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Nr. 3. First American Monograph Defending Jewish anti-Missionary Publications Against Censorship (Here Against Infamous Post Office Inspector Anthony Comstock). Rosenthal, S. [Solomon]. THE VICTORY IN SPECIAL SESSIONS (NY, 1895)



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      The First Two American Publications with “Zionism” in Their Titles


    1. Gottheil, Richard J. H. THE AIMS OF ZIONISM. New York: American Federation Of Zionists, 1899. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 21 pages; 23 cm. Singerman 5569. The First Separate Publication in America with the word “Zionism” in the title. NLI lists a work (“Zionism Reborn at Basel”) supposedly published by Mizrahi Hatzair in New York in 1898; however this date is dubious as the organization did not exist until 1921—and no other copies are listed on OCLC. From the series, “Publications of the American Zionists. No. 1.” This is the Federation of American Zionists’ first ever publication. Gottheil served as the founding president of the historic organization. “Initially founded in 1897 as an organization for the greater New York area, the (Federation) was established as a national organization at a conference in New York the next year where the constitution was adopted by the delegates with Richard Gottheil elected as president and Stephen S. Wise as honorary secretary” (Wikipedia, 2016). Gottheil “was president of the American Federation of Zionists (from 1898 to 1904), and worked with both Stephen S. Wise and Jacob De Haas as organizational secretaries… Gottheil attended the second Zionist Congress in Basel establishing relationships with Theodor Herzl and Max Nordau” (Wikipedia, 2016). The publication is a an address delivered by Gottheil before the West Side Zionist Society in New York on November 1st, 1898. Also includes a list of the founding officers of the Federation, including Gottheil, Wise, Marcus Jastrow, and others. A rare landmark publication in the history of American Zionism. OCLC lists 7 copies worldwide. Some edgewear. Overall in about very good condition. (AMR-48-66) (ID #37443) $2000.00.






    3. Bentwich, Herbert. THE PROGRESS OF ZIONISM. New York: American Federation Of Zionists, 1899. 1st separate edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 22 pages; 23 cm. Singerman 5516. The Second Separate Publication in America with the word “Zionism” in the title. NLI lists a work (“Zionism Reborn at Basel”) supposedly published by Mizrahi Hatzair in New York in 1898; however this date is dubious as the organization did not exist until 1921—and no other copies are listed on OCLC. The first is the publisher’s earlier “The Aims of Zionism” (Gottheil, also NY, 1899). From the series: Publications of the American Federation of Zionists; no. 2. Reprinted from "Fortnightly Review", December 1898. This is the Federation of American Zionists’ second publication. “The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), founded in 1897, was one of the first official Zionist organizations in the United States, and, especially early in the 20th century, the primary representative of American Jews to the World Zionist Organization, espousing primarily Political Zionism” (Wikipedia, 2016). “Herbert Bentwich (1856 – 1932) was a British Zionist leader and lawyer. He was an authority on copyright law, and owner/editor of the Law Journal for many years. He was a leading member of the English Hovevei Zion and one of the first followers of Theodor Herzl in England. In 1897 Bentwich led a group of 21, including the writer Israel Zangwill, on a tour of holy sites and new settlements in Palestine on behalf of the Maccabaeans, and in 1911 he acquired land for settlement at Gezer, near Ramleh, on behalf of the Maccabean Land Company. He later succeeded his brother-in-law Solomon J. Solomon as president of the Maccabaeans. Bentwich was a founder of the British Zionist Federation in 1899 and for some time served as its vice-chairman. He was a legal adviser for the Jewish Colonial Trust. From 1916 to 1918 he served on the Zionist political advisory committee under Chaim Weizmann” (Wikipedia, 2016). A landmark publication in the history of American Zionism. SUBJECT(S): Zionism. OCLC lists just 7 copies worldwide, none in New York City. Some edgewear and wrappers are browning slightly. Overall in about very good condition. (AMR-48-67) (ID #37444) $1000.00.






      First American Monograph Defending Jewish anti-Missionary Publications Against Censorship (Here Against Infamous Post Office Inspector Anthony Comstock,1895)


    5. Rosenthal, S. [Solomon]. THE VICTORY IN SPECIAL SESSIONS. THE RELIGIOUS PROCEEDINGS IN ESSEX MARKET COURT AND IN THE COURT OF SPECIAL SESSIONS, WHICH ANTHONY COMSTOCK INSTITUTED BY CONFISCATING THE BOOK ENTITLED ‘MAASE TOLUI.’ הנצחון: דער אונגעהייערער גרויסער זיעג פון יודענטהום איבער קריסטענטהום HA-NITSAHON: DER UNGEHAYERER GROYSER ZIEG FUN YUDENTHUM IBER KRISTENTHUM ... VELKHE HOBEN ARRESTIRT DI TSVAY HISTORISHE IDISHE BIKHER "MAYSEY TOLOY" UN YESHUA HANOYTSRI. [New York]. No Date [1895?]. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 65 pages; 19 cm. In Yiddish with Yiddish and English title pages. Singerman 4911. The first monograph defending Jewish anti-conversionist publications against censorship in America. An American Jewish lawyer documents his case against infamous Post Office Inspector Anthony Comstock’s confiscation of Jewish anti-missionary material. In this work, Solomon Rosenthal criticizes Comstock’s confiscation of Shlyomsky’s [Shliomski’s] book, “Toldot Yeshu. Sefer Mayse Talui,” ‘The History of Jesus,’ (Singerman 4931), which Comstock saw as blasphemous and anti-Christian. Indeed, Shlyomski had noted in the book (in Yiddish): “"Di falshkayt fun di missyonerin redners, velkhe behoyften das der foter un zohn mit zayner muter zaynen fun eyn heyligkayt, diezer seyfer ober zogt unz oys vos in heyder iz geven, ales rikhtig aroysgenumen fun eyn alter gemore Sanhedrin, velkhe eynige hundert yohr alt, durkh Mosheh Shliomski." The notorious “Anthony Comstock (1844 –1915) was a United States Postal Inspector and politician dedicated to ideas of Victorian morality. The terms ‘comstockery’ and ‘Comstockism’ were used for his extensive campaign to censor materials he considered indecent and obscene, such as birth control information.” (Wikipedia, 2016) SUBJECT(S): Christianity – Controversial literature. Controversial literature. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide, with locations only in costal libraries. Wrappers are rubbed. Pages browning. Otherwise good condition. See English title page at begining of catalog, above. (AMR-49-46) $1750.00





      Rare Einhorn Hymnal, Published Just After Fleeing to Philadelphia


    7. [Einhorn, David] Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel. GESÄNGE FÜR DEN ÖFFENTLICHEN JÜDISCHEN GOTTESDIENST: AUS VERSCHIEDENEN LIEDERSAMMLÜNGEN ZUSAMMENGETRAGEN. Philadelphia: Stein & Jones. “im Verlage Der Kneseth Israel," 1862. 1st edition. Period tooled full leather, 12mo, 93 pages. In German. Singerman 1749. The David Einhorn Hymnal. Bernhard Felsenthal’s copy, with his name gilt-tooled on front cover. Title translates as “Songs for Jewish Public Worship.” The Kneseth Israel (Philadelphia) board minutes from May 4, 1862, note that: “A communication from Dr. Einhorn was handed in and reads as follows: ‘To the respectable board of directors of Keneseth Israel! Since there is a decided shortage of hymn books not only in our reform congregation but in all the others in America, I am determined to put together a collection of songs, about 80-90 pages. They should be put to use during the service, and I will give them to the congregation if the congregation is willing to undertake the printing....I suggest to the respectable board to take over the publication of the hymn collection and let me know soon, that the printing can start. Philadelphia, April 28, 1862. Dr. Einhorn. ’ Decided, to accept the communication from Dr. Einhorn and make preparations for the printing” [translation of minutes located at KI and at HUC in Cincinnati]. Then, according to the minutes of the next meeting, the board decided to fund the printing, which included 100 “bound volumes.” Reform Liturgy Scholar Judah Cohen has noted that “the hymnal was almost entirely Einhorn, at least based on these records, and created in his view as a service to the growing reform movement.” Rabbi Dr. Lance Sussman, Senior Rabbi at Kenesseth Israel in Philadelphia and a scholar on the history of the Synagogue and on 19th Century American Jewish history, reported on the H-Judaic internet listserv that “I believe from the time Einhorn arrived in Baltimore from Europe in 1855, KI was in touch with him about its music program. KI had a gentile organist, William Fischer, who partnered with Einhorn both before and during Einhorn's time in Philly.” Einhorn had fled Baltimore on April 19, 1861, following his delivery of an anti-Slavery sermon; a mob sought to tar and feather and he fled to Philadelphia where he became spiritual leader of Congregation Keneseth Israel. SUBJECT(S): Jewish hymns. Reform Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. Jewish hymns. Reform Judaism – Liturgy and ritual. OCLC lists only 4 copies worldwide (HUC, Gratz, Penn, Princeton), none in New York. Far scarcer than famous first American Jewish hymnal published 20 years earlier in Charleston, which shows up with 9 holdings in OCLC. Earlier belonging to a prominent Philadelphia library, with old ownership perforations stamps on the title and final pages. Beautifully bound in 19th Century style half leather. Internally very nice as well. An attractive copy of this exceedingly scarce and important American Jewish Hymnal by one of the 2 most import leaders of American Reform in the 19th Century (the other being Isaac Wise). (AMR-51-15) (ID #37600) $10000.00.




      Colonial Document Linking Two Prominent 18th Century American Jews


    9. [Lopez, Aaron; & Hayman Levy]. BILL OF LADING FOR A SHIPMENT OF 37 BOXES OF SPERMACETI CANDLES FROM AARON LOPEZ TO HAYMAN LEVY. DATED MARCH 1, 1756. Printed and Manuscript Document Signed, “Isaac Lawton” as Master of the Sloop “Industry,” 1 page, 7.75” x 6.25”, at Newport, (Rhode Island). Bill of Lading (Transport Document) from Aaron Lopez to Hayman Levy; an important manuscript linking two very prominent Colonial American Jewish Merchants. Aaron Lopez (1731-1782) was a Portuguese Jewish merchant who settled in Newport in 1752. There he became a spermaceti merchant and was also involved in the African Slave trade. Immensely successful, by the early 1770s he had become the wealthiest man in Newport. Hayman Levy (1721-1789) was an American Merchant and Arms Dealer who was also said to run the largest fur trade in the Colonies. Initially based in New York City, he moved to Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War when the former city was occupied by British forces. He served as the President of Congregation Shearith Israel, the oldest Jewish congregation in the United States, and was one of the founders of Congregation Mickvé Israel, the first Jewish congregation in Philadelphia. Dampstaining to right edge, left edge rough with partial loss to marginal notations and to docket on verso. Well printed on period laid paper, and easily readable in the central portions. (AMR-51-18). Rare and Important. $2000.00.



      The First Hebrew Book On the Discovery of America


    11. Campe, Joachim Heinrich. translated by Moses Frankfurt Mendelsohn [Sic]. METSI'AT HA-ARETS HA-HADASHAH: KOLEL HA-GEVUROT... LE-'ET METSO HA-ARETS HA-ZOT... SEFER RISHON [NO MORE PUBLISHED]. Altona: Hotsa'at Ha-Mehaber, 1806. 1st Hebrew Edition. Period full tooled leather, 12mo, [20], 175 pages; 16 cm. The First Hebrew Book On the Discovery of America, Translated into Hebrew by the Uncle of Samson Raphael Hirsch. Translation and adaptation of "Die Entdeckung von Amerika.” Translator was uncle of Samson Raphael Hirsch. With Hebrew-Yiddish glossary and navigational illustration on page (20). The work was originally written (in German) in the form of conversations between the father of the family and children. The translator, Mendelsohn, changed this style plain historical narrative, setting a format that was followed by other future translators as well. Jews around the world had been fascinated for years with the idea that Columbus was Jewish; Books like this, targeted at a Jewish audience, would over the next century feed their curiosity and help inspire their ideas about what it would be like to emigrate to America. On front flyleaf is a Hebrew dedicatory poem in manuscript. Vinograd, Altona 192; Zedner, 165; Roest, 251. See E. M. Klugman, Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch [A Biography] (1996), page 325. SUBJECT(S): Columbus, Christopher. America -- Discovery and exploration. OCLC/Worldcat lists only 4 copies in American libraries (HUC, Penn, Brown, NYPL), none south or west of Cincinnati. Some Foxing & wear, but attractive in period tooled morocco binding. Very Good- Condition. (AMR-51-6) (ID #37588) $1000.00.



      Rebecca Gratz’s Copy with Her Ownership Signature


    13. Lynch, Francis E. NARRATIVE OF THE UNITED STATES EXPEDITION TO THE RIVER JORDAN AND THE DEAD SEA WITH MAPS AND NUMEROUS ILLUSTRATIONS. Philadelphia: Lee & Blanchard, 1849. 1st edition. Original gilt tooled publisher’s cloth, Large 8vo, 508 pages. Includes 2 fold-out maps and 28 engraved plates. Bound in at the rear is a list of publications by the publisher. The personal Copy of Rebecca Gratz, the most famous observant American Jewish woman of the 19th Century, with her ownership signature on title page with year (1849). Rebecca Gratz (1781-1869) was a preeminent Jewish American educator and philanthropist. Her parents were observant Jews and active members of Philadelphia’s first synagogue, Mikveh Israel. In 1801, at the age of 20, Rebecca Gratz helped establish the Female Association for the Relief of Women and Children in Reduced Circumstances, which helped women whose families were suffering after the American Revolutionary War. In 1815, after seeing the need for an institution for orphans in Philadelphia, she was among those instrumental in founding the Philadelphia Orphan Asylum. Four years later, she was elected secretary of its Board. She continued to hold this office for forty years. Under Gratz' auspices, a "Hebrew Sunday School" was started in 1838. Gratz became both its superintendent and president and assisted in developing its curriculum, resigning in 1864. Gratz was also one of the founding members of the Female Hebrew Benevolent Society, around November 1819. In 1850, she advocated in The Occident, under the signature A Daughter of Israel, the foundation of a Jewish foster home. Her advocacy was largely instrumental in the establishment of such a home in 1855. She was also involved in the foundation of the Fuel Society and the Sewing Society. Gratz is said to have been the model of Rebecca, the daughter of the Jewish merchant Isaac of York, who is the heroine in the novel “Ivanhoe,” by Sir Walter Scott. Scott's attention had been drawn to Gratz's character by Washington Irving, who was a close friend of the Gratz family. The claim has been disputed, but it has also been well sustained in an article entitled "The Original of Rebecca in Ivanhoe", which appeared in The Century Magazine, 1882, pp. 679–682. Gratz never married. Her portrait was painted twice by the noted American artist Thomas Sully. One of those portraits, is on display at the National Museum of American Jewish History. Shortly after Rebecca Gratz died in 1869, her brother, Hyman, founded and financed Gratz College, a teachers’ college in Philadelphia, in her memory. Gratz is buried at Mikveh Israel Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Very Good Condition. Material signed by Gratz is rare. (AMR-51-2) (ID #37584) $1000.00.






    15. Lewin, Raphael D’C [De Cordova], editor. THE NEW ERA: A MONTHLY PERIODICAL, DEVOTED TO THE INTERESTS OF RELIGION AND HUMANITY AND TO THE DIFFUSION OF KNOWLEDGE ON JUDAISM AND JEWISH LITERATURE. VOLS II (NRS. 1-14), III (NRS. 1-12), & IV (NRS. 1-12) 1871-74 (UNINTERRUPTED RUN OF 38 ISSUES, COMPLETE FOR THESE THREE VOLUMES). New York, New Era Publishing Company, 1871-74. 1st edition. Period style quarter-leather, 8vo, v, 539; v, 469; ii, 636 pages [1656 pages total]. Singerman S250. Jonathan Sarna, in "American Judaism," notes that "A liberal Jewish periodical entitled the New Era, initiated in 1870 by Rabbi Raphael De Cordova Lewin, promised to 'advance mankind in true religious knowledge and to united all God's children in a common bond of brotherhood. ' By its third volume, it claimed the second largest circulation 'of any Jewish organ. ' (p. 124). A total of 6 volumes were published. The New Era reports on Jewish and larger cultural and scientific concerns of the day from a liberal Jewish perspective. For example, the Journal was important in exposing conditions at the Hebrew Orphan Asylum in New York [For an extensive discussion of Lewin’s examination and expose in the pages of The New Era, see Hyman Bogen’s “The Luckiest Orphans: A History of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum of New York” (Urbana-Champaign, 1992)] A sampling of articles from these 3 complete volumes is below. Raphael De Cordova Lewin (West Indies, 1844 - New York 1886) studied in London, and then came to the United States, leading Jewish congregations in Shreveport, Louisiana, Savannah, Georgia, and Brooklyn, New York. In addition to "The New Era," he also published a short-lived Jewish monthly in Jamaica (“The Guide…”), a weekly (“The Jewish Advocate”), "What is Judaism?” (1870) and other works. Ferris and Greenberg note in “Jewish Roots in Southern Soil,” that Lewin married the Rabbi Abraham Einstein's daughter Adeline in 1867 in Augusta GA, the same year Abraham became president of Savannah's Mickve Israel, and son-in-law Lewin was hired to be leader of the reform congregation—a position from which he was fired, apparently for being too Reform. Korn (1866) notes that “Additional biographic detals about Lewin, whose middle name was Da Costa, are given in Jacob A. P. M. Andrade, 'A Record of teh Jews in Jamaica' (Kingston, 1941)...The Occident…[and] The Israelite (Cincinnati)...Lewin continued to write, edit, and publish until his death in 1886.”

      A sampling of articles includes: [Vol II:] American Aristocracy; Intended Divorce and Reconciliation; Rabbi Jose and the Repudiated Wife; The Counsel of a Good Wife; The Tailor and the Broken Mortar; The Wilful [sic] Drunkard; The Word “Us”; Humanity the Aim of Judaism; [Review of} The American Watchmakers, Jewelers, and Silversmiths’ Journal; [Review of] The Art Journal; [Review of] The Chemical Forces: Heat, Light, and Electricity; [Review of] The Comet; [Review of] The Comet; Mendelssohn’s Death; Another Reformed Congregation; Consolidation of the Congregation Shaaray Tifilah and Beth El; Consecration of a New Synagogue in Fifty-Seventh Street; Four New Lodges of the I. O. B. B; Jewish Folly and American Illiberality; Rededication of a Synagogue in Brooklyn; Our Social System; Parental Duties; Persecution of Jews in Roumania; Professor Morse and the Telegraph; Reform; Sketch of a History of the Karaites; The American Jewish Historical Society; The Disorganization of Labor; Jews as Missionaries of Civilization; The Jews in their Dispersions; The Life of Shabtai Zevi; The Necessity of Reform; The New Era in Medicine; The Printing Press Considered Sociologically; The Social Morality of Mosaism; The Study of Physical Science; The Working Class;

      [Vol III:] Defence [sic] of our National System of Education against the Attacks of the Catholic Press; Discourse by Rev. Dr. Mann; [Review of] How to Paint; [Review of] Santo Domingo, Past and Present; [Review of] Sermons of Henry Ward Beecher; [Review of] The English in Ireland in the Eighteenth Century; Moses Mendelssohn; Moving House; My Next Visit to St. Petersburg; Annual Meeting of Mount Sinai Hospital; Anniversary of the Baltimore Hebrew Benevolent Society; A New Synagogue in Wilmington, N. C.; Another Reform Congregation in England; The Home for the Aged; The Nineteenth Street Synagogue for Sale; On the Necessity of the Religious Instruction of Females; [Poem] They Tell Me My Baby’s Blind; Prof Tyndall and his Lectures; State of Education among the Jews in the Eighteenth Century; The Future of Religion; The Indigenous Schools of India; The Jewish Woman; The Modern Balaks and Balaams; The Roumanian Jews; The Sect of the Chassidim; The State of the Dying Jew; The Vernacular Jewish Pulpit in America.

      [Vol IV:] Advice to the Temperance Sensaltionalists; Carl Schurz; [Editorial] A Christian Thanksgiving; Circular of the United Hebrew Charities; Letter from the Editor to the Hebrew Leader; Serious Charges against the Hebrew Orphan Asylum of New York; The Late Dr. Abraham Geiger; Freemasonry, Judaism, and Christianity; Georgia Cotton Mills; Harper’s Magazine and the Rothschilds; Historical Sketches of the Jewish Congregations of the Unitied States (Shaary Tefilah & Temple Emanu-El); Jewish Belief in God, and Exposition of the “Angel” of Scripture; [Review] Coomassie and Mandala; [Review] Liberty and Law under Federative Government; [Review] Responsibility in Mental Disease; [Review] The Heart of Africa; Mr. Thackary’s Visit to some Jewish Schools; The Great Jewish Charities of America (Hebrew Benevolent and Orphan Asylum Society, Mount Sinai Hospital, & Touro Infirmary of New Orleans); The New Beth-El Congregation; The Position of the Jews in Great Britain; The Press the Educator of Mankind; [Serialization of] The Vale of Cedars [by Grace Aguilar]; The West London Reform Congregation of British Jews. A Rare American Jewish periodical, with Singerman listing 8 holdings but not a single complete set anywhere. Some stains and repairs to occasional pages, overall very good in beautiful binding. A very attractive set. (Amr-51-17) (ID #37605) $10000.00.


      Weitzmann Visits New York


    17. [Weizmann, Chaim, Dr.; Pres. Warren G. Harding] Keren Hayedsod Women’s League. PALESTINE AFTERNOON IN HONOR OF DOCTOR CHAIM WEIZMANN. New York, 1923. 1st Edition. Original Photographic Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 2 page program; 20 cm. This is the program from a historic 1923 Zionist conference organized by Keren Hayedsod at the newly constructed Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. The keynote address was by future Israeli President Chaim Weizmann. At the time, Weizmann was living in Manchester, England and had established himself as a leading British Zionist. The program details and agenda with several other notable speakers including U. S. Congressman Hamilton J. Fish Jr., Cantor Jacob Schwartz of B’nai Jeshurun, and Mrs. Richard Gottheil, who served as president of the Keren Hayedsod Women’s League and who’s huband, Mr. Gottheil, was the founding president of the Federation of American Zionists. The program also includes a letter from sitting US President Warren G. Harding (he would die in office later that year) to Karen Hayesod, in which the US President expresses his “approval and hearty sympathy… of the restoration of Palestine as a Homeland for the Jewish people.” Harding is considered only the second US President to support a Jewish homeland in Palestine (The first being his predecessor, Woodrow Wilson). Very scarce. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Creased along middle. Torn along edges in several places with one word effected. Good condition. (AMR-49-17) (ID #37611) $625.00.







    18. Goldman, Yosef. HEBREW PRINTING IN AMERICA, 1735-1926: A HISTORY AND ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY. Brooklyn, NY, 2006. Cloth, Large 4to, 1188 pages in 2 vols. Extensively illustrated. Printed on high-quality glossy paper. Research and editing by Ari Kinsberg. Sure to become a standard reference work. The work includes an exhaustive bibliography of 1208 items, extensively annotated with bio-bibliographical information, historical context, scholarly references, approbations, and location of copies in libraries world-wide.The bibliography is chronologically arranged within broad subject or format (e.g, Bible, liturgy, Haggadah, reference works, education, periodicals, Rabbinica, etc.) with 13 indexes, including Hebrew and English titles and authors, imprint places and years, publishers, printers, approbations, subscribers, typesetters, music arrangers, and artists.Included are reproductions of most title pages and selected interior pages, as well as appendices containing reproductions of relevant manuscripts and portraits of early American rabbis.The work is also supplemented by extensive bibliography of pertinent scholarly books and periodical articles (p. 1135-1154). Very Heavy, so extra shipping charges apply. Please email for information. New Condition (AMR-51-19) (ID #16858) $250.00


    20. Rich, J. C. THE JEWISH DAILY FORWARD: AN ACHIEVEMENT OF DEDICATED IDEALISTS, THE EXTRAORDINARY STORY OF A UNIQUE NEWSPAPER ANDITS PUBLISHER, THE FORWARD ASSOCIATION. New York, The Forward Association, 1967. Original paper wrappers. 8vo. 63 pages. An excellent history of The Jewish Daily Forward. Minor foxing. Very Good Condition.  (AMR-48-1) (ID #37201) $20.00.






    22. • Jewish Publication Society Of America. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF JEWISH ENDEAVOR; BEING A BRIEF STATEMENT OF THE PURPOSES OF THE JEWISH PUBLICATION SOCIETY OF AMERICA, TOGETHER WITH AN ACCOUNT OF WHAT IT HAS DONE AND AN APPEAL TO AMERICAN JEWS TO HELP FURTHER ITS PLANS Philadelphia, JTSA, 1924. Cloth, 16mo (pocket-sized), 122 pages. 14 cm. 1 of only 250 copies printed "especially for the friends of the Society." Contains the title pages of over 120 books issued by the Society. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Bibliography. Named Corp: Jewish Publication Society of America -- History. OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide. Spine flaking. Edgewear on cover board. Otherwise, Very Good Condition. (GH-3-7A) (ID #37410) $100.00.






    24. Turner, Samuel Hulbeart. BIOGRAPHICAL NOTICES OF SOME OF THE MOST DISTINGUISHED JEWISH RABBIES, AND TRANSLATIONS OF PORTIONS OF THEIR COMMENTARIES, AND OTHER WORKS, WITH ILLUSTRATIVE INTRODUCTIONS AND NOTES [INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR]. New York, Stanford And Swords, 1847. 1st Edition. Period Boards. 8vo. [xi], [17]-245 pages; 18 cm. Singerman 1007. Biographical notices of Jarchi, Judah Hallevi, Aben Ezra, Maimonides, David Kimchi, Abarbanel, and Saadias the Gaon. “Samuel Hulbert Turner (1790-1861) was an American Hebraist. He was professor of the Hebrew Language and Literature at the General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church in New York City from 1830. He was tutor and mentor to Joseph Schereschewsky, later Anglican Bishop of Shanghai.” (Wikipeida, 2016) SUBJECT(S): Jewish literature. Jews – Biography. Inscribed by Turner on the first inside page. Ex-Library with usual markings. Some foxing/discoloration. Overall about very good condition. (AMR-48-5) (ID #37360) $75.00.






    26. Markens, Isaac. THE HEBREWS IN AMERICA: A SERIES OF HISTORICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES New York: Markens., 1888 8vo. Vii, 352 pages. Singerman, 3706.  SUBJECT (S): Jews – United States – history. Ex-library with usual markings. Very Good Condition. (AMR-15-28) (ID #37179) $75.00.






    28. (Kalisch, Isidor, Rev. Dr). IN MEMORIAM - REV. DR. ISIDOR KALISCH, OF NEWARK, NEW JERSEY. No Place (Newark?), No Publisher, 1886. 1st edition. Original publisher's cloth with gilt lettering, 8vo, (6), 65 pages. Frontispiece portrait. Each page within black-ruled border.  Singerman 3443. Prussian-born Rev. Isidor Kalisch (1816-86) came to America in 1849 and was called to serve the Tifereth Israel congregation of Cleveland, Ohio. In 1855 the first conference of rabbis was held in Cleveland and a ritual and common prayer-book was agreed upon entitled “Minhag America” which Kalisch edited together with Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise. Kalisch took part in polemical discussions on behalf of the ultra-Reform element in Judaism and his debates with Rev. Isaac Leeser, arising from his criticism of Leeser's English version of the Bible and on the “Jewish Belief in a Personal Messiah,” become well known. Light wear to wrappers. Very Good+ interior. Overall Very Good Condition (KH-3-22A) (ID #37312) $350.00.






    30. May, Max Benjamin. ISAAC MAYER WISE, THE FOUNDER OF AMERICAN JUDAISM; A BIOGRAPHY [AUTHOR INSCRIBED]. New York, G. P. Putnam, 1916. 1st edition. Original cloth, 414 pages. Inscribed by author on front end paper. Published for the 100th Anniversary of Wise's birth. Very Good Condition (AMR-47-12) (ID #36761) $150.00.






    32. Moore, George Foot. JUDAH MONIS [AUTHOR INSCRIBED]. Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society, 1919. First edition. Original paper wrappers. 8vo, 30 pages, 25cm. Judah Monis was North America's first Hebrew instructor. From 1722-1760 he taught at Harvard, where Hebrew was a mandatory course for upperclassmen. It has been appropriately observed that his life offers a glimpse into being Jewish in early America. Nevertheless, Monis converted to Christianity a year prior to his teaching post. (JVL, 2016) Subjects: Hebraists -- Massachusetts -- Cambridge -- Biography. Christian converts from Judaism -- Biography. Jews -- Massachusetts -- Cambridge -- Biography. Christian converts from Judaism. Hebraists. Jews. OCLC lists 12 copies worldwide. Some edgewear. Author's signature in pen on top of front wrapper.  Missing back wrapper.  Binding is starting. Internally clean. Overall Good condition. (AMR-36-13) (ID #36688) $100.00.






    34. Smith, Harry and Tatsch, J. Hugo. MOSES MICHAEL HAYS, MERCHANT-CITIZEN-FREEMASON, 1739-1805 [AUTHOR INSCRIBED]. Boston, Moses Michael Hays Lodge, 1937. 1st edition. Original Illustrated boards, 12mo, 72 pages. Includes 2 illustrations. Warmly inscribed by Harry Smith the author to "Jacob Spiegel, Past Master Brotherhood Lodge…" Moses Michael Hays was a Jewish merchant who lived in Newport and Boston. He was the brother-in-law of Isaac Touro and was a member of the important colonial Jewish Hays family. Most of this biography is on his activities as a freemason; this book is published by this heavily Jewish Masonic lodge, probably the only American Masonic lodge named for a Jew. Ex-library with usual markings. Boards lightly sunned, otherwise Very Good, an excellent copy. (kh-2-28A) (ID #37180) $100.00.






    36. WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN JEWRY: 1938-1939. New York, Jewish Biographical Bureau, 1938-1939. 8vo. 1177 pages. SUBJECT (S): Jews – United States – biography – periodicals; Jews – Canada – periodicals; Jews – biography – periodicals. Light wear to boards. Overall Very Good Condition (AMR-37-5B) (ID #37327) $50.00.









    37. [Noah, Mordecai Manuel]. THE EVENING STAR. VOL I, NR 30 [TUESDAY, JAN 7, 1834]. New York [N. Y.]; Noah & Gill, 1834. 1st Edition. Original cover page. Folio. Single issue from newspaper's first volume, 4 pages, 61 cm. In English. “Founded by Mordecai Manuel Noah in September 1833… after Noah had a serious falling out with his once-ally President Jackson, the paper was an early promoter of Whig politics. It endorsed William Henry Harrison for President in 1836 … likely heavily influencing the outcome for Harrison in New York.” (Digital History, 2016) “Mordecai Manuel Noah (1785 - 1851) was an American playwright, diplomat, journalist, and utopian. He was born in a family of Portuguese Sephardic ancestry. He was the most important Jewish lay leader in New York in the pre-Civil War period, and the first Jew born in the United States to reach national prominence… [He was a diplomat and later] … founded and edited The National Advocate, The New York Enquirer (later merged into the New York Courier and Enquirer), The Evening Star, and The Sunday Times newspapers” (Wikipedia, 2016). This is a left-folded newspaper containing 4 pages of The Evening Star from January 7th, 1834. Contents include: A Hard Case (on a “young lay, of good parents, and impeachable character, a communicant from her church. Calling for less drastic measures the paper asks, “Why have we so many professing fiends of religion and so few who practice?); Police (on delinquents); Removal of the Deposits (the conclusion of Henry Clay’s speech); much more. OCLC lists 8 holdings worldwide. Foxing. Folded twice, resulting in one small tear in the middle affecting a few words of text. The vast majority of the text is present and highly readable. About good condition. (AMR-47-8) (ID #36867) $200.00.






