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Nr. 69. VARSHEVER GETO OYFSHTAND, 19TER APRIL, 1943-19TER APRIL, 1947. [Landsberg], 1947  




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  1. (Toulouse Internment Camp) Bindiger, Joshua. MACHZOR LE’ROSH HASHANAH VE’YOM KIPPUR, SHENATH 5702 [PRAYER BOOK FOR NEW YEAR AND DAY OF ATONEMENT, 1941]. Toulouse, No Publisher (The Author), 1941. 1st edition. Mimeograph sheets. Loose as issued. Folio, 10 pages (complete). Square Hebrew letters with nikud (vowel points). The colophon reads in Hebrew: “Joshua Bindiger, Toulouse. ” In French was added, “Rue Belle Paule 11”. Soon after the outbreak of the Second World War, foreign-born Jews, especially recent refugees from Germany and Austria, were summarily arrested and interned by the French government in bleak detention camps in South-Western France. Suffering under severe conditions and quite cut off from the outside world, some enterprising inmates of the camps succeeded in clandestinely producing - from memory- this mimeograph edition of the Festival liturgy. A more well-known example of this genre is the Gurs Haggadah (see B. Gutterman, The Gurs Haggadah: Passover in Perdition, 2003). The present High Holiday Prayer Book was handwritten by Joshua Bindiger and then mimeographed. Yerushalmi provides in facsimile the final page of the more common Hagadah, written by the same individual and issued under the aegis of “S. R. Kapel, Rabbin de Mulhouse, Aumonier des Camps, Toulouse” [Yerushalmi, Haggadah, plate 162]. Exceedingly rare. Searching OCLC/Worldcat, British OPAC, The French National Library, and the library catalogs of the Wiener Library, the Imperial War Museum, the Bibliotheque du Toulouse, and others, we could locate not a single copy of this prayerbook in any library or archive anywhere. According to our research, it has been offered for sale only once at auction or in the trade in the past 70 years. Slight edgewear, otherwise Very Good Condition. (holo2-122-61) (ID #35522) $3500.00.






  3. (Isle of Man Internment Camp) Edited by The Liberal Jewish Congregation Of The Central Promenade Camp, Douglas I. O. M. [Isle Of Man]. SIDUR HA-TEFILOT. HELEK 1: ROSH HA-SHANAH. HELEK 2: YOM HA-KIPURIM [PRAYER BOOK FOR NEW YEAR AND DAY OF ATONEMENT, 1940]. Douglas I. O. M. [Isle Of Man], No Publisher [The Liberal Jewish Congregation Of The Central Promenade Camp], 1940. 1st edition. Later stiff binder with original covers bound in, 4to (legal size), 34 pages. Original mimeograph High Holidays prayerbook for German and Austrian Jewish refugees interned at the Central Promenade Camp on the Isle of Man. Searching OCLC/Worldcat, British OPAC, and the library catalogs of the Wiener Library, the Imperial War Museum, the Manx National Heritage Library, and others, we could locate not a single surviving copy of this prayerbook. A reference to the prayerbook, however, is made in the memoirs of former internee Gerald Friedman ( "As Britain went to war in September 1939, there were around 80,000 potential 'enemy aliens' in the country, that is, Germans and Austrians who might conceivably support Germany as spies. 55,000 of these were refugees from Nazi Germany and most of them were Jewish…. First came the May 12th order to intern temporarily all German and Austrian males over sixteen and under sixty years old who were in the coastal regions of England and Scotland. A second order on May 16 ordered the internment of all category "B" people - male and female - throughout the United Kingdom. And then, following the surrender of France to German forces on June 2, 1940, the British government interned most remaining adult males of enemy nationality from ages 16-70. Approximately 27,000 people were interned: among them were German and Austrian artists, doctors, scientists, open opponents of the Nazi regime and even those who had lived in Britain since they were infants. Eighty percent of the refugees in England were Jewish…. Early in July [1940]...a steamer took …internees to the Isle of Man…At the Isle of Man the internees realized they would no longer to be treated as civilians but instead as prisoners of war." ( 2014). By the end of 1940 the numner of "enemy aliens" on the Isle of Man had reached 14,000. Original owner's name and "House" nr penciled on original cover, with later typed explanation tipped in inside later binding. Perhaps a unique surviving example of this important prayerbooks for internees as they considered their fate for the coming Jewish year. Light wear, Very Good Condition. (holo2-122-60) (ID #35521) $4000.00.






  5. (Early Report on Atrocities in Poland) Poale Zion (Great Britain) ; Labour Party (Great Britain). Conference. THE WAR AND THE JEWISH PEOPLE: MEMORANDUM SUBMITTED TO THE 39TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE LABOUR PARTY, AT BOURNEMOUTH. London; [No Publisher Listed], 1940. First edition. Original Wraps. 8vo. 19 pages. 24 cm. Early (1940) report on the massacre of the Jews of Poland; Memorandum submitted to the 39th Annual Conference of the Labour Party at Bournemouth by the Jewish Socialist Labour Party (Poale Zone) of Great Britain. Memorandum on Nazi persecution of Jews in the first months of the war and the need for immediate settlement in Palestine: “The second world war has revealed the unparalleled tragedy of the Jewish people. … The sufferings and humiliation of the Jews under Nazi rule have no counterpart even in the cruelty and crime deliberately practised against other inhabitants of the vanquished states. Robbery of the last means of subsistence, starvation, physical ill-treatment, seclusion in overcrowded ghettoes, suppression of all cultural life, concentration camps, slave labour, massacre, and the Lublin reserve destined to become the grave of its compulsory inhabitants – this is the lot of Jewry under Nazi rule. ” - pg 3. Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 - Jews - Congresses. Jews - Colonization – Palestine - Congresses. Jews - Palestine - Congresses. Jews. Jews - Colonization. World War (1939-1945) Conference proceedings. Middle East - Palestine. OCLC lists 12 copies. Heavily marked copy (with pen) ostensibly from one of the conference participants, contains stamps of Zionist Archives and Library of New York, and previous owners signature, on front wrap. Marked throughout, light soiling to wraps, otherwise fresh. Good condition. (HOLO2-123-5) (ID #35430) $600.00.






  7. [ Lindbergh, Charles A. ] Library Of Jewish Information; The American Jewish Committee. PRESS REACTION TO THE LINDBERGH SPEECH AT DES MOINES. New York; Library Of Jewish Information, American Jewish Committee., 1941. Hole punched in period folder. 4to. 28 cm. 31 pages. Single-sided mimeographed leaves. Holocaust-era comprehensive examination of the media response to Charles Lindbergh’s infamous anti-Semitic speech. This report explores the possibility of anti-Semitism informing the positions of isolationist groups opposed to entering WWII. SUBJECT (S): Antisemitism -- United States. World War, 1939-1945 -- Jews. World War, 1939-1945 -- United States -- Public opinion. Named Person: Lindbergh, Charles A. (Charles Augustus), 1902-1974. OCLC lists only 1 copy worldwide (MN Hist Soc). Containing folder has some edge wear and tears along back strip. Light age toning to text, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. Scarce and important. (AJC-9) (ID #34613) $650.00.






  9. American Jewish Congress. CONFIDENTAL CONGRESS REPORTS: NOVEMBER 1943-JUNE 1944. [6 ISSUES. COMPLETE? ]. New York; American Jewish Congress., 1943-45. Original Wrappers. 4to. 28 cm. 13 [1]+ 11+11, [1]+11+11+11 pages. Single-sided mimeographed pages. Six Holocaust-era reports covering 8 months in 1943-44, (November-December & February- March reports are combined). Internally distributed confidential report detailing the activities of the American Jewish Congress. Including descriptions of international Jewish Representative Committees, wartime relief and rescue efforts, legislation combating anti-Semitism, recommendations by the World Jewish congress to the UN regarding the relief and rehabilitation of Jewish communities, news and information about Jewish emigration and related legislation. “With this issue, The American Jewish Congress begins the publication of a series of confidential reports to be issued monthly for the information and guidance of its representatives throughout the country. These reports will present material on and off the record with respect to the program and activities of the Congress movement, comprised by the American Jewish Congress, the World Jewish Congress, the Inter-American Jewish Council and the Institute of Jewish Affairs. This material will be addressed to the discussions of under takings in the four areas of activity to which the work of the Congress movement is dedicated, namely: 1. The protection of the Home Front and the strengthening of the democratic way of life. 2. The rescue of the Jews of Europe from extermination. 3. The establishment of the foundations on which Jewish life may be rehabilitated on a basis of equality and security in a free world. 4. Assistance to the war effort. ” (Introduction). No sets or single issues on OCLC. Quite probably a unique surviving set. Light shelf wear. Very good + condition. (AJCong-29) (ID #34649) $2000.00.






  11. American Jewish Congress. JEWS IN NAZI EUROPE: FEBRUARY 1933 TO NOVEMBER 1941 A STUDY PREPARED BY THE INSTITUTE OF JEWISH AFFAIRS. New York: Institute For Jewish Affairs, 1941. 1st edition. Later Cloth, 4to, about 175 pages. Mimeographed. Report submitted to the Inter-American Jewish Conference Nov 23-25 1941 in Baltimore. A county by country study of Nazi persecution and destruction of European Jewry, with refugee and relief activity at conclusion. At this date, the nature of the what was to be the total devastation was not yet clear. Very Good Condition. Important. (Holo2-120-27) (ID #35199) $1500.00.






  13. Centralverein Der Juden In Deutschland E. V. HITLER-DEUTSCHLAND! WAHLEN 1930. Berlin; Central-Verein Deutscher Staatsbürger Jüdischen Glaubens, E. V., 1930. Original Wraps. 8vo. [24] pages. 24 cm. First edition. In German. 'Hitler's Germany! 1930 Elections'. Published by the Central Association of Jews in Germany. Photomontage booklet, in modernist typography design, of Nazi anti-semitic propaganda in leaflets, books, and ideology; aimed to foster concern about the aims of the growing Nazi Party in Germany, and the horrors this would spell for the Jewish Community. Published in order to combat anti-semitism, and dispel any illusions about the Nazi Party at the time of the 1930 elections. Includes two page photomontage of the damage already wrought by the Nazi's, with photographs of destroyed and defaced synagogues and graves. Printed at the press of Max Lichtwitz of Berlin; his only son was sent on a Kindertransport to England, and the postcards sent by Max to his son have recently been published in the volume “Postcards to a Little Boy”. Subjects: Fascism - Germany. Jews in Germany - Anti-Semitism. Germany - Politics, 1918-1933. OCLC lists 4 copies (NYPL, Deutsche Natl, Tel Aviv U, Natl Libr Israel). Very clean and fresh. Very good + condition. An excellent copy of this scarce and important imprint (SPEC-40-38) (ID #34589) $4000.00.






