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Nr. 1. [First Hebrew Bible Published in the Americas]. TORAH, NEVI'IM U-KHETUVIM. BIBLIA HEBRAICA...Philadelphia: 1814.
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  1. [First Hebrew Bible Published in the Americas]. TORAH, NEVI'IM U-KHETUVIM. BIBLIA HEBRAICA, SECUNDAM ULTIMAM EDITIONEM JOS. ATHIAE, A JOHANNE LEUSDEN DENUO RECOGNITAM RECENSITA VARIISQUE NOTIS LATINIS ILLUSTRATA AB EVERARDO VAN DER HOOGHT, V.D.M. Philadelphiae [Philadelphia]: Cura et Impensis Thomae Dobson Edita Ex Aedibus Lapiddeis. Typis Gulielmi Fry, 1814. "Editio prima Americana, sine punctis Masorethicis." An absolutely stunning copy of the first Hebrew Bible to be printed in America. Beautiful period-style tooled calfskin, 8vo, [6] 296 + [4] 312 pages. 22.5cm. 2 Vols. In Hebrew without vowels. Latin annotations in margins. BHB2, Singerman 236; Deinard 848, 851 (same?); Wright, Early Bibles in American 122; Vinograd Philadelphia, 6; Rosenbach, American Jewish Bibliography: 171; Wright, Early Bibles of America, 123-24; Darlow and Moule 5168a; Shaw & Shoemaker 30857; Wolf & Whiteman, History of the Jews of Philadelphia, 306; Goldman, Hebrew Printing in America, 4. When Jonathan Horwitz, a young devout Jew, arrived in America in the early 19th century, he brought with him a complete font of Hebrew type. In 1812, Horwitz proposed the publication of an edition of the Hebrew Bible using his precious type, but soon discovered that he was not alone in his desire to produce such a bible for the American market. In early 1813, in the face of stiff competition, Horwitz sold the Hebrew type to William Fry and transferred his right to publish and the subscription lists to Philadelphia publisher Thomas Dobson. It was Dobson who eventually succeeded in bringing out the present edition in 1814. Horwitz decided instead to pursue a career in medicine, enrolling in the medical school at the University of Pennsylvania. This two-volume work was a reprinting of the second edition of the Athias Amsterdam Hebrew Bible, edited by Johannes Leusden with Latin notes by Van der Hooght. The final product included masoretic notations in Hebrew as well as Van Der Hooght's Latin preface and marginalia. This edition of the Hebrew bible marked an important milestone in the advancement of American biblical scholarship as well as inter-denominational cooperation. For more on this Bible, See Karp (1991), 290-2; Karp (2000), 13-6; Vaxer; Wegelin. A not nearly as nice set sold at auction in 2007 for USD 12000. Very Good+ Condition. We have never seen a nicer copy. Outstanding. (kh-2-12) (ID #34939) $11500.00.






  3. [First Hebrew Bible Published in New York] Hooght, Everardus Van Der. THE HEBREW BIBLE; FROM THE EDITION OF EVERARDO VAN DER HOOGHT. New-York: Published By Whiting & Watson: Composed And Printed By Fanshaw And Clayton; Stereotyped By D. & G. Bruce, 1815. Original Boards. 4to. [6], 41, 112 pages. 27 cm. First Edition of First Hebrew Bible Published in New York; the second Hebrew Bible published anywhere in the Americas. In Hebrew. Title page, Whiting & Watson's "Advertisement" to subscribers, and "Note of the editors" in English. Hooght's preface in Latin and Hebrew. Text in Hebrew with caption titles also in Latin. Rosenbach, A. S. W. American Jewish bibliography, 175. The Hebrew Bible: nos. 1 and 2. “This edition of the Hebrew Bible, which was to be published in sixteen installments was proposed as early as 1812. Nos. 1-2, containing Genesis and Exodus until chapter fourteen, were issued as a prospectus; no more numbers were issued.” - Goldman, number 5, Hebrew Printing in America. Subjects: Bible. Old Testament. Hebrew. Hooght. Selections. 1815. OCLC lists 21 copies. A copy sold at auction in 2010 for USD 1700. Institutional stamps on endpage of rear board, otherwise light foxing throughout, Spine rebacked; clean and fresh. Good condition. (BIBLE-13-28) (ID #34828) $1300.00.






  5. Letteris, Meir. THE HEBREW BIBLE. New York; J. Wiley, 1869. Original Cloth. 8vo. 1384 pages. 22 cm. First American edition. Singerman 2114. In Hebrew, with English title page, pagination, and section headings in English. 'Revised and carefully examined by Myer Levi Letteris. ' The Letteris Bible was frequently reissued by both Jewish and Christian publishers; it was published in a Yiddish version in 1912; the first edition was published in Vienna in 1852, based on the 1705 Bible of van der Hooght…. It is probably the most widely reproduced text of the Hebrew Bible in history, with many dozens of authorised reprints and many more pirated and unacknowledged ones. Compiled by Meir Halevi Letteris (1800? –1871), an influential “Hebrew poet; editor and translator of poetry and dramatic works. Me’ir (Max) ha-Levi Letteris was born in Zólkiew, eastern Galicia, into a family of Hebrew publishers … When Letteris was 11 years old, he met Nahman Krochmal—a meeting that turned out to be significant. Krochmal became Letteris’s rabbi, mentor, and close friend, and when Krochmal’s Moreh nevukhe ha-zeman (Guide of the Perplexed of Our Time) was published (posthumously), Letteris wrote his biography (1851). Letteris’s translation from German into Hebrew of a speech by David Friedländer, and the production of a new edition of the publication Ha-Me’asef, brought him close to the world of maskilim in Germany, and the appearance of his own poetry collection, Divre shir (Collection of Poems) in 1822 established his reputation as a poet. In 1823, Letteris published the anthology Ha-Tsefirah, to which some of the leading maskilim of his generation contributed. In 1846, Letteris published his article 'Toldot ha-filosof Barukh Spinozah zikhrono li-verakhah' (Biography of the Philosopher Barukh Spinoza of Blessed Memory). Unaware of the Jewish community’s sensitivity about Spinoza, Letteris was dragged, at great personal cost, into a tumultuous debate that caused his friends, even those who were more moderate maskilim, to draw away from him…. Only after his death in 1871 did critics judge him more positively, at which point even long-standing opponents such as Perets Smolenskin acknowledged his talent. Through his original and translated poetry, Letteris paved the way for romantic poetry in Hebrew literature. His collections of Hebrew verse (which include original poems as well as translations) are Divre shir, Ayelet ha-sha’ar (Morning Star; 1824), ‘Afrot zahav (Gold Ore; 1852), and Tofes kinor ve-ugav (One Who Plays the Harp and Pipe; 1860). Letteris wrote poems in German as well, and his publication of Sagen aus dem Orient (Legends of the Orient; 1847) earned him a gold medal from Emperor Franz Joseph. … He translated many European literary classics, lyrical poems, and plays, including works by Virgil, Lucian, Racine, Byron, Goethe, Schiller, and the Austrian Jewish poet Ludwig August Frankl. Additionally, he translated (from German) the satire Alexander the False Prophet by the Greek satirist Lucian (in Ha-Tsefirah; 1823), thus contributing to the infusion of European satire into contemporary Hebrew. ” (YIVO Encyclopedia). Bound in original black tooled calf, gilt lettered spine. Subjects: Bible. Old Testament. Hebrew. Letteris. 1869. OCLC lists 11 copies. Calf rubbed at extremities, otherwise fresh. Good + condition, a nice copy. (RAB-56-2) (ID #32619) $900.00.






