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Nrs 27-29. Raban, Ze'ev, illustrator. SONG OF SONGS. Berlin & Jerusalem, 1923 & 1930.




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Catalog 161: 90 Works in Hebrew Bible

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  1. (Ladino Bible) ספר תורה, נביאים וכתובים:‏ ‏איל ליברו די לה ליי, לוס פרופיטאס, אי לאס איסקריטוראס, טראזלאדאדו אין לה לינגואה איספאנייולה. SEFER TORAH, NEVIʼIM U-KHETUVIM: EL LIVRO DE LAH LE, LOS PROFEṬAS, I LAS ESḲRIṬURAS, ṬRAZLADADO EN LAH LENGUAH ESPANYOLAH. COMPLETE IN 2 VOLUMES. Constantinople, A. H. Boyagian, 1905... 8vo, Original Cloth, 560 + 634 leaves. Bible in Hebrew and Ladino (in rabbinic type) on facing pages. Arabic text on title page as well. Old stamp (Turkish? ) on end paper, Very Good Condition, a beautiful set. (SPEC-35-8) (ID #30791) $500.00.






  3. ANOTHER COPY… VOLUME 2 ONLY (OF 2). Constantinople, A. H. Boyagian, 1905... 8vo, Original Cloth, 634 leaves. Light wear, one gathering of pages starting, otherwise Very Good Condition. (SPEC-35-9) (ID #30792) $200.00.






  5. (First Bloch-Leeser Bible) Leeser, Isaac. THE TWENTY-FOUR BOOKS OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, CAREFULLY TRANSLATED ACCORDING TO THE MASSORETIC TEXT, AFTER THE BEST JEWISH AUTHORITIES. TORAH, NEVI'IM VE-KHETUVIM. Cincinnati; Chicago: From the American Hebrew Pub. House, the Bloch Pub. and Print. Co., 1853 [1870s?]. Original Full Leather, 16mo, [6], iii-xii, 1243 pages. 17 cm. Title in Hebrew at head of title. Other Titles: Bible. O. T. English. Leeser. 1853.; 24 books of the Holy Scriptures. The scarce Chicago Bloch edition, retaining the copyright page date of 1853, but probably published in the 1870s given the inclusion of the “Advertisement to the London Edition" (which appeared in 1865, 7 holdings in OCLC, ) and its mid-19th Century calf binding. Bloch’s first office in Chicago dates to the 1870s, and Bloch did also publish an 1884 edition, but, unlike our copy, it lists the 1884 date and only Cincinnati (not Chicago, as this copy does) and contains 1236 pages (not 1243). Singerman writes that “The quest by the American Jewish community for inexpensive editions of the Hebrew Scriptures was met by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations [UAHC]when it obtained from Montreal's Rabbi Abraham de Sola, [the deceased] Isaac Leeser's executor permission to sell the Leeser Bible. Bloch was well-positioned to act as the UAHC's distributor and sole agent. ” An edition of the Leeser bible was published by the UAHC in 1878 [5638], preceded by theDeSola editions of 1869 & 1873. In our Bloch copy, the copyright is still held by Isaac Leeser, for it was not until 1888 that “his [Bloch’s] firm obtained the copyright of this popular and frequently reprinted landmark text. ” A Bloch publication of Leeser’s bible could almost certainly not have occurred before Leeser’s death in 1868, given the bad feeling between the Leader of American Orthodoxy and the Reform-oriented publishing house owned by Isaac M. Wise’ brother-in-law. Leeser, famously, had printed an “anonymous attack on Wise signed ‘Lawyers’ in the pages of his Occident shortly after the appearance of Minhag Amerika in 1857; this anti-Reform rejoinder singled out Bloch & Co. For allegedly keeping its store open on the Jewish Sabbath and closing it on Sunday, the Christian Sabbath” (Singerman). OCLC lists only 2 holdings of our Bloch edition with the copyright date of 1853 (Andrews University in Michigan and the Community of Christ library in Missouri), both in the Midwest, perhaps reflecting Bloch’s still-Midwestern orientation at the time. Indeed, not many years later, Bloch eschewed Chicago completely and moved its second headquarters to New York. Not listed in Singerman nor in Goldman. Edgewear to leather boards and many pages. Spine professionally rebacked. Good Condition thus. (AMR-38-23) (ID #30983) $1750.00.






  7. חמשה חומשי תורה HAMISHAH HUMSHEI TORAH. Antwerp: Cristofori Plantin, [1573-74]. Embossed leather, 12mo., In Hebrew. 389 pages. Hebrew bible [Megillot, Nevi'im Rishonim, Nevi'im Aharonim, Sefer Ketuvim]. Beautifully embossed leather covers. In double columns. Includes the five books of Moses, the Writings and the Prophets. Other titles: Bible. O. T. Hebrew. OCLC notes that “No general t[itle] p[age] was apparently issued. ” Missing backstrip. Light wear to leather. On some pages, text is closely shaved on top or bottom, mostly effects headings and page numbers only. Handwriting on the inside front cover and endpaper. OCLC lists 12 copies worldwide. Very good condition. (DREYFUS-2-2) (ID #28631) $1000.00.






