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Nr. 122. THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING REFUGEE. London, 1939. 1st edition.



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  1. Jastrow, Marcus. HIGAYON LEV ISRAELITISCHES GEBETBUCH FÜR DIE HÄUSLICHE ANDACHT [INCLUDING THE FIRST AMERICAN REFORM HAGGADAH] [BOUND WITH] GEBETE FÜR KINDER [AS ISSUED] (1875). Philadelphia: 1875. 1st edition thus. Original cloth binding, 8vo, [4], 164, 20 pages (188 pages total). Text in Hebrew and German. Goldman 63; This edition unrecorded and apparently unknown to Ya'ari or Yudlov. THE FIRST AMERICAN REFORM HAGGADAH. Higayon Lev (Logic of the Heart) was a liturgical volume for private devotion which was published to supplement the popular Avodat Yisrael prayerbook that Jastrow had created, based on the earlier work of Benjamin Szold. Jastrow’s revisions “creatively modified the classical contours of the Siddur preserved in Szold’s version and added many new prayers. ” Among its contents are: selections from Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers); daily prayers for women, children (and adults who lack the time to complete the regular liturgy) , all accompanied by a non-literal German translation. There is also a fascinating appendix of children’s prayers which includes, in addition to the more standard basic prayers, special prayers to be recited on one’s birthday as well as on a parent’s birthday. The most important component of the new edition however is Jastrow's Haggadah, (pages 35-54) , the first printed in America that demonstrates the influence of Reform. Here, the Hebrew elements are reduced to a minimum and incorporate many emendations, even to such quintessential texts as Ha Lahma Anya, Vehi She’amdah and the Four Questions (here reduced to a single query). When Jastrow reprinted the text with an English translation three years later, he wrote, "this plain narrative is well adapted to suggest many a thought as to what duties are incumbent on the Israelites of our own days, and especially in countries like ours where the morn of religious liberty has already dawned and is shedding its roseate light over all inhabitants alike. ” SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Prayers and devotions. Reform Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. Siddurim. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Some wear and light staining, in the original blind-tooled binding, is (kh-6-1B) (ID #36544) $5500.00.







  3. Rozenberg [Rosenberg], YEHUDAH YUDL. MIKVEH [MIKVAH] YEHUDAH: … LAASOT BE-KHOL BAYIT MIKVEH KATAN.... Toronto: [The Author?], 1913?. 1st edition. Original paper wrappers, 12mo, 31 pages. Includes facsimile; 18 cm. Title translates into English as "Mikveh Yehudah: To carry out in every Mikveh Katan..." The first non-liturgical Hebrew book published only in Canada (a Hebrew title, Derekh ha-shalom, published in both Toronto and New York appeared in 1910; Congregation Shearith Israel in Montreal published an order of prayer booklet in 1890 for the opening of a new Shul). Instructions on building a home-mikveh. In Hebrew and Yiddish. Friedberg, Mem-3382. Rabbi Rosenberg believed that there was no halachic barrier to using city water to build a small mikvah in one’s own home. This was also the opinion of Rabbi P. Horenblass of Warsaw in his approbation (dated 1913) , a facsimile of which is included in the book. Rabbi Horenblass states that this idea should not be considered a reform, warning that “You should ignore the ‘Lashon Hara’ of ignorant lightheaded people who learn only to insult the real Talmidei Chachamim of this generation. ” Rabbi David Miller of Oakland espoused a similar point of view, though this view was not well received in Orthodox circles. Nevertheless, it would have been an important tool in small Jewish communities in Canada and the American West at the time. Rabbi Rosenberg arrived in Toronto in 1913 and move to Montreal in 1919. For a biography and appreciate of Rabbi Rosenberg’s personality, see N. Baumol, “Harav Yehudah (Yudel) Rosenberg, ” in Yovel Buch Talmud Torah Eitz Chaim, page 104-119. Probably published and distributed by Rabbi Rosenberg himself, as it includes his stamp on the final page. SUBJECT(S) Mikveh. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide (incorrectly dated as 1900) , none in Canada. Corner and edge wear, no text affected, clear tape repairs to spine and some pages, Good Condition thus. Scarce and important. (KH-6-15) (ID #36553) $1000.00.






  5. Lescinskij, Ja. [Jablonskij, S. / Jablonskij, E. ] [with Jabotinsky & Trumpeldor Association]. EVREJSKIJ RABOCIJ V" LONDON". Moskva (Moscow): Knigoizdat. "pereval',", 1907. First edition. Original paper Wrappers, 8vo, 39 pages. In Russian. "The Jewish Worker in London. " Exceedingly rare imprint, with no copies in the OPAC British Union Catalog or even the Russian National Library Union Catalog, and only 1 copy in OCLC (NLI). Chapters include: London and its Jewish quarter; Economic life of Jewish emigrants in London; The Sweating System; 3 chapters on sweatshops (including Sweatshop in other industries); Labor Legislation and Strikes; "Sweating System"? (What is the terrible "Sweating System"); & Results. Dr. Meshulam Levontin's copy, with his ownership stamp on the front cover; Levontin founded Magen David Adom (The Israel Red Cross – Red Star of David) in 1930 and the Israel blood transfusion service in 1936, and had earlier been the commander of the medical unit of the Zion Muleteers of Galipoli, where he worked closely with Jabotinsky and Trumpeldor. The routing at Gallipoli has been seen even as contributing to the victory of the Russian Revolution in 1917, making the association of this copy with Levontin all the more interesting. Period number label on front cover, edgewear to cover, but paper and binding inside remain very good. Pen transliteration of author's name on title page. Overall, good condition of an important and exceedingly rare imprint, with important association. (KH-3-5) (ID #35413) $950.00.






  7. American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. HAGADAH SHEL PESAH. Yerushalayim: Be-Hotsaat Defus Sheraga Vinfeld, No Date (1940s). 1st edition thus. Original illustrated paper wrappers, 16 mo (small), 32 pages, 15 cm. In Hebrew. Produced by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee for refugees entering Eretz Israel, this is the only Hagadah they published in Jerusalem. SUBJECT(S) Haggadot -- Texts. Seder -- Liturgy Judaism Haggadot. OCLC lists only one other copy worldwide, located at the Library of Congress, part of the Berman Hagadah Collection (Berman no. 1107). Some stains as expected, bit of pencil writing on rear cover, but attractive and solid, Very Good- Condition. Very Rare and Important. (Holo2-126-24) (ID #36139) $1000.00.






  9. Hartmann, Johann & Friedrich, Printers. HAMISHAH HUMSHE TORAH. NEVI'IM AHARONIM ONLY, LACKING VOLUMES FOR NEVI'IM RISHONIM AND KETUVIM. Frankfurtiyah Asher al Odrah [Frankfurt An Der Oder]: Yohanan Ve-Fridrikh De-Mitkarim Hartmanim, 1595. Half-leather and marbled boards, 4to, Aprox 120 leaves. In Hebrew. Bibliogr. Hebr. Book,; 0304538; Steinschneider, M. Cat. Librorum hebraeorum,; 53, 307; Cowley,; 84; VD 16,; B 2880. With Haftarot annotated in the margins. Woodcut title page decoration. The typesetting of the text is identical to that of the edition Wittenberg, 347 [1586 or 1587], printed by Zacharias Krafft, apart from the title page and colophon This is the variant, noted in BHB, with the title page misspelling for Nevi’m aharonim as "Nevi'im aharanim." Pre-war library stamp on title page, some wear and staining, overall a very nice copy of this 16th Century Hebrew bible volume in beautiful morocco and marbled boards. About Very Good Condition overall. (KH-3-13) (ID #35997) $500.00.






  11. Herzl, Theodor. MEDINAT HAYEHUDIM: DER IUDENSTAAT [FIRST HEBREW EDITION] [JUDENSTAAT]. Warsaw, Halter And Eisenstadt For Toshiah, 1896. 1st Hebrew Edition. Period Cloth, 12mo 82 pages. FIRST HEBREW EDITION OF HERZL’S HERALD OF MODERN ZIONISM. Within this slim tract Theodor Herzl founded political Zionism - an epochal call for the establishment of a Jewish State as a national home for the Je wish People. “That (such a) State was created in Palestine within fifty years of (Herzl’s) death was due to the vision and the practical methods expressed in (this) manifesto. ” Carter & Muir, Printing and the Mind of Man (1983) no. 381. Bound in period boards with the scarce original front wrapper mounted on the front. A copy with tears in a later binding (and lacking the original front cover which ours has) sold for over USD 6100 at auction in 2013. Inscription in Hebrew on front blank endpaper, some light wear and staining to boards, internally some browning as expected but clean and nice. A Nice Copy. Good+ Condition. (kh-3-15) (ID #35999) $4000.00.






  13. Theodor Herzl. JEWISH STATE. [FIRST AMERICAN EDITION]. New York, The MacCabaean Publishing Co., 1904. 1st US edition. Period-style quarter leather over marbled boards. 8vo, xxii, 102 pages. Preface and notes by Jacob de Haas. With celebrated photographic portrait by E. M. Lilien of Herzl leaning over the balcony-rail of the Hotel Les Trois Rois, with original tissue present, Basel. "Herzl's Der Judenstaat has remained the single most important manifesto of modern Zionism and is one of the most important books in the history of the Jewish People. " See Michael Heymann, Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana-Treasures of Jewish Booklore (1994) no. 46, page 102-3. An ex-library copy sold at auction in 2014 for over $5000.00. Remnants of removed stamp and margin repairs to title page, otherwise an outstanding copy Beautifully bound in period half leather with raised bands and marbled boards. (KH-5-65) (ID #36466) $2000.00.