    39. Raisin, Max: Noah, M. M. MORDEKHAI ‘IMANUEL NOAH [AND] MASAOT B’ANGLIAH, TSFARAT, SEFARD, U’V’ARTZOT BARBARIA. Warsaw: Achiasaf Society, 1905. 1st Edition [and] 1st Hebrew edition. Period boards with original cover mounted on front, 8vo, [66], 25 pages. 22 cm. In Hebrew. Two books published together. First Title is Mordekhai ‘Imanuel Noah by Rabbi Max Raisin. Title translates to Mordecai Manuel Noah. Second title is Masaot by Mordecai Manuel Noah, the First Hebrew translation of Noah’s famous “Travels in England, France, Spain and the Barbary States, in the years 1813-14 and 15.” Publishing the work in Hebrew, in Eastern Europe, was a way to reach the wider Jewish world to tell the amazing story of Noah, probably the most powerful Jew in the Western Hemisphere of the early 19th Century. Both are published by the Achiasaf Society, a Hebrew language publisher founded by noted Zionist thinker Asher Zvi Hirsch Ginzberg, better known as Ahad Ha’Am. It contains a brief biography of American-Jewish statesman and proto-Zionist thinker, Mordecai Manuel Noah, and Noah’s own accounts of his travels in England, France, Spain, and the Barbary Coast. (Today known as the Greater Maghreb.) Noah, a journalist, playwright, politician, and lawyer, was one of the most prominent Jews of Early America, and served as Consul to Kingdom of Tunis (modern Tunisia) under President James Madison. When then-Secretary of State James Monroe removed Noah from Noah’s post, citing his religion as an “obstacle”, it sparked an outcry among American Jews and non-Jews alike, with Noah receiving letters of support from John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. Discouraged from pursuing government positions, Noah continued his career as a newspaperman in New York, founding and editing numerous publications there. Unfortunately, Noah is probably best remembered for his ambitious but failed attempt to establish “Ararat, A Jewish City of Refuge” on Grand Island in Upstate New York. Noah’s ardent belief that Jews would flock to his settlement to escape international persecution proved false, and “Ararat” never came to be. Masaot was written in 1814, before Noah’s removal from his position of Consul, and ten years before the failure of Ararat. His biography is written by Rabbi Max Raisin, prominent early 20th-century historian of Jewish America. Inscribed at rear to the Noah Benevolent Society (Named for M.M. Noah) in 1936 "Upon the 85th anniversary of the death of Mordecai Manuel Noah." SUBJECT(S) Jewish politicians -- United States -- Biography -- Voyages and Travels. OCLC lists only 4 copies worldwide (NYPL, YU, HUC, and UPENN), none south or west of Cincinnati. Slight edgewear to cover. Paper beginning to yellow. Hinges starting. Otherwise Good Condition. Rare. (AMR-50-1A) (ID #37533) $500.00.



      Heschel’s First Two Publications in America


    41. Heschel, Abraham Joshua. A CONCISE DICTIONARY OF HEBREW PHILOSOPHICAL TERMS. Cincinnati; Hebrew Union College, 1941. 4to. 86 leaves. 28 cm. First edition. Later boards. Terms in Hebrew, definitions in English. "Mimeographed for use in the philosophy classes of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion." This grammar of Hebrew terms with English definitions was compiled “to offer the English equivalents of the medieval philosophical vocabulary including the most important philosophical terms of the Hebrew literature of modern times. It is designed as a concise dictionary, not as an encyclopaedic compendium…It is designed primarily for us of the students of the Hebrew Union College, and its scope is entirely pedagogical.” Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907–1972), “scholar and philosopher, descended on his father's side from Dov Baer (the Maggid) of Mezeritch and Abraham Joshua Heschel of Apta (Opatow); on his mother's side from Levi Isaac of Berdichev. After traditional Jewish studies, he obtained rabbinic ordination (semikhah). At the age of 20 he enrolled in the University of Berlin, where he obtained his doctorate, and at the Hochschule fuer die Wissenschaft des Judentums, where he also taught Talmud and received a second, liberal rabbinical ordination. In 1937 Martin Buber appointed him his successor at the central organization for Jewish adult education (Mittelstelle fuer juedische Erwachsenenbildung) and the Juedisches Lehrhaus at Frankfurt on the Main. Deported by the Nazis in October 1938 to Poland, he taught for eight months at the Warsaw Institute of Jewish Studies. He immigrated to England where he established the Institute for Jewish Learning in London. In 1940 he was invited by Julian Morgenstern to teach at Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, where he was associate professor of philosophy and rabbinics for five years. From 1945 he taught at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (JTS) as professor of Jewish ethics and mysticism. Heschel visited Israel and called for the renewal of the prophetic vision in Zion. He served as professor at JTS until his death, combining his professional activities with extensive social action” (2007 Encyclopedia Judaica). Subjects: Jewish philosophy -- Terminology. Hebrew language -- Terms and phrases. Hebrew language -- Dictionaries -- English. OCLC lists 16 copies worldwide. Ex-library with usual markings. Very good + condition. Scarce. (DREYFUS-6-11A) (ID #37560) $150.00.






    43. Heschel, Abraham Joshua. ANALYSIS OF PIETY. [New York] Columbia University Press, 1942. Offprint. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. pages [293]-307 (i.e. 14 pages); 24 cm. Offprint from “The Review of Religion,” in February 1942. In English. This is this first piece of scholarly writing that Abraham Joshua Heschel published in America, as well as the first that he published in English, seven years before his landmark publications of “The Sabbath” and “Man Is Not Alone” (He also produced, for private use at HUC by his students, “A Concise Dictionary of Hebrew Philosophical Terms” in 1941). Martin Luther King, jr. , and Heschel "initially bonded over the prophets. King was drawn to Heschel’s intimate knowledge of the topic (Heschel’s masterwork, in a body of masterworks, was his book The Prophets) , and Heschel in turn admired King’s devotion to the Exodus story of Moses and the Israelites, adapted to the narrative of the civil rights struggle in the 1950s and ’60s....Heschel...can also be considered a kind of prophet himself. The main job of the prophets of the Bible, after all, is to hold their people’s feet to the fire. Moses railed at the weak and foolish Israelites who strayed from the path the minute their leader ascended to the mountaintop to commune with God. King fulminated against the war in Southeast Asia as well as against the injustices rampant in white American culture toward those whom it had enslaved for hundreds of years. Heschel supported both these causes, incurring the disapproval of some Jewish leaders when he did not hesitate to vigorously excoriate U. S. Involvement in Vietnam, preaching widely on the subject, writing letters to presidents, and being a spokesman for other religious leaders in meetings with high-level military strategists like Secretary of State Dean Rusk...Heschel, like King, had the charisma a prophet needs. He was impossible to dismiss, even when his message stung. The consummate gadfly, he shined a bright light on the ills of American society and also on those of American Judaism in the mid-20th century, which he saw as stultifying, airless, soulless, moribund. He was an outlier on one crisis we face today: how to make Judaism not only appealing but actually indispensable for Jews of future generations. His words were bracing and his exhortations powerful, but, rendered in such breathtakingly poetic language (as well as expressed verbally in his disarming Polish accent) , they seem like a loving gift from a benevolent elder, not a rebuke: He even warned warmly. He was a Jew who had suffered and seen too much suffering, and who, unlike the rest of us, was capable of vision on a greater scale, the prophetic scale. He knew what he was talking about, and, like King, he believed people could rise up, be their best selves, and behave with righteousness and even with holiness. Heschel died in 1972, four years after his friend King was shot dead. It’s a long time ago now. The prophets we have today don’t speak in King’s mellifluous rhetoric or write in Heschel’s enchanting prose. Maybe we have murdered or hounded to death those with the capacity to make our hearts soar with their words of justice and compassion; we’ve gotten pretty cynical, maybe too cynical for those kinds of voices" (Sian Gibby in Tablet Magazine, 2016). Abraham Joshua Heschel (January 11, 1907 – December 23, 1972) was a Polish-born American rabbi and one of the leading Jewish theologians and Jewish philosophers of the 20th century....In late October 1938, when Heschel was living in a rented room in the home of a Jewish family in Frankfurt, he was arrested by the Gestapo and deported to Poland. He spent ten months lecturing on Jewish philosophy and Torah at Warsaw's Institute for Jewish Studies. Six weeks before the German invasion of Poland, Heschel left Warsaw for London with the help of Julian Morgenstern, president of Hebrew Union College, who had been working to obtain visas for Jewish scholars in Europe....Heschel believed the teachings of the Hebrew prophets were a clarion call for social action in the United States and worked for African Americans' civil rights and against the Vietnam War. He also specifically criticized what he called ‘pan-halakhism, ’ or an exclusive focus upon religiously compatible behavior to the neglect of the non-legalistic dimension of rabbinic tradition. Heschel is a widely read Jewish theologian whose most influential works include Man Is Not Alone...At the Vatican Council II, as representative of American Jews, Heschel persuaded the Roman Catholic Church to eliminate or modify passages in its liturgy that demeaned the Jews, or referred to an expected conversion to Christianity. His theological works argued that religious experience is a fundamentally human impulse, not just a Jewish one. He believed that no religious community could claim a monopoly on religious truth" (WIkipedia, 2016). OCLC lists just 5 copies worldwide. Owner’s signature on cover. Tiny tear to bottom corner with no text effected. Overall about very good condition. (AMR-48-31) (ID #37394) $200.00.






    45. Heschel, Abraham Joshua. MAN IS NOT ALONE: A PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR]. Farrar, Straus, & Young, 1951. 1st Edition. Original Boards with the Rare 1st Edition Yellow Dust Jacket of the Creation of Adam. Original Boards. 8vo. 305 pages; 22 cm. Signed by Heschel on inside page. Dust jacket has a few tears but is in good condition. Overall in about Very Good Condition in Good Jacket. (SPEC-42-4) (ID #37051) $175.00.








      Kaplan’s First Monograph


    47. Kaplan, Mordecai Menahem; Stroock, Solomon Marcus; Ginzberg, Louis. COMMENCEMENT ADDRESSES, JUNE 8, 1919. New York: Jewish Theological Seminary Of America, 1919. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 39 pages; 23 cm. This is the first separate publication by Mordecai Kaplan. Kaplan gave this commencement address 15 years before his landmark publication of “Judaism as Civilization.” In this address, Kaplan congratulates the graduating rabbinic class of 1919 and makes reference to ‘reconstruction’ saying: “The great slogan of these days is ‘Reconstruction. ’ Reconstruct what? The social and intellectual chaos of pre-war times that was camouflaged by a few conventional decencies? What we need is to construct, not reconstruct. We have hardly begun to build a world in which mankind aspires to dwell, a world founded on justice, reason and peace.” Also includes addresses from Louis Ginzberg and Sol M. Stroock. OCLC lists 19 copies world wide. Very good+ condition. (AMR-48-52) (ID #37430) $125.00.






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    51. Kaplan, Mordecai Menahem. THE MEANING OF GOD IN MODERN JEWISH RELIGION [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR]. New York: Behrman's Jewish Book House, 1937. 1st Edition. Original Boards. [xii], 368 pages; 22 cm. In English. SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR ON THE FRONT END PAGE. "In this book, Kaplan enlarges on his notion of functional reinterpretation and then actually applies it to the entire ritual cycle of the Jewish year-a rarity in modern Jewish thought. (It) continues to function as a central text for the Reconstructionist movement” (Google Books). A member of the faculty of the Jewish Theological Seminary for more than 50 years, Kaplan states, among other things, that religion is a natural social process which arises from man's intrinsic need of salvation or self fulfillment, and every civilization identifies the most important elements of its life as sancta, or as media, through which its people can achieve this salvation, self fulfillment, and more. Institutional Stamp. Cover has some wear. Overall in very good condition. (AMR-49-18) (ID #37612) $100.00.






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    59. Kaplan, Mordecai Menahem. UNITY IN DIVERSITY IN THE CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT. New York, United Synagogue Of America, 1947. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 18 pages; 23 cm. In English. Early post-Holocaust tract by Kaplan who, despite heavy criticism for his evolving theology, taught at JTS until his retirement in 1963, concluding, here, “The basic question which we have to answer forthwith is: Are we willing to accept these difference among us, to live with them an, with the aid of the democratic process, try to resolve all possible conflicts to which they may give rise. Or we shall we go on assuming that it is possible for the Conservative movement to evolve some monolithic type of thought at practice? I submit that such an assumption will do neither us nor Jewish life as a whole any good.” SUBJECT (S): Conservative Judaism. OCLC lists just 8 copies worldwide. Some edgewear. About very good condition. (AMR-48-62) (ID #37438) $75.00.






    61. Kaplan, Mordecai Menahem. A UNIVERSITY OF JUDAISM; A COMPELLING NEED. [New York], [United Synagogue Of America], 1946. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 19 pages; 23 cm. In English. This paper was delivered at the opening session of the Biennial Convention of the United Synagogue of America held in Atlantic City, N. J., May 23-26, 1946. Section in Kaplan’s paper are as follows: (1) Jewish Maladjustment In Our Day (2) Inadequacy Of The Synagogal Approach (3) The Civilizational Approach (4) The Need For A University Of Judaism (5) Blueprint Of A University Of Judaism (6) The Feasibility Of A University Of Judaism. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- United States -- Intellectual life. OCLC lists just 7 copies worldwide. In very good condition. (AMR-48-60) (ID #37436) $125.00.







    63. Barrett, Walter [Listing Many Of Jewish New York Jewry’s Founding Families]. THE OLD MERCHANTS OF NEW YORK CITY.  COMPLETE IN 5 VOLUMES. New York: Carleton, 1870. 1st Uniform Edition. Original Publisher’s cloth with gilt spines, 12mo, 5 volumes: 472 + 406 + 351 + 255 + 304 pages. Each volume also contains an 8-page publisher’s catalog bound in at rear. Sabin, 78464; Howe’s US. Iana, 245. Includes indexes. Originally published serially between 1863-1866, present here is the first edition of all 5 volumes together. In uniform publisher’s cloth as issued. Includes biographies and stories of early Jewish merchants (and their families) in New York, including: Gershom Cohen; Jacob I Cohen of Charleston; Alexander Dias; Abraham Gomez; Benjamin Gomez; Isaac Harris; Benjamin Hart; Bernard Hart; Daniel Hart; David Hart; E. B. Hart; Emanuel Hart; Joseph Hart; Rebecca Hart; Jacob Hay [aka Hays]; Jacob Hayes; Benjamin Hendricks; Uriah Hendricks; Dr. Henschel; Bernard Hart Isaac; Moses Isaac; Isaac Iselin; Benjamin S. Judah; Bernard S. Judah; Moses Judah; David Leavitt; Hayman Levi; Aaron Levy; “Beau” Levy; Gabriel Levy; Hayman Levy; Jacob Levy; Solomon Levy; Ziporah Levy; Asher Marx; David Moses; Isaac Moses; Joseph Nathan; Simon Nathan; Seixas Nathan; M. M. Noah; D. M. L Peixotto; Moses Phelps; Napthali Phillips; Benjamin Phillips; B. J. Raphael; Morris Tobias; Sarah Wisner; Benjamin Wolfe; Joel Wolfe; Nathaniel Wolfe; Samuel Wolfe; Udolpho Wolfe; And from the Seixas family: Rev. Gershom Mendez, Hester, Hayman L., Isaac, Leah, Madison, Miriam, Moses, Rachel, Rebecca, Sarah, Solomon, T & M, Benjamin, Aaron, Abraham, Abigail, Daniel, & Grace. Pages 124-127 in Vol 2 discuss at length several interrelated Jewish families and their activities, emphasizing the great beauty of the daughters. SUBJECT(S): Merchants -- New York (State) -- New York -- History -- 19th century -- Biography. Businessmen Commerce. Publishers' catalogues -- New York (State) -- New York -- 1864-1866. Light wear, occasional pencil notes, very good condition. A Very Attractive set (AMR-51-16) (ID #37603) $1300.00.






    65. Wise, Stephen S. WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH NEW YORK JEWS? OR IS JACOB LOEB’S INDICTMENT JUST? New York: Bloch Pub. Co., 1921-1922. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 12mo. [17]-32 pages; 19 cm. From the series Free Synagogue Pulpit: Vol. VII, No. 2. This issue is a sermon that Wise gave on the issue of Jacob Loeb’s public fight with the Jews of New York. Loeb, from Chicago, Denounced New York Jews for their apathy towards struggling European Jewish communities. He argued that even though the New York Jewish community had more money than Chicago’s community and other American cities, it was providing less in relief money. Loeb received heavy criticism and the ensuing fight became a small public drama, gaining coverage in the New York Times and other non-Jewish papers. “Wise was born in Budapest in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the son and grandson of rabbis…. In 1900 he launched his career as the rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel in Portland, Oregon; typical of the activists of the Progressive Era, he attacked ‘many of the social and political ills of contemporary America. ’ In 1893, he was appointed assistant to Rabbi Henry S. Jacobs of the Congregation B'nai Jeshurun, New York City, and later in the same year, minister to the same congregation. In 1906, concerning another rabbinical appointment, Wise made a major break with the established Reform movement over the ‘question whether the pulpit shall be free or whether the pulpit shall not be free, and, by reason of its loss of freedom, reft of its power for good’; in 1907 he established his Free Synagogue, starting the ‘free Synagogue’ movement. Rabbi Wise was an early supporter of Zionism, and his support for, and commitment to Political Zionism was very atypical of Reform Judaism, which was historically and decidedly non-Zionist since the Pittsburgh Platform in 1885. He was a founder of the New York Federation of Zionist Societies in 1897, and led in the formation of the national Federation of American Zionists (FAZ), a forerunner of the Zionist Organization of America. At the Second Zionist Congress (Basel, 1898), he was a delegate and secretary for the English language. Wise served as honorary secretary of FAZ, in close cooperation with Theodor Herzl until the latter's death in 1904. Wise, joining U. S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, Felix Frankfurter, and others laid the groundwork for a democratically elected nationwide organization of 'ardently Zionist' Jews, 'to represent Jews as a group and not as individuals'. In 1918, following national elections, this Jewish community convened the first American Jewish Congress in Philadelphia's historic Independence Hall” (Wikipedia, 2010). OCLC lists 16 holdings worldwide. Ink blot on front wrapper. Otherwise, very good condition. (AMR-49-13) (ID #37554) $175.00.






    67. National Jewish Welfare Board. THE BOOK OF TRIPS, WITH PLACES OF JEWISH INTEREST COMPLETE, ECONOMICAL, SELF-GUIDED TOURS OF NEW YORK. New York; Jewish Welfare Board, 1939. First edition. Original Wraps. 8vo. 47 pages. 19cm. Illustrated. Includes blank original publisher’s order form to request more copies. This pamphlet was intended for visitors looking for sight-seeing and other tourist destinations of Jewish interest in New York City during the 1939 World’s Fair. Includes many black and white photographs of New York’s land mark buildings, and street scenes from the city. “New York is more than buildings, bridges, and amusements. Within its confines can be see modern urban civilization at work. In these suggested items you will find the story of high-pressure industries; mammoth governmental units in operation; interpretive arts being created and the money market functioning. Here, too, will be found unduplicated art treasures and the records – both historical and contemporary – of man’s past and present achievements” (Page 47). The National Jewish Welfare Board was started in 1917 with the purpose of training and supporting Rabbis to serve as army chaplains, and was later combined with the Y. M. H. A. Subjects: Jews -- United States – New York. New York (N. Y.) -- Guidebooks -- 1939. OCLC lists 5 (NY Historical Lib., HUC, UPenn, Natl. Lib of Israel, University of Amsterdam). Clean and solid, with light shelfwear. Very good condition. (AMR-43-34) (ID #31469) $100.00.






    69. Congregation B’nai Jeshurun. THE 125TH ANNIVERSARY JUBILEE OF CONGREGATION B’NAI JESHURUN 1825-1950. New York; Congregation B’nai Jeshurun, 1950. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 1 page with cover and back cover. This is the program for Congregation B’nai Jeshurun’s 125th anniversary. “Founded in 1825, Bnai Jeshurun was the second synagogue founded in New York and the third-oldest Ashkenazi synagogue in the United States. The synagogue was founded by a coalition of young members of congregation Shearith Israel and immigrants and the descendants of immigrants from the German and Polish lands” (Wikipedia, 2016). The program for the 125th anniversary includes an address from the congregation’s rabbi, Israel Godstein. “Goldstein (1896 – 1986) … was head of the New York Board of Rabbis, the Jewish National Fund, and the Zionist Organization of America. (He) helped found the National Conference of Christians and Jews (and Brandeis University)” (Wikipedia, 2016). OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Some edgewear, otherwise in about very good condition. (MUSIC-7-13) (ID #36868) $125.00.






    71. Congregation B’nai Jeshurun. CONGREGATION B'NAI JESHURUN CENTENNIAL JUBILEE BANQUET: THURSDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 26, 1925, KISLEV 10, 5666, HOTEL ASTOR, NEW YORK. ISRAEL GOLDSTEIN. [New York]: [The Congregation?], 1925. First edition. Original, beautifully illustrated boards. 4to. 24 pages, 27 cm. In English. Souvenir plaque mounted on front cover which reads: One hundredth anniversary, 1825-1925, Congregation B'nai Jeshurun, New York. "Since its founding in 1825, during the presidency of John Quincy Adams, Congregation B’nai Jeshurun has been a leading force in New York Jewry and has been closely involved in the civic and national communities. The 32 synagogue founders were a group of mostly Ashkenazic members of the Spanish-Portuguese Congregation Shearith Israel in Lower Manhattan. They wished to “promote the strict keeping of their faith,” to introduce “less formal worship with time set aside for explanations and instruction, without a permanent leader, and with no distinctions made among the members,” and to conduct services “according to German and Polish minhag [custom]. The spirit that moved these founders was the spirit of the American Revolution: democracy, freedom, diversity, informality, and non-elitism" (B'nai Jeshurun, 2016). SUBJECTS: Synagogues -- New York (State) -- New York. Jews -- New York (State) -- New York -- History. CHR 1925. PRO Margolis, Max (label) Jews. Synagogues. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. Cover lightly faded. Very Good Condition. (AMR-47-30) (ID #37488) $75.00.






    73. Pool, David De Sola. THE CROSBY STREET SYNAGOGUE (1834-1860) OF THE CONGREGATION SHEARITH ISRAEL (FOUNDED IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK – 1655). New York, [Crosby Street Synagogue], 1934. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 52 pages. Illus. 23 cm. A history of the Crosby Street Synagogue and its community, including the male and female seat holders. OCLC lists 17 copies worldwide. Nice and clean, Very Good Condition. (SEF-44-4) (ID #37197) $100.00.






    75. Shatz, David.; Lamm, Norman. FROM THE DEPTHS I HAVE CALLED TO YOU: JEWISH REFLECTIONS ON SEPTEMBER 11TH AND CONTEMPORARY TERRORISM. [New York]: [Yeshiva University], 2002. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers in Protective Boards. 8vo. 36 pages; 23 cm. In English. This Orthodox essay on Judaism and contemporary terrorism was published in New York City soon after the 9/11 attacks. Professor David Shatz is the Ronald P. Stanton University Professor of Philosophy, Ethics, and Religious Thought at Yeshiva Universiy. He is editor of The Torah u-Madda Journal, and editor of the MeOtzar HoRav series, devoted to publishing manuscripts of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik. SUBJECT (S): September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001 -- Religious aspects -- Judaism. OCLC lists just 4 copies worldwide (NYPL, YU, Gratz, Yeshivah of Flatbush High School Library), none outside NYC-Philadelphia. In very good+ condition. (AMR-48-51) (ID #37429) $275.00.






    77. [Atlanta Synagogue Bombing] Wise, Isaac Mayer. THE MARTYRDOM OF JESUS OF NAZARETH: A HISTORIC-CRITICAL TREATISE ON THE LAST CHAPTERS OF THE GOSPEL. Cincinnati: Office Of The American Israelite, Bloch & Co., 1874. 1st Edition. Period Boards. 8vo. 134 pages; 23 cm. In English. Singerman 2483. By the renowned Isaac Mayer Wise, who was the builder of Reform Judaism in the United States. Wise was a prolific writer. He wrote a number of books on Jewish theology and, in addition, published numerous works on the relationship between Judaism and Christianity, among them ‘The Martyrdom of Jesus of Nazareth’ (1874). Somewhat ironically, this copy was in the Library of the Hebrew Benevolent Congregation in Atlanta (with their pre-war bookplate and post-bombing stamps) when it was bombed by Christian white supremacists on October 12th 1958 (This is the bombing portrayed in the film, “Driving Miss Daisy,” starring Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman). The Hebrew Benevolent Congregation is Atlanta’s oldest synagogue and Rabbi Jacob Rothschild had been outspoken on issues of racial tolerance and civil rights. In response to the synagogue bombing, Martin Luther King urged President Dwight D. Eisenhower to ‘‘convene a White House conference’’ that ‘‘could help recommit our nation to the peaceful settling of differences.” SUBJECT(S): Jewish interpretations of Jesus Christ. Jewish role in the Passion of Jesus Christ. Ex-Library with “The Temple Library” bookplate and usual markings. Overall in about very good condition. (AMR-49-1) (ID #37542) $350.00.






    79. [Atlanta Synagogue Bombing] Philipson, David. THE JEW IN ENGLISH FICTION. Cincinnati; R. Clarke, 1889. 1st Edition. Original cloth. 8vo. 156 pages; 21 cm. First edition. Singerman 3845. This copy of “The Jew in English Fiction” has the pre-war bookplate of the Library of the Hebrew Benevolent Congregation in Atlanta; it was in the Synagogue when it was bombed by white supremacists on October 12th 1958. Hebrew Benevolent Congregation is Atlanta’s oldest synagogue and Rabbi Jacob Rothschild had been outspoken on issues of racial tolerance and civil rights. In response to the synagogue bombing, King urged President Dwight D. Eisenhower to ‘‘convene a White House conference’’ that ‘‘could help recommit our nation to the peaceful settling of differences’’ The book itself is the author's first published work. It contains the following chapters: Marlowe's "Jew of Malta" - Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice" - Cumberland's "The Jew" - Scott's "Ivanhoe" - Dickens's "Oliver Twist" and "Our mutual friend" - Disraeli's "Coningsby and Tancred" - George Eliot's "Daniel Deronda". The author, David Philipson (August 9, 1862 - June 29, 1949) was an American Reform rabbi, orator, and author. The son of German-Jewish immigrants, he was a member of the first graduating class of the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati. As an adult, he was one of the leaders of American Reform Judaism and a philanthropic leader in his adopted hometown of Cincinnati. Subjects: Jews in literature. English fiction - History and criticism. Judenbild. Literatur. Geschichte 1580-1880. Ex-library with two stickers from the Hebrew Benevolent Congregation. Light rubbing to edges of cloth. Both hinges starting. Previous Owner inscription on front end page. Both end pages are torn. Inside pages are fresh and clean. Overall good condition. (AMR-44-20a) (ID #37441) $150.00.






    81. [Charleston] Seixas, D. C. [LETTER TO CP RELF, OCTOBER 31, 1846, FROM CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA. Charleston, SC, 1846. Single-page manuscript letter, signed, from D. C. Seixas in Charleston [SC], to to C. P. Relf, Esq, in Philadelphia, dated 31st Oct, 1846. Folded into envelope for mailing, with “Wilmington & Raleigh Railroad” and “10” stampings on envelope front. D. C. Seixas, whose daughter, Virginia Seixas, is buried in the Coming Street Jewish cemetery in Charleston, was a member of the prominent Seixas family and, presumably, a son or nephew of Abraham M. Seixas, an early 19th Century Jewish Magistrate in Charleston. “Sephardic Jews migrated to the city in such numbers that Charleston eventually was home to, by the beginning of the 19th century and until about 1830, the largest and wealthiest Jewish community in North America” (JE); Jews were active in the cotton trade during the period. In this letter of approximately 150 world, Seixas asks this Philadelphia lawyer to see if the shipment of high quality cotton which Seixas and a partner is sending can net a profit of $1.00 per bale and if so, “you will please dispose of the lot at once.” Four folds as standard for mailing, Very Good Condition. (AMR-51-13) (ID #37598) $300.00.






    83. [Lake Charles, LA] [POSTCARD OF TEMPLE SINAI IN LAKE CHARLES, LA.]. [Lake Charles?] [Temple Sinai?], [ca. 1905]. 1st Edition. 5 ¼ X 3 ¼ inches. An artist’s depiction of Temple Sinai in Lake Charles, Louisiana with the caption “Jewish Temple.” “Sometime during the year 1879 when the present city of Lake Charles was a small village of five hundred people, two Jews migrated from Washington, LA. To that village and became the first Jewish residents of this city. Those two were Leopold Kaufman and David Block. With the coming of those two men the Jewish community in Lake Charles came into existence. The congregation of Temple Sinai originated in September, 1894… Temple Sinai was erected in 1904. The onion domes on the original structure were blown off during the storm of 1918.” (templesinai. Info). Jewish Bibliographer Joshua Bloch served there as his first pulpit position, during WW I. This depiction of the temple is from its early days, and depicts the onion domes on the original structure before they were blown off. The Temple celebrated 100 years with its rededication in October, 2004. In very good+ condition. Early Small-town American synagogue postcards are rare, especially in this condition. (AMR-49-14) (ID #37555) $150.00.






    85. Korn, Bertram Wallace. JEWS AND NEGRO SLAVERY IN THE OLD SOUTH, 1789-1865. Elkins Park, PA; Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel, 1961. Original Wraps. 8vo. 68 pages. 24 cm. Illustrated First edition. 12 black and white photographic reproductions of documents, photographs of scenery and portraits. “Delivered as the Presidential Address of the Fifty-Ninth Annual Meeting of the American Jewish Historical Society”. This piece outlines an argument put forward by Korn that, “Jewish behavior and opinions in the South before the Civil War were in ‘no appreciable way different from their non-Jewish neighbors. ’ […] Jews of the Old South functioned as part of the general social pattern and close examination of their role disclosed that ‘being Jewish did not play any discernible role in the determination of the relationship of Jews to slavery’” (Jewish Telegraphic Agency 20 Feb 1961). Ex-library with usual markings. Some shelfwear, otherwise clean and bright. Very Good condition. (AMR-43-23) (ID #37177) $35.00.






    87. Mielziner, M. (1828-1903). DIE VERHÄLTNISSE DER SKLAVEN BEI DER ALTEN HEBRÄERN, NACH BIBLISCHEN UND TALMUDISCHEN QUELLEN DARGESTELLT. Kopenhagen, Kopenhagen: P. G. Philipsen 1859, 1859. Rebound in period boards, 8vo., 68 pages. First edition(?). In German. On cover: "Ein Beitrag zur hebräisch-jüdischen Alterthumskunde". Title translates as "The Conditions of Slaves as Represented in Ancient Hebrew, Biblical and Talmudic Sources." Given the appearance of this work on the eve of the Civil War in the US, and Mielziner's orientation toward America (to which he would soon emigrate) this work must be seen as a clear reference to the ongoing Slavery debates in the US raging at the time. A Rabbi and Professor, Mielziner "was born and educated in Germany, where he began his rabbinic career. He headed a Jewish school in Copenhagen, Denmark, while earning his Ph. D. From the University of Giessen (1859). Immigrating to the United States, Mielziner served as a congregational rabbi and educator in New York City until 1879, when Isaac Mayer Wise appointed him professor of Talmud at Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati. Upon Wise's death, Mielziner was chosen interim president of the seminary, a position he held for three years, from 1900 until his death. Mielziner was a charter member of the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR), and his scholarly input on relevant subjects had an important influence on early discussions of CCAR policy. He published several treatises on Jewish law - including a volume on halakhah and divorce and marriage, as well as an overview of rabbinic civil and criminal law - but is best known for his classic work Introduction to the Talmud, published originally in 1894 and reissued three times since; the most recent edition, which appeared in 1968, contains an updated bibliography compiled by Alexander Guttmann. Mielziner's exposition of talmudic methodology - featuring a skillful dissection of the Talmud's distinctive system of technical terms and phrases adapted to its unique methods of investigation and demonstration - has been an indispensable handbook for the serious student of the Talmud for more than a century" (Gordon, EJ, 2007) Ex-Library with usual markings. Small tear to title page. Pages brown, but in good condition and mid 19th century paper remains good. Very Good condition. (RAB-45-13A)  (ID #37567) $200.00.




    89. [Providence, RI] State Of Rhode Island; Washington, George. AN ACT TO SECURE AND APPROPRIATE TO THE TOURO JEWISH SYNAGOGUE FUND  [IN] PUBLIC LAWS OF THE STATE OF RHODE-ISLAND AND PROVIDENCE PLANTATIONS, AS REVISED BY A COMMITTEE, AND FINALLY ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY AT THE SESSION IN JANUARY, 1844. TO WHICH. TO WHICH ARE PREFIXED, THE CHARTER OF CHARLES II., DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, RESOLUTION OF GENERAL ASSEMBLY TO SUPPORT THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, RESOLUTION OF GENERAL ASSEMBLY TO SUPPORT THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION, CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, PROCEEDINGS OF THE CONVENTION ON THE ADOPTION OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES BY RHODE-ISLAND, PRESIDENT WASHINGTON'S ADDRESS OF SEPTEMBER, 1796, AND CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF RHODE-ISLAND AND PROVIDENCE PLANTATIONS. Providence, Knowles & Lose, 1844. 1st Edition. Original Tan Boards. 8vo. [viii], 594 pages; 24 cm. Includes: "An Act to Secure and Appropriate the Touro Jewish Synagogue Fund (pp. 476-78).” By the first quarter of the 19th century the synagogue of Newport Rhode Island (established in 1763) was used infrequently as the community there had dwindled. It was Abraham Touro's bequest to the legislature of the state for "supporting the Jewish Synagogue in the State" that spurred the town to safeguard this architectural jewel. Endowing the building, even when it was not in use, protected it. It would come into regular use again when Eastern European immigrants reconstituted the Newport Jewish community. Also includes Washington’s address as indicated in title. SUBJECT(S): Law -- Rhode Island. OCLC lists 29 copies worldwide. Lacks backstrip, some markings but overall inside pages are in about very good condition. (AMR-48-47) (ID #37425) $475.00.