  15. Emile Bollaert; Jean Guignebert; Louis Martin-Chauffier; Christian Pineau; Julien Cain. IN MEMORIAM: EN HOMMAGE AUX DEPORTES MORTS DANS LES CAMPS. RADIODIFFUSION FRANCAISE, 2 NOVEMBRE 1945, PALAIS DE CHAILLOT. PROGRAMME. Paris; Office De Propagande Générale; (Saint-Ouen, Seine; Impr. De L'Édition Artistique), 1945. Original Wraps. 8vo. [32] pages. 23 cm. First edition. In French. No 303 of 800 copies issued, all numbered. Very scarce artistically produced Memorial Programme booklet for the deportees who perished in the camps. With pastedown illustrations, multi color printing, varying cardstock (thickness and color), historiated initials, poems and original works; centerfold programme for the commemoration ceremony. Elegantly made book, partially handmade, attractively printed. Full title: “In memoriam: En hommage aux déportés morts dans les camps. Radiodiffusion francaise, 2 novembre 1945, Palais de Chaillot. Programme. Articles de Emile Bollaert, Jean Guignebert, Louis Martin-Chauffier et Julien Cain. Poème de Christian Pineau. Hors-texte de Jean-Claude Guignebert et Carliez. ” Memorial Celebration held at the Theatre National Du Palaise de Chaillot under the patronage of Comité National de Propagande pour la Musique et de l'Association des Deportes et Prisonniers de la Radio. Orchestre National for the memorial conducted by Manuel Rosenthal. The poems and essays details the lives of French survivors from several concentration camps. Subjects: France – Memorial Books – Deportees – Holocaust. OCLC lists only one copy worldwide (Natl Libr France). Very scarce. Contains previous owners bookstamp on endpage, light wear to wraps, light tear at top of center leaf, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good + condition. (HOLO2-123-59) (ID #35515) $1500.00.





  17. Frank, Anne (1st Edition, 1st Printing Of The Anne Frank Diary). HET ACHTERHUIS. DAGBOEKBRIEVEN 12 JUNI 1942 - 1 AUGUSTUS 1944. Uitgeverij Contact, Amsterdam, 1947. . Original publisher’s boards, with the exceedingly rare dust jacket, 12mo, ix 252 pages. First Edition of The Diary of a Young Girl, a book which continues to hold its place at the top of many literary lists: the most famous diary of modern times, the most famous work by a teenager, most famous work on the Holocaust, most famous 20th Century work by a Jew. Primo Levi suggested that Anne Frank is frequently identified as a single representative of the millions of people who suffered and died as she did because "One single Anne Frank moves us more than the countless others who suffered just as she did but whose faces have remained in the shadows. Perhaps it is better that way; if we were capable of taking in all the suffering of all those people, we would not be able to live. " Otto Frank, Anne’s father spent the remainder of his life after publication of the Diary as custodian of his daughter's legacy, saying, "It's a strange role. In the normal family relationship, it is the child of the famous parent who has the honor and the burden of continuing the task. In my case the role is reversed. " He recalled his publisher's explaining why he thought the diary has been so widely read, with the comment, "he said that the diary encompasses so many areas of life that each reader can find something that moves him personally. " Simon Wiesenthal expressed a similar sentiment when he said that the diary had raised more widespread awareness of the Holocaust than had been achieved during the Nuremberg Trials, because "people identified with this child. This was the impact of the Holocaust, this was a family like my family, like your family and so you could understand this" (Wikipedia, 2012). Very Good Condition in a worn but attractive dust jacket from the second printing, also from 1947. 1st edition dust jackets are essentially never seen (we have seen one offered for sale in the last 20 years); jackets from the 2nd printing (also 1947), which this is, are also extremely rare. An attractive copy of this monumental and rare work, much nicer than usually seen. (kh-2-4) (ID #34767) $7500.00.






  19. Institute Of Jewish Affairs. Robinson, Nehemiah. INFORMATION ON RESTITUTION AND RELATED SUBJECTS: 1950: NOS. 1-4; 1951: NO. 1-3; 1952: NO. 1; 1952 SPECIAL ISSUE NO. 1; 1953: NO. 1 (FINAL ISSUE). COMPLETE RUN OF 10 REPORTS. New York; Institute Of Jewish Affairs, World Jewish Congress., 1950-53. Staple bound leaves. 4to. 28 cm. 8, 5, 10, 8, 6, 10, 6, 10, 11, 13 leaves (87 leaves total). Single-sided mimeographed pages. Reports with updates regarding personal asset, industrial and heirloom restitution and related progress in the US, British, French and Soviet zones in Germany. Also covering the progress of restitution and reparations related legislation in Austria and France. Includes information on legislation and requirements of compensation and indemnification claims for property and damages throughout the German zones. 1952 reports, which list Nehemiah Robinson as editor, are “devoted to the agreements (protocols) signed on September 10, 1952, between the Federal Government of Germany and the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany. Protocol No.1 sets forth a program of improvements in the existing restitution and indemnification legislation and its implementation. […] Protocol No. 2 is devoted to the global sum which the Federal Government undertook to pay the Conference over a period of years through the intermediary of the State of Israel. ” (Introduction). 1953 report includes tables throughout with data regarding restitution claims and payments given throughout 1951 and 1952. Subject(s): Jews in Germany – Claims. OCLC lists sets at only 4 institutions worldwide (NYPL, UC-Berkeley, Harvard, NIL). Some spines rebacked, Small library stamp on first leaf, bottom left. Light shelf wear, occasional creases. Very good condition. (AJCong-21-25) (ID #34646) $2000.00.





  21. Anonymous. WRITINGS OF PHILIP FRIEDMAN: A BIBILIOGRAPHY. New York, [Privately Published], 1955. 1st edition. Softcover. Stapled. 4to. 34 pages. 28 cm. With corrections throughout in pen, almost certainly made by the author. A bibliography of works by Philip Friedman, a Polish-Jewish historian and author. During World War II, he went into hiding in Lvov. After liberation, he organized what came to be the Jewish Historical Institute, which extensively documented the fate of Polish Jewry. He was a member of the YIVO staff and directed the Jewish Teachers’ Institute in New York. Includes index [pages 31-34]. OCLC lists 12 copies. Very Good condition. (HOLO2-45-22). (ID #35466) $100.00.






  23. Benét, Stephen Vincent. THEY BURNED THE BOOKS. New York and Toronto: Farrar & Rinehart, 1942. 1st edition. Original Blank Paper Wrappers; 12mo. Vi, 25 pages. An Anti-Nazi radio play, protesting Gestapo censorship, including charaters of Heine, Schiller, and Nazis. It was to commemorate the May 10, 1933 book burning in Nazi Germany. "The first performance was given under the auspices of the Council on books in wartime and the Writers war board, on Monday evening, May 11, 1942... Over WEAF, New York, and the National broadcasting company network. "--P. [2]. Very good condition. (Holo2-89-14) (ID #35111) $35.00.






  25. Co., New York Book and Art Auction. UNRESTRICTED PUBLIC AUCTION; A MAGNIFICENT COLLECTION OF RARE BOOKS, FIRST EDITIONS, AUTOGRAPHS, MANUSCRIPTS … BY ORDER OF LOUIS H. BLOCH AND S.H. BRAUNSTONE. AMERICAN COMMITTEE FOR CHRISTIAN REFUGEES, AND JEWISH REFUGEES COMMITTEE, NEW YORK CITY. WILL BENEFIT IN THE PROCEEDS FROM THIS SALE. New York; Alexander Press, 1939. Original Wraps. 4to. 269 pages. 26 cm. First edition. 934 lots of Americana, Presidents correspondence, and American and English literature; auction to benefit refugees at the outset of the second world war. Cover title: Magnificent collection of rare books, first editions, autographs, manuscripts. "Sale number 76". “Remarkable collection of presentation copies from celebrated authors, first editions of masterpieces of American, English and French literature, sumptuously bound books, extra-illustrated volumes and sets, rare and valuable autograph letters and documents signed and original manuscripts. Including the most important Byron Association item in existence; the finest and most complete collection to appear at public sale of autograph letters and documents signed by the Presidents of the United States and their Cabinets from George Washington to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, inclusive. By order of Louis H. Bloch and S. H. Braunstone, attorneys, New York City, in conjunction with American Committee for Christian Refugees and Jewish Refugees Committee, New York City. … To be sold Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, December 5th, 6th and 7th, 1939 at 8 'o clock at Steinway Hall, 111 West 57th Street, New York City. ” Subjects: Book auctions - Catalogs. Auction catalogs. Jewish Refugees Committee. OCLC lists 7 copies. Light soiling to wraps, otherwise clean and fresh. Pages wavy. Otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (BIBLIOG-36-20) (ID #34313) $100.00.






  27. Landau, Jacob. אורות מאופל :‏ ‏רשימה ביבליוגראפית של ספרים דתיים־תורניים, שנדפסו בארצות אירופא בשנות 1933־1945 OROT ME-OFEL: RESHIMAH BIBLIYOGRAFIT SHEL SEFARIM DATIYIM TORANIYIM SHE-NIDPESU BE-ARTSOT EROPA BI-SHENOT 1933-1945. New York; Research Institute Of Religious Jewry, 1957. Original Cloth. 4to. 99 pages. 26 cm. First edition. In Hebrew. Added English title page: Oroth meophel; bibliography of Jewish religious books published in Europe (1933-1945). Important bibliography of religious books published during the holocaust era in Europe. Subjects: Judaism - Bibliography. Judaism. Bibliography. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) - Europe. Jewish literature – Publishing – Europe. Cloth soiled, internally clean and fresh. Very good condition. (HOLO2-124-5) (ID #35490) $150.00.





  29. United States. War Refugee Board. THE GERMAN EXTERMINATION CAMPS OF AUSCHWITZ AND BIRKENAU: NOVEMBER, 1944, TWO EYE-WITNESS REPORTS [THE VRBA-WETZLER REPORT]. Washington, D. C.: War Refugee Board, Executive Office Of The President, 1944. Original Wraps. 8vo. 30 pages. 25 cm. First edition. Eye-witness accounts of Auschwitz and Birkenau by two Slovakian Jews and a Polish major. Published November 1944. With maps and illustrations, including a topographic map and ground plan of Auschwitz, ground plan of Crematoria and gas chambers at Birkenau, ground plan of Birkenau, sketch of the Auschwitz and Birkenau camp districts, plan of cell blocks and execution locations at Auschwitz. Contains statistics and figures of transports and those sent to gas chambers. Contents: Report No. 1. Extermination camps of Auschwitz (Oswiencim) and Birkenau in Upper Silesia - Report No. 2. Transport (the Polish major's report). Two eye-witness accounts of events, reproduced exactly in the form they were received by the War Refugee Board, except for a few deletions necessary for the protection of persons who might still have been be alive. Report No. 1, The Vrba–Wetzler report, also known as the Auschwitz Protocols, the Auschwitz Report, and the Auschwitz notebook, was written by hand or dictated in Slovak between 25 and 27 April 1944 by Rudolf Vrba and Alfréd Wetzler, two Slovak Jews who had escaped from Auschwitz on 10 April. The report represents one of the first attempts to estimate the numbers being killed in the camp, and one of the earliest and most detailed description of the gas chambers. The first full English-language publication of the report was in November 1944 by the United States War Refugee Board. First edition; variant printing location: "Reprinted in Eire by the Office of War Information of the United States of America at 15 Merrion Square, Dublin. " - Rear Wrap. Subjects: Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) - Poland - Personal narratives. World War, 1939-1945 - Concentration camps. Concentration camps. United States. War Refugee Board. Birkenau (Concentration camp) Auschwitz (Concentration camp) Auschwitz (Concentration camp) Birkenau (Concentration camp) United States. War Refugee Board. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) World War (1939-1945). Personal narratives. OCLC lists 15 copies. Light soiling to wraps, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (HOLO2-121-62) (ID #35288) $1500.00.






