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Nr. 1. Leeser, Isaac. THE TWENTY-FOUR BOOKS OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES. Philadelphia, 5614 [1853–54]. 1st edition. 1st translation of the Bible into English by a Jew.




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  1. Leeser, Isaac. THE TWENTY-FOUR BOOKS OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES: CAREFULLY TRANSLATED…AFTER THE BEST JEWISH AUTHORITIES; AND SUPPLIED WITH SHORT EXPLANATORY NOTES BY ISAAC LEESER. Philadelphia, 5614 [1853–54]. 1st edition. 1011 pages. Beautiful period style binding with marbled endpapers, tooled leather and raised bands. The first edition of the first translation of the full Jewish bible into English. Deinard 847; Singerman 1271; Goldman #12. Very important work, Isaac Leeser’s magnum opus; the first complete translation of the Bible into English by a Jew. In Leeser’s preface he wrote of a life-long ambition “to do for his fellow Hebrews who use the English as their vernacular, what had been done for the Germans by some of the most eminent minds…” That is, to present an Old Testament Bible in the people’s tongue which is unprejudiced against Jews. “They will be able to study a version of the Bible which has not been made by the authority of churches in which they have no confidence.” This task took Reverend Leeser more than 15 years to complete and was published in stages beginning in 1845, with his translation of The Pentateuch, The Law of God. Isaac Leeser's literary magnum opus and most lasting contribution to Judaism in America was his English translation of the entire Hebrew Bible. Printed in 1854, complete with "short explanatory notes," Leeser's efforts at biblical translation had actually developed in stages, beginning almost two decades earlier. Leeser's first biblical translation was The Law of God, a Pentateuch in five volumes; although printed in 1845, Leeser actually began the work in 1838. According to Lance Sussman, three factors were involved in his decision to begin systematically working on a translation at this time. First, Leeser had recently completed his six-volume rendition of The Form of Prayers According to the Custom of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews (1838) and felt encouraged by his English version of the Psalms in the Sephardic Liturgy. Second, Rebecca Gratz's Sunday School met for the first time in March 1838, in Philadelphia, and was desperately in need of appropriate study material. Students were compelled to use the King James Bible for want of a Jewish alternative. Religiously objectionable passages in other texts provided by Protestant organizations were either pasted over or torn out by Gratz's staff. Leeser, who supported the Sunday School and was its chief academic resource person, felt compelled to find more suitable texts for the students. Finally, a popular German-Jewish translation of the Hebrew Bible by Leopold Zunz had just been published in 1837-38. Leeser used the translation in Zunz's liturgy as the prototype for his own work. Lesser first produced The Law of God included a vocalized Hebrew text of each of the Five Books of Moses together with an English translation and notes, as well as the haftarot (prophetic readings). He then published his Biblia Hebraica in 1848, the first vocalized Hebrew Bible printed in America. Finally, after more than fifteen years, Leeser realized the culmination of all his efforts, completing his magnum opus, (the present lot) Twenty-Four Books of the Holy Scriptures in 1853 and saw it to press in 1854. Leeser's Bible, as it has come to be known, quickly became the standard Bible for English-speaking Jews, especially in America. The impetus for Leeser throughout was always his desire to provide the Jews of America with an English text of the Bible that was produced by one of their own and was not tainted by conversionist motivations. In his preface to the present volume, Leeser characterizes this culmination of his long years of endeavor as having finally provided for his fellow Jews "a version of the Bible which has not been made by the authority of churches in which they have no confidence.” See also J. D. Sarna and N. M. Sarna, in: "Jewish Bible Scholarship and Translations in the United States" in The Bible and Bibles in America E. S. Freriches ed., 1998. Lance J. Sussman "Another Look at Isaac Leeser and the First Jewish Translation of the Bible in the United States" in Modern Judaism, Vol. 5, No. 2, (May, 1985), pp. 159-190. An ex-library copy with broken boards sold at auction in 2011 for over US 9800-00. New blank endpapers, margin repairs to approximately 15 leaves (no text affected). Very Good+ condition. A beautiful copy. Additional images here and here (amr-39-53) (ID #31566) $10,500.00.






  3. Leeser, Isaac, translator. TORATH HA ELOHIM - THE LAW OF GOD. COMPLETE IN 5 VOLUMES. Philadelphia, C. Sherman, 1845-6. 1st edition. Period-style uniform period-style black polished quarter-calf with gilt lettering and raised bands in later custom case. [Rosenbach 569; Singerman 884]. "Edited, and with Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised" by Isaac Leeser. Complete in five volumes (the five books of the Torah). Hebrew and English on facing pages. The First Translation into English of any part of the Bible by an American Jew. Specifically issued for the American-Jewish Community. This set of Chumashim was Isaac Lesser's crowning literary achievement and remained the standard Jewish translation well into the 20th-century. See B. J. Bamberger, American Jewish Translations of the Bible in: The Jewish Book Annual (1957) pp. 33-40. Leeser himself writes, "I doubt whether the precious word of God ever appeared among us in a more beautiful form than the volumes in which I am now engaged... I thought, in all due humility, that I might safely go to the task, confidently relying upon that Superior aid, which is never withheld from the inquirer after truth" (p. Vii). Leeser's beautifully worded introduction recounts his desire to prepare a translation specifically for an American Jewish readership. "My intention was to furnish a book for the service of the Synagogue, both German and Portuguese" (p. Viii). Leeser achieved this despite the inherent difficulties in undertaking such a monumental task due to the lack of Hebrew scholars resident in America sufficiently qualified to assist. Indeed, in describing the evolution of his translation and the reasons for attempting it, Leeser clearly enunciates his patriotism for America: "It has always appeared to me that such a labor ought to be accomplished in this very country" (p. V) "I have to state I have not looked at a single work issued by the English Jews, and that hence I have not borrowed a single idea or suggestion from any one of them, living or dead" (ibid. P. X). A set with boards detached and in need of rebinding sold at auction in Oct 2012 for US 7200-00. Another set sold at Sotheby’s for US 52000-00 in 2007. Fine condition with wide margins. Lightly browned (as usual) trace stained, otherwise a fine set. Very Attractive. (amr-39-54) (ID #31567) $6,000.00.