    91. [Baltimore] Skutch, Robert Frank. THE ANTIQUE FURNISHINGS OF THE COHEN HOUSE, 415 NORTH CHARLES STREET, BALTIMORE, MARYLAND.... Baltimore: Galton-Orsburn Company, Inc., 1929. 1st Edition. Period Boards with Original Paper Wrappers Bound Inside. 8vo. 72 pages; 23 cm. In English. Gives some genealogical and historical information on the first ancestor to come to America, Israel I. Cohen, from Leeds, England in 1773. He married Judith Solomon and they had six sons. The house, completed in 1830, was passed down through this prominent Baltimore family until the death in 1929 of Bertha Cohen, who left no descendants. Some of the items mentioned in the catalogue were gifts for the wedding of Judith Cohen, 1787. The First of the Family Came to America in 1773. This House Was Built and Completely Furnished in 1830. Items included furniture (e. G. A pair of exquisite drawing room chairs circa 1830 with a painted and lacquered center panel), glass and porcelain (e. G. Vienna porcelain scent bottle circa 1840), historic and decorative paintings, fabrics and Egyptian antiques and silver. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Maryland -- Baltimore. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide. (Maryland Inst Col of Art, Harvard, Cleveland Museum of Art, JTS, Baltimore Museum of Art). Ex-library with Jewish Institutional Stamp and Usual Markings. Some damp stains throughout but overall good+ condition. (AMR-49-26) (ID #37620) $125.00.






    93. [Baltimore] Rosenau, William. A BRIEF HISTORY OF CONGREGATION OHEB SHALOM, BALTIMORE, MD. COVERING THIRD QUARTER OF A CENTURY, 1903-1928. Baltimore, 1928. 1st Edition. Original Boards. 8vo. 37 pages; 17 cm. In English. A history of the 25 year period with photographs throughout of temple leaders including a photograph of the Eutaw Place Temple and of key Synagogue leaders including Dr. Benjamin Szold. “The congregation was founded in 1853 by Jewish immigrants from German Confederation member states; pioneer Reform rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise had considerable influence in the congregation's establishment. Its first home was on Hanover Street near Camden Yards. In 1892 the congregation built the Eutaw Place Temple, designed by architect Joseph Evans Sperry who modeled it after the Great Synagogue of Florence in the fashionable Moorish Revival style… Benjamin Szold was rabbi from 1859 to 1892, his daughter Henrietta Szold was the founder of Hadassah” (Wikipedia, 2016). SUBJECT(S): Synagogues -- Maryland -- Baltimore. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Ex-library with Jewish institutional stamp. Very good condition. (AMR-48-22) (ID #37384) $125.00.






    95. [Philadelphia] Baylson, Mary. HISTORY AND YEAR BOOK OF CONGREGATION ADATH JESHURUN: PHILADELPHIA. 1926. Philadelphia: the Congregation., 1926. 8vo. 85 Pages. SUBJECT (S): Synagogues – Pennsylvania – Philadelphia – periodicals; Jews – Pennsylvania – Philadelphia – history -- 20th century; Philadelphia (Pa.) -- Congregation Adath Jeshurun. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (Stanford, JTSA). Includes a history of the congregation as well as current committee reports. Also includes a 3-page jahrzeit calendar as well as an invaluable membership list of approximately 575 names and addresses. Gilt titling rubbing off. Pages clean. Very Good condition. (ComHist-9-14A) (ID #37563) $75.00.






    97. [Yemenite] Hurwitz, Maximilian. ISRAEL'S STEPCHILDREN? AN APPEAL ON BEHALF THE INSTITUTION OF THE YEMENITE JEWS OF JERUSALEM, PALESTINE. New York, American Relief Society For The Yemenite Jews Of Jerusalem, Palestine, Inc., 1928. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers with Photograph of Jewish Children in Yemen. 8vo. 28 pages; 20cm. In English. A solicitation for the American Relief Committee with a goal of raising $300, 000 to support the Yemenite Jews. Outlines the history of Jews in Yemen and their ongoing persecution in the Middle East. Hurwitz concludes, “Shall it be said of Israel that he treats some of his most loyal sons not as children, but as stepchildren? The Yemenite Jews, who have for two thousand years held aloft the torch of Judaism under the most harrowing conditions, await your response.” OCLC lists 7 copies worldwide. Institutional Stamp. Wrappers are worn. Overall good+ condition. (SPEC-42-28) (ID #37340) $150.00.






    99. [Newport] Karigal, Haijm Isaac. RABBI CARIGAL PREACHES IN NEWPORT. Cincinnati: American Jewish Archives, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, 1966. Original Paper Wrappers,  12mo. 16 pages. Copy of the first Jewish sermon preached and published in North America. Portrait of author facing cover page. Discoloration to covers, former owner Dr. Stanley Dreyfus' name in pencil on cover. otherwise in very good condition. (AMRN-2-7A). (ID #37562) $25.00.






    101. [Newport] Friedman, Lee M. (Lee Max). RABBI HAIM ISAAC CARIGAL HIS NEWPORT SERMON AND HIS YALE PORTRAIT. Boston: Privately Printed, 1940. 1st Edition. Period Boards. 8vo. 43 pages; 22 cm. Privately printed by D. B. Updike, The Merrymount press "This tells of the publication of the first Jewish sermon to have been both delivered and printed in the United States, of a mystic oriental visitor to Colonial America, and of his portrait which through four generations of the family of the third president of Yale, journeyed from the college to Chicago, with the background of the Jewish community which made Newport a great commercial center in pre-Revolutionary days. "Gilt lettering on spine. Mild damping, leading to light blue staining of some pages. Otherwise good condition. (Sef-43-8B). (ID #37547) $100.00.






    103. [Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania] Levitsky, Louis M. [Rabbi]. THE STORY OF AN AWAKENED COMMUNITY. New York, The Society For The Advancement Of Judaism, 1936. 1st Separate Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 8 pages; 26 cm. Reprinted from “The Reconstructionist,” February 7, 1936. Describes Levitsky’s groundbreaking experimental work in the Jewish community of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. “Rabbi Louis Moses Levitsky (1897-1975) was born in Kremenchug, Russia and brought to Canada as a child… Levitsky’s first pulpit was at Temple Israel, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. There he experimented with a variety of innovative adult education projects that established his reputation as a leader in the field. These included circles devoted to text study, a Jewish Women’s Institute open to Jewish and non-Jewish women, and an interfaith Institutte of Religion. In 1940 Levitsky left Wilkes-Barre… (to become the) Rabbi of Oheb Shalom Congregation in Newark, New Jersey… As president of the Rabbinic Assembly (1942-1944), Levitsky presided over the organization when one-third of its membership was serving in the armed forces… He laid the foundations for contacts with the Jewish communities of South America… In addition to numerous addresses to the Rabbinical Assembly, Levitsky wrote “Story of an Awakened Community and “A Jew Looks at America”, which explored the relationship of religion to democracy and Judaism to Americanism” (Conservative Judaism in America: A Biographical Dictionary and Sourcebook). NONE ON OCLC. Some discoloration and edgewear to Wrappers. Otherwise about very good condition. Rare. (AMR-49-25) (ID #37619) $100.00.






    105. [Seattle, WA] Congregation Temple De Hirsch. THE TORCH [GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY EDITION]. The Religion School, [Seattle, WA], 1949. Golden Anniversary Edition. 1st Edition. Original Gold-Colored Wrappers with inlaid textured pattern. 24 pages; 28 cm. In English. “Temple De Hirsch Sinai is a Reform Jewish congregation with campuses in Seattle and nearby Bellevue, Washington, USA. It was formed as a 1971 merger between the earlier Temple De Hirsch (Seattle, founded 1899) and Temple Sinai (Bellevue, founded 1961) and is the largest Reform congregation in the Pacific Northwest… When Seattle's ‘quasi-Reform’ Ohaveth Sholum Congregation, founded 1889, disbanded because of financial hardships after the Panic of 1893, Seattle's liberal Jews were left without a synagogue. Temple De Hirsch was founded as a specifically Reform synagogue in 1899…” (Wikipedia, 2016) This is the 50th anniversary edition of The Torch, Temple De Hirsch’s yearbook for their Jewish Schooling Program. Contains remarks from teachers, editors, and students as well as photographs of the Confirmation Class, Junior High, Intermediate Department, Primary Department, Junior Choir, Graduate School, Commencement Program, and youth trip to Lake Tahoe. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Some edgewear on cover but overall in about very good condition. (AMR-47-7) (ID #36866) $150.00.




    107. Levy, Louis Edward. THE RUSSIAN JEWISH REFUGEES IN AMERICA: CONSIDERED IN CONNECTION WITH THE GENERAL SUBJECT OF IMMIGRATION IN ITS HISTORICAL AND ECONOMIC ASPECTS [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR]. Philadelphia: Levytype Co., 1895. 1st Separate Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 25 pages; 24 cm. In English. Reprinted from “The American Jew as Patriot, Soldier and Citizen,” by Simon Wolf. Levy was an “American photochemist… He went to America in early life, and was educated at Detroit; he studied especially mathematics and astronomy at Michigan University in 1866, and optics at Detroit. He was connected with the meteorological observatory of the United States Lake Survey District in 1866, and engaged in researches in microscopic photography during 1869 and 1870. This led to his invention of a method of photochemical engraving, the ‘Levytype, ’ which was patented in 1875. He established a company in Baltimore, but removed to Philadelphia in 1877, in which year he invented the ‘Levy line-screen, ’ which was perfected by his brother Max. For this he received the John Scott Legacy medal at the Franklin Institute in 1897. He invented a new process of intaglio engraving, the ‘photo-mezzotint, ’ in 1889. In 1896 he invented a new method of etching, the ‘Levy acid blast, ’ for which he received the Elliott Cresson gold medal at the Franklin Institute in 1899. He was awarded a medal and diploma at the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893, and decorations and (a) diploma from the Imperial Photographic Society of Moscow… From 1887 to 1890 Levy was publisher and editor of the Philadelphia ‘Evening Herald, ’ and at the same time of the ‘Mercury, ’ a Philadelphia Sunday paper. In 1896 he edited and published ‘Cuba and the Cubans. ’ He is the author of ‘The Russian Jewish Refugees in America’ (1895) … He has contributed to many technical journals, and represented the Franklin Institute at the Scientific Congress of the Paris Exposition” (Cyrus Adler in Jewish Encyclodia, 1906). For this work, the author utilized a paper read by him before the Board of Presidents of the National Societies of Philadelphia, as a member of that body. Quotes letters of Cardinal Gibbons of Baltimore, Judge John F. Dillon, Hon. Chauncey M. Depew, and Father Sylvester Malone of Brooklyn. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- United States. Jewish refugees -- United States. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide. Signed, “With the compliments of the author” on the cover. Ex-library with Jewish Institutional Stamp and Usual Markings. Some water damage. Wrappers are worn with a tear in the back wrapper and last page with no text effected. Inside pages are bright and readable. About good condition. (AMR-48-46) (ID #37424) $250.00.






    109. Major W. Evans-Gordon. THE ALIEN IMMIGRANT. London, W. Heinemann; New York, Scribner, 1903. 1st Edition. Modern Boards. [xii], 323 pages; 18 cm. A very clean copy of Evans-Gordons’ widely influential and highly controversial book. “Major Sir William Eden Evans Gordon (1857 – 1913), was a British MP who previously served as a military diplomat in India… After leaving the Army, Evans Gordon returned to Britain and in 1900 was elected as Conservative Party MP for Stepney on an anti-alien platform. As a result of the pogroms in Eastern Europe, an increasing number of Jews were arriving in Britain either to stay, or en route for America. Evans Gordon, as a 'restrictionist', was heavily and actively involved in the passing of the Aliens Act 1905, which sought to limit the number of people allowed to enter Britain… Over a two-month period Evans-Gordon travelled extensively in Eastern Europe, finding out at first hand about the highly restrictive conditions imposed on Jews in the Pale of Settlement and in Rumania. His book (with map) about his fact-finding mission, ‘The Alien Immigrant’ (1903) is an even-handed account of his research… The book was used in the evidence that he presented to the Aliens Commission in its inquiries. This eventually resulted in the Aliens Act 1905 which placed restrictions on Eastern European immigration, although discussion of the Bill in Parliament provoked considerable opposition” (Wikipedia, 2016). Includes map and numerous illustrations from authors photographs of Jewish life in the Pale of Settlement and Eastern Europe including Pinsk, Cracow, Grodno, Dvinsk, Libau, Lodz and St Petersburg. SUBJECT(S): Jews. Emigration and immigration. Paper browning and a few pages have small chips but overall in about very good condition. (AMR-48-6) (ID #37361) $300.00.




    111. [Poster] American Jewish Relief Committee For Sufferers From The War. "Cozzy." YOU SAVED THEM IN 1917. WILL YOU LET THEM STARVE NOW? LOOK….READ…ACT…. New York; American Jewish Relief Committee, 1918. New York; American Jewish Relief Committee, 1918. Original color poster, 10 x19 inches on a 14x 22 inch mat. One of 4 variants of this poster we have seen, each with different images and slightly different text. All are versions of Hoover Political Poster Database Nr. US 3407. This appears to be the least common. The Hoover Institution identifies the artist as “Cozzy.” See Kestenbaum Sale, Nov 19, 2005, item nr. 315. Unobtrusive creases. Professionally linen backed for conservation. Very Good Condition. (AMR-46-46). (ID #37295) $700.00.






    113. Heller, Bernard [Rabbi]. A HARVEST OF WEEDS: OR THE EUROPEAN OBSERVATION OF A PEACE ADVOCATE. Wilkes-Barre, Pa.: Penn Pub. Co., 1924. 1st Edition. Period Boards. 8vo. 252 pages; 21 cm. In English. “Bernard Heller (1897–1976) (was a) rabbi, teacher, author. Heller was born near Kishinev, Russia, and shortly after the pogrom there in 1903, came to South Philadelphia. He received a B. A. Degree at the University of Pennsylvania in 1916, an M. A. Degree in 1917 from Columbia University, and was ordained at Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati in 1920. After ordination Rabbi Heller served in Scranton, Pennsylvania, from 1920 to 1930 and became widely known for his religious, civic, and communal work…” (Jewish Encyclopedia). SUBJECT(S): Peace. Travel. Europe -- Description and travel. OCLC lists just 15 copies worldwide. Some minor edgewear but oveall in very good condition. (AMR-49-4) (ID #37545) $125.00.






    115. Levinger, Lee. A JEWISH CHAPLAIN IN FRANCE. Mew York: MacMillan Company., 1921. 1st edition. Cloth, 12mo, 220 pages. Frontispiece. SUBJECT (S): World War I; Jews – United States. Ex-library. Very Good Condition. (AMR-25-13) (ID #31365) $45.00.






    117. Eisenstadt, Benzion. ספר לימין אביון SEFER LI-YEMIN EVYON. New York: Tomashoff Press, Inc., 1922. 1st edition. 8vo. 32 pages. 22 cm. In Hebrew. Goldman 847. Title translates to “The Book of the Right Hand of the Poor Man” Rabbi Judah Braver of Akron, Ohio’s copy, with his stamp. Five sermons from Eisenstadt, a prolific man of Hebrew letters and a noted biographer of Orthodox rabbis. Published and sold in order to raise money for Orthodox scholars who were left destitute by WWI. Eisenstadt was rabbi to several communities in Brownsville, New York, and in this pamphlet declares the Brooklyn neighborhood, “A great city of scholars and authors.” SUBJECT (S) Jewish sermons, American. OCLC lists 7 copies worldwide. Very Good Condition. (AMR-50-13) (ID #37473) $125.00.








    119. Rosenfelt, Henry H. THIS THING OF GIVING; THE RECORD OF A RARE ENTERPRISE OF MERCY AND BROTHERHOOD [INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR]. New York, Plymouth Press, 1924. 1st Edition. Original Green and Gold Boards. 8vo. 399 pages; 23 cm. In English. Inscribed by author on front endpaper. Rosenfelt served as president of the American Jewish Relief Committee. In the forward, he writes, “In telling the story of how sixty-three million dollars were raised in America to relieve the war-stricken Jews of Europe and Palestine, I have tried not to write a history.... On the contrary, an effort will b made to give something of the actual pressure and multiplicity of the events themselves…” Includes photos of American-Jewish leaders, and of the war relief campaign, including a striking photo of "Rev. Philip Klein blessing the first shipment of kosher beef from New York to the starving Jews of Poland. "Also includes an Honor Roll with names of about 6875 American Jews, and their place of residence, who contributed. SUBJECT (S): World War, 1914-1918 -- Hospitals. World War, 1914-1918 -- Jews. Jews -- Charities. Some edgewear but overall in very good condition. Inscribed copies are rare. (AMR-48-50) (ID #37428) $100.00.






    121. The American Jewish Committee. VIEW LARGER IMAGE THE WAR RECORD OF AMERICAN JEWS: FIRST REPORT OF THE OFFICE OF WAR RECORDS AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE JANUARY 1, 1919. New York: The American Jewish Committee, 1919. Original paper wrappers. 8vo. 50 pages. 23 cm. In English. Includes AJC registration card for Jewish service members. A comprehensive report on Jewish servicemen during WWI. This includes military citations, statistical data, and more. Published as "an instrument wherewith to combat certain manifestations of anti-Jewish prejudice in the immediate present, and as a collection of source material invaluable for Jewish historiography and demography in the future" (Julian Leavitt's letter to Cryus Adler, 1918). Light wear to wrappers. Previous owner’s signature to top margin of cover. Otherwise Very Good+ Condition. (AMR-47-31) (ID #37489) $120.00.






    123. Fromm, Erich. BEYOND THE CHAINS OF ILLUSION: MY ENCOUNTER WITH MARX AND FREUD [INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR TO LOUIS FINKELSTEIN]. New York, Simon And Schuster, 1962. 1st Edition. Original Boards with Original Dust Jacket. 8vo. 182 pages; 21 cm. In English. From the Credo Series. Inscribed by Fromm to JTS Chancellor Louis Finkelstein in 1963. “Erich Seligmann Fromm (1900 –1980) was a German social psychologist, psychoanalyst, sociologist, humanistic philosopher, and democratic socialist.” He was a leading figure in the Frankfurt School of critical theory, alongside Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin, and Herbert Marcuse. “Erich Fromm was born on March 23, 1900, at Frankfurt am Main, the only child of Orthodox Jewish parents. He started his academic studies in 1918 at the University of Frankfurt am Main with two semesters of jurisprudence. During the summer semester of 1919, Fromm studied at the University of Heidelberg, where he began studying sociology under Alfred Weber (brother of the better known sociologist Max Weber), psychiatrist-philosopher Karl Jaspers, and Heinrich Rickert… After the Nazi takeover of power in Germany, Fromm moved first to Geneva and then, in 1934, to Columbia University in New York… The culmination of Fromm's social and political philosophy was his book The Sane Society, published in 1955, which argued in favor of a humanistic and democratic socialism. Building primarily upon the early works of Karl Marx, Fromm sought to re-emphasize the ideal of freedom, missing from most Soviet Marxism and more frequently found in the writings of libertarian socialists and liberal theoreticians. Fromm's brand of socialism rejected both Western capitalism and Soviet communism, which he saw as dehumanizing, and which resulted in the virtually universal modern phenomenon of alienation. He became one of the founders of socialist humanism, promoting the early writings of Marx and his humanist messages to the US and Western European public.In the early 1960s, Fromm published two books dealing with Marxist thought (‘Marx's Concept of Man and Beyond the Chains of Illusion: My Encounter with Marx and Freud’).” (Wikipedia, 2016) SUBJECT(S): Psychotherapy. Social psychology. Book and Dust Jacket are in very good+ condition. A Fine Copy.  (AMR-48-43) (ID #37420) $350.00.






    125. Bagish, Zishe; Hughes, Langston. DOS GEZANG FUN NEGER-FOLK. [Chicago]: [M. Ceshinsky]: [Sighet-Maramures, Tip. "centrala", M. Rosenthal], 1936. First edition. Original illustrated paper wrappers. 8vo. 41 pages. 18 cm. Title translates to: “Song of the Black Folk.” This book presents Yiddish translations of poems by Langston Hughes (the celebrated poet of the Harlem Renaissance), as well as a selection of African-American spirituals. The translator was Zishe Bagish (B. Vaysman), a Polish Yiddish poet with communist affiliations who died during the Holocaust. SUBJECTS: Yiddish language -- Texts. African Americans -- Songs and music. African Americans. Yiddish language. OCLC lists six copies worldwide. Minor wear to wrappers. Portion of title page removed. Overall Very Good Condition. (AMR-47-28) (ID #37486) $200.00.






    127. Goldner, Sanford. THE JEWISH PEOPLE AND THE FIGHT FOR NEGRO RIGHTS. Los Angeles: Committee For Negro-Jewish Relations, 1953. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 56 pages; 23 cm. In English. Printed in the early days of the US Civil Rights Movement. Chapters Include: Oppression of a People, The Economics of Racism, The Politics of Racism, How Strong is Anti-Semitism in America?, What Kind of Unity? White Supremacy Among the Jewish People, and Program of Action. SUBJECT (S): African Americans -- Relations with Jews. Small tear on Back Paper Wrapper. Some wear but overall about very good condition. (AMR-48-27) (ID #37390) $30.00.






    129. Frumkin, A.; Fineman, Hayim. M. KATZ ZAMELBUKH: TSUDER GELEGENHAYT FUN ZAYN ZEKHTSIGSTN GEBURTSTOG. Philadelphia: [None], 1925. First edition. Original paper wrappers. 8vo. 208 pages: frontispiece (portrait); 24 cm. In Yiddish. The title translates to “M. Katz’s Tribute Book on the Occasion of His Birthday.” Jewish anarchist leader in the U. S. Editor, publicist, lecturer, playwright, and translator of anarchist texts. Editor of Freie Arbeiter Stimme. SUBJECTS: OCLC lists 9 copies. Wrappers show heavy wear. Internally very good. Overall Good Condition. (YID-23-14) (ID #37115) $175.00.





      Association Copy Linking Two Leading Left-Wing Anticommunists


    131. Eastman, Max [Inscribed To Raphael Abramovich]. REFLECTIONS ON THE FAILURE OF SOCIALISM. New York: The Devin-Adair Company, 1955. 1st edition. Original Cloth, 8vo, 127 pages. Warmly inscribed by Eastman to Raphael Abramovitch, a wonderful association copy connecting two giants of American Left-wing Anticommunism: The author, a leading radical turned Anticommunist, and Abroamovich, a leading Bundist Anticommunist. Max Eastman (1883 –1969) was an American writer on literature, philosophy and society; a poet, and a prominent political activist. Moving to New York City for graduate school, Eastman became involved with liberal and radical circles in Greenwich Village. He supported socialism and became a leading patron of the Harlem Renaissance, and an activist for a number of liberal and radical causes. For several years, he edited The Masses. With his sister Crystal Eastman, in 1917 he co-founded The Liberator, a radical magazine of politics and the arts. In later life, however, Eastman changed his views, becoming highly critical of socialism and communism after his experiences during a nearly two-year stay in the Soviet Union in the 1920s, as well as later studies. Eastman became an advocate of free-market economics and anti-communism while remaining an atheist and independent thinker. In 1955, he published Reflections on the Failure of Socialism. He published more frequently in National Review and other conservative journals in later life, but always remained independent in his thinking; for instance, he publicly opposed United States involvement in the Vietnam War in the 1960s, earlier than most. Raphael Rein Abramovich (1880–1963) was a Russian socialist, a member of the General Jewish Workers' Union in Lithuania, Poland and Russia (the Bund) and a leader of the Menshevik wing of the Russian Social-Democratic Workers' Party (RSDRP). As a student at Riga Polytechnic he became involved in revolutionary politics and became a convinced Marxist. In 1901 he joined the Bund and the RSDRP. When the Bund withdrew from the RSDRP in 1903, Abramovich maintained contact with Menshevik leaders Martov and Dan. The Bund and the Mensheviks eventually patched up their differences, and Abramovich became a member of the Menshevik party. He edited the Social-Democratic journals Evreiskii Rabochii (Jewish Workers) and Nashe Slovo (Our Word). In 1905 Abramovich became a member of the Central Committee of the Bund. During the abortive Revolution of 1905, he represented the Bund in the St. Petersburg Soviet. In 1907 he ran unsuccessfully as a candidate for the second Duma. He attended the conferences of the Bund and the RSDRP in 1906 and 1907. In 1911 he narrowly escaped arrest and fled abroad, mostly living in Germany and France. In 1914 Abramovich at first sided with the Internationalist wing of the Menshevik party, which opposed the First World War. After the February Revolution of 1917, Abramovich returned to Russia. He became a member of the Central Committee of the Petrograd Soviet. For a while he became a qualified Revolutionary Defencist, siding with Mensheviks like Dan and Tsereteli against Martov. After WWI, Abramovich played a role in unsuccessful attempts to negotiate and all-socialist coalition with the Bolsheviks, comprising Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, Socialist-Revolutionaries of various factions and Popular Socialists. Neither Lenin nor most of the leaders of the other proposed coalition partners had any interest in this idea, though there was popular support for it among workers. The negotiations failed. Abramovich subsequently became more critical of the Bolsheviks. In 1918 he was arrested for anti-Soviet activities and escaped execution due to the intervention of Friedrich Adler and other foreign socialists. In 1920 Abramovich left Soviet Russia. He settled in Berlin, where he co-founded and co-edited the Menshevik paper Sotsialisticheskii Vestnik (Socialist Courier). After the rise of Hitler, Abramovich moved to Paris. In 1940, when the Germans invaded France, he fled to the United States. He mainly lived in New York. Abramovich wrote his memoirs in Yiddish and an English-language history of the Russian Revolution. He remained heavily involved in the activities of the Menshevik party in exile. In later years he opposed F. I. Dan's position that Soviet Russia, for all its flaws, was the country 'building socialism' and must be supported, and denounced Soviet totalitarianism. He edited the landmark “Di Fershvundene Velt (NY 1947), a book of photos of disappeared Jewish life in Eastern Europe, and in 1949 he was one of the founders of the Union for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia (Wikipedia 2016). Very Good Condition. (AMR-51-11) (ID #37596) $135.00.






    133. Berkman, Alexander. WHAT IS COMMUNIST ANARCHISM? New York: The Vanguard Press, 1929. 1st edition in any language. Original monikered cloth, 12mo, xx, 300 pages. Anarchist historian Paul Avrich described this work as "the clearest exposition of communist anarchism in English or any other language" (Avrich, Anarchist Portraits, p. 206). Alexander Berkman (born Ovsei Osipovich Berkman, 1870–1936) was a leading member of the anarchist movement in the early 20th century, famous for both his political activism and his writing. Berkman was born into a Jewish family in Vilna in the Russian Empire and emigrated to the United States in 1888. He lived in New York City, where he became involved in the anarchist movement. He was the one-time lover and lifelong friend of anarchist Emma Goldman. In 1892, undertaking an act of propaganda of the deed, Berkman made an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate businessman Henry Clay Frick, for which he served 14 years in prison (Wikipedia, 2016). Light Wear to crown and foot of spine, Good+ Condition. (AMR-51-10) (ID #37595) $225.00.






    135. Foster, Solomon [Rabbi]. THE WORKINGMAN AND THE SYNAGOGUE. [Newark, N. J.]: [Publisher Not Identified], 1910. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 60 pages; 23 cm. In English. Rabbi Solomon Foster was born in Americus, Georgia, in 1878. He became the rabbi of Congregation B'nai Jeshurun in Newark, NJ, in 1902, where he served until 1941. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- United States. Labor -- Religious aspects. Working class -- Religious life -- United States. Some edgewear, and wrappers are discolored. Overall bright and readable. Good condition. (AMR-49-20) (ID #37614) $100.00.








    137. MENDELE MOYKHER SFORIM (SH. Y. ABRAMOVITSH): YUBILEUM ALBOM. Varsha- Nyu-York - Vilna: Ferlag "mendele", 1910. 1st edition. Period boards. oblong 12mo xv pages + [20] leaves of portraits; 14 x 20 cm. In Yiddish. Mendele Mocher Sforim (1836-1917, also known as Moykher, Sfarim; his name means "Mendele the book peddler”) was a Jewish author and one of the founders of modern Yiddish and Hebrew literature. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide (NYPL, Columbia, Stanford, Florida, IndianaU, UMass, UCLA). Heavy wear to end pages, spine loose, but solid, internally clean, all portraits and text nice, Good Condition. (KH-6-29A) (ID #37573) $150.00.






    139. Asch, Sholem. translated From The Yiddish by James Fuchs. AMERICA. New York: Alpha Omega Pub. Co., 1918. 1st English Edition. Original Boards. [10], 151, [1] pages; 20 cm. In English. From the American Jewish Chronicle Series. “Sholem Asch (1880 – 1957), was a Polish-Jewish novelist, dramatist, and essayist in the Yiddish language that settled in the United States… A celebrated writer in his own lifetime, a 12-volume set of his collected works was published in the early 1920s. In 1932 he was awarded the Polish Republic's Polonia Restituta decoration and was elected honorary president of the Yiddish PEN Club” (Wikipeida, 2016). SUBJECT(S): Jews -- United States -- Fiction. OCLC lists 28 copies worldwide. Ex-libarary with Jewish Insitutional Stamp and Usual Markings. Some edgewear but overall about very good condition. (AMR-48-24) (ID #37387) $125.00.






    141. Bassen, Hayim. BACK TO GOD: A PLAY OF JEWISH LIFE IN NEW YORK. New York: [publisher not identified], 1923. 1st English Edition. Original Boards. 8vo. 186 pages; 19 cm. Bassen was “(b)orn in Vasilkov, Ukraine. In July 1905 he emigrated to the United States and became a furrier. He published a drama, ‘Tsurik tsu zikh, drame fun idishn lebn in nyu york (New York, 1923),’ 186 pp., which was translated into English as “Back to God: A Play of Jewish Life in New York.” (Yiddish Leksikon, 2016). OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. Ex-library with Jewish Institutional Stamp and Usual Markings. Very good condition. (AMR-48-16). $175.00.









    143. Histadruth Ivrith Of America. FAREWELL BANQUET TENDERED BY THE HISTADRUTH IVRITH AND THE BEN-YEHUDA JUBILEE COMMITTEE: IN HONOR OF MR. ELIEZER BEN-YEHUDA ON THE OCCASION OF HIS RETURNING TO PALESTINE: WEDNESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 26, 1919, AT "CHALIFF'S", NEW YORK CITY. [New York]: [J. Blitt & Co.], 1919. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 4 pages; 22cm. In English and Hebrew. Program from Eliezer Ben-Yehuda’s Farewell Banquet in 1919. Many of the most notable Jews in New York assembled to say goodbye to the Ben-Yehuda. The “Dinner Committee,” printed on the back cover, includes about 100 people, almost all are notable Rabbis, writers, artists, and business people including Celia Adler, Mordecai Kaplan, Judge Julian Mack, Henrietta Szold, Yehoash, Nathan Straus, and Israel Friedlander. It’s very likely that this was the last time most of these American Jews got to see Ben Yehuda. The Menu, printed on the inside page was: Dubonet, Fruit Cocktail, Consomme a la Bar Kochba, Celery, Olives from the Mount of Olives, Salmon, Tartar Sauce, Potatoes, Roast Chicken - - Jelly, Salad Petach Tikvah, Soufflee a la Hemda, Coffee, Bonbon Cakes, Reichsquallen, Wine. "/ "Danziger, Caterer." Eliezer Ben-Yehuda was the most influential Hebraist of his time. In his book Was Hebrew Ever a Dead Language, Cecil Roth summed up Ben-Yehuda's contribution to the Hebrew language: ‘Before Ben-Yehuda, Jews could speak Hebrew; after him, they did. ’” (Wikipeida, 2016) OCLC lists just 1 copy worldwide (NYPL). Some markings and wear but overall very good condition. With a photograph of Ben Yehuda on the cover. (AMR-49-15) (ID #37556) $325.00.