  15. JEWS IN NAZI EUROPE, FEBRUARY 1933 TO NOVEMBER 1941: A STUDY PREPARED BY THE INSTITUTE OF JEWISH AFFAIRS, SUBMITTED TO THE INTER-AMERICAN JEWISH CONFERENCE, NOVEMBER 23-24-25, 1941, BALTIMORE, MD. New York, Institute Of Jewish Affairs.; American Jewish Congress.; Inter-American Jewish Conference, 1941. 1st edition, Later cloth with original wrappers bound in, 4to, approximately 200 leaves. 28 1/2cm. "Published... Under the auspices of the American Jewish congress. "-- Foreword. Collection of detailed reports on the Jewish persuctions as of late 1941 throughout Europe, and organized by region, with anecdotal as well as statistical evidence and sources cited. The report came out just 2 months before the notorious Wansee Conference where German extermination policy became official, and the reports here, in detail and in in broad brush stroakes, reflect the quickly deteriorating situation for Jews under German occupation. For example from the Polish section: “We must declare at the very outset that words are powerless to portray the agony and suffering of Polish Jewry in the 80 days of Germany role. The hell-like reality of the Polish Jews, a hell-like reality which has already lasted more than 80o days, and where literally every minute, every second demands Jewish victims, without a stop, without any interruption, and the hand of the torturer and murderer, the robber and offender is still unwearied, --this reality is not to he described in words. Let the reader multiply what is described tenfold, twentyfold, and he will perhaps come near to an idea of the life of our brothers under the German lash” (p. POL-9) Sections include: Greater Germany, Rumania, Hungary, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, France, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Greece, Finland, Nazi-Soviet War Area, Refugees, Relief, & Conclusions. “Prepared by the Institute of Jewish Affairs; submitted to the Inter-American Jewish Conference, November 23-24-25, 1941, Baltimore, Md. ” Includes refugee and relief activity at conclusion, and 2 pages of corrections and addenda at rear. Even at this date, of course, the nature of the what was to be the total devastation was not yet clear. Very Good Condition. Rare. Small, one-inch stamp of previous owner's name on title page. Wear to spine. An important collection of evidence from the period. (Holo2-120-27A) (ID #36292) $1500.00.






  17. JÜDISCHES NACHRICHTENBLATT. ZIDOVSKE LISTY. ORGAN DER JÜDISCHEN KULTUSGEMEINDE IN PRAG UND DER ZIONISTISCHEN ORGANISATIONEN IN PRAG. VOL II, NRS 27-52 (JULY 5- DEC 27, 1940). 25 ISSUES, UNINTERRUPTED RUN. Prag, Jüdischen Kultusgemeinde In Prag, 1940. 1st edition. Folio. Newspaper. Illustrated throughout. Includes many advertisements and numerous personal family announcements. Following the Kristallnacht pogroms of November 1938, Jewish life in Germany and Czechoslovakia was even further curtailed and all remaining Jewish newspapers were shut down by the government. In their place, the Nazi Party ordered the creation of a single, new Jewish newspaper, "Das Jüdische Nachrichtenblatt, " that would be directly under Gestapo control. It was published concurrently in Berlin, Vienna and Prague and was occupied to a large extent with announcing the ever-increasing number of anti-Semitic discriminations, orders and exclusions imposed by the Reich government. Over the course of its history, the editors of the Jüdische Nachrichtenblatt were Leo Kreindler (1938-42) and Willi Pless (1942-43). The Berlin edition ran from the 23rd November, 1938 until the final issue of 4th June 1943. The Prague edition continued until 1945. In a ghoulish twist of Nazi irony, Gentiles were forbidden from reading the Jüdische Nachrichtenblatt yet the newspaper's targeted readership, the Jews, were literally hounded to their deaths by the very authorities who presided over the newspaper's ownership! See Reiner Burger, Von Goebbels Gnaden: "Jüdisches Nachrichtenblatt" 1938-1943 (2001). A mixed collection of 102 issues from Berlin and Prague sold at auction in 2015 for 9225.00 USD. Lacks outer binding, but original internal binding remains strong. Old damp staining to first and final leaves, other old staining and aging, but paper, text, and images are good. Good Condition overall. (kh-5-47) (ID #36443) $2200.00.






  19. Zwiazek Polskich Artystów Plastyków W Krakowie.; Zwiazek Bojowników O Wolnosc I Demokracje. OSKARZAMY HITLEROWCÓW O ZBRODNIE 1939-1945: ZWIAZEK POLSKICH ARTYSTÓW PLASTYKÓW W KRAKOWIE I ZWIAZEK BOJOWNIKÓW O WOLNOSC I DEMOKRACJE W KRAKOWIE. Kraków: Zwiazek Polskich Artystów Plastyków W Krakowie, 1965. 1st edition. Original printed paper wrappers, 8vo, 159 pages, primarily illustrations; 20 cm. Fully illustrated exhibition catalog for the important one-month show of works produced by Polish artists imprisoned in Concentration Camps. The title translates as: “Accusing the Nazis of their Crimes, 1939-1945: The Role of Polish Artists from Krakow and the Krakow Society of Fighters for Freedom and Democracy. ” Text in Polish with summaries in Russian, French, English and German. “Under the black wall of the Death Block at KL Auschwitz, a great many of Cracow’s artists, arrested in the Spring of 1942, met their death, while others went to fill of the camps dispersed through the Third Reich, to die of starvation and disease, from torture and exhaustion. The prison community, though evidently ignorant of the private directives issued by the central SS authorities for the destruction of the Polish leading circles, by instinct, as it were, and desirous to save these links so essential to the nation’s organism, tried to do its best to alleviate the imprisoned artists’ camp existence. Everything that could be done was done, frequently wth touching proof of loving solicitude [sic]. Artists were always given first place on the prisoner self-help lists, and surrounded with an atmosphere of true respect, a thing so rare and priceless in the circumstances of camp life. Their fellow-sufferers tried even to provide them with some sort of primitive conditions for work, and every sketch, design or sculpture produced under illegal or semi-legal conditions, was considered almost as it if were sacred, being another proof of resistance, another sign of survival of those very forces the enemy was so keen to destroy” (Tadeusz Holuj, pp 152-153). "1965, 22. VII-22. VIII, wystawa dla uczczenia artystów plastyków poleglych zamordowanych I wiezionych, 1939-1945” (July 22 – August 22, Exhibition to Celebrate the Artists who were Murdered and Imprisoned). Cover title is “Oskarzamy hitleryzm I hitlerowców o zbrodnie. ” SUBJECT(S): Concentration camp inmates as artists -- Exhibitions. Artists -- Poland -- Biography -- Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945). OCLC lists only 6 copies worldwide. Light foxing to covers. Very Good Condition. Important and scarce. (holo2-126-30) (ID #36171) $2000.00.






  21. Schiet, Jan; and Us Information Service, Photographers. TENTOONSTELLING VAN FOTOGRAFISCHE OPNAMEN VAN DUITSE CONCENTRATIEKAMPEN EN VERWOEST ARNHEM. No Place (Amsterdam), No Publisher, 1945. 1st edition. Original paper wrappers, 12mo, 32 pages, chiefly photographic illustrations. 16 cm. “Exhibition of Photographic Images of German Concentration Camps and Destroyed Arnhem. ” Catalog for the exhibition, with 24 pages of full-page photos, plus 8 pages of photo descriptions. Text in Dutch. On page 10 is the famous and controversial photo of the Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel in Buchenwald (first published in the "New York Times" on May 6, 1945 with the caption "Crowded Bunks in the Prison Camp at Buchenwald" taken inside Block 56 by Private H. Miller of the Civil Affairs Branch of the U. S. Army Signal Corps on April 16, 1945.). In the year following the defeat of the Nazis, exhibitions of photos showing the horrors of the Concentration Camps were a way to show the people of Europe what had been done by the Germans and their allies, and, eventually, to build support for the idea of War Crimes trials. “Foto's... Afgestaan door de U. S. I. S. (United States Information Service, Photographic Section, Amsterdam) en Jan Schiet, fotograaf, Amsterdam. ” Despite the title, there are no pictures nor text referring to Arnhem in the book—only from the concentration camps. The Arnhem material may have appeared only in the exhibition itself. OCLC lists only 4 copies worldwide, all in the Netherlands (Sept 2015). Blue wrappers are sunned with some spotting, otherwise Very Good Condition. Rare and important. (holo2-126-33) (ID #36175) $1700.00.





  23. Levias, Caspar. DIKDUK ARAMIT BAVLIT. [A GRAMMAR OF BABYLONIAN ARAMAIC]. New York: Alexander Kohut Memorial Fouindation, 1930. 8vo. 394 pages. In Hebrew. First edition. English title: A grammar of Babylonian Aramaic. SUBJECT (S): Aramaic language - grammar. SERIES: Sifre mosad le-zikhron Aleksander Kohut; Variation: Veröffentlichungen der Alexander Kohut Memorial Foundation. "Born in Zagare, Lithuania, Levias [1860-1934] studied and was a fellow in the department of Oriental languages of Columbia University and in the department of Semitic languages of Johns Hopkins University. From 1895 to 1905 he was an instructor of Semitic languages at Hebrew Union College, and from 1910 to 1920 he served as principal of the Plaut Memorial Hebrew Free School in Newark, New Jersey. An ardent Zionist, he devoted much time to the propagation of modern Hebrew literature, and together with R. Brainin and I. Schapiro he edited and published the literary journal Ha-Deror. His main interest, however, was Semitic philology and grammar, about which he contributed numerous articles to scholarly journals. His chief works were the pioneer study A Grammar of the Aramaic Idiom Contained in the Babylonian Talmud, and a Hebrew book on the same subject, Dikduk Aramit Bavlit. Only two parts of his Ozar Hokhmat ha-Lashon, a study of Hebrew philology, were ever published, and a lexicon compiled by him of medical terms in Hebrew literature never appeared at all. " (EJ, 2007) Gilt titles. Heavy wear to boards, including some warpings. Contents are clean. (MX-21-21A) (ID #36332) $45.00.