  7. [Harris, Sarah] [edited by Isaac Leeser]. THOUGHTS SUGGESTED BY BIBLE TEXTS ADDRESSED TO MY CHILDREN. Philadelphia: Hebrew Sunday School Society, 1869. 2nd US edition (1st is 1861). Original Publisher’s cloth, 16mo, 138 pages. 12 cm. Singerman 1658 (for 1st printing; 2nd printing is unknown to him). Book’s preface mentions Leeser as the editor who has made corrections and added subject headings. Jacob Rader Marcus notes that “The year the Civil War erupted, he [Leeser] edited a work by one Sarah Harris, Thoughts Suggests by Bible Texts, etc, a series of edifacatory sermonettes followed by a prayer of an ethical nature....As was his wont, when he saw a good English book, Leeser reprinted it" (Marcus, UNITED STATES JEWRY, p. 301). “Three of the many themes treated here are neighborly love, immortality, truth and falsehood. " First published in England in 1859 and then reprinted in America by Leeser and the Hebrew Sunday School Society. SUBJECT(S): Jewish religious education of children. OCLC lists only 2 copies worldwide (YU & Penn), and only 3 copies of the first edition of 1861 (Penn, Southern Baptist, HUC). Light wear, a very clean copy of this exceedingly scarce Leeser title. (amr-45-24) (ID #33781) $1000.00.





  9. Abravanel, Isaac; Moses Alshekh; Constantijn L'Empereur; R. Simeon. DON YITSHAK ABRAVANI'EL VE-R. MOSHEH ALSHEKH 'AL HA-NEVU'AH HA-30 MI-YESHA'YAHU HA-NAVI GAM NITVASEF MAH SHE-HIBER R. SHIM'ON MI-DIVRE HA-KADMONIM. = D. ISAACI ABRABANIELIS & R. MOSIS ALSCHECHI COMMENT. IN ESAIAE PROPHETIAM 30:. CUM ADDITAMENTO EORUM QUAE R. SIMEON E VETRUM DICTIS COLLEGIT; SUBIUNCTA HIUSMODI REFUTATIONE & TEXTUS NOVA VERSIONE AC PARAPHRASI. Lugduni Batavorum; Ex Officina Bonaventurae & Abrahmi Elzevir, 1631. Later cloth. 12mo. [16], 291, [13] pages. 17 cm. First edition. Text in Latin and Hebrew. Imprint date in Roman numerals. Title page in red and black. Published in Leiden. Commentaries on Isaiah 30, by Isaac Abravanel (1437-1508) and Moses Alshekh (1507-1600). Translated by Constantijn L'Empereur (1591–1648), a promiment Dutch Hebraist. The translation “is coupled with an attempt at refuting the positions and views of Abravanel and Alshekh. The goal is ‘to give a complete understanding of the satisfaction of Christ. ’ Both Abravanel and Alshekh deal extensively with the nature of the Messiah and the messianic era. Their commentaries were extremely well-known to both Jewish and Christian audiences. Alshekh, in his Bible commentaries, resorted to many allegorical and spiritual interpretations. Moreover, Alshekh himself had been influenced by Abravanel, the statesman, philosopher, and exegete, who fled Spain for Italy in 1492. Abravanel’s lucid style, influenced by Renaissance literary trends, and his elaborate treatment of issues of common concern to both Christians and Jews, together with his citation of Christian views, made him, from a Christian Hebraist perspective, possibly the most significant of Jewish authors, apart from Maimonides. ” (Entry 91, ‘Christian Hebraism: the study of Jewish culture by Christian scholars in medieval and early modern times, proceedings of a colloquium and catalogue of an exhibition’; 1998). Bound in later cloth, with gilt panel title on spine. Subjects: Bible. Isaiah - Commentaries. Bible. O. T. - Criticism, interpretation, etc, Jewish. Bible. O. T. Isaiah - Commentaries. A fine copy, clean and fresh. Great condition. (KH-1-50) (ID #32116) $1000.00.






  11. Abravanel, Isaac. ATERET ZEKENIM: OD LIMED DAAT ET HA-AM MAH HEM TSUROT HA-YESODOT ASHER ADAM TOEH MI-DEREKH HA-SEKHEL VE-YADUA OTAM. Amsterdam; Bi-Defus Yetome Shelomoh Propes, 1739. Later quarter leather and boards. 12mo. [114] pages. 18 cm. Metaphysical disquisitions in the form of a commentary on Exod. 23: 20. Followed by the author's Tsurot ha-yesodot. 'Ateret Zekenim’ (Crown of the Ancients), first published 1557; written by Isaac Abravanel; “statesman and Bible commentator, son of the Portuguese treasurer, Dom Judah, was born in the year 1437 at Lisbon, and died at Venice in 1508. He was buried in Padua. … In like manner Abravanel exceeded all his predecessors in combating Maimonides' theory of the ‘Heavenly Chariot’ in Ezekiel ('Ateret Zekenim, ’ xxiv, and commentary on the ‘Moreh, ’ part iii. 71-74, ed. Warsaw). Indeed the most noteworthy feature of all Abravanel's philosophical disquisitions is the success with which he demonstrates the weak points in the Maimonidean system. ” (1906 Jewish Encyclopedia; Abravanel). Printed at the Amsterdam Ashkenazic Press of Solomon Proops: “The Hebrew press at Amsterdam had become entirely dominated by mercantile considerations, and was represented by the publishing- and printing-houses of Solomon ben Joseph Proops, whose printed catalogue ‘Appiryon Shelomoh, ’ 1730 (the first known of its kind), shows works published by him to be mainly rituals and a few responsa, two editions of the 'En Ya'akob, ’ the ‘Hobot ha-Lebabot,’ and the ‘Menorat ha-Ma'or,’ two editions of the Zohar (1715), and the Judæo-German ‘Ma'asehbuch.’ Proops was evidently adapting himself to the popular taste from 1697 onward. The house established by him continued to exist down to the middle of the nineteenth century, Joseph and Jacob and Abraham being members thereof from 1734 until about 1780. They were followed by Solomon ben Abraham Proops in 1799, while a David ben Jacob Proops, the last of the family, died in 1849, and his widow sold the business to I. Levisson.” (1906 Jewish Encyclopedia; Typography). Subjects: Bible. O. T. Exodus xxiii, 20 - Commentaries. Jewish philosophy - Early works to 1800. 1739, printing date. Form (Philosophy) - Early works to 1800. Later boards worn at edges, rebacked, light soiling in margins, overall fresh and clean. Good condition. (CJH-1-23) (ID #32296) $350.00.