  5. (First Bloch-Leeser Bible) Leeser, Isaac. THE TWENTY-FOUR BOOKS OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, CAREFULLY TRANSLATED ACCORDING TO THE MASSORETIC TEXT, AFTER THE BEST JEWISH AUTHORITIES. TORAH, NEVI'IM VE-KHETUVIM. Cincinnati ; Chicago : From the American Hebrew Pub. House, the Bloch Pub. and Print. Co., 1853 [1870s?]. Original Full Leather, 16mo, [6], iii-xii, 1243 pages. 17 cm. Title in Hebrew at head of title. The scarce Chicago Bloch edition, retaining the copyright page date of 1853, but probably published in the 1870s given the inclusion of the “Advertisement to the London Edition" (which appeared in 1865, with 7 holdings in OCLC,) and its mid-19th Century calf binding. Bloch’s first office in Chicago dates to the 1870s, and Bloch did also publish an 1884 edition, but, unlike our copy, it lists the 1884 date and only Cincinnati (not Chicago, as this copy does) and contains 1236 pages (not 1243 as ours does). A Bloch publication of Leeser’s bible could almost certainly not have occurred before Leeser’s death in 1868, given the enmity between the Leader of American Orthodoxy and the Reform-oriented publishing house owned by Isaac M. Wise’ brother-in-law, Edward Bloch. Leeser, famously, had printed an “anonymous attack on Wise signed ‘Lawyers’ in the pages of his Occident shortly after the appearance of Minhag Amerika in 1857; this anti-Reform rejoinder singled out Bloch & Co. for allegedly keeping its store open on the Jewish Sabbath and closing it on Sunday, the Christian Sabbath” (Singerman). In our Bloch copy, the copyright is still held by Isaac Leeser; It was not until 1888 that “his [Bloch’s] firm obtained the copyright of this popular and frequently reprinted landmark text.” OCLC lists only 2 holdings of the Chicago Bloch [1853] edition (Andrews University in Michigan and the Community of Christ library in Missouri), both in the Midwest, perhaps reflecting Bloch’s still-Midwestern orientation at the time. Indeed, not many years later, Bloch left Chicago completely and moved its second headquarters to New York. This edition not listed in Singerman nor in Goldman. Edgewear to leather boards and many pages. Spine professionally rebacked. Good Condition thus. (AMR-38-23) (ID #30983) $1750.00.






  7. Leeser, Isaac. THE TWENTY-FOUR BOOKS OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, CAREFULLY TRANSLATED ACCORDING TO THE MASSORETIC TEXT, AFTER THE BEST JEWISH AUTHORITIES. TORAH, NEVI'IM VE-KHETUVIM. Cincinnati, Chicago; The Bloch Pub. and Print. Co, 1897. Original cloth. 16mo, [6], III-XII, 1243 pages. 17 cm. Title in Hebrew at head of title. Frequently reissued; later Bloch edition of the important Leeser Bible. Bound in original cloth with gilt title on spine. Subjects: Bible. O. T. English. Leeser. 1897. Twenty four books of the Holy Scriptures. OCLC lists 4 copies of this edition. Light wear to cloth and front hinge, otherwise fresh and clean. Very good condition. (AMR-44-28) (ID #31574) $150.00.






  9. Leeser, Isaac. THE PENTATEUCH AND THE HAPTORATH; CAREFULLY TRANSLATED ACCORDING TO THE MASSORETIC TEXT, AFTER THE BEST JEWISH AUTHORITIES, AND SUPPLIED WITH SHORT EXPLANATORY NOTES [FIVE VOLUME SET]. Cincinnati, OH: American Hebrew Pub. House, 1893?. Publishers cloth. 12mo. X, 175, 175; 168, 168, [1]; 153, 153; 140, 140; 136, 147 pages. 19 cm. Hebrew text and English translation on opposite pages. Singerman 4474. Undated, but 1890’s printing of the Isaac Leeser Hebrew-English Pentateuch, published by Bloch in Chicago for the American Hebrew Publishing house in Cincinnati; Leeser’s Pentateuch and Haptorath (Haftoroh) was originally printed in 1845, and is known as the “First Jewish translation of the Pentateuch in English” (Goldman #7), meaning the first publication by an American Jew of any portion of the Hebrew Bible. It was frequently reissued owing to the beauty of its layout and printing, and remained the standard English version of the five Books of Moses until the Jewish Publication Society edition of 1917. Bound in black cloth with gilt title on backstrip. Gift dedication to ‘Carrie Hammerschlag’ (a 1903 graduate of Gratz College) inscribed on endpage of all volumes, dated 1901. Subjects: Bible. O. T. Pentateuch. 1893. OCLC lists five copies of this edition. (Suny Buffalo, HUC, New Haven Pub Libr, Reconstructionist Rab Coll, Saint Gregory Sem). Light wear and soiling to cloth, with lightly bumped edges. Overall, very fresh and clean. Very good + condition. (AMR-39-49) (ID #31441) $200.00.