  31. GERMAN CRIMES IN POLAND (VOL. I). Central Commission For Investigation Of German Crimes In Poland. Warsaw, 1946. 1st edition, 8vo, 271, (3) pages. + 49 plates (some fold-out). Errata page tipped in with tape. 24, 5 x 17 cm. Includes 8 drawings, 36 photos (on plates), 3 maps, and 2 facsimiles. Also has corrections to the text (perhaps by the author, editor, or translator?). Stamp on the front cover ('Printed in Poland'). Descriptions of the wartime atrocities committed by the Nazi in concentration camps and ghettos as well accounts of Nazi medical experimentation. Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 -- Atrocities. Concentration camps -- Poland. World War, 1939-1945 -- Jews -- Poland. World War, 1939-1945 -- Prisoners and prisons, German. Jews -- Poland. Covers are very heavily worn, with the front hinge repaired, but inside contents remain very good; the text was printed on surprisingly high quality paper, which has held up very well and is generally bright and strong. (HOLO2-122-30) (ID #35088) $100.00.






  33. Central Commission for Investigation of German Crimes in Poland, GERMAN CRIMES IN POLAND. VOL II. Warsaw; Central Commission For Investigation Of German Crimes In Poland, 1947. Original Wrappers. 8vo. 171 pages. 22 cm. Illustrated. First Edition. Contains facsimiles of documents, 18 photographs, and 3 maps of the Belzec, Sobibor, and Stutthof camps. Descriptions of the wartime atrocities committed by the Nazi in concentration camps and ghettos as well accounts of Nazi medical experimentation. “The present volume comprises summa ry of results of inquests which appeared in volumes II and III of the Polish Bulletins of the Central Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Poland. ". Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 -- Atrocities. Concentration camps -- Poland. World War, 1939-1945 -- Jews -- Poland. World War, 1939-1945 -- Prisoners and prisons, German. Jews -- Poland. In protective mylar. Age toned. Water damage throughout. Visible edge wear, specifically where pages were originally cut. Covers have tears along edges, with back cover missing 1 inch piece from corner. Spine rebacked. (HOLO-114-27) (ID #34219) $125.00.






  35. Commission Generale D'Enquete Sur Les Crimes Allemands En Pologne. LES CRIMES ALLEMANDS EN POLOGNE. Varsovie; Commission Generale D'Enquete Sur Les Crimes Allemands En Pologne, 1948. Original Wraps. 8vo. 243 pages. 24 cm. First French edition. In French. German Crimes in Poland, Volume 1, published by Central Commission For Investigation Of German Crimes In Poland. Warsaw, 1948. With 40 plates, fold out maps, tables, charts, facsimile of documents. Major source of documentation of the holocaust period in Poland. Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 - Atrocities. Concentration camps - Poland. World War, 1939-1945 - Jews - Poland. World War, 1939-1945 - Prisoners and prisons, German. Jews - Poland. OCLC lists 23 copies. Pages aged, wraps bumped and lightly soiled with small tears to edges, otherwise clean and fresh. Good + condition. (HOLO2-124-8) (ID #35493) $50.00.






  37. (Bialystok Ghetto) Datner, Dr. Szymon. WALKA I ZAGLADA BIALOSTOCKIEGO GHETTA. Lodz, CZKH, 1946. In Polish. See his Materialn fun Machol-Fraydel, also on the Bialystock Ghetto, Robinson & Friedman # 2308 Wolff I # 1373. Includes copy of the original errata slip laid in and fold-out map of the Ghetto. (HOLO2-25-16) (ID #8539) $75.00.






  39. [Illustrated] Collis, Robert; Han Hogerzeil. 4 Drawings by E. Ainsworth. STRAIGHT ON, JOURNEY TO BELSEN AND THE ROAD HOME. London; Methuen, 1947. Original Cloth. 8vo. XI, 178 pages. 22 cm. First edition. With 4 drawings by E. Ainsworth. Illustrated endpages. A first-hand account of the authors' work with the Red Cross in central and eastern Europe at the end of the Second World War, including their work providing medical care to survivors at Auschwitz and Belsen. Contents: 1. Journey to Holland 2. Arnhem 3. German Journey 4. Auschwitz 5. Belsen 6. Belsen Hospital 7. Dr. Berger 8. Belsen Hospital (continued) 9. Czech Journey 10. Russian Journey 11. Gala Day 12. Return to Holland 13. Swedish Journey 14. Journey Home. Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 - Medical care. World War, 1939-1945 - Children. World War, 1939-1945 - Prisoners and prisons, German. Erlebnisbericht. Collis, Robert, 1900-. Bergen-Belsen (Concentration camp). Auschwitz - Konzentrationslager. Light edge wear to jacket, very clean and fresh. Very good condition. (HOLO2-121-52) (ID #35278) $40.00.






  41. (Buchenwald) Weinstock, Eugene. BEYOND THE LAST PATH. [New York] Boni & Gaer, 1947. Original Cloth. 8vo. 281 pages. 21 cm. First edition. Signed by author. Personal narrative of a Hungarian cabinetmaker and carpenter who was imprisoned in Buchenwald. “Here one of the millions of Nazi victims records, with startling calm and simplicity, what he lived through for eighteen months as a prisoner in Buchenwald, one of the infamous German concentration camps. It is not an account of horrors. ‘I have made every attempt to write this book so as not to cause pain, ’ says the author. ” (Dust Jacket) Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 -- Personal narratives, Hungarian. Buchenwald (Concentration camp). Minimal shelf wear. Dust jacket shows some wear along edges, small ½ inch tear to bottom of spine. Internally bright and clean. Very good condition in Very Good Jacket. Excellent attractive copy (HOLO2-116-10) (ID #35042) $45.00.






  43. (Dachau) Wandel, Fritz. EIN WEG DÜRCH DIE HÖLLE--: DACHAU: WIE ES WIRKLICH WAR: ERLEBNIS-BERICHT. Reutlingen; Reutlinger Zeitungs-Vetriebs-Gmbh, 1946. Original Wraps. 8vo. 48 pages. 21 cm. First edition. In German. 'A Path Through Hell – Dachau: As it really was; personal testimony. ' The testimony of Fritz Wandel (1898-1956), member of the KPD, and one of the known speakers and leaders of the Mossinger General Strike (textile workers) against the nazis in 1933; for his role in the strike, he was sentenced to years of solitary confinement, then was interned in Dachau from 1937-1943, and in 1943 was sent to a compulsory military labor batallion (Strafdivision 999) ; he was able to escape with other members of the criminal battallion to the Red Army. In this work, he discusses gas chambers, transports, etc. Printed in Reutlingen, where the author settled after the war, and was involved in city politics. Subjects: Germany - Reutlingen - Biography. Concentration camp inmates - Germany - Dachau - Biography. Wandel, Fritz. Dachau (Concentration camp) OCLC lists 8 copies. Pages aged, front wrap loose, otherwise clean and fresh. Good + condition. (HOLO2-118-41) (ID #34412) $100.00.






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  89. [Photography] Hershey, Burnet; Johannes Steel; Joe Weil. THE BLOODY RECORD OF NAZI ATROCITIES. New York, Arco Pub. Co., 1944. Original Wraps. 8vo. 47 pages. 28 cm. First edition. The bloody record of Nazi atrocities; the crimes, by Burnet Hershey; the punishment, by Johannes Steel, edited by Joe Weil. Heavily illustrated. “Illustrated with Authentic Photographs and Sketches drawn by artists from ‘eye-witness’ descriptions. ” Pre-1945 heavily illustrated magazine-format depicting Nazi atrocities which was originally sold on newsstands for mass consumption; contains firsthand accounts and descriptions of numerous death camps, of gas chambers and transports, the genocide in Czechosolovakia, Russsia, Greece, Poland, Norway; numerous illustrations based on first hand accounts of the death camps, many highly graphic photographs of the murdered in Poland, France, and Russia. Illustrations by John Groth and A. M. Froehlich. Assistance from World Jewish Congress, American Jewish Congress, Louis Adamic, etc. Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 - Atrocities. OCLC lists 12 copies. Scarce. Light wear at edges and spine, internally lightly aged. 1/4" scratch to front cover, affecting one line of text. Overall, very clean and fresh. Very good condition. (HOLO2-121-15A) (ID #35051) $1500.00.






  91. [Photography] Levinson, Avraham; Shlomo Ben David. מראות החורבן : מסכת של יהדות אירופה MAR'OT HA-HURBAN: MASEKHET HA-SHEMAD SHEL YAHADUT EROPAH. [Tel Aviv]; Mifleget Po'ale Erets-Yisra'el, 1946. Original Cloth. 8vo. 121 pages. 25 cm. First edition. In Hebrew. Scenes of the Destruction. Important collection of photographic images of Holocaust, published the year after the war’s end in Palestine, not yet Israel. Introduction by Avraham Levinson. Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 - Pictorial works. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) - Europe. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945). World War (1939-1945). Pictorial works. OCLC lists 18 copies. Light edge wear to cloth, endpages lightly foxed, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (HOLO2-124-4) (ID #35489) $1000.00.






  93. [Photography] Shaef, P. W. D. MARTYRS, MARTELAARS, MARTYRS: VICTIMES, SLACHTOFFERS, VICTIMS: 65.000.000: 35.000 BELGES, BELGEN, BELGIANS. [Bruxelles; Editions De La Colombe], 1945. Original Wrappers. 12mo. 119 pages. 22 cm. Illustrated. First Edition. In French, Dutch and English. Black and white photographs showing the horrors of camps and cities after their liberation, including Nordhausen, Buchenwald, Belsen, Ohdurf, Neunburg, Essen, Dachau, Landsberg, Murneau, Gardelegen, Leipzig, Fenig, Volary, Schwarzenfeld, and Ebensee. Photographs provided by the Psychological Warfare Division of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force. Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 -- Concentration camps -- Germany -- Pictorial works. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Germany -- Pictorial works. OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide. (USHMM, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Netherlands Institute for War Documentation.) Rebacked. Previous owner’s name at top right corner of front cover. The US Holocaust Museum keeps their copy in their Rare Book Room. Good condition. (HOLO-114-19) (ID #34215) $375.00.






  95. [Photography] Stewart, David. THE CRIME OF BELSEN: A PEN PORTRAIT. [Berlin; No Publisher], 1945. Original Wraps. 8vo. 58 pages. 21 cm. First edition. With a foreword from Lt. Col. A. M. Campbell of the 35th C. C. S. A vivid portrait of the liberation of the Belsen concentration camp by a British Military Chaplain attached to the 35th C. C. S. (Casualty Clearing Station) ; the author was attached to the emergency hospital opened by the British Army at Belsen, and recounts the horrors of the camp during and after its liberation. Profusely illustrated with photographs. Contains first hand interviews with dozens of Belsen inmates, many of them women, from all over Europe, from several different backgrounds, many who had survived other camps, tortures, etc. Subjects: Belsen Concentration Camp - Germany. Great Britain - Stewart, David. OCLC lists two copies (Stadtbibliothek Braunschweig, Imperial War Museum), none outside Europe. Aged, lightly soiling to wraps, otherwise clean and fresh. Good condition. Quite scarce. (HOLO2-121-66) (ID #35292) $1700.00.