  13. Simon, Richard; Isaac Vossius. DISQUISITIONES CRITICAE DE VARIIS PER DIVERSA LOCA & TEMPORA BIBLIORUM EDITIONIBUS: QUIBUS ACCEDUNT CASTIGATIONES THEOLOGI CUJUSDAM PARISIENSIS AD OPUSCULUM ISA. VOSSII DE SIBYLLINIS ORACULIS, ET EJUSDEM RESPONSIONEM AD OBJECTIONES NUPERAE CRITICAE SACRAE. Londini; Impensis Richardi Chiswel, Ad Insigne Rosæ Coronatæ In Coemeterio Paulino, 1684. Original Full calf. 8vo. [14], 279 pages. 21 cm. First edition. In Latin. Published in London. An English translation was published in the same year, with the title: “Critical enquiries into the various editions of the Bible printed in divers places and at several times: together with Animadversions upon a small treatise of Dr. Isaac Vossius concerning the Oracles of the sibylls, and an answer to the objections of the late Critica sacra”. Isaac Vossius (1618-1689) was a biblical scholar, friend and translator of Manasseh ben Israel. Richard Simon, “French scholar and Orientalist; born at Dieppe May 13, 1638; died there April 21, 1721. After studying at the Sorbonne he joined the Congregation of the Oratory, in the library of which he studied Oriental works and manuscripts. When a certain Jew was condemned to the pyre at Metz on a blood accusation, Simon wrote a strong opinion in protest (1670). He translated Leon of Modena's ‘Historia dei Riti Ebraici, ’ etc. (1674), and wrote ‘Comparaison des Cérémonies des Juifs et de la Discipline de l'Eglise’ (1681). His chief work, however, was his ‘Histoire Critique du Vieux Testament’ (1678), practically the first introduction to the Old Testament written. It dealt with the books of the Old Testament as if they were ordinary writings, and by this means aroused the enmity of Bossuet and the Port Royal, through whose influence the whole edition of 1, 300 copies was seized and destroyed and Simon was expelled from the Oratory (May 21, 1678). Notwithstanding the destruction of his book, several pirated editions appeared in Holland. Simon wrote several pamphlets defending his views against the attacks of contemporary writers, such as Vossius, Spanheim, Jurien, Colomies, Le Clerc, and others. ” (1906 Jewish Encyclopedia). On first endpage Ex libris: "Ex bibliotheca FF. Praedicatorum Sti Jacobi". Bound in original full calf, with gilt panels on spine. Wing; S3801. Subjects: Vossius, Isaac, 1618-1689. De Sibyllinis aliisque quæ Christi natalem præcessere oraculis. Bible - Versions. Bible - Manuscripts - Early works to 1800. Oracula. Sibyllina - Early works to 1800. Light wear to edges of leather, gilt lightly rubbed, internally very clean and fresh. Very good + condition. (KH-1-45) (ID #32111) $600.00.






  15. Bagster, Samuel. BIBLIA SACRA POLYGLOTTA: TEXTUS ARCHETYPOS VERSIONESQUE PRAECIPUAS AB ECCLESIA ANTIQUITUS RECEPTAS COMPLECTENTIA [THREE FASCICLES; 1-3, LACKING THE FOURTH]. Londini; Sumptibus Samuelis Bagster, 1827-1828. Original boards. 4to. 400, 400, 399, 399 pages. 29 cm. First edition. First edition of the Biblia Sacra Polyglotta, with advertisements on rear board for further volumes soon to be printed in other languages; text block with wide margins pages uncut, boards measure 29 cm. Printed in Hebrew, English, Greek, and Latin. Opposite pages bear duplicate numbering, and each page includes four numbered texts in two columns. Concordance to the following: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy; Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel (Vulgate 1 Kings), 2 Samuel (Vulgate 2 Kings), 1 Kings (Vulgate 3 Kings), 2 Kings (Vulgate 4 Kings), 1 Chronicles (Vulgate 1 Paralipomenon), 2 Chronicles (Vulgate 2 Paralipomenon), Ezra (Vulgate 1 Esdras), Nehemiah (Vulgate 2 Esdras), Esther, Job, Psalms. Ending with Psalms [CXIX], remaining fourth volume absent. Three volume set only (missing Hagiography and New Testament; also without prolegomena from Samuel Lee). The most inclusive of the great Polyglots since the London, or Walton's, Polyglot of 1657, it was printed by Samuel Bagster of Paternoster Row: The first issue [our set] of the ‘Biblia Sacra Polyglotta Bagsterianaâ€&tm; appeared between 1817 and 1828, four volumes in foolscap octavo and quarto form, containing, besides the prolegomena of Dr. Samuel Lee, the Hebrew Old Testament with points, the Samaritan Pentateuch, the Septuagint Greek version of the Old Testament, the Latin Vulgate, the authorised English version, the Greek Textus Receptus of the New Testament, and the Peshito or ancient Syriac version. However, due to a fire at the printers in March 1822, very few of these sets were actually distributed; In particular, Lowndes states only twenty-three copies of the New Testament portion [the one volume missing in our set] were preserved. A folio edition of the polyglot was published in 1828, repeated in 1831, and subsequently, presenting eight languages at the opening of the volume, and including all the ancient and modern versions above mentioned. Copies of the different texts and translations were brought out separately, and in various combinations. The two volume folio edition (1828; printed many times thereafter), encompassing the complete old and new testament in eight languages, is more commonly found. The third fascicle in the set has a pasted in advertisement on verso of board, announcing that the polylglott bible will soon be issued in a two part series. Subjects: Polyglot Bible – 1827-1828. Biblia sacra polyglotta Bagsteriana. Not a single set of the first issue listed on OCLC. A single listing exists for a single volume, which survives at a library in Scottland. Original printed Boards worn and rubbed at edges, outer edges of leaves lightly bumped, spine rebacked, otherwise fresh and clean. Very good condition. (SPEC-39-20) (ID #33106) $1750.00.