  11. Jos Athias; Johannes Leusden; Johann Simonis; Everardus Van Der Hooght; Heinrich Opitz; Wolf Heidenheim; August Hahn; Isaac Leeser. TORAH, NEVI’IM U-KETUVIM. BIBLIA HEBRAICA. Philadelphiæ : J. W. Moore, Edition: Editio Stereotypa, 1856. Hardback, 8vo. 1416 pages. In Hebrew and Latin. With introduction, preface and notes in Latin. SUBJECT (S) : In good condition. (MX15-2). (ID #21373) $125.00.






  13. Leeser, Isaac. THE CLAIMS OF THE JEWS TO AN EQUALITY OF RIGHTS: ILLUSTRATED IN A SERIES OF LETTERS TO THE EDITOR OF THE PHILADELPHIA GAZETTE. Philadelphia: Printed By C. Sherman & Co. 5601, 1841. 1st edition. Quarter leather, 8vo, 99 pages. Singerman 0745. Rosenbach 476. Leeser’s first major work. “It’s difficult to overestimate the impact of Leeser’s work on American Jewish communal life, religious education, and culture…. Leeser’s first major work was a rebuttal to an attack on Jews which was published initially in the London Quarterly Review and then re-circulated in American newspapers. Leeser’s piece appeared in 1828 in the Richmond Whig, and was re-printed in 1841 as a book entitled The Claims of the Jews to an Equality of Rights. This writing earned Leeser an invitation to become Hazan of the Congregation Mikveh Israel in Philadelphia” (Penn Libraries, 2008). Very Good+ Condition in beautiful period-style quarter leather binding with tooled spine, and outstanding copy. Very Good+ Condition. (AMR-39-4) (ID #31225) Sold.






  15. Philippson, Ludwig; Maurice Mayer; Isaac Leeser. THE CRUCIFIXION AND THE JEWS. Philadelphia; Jones & Hamilton, Printers, 1866. [5626] Original paper wrappers. 8vo. IV, 41 pages. 22 cm. First edition. Singerman 1969. By Dr. L. Philippson. Translated from the German, by Maurice Mayer. Preface by Isaac Leeser. Originally serialized in German in the ‘Allgemeine zeitung des judenthums’, simultaneously serialized in English translation in the ‘Occident’ (over the space of six months) ; printed in a “small edition of five hundred copies” (preface). First separate appearance of an English translation of a work by Ludwig Philippson to be printed in America. This text, still quoted as the foundational work of research in the ‘political reconstruction’ of the trial of Jesus (see Trial of Jesus: Study in the Gospels and Jewish Historiography by David R. Catchpole, Brill, 1971), lays out the following parameters, crucifixion was a Jewish form of execution, of the sources Tacitus is the best, the gospels being unreliable, Pilate sentenced Jesus as a political rebel, all messianic movements of the time were put down with uncompromising ferocity, the Jews neither persecuted nor tried Jesus, nor cried for his death. Subjects: Jesus Christ - Jewish interpretations. Jesus Christ - Crucifixion. OCLC lists 14 copies. Wraps heavily soiled, final leaf in facsimile only, light foxing on a few pages, Otherwise Good condition. (AMR-44-13) (ID #31551) $1000.00.






  17. Leeser, Isaac. “HISTORY OF THE JEWS AND THEIR RELIGION” In: Cyclopaedia of Religious Denominations. Containing Authentic Accounts of the Different Creeds and Systems Prevailing Throughout the World. Written by Members of the Respective Bodies. 1853. Glasgow, Bell and Bain: (1853). Leeser's contribution is 8 pages. In this overview of Judaism, the "Pastor of the Hebrew Portuguese Congregation, Philadelphia," Rev. Isaac Leeser, takes the reader back to the times of Abraham and Moses, presents Maimonides' Thirteen Articles of Faith, and quotes Mendelssohn's "Jerusalem" concerning the significance of the commandments and ceremonies. Very light stains, few stamps on title page. Original boards,spine repaired. Good+ Condition. (k-amr-2-1) (ID #21587) $500.00.