  25. Kutscher, Eduard Yechezkel [Edward]; Kutscher, Raphael [Ed ]. A HISTORY OF THE HEBREW LANGUAGE. Jerusalem: The Magnes Press - The Hebrew University, 1984. Original Publisher's cloth, Large 8vo, XXX+306 pages. Historical-linguistic monograph on the Hebrew language by the preeminent Israeli philologist and Hebrew linguist Yechezkel Kutscher (1909-1971), a world-renowned authority on Mishnaic Hebrew scripts and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Ex-library with usual marks, otherwise Solid and Clean. Good Condition. (KH-4-5) (ID #36098) $85.00.








  27. Szajkowski, Zosa. THE LANGUAGE OF THE JEWS IN THE FOUR COMMUNITIES OF COMTAT VENAISSIN. New York, Yiddish Scientific Institute, 1948. In Yiddish & English with some French. With a preface by Max Weinreich. Very good condition. (SEF-36-3A) Very Good Condition. (ID #36319) $35.00.









  29. Tobenkin, Elias. GOD OF MIGHT [AUTHOR INSCRIBED]. New York Minton Balch, 1925. Original Cloth, 8vo, 272 pages. Inscribed by the author to “Rev [Rabbi] and Mrs. Jacob Schwartz, ” who was the rabbi at B’nai Jacob in New York. Novel of Russian village Jews emigrating to Chicago. Rideout author (radical/proletarian literature in America). Light wear to spine, About Very Good Condition. (kh-3-4) (ID #35983) $40.00.






  31. Singer, Isaac Bashevis. Uri Shulevitz, Illustrator. THE GOLEM [AUTHOR SIGNED]. Farrar, Straus And Giroux, 1982. 1st edition. Original publisher’s cloth in dust jacket. Signed by author on front endpaper. Text, illustrated pages are printed on cream colored paper stock. Isaac Bashevis Singer tells the legend of the golem, the clay giant who aids the Jews in their time of need. Beautifully Illustrated by Uri Shulevitz. Very Good Condition in Very Good- jacket with just a bit of edgewear. Nice copy (KH-5-23) (ID #36194) $45.00.






  33. Hameiri, Avigdor. Translated by Jacob Freedman. THE GREAT MADNESS. New York: Vantage Press, 1952 Cloth, 8vo, XIV, 243 pages. 22 cm. Translated from the original hebrew of Avigdor Hameiri. Very Good Condition in Good Jacket. (AC-1-5) (ID #36179) $30.00.







  35. Shalom, Shin (pseudonym of Shalom Joseph Shapira). HA-NER LO KAVAH: ROMAN [AUTHOR INSCRIBED]. Tel Aviv: Hotsaat Yavneh, 1961. In Hebrew. Inscribed by author on title page. “Shalom, Shin (pseudonym of Shalom Joseph Shapira; 1904–1990), was a “Hebrew poet and author. Born in Parczew, Poland, Shalom was a descendant of distinguished Hasidic rabbis….Shalom's two novels – Yoman be-Galil (‘Galilee Diary," 1932’) and Ha-Ner Lo Kavah (‘The Candle Was Not Extinguished’…) – are useful for deciphering his poetry….Ha-Ner Lo Kavah focuses upon the life of a poet whose private struggle to ensure that ‘the candle does not go out’ corresponds with the nation's struggle for independence and strength….The close friendship between Shalom and Max Brod prompted joint literary efforts….In 1973 he was awarded the Israel Prize, and simultaneously there appeared a special volume comprising 48 reviews of his poems during his half-century of activity” (Katznelson in EJ, 2007). Very good condition. Ex-library with usual marks. (AC-1-4) (ID #36147) $50.00.





  37. Goethe, J. W. Von, 1749-1832. translated by jakób Kahan [Yaakov Kohen]. IFIGENIYAH BE-TORIS: HIZAYON. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo-Sztybel, 1920. 1st edition. Original Publsiher's cloth, 8vo, 148 pages.; 21 cm. In Hebrew. 1st edition of this early appearance of Goethe in Hebrew. Vocalized text. Translation of: Iphigenie auf Tauris. Title also in Polish on half title: " Ifigenja w Taurydzie. " SUBJECT (S): Hebrew language -- Texts. Ex-library with minimal marks. Otherwise Very Good Condition. (KH-4-4) (ID #36097) $100.00.









  39. Shakespare, William, Frischmann, David. KORYALANUS (CORIOLANUS). Varshah: A. Y. Shtibl, 1924. First Hebrew edition. Original boards. 8vo, 271 pages, 21 cm. Ex-library with usual markings. This is a Hebrew translation of Shakespeare's "Coriolanus". Very Good Condition. (AC-1-19) (ID #36348) $100.00.









  41. Solomon, Carl [Allen Ginsberg Howl Connection]. MISHAPS, PERHAPS. San Francisco: City Lights, 1966. First edition. First printing. Original Photographic paper wrappers; small 8vo. 60 pages. Includes 4-page foreword by Claude Pelieu. Photo of Solomon on front cover. Part of the Beach Books, Texts, and Document series edited by Mary Beach. Cover photo of Solomon by Jeffrey Beach. A collection of prose and poetry by the dedicatee of Ginsberg's HOWL, and to whom the poem is addressed. Light rubbing to front cover, otherwise Very Good condition, a handsome copy. (KH-5-22) (ID #36174) $125.00.






  43. Brenner, Joseph Hayyim. SIPURIM. Nyu-York, Kadimah, 1917. Original Paper Wrappers, 16mo, 67 pages, 16 cm. Series: Sifriyah `amamit, no. 9. In Hebrew. Fiction. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Ex-library with usual marks, light wear, very good condition. HEBLIT-7-1 (ID #36476) $60.00.






  45. Zylberzweig, Zalmen. ALBOM FUN IDISHN TEATER. New York: No Publisher, 1937. Cloth. Folio. 144 pages. Black and white photo portraits and photoplates throughout. First edition. In Yiddish and English. Vintage photographs of the greatest stars of the Yiddish theatre. Zylbercweig, originally from Galicia, settled in New York in 1937 and for eleven years was editor of the Jewish American. For half a century he worked on his Leksikon fun Yidishn Teater, a six volume set of which only five volumes were completed (Shepard, EJ). SUBJECT(S): Yiddish Theater-Jewish Actors. Gilt lettering on cover. Binding is worn, delicate, with the former owner having hand-written the title on the spine. Otherwise in Good condition. (amrn-8-25). (ID #36376) $50.00.







  47. Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich. Katts, M (Moshe); & Frumkin, A. (Avraham), translators. BROYT UN FRAYHAYT [THE CONQUEST OF BREAD]. London: Arbayter Fraynd, 1906. 1st Yiddish edition. Original illustrated paper wrappers with photo of Kropotkin, 12mo, 5, 334 pages, 19cm. In Yiddish. Not in Zaleski; not in Stammhammer; not in L'Anarchisme. Catalogue de Livres et Brochures des XIXe et XXe Siècles; not in Nettlau. Rare first Yiddish edition: Nettlau lists many translations of The Conquest of Bread but does not know this Yiddish translation. Published in London during Kropotkin's exile in England, the translation was done by Abraham Frumkin and Moshe Katz, both active in the Yiddish anarchist movement in the US and England. "The whole theory of anarchist communism is developed particularly in The Conquest of Bread, which was published in Paris as late as 1892, though the articles that composed it had been written during the preceding decade…. He [Kropotkin] was its great apostle and popularizer, but it is doubtful if he was the actual inventor. The feature that distinguishes anarchist communism from other libertarian doctrines is the idea of free distribution, which is older than anarchism itself" (G. Woodcock, Anarchism, p. 188). Abraham Frumkin (1872-1946), the son of Israel Dov Frumkin, was a leading Jewish anarchist. When he moved from Constantinople (Istanbul) to London in 1896, he became a friend of Rudolf Rocker, and they opened a Yiddish Anarchist printing house together in London that year. (Frumkin, “From The Spring Period of Jewish Socialism”). SUBJECT(S): Anarchism. OCLC lists 17 copies worldwide. Heavy wear to wrappers but still attractive, spine rebacked, Jewish library stamps on title and 2 other pages. Period Lower East Side Jewish bookseller stamp on rear cover. Good- Condition. Important. (yid-23-4) (ID #36407) $300.00.





  49. Hevesi, Dr Simon (1868-1943) editor with Jeno Polnay and Dr Josef Patai Et Al. 1914 - 1916: A MAGYAR ZSIDO HADI ARCHIVUM ALMANACHJA. Budapest, Magyar Zsido Hadi Archivum Es Az Orszagos Magyar Izr. Kozmuvelodesi Egyesulet, 1916. First edition. Original large pictorial wrappers, folio, 32 x 23cm 158 pages. Text in Hungarian. Numerous illustrations, photographs, artwork etc. Includes report from an army chaplain and a prayer in Hebrew for the Emperor Franz Josef An important book documenting the contribution of the Jewish soldiers to the war effort. Chip to bottom of Spine, otherwise Very Good Condition. (kh-2-15a) (ID #35198) $475.00.