  17. Ottensoser, David; Moses Mendelssohn. DEREKH SELULAH: HU HIBUR KOLEL HAMISHAH HUMSHE TORAH: ‘IM PERUSH RASHI VE-TARGUM ONKELOS, VE-TIRGUM ASHKENAZI, U-VE'UR VE-TIKUN SOFRIM. COMPLETE. 1823. Original full calf. 4to. Various paginations. 26 cm. In Hebrew, with Judeo-German (German translation in Hebrew characters). Second edition. Moses Mendelssohn's 'Derech Selulah' (The Pentateuch, Haftorot, and five scrolls, in five volumes) with Targums and German translation in Hebrew characters, the commentary of Rashi, and the commentary of Maimonides, Moreh nevukhim. Five volumes complete, each volume has engraved titlepage, printed on ragpaper; Sefer Bereshit (Genesis), Sefer Shemot (Exodus), Sefer Vayikra (Leviticus), Sefer Bamidbar (Numbers) and Sefer Devarim (Deuteronomy). Subjects: Bible. O. T. Pentateuch - Commentaries. Bible. Pentateuch - Commentaries - 18th century. Pentateuch. Yiddish. 1823. Bible. Pentateuch. Hebrew. 1823. OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. Rear board absent from Sefer Vayikra, all boards loose on each volume, backstrips absent; internally clean and fresh. Other than boards; good condition. (Heb-31-17) (ID #32545) $600.00.






  19. Shim'on, Ha-Darshan, Mi-Frankfort, Active 11th Century. YALKUT SHIM'ONI 'AL HA-TORAH: TSILUM HA-DEFUS HA-RISHON, SALONIKI R.P.'A-R.P.Z. [FIVE VOLUME SET]. Yerushalayim; No Publisher, [1967]. Original Cloth. 4to. [132]; [176]; [177 – 418]; [419-596] pages. 28 cm. Limited edition of 200 copies. Fascimile reprint of Salonika, 1521-1527 edition. Five volume complete set: Volume 1: Sefer Bereshit; Volume 2: Ve-'Elu Shemot; Volume 3: Va-yikra'; Volume 4: Sefer Ba-midbar Sinai; Volume five: Sefer 'Eleh ha-Devarim. Yalkut Shimoni (usually referred to as 'the Yalkut' of Simeon of Frankfurt) the best known and most comprehensive midrashic anthology, covering the whole Bible. Subjects: Manuscripts, Hebrew - Facsimiles. Bible - Commentaries - Early works to 1800. Light wear to cloth, overall very fresh and clean. Very good condition. (RAB-55-18) (ID #32570) $500.00.





  21. Morais, Sabato; Julius H Greenstone; Samuel David Luzzatto. ITALIAN HEBREW LITERATURE. New York; Jewish Theological Seminary Of America, 1926. Publishers cloth. 8vo. VI, 244 pages. 24 cm. First separate edition. With essays on the writings of Shabbetai Donnolo, Nathan Ben Yehiel, Immanuel of Rome, Elias del Medigo, Azariah de Rossi, David Nieto, Samuel David Luzzatto, Philoxene Luzzatto; biographical sketches of Samuel Alatri, Isaac Artom, Allesandro Malvano, etc. By Sabato Morais; edited by Julius H. Greenstone; with a foreword by Henry S. Morais. Includes "A critical and hermeneutical introduction to the Pentateuch, " by S. D. Luzzatto: p. [93]-152. The author, Sabato Morais was an “American rabbi; born at Leghorn, Italy, April 13, 1823; died at Philadelphia Nov. 11, 1897. The Morais family came originally from Portugal, being probably among the large number of Jews who fled thence from the Inquisition. At the time of Sabato's birth Italy was in the thick of her great struggle for freedom … he formed a close friendship with Joseph Mazzini; and that patriot's struggle for Italian freedom was warmly seconded by Morais. … In 1850, owing to the withdrawal of Isaac Leeser, the pulpit of the Mickve Israel congregation at Philadelphia, Pa, became vacant, and Morais was an applicant for the post. He arrived in Philadelphia on March 17, 1851, and was elected April 13 following, the synagogue services in the interval being conducted by him. … When, in 1867, Maimonides College was established in Philadelphia, Morais was made professor of the Bible and of Biblical literature; and he held the chair during the six years that the college existed. For a number of years thereafter he felt the urgent need of an institution for the training of Jewish ministers on historical and traditional lines; and the declarations of the Pittsburg Conference in 1885 urged him to immediate action. After a considerable agitation of the subject he succeeded, in conjunction with a few others, in establishing (Jan, 1886) the Jewish Theological Seminary at New York. He was at once made president of the faculty and professor of Bible, holding both posts until his death. Unquestionably the establishment of the seminary constitutes Morais' most lasting influence upon Judaism in America. The directors of that body have fittingly recognized his memory by naming the chair of Biblical literature and exegesis ‘the Sabato Morais professorship. ’ In 1887 the University of Pennsylvania conferred upon him the honorary degree of doctor of laws, he being the first Jew so honored by that institution. ” (1906 Jewish Encyclopedia) Subjects: Hebrew literature - Italy. Jews - Italy - Biography. Bible. O. T. Pentateuch - Criticism, interpretation, etc. With the signature of previous owner (Ravid) on endpage. Very fresh and clean. Great condition. (BIBLIOG-33-50A) (ID #31956) $75.00.






  23. Roth, Cecil. THE ABERDEEN CODEX OF THE HEBREW BIBLE [WITH LAID IN PHOTOS]. Edinburgh, Published For The University Of Aberdeen By Oliver And Boyd, 1958. Original Cloth. 8vo. 37 pages; 25 plates. 24 cm. First edition. Includes 7 added laid in photographs, of pages of the Aberdeen Codex. The 'Hebrew Bible' was the creation of a scribe, Isaac ben David Balansi. His name indicates that his family derived from Valencia in Spain but he was almost certainly a victim of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492. It is know that the Bible was created over the winter of 1493 / 1494 and that it may have been completed in exile in Naples following the expulsion of the Jews from Spain after the collapse of Moorish Granada, and over 20 years after Hebrew printing began. Masora: various readings by Rabbi Asher, Rabbi Naphtali and others, 1494. Handwritten Bible in Hebrew, dedicated, "I, Isaac the Scribe, son of R. David (may he rest in Eden!) Balsani wrote this volume, which contains the twenty-four books [of the bible], on the instructions of the exalted, eminent and distinguished patron, R. Joseph (may his latter end be good) son of the honoured and venerable and beloved R. Jacob (may he rest in eden!) Albelia. May the Almighty emmerit him to study it, he and his sons and his sons' sons, until the end of all generations..." [Translation from 'The Aberdeen Codex of the Hebrew bible', by Cecil Roth, published by Oliver and Boyd for the University of Aberdeen, 1968]. The first dozen pages, the tables of variants which precede the biblical text, are lavishly decorated with illuminated images of birds, flowers and fabulous beasts. The script is in a Sephardi (Spanish) hand. Although no place of production is indicated, evidence points to Naples. Introduced by Cecil Roth. Subjects: Bible. Manuscripts, Hebrew. Old Testament. Aberdeen codex. Bible. Old Testament - Manuscripts, Hebrew. Bookstamp on endpage, notes on front leaf, otherwise clean and fresh in great jacket. Very good condition. (BIBLE-13-44) (ID #34845) $50.00.