  97. [Poster] Young & Rubicam. WARNING AN ALERT TO ALL RUMOR-WARDENS THREE CANCEROUS CAMPAIGNS LAUNCHED BY THE NAZI PROPAGANDA MACHINE ARE CURRENTLY MAKING HEADWAY IN THIS COUNTRY. 1st edition. Ca 1942. Single sheet, 11x14 inches, “Text by courtesy of Young & Rubicam, Inc” at top margin. Poster asks Americans not to spread rumors with animosity towards Blacks, Jews, or Brits. Includes for monochrome images: A Nazi trying to set white and black Americans at odds, a Nazi trying to turn Christians against Jews, a Nazi about to paint Britannia, and a Nazi at the beginning of a line of rumor mongers. Augspurger (2004) notes that “in 1942…Young and Rubicam ran a series of scare advertisements proclaiming that any piece of information that made one distrust the government, business, or labor was probably a rumor spread by the Nazi propaganda machine. ”(Augspurger, Fortune Magazine and Depression America, 2004, p. 202). Hoover Institution Political Poster Database, Nr US 5959. SUBJECT(S): World War, 1939-1945 -- Posters -- United States. Folded in quarters, probably as originally sent, with some discoloration and closed tears at folds. Good Condition. Attractive and displayable. (holo2-120-11) (ID #34917) $400.00.






  99. [Woodcuts] Adler, Miklós, Illustrator. Text by Saul Touster. BEYOND WORDS: A HOLOCAUST HISTORY IN SIXTEEN WOODCUTS DONE IN 1945 BY MIKLÓS ADLER, A HUNGARIAN SURVIVOR. [ASSOCIATION COPY]. New York, N. Y. ; American Jewish Historical Society ; Cambridge, Mass.: Philidor Co, 2001. 1st edition thus. Original Cloth Portfolio. 4to. 60 pages. 27 cm. Number 120 of 600 numbered and signed copies, signed by Saul Touster. In addition, this copy includes, laid in, a typed letter, signed by Touster to leading Hungarian Holocaust scholar Randolph Braham. The warm, personal letter, telling him that the book is coming out “next week, ” thanking Braham for “your help and for your universally recognized seminal work on the Hungarian Shoah, ” and mentioning that Touster had asked the publisher to send Braham a (this) numbered signed copy. The letter also includes an autograph 8 word PS about a copy that is being sent to another Holocaust scholar. Also laid in is a copy of Braham’s response to Touster, and the publisher’s order form for copies of the book. A Holocaust History in sixteen woodcuts done in 1945 by Miklós Adler, a Hungarian survivor. Edited, with an introduction and commentary, by Saul Touster. Contains facsimiles of the woodcuts and a separately bound volume with Professor Touster's commentary, bound in a folio box. Mikos Adler was an art teacher in Debrecen, Hungary. Sometime in 1944, Adler and his family were loaded onto a transport for Auschwitz, but their train was diverted to Lager 15 in Vienna, and then to Theresienstadt, where they were liberated by the Soviet army on May 8, 1945. Subjects: Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) - Pictorial works. Jewish artists - Hungary - Biography. Wood-engravers - Hungary - Biography. Holocaust survivors - Hungary - Biography. Adler, Miklós. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Little bit of wear to portfolio, inside is immaculate, Very good condition. Powerful, important association copy. (HOLO2-115-36A) (ID #35084) $250.00.






  101. [Illustrated] Aldebert, Bernard. CHEMIN DE CROIX EN 50 STATIONS: DE COMPIÈGNE A GUSEN II: EN PASSANT PAR BUCHENWALD, MAUTHAUSEN, GUSEN I. Paris; Librairie Arthème Fayard, 1946. Original Wraps. 4to. 112, [1] pages. 28 cm. First edition. In French. Includes 50 original color illustrations throughout of Compiegne Gusen 2, Buchenwald, Mauthausen, & Gusen 1. Illustrated narrative by the artist and survivor Bernard Aldebert. “Jean Bernard-Aldebert (1909-1974) was born in Saint-Etienne, and began his career as an illustrator for Le Pêle-Mêle in 1928. He was arrested and deported to the Gusan extermination camp in early 1944, after publishing a satirical drawing in Ric et Rac. His deportation was via Compiegne, KZ Buchenwald, KZ Mauthausen, KZ Gusen I to KZ Gusen II (Bergkristall-Esche II underground plant). One of the very few survivors of Gusen, he captured his experiences during this ordeal in the album 'Chemin de Croix en 50 Stations', published by the Arthème Fayard group in 1946” (Lambiek Comicopedia, 2014). Subjects: Guerre mondiale (1939-1945) - Camps de concentration - Récits personnels français. Déportés français - 1939-1945 - Récits personnels français. Gusen (Concentration camp) - Pictorial works. Gusen (Concentration camp). Pictorial works. OCLC lists 19 copies. Clean and fresh. Very good condition. (HOLO2-118-31) (ID #34402) $1500.00.






  103. [Photography] Exposition Crimes Hitlériens. CRIMES HITLÉRIENS: GRAND PALAIS, EXPOSITION. [Paris; None Listed], 1945. Original Wraps. 4to. [32] pages. 27 cm. First edition. In French. Catalogue of the Exposition Crimes hitlériens. Page [2] contains color reproduction of lithograph poster 'S. S. Crimes Hitlériens' exhibition in Paris at the Grand-Palais, which was originally held from June 10 until July 31, 1945. Committee of honor includes Mitterand; organizing committee includes Coste-Floret, Boissieu, Webel, Paoli, Herst, Billiet. Page [3] includes plan and legend for lay out of the exposition. Complete illustrated throughout, in red and black ink. Includes many gruesome photos of the fate met by members of the French Resistance throughout France, photographs from the Struthof Camp, tallies of deportations of French Jews, tallies of the numbers of forced laborers from France, etc. In June 1945, the French government sponsored a huge exhibition, filling twenty-nine rooms of the Grand Palais, entitled 'Hitler's Crimes'. One of the rooms was devoted, according to the catalogue, to 'The Jews'. It presented a chronology of the internment of Jews in the French Camps of Pithiviers, Beuane-la-Rolande, and Drancy, in the occupied zone, and at Gurs in Southwestern France under the rule of Vichy. It also gave a tally of deportations from Drancy to Germany: 62, 608. Subjects: World War, 1939-1945-Atrocities-Exhibitions World War, 1939-1945-France-Exhibitions France-History-German occupation, 1940-1945-Exhibitions. OCLC lists 6 copies. Light wear to wraps, lightly edged, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. Scarce. (HOLO2-118-28) (ID #34399) $1700.00.






  105. [Illustated] Jankai, Tibor; Zsolt Béla. MÁRTIROK, JANKAI TIBOR RAJZAI. Békéscsaba;tevan Kiadás, 1947. Original boards. Folio. [5], 16 plates. 35 cm. First edition. In Hungarian. 'Martyrs, Drawings by Tibor Jankai. ' Portfolio of sixteen tipped in reproductions of charcoal drawings about the holocaust by Tibor Jankay. Portfolio housed in printed wraps over boards. Edited by Bela Zsolt 1895–1949), Hungarian Jewish author of one of the earliest Holocaust memoirs, Nine Suitcases (Kilenc koffer). Drawings by Tibor Jankay (1899-1994), who was born in Békéscsaba, studied art in Budapest and Paris until World War II, when he was sent to a forced labor camp. Later escaping from a train bound for Auschwitz, Jankay became a fugitive, trading his drawings for food. Despite terrible trials, he survived the war and was miraculously reunited with his beloved wife. The couple resettled in Venice, California. Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 - Pictorial works. OCLC lists 3 copies (Harvard, NYPL, College of Charleston), none west of Charleston. Boards bumped at corners; internally clean and fresh, with plates in excellent condition. Very good condition overall. (HOLO2-113-48) (ID #34774) $1500.00.






  107. [Illustrated] Klarsfeld, Serge (Presenter). David Olère. DAVID OLÈRE (1902-1985) A PAINTER IN THE SONDERKOMMANDO AT AUSCHWITZ (UN PEINTRE AU SONDERKOMMANDO À AUSCHWITZ). The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, New York, 1989. First edition. Original illustrated stiff wrappers, Square 8vo, 111 pages. Includes 125 drawings and paintings, many in color. “L'oeil du témoin. The eyes of a witness. ” Olère’s “work has exceptional documentary value: there are no photos of what happened in the gas chambers and crematoria, and Olère was the only artist to have worked as a member of the Sonderkommando and survived. He was also the first witness to draw plans and cross-sections to explain how the crematoria worked…..David Olère (1902 - 1985) was a Polish-born French painter and sculptor best known for his explicit drawings and paintings based on his experiences as a Jewish Sonderkommando inmate at Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II…. On February 20, 1943, Olère was arrested by French police during a round up of Jews in Seine-et-Oise and placed in Drancy internment camp. On March 2, 1943, he was one of approximately 1, 000 Jews deported from Drancy to Auschwitz. From this transport, Olere was one of 119 people selected for work; the rest were gassed shortly after arrival. He was registered as prisoner 106144 and assigned to the Sonderkommando at Birkenau, the unit of prisoners forced to empty gas chambers and burn the bodies, firstly working in Bunker 2 and later in Crematorium III. In addition to these duties, he was also forced to work as an illustrator, writing and decorating letters for the SS…. Olère began to draw at Auschwitz during the last days of the camp, when the SS became less attentive….. Olère felt compelled to capture Auschwitz artistically to illustrate the fate of all those that did not survive. He sometimes depicts himself in his paintings as a ghostly witnessing face in the background. He exhibited his work at the State Museum of Les Invalides and the Grand Palais in Paris, at the Jewish Museum in New York City, at the Berkeley Museum, and in Chicago. He retired from being an artist in 1962, and died in 1985.” (Wikipedia 2014) Very Good+ Condition. An outstanding copy of a very important book, seldom seen for sale. (holo2-122-36A) (ID #35095) $500.00.






  109. [Drawings] Lasansky, Mauricio. THE NAZI DRAWINGS. Philadelphia, Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1966. 1st edition in soft cover format, Original Paper Wrappers, 4to, unpaginated (about 40 leaves). Catalog with full page color reproductions of Lasansky's 30 guarrish interpretations of the Holocaust and Nazism. Moving Nine-page essay by Edwin Honig. To accompany the travelling exhibition held in Philadelphia, New York and Des Moines January through July 1967. The 30 original color drawings in this exhibition catalog depict Lasansky's graphic indictment of the Nazi era. Lasansky was a survivor of the Nazi death camps and in this series of drawings he expresses the "degradation of all mankindby its own brutality and varice unmercifully exposed in life-sized figures." Cover damaged, internally Very Good Condition (holo2-122-22) (ID #35032) $35.00.






  111. [Photography] Missoul, Albert. [BUCHENWALD] LES HORREURS DES CAMPS DE TORTURE NAZIS: REPORTAGES PHOTOGRAPHIQUES. Bruxelles; Editions Perce Neige, 1945. Original Wraps. 8vo. 16 pages. 24 cm. First edition. In French. Buchenwald; 2me année, no 5. 'Special number'. Dated May 1945. Illustrated brochure on the horrors of Buchenwald. Demands vengeance for the dead. Subjects: Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) - Pictorial works. Concentration camps - Pictorial works. Concentration camps. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) Pictorial works. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide. Aged, edges of cover previously strengthened with tape, overall clean and fresh. Good condition. (HOLO2-124-10) (ID #35495) $1500.00.






  113. [Photography] Steiner, Bedrich; Stefan Engel. TRAGÉDIA SLOVENSKÝCH ZIDOV: FOTOGRAFIE A DOKUMENTY. V Bratislave; Dokumentacná Akcia Pri USZNO, 1949. 1st edition. Cloth. 4to. Unpaginated (142 pages). 29 cm. First edition. In Slovak. Title translates as: The tragedy of Slovak Jewry: photographs and documents. Published in Bratislava by the Documentation Centre of CUJCR [Documentation project of the union of Jewish religious congregations in Bratislava]. Principally a phto-illustrated volume depicting the various facets of the destruction of the Jews of Slovakia; includes graph of deportation convoy charts, photographs from the extermination camps, photographs of leading Czech collaborators, anti-semitic wall propaganda posters, etc. Subjects: Jews - Czechoslovakia - Pictorial works. World War, 1939-1945 - Atrocities - Pictorial works. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) - Slovakia - Pictorial works. Judenverfolgung. Slowakei. New blank endpapers, some staining on last few leaves, otherwise Very good condition. (HOLO2-105-17) (ID #35033) $350.00.