  19. Leeser, Isaac. SIDUR SIFTE TSADIKIM [SIFTHEI TZADIKIM]. THE FORM OF PRAYERS ACCORDING TO THE CUSTOM OF THE SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE JEWS [Sephardic Siddur]. Vol 2 [II] NEW YEARS SERVICE, ONLY (of 6). Philadelphia: Haswell, Barrington and Haswell, 1837. 1st edition. Full Leather, Tall 8vo, 121 pages. 23 cm. Hebrew text, parallel English translation. Singerman 0630 (1837-38). Checklist of American Imprints, Nr. 45167. Sidur Sifte Tsadikim, Leeser's comprehensive Sephardic prayer book, was the first American prayerbook containing the liturgy for the entire year. It contains the original Hebrew text and an English translation. Leeser marketed his prayer book both to audiences in American and the British colonies in the Caribbean, and he thus included prayers on behalf of a Monarch and a Republican government. Reprinted a number of times throughout the 19th & 20th Centuries, it became the standard prayer book for Sephardic Jews in North America.

    SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Liturgy. Prayers. Texts. The 1st edition remains quite rare, with only 10 institutions listed in OCLC with sets. Goldman 36: "This Sephardic prayer book, containing the liturgy for the entire year, was the first comprehensive prayer book published in the introduction, Leeser attempted to demonstrate why his text and translation were superior to the one published by his competitor, David Aaron de Sola, a London hazzan....Leeser ordered new Hebrew types from abroad for this work and had to teach Hebrew to the typesetters, Benjamin George Smith...and Jacob Washington Fletcher....Leeser announced in 1851 that the '500 copies...became gradually exhausted in 14 years...'" indicating a very limited run of the scarce large-size first 2 printings. A Complete LATER 1857 2nd-3rd edition (i. e. mixed) set with a set of Leeser's 5 volume 1845 bible recently sold at auction for over $82, 000.00. We located no other sets of any edition, let alone the scarcer large-size first two printings, having come up for auction in the last decade.

    This copy bears the name of its original owner, Ellen Etting, in gold on the cover, with an inscription inside: "Ellen Etting / from her affectionate father / Solomon Etting" (Image here)

    SOLOMON ETTING (1764–1847), was a "businessman, political figure, and Jewish civic rights leader...born in York, Pa., [who] became a shohet at the age of 18, the first American Jew to serve in this capacity. At first a hardware storekeeper, Solomon subsequently became a banker, a shipper, a founder of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and an important businessman. He was prominent in the Baltimore Republican Society, a Jeffersonian political club. He was a leader in the defense of Baltimore against the British in the War of 1812, during which his 18-year-old son Samuel was wounded in the battle at nearby Fort McHenry. Etting was a "manager" of the Maryland State Colonization Society, which sought to promote the resettlement of blacks in Africa. Etting was active in the Baltimore German Society and served as its vice president from 1820 to 1840...[and] he supported the synagogue of his youth, Mikveh Israel, in Philadelphia. In 1801 he purchased land for a Jewish cemetery in Baltimore. He also led in the struggle for Jewish civic rights, opposing the Maryland law requiring of officeholders a Christian oath. As early as 1797 he appealed to the State Legislature on behalf of a "sect of people called Jews, deprived of invaluable rights of citizenship and praying to be placed on the same footing as other good citizens." This petition initiated a three-decade struggle, which ended successfully in 1826. Soon thereafter, Etting served as a Baltimore councilman. Solomon Etting's second wife was the daughter of the prominent leader Barnard Gratz" (EJ, 2007) Original gilt-tooled leather boards, wear to corners, spine re-backed in leather, wear & stains to first and and final leaves, institutional blindstamps on title pages. Documentation on Etting’s signature available on request. Good condition, an attractive volume. (AMR-11-20) $1,500.00.






  21. Wise, Isaac Mayer. HISTORY OF THE ISRAELITISH NATION: FROM ABRAHAM TO THE PRESENT TIME: DERIVED FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCES [AUTHOR INSCRIBED]. Albany; J. Munsell, 1854. Publishers cloth. 8vo. XXIV, 560 pages. 23 cm. First edition. "Vol. 1"; no more published. Inscribed by wise to Vice Presidential Candidate General Samuel Fenton Cary. “The first volume of this work comprises the history of the Israelitish nation from the patriarch Abraham to the destruction of the temple of Solomon.” (pg. XII) Singerman 2603. “Presented to General Cary by Isaac M. Wise with his best compliments”; Gift to Samuel Fenton Cary, who held the title of lawyer, General, 1864 Republican national convention delegate, congressman, vice presidential candidate for the greenback party, among other things; he was a very influential lawyer and politician, he lived in Cincinnati most of his life. Isaac Mayer Wise was on the board of directors of University of Cincinnati, and the first president of Hebrew Union College. During “his lifetime Isaac M. Wise was regarded as the most prominent Jew of his time in the United States” (EJ 1906). Bound in original cloth with decorative inlay, with gilt title on spine. Subjects: Jews - History - To 586 B. C. Light soiling to cloth, edges lightly bumped, small tear to top of backstrip, light foxing throughout, otherwise fresh and clean. Very good condition. (AMR-39-50) (ID #31442) SOLD






  23. Wise, Isaac Mayer. GEBET-BUCH FUR DEN OEFFENTLICHEN GOTTESDIENST UND DIE PRIVAT-ANDACHT. Cincinnati: Bloch, 1864. Hardcover, 12mo, 144 leaves, 18 cm. In Hebrew. Early American Reform prayer book. SUBJECT(S) : Siddurim -- Texts. Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. Other Titles: Tefilot Bene Yeshurun: Minhag Amerika. OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide (Brandeis, JTS, Western Rsv Hist Libr). Wear to cover and edges. Stained pages. Stained front and back cover. Otherwise, very good condition. (Spec-9-15) (ID #25498) $300.00.