  51. Ranki, Vera. THE POLITICS OF INCLUSION AND EXCLUSION: JEWS AND NATIONALISM IN HUNGARY. Holmes & Meier Publishers Inc, 1999. Ex-library with usual marks.Overall great condition. AC-1-3 (ID #36146) $60.00.








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At the Frankfort Rabbinical Conference of 1845, he took a decided view in favor of introducing the vernacular into the service and of eliminating prayers for the restoration of sacrifices and a Jewish state. Three years earlier, in coming to the defense of the position taken up by Abraham Geiger in his controversy with Solomon Titkin, he had rejected the divine authority of the Talmud and upheld the right to diverge from ceremonial laws. In 1847 Einhorn succeeded Samuel Holdheim as chief rabbi of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. There he was involved in controversy with Franz Delitzsch, the Christian Hebraist, for having pronounced a blessing in the synagogue over an uncircumcised child. Einhorn's radical religious standpoint jeopardized his position. In January 1852 he became rabbi of the Reform congregation of Budapest, but after two months the government closed the temple. While living in Budapest, Einhorn began his work Das Prinzip des Mosaismus, but completed only one volume (1854). Denied any opportunity in Europe, Einhorn became rabbi of the Har Sinai Congregation of Baltimore (1855). His arrival in the United States coincided with the Cleveland Rabbinical Conference, which, under the leadership of Isaac Mayer Wise, adopted a platform designed to permit a broadly based union among the various tendencies in American Judaism. Einhorn regarded this platform as treachery to the cause of Reform and denounced it violently. This marked the beginning of a bitter feud between Einhorn, the uncompromising Reformer, and I. M. Wise, who was ready to moderate his Reform in the interests of unity. Einhorn expounded his ideas in his monthly magazine Sinai (German, 7 vols., 1856–62) and gave them expression in his prayer book Olat Tamid (1856), which was no mere shortening of the traditional liturgy, but a new work written mainly in German. Einhorn's sojourn in Baltimore was cut short in 1861, when his unsparing denunciation of slavery placed him in danger from the mob. He became rabbi of Congregation Kenesseth Israel, Philadelphia, and in 1866 moved to New York as rabbi of Congregation Adath Israel, which was later known as Temple Beth El. His was the dominant personality at the Philadelphia Rabbinical Conference which met in 1869 and adopted a thoroughgoing Reform platform. Einhorn's farewell sermon, delivered after a quarter of a century in America, contained a plea for the cultivation of German as the vehicle for the ideas of Reform Judaism. If the dogmatic Reform upon which he insisted dominated neither the Union of American Hebrew Congregations nor Hebrew Union College at their inception, his spirit came to influence them later. Kaufman Kohler, his son-in-law and disciple, formulated the Pittsburgh Platform of 1885, which was the basis of American Reform for a generation, and later became president of Hebrew Union College; Einhorn's Olat Tamid served as the model for the Union Prayer Book. A letter which Einhorn wrote in 1844 summed up his theological system: "In all its stages, Judaism shows its capacity for continuous development both as to its form and its spirit, insofar as the latter became ever clearer and purer in the human consciousness; and no Israelite who knows his religion will deny it the power of perfectibility. Its essence, which is truth uniting all men, was from the beginning intended to overcome the exclusiveness attached to the form, which is national; but insofar as the latter served as an armor of protection and as the priestly garb of Israel among the nations, it cannot with impunity be cast off until the former in its entire inner force and its all-encompassing extent will have penetrated the whole human family, and Israel (Mosaism) will have fulfilled its priestly mission at the arrival of the Messianic era." Little has been published concerning the personality of David Einhorn or analyzing his thought. A copy with loose pages sold at auction in 2016 for over USD 550 with buyers commissions. Wear to boards, hinges starting, Good Condition.(kh-6-22) (ID #36528) $425.00.






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Moisseiff, "A Quarter Centiry of the Jewish Immigrant in America," Henry Moskowitz, "The Novel, Jew," Jacob H. Hollander. - Vol III Includes "Leipziger Memorial Exercises, " Addresses by Samson Lachman, Herbert L. Bridgman, Stephen S. Wise, Joseph L. Buttenweiser, George F. Kunz, and Louis Marshall, "The Essence of Judaism, " Theodore Reinach, "Meeting in Honor of the Earl of Reading, Lord Chief Justice of England and Special British Envoy to the United States, " addresses by Samson Lachman, Julius J. Frank, Jacob H. Schiff, Abram I. Elkus, Stephen J. Wise, The Earl of Reading, "Ameircan Jewish War Relief Abroad, " Daivd M. Bressler, "Biblical Criticism and Jewish Science, " Felix Perles, "Attitude of the Last Twenty Years and Present Conditions of Jewish Learning, " Ismar Elbogen, "Leisure, " Israel Abrahams, "The Lesson from Tutankh-Amon's Tomb for the Jew, " Kaufmann Kohler, "Israel Zangwill Meeting, " Addresses by Samson Lachman, Israel Zangwill, Louis Marshall, Horace Stern, Simeon Strunsky, "The Crisis of European Civilization (Noelting and Spengler), " Ludwig Stein, "Race Theory and Anti-Semitism, " Julius Goldstein, "Immigration and Racial Discrimination, " Max J. Kohler, "The Jewish Colonization Work in Russia, " James N. Rosenberg, "The World Court and the Protection of Racial and Religious Minorities, " Addresses by Samson Lachman, Louis Marshall, Manley O. Hudson, and Arthur K. Kuhn. - Vol IV includes: Summary of the Judaean meetings, 1926-1932, constitution, board of directors, list of members Articles are "Memorial od Samson lachman," Max J. Kohler, "Louis Marshall - In Momoriam," Samson lachman, "The Jew in German Literature," Leon Huhner, 150th Anniversary of Constitutional Establishment of Religious Liberty - "New York State's First Constitution," Louis Marshall, "The 150th Anniversary of Constitutional Establishment of Religious Liberty," Irving Lehman, "American Influences on the Development of Religious Liberty in Europe," Max J. Kohler, "George F. Moore's 'Judaism,'" Samuel Schulman, "Lewis Browne's 'That Man Heine,'" Elsa H. Naumberg, "Golden and Other Ghettos in Recent Fiction," Frank I. Schechter, "The Jew in Science," Morris R. Cohen, "Jewish Winners of the Nobel Prize," Benjamin Harrow, The Lessing-Mendelssohn Bi-Centenary - "Lessing," Ernst Renan, "Mendelssohn," Stephen P. Duggan, American Jewry Fifty Years Ago and Today - "Judiasm and Elements in the Population, Then and Now," Maurice H. Harris, "The Jew in Social Life, Then and Now," Felix M. 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Dublin, "George Washington and the Jews," Albert Ulmann, "Recent Excavations of Jewish Interest in Palestine," Nelson Glueck. " Volume I, present here, is very seldom offered for sale. Ex-library with usual markings. Otherwise very good condition. (AMR-45-5A) (ID #36531) $1000.00.






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  225. [Wiesel, Elie]. KZ: BILDBERICHT AUS FÜNF KONZENTRATIONSLAGERN ["PHOTO REPORT FROM FIVE CONCENTRATION CAMPS."]. No Place, Amerikanischen Kriegsinformationsamt im Auftrag des Oberbefehlshabers der Alliierten Streitkräfte, 1945. Published by the Amerikanisches Kriegsinformationsamt. Robinson & Friedman #3587. Wolff I #1580. Grizly Photos on Every Page.This collection of some of the most horrible concentration camp documentary photos you'll see was put together as part of the US Army's denazification and re-educationprogram for the German populace after the war. The photos were takenat 5 liberated camps: Buchenwald, Belsen, Gardelegen, Nordhausen, & Ohrdruf, and often show German civilians or SS men being forced to bury, move or view bodies. 44 black-and-white photographs. Originalstapled wrappers, printed in grey and black; First edition. KZ was used as an abbreviation of Konzentrationslage (concentration camp). "This small but important book was distributed in Germany by the American War Information Unit at the end of the World War II in order to convey to the civilian population the enormity of the crimes committed by the Nazis in the name of the German people. Thus this book, which is not much more than a pamphlet, may represent the single most significant use of photography as a witness in the medium's history" (Parr, M. and Badger, G., The Photobook: A History Vol.II, p.194). It includes the famous and controversial photo of the Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel in Buchenwald (first published in the "New York Times" on May 6, 1945 with the caption "Crowded Bunks in the Prison Camp at Buchenwald" taken inside Block 56 by Private H. Miller of the Civil Affairs Branch of the U. S. Army Signal Corps on April 16, 1945.) [Parr-Badger I. p. 188; 194, Cornelia Brink - Ikonen der Vernichtung. Öffentlicher Gebrauch von Fotografien aus nationalsozialistischen Konzentrationslagern nach 1945. Berlin, 1998. Akademia Verlag.]. First photo publication in postwar Germany. The final images are of General Dwight Eisenhower witnessing the atrocious sights of Ohrdruf. Powerful. Damaged copies sold at auction in 2011 and 2013 for 2500-3500 each. Light wear, folding crease, tears on rear cover, not affecting photos nor text. Paper & binding remain very solid, Very Good- Condition. (HOLO2-13-4) (ID #36110) $1900.00.