  115. [Caricature] Szyk, Arthur. THE NEW ORDER. New York; G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1941. Original Cloth in the scarce original dust jacket. 4to. [47] pages. 26 cm. First edition. Illustrated throughout. Contains 38 pages of plates, with 8 illustrations in color. Vitriolic caricatures of Hitler, Mussolini, Hito, Nazism, Vichy France, the Hitler-Stalin Pact, the betrayal of Poland, the invasion of Ethiopia, the Balkans, etc. Szyk fled Nazi-controlled Europe for the United States in 1940. His widely published caricatures made him one of America's most famous political satirists during World War II. He was a gifted artist, considered one of the greatest modern practitioners of the art of illumination, especially in miniature format. In 1939, following Germany's invasion of Poland, he focused on producing anti-Nazi editorial cartoons published in many Western newspapers and magazines. In late 1940, after a period of residence in England, he emigrated to the United States with his family. He would be one of America's leading anti-Fascist political caricaturists as well as a leading advocate for Jewish rescue. Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 - Caricatures and cartoons. Fascism - Caricatures and cartoons. Fascism. Political science. Weltkrieg (1939-1945) Karikatur. World War (1939-1945) Caricatures and cartoons. 1933 - 1945 Germany - Politics and government - 1933-1945 - Caricatures and cartoons. Lightly soiled jacket. Clean and fresh in good jacket. Very good condition. (HOLO2-121-67) (ID #35293) $125.00.






  117. [POSTER] Szyk, Arthur, Illusrtrator. DOES IT HAVE A SLIGHT ODOR OF GOEBBELS?. No Place (New York?), No Publisher (Young & Rubicam). 1st edition. Ca 1942 (as indicated in Szyk’s printed signature). Single sheet, 11x14 inches, showing skunk with swastikas and Goebbels head, with title and text. “Text by courtesy of Young & Runicasm, Inc” at top margin. Balch Institute Ethnic Images in Advertising Collection, Nr. 3238: “Advertisement from Young & Rubicam, Inc. Warning against the dangers of spreading rumors during World War II. The ad features a large skunk bearing Nazi Propagandist Joseph Goebbels face with a swastika shaved into its leg. The copy indicates that the Nazi propagandists are working to ‘pit class against class, race against race in America’. Upon hearing a rumor, one must ask themselves: 1. Does it hurt morale? 2. Does it make you distrust your Government, business or labor? (Divide and Rule is Hitler's policy.) 3. Does such a rumor tend to discredit our Allies? 4. Who would benefit most by spreading this rumor--our enemies or the United States? The illustration was signed [printed signature] by Arthur Szyk. ” Augspurger (2004) notes that “in 1942…Young and Rubicam ran a series of scare advertisements proclaiming that any piece of information that made one distrust the government, business, or labor was probably a rumor spread by the Nazi propaganda machine. One such overzealous advertisement [in Fortune magazine], asking, ‘Does it have a slight odor of Goebbels? ’ ironically appeared in the midst of ‘A Report to Mr. Roosevelt, ’ an editorial harshly criticizing the war leadership in Washington…”(Augspurger, Fortune Magazine and Depression America, 2004, p. 202). SUBJECT(S): World War, 1939-1945 -- Posters -- United States. Folded in quarters, probably as originally sent, with some discoloration and closed tears at folds. Good Condition. Attractive and displayable. (holo2-120-10) (ID #34916) $500.00.






  119. [Drawings & Lithograph] Tolkaczew, Zinowij (Tolkachev, Zinovii). KWIATY OSWIECIMIA/ FLOWERS OF OSWIECIM (SIGNED NUMBERED LIMITED EDITION WITH LITHOGRAPH). Narodowa, Krakow, 1946. First edition. Original Linen Cloth, 4to, 10 pages of text plus 32 black and white plates. Plus SIGNED LITHOGRAPH FRONTISPIECE. The volume is also signed by the artist on the justification page. #159/1000. Not the far more common trade edition published without the signed dated numbered lithograph. Tolkachev was an official Red Army War Artist who recorded what he saw when the Soviet army liberated Majdanek and Auschwitz. Text and captions in Polish, Russian, English, French and German. Thirty-two reproductions of the drawings of a survivor of Auschwitz, of children and their families who perished. Text and captions in Polish, Russian, English, French and German. Ex-library with donor inscription on blank front end paper and usual marks at front. Front hinge a little loose, Covers clean (no spine label, etc), otherwise Very Good Condition. (holo2-122-2) (ID #35063) $175.00.






  121. [Drawings] Weil, Shraga. TANUSA GTE TEL [SIGNED, LIMITED EDITION]. [Hungary] Kiadja: A Hasomer Hacair, 1946. Original Portfolio. 8vo. [4] pages, 10 plates. 22 cm. First edition. Portfolio containing 10 separate black and white prints with Holocaust-related subjects. Ten plates with printed illustrations by Shraga Weil, documenting the holocaust period and life in the camps. Printed in 50 numbered copies, the copy presented here is no. 46, with the signature of Shraga Weil in blue ink. Black portfolio enclosure consisting of the back and four flaps. The two side and bottom flaps are approximately 2 inches while the top flap extends the length of the enclosure. Attached to the exterior of the top flap near the bottom right hand corner is a white rectangular paper form depicting the front cover (image and text) of the book enclosed. Subjects: Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945), in art. None on OCLC. Light edge wear and minor foxing to first page, light wear to portfolio, otherwise very clean and fresh. Very good + condition. Very scarce and important. (HOLO2-118-26) (ID #34397) $1700.00.





  123. Carpi, Daniel. THE RESCUE OF JEWS IN THE ITALIAN ZONE OF OCCUPIED CROATIA. Jerusalem; [No Publisher Stated], 1977. Original Wraps. 8vo. Pages 465-525 [i. E. 60 pages] 22 cm. First separate edition. "Reprint from: Rescue attempts during the Holocaust proceedings of the second Yad Vashem International historical Conference-April 1974." Historical work, and reflection on the documentation and materials, on the rescue of the Jews in Croatia. Bibliography: p. 507. Document Facsimiles: p. 508-525. Daniel Carpi (1926-2005) was Professor of Jewish History at the University of Tel Aviv, Israel; author of numerous works in Italian, Hebrew, and English on the history of the Holocaust in Italy and its territories. Subjects: Jews - Croatia. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) - Croatia. Jews. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945). OCLC lists 6 copies. Lightly aged and light soiling to wraps, contains red pencil underlining throughout, otherwise clean and fresh. Good + condition. (HOLO2-123-48) (ID #35504) $50.00.






  125. Davies, Raymond Arthur. ODYSSEY THROUGH HELL. New York: L. B. Fischer, 1946. 1st edition. Original cloth in dust jacket, 8vo, 235 pages. American foreign correspondent reportage on the Holocaust and Jewish resistance: “Although it narrates the suffering s of Jewish men, women, and children in lands swept by German armies, its composite hero is the Jew—man, woman, even child—who has stepped forth from this Gehenna, not submissive but militant…. After all their peace-loving centuries, the Jews of Eastern Europe ‘have broken with the fatalistic acceptance of attack and revilement, ’ and have learned to fight back against their enemy” (from the jacket). Very Good Condition in Good bright red jacket with some edgewear. (holo2-122-40) (ID #35100) $30.00.






  127. Donat, Alexander. JEWISH RESISTANCE. New York: Warsaw Ghetto Resistance Organization, 1964. Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 32 pages. First edition. "Part I appeared under title 'Armageddon: twenty years after the Warsaw uprising' in Dissent, spring 1963l; part II under title 'revisionist history of the Jewish catastrophe' in Judaism, fall 1963. Donat survived the Warsaw Ghetto and concentration camps. Before the War he was a prominent publisher of one of the Warsaw daily newspapers (Ezrahil, EJ). SUBJECT(S): World War, 1939-1945-Jews; Jews-Poland; Hannah Arendt. OCLC lists 25 copies worldwide. Small crease to one corner, very light wear. Otherwise in very good condition. (AMRN-6-31). (ID #34799) $40.00.






  129. Garlinski, Jozef. FIGHTING AUSCHWITZ: THE RESISTANCE MOVEMENT IN THE CONCENTRATION CAMP. London; Orbis, 1994. Original Wrappers. 8vo. Xi, 327 pages. 22 cm. Illustrated. Later Edition. Originally published in London by Julian Friedmann Publishers, 1975. Contains portraits of Auschwitz prisoners and resistance members, as well as black and white period photographs of the camp and SS officers. An important piece by a camp survivor and Polish Home Army member discussing resistance within Aushwitz. “There are already a great many books on Auschwitz; a full list of books and articles on it would run to over seven thousand items. Why add another? Because it deals systematically for the first time with an element in the life of the camp that does extraordinary credit to its prisoners: the resistance movement that was created inside it and that, even in those conditions, the SS could never destroy. The author was for a short time a forced inmate himself, which gives him a special claim to touch the subject. Before he went there, he had been in resistance outside, as an officer of the Armia Krajowa, the Polish Home Army that was later decimated in the Warsaw rising. ” (Foreward) Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 -- Underground movements -- Poland. Auschwitz (Concentration camp) Light shelf wear, light staining and wrinkling along bottom fore edge corner of pages. Good + condition. (HOLO-114-23) (ID #34217) $30.00.






  131. Vrba, Rudolf and Alan Bestic. I CANNOT FORGIVE. London, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1964. . First edition. Original Publisher’s cloth with dust jacket. 8vo. 278 pages. Illustrated. 22 cm. True story of a 20 year old boy who escaped Auschwitz and joined the Czechoslovakian partisan unit in fighting the Nazis. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Persecutions -- Slovakia. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Slovakia -- Personal Narratives. World War, 1939-1945 -- Jewish resistance -- Slovakia. Named Person: Vrba, Rudolf. Named Corp: Auschwitz (Concentration camp). Excellent condition in very good dust jacket with quarter-sized chip in bottom front (similar to the copy pictured). (HOLO2-117-77) (ID #34584) $75.00.






  133. Winkler, Ernst, Pseud. FOUR YEARS OF NAZI TORTURE. New York; London, D. Appleton-Century Co., Incorportated, 1942. Original Cloth. 8vo. 200 pages. 20 cm. First edition. With four pages of plates. Narrative of Ernst Winkler, soldier and pilot under the Weimar Republic, resigned when Hitler came into power and accepted a position as one of the leaders of the Catholic Youth Movement. In 1934 he was arrested and subjected to a series of concentration camps and all manner of physical brutalities. On his return to his family in 1938, he found them divided, his brothers Nazified, so he left home and became part of the underground movement, broadcasting from mobile Freedom stations. He finally was forced to escape to Switzerland, his wife followed and they finally reached the USA. Subjects: Concentration camps - Germany. World War, 1939-1945-Prisoners and prisons, German-Biography. Concentration camps. Light soiling to cloth, minor foxing throughout. Clean and fresh. Very good condition. (HOLO2-118-42) (ID #34413) $30.00.