  9. Piza, Yehudah. זה ספר עזרת הסופר:‏ ‏חמשה חומשי תורה תקון סופרים עם הגהות אור תורה נכון הוא להגות בו ולהעתיק ממנו ספר תורת ה׳ ... ‏ ZEH SEFER ʻEZRAT HA-SOFER: ḤAMISHAH ḤUMSHE TORAH TIḲUN SOFRIM 'IM HAGAHOT 'OR TORAH NAKHON HU LEHAGOT BO ULE-HA'ATIK ME-MENU SEFER TORAT HASHEM ... (COMPLETE IN FIVE VOLUMES). Amsterdam: [Gerard Yohan Yanson Uve-Vet Yisra'el Mondavi], 1767-1769. Leather, 8vo., 5 volumes: I: (11), 65, 26 leaves. II: (1), 67-121, (2), 28 leaves. III: (1), 123-163, (2), 24 leaves. IV: (1), 165-221, (2), 16 leaves. V: (2), 224-272, (4), 277-290, (8) leaves. In Hebrew. Ornamental border on title pages. With Nikud and cantalization points. Each volume has Haphtarot in the back with separate title page. Volume 5 bound with: Calendario facil & curiozo em Hebraico & Portuguez. Prepared by Judah Piza, an 112-year Calendar. Amsterdam, 1769. SUBJECT(S): Bible. O. T. Pentateuch. OCLC lists 12 sets worldwide. [Vinograd, Amsterdam 1942; Kayserling, 91; not in Darlow & Moule]. Rare to appear for sale, a comparable set sold at auction for over 900 USD in 2004. Light wear to leather binding, small pieces of backstrip missing on each volume. Light staining to pages from age. Very good condition. (DREYFUS-2-3) (ID #28630) $850.00. ‏





  11. Ehrlich, Arnold B. RANDGLOSSEN ZUR HEBRÄISCHEN BIBEL; TEXTKRITISCHES, SPRACHLICHES UND SACHLICHES. (COMPLETE IN 7 VOLUMES). 1908-1914. Leipzig, J. C. Hinrichs, 1908-14. 7 volumes, 25 cm. Contents 1. Bd. Genesis und Exodus. --2. Bd. Levitius, Numeri, Deuteronomium. --3. Bd. Josua, Richter, I. U. II. Samuelis. --4. Bd. Jesaia, Jeremia. --5. Bd. Ezechiel und die kleinen Propheten. --6. Bd. Psalmen, Sprüche und Hiob. --7. Bd. Hohes Lied, Ruth, Klagelieder, Koheleth, Esther, Daniel, Esra, Nehemia, Könige, Chronik, Nachträge und Gesamtregister. Subject: Bible. -- O. T. -- Hebrew -- Criticism, Textual. Marbleized edges. Spines repaired, binding tight and text pages in excellent condition. Very Good condition(BIBLE-12-18) (ID #31030) $150.00.






  13. Koehler, Ludwig and Baumgartner, Walter. LEXICON IN VETERIS TESTAMENTI LIBROS AND SUPPLEMENT. Leiden, E. J. Brill, 1958. Hardback, 8vo. 1138 pages, In German. SUBJECT (S): Hebrew language -- Dictionaries -- English. Hebrew language -- Dictionaries -- German. Aramaic language -- Dictionaries -- English. Aramaic language -- Dictionaries -- German. Hébreu (Langue) -- Dictionnaires anglais. Hébreu (Langue) -- Dictionnaires allemands. Araméen (Langue) -- Dictionnaires anglais. Araméen (Langue) -- Dictionnaires allemands. About Walter Baumgartner: “From 1947, he was professor of Semitic languages at Basle. Baumgartner's position among biblical scholars and orientalists is assured by the results of his work in the field of Bible and Semitic philology. His important studies on the Aramaic sections of the Bible include: Das Buch Daniel (1926) and the Aramaic sections of L. Koehler and W. Baumgartner's Lexicon in Veteris Testamenti Libros (1953, 1958, 1967 ff. ). In his doctoral dissertation, Die Klagegedichte des Jeremia... (1916), he employed critical methodology to prove that the monologues of Jeremiah were not later additions but may be attributed to the prophet himself. ” (EJ, Zev Garber) Ex-library with usual marks. In very good condition. Extra shipping charges apply. (MX13-5) (ID #21346) $350.00.






  15. Dalman, Gustaf. ARAMÄISCH-NEUHEBRÄISCHES WÖRTERBUCH ZU TARGUM, TALMUD UND MIDRASCH: MIT VOKALISATION DER TARGUMISCHEN WÖRTER NACH SÜDARABISCHEN HANDSCHRIFTEN UND BESONDERER BEZEICHNUNG DES WORTSCHATZES DES ONKELOSTARGUM. Part II only. Frankfurt A. M.: J. Kauffmann., 1901... Cloth., 8vo. 182-447 pages. In German and Aramaic. Part II only. SUBJECT(S): Aramaic language – dictionaries – German; Hebrew language, post-Biblical – dictionaries – German; Abbreviations, Hebrew; Midrash; talmud; Bible. O. T. Aramaic. Dalman (1855-1941) was a “German Protestant theologian, philologist, and Palestinologist. In his youth Dalman was closely associated with the Missionary Church Brotherhood at Herrnhut and spent his last days with them. From 1895 he was a professor at the Institutum Judaicum in Leipzig. He was the director of the German Evangelical Institute for Antiquity in Jerusalem from 1902 to 1917 where he contributed a number of important papers and subsequently served as professor and head of the Institute of Palestinology in Greifswald. ” (EJ, Garbell) Cloth is starting to fade away and is partly detached, inner-pages clean (GER-39-8) (ID #28767) $50.00.