  227. Zarembina, Natalia; Florence J. Harriman.Cover by Teresa Zarnower. OSWIECIM, CAMP OF DEATH (UNDERGROUND REPORT). New York, N. Y., "poland Fights," Polish Labor Group, 1944. Original Wraps. 8vo. 48 pages. 21 cm. Published May 1944. Two fascimile illustrations. At head of title: Underground Poland speaks. One of the earliest published eyewitness accounts of life in Hitler's concentration camps, written by a Polish Underground Labor "historian," experienced in the underground struggle, who drew his material from actual contact with persons who survived and saw others suffer. Translated from Polish underground labor publication. Translation of: Obóz smierci, by Natalia Zarembina. With facsimile of original title-page: Obóz smierci... 1942. Publication sponsored by National C. I. O. War Relief Committee. A horrifying first hand account of the occupation of Warsaw and the experience of concentration camps; the experience of the forced labor annex of Oswiecim is elaborated in detail. With map of concentration camps throughout Poland. An annex piece outlines the types of concentration camps: General Concentration Camps (“one of the oldest and most notorious is that at Oswiecim, which has recently been greatly expanded … A section of this camp has been converted into the so called 'camp of death'. ”), forced labor camps (mainly filled with the deported Polish peasants), concentration camps for clergy, concentration camps for women, concentration camps for Jews (“These camps have been established in conjunction with the Nazi campaign to liquidate the European Jews. Some of them are simply places of execution where Jews from Poland and the rest of Europe are asphyxiated, electrocuted, and machine-gunned. ”), camps for 'improvement of the race' (teenagers – German and abducted Poles – who represent strict 'nordic' characteristics are kept in camps for forced copulation and reproduction), camps for 'correction of youth' (little information … their inmates are Polish boys and girls), Concentration camps for children so called 'educational institutes' (Polish children under 12 are seized in great numbers and subjected to the Nazi process of Germanization). Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 - Atrocities. World War, 1939-1945 - Poland. Germany; political history and theory; 20th century; Third Reich; home politics; law, judicature, trials, oppression, concentration camps. Auschwitz (Concentration camp). Very good condition+. An outstanding copy of an important report. (HOLO2-113-54A) (ID #35942) $600.00.






  229. Grossman, Vasilii Semenovich. Kotik, B., translator. TREBLINKER GENEM. Moskve, Melukhe-Farlag "der Emes, ", 1945. 1st Yiddish Edition, published in the same year and same city as the original Russian 1st edition. Original illustrated paper wrappers, 16mo (small), 87 pages, including one photographic page. 13 cm. In Yiddish. Translation of Treblinskii’ad by B. Kotik. Title translates as “The Hell of Treblinka. ” Vasily Grossman (1905-1964) was a Jewish Soviet writer and journalist. “Grossman's eyewitness accounts of conditions in a Nazi extermination camp, following the liberation of Treblinka, were among the earliest…After World War II, Grossman's faith in the Soviet state was shaken by Joseph Stalin's turn towards antisemitism in the final years before his death in 1953. While Grossman was never arrested by the Soviet authorities, his two major literary works (Life and Fate and Forever Flowing) were censored during the ensuing Nikita Khrushchev period as unacceptably anti-Soviet, and Grossman himself became in effect a nonperson. The KGB raided Grossman's flat after he had completed Life and Fate, seizing manuscripts, notes and even the ribbon from the typewriter on which the text had been written. Grossman was told by the Communist Party's chief ideologist Mikhail Suslov that the book could not be published for two or three hundred years” (Wikipedia 2015). SUBJECT(S): World War, 1939-1945 -- Atrocities. Treblinka (Concentration camp) World War (1939-1945). OCLC lists 20 copies worldwide (Sept 2015). Internal paper is brown and brittle, with some chipping at margins and old moisture damage. Illustrated wrappers, however, are good and strong, but show some wear as well. Fair condition only. But important, and seldom offered for sale. (holo2-126-27) (ID #36168) $50.00.






  231. VUGHT, POORT VAN DE HEL: OORLOGSHERINNERINGEN VAN 'N JOOD. Hilversum: "aldus", 1945. 1st edition. Original illustrated 4-color paper wrappers, 8vo, 77 pages; 24 cm. In the original Dutch. With the dramatic cover showing a cartooned SS officer consuming thousands of Jewish civilians, bright red blood dripping from the title, and a bright yellow Jewish star ID surrounding the final word “Jood. ” Title translates as: “Vught, Gate of Hell: War memoirs of a Jew. ” Vught, also known as Hertogenbosch, “was a Nazi concentration camp located in Vught near the city of 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. Herzogenbusch was the only concentration camp run directly by the SS in western Europe outside of Germany. The camp was first used in 1943 and held 31, 000 prisoners. 749 prisoners died in the camp, and the others were transferred to other camps shortly before the camp was liberated by the Allied Forces in 1944” (Wikipedia, 2015). SUBJECT(S): World War, 1939-1945 -- Jews. Persecutions. Concentratiekampen. Joden. Tweede Wereldoorlog. OCLC lists 16 copies worldwide, but only 4 in the US (Yale, US Holocaust Museum, Harvard, Ohio State). Beautiful clean cover, without the foxing often seen on Dutch covers of this vintage, Very Good Condition, a beautiful, dramatic cover. (Holo2-126-20) (ID #36135) $225.00.





  233. Moch, Mariana. ¡¡REFUGIADOS!! EN MÉXICO. México City, Ideas, 1944. 1st edition. Later Cloth binding with original illustrated paper wrappers bound in, Large 8vo, 126 pages. Includes illustrations. 25 cm. In Spanish. Somewhat Antisemitic novel, in rich period melodramatic Spanish, of European refugees in Mexico, including those fleeing Spain as well as Nazism. For example from page 15: “Asfixiante penetraba hasta los ultimos escondrijos del vapor…Pero aquella noche tambien como en las travesias de placer se agruparon por castas y fortunas: los hebreos fugitives de los ghettos de Alemania, de Polonia, de los Balkanes bajaron a su comedor instalado en las bodegas. Las rudas bancas de Madera, las mesas desnudas de mantel, los trastos que algunos cargaban consigo—en acatamiento a su ley reigiosa--, eran una novedad para ellos: solo taltaban los fuetes implacable de los guardians de los campos de concentracion…” [ roughly translates as: "Suffocation filled their every last breath... But tonight, indulging in pleasure also, they were grouped by caste and wealth: the fugitive Jews from the ghettos of Germany, Poland, the Balkans, all down below in their dining room installed in the basement. The rough wooden benches, bare tables denuded of tablecloths and some loaded with them-in deference to their religious law—this was all new to them: All they lacked now were the implacable whips of the concentration camp guards... "]. SUBJECT (S): World War, 1939-1945 -- Refugees -- Fiction. OCLC lists 16 copies worldwide. Unobtrusive institutional stamp on upper corner of front end paper, paper toning as expected, Very Good Condition. (Holo2-126-5) (ID #36121) $225.00.






  235. McCarran, Pat [US Senator From Nevada]. DISPLACED PERSONS: FACTS VERSUS FICTION. Washington: U.S.G.P.O., 1950. 1st edition. Original paper wrappers, 8vo, 8 pages. 23 cm. "Statement by Senator Pat McCarran of Nevada in the Senate of the United States, Friday, January 6, 1950…Not printed at government expense." McCarren here warns of the flood of anti-American aliens who are flooding into the US under the guise of Displaced Persons legislation. Towards the end of the DP period, “In June 1952, McCarran joined Francis Walter in instigating the passing of the McCarran–Walter Act, a bill that imposed more rigid restrictions on entry quotas to the United States. It also stiffened the existing law relating to the admission, exclusion and deportation of "dangerous" aliens as defined by the McCarran Internal Security Act. In response to the act he made a well known statement: ‘I believe that this nation is the last hope of Western civilization and if this oasis of the world shall be overrun, perverted, contaminated or estroyed, then the last flickering light of humanity will be extinguished….we have in the United States today hard-core, indigestible blocs which have not become integrated into the American way of life, but which, on the contrary are its deadly enemies….The solution of the problems of Europe and Asia will not come through a transplanting of those problems en masse to the United States.... if the enemies of this legislation succeed in riddling it to pieces, or in amending it beyond recognition, they will have contributed more to promote this nation's downfall than any other group since we achieved our independence as a nation.’” The present pamphlet ends with the warning that “The pressure groups are using a relatively few war-displaced persons, virtually all of whom are being resettled or repatriated, for the purpose of destroying our immigration barriers, to the end that this country will be inundated with a flood of aliens. With seemingly unlimited money these well-knit determined groups will succeed unless the patriotic American groups and the rand and file of the American people speak their minds firmly and promptly to the Congress.” SUBJECT(S): Political refugees. Aliens -- United States. Emigration and immigration -- Government policy. OCLC lists 4 copies worldwide (Harvard, UMinn, UTexas-Austin, Japanese Ministry of Justice). Vertical fold, 2 institutional stamps on cover, Light wear, otherwise Very Good Condition. (Holo2-126-2) (ID #36118) $100.00.




  237. Kirschbaum, Jacob. FLIKHTLINGE UN HELDN: GESHIKHTLEKHER IBERBLIK VEGN DI FLIKHTLINGE IN AMERIKE... 1492-1940. New York: Kirschbaum, 1940. 8vo. 112 pages. In Yiddish. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Jews – United States; Refugees, Jewish. OCLC lists 21 copies worldwide. Covers and spine are faded. otherwise in good condition. (HOLO2-6-15) (ID #36378) $50.00.