  25. Adler, Elkan Nathan. ABOUT HEBREW MANUSCRIPTS. London; H. Frowde, 1905. Original Cloth. 8vo. 177, [6] pages. 23 cm. First edition. With 6 pages of fascimiles. Collection of bibliographic essays: Some missing chapters of Ben Sira - Karaitica - An ancient bookseller's catalogue - Professor Blau on the Bible as a book - A letter of Menasseh ben Israel - Jewish literature and the diaspora - The humours of Hebrew mss. - The romance of Hebrew printing - Zur jüdisch-persischen litteratur / Prof. Bacher. The author, Elkan Nathan Adler (1861–1946), was an “Anglo-Jewish bibliophile, collector, and author. Adler, the son of Chief Rabbi Nathan Marcus Adler, was a lawyer by profession and had unusual opportunities to travel under favorable conditions and to build up a remarkable library. He was among the first persons to realize the importance of the Cairo Genizah. He visited Egypt in 1888 and 1895–96 and brought back approximately 25, 000 fragments from the Genizah. His library ultimately included about 4, 500 manuscripts of which he published a summary Catalogue of Hebrew Manuscripts in the Collection of E. N. Adler (1921). He also had a collection of some 30, 000 printed books in Judaica and in general fields. In order to make good the embezzlements of a business associate he sold his library in 1923 to the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in New York and the duplicates of the printed books (including many incunabula) to the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, thus helping to raise both of these libraries to positions of significance. By an agreement made at that time, the manuscripts that he subsequently collected passed after his death to the Jewish Theological Seminary. Adler's published writings were mainly based on his travels and on materials in his own collection. Among them are About Hebrew Manuscripts (1905), a collection of bibliographical essays; A Gazetteer of Hebrew Printing (1917); Jews in Many Lands (1905); Auto de Fé and Jew (1908); History of the Jews of London (1930); Jewish Travellers (1930, repr. 1966); and articles on the Samaritans and on the Egyptian and Persian Jews. Adler played an active role in English-Jewish communal affairs, especially as regards educational and overseas matters, and was an early member of the Hovevei Zion in England. His personal archives are at the library of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. ” - EJ 2008. Subjects: Manuscripts, Hebrew - Bibliography. Hebrew literature - Bibliography. Hebrew literature. Manuscripts, Hebrew. Bibliography. Light soiling to cloth, minor wear to first hinge; pages uncut, never before read; very clean and fresh. Very good condition. A Beautiful copy. (BIBLIOG-35-5) (ID #34231) $100.00.






  27. Deutschländer, Leo. BIBLISCH-TALMUDISCHE SENTENZEN UND MOTIVE IN DER WELTLITERATUR:. Frankfurt A. M.; [J. Kauffmann], 1931. Original Wraps. 8vo. 73 pages. 24 cm. First edition. Offprint. In German. 'Biblical-Talmudic sentences and motifs in World Literature. ' "Sonderdruck aus: Festschrift für Jacob Rosenheim. " Inscribed by the author, dated Janurary 1932, on title page. Collections of excerpts from 'world literature' which directly or indirectly cite or paraphrase passages in the Talmud and Bible; including excerpts from Kant, Machiavelli, Pascal, Shakespeare, Dante, Schiller, Goethe, Cervantes, Carlyle, etc. The author, Leo Deutschlander (1888–1935), was an “educationist and writer. Born in Berlin, he became head of Jewish education in Lithuania during World War I, first as appointee of the German occupation authorities. He was co-founder of the first Orthodox secondary school Yavneh in Kaunas (Kovno). When director of the Keren ha-Torah of Agudat Israel, he helped Sara Schnirer to develop the Beth Jacob Orthodox girls' education network, mainly in Poland, and headed its Teachers Training College for women in Cracow. ” - 2008 EJ. Subjects: Talmud in literature. Bible - In literature. Oclc lists 10 copies. Rear wrap torn, top edge bumped, front wrap soiled, otherwise clean and fresh. Good + condition. (BIBLE-14-33) (ID #34901) $35.00.






  29. Narkiss, Bezalel. HEBREW ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS. Jerusalem [New York]: Encyclopedia Judaica, Macmillan, 1969. First edition. Cloth; large 4to. 175 pages. Beautifully bound in beige cloth with deep red endpapers. Ornate pictorial dust jacket. Illustrated with 60 tipped-in plates. Foreword by Cecil Roth. Notes, glossary, bibliography, and index. "First of a series of publications in various spheres of Judaica which the publishers are issuing in advance of the Encyclopaedia Judaica. " A survey of Hebrew illuminated manuscripts from the earliest period [10th century] through the Renaissance in the Orient, Spain, France, Italy and Germany. Shunami 5845. SUBJECT (S) Illumination of books and manuscripts, Jewish -- Catalogs. Illumination of books and manuscripts, Medieval -- Catalogs. Bible. O. T. -- Illustrations. With Bookplate on first page. Very good condition in Very good dust jacket. (BIBLIOG-34-13) (ID #31901) $60.00.






  31. Rosenau, William. JEWISH BIBLICAL COMMENTATORS. Baltimore, Md.; The Lord Baltimore Press; The Friedenwald Co, 1906. Original Cloth. 12mo. 153 pages. 19 cm. First edition. Lectures delivered before the Oriental seminary of the Johns Hopkins University during the winter of 1905-1906. Contents: The Talmudic period. - Karaites and Saadia. - Grammarians and lexicographers. - Rashi and the tossafists. - Ibn Ezra and the Kimchis. -Maimonides and Nachmanides. - Mendelssohn and the biurists. - The nineteenth century critics. William Rosenau (1865–1943), “Reform rabbi. Born in Wollstein, Prussia, the son of a rabbi, he was educated in public school and came to the United States with his family in 1876, first to Boston and then to Philadelphia. Rosenau received his B. A. From the University of Cincinnati (1888) and was ordained a year later from HUC in Cincinnati. He served congregations in Omaha, Nebraska, for three years beginning in 1889 and then went to Baltimore as rabbi of Ohev Shalom where he served for almost half a century until his retirement in 1939. Concurrently he studied at Johns Hopkins University where he received his Ph. D. In 1900 in Semitics and then joined its faculty, where he served until 1932.” - 2008 EJ. Subjects: Criticism, interpretation, etc. History. Bible. Old Testament - Criticism, interpretation, etc. - History. Bible. Old Testament. Light wear to cloth, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (BIBLE-13-31) (ID #34831) $30.00.






