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A Handful of Hebrew Titles
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Welcome to our latest catalog, a short illustrated list of 57 rare and unusual Hebraica titles from the 18th-20th Centuries.

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1. Joseph Hayyim Ben Elijah Al-Hakam. ספר אדרת אליהו  SEFER ADERET ELIYAHU. Livorno: Bi-Defus A. Ben Amozeg 1864. Hardcover, 348 pages, 8vo, 24 cm. In Hebrew. 1st edition. SUBJECT(S): Jewish sermons, Hebrew. Bible. O. T. Pentateuch -- Sermons. Bible. O. T. Pentateuch -- Commentaries. Al-Hakam (1833-1909) was a "Baghdad rabbi. He was the son of Elijah al-Hakam and the father of Jacob al-Hakam. Born in Baghdad, he studied with his maternal uncle, David Hai b. Meir. In 1848 he began to study under Abdallah Somekh. He succeeded his father as preacher, a post he held until his death. In 1869 he visited Erez Israel. In 1876 Jacob Obermeier of Vienna, who had come to Baghdad to teach French, insulted Joseph Hayyim. The community excommunicated him and compelled him to request the rabbi's pardon. Al-Hakam was renowned as a great halakhic authority who instituted many takkanot. He wrote some 60 works on all aspects of Torah, only a few of which have been published. He is best known for his Ben Ish Hai, homilies blended with halakhah and Kabbalah. This work achieved immense popularity, particularly in Oriental communities, where it is studied extensively and has gone through many editions. His other published works include Ben Yehoyada, five volumes of commentaries to the aggadic portions of the Babylonian Talmud and Rav Pe’alim, responsa. He wrote approximately 200 piyyutim and pizmonim, about 50 of which are incorporated in the liturgy of Baghdad Jewry; the rest are still in manuscript" (David in EJ, 2007). OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide. Stained pages. Hinge repair. Wear to binding. Wear and chipping to edges of cover and corners. Otherwise, good condition. (Rab-44-8). (ID #24716) $150.00



Talmud, Published to Disprove the Antisemites and Dedicated to the Czar!

2. Pinner, E. M (Ephraim Moses) ; compiler and translator. TALMUD BABLI: BABYLONISCHER TALMUD. TRACTAT BERACHOTH SEGENSPRÜCHE [ONLY, NO MORE PUBLISHED] Berlin, [Gedruckt Bei I. Lewent], 1842. Cloth. Folio. [362] pages. 45 cm. Parallel text in German and Hebrew. Translation of the “Berachoth” tractate of the Babylonian Talmud compiled and translated by E. M. Pinner. With a dedication to Tsar Nicholas I of Russia, noteworthy in part because of Nicholas’ anti-Semitic beliefs. "The deeds of Czar Nicholas I caused the Jews of his empire to call him "Haman II. ' Nicholas's thirty-year reign represented one of the darkest eras in Russian Jewish history” (Jewish Virtual Library). Labeled as “Erster Band” (Volume One) ; as later volumes were never issued, this volume represents the complete work. Includes parallel translation and commentary. Improvements from previous editions include: new readings and parallel passages in all parts of the tracts and commentaries, vocalization of the Mishnah, the Mishnah and Gemara punctuation, Rashi and Tosepoth, etymology, and transfer of foreign words, and statements by the Meharschal Meharscha, R. Ash with an explanation of the Halakha and the variant readings. (Mit deutscher Uebersetzung und den Commentaren Raschi und Tosepoth nebst den verschiedenen Verbesserungen aller früheren Ausgaben. Hinzugefügt sind: Neue Lesarten und Parallelstellen in allen Theilen dieses Tractates und der Commentare, Vokalisation der Mischnah, Interpunktion der Mischnah und Gemara, Raschi und Tosepoth, Etymologie und Uebertragung der fremden Wörter, Erklärungen des Meharschal und Meharscha, R. Ascher mit Erläuterung der Halachah und den abweichenden Lesarten). Pinner was a German Talmudist and archeologist; born in Pinne about 1800; died in Berlin 1880. His first work, bearing the pretentious title of "Kizzur Talmud Yerushalmi we-Talmud Babli" = "Compendium of the Jerusalem Talmud and of the Babylonian Talmud" (Berlin, 1831) , contained specimens of translation of both Talmuds and an attempted biography of the tanna Simeon b. Yohai. It was published as the forerunner of his proposed translation of the Talmud; and his travels through Germany, France, England, Italy, Turkey, and Russia were probably undertaken for the purpose of furthering that plan. Pinner went from Constantinople to St. Petersburg in 1837, and secured the permission of Emperor Nicholas I. To dedicate the translation to him. It was to have been completed in twenty-eight folio volumes; but only one appeared, the tractate Berakot, which was published five years later (Berlin, 1842). This is a splendidly printed book, dedicated to the emperor, who also heads the list of subscribers. The latter includes the names of the kings of Prussia, Holland, Belgium, and Denmark, and of about twenty-five dukes, princes, archbishops, and bishops. The volume contains approbations from several rabbis, none of whom lived in Russia, in which country only representatives of Haskalah, like Abraham Stern, Isaac Baer Levinsohn, Jacob Tugendhold of Warsaw, and Abraham b. Joseph Sack of Vilna, favored the undertaking. Their approval was given in signed eulogies, which follow the approbations of the non-Russian rabbis. Three years after the appearance of the tractate Berakot, Pinner, who had apparently remained in Russia in the hope of being able to continue the publication of the translation, gave to the world his famous "Prospectus der Odessaer Gesellschaft für Geschichte und Altherthum Gehörenden Aeltesten Hebraäischen und Rabbinischen Manuscripte" (Odessa, 1845) , which for the first time brought to the attention of the world the archeological discoveries (mostly spurious) of Abraham Firkovich. The publication of facsimiles, on which Simhah Pinsker and other investigators founded their theories on "nikkud" (punctuation) , was, according to Geiger ("Wiss. Zeit. Jüd. Theol. " vi. 109) , Pinner's only service to science. In the introduction to this volume he wrote: "Nowadays many Jews are unable to study Talmud in the original; those who know it can't teach it…. Up to now no one has undertaken to translate the Talmud into the vernacular, and there are even some who have distorted the Talmud and accused the rabbis of saying things they never would have said. Therefore, I have taken upon myself to translate the Talmud into German. " That is, there are two reasons: 1. To open the Talmud to Jews and 2. To counter hostile non-Jewish mis-impressions about the Talmud. What of the Czar's support? According to Adam Mintz, he supported the translation for two reasons: 1. At the time he was trying to Russify Russia's Jews via cultural and religious restrictions on the Jews. This included the discouragement of the use of Yiddish and the encouragement of the use of European languages, like German, which was close to Yiddish and therefore a practical replacement. And, 2. As a real antisemite, Nicholas commissioned a report to understand what's wrong with the Jews. The report issued found that the Talmud was the cause of the refusal of the Jews to assimilate into Russian society. Nicholas felt that exposing the Talmud would ameliorate this problem, and to do so would require translating it into European languages, and he was prepared to pay handsomely for such translations. Thus, Pinner planned to use Czar Nicholas and Czar Nicholas planned to use Pinner. Nicholas purchased 100 volumes of Pinner's translation, and so when it was printed, it was dedicated to him! In addition to Nicholas, there were about a thousand subscribers, including Kings Frederick Wilhelm IV of Prussia, Wilhelm I of Holland, Leopold of Belgium and Frederick IV of Denmark. At the beginning of the volume were 18 haskamot from both traditional rabbis and maskilim. The volume itself was evidently aesthetically pleasing. It included the traditional layout with German translation on the facing pages. In addition, punctuation was supplied for Rashi and Tosafos. At the bottom of each page he included a translation and etymology of selected difficult words. When Pinner tried to acquire a haskamah from the Chasam Sofer, the latter was incredulous on the grounds that a vernacular translation is basically impossible given that the plain understanding of Rashi alone is subject to many disagreements, so how could anyone think they could manage such a translation? Pinner assured him that he didn't mean that he would do the whole thing himself, rather he would have a team and he would be the editor. One of the rabbis who would serve as translators was R. Nathan Adler (then rabbi of Hanover; later Chief Rabbi of Great Britain). Pinner claimed that he had lined up R. Adler to translate Eruvin and Yevamos. The Chasam Sofer accepted this, and wrote a haskamah. As it turned out, Pinner had been playing loose with the truth. Pinner used R. Adler's name to receive this haskamah, and then used the Chasam Sofer's haskamah to get more. Apparently R. Adler denied any involvement at all. When the Chasam Sofer found out, he retracted his haskamah. Not only that, when it became known that Pinner continued to use the haskamah, Chasam Sofer issues a kol koreh asking rabbis to ban the printing, buying and reading of the work. Shadal too did not offer a haskamah on similar grounds (his letter on the matter was printed in Keren Hemed 2 (1836) pp. 174-182. In addition to highlighting certain errors he felt Pinner had made he questioned whether one man could indeed translate the entire Talmud, noting that even Rashi could not complete his commentary on the Talmud. Interestingly enough, another objection to the work arose in some quarters, best exemplified by a letter written to the Chasam Sofer by a Dutch rabbi, Tzvi Hirsch Lehrin. In it he noted that if there had been so much opposition to Mendelssohn's Bible, which was only a translation into German with Hebrew letters, how much more so must there be something faulty with a Talmud translated into German with German letters! In addition, argued R. Lehrer, although Pinner might have been motivated le-shem shamayim, to defend the honor of the Talmud before detractors, the opposite would occur once its contents were accessible: opponents would use it to denigrate the Sages, noting that a classic denigration of Talmudic Judaism by wayward Jews is the case of the egg laid on a holiday, deemed irrelevant. How much more so would non-Jewish opponents of the Talmud use this translation against it! Interesting as well is that this was not the Chasam Sofer's objection. Ultimately the Czar discovered his true motive and support was withdrawn, which was why only Berakhot ever appeared. OCLC lists 26 copies worldwide. Ex-library with usual markings. German title page is has several tears, repaired by previous owner with tape; no loss of paper and all text is clear. Backstrip repaired. Cover shows wear with staining and rubbing at edges. Internal pages are darkened at edges, but all text is clear and binding is tight. Good condition. Important. (SPEC-14-16). $600.00