  239. Ben-Chaviv. LERNE HEBRÄISCH: DIE SPRACHE PALÄSTINAS, PRAKTISCHES LEHRBUCH ZUM SELBSTUNTERRICHT: ‘IVRIT LE-VOGRIM MATHILIM ‘AL YESOD SHITAH HADASHAH. Wien: Judischer Kulturgebund In Deutschland E. V., 1939. 3rd edition (1939), Original 3-color illustrated paper wrappers, 8vo, 107 pages. 33cm. In German and Hebrew. Published in 1939, following Kristalnacht, the market for this edition was 100% Jews fleeing the growing Nazi repression for Palestine. Includes many examples of signs, store notices, newspaper ads etc—all for Tel Aviv and Jaffa, none for Jerusalem! SUBJECT(S): Hebrew language -- Textbooks for foreign speakers -- German. Textbooks -- for German speakers. OCLC lists 4 copies worldwide of the rare 1939 Edition (US Holocaust Museum, Harvard, NLI, German National Library). The US Holocaust Museum keeps their copy in their Rare Book Collection. Very Good Condition, an outstanding copy. (holo2-127-2) (ID #36296) $125.00.






  241. MEET THE REFUGEES. The Womens Press, New York, 1940. 1st edition. Original photographic paper wrappers, 8vo, 24 pages. Issued by the National Industrial Assembly of the Young Women's Christian Association. From just prior to US entry into the war. Emphasizes that the incoming refugees fleeing Nazism are not a threat to American labor, nor might they represent a "Fifth Column. ” A copy sold for over USD 550 (including commissions) at auction in 2015. Very Good Condition. (holo2-128-4) (ID #36458) $450.00.






  243. Scott, Hedley. Cover Illustration by Eric Parker. THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING REFUGEE. THE SEXTON BLAKE LIBRARY • 2ND SERIES • ISSUE 695 • NOV. 1939. London, The Amalgamated Press, 1939. 1st edition. Original color illustrated wrappers. Smal8vo, 96 pages. Also includes, at the end, “Consulting Room Chat “ and “The 'Yard Does it's Stuff. ” Pulp-type serial, part of the popular and long-running Sexton Blake detective series, this story based very topically, on a Czech refugee arriving in London in 1939, complete with colorful period eye-catching cover. “Sexton Blake is a fictional detective who appeared in many British comic strips and novels throughout the 20th century. In 2003, in the BBC's The Radio Detectives, Professor Jeffrey Richards described him as ‘the poor man's Sherlock Holmes’. Sexton Blake adventures appeared in a wide variety of British and international publications (in many languages) from 1893 to 1978, running to over 4, 000 stories by some 200 different authors. Blake was also the hero of numerous silent and sound films, radio serials, and a 1960s ITV television series…..Perhaps most famously, Blake starred in his own long-running title, The Sexton Blake Library, from 1915 to 1968 which was published in five ‘series’. Publication was constant at 2–4 issues per month until the end of series 4 in 1964…. The majority of Sexton Blake Library covers (prior to editor William Howard Baker's 1956 revamp of the character) were painted by master Sexton Blake illustrator Eric Parker. Writers who worked on Blake's appearances throughout this 53-year span included John Creasey, Jack Trevor Story and Michael Moorcock” (Wikipedia, 2015). SUBJECT(S): English fiction -- 20th century -- Periodicals. Mystery fiction. OCLC lists only 6 holdings worldwide for the Sexton Blake Library (Yale, Nat Lib New Zealand, British Library, Victoria & Albert Museum, Oxford), with no indication of completeness, and no listings at all for this specific title. Tiny tear at base of spine, otherwise an outstandingly clean and crisp, and very displayable, copy, a prime example of popular culture treatments of refugee themes. (Holo2-127-1). (ID #36295) $450.00.




  245. Grade, Haim [Chaim]. PLEITIM (REFUGEES). Buenos Aires: Unión Central Israelita Polace En La Argentina, 1947. First edition. Later boards. 12mo. 188 pages. Ex-library with usual markings. Faint damp stains thoughout, otherwise Very Good Condition. (AC-1-18) (ID #36349) $125.00.







  247. SOLL ICH MEINES BRUDERS HÜTER SEIN? WEITER DOKUMENTE ZUR JUDEN- UND FLÜCHTLINGSNOT UNSERER TAGE. Zürich-Zollikon, Evangelischer Verlag, 1944. "Neun Dokumente zur Judennot. " 7. - 9. Tausend. "Herausgegeben vom Schweizerischen evangelischen Hilfswerk für die bekennende Kirche in Deutschland mit Flüchtlingsdienst. " (HOLO2-126-36) Very Good Condition in Very Good attached Dust Jacket. (ID #36279) $60.00.






  249. Steiner, Dr. Erich Gershon. THE STORY OF THE PATRIA. New York, Holocaust Library, 1982. First edition. [242] pages. One of many ships taking Jews (illegally) from Europe to Erez- Israel during the Holocaust, the Patria sank, drowning 257. Ex-library with usual markings. Otherwise in very good condition with clean pages. (AC-1-25) Wear to wrappers, inside clean, almost Very Good Condition. (ID #36260) $30.00.






  251. McDonald, James G. THIRD MEETING OF THE GOVERNING BODY OF THE HIGH COMMISSION FOR REFUGEES (JEWISH AND OTHER) COMING FROM GERMANY. NOVEMBER 1 AND 2, 1934. London: Office Of The High Commissioner, 1934. 1st edition. Softcover, 32 pages, 8vo, 22 cm. "Including the Report of the High Commissioner Mr. James G. McDonald and the Concluding Remarks of the Chairman the Rt. Hon. Viscount Cecil of Chelwood, K.C." SUBJECT (S): Political refugees. Jews -- Germany. Jewish refugees. Cover title. OCLC lists 20 copies worldwide. Light wear, Very good condition. (Holo2-22-27) (ID #36108) $135.00.






  253. Shapell, Nathan. WITNESS TO THE TRUTH. New York, McKay, 1974. Hardcover, 386 Pages, 8vo, 22 cm. SUBJECT (S): World War, 1939-1945 -- Personal narratives, Jewish. Jewish refugees -- United States -- Biography. Holocaust. Vluchtelingen. Named Person: Shapell, Nathan. Ex-library with light wear to dustjacket and usual library markings. Otherwise very good condition. (Holo2-23-4) (ID #36259) $30.00.






  255. (Brazil) Carneiro, Maria Luiza Tucci. BRASIL, UM REFUGIO NOS TROPICOS: A TRAJETORIA DOS REFUGIADOS DONAZI-FASCIS MO / BRASILIEN, FLUCHTPUNKT IN DEN TROPEN: LEBENSWEG DER FLÜCHTLINGE DER NAZI-FASCHISMUS. Sao Paulo, Brasil, Estacao Liberdade / Instituto Goethe, 1996. First edition. 4to, 254 pages. 28 cm. A beautiful book, printed on heavy glossy paper. Includes bibliographical references on pages 252-253, as well as 91 numbered photos. Ex-library with usual stamps. Very Good Condition. (SEF-54-1) (ID #36318) $30.00.







  257. Centralverein Deutscher Staatsbürger Jüd. Glaubens. ANTI-ANTI. TATSACHEN ZUR JUDENFRAGE. Berlin, Centralverein Deutscher Staatsbürger Jüd Glaubens, 1932. Loose Sheets. 8vo. 186 sheets. 18cm. In German. A collection of talking points in response to anti-Semitic rhetoric of the time. Includes index, table of contents and introduction titled “Zehn Minuten Diskussionsrede! Ein Vorschlag. ” Comes with original stiff cardstock case. Title translates to English as, “Anti-Anti: Facts on the Jewish Question. ” Other Title: “Anti-Anti Blätter zur Abwehr. ” Original case is stained and worn, but all text is clear. Internal sheets are nice and clean. About Very good condition. Great display item! (HOLO2-125-26). (ID #36028) $200.00.






  259. Ogólny Żydowski Zwiazek Robotniczy "Bund" w Polsce. אין די יארן פון יידישן חורבן : די שטים פון אונטערערדישן בונד.IN DI YORN FUN YIDISHN HURBN: DI SHTIM FUN UNTERERDISHN BUND. New York, NY: Unzer Tsayṭ, 1948. First edition. Original boards. 8 vo, 342 pages Title translates into english as: "In the Years of the Jewish Holocaust: The Voice of the Underground Alliance." Very Good Condition. (HOLO2-129-4) (ID #36564) $100.00.






  261. Syrkin, Marie. BLESSED IS THE MATCH: THE STORY OF JEWISH RESISTANCE. New York, Knopf, 1947. First Edition, 1947. Cloth, 8vo, 361 pages, 22 cm. Subject: World War, 1939-1945 -- Jews -- Rescue. World War, 1939-1945 -- Underground movements. Palestine -- Politics and government. Very Good condition (H-40-6A) (ID #36266) $30.00.






  263. Gur, David, and Eli Netser. BROTHERS FOR RESISTANCE AND RESCUE: THE UNDERGROUND ZIONIST YOUTH MOVEMENT IN HUNGARY DURING WORLD WAR II. Jerusalem: New York: Gefen, 2007. Hardcover, 270 pages, illustrated, 4to, 28 cm. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Hungary -- Biography. Jewish youth -- Hungary -- Biography. Zionism -- Hungary -- History -- 20th century. World War, 1939-1945 -- Jewish resistance -- Hungary. Jews, Hungarian -- Israel -- Biography. Holocaust survivors -- Israel -- Biography. Ondergrondse organisaties. Joden. Zionisten. Hongarije. Note(s): "Copyright (c) The Society for the Research of the History of the Zionist Yorth Movement in Hungary. "-Title page verso. Includes bibliography (p. 261-264) and index. Very good condition. (Holo2-16-23A) (ID #36275) $30.00.