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  35. Foah, Shmuel. [HUMASH] 'IM HAFTAROT KOL HA-SHANA ... HAFTAROT LE-SHABATOT HA-MEYUHADOT 'IM PARASHAT HA-MAFTIR ... BE-SEFER HA-ZEH. (COMPLETE IN 5 VOLUMES). Pisa [Piza]: Bi-Defus Gad Ben Shemuel Foah, 1795. Hardcover, 12mo, 17 cm. 76, 74, 49, 64, 64 leaves. 5 volumes of the Torah, bound in 5 attractive matching late 18th Century bindings. In Hebrew. Other Titles: Bible. Pentateuch. Ex-library. OCLC lists only one copy worldwide (JTSA). Some light wear to coves. Internal hinge repair. Staining to some pages. Otherwise, Very Good condition. (Hasid-6-13) (ID #27587) $475.00.






  37. (Germany), Vaad Hatzala. HAMISHAH HUMSHE TORAH. Minkhen; Nidpas A. Y. Ha-Va’ad Le-Hotsa'at Sefarim Etsel Va’ad Ha-Hatsalah, 1947. Original Cloth. 12mo. 120, 194, 194 pages. 18 cm. Survivors Bible, printed by Vaad Hatzala. Pentateuch, Haftarot and Megilot with commentary of Rashi and Targum. 'Matanah me-et Va’ad ha-hatsalah le-she'erit ha-peletah.' Title page has coloured illustration. Lacks dedication page (to President Harry Truman) with superimposed American Flag, found in other copies. Subjects: Haftarot - Commentaries. Bible. Pentateuch - Commentaries. Bible. Five Scrolls - Commentaries. Pentateuch. Hebrew. 1947.; Holy Bible: Vaad Hatzala, Germany. OCLC lists 15 copies. Light wear to boards, endpages repaired, missing dedication page, otherwise fresh and clean. Fair condition. (HOLO2-117-58) (ID #34144) $400.00.






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  41. Zunz, Leopold. TORAH NEVI'IM KETUVIM. DIE VIER UND ZWANZIG BÜCHER DER HEILIGEN SCHRIFT: NACH DEM MASORETISCHEN TEXTE. Berlin: Veit, 1837. (ft) 8vo. Iv, 815, 14 pages. In German. First edition. SUBJECT(S): Bible. O. T. -- German. OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. Zunz (1794-1886), born and educated in Germany, was a well-known historian. An heir to European Enlightenment, he was a founded of the idea of the "Science of Judaism. " In that vein, he fruitlessly hoped that Jewish studies would be taught in universities as a regular academic discipline, and that he'd be able to do the teaching. He believed that Jewish literature and learning was part of the broader scope of human affairs, including the sciences, and should not be shut up merely in discussions of religious matters. For his seventieth birthday, a foundation was set up to fund Zunz's and other similar scholarship. He continued to work until 1874, when his wife's death left him seriously depressed. (Glatzer, EJ) BAckstrip absent. Very light foxing. Clean and fresh. good condition. Scarce. (GER-42-33) (ID #33561) $300.00.






  43. Gabrielle Sed-Rajna; Samuel Ben Samuel Ibn Musa. TANAKH LISBON 243: LONDON HA-SIFRIYAH HA-BRITIT OR 2626 = LISBON BIBLE, 1482: BRITISH LIBRARY OR. 2626. Tel-Aviv; Nahar-Miskal, 1988. Original Full Leather. 4to. 21, 18 pages, 184 leaves. 30 cm. Facsimile of 1482 edition. Full color fascimile reproduction. Text in Hebrew; introduction in Hebrew and English. Original blind-tooled brown leather with gold lettering on front cover and spine. Facsimile copy of the strikingly colorful Hebrew Lisbon Bible manuscript of 1482. “The Lisbon Bible is the most accomplished dated codex of the Portuguese school of medieval Hebrew illumination. Its three volumes comprise all 24 books of the Hebrew Bible. Volume One contains the Torah, or the Five Books of Moses, also known as the Pentateuch. The second and third volumes contain the Prophets and the Hagiographa (Writings or Holy Writings) respectively. Added to the manuscript are lists of the Commandments in the Torah, as well as masoretic material, which give information on the correct spelling, reading and pronunciation of the biblical text. Samuel ben Samuel Ibn Musa, known as Samuel the Scribe, copied the biblical text in an elegant square script for the manuscript's patron Yosef ben Yehudah al-Hakim. The sumptuous decorations were created by a team of skilled artists. Completed in 1482, the Lisbon Bible is a testimony to the rich cultural life the Portuguese Jews experienced prior to the expulsion and forced conversions of December 1496. The British Museum (now the British Library) bought the manuscript in 1882. The present binding was crafted in 1954 and replaced the 16th century leather covers. Since Hebrew is written from right to left, the openings in the manuscript follow the same orientation. ” (British Library). Subjects: Bible. - Old Testament - Manuscripts, Hebrew. Manuscripts, Hebrew - Portugal – Lisbon. Jewish illumination of books and manuscripts. Light shelf wear, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good + condition. (RAB-55-32) (ID #32584) $145.00.






  45. Leeser, Isaac. THE PENTATEUCH AND THE HAPTORATH; CAREFULLY TRANSLATED ACCORDING TO THE MASSORETIC TEXT, AFTER THE BEST JEWISH AUTHORITIES, AND SUPPLIED WITH SHORT EXPLANATORY NOTES [FIVE VOLUME SET]. Cincinnati, OH: American Hebrew Pub. House, 1893?. Publishers cloth. 12mo. X, 175, 175; 168, 168, [1]; 153, 153; 140, 140; 136, 147 pages. 19 cm. Hebrew text and English translation on opposite pages. Singerman 4474. Undated, but 1890’s printing of the Isaac Leeser Hebrew-English Pentateuch, published by Bloch in Chicago for the American Hebrew Publishing house in Cincinnati; Leeser’s Pentateuch and Haptorath (Haftoroh) was originally printed in 1845, and is known as the “First Jewish translation of the Pentateuch in English” (Goldman #7), meaning the first publication by an American Jew of any portion of the Hebrew Bible. It was frequently reissued owing to the beauty of its layout and printing, and remained the standard English version of the five Books of Moses until the Jewish Publication Society edition of 1917. Bound in black cloth with gilt title on backstrip. Gift dedication to ‘Carrie Hammerschlag’ (a 1903 graduate of Gratz College) inscribed on endpage of all volumes, dated 1901. Subjects: Bible. O. T. Pentateuch. 1893. OCLC lists five copies of this edition. (Suny Buffalo, HUC, New Haven Pub Libr, Reconstructionist Rab Coll, Saint Gregory Sem). Light wear and soiling to cloth, with lightly bumped edges. Overall, very fresh and clean. Very good + condition. (AMR-39-49) (ID #31441) $200.00.