      First School where Hebrew was Taught as a Modern Living Language


    145. Neuman, S.H. קובץ פרחי ציון: אסיפת מכתבים, ספורים, פתגמים, שירים, התולים, חידות, מליצות, רעיונות, כו’ שנכתבו בידי ילדים ונערים.. KOVETS PIRHE SHA`ARE TSIYON: ... MIKHTAVIM, SIPURIM, PITGAMIM, SHIRIM ... SHE-NIKHTVU BI-YEDE YELADIM U-NE`ARIM. New York: [No Publisher, Shaare Zion School of Brooklyn?]. 1901. First edition. Period boards. 8vo. 42 pages. 22cm. In Hebrew. Goldman, 311. This volume contains fiction, poetry, letters, etc. by students of the Shaare Zion school of Brooklyn. The Shaare Zion School was the first school in which Hebrew was taught as a living language. It is said that Neuman published this volume to demonstrate the possibilities for Hebrew education in America. Neuman (1859-1934) was a pioneer of Jewish education and Haskalah in America. Title translates to: “A Collection of Letters, Tales, Proverbs, Songs, Puzzles, Wits, Etc. Composed by Boys from Seven to Fourteen Years of Age Pupils of the Shaare Zion School.” Contributors included Samuel Bas, Abraham Horowitz, Sammy Horowitz (7 years old) , Elijah Meir Gordon, Duber Grinblat, Asher Grinblatt, Joshua Heschel (Menasheh ) Neuman, Mendel Neuman, David Ordong, Gerson Rosenzweig, Isaiah Sobel and Hanokh Zevi.” (Goldman, 2006). SUBJECTS: Hebrew literature, Modern. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide (Brandeis, Harvard, HUC, JTS, GW). Ex-library with usual markings. Lacks the portraits of the students that are normally present on page 1. Rebound in period boards with a portion of the original paper wrappers inserted. Very Good Condition thus. (AMR-47-21). $350









    147. Rosenzweig, Gerson. חמשה ואלף מכתמים מקוריים: בשני חלקים HAMISHAH VE-ELEF MIKHTAMIM MEKORIYIM: BI-SHENE HALAKIM (VOLUME 1 ONLY, OF 2). New York: A. H. Rosenberg, 1903. Hardcover, 8vo, 150 pages, 23 cm. In Hebrew. Only volume 1 (of 2 issued). SUBJECT(S): Epigrams, Hebrew. Added title page: Chamisha v’oleph; one thousand and five original Hebrew epigrams. Other Titles: Chamisha v’oleph.; One thousand and five original Hebrew epigrams. Rosenzweig (1861-1914) was a “U. S. Hebrew writer. Born in Lithuania, he taught Hebrew in Bialystok, and in 1888 he immigrated to the United States. Rosenzweig edited several Hebrew periodicals– Ha-Ivri, Kadimah, Ha-Devorah- they were short-lived and earned him neither fame nor a livelihood. He also edited Hebrew columns in the Yiddish press. Though he was a versifier rather than a poet, he had a genuine flair for satire and he was known to his contemporaries as the “sweet satirist of Israel” and as a parodist he earned an honorable place in Hebrew literature. His Talmud Yanka’i poured a stream of ill-humored sarcasm on the peddler, the teacher, the rabbi. The pages of that collection of satires resembled the pages of the Talmud: the text in large letters, wreathed by commentary in Rashi script, is divided into six tractates instead of the talmudic six orders. Rosenzweig also denounced the vulgarisms of the country, the worship of money, the religion of success. Epigrammatic neatness was his forte. Example: “What is the difference between a convert and an anarchist? A convert denies what he believes, an anarchist believes what he denies.” Using a biblical phrase, he quipped sardonically about his impending death by cancer of the tongue: “Life and death are at the mercy of the tongue” (Prov. 18: 21). He published two books of epigrams: Shirim, Meshalim u-Mikhtamim and Hamishah ve-Elef Mikhtamim. In the English preface to his Hebrew translations of “America,” “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and “Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean” which appeared in the booklet Mi-Zimrat ha-Arez, he ventured to suggest that “the youngest nation is the heir of the oldest, and all that was best in the Jewish nation is now in the possession of the American nation to be developed and cultivated for the benefit of all humanity” (Silberschlag in EJ, 2007). OCLC lists 25 copies worldwide. Ex-library with Jewish institutional stamp and usual makrings. Small tear to four middle pages with no text effected, otherwise in very good condition. (Heb-22-6a) (ID #37376) $100.00.






    149. Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth; Saul Tchernichowsky. SHIRAT HAI’AVATAH. Berlin; Hotsa’at "moriyah", 1921. Original boards. 8vo. [1], 122 pages. 24cm. First Hebrew edition. Title page partially vocalized; text vocalized. Translation of “The Song of Hiawatha” into Hebrew by the poet Saul Tchernichowsky (1875–1943). Heavily illustrated edition of the epic poem Song of Hiawatha; with frontispiece portrait of Longfellow; bound in later quarter leather and boards. Subjects: Iroquois Indians - Poetry. Indians of North America -- Poetry. American poetry -- Translations into Hebrew. Hiawatha, 15th cent. - Poetry. Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882 - Translations into Hebrew. OCLC lists 17 copies. Very Good condition. (AMR-44-33A)  (ID #37355) $75.00.






    151. Rosenthal, Herman; Radin, Adolph Moses. YALKUT MA`ARAVI: MAASAF SHENATI. VOL. 1. (COMPLETE, NO MORE PUBLISHED). Nuyork: Be-defus A. H. Rozenberg., 1904. Marbled later boards8vo. 168 pages. First edition. Volume 1 only. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Literature – Jewish. OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. Rosenthal (1843-1917) was born in Latvia. “As a result of the pogroms of 1881 Rosenthal reached the conclusion that the solution to the Jewish problem in Eastern Europe lay in emigration from Russia and in agricultural settlement.” In 1882, he and his followers established a Jewish settlement in the United States, in Louisiana. This settlement was destroyed by a flood, and he resettled in the Dakotas, and there was also unsuccessful. Rosenthal also edited a section of the Jewish Encyclopedia, and was the head of the New York public library's Slavonic department” (Slutsky, EJ). Ex library with usual markings and bookplate, edgeworn, very good condition. (AMR-16-10A) (ID #37577) $150.00.







    152. Gaillard, M.; Zionist Organization Of America. [Louis Brandeis]. PALESTINE FOR A JEWISH HOMELAND LET US RISE UP AND BUILD. [New York], 1919. 1st Edition. Original White and Blue Illustrated Paper Wrappers. 12mo. 8 pages; 18 cm. One of the earliest examples of large-scale Zionist fundraising in America. Solicitation for the Zionist Organization of America’s (ZOA) “Palestine Restoration Fund.” Includes photographs of Then-President Judge Julian W. Mack and Then-Honorary President Louis Brandeis. The fund-raising drive had a goal set at 3 million dollars. Includes original white and blue pledge card, also with Brandeis and Mack’s names as ZOA leadership. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Pamphlet is creased in middle. Otherwise good condition. Pledge card is in very good condition. Exceedingly Rare. (AMR-49-16) (ID #37557) $350.00.






    154. Ohavei Zion Society. [POSTER] OHAVEI ZION SOCIETY, CINCINNATI. Cincinnati: Hirschfeld Print, 1918. Original poster professionally linen-backed. 22.5 x 30 cm. In Yiddish. Date based on Day/date confluence; it is possibly 1929, though 1918 seems far more likely. Cincinnati is one of the oldest and largest Jewish communities outside the East Coast. The Ohavei Zion Society, dating at least as far back as 1899 (American Jewish Yearbook, vol 1), provided an outlet for Jewish national sentiment and was clearly a community attraction. This flyer requests that community members “come in droves” to the local Talmud Torah to discuss the happenings in Jewish national life. Speakers include Abraham Simon, who was “in the vanguard of Jewish education, and placed emphasis not only on the admission of girls to Day Schools, but also upon professionalizing the field of Jewish teaching” (American Jewish Archives, 2008). The Ohavei Zion Society was almost certainly part of the larger, international Lovers of Zion movement (Hibat Zion). Very rare. Paper is browned. Good+ condition. (ZION-10-12) (ID #37017) $225.00.




      First English-Language Edition of Hatikvah


    156. Imber, Naphtali Herz. English lyrics by Jacob Freedman. ENGLISH VERSION OF HATIKVOH (SONG OF HOPE). [HATIKVAH]. New York: Songs of Religion Co., 1946.  1st English edition. Original Illustrated Paper Wrappers 1 score ([3] pages); 30 cm. Became the Israeli national anthem. "Including New Refrain as Sung in Israel." Traditional melody; words in English and phonetic romanized Hebrew. Original music [i.e. words] by N.H. Imber; English lyrics by Jacob Freedman. Subjects: National songs -- Israel. Other titles:  Jewish national anthem. An important document, here in the scarce first edition. Fine Condition.  (AMR-50-17A) (ID #37571) $125.00.






    158. Biden, Joseph R. ISRAELI DEMOCRACY AND AMERICAN INTERESTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST. Philadelphia: Gratz College, 1982. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 8 pages; 23 cm. In English. From the Annual Sol Feinstone Memorial Lecture series at Gratz College in Philidelphia. This lecture given by incumbent Vice President Joe Biden while he was US Senator from Delaware. Biden criticizes the Reagan Administration for the sale of AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) planes to Saudi Arabia – a highly controversial issue at the time that was also opposed by Prime Minister Menachem Begin. Biden concludes, “So if I were a Jew, I would feel that my security were jeopardized if there were not an Israel. If I were a Jew – notwithstanding the fact that I would die, as every Jew in this room would, for the United States of America – I would feel that I was in danger as Israel is in danger.” An exceedingly rare copy of historic importance. OCLC lists only 2 holdings worldwide (Gratz College, NLI). Ex-lbrary with Jewish Institutional Stamp and usual markings. Pen mark on cover. Very Good Condition. (SPEC-42-7) (ID #37056) $150.00.






    160. Szold, Henrietta; Heller, Max; Herzl, Thoedor; Lipsky, Louis; Others. THE MACCABEAN: A MAGAZINE OF JEWISH LIFE AND LETTERS; VOL. 5 (NRS 1-6, COMPLETE FOR THIS VOLUME). [New York]: Federation Of American Zionists, 1903. 1st Edition. Period Boards. 8vo. 380 pages; 24 cm. In English. Vol. 5; Nos. 1-6 (complete). Complete 1903 volume of the “The Maccabean,” the major American Zionist publication of the Federation of American Zionists. The Federation “was one of the first official Zionist organizations in the United States, and, especially early in the 20th century, the primary representative of American Jews to the World Zionist Organization, espousing primarily Political Zionism.” This volume contains 1st printing articles, poems, and reflections by many many prominent Zionists including Theodor Herzl, Henrietta Szold, Louis Lipsky, Max Heller, and others. Perhaps most notably, the volume contains a 40-page special report from the 6th Zionist Congress which includes what is probably the 1st American Printing of Herzl’s famous speech in which he introduced the Uganda Plan. Herzl says, “The new territory has not the historical, religious and Zionistic value which the Sinai Peninsula would have possessed, but I do not doubt that the Congress, as representing the Jewish masses, will receive the new offer with the warmest gratitude. The proposal consists of an autonomous Jewish settlement in East Africa with Jewish administration, Jewish local government, with a Jewish Governor at its head, all of course under British suzerain control.” The report also includes updates from other notable conference speakers including Max Nordau and Israel Zangwill. OCLC lists 16 holdings worldwide. Rebacked. Water damage throughout. Text is very readable. About good condition. (AMR-49-6) (ID #37548) $250.00.






    162. Weisgal, Meyer. THEODOR HERZL: A MEMORIAL. New York: The New Palestine, 1929. First edition. Original boards with portrait of Herzl on cover. 4to. 306 pages, 26.5 cm. In English. Features writings on Herzl, his writings, and his vast influence by other prominent figures such as Chaim Weizmann, Martin Buber, Abba Hillel Silver, Mordecai Kaplan, the King of Bulgaria, and many more. SUBJECTS: Jews -- Restoration. A fascinating book. Ex-library with usual markings. Boards are faded and worn. Overall Good Condition. (ZION-10-14) (ID #37481) $175.00.






    164. Meyer, Martin Abraham,. ZIONISM AND REFORM JUDAISM. New York: Federation Of American Zionists, 1917. 1st edition, Original printed paper wrappers, 8vo, 12 pages: 17 cm. In English. Surprisingly critical WWI-era essay on Reform Judaism from the perspective of Zionism, by Californian Reform rabbi Martin Abraham Meyer. One of a series of pamphlets from the Federation of American Zionists. Includes ads for the Maccabaean and the Young Judaean, the Federation’s Youth magazine. SUBJECT (S) Zionism -- Religion. OCLC lists only five copies worldwide (Columbia, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, HUC, National Library of Israel, London Library) Very good+ condition. (AMR-50-2B) (ID #37457) $275.00.







    166. 1860s TINTYPE PHOTOGRAPH OF MRS. JULIA HAMBURGER STEIN OF BALTIMORE, MARYLAND. Baltimore?, 1860s. Original hand-colored oval tintype photo in period paper housing. 1”x2” in 2”x4” paper mat. Julia Hamburger (identified on reverse of photo) was born in Baltimore, Maryland on September 24, 1845 and was the daughter of Kaufman and Sophia Hamburger. She married Samuel Stein (1829-1893) and they had an only son named Louis Stein. She died December 10, 1866 and is buried in the Baltimore Hebrew Cemetery in Baltimore, MD. The photo dates to the 1860's and the image is very clear. Civil War-era photos of American Jewish women are quite rare. Tiny knick to paper mat; bit of aging to photo, but no scratches or peeling, Very Good Condition. (AMR-51-9) (ID #37594) $325.00.






    168. Scarf, Mimi. BATTERED JEWISH WIVES: CASE STUDIES IN THE RESPONSE TO RAGE. Lewiston, N. Y., USA: E. Mellen Press, 1988. 1st Edition. Original Boards. 8vo. [vii], 277 pages; 24 cm. In English. From the Series: ‘Women's Studies’; v. 2. In the preface, Scarf writes, “Originally, this book was to have been about battered Jewish women. But as I began to collect material and interviews I realized that nothing so simple would do. What evolved is a book about human relationships, power, terror, the hunger to be loved and to be needed, and life and sometimes death.” SUBJECT (S): Abused wives -- United States -- Psychology -- Case studies. Overall very good condition. (Women-3-4) (ID #37344) $65.00.






    170. [Eva Yoalit, Brochure For The Vardi-Yoalit Theatre Studio]. DRAMATIC RECITAL. DAVID VARDI - EVA YOALIT. New York: The Vardi-Yoalit Theatre Studio,. No Date (ca. 1928). 1st edition. Original photographic paper wrappers, 8vo, 10 pages. Eva Yoalit [born Maria Sergeyevna Krestovskaya], pictured on the cover in a period flapper haircut, is described on page 10 as a "charming young woman with black hair, fair skin, and superb dark eyes in which the whole history of Israel seems to be mirrored...." She "was born in Bessarabia, near Kishineff....In 1910 she went to Palestine, where she...attended the Herzlieah Gymnasium....When the war broke out she went to Russia, and was one of the first to join the Habima, then being founded. With this theatre she acted" many roles, including "the Chasidic boy in 'The Dybbyk. '....Coming to New York in 1924, she acted with the Pinksy Theatre, playing the leading role in 'The Final Balance. '....When the Vardi-Yoalit Theatre Studio was founded in 1927, Miss Yoalit aided in staging the plays..." David Vardi's story is similar, with participation in the founding of Habima in the Soviet Union. "In 1925, Mr Vardi was asked by the Misses Lewisohn to stage 'The Dybbuk' in English at the Neighborhood Playhouse, where it proved to be the sensation of two seasons, and in fact put the Playhouse on the theatrical map." The aim of the Vardi-Yoalit Theatre Studio "is to train young actors and actresses for the stage, specifically tot spread the culture of the Hebrew Art Theatre among American Jews, and to build up a Little Theatre movement for the expression of the Jewish racial soul, in English as well as in Yiddish and Hebrew." For more on the group, see Htm. For more on Vardi, see Htm. A google search turns up other interesting references to the Studio. No copies on OCLC; we could not locate a copy anywhere. Wrappers rubbed, bit of corner wear, Good+ Condition. Scarce and important. (AMR-51-4) (ID #37586) $275.00.






    172. Mendes, H. Pereira. ESTHER AND HARBONAH. Boston: Gorham Press, 1917. 1st Edition. Original Blue Boards. 8vo. 118 pages; 20 cm. In English. “Henry Pereira Mendes (1852–1937) was an American rabbi who was born in Birmingham, England and died in New York… He joined Sabato Morais in helping to establish the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1886, of which he became secretary of the advisory board and professor of history. On the death of Dr. Morais he became acting president of the faculty until the appointment of Solomon Schechter in 1902… Mendes was one of the first American Zionists and was asked by Theodore Herzl to spread the Zionist cause in America” (Wikipedia, 2016). This is a rare play that Mednes published only published in 1917, 40 years after he wrote it. It is based on the Book of Esther, and incorporates other details found in Xenophon and Herodotus. OCLC lists 24 copies worldwide. Cover is worn. Inside pages are mostly clear but have some edgewear at bottom. Overall good+ condition. (SPEC-42-34) (ID #37349) $100.00.




      Jewish Women Are Smartest!


    174. Cohen, Irma Henriette Loeb. THE INTELLIGENCE OF JEWS AS COMPARED WITH NON-JEWS. Columbus, Ohio State University Press, 1927. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. [vii], 43 pages 26 cm. In English. Partial Thesis from the series “Contributions in Psychology NO. 8.” Cohen (a Jewish woman) concludes, “The order of superiority is established as (a) Jewish Women, (b) Jewish Men, (c) non-Jewish men, (d) non-Jewish women.” SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Intelligence levels. Some markings and wear to Wrappers. Inside pages are clear. Overall good+ condition. (AMR-48-34) (ID #37399) $85.00.






    176. Aguilar, Grace. Introduction by Isaac Leeser. THE JEWISH FAITH; ITS SPIRITUAL CONSOLATION, MORAL GUIDANCE, AND IMMORTAL HOPE; WITH A BRIEF NOTICE OF THE REASONS FOR MANY OF ITS ORDINANCES AND PROHIBITIONS; A SERIES OF LETTERS ANSWERING THE INQUIRIES OF YOUTH. Philadelphia, 1864. 1st American Edition and 1st edition with Leeser introduction. Period boards. 8vo. 446 pages; 21 cm. Singerman 1812. Civil War-era imprint. “Grace Aguilar (1816 – 1847) was an English novelist, poet and writer on Jewish history and religion… Aguilar was the eldest child of Sephardic Jewish refugees from Portugal who settled in the London Borough of Hackney. An early illness resulted in her being educated by her parents, especially her mother, who taught her the tenets of Judaism… In the 1840s her novels began to attract regular readers… ‘The Jewish Faith: Its Spiritual Consolation, Moral Guidance, and Immortal Hope…’ (is) addressed to a Jewess under the spell of Christian influence… (and) is devoted to immortality in the Old Testament” (Wikipedia, 2016). This edition was edited by Isaac Leeser, “pioneer of the Jewish pulpit in the United States, founder of the Jewish press of America… (and) one of the most important American Jewish personalities of the nineteenth century America” (Wikipedia, 2016). Contains a preface written by Leeser in which he writes, “The editor has discharged to simple duty to send forth a new addition of the least known, though the best, works of Miss Aguilar, (which) she valued more than her tails and novels…” OCLC lists 25 copies worldwide. Cover and spine are torn with heavy wear, could easily be reound. Inside pages in about very good condition. (AMR-47-3) (ID #36861) $1500.00.






    178. Gottstein, Mrs. William; Aronson, Mrs. Sigismund; Spring, Mrs. Salmon G. THE LADIES AUXILIARY TO TEMPLE DE HIRSCH FAMOUS COOK BOOK. Seattle: Congregation Temple De Hirsch Ladies Auxiliary, 1916. First edition. Original boards. 8vo. 349 pages, 20 cm. In English. Temple de Hirsch is a leading Reform Jewish synagogue founded in 1899; their basement was famously the location of Jimi Hendrix’ first professional performance (he was fired mid-performance for his wild playing). The book includes a great deal of treif and includes recipes such as the Merry Widow Cocktail (crab meat, asparagus tips, and mayonnaise in sherbet glasses surrounded by cracked ice). Each chapters is separated by blank pages for notes. Also featured are advertisements. Binding repaired. Some notes in pencil, though none on recipes. Pages lightly soiled in places. Wear to covers. Overall Good Condition. (AMR-47-24) (ID #37479) $145.00.






    180. Daly, Augustin. LEAH, THE FORSAKEN: A PLAY, IN FIVE ACTS. New York: S. French; London: S. French, 1890. Period boards with original Paper Wrappers on Cover. 8vo. 44 pages; 20 cm. Later edition of Singerman 1786. From the Series: French's Standard Drama. The Acting Edition; no. 398. “John Augustin Daly (1838 –1899) was one of the most influential men in American theatre during his lifetime. Drama critic, theatre manager, playwright, and adapter, he became the first recognized stage director in America. He exercised a fierce and tyrannical control over all aspects of his productions. His rules of conduct for actors and actresses imposed heavy fines for late appearances and forgotten lines and earned him the title ‘the autocrat of the stage… His play Leah the Forsaken, adapted from “The Deborah” (by) Hermann Salomon Mosenthal, was a star vehicle for Margaret Mather” (Wikipedia, 2016). This is the last edition of “Leah, the Forsaken” published during Daly’s lifetime. OCLC lists 23 copies worldwide. Ex-library with usual markings and perforated stamp on title page. Otherwise about very good condition. (AMR-48-11) (ID #37366) $100.00.






    182. Sisterhood, B’nai Jeshurun. MUSICALE AND HARVEST LUNCHEON. New York, 1935. 1st Edition. Original program with cover illustration. 8vo. 2 pages; 21cm. In English. This is a program for the Sisterhood’s Musicale and Harvest Luncheon on October 16th, 1935 at Congregation B’nai Jeshurun. “Founded in 1825, Bnai Jeshurun was the second synagogue founded in New York and the third-oldest Ashkenazi synagogue in the United States. The synagogue was founded by a coalition of young members of congregation Shearith Israel and immigrants and the descendants of immigrants from the German and Polish lands” (Wikipedia, 2016). The program contains several pieces by Verdi and Tschaikowsky, and was arranged by Rev. Jacob Schwartz, Cantor at B’nai Jeshurun from 1914 to 1953, and founder of the Institute of Hazanuth. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. In about very good condition. (AMR-47-4) (ID #36812) $50.00.






    184. Szold, Henrietta; Alexander Marx. SERVICES IN MEMORY OF MRS. SOLOMON SCHECHTER, FOUNDER OF THE WOMEN'S LEAGUE OF THE UNITED SYNAGOGUE OF AMERICA. New York: Women's League Of The United Synagogue Of America, 1925. Original Cloth. 12mo. 45, [2] pages. 20 cm. First edition. Services in memory of Mrs. Solomon Schechter, founder of the Women's League of the United Synagogue of America, held under the auspices of the New York City branch at Temple Ansche Chesed, Seventh Avenue at 114th Street, New York, Thursday evening, November 13, 1924, Heshvan 17, 5685. Memorial addresses by Alexander Marx and Henrietta Szold, among others. Eulogies for Mathilde Roth Schechter, (1857–1924), founding president of the National Women's League of the United Synagogue of America. Subjects: Eulogies - Schechter, Mathilde Roth, 1859-1924. OCLC lists 8 copies. Light bumping to cloth. Pen marks in margins pages 12-19, otherwise clean and fresh. Good condition. (WOMEN-1-10) (ID #37329) $100.00.






    186. Lauterbach, Jacob Zallel. TALMUDIC-RABBINIC VIEW ON BIRTH CONTROL [INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR]. [New York]: [Central Conference Of American Rabbis], 1927. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 16 pages; 23 cm. The First 20th Century Rabbinic Opinion on Birth Control. “Jacob Zallel Lauterbach (1873–1942) was an American Judaica scholar and author who served on the faculty of Hebrew Union College and composed responsa for the Reform movement in America. He specialized in Midrashic and Talmudical literature, and is best known for his landmark critical edition and English translation of the Mekilta de-Rabbi Ishmael” (Wikipeida, 2016). “The 1927 responsum of Rabbi Jacob Zallel Lauterbach permitted birth control. Jacob urges limitation of contraception because of the Jewish population crisis… He believes that women should be included in the commandment to procreate but does not approve of their exclusion from education and professional careers” (Jewish Women’s Archive). Lauterbach’s article was published two years before Ernst Gräfenberg’s IUD, and became more widely cited in Jewish Literature after oral contraceptives were made available in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. SUBJECT(S): Birth control (Jewish law). OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. None in New York City. This copy is inscribed by the author on the title page to JTS chancellor Louis Finkelstein, “To L. Finkelstein with the compliments of the author.” Bottom corner is folded, and copy has some other edgewear as well. About good condition. (Women-3-2) (ID #37061) $500.00.






    188. Mielziner, M. THE JEWISH LAW OF MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE IN ANCIENT AND MODERN TIMES: AND ITS RELATION TO THE LAW OF THE STATE [INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR TO WISSENSCHAFT LEADER DAVID CASSEL]. Cincinnati: Bloch Pub. And Print. Co., 1884. 1st Edition. Later boards. 8vo. 149 pages. 23 cm. First edition. Singerman #3273 Based on lectures by Mielziner, this text discusses the legal, religious and historical aspects of marriage using a framework that compares and contrasts “ethical doctorine” and “law”. “In 1857 [Mielziner] was called as principal of the religious school to Copenhagen, where he remained until 1865, when he was called to the rabbinate of the Congregation Anshe Chesed in New York ("New Yorker Staats-Zeitung," 1865, No. 215). When this congregation was absorbed by the Beth-El congregation, he opened a private school, which he conducted until 1879, when he received a call as professor of Talmud and rabbinical literature from the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati. Upon the death of Isaac M. Wise March 26, 1900, he became president of this institution, and held this position until his death” (EJ 1906). Subjects: Marriage law. Divorce. Marriage (Jewish law). Divorce (Jewish law). Ex-Library with usual markings. Rebound in black cloth. Inscribed by the author to David Cassel. “Cassel was a German historian and Jewish theologian… (His) name is intimately connected with the founders of Jewish science in Germany” (Wikipedia, 2016). Tear on title page. Inside text is bright and clean. Good + condition. (AMR-43-42b) (ID #36887) $225.00.






    190. [Agunot] Abramson, R. Shmuel Avigdor. תורי זהב: יכלכל בתוכו הלכה, פלפול, ודרוש על הלכות הכנסת אזרחים ושו”ת TUREI ZAHAV: YEKALKEL BETOKHU HALAKHA, PILPUL VE-DARUSH.... New York, 1926. First edition. Period boards. 4to, 105 pages, 24cm. In Hebrew. Goldman, 685. Title translates to: “Rows of Gold: Featuring Halakha, Debates, and Addresses.” Part I deals with the laws of guests and guest relations. Part II contains responsa on contemporary issues with American themes (e. G., Sabbath desecration). In a discussion of agunot (abandoned wives) whose husbands fled to America, Abramson mentioned that it was not unusual for the husband to be arrested on an unrelated matter and then subsequently "four or five" women would come forward claiming to be his wife (p. 16). R. Samuel Avigdor Abramson was born in Daugavpils, Latvia, in 5626 [1866]. He studied in yeshivot in Minsk and Volozhin and was ordained by R. Isaac Elhanan Spektor, R. David Greenberg and R. Benjamin Montikali. He became the rabbi of Dobele, Latvia, in 5663 [1903]. He immigrated to America one year later and served as a rabbi in Lowell and Lynn, both in Massachusetts. R. Abramson moved to New York in 1909 (p. 1) and became an itinerant preacher. He established a yeshivah in memory of R. Elijah Hayyim Maisel in 5672 [1912]. He immigrated to the Land of Israel in 5689 [1929]. R. Abramson desired to open a study hall there (p. 5). His son-in-law was a rabbi in Roxbury, MA (Goldman, 2006). SUBJECTS: Hospitality -- Religious aspects -- Judaism. Responsa. Agunahs. Conditions (Jewish law) Agunahs. Conditions (Jewish law) Hospitality -- Religious aspects -- Judaism. Responsa. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (JTS and HUC). Ex-library with usual markings. Some pages are starting. (AMR-47-25) (ID #37482) $300.00.






    192. Aguilar, Grace. THE WOMEN OF ISRAEL. New York; D. Appleton And Company, 1895. Original Blue Stylized Boards. 8vo. [270], 336 pages. “Grace Aguilar (1816 – 1847) was an English novelist, poet and writer on Jewish history and religion… Aguilar was the eldest child of Sephardic Jewish refugees from Portugal who settled in the London Borough of Hackney. An early illness resulted in her being educated by her parents, especially her mother, who taught her the tenets of Judaism… In the 1840s her novels began to attract regular readers… ‘The Jewish Faith: Its Spiritual Consolation, Moral Guidance, and Immortal Hope…’ (is) addressed to a Jewess under the spell of Christian influence… (and) is devoted to immortality in the Old Testament” (Wikipedia, 2016). OCLC lists 18 copies worldwide. Ex-Library with Jewish Institutional Stamp and Usual Markings. From the personal library of Leo Wolfson, chairman of the national executive committee of the Zionist-Revisionists of America and president of the United Rumanian Jews of America. Good+ condition. (Women-3-1) (ID #37048) $40.00.






    194. Women’s League For Conservative Judaism; United Synagogue Of America.; National Women's League. WOMEN'S LEAGUE OUTLOOK. VOL I, NR 1-VO 4, N4 4 (SEPT 1930-MAY, 1934), UNINTERRUPTED RUN, COMPLETE FOR FIRST FOUR VOLUMES. New York, N. Y.: Women's League Of The United Synagogue Of America, 1930-1934. 1st edition. Period Cloth, 4to, ca. 160 pages. Published bimonthly (1930-32) or quarterly (1932-34). SUBJECT(S): Conservative Judaism -- Periodicals. Conservative Judaism. Women's League for Conservative Judaism -- Periodicals. United Synagogue of America. National Women's League -- Periodicals. M United Synagogue of America. Later merged with: “United Synagogue review” and “Torchlight” to form: “Voices of Conservative/Masorti Judaism.” OCLC hardcopy listings are unclear; at any rate, very few libraries seem to hold these early volumes in hard copy. Later binding, broken through at hinges, forms a kind of portfolio for the original issues, all with original wrappers. Very Good Condition thus. (women-5-3) (ID #36612) $400.00.





    196. Union of American Hebrew Congregations; J. Walter Freiberg. [FUNDRAISING POSTER AND LETTER] 1919 WISE CENTENARY - UNION OF AMERICAN HEBREW CONGREGATIONS. Cincinnati; Union Of American Hebrew Congregations, 1919. Single Leaf Folio, double sided [2] pages. 36 x 28 cm. Only edition. Double sided fundraising poster and typewritten letter; typewritten address to Rabbi Joshua Bloch of Lake Charles, Louisiana, requesting the name of the chairman for the campaign committee from his city. Reverse side contains printed fundraising tally accounting sheet poster demonstrating the funds already raised, and the funds remaining to be raised from campaign committees in (appx 190) towns and cities across the United States. 'March 16th-22nd, Campaign Week', 'March 23rd-29th, Meeting of the Central Conference American Rabbis in Cincinnati', 'May 20-21-22 XXVI Council of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations in Boston'. Subjects: Wise Centenary - Union of American Hebrew Congregations – Fundraising Campaign – 1919. Ephemera –- Union of American Hebrew Congregations. None on OCLC. Previously folded in thirds and in half, line creases still remain; otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (AMR-46-7A) (ID #35969) $200.00.






    198. Schulman, Samuel; Goldenson, Samuel Harry; Morgenstern, Julian. ANNIVERSARY SERVICE IN COMMEMORATION OF THE HUNDREDTH BIRTHDAY OF THE REV. DR. KAUFMANN KOHLER. [New York?]: [Publisher Not Identified], 1943. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 13 pages; 20 cm. In English. Contents include: An Invocation from Samuel Schulman, Introductory Remarks from Samuel H. Goldenson, an a sermon from Julian Morgenstern entitled, “Could Kaufmann Speak?” The service, was held at Congregation Emanu-El in New York City. The full text of Goldenson, Morgenstern, and Schulman’s remarks is included. OCLC lists just 7 copies worldwide. Slight Browning but overall in very good condition. (AMR-49-19) (ID #37613) $100.00.






    200. Philipson, David, 1862-1949. CENTENARY PAPERS AND OTHERS [WITH ASSOCIATION INSCRIPTION BY THE AUTHOR TO THE SON OF ISAAC M. WISE]. Cincinnati: Ark Pub. Co., 1919. 1st Edition. Original Boards. 8vo. 325 pages; 22 cm. Inscribed by the author to Leo Wise, son of Isaac Mayer Wise, on the front End Page. Leo Wise was named for his grandfather, a prominent Rabbi in Prague. His mother was Therese Bloch, sister of Edward H. Bloch, the founder of Bloch Publishing Company. “David Philipson (1862 – 1949) was an American Reform rabbi, orator, and author. At the invitation of Rabbi Isaac M. Wise, who was friends with David's father (Joseph Philipson), David moved to Cincinnati to become a member of the first class of Hebrew Union College (HUC) … As an adult, he was one of the leaders of American Reform Judaism and a philanthropic leader…” (Wikipedia, 2016) “Centenary Papers and the Others” was dedicated, “to the memory of Judaism’s Master Builder Isaac Mayer Wise on the Occasion of the Centenary of his Birth. SUBJECT(S): Reform Judaism. Book is in excellent condition. Includes frontpiece photograph of Isaac Mayer Wise. Very good+ Condition. (AMR-49-2) (ID #37543) $150.00.