  17. Narkiss, Bezalel; Gabrielle Sed-Rajna. INDEX OF JEWISH ART: ICONOGRAPHICAL INDEX OF HEBREW ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS [VOLUMES I-IV]. Jerusalem; Israel Academy Of Sciences And Humanities, 1976-1988. Loose index cards. 8vo. 15 x 21 cm. In English, French and Hebrew. Each volume consists of a text booklet containing introductory material and index, together with cards containing descriptions and cross-references for the individual art objects. Volume 1 is housed in an archival box. Volume 1: Four Haggadot (Birds' Head Haggadah; Erna Michael Haggadah; Chantilly Haggadah; Greek Haggadah) “This is a detailed study with photographs of an important selection of Haggadot. The famous 13th-century Bird's Head Haggadah of Franconia, at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, is probably the earliest of all illuminated haggadot known, beginning a tradition of illumination. The mid-14th century Erna Michael Haggadah, also at the Israel Museum, is unique in its school. The remaining two haggadot are Cretan, one at the Musee Conde in Chantilly and the Greek dated 1583 at the Bibliothèque nationale in Paris. They reflect a Byzantine influence in their style but have traditional iconography. The volume includes a detailed reference section. ” - Volume 2: Three Haggadot (Hileq and Bileq Haggadah; 2nd Nurnberg Haggadah (in 2 parts); Yahuda Haggadah (in 2 parts) ) “A study of the Yahuda, the Second Nurnberg and the Hileq and Bileq Haggadot. All three come from the same school of illumination of the first half of the 15th century in Southern Germany. The works are illustrated profusely with ritual, biblical and messianic depictions. Included in this set are 426 cards as well as a detailed reference section. ” - Volume 3: The Rothschild Miscellany (in 3 parts) “An in-depth account of this exciting manuscript, which once belonged to the Rothschild family. They presented it to the Bezalel National Museum which became part of the Israel Museum's collection, where it is today. The Miscellany consists of over 70 books on biblical, historical, philosophical and theological topics. The pages are adorned with over 1000 illustrations by Renaissance artists of the Veneto area who worked in the 1480s. A full reference section is included. ” Volume 4: The Kaufmann Collection “An account of nine precious Hebrew illuminated manuscripts from the Kaufmann Collection in the Hungarian Academy of Science in Budapest. Six of them are Ashkenazi manuscripts from Germany and France, including the Maimuni Codex of Mishneh Torah and the first volume of the Tripartite Mahzor. Also included are the Spanish Kaufmann Haggadah and two Italian manuscripts (including the Pesaro Siddur, which has since disappeared from the library). The volume contains 283 cards. ” (All quotations from The Jerusalem Index of Jewish Art at the Center for Jewish Art at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem). Compiled by Bezalel Narkiss, an historian who taught at “the department of art history at the Hebrew University, serving as chairman from 1974 to 1976. His positions included serving as art editor of Masada Press (1963–73) and foreign editor of Gesta International Center of Medieval Art (1973–80). He was the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Jewish Art (1974–86) and director of the Catalogue of Hebrew Illustrated Manuscripts of the British Isles. He was illustrations consultant and art editor of the first edition of the Encyclopaedia Judaica (1970). He was also the art adviser to the Diaspora Museum (Beth Hatefutsoth), and sat on the boards of the Israel Museum and the Wolf Foundation. Narkiss' unique contribution was as the founder of the Index of Jewish Art in 1974, thus undertaking the task of indexing all works of Jewish art worldwide. Through Narkiss' seminal work, the study of Jewish art has been transformed into a specialized academic discipline. He stressed the relationship of the style to that of the general art of the region, while pointing to specific Jewish elements and iconography. The Center for Jewish Art at the Hebrew University, founded and initially led by him (1979–91), established the Journal of Jewish Art (now Jewish Art) and he served as its editor in 1974–86. He worked towards the computerization of the Index, while concomitantly encouraging the continuing documentation of Jewish art around the world. ” (EJ 2008) Subjects: Jewish art - Indexes. Jewish art and symbolism - Indexes. Jewish illumination of books and manuscripts - Indexes. Clean and fresh; archival box for the first volume has been repaired with tape. Very good condition. (ART-20-9) (ID #30621) $400.00.






  19. Galling, Kurt. BIBLISCHES REALLEXIKON. Tübingen, Mohr, 1937. 1st Edition. Cloth, Very Good Condition. A beautiful copy.; 8vo; vi, 647 pages; In German. Handbuch zum Alten Testament. 1. Reihe, 1. Includes 133 illustrations, as well as bibliographies and an index. Shalom Spiegel's copy with his bookplate. Excellent Reference work. (GER-37-35) (ID #8390) $50.00.