  265. Goldenberg, B., editor. FARN HEYMLAND, IN SHLAKHT!: ZAMLUNG. Moskve: Ogiz, Melukhe-Farlag "der Emes", 1941. 1st edition. Original paper wrappers, small 8vo, 63 pages; 20 cm. In Yiddish. Title on verso of title: “Za rodinu, v boi ! ” Title translates as “For the Homeland in Battle!: A Collection. ” Holocaust-era collection of war-related patriotic stories and poetry published for Yiddish speakers in the Soviet Union. SUBJECT (S): World War, 1939-1945 -- Poetry. -- Fiction. OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide (Sept 2015). Wartime paper browning with heavy wear to spine, otherwise Good Condition. (holo2-126-28) (ID #36169) $100.00.






  267. Edelman, Marek. THE GHETTO FIGHTS. New York, American Representation Of The General Jewish Workers' Union Of Poland, 1946. 1st English Language Edition. Softcover, 76 pages, 8vo, 23 cm. On the warsaw uprising, written by a participant who survived. SUBJECT (S): World War, 1939-1945 -- Poland -- Warsaw. Jews -- Poland -- Warsaw. "Translation of a pamphlet published in Warsaw, Poland, in 1945 by the Central Committee of the 'Bund. '" Some fading and sunning to cover. Wear to edges. Otherwise, Very Good Condition. (Holo2-18-24) (ID #34790) $150.00.






  269. Boas, J. H. RELIGIOUS RESISTANCE IN HOLLAND. London, Netherlands Government Information Bureau, 1945. 1st edition. Original Blue Paper Wrappers, 12mo, 64 pages. 22 cm. The author, a Jewish convert to Roman Catholicism, escaped to England in May 1940. According to the author, after the invasion, the christian churches “resisted all attempts of the usurpers to impose their pagan practices” like “championing the cause of the Jews. ” SUBJECT (S): World War, 1939-1945 -- Netherlands. Tweede Wereldoorlog. Verzet. Kerkgenootschappen. Library mark on cover and endpaper, Light wear, Very Good Condition. (Holo2-126-12) (ID #36127) $100.00.






  271. Rathbone, Eleanor F. RESCUE THE PERISHING: A SUMMARY OF THE POSITION REGARDING THE NAZI MASSACRES OF JEWISH AND OTHER VICTIMS AND OF PROPOSALS FOR THEIR RESCUE: AN APPEAL, A PROGRAMME AND A CHALLENGE. REVISED EDITION—JUNE 1943. London: National Committee For Rescue From Nazi Terror, 1943. 1st edition. Original Paper Wrappers, 12mo, 23 pages. “In March, 1943, in the wake of the general disillusionment with the British government, a group headed by Eleanor Rathbone, a non-Jewish member of Parliament, formed the National Committee for Rescue from Nazi Terror. The group denounced the lack of change in government policy since the December declaration and urged public demonstrations against the British position. Rathbone became something of a bête noire for Foreign Office officials, who were aggravated by her ‘misguided, even if well-meaning illusions’ about the Jewish predicament in Europe. The Foreign Office referred to her as an ‘impatient idealist’ who was trying to monopolize the time of ministers who, in her view, were ‘too buys or too indifferent’ to deal with practical problems…. The National Committee’s momentum was soon lost, and by summer [1943] it had relapsed into a sense of ‘fatalism and despair, ’ in part because of the government’s delaying tactics and its constant warnings of the dangers of stimulating antisemitism at home…. The Public debate in Britain now focused on averting racial friction at home owing to the influx of Jewish refugees and shifted away from rescue efforts abroad. As the war turned in favor of the Allies, government officials gave their attention to securing the departure of refugees from Britain after the war, in effect abandoning wartime efforts to save the European Jews” (The Holocaust Encyclopedia, 2001, p 93). SUBJECT(S): World War, 1939-1945 -- Jews -- Rescue -- Civilian relief-- Great Britain. OCLC lists 7 copies of this revised edition worldwide, with only 2 copies in the US (NYPL & US Holocaust Museum). Scarce and important. Very Good Condition. (Holo2-126-18) (ID #36132) $175.00.




  273. American Friends Of Polish Democracy. UNDERGROUND POLAND SPEAKS. MANIFESTO TO THE PEOPLES OF THE WORLD. New York City, American Friends Of Polish Democracy, (1941) 1st edition. Original paper Wrappers, 12mo, 15 pages. 21 cm. 1941 date determined from reference to the beginning of the “V” campaign in Great Britain. “First the jews are shut up into ghettos, condemned to slavery and hunger, to heavy and often senseless labor; then special districts are designated for Poles, and quotas of slaves for work in Germany imposed upon them. Approximately twenty thousand Jews have been drafted for labor duty, and half a million Poles have been deported to Germany for forced labor” (page 10). SUBJECT(S): World War, 1939-1945 -- Atrocities. -- Poland. OCLC lists 22 copies worldwide. The US Holocaust Museum keeps their copy in their Rare Book Collection. Very Good+ Condition. An excellent Copy. (Holo2-127-3A) (ID #36297) $30.00.






  275. An English Christian [An English Protestant]. THE CHURCH STRUGGLE IN GERMANY: A SURVEY OF FOUR CRUCIAL YEARS [2ND REVISED EDITION]. London: Kulturkampf Association, 1937. 2nd revised edition. Original paper wrappers, 8vo, 36 pages; 22 cm. SUBJECT (S): Church and state -- Germany -- History -- 1933-1945. The First edition is "by an English Protestant. " Introduction by Edward Lichfield: “Liberty to preach the Christian Gospel and to enjoy full membership of the great Christian fellowship…is a fundamental right…. Our fellow-Christians in Germany who are courageously, and often dangerously, defending this right deserve all the moral support we can give them. But sympathy in prayer must be based on knowledge, ad it is knowledge of a full and accurate kind which this pamphlet supplies. ” Touch of foxing, Very Good Condition. (holo2-126-9) (ID #36124) $100.00.






  277. ARBEITSBERICHT DES ZENTRALAUSSCHUSSES DER DEUTSCHEN JUDEN FÜR HILFE UND AUFBAU [“WORK REPORT OF THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF GERMAN JEWS FOR AID AND RECONSTRUCTION.”] VOL 1 (1934), VOL. 2 (1935) & VOL. 3 (1936). Germany (Berlin?), Zentralausschusses Der Deutschen Juden Für Hilfe Und Aufbau, 1934-36. Unbound, as issued. 4to, 3 + 66 + (3); (4) +157+ (1); (6), +163 + (4) leaves. Text in German. Three Annual Reports. Established in April 1933 as a collaboration of various German-Jewish communal, political and social-welfare organizations, the Zentralausschusses der Deutschen Juden für Hilfe und Aufbau sought to provide financial assistance for German Jews who lost their businesses or employment due to anti-Jewish legislation due to the restrictive Nazi laws, and provide job training for Jews who needed new professions. By 1934 the committee was incorporated into the Reichsvertretung der Juden in Deutschland [Reich Representation of German Jews] and consolidated all financial aid, including that of the Joint Distribution Committee who itself was instrumental in assisting nearly 200, 000 Jews leave Germany. Ex-library, light wear, about Very Good Condition. (Holo2-128-3) (ID #36456) $750.00.






  279. Kowaiski, Isaac. A SECRET PRESS IN NAZI EUROPE: THE STORY OF A UNITED JEWISH PARTISAN ORGANIZATION. New York, Central Guide Publishers, 1969. Cloth. 8vo. 416 pages. Illustrated with historic photos and documents. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Lithuania -- Vilnius. World War, 1939-1945 -- Jewish resistance. World War, 1939-1945 -- Underground literature. Very good condition (HOLO2-8-2) (ID #36280) $40.00.






  281. Katzenelson, Yitzhak. VITTEL DIARY [22.5.43-16.9.43]. Tel Aviv: Ghetto Fighters' House, 1964? Hardcover, 8vo, 22 cm, 276 pages, including black and white portrait tipped in facing t. P. Translated from the Hebrew, and with an introduction dated 1964, by Myer Cohen. Katznelson was a highly regarded poet and dramatist in both Hebrew and Yiddish; many of his poems have been set to music. Witnessing the murder of his wife and two of his children in the Warsaw Ghetto, he joined the resistance. Later deported to the Vittel concentration camp in France, he and another child perished at Auschwitz. Ex-library, with usual markings; moderate wear to dust jacket. Interior is clean and bright. Very good condition. (Holo2-36-11A) (ID #34941) $30.00.






  283. WARSAW GHETTO UPRISING APRIL 19TH--10TH ANNIVERSARY. New York, United Comm. To Commemorate, 1953. Original boards. 8vo; 53, 75 pages; Some text in English, some in Yiddish. Co-sponsored by the Emma Lazarus Federation, the Furrier Joint Council of N. Y. & the Joint Board of the Fur Dressers & Dyers Unions. Bumps to edges. Very Good Condition. (HOLO2-127-6) (ID #36370) $35.00.









  285. American Jewish Congress, B’nai Brith, Jewish Labor Committee. [TICKET] MASS DEMONSTRATION AGAINST HITLER ATROCITIES. MADISON SQUARE GARDEN…TUESDAY EVENING, JULY 21, 1942 7: 00 PM. New York: Arcus Simplex Ticket Co. [Printer], 1942. Untorn Green ticket with red and black text from the famous huge Anti-Nazi rally held at Madison Square Garden July 21, 1942. This ticket is for the Mezzanine, 28c, and is numbered in the 160s, a low number. A week earlier, the Jewish Telegraph Agency Reported that “Vice-President Henry A. Wallace, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt and a number of other outstanding leaders of American public opinion have been invited to address the mass-demonstration against Hitler’s massacres of Jews called jointly by the American Jewish Congress, the B’nai B’rith and the Jewish Labor Committee for July 21, at Madison Square Garden, it was announced today by Dr. Stephen S. Wise in behalf of the American Jewish Congress. Wendell L. Willkie will be one of the principal speakers at the demonstration, it was revealed. There will be a special memorial service for the martyred dead” (July 13, 1942). “Called by a coalition of Jewish organizations to protest massacres of Jews in Eastern Europe, the event packed the hall with twenty thousand people, with more massed outside. ” (Weinstein, Yiddish: A Nation of Words, 2001). Very Good Condition, scarce, and very displayable (Holo2-126-25) (ID #36140) $100.00.