  135. Neustadt, Melech [Melech Noy]. THE WARSAW GHETTO RISING (AS TOLD BY THE INSURGENTS). Tel-Aviv; World Union Poale-Zion (Z. S.) - Hitachduth, 1944. Original Wraps. 12mo. 39 pages. 17 cm. First edition. Very early report in English on the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. "This pamphlet was translated from a survey appearing in the "Davar" Yearbook for 5704 (1943/44). " Written by Melech Noy-Neustadt (1896-1959), general secretary of the World Union of the Labor Zionist Movement. A descriptive survey of recent reports and papers smuggled out by the Polish underground, offering new information on aspects of the heroic Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the diabolic system of deportations and concentration camps, it also criticizes the Bund in New York for neglecting to consider the Poale Zion members of the armed resistance. Leading Holocaust historian and bibliographer Philip Friedman's copy, with his stamp on title page and front wrap. Subjects: Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (Warsaw, Poland: 1943). History. Warsaw (Poland) - History - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, 1943. Poland – Warsaw. OCLC lists 7 copies. Light wear, clean and fresh. Very good condition. (HOLO2-124-7) (ID #35492) $500.00.




  137. VARSHEVER GETO OYFSHTAND, 19TER APRIL, 1943-19TER APRIL, 1947. [Landsberg: Aroysgegebn Fun Ts. K. Poyle Tsien (Ts. S.) Un Merkaz Dror In Daytshland, 1947. 1st edition. Original illustrated paper wrappers, 8vo, 61 pages. In Yiddish, published in Lands. Bold graphic on cover of a partisan. “On April 19, 1943, a German force, equipped with tanks and artillery, under the command of Col. Sammern-Frankennegg, penetrated into the ghetto in order to resume the deportations. The Nazis met with stiff resistance from the Jewish fighters. Despite overwhelmingly superior forces, the Germans were repulsed from the ghetto, after suffering heavy losses…Armed resistance lasted until June 1943. With the help of the Polish "People's Guard" some 50 ghetto fighters escaped from the ghetto and continued to fight the Germans in the nearby forests as a partisan unit named in memory of Anielewicz. The Warsaw ghetto uprising had an enormous moral effect upon Jews and non-Jews throughout the world, especially since it was prepared and carried out under conditions which practically excluded a priori any attempt at armed resistance. Despite the vastly unequal forces, the uprising continued for a long time and constituted the largest battle in occupied Europe before April 1943 (excepting in Yugoslavia). This battle also had its impact upon the Polish population, resulting in the intensification of resistance by the Poles as well as by Jews throughout the country” (EJ, 2007). SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Poland -- Warsaw. Warsaw (Poland) -- History -- Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, 1943. OCLC lists 12 copies worldwide. Cover reparied, with edgewear which touches graphic and causes loss of final 2 letters in title, Good- condition. Dramatic illustration. (ART-17-2A) (ID #35475) $200.00.






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  205. [Anti-Nazi Boycott; Stamp/sticker]. BOYCOTT HITLER NOT GERMANY [STAMP]. No Place [New York?], No Publisher [American League For The Defence Of Jewish Rights?]. No Date [1933] Original Stamp with glue back. 1 stamp. 4×4 cm. Color. American postal stamp; no postage rate attached. Stamp calling for a boycott of Nazi products. Image of locked gate, animal with swastika on it around its waist, tablets with the Ten Commandments, and Jewish star. Original caption: "Boycott Hitler not Germany. Nazi products not wanted!". Likely issued between 1933 and 1941 under the auspices of either the American League for the Defense of Jewish Rights, the Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League to Champion Human Rights, or the Joint Boycott Council. Subjects: Stamps. Boycotts - Germany. World War, 1939-1945. One copy held at NYPL. Lightly aged, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (HOLO2-121-45) (ID #35271) $60.00.






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  209. Legion Of Judea. HELP CRUSH-NAZISM [CARD]. [New York?; Legion Of Judea], [1933?]. Single sided embossed card. [1] page. 10x17 cm. Boycott Nazi card. 'Help Crush-Nazism and Restore World Confidence in German Civilization. Issued by the Legion of Judea, U. S. A. ' Newspaper reports from 1933 mention the Legion of Judea at several anti-Nazi protests. Subjects: Legion of Judea. Boycott Nazi card. Ephemera – Anti-Nazi Boycott. Light soiling and edge wear, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (HOLO2-123-2) (ID #35427) $175.00.





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  227. Another Copy. Original Printed Boards. 12mo. 47, [1] pages. 18 cm. First edition. Illustrated Small spine number, otherwise Very Good Condition. (HOLO2-118-24A) (ID #34395) $450.00.






  229. Josephson, Matthew. NAZI CULTURE: THE BROWN DARKNESS OVER GERMANY. New York, The John Day Company, 1933. 20 cm. The John Day pamphlets, no. 33 Very early expose of Nazi Antisemitism, atrocities, and book buring from Hitler's first year in power. "The 'excesses' of the Hitler counter-revolution may be disavowed tomorow....We shall be told...that the imprisonment of 20,000 political opponents, the beating and torturing of several thousand more, the assasination of hundreds of others, was unavoidable, etc....The campaign of violence against books, ideas, and social values, was a deliberate and most vital part of the new program of 'national rising. ' Moreover it goes on, with unabated fury, though the authors of the hated ideas are dead or exiled; it looks to the future. " Previous owners name in pen on cover. Very good condition. (HOLO2-86-14) (ID #34797) $50.00.






  231. Klein, Herbert Arthur. Original Cover Illustration by Franz Masereel. Rear Cover Illustration Of Concentration Camp Scene by Gyula Zilzer. BRAINS BEHIND BARBED WIRE: A COLLECTIVE REPORT BY THE ASSOCIATION OF PROLETARIAN REVOLUTIONARY WRITERS OF GERMANY (BUND PROLETARISCH-REVOLUTIONAERER SCHRIFTSTELLER DEUTSCHLANDS). New York Universum-Basel, US Representatives Of The Bund Proletarisch-Revolutionärer Schriftsteller Deutschlands, 1934. 1st edition. Original illustrated paper wrappers, 8vo, 31 pages. 23 cm. “Fate of artists, scholars, scientists, brain workers under Hitler-Fascism. ” Translation of “Hirne hinter Stacheldraht, ” with new introduction and notes, by Herbert A. Klein. “Frans Masereel (1889 – 1972) was a Flemish painter and graphic artist who worked mainly in France. He is known especially for his woodcuts. His greatest work is generally said to be the wordless novel Mon Livre d'Heures (Passionate Journey). He completed over 20 other wordless novels in his career. Masereel's woodcuts strongly influenced the work of Lynd Ward and later graphic artists such as Clifford Harper and Eric Drooker. There is a Frans Masereel Centre (Frans Masereel Centrum for Graphix) in the village of Kasterlee in Belgium…. He lived for a time in Berlin, where his closest creative friend was George Grosz…. In 1940 he fled from Paris and lived in several cities in Southern France” (Wikipedia, 2014). “Gyula Zilzer was born in Budapest, Hungary…. While in Europe, Zilzer had exhibitions in London, Amsterdam, Moscow, and Paris. He won prizes at the International Exhibition in Moscow (1927), International Exhibition in Bourdeaux (1927), and a French Government Scholarship in 1928. Zilzer came to the United States in 1932. He quickly received critical recognition and had solo shows at the New School for Social Research (1932), the Mellon Gallery in Philadelphia (1933) …. Solo shows continued, including at the Association of American Artists (1937), Los Angeles AM (1943), and San Diego Fine Arts Society (1943). During the Depression Zilzer worked for the WPA’s art program…. Zilzer’s work is in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, The British Museum, The Pushkin Museum in Moscow, the Graphische Kabinett in Munich and the National Art Museum in Budapest” (Steven Wasser, 2014). SUBJECT(S): Authors, German; Concentration camps; Germany Minorities. Jews. Anti-Semitism. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) Doctors. Lawyers. Teachers. Intellectuals. Oppression, terror, concentration camps, Jews, political trials, etc. Light vertical crease, otherwise Very Good Condition. (holo2-120-15B) (ID #35201) $125.00.






  233. Another Copy. 1st edition. Original illustrated paper wrappers (rear cover is shown at left). Some wear to cover. Staining to interior pages from bleed through. Otherwise Good Condition. (holo2-120-16) (ID #34922) $100.00.






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  237. Mowrer, Edgar Ansel. HITLERISM EXPOSED! CHAPTER XVIII: "PERISH THE JEW," THE INSIDE STORY OF THE JEWISH SITUATION IN GERMANY, FROM "GERMANY PUTS THE CLOCK BACK,". New York, Morrow, 1933. 1st edition. Original Wrappers, 12mo, pages 223-240 [ie 16 pages]. 21 cm. Promotional offprint of chapter 18 of Mowrer’s upcoming book, “Germany Puts the Clock Back. ” Very scarce, no copies on OCLC. SUBJECT (S): Jews in Germany -- Anti-Semitism. Pen marks on lower margin of front cover, otherwise Very Good Condition. (holo2-120-14) (ID #34920) $125.00.






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  317. Frank, Anne. WEET JE NOG? VERHALEN EN SPROOKJES. Amsterdam, Contact, 1949. 1st edition, first printing. Original illustrated publisher’s boards in the extremely rare dustjacket. Small 8vo, 64 pages. Published 2 years after the famous diary. Designed and illustrated by Kees Kelfkens. Rare first edition of this collection of simple stories and fairy-tales for Dutch children, written by Anne Frank at the age of 14, while in hiding. Primo Levi suggested that Anne Frank is frequently identified as a single representative of the millions of people who suffered and died as she did because "One single Anne Frank moves us more than the countless others who suffered just as she did but whose faces have remained in the shadows. Perhaps it is better that way; if we were capable of taking in all the suffering of all those people, we would not be able to live. " Otto Frank, Anne’s father spent the remainder of his life after publication of the Diary as custodian of his daughter's legacy, saying, "It's a strange role. In the normal family relationship, it is the child of the famous parent who has the honor and the burden of continuing the task. In my case the role is reversed. " An outstanding copy, in the exceedingly rare 1st edition dust jacket, which has a dime-size spot of damage on the spine (no text affected), and a touch of edgewear. A very nice copy. (kh-2-12) (ID #34933) $1000.00.






  319. Levin, Meyer; Anne Frank. ANNE FRANK: A PLAY. [New York]; M. Levin, 1967. Publishers cloth. XIV, 86 pages. 1st edition. “Shoshanna Rozen and Dori Ben Zev as Anna and Peter” (text accompanying photo on cover). "Privately published by the author for literary discussion"; “Arranged by Batya Lancet and Peter Frye for the Israel Soldiers theatre, as directed by Peter Frye. ” Contains a long preface by Meyer Levin about the controversial history, in the face of copyright restrictions from Otto Frank, to perform this play, which apparently was a major success at its debut show in Israel. Contains the entire script for the play, adapted from the Diary of Anne Frank; 3 photographs from performances at the Israel Soldiers Theatre, and numerous reviews on back page. Subjects: Frank, Anne, 1929-1945 - Drama. OCLC lists 15 copies. Ex-library with usual marks, small stain on cover, otherwise Very Good Condition. Rare (HOLO2-103-22A) (ID #35029) $300.00.