3.  Danzig, Abraham Ben Jehiel Michal.  חיי אדם:.. חלק ראשון מספר אורח חיים... כל המצות... ועוד לו חלק שני יכונה נשמת אדם  HAYE ADAM: HELEK RISHON MI-SEFER ORAH HAYIM. KOL HA-MITSVOT. VE-‘OD. HELEK SHENI YEKHUNEH NISHMAT ADAM. Vilna: Nidpas al Yede Menahem Man Ve-Simhah Zimel, 1841.  Hardcover, Folio, 4 leaves, 218 pages, 38 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Jewish law. Judaism -- Customs and practices. Other Titles: Nishmat adam. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (Harvard, NYPL). Ex-library. Browning to pages. Light chipping to edges of pages. Wear to cover binding and spine. Bumped corners. Otherwise, good condition. (Heb-13-1). (ID #25793) $165.00









4. Padovah (Padua) , Yaakov Meir, Aaron Ben Meir Of Brest-Litovsk. ספר מקור מים חיים SEFER MEKOR MAYIM HAYIM (VOL. 2 ONLY OF 2). Sadilkov: Nidpas Be-Vet Yitshak Madpis. Poland, Sudylkow 1836.  Hardcover, 190 pages, Folio, 37 cm. In Hebrew. Contents: helek 2: Le-varer kamah inyanim amukim be-Shas u-poskim. Kuntres Anaf ets avot ve-hu kamah teshuvot le-R. Aharon b. R. Meir mi-Brisk. (h? Elek 1, not present, contains: Al Shulhan arukh Yoreh deah). SUBJECT(S): Jewish law. Responsa -- 1600-1800. Karo, Joseph ben Ephraim, 1488-1575. Yoreh deah - Commentaries. Talmud -- Commentaries. Other Titles: Mekor mayim hayim. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (Brandeis, JTS). Ex-library with usual markings. Hinge repair. Covers not attached to binding. Stained pages. Crease marks on some pages. Otherwise, very good condition. (Rab-34A-1). (ID #24541) $150.00








5. Luria, Solomon Ben Jehiel. ספר ים של שלמה: ממסכת חולין  SEFER YAM SHEL SHELOMOH MI-MASEKHET HULIN. Furth 1766,  Hardcover, 92 leaves, large 4to, 34cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Talmud -- Commentaries. Talmud. H? Ullin -- Commentaries. OCLC lists 4 copies worldwide (Yale, Spertus, JTS, Cambridge). Ex-library with usual markings. Notes inside front cover. Water stain to bottom of pages throughout book. Wear and chipping to edges of front and back cover. Wear to cover binding. Stained pages. Otherwise, good condition. (BIB-15-13). (ID #24283) $350.00









6.   Luria, Solomon Ben Jehiel,.  ים של שלמה: ממסכת יום טוב [ביצה  YAM SHEL SHELOMOH: MI-MASEKHET YOM TOV [BETSAH]. Fiyorda (Furth): Bi-Defus Yosef Fetshoya, 1766, Hardcover, 76 pages (38 leaves) , large 8vo, 32 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Talmud. Yom T Ov -- Commentaries. Talmud. Bez Ah -- Commentaries. Ex-library with usual markings. Browning of some pages. Hinge repair. Fold to cover. Wear to edges and corners of covers. Otherwise, very good condition. (BIB-15-12). (ID #24282) $300.00










7.   Karo, Joseph Ben Ephraim and, Moses Nehemiah Kahanov. נתיבות השלום: כולל ארחות חיים [מטוש״ע אבן העזר]: וארחות משפט [מטוש״ע חושן משפט]: עפ נתיב ים, דרך תשובה, דרך תבונות  NETIVOT SHALOM: KOLEL ORHOT HAYIM [MI-TUR SHULHAN ‘ARUKH EVEN HA-‘EZER]: VE-ORHOT MISHPAT [MI-TUR SHULHAN ‘ARUKH HOSHEN MISHPAT]: ‘IM NETIV YAM, DEREKH TESHUVAH, DEREKH TEVUNOT. Konigsberg: Nidpas ‘a. Y. T. Ha-Kohen Efrati Ve-R. Y. Bekker, 1859, Hardcover, 8vo, 12, 108, 144 pages, 22 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Karo, Joseph ben Ephraim, 1488-1575. Even ha-‘ezer -- Commentaries. Karo, Joseph ben Ephraim, 1488-1575. Hoshen mishpat-- Commentaries. Kahanov (1817–1883) , was a "Jerusalem talmudist. He was born in Belorussia but after his marriage at the age of 15, settled in Petrovice where at the age of 18 he was appointed assistant to the local rabbi. Some years later, he became rabbi of Khaslavich, a city noted for its scholars. In 1864 he set out for Jerusalem. On his arrival, after a journey of six months, he was appointed head of the Ez Hayyim yeshivah, the most important in Jerusalem, remaining in this position until his death. Kahanov was remarkably progressive for his time and environment. He appealed for the founding of industrial enterprises, a daring proposal for that time. He even consented to the proposal of Sir Moses Montefiore to introduce the teaching of the vernacular, Arabic, in his yeshivah, but was obliged to abandon the proposal in the face of pressure from extremist elements. One of the first of the old yishuv to speak only Hebrew, he was also one of those who encouraged settlement outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, building a house for himself in Nahlat Shivah. Among his publications were Erez Hefez, on laws of terumah and tithes; Hukkot Olam, on mixed species; Mei Menuhot on the laws of the sabbath, to which was appended Palgei Mayim, giving rules for those traveling by ship on the sabbath; and Netivot ha-Shalom on the Shulhan Arukh. He applied himself particularly to the question of the application of the laws of the sabbatical year which had become of practical importance with the establishment of the Jewish agricultural colonies, and in this connection published Shenat ha-Sheva. The eulogies he delivered on the deaths of Baron Asher Rothschild and Sir Moses Montefiore were published. His Sha’alu Shelom Yerushalayim on the state of Jerusalem and its citizens was published three times. His will was published in 1968 together with a responsum on Jerusalem and a brief biography" (Alfassi in EJ, 2007). OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (Brandeis, Univ Col of London). Ex library. Binding repair. Chipping on corners and edges. Stained pages. Handwritten notes on inside front and back cover. Wear to cover spine. Otherwise good condition. (Rab-44-19). (ID #24727) $150.00


8. Hayim Ze’ev Volf Ben Yitshak. דברי חיים: כולל שני חלקים: חלק ראשון כולל שו"ת וחקירות: לבאר כמה שיטות הש"ס ודברי הפוסקים: חלק שני כולל דרושים נחמדים  DIVRE HAYIM: KOLEL SHENE HELAKIM: HELEK RISHON KOLEL SH. U-T. VE-HAKIROT: LE-VE’ER KAMAH SHITOT HA-SHAS VE-DIVRE HA-POSKIM: HELEK SHENI KOLEL DERUSHIM NEHMADIM. Eydtukuhnen: Bi-Defus Katsineliboygin Ve- Shemaryahu Rabinovnits 1872, Hardcover, 8vo, 52 leaves, 28 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Descriptor: Responsa -- 1800-1948. Jewish sermons. Bound with 19th Century reprint of: Sefer Toldot Yitshak Krakow (1593). OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (Yivo). Library stamps and inscriptions on front page. Bumped corners. Yellowing of pages. Good condition. (Heb-12-6). (ID #25426) $100.00