    202. Jewish Chautauqua Society. THE CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL AND OTHER DEPARTMENTS OF JEWISH CHAUTAUQUA SOCIETY: REGISTER, 1917. Philadelphia, 1917. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. “The Jewish Chautauqua Society is the interfaith education program of the Men of Reform Judaism, a U. S. Nonprofit organization. It defines its mission as seeking ‘the dissemination of knowledge of the Jewish religion by fostering the study of its history and literature, giving popular courses of instruction, issuing publications, establishing reading-circles, holding general assemblies, and by such other means as may from time to time be found necessary and proper. ’” (Wikipeida, 2016) Includes a brief history of the movement, founded by Rabbi Henry Berkowitz, and includes a complete list of faculty and students from 1917. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Education -- United States. OCLC lists just 3 copies worldwide (Syracuse, University of Minnesota, Rutgers) Some wear and discoloration to Wrappers. Overall good+ condition. (AMR-49-24) (ID #37618) $125.00.






    204. Rabbinical Literary Association Of America. THE HEBREW REVIEW. VOLS. 1 & 2 [COMPLETE]. Cincinnati, O.: Published By The Rabbinical Literary Association Of America And Bloch & Co., 1880-1882. 1st Edition. Period Boards. 8vo. 2 volumes: [286], 271 pages; 24 cm. Singerman 2946 (locating just a single copy, HUC). The Rabbinical Literary Association, whose first president was Rabbi Max Lilienthal, was a precursor to the Central Conference of American Rabbis founded in 1889 by Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise. The CCAR is today the principal organization of Reform rabbis in the United States and Canada and the largest and oldest rabbinical organization in the world. The Rabbinical Literary Association was ardently American in tone and although it did publish ‘The Hebrew Review, ’ "its real objective was to establish a forum where discussion might bring some degree of uniformity if not authority" (Jacob Rader Marcus, United States Jewry, 1776-1985, Volume 3, p. 125). SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Periodicals. Ex-library with Jewish Institutional Stamp and usual markings. Boards are worn. Inside pages in very good condition. (AMR-48-13) (ID #37370) $325.00.






    206. Wise, Isaac Mayer. HISTORY OF THE HEBREWS' SECOND COMMONWEALTH: WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO ITS LITERATURE, CULTURE, AND THE ORIGIN OF RABBINISM AND CHRISTIANITY. Cincinnati: Bloch & Co., 1880. 1st Edition. Original Maroon Cloth with Gold Lettering. 8vo. 386 pages; 23 cm. Singerman 2960. In the Preface, Wise writes, “This volume contains a compact narrative of Hebrew history from 536 before to 70 after the Christian era… This period of Hebrew history from Zerubabel to the Fall of Jerusalem, appears to me to be the most interesting and most instructive part of history. It contains not only a political history of an advanced civilization… but also the combat of Monotheism against Polytheism, and its final results, viz.: Rabbinism and Christianity.” Wise was a major 19th century Jewish leader and founded Hebrew Union College. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- History -- 586 B. C. -70 A. D. Ex-library with Jewish Institutional Bookplate. All edges gilt. Rebacked. Overall, very good+ condition. (AMR-49-3) (ID #37544) $120.00.






    208. Wise, Isaac Mayer. HISTORY OF THE ISRAELITISH NATION: FROM ABRAHAM TO THE PRESENT TIME. VOL. I (COMPLETE NO MORE PUBLISHED). Albany: J. Munsell, 1854. 1st Edition. Original Boards. 8vo. [xxiv], 560 pages; 23 cm. In English. This is the first published work by Isaac Mayer Wise. Wise was an American Reform rabbi, editor, and author, and a founder of Hebrew Union College. "During his lifetime Isaac M. Wise was regarded as the most prominent Jew of his time in the United States. His genius for organization was of a very high order; and he was masterful, rich in resources, and possessed of an inflexible will. More than of any of his contemporaries, it may be said of him that he left the impress of his personality upon the development of Judaism in the United States" (JE) SUBJECT(S): Jews -- History -- To 586 B. C. Cover has some wear. Some foxing on the first few pages. Very good condition. (AMR-48-45) (ID #37422) $65.00.






    210. Kohler, Kaufmann; Enelow H. G.; Morgenstern, Julian; Goldenson, Samuel H. A REVALUATION OF REFORM JUDAISM: A SYMPOSIUM. [Cincinnati], 1924. 1st separate edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 80 pages; 23 cm. In English. Reprinted from Yearbook, Vol. XXXIV, Central Conference of American Rabbis. Includes an Introduction from Kaufmann Kohler, who was 81 at the time of the Symposium. Also includes addresses from other prominent Reform Rabbis including Rabbi Goldenson from Rodef Shalom in New York City, Rabbi Enelow from Congregation Adas Israel in Kentucky, and Rabbi Morgenstern, who at the time of this address was the president of HUC. SUBJECT (S): Reform Judaism -- Congresses. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (HUC, UT Austin). None in New York City or on the East Coast. Cover has some wear and a small tear in bottom corner. Overall in about very good condition. (AMR-48-64) (ID #37440) $60.00.






    212. Central Conference Of American Rabbis. VIEWS ON THE SYNOD. Baltimore, Md.: Lord Baltimore Press, 1905. Plain paper Wrappers 8vo, 161 pages, 24 cm. Includes comments by Isaac Leeser. SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Congresses. Jewish councils. Jews -- United States -- Congresses. Religious gatherings. Papers and reports read at the meeting of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, held at Louisville, Ky., in June, 1904. Central  Conference of American Rabbis  (CCAR),  is a "national organization of Reform rabbis. It was founded in 1889 by Isaac Mayer Wise, who had earlier established the Union of American  Hebrew Congregations  (UAHC, called the Union for Reform Judaism since 2003) and Hebrew Union College. After the college had ordained 20 rabbis, Wise felt it was time to replace the several regional rabbinic bodies with a national organization. Wise was elected president and headed the CCAR  for 11 years until his death in 1900; subsequent presidents served for only two years. The conference thus took its place as the third major arm of the Reform Movement along with the UAHC and the college, and set the standard that each of the movements in American Judaism would have a theological seminary, a congregational body, and a rabbinic organization" (Levy in EJ 2007). OCLC lists 31 copies worldwide. Very good condition. (Spec-8-9) (ID #25474) $75.00.




    214. Adler, Felix. TWENTY YEARS OF THE ETHICAL MOVEMENT IN NEW YORK AND OTHER CITIES, 1876-1896. Philadelphia, S. B. Weston, 1896. 1st Edition. Original Boards. 8vo. 72 pages; 21 cm. Address on May 15, 1876, by Felix Adler at the twentieth anniversary of the New York Ethical Culture Society. The service took place at Carnegie Hall. Felix Adler (1851-1933) was the founder of the Ethical Culture movement. While training to become a Rabbi in Heidelberg from 1871-1873 he was strongly influenced by neo-Katianism notions that one cannot prove or disprove the existence of a deity or immortality, and that morality can be established independently of theology. Giving up his Rabbinic studies, Adler founded the Ethical Culture Society in 1877 and the Workingman’s School (a free elementary school, which would become the Ethical Culture School) in 1878. This 20th anniversary service also includes addresses from Alfred R. Wolff, who was the world’s leading air-conditioning engineer and who introduced air conditioning to Carnegie Hall, Minister William Salter, a major leader with the Society in Chicago, and Mangasar Magurditch Mangasarian, the influential Armenian rationalist. OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. Cover is worn. Small tear to a back page with no text effected. Overall about very good condition. (AMR-48-12) (ID #37367) $100.00.






    216. Adler, Felix. THE RELIGION OF DUTY. New York. McClure, Phillips & Co., 1905. 1st Edition. Original Green and Gold Boards. 8vo. [3]-201 pages; 18 cm. In English. Felix Adler (1851-1933) founded the Ethical Culture movement. While training to become a Rabbi in Heidelberg from 1871-1873 he was strongly influenced by neo-Katianism notions that one cannot prove or disprove the existence of a deity or immortality, and that morality can be established independently of theology. Giving up his Rabbinic studies, Adler founded the Ethical Culture Society in 1877 and the Workingman’s School (a free elementary school, which would become the Ethical Culture Fieldston School) in 1878. Contents Include: First steps towards a religion. - Changes in the conception of God. - Teachings of Jesus in the modern world. - The religion of duty. - Standards of conduct based on the religion of duty. - The ethical attitude towards others. - The ethical attiude towards pleasure. - The ethical attitude towards suffering. - The consolations of the religion of duty. - The essential difference between ethical societies and the churches. SUBJECT(S): Ethics. In very good condition. (AMR-48-35) (ID #37400) $75.00.





    218. Leibowitz, Nehemiah S. דורש רשומות האגדה: להכיר האותות והרשומות הנמצאים באגדות חז”ל DORESH RESHUMOT HA-AGADAH: LE-HAKIR HA-OTOT VEHA-RISHUMIM HA-NIMTSAIM BE-AGADOT HAZAL. New York: Press Of A. H. Rosenberg, 1893. First edition. Original boards. 8vo. 39 pages. 17 cm. In Hebrew. Singerman 4556. Goldman 696. Title translates to “Seeking Records of the Legend: Getting to Know the Background and Letters that are Found in the Legends of the Sages.” This book contains explanations of several aggadot of the Talmud. Samuel Nehemiah Libowitz (1862–1939), writer on Jewish subjects, was born in Kolno, Poland before emigrating to the U. S. In 1881. He wrote extensively on the Hebrew Bible and Judaism as a whole. He corresponded with eminent Jewish scholars including Israel Davidson, to whom he wrote 107 letters, which he later published himself in 1933. In several of his works he violently railed against such scholars as R. Isaac Hirsch Weiss, Ze'ev Schorr, Radkinson, Saul Tchernichowsky, and Joseph Klausner. SUBJECTS: Aggadah. OCLC lists 20 copies worldwide. CD-NLI 0143944; Binding repaired. Some minor soiling to pages, otherwise all text is clean. Overall Good- Condition. (AMR-47-36) (ID #37496) $175.00.






    220. [Ezekiel Leavitt] Nehemiah Samuel Libowitz. HA-SHOMEA YIZCHAK. New York: Nehemiah S. Libowitz, 1907. 1st Edition. Original boards. 8vo. 24, 72, 32, 56 pages. 23 cm. Goldman 442. 1 of only 100 copies printed in black ink (and only 200 copies total). Rabbi and poet Ezekiel Leavitt’s copy, with his stamp. Title translates to “The Hearing of Isaac.” Section headings beautifully illustrated. “An Anthology of Wit, Humor, Anecdotes and Curiosities. Selected from Talmudic, medieval and modern Jewish literature, arranged according to Chapter and verse of the Bible” (English title page). Libowitz, a rabbi, polemicist and hebraist, hoped by publishing this work to combat an anti-Semitic charge that the Jewish canon was humorless. Only 100 copies were printed of this edition, and a further 100 copies in red ink for the author’s own use. SUBJECT(S) Jewish wit and humor. OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. Lacks backstrip. Institutional copy with usual markings. Otherwise Very Good condition. (AMR-50-12) (ID #37472) $200.00.






    222. Silberstein, Solomon Joseph. מציאות יהוה והעולם METSIUT HA-SHEM VEHA-OLAM = DIVINITY AND THE COSMOS. New York: Bi-Defus A. H. Rozenberg, 1893. First edition. Period boards. 8vo. 184 pages, 20 cm. In Hebrew and English. Not in Goldman. Solomon Silberstein (1845–?) was Russian poet, philosopher, and well-known maskil. He received smicha from a number of rabbis in the provinces of Kovno and Vilna and practiced as a rabbi in Dershunisok, Kovno from 1867 to 1868. He later emigrated to the U. S. Where he developed a system of natural theology based on the Mosaic, and the rabbinic and talmudic law as natural theology (EJ). SUBJECTS: God-theology. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide (Columbia, Brandeis, Harvard, HUC, JTS, Gratz, UPenn, Temple), none west or south of Cincinnati. All content is clean and legible. Overall Good- Condition. (AMR-47-22) (ID #37477) $125.00.






    224. Lazarov, R. Judah Leib. דברי יהודה. SEFER DIVREI YEHUDAH [ALL THREE VOLUMES BOUND IN ONE]. New York: Yoel Aronson. 1910. First edition. Period boards. 8vo. 115, 73, 42 pages. 23x16 cm. In Hebrew. Goldman 735. Title translates to “The Book of Yehuda’s Statements.” This three-volume work contains discourses and lectures on the Hebrew bible. Rabbi Judah Leib Lazarov (1875-1939) was born in Kovno Province, Russia and studied in Jewish centers such as Telz, Mir, Volozhin and Radun. Prior to moving to the United States in 1898 where his career as a teacher flourished, he worked as a preacher in Lithuania. He was renowned for his scholarship and instrumental role in founding Hebrew schools. SUBJECT(S): Festival-day sermons. Bible. Pentateuch -- Sermons. Tanakh - American Judaism. No copies on OCLC. CD-EPI 0141893 (with wrong pagination); Repair to binding. Wear to boards. Minor foxing to later pages. All text is clear. Overall Good- Condition. Very Rare. (AMR-47-34). $325









    226. Margolis, G. Wolf. ספר חרוזי מרגליות: כולל דרושים לעתים מזומנים ודברי חפץ לענינים שונים. HARUZE MARGALIYOT [PART TWO ONLY]. New York: Rosenberg Printing. 1919. First edition. Original ornamented boards. 8vo. 418 pages. 23 cm. In Hebrew. Not in Goldman. Title translates to “Verses of Margaliiyot.” This second volume is much scarcer than Volume I. Rabbi Gabriel Zev b. Jehiel Isaac Margolis (1848-1935), was among the leading Orthodox rabbis in the United States. He came to the United States in 1907 at the age of 59, after a nasty dispute with Jewish socialists. He was the son-in-law of R. Nahum of Grodno, who was the spiritual mentor of Rabbi Israel Meir ha-Kohen Kagan, popularly known as the Hafetz Hayyim. He served in a number of congregations in Boston until finally moving to Adas Yisroel in Manhattan. SUBJECTS: Hebrew sermons. Jewish sermons. Bible. O. T. Pentateuch -- Sermons. OCLC lists two copies worldwide (BU and Harvard). CD 0179003. Minor wear to outer boards. Internally Very Good. Previous owner’s handwriting on inner cover. Overall Good+ Condition. (AMR-47-37). $150









    228. Willowski, Jacob David Ben Zeev. NIMUKE RIDBAZ: PERUSH `AL HA-TORAH. Chicago: No Publisher., 1903. Cloth, 4to. 44, 30 leaves. 1st edition. In Hebrew. Deinard 579, Mishkin 39. Goldman 721: “Ridbaz (the acronym by which Willowsky is popularly referred to) was born in Kobrin, Poland, in 1845 and was known as a child prodigy. He became the rabbi of Izvolin in 1874. That same year he published his first work, Migadol Erez, which was widely lauded. He then served as a rabbi in Robruysk before becoming a dayyan in Vilna…. He became the rabbi of Slutsk in 1890 and was subsequently known as the Slutsker Rov. Shortly after settling in Slutsk he founded a yeshivah that emerged as one of the preeminent Lithuanian yeshivot.” In 1900, when he traveled to America, he was considered “’the ranking European Torah personality to arrive in the United States since Rabbi Jacob Joseph’ (Rothkoff [1968] 559).” In 1903 he “agreed to accept the position of chief Rabbi of Chicago” though “he was at once enmeshed in controversy, as his attempts to regulate kashruth threatened the vested interests of R. Zevi Simeon Album.” He settled in Safed in 1905, “was recognized as its chief Rabbi, and established a yeshivah… ‘During his lifetime he was priviledged to observe the universal acceptance which his commentaries on the Palestinian [Jeruslam] Talmud were accorded. Until this very day, all rabbinical scholars who consult the Jerusalem Talmud utilize the Radbaz’s explanation and annotations (Rothkoff) ’…. This commentary on Genesis and Exodus” includes “a critique of Sabbath observance, education, kashruth supervision, religious functionaries and the free press in America.” His response and commentaries are known the world over. SUBJECT(S): Bible. O. T. Genesis – commentaries; Bible. O. T. Exodus – commentaries. OCLC lists 16 copies worldwide. Ex library with minimal institutional markings. Hinges starting, pages a little tanned, Very Good condition. An important work. (AMR-32-24A).  (ID #37412) $400.00.







    230. Neuhausen, Simon Avseyewitz. NIRDEFE ZOHAR, KEVUZAH SHEL HAGDAROT LE-SHEMOT U-PO’ALIM NIRDAFIM SHEBE-SEFER HA-ZOHAR. Baltimore; Naihoizen, 1923. Original Wraps. 8vo. XII, 56, [4] pages. 23 cm. First Edition. In Hebrew and Yiddish. Added English title page: ‘Synonyms of The Zohar: A Compendium of Synonyms occurring in the Zohar and Tikune Zohar with Delimitations Drawn Compared to Those in Hebrew Literature of different Periods. ’ “This publication is part of a larger work which I have been preparing on the synonyms occurring in Hebrew Literature, under which terms are included the Bible, the Talmudim and Midrashim, and their commentaries, midaeval [sic] philosophy, kabalah, codes, and responsa, as well as more modern work” (Pg.2). “The sample of his larger work contains eighty-two sets of synonyms used in the Zohar. For each set Neuhausen provides citations from other sources that also use those words. He acknowledged the aid of his son, Dr. B. S. Neuhausen, and thanked the Moinester Printing Co., particularly its director, Mr. [Saltz]” (Goldman, Hebrew Printing in America, number 1052) Subjects: Cabala. Aramaic language - Synonyms and antonyms. Zohar - Language, style. OCLC lists 4 copies (Yeshiva, UCLA, Towson, Penn) Edgewear. Yellowing. Otherwise good condition. (AMR-39-22A) (ID #37415) $95.00.






    232. Meyerson, Zorach. ספר פרקי אבות:‏ ‏עם פירוש ... ט וב ויפה PIRKE AVOT. New York: Bidefus A. H. Rozenberg, 1910. 1st Edition. Period Boards. 8vo. 148 pages; 23 cm. In Hebrew. “Mayerson was in New York in 1909. This volume contains the text of Tractate Avot of the MIhnah with Mayerson’s commentary underneath” (Goldman, 737). OCLC lists just 6 copies worldwide. Boards are worn down. Minor water damage and some edgewear. Text is bright and readable. Good condition. (AMR-49-12) (ID #37553) $200.00.






    234. Sekles, Simon. THE POETRY OF THE TALMUD. New York: S. Sekles, 1880. Cloth, 8vo. ix, 146 pages. In English, with an appendix giving the original Hebrew of some of the passages cited. Nicely bound in cordovan cloth with gilt letters on front cover. Annotated. Singerman 2950. Deinard 804. SUBJECT (S): Rabbinical literature. Talmud -- Quotations. Slight yellowing of pages. Very Good Condition. (AMR-4-3A) (ID #37409) $95.00.






    236. Myer, Isaac. QABBALAH: THE PHILOSOPHICAL WRITINGS OF SOLOMON BEN YEHUDAH IBN GEBIROL, OR AVICEBRON, AND THEIR CONNECTION WITH THE HEBREW QABBALAH AND SEPHER HA-ZOHAR, WITH REMARKS UPON THE ANTIQUITY AND CONTENT OF THE LATTER AND TRANSLATIONS OF SELECTED PASSAGES FROM. THE ZOHAR, AND AN ABSTRACT OF AN ESSAY UPON THE CHINESE QABBALAH CONTAINED IN THE BOOK CALLED THE YIH KING, A TRANSLATION OF PART OF THE MYSTIC THEOLOGY OF DIONYSIOS THE AREOPAGITE, AND AN ACCOUNT OF THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE ANCIENT AKKADIAN AND CHALDEAN U. Philadelphia: Pub. By The Author, 1888. Later paper wrappers. Limited edition of 350 copies printed by the author. 4to. [xxiv], 499 pages; 37 cm. Singerman, 3716. This landmark study of Jewish mysticism contains 50 engravings of Kabbalist images of the universe, the Sephiroth and priestly blessings, the Ark of the Covenant, as well as engravings of Buddha and ancient Hindu, Egyptian and Mexican deities. The volume was self-published in 1888 by Isaac Myer, a highly regarded member of Philadelphia's Numismatic and Antiquarian Society. Myer here assembles key writings on the Zohar and Kabbalistic mysticism, especially those of Ibn Gebirol (1027-70 C. E.), a Spanish mystic "celebrated respectively as the greatest philosopher and the greatest poet of his time." Living in a period "when the Zohar and its connections were still in course of formation," ibn Gebirol, known as Avicebron, is renowned for authoring The Fountain of Life (1050), "affirmed to be the earliest known exhibition of "'the secrets of the Speculative Kabbalah" (Waite, Holy Kabbalah, 96). He is especially famed for creating a Kabbalistic "image of the fission of the primordial ether" that vitally informs "the purely mystical theory of the intellect as a composite potency." SUBJECT(S): Cabala. Ibn Gabirol. Water damage throughout. Text is bright and readable. Good- condition. (AMR-48-14) (ID #37371) $325.00.






    238. Hahn, Aaron. THE RABBINICAL DIALECTICS: A HISTORY OF THE DIALECTICIANS AND DIALECTICS OF THE MISHNAH AND TALMUD. Cincinnati: Bloch & Co., 1879. First edition. Original black, ornamented boards. 8vo. 46, vi pages; 24 cm. In English and Hebrew. Singerman 2773. Deinard 630. Not in Goldman. The first book ever written on Rabbinical Dialectics from a historical standpoint. A review of rabbinic dialetics by Rabbi Aaron Hahn, rabbi of the Tifferet Israel Congregation in Clevaeland, Ohio. As the title page describes, this volume is a history of the dialecticians and dialectics of the Mishnah and Talmud. Rabbi Hanhn originally intended to issue a series of small volumes on a variety of Jewish subjects. The Rabbinical Dialectics begins with the Tannaim, starting with Hillel and continues to the editing of the Talmud, concluding with the Antagonists of the Rabbinical Dialectics. The text is followed by an appendix of Dialectical Schematism, this primarily in Hebrew SUBJECTS: Judaism -- Talmudic period, 10-425. Mishnah. Very Good Condition. (AMR-47-40A) (ID #37525) $225.00.






    240. Mackler, Hayyim Yehuda [Rabbi]. ספר דרך החיים SEFER DEREKH HAYYIM. St. Louis: Minister [Moinister] Printing Company, 1927. First edition. Original paper wrapper. 8vo. 89 pages. 21cm. In Hebrew. Title translates to “The way of Life.” Written by a little known St. Louis rabbi. This book addresses the spiritual state of Jews in America and was designed to uplift the spirit and strengthen the faith of American Jews. It includes essays by the sages. SUBJECTS: Rabbinics - American Judaism. No copies on OCLC. Some tearing to margins of paper wrappers. Internally good. Overall Good Condition. Very Rare (AMR-47-35) (ID #37495) $275.00.






    242. Cohon, Liber Ben Binyamin, Ha-Kohen. ספר חידושי חביבא SEFER HIDUSHE HAVIVA. New York: A. H. Rosenberg, 1915. 1st edition. Later boards. 8vo. 60 pages. 22 cm. In Hebrew. Goldman 1162. This book discusses the author’s thoughts on the kashrut of birds and the use of candelabras in American synagogues. Cohon was already an accomplished rabbi when he arrived in America in 1911, where he went on to work in Memphis and then, citing his desire to get his children a Jewish education, moving to the Bronx in New York. For his thoughts on the south, see page 48. SUBJECT (S) Jews -- Dietary laws. Menorah. OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide. Ex-Library with usual markings. Otherwise Very Good Condition. (AMR-50-9A) (ID #37467) $150.00.






    244. Szold, Benjamin. SEFER IYOV: MEVO'AR ME-HADASH AL PI KELALE HA-DIKDUK VE-HUKE HA-MELITSAH SHEL SEFAT EVER = THE BOOK OF JOB, WITH A NEW COMMENTARY. Baltimore; H. F. Siemers, 1886. Period boards. 8vo. XXIV, 498 pages. 24 cm. 1st edition. In Hebrew, with two color illustrations; commentary in Rashi type. Szold's Commentary on Job' (Baltimore, 1886), written in classical Hebrew and conceived in an original and deeply Jewish spirit, attests the accuracy of his scholarship” (1906 JE). “This commentary on Job was both the first volume of Biblical exegesis as well as the first scientific work published by a Jew in America” (Goldman, #197, Hebrew Printing in America). “Benjamin Szold was born in Hungary in 1829. After becoming a rabbi, Szold led Congregation Oheb Shalom in Baltimore, shaping it into a leading U. S. Congregation. Szold was a Zionist, communal leader, and Hebraist. He was the father of Henrietta Szold, herself a leading Zionist. Benjamin Szold died in 1902.” - A Finding Aid to the Benjamin Szold Papers. 1855-1902. Subjects: Commentaries. Bible. Job – Commentaries. Spine chipped. Ex-Library with usual markings. Otherwise Very good condition. (BIBLE-13-30A) (ID #37576) $120.00.






    246. Ibn Zabara, Joseph Ben Meir, (B. 1140?); & Davidson, Israel, Ed. SEFER SHA`ASHU`IM LE-RABI YOSEF BEN ME'IR BEN ZABARA: IM SHINUYE NUSA'OT VE-HOSAFOT UVE-TSIRUF MAVO MEFORAT ME'AT YISRAEL DAVIDZON. New York: Beit Midrash Ha-Rabanim Asher Be-Amerika, 1913. First edition. Period boards. 8vo, vii, 197, cxxix pages; 24 cm. In Hebrew. Title translates to: "Book of Pleasures by Yosef Ben Meir Ben Zabar: With Changes Includes bibliographical references. Sefer Sha'shu'im  by Joseph ben Meir Ibn Zabara: With Changes, Notes, and An Added Introduction by Israel Davidson." Ibn Zabara (b. About 1140 in Barcelona) was a physician and Hebrew writer. He was a contemporary of some of the Tibbon family, of Maimonides and of Judah Al-Harizi; Joseph Kimhi praised his scientific knowledge in his Commentary to Proverbs. Like his father, he studied medicine and lived as an honored physician in his native town. Ibn Zabara became known through his Sefer Sha'ashu'im ('Book of Amusements'), one of the best maqamat written. This book is a literary account of his journey to several countries (southern Spain and Provence) with a physician named Joseph (nicknamed 'Einan ha-Shed' in the book) who came from afar and joined Ibn Zabara on the journey. Consisting of a collection of stories and proverbs within the framework of a background story, the intention of Sefer Sha'ashu'im, as the title indicates, is to amuse the reader. As it is usual in the genre, some secular poems are included before and within the prose sections. In this work, Ibn Zabara reveals a considerable knowledge of Arabic literature – the source of most of his proverbs and pithy sayings – and also of the Babylonian and the Jerusalem Talmuds. More than any other work of this type, Sefer Sha'ashu'im shows Greek, Indian, and Arabic influence. Apart from its literary value, this book contains valuable information on medicine and hygiene, natural science, psychology, and physiognomy. The book includes the earliest example of questions and answers on scientific topics in Hebrew rhymed prose. … The book was first printed in Constantinople (1577) by R. Isaac Akrish, together with other works. In 1865 it was published serially in Ha-Levanon. A scientific edition was prepared by I. Davidson (first with an introduction in English, 1914, and then with a Hebrew translation of the introduction, 1925). … Apart from Sefer Sha'ashu'im Ibn Zabara wrote 'Battei ha-Nefesh, ' a didactic poem of 126 verses on anatomy and the functions of the organs in the human body, and a short treatise in prose for physicians” (EJ 2008). Subjects: Ibn Zabara, Joseph ben Meir, 1140? - Sefer sha’ashu’im. Sefer sha’ashu’im (Ibn Zabara, Joseph ben Meir). Title page and first leaf are a different size than rest of pages and may have been bound in from a different edition. Boards repaired. Some marginalia in pencil. Otherwise Good Condition. (GER-41-2A) (ID #37356) $120.00.




      Two Titles from the "Chief Rabbi of New York”!


    248. [Yudelovitch, Abraham Aaron [Yudelewitz]. SEFER SHEELOT U-TESHUVOT BET AV HAMISHAI: HELEK DA’AT AVRAHAM AL YOREH DE’AH. New York: Bi-Defus Rozenberg Print. Ko, 1918. First edition. Period boards. 4to. 348 pages, 34 cm. In Hebrew. Goldman, 633. Title translates to: “Responsa Beit Av Hamishai: The Opinion of Rabbi Abraham on Yoreh De’ah.” This is vol. 5 of Yudelovitch’s Beit Av series. It contains responsa that he authored while serving as a rabbi in various American and European cities. Yudelewitz (1850-1930) was a controversial, yet influential rabbi from Novogrudok, Belorussia. He was recognized as a child prodigy and studied in the Volozhin Yeshiva. He served as a rabbi in a number of Lithuanian towns before becoming the chief rabbi of Manchester in 1898. He attended the World Zionist Congress in 1903 and he immigrated to America in 1904. Yudelewitz served as a rabbi in Boston and an instructor in RlETS before becoming a rabbi in Bayonne, NJ, in 1906. He later occupied the pulpit of Beth Hamidrash Hagadol of New York (Eldridge St.; in his approbation to #645, he signed his name as the chief rabbi of New York). He served as the president of the Jewish Ministers Association, which was ostracized by the Agudath Harabbonim. He was further cut off from the rabbinical world when he published a controversial work on halitzah. When Yudelewitz died in 1930, many well known rabbis refused to attend his funeral. Among the American rabbis he ordained were Isaac Sodden, and Mordekhai Aaron Kaplan (Goldman, 2006). SUBJECTS: Responsa -- 1800-1900. Responsa -- 1900- Responsa. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (YU and Stanford). Ex-library with usual markings. Very Good Condition. Rare. (AMR-47-26) (ID #37483) $225.00.






    250. [The Chief Rabbi of New York!] Abraham Aaron Yudelovitch. ספר דרש אב SEFER DRASH AV [AND] SEFER YAD TZAR. New York, 1925. 1st edition. Later boards. 4to. 202 pages [71 pages.] 26 cm. In Hebrew. Goldman 836. First title translates as “The Book of the Sermon of the Father” and title two translates as “The Hand of Discomfort.” A collection of sermons and explanations of the Torah portions, followed by a similar attempt at examining the Book of Lamentations. Yudelovitch was a child prodigy and served as a Rabbi in his native Eastern Europe and Manchester, England, before finding himself in the United States and signing at least one document as “The Chief Rabbi of New York.” Five years after the publication of this book, he found himself embroiled in a controversy over his ruling on using a messenger in the rite of refusing a leviritical marriage. Many prominent rabbis refused to come to his funeral as a result. Taped spine. Hinges starting. Slight yellowing of paper. Otherwise Good+ Condition. (AMR-50-10) (ID #37470) $200.00.






    252. Paltrovitch, S. SEFER SIMHAT AVOT [AND] LEV AVOT. New York: A. H. Rosenberg, 130 Henry Street, 1917. 1st Edition. Later boards. 8vo. 326, 23 pages 23 cm. In Hebrew and English. Goldman 792. Title translates as “Book of the Joy of the Fathers.” Second title translates to “The Heart of the Fathers” A commentary on the Mishnah tractate Pirkei Avot, printed along with a series of sermons on the holidays. Also included is a small English supplement. SUBJECT (S) Mishnah. Avot -- Commentaries. OCLC lists only 7 copies worldwide. Slight foxing. Otherwise Very Good condition. (AMR-50-14) (ID #37607) $100.00.