  25. (Wise, Isaac Mayer) McClure, J. B. MISTAKES OF INGERSOLL: AS SHOWN BY PROF. SWING, J. MONRO GIBSON, D.D., W.H. RYDER, D.D., RABBI WISE, BROOKE HERFORD, D.D., AND OTHERS. Chicago:rhodes & McClure., 1880. Cloth, 8vo. 118, 151 pages. Illustrated. Two volumes bound in one. Colonel Robert Green Ingersoll [1833-1899], a Civil War veteran, was a highly popular orator and political leader, though his agnosticism, his support for the Free Thought movement and his views on religion, slavery and women's rights precluded him from any high political office. This lecture points out absurdities in the Old Testament. The second volume bound in here includes Ingersoll's lecture on Skulls, with copious criticism's by his opponents, and also Ingersoll's Oration at his Brother's Grave, together with Henry Ward Beecher's comments! It is ironic that this volume's value is largely due to the comparatively small amount of actual material by Ingersoll, rather than by the whole disorderly squadron of his religionist opponents! It does help place the fury and outrage that Ingersoll's notorious speeches generated in their time. SUBJECT (S) : Ingersoll, Robert Green, 1833-1899 – views on religion; Bible. O. T. Pentateuch – evidences, authorities, etc. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide (Yale, Ohio State Univ, American Philosophical Society, North Central College, Drew Univ). Ex library. Water stains to cover edges, pages a little tanned, hinges starting, good- condition. (AMR-34-26) (ID #31511) $40.00.





  27. Mordecai Manuel Noah; Charlotte Elizabeth. GLEANINGS FROM A GATHERED HARVEST [BOUND WITH] JUDAH’S LION [FIRST ENGLISH-LANGUAGE ZIONIST NOVEL]. New York, M. W. Dodd; New York, H. Long & Bro., 1847; 1843. Later cloth. 16mo. 216; 406 pages. 17 cm. Gleanings From a Gathered Harvest, Singerman 0914, (1847) second edition. Judah’s Lion, Singerman 0832, First edition. Two volumes bound together; the Dodd engraved title page is absent from Judah’s Lion; contains the previous owner’s decorative stamp (Alfred L. Brown) on first page of first page of each work. Attractively bound in contemporary half leather and marbled boards with gilt title on spine. Contains the first English ‘Zionist’ novel by Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna, bound with ‘Gleaning from a Gather Harvest’ a collection of essays and editorials on contemporary morals, customs, and domestic economy in New York, with essays on Immigration and observance of the Sabbath, written by the famous American proto-Zionist Mordecai Manuel Noah, an “American politician, journalist, playwright, and philanthropist; born in Philadelphia, Pa., July 19, 1785; died in New York city March 22, 1851. […] Noah's place in Jewish history is due to his activity as a Jewish liberator and nationalist. His travels in Europe and his thorough acquaintance with Jewish affairs had opened his eyes to the unfortunate situation of the Jews—a homeless people lodged in the midst of other peoples with whom they could never amalgamate. Like the majority of Zionists, Noah advocated the restoration of the Jews to Palestine, their ancient heritage; and though he firmly believed in the coming of the Messiah, he nevertheless held to the view that the restoration of the Jews must come about through the Jews themselves.” (EJ 1906) Judah’s Lion is considered to be the first English language ‘Zionist Novel’ (it predates George Eliot’s ‘Daniel Deronda’ by thirty years) ; the story concerns the return of an English Jew (Alick) to the Holy Land; it binds together English and Jewish history. This was the last novel the author wrote. Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna (1790-1846) wrote on the plight of English women factory workers, was well known in her time for her novels, essays and poems, was passionate about gardening, a pioneer of deaf education, and also wrote children’s stories. In her later years she defended the rights of Judaism, and in her last three years was a close friend of Moses Montefiore. Subjects: Jews - Fiction. Fiction (English). United States - Social life and customs - 1783-1865. OCLC lists 7 copies of this edition of Gleanings and 17 copies of Judah’s Lion. This edition (1847) of Gleanings sold at auction in 2011 for US 1080; The last copy of Lion offered at auction, over 20 years ago in 1987, sold for US 400. Light rubbing to edges of leather, very light foxing throughout, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good + condition. (AMR-39-33) (ID #31426) $1400.00.