9. Dias Brandon, Binyamin Refa’el. ספר עמק בנימן  SEFER ‘EMEK BINYAMIN. Borgoprund: M. Friedlander 1911, Hardcover, 12mo, 60 pages, 29 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Descriptor: Responsa -- 1600-1800. Reprint. Originally published: Amsterdam, Yohan Yanson, 513 [1753]. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (Brandeis). Bumped corners and edges. Loose pages. Yellowing of pages. Otherwise good condition. (Heb-12-5). (ID #25425) $75.00










10.   Maimonides, Moses, Judah Ben Solomon Harizi, Simon B Scheyer, Leon Schlosberg, Salmon Munk, A Lowy. ספר מורה נבוכים  SEFER MOREH NEVUKHIM. London: Ha-Adon Bagster, 1851. Hardcover, 8vo, vi, 98 pages, 23 cm. In Hebrew SUBJECT(S): Philosophy, Jewish -- Medieval. Added title page in Latin: Rabbi Mosis Maimonidis Liber More nebuchim. Printed in double columns. Other Titles: Sefer Moreh Nevukhim; Mojre newuchim; Rabbi Mosis Maimonidis Liber More nebuchim. Harizi (1165-1225) was a "Hebrew poet and translator. He was born in Spain, very likely in Christian Toledo, a city that at this time preserved Arabic culture and that he describes with particular detail; however, there are no conclusive proofs of it, and other places have also been suggested. His education in this cultural atmosphere made him familiar with Arabic and Hebrew language and literature. Al-Harizi was a member of a wealthy family which became impoverished, and was therefore dependent on patrons. He spent some years in Provence, where he translated several Arabic works into Hebrew for the non-Arabic speaking Jews and participated in the ideological disputes of the time, returning to Spain in 1190; in 1205 he was in Toledo and wrote a poem on the death of Joseph ben Shoshan. During discussions of the work of Maimonides he defended the Master against the anti-rationalist rabbis from Toledo. Some time later he left Spain to travel to the Orient. He first went to Marseilles, and from there he sailed to Egypt; in 1215 he arrived in Alexandria and from there he visited Cairo, later continuing to Palestine, Syria, and Iraq. According to the information that he gives us in one of his works, in 1218 he was in Jerusalem. Damascus, Aleppo, Mosul, and Baghdad were among the cities visited. He mentions seeing the tombs of the prophet Ezekiel and of Ezra in Susa. The ten last years of his life, until his death in Aleppo in 1225, are now much better known thanks to important documents discovered and published in recent years. J. Sadan published in 1996 an Arabic biography written by Ibn al-Sha'ar al-Mawili in a work on the poets of his time. There are also many details about his travels in his Tahkemoni as well as in an Arabic description, Al-rawdah al-aniqah, written by Al-‘Arizi himself in his last years, which has been published and annotated by Y. Yahalom and Y. Blau" (Mirsky, Stroll, Saenz-Badillos, Avenary in EJ, 2007). OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. Hinge repair. Wear to binding. Stained pages. Wear to cover edges and binding. Wear and chipping to cover. Otherwise, good condition. (Rab-44-15). (ID #24723) $175.00


11. Wildmann, Isaac Eisik. ספר מגן וצינה: אשר החזיק גבור ואיש מלחמה, מלחמתה של תורה ואמיטת החכמה... ונלרה אליו קונטרס נפלא, בביאור יסודי חכמת הקבלה  SEFER MAGEN VE-TSINAH: ASHER HEHEZIK GIBOR VE-ISH MILHAMAH, MILHAMTAH HA-TORAHVE-AMITAT HA-KOKHMAH. VE-NILVEH ELAV KUNTRES NIFLA, BE-BEUR YESODE HOKHMAT HA-KABALAH. MOSHEH HAYIM LUTSATO. Amsterdam 1854-1855. Hardcover, 12mo, 78 leaves, 23 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Cabala. Modena, Leone, 1571-1648. Ari nohem. OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide. Some stained pages. Binding repair. Ex-library with stamps. Chipping and wear to outer cover binding. Chipping to cover edges and corners. Otherwise, good condition. (Heb-18-11). (ID #26736) $100.00










Perhaps Issac Baer Levinsohn’s Own Copy of his Most Important Work

12.   Levinsohn, Isaac Baer (1788-1860). TE`UDAH BE-YISRAEL. Vilna ve-Horodna: A. Y. Ha-Madpisim Menahem Man Ben Barukh [Ve]-Imhah Zimel Ben Menahem Nahum, 1828, 12mo, xii, 193 pages. 21 cm. 1st edition of Levinsohn's most important work. This copy is stamped “IBL” on the title page with a period stamp; it is possibly Levinsohn’s own copy. Levinsohn was one of the founders of the Haskalah in Russia. "He also was known as Ribal (initials of Rabbi Isaac Baer Levinsohn) From 1820-23 he spread the ideas of the Haskalah as a private tutor in wealthy homes in Berdichev and other towns.Levinsohn's connections with the Russian government gave him authority in Haskalah circles and protected him against the fury of his fanatical opponents. In his memoranda he tried to persuade the Russian authorities to mitigate the persecution of the Jews (his memorandum against the kidnapping of children for military service) and to introduce reforms in the spirit of the Haskalah. He supported a plan for agricultural settlement of Jews, especially those who had lost their livelihood owing to expulsion from the countryside and border areas.Levinsohn's literary work was mainly polemical and propagandistic. It dealt with the social, internal, and external position of the Jews in Eastern Europe. He started his public advocacy of the Haskalah by writing satires, mainly imitations of those by Perl and Erter.In 1823, Levinsohn completed his most influential work Te'udah be-Yisrael ("Testimony in Israel") which, because of Orthodox opposition, did not appear until 1828 (Vilna).[In it h]e characterized the Hebrew language as "the bond of religion and national survival," uniting all the dispersions of Israel into one people. He severely criticized the traditional Hadarim ("Hebrew schools") which he dubbed "Hadrei mavet" ("rooms of death"). He denounced their talmudic-centered curriculum, their unsystematic method of instruction, and their employment of corporal punishment. He objected to the use of Yiddish and demanded its replacement by "pure" German or Russian. He demonstrated that great Jews of the past knew foreign languages and studied the sciences, and explained the advantages of such studies, both in business and in relations with the authorities. He devoted considerable space to the advocacy of manual labor, especially farming, and criticized Jewish fondness for petty trading. The book had a great impact on Russian Jewish life. Groups formed in many towns which undertook to carry out Levinsohn's proposals. Even a part of Orthodox Jewry received the book sympathetically; only the Hasidim regarded it as a dangerous work. They banned the book and labeled an adherent of the Haskalah with the pejorative epithet te'udke. The Russian government awarded him a prize of 1,000 rubles for Te'udah be-Yisrael. His contemporaries called him "The Russian Mendelssohn." For the modern reader, only his first book, Te'udah be-Yisrael, is of some historical value. By his personality and literary activity, Levinsohn undoubtedly did much to strengthen the moderate Haskalah. Certain ideas formulated in Te'udah be-Yisrael, such as educational reform and the transition to a life of labor and agriculture, later became a part of the programs of Hibbat Zion, Zionism, and other organizations and movements which preached "the productivization" of the Jewish masses and their adaptation to life in the modern world" (Yehuda Slutsky in EJ, 1972). Repair to title page, with some loss of text. Otherwise Very Good Condition in Good period binding. (HEB-1-22). First Edition. Binding is Quarter Leather. (ID #18450) $400.00



13.   Ginzberg, Louis; Solomon Schechter.   GINZE SHEKHTER (GENIZAH STUDIES IN THE MEMORY OF DOCTOR SOLOMON SCHECHTER). COMPLETE IN THREE VOLUMES. New York: Jtsa. 1928. 8vo. 549, xvii, 640, xv, 338, xiv pages. The Scarce First edition. In Hebrew with English introductions in each volume. SUBJECT (S): (880-02) Cairo Genizah; Midrash; Geonic literature; Hebrew poetry. CONTENTS: Sefer 1. Kit`e midrash ve-hagadah/me'et Levi ben Yitshak Gintsburg. -- Sefer 2. Keta`im me-kitve ha ge'onim / me'et Levi ben Yitshak Gintsburg. -- Sefer 3. Piyutim ve-shirim / me'et Yisrael ben David Ze'ev Davidzon. Schechter (1847-1915) , born in Rumania, was president of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Before that he taught in England at Cambridge University and University College, London. "His fame rests on the scholarly recovery of the Cairo Genizah. It created a sensation in the world of scholarship, and in its wake Jewish history and the history of Mediterranean society were and are being rewritten. Over one hundred thousand manuscripts and manuscript fragments were brought to England and presented to Cambridge University by Schechter and Charles Taylor, the master of St. John's College who had made Schechter's trip possible. " He became president of the JTSA in 1902, and held that position for the rest of his life; he was also an early Conservative leader. (EJ, Ben-Horin) Very good condition, a beautiful set. (MX-11-1). Binding is Cloth. (ID #19252) $300.00