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  333. [“From a Correspondent”]. ”THE JEWISH PERIL.” – A DISTURBING PAMPHLET. [New York City?], [ca. 1934?]. Letter handbill. 2 pages. 28x22 cm. Two sided printing on thin paper; with Antisemitic cartoon at top of front page. Originally published 1926[?] with a new “Note by Editor:” “The revelations made before the Dies Committee make the reprinting of this article, written eighteen years ago, most pertinent. The ‘Protocol’ prophecy of 1905 has continued, with the aid of Jews, to be fulfilled to the letter for over thirty-three years.” Originally printed in Britain in 1926, this Nazi-era reprint implores that after the printing of “The Jewish Peril” in the London Times, no satisfactory Jewish challenge has been made other then pointing to the police agent S. Nilus as author; the author proceeds to outline the theses of the Protocols in seven paragraphs, and then calls for a critical examination. The author emphasizes two main points which reveal his position: that Bolshevik Russia is ruled by Jews and that the Protocols “have been written by Jews for Jews”; a sophisticated work by an Antisemitic demagogue who implores for critical analysis while at the very same time asserting that the positions of the Protocols are fundamentally true; a position given away by the “Note by Editor” on the back page. Subjects: Antisemitism. Protocols. Previously folded in center partition, with small tear to left side along fold line. Good condition. (LB-5-10) $100.00





  335. [No Author Listed]. BOLSHEVISM IS NOT JEWISH. London; Woburn Press, [1937]. Original Wraps. 12mo. 7 pages. 19 cm. First edition. Nazi-era Short informational/counter-propaganda pamphlet countering Hitler's propaganda about Jews and Bolshevism; text declares Bolshevism as purely Russian, Luddendorf's convoy granting Lenin free pass to Russia in 1917, cites the overwhelmingly non-Jewish background of the majority of the Party, the Bund's opposition to Bolshevism, and Bolshevik persecution of the Jewish community in Russia. Date not stated; 1937 date based on the citation of Chief Rabbi Hertz's Day of Atonement Message [cited p. 2]. Subjects: Communism and Judaism. Communism and Zionism. Antisemitism - Soviet Union. OCLC lists 9 copies. Light wear to edges, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (HOLO2-123-35) (ID #35460) $30.00.






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  341. Perinhart, J. DIE DEUTSCHEN JUDEN UND HERR W. MARR. Loebau Wpr. ; R. Skrzeczek, 1879. Original Wraps. 8vo. 42 pages. 23 cm. In German. 'The German Jews and Mr. W. Marr'. An anti-Marr pamphlet by J. Perinhart, a Reform Jew, who attacked Marr's pamphlet on the grounds that it falsified the reality of Jewish economic life: Perinhart argued that Jews were primarily artisans, and that the connection of Jews as essential to the emergence of capitalism was false. Wilhelm Marr (1819-1904), a radical agitator, had been on the left wing in the 48 revolutions; he later popularized the term anti-semitism, and was the author of the famous pamphlet Der Weg zum Siege des Germanenthums über das Judenthum (The Way to Victory of Germanicism over Judaism, 1879) wherein he introduced the idea that Germans and Jews were locked in a longstanding conflict, the origins of which he attributed to race, argued that Jewish emancipation resulting from German liberalism had allowed the Jews to control German finance and industry, and called for the expulsion of Jews from Germany. Marr later renounced anti-semitism at the end of his life, and declared himself as originally a 'philo-semite', undoubtedly under the impact of the debates in the SPD. Subjects: Antisemitism - Germany. Jews - Germany. Antisemitismus. Marr, Wilhelm, 1819-1904. OCLC lists 21 copies. Pages uncut, original front wrap absent, soiled with light edge wear; pages clean, fresh. Good + condition. (SPEC-41-3) (ID #35416) $750.00.





  343. (Photos) Seifert, Hermann Erich. DER JUDE AN DER OSTGRENZE [THE JEW ON THE EASTERN BORDER]. Berlin; Zentralverlag Der NSDAP, 1940. 1st edition. Original paper wrappers, 12mo. 87, [4] pages. 19 cm. Includes photo plates of Jews in Warsaw & Lublin Ghettos. In German. It was in the Summer of 1941, the year following this book’s publication, that Himmler summoned Auschwitz Kommandant Höss to Berlin and told him, "The Führer has ordered the Final Solution of the Jewish question. We, the SS, have to carry out this order...I have therefore chosen Auschwitz for this purpose. " Title translates as “The Jew at the Eastern Border. ” Part of the “publication series of the Nazi Party, Group 7, the East of Europe, Book 3” (Schriftenreihe der NSDAP; Gruppe 7, Der Osten Europas, Band 3“). The author Hermann Seifert was the leading journalist of “Der Angriffe”, the Nazi party daily paper. This volume describes the "Jewish plague" and "Jewish danger" which “threatened” the German Reich (and the rest of civilized Europe) until Poland was overrun by the German armed forces and the Jews were locked up in ghettos such as Warsaw and Lublin which are shown in rare photos (8 photos on four pages of plates). The author writes that imprisonment in ghettos can only be a temporary solution to solve the “Jewish question”. Subjects: Antisemitism. Jews -- Poland. Jews, East European. Germany; political history and theory; 20th century; Third Reich; Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei; press and propaganda. Very Good Condition. An Outstanding copy. (HOLO2-88-4) (ID #35481) $1000.00.






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  349. Toller, Ernst. SEVEN PLAYS. Liveright Publishing Corporation, New York, 1936. 1st edition. Cloth, octavo, 434 pages. Copy belonging to Junius Scales, the only American jailed simply for being a member of the Communist Party (others were jailed because of their leadership positions), with his ownership notation on the front pastedown. German Jewish dramatist Ernst Toller (1893-1939) served in 1919 for six days as President of the short-lived Bavarian Soviet Republic and was imprisoned for five years for his actions. (Wikipedia 2014). He was “one of the best-known German dramatists of the 1920s. In numerous publications, he also warned against the rise of Nazism, predicting that Hitler would undo the social gains of the Weimar Republic with one stroke of the pen. The immense popularity of his plays was considered dangerous by the regime and Joseph Goebbels declared Toller Nazi Germany's 'political enemy number one. ' His works were burned during the book burnings of 1933. Toller was forced into exile in Switzerland, France, England, and eventually the United States. He continued to try to warn the world about the dangers of Nazism, arguing that the civil war in Spain was Nazi Germany's rehearsal for an approaching European war. Toller committed suicide in New York in 1939” (US Holocaust Museum, 2014). A bit musty, otherwise Very Good+ in a Very Good jacket with sunned spine. An attractive copy with interesting relevant association. (KH-2-5) (ID #34768) $65.00.






  351. Toller, Ernst; Crankshaw, Edward (Trans). I WAS A GERMAN: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF ERNST TOLLER [LEARN FROM MY YOUTH]. New York: William Morrow & Company, 1934. First edition, first printing. Original cloth in jacket, 8vo; 294 pages. In the very scarce dust jacket, which subverts the actual title (“I Was a German”) to the status of subtitle, listing the title on both the jacket spine and jacket cover instead as “Learn From My Youth. ” Presumably, this reflected an editorial decision made after the book was printed (the title page and cloth list the title simply as “I Was A German”) that the actual title would hurt US book sales. Copy belonging to Junius Scales, the only American jailed simply for being a member of the Communist Party (others were jailed because of their leadership positions), but without any ownership notation (we purchased the book from Scales daughter). German Jewish dramatist Ernst Toller (1893-1939) served in 1919 for six days as President of the short-lived Bavarian Soviet Republic, and was imprisoned for five years for his actions. (Wikipedia 2014). He was “one of the best-known German dramatists of the 1920s. In numerous publications, he also warned against the rise of Nazism, predicting that Hitler would undo the social gains of the Weimar Republic with one stroke of the pen. The immense popularity of his plays was considered dangerous by the regime and Joseph Goebbels declared Toller Nazi Germany's 'political enemy number one. ' His works were burned during the book burnings of 1933. Toller was forced into exile in Switzerland, France, England, and eventually the United States. He continued to try to warn the world about the dangers of Nazism, arguing that the civil war in Spain was Nazi Germany's rehearsal for an approaching European war. Toller committed suicide in New York in 1939” (US Holocaust Museum, 2014). He Jacket is very worn at edges and has a sunned spine, but is complete and very seldom seen. Book is a bit musty, otherwise Very Good. A rare jacketed copy. (kh-2-6) (ID #34769) $200.00.





  353. THIS HOUSE FOR REFUGEES…MORE NECESSARY NOW THAN EVER!. New York: American Jewish Congress. 1938-39. 1st edition. Tri-fold pamphlet, 8vo, 6 panels. Glossy fundraising brochure with 4 photos, a history of the temporary home for German refugees, quotes from former “guests, ” and a fundraising tear-off (present). The American Jewish Congress House was founded by the Women’s Division of the AJC, under the leadership of Mrs. Stephen S. Wise, to provide temporary food and housing, as well as English lessons, employment assistance, and location of relatives, to the “unfortunate people whom a ruthless and tyrannical dictatorship has uprooted from their native lands and set adrift in a strange country. ” At the time of publication (sometime after October 1938), the house could accommodate 50-60 men, women and children “who remain in the shelter two to three weeks or longer, depending on their circumstances. ” We could find no reference to this publication, not in OCLC nor in normal internet searches. It is perhaps a unique surviving copy. The Jewish Telegraph Agency does report, however, on Sept 26, 1934, that “A reception to members of the Free Synagogue will be held at American Jewish Congress House under the auspices of the Women’s Association of the American Jewish Congress tonight, it was announced yesterday by Mrs. Stephen S. Wise, president. The reception will comprise a tour of inspection of Congress House, which will be opened officially in a short time for members of the Free Synagogue, through whose courtesy the building at 50 West Sixty-eighth street was made available. The Free Synagogue has presented the building to the Women’s Association of the American Jewish Congress. Under the leadership of Mrs. Wise, the Women’s Association has converted the building into a social and recreational center for German refugees. In addition to all the varied uses of a social center, the institution will provide temporary residence for German refugees. ” Very Good+ Condition, an outstanding copy, very suitable for display. (holo2-120-20) (ID #34926) $325.00.






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  409. Silbermann, Abraham Maurice. HAGADAH LI-YELADIM. DIE HAGGADAH DES KINDES. Berlin, Hebräischer Verlag Menorah,", 1936. 2nd printing (first printing was 1933) of the first children’s hagadah published in Europe; it was also the first hagadah with moving parts. Published 3 years after Hitler came to power. Text in Hebrew and German. Famous and much loved children's Haggadah with its moveable parts. Illustrated by Erwin Singer Born in Hungary, [Abraham Moritz] Silbermann [1889-1939] was ordained as a rabbi at Berlin Rabbinical Seminary, but engaged in publishing and bookselling… his Children’s Haggadah was popular” (Encyclopedia Judaica). This book was a featured selection in the Brooklyn Public Library’s 2000 exhibition, Brooklyn Pops Up!: The History and Art of the Movable Book. The illustrations with moving parts depict baby Moses on the Nile, the Jews’ bondage in Egypt, the plagues, the Pharaoh’s army in the Red Sea, and the hiding and finding of the afikomen at a contemporary Seder. In addition, there is a two page full-color illustration entitled “Next Year in Jerusalem” in Hebrew. Printed in Hebrew, with German translation facing. With lyrics and music for a number of songs at the end. Spine repaired, new endpapers, wear to boards, including 2 corner patches on rear board where patterned paper design is lacking (boards remain strong and tight. Moving parts have tears, often repaired with cellophane tape, but are all functional. Good Solid Condition (hag 15-2) (ID #34931) $500.00.