  47. Desoi, Mosheh [Moses Mendelssohn]. DEREKH SELULAH: HU HIBUR KOLEL HAMISHAH HUMSHE TORAH: IM PERUSH RASHI VE-TARGUM ONKELOS: VE-TARGUM ASHKENAZI U-VE'UR: VE-TIKUN SOFRIM: VE-HAFTAROT VE-HAMESH MEGILOT [BOOK THREE ONLY OF 5: LEVITICUS]. Fyorda; Be-Vet Uvi-Defus... Itsak Ben David Tserndorf, 1802. Original full calf. 8vo. [316] pages. 25 cm. Sixth edition. In Hebrew, with translation in German in Hebrew characters. Sefer Vayikra (Book of Leviticus). Volume three only of the five books of the Hebrew Pentateuch published by David Tsendorf in Furth in 1800-1802, edited by Isaac Premsla and Moses Mendelssohn, with Rashi's commentary, and German translation in Hebrew characters in corner margins of text. Includes separate title page for Haftorot. “Moses Mendelssohn (Moses ben Menahem-Mendel; abbreviated RaMBeMaN); German Philosopher, translator of the Bible, and commentator; the 'third Moses, ' with whom begins a new era in Judaism. He was called also, after his birthplace, Moses Dessau, with which name he signed his Hebrew and Judæo-German letters; born at Dessau Sept. 6, 1729; died at Berlin Jan. 4, 1786.” (1906 EJ) Mendelssohn's “translation of the Pentateuch is worthy of more than a passing notice. It had a special importance in that it not only aroused an esthetic interest in literature on the part of those who read it, but also paved the way for a more general use of High German among the Jews of Germany, among whom it may be said to have introduced a new literary era. Mendelssohn undertook the work for the instruction of his own children; but upon the advice of Solomon Dubno, consented to its publication on condition that Dubno should write a commentary explaining the reasons why Mendelssohn chose his various renderings. A specimen, 'Alim li-Trufah, ' was edited by Dubno (Amsterdam, 1778), and aroused the liveliest interest on the part of Christians as well as of Jews. It was natural that it should also evoke strenuous opposition, especially on the part of those Jews who feared that the reading of High German would cause the Jewish youth to neglect their Hebrew studies. Foremost in this opposition were the rabbis Ezekiel Landau (d. 1793) of Prague, Raphael ha-Kohen (1722-1803), of Hamburg, Altona, and Wandsbeck, Hirsch Janow (1750-85) of Fürth, and Phineas Levi Horwitz (1740-1803) of Frankfort-on-the-Main. In June, 1799, the proposed translation was put under the ban at Fürth. It was also forbidden in some cities of Poland, and is said even to have been publicly burned. An additional ban was laid upon it by Raphael ha-Kohen. Work on it was, however, continued with the assistance of Solomon Dubno, Hertz Homberg, and Aaron Jaroslav. Dubno became frightened at the continued opposition, and retired, forcing Mendelssohn himself to do an additional share of the work. Though the translation was in High German, it was printed in Hebrew characters under the title, with a Hebrew commentary or 'biur, ' the commentaries of Rashi, etc, and an introduction by Naphtali Hertz Wessely. It appeared in parts—Genesis, Berlin, 1780; Exodus, ib. 1781; Leviticus, ib. 1782; Numbers and Deuteronomy, ib. 1783—and has often been republished both in German and in Hebrew characters. ” (1906 JE). Moses Mendelssohn Bibliographie nr. 253. Attractive title page illustration, printed on rag paper. Subjects: Bible. O. T. Pentateuch – Commentaries. 1800. Hebrew. Biurist. Mendelssohn. OCLC lists 17 copies. Boards loose; leather backstrip absent, light tear to corner of title page, minor edge wear, some stains throughout, overall fresh and clean. Good condition. (RAB-56-17) (ID #32634) $75.00.






  49. Mendelssohn, Moses. DEREKH SELULAH: HU HIBUR KOLEL HAMISHAH HUMSHE TORAH... MEGILOT SEFER SHEMOT (EXODUS) ONLY, OF 5 VOLUMES,. Fyorda: Be-Vet Uvi-Defus Itsak Ben David Tserndorf, 1802. Original boards. 8vo. [400, 52] pages. 23 cm. In Hebrew. Sefer Shemot. Moses Mendelssohn's commentary on the Pentateuch, with his translation into Judeo German (German printed in Hebrew characters). Originally published in five volumes; volume two, Sefer Shemot, only. Contains: Shemot & errata list & list of subscribers, preface by Shelomoh Dubno & Dubno’s “Tikun sofrim” & Haftarot & Megilat Ester & Targum sheni & Seder ha-Tefilah. Attractively printed on ragpaper. Subjects: Bible. O. T. Pentateuch - Commentaries. Bible. O. T. Pentateuch. Hebrew. 1800; Bible; O. T.; Pentateuch; Judeo-German; 1800.; Haftarot; Hebrew.; 1800.; Haftarot; Judeo-German; 1800; Bible; O. T.; Five Scrolls; Hebrew; 1800; Bible; O. T.; Five Scrolls; Judeo-German; 1800; Tikun sofrim. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide. Back board absent, front board lightly rubbed, backstrip absent, lightly bumped edges, light soiling in margins, overall clean. Fair condition. (Heb-35-12) (ID #32547) $75.00. [Complete set, above, in Special section]






  51. Mendelssohn, Moses. DEREKH SELULAH: HU HIBUR KOLEL HAMISHAH HUMSHE TORAH... SEFER DEVARIM (DEUTERONOMY) ONLY, OF FIVE. Fyorda: Be-Vet Uvi-Defus Itsak Ben David Tserndorf, 1803. Original boards. 8vo. [5], 177, 20 leaves. 24 cm. In Hebrew. Sefer Devarim only. Moses Mendelssohn's commentary on the Pentateuch, with his translation into Judeo German (German printed in Hebrew characters). Originally published in five volumes; volume five only, Sefer Devarim, only. Contains: Devarim & list of subscribers, errata list & preface by the printer Itsak ben David Tserndorf & Haftarot & Megilat Ekhah & Megilat Kohelet & Seder ha-Tefilah. Attractively printed, with blue rag paper title page and first few leaves, bound in half calf and marbled boards. Subjects: Bible. O. T. Pentateuch - Commentaries. Other Titles: Bible. O. T. Pentateuch. Hebrew. 1800; Bible; O. T.; Pentateuch; Judeo-German; 1800.; Haftarot; Hebrew.; 1800.; Haftarot; Judeo-German; 1800; Bible; O. T.; Five Scrolls; Hebrew; 1800; Bible; O. T.; Five Scrolls; Judeo-German; 1800; Tikun sofrim. OCLC lists 6 copies. Boards and leather rubbed, lightly bumped edges, light soiling in margins, overall very fresh and clean. Good condition. (Heb-35-13) (ID #32548) $75.00.