14. Deinard, E(phraim).  OR ME'IR: KOLEL RESHIMAT SIFRE YISRA'EL, KITVE YAD VE-NIDPASIM, HA-NIMTSA'IM BE-VET OTSAR HA-SEFARIM HA-GADOL SHEL HA-HAKKHAM VA-MEHALEL, HA-SHOFET, HA-R. ME'IR ZULTSBERGER BE-FILADELFYA. OR MAYER: CATALOGUE OF THE OLD HEBREW MANUSCRIPTS AND PRINTED BOOKS OF THE LIBRARY OF HON. M. SULZBERGER OF PHILADELPHIA, PA. 1896. New York: E. Deinard, 1896. Original text-rich publisher's boards, 8vo, 100 pages. 23 cm. "With compliments of the author" printed slip tipped in. SUBJECT(S): Hebrew imprints -- Catalogs. Manuscripts, Hebrew -- Catalogs. Named Person: Sulzberger, Mayer, 1843- -- Library -- Catalogs. Very good condition. (heb-7-19B). (ID #26708) $150.00









15. Tobi, Joseph. KITVE-HA-YAD HA-TEMANIYIM BI-MEKHON BEN-TSEVI. Jerusalem: Mekhon Ben-tsevi Le-heker Kehilot Yisrael Ba-mizrah, 1982 8vo. 404 pages. In Hebrew. Facsimile illustrations. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Manuscripts, Hebrew – Jerusalem – catalogs; Manuscripts, Judeo-Arabic – Jerusalem – catalogs; Manuscripts – Yemen – catalogs; Judaism – Yemen – bibliography – catalogs; Mekhon Ben-Tsevi le-eker kehilot Yisrael ba-Mizrah – library – catalogs. OCLC lists 13 copies worldwide. Ends of spine worn, very good condition. (HEB-3-3) $50.00










16.   Tishby, Isaiah. HIKRE KABALAH U-SHELUHOTEHA: MEHKARIM U-MEKOROT. VOLUME 1. Jerusalem: Hotsaat Sefarim `a. Sh. Y. L. Magnes. 1982, 1982. 8vo. 267 pages. In Hebrew. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Cabala. SERIES: Sidrat "Kinus. " Tishby (1908-1992) was a "scholar of Kabbalah, Shabbateanism, ethical Hebrew literature, and Hasidism. Born as Sandor Schwartz in Sanislo, Hungary, Tishby received a traditional rabbinic education but soon became interested in secular literature and scholarly work. He wrote stories, articles, and poems in Hungarian, publishing a collection of Hungarian poems. He settled in Palestine in 1933 and studied at the Hebrew University, joining its department of Hebrew literature in 1951 (professor from 1955). He wrote the article on hasidic thought in the Encyclopaedia Hebraica, which was also published as a separate book—Torat ha-Hasidut ve-Sifrutah (1966). Other studies of his deal with the messianic element in Hasidism, kabbalistic messianism in 16th-century Italy, and the messianic theology of M. H. Luzzatto and his circle. In 1979 he was awarded the Israel Prize for Jewish Studies. "(Dan, EJ) Has dust jacket that is slightly edgeworn, very good condition. (HEB-4-1). Binding is Paper boards. (ID #19163) $45.00







17. (Ethiopia) Kaplan, Steven; Ben-Dor, Shoshanah; Aescoly, Aaron Zeev; Leslau, Wolf. YEHUDE ETYOPYAH: BIBLIYOGRAFYAH MU`ERET. 1988. 8vo. 9, 163, xix pages. In Hebrew with English preface and indices. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Jews – Ethiopia – bibliography; Ethiopia – ethnic relations – bibliography. Falashas. Fine condition. (HEB-2-9) $30.00











18.   Klausner, Joseph (Yosef Klozner). (תולדות הספרות העברית החדשה (תקמ״ה־תרע״ח.  TOLDOT HA-SIFRUT HA-'IVRIT HA-HADASHAH (545-678). Yerushalayim: Ha-Shiloah, 1919, 1919. Cloth, Square 8vo, 100 pages. 22 cm. 1st edition. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Hebrew literature, Modern -- History and criticism. OCLC lists 19 copies worldwide. Includes bibliographic references. Klausner (1874-1958) "was an active Zionist and a fervent nationalist throughout his life, and his Zionist views color all his work. A delegate to the First Congress, he was greatly influenced by the political ideas of Herzl, although his cultural approach remained that of the Hovevei Zion and Ah ad Ha-Am. He attended nearly every subsequent Congress until the eleventh, contributing surveys on them to Ha-Shilo'a h. From 1930 he began to identify himself more and more with the policy of Jabotinsky and was regarded by the Revisionist Party, and later by its successor, Herut, as the ideologist of the movement. He edited the monthly Beitar (together with B. Netanyahu) from 1932-33 and came out vigorously, both in speech and in writing, in support of the ideals of the right-wing nationalists. In 1949 they put his name forward as their candidate for the first president of the State of Israel in opposition to Chaim Weizmann. " (Staff, EJ). Some wear to paper but a good copy in period (original? ) binding. (heb-2-21). (ID #21706) $100.00







19. (Poland) Levin, Ya`akov, Ha-Levi; Gelber, N. M. HA-YEHUDIM VEHA-MERED HA-POLANI: ZIKHRONOTAV SHEL YA`AKOV HA-LEVI LEVIN MI-YEME HA-MERED HA-POLANI BI-SHENAT 1830-1831. Jerusalem: Mosad Byalik, 1953

8vo. 150 pages. In Hebrew. First edition. Frontispiece. SUBJECT (S): Jews – Poland – sources; Poland – history – revolution, 1830-1832 – sources. OCLC lists 26 copies worldwide. Very good condition. (HEB-2-8) $125.00










20.   (Turkey) Gerber, Haim; Yuval Kamrat.  יהודי האימפריה העות׳מאנית במאות ה־16־17: כלכלה וחברה  YEHUDE HA-IMPERYAH HA-`OT'OMANIT BA-MEOT HA-16-17: KALKALAH VE-HEVRAH.  Jerusalem: Merkaz Zalman Shazar le-ha`amakat ha-toda`ah ha-historit ha-Yehudit: ha-Hevrah ha-historit ha-Yisre'elit. 1982, 1982. 8vo. 197 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Jews – Turkey – history – sources; Turkey – ethnic relations – sources. SEREIS: Mekorot le-toldot `am Yisrael, ; sefer 9; Mi-pirsume Merkaz Zalman Shazar; Variation: Mekorot le-toldot `am Yisrael (Merkaz Zalman Shazar le-ha`amakat ha-toda`ah ha-historit ha-Yehudit) ; sefer 9. English Title: Economic and social life of the Jews in the Ottoman Empire in the 16th and 17th centuries. Ex library with bookplate. Edgeworn. Good condition. (SEF-10-7). Binding is Paper wrappers. (ID #20904) $75.00








21. (Jerusalem) Cohen, Amnon. YEHUDE YERUSHALAYIM BA-MEAH HA-SHESH-`ESREH LEFI TE`UDOT TURKIYOT SHEL BET-HA-DIN HA-SHAR`I. Jerusalem: Yad Yitshak Ben-tsevi, 1976. 8vo. 100, xxii pages. In Hebrew. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Jews – Jerusalem – history – sources; Jews – legal status, laws, etc. -- Jerusalem; Jerusalem – history – sources. SERIES: Sifriyah le-toldot ha-yishuv ha-Yehudi be-Erets-Yisrael; Slight shelf wear, very good condition. (HEB-2-17) $30.00