    254. Freeman, Meyer. תורת מאיר … SEFER TORAT MEIR: VE-HU HIDUSHIM U-VEURIM BE-DIVRE RASHI... A COMMENTARY ON THE TALMUD. New York: Bi-Defus A. H. Rozenberg, 1904. 1st Edition. Modern Boards. 8vo. 202 pages; 26 cm. In Hebrew, with English and Hebrew title pages. English Title is, “A Commentary on the Talmud.” Goldman writes, “Freeman was born in 5603 [1843]. He studied in various hadarim and yeshivot before enrolling in the yeshivah in Volozhin at the age of sixteen. Two years later he transferred to the yeshivah of R. Mordekhai Hirsch in Kalwaria, Poland. He immigrated to America at the age of twenty (f. 3a; DRS records twenty-three) and became a shohet. He lived in New York and maintained hevrutot (regular study partnerships) with Rabbi Ze ben Nehemiah Katz (in the Mariampoler congregation) and Rabbi Solomon Siskind (preacher of the Allen St. Synagogue). He traveled to the Land of Israel in 1888. While there he was arrested by Ottoman authorities, necessitating American diplomatic intervention. Freeman had a butcher shop on New York's Lower East Side in 1900… This volume contains Freeman's supercommentary to Rashi 's commentary on the Talmud. Some of the novellae were delivered as sermons. A correspondence from Ridbaz is included.” OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide. Ex-library with Jewish institutional stamp, and perforated stamps, with usual markings. Minor damping throughout. Overall about very good condition. (AMR-49-11) (ID #37552) $125.00.






    256. Kalisch, Isidor. SEPHER YEZIRAH. A BOOK ON CREATION: OR THE JEWISH METAPHYSICS OF REMOTE ANTIQUITY. New York: L. H. Frank & Co., 1877. 1st edition, original boards, 12mo, 57, 38 pages, 20 cm. In English and Hebrew. Title translates to The Book of Creation. The first English translation of the famous mystical text, which according to tradition was received by Adam the first man, written down by the biblical patriarch Abraham, and redacted by the great talmudic Rabbi, Akiva. May confer the ability to create living creatures out of clay. Printed combined with a brief overview in English of Talmudic wisdom by the translator. Isidor Kalisch was an American Reform rabbi, and along with Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, founder of Hebrew Union College, Kalisch edited the prayerbook Minhag America, Wise’s ambitious predecessor to the Union Prayer Book. SUBJECT (S) Descriptor: Cabala -- Talmud. This copy has lovely gilded edges. Gilded tooled title. Slight yellowing of paper. Very good condition. (MX-8-5a) (ID #37455) $400.00.






    258. Samuelzohn, Zeev Volf [Samuelsohn, Zev Wolf]. SHIR HA-SHIRIM: IM PERUSH BE-SHEM HAVATSELET HA-SHARON. Philidelphia, S. Rubin And Chazan, 1905. Cloth, ix, 68 pages, 8vo. In Hebrew. Samuelsohn was from Kovno Province and he served as a rabbi in various Russian cities and in Baltimore. He was in Baltimore by 1898, when his daughter died. He was the father-in-law of Rabbi Jacob Even Frommer Halevi of New Haven. This work contains the text of Songs of Songs with Samuelsohn’s commentary (Goldman 204). Includes title page, preface, table of contents. SUBJECT(S) Bible. O. T. Song of Solomon -- Commentaries. Added title page: “Songs of Solomon, with commentary Chabazeleth hashoron by Wolf Samuelson.” OCLC lists 18 copies worldwide. Previous owner's stamps on title page. Wear and slight tears to cover binding. Otherwise, good condition. (AMR-36-21A) (ID #37314) $50.00.




      Prohibition Riases the Question: Can Grape Juice be Substituted for Wine?


    260. Louis Ginzburg. TESHUVAH BEDEVAR YEYNOTH HAKESHERIM VEHAPESULIM LEMITZVAH [RESPONSUM CONCERNING WINES PROPER AND IMPROPER FOR THE COMMANDMENT.]. New York, New Hebrew Press, 1922. 1st edition. Original paper wrappers, 8vo 71 pages. The era of Prohibition was the impetus for Prof. Louis Ginsburg of the Jewish Theological Seminary to pen this halachic responsum establishing the permissibility of utilizing grape-juice for sacramental purposes (Kiddush, Havdalah, etc). Edgwear to wrappers, otherwise Very Good Condition. (KH-5-52A) (ID #37564) $350.00.






    262. Levine, Alexander Ziskind. ספר דורש טוב לעמו SEFER DORESH TOV LE-AMO. New York: A. H. Rosenberg, 131 Henry Street, 1915. 1st edition. Later boards. 8vo. 180 pages. 22 cm. In Hebrew. Portrait of Author. Title translates to “The Book of Good Sermons for His People.” Sermons on the book of Genesis. Includes Levine’s observations on Immigrant life in America. SUBJECT (S) Jewish sermons, Hebrew. Bible. Genesis -- Commentaries. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. Spine flaking. Otherwise, Very Good Condition (AMR-50-11). (ID #37471) $200.00.






    264. Lazarov, R. Judah Leib. דברי יהודה SEFER DIVREI YEHUDAH [ALL THREE VOLUMES BOUND IN ONE]. New York: Yoel Aronson, 1910. First edition. Period boards. 8vo. 115, 73, 42 pages. 23x16 cm. In Hebrew. Goldman 735. Title translates to “The Book of Yehuda’s Statements.” This three-volume work contains discourses and lectures on the Hebrew bible. Rabbi Judah Leib Lazarov (1875-1939) was born in Kovno Province, Russia and studied in Jewish centers such as Telz, Mir, Volozhin and Radun. Prior to moving to the United States in 1898 where his career as a teacher flourished, he worked as a preacher in Lithuania. He was renowned for his scholarship and instrumental role in founding Hebrew schools. SUBJECT(S): Festival-day sermons. Bible. Pentateuch -- Sermons. Tanakh - American Judaism. No copies on OCLC. CD-EPI 0141893 (with wrong pagination); Repair to binding. Wear to boards. Minor foxing to later pages. All text is clear. Overall Good- Condition. Very Rare. (AMR-47-34) $325.00.






    266. Margolis, G. Wolf. ספר חרוזי מרגליות: כולל דרושים לעתים מזומנים ודברי חפץ לענינים שונים HARUZE MARGALIYOT [PARTS ONE AND TWO COMPLETE]. New York: Rosenberg Printing, 1919. First edition. Original ornamented boards. 8vo. 139 leaves [ie 278 pages]  + 404 + [16] pages. 23 cm. In Hebrew. Not in Goldman. Title translates to “Verses of Margaliiyot.” A prior edition of vol I only was issued 7 years ealier in Jerusalem. Rabbi Gabriel Zev ben Jehiel Isaac Margolis (1848-1935), was among the leading Orthodox rabbis in the United States. He came to the United States in 1907 at the age of 59, after a nasty dispute with Jewish socialists. He was the son-in-law of R. Nahum of Grodno, who was the spiritual mentor of Rabbi Israel Meir ha-Kohen Kagan, popularly known as the Hafetz Hayyim. He served in a number of congregations in Boston until finally moving to Adas Yisroel in Manhattan. SUBJECTS: Hebrew sermons. Jewish sermons. Bible. O. T. Pentateuch -- Sermons. OCLC lists two copies worldwide (BU and Harvard). CD 0179003. Hinges shaken, some old internal hinge repairs, blindstamp on title pages. Previous owner’s handwriting on inner cover. Overall Good Condition. (AMR-47-37A). $300.00.







    267. Benjamin, Jacob Leib. ספר חלק יעקב SEFER HELEK YA`AKOV. New York: M. Philip Publishing Co., Union Printers, 330 East Houston Street, 1915. 1st edition. Later boards. 8vo. 271 pages; 24 cm. In Hebrew. Goldman 772. Title translates as “The Book of the Portion of Jacob.” A collection of sermons organized by weekly Torah portion, and purporting to take one through the ancient quadrivium of meanings for each verse: The plain sense, the exegesis, the allusion and the mystical secret sense. SUBJECT (S): Commentaries. Bible. Pentateuch. Sermons. OCLC lists 6 copies world wide. Ex-library with usual markings. Hinges starting. Other wise Good condition. (AMR-50-9) (ID #37469) $125.00.






    269. Romanoff, Moses. ADDRESSES AND LECTURES ON VARIOUS OCCASIONS. Baltimore, Md.: M. Romanoff, 1916. 1st Edition. Modern Boards. 8vo. 142 pages; 19 cm. In English. Rabbi Romanoff served at congregation “Glory of Israel” in Brooklyn, Etz Chaim in Baltimore, and Shaare Tefilah in New Jersey. Sermons include: “The Two Conditions of Israel’s Redemption; A Reflection on War; Martyrdom; The Synagogue, the Street and the House; American Citizenship; & Work and Slavery. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- United States. OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. Ex-Library with Jewish Institutional Stamp and Usual Markings. Some damp wrinking with pages slightly discolored but text is bright and readable. Overall good condition. (AMR-48-29) (ID #37392) $100.00.






    271. Lazarov, Judah Leib. ספר מטה יהודה SEFER MATEH YEHUDAH (PARTS 1-6 COMPLETE). 1920-21. 1st edition. 8vo. Loose in period boards. 407 pages. 23 cm. In Hebrew. Goldman 839. Title translates to “The Book of the Staff of Judah” Published in 6 parts. Sermons on the weekly Torah portion. R. Judah Leib Lazarov (1875-1939) was born in Kovno Province, Russia and studied in Jewish centers such as Telz, Mir, Volozhin and Radun. Prior to moving to the United States in 1898 where his career as a teacher flourished, he worked as a preacher in Lithuania. He was renowned for his scholarship and instrumental role in founding Hebrew schools. Lazarov took pains not to refer to himself as a Rov, i.e., capable of making halakhic decisions, and insisted his role was simply that of a preacher. SUBJECTS(S) Jewish Sermons, Bible. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. Flaking and edgewear. Otherwise Good condition. (AMR-50-8A) New York, (ID# 37624 ) $350.00







    272. Coblenz, Sigmund. SEFER RIGSHE YEHUDAH; BO YEDABER ‘AL YISRA’EL VE TORATO. New York; Rozenberg, 1915. Original cloth, 8vo. 102 pages. 23cm. In Hebrew. Deinard 748. Goldman 769: “Coblenz served as the rabbi of Adath Chevrah Kadisha of Brooklyn. He was involved in Zionist activities and he delivered addresses before a Zionist convention in Scranton in Iyyar 1905 and before a Mizrahi convention in Altona (Germany?) in 5668 [1908].” This work “contains homilies, speeches and notes on prozbul” as well as an “address at a gathering for R. Dr. Meir Hildesheimer and R. Aaron Wolkin, who visited America in the winter of 5674 [1914] on behalf ofAgudath Israel.” It also includes “a sermon on Rabbi Emil Hirsch and a Reform convention in New York.” Title page is stamped “Copyright 1915 by S. Coblenz.” Bound in brown cloth with gilt title. SUBJECT(S): Jewish sermons, American; Jewish sermons, Hebrew. OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. Ex-library with minimal markings. Very good condition. (AMR-39-27A) (ID #37411) $135.00.






    274. Adler, Liebmann. SIEBENUNDFÜNFZIG VORTRÄGE ÜBER TEXTE, DEN NACHMOSAISCHEN BIBLISCHEN BÜCHERN ENTNOMMEN. DRITTER BAND DES UNTER DEM NAMEN "Z’ËNAH UR’ËNAH" ERSCHIENENEN BELEHRUNGS- UND ERBAUUNGSBUCHES [VOL. 3]. Chicago: Im Selbstverlage Des Verfassers; Wien: Druck Von Adolf Fanto, 1891. 1st Edition. Modern Boards. 8vo. 247 pages; 23 cm. Singerman 3511. In German. Title translates into English as, “Fifty-seven Lectures on Texts, Not Including the Biblical post-Mosaic Books. Volume Three Under the Name “Z’ënah Ur’ënah.” A collection of sermons by Rabbi Liebmann Adler published a year before his death in both Chicago and Germany. “American rabbi; born at Lengsfeld, near Eisenach, Saxe-Weimar, Germany, January 9, 1812; died in Chicago, Ill., January 29, 1892. He was educated in Biblical and rabbinical literature by Isaac Hess, rabbi of Lengsfeld; and, under Rabbi Kunreuther, afterward continued his Hebrew studies in Gelnhausen, as well as at the Talmudic College in Frankfort, where, among others, Rabbi Solomon Trier and Rabbi Aaron Fuld were his teachers. On leaving the college, he pursued a course of pedagogical studies at the Teachers' Seminary at Weimar, and, after graduation there, accepted the position of teacher in his native town, Lengsfeld. In 1854 Adler emigrated to America, and soon after his arrival was elected teacher and preacher of the Jewish congregation at Detroit. In 1861 he received a call from the Kehillath Anshe Ma'arabh ("Congregation of the Men of the West"), of Chicago; with which he remained connected until his death” (Jewish Encyclopedia). There, he delivered a now somewhat famous patriotic sermon honoring Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural, in March 1865. SUBJECT(S): Commentaries. Bible. Old Testament. OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. Stamp on Title Page. Paper is Browning. Overall about very good condition. (AMR-48-30) (ID #37393) $200.00.




    276. • Heller, Nahman. DANIYEL VE-`EZRA: `IM TARGUM `IVRI LE-FARSHIYOT HA-ARAMIYOT: NOSFU GAM TARGUM ANGLIT VI-YEHUDIT (IDISH) `IM PERUSHIM U-VEURIM HA-NEKUVIM BI-SHEMOT RAHAMIM BA-DIN, VE-`EZRAT YISRAEL. New York: Druk Fun A. H. Rozenberg., 1913. Cloth, 8vo. 176, xxx pages. In Aramaic, Hebrew, Yiddish, and English. SUBJECT (S): Bible, O. T. -- Daniel; Bible O. T. -- Ezra. OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide. Spots of back cover, spine worn, lower corner bumped, ex library with usual markings, good condition. The seldom seen 1913 edition. (AMR-17-4A).  (ID #37418) $50.00.





    278. Bissell, Edwin Cone: Brown, Charles Rufus; Carrier, Augustus S. שמואל א THE FIRST BOOK OF SAMUEL IN HEBREW WITH A VOCABULARY. Morgan Park, Ill., American Publication Society Of Hebrew, 1884. 1st edition. New boards. 8vo. 85, [1] pages. 19 cm. 19th century American Hebrew edition of the Book of Samuel. Authors are all noted 19th century Hebraists. SUBJECT (S) Hebrew language -- Glossaries, vocabularies, etc. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. Ex-library with usual markings. Otherwise Very Good Condition. (AMR-50-6) (ID #37464) $50.00.






    280. Snowden, Keighley. MYTH AND LEGEND IN THE BIBLE [AUTHOR INSCRIBED TO BARNETT ELZAS]. London, Watts & Co., 1915. 1st Edition. Original Boards. 8vo. 200 pages; 20 cm. In English. James 'Keighley' Snowden (1860-1947) is mostly known for writing stories about Yorkshire. He worked for the Yorkshire Post and the Daily Mail. In an author’s note, Snowden writes, “This is a book for ordinary readers. As a journalist, I have tried to make its story as plain and interesting as anything in the newspapers. The facts it contains will come as a great surprise to many people; but this is not because they are new knowledge - it is only because they have not been popularized… The truth about the Bible, a popular book, ought not to be so technically told.” SUBJECT(S): Jewish legends. Jewish mythology. This copy belonged to Rabbi Barnett Abraham Elzas. Elzas was the Rabbi at Beth Elohim congregation in Charleston, S. C. And wrote several books and articles on the Jews of South Carolina and Charleston. Inscribed “To Dr. Barnett A Elzas… Charleston. Jan 6. 1927” on first page. Some foxing on title page. Otherwise in very good condition. (AMR-47-10) (ID #36852) $100.00.






    282. Herder, Johann Gottfried. THE SPIRIT OF HEBREW POETRY. COMPLETE IN 2 VOLUMES. Burlington [Vt.] E. Smith, 1833. 1st English Edition. Modern Boards 8vo. 2 volumes: [293], 320 pages; 19 cm. In English. Translated from the German by James Marsh. Singerman 0548. “Johann Gottfried (1744 –1803) was a German philosopher, theologian, poet, and literary critic. He is associated with the periods of Enlightenment, Sturm und Drang, and Weimar Classicism… He argued that Jews in Germany should enjoy the full rights and obligations of Germans, and that the non-Jews of the world owed a debt to Jews for centuries of abuse, and that this debt could be discharged only by actively assisting those Jews who wished to do so to regain political sovereignty in their ancient homeland of Israel” (Wikipeida, 2016). SUBJECT(S): Hebrew poetry, Biblical -- History and criticism. Ex-library with Jewish Institutional Stamp and Usual Markings. Both volumes have foxing. Some notes throughout. Overall Good+ Condition. (AMR-48-26) (ID #37389) $135.00.






    284. Maurice Fluegel. SPIRIT OF THE BIBLICAL LEGISLATION IN PARALLEL WITH TALMUD, MORALISTS, CASUISTS, NEW TESTAMENT, ANCIENT AND MODERN LAW; ESPECIALLY THE SOCIAL AND POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS. Baltimore: Press Of The Sun Book And Job Printing Office, 1893. Modern boards, 8vo., VI, 248 pages. Singerman 4501. First edition. R. Dr. Maurice Fluegel (1832-1911) was a rabbi, author, and historian. He began to write at 20 years of age and published his works successfully at Leipzig and Paris where he had studied at the Sorbonne. He immigrated to America in 1864 and occupied his time with promoting education so as to prevent his pupils from living on handouts and charity. Pages lightly tanned, Ex-Library with light markings. Very good condition. (SPEC-13-1A) (ID #37575) $45.00.






    286. Zucker, Rabbi Yerachmiel Gedalya. TOYRE UN IDENTUM: TORAH AND THE JEW [ISSUES 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 ONLY]. St. Louis, MO, 1926. First edition. Period boards. All issues bound together. 4to. 40, 31, 27, 27, 31 pages. 30 cm. In English and Yiddish. This scarce Yiddish-English periodical was started in 1922 by Rabbi Zucker. It focuses on matters related to Judaism and the Hebrew Bible. Articles cover a variety of Biblical stories and topics. Additionally, each issue features articles on the holiday of the month, along with the relevant laws. SUBJECTS: Judaism -- Periodicals. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide with no copies outside the U. S. Very Good Condition. (AMR-47-41) (ID #37526) $150.00.






    288. SEDER HA-HAGADAH LE-LEL SHIMURIM: ERZÄHLUNG VON DEM AUSZUGE ISRAELS AUS EGYPTEN, AN DEN BEIDEN ERSTEN PESSACH-ABENDEN. New York: L. H. Frank'schen Buchhandlung, 1875. Period-style half leather and marbled boards, 12mo, 70 pages; 20 cm. In Hebrew with German translation on opposite pages. Attractive American Haggadah from just before the U.S. Centennial. SUBJECT (S): Seder -- Liturgy -- Texts. Judaism -- Liturgy Haggadah -- Texts. Haggadah. Toning and light wear to pages, period margin stamps on 2 pages, Very Good Condition. Attractive. (AMR-51-5) (ID #37587) $500.00.






    290. Klopper, Herman; Russotto, Henry. מתנה מאת ישיבת רבנו שלמה קלוגער MATNAH ME’ET YESHIVAT RABBEINU SHLOMO KLUGER. New York: Aaron Flohr, 1941. Later boards, 12mo, 63 Pages, 18 cm. In Hebrew and English. Title translates to, “A Souvenir of The Rabbi Solomon Kluger School.” The wartime plea for donations includes a reference to the over a hundred “refugee boys” that the Yeshiva felt responsible for. This is a Holocaust-era reprint of Haggadah Shel Pesach The Seder Service For The First Two Nights Of Passover (1915) for the Yeshivat Rabbeinu Shlomo Kluger. It contains illustrations and a musical arrangement for Hodu Ladonoj by Henry Russotto, a popular Yiddish music arranger of the early 20th century. This edition served as a form of solicitation for donations to Yeshivat Shlomo Kluger, as well as a form of community outreach or “Kiruv”. Yeshivat Shlomo Kluger, named after the famous Galician Rabbi, stood on Houston Street and served the Lower East Side. SUBJECT(S) Haggadot -- Commentaries Slight yellowing. Loose end papers. Ex-library with minimal markings. Otherwise very good condition. (Hag-18-25) (ID #37456) $225.00.






    292. Moses, Isaac S., and Adolph Moses, compilers. SEDER HAGADAH: DOMESTIC SERVICE FOR THE EVE OF PASSOVER (ADAPTED FROM THE GERMAN OF LEOPOLD STEIN). New York: No Publisher, 1907. Softcover, 12mo, 56 pages, music, 19 cm. Other Titles: Haggadah. English. Selections. Moses (1847-1926) was a “U. S. Reform rabbi. Moses, who was born in Zaniemysl, Poznan, had not completed his education before he settled in the United States in the early 1870s. He was appointed to rabbinic positions in Quincy, Illinois, Milwaukee, and Chicago. In 1901 he became rabbi of the Central Synagogue, New York, where he remained until his retirement in 1919. In his early days in the United States, Moses was considered a radical Reformer, but later he took a more moderate position. In 1884 he introduced his own prayer book (Tefillat Yisrael). Moses was a founding member of the Central Conference of American Rabbis and a member of the Reform committee charged with compiling an official prayer book. The appearance of the Union Prayer Book in 1894 has been credited to his personal initiative in preparing and circulating a manuscript when the committee’s work seemed to be leading nowhere. Moses also published a number of sermons and textbooks for children. His Sabbath School Hymnal, first issued in 1894, ran into 14 editions. While in Milwaukee, he edited the weekly Der Zeitgeist” (Temkin in EJ, 2007). SUBJECT (S): Reform Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. Seder. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (George Wash, Hebrew Union). Ex-library with usual markings. Very good condition. (SEF-21-26A)  (ID #37313) $50.00.







    294. Huebsch, Adolph. [SEDER TEFILAH] GEBETE FÜR DEN ÖFFENTLICHEN GOTTESDIENST DER TEMPELGEMEINDE AHAWATH CHESED. VOL I. New York: Rubens & Freund, 1875. Original Boards. 8vo. 249 pages; 15cm. In German with German and Hebrew. Title translates into English as, “Order For Sabbath, Festivals, And Weekdays: Prayers for the Public Worship of the Temple Congregation Ahawath Chesed.” Singerman 2511. Huebsch was born in Liptovsky Svaty Mikulas, Hungary, in 1830. He served as an Orthodox rabbi before earning a Ph. D. From the University of Prague in 1861. In that year he became the rabbi of the Neu- Synagogue in Prague and in 1866 he left for America to become the rabbi of Ahawath Chesed in New York. It was under his direction that the synagogue adopted certain reforms. Huebsch was a founder of HUC. He died in 1884. Huebsch first published (this work) in 1872 because the revision of ‘Minhag America, ’ begun in 1869, was taking too long. Although (it) contains less Hebrew than Minhag America and omits many more prayers, according to Eric L. Friedland ‘it is a prime example of what can be seen as a subtle gradation between Reform and Conservative liturgies... The many ab initio Hebrew alterations and the translational permutations notwithstanding, the Huebsch rite has, after all is said and done, a remarkably traditional aspect.’" (Goldman, 62) OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Back hinge starting, some edgewear on boards. In about very good condition. (AMR-47-14) (ID #36888) $1500.00.






    296. Merzbacher, Leo; Adler, Samuel. סדר תפלה [SEDER TEFILAH] THE ORDER OF PRAYER FOR DIVINE SERVICE. New York: M. Thalmessinger, 1864. 3rd Edition. Period boards. 8vo. 299 pages; 17 cm. In English and Hebrew. Singerman, 1845. “Adler was born in Worms in 1809 and he studied with R. Jacob Bamberger. After earning a Ph. D. At the University of Giessen, he became a preacher and then a district rabbi. He attended the rabbinical conferences in Germany, where he identified himself as a proponent of Reform. Adler immigrated to America in 1857 to succeed Merzbacher as the rabbi of Temple Emanu-El and he remained in this position until 1874. He published a number of monographs and was the honorary president of the CCAR. Adler died in 1891. His son was Felix Adler… This reform prayer book contains Adler's division of Merzbacher's daily, festival, and New Year's liturgies [#41]. Adler originally published his revision in 1860; he published the second volume in 1873. Adler's edition was reprinted a number of times as late as 1891 [Wachs #449] and Temple Emanu- El continued to use it until 1895, when it adopted the Union Prayer Book. The appended hymnal of the 1864 edition contains only German text (pp. <1-32»; English translations and five additional hymns were included in the hymnal of the 1881 edition [#68]. For variant collations of the 1864 edition, see Wachs…” (Goldman, 68) OCLC lists 12 copies worldwide. All edges gilt. Ex-library with Jewish Instiutional Stamp and Usual Markings. Some foxing. About very good condition. (AMR-48-9) (ID #37364) $500.00.





      Scarce "Not-Reform-Enough" Prayerbook Forcibly Recalled by David Einhorn and His Followers in the Reform Movement


    298. [TEFILOT YISRA'EL]. TEFILOT YISRA'EL. UNION PRAYER BOOK. AS ADOPTED BY THE CENTRAL CONFERENCE OF AMERICAN RABBIS. [PART I: THE SABBATH, THE THREE FESTIVALS, AND THE DAILY PRAYERS]. Chicago, Published By The Ritual Committee, 1892. 1st edition. Original Leather binding, 8vo, 260, 140 pages. Singerman 4357. The scarce true first edition, quickly recalled after publication by the Reform movement because of opposition led by the Einhorn wing. “Rabbi Wise's intent notwithstanding, Minhag America was not universally accepted. Neither was the first draft of the Union Prayer Book (UPB), the prayer book which the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) planned to publish based on Minhag America. For by the time the CCAR was ready to release the Union Prayer Book in 1892, a more radically Reform wing, led by Rabbi David Einhorn of Baltimore, had the votes to change the CCAR's direction away from its centrist origins. The 1892 version of the UPB was actually recalled, at considerable expense; its replacement, published in 1895 as the ‘first edition’ of theUnion Prayer Book, was more in keeping with the tenets of Classical Reform” (Stevens, in Reform Judaism, 2006)]. OCLC lists 17 copies worldwide. Spine rebacked, otherwise about Very Good Condition. (AMR-51-7) (ID #37589) $550.00.






    300. Kadushin, J. L. BERIT YITSHAK: KOLEL 1) DINE ERUSIN VE-NISUIN... 2) DINE MILAH... 3) DINE PIDYON HA-BEN... 4) DINE BAR MITSVAH... 5)DERUSHIM... BERITH YITZCHAK [LAWS, SERMONS AND SERVICES FOR MARRIAGE, CIRCUMCISION AND ALL OTHER LIFE-CYCLE OCCASIONS [&]. TZION: PART II OF BERITH YITZCHAK, PRAYERS AND SPEECHES FOR HOLIDAYS AND OTHER OCCASIONS. [Complete]. New York: A. H. Rosenberg., 1897-1898. 4to. 81, 39 pages. In Hebrew and English. Singerman 5198; Deinard, Koheleth America101 and 693. The author, who received impressive rabbinic ordinations from the greatest Lithuanian Rabbis and held posts as Dayan and Rosh Yeshiva in Minsk, apparently could only find employment as a Mohel upon emigrating to the United States. His sermons are quaint and interesting. For an address for delivery at a wedding ceremony he states, “It is the duty of a woman to be her husband’s friend and adviser, his companion and co-sufferer in all that concerns both of them” (Part I, p. 69). The book contains testimonials to his skill as a Mohel from four prominent physicians on the Lower East Side, plus an interesting report of the circumcision of a 22-year old man “who rose at once and drank to the health of the Jewish nation” (Part 1, p. 10). SUBJECT(S): Rabbis – handbooks, manuals, etc. OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide. Covers are worn. Hinges have been repaired. Pages browning. Overall still in Good Condition. (k-AMR-20-19) (ID #37334) $225.00.






    302. Shoenbrun, Emanuel (Menachem Mendel). BET SOFER. JEWISH HOUSE TEACHER: FOR MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN. Cleveland, Ohio: H. Rosenberg, 1909. 1st Edition. Original Boards with Original Paper Wrappers bound inside. 8vo. 64 pages; 20 cm. In English and Hebrew. Not in Goldman. A rare book outlining Jewish practices, rituals, and prayers for the home by Rabbi Emanuel Shoenbrun. Shoenbrun, born in Kapush, Hugnary, in 1859, was the rabbi at Knesseth Israel Temple in Cleveland. SUBJECT (S): Judaism -- Prayers and devotions. OCLC lists just 3 copies worldwide (BPL, NLI, HUC). Illustrations throughout of Jews performing various rituals. Cover is worn. Some edgewear. Inside pages in about very good condition. (AMR-48-49) (ID #37427) $300.00.






    304. [L. H. Frank]. COMPLETE MACHZOR SET. H. Sakolski, New York, 1882. Original Boards. 8vo. 5 volumes. 19 cm. A complete copy of L. H. Frank’s Machsor printed in 5 volumes in 1882 for Passover, Pentecost, Tabernacle, Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur. (Goldman 46). In beautiful condition. Brown boards with inlaid gold design. All edges gilt. Inside pages are bright and. Very little wear. Small period number on spine, Overall very good+ condition. A gorgeous set. (AMR-48-33) (ID #37398) $1000.00.






    306. Szold, Benjamin; Jastrow, Marcus; Hochheimer, Henry. ISRAELITISCHES GEBETBUCH: FÜR DEN OEFFENTLICHEN GOTTESDIENST IM GANZEN JAHRE [BOUND WITH, AS ISSUED] GESAENGE UND GEBETE FUER DEN OEFFENTLICHEN GOTTESTDIENST DER ISRAELITEN. Baltimore: Mühsam Und Siemers, 1871. Original Boards. 8vo. [vi], 590, 104 pages; 19 cm. In German with Hebrew. Title translates into English as, “Jewish Prayer Book: For Public Worship Throughout The Year.” Singerman 2280 (2nd variant). A native of Nemiskert, Hungary, Benjamin Szold (1829-1902) studied as a young man at the Pressburg Yeshivah under the leadership Rabbi Benjamin Wolf. Later, Szold came under the influence of Z. Frankel, H. Graetz and J. Bernays at the Breslau Rabbinical Seminary. In 1858, Szold accepted an invitation to become Rabbi in Baltimore, where he led Congregation Oheb Shalom to be one of the foremost synagogues in the United States. His daughter, Henrietta Szold (1860-1945) founded the Hadassah Women's Organization and Youth Aliyah. See EJ, Vol. XV, cols. 664-5 SUBJECT(S): Reform Judaism -- Liturgy – Texts -- Jewish religious poetry. OCLC lists 12 copies worldwide. Original spine torn and some wear on boards. Inside pages very clear. Overall in good + condition. (AMR-47-13) (ID #36886) $1500.00. • Szold, Benjamin. ISRAELITISCHES GEBETBUCH FÜR DIE HUSLICHE ANDACHT. Baltimore: Wm. Volmner, 1867. 1st edition. Original publisher’s binding, 12mo, 264, 11 pages; 19 cm. In German. Wachs 153, Deinard 247, Singerman 2019. Goldman 54: "After publishing [Avodat Yisrael] for his congregation in 1864, Szold issued [Higayon lev]. This supplement for domestic worship contains prayers and other materials for private and family use, including: a Haggadah; prayers for women and children; private devotional prayers for various occasions; abbreviated daily, Sabbath and festival liturgies; selections from Pirkei Avot/Ethics of the Fathers; hymns; an essay on the Jewish calendar; the Decalogue with annotations; and other religious literature. A later edition was edited by Marcus Jastrow, who introduced many changes.” SUBJECT (S): Jewish calendar. OCLC lists only 4 copies worldwide (Towson, HUC, Gratz, NLI), none in New York. Scarce and important. Original boards somewhat worn, hinge repaired, bookplate, solid about Good+ condition. (ID #36980) $2000.00.






    308. Merzbacher, Leo; Adler, Samuel; [Adler, Felix]. THE ORDER OF PRAYER FOR DIVINE SERVICE; [BOUND WITH] HYMNS FOR DIVINE SERVICE IN THE TEMPLE EMANU-EL. New York, 1879, [1871]. Modern Boards. All edges gilt. 8vo. Xvii, [1]-181, [1]-71, [1] (= 270 pages total); 18 cm. In English and Hebrew. From Temple Emanu-el in New York City. At the time of publication, Emanu-El “was the leading Reform congregation in the US” (Wikipedia, 2016). This scarce 1879 edition of “The Order of Prayer for Divine Service” is unknown to Goldman and Singerman; it was published in 1879 by John Medole & Son, Book and Job printers, 73 to 79 Fulton Street. Here, it is bound with, “Hymns, for Divine service in The Temple Emanu-El,” which contain what are almost certainly the first published works of Felix Adler (at 20 years old), son of Rabbi Samuel Adler, and founder of the Ethical Culture Movement. OCLC lists just 1 copy of the 1879 prayer book worldwide (Harvard) and 9 copies of the hymnal. Ex-library with Jewish Institutional Stamp. Very good condition. (AMR-48-21) (ID #37383) $825.00.