  21. Kasher, Menahem. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BIBLICAL INTERPRETATION: A MILLENNIAL ANTHOLOGY. VOLUMES 1 & 2. (ONLY, OF 9). New York: American Biblical Encyclopedia Society., 1953, 1955... Cloth., 4to. Xxi, 262, xiv, 272 pages. Included volumes one and two (of nine) only. SUBJECT(S): Bible. O. T. Pentateuch – commentaries – encyclopedias. Kasher (1895-1983) was born in Warsaw, and studied with the greatest Polish rabbis of his time. He was ordained in 1915 by Meir Dan Plotzki an demigrated to Palestine in 1925. Kasher earned his reputation through literary work, primarily the writing of encyclopedias and anthologies. In 1950 Kasher founded, in Jerusalem and in New York, the Torah Shelemah Institute for research and publication, and he was awarded the Isreal Prize in 1962. (EJ, 2007) Ex library. Corners bumped, good condition. Price is for both vols. (BIBLE-9-10) (ID #21146) $80.00.






  23. Levy, Jacob. WÖRTERBUCH ÜBER DIE TALMUDIM UND MIDRASCHIM. NEBST BEITRÄGEN VON H.L. FLEISCHER. ZWEITE AUFLAGE MIT NACHTRÄGEN UND BERICHTIGUNGEN VON LAZARUS GOLDSCHMIDT. Complete in 4 volumes. Berlin, Vienna, Benj. Harz Verlag, 1924, Original publisher’s cloth, x,572; 546; 742; 748 pages. 4to. The revised and enlarged version of the Neuhebraeisches und chaldaeisches Woerterbuch ueber die Talmudim und Midraschim (1876-89).This outstanding lexicon for talmudic and rabbinical literature is of particular importance because of the comparative study of its quotations; various versions from different manuscripts are given, explained and translated. Stanley Dreyfus’ set, with his stamp. Very Good Condition. (BIBLE-12-15A) $400.00






  25. Pierpont Morgan Library. EARLY PRINTED BOOKS: MAJOR ACQUISITIONS OF THE PIERPONT MORGAN LIBRARY, 1924-1974. New York; Pierpont Morgan Library, 1974. Original stiff wraps. 4to. XVI, [105] pages. 30 cm. First edition. Bound in brown wraps with gilt title; decorative endpages. An introduction to the Pierpont Morgan Library, with 50 plates and descriptive notes of incunabula; including early vernacular bibles, latin missals, and various historical works. Subjects: Incunabula - New York (State) - New York - Bibliography - Catalogs. Early printed books - New York (State) - New York - Bibliography - Catalogs. Incunables - Pierpont Morgan Library - Catálogos. Pierpont Morgan Library - Catalogs. Light wear to covers, otherwise fresh. Very good condition. (BIBLIOG-29-4) (ID #29993) $30.00.






  27. Zuckermann, Benedict. KATALOG DER SEMINAR-BIBLIOTHEK: ERSTER THEIL. VORWORT. HANDSCHRIFTEN. DRUCKWERKE: BIBEL. Breslau; Grass, Barth Und Comp, 1870. Later wrappers. 8vo. X, 66 pages. 22 cm. First edition. In German, with some Hebrew. Title translates as: “Catalog of the Seminary Library: First part; Preface; Manuscripts; Printing works: Bible. ” In the Series: Jahresbericht des jüdisch-theologischen Seminars "Fraenckelscher Stiftung" (Annual Report of the Jewish Theological Seminary "Fraenckelscher Foundation"). Catalog compiled by Benedict Zuckerman, “German scientist; born at Breslau Oct. 9, 1818; died there Dec. 17, 1891. He received a thorough Hebrew and secular education at the institutions of his native city, and devoted himself at the university to the study of mathematics and astronomy. In 1845 he joined Graetz in agitating for an address to Zacharias Frankel to congratulate him on the conservative stand which he had taken against the Frankfort Conference; and when Frankel assumed the management of the Breslau seminary he appointed Zuckermann on the teaching staff. He gave instruction in mathematics to those of the students who had not had a regular school training, and taught calendric science in the academic department, at the same time acting as librarian and administrator of the stipendiary fund. He wrote: ‘Ueber Sabbathjahrcyclus und Jubelperiode, ’ Breslau, 1859 (translated into English by A. Loewy, London, 1866); ‘Ueber Talmudische Münzen und Gewichte, ’ Breslau, 1862; ‘Katalog der Seminarbibliothek’" part i., ib. 1870 (2d ed., ib. 1876); ‘Das Mathematische im Talmud, ’ ib. 1878; ‘Tabelle zur Berechnung des Eintrittes der Nacht, ’ ib. 1892; ‘Anleitung und Tabellen zur Vergleichung Jüdischer und Christlicher Zeitangaben, ’ ib. 1893. He also contributed occasionally to the ‘Monatsschrift für Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judenthums. " (1906 Jewish Encyclopedia) Subjects: Manuscripts, Hebrew - Catalogs. Jüdisch-Theologisches Seminar (Breslau, Germany). Jahresbericht. Bible. O. T. - Bibliography. OCLC lists 15 copies. Outer edges bumped, title page lightly soiled, otherwise fresh and clean. Good + condition. Scarce. (BIBLIOG-29-39) (ID #30034) $165.00.





  29. Neufeld, E. THE HITTITE LAWS. London: Luzac, 1951. Hardcover, xi, 209 pages, l leaves of plates, illustrated, 8vo, 25 cm. Azriel Eisenberg's copy, warmly inscribed to him by the author. Eisenberg was a dean at Gratz College and the author of more than 60 books. SUBJECT (S): Law, Hittite. Hettitisch. Oudhebreeuws. Wetten. Hettieten. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. Very good condition in Very Good Jacket. A beautiful inscribed copy. (Bible-12-15) (ID #31018) $45.00.