  53. SEPHER TORAH NEVI’IM UKETHUVIM - IL LIBRO DI LA LEHASHEM, LOS PROPHITOS… VOLUME 2 ONLY (OF 2). Constantinople, A. H. Boyagian, 1905. 8vo, Original Cloth, 634 leaves. In Hebrew and Ladino (in rabbinic type) on facing pages. Arabic on title page. Heavy wear to boards; some damage to page edges, significantly so on page 283 and 304; otherwise clean. Fair Condition. (SPEC-35-9A) (ID #34196) $150.00.





  55. Rosenberg, D.; Max Wolff. EXPLICATION OF AN ENGRAVING CALLED THE ORIGIN OF THE RITES AND WORSHIP OF THE HEBREWS; TOGETHER WITH REMARKS ON CREATION, AND A BRIEF ACCOUNT OF SOME OBSERVANCES AND THEIR SYMBOLICAL SIGNIFICATION. New York; Printed At The Office Of The "jewish Messenger", 1859. Publishers cloth. 12mo. 112 pages. 19 cm. First edition. Singerman 1599. Added title page in Hebrew. In English, with Hebrew. “From the original French of D. Rosenberg, of Paris. With additional remarks and investigations, notes and diagrams, by Max Wolff. ” Includes illustration: “Table of the Ten Cabbalistic Spheres” pg. 13. “Dr. D Rosenberg of Paris published an illustrated lithograph based on a kabbalistic understanding of Judaism in 1851. It was so complicated and laden with details that he also had to publish an explication (in French). After Wolff decorated his house with the illustration, non-Jewish acquaintances urged him to publish an English version of the lithograph and the explication. Wolff’s edition of the lithograph was ‘the most crowded with detail of Hebrew prints published in America’ (Karp). He added his own comments in his English translation of the explication. Among the subscribers were many non-Jews, including Samuel S. Powell, the major of Brooklyn. [Origins and Rites] contains Hebrew poems composed by Wolff and this volume is the earliest book-length work with original Hebrew poetry published in America. ” (Yosef Goldman, Hebrew Printing in America, entry 1015). Our copy, 112 pages, includes the “Reference Guide to the Chart and Book Entitled Origin of the Rites and Worship of the Hebrews, by Max Wolff”, on pages 107-112. “Origin of the Rites and Worship of the Hebrews, by M. Wolff, New York 1859, is the most crowded with detail of Hebrew prints published in America. So complex is the medley of law and lore, literature and mysticism, that a special 112-page booklet, Explication of An Engraving.., was published with it. The history of its publication, given in the words of its publisher, Max Wolff, ‘formerly Minister of the Congregation 'Ohabei Shalom, ' Boston, Massachusetts, ’ is revealing: ‘This pictorial representation was originally composed by the learned and accomplished Dr. Rosenberg, and by him published in Paris in the year 5611-1851. Some two years ago [1857] a copy... Was presented to me.... Many called upon me to explain the plan; others, again desired to possess copies with an explication in the vernacular tongue, and urged me to undertake an Anglo-American edition from the French original; and when I reflected how little the spirit and profound character of the institutions of Israel are known among Gentiles, while even among Hebrews, here, in the United States, the study of the sacred language and literature... [and] the Talmud, is so greatly neglected... It struck me that I would be doing a good service... To edit and to publish. ’ A 112 -page booklet went with this massively detailed engraving, which was so complex, filled with information, and replete with symbols of the Jewish tradition. Its publisher and author was Max Wolff, a religious functionary-a cantor in Boston and San Francisco. ” (Abraham J. Karp, From the Ends of the Earth: Judaic Treasures of the Library of Congress, 1991). A second edition was printed by J. A. H. Hasbrouck & Co in 1861. Our copy contains the signature of Irving Levitas. Subjects: Judaism - Customs and practices. Worship in the Bible. Kabbalah. Hebrew Poetry. OCLC lists 19 copies. Original cloth rubbed at edges, internally very fresh and clean. Very good + condition. (KH-1-43) (ID #32109) $300.00.






  57. Adolph Moses; Henry Gersoni. THE RELIGION OF MOSES [BOUND WITH] SKETCHES OF JEWISH LIFE AND HISTORY. New York; Louisville, 1873; 1894. Later cloth. 16mo. XIII, 138; V, (3) 9-224 pages.16 cm. Singerman 4734 (Moses) & Singerman 2391 (Gersoni) The Religion of Moses, printed in Louisville, Kentucky by Flexner Brothers, 1894, first edition; by Adolph Moses, a rabbi, author, and editor of the journal Zeitgeist. He became a medical doctor later in life. He was head of Congregation K. K. Adath Israel, Louisville, Kentucky. ‘Sketches of Jewish Life and History’, by Henry Gersoni, printed in New York by Hebrew Orphan Asylum Printing Establishment, 1873, first edition; contains seven illustrations; stories of Jewish Lithuania, written by Henry Gersoni, an American rabbi and journalist; born in Wilna, Russia, 1844; died in New York June 17, 1897. “Sketches of Jewish Life and History’ (New York), of which the first, ‘The Singer's Revenge, ’ is an adaptation from the Hebrew of M. A. Ginzburg's ‘Tikkun Laban ha-Arami, ’ and the second, ‘The Metamorphosis of a Lithuanian Boy, is to some extent autobiographical. ” (1906 Jewish Encyclopedia). Both volumes bound in later cloth, with gilt title on spine. Subjects: Judaism - Reform movements. Moses (Biblical leader). Fiction (American). OCLC lists 8 copies of Sketches, 28 copies of Religion of Moses. Light soiling to title page of Sketches, otherwise both volumes fresh and clean. Great condition (AMR-44-10) (ID #31548) $150.00.






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