  29. Noah, Mordechai Manuel. NEW-YORK ENQUIRER, FOR THE COUNTRY [VOL.II, NOS. 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 95, 96]. New York; M.M. Noah, 1828. Original Wraps. Folio. 28 pages; 4 pages per issue. 61 cm. Semi-weekly periodical published by Mordecai Manuel Noah, seven loose issues dated May 13th, 1828 - June 6th, 1828. Published every Tuesday and Friday at No. 1 Williams St., New York, New York. Masthead of Noah’s (! ) Ark: “A Free Press The Ark of Public Safety.” With extensive coverage of world events, local New York politics, theatre, marine list, houses for let or sale and other ads; with detailed coverage of the presidential election of 1828 between Andrew Jackson and incumbent John Quincy Adams. Mordecai Noah (1785-1851) was the most important Jewish lay leader in New York in the pre-Civil War period, and the first Jew born in the United States to reach national prominence. In 1811, he was appointed by President James Madison as consul at Riga, then part of Imperial Russia, but declined, and, in 1813, was nominated Consul to the Kingdom of Tunis, where he rescued American citizens kept as slaves by Moroccan masters. In 1815, Noah received a stunning blow; In the words of US Secretary of State James Monroe, his religion was "an obstacle to the exercise of [his] Consular function.” The incident caused outrage among Jews and non-Jews alike. Noah sent many letters to the White House trying to get an answer as to why they felt his religion should be a justifiable reason for taking the office of consul away. He had done well as consul and had even been able to accommodate the United States request to secure the release of some hostages being held in Algiers. Noah never received a legitimate answer as to why they took the office of Consul away from him. This worried Noah since he was afraid that this would set a precedent for the United States. He worried that this would block future Jews from holding publicly elected or officially granted offices within the United States. Noah protested and gained letters from John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison supporting church-state separation and tolerance for Jews. Prominent Reform Judaism leader Isaac Harby was moved to write, in a letter to Monroe, "[Jews] are by no means to be considered as a religious sect, tolerated by the government. They constitute a portion of the People. They are, in every respect, woven in and compacted with the citizens of the Republic.” Noah moved to New York, where he founded and edited The National Advertiser, The New York Enquirer [this paper] (later merged into the New York Courier and Enquirer), The Evening Star, and The Sunday Times newspapers. In 1819, Noah's most successful play, ‘She Would Be a Soldier, ’ was produced. That play has since established Noah as America's first important Jewish American writer. ‘She Would Be a Soldier’ is now included in college level anthologies. In 1825, with virtually no support from anyone-not even his fellow Jews- in a precursor to modern Zionism, he tried to found a Jewish "refuge" at Grand Island in the Niagara River, to be called "Ararat,” after Mount Ararat, the Biblical resting place of Noah's Ark. He purchased land on Grand Island for $4.38 per acre to build a refuge for Jews of all nations. He had brought with him a cornerstone which read "Ararat, a City of Refuge for the Jews, founded by Mordecai M. Noah in the Month of Tishri, 5586 (September, 1825) and in the Fiftieth Year of American Independence.” …. However, afterwards and despite the failure of his project, he developed the idea of settling the Jews in Palestine and, as such, he can be considered as the very founder of modern Zionism. From 1827-1828, Noah led New York City's Tammany Hall political machine. In his writings he alternately abhorred and supported southern slavery. He worried that emancipation would irreparably divide the country. MacArthur Award-winning cartoonist Ben Katchor fictionalized Noah's scheme for Grand Island in his The Jew of New York. Noah is also a minor character in Gore Vidal's 1973 novel Burr” (Wikipedia, 2012). OCLC lists 10 holdings for this title, all in New York, and all of them incomplete. In fact, 5 of these listings are for holdings of 11 or fewer issues, and not a single institution appears to hold any issues prior to vol I, Nr 7. Subjects: New York (N. Y. ) - Newspapers. New York County (N. Y. ) - Newspapers. Very light foxing, very light edge wear, overall, fresh and clean. Very good condition. (SPEC-36-5). Price per issue (ID #31000) $125.00.






  31. Wolf, Simon. MORDECAI MANUEL NOAH : A BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH. Philadelphia; Levytype Co., 1897. Original Wraps. 8vo. 42 pages. 24 cm. First edition. Singerman #5298. Inscribed “Compliments of the Author” on front wrap. A biographical sketch outlining the life of Mordecai Manuel Noah, a prominent Jewish author and diplomat. Noah was stripped of his diplomatic position by an anti-Semitic state department in 1815. Later, he became known as an author, both for his literature and articles outlining early Zionist ideas. He is also well known for his participation in Tammany Hall. In the preface Simon Wolf explains that this biography was written to “emphasize the good work done by American citizens of Jewish faith” in response to the growing anti-Semitism presented by the American media and various public figures during the immigration of Eastern European Jews in the late 19th century. An activist, politician, lawyer and author; Wolf was the president of B’nai B’rith from 1903-1905. Subjects: Biography. Noah, M. M. (Mordecai Manuel), 1785-1851. United States -- Judaism OCLC lists 17. Some wear to wraps and spine. Lacks frontis portrait. Pencil marking on front wrap. Good condition. (AMR-43-11) (ID #31446) $125.00.






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  35. Zirndorf, Heinrich. ISAAK MARKUS JOST UND SEINE FREUNDE. EIN BEITRAG ZUR KULTURGESCHICHTE DER GEGENWART. 1886. Cincinnati: Bloch; Leipzig, New York: B. Westermann & Co., 1886. Cloth, 12mo. 241 pages. Decorative endpapers. In German. "Verzeichnisz der Jost'schen schriften,” p. [225]-228. Frontispiece engraving of Dr. Jost. Zirndorf was a German rabinnical scholar and poet, who eventually immigrated to the United States and became a professor at Hebrew Union College and a Cincinnati rabbi. While still in Germany he had made the personal acquaintance of Isaak Markus Jost. Jost was a German historian and prolific author with an abiding interest in pedagogy and the upbringing of orphans. (JE) Singerman 3510. OCLC lists 23 copies worldwide. Ex-library with bookplate on inside front cover and stamps. Light wear to spine. Good + condition. (HEB-7-9) (ID #16134) $225.00.