  31. Sulzberger, Mayer. THE STATUS OF LABOR IN ANCIENT ISRAEL. Philadelphia, Dropsie College For Hebrew And Cognate Learning., 1923... Cloth., 8vo. 128 pages. SUBJECT (S): Judaism and labor; Labor laws and legislation (Jewish law). Very good condition; slightly worn on ends of spine. Sulzberger (1843–1923) was “born at Heidelsheim, Germany. He studied law in the office of Moses A. Dropsie, was admitted to the bar in 1865, and became one of the leading lawyers of Philadelphia…. In 1909 President William Howard Taft wished to appoint him U. S. Ambassador to Turkey but Sulzberger preferred to remain a judge. He served until 1915 when he refused to run for reelection so that he might devote himself to his Hebrew studies. In 1906 he helped organize, and was the first president of, the American Jewish Committee. As its president, he helped bring about the abrogation of the commercial treaty between the United States and Russia because of Russia's refusal to recognize U. S. Passports when issued to Jewish citizens. He was also a founder and the first president of the Young Men's Hebrew Association of Philadelphia, a vice-president of the Philadelphia Jewish Hospital and a trustee of the Baron de Hirsch Fund. He was one of the founders of the Jewish Publication Society of America and, for many years, chairman of its Publication Committee. He helped reorganize, in 1901, the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in New York, and was a governor of Dropsie College in Philadelphia. He had been secretary of the Board of Trustees of Maimonides College, the first Jewish seminary in the United States (1867–73), and was a trustee of Gratz College from its foundation. He was also one of the original members of the American Jewish Historical Society…. Sulzberger lectured on Hebrew jurisprudence and government at Dropsie College and at the Jewish Theological Seminary. The lectures, based principally on a study of the text of the Bible, were published as The Am Ha-Aretz—the Ancient Hebrew Parliament, a Chapter in the Constitutional History of Ancient Israel (1909); The Policy of the Ancient Hebrews (1912); The Ancient Hebrew Law of Homicide (1915); and The Status of Labor in Ancient Israel (1923). It was in this last volume that he pointed out that ‘a great movement for the protection and improvement of the laboring mass was initiated in Israel more than three thousand years ago, and continued to promote its life and literature, becoming indeed a part of the mental condition of the people’”(Reznikoff, EJ). Very good condition. (RAB-12-9) (ID #18260) $25.00.





  33. Cross, Jr., Frank Moore. THE ANCIENT LIBRARY OF QUMRAN AND MODERN BIBLICAL STUDIES. Garden City, N. Y.: Doubleday., 1958... Cloth., 8vo. 196 pages. Maps. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Qumran community; Dead Sea scrolls - relation to the New Testament. SERIES: The Haskell lectures, 1956-1957; Qumran is the area on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, with the first being found in 1947. In the 1950s, archaeologists realized that they were actually excavating a large complex. The oldest artifacts showed the community occupied during the 8th-7th century B. C. E. Iron Age, with later remnants from Greco-Roman times through about 135 C. E. The chronology of the Scrolls, found in caves nearby the complex, "agrees remarkably well" with the complex itself; "[a] close connection between the occupants of the building and the manuscripts in the caves is cogently indicated. "(Bruce, EJ) with Ex library, letters partially worn off spine, very good condition. (BIBLE-3-8) (ID #24187) $30.00.






  35. Wieder, Naphtali. THE JUDEAN SCROLLS AND KARAISM. London, East And West Library, 1962. Hardcover, 8vo, 296 pages, 23 cm. SUBJECT (S): Karaites. Qumran community. Dode-Zeerollen. Karaieten. Dead Sea scrolls. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. Ex-library. Lightwear to dustjacket. Very good condition. (SEF-50-3) (ID #31027) $35.00.









  37. Abraham ben Meïr Ibn Ezra; Translated by H. Norman Strickman & Arthur M. Silver. פירוש התורהIBN EZRA'S COMMENTARY ON THE PENTATEUCH. PERUSH HA-TORAH. Complete in 5 volumes. New York: Menorah Pub. Co., 1988-2004. Cloth, 8vo. Contents: [1] Genesis (Bereshit) -- [2] Exodus (Shemot) -- [3] Leviticus (Va-yikra) -- [4] Numbers (Ba-midbar) -- [5] Deuteronomy (Devarim). rush ha-Torah. Errata slip inserted. Includes bibliographical references. “The importance of the exegesis of Ibn Ezra consists in the fact that it aims at arriving at the simple sense of the text, the Peshat, on grammatical principles. It is in this that, although he takes a great part of his exegetical material from his predecessors, the originality of his mind is everywhere apparent, an originality which displays itself also in the witty and lively language of his commentaries. Ibn Ezra is claimed by the proponents of the higher biblical criticism of the Pentateuch as one of its earliest pioneers. Baruch Spinoza, basing his opinion on verses cited by Ibn Ezra in the beginning of Deuteronomy, concludes that Moses did not author the Pentateuch and that the Pentateuch was written much later. Spinoza and later scholars were able to expand on several of Ibn Ezra's hints and provide much stronger evidence for Non-Mosaic authorship. Some Orthodox writers have recently addressed one of Ibn Ezra's hints that can be interpreted to be consistent with the Orthodox Jewish creed that the entire Pentateuch was divinely dictated in a word-perfect manner to Moses. Ibn Ezra's commentaries, and especially some of the longer excursuses, contain numerous contributions to the philosophy of religion. …In his commentary, Ibn Ezra adheres to the literal sense of the texts, avoiding Rabbinic allegories and Cabbalistic interpretations, though he remains faithful to the Jewish traditions. This does not prevent him from exercising an independent criticism, which, according to some writers, borders on rationalism” (Wikipedia 2013). Subject: Bible. O.T. Pentateuch -- Commentaries -- Early works to 1800. New Condition in Dust Jackets. (BIBLE-12-16) $100.00 per volume (may be ordered as a set or individually)