22. Joshua Hoeschel Ben Joseph, Of Cracow. SEFER MEGINE SHELOMOH: HIDUSHE HALAKHOT. AL GEMARA A. P.T. AL MASEKHET SHABAT, PESAHIM, BETSAH, YEVAMOT, KETUBOT, KIDUSHIN, BAVA KAMA, HULIN. Lemberg: Bi-Defus Naftali Hirts Grosman 1816, Hardcover, folio, 57 l pages, 39 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Talmud -- Commentaries. Hoeschel (1578–1648) , was a "Polish rabbi. Joshua Hoeschel was born in Vilna. In his youth he studied under Samuel b. Feibush in Przemysl and then in the yeshivot of Meir b. Gedaliah of Lublin and Joshua Falk of Lemberg. From 1634 to 1639 he served as rabbi in the towns of Grodno, Tiktin, Przemysl, and Lemberg. At the beginning of 1640 he was appointed head of the yeshivah of Cracow in succession to Nathan Spira, and from 1640 to 1644 he served there as rabbi in an honorary capacity. He died in Cracow. His pupils included Shabbetai b. Meir ha-Kohen, Gershon Ulif Ashkenazi, and Menahem Mendel Auerbach. Halakhic problems were addressed to him from many countries. He corresponded on kabbalistic topics with his relative, the kabbalist Samson b. Pesah of Ostropol. Joshua Hoeschel did not follow the method of pilpul; he strove toward greater independence in the domain of halakhah and directive ruling, stating, "according to the custom of our country anything printed in the Shulhan Arukh may not, God forfend, be changed, any more than the law of Moses God spare us from such a view. The judge may decide only according to the facts before him and anyone may disagree, even with the words of the rishonim, if he has definite proof. " He wrote Meginnei Shelomo, on eight tractates of the Talmud, in which he defends Rashi against the difficulties raised by the tosafists; the responsa Penei Yehoshu'a, on the four divisions of the Shul? An Arukh. " (Horowitz in EJ, 2007). OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies). Ex-library with usual markings. Chipping to corners and edges of cover. Staining to pages. Top left corner of some pages torn, no text loss. Otherwise good condition. (Rab-47-3). (ID #24730) $225.00



23. Askenazi, Bezalel. SITAH MEQUBEZET: WE-HU ASEFAT ZEQENIM. AL MASEKET NAZIR. Ofen: Konigl. Ungarische Universitats Buchdruckerey, 1820. Hardcover, folio, 80 pages, 36 cm. In Hebrew. Transliterated title on title page: Schita Mekobezes. Other Titles: Schita Mekobezes. Bezalel ben Abraham Ashkenazi  (ca. 1520 - ca. 1592) was a rabbi and scholar of the Talmud who lived in the Palestine during the 16th century. He is best known as the author of Shittah Mekubetzet, a commentary on the Talmud. He is very straightforward in his writings and occasionally offers textual amendments to the Talmud. His most important disciple was the famous Kabbalist, Rabbi Isaac Luria.[T]he Shittah Mekubezet, (trans. Gathered Interpretation) is a collection of glosses on the greater part of the Talmud, after the fashion of the Tosafot; and in it Ashkenazi combined much original and foreign material. The great value of the Shittah lies principally in the fact that Ashkenazi gives therein numerous excerpts from Talmudic commentaries which have not otherwise been preserved. The Shittah contains expositions of the Talmud taken from the works of the Spaniards Nahmanides, ben Adret, and Yom-Tov of Seville, and from those of the Frenchmen Abraham ben David, Baruch ben Samuel, Isaac of Chinon, etc. The study of the Shittah is particularly valuable for understanding the Tosafists, because the work contains some of the older and inedited Tosafot; besides, glosses of R. Asher ben Jehiel and of the disciples of R. Perez are partly contained in it. Ashkenazi designed the Shittah to cover the whole Talmud; but only the following tracts were interpreted: Bezah, Baba Kamma, Baba Batra, Baba Metzia, Ketubot, Nedarim, Nazir, Sotah, and the order of Kodashim (excepting Hullin) — the last-mentioned in the Romm edition of the Talmud. (Wikipedia 2010). OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (Bibliotheek Universiteit Van Amsterdam). Ex-library with usual marking. (Rab-47-2). (ID #24729) $225.00




24. • OVADYAH MI-BARTENURA. HAMASA LE-ERETS YISRAEL BI-SHENAT 247-248.. Berlin: Klal, 1922. Wrappers. , 12mo. 70 pages. In Hebrew. Bright blue decorated covers. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Yapped edges bent. Pages dark. Very good condition. (HEB-5-16)  (ID #26771) $100.00.











25. • PESACHIM. TALMUD BAVLI.. Kapost, 1811. Hardcover, Folio, 126, 42, 17, 28, 46 leaves. Included in book are editions of Pesachim, Beitza, Moed Katan, Chagiga. Ex-library. Wear to edges of cover and binding. Bumped and chipped cover corners. Stained pages. Some chipped pages and some marginal worming. Title page and first 2 leaves torn with substantial text loss. Otherwise, good condition. (Heb-22-6)  (ID #26812) $200.00.











26 • ספר הישר: והוא ספר כולל כמה ספרים ומדרשי רז״ל על חמשה חומשי תורה וקצת ספר יהושע ושופטים  SEFER HA-YASHAR: VE-HU SEFER KOLEL KAMAH SEFARIM U-MIDRASHE RAZAL ‘AL HAMISHAH HUMSHE TORAH U-KETSAT SEFER YEHOSHUA ‘VE-SHOFTIM. Lemberg, 1840.  Hardcover, 12mo, 92 pages, 19 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Midrash. Bible. Pentateuch -- Paraphrases, Hebrew. Front cover missing. Spine repair. First four pages out of order. Bumped corners and edges. Light staining on pages. Good condition. (Rab-48-6)  (ID #26802) $100.00.










 27 • SHABBAT [GEMARA]. Lacks title page, publisher and date unknown. (ca. 1810-1850) Hardcover, folio, 188 leaves. Gemara Shabbat. Ex-library. Lacks title page. Light wear to pages. Wear to cover binding. Stained pages. Writing on first page. Hinge repair. Otherwise, good condition. (Heb-22-7) (ID #26813) $35.00.












28 • SEFIRAT HA-OMER IM TEFILLAT MINHAH U-MAARIV U-MIZMORIM SE-OMRIM QODEM TEFILLAT`ARAVIT WE-DINE SEFIRAT OMER BI-LESON ASKENAZ..... Offenbach: No Publisher, 1836. Half Leather, 48mo.93 p. In Hebrew. Includes frontis piece illustration, and illustrations within of holidays and biblical scenes. OCLC lists only one copy worldwide (UNIV OF GRONINGEN , Netherlands). Corners of some pages folded, some staining. A few pageshave small holes. Light wear to covers. Good + condition. (HEB-18-21) (ID #26767) $125.00.










29. Volozhiner, Hayyim Ben Isaac. יראת ה׳ לחיים: קונטרסים מכתבי חיים האב״ד ור״מ דק״ק וולאזין אשר יקרא בשם נפש החיים.  YIR’AT H. LE-HAYIM. Vilna: Menahem Nahum Ben Barukh Ve-Simhah Zimel Ben Menhem Nahum, 1837. Hardcover, 8vo, 126 pages, 23 cm. 2nd edition. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Descriptor: Ethics, Jewish. Judaism -- Essence, genius, nature. Second edition. Hayyim ben Isaac (1749–1821) was a “rabbi and educator, leading disciple of R. Elijah b. Solomon Zalman the Gaon of Vilna and of R. Aryeh Gunzberg. R. Hayyim was the acknowledged spiritual leader of non-Hasidic Russian Jewry of his day. Hayyim distinguished himself both in the theoretical and practical spheres. In 1802 he founded the renowned yeshivah of Volozhin, which became the prototype and inspiration for the great talmudic academies of Eastern Europe of the 19th and 20th centuries, and similar schools in Israel, the United States, and elsewhere. His yeshivah... Transformed the whole religio-intellectual character of Lithuanian Jewry. Imbued with his educational philosophy, it raised religious scholarship in Lithuania to the unique status it was to enjoy there until the Holocaust. It attracted students from afar enhancing the dignity of their calling. Hayyim set high standards for admission, insisting on extreme diligence and constancy of study, and instituted in the yeshivah the system of collegial study, preferring it to self-study. The talmudic methodology, which was introduced by Hayyim into the yeshivah, was that of internal criticism of texts which he had learned from the Vilna Gaon. Though humble and of pleasant disposition, Hayyim was fearlessly independent in his scholarly endeavors. His insistence upon “straight thinking” (iyyun yashar) , as opposed to the complicated dialectics common to much of the talmudic discourse of his time, led him occasionally to disagree even with decisions of the Shulhan Arukh, albeit with appropriate reverence. The theological framework for Hayyim’s educational philosophy is contained in his posthumously published Nefesh ha-Hayyim, which is addressed primarily to “the men of the yeshivah” (Lamm in EJ 2010). OCLC lists 12 copies worldwide. Cover corners torn and worn. Ex-library with usual markings. Chipped corners and edges. Wear to binding. Light staining to pages. Notes in front and back cover page. Good condition of text. (Heb-21-7) (ID #26793) $200.00.