    310. Krauskopf, Joseph. THE SCHOOL SERVICE. Philadelphia, O. Klonower, 1900. Period Boards. 8vo. 52 pages; 20 cm. Unknown to Singerman. “Joseph Krauskopf (1858 - 1923) was a prominent American rabbi, author, leader of Reform Judaism, founder of the National Farm School (now Delaware Valley University), and long-time (1887-1923) rabbi at Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel (KI), the oldest reform synagogue in Philadelphia which under Krauskopf, became the largest reform congregation in the nation” (Wikipeida, 2016). OCLC lists 4 copies of an earlier 1894 copy. (NYPL, JTS, UC Berkeley, HUC), none of this 1900 edition. Wear throughout. Copy belonged to a child named Sadie Mendel and has her name and book plate. Good condition. (AMR-48-19) (ID #37377) $200.00.






    312. Hirshovitz, Abraham Eliezer. SEFER MINHAGE YESHURUN [IDISHE MINHOGIM]. Vilna: S. P. Garber, 1914. Later marbled boards. 8vo. 286 pages. 23 cm. In Yiddish. Portrait of author, Author’s stamp opposite. Abraham Hirschowitz, working in Warsaw, Kovno and Pittsburgh, PA, was a preacher and teacher of children who contributed to both the Yiddish and the Hebrew press in America and Europe. This is the Yiddish translation of his 1892 Hebrew work of the same name (Goldman 583), an attempt to trace about 280 customs back to their origins in the history of the Jewish people. SUBJECT(S) Judaism -- Customs and practices. OCLC lists 16 copies worldwide. Spine taped, some edgewear, Otherwise very good condition. (AMR-50-16) (ID #37609) $50.00.





      Unknown to Goldman and Singerman


    314. תפלת ישראל TEFILAT YISRAEL. PRAYERS OF ISRAEL. New York: Henry Frank, 1856. Original leather Boards. 8vo. 172 pages; 20 cm. In Hebrew and English on opposite pages with English Title Page. This variant (1856, 5th edition) unknown to Goldman and Singerman. English title is, “Prayers of Israel with an English Translation.” Goldman lists a later 1860 edition (also labeled as a fifth edition) and notes, “This traditional prayer book with an English translation was originally published in 5609 [1849] by Henry Frank (Wachs #32) [and Singerman 1023]. …The fifth edition (1860) was the first published under the imprint of L. H. Frank.” SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. Loss of bottom third of 2 leaves, crude repairs to an additional 2 leaves, otherwise good with beautiful period full gilt-tooled leather binding. (AMR-48-28) (ID #37391) $950.00.








    316. National Jewish Committee On Scouting. THE NER TAMID GUIDE FOR BOY SCOUTS AND EXPLORERS: A HANDBOOK OF BASIC INFORMATION FOR THE NER TAMID AWARD. New Brunswick, New Jersey:national Jewish Committee On Scouting, 1958. First edition. Original paper wrappers. 12mo. 58 pages. 21 cm. “On February 8, 1910, William Boyce helped found the Boy Scouts of America. Shortly after the BSA’s founding, Boyce met with Mortimer Schiff, a prominent Jewish financier, and William Mitchell, the national president of the YMWHA (Young Mens and Womens Hebrew Association). Both men thought that Jews and Jewish institutions should be involved in the movement based on the similar program run by Lord Baden-Powell in England. In 1913, the first Jewish troop was formed at the 92nd Street YMWHA in New York City. In 1926, the National Jewish Committee on Scouting (NJCOS) was formed and later chartered by the BSA National Council. Membership in the Scouting movement continued to grow and by 1957, 1, 367 troops were chartered to Jewish religious and fraternal institutions throughout the United States. There were an estimated 100, 000 Jewish Scouts registered in both Jewish and non-Jewish sponsored Scout troops” ( SUBJECTS: Scouts - Boy Scouts. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Near Fine Condition. (AMR-47-32) (ID #37490) $45.00.






    318. Young Judaea, Inc. POEMS FOR YOUNG JUDAEANS. New York: Young Judaea., 1925. 16mo. 184 pages. YOUNG JUDAEA, U.S. Zionist youth organization. Founded in 1909 Young Judaea drew its members from Jewish students. The original group was led by Emanuel Neumann. It formulated as its goals the advancement of the cause of Zionism; furthering the mental, moral, and physical development of Jewish youth; and the promotion of Jewish cultural ideas in accordance with Jewish tradition. It was affiliated with the Zionist Organization of America and published a journal, the Young Judaean, originally edited by Henrietta Szold. In 1940 it came under the jurisdiction of the American Zionist Youth Commission, a joint effort of Hadassah and the ZOA and in 1967 became the sole responsibility of Hadassah. The first settlers in Israel from the Young Judaea movement arrived during World War I, among them members of the Jewish Legion. At its peak of membership (1948) Young Judaea had over 30,000 members, but along with other Zionist groups in the U.S. it suffered a decline in membership following the establishment of the State of Israel. Each year thousands of young people age 8–18 attend its clubs, conventions, activities, and six summer camps including Tel Yehudah, the movement's senior leadership camp in Barryville, New York. Its Year Course program, founded in 1956, brings more than 400 young people annually to Israel during a "gap year" between high school and college, for a 10-month program of study, community volunteering, and intense engagement with Israeli society. A variety of other programs involve visits to Israel for high school and college students. The Hamagshimim program is for college students up to age 30. In 1973 a group of its members founded kibbutz Keturah in the Aravah. SUBJECT (S): Jewish religious poetry; Zionism - poetry; Yiddish literature - translations into English. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Ex-library. Very Good Condition (SPEC-7-14) (ID #37332) $50.00.





    320. Allman, Herbert David. A UNIQUE INSTITUTION; THE STORY OF THE NATIONAL FARM SCHOOL [AUTHOR INSCRIBED]. Philadelphia; Printed For The Author By The Jewish Publication Society Of America, 1935. Original Wraps. 8vo. XIV, 222 pages. 24 cm. Second edition. Extensively documented history of the National Farm School, with 63 illustrations, and endpage fold out maps. “Founded by Rabbi Joseph Krauskopf in 1896, the National Farm School was designed to train Jewish urban youth to become farmers. The school was used primarily, first, by East European Jewish immigrants then, later, by Nazi-era refugees.” (American Jewish Archives) “National Farm School: American institution having for its object the training of Jewish lads in practical and scientific agriculture; situated at Farm School, Doylestown, Bucks County, Pa. The founding of the school was proposed in 1894 by the Rev. Dr. Joseph Krauskopf, after his return from a visit to the towns within the Pale of Settlement in Russia. […] The course of instruction covers four years and is designed to give a thorough training in practical and scientific agriculture. The subjects of instruction in class-room, supplemented by field-work, are as follows: improved methods employed in the various operations of farming, use of farm machinery, treatment of soils, value of fertilizers, management of crops, feeding of and caring for stock, dairy operations (including butter-and cheese-making), poultry-keeping, breeding, diseases of plants and animals, insects in their relation to crops, gardens, and fruit-trees, greenhouse- and nursery-work, truck-gardening, fruit-growing, and landscape-gardening. […]The school is under the management of a board of trustees, and in charge of an agricultural faculty, of which John H. Washburn, Ph. D. (Göttingen), is the head. It is supported by subscription and by subvention from the state of Pennsylvania and the Federation of Jewish Charities of Philadelphia” (1906 Jewish Encyclopedia). Subjects: Doylestown, Pennsylvania. National Farm School. Jewish Agricultural Training. Light wear to wraps and outer edges, otherwise fresh. Very Good Condition. (AMR-39-19A) (ID #37333) $30.00.






    322. Levine, Herman J.; Miller, Benjamin. THE AMERICAN JEWISH FARMER IN CHANGING TIMES. New York: Jewish Agricultural Society., 1966. 4to. 100 pages. SUBJECT (S): Jewish farmer – United States; Jews – United States. Covers a little yellowed, very good condition. (k-AMR-17-31A) (ID #37570) $30.00.






    324. Jewish Agricultural Society. JEWS IN AMERICAN AGRICULTURE: THE HISTORY OF FARMING BY JEWS IN THE UNITED STATES. New York: Jewish Agricultural Society, 1954. Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 62 pages. Illustrated. Frontis portrait. A paperback pamphlet published on the occasion of the tercentenary of Jews in America on the history of Jews involved in agriculture in the United States. SUBJECT (S): Jewish Farmers-United States-History-Jews. Gilt lettering on cover. In Very Good condition. (AMRN-14-13A). (ID #37540) $20.00.








    326. Weisser, Joshua, Ed. CHAZANUTH: 40TH ANNIVERSARY JOURNAL: PUBLISHED BY THE JEWISH MINISTERS CANTORS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA ON THE OCCASION OF ITS FORTIETH JUBILEE. New York; The Jewish Ministers Cantors' Association Of America, 1937. Publishers cloth. 4to. 112, [2], 272 p. Pages. 32 cm. Illustrated. First edition. In English, and Yiddish. Yiddish section printed from back to front. Yiddish text has its own title page. Fascimile of congratulatory message from Franklin D. Roosevelt. Photographs throughout. Includes portraits and biographical sketches of member cantors, as well as music and advertisements. Articles by musiclogists A. Z. Idelsohn and Gerson Ephros, among others. “The period from the end of the 19th century until World War II is described as the "Golden Era of Hazzanut." Cantorial music had a singular appeal to the Jewish masses, who would fill their synagogues to overflowing in order to hear an outstanding hazzan. Improved communications enabled leading hazzanim to tour Jewish communities on a far greater scale than previously, thus increasing their reputations, sometimes to legendary proportions. They were equated with the great operatic tenors of the time, whose style they grew to imitate” (Jewish Minsters Cantors Association of America) Editorial Committee: Joshua Weisser, Chairman, Jacob Beimel, Gershon Ephros, Pinchus Jassinowsky, Louis Lipitz, Joseph Morgenstern, Ephraim Spivack, Elias Zaludkowsky. Subjects: Jews -- Music. Yiddish language -- Texts. OCLC lists 4. (Yale, Bogazici Univ, HUC, Natl. Lib. Of Israel.) Bright and clean gold binding with light shelf-wear, pages fresh, very good condition. (AMR-43-18)  (ID #36628) $150.00.






    328. Kaiser, Alois; William Sparger; Jewish Women's Congress (1893; Chicago, Ill.). A COLLECTION OF THE PRINCIPAL MELODIES OF THE SYNAGOGUE: FROM THE EARLIEST TIME TO THE PRESENT. Chicago; T. Rubovits, Publisher, 1893. Original Cloth. 4to. XVII, 197 pages. 28 cm. First edition. Cover title: Songs of Zion; Souvenir of the Jewish Women's Congress. Sheet music for various combinations of voices, partly with piano or organ acc. "Souvenir of the Jewish Women's Congress held under the auspices of the World's Parliament of Religions," 1893 Columbian Exposition. Includes preface and introductory essay on the liturgical chant of the synagogue. “Songs of Zion—the Souvenir [book] of the Jewish Women’s Congress held under the Auspices of the World’s Parliament of Religions, an auxiliary ('The World’s Congress Auxiliary') of the World’s Columbian Exhibition (World’s Fair) in Chicago in 1893. This sui generis, rather quizzical, and now rare volume was commissioned and sponsored by that Jewish women’s organization through its designated volunteer committee of sixteen women from prominent and philanthropic Chicago families in the city’s business and Reform Jewish community—most if not all of whom could boast German-Jewish lineage. (Included in that committee was the wife of Rabbi Moses—author of the preliminary but replaced edition of the Union Prayerbook—as well as one member identified as 'Miss Sadie American. '). Compiled and edited by Cantors Alois Kaiser and William Sparger, the volume was conceived as a classically acceptable demonstration to the world of Jewish liturgical music heritage and its place in Western culture. With the World’s Fair and the related Parliament of Religions as a convenient forum and an inviting opportunity, it was intended to introduce the Parliament’s non-Jewish delegates and attendees—including distinguished clergymen from many parts of the world, representing virtually every 'legitimate' world religion—to what they perceived as Judaism’s sacred music legacy. Preceded by an introductory essay by the editors on the history of synagogue music, the principal section comprised fifty authentic melodies of minhag Ashkenaz (which in turn included a few adopted tunes from the Western/Amsterdam, or 'Portuguese' tradition). These were all highly stylized in Western-type four-part arrangements and settings, with conventional harmonies and trite harmonic clichés to ensure the appearance of respectability and to mediate anything that might otherwise come across as overly exotic or unrefined in Western terms.” - Milken Archive. Subjects: Jewish Women's Congress (1893; Chicago, Ill.). Synagogue music. Jewish hymns. Binding repaired. Light wear to covers. Overall Good Condition. (WOMEN-1-18A)  (ID #37326) $225.00.






    330. Temple Emanu-El, (James Koppel Gutheim) [Felix Adler]. HYMNS FOR DIVINE SERVICE IN THE TEMPLE EMANU-EL. New York: Temple Emanu-el; M. Thalmessinger, 1871. 1st Edition. Modern Cloth, all edges gilt. 12mo. 71 pages; 18 cm. Contains what are almost certainly the first published works of Felix Adler (at 20 years old), founder of the Ethical Culture Movement. James Koppel Gutheim (1817-1886) was the rabbi of Congregation Shangarai Chasset of New Orleans. He was an influential figure in New Orleans, and served as president of the New Orleans Board of Education. “In 1863… he refused to take the oath of allegiance to the Union after New Orleans was recaptured. He fled New Orleans, and served as rabbi to Jewish congregations in Montgomery, Alabama, and Columbus, Georgia. Gutheim returned to New Orleans after the Civil War, to serve as Shangarai Chasset's rabbi, but left to serve in New York’s Temple Emanuel in 1868. In 1872 he once again returned to New Orleans to become minister of the New Orleans Temple Sinai, where he preached until his death.” (Wikipedia, 2016) This hymnal was compiled while Gutheim served at Temple Emanu-el in New York, where Felix Adler’s father, Samuel Adler, had been the Head Rabbi since 1857. At the time, Emanu-El “was the leading Reform congregation in the US.” (Wikipedia, 2016) Most of the 37 hymnals are by Gutheim, but 6 (including 4 original compositions) are by Felix Adler, Samuel Adler’s son. Felix Adler (1851-1933) would later found the Ethical Culture movement. While training to become a Rabbi in Heidelberg from 1871-1873 he was strongly influenced by neo-Katianism notions that one cannot prove or disprove the existence of a deity or immortality, and that morality can be established independently of theology. Giving up his Rabbinic studies, Adler founded the Ethical Culture Society in 1877 and the Workingman’s School (a free elementary school, which would become the Ethical Culture School) in 1878. The four original hymns, written before Adler rejected the notion of a Jewish God, are religious. They also show Adler’s esteem for Education. In “School Hymn,” he writes, “But what flower is so fragrant, so sweet and so fair/As the flower of truth blooming here—.” OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. SUBJECT(S): Jewish hymns. Very good+ condition.  (AMR-47-15) (ID #36825) $400.00.






    332. Institute Of Hazanauth (Jacob Schwartz). INSTITUTE OF HAZANUTH, SEASON 1924-1925. New York, 1925. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers with full page photo of Director Jacob Schwartz. 8vo. 2 leaves 23 cm. This is a program from the Institute of Hazanauth, founded by Jacob Schwartz. At the time of its founding, Schwartz and others considered the Institute the only school in America for the training of cantors along modern lines. Schwartz served as cantor at B’nai Jeshurun, the third oldest Ashkenazi synagogue in the United States, from 1914 to 1953, working alongside Rabbi Israel Goldstein for nearly 40 years. He also served as president of the Jewish Ministers Cantors’ Association of America. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. In about very good condition. (Music-7-10) (ID #36810) $100.00.






    334. Hecht, Simon. זמרות ישראל JEWISH HYMNS FOR SABBATH-SCHOOLS AND FAMILIES. Cincinnati: Bloch Pub. Co., 1888. Period Boards with Original Paper Wrappers on Cover. 8vo. 55 pages; 19 cm. In Hebrew and English. A scarce 1888 edition of Simon Hecht’s book of “Jewish Hymns for Sabbath Schools and Families.” "The ready sale of my hymn-book proved that my opinion of the influence of Music in religious schools was correct. Since the first edition appeared this subject has been repeatedly discussed and an offer was made by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations of a prize for the best Jewish Hymn-book for the use of Sabbath Schools. I have done my best to meet this want more completely in this edition. If on examination it shall be proven that some one else has done better, I shall be sorry for myself, but very glad for the schools in whose interest I have toiled. The favorable reception of my first edition has induced me to spare no pains nor expense to improve and enlarge the present one [to fifty-two English and German hymns with music]... As my chief design has been to meet the wants of the children who need easy and pleasant melodies I have avoided all musical pomp and sought to keep the tunes within the range of their voices... The reader will not only find here pieces of a purely religious character, but also such as treat Universal Moral Subjects. I also thought it proper to insert some patriotic hymns, for while we are Jews, we are also Citizens of America finding beneath the protection of stars and stripes equal rights and liberty with all... (Other Editions Include…) Cincinnati: Bloch, 1888 [Wachs #376]…” (Goldman, 289) OCLC lists no copies of this edition worldwide. Paper browning slightly, and cover has some wear. Overall about very good condition. (AMR-48-10) (ID #37365) $500.00.






    336. Bernstein, Leonard; Campbell-Watson, F. LAMENTATION; (FINALE "JEREMIAH" SYMPHONY). New York; Harms, 1945. Original Paper Wrappers. 4to. 8 pages; 31 cm. In Hebrew. This is the final movement of “Jeremiah,” Leonard Bernstein’s first symphony, arranged here for Mezzo Soprano with Piano/Organ Accompaniment. Bernstein “was one of the most prodigally talented and successful musicians in American history…” (NYTimes, 1992) He was director of the New York Philharmonic for 11 years and wrote the music for many famous 20th century musicals and operas including West Side Story. “Leonard Bernstein's Symphony No. 1 Jeremiah was composed in 1942. Jeremiah is a programmatic work, following the Biblical story of the prophet Jeremiah. It uses texts from the Book of Lamentations in the Hebrew Bible, sung by a mezzo-soprano. The work won the New York Music Critics' Circle Award for the best American work of 1944.” (Wikipedia, 2016) The symphony helped establish Bernstein as a composer early in his career. SUBJECT(S): Songs (High voice) with orchestra -- Vocal scores with piano. Symphonies -- Excerpts, Arranged. Some pencil markings. One section crossed out in pencil but still very readable. About very good condition. (MUSIC-7-17) (ID #36856) $50.00.






    338. Jewish Ministers Cantors' Assocation Of America. NATIONAL CONVENTION OF THE JEWISH MINISTERS-CANTORS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA AND CANADA. New York: Jewish Ministers Cantors' Assocation Of America, 1944. First edition. Original paper wrappers. 8vo, [40] pages. In English and Yiddish. The Jewish Ministers Cantors' Association, otherwise known as the Chazzanim Farband, is the oldest and most prestigious cantor's association in America. This program guide features statements by the association's leading cantors of the time. Also included are many advertisements, illustrations, and tributes. No copies on OCLC anywhere. Very Good Condition. Rare. (MUSIC-6-15) (ID #36729) $150.00.






    340. Louis Moreau Gottschalk. NOTES OF A PIANIST. J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia, 1881. 1st edition. Original decorated publisher’s cloth 8vo, 480 pages. Includes tissued frontis. Memoir of this Jewish giant of American Music. “The works of Louis Moreauy Gottschalk (1829-1869) —heavily tinged with Creole, African and Latin American influences—are landmarks of American musical history. Born in New Orleans to a Creole mother and a Jewish father, Gottschalk heard Creole music in the cradle…he became the most popular pianist in the United States…. At a time when European artists monopolized the concert state, Gottschalk was the first classically-trained American pianist to achieve international fame” (Mendelsohn, “Dawn’s Early Light,” 2016, p 283). “He also was politically outspoken on issues such as slavery and the Civil War, and while a true American patriot, he did not spare his countrymen acrimonious criticism whenever he deemed it appropriate” (, 2016). 19th Century Carnegie Library markings, wear to spine, Text is clean and solid, Good Condition. (AMR-51-12) (ID #37597) $500.00.






    342. Congregation B'Nai Jeshurun (New York, N. Y.). Men's Club. PROGRAM; SILVER-JUBILEE ANNIVERSARY, 1928-1953. [New York], 1953. 1st edition. Original Silver Wrappers with Blue Lettering. 6 unnumbered leaves; illustrations; 27 cm. In English. Program for the 25th anniversary jubilee of the B’nai Jeshurun Men’s Club. “Founded in 1825, Bnai Jeshurun was the second synagogue founded in New York and the third-oldest Ashkenazi synagogue in the United States. The synagogue was founded by a coalition of young members of congregation Shearith Israel and immigrants and the descendants of immigrants from the German and Polish lands.” (Wikipedia, 2016) Contains a program, menu, list of officers, and 9 pages of advertisements from members of the congregation. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (JTS). Some markings on cover page. Overall in good condition. (AMR-47-6) (ID #36865) $125.00.






    344. [Jacob Schwartz]. REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE JEWISH MINISTERS CANTORS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA. Jewish Ministers Cantors Association Of America, 1921. 1st Edition. 12mo. 4 pages. This President Jacob Schwartz’s report to the Jewish Ministers Cantors Association of America from 1921. Jacob Schwartz served as cantor at B’nai Jeshurun, the third oldest Ashkenazi synagogue in the United States, from 1914 to 1953, working alongside Rabbi Israel Goldstein for nearly 40 years. In addition to serving as president of the Jewish Ministers Cantors’ Association of America, he was founder of the Institute of Hazanuth. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Unfolded. Some edgewear, but otherwide in good condition. (Music-7-12) (ID #36814) $100.00.






    346. Saminsky, Lazare. SABBATH EVENING SERVICE ACCORDING TO THE UNION PRAYER BOOK [BOUND WITH] SABBATH MORNING SERVICE ACCORDING TO THE UNION PRAYER BOOK [BOUND WITH] HOLYDAY SERVICES: HYMNS AND RESPONSES FOR ROSH HASHANAH AND YOM KIPPUR. New York: Bloch Publish Company, 1930 [AND] 1929. All first editions. Original paper wrappers rebound in black cloth with gold gilt lettering on spine. 8vo. 47 pages. 22cm. In English and transliterated Hebrew. Lazare Saminsky was a famous Russian-Jewish composer and conductor. While a student in St. Petersburg, he founded the Society for Jewish Folk. After emigrating to the United States in 1920, he became a board member of the International Composers Guild and music director of Temple Emanu-El Synagogue in New York. He composed the pieces for sale here on behalf of Temple Emanu-El. Minor shelf wear. Very Good Condition. (MUSIC-6-1) (ID #36715) $350.00.






    348. Moses, Isaac S. THE SABBATH-SCHOOL HYMNAL: A COLLECTION OF SONGS, SERVICES AND RESPONSES FOR JEWISH SABBATH SCHOOLS, AND HOMES. Chicago: I. S. Moses, 1894. Modern Boards with Original Paper Wrappers glued on. 8vo. 194 pages; 20 cm. Isaac S. Moses was the rabbi at Ahawath Chesed-Shaar Hashomayim, what is now Central Synagogue in New York. He spent much of his earlier career in several congregations throughout the Midwest. Contents include: Songs of praise -- Morning and evening -- Festivals and seasons -- patriotic songs -- Songs of duty -- Songs for the primary classes -- Six services -- The flower service -- The harvest service -- The national service -- Hanukkah and Purim service -- Responsive readings -- Hebrew responses and hymns. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide of this edition. Cover is worn but inside pages are overall in very good condition. (AMR-48-18) (ID #37375) $135.00.






    350. Rosenblatt, Josef. SHOMER ISRAEL. New York; Jewish War Orphans Fund Of The Joint Distribution Committee Of The American Funds For Jewish War Sufferers, 1921. Original Illustrated Wraps. 4to. 6 pages. 31 cm. First edition. English and transliterated Hebrew words. For voice and piano. "Dedicated to and for the benefit of Jewish War Orphans' Fund." Title page and verso of title page illustrated, with multiple portraits. Wraps printed in blue and brown ink. Music by Cantor Joseph Rosenblatt. Yossele Rosenblatt (1882–1933) “Known today as the quintessential virtuoso hazzan, Yossele Rosenblatt achieved virtually unparalleled fame as a cantor, serving important cantorial posts in Europe and New York, and recording and touring extensively to enthusiastic audiences” (Milken Archive). Subjects: Joint Distribution Committee of the American Funds for Jewish War Suffers. Jewish War Orphans' Fund. OCLC lists only one copy (Natl Libr Israel). Horizontal crease across middle of item. Two inch tear along part of crease. Otherwise Good Condition. (MUSIC-3-4A) (ID #36569) $175.00.






    352. Cejwin Camps. SONG BOOK OF THE CEJWIN CAMPS. New York: Cejwin Camps, 1930s. Original paper wrappers. 8vo. 98 pages. 12mo. In English, Hebrew, and transliterated Hebrew and Yiddish. Cejwin Camps were "founded in 1919 by Albert and Bertha Schoolman, Jewish educators and fervent Zionists, the camp was a project of the Central Jewish Institute, created in 1916 'to integrate Judaism with the American way of life, ' according to a brief history of the organization on the Website of the Jewish Theological Seminary… Inspired by Mordecai Kaplan, founder of the Reconstructionist movement, the organization — and its camp ("Cejwin" stands for the "Central Jewish Institute") — is credited by the American Jewish Historical Society with creating 'what would become the first system of Jewish community and educational camps in the U. S. ' (Goldrich, The Jewish Standard 2008) Subjects: Camp songs – Jewish music. Camp's stamp on cover and title page stating "Office copy: Please do not remove". Missing back wrapper. Internally very clean. (MUSIC-5-51B) (ID #36705) $100.00.






    354. Goldstein, Morris; Kaiser, Alois; Welsch, Samuel. ZIMRATH YAH VOL. 1 SABBATH SERVICE. New York, 1873. 1st Edition. Modern Boards. 8vo. 146 Pages; 25 cm. Singerman 2429. Musical Score; words in Romanized Hebrew and/or German or English. Musical arrangements of liturgical songs, psalms and hymns, with organ accompaniment for the Sabbath Services. One of four volumes. Distributed by cantors Alois Kaiser, Moritz Goldstein and Samuel Welsch; one of the most prominent examples of an attempt to create a musical repertoire based on the synagogue services at a time of the American Jewish institutionalization. OCLC lists 12 copies worldwide. Ex-lirbary with usual markings. A few additional notes and markings throughout. Pages 111-114 are damaged with text effected. Otherwise in good+ condition. (AMR-48-8a) (ID #37369) $200.00.






    356. Goldstein, Morris; Kaiser, Alois; Welsch, Samuel. ZIMRATH YAH VOL. 3 EVENING AND MORNING SERVICES. New York: The Cantors, 1877. 1st Edition. Period Boards. 8vo. 156 Pages; 25 cm. Singerman 2429. Musical Score; words in Romanized Hebrew and/or German or English. Musical arrangements of liturgical songs, psalms and hymns, with organ accompaniment for the New Year and Day of Atonement. One of four volumes. Distributed by cantors Alois Kaiser, Moritz Goldstein and Samuel Welsch, and one of the most prominent examples of an attempt to create a musical repertoire based on the synagogue services at a time of the American Jewish institutionalization. OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide. Spine is worn. A very clean copy. Inside pages are in very good condition. (AMR-48-8) (ID #37363) $175.00.






    358. [Woodrow Wilson] Silverstone, G. ספר כסף נבחר SEFER KESEF NIVHAR [VOL. 1 AND 2 OF 3]. Washington, D. C.: G. Silverstone, 1919. 1st edition. Later boards. 8vo. [37], 47 pages. 23 cm. In Hebrew. Goldman 822. Important Anti-Reform, Pro-Zionist Orthodox tract, Title translates to “The Book of Choice Silver.” Volumes 1 and 2 of 3, bound together. Silverstone, a fierce Orthodox polemicist and Zionist, begins this volume with a sermon “Against the Reform”, in response to the anti-Balfour Declaration that Reform rabbis had dispatched to Woodrow Wilson. Rabbi Gedaliah (George) Silverstone was a popular American Orthodox homilist of the early 20th century, largely supporting himself on books of sermons such as this one. SUBJECT(S) Jewish sermons, Hebrew. OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide. Slight yellowing. Ex-library with usual markings. Otherwise very good condition. (AMR-50-5) (ID #37463) $300.00.






    360. [Abraham Lincoln] Hertz, Emanuel. ABRAHAM LINCOLN--THE SEER. New York?, 1924. Original paper wrappers. 8vo. 7 pages. Cover title. "An address delivered over WOR February 12th, 1924." OCLC lists 21 copies worldwide. Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 Some browning; dog-eared top right. Good condition. (PC-1-3) (ID #37331) $75.00.






    362. [Abraham Lincoln] Hertz, Emanuel. THE MANY-SIDED LINCOLN: WHAT WOULD HE DO WERE HE HERE TODAY? New York, No Publisher (The Author), 1926. Paper wrappers; 8vo.  "An Address Delivered at Washington Heights Congregation Februay 12, 1926." Hertz was an authority on Lincoln and assembled the largest private collection of material relating to him, including 4, 000 previously unknown items. He wrote many publications about Lincoln (Temkin, EJ). SUBJECT(S): Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 Slight dog-earing. Small tear on bottom left corner. Otherwise Very Good Condition. (amr-40-13A) (ID #37536) $35.00.






    364. [George Washington]. [Sol Feinstone] Mount Vernon Ladies' Association Of The Union. ANNUAL REPORT 1979 - THE MOUNT VERNON LADIES' ASSOCIATION OF THE UNION. Mount Vernon, Va. [Etc.] Mount Vernon Ladies' Association Of The Union., 1979. 1st edition. 8vo. 48 pages. 22 cm. Annual proceedings from 1979 of The Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association of the Union, the oldest national historical preservation society, responsible for the maintenance of Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home in Virginia. Included are the accessions of the Association in the years 1978 to 1979, a reprinting of letters from Washington and his wife, Martha Washington, and a reprinting of the farewell address of the original head of the association from 1879. This volume is dedicated to the noted collector of Revolutionary War memorabilia, Sol Feinstone. SUBJECT (S) Virginia -- Mount Vernon. Slight shelfwear to cover. Otherwise Very Good Condition. (AMR-50-7) (ID #37465) $60.00.






    366. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN VINDICATED. New York: American Jewish Committee, 1938? Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 15 pages. Holocaust-era debunking of the supposed antisemitic statements of Franklin. "Most of this material is reprinted from the Nover, ber, 1938, issue of the Contemporary Jewish Record." OCLC lists two copies worldwide. Very good condition. (P-1-1) (ID #13131) $75.00.






    368. Zollschan, Ignaz. JEWISH QUESTIONS; THREE LECTURES. New York, Bloch Pub. Co., 1914. 1st Edition. Modern Boards. 8vo. 66 pages; 19 cm. In English. “The Austrian Jewish anthropologist Ignaz Zollschan (1877-1948) had a leading role in fighting anti-Semitic racial science” (Center for Jewish History, 2016). Contents: I. The cultural value of the Jewish race. II. The significance of the mixed marriage. III. Tendencies of economic development among the Jewish people. OCLC lists 19 copies worldwide. Ex-library wth Jewish Institutional Stamp and usual markings. About very good condition. (SPEC-42-35) (ID #37350) $100.00.






    370. Zangwill, Israel [W. E. B. Du Bois]. THE PROBLEM OF THE JEWISH RACE. New York City: Judaen Pub. Co., [1911]. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 20 pages; 18 cm. In English. Zangwill’s historic address at the First Universal Races Congress. “The First Universal Races Congress met in 1911 for four days at the University of London as an early effort at anti-racism. Speakers from a number of countries discussed race relations and how to improve them. The congress, with 2, 100 attendees, was conceived as a result of comments in 1906 by Felix Adler and primarily executed by Gustav Spiller. Philip Stanhope was president of the congress, and William Pember Reeves chaired its executive committee” (Wikipedia, 2016). Zangwill’s speech was the only to deal explicitly with the Jewish Race. Other notable participants included Brajendra Nath Seal, and W. E. B. Du Bois. OCLC lists 19 copies worldwide. SUBJECT(S): Jews. Moisture damage throughout. Creased. Text very readable. About good- condition. (SPEC-42-29) (ID #37341) $90.00.



      The First Antisimitic Tract on the Jews of New York


    372. Timayenis, Thomas T. THE AMERICAN JEW; AN EXPOSE OF HIS CAREER. New York, Minerva Pub. Co., 1888. 1st Edition. Modern Boards. 8vo. [v], 219 pages; 19 cm. In English. Singerman (Antisemitica) 0019. Early American Antisemitic publication. Notably, the first to focus explicitly on Jews in New York City, coming as the third wave of poor Eastern European immigrants to New York and other East Coast cities began. Timayenis, a Greek academic, established Minerva Publishing House as the first Anti-Semitic publishing house in America. This was his first book at Minerva. Singerman writes, “Presents a colorful account of Jewish exploitation, criminality, usury, lechery, vulgarity, an fraud in the immigrant ghetto of New York City. The Christian-hating Jews are depicted as parasites, competing with the Anglo-Saxons for control of America.” Paper is browning. A few pages torn with no text effected. Overall good+ condition. (AMR-49-10) (ID #37551) $500.00.