  39. Kimhi, David; Michael Celniker. PERUSH RADAK ‘AL SEFER SHOFTIM: ’A. P. KITVE YAD SHONIM VEHA-DEFUSIM HA-RISHONIM ‘IM HILUFE NUSHA’OT U-MAR’EH MEKOMOT VE-NISPEHE HOSAFOT LA-PERUSH HA-NIMTSA’OT BE-KH. Y. UVA-DEFUSIM. Toronto; Rabbi Dr. M. Celniker Book Committee, 1983. Original Cloth. 8vo. 269, cxxxiv pages. 24 cm. First edition. Text of Kimhi's commentary and critical apparatus in Hebrew; introduction and explanatory matter in English. Added title page: The Commentary of Rabbi David Kimhi on the Book of Judges. Originally presented as a thesis (Ph. D. ) to the University of Toronto. Subjects: Bible. O. T. Judges - Commentaries. Bible.; O. T.; Judges.; Hebrew.; 1983.; Commentary of Rabbi David Kimhi on the Book of Judges. New Condition. (JTS-2-9) (ID #31024) $35.00.






  41. Arama, Isaac Ben Moses; Hayim Yosef Pollak. ספר עקידת יצחק: על חמשה חומשי תורה ועל חמש מגלות SEFER `AKEDAT YITSHAK: `AL HAMISHAH HUMSHE TORAH VE-`AL HAMESH MEGILOT. COMPLETE IN 5 VOLUMES. Pressburg: Victor Kittseer., 1849... Cloth., 8vo. In Hebrew. 5 Volumes. Guido Kisch's copy. SUBJECT(S): Jewish sermons, Hebrew; Arama, Isaac ben Moses, ca. 1420-1494; Bible. O. T. Pentateuch - sermons; Philosophy, Jewish. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Arama (c. 1420-1494) was a Spanish rabbi. "In order to counteract the effects of conversionist sermons to which the Jews of Aragon were compelled to listen, Arama delivered sermons on the principles of Judaism. These sermons became the basis of his later works and contain interesting data on the history of the Jews in Spain prior to their expulsion. Arama engaged in several public disputations with Christian scholars. After the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, in 1492 Arama settled in Naples where he died. Arama is best known as the author of Akedat Yizhak which exercised great influence on Jewish thought. Written in the form of philosophical homilies and allegorical commentaries on the Pentateuch, the work consists of 105 "Portals. " Each portal forms a complete sermon which is divided into two parts: derishah, and perishah. In the derishah, the author examines a philosophical idea in the light of his chosen texts, biblical and rabbinic, with which the sermon opens. In the perishah, the Scriptural commentary predominates and the difficulties which seem to appear in the text are solved with the aid of the central idea of the derishah. Thus, the gap between the two parts of the sermon is skillfully closed, and they merge into one harmonious whole. " (Heller-Wilensky, EJ) Covers a little worn, endpapers and edges tanned, hinges starting, pages bright, some stains, good condition. (HEBLIT-7-1) (ID #29894) $200.00.






  43. Chavel, Charles B.; Nahmanides. COMMENTARY ON THE TORAH: GENESIS. New York: Shilo Publishing House., 1971... Cloth., 8vo. Xiii, 621 pages. SUBJECT (S): Bible. O. T. Pentateuch - commentaries. Dust jacket has three 1-2 inch long tears on the front and several small tears on the back along the top edge. Chavel (1906-1982), a Polish immigrant, "was one of the most productive American writers in rabbinical literature. " After bring ordained in Chicago at the Hebrew Theological College, he was a rabbi in Louisville and Edgemere, Long Island. He published early commentaries on the Bible and Talmud and more than half a dozen books on Nahmanides, the 13th century Spanish rabbi. (Hurvitz, EJ) Ex library, very good condition. (BIBLE-3-5) (ID #24184) $30.00.