30   Fine, Samuel Menahem. SEFER ANSHE SHEM. MAKHIL MA'AMARIM 'AL HA-GERA MI-'ILNA, HA-GAON R. YITS'AH EL'ANAN MI-KOVNO, R. MOSHEH MONTIFYORI, HA-GAON MAHARASH MI-MOSKVA, DR. HERTSEL, LORD BALFOR, VE-'OD ANSHE SHEM SHONIM U-BA'. B. T. NIKHBADIM.... St. Louis: Saltz & Gellman. , 1936. Paper wrappers. , 8vo. 80 pages. Illustrated. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Jews – biography. OCLC lists 19 copies worldwide. Tanned, small tears and chips around edges of covers, good condition. (HEB-8-17) (ID #26775) $75.00.










31   Klausner, Joseph.  הרעיון המשיחי בישראל מראשיתו ועד חתימת המשנה יוסף קלאוזנר. HA-RA’YON HA-MESHIHI BE-YISRA’EL ME-RE’SHITO WE’AD HATIMAT HA-MISHNAH.. Jerusalem: J. Junovitch. , 1927. Cloth. 4to. 345 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Messiah; Jews – history – to 70 A. D. SERIES: Sifriyyah historit-filologit. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (Univ of Chicago, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek). Klausner (1874-1958) “was an active Zionist and a fervent nationalist throughout his life, and his Zionist views color all his work. A delegate to the First Congress, he was greatly influenced by the political ideas of Herzl, although his cultural approach remained that of the Hovevei Zion and Ahad Ha-Am. He attended nearly every subsequent Congress until the eleventh, contributing surveys on them to Ha-Shilo'ah. From 1930 he began to identify himself more and more with the policy of Jabotinsky and was regarded by the Revisionist Party, and later by its successor, Herut, as the ideologist of the movement. He edited the monthly Beitar (together with B. Netanyahu) from 1932–33 and came out vigorously, both in speech and in writing, in support of the ideals of the right-wing nationalists. In 1949 they put his name forward as their candidate for the first president of the State of Israel in opposition to Chaim Weizmann. ” (Staff, EJ) Edges tanning, spine a little cocked, minor edgewear, good+ condition. (HEB-8-12) (ID #26773) $75.00.






32   Mendelson, Jacob.  משנת יעב"ץ: מצרף ומלבן מסקנת סוגיות מסכת חגיגה... / יעקב בן ציוןהכהן מענדעלסאן...עם ביאור המכונה לקח טוב.  MISHNAT YA'BETS: METSAREF U-MELABEN MASKANAT SUGYOT MASEKHET HAGIGAH.... Leeds: Ba-Defus Shel Yosef Forton. , 1913. Cloth. 8vo. 108 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Talmud. Hagigah – criticism, interpretation, etc. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. Covers lightly worn around the edges, pages tanned, good condition. (HEB-8-3) (ID #26772) $75.00.










33   Palache (Palaggi) , Hayyim. ZOHAR HADASH. VOLUME 1.. Smyrna: No Publisher. , 1868. Quarter leather. , 8vo. In Hebrew. Volume one (of two) only. SUBJECT(S): Cabala. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (UCLA). Palache (1788-1869) was born into a distinguished family in Smyrna, where he was a rabbi. He was an av bet din, passing judgments in religious court. While a prolific writer, many of Palache's manuscripts remain unpublished, and some were burned. (EJ) Marbled boards, gilt title on spine. Ex library. Covers rather worn, on loose page, otherwise internally sound, good condition. (HEB-8-18) (ID #26805) $300.00.








34   Rabbinowitz, Saul Phinehas. מוצאי גולה: זכרונות נדודי הגולה מספרד ופורטוגליה בדורות הראשונים אחרי הגרוש, גורלם ומעמדם החמרי והמוסרי בארצות אשר נתישבו שם, וזכרונות גדולי העם וחכמיו אשר קבצו נפזרים וייסדו קהלות ספרד בכל מקומות תחנותם  MOTSAE GOLAH: ZIKHRONOT NEDUDE HA-GOLAH MI-SEFARAD U-PORTUGALYAH BA-DOROT HA-RISHONIM AHARE HA-GERUSH, GORALAM U-MA`AMADAM HA-HOMRI VEHA-MUSARI BA-ARATSOT ASHER NITYASHVU SHAM.. Warsaw: Ahiasaf. , 1894. Cloth. , 12mo. 385 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Sephardim. OCLC lists 24 copies worldwide. Rabbinowitz, born in 1845, was a Russian historian and writer; he was ordained as a rabbi at the age of 18. In 1874 he moved to Warsaw, where he edited such works as volumes 1-3 of Keneset Israel, and worked for Chovevei Zion. The “work on which his on which his reputation rests” is Gratz's History of the Jews, which he began in 1888. During the 1890s, he wrote a biography of Zacharias Frankel, an “exhaustive” biography of Zunz, and this history of the exiled Spanish Jews. (Rosenthal & Wiernik, JE) Pages tanning, bookplate, corners bumped, good condition. (HEB-8-16) (ID #26774) $120.00.







35   Vilnat, Zev. מצבות קודש בארץ־ישראל. MATSEVOT KODESH BE-ERETS YISRAEL.. Jerusalem: Mosad Ha-Rav Kuk. , 1950. Cloth. , 8vo. 462 pages. Photograph illustration plates. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Sepulchral monuments – Palestine; Tombs – Palestine; Palestine – antiquities; Bible. O. T. -- antiquities. OCLC lists 21 copies worldwide. Ex library. Pages are tanned and water stained, good condition. (HEB-9-3) (ID #26776) $100.00.












36 • Abraham Ben David, Weiss, Isaac Hirsch, Schlossberg, Jacob. ספרא דבי רב: הוא ספר תורת כהנים: כולל מדרשי התנאים...לספר ויקרא עם פירוש. SIFRA DE-VE RAV: HU SEFER TORAT KOHANIM: KOLEL MIDRESHE HA-TANA’IM...LE-SEFER VA-YIKRA ‘IM PERUSH. Vienna: Ya?ak?ov Ha-Kohen Shlosberg, 1862.  Hardcover, folio, viii, 230 pages, 32 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Bible. O. T. Leviticus -- Commentaries. Sifra -- Commentaries. Sifra; Sifra. Commentar zu Leviticus. Weiss (1815–1905) , was a “scholar and writer on the history of the Oral Law. Weiss, who was born in Gross-Meseritsch (Velke Mezirici) , Moravia, studied in the yeshivot of Trebitsch and Eisenstadt. His aim was to blend fundamental talmudic condition with secular culture and the critical scientific method. Weiss' scholarly work was wholly devoted to the study of the Oral Law. He published two midreshei-halakhah with introductions and notes: the Sifra (1862) and the Mekhilta (1865) , and wrote a grammar book, Mishpat Leshon ha-Mishnah (1867). He published many articles, some of which appeared in periodicals which he founded and edited” (Herr in EJ 2007). OCLC list 45 copies worldwide. Ex-library with stamp on front and back inside cover. Spine broken. Binding needs repair. Loose pages. Bumps to corners and edges of cover. Otherwise good condition. (Rab-48-5) (ID #26801) $125.00.







37 • Abulafia, Meir; Brill, Jehiel. כתאב אלרסאייל: מתורגם בעברית: ספר אגרות. KITAB ALRASA'IL. Paris: Yehiel Bril, 1871.  Hardcover, 8vo, 21 and 152 pages, 20 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Descriptor: Resurrection (Jewish theology). Named Person: Maimonides, Moses, 1135-1204. Hilkhot teshuvah. Correspondence with French rabbis on Maimonides’ doctrine of resurrection. Title in Hebrew: Sefer igrot. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (YU). Personal library stamp in front cover. Wear to front cover binding. Good condition. (Heb-25-4) (ID #26799) $125.00.










38 • Adret, Solomon Ben Abraham; Heller, Yom-Tob Lipmann Ben Nathan Ha-Levi Ben Wallerstein; Nahmanides. ספר חמש שיטות להרשב״א: חלק ראשון... יבמות, נדרים, בבא קמא; חלק [שני על מסכתות כתובות וקדושין [והגהות מתוס׳ יום טוב על טור אה״ע. SEFER HAMESH SHITOT. Prag: Gedruckt Bey Franz Gerzabek, 1809. Hardcover, Folio, 88, 49, (3) pages, 38 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Talmud -- Commentaries. Each section has special title page. Includes Hagahot mi-Tosefot Yom T Ov. H? Idushe Ketubot are by Nah Manides. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (JTS). Missing front cover. Chipped corners and edges. Wear to binding. Good condition. (Heb-23-4) (ID #26806) $275.00.










