish, richly decorated and written by the famous Amsterdam calligrapher Judah Machabeulo. Another of these manuscripts has the text of Books of the Bible written in minuscle letters in the margins. From Italy there is a splendid Machzor, written in Perugia in 1415. There are very rare liturgies of the Benci Israel in India, others of the Cochin Jews, Algiers. Baghdad, Persia and the Yemen. " (CT-8) (ID #14921) $35.00.

118. • Szuster, Icko. MARQA-HYMNEN AUS DER SAMARITANISCHEN LITURGIE:. Bonn, 1936. Wrappers; 8vo. 35 pages. In German. Dissertation: Inaugural-Dissertation--Rheinischen Friedrich Wilhelm-Universität zu Bonn. Includes author's resume. Bibliography. SUBJECT (S): Samaritans. Hymns, Samaritan. Samaritan religious poetry. OCLC lists 13 copies worldwide. Ex-library with all the usual markings. Spine has been guillotined; pages are loose; otherwise, fair condition. (LB-3) (ID #15521) $60.00.

Rab-15-9.jpg (106527 bytes) 119. • Twerski, Abraham J. LIVING EACH DAY. Brooklyn: Mesorah Publications, 1989. Paper wrappers, 8vo. Ix, 406 pages. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Jewish devotional calendars. SERIES: The Artscroll series. OCLC lists 21 copies worldwide. Small price tag on back cover, very good condition. (RAB-15-9) (ID #19234) $30.00.





BR4.jpg (76328 bytes) 120. • World Union For Progressive Judaism. ASPECTS OF PROGRESSIVE JEWISH THOUGHT... London: Victor Gollancz, 1954. Cloth; 12mo. 158 pages. Sixteen essays in honor of Rabbi Dr. Leo Baeck on his 80th birthday. Julian Morgenstern: Attitude to the Bible; Israel Bettan: Relations of Progressive Judaism to Rabbinic Judaism; Sheldon Blank: Prophetic Element in Progressive Judaism; Solomon Freehof: Progressive Jewish Liturgy; Israel Mattuck: Missionary Idea; Samuel Cohon: Fundamental Concepts of Progressive Judaism; Maurice Eisendrath: Present Task; Abraham Cronbach: Social Teaching; Lily Montague: Conception of Prayer; Andre Zaoui: Mystical Element; Roberto Assagioli: Attitude to Psychology; Basil Henriques: Attitude to the State of Israel & Jewish Nationalism; Max Elk: National Conception of Judaism; Moses Weiler: Religious Situation in Israel; Samuel Bergman: Faith & Reason; Nelson Glueck: Biblical Archaeology & Progressive Judaism. SUBJECT (S): Reform Judaism. Ex-library copy with minimal markings. First signature detached; otherwise, good condition in good dust jacket. (BR-4) (ID #15307) $25.00.


GER-10-36DW.jpg (230319 bytes) 121. • Zobel, Moritz. DAS JAHR DES JUDEN IN BRAUCH UND LITURGIE... Berlin: Schocken, 1936. Original Cloth; 12mo. 207 pages. In German. Nazi-era imprint. Index of contents; bibliographical citations. 9 pages of advertisements at end. Series: Bücherei des Schocken verlags Nr 55-56. Zobel was an editor of Theodor Hertzl's Die Welt. SUBJECT (S): Judaism -- Liturgy. Fasts and feasts -- Judaism. Judaism -- Customs and practices. Creases to last few pages. Very good condition. (GER-10-36-DW) (ID #17073) $25.00.






spec-7-4.jpg (70308 bytes) 122. • Zunz, Leopold. DIE SYNAGOGALE POESIE DES MITTELALTERS... Berlin: Julius Springer, 1855. First edition. Half leather (but lacking spine); 8vo. 491 pages. In German. Julius Galliner's copy, with his bookplate with his portrait. Also bearing the ownership stamps of Lipman Wulf and Michael Fiegel. Julius Galliner was born on February 3, 1872 in Zinten (East Prussia, now Sindi, Estonia). Hhe attended the Hochschule für die Wissenschaft des Judentums and the University of Berlin. He received his doctorate in 1897. In 1917 Galliner became a rabbi for the greater Berlin community. In addition to his teaching, Galliner represented educational interests as a member of the board of education in Charlottenburg, the Talmud-Thora board of the Jewish Community in Berlin, and as the head of his school leadership as well as of the regional rabbinate. He also helped to found the Teachers' Educational Institute (Lehrer-Bildungsanstalt) of the Prussian Union (Preussischen Landesverband). His social work included working with the Hilfsverein für Jüdische Studierende. Contents: Psalmen. --Leiden. --Piut, Selicha. --Selicha-Dichter. --Zwei neuere Jahrhunderte. --Beilagen, 26 Nummern. --Zwei Verzeichnisse. Leopold Zunz was "founder of the modern 'science of Judaism' and pioneer in the history of Jewish literature, religious poetry, and the ritual of the synagogue; born at Detmold Aug. 10, 1794; died at Berlin March 18, 1886...The Synagogale Poesie des Mittelalters was published March 2, 1855, and discussed the various kinds of poetry incorporated in the Jewish services, their external forms, their inner motive, and the circumstances, hopes, experiences, and sufferings that had evoked them. To trace the development of the Hebrew language in these monuments of the Jewish spirit was another of the preoccupations of Zunz, who showed, especially in his introductory chapter, that he who woke to new life the Jewish hymnal handled the German tongue with a mastership equaled only by the greatest writers, while his German translations helped to illustrate and vitalize the story. This introductory chapter has, indeed, become a classic, George Eliot deeming its phrases worthy of incorporation in Daniel Deronda. Under the necessity of abbreviating the services at public worship the piyyutim had been attacked for years by those who strove for a reform of the ritual. Zunz's work gave the proof that these hymns were the slow accretion of centuries and were unequal in value. Yet, on the other hand, his book showed what wealth of feeling and fervor of faith lay hidden in these outbursts of lament, penitence, and expectancy. He demonstrated that the jewel-casket of the medieval Synagogue contained many a priceless gem in addition to several of inferior value. " (Isidore Singer & Emil G. Hirsch, JE) SUBJECT(S): Jewish religious poetry, Hebrew -- History and criticism. Judaism -- Liturgy. Jews. Liturgy and ritual, Selihot. OCLC lists 24 copies worldwide. Period binding, lacking backstrip. Front hinge repaired. Quality of paper is outstanding, with no foxing whatsoever. Very Good Condition. (GER-15-61) (ID #18720) $200.00.

SPEC-7-4syn.jpg (45298 bytes) 123. • Another copy. 1st edition. Ex library. Rebound. Title page professionally repaired, moisture mark at top of first few pages, good condition. (SPEC-7-4) (ID #24232) $125.00.









Rab-34A-19.jpg (142717 bytes) 124. • קינות לתשעה באב:...עם שני ביאורים...בית לוי ומטה לוי...KINOT LE-TISH'AH BE-'AV:... 'IM SHENE BE'URIM... BET LEVI MATEH LEVI... Vilna, Lithuania, 1844. Hardcover, 164 pages, 8vo. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. Other Titles: Kinot. Bet Levi. Mateh Levi. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (Harvard, Princeton). Stained pages. Hinge repair. Browning water stain throughout bottom of pages. Wear to cover spine binding and corners. Slight dents and staining to cover. Otherwise, very good condition. (Rab-34A-19) (ID #24556) $125.00.