  45. Arama, Isaac Ben Moses; Hayim Yosef Pollak. ספר עקידת יצחק: על חמשה חומשי תורה ועל חמש מגלות SEFER `AKEDAT YITSHAK: `AL HAMISHAH HUMSHE TORAH VE-`AL HAMESH MEGILOT. VOLUMES 2 & 3. Pressburg: Victor Kittseer., 1849... Cloth., 8vo. In Hebrew. Volume two and three (of five) only. SUBJECT(S): Jewish sermons, Hebrew; Arama, Isaac ben Moses, ca. 1420-1494; Bible. O. T. Pentateuch - sermons; Philosophy, Jewish. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Arama (c. 1420-1494) was a Spanish rabbi. "In order to counteract the effects of conversionist sermons to which the Jews of Aragon were compelled to listen, Arama delivered sermons on the principles of Judaism. These sermons became the basis of his later works and contain interesting data on the history of the Jews in Spain prior to their expulsion. Arama engaged in several public disputations with Christian scholars. After the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, in 1492 Arama settled in Naples where he died. Arama is best known as the author of Akedat Yizhak which exercised great influence on Jewish thought. Written in the form of philosophical homilies and allegorical commentaries on the Pentateuch, the work consists of 105 "Portals. " Each portal forms a complete sermon which is divided into two parts: derishah, and perishah. In the derishah, the author examines a philosophical idea in the light of his chosen texts, biblical and rabbinic, with which the sermon opens. In the perishah, the Scriptural commentary predominates and the difficulties which seem to appear in the text are solved with the aid of the central idea of the derishah. Thus, the gap between the two parts of the sermon is skillfully closed, and they merge into one harmonious whole. " (Heller-Wilensky, EJ) Covers a little worn, tape label across spine, endpapers and edges tanned, hinges starting, pages bright, good condition. (HebLit-2-29) (ID #24389) $50.00.






  47. (Rashi) תורת יהוה תמימה: ... חמשה חומשי תורה: גם תרגום אונקלוס ... וביאור ... רש"י ... עם חמש מגילות והפטרות ... TORAT YHVH TEMIMAH: HAMISHAH HUMSHE TORAH: GAM TARGUM ONKELOS... U-VE'UR... RASHI... IM HAMESH MEGILOT VA-HAFTAROT (COMPLETE IN FIVE VOLUMES). Linevil: Avraham Prizek, 1807-1809. Half leather, 8vo., 5 volumes. In Hebrew. References: Vinograd:; Luneville 24. SUBJECT(S): Bible. O. T. Pentateuch -- Commentaries. The Haftarot at the end of each vol. Have a separate title page. Other titles: Bible. O. T. Pentateuch. Hebrew. 1807.; Torat H. Temimah; Hamishah Humshe Torah; Haftarot.; 1808.; Seder Hafat? Rot... Ke-minhag k? Ehilot ha-Ashkenazim veha-Sefardim ve-Italyani... U-shemot ha-te’amim ke-minhage k. Kha-nal. Responsibility: asher hemahos´im... Yekl,... Mosheh,... Lima... Be-mitsvat uve-hotsa'ot, be-vet uvi-defus avihem... Avraham Prizek. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (JTS, Universitat Leipzig). Embossed leather spines. Wear to spines and covers. Text in very good condition. (DREYFUS-4-6) (ID #28583) $450.00.







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  55. ANOTHER COPY. Also First Trade Edition, Berlin, 1923. Owner's name (Sam Minskoff, NYC Pre-war Real Estate Developer) imprinted on front cover. Lacks rear endpaper, front endpaper repaired (ART-19-7) (ID #31031) $250.00.






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  65. Rosensaft, Jean Bloch; Marc Chagall. CHAGALL AND THE BIBLE. New York; Universe Books, 1987. Illustrated stiff wraps. 4to. 159 pages. 29 cm. First edition. Exhibition of Chagall's etchings at the Jewish Museum, New York. Includes 105 full page black and white facsimile reproductions of the etchings; with a concluding section of biblical and artistic analysis of each illustration. “The Bible - The celebrated artist Marc Chagall began illustrating the Bible in 1931 and it became his lifelong passion. … Chagall's illustrations reflect his Jewish heritage and his view of the complex relationship between God and man, presaging many of the subjects and themes in his later work. Originally published in France, this extensively illustrated, hand-sized book is a delightful combination of the popular artist's evocative style alongside the most familiar stories from the Bible. ” (Jewish Museum of New York) Subjects: Chagall, Marc, 1887-1985 - Exhibitions. Chagall, Marc, 1887-1985. Bible. O. T. - Illustrations - Exhibitions. Great condition. (ART-18-21) (ID #30578) $30.00.






  67. Barnett, Richard David. ILLUSTRATIONS OF OLD TESTAMENT HISTORY. London; British Museum, 1966. Illustrated wraps. 8vo. 91 pages. 25 cm. First edition. Handwritten dedication from the author on endpage. Includes 53 plates depicting tablets, pots, swords, coffins, reliefs, and other ancient works which are brought into perspective to illuminate certain facets of the narratives in the old testament. Richard David Barnett (1909–1986), “like his father, made his career at the British Museum. Born in London, he began in 1932 as assistant keeper in the department of Egyptian and Assyrian antiquities and in 1955 was appointed head of the newly established department of Western Asiatic antiquities. From 1933 to 1935 he was secretary of the British School in Athens. Richard Barnett's research extended to Assyriology, the cultures of Syria, Phoenicia, and Asia Minor as well as biblical archaeology. In 1956 he organized the special exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London commemorating the tercentenary of the resettlement of Jews in the British Isles, and his catalog of the exhibition was one of his most distinguished publications. He was president of the Jewish Historical Society of England (1959–61) and contributed several important papers on the history of the Sephardim in England to its transactions. His publications include: Carchemish: Report on the Excavations at Djerabis (vol. 3 (with Sir L. Woolley, 1952) ); Catalogue of the Nimrod Ivories in the British Museum (1957); Assyrian Palace Reliefs and Their Influence on the Sculptures of Babylonia and Persia (1960); The Sculptures of Aššur-nasir apli II… (1962); and Illustrations of Old Testament History (1966). After his death the Jewish Historical Society of England established an annual lectureship in his honor. ” (EJ 2008). Subjects: Bible. O. T. - Antiquities. Light wear to covers, otherwise clean. Very good condition. (ART-20-2) (ID #30614) $30.00.