40 • Benjamin, Israel Joseph. מסעי ישראל: בו ספר מאחינו בני ישראל הנפוצים בארצות אסיה ואפריקה: מצבם המדיני והמוסרי, מדותיהם, דעותיהם ומנהגיהם...  SEFER MASA`EI YISRA`EL, BO YESUPAR ME`AHEINU BENEI YISRA`EL HA-NEFUTSIM BE`ARTSOT ASIYAH VE-AFRIKAH. Elk, Bi-Defus Ts. H. Fetsel, 1859.  Cloth. 8vo. [18], 134 pages. 20 cm. 1st Hebrew Edition. Hebrew translation of “Acht Jahre in Asien und Afrika” (Eight Years in Asia and Africa). After losing money in business at the age of 25, Benjamin decided to travel in search of the Ten Lost Tribes, leaving behind his pregnant wife and five year old son. Fashioning himself as Binyamin ha-Sheni, (The Second Benjamin) --the medieval Benjamin of Tudela (12th century) being the first---he recorded his travels to the Jewish communities throughout the world. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Africa, North -- Social conditions. Jews -- Asia -- Social conditions. Geographic: Asia -- Description and travel. Africa, North -- Description and travel. OCLC lists 4 copies worldwide (Columbia University, New York Public Library, University of California Berkeley, Free Library of Philadelphia). Foldout map in endpages detached but present. Boards worn with peeling and staining. Internal pages are lightly soiled with some foxing, but all text is clear. Inscription from previous owner on front end page. Good condition. (SPEC16-24).  (ID #26803) $175.00.







41 • Dulcin, Arye; Shenkar, Avraham; Harkavy, Yitshaq; Tsimuqi, Arye; Ron, Moshe; Hendel, Gershon. SHLOSH MEOT SHANA LA-‘ITONUT HA-YEHUDIT BA-‘OLAM, 1675-1975. Jerusalem, 1975. Softcover, 8vo, 68 pages, illustrations. In Hebrew. 300 years of the Jewish Press. Other Titles: 300 shana shel `itonut yehudit, [5]436-[5]736 - 1675-1975. Very good condition. (Heb-25-1)  (ID #26798) $50.00.











42 • Elijah, Of Pesaro; Goldberg, Baer Ben Alexander; Adelman, Mordecai; Bonfils, Joseph Ben Samuel; Rashi.  מכתב מאליהו מעיר פיסרו אשר באיטלה, בנסעו מויניזיה אל פמגוסטה שעל האי קפריס (ציפרן) בשנת שכ״ד חדש מרחשון: נעתק מכתב יד המונח באוצר הספרים הגדול בפריס הבירה. MIKHTAV ME-ELIYAHU ME-‘IR PISARO ASHER BE-ITALYAH. Paris: B. G. , M. Adelman, 1878.  Hardcover, 8vo, 30 pages, 22 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Descriptor: Jewish travelers. Responsa -- 1040-1600. Jews -- Cyprus -- Famagusta -- Social conditions. Geographic: Cyprus -- Famagusta -- Description and travel. Le texte est en hebreu avec une page de titre en francais. H? Overet 1 also has imprint: Wien: Buchdruckerei von Georg Brog. No more published. Elijah of Pesaro was an “Italian scholar and traveler. After living for some time in Venice, Elijah set out for the Holy Land in 1563 but was obliged to stop his journey in Cyprus as there was an outbreak of cholera in Erez Israel. From Famagusta he wrote a letter to his relatives in Italy describing the journey, giving advice to travelers, and including an account of Cyprus which remains a primary source for the social and economic history of the island. Elijah also wrote philosophical homilies and commentaries on the Song of Songs, Jonah, and Job” (Toaff in EJ 2010). OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide (JTS, Hebrew Union College, University of Manchester). Pages yellowed. Edges brittle. Wear to binding. Some pages not attached. (Heb-25-12) (ID #26800) $125.00.






43 • Frankfurt, Moshe. CHOSHEN HAMISHPAT. Kapost, No Date (early-mid 18th Century). Hardcover, 8vo, 333 leaves. In Hebrew. None on OCLC. Stained pages. Light wear to cover edges and binding. Good condition. (Heb-22-4) (ID #26810) $300.00.










44 • Greenwald, Jekuthiel Judah.  קורות התורה והאמונה בהונגריה:.. מצב התורה והאמונה והשתלשלות הרפורמציה הדתית בתוך היהדות ההונגרית מיום שבאו היהודים לארץ הגר עד שנת הפרוד (הקונגרס בשנת תרכ״ט) וסבת התפרדות היהודים ההונגרים. KOROT HA-TORAH VEHA-EMUNAH BE-HUNGARYAH. KOLEL MATSAV HA-TORAH VEHA-EMUNAH VE-HISHTALSHELUT HA-REFORMATSYAH HA-DATIT BE-TOKH HA-YAHADUT HA-HUNGARIT MI-YOM SHE-BAU HA-YEHUDIM LE-ERETS HAGAR AD SHENAT HA-PERUD (HA-KONGRES BI-SHENAT 629).... Budapest, Bi-Defus S. Ve-M. Katsburg, 1921.  Hardcover, 8vo, 78 pages, 24 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Hungary. Jews -- Hungary -- History. Cover title: Das Schicksal der Tora und des Glaubens in Ungarn. Die Entstehung der Gemeinden, konfessionelle Streitigkeiten zwischen Gemeinden und Rabbiner; die Reformbewegung im Kreise der ungarischen Juden bis 1869 (Kongressjahr) Die Ursache der Trennung in der ungarischen Judenheit; Orthodoxie, Neologie, “Status-quo. ” Greenwald (1889-1955) was a “U. S. Rabbi and scholar. Greenwald, born in Hungary, studied in yeshivot in that country and in Frankfurt on the Main under Nehemiah Nobel. In 1924 he settled in the United States, where he was the rabbi of Orthodox congregations in New York and of Congregation Beth Jacob in Columbus, Ohio, where he served for the last three decades of his life. Neither a great orator nor skilled pastor, Greenwald was a prolific writer and regarded as an authority on Jewish law and history. He wrote numerous monographs and articles in Hungarian, Yiddish, and Hebrew, was especially interested in rabbinic authorities and Jewish communities of Hungary, on which he wrote Ha-Yehudim be-Ungarya and Toyznt Yor Idish Lebn in Ungarn. His work Le-Toledot ha-Reformazyon ha-Datit be-Germanyah uve-Ungarya is a history of the Reform movement in Germany and Hungary. He also wrote works on the history of the Sanhedrin and biographies of leading rabbis, such as Joseph Caro and Moses Sofer. In the latter category are Beit Yehonatan about Jonathan Eybeschuetz , and Toledot Mishpahat Rosenthal about the Rosenthal family, which included several rabbis. Greenwald compiled an important manual of traditional laws and rites of mourning, Kol-Bo Avelut” (Silberschlag and Berenbaum in EJ, 2007). OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Browning of pages. Chipping to edges of cover, corners and binding. Fragile ends of pages. Otherwise, good condition. (Heb-20-5) (ID #26804) $100.00.


45 • Isaiah Ben Mali, Abraham Ishbili Ben Yom-Tob, Joseph Ben Meir Ibn Migash, Nissim Ben Reuven Gerondi, Eleazar Ben Aryeh Loeb Loew.  עיני העדה. ENE HA-‘EDAH. Prag: F. Gommer, 1809.  Hardcover, 12mo, 130 pages, 33cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Title Subject: Talmud -- Commentaries. Talmud. Kiddushin -- Commentaries. Talmud. Baba Bathra -- Commentaries. Talmud, niddah -- Commentaries. Other Titles: Zer zahav. OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide. Bumped corners and edges. Wear to binding. Yellowing of pages. Staining of pages. Notes on title page. Good condition. (Heb-21-2) (ID #26778) $250.00.










46 • Iserlis, Moshe. SEFER YOCHSIN. No Date (ca 1840). Hardcover, 12mo, 168 leaves. Moses Isserles, also spelled Moshe Isserlis, (Kraków, Poland, 1520 - May 11, 1572[1]) , was an eminent Ashkenazic rabbi, talmudist, and posek, renowned for his fundamental work of Halakha (Jewish law) , entitled ha-Mapah (lit. , "the tablecloth") , an inline commentary on the Shulkhan Aruch (lit. "the set table"). He is also well known for his Darkhei Moshe commentary on the Tur. Isserles is also referred to as the Rema, (or Remo, Rama) the Hebrew acronym for Rabbi Moses Isserles. (Wikipedia, 2010) Spine and hinge repair. Stained pages. Wear and chipping to edges of cover and cover corners. Otherwise, good condition. (Heb-22-5) (ID #26811) $125.00.