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  289. Friends Of Europe. FRIENDS OF EUROPE /MONTHLY SURVEY OF GERMAN PUBLICATIONS/ NRS. 1, 26, 54, 55, 61, 62, 63, 64, & 65; EUROPE OF TO-MORROW NRS 1 & 3. BROKEN RUN OF 11 ISSUES, INCLUDING FIRST AND FINAL. MAY 1934-DEC 1939. [London, Eng. ]: Friends Of Europe, 1934-1939. 1st edition. Original paper wrappers, 4to, each issue has 8-16 pages. Broken run of 11 issues, including the first and final issues, of this important Anti-Nazi monthly from England. It began with Nr 1 (present here) following the assumption of Power by Hitler, changing names from “Monthly Survey…” to “Europe To-Morrow” after Nr 65 (also present here) following the German invastion of Poland. “Europe To-Morrow” saw it’s final issue with Nr 3, issued in December 1939 (also present here). The Friends of Europe was a British group of anti-fascists and enemies of the Nazi regime in the 1930s and 1940s. The group worked mainly through publication of a series of writings, of which appeared between 1933 and 1939. Their stated goal was to “encourage effective co-operation for the prevention of war and the establishment of peace, as well as to provide accurate informations about Nazi Germany for use throughout Great Britain, the British Empire, the USA, Europe, and wherever the English tongue is known. ” Horizontal folds as expected, with occational wear, but no text loss, overall very good condition. (Holo2-126-15) (ID #36130) $325.00.






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  299. Hecht, Ben; William MacAdams. COUNT BRUGA. Chicago, Ill.; Royce Publishers, 1944. Original Wraps. 16mo. 128 pages. 12 cm. Second edition. 1944 Ilustrated edition, abridged. Abridged 'Quick Reader' of Hecht's novel Count Bruga, about a philandering mountebank appearing in caricature, in a special abridged edition for US servicemen. Count Bruga was originally published in 1926. Ben Hecht (1894–1964) was an American screenwriter, director, producer, playwright, journalist, and novelist; known as "the Shakespeare of Hollywood". He became an active Zionist shortly before the Holocaust began in Germany, and as a result wrote articles and plays about the plight of European Jews, such as We Will Never Die in 1943 and A Flag is Born in 1946. Of his seventy to ninety screenplays, he wrote many anonymously to avoid the British boycott of his work in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The boycott was a response to Hecht's active support of paramilitary action against British forces in Palestine and sabotaging British property there, during which time a supply ship to Palestine was named the S. S. Ben Hecht. Subjects: Count Bruga – Novel – Abridged. Ben Hecht. OCLC lists 3 copies (Newberry, Northwestern, Illinois). Pages aged, wraps soiled, otherwise clean and fresh. Good condition. (SPEC-40-40) (ID #34594) $30.00.







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  317. Wells, Leon. THE JANOWSKA ROAD. New York, MacMillan, 1963. First edition. Cloth. 8vo. V, 305 pages. Maps. 22 cm. Autobiography of a Jewish Pole survivor of the Nazi regime. As a teenager, Wells survived death marches and concentration camps; he later testified at Nuremberg and at the Eichmann trial. "Leon Weliczker Wells was born in Lvov, Poland, on March 10, 1925. Wells was a prisoner in the Janowska concentration camp outside Lvov during World War II. He escaped from the camp in an uprising in 1943 and was hidden in the basement of the Kalwinski family on the outskirts of Lvov. Wells kept a written record of his experiences as a member of the "Death Brigade," and these memoirs were published in Poland after the war and reissued in the United States as The Janowska Road. In 1946 Wells left Poland for the American Zone in Germany, and while in Munich he helped organize the Jewish Historical Commission there. This group gathered documents on the Holocaust which became part of the original collection of the Yad Vashem archive in Israel. Wells gave testimony at both the Nuremberg trials and the Eichmann trial....Wells published Who Speaks for the Vanquished? in 1987. In this work Wells investigated the "non-response" of American Jewish leaders of theplight of Jews in Nazi Europe. He contended that Zionist organizations in America failed to respond in a significant way to save the Jews of Europe because they were focusing their time, influence, and money on preparations for a Jewish state in Palestine" (Yale 2002). SUBJECT (S): World War, 1939-1945 -- Atrocities. World War, 1939-1945 -- Poland. Very good condition with dust jacket. (HOLO2-55-24). (ID #36232) $40.00.






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  321. JEWS IN NAZI EUROPE, FEBRUARY 1933 TO NOVEMBER 1941: A STUDY PREPARED BY THE INSTITUTE OF JEWISH AFFAIRS, SUBMITTED TO THE INTER-AMERICAN JEWISH CONFERENCE, NOVEMBER 23-24-25, 1941, BALTIMORE, MD. New York, Institute Of Jewish Affairs.; American Jewish Congress.; Inter-American Jewish Conference, 1941. 1st edition, Later cloth with original wrappers bound in, 4to, approximately 200 leaves. 28 1/2cm. "Published... Under the auspices of the American Jewish congress. "-- Foreword. Collection of detailed reports on the Jewish persuctions as of late 1941 throughout Europe, and organized by region, with anecdotal as well as statistical evidence and sources cited. The report came out just 2 months before the notorious Wansee Conference where German extermination policy became official, and the reports here, in detail and in in broad brush stroakes, reflect the quickly deteriorating situation for Jews under German occupation. For example from the Polish section: “We must declare at the very outset that words are powerless to portray the agony and suffering of Polish Jewry in the 80 days of Germany role. The hell-like reality of the Polish Jews, a hell-like reality which has already lasted more than 80o days, and where literally every minute, every second demands Jewish victims, without a stop, without any interruption, and the hand of the torturer and murderer, the robber and offender is still unwearied, --this reality is not to he described in words. Let the reader multiply what is described tenfold, twentyfold, and he will perhaps come near to an idea of the life of our brothers under the German lash” (p. POL-9) Sections include: Greater Germany, Rumania, Hungary, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, France, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Greece, Finland, Nazi-Soviet War Area, Refugees, Relief, & Conclusions. “Prepared by the Institute of Jewish Affairs; submitted to the Inter-American Jewish Conference, November 23-24-25, 1941, Baltimore, Md. ” Includes refugee and relief activity at conclusion, and 2 pages of corrections and addenda at rear. Even at this date, of course, the nature of the what was to be the total devastation was not yet clear. Very Good Condition. Rare. With original hole punches, as issued. Ex-library, but only one stamp on original pages, to blank rear of title page. Other markings are only to later-added endpapers and binding, not to any original pages, Very Good Condition thus. An important collection of evidence from the period. (Holo2-120-27) (ID #36133) $1500.00.






  323. Pella, Vespasien V. LA GUERRE-CRIME ET LES CRIMINELS DE GUERRE, RÉFLEXIONS SUR LA JUSTICE PÉNALE INTERNATIONALE, CE QU'ELLE EST ET CE QU'ELLE DEVRAIT ÊTRE. Genève, Revue De Droit International, De Sciences Diplomatiques Et Politiques (A. Sottile); Paris, Éditions A Pedone, 1946. 1st edition. Original paper wrappers, 4to, 208 pages. 28 cm. In French. Includes bibliographical references. Vespasian V. Pella (b. Bucharest 4/17 January 1897 - d. New York 24 August 1960) “was a Romanian legal expert. During the interwar period, he promoted the notion of international criminal proceedings against heads of state found guilty of crimes against humanity, through the establishment of a special international tribunal for that purpose. In 1938 he served as President of the Committee on Legal Questions of the League of Nations. In 1944 he was appointed Romanian Ambassador to Switzerland, and in that capacity saved some Romanian Jews from deportation to Nazi occupied Poland. In 1948, he took part in formulating the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. He kept advocating the idea of establishing an international criminal court, and in 1950 presented his proposals to that effect to the International Law Commission (UN document A/CN.4/39), which deliberated over the issue in its meetings of 5 to 6 July 1950” (Wikipedia 2015). SUBJECT(S): War crimes. Internationales Strafrecht. Kriegsverbrechen. Völkerstrafrecht. International Court of Justice. Internationaler Gerichtshof. War Crimes institute stamp on title page, pocket removal marks on insides of covers, otherwise Very Good Condition. Important. (Holo2-126-13) (ID #36128) $1000.00.






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  329. Consistoire Central Des Israelites De France Et D’algerie. Introductions by Chief Rabbi Yeshayahu Schwartz and Leon Meiss. MEMORIAL - LEZECHER OLAM. EN SOUVENIR DE NOS RABBINS ET MINISTRES OFFICIANTS VICTIMES DE LA BARBARIE NAZIE. MANY PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS. Paris, Consistoire Central Des Israelites De France Et D’algerie, 1946. 1st edition. Original printed boards. 8vo, 62 pages. Commemorating prominent French-speaking rabbis and ministers who were murdered in the Holocaust. Introductions by Chief Rabbi Yeshayahu Schwartz and Leon Meiss, chairman of the Consistoire Central of the Jews of France. Very Good Condition. An Outstanding copy. (KH-5-53) (ID #36450) $500.00.






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