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  43. Another Copy, in Later wraps, with the author's printed complimentary slip inserted. Light soiling to outer edges, otherwise fresh and clean. Very good + condition. (AMR-39-51A) (ID #31444) $150.00.







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  49. Philipson, David. THE JEW IN ENGLISH FICTION. Cincinnati; R. Clarke, 1889. Original cloth. 8vo. 156 pages. 21 cm. First edition. Singerman 3845. The author’s first published work. Contains the following chapters: Marlowe's "Jew of Malta" - Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice" - Cumberland's "The Jew" - Scott's "Ivanhoe" - Dickens's "Oliver Twist" and "Our mutual friend" - Disraeli's "Coningsby and Tancred" - George Eliot's "Daniel Deronda". The author, David Philipson (August 9, 1862 – June 29, 1949) was an American Reform rabbi, orator, and author. The son of German-Jewish immigrants, he was a member of the first graduating class of the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati. As an adult, he was one of the leaders of American Reform Judaism and a philanthropic leader in his adopted hometown of Cincinnati. Subjects: Jews in literature. English fiction - History and criticism. Judenbild. Literatur. Geschichte 1580-1880. Light rubbing to edges of cloth, otherwise fresh and clean. Very good + condition. (AMR-44-20) (ID #31558) $100.00.





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  53. Goldman, Yosef. HEBREW PRINTING IN AMERICA, 1735-1926: A HISTORY AND ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY. Brooklyn, NY, 2006. Cloth, Large 4to, 1188 pages in 2 vols. Extensively illustrated. Printed on high-quality glossy paper. Research and editing by Ari Kinsberg. Sure to become a standard reference work. The work includes an exhaustive bibliography of 1208 items, extensively annotated with bio-bibliographical information, historical context, scholarly references, approbations, and location of copies in libraries world-wide. The bibliography is chronologically arranged within broad subject or format (e.g., Bible, liturgy, Haggadah, reference works, education, periodicals, Rabbinica, etc.) with 13 indexes, including Hebrew and English titles and authors, imprint places and years, publishers, printers, approbations, subscribers, typesetters, music arrangers, and artists.Included are reproductions of most title pages and selected interior pages, as well as appendices containing reproductions of relevant manuscripts and portraits of early American rabbis. The work is also supplemented by extensive bibliography of pertinent scholarly books and periodical articles (p. 1135-1154). Very Heavy, so extra shipping charges apply. please email for information. New Condition. Now only $250.00 (was $450.00)






  55. Deinard, Ephraim. KOHELETH AMERICA; CATALOGUE OF HEBREW BOOKS PRINTED IN AMERICA FROM 1735-1925. St. Louis, Mo; Moinester Printing Co., 1926. Publishers cloth. 4to. IV, 71; 151, [1] pages. 28 cm. First edition. Two volumes in one. In Hebrew. One of only three hundred copies. Frontispiece portrait of the author. Catalogue of Hebrew books in America, compiled by Ephraim Deinard (1846–1930) , “bibliographer and Hebrew author. Born in Sasmakken, Latvia, Deinard wandered in his youth, collecting ancient manuscripts and books in many countries, and then established a bookshop in Odessa. In 1897 he tried unsuccessfully to found an agricultural settlement in Nevada (U. S. ). An active Zionist, he settled in Palestine in 1913 where he investigated the possibilities of Jewish settlement. After being expelled by the Turks in 1916 he returned to the United States and continued his bibliographical work. His two most noteworthy bibliographical works are Or Mayer: Catalogue of the Old Hebrew Manuscripts and Printed Books of the Library of the Hon. Mayer Sulzberger of Philadelphia (1896) and Koheleth America (1926) , a listing of Hebrew books published in America from 1735 to 1926. The first part of the latter work contains essays on the state of Hebrew literature in America, which are written in his unadorned, but typically acerbic, style. He laid the foundations of the Hebrew book and manuscript collections of the Library of Congress with the financial aid of Jacob Schiff. A violent polemicist on many controversial subjects, he attacked Reform Judaism, ? Asidism, Christianity, and Karaism.” (EJ 2007) This volume served as the foundation for Yosef Goldman’s Bibliography, which was "Originally initiated as a revision of Koheleth America". Subjects: Hebrew literature - Bibliography - Catalogs. Jewish literature - United States - Bibliography. Hebrew imprints - United States - Bibliography. Printing, Hebrew - United States - Bibliography. OCLC lists 18 copies. Previous owners bookplate on endpage; light penciled writing on endpages, and some internal penciled underlining. Otherwise fresh and clean. Good + condition. (AMR-39-12) (ID #31406) $400.00.






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  139. Moses, Adolph. THE RELIGION OF MOSES. Louisville, Kentucky: Flexner Brothers, 1894. Cloth; 12mo. Xiii, 138 pages. Gilt titles; laid bond. First edition. Privately printed. Adolph Moses was a rabbi; author, and editor of the journal Zeitgeist. He became a medical doctor later in life. He was head of Congregation K. K. Adath Israel, Louisville, Kentucky. Presumably here he is writing about the religion of the Biblical Moses and not simply his own (i. e. Adolph Moses') religion. (JE) Singerman 4734. SUBJECT(S) : Judaism -- Reform movements. Moses (Biblical leader). Light soiling to cloth. Very good condition. (AMR-7-9) (ID #16367) $40.00.