48 • Karo, Joseph Ben Ephraim.  ספר תורת כהנים שלחן ערוך חשן משפט עם הביאורים מאירת עינים ושפתי כהן...טורי זהב.... SEFER TORAT KOHANIM SHULHAN ‘ARUKH HOSHEN MISHPAT ‘IM HA-BE’URIM ME’IRAT ‘ENAYIM VE-SIFTE KOHEN... TURE ZAHAV.... Zitomir: Hanina Lipa Ve-Yehoshu’a Heshel Shapira, 1856.  Hardcover, folio, one of two volumes, 556, 25 pages, 38 cm. In Hebrew. “All Hebrew printing presses in the Russian Pale of Settlement were closed down in 1836, except for two that the Russian authorities granted a license to print books: one in Vilna and the other in Zhitomir (the press in Warsaw was also permitted). The “presses decree” was abolished only in 1862. In 1845, ? Anina Lipa, Aryeh Leib, and Yehoshu‘a Heshel Shapira (sons of the brothers from Slavuta) leased the Zhitomir press, and in 1847 they began to issue books. Observing the family tradition, they refused to print texts of secular knowledge and specialized in religious books, including volumes of Kabbalah and Hasidism” (Yivo Encyclopedia, 2010). SUBJECT(S): Descriptor: Jewish law. Named Person: Karo, Joseph ben Ephraim, 1488-1575. H? Oshen mishpat? -- Commentaries. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (Cambridge, JTS). Ex-library with usual markings. Repair to spine. Wear to spine. Bumped cover corners and edges. Wear to binding. Light staining on pages. (Heb-23-5) (ID #26796) $250.00.







49 • Landau, Ezekiel Ben Judah. TSELAH U-REKHAV ‘AL DAVAR EMET. Yozepof: Bi-Defus D. S. Y. Vaks, 1856. Hardcover, 12mo, 54 pages, 44 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Title Subject: Talmud. Berakhot -- Commentaries. Talmud. Bezah -- Commentaries. Includes commentary on masekhet Betsah (second group). OCLC lists 1 copies worldwide (University of Toronto). Bumped corners and edges. Wear to binding. Staining to text. Tear to first page. Good condition. (Heb-23-2) (ID #26794) $100.00.











50 • Maimonides, Moses. MISHNEH TORAH: HU YAD HA-HAZAKAH. CHELEK RIVII. [ONLY]. Fiorda, No Date (ca 1780? ). Hardcover, 4to, 303 leaves. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S) ; Jewish law -- Early works to 1800. Helek Rivii. Other Titles: Mishneh Torah hu ha-yad ha-h? Azakah leha-Rambam. Bumped corners and chipped cover and edges. Stained pages. Some tears to corners and edges of pages. Otherwise, good condition. (Heb-22-3) (ID #26809) $250.00.











51 • Maimonides, Moses. MISHNEH TORAH: HU YAD HA-HAZAKAH. HELEK RISHON [VOL. I]. Fiorda, No Date (ca 1780? ) Hardcover, 4to, 276 leaves. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S) ; Jewish law -- Early works to 1800. Helek Rishon. Other Titles: Mishneh Torah hu ha-yad ha-h? Azakah leha-Rambam. Front hinge repair. Bumped corners and chipped cover and edges. Stained pages. Writing on title page. Otherwise, good condition. (Heb-22-1) (ID #26807) $250.00.











52 • Mehlsack, Eliakim Ben Judah Ha-Milzahgi.  ראפאפורט ספר ראביה: השגות על ספרו של... ליפמאן צונץ מברלין: ועל דברי... שלמה ליב הכהן מלבוב. SEFER RABIYAH: HASAGOT AL SIFRO SHEL HA-RAV... LIPMAN TSUNTS MI-BERLIN VE-‘AL DIVRE HA-RAV...SHELOMOH YEHUDAH LEB HA-KOHEN RAPOPORT MI-LEVOV. Ofen: Gedruckt In Der Koniglichen Ungrischen Univeritaets-Buchdruckerei,, 1837.  Hardcover, 33 pages, 8vo, 24 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Descriptor: Judaism -- History of doctrines. Named Person: Zunz, Leopold, 1794-1886. Gottesdienstlichen Vortrage der Juden. Rapoport, Solomon Judah Leib, 1790-1867. Attacking Zunz & work on synagogal liturgy and several publications of Rapoport. Mehlsack (c. 1780–1854) was a “Polish talmudist. “Milzahgi” is a derivation of Mehlsack, the German name for Samila in Poland where Eliakim was born. He settled in Galicia and lived his last years in Lvov and Brody under the patronage of Isaac Berish Blumenfeld of Brody, devoting his life to Jewish scholarship. In 1837 he published Sefer Ravyah (= Rabbi Eliakim b. Judah ha-Milzahgi) , a criticism of the Gottesdienstliche Vortraege of Zunz and the Toledot of Solomon Judah Rapoport. Unlike Zunz, who conceded the correctness of some of Mehlsack’s remarks, Rapoport took umbrage at them and replied scathingly in Kerem Hemed. Although he wrote almost 70 books, only Sefer Ravyah was published” (Avneri and Kressel in EJ 2010). OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Missing front cover. Bumped corners and edges. Back cover not attached. Light staining and yellowing of pages. Good condition. (Heb-21-1) (ID #26777) $225.00.





53 • Mordechai Binat, Shlomo Ager. MEHILCHOT RAV ALPHAS. HELEK SHLISHI. Vilna, 1865. Hardcover, 4to, 308, 242 pages. Ex-library. Stained pages. Wear to binding. Writing on title page. Otherwise, good condition. (Heb-22-2)  (ID #26808) $125.00.











54 • Pinhas Ben ‘azri’el, Ha-Levi.  נחלת עזריאל: על מסכתות השייכים לטור יורה דעה... עם הקדמה... נקרא... פרפראות לחכמה...  NAHALAT ‘AZRI’EL: ’AL MASEKHTOT HA-SHAYAKHIM LE-TUR YOREH DE’AH... ‘IM HAKDAMAH... NIKRA... PARPERA’OT LE-HOKHMAH.... Horodno: Bi-Defus Simh?ah Zimel [Ben] Menahem Nahum, 1817.  Hardcover, foilo, 120 leaves, 240 pages, 35 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Named Person: Karo, Joseph ben Ephraim, 1488-1575. Shulhan ‘arukh -- Commentaries. Title Subject: Bible. Pentateuch -- Commentaries, Homiletical. Printed partly on blue paper. Many folios wrongly marked. Includes index. Printed in double columns. Title page has ornamental border. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Repair to cover and spine. Page edges worn. Text in good condition. (Heb-23-17) (ID #26768) $175.00.









55 • Plessner, Elias. DERUSH VE-HIDUSH: BE-‘INYAN I MAHANI BITUL HAMETS ‘AL YEDE SHALIAH. Berlin: Bi-Defus Tsevi Hirch Ittskovski, 1879. Hardcover, 8vo, 20 pages, 22 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Descriptor: Passover -- Customs and practices. Title Subject: Talmud Bavli -- Commentaries. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide (New York Public Library, Yivo Institute for Jewish Res, Harvard, Vanderbilt University, National Library of Israel). Imprint stamp on font and back cover pages. Light yellowing of pages. Good condition. (Heb-23-20) (ID #26797) $100.00.










56 • Salem, Solomon.  ספר שונה הלכות. SEFER SHONEH HALAKHOT. Amsterdam, 1761.  Hardcover, 8vo, 2 volume in 1, 32 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Descriptor: Jewish law. Named Person: Kayara, Shim’on, 9th cent. Halakhot gedolot. Title Subject: Halakhot gedolot. Title on volume 2: Sefer Shoneh halakhot: ve-hu perush ‘al sefer Halakhot gedolot me-rabenu ha-ga’on... Shim’on Kayara... Volume 2 printed by G. Y. Yanson. OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide. Repair to spine. Chipped corners and edges. Wear to binding. Yellowing of pages. Good condition. (Heb-23-3) (ID #26795) $300.00.










57. Karo, Joseph ben Ephraim שלחן ערוך מטור אבן העזר SHULHAN ‘ARUKH MI-TUR EVEN HA-‘EZER Amsterdam? Hirts Leṿi Rofe ṿe-ḥatano Ḳashman? 1753? Lacks title page, but pagination and appearance match this edition and no others. Hardcover, 8vo, 2, 372 pages, 20 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Descriptor: Jewish law -- Early works to 1800. Named Person: Karo, Joseph ben Ephraim, 1488-1575. Even ha-‘ezer. “Nidpas shenit be-tosefet hagahah meduyeket.” Missing title page. Wear to binding. Repair to spine.  Bumped page corners and edges. (Heb-31-8) $200.00