    374. Ford, Henry Sr. THE INTERNATIONAL JEW: THE WORLD'S FOREMOST PROBLEM. Dearborn, MI, Dearborn Independent, 1920. First Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 12mo. 235 pages. 19 cm. Chapters: 1. The Jew in Character and Business 2. Germany's Reaction Against the Jew 3. Jewish History in the United States 4. The Jewish Question—Fact or Fancy? 5. Anti-Semitism—Will It Appear in the U.S.? 6. Jewish Question Breaks Into the Magazines 7. Arthur Brisbane Leaps to the Help of Jewry 8. Does a Definite Jewish World Program Exist? 9. The Historic Basis of Jewish Imperialism 10. An Introduction to the "Jewish Protocols" 11. "Jewish" Estimate of Gentile Human Nature 12. "Jewish Protocols" Claim Partial Fulfillment 13. "Jewish" Plan to Split Society by "Ideas" 14. Did the Jews Foresee the World War? 15. Is the Jewish "Kahal" the Modern "Soviet"? 16. How the "Jewish Question" Touches the Farm 17. Does Jewish Power Control the World Press? 18. Does This Explain Jewish Political Power? 19. The All-Jewish Mark on "Red Russia" 20. Jewish Testimony in Favor of Bolshevism. Original single volume as originally issued; later joined by vols 2,3 & 4. Bottom right corn of wrapper is torn away. Internally fine. Overall Good Condition. (HOLO2-63-21) (ID #36468) $75.00.






    376. Nilus, Sergiei. THE PROTOCOLS AND WORLD REVOLUTION. INCLUDING A TRANSLATION AND ANALYSIS OF THE “PROTOCOLS OF THE MEETINGS OF THE ZIONIST MEN OF WISDOM”. Boston: Small, Maynard & Company, 1920. First American Edition. Later Boards, 8vo, (4), 149 pages. Includes facsimile of the original Russian title-page. According to this infamous text, a secret cabal of Jews seek to dominate world affairs. "The Protocols" emanated from the Czarist secret police and first appeared in 1905. In the aftermath of World War I, the "Protocols" was more broadly disseminated by various anti-Semitic groups, eager to pin blame on the Jews for a toppled world order. The text remains to this day a source of virulent hatred in certain parts of the world. See C. G. De Michelis, The Non-Existent Manuscript (2004); also EJ, Vol. VI cols. 581-83. Ex-library with minimal marks, otherwise Very Good Condition (AMR-51-3) (ID #37585) $500.00.





      A Centennial-Year Jewish Response to Missionary Activity


    378. De Sola Mendes, Frederic [Rabbi]. DEFENCE NOT DEFIANCE: A HEBREW'S REPLY TO THE MISSIONARIES. FAITH CONFIRMED. SELECTIONS FROM THE WORK "CHIZUK EMUNAH" OF ISAAC TROKI, THE KARAITE. BIBLICAL AND RABBINICAL PARALLELS TO NEW TESTAMENT PRINCIPLES. New York: Office Of The Independent Hebrew, 1876. 1st edition. Original printed boards, 8vo, 50 pages. Singerman 2574. American Centennial-year publication giving Jews ammunition to respond to Christian missionaries. Includes errata slip at rear, 19 x12 cm. Includes bibliographical references. Frederic de Sola Mendes was an American rabbi, author, and editor, born at Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies, July 8, 1850. He was the son of Rabbi Abraham Pereira Mendes. He was licensed to preach as rabbi by Haham Benjamin Artom, in London, 1873; in the same year he was appointed preacher of the Great St. Helen's Synagogue of that city, but in December moved to New York, where he had accepted a call to the rabbinate of Shaaray Tefillah congregation (now the West End Synagogue); for Jan. 1, 1874. Mendes was one of the founders of the American Hebrew. In 1888 he took part in the Field-Ingersoll controversy, writing for the "North American Review" an article entitled "In Defense of Jehovah." In 1900 Mendes joined the staff of The Jewish Encyclopedia as revising editor and chief of the translation bureau. Associated with Dr. Marcus Jastrow and Dr. Kaufmann Kohler, he was one of the revisers of the "New Bible Translation" by the Jewish Publication Society. He has also translated "Jewish Family Papers: Letters of a Missionary," by "Gustav Meinhardt" (Dr. William Herzberg). In 1903 he became for a time editor of "The Menorah," a monthly magazine. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide (NYPL, Columbia, YU, Yale, HUC, NLI), none south or west of Cincinnati. Spine rebacked, Very Good Condition. (AMR-51-1) (ID #37583) $500.00.






    380. Wise, Isaac Mayer. A DEFENSE OF JUDAISM VERSUS PROSELYTIZING CHRISTIANITY. Cincinnati and Chicago: American Israelite, 1889. Cloth; 8vo. 129 pages. Embossed boards; gilt titles; red edges; floral endpapers. Not the more common Bloch edition. One page of the author's other works at end, with prices and descriptions. First edition. Isaac Mayer Wise was an American Reform rabbi, author, and organizer; editor of the American Israelite and Deborah, and of the Minhag America, the first common American prayer book, which preceded the Union Prayer Book. A Defense of Judaism is a dignified and reasoned response to the insulting proselytizing of Christian missionaries and their vulgar, illiterate converts, written, as he states in his preface, from the "standpoint of universal brotherhood, universal salvation and universal religion, moral freedom, political equality and the supremacy of reason, with the highest respect for Judaism, Christianity, the Isam and every other religion in harmony with the postulate of reason and the standard of conscience." Singerman 3875. SUBJECT (S): Christianity -- Controversial literature. Judaism -- Apologetic works. During his lifetime Wise was regarded as the most prominent Jew of his time in the United States. Ex-library; otherwise, very good condition. (AMR-7-4A) (ID #37534) $150.00.






    382. Lillie, John. THE JEWISH CHRONICLE. VOL. III-IV. [New York, American Society For Meliorating The Condition Of The Jews], 1848. 1st Edition. Later Cloth. 8vo. 2 volumes: [vi], 384, [376] pages; 22 cm. “In February of 1820, a cohort of clergymen and lay leaders gathered in New York City to launch a new, multidenominational, nationwide missionary project called ‘‘The American Society for Meliorating the Condition of the Jews. ’’ The Society was spearheaded by Joseph Samuel Christian Frederick Frey, a former rabbinical student who had converted to Christianity as a young man in his native Germany. Before immigrating to the United States, Frey had spent some time as a missionary in England where he helped to found the London Society for Promoting Christianity among the Jews. As the group’s popularity grew among the Lutheran and Reformed communities who had built the organization, Anglican members wrested control of the leadership and expelled nonconformists. Rejected from his life’s work, Frey traveled to the United States to start again. In New York, Frey became involved with the city’s Presbyterian community and began preaching in a city church. Once settled in the community and with the urging of friends and local clergymen, he revisited his pet project to evangelize Jews. Frey’s idea to build an organization to preach to Jews appealed to his American Presbyterian colleagues and quickly attracted interest from members of other Protestant denominations, including a number of influential political and religious leaders such as John Quincy Adams, Peter Jay, and the presidents of Yale, Princeton, and Rutgers: Jeremiah Day, Ashbel Green, and Philip Milledole” (Susanna Linsley, Saving the Jews). SUBJECT(S): Missions to Jews -- Periodicals. Water damaged throughout. Text is clean and very readable. About good condition. (AMR-48-15) (ID #37372) $325.00.





    384. REFUGEES. New York, Jewish Agricultural Society, 1939. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 7 pages. Holocaust refugees. Extract from the Annual Report of The Jewish Agricultural Society, Inc, Very Good+ condition. (HOLO2-82-7A) (ID #37565) $50.00.







    386. American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. AID TO JEWS OVERSEAS: REPORT FOR 1939, WITH A RESUME FOR THE FIRST SIX MONTHS OF 1940. New York: American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, 1940. Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 48 pages. Contains charts and illustrations. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide (Brandeis, Louisiana State University, Sarah Lawrence College, Amsterdam University, Leiden University). Pencil marks on cover, Very Good condition. (AMRN-6-60A). (ID #37417) $100.00.







    388. THE CONFERENCE ON JEWISH RELATIONS: A DESCRIPTION OF ITS ORGANIZATION, WORK AND PLANS. New York: The Conference, 1941. 8vo, 8 pages, 23 cm. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide. Minor edgewear. Overall Very Good Condition. (AMR-27-15) (ID #37199) $40.00.






    390. Beckwith, Esther Sterna. Katz, Helen M. A HANDBOOK FOR NATURALIZATION WORKERS. New York City, National Council Of Jewish Women, 1942. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. [2], 76 pages; 24 cm. In English. World War II Era handbook from the National Council of Jewish Women on best practices for getting immigrant families citizenship in the United States. “The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) is an American organization of volunteers and advocates who turn Jewish ideals into action. NCJW says it strives for social justice by improving the quality of life for women, children, and families and by safeguarding individual rights and freedoms... World War II found NCJW engaged in rescuing Jewish children from Germany and working to reunite thousands of displaced persons with family members, as well as a broad range of other relief efforts” (Wikipeida, 2016). SUBJECT(S): Naturalization -- United States. OCLC lists 18 copies worldwide. Ex-library with Jewish Institutional Stamp and usual markings. Some pencil marks. Good+ condition. (AMR-47-19) (ID #36945) $125.00.






    392. American Ort Federation For Ort Economic Research Committee, American Division. ORT ECONOMIC BULLETIN [VOL. I, NO. 2]. New York; American ORT Federation., 1940. Original Wraps. 8vo. 95, [1] pages. 23 cm. ORT Economic Review, March-April 1940, Vol. I, No. 2. Contains: The Economic Aspect of the Minority Problem by Dr. David Lvovitch. Economic and Social Situation of the Jews in Roumania by Boris Gourevitch. The Jews in Vienna before the Anschluss by Herbert Wiesenthal. The Scandinavian Jews by Vladmir Grossman. Jewish Polish Refugees in Lithuania by Jasnunski and Rozenbes, and more. Followed by the following Ort and Ort Economic Review. Subjects: Jews - Periodicals. Jews - Charities. Refugees. World ORT Union. Outer edges of wraps chipped, tear to back wrap and last page, affecting bottom corner of text, otherwise clean and fresh. Good condition. (HOLO2-113-15A) (ID #37183) $30.00.






    394. Bittelman, Alexander. PROGRAM FOR SURVIVAL: THE COMMUNIST POSITION ON THE JEWISH QUESTION. New York: New Century, 1947. Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 63 pages. "Report to a special Party conference in 1946 on the Jewish question. Bittelman was an American Communist leader and journalist who grew up in Odessa, Russia. He joined the Bund at an early age and emigrated to the United States in 1912, where he settled in New York City. In 1919 he became editor of Der Kampf, the organ of the Jewish Communist Federation. He also joined the American Communist Party that year and became its so-called "Jewish specialist." In 1922 he was sent to Moscow to obtain funds to establish Morning Freiheit, the party's Yiddish paper. In 1951 he was indicted under the Smith Act for conspiring to overthrow the government and was jailed from 1955 until 1957. Until his expulsion from the Party in 1958 because of revisionism he wrote for the Daily Worker (Greenstein, EJ). Bittelman denounces the main obstacles to antifascist unity of the Jewish democratic forces: the reactionary Jewish nationalists, assimilationists, and Social Democrats. Resolutions call for efforts to achieve united action and labor unity, present the position of the Party on Palestine and on Jewish immigration, and urge a progressive Jewish culture in America." SUBJECT(S): Communism and Judaism; Jews-Politics and Government. Very good condition. (AMRN-6-41). (ID #17202) $50.00.






    396. Newman, Louis I. SERMONS AND ADDRESSES, VOL. III. New York: Bloch Publishing Company, 1941. 1st Edition. Original Cloth. 4to. 36 Sermons (about 250 pages); 28 cm. In English. Holocaust-era collection of sermons, includes “The Courage to Carry On.” Typed and bound manuscript. Newman was a Reform rabbi and a leader of the Zioninst Revisionists in the United States (Goodman, EJ) He played a pivotal role in the creation of Brandeis University. SUBJECT(S): American Jewish Sermons. Ex-library with Jewish Institutional Stamp and Usual Markings. Cover is worn, with some water damage. One page folded, but inside pages are largely clear and very readable. Good condition. (AMRN-9-21a) (ID #37347) $50.00.







    398. Abarbanel, H. ENGLISH SCHOOL AND FAMILY READER, CONTAINING SELECTIONS IN PROSE AND VERSE, HISTORICAL ACCOUNTS, BIOGRAPHIES, NARRATIVES, NOTICES, AND CHARACTERISTICS ON JUDAISM, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. New York: Rogers And Sherwood, 1883. 1st Edition. Original Boards. 8vo. [viii], 441 pages; 22cm. Original brown cloth with gilt lettering and embossing. Singerman 3113. The first state of the first edition, with the errata page at the end and published in New York instead of Cincinnati. The author states in his preface his intention of creating a non-sectarian reader suitable for Jewish youth, so that they may know their own history and spiritual accomplishments, and proclaims his book suitable as well for the non-Jewish student, as it is free from sectarianism. He includes many passages from the Talmud, as well as Jost, Zunz, Graetz, Philippson, Geiger, Franekel, Sachs, and others. SUBJECT (S): Readers and speakers. Jews -- History. Jews -- Biography. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide of this edition. Ex-library with Jewish Institutional Stamp and usual markings throughout. Some edgewear. A few pages discolored. Both hinges starting. About good condtion. (AMR-19-13a) (ID #37434) $100.00.






    400. Lewin, Raphael De Cordova. WHAT IS JUDAISM? OR A FEW WORDS TO THE JEWS [INSCRIBED BY AUTHOR]. New York: D. Appleton & Co, 1870. First edition. Original Cloth. 12mo. 84 pages. Gilt titles. "Notes and references": pages 77-84. Published a year earlier as What is Judaism? A Lecture Before the Mickve Israel Congregation, Savannah, Ga., March 20th, 1869, Being the First of a Course of Two Lectures on the Subject. Lewin was born in the West Indies, studied in London, and then immigrated to the United States, where he had charge of Hebrew congregations in Shreveport, Louisiana, Savannah, Georgia, and Brooklyn, New York. He published a monthly, The New Era, a weekly, The Jewish Advocate, as well as "What is Judaism?" Singerman 2218. SUBJECT (S): Judaism. Cloth is lightly faded. Very Good Condition. (AMR-5-4A) (ID #16227) $100.00.






    402. Schwab, Isaac, [Rabbi]. THE CHRISTMAS MOTTO AND THE OLD PROPHETIC PRESAGES OF A COMING GOLDEN ERA OF PEACE. St. Joseph, Mo., Press Of Combe Print. Co., 1897. 1st edition. Original boards. 8 vo. Xii, 152 pages. 20 cm. In English. Singerman 5265. Warmly inscribed by Author’s daughter to a leading Reform rabbi. An examination of the phrase “Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward Men” (Luke 2: 14) and other promises of peace in the Messianic age. SUBJECT(S) Bible. Luke II -- Criticism, interpretation. OCLC lists only 14 copies world wide Spine taped. Slight edgewear. Ex-Library with usual markings. Otherwise Very Good condition. (AMR-50-15) (ID #37608) $65.00.






    404. Joseph Krauskopf. EVOLUTION AND JUDAISM. Kansas City, Mo.: Berkowitz, 1887. First edition. Original boards. 8vo. 342 pages, 20 cm. In English. Singerman 3563. Only the second Jewish book published in either Kansas City. Krauskopf (1858-1923), an American Reform rabbi, "was born in Ostrowo, Russia. He settled in the U. S. In 1872 and enrolled in 1875 in the first class of Hebrew Union College, receiving his ordination in 1883. After serving a congregation in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1887 Krauskopf became rabbi of the Reform Congregation Kenesseth Israel, Philadelphia, which he served for the remainder of his life. Krauskopf became a leader of radical Reform, introducing Sunday services and compiling a Service Ritual (1888, 19024). A leading figure in the national organizations of Reform Judaism, he served as a vice-president of the conference which adopted the Pittsburgh Platform in 1885, and president of the Central Conference of American Rabbis (1903-05). A man of forceful energy, attention to the need for Jewish literature, and the outcome was the foundation in 1888 of the Jewish Publication Society of America, of which he was the first honorary secretary. Impressed during a visit to Russia in 1894 by the zeal with which Jews engaged in agriculture where the Russian government allowed, he established the National Farm School at Doylestown, Pennsylvania, in 1896 'as one of the best means of securing safety and happiness to the sorely afflicted of our people. ' In 1917 he was appointed to direct food conservation among Jews for the U. S. Food Administration. At first an anti-Zionist, Krauskopf modified his attitude as a result of the labors of Jewish agriculturalists in Palestine" (Sefton D. Temkin in EJ). SUBJECTS: Darwin - evolution - creationism. OCLC lists 23 copies worldwide. Bloch publishers tag pasted over original publisher information on title page. Overall Very Good Condition. (AMR-47-29) (ID #37487) $125.00.






    406. Hirsch, Samson Raphael; Bernard Drachman. THE NINETEEN LETTERS OF BEN UZIEL: BEING A SPIRITUAL PRESENTATION OF THE PRINCIPLES OF JUDAISM. New York: Funk & Wagnalls., 1899. 12mo. Xxvii, 222 pages. Illustrated. CONTENTS: Samson Raphael Hirsch-a biographical sketch; First letter: complaint; Second letter: standpoint, method; Third letter: God, the world; Fourth letter: man; Fifth letter: education; Sixth letter: history; Seventh letter: The consecrated people; Eighth letter: the patriarchs, Egypt, the wilderness, the land; Ninth letter: Israel in exile; Tenth letter: division of the commandments; Eleventh letter: laws, judgments, statutes; Twelfth letter: commandments; Thirteenth letter: word and deed symbols; Fourteenth letter: the service of God; Fifteenth letter: answer; Sixteenth letter: emancipation; Seventeenth letter: reform; Eighteenth letter: reform, continued; Nineteenth letter: Outlines of purpose (essays). Born in Hamburg, Hirsch (1808-1888) was a “rabbi and writer [and] leader and foremost exponent of Orthodoxy in Germany in the 19th century.” Despite his Orthodaxy, Hirsch felt that a well-educated Jew would also be familiar with secular subjects, such as math, modern languages, and physical sciences, and would his Jewish ethics to guide his involvement in the secular world. Unlike the German Liberal Jewish movement at the time, he believed that a synthesis of traditional Jewish and modern secular learning was possible. (EJ, 2007) Singerman 5587. Pictorial cover. Minor shelfwear to cover, otherwise Very Good- condition. Nice 19th Century US edition. (RAB-29-7a) (ID #37379) $50.00.






    408. Gersoni, Henry. SKETCHES OF JEWISH LIFE AND HISTORY. New York, 1873. Later cloth. 16mo. XIII, 138; V, (3) 9-224 pages.16 cm. Singerman 2391 (Gersoni) ‘Sketches of Jewish Life and History’, by Henry Gersoni, printed in New York by Hebrew Orphan Asylum Printing Establishment, 1873, first edition; contains seven illustrations; stories of Jewish Lithuania, written by Henry Gersoni, an American rabbi and journalist; born in Wilna, Russia, 1844; died in New York June 17, 1897. “Sketches of Jewish Life and History’ (New York), of which the first, ‘The Singer's Revenge, ’ is an adaptation from the Hebrew of M. A. Ginzburg's ‘Tikkun Laban ha-Arami, ’ and the second, ‘The Metamorphosis of a Lithuanian Boy, is to some extent autobiographical” (1906 Jewish Encyclopedia). on spine. Subjects: Judaism - Reform movements. Moses (Biblical leader). Fiction (American). OCLC lists 8 copies. Ex-library with usual markings. Some parts of internal binding are starting. Title page loose. Otherwise Good Condition. (AMR-44-10) (ID #37173) $150.00.






    410. Modena, Leone; Druckerman, Jacob. צמח צדיק: ספר קטן הקומה ... מלמד בינה ... /TSEMAH TSADIK: SEFER KATAN HA-KOMEH... MELAMED ENOSH BINAH.... New York; Drukerman, (Bi-Defus H. Rozenberg), 1899. Modern boards. 8vo. Xv, 77 pages; 21 cm. In Hebrew. Singerman 5629, listing 4 copies. Goldman 706. Deinard 699. Title translates into English as, “Flower of Virtue.” Tsemah tsaddiq (A Righteous offsring) [sic]; A Small Treatise on Ethics and Morality, with Axplanatory [sic] Illustrations by Rabbi Leon Modena. Reprinted from and edited in the Form of the First Edition (Venice 1600), with additional References and Notes, revised and supplemented with the Author's Biography and Portrait by Jacob Druckerman. Leon of Modena was, “a Jewish scholar born in Venice of a notable French family that had migrated to Italy after an expulsion of Jews from France… Magen va-hereb (‘Shield and Sword’) is his polemic masterpiece; an attack upon Christian dogmas” (Wikipedia, 2016). “(He) embellished a Hebrew translation of the most popular Italian book of the period, Fior di Virtù, removing Christian references and adding citations from traditional Jewish sources” (Jewish Virtual Library, 2016). This is Druckerman’s edited version of Modena’s historic translation. Ex-library with Jewish institutional stamp and usual makrings. Slight tear to one page and a minor edgewear but overall in about very good condition. (AMR-49-8) (ID #37549) $135.00.







    412. Malachowsky, H. KETAVIM BA-SEFER; TSIYURIM, MA'AMARIM U-MIKHTAVIM ME-HAYE HA-YEHUDIM BA-AMERIKAH. Philadelphia, 1901. 1st Edition. Original Boards. 8vo. 98 pages; 20 cm. In Hebrew. Title translates to English as, “Sketches and Letters from Jewish life in America.” Hillel Malachowsky (1860-1943) was an influential maskil and Hebrew teacher in New York City. OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- United States -- Fiction. Inscription on first page by previous owner, and a few notes throughout. Overall in very good condition. (AMR-47-11) (ID #36853) $300.00.






      By Jackie Mason’s Father


    414. Mazoh [Maza, Mazo], Rabbi Eliy. Mordekhai. SEFER PITRON HALOMOT. New York: E. Mazo, 1937. First edition. Original paper wrappers. 8vo. 50 pages, 23 cm. In Yiddish and Hebrew. Title translates to “Book of Dream Interpretation.” Written by Jackie Mason’s father, Rabbi Bernard Maza. Rabbi Maza was born in Minsk, but soon emigrated to the United States where he practiced as a rabbi. His son, born Yacov Moshe Maza in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, later changed his name to Jackie Mason. At age 25, Mason, the son (still Maza), received semikhah from Rabbi Moshe Feinstein and was ordained a rabbi (as his three brothers, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather had been), in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Three years later, he resigned from his job in a synagogue to become a comedian because, he said, "Somebody in the family had to make a living” (Wikipedia, 2016). SUBJECTS: Dreams. OCLC lists one copy worldwide (NYBC). Pencil markings on top margin and inside of cover wrapper. Soiling to first three leaves. Otherwise Good Condition. Rare. (AMR-47-38) (ID #37521) $125.00.





      Judah Magnes' First American Publication


    416. Magnes, J.L. JEWISH REVIEW OF BROOKLYN [VOL. III; NO. 4. April 1906]. Brooklyn: Aid Soc. of the Jewish Hospital. 1906. 1st Edition. Original Wrappers. 8vo. 23 pages; 24 cm. In English. A monthly publication that ran for about 3 years. The publication was edited by Judah Leon Magnes. Magnes (1877 – 1948) was a prominent Reform rabbi in both the United States and Mandatory Palestine. He is best remembered as a leader in the pacifist movement of the World War I period, his advocacy of a binational Jewish-Arab state in Palestine, and as one of the most widely recognized voices of 20th century American Reform Judaism.” The Review was Magnes’ first American publication, long before he gained national fame. Originally, from San Francisco, Magnes moved to New York and “set himself the task of uniting the Jewish communities. In 1880 the city contained around 50,000 Jews mostly of German origin. By 1900 there were nearly a million Jews, most coming from what is now Poland, Hungary, Romania, Belarus and Ukraine, making it the largest Jewish population in the world.” (Wikipedia, 2016) This issue of “The Review” is from April 1906. Articles provide a sketch of Jewish life in Brooklyn in the early 20th century. Includes a piece called, “A Short History of Brownsville,” which outlines Jewish poverty in the historic East Brooklyn neighborhood. Also includes a list of local Jewish publications, Brooklyn Synagogues, Educational Societies, and Benevolent Societies. Period Ads throughout. Very rare. OCLC lists just 1 copy worldwide (HUC). Edgewear with tears. One word effected on cover page. Bottom right corner is dog-eared. Text is bright and readable. About good condition. (AMR-49-7). $125.00









    418. Melamed, S. M. CONTRA GOLDMAN; THE CASE OF JUDAISM AGAINST A RABBI. Chicago, 1931. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 41 pages; 23 cm. In English. In this book, the prominent Zionist publicist S. M. Melamed attacks Rabbi Solomon Goldman for what he believes to be heretical positions. The book is filled with passages like, “Eighteenth century materialism is as antiquated a point of view as the old Haskalah of the God-forsaken Lithuanian townlet. The ultra-modern Solomon Goldman never having outgrown adolescent intellectuality makes this eighteenth century rubbish his basis of Jewish history and in consequence thereof teaches Jewish history that is neither Jewish nor history…” OCLC lists 13 copies worldwide. Ex-library with Jewish Institutional Stamp. Very good condition. (AMR-48-44) (ID #37421) $145.00.






    420. Histadruth Ivrith Of America. HA-DO'AR; VOL. XXI. NO. 30 (1000). New York, Ha-Do’ar Association, 1941. 1st Edition. 1000th Issue, special issue. Original Paper Wrappers. 4to. Pages 482-571 [90 pages]; 34 cm. In Hebrew. Title translates into English as, “The Mail.” This is the 1000th, anniversary edition, issue of Hadoar, the first Hebrew weekly newspaper printed in the United States. Hadoar ran for 49 years. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Periodicals. Some edgewear. Corner pages slightly bent. In about very good condition. (AMR-47-18) (ID #36926) $100.00.






    422. Philipson, David. THE JEW IN AMERICA. Cincinnati [Ohio]: Issued By The Central Conference Of American Rabbis, 1909. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 16 pages; 22 cm. In English. From the series: Jewish tracts; no. 2. “David Philipson (1862 –1949) was an American Reform rabbi, orator, and author. The son of German-Jewish immigrants, he was a member of the first graduating class of the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati… he was one of the leaders of American Reform Judaism and a philanthropic leader in his adopted hometown of Cincinnati” (Wikipedia, 2016). Here, Philipson gives a brief overview of Jews in America for the 250th anniversary of the landing of the Jews in America. He outlines key events in Jewish American History from Columbus’ voyage to the present day. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- United States -- History. Creased. Front wrapper is smudged. Some edwear. Overall about good condition. (AMR-48-63) (ID #37439) $75.00.





      With Homo-Erotic Cover


    424. Mosessohn, David Nehemiah. THE JEWISH TRIBUNE, [NOVEMBER 1 1929] [HOMO-EROTIC COVER]. New York: Jewish Tribune, 1929. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers with Homoerotic Cover of “David Before Saul” from the painting by Ernst Josephson. 4to. 40 pages; 34 cm. In English. The Jewish Tribune was a weekly publication started by David N. Mosessohn in Portland, Oregon and later moved to New York. Contains articles about Zionism and American Jewish culture and trends by many prominent authors. Photographs and period advertisements throughout. SUBJECT (S): Jewish newspapers. In very good condition. Suitable for framing. (AMR-47-16) (ID #36915) $100.00.






    426. Intercollegiate Menorah Association. THE MENORAH MOVEMENT FOR THE STUDY AND ADVANCEMENT OF JEWISH CULTURE AND IDEALS: HISTORY, PURPOSES, ACTIVITIES. Ann Arbor, Mich., Intercollegiate Menorah Association, 1914. First edition, 8vo, viii, 180 pages 23 cm. In English. A collection of essays and speeches from various members of the early 20th century Menorah Movement, an intercollegiate Jewish student association, a key predecessor of today’s B’Nai B’rith and Hillel student associations. Scholars have identified the Menorah Movement, which began as an undergraduate student association at Harvard University in 1906, as one of the earliest flowerings of explicit Cultural Pluralism in the United States, strongly influenced by the ideas of William James and George Santayana, by way of Santayana’s student, Horace Kallen. The Movement and its publications also played a role in a new understanding of Jewish identity as an ethnicity. SUBJECT (S) Students' societies -- United States. Jews -- Societies, etc. Slight edgewear on cover. Tape markings on spine. Otherwise very good condition. (AMR-50-4) (ID #37460) $50.00.






    428. Foster, Sol., Jr. [Rabbi]. RELIGION IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS: AN ADDRESS DELIVERED FEBRUARY 4, 1907 AT THE INVITATION OF THE INTERDENOMINATIONAL MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION OF NEWARK, NEW JERSEY. [Newark, N. J.], 1907. 1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 11 pages; 21 cm. In English. Rabbi Solomon Foster was born in Americus, Georgia, in 1878. He became the rabbi of Congregation B'nai Jeshurun in Newark, NJ, in 1902, where he served until 1941. SUBJECT (S): Religious education -- United States. OCLC lists just 2 copies (Yale, University of Minnesota) None in New York or New Jersey. Minor wear. Overall very good condition. Rare. (AMR-49-21) (ID #37615) $225.00.






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    432. [Rosenberg, Martin]; [Rosenberg, Julius]. ROSENBERG BROS. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN: RAGS, RUBBERS, AND METALS. JOBBERS IN TINWARE, ENAMELLED WARE, AND WOODEN WARE. [New Hampshire], 1900. 1st Edition. Original Red Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 8 pages; 23 cm. This is Catalogue No. 1 from the Fall Season of 1900 of Rosenberg Bros. “The firm of Rosenberg Bros was originally established in 1888 by Martin Rosenberg… in Concord, NH… (his) older son, Julius engaged with his father in the summer of 1892… Later that year he opened up on Central Street, Manchester… The business increased rapidly, and to such an extent that more commodious quarters became necessary… they again removed to Kidder street, in the heart of business section of the city” (The Waste Trade Jounral). The catalog is from the time when the main Manchester store was located on Kidder Street. For a full-length examination of Jews in the rag and scrap business, see Adam Mendelsohn’s recent award-winning book, “The Rag Race: How Jews Sewed Their Way to Success in America and the British Empire (NYU, 2014). OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Some wear and back wrapper has small tear. Inside pages bright and readable. Good+ condition. (AMR-49-23) (ID #37617) $75.00.






    434. National Conference Of Jewish Charities (U. S.). SECOND CONFERENCE OF JEWISH CHARITIES IN THE UNITED STATES: DETROIT, MICHIGAN, MAY 26TH TO 28TH, 1902. Cincinnati: Press Of C. J. Krehbiel, 1902. Original Boards. 8vo. 298 pages; 26 cm. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Charities -- Congresses. National Conference of Jewish Charities (U. S.). OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide. Original boards are worn. Inside pages are in about very good condition. (Heb-22-12) (ID #37385) $100.00.





      By the Father of British Chief Rabbi Joseph Hertz


    436. Hertz, Simon. TORAT SEFAT `EVER: LE-LAMED BENE YISRAEL DARKE LESHON HA-KODESH U-MISHPATEHA. Nev York: [No Publisher], 1904. First edition. Original boards. 8vo. 224 pages. 21 cm. In Hebrew, English, and Yiddish. Goldman 319. Title translates as “A Hebrew Grammar: An Instructive Guide to the Holy Language for Jewish Schools and Homes.” Hertz was born in Rebrin, Czechoslovakia, (or Lastomir, Hungary) in 5617 [1847] and he studied for three years under Rabbi Azriel Hildesheimer in Eisenstadt (or Berlin). He immigrated to America in 1884 and devoted the rest of his life to Jewish education. Hertz published poetry and linguistics and Biblical studies. He died in the Bronx in 1913. His son was Joseph H. Hertz, the chief rabbi of the British Empire and the editor of the "Hertz Chumash." "An instructive guide to the Holy Language for Jewish Schools and Homes. Written in a most interesting and attractive style, with ample rules and explanations concerning Rashi script and the reading of unpunctuated Hebrew in English and Jewish-German. The English and Yiddish texts appear on facing pages” (Goldman). Grammatical rules are formulated in verse. SUBJECTS: Hebrew language -- Grammar. OCLC lists 7 copies worldwide. Minor shelf wear to boards. Internally Very Good. Overall Good+ Condition. (AMR-47-39) (ID #37523) $200.00.