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  77. Mel, Conrad. SALEMS TEMPEL: ODER BESCHREIBUNG DES HERRLICHEN TEMPELS SALOMONS, WIE AUCH DES VON ZOROBABEL WIEDER AUFGERICHTETEN, UND VON HERODE VERBESSERTEN HAUSES GOTTES ZU JERUSALEM ... Franckfurt, Leipzig; Cramer In Cassel, 1724. Modern cloth. 8vo. [10] 192, [16] pages. 21 cm. First edition. In German. Modern blue cloth with gilt lettering on spine. Contains over a dozen beautiful plates, including many fold out plates, detailing Solomon’s Temple. Title translates as: “Salem's Temple: or description of the magnificent temple of Solomon, as well as that re-erected by Zerubbabel. And on the improved house of God by Herod in Jerusalem. ” Conrad Mel (1666-1733) was a reform Lutheran theologian and enlightenment philosopher, who studied in Germany and Amsterdam. He was a devotee of the old testament, a friend of Leibniz, as well as a writer on mathematics, and many of his sermons were printed in various languages. Subjects: Jews -- Antiquities -- Early works to 1800. Temple of Jerusalem (Jerusalem). OCLC lists 12 copies worldwide. Title page missing, otherwise complete. Cloth binding and endpages fresh. Pages lightly aged and lightly foxed, otherwise crisp and clean. Good condition. (GER-38-47) (ID #29049) $350.00.






  79. Moore, Albert C. ICONOGRAPHY OF RELIGIONS: AN INTRODUCTION... Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1977. 1st American Edition. Cloth, 8vo, vi, 337 pages, illustrations, 26 cm. Includes index. Bibliography on pages 323-325. Subject: Religions -- Pictorial works. Ex library copy with minimal marks. Mint condition. (ART-17-5) (ID #11041) $50.00.






  81. Schubert, Ursula; Kurt Schubert. JÜDISCHE BUCHKUNST [ERSTER TEIL]. Graz, Austria; Akademische Druck- U. Verlagsanstalt, 1983. Publishers cloth. 4to. 159, 72 pages. 28 cm. First edition. In German. Jewish Book Art; Volume One. The second volume was published in 1993. An extensive study of Hebrew illustrated manuscripts. Includes 72 full page plates, 24 in color. Written by two major figures in post-war central Europe Jewish Studies, Kurt Schubert (1923-2007) founder of the Institute for Jewish Studies at Vienna University, and Ursula Schubert (1927-1999) an assyrologist and art historian. “The year 1978 brought a major exhibition curated by the Schuberts and held at the Castle of Halbturn, in Burgenland, Austria. The exhibition, entitled Judentum im Mittelalter, was in part dedicated to Hebrew manuscript painting of the Middle Ages, and the contribution by the two scholars to the catalogue summarized their methodology and conclusions of the past years. The work on Hebrew manuscript painting finally led to the publication of two survey volumes on Jewish book art. The first, published in 1983, was co-authored by Ursula and Kurt, and discussed medieval manuscripts; the second, on early modern books, was written entirely by Ursula and appeared in 1992 (later translated into Hebrew). ” (Kurt and Ursula Schubert – In Memoriam) Subjects: Jewish illumination of books and manuscripts. Manuscripts, Hebrew - History. Joodse boeken. Illustraties. Joden. Great condition in great jacket. (ART-20-12) (ID #30624) $55.00.





  83. סדר תהלים: מסודר כפי ימי השבוע: והאומרם בכל יום מובטח לו שהוא בן העולם הבא SEDER TEHILIM: MESUDAR KEFI YEME HA-SHAVU’A: VEHA-OMRAM BE-KHOL YOM MUVTAH LO SHE-HU BEN HA-‘OLAM HA-BA. Amsterdam, S. Prups, 1712-1713?. Softcover, 12mo, 128 leaves, 22 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Bible. O. T. Psalms. 1712 or 1713. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (Penn). Added later outer cover. Stained pages. Browning to pages. Good condition. (Heb-22-2) (ID #26937) $350.00.






  85. Houbigant, Charles-François. PSALMORUM ET CANTICORUM: VERSIO VULGATA ET VERSIO NOVA, AD HEBRAICAM VERITATEM FACTA. Paris, Le Mercier Et Desaint & Saillant, 1755. Original Publisher’s Cloth. 32mo. [4], 391, [13] pages. 13 cm. Second Edition [“Editio Altera”]. In Latin. Title translates to English as, “Psalms and Song of Songs: The Vulgate [Official translation of the Catholic Church] And a New Translation According to the Hebrew Truth. ” OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. All gilt edges. Leather boards and gilt decorations worn on covers and backstrip; decorative endpages. Internal pages nice and clean. Very Good Condition. (DREYFUS-3-9) (ID #28658) $175.00.






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