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  229. Levy, Amy. A MINOR POET AND OTHER VERSE. New York; F. A. Stokes, 1891. Publishers decorated cloth. 12mo. 91, [1] pages. 19 cm. Second edition, first edition thus. The Cameo series. “This volume is a reprint of that issued in 1884, with the addition of a sonnet and a translation, from a volume published in Cambridge in 1881, and now out of print.” Attractively bound, with decorative illustrated boards, gilt upper outer edge, and frontispiece portrait of the author. Amy Levy was born 1861 in London, to an Anglo-Jewish family; she attended Brighton High School for Girls, a school founded by women’s rights advocates. “While at Brighton, Levy wrote ‘Xantippe, ’ a dramatic monologue in which Socrates’ maligned wife gives her point of view on their marriage. In 1879 Levy became the second Jewish woman to attend Cambridge and the first at Newnham College, which she left in 1881 when her first volume, Xantippe and Other Verse, was published. Two unpublished stories written at Cambridge are revealing: ‘Leopold Leuniger: a Study’ suggests that she encountered antisemitic attitudes there, and ‘Lallie: a Cambridge Sketch’ expresses the strain of being a pioneering woman at the university. A more mature (and published) story, ‘Between Two Stools’ (1883), takes up this theme in a more comic vein. After leaving Cambridge Levy traveled in Germany and Switzerland, going back and forth between Europe and London until the end of 1884. While in London, Levy resided in her parents’ home, but lived an independent life. With friends who were writers and social activists, she frequented the British Museum’s Reading Room, a meeting-place for women leading innovative lives. Throughout her twenties Levy, despite battling with episodes of clinical depression, published poems, essays, and stories in London magazines. ‘Sokratics in the Strand’ (1884), a powerful short story, shows her willingness to write about despondency and suicidal impulses. So does A Minor Poet and Other Verse, which also appeared in 1884. Nearly all these poems are sad, and many are about death; the book’s mood reflects Levy’s own temperament, but she was also influenced by the melancholy poetry written by Victorian women and by German Pessimists, especially Heine. Levy’s lyrics and dramatic monologues stand out from the work of most other women poets of her time in that they raise philosophical questions about whether there is any order or meaning that can justify the anguish of her speakers. […] When Levy committed suicide on September 10, 1889, Oscar Wilde, among others, praised her work: ‘To write thus at six-and-twenty is given to very few...The world must forgo the full fruition of her power. ’ And yet Levy was neglected after the 1890s.” (Jewish Women’s Archive Encyclopedia) Subjects: Poetry – Britain – Amy Levy. OCLC lists 13 copies. Light wear to boards, light stain to upper portion of frontispiece and protective tissue guard; otherwise fresh and clean. Very good condition. (MX-36-19) (ID #31183) $275.00.






  231. (Lyons, Jacques, Rabbi) Tendlau, Abraham Moses. SHA’ARE SHAMAYIM. PFORTEN DES HIMMELS: EIN BUCH ZUR HAUSLICHEN ANDACHT FUR ISRAELITEN, BESONDERS DEN FRAUEN IN ISRAEL GEMIDMET. Frankfurt Am Main: Selbstverlage Des Verfassers, 1834. Hardcover, 8vo, xii, 304 pages, 19 cm. In German. Rabbi Jacques J. Lyons’ copy, with his ownership stamp on title page. Lyons was a “hazan, rabbi, and community leader….born in Surinam, Dutch Guiana on Menahem 25, 5573 (August 25, 1813). ….Jacques began his career as a hazan in Surinam in Congregation Nevie Shalom, a synagogue founded by Spanish-Portuguese Jews. In 1836 he left for Philadelphia, his parents home state, and was hired within a few months by Congregation Beth Shalome of Richmond, Virginia. He served Beth Shalome for two years, winning the high esteem of the congregation. In 1839, following the death of Rev. Isaac B. Mendez Seixas, he was elected Seixas’ successor as minister of Congregation Shearith Israel of New York City. He married Grace Nathan, daughter of Seixas Nathan and Sarah Mendes Seixas in 1842….In 1854, Jacques and Rabbi Abraham de Sola of Montreal collaborated in writing A Jewish Calendar for Fifty Years, a book that contained a comprehensive Jewish calendar, an essay on the Jewish calendar system, as well as historical information concerning Jewish communities in the United States, Canada, and the West Indies….His niece through marriage [was] Emma Lazarus….”(AJHS).SUBJECT(S) : Jewish women -- Religious life -- Germany -- Handbooks, manuals, etc. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide S). Light yellowing of pages. Lightly bumped cover corners. Very good condition. (Spec-8-1) (ID #25466) $145.00.






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  303. Another Copy. Appears to lack the fold-out Hebrew poem and illustration: "Tzion ve'America". Later wrappers, wear to first and final leaves, margin stains throughout (heb-7-18) (ID #20101) $150.00.










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