  411. DIGEST OF PROCEEDINGS: AT THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE AMERICAN COMMITTEE OF JEWISH WRITERS, ARTISTS AND SCIENTISTS INC. New York; American Committee Of Jewish Writers, Artists And Scientists, 1944. Original Wraps. 4to. 7 pages. 31 cm. First edition. Digest of Proceedings of the American Committee of Jewish Writers, Artists and Scientists, Annual Conference, 1944, at Carnegie Hall, Hotel Commodore, New York City, January 22-23, 1944. Contains 7 pages of single sided duplicated typewritten reports, bound in blue wraps. Contains first page prospectus on the history, origins, and objectives of the Committee (publisher of Eynikayt and New Currents) ; list of Officers (includes Albert Einstein, Sholem Asch), Executive Committee (includes Marc Chagall, Pinkhos Churgin, Nachman Meizel, Menashe Unger, Paul Novick) and National Council (Rabbi Abraham Bick, Morris Carnovsky, Lion Feuchtwanger, Philip S. Foner, Theodor A. Gaster, Todros Geller, Ben Gold, Itche Goldberg, William Gropper, Peretz Hirschbein, Moishe Katz, Kalman Marmor, Jacob Milch, Arthur Szyk, etc.) ; lists of participants in the conference (with Chagall, Howard Fast, Raphael Mahler, Paul Novick) ; Panel on The Meaning of Jewish Life for the English-Speaking Jews of America; Decisions passed at the conference (funds for refugees, restore Jewish libraries destroyed by Nazism, publish the complete works of Chaim Zhitlowsky, publish the Black Book) ; price list for membership fees; Resolutions passed (on the Teheran conference, further cooperation with the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, On Palestine, greetings to the armies of the United Nations) ; last page contains mail in form for membership or publications. Subjects: Jewish authors - United States. Jews - United States - Societies, etc. Jewish scientists - United States. Jewish artists - United States. American Committee of Jewish Writers, Artists and Scientists. OCLC lists one copy (Harvard). Light wear to wraps, internally very clean and fresh. Very good condition. (HOLO2-123-11) (ID #35436) $500.00.






  413. Greenberg, Uri Zvi [Grinberg, Uri Tsvi]. REHOVOT HA-NAHAR: SEFER HA-EYALIYUT VEHA-KOAH. Yerushalayim: Shoken [Shocken], 1950/51. 1950/51. 1st edition. Original Cloth in the rare illustrated dust jacket. 8vo, 385 pages. 23 cm. In the original Hebrew. Book of Holocaust poetry published just after the Holocaust by one of the greatest 20th-century Hebrew and Yiddish poets. Leah Orent notes that "On Tisha b'Av, the day of collective mourning for Jewish national disasters both ancient and modern, it has become customary to read Holocaust literature. Greenberg's Rehovot ha-Nahar is an epic Holocaust lamentation, published in 1951. Reading a representative selection from the text, we…. Examine how the poet's private voice merges with that of his persona as spokesperson for the Jewish people, addressing a silent God in heaven and confronting the murderers on earth. We…consider the speaker's struggle to balance the guilt of a survivor with his sense of prophetic vocation. Ultimately, the collection articulates a vision of Jewish history flowing like an eternal river from Abraham to Sinai through the horrors of the Holocaust towards the revival of the kingdom of Israel and messianic redemption" (2014). Indeed, Greenberg's poems in this collection are cited by, for example, leading Holocaust scholar David S. Wyman in "The World Reacts to the Holocaust" (Baltimore, 1996, see for example page 922). Very Good Condition in the moving woodcut dust jacket which shows just a bit of rubbing and edgewear, also in Very Good Condition. A very nice and attractive copy. (holo2-122-48) (ID #35409) $300.00.






  415. Grade, Chaim. DER MAMES TSAVOE: LIDER UN POEMEN [AUTHOR INSCRIBED]. Nyu-York; H. Grade, 1949. Original Cloth. 8vo. 189 pages. 24 cm. First edition. In Yiddish. The Mother's Will: Songs and Poems. Important collection of postwar poetry by Chaim Grade. With frontispiece portrait of the author's mother. "In 1950, he [Grade] received a prize from the World Congress of Jewish Culture for Der Mames Tsavoe ('My Mother's Will, ' 1949), which includes some of the most outstanding lyrics in Yiddish, permeated with love and respect for his mother, who perished during the Holocaust. " - 2008 EJ. Subjects: Yiddish Poetry – Chaim Grade. Front hinge loose; boards wavy from water damage, first few leaves wavy from water damage, otherwise clean and fresh. Fair condition. (YID-21-40) (ID #35334) $75.00.






  417. Grade, Chaim. DOYRES: LIDER UN POEMES. Nyu York; Ikuf, 1945. Original Cloth. 8vo. 220 pages. 20 cm. First edition. In Yiddish. Doyres (Generations), poems of Chaim Grade. "In 1945, he published Doyres (Generations), an anthology that included the poems previously published in Yo and Musernikes, and also more recent poems of rage and raw memorialization of lost family and friends. " - YIVO Encyclopedia. Published before his return to postwar Vilna, while he was still living in Soviet Central Asia. Publishing limited to 2000 copies – title page verso. Contains frontispiece portraits of the author and of his father. Subjects: Yiddish poetry. YKUF – Poems. Chaim Grade – Poems. Light wear to cloth, minor pencil marks in the margins of a few pages; otherwise very clean and fresh. Very good condition. (YID-21-42) (ID #35336) $50.00.






  419. Grade, Chaim. SHAYN FUN FARLOSHENE SHTERN: LIDER UN POEMEN [AUTHOR INSCRIBED]. Buenos-Ayres; Tsentral-Farband Fun Poylishe Yidn In Argentine, 1950. Original Cloth. 8vo. 192 pages. 20 cm. First edition. In Yiddish. Poylishe Yidntum, bd. 66. Inscribed by Chaim Grade, in 1951, on ffe. "Shayn fun farloshene shtern (The Glow of Extinguished Stars; 1950), … which offered lyrics about former shtetls in Poland, Ezekiel in Auschwitz, the pogrom in Kielce in 1946, and a metaphysical exploration of memory in 'Der gilgl fun ruinen' (The Gilgul of the Ruins). " - YIVO Encyclopedia. Subjects: Yiddish Poetry. Chaim Grade. Holocaust – Poetry. Hinges shaken, institutional stamp on last leaf, backstrip previously reinforced with tape, otherwise clean and fresh. Good condition. (YID-21-45) (ID #35339) $50.00.






  421. Ka-Tzetnik 135633 [De-Nur, Yehiel]. THE HOUSE OF DOLLS. New York, Simon & Schuster, 1955. 1st US Edition. Original Cloth in dust jacket, 8vo, 245 pages. 2nd Holocaust novel by this popular and important writer, on the forcing of a Jewish girl into prostitution for the SS. De-Nur was also a witness at the Eichmann trial. Translated from the Hebrew by Moshe M. Kohn. Dust jacket designed by Sam Fischer. Very Good Condition in a Very Good Jacket with just a little rubbing and the tiniest bit of corner wear. Attractive. Excellent copy. (Holo2-122-24) (ID #35039) $100.00.






  423. Opatoshu, Joseph. VEN POYLN IZ GEFALN [AUTHOR INSCRIBED]. Nyu-York, N. Y. ; Tsiko, 1943. Original Cloth. 8vo. 311 pages. 21 cm. First edition. In Yiddish. Title page verso: When Poland fell; Ven Poiln is gefaln. Inscribed by Joseph Opatoshu on title page in Yiddish, dated Junet 1943. “In the light of the destruction of practically all the great centers of Jewish life in Eastern Europe, the desire to record what can be remembered of a life that may never return, before memory of the past and recent past is completely blotted out, can be readily understood. In this category can be placed Opatoshu's 'When Poland Fell, ' a collection of stories of the years 1939-40 when Poland fell and with it Polish Jewry” - American Jewish Year Book, 5704, pg 115. Subjects: Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) - Fiction. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945). Light soiling to cloth and outer edges, otherwise very fresh. Very good + condition. An important early Holocaust novel, here inscribed. (HOLO2-117-44) (ID #34130) $225.00.





  425. Zwerin, Mike. LA TRISTESSE DE SAINT LOUIS: JAZZ UNDER THE NAZIS. NY, Morrow, 1985. 1st edition. Original Cloth in dust jacket, 8vo, 197 pages. Index, 1 page bibliography. Includes 16 pages of Photos. Includes "The Ghetto Swingers, " Jewish jazzmen who "toured" Theresienstadt & Auschwitz. The nazis labled jazz entartete--Decadent. Very Good Condition in Very Good Jacket. Excellent copy. (holo2-122-27) (ID #35044) $30.00.









  427. American Jewish Congress. CONGRESS WEEKLY; A REVIEW OF JEWISH INTERESTS [MIXED RUN OF 29 ISSUES; VOLUMES 8-10]. New York, American Jewish Congress, [1941-1943]. Original Wraps. 4to. [16] pages [each issue is 16, 20, or 24 pages in length]. 28-30 cm. Mixed run of 29 issues: volume 8 numbers 3, 32; volume 9, numbers 10, 12, 24; volume 10, numbers 4, 9, 10-18, 20, 22-29, 31, 35-36, 38. Articles throughout on Jewish communities throughout the world, the war in Europe, Jews in the War, Jewish leadership, Nazi persecution, ghetto uprisings, etc. Articles include: Jewish students at NYU, Communities of Brazil, Forces fighting intolerance, Timid Jewish Leadership, Jews at Columbia University, The Polish Quisling, A Record of Horror, Misguided Jewish Youth, Why is the Slaughter of the Jews Passed Over in Silence (by Jacob Lestchinsky), Jewish Heroism at Tobruk, Battle against discrimination suffers serious setback, Maslianksy is Silent, Further Record of Hitler's Extermination Program, March 1st demonstration of Protest and Action to Save European Jewry (1943), Stop Hitler Now Demonstration, Dr. Israel Zinberg dies in concentration camp, Must Germany Perish? (Harold Ribalow), While the Jews Die, Haman and Hitler, Jewish Population Problems (Bernard Weinryb), Refugees in Spain, A Creed for American Jews, The Tragic Case of Jakob Wassermann, The Sinister Forces at Home, Jefferson and this War, Passover in Kasrielevky, Pointless Jewish Tragedy (Stefan Zweig), How to Combaat Anti-Semitism, Death by Starvation, The Bermuda Conference, The Bermuda Failure, Refugees are also Americans, Austrian Sources of Hitlerism, the American Jewish Soldiers, Jews of Greece, The American Jewish Conference (June 1943), Postwar Jewish Problems (Jacob Robinson), France Resurgent, Jewish Heroes of Warsaw, Fighter for Freedom in Ecuador, American Zionism, Dangerous Illusions, Defeat by Anti-Semitism, Renewed Hope in Palestine, Anti-Jewish Terror in Boston, Streicher of Argentina, Militant Defense Needed, Germany's Collective Guilt, Tragic Aspects of Recue Work, Our Stakes in Russia, The Return of Oswald Mosley, Is This a White Man's War: Our Duty to the Negro, Is Polish Anti-semitism incurable?, How Soliders Destroy Hate, Franz Oppenheimer. Subjects: Jews – Periodicals. American Jewish Congress. Some issues contain postal address stamp of recipient; most issues quite clean. Light edge wear. Very good condition. (HOLO2-121-20) (ID #34965) $350.00.






  429. Caplan, Samuel, editor. CONGRESS WEEKLY: A REVIEW OF JEWISH INTERESTS. VOL 11. NUMBERS 1-8, 10-20, 25, 29, 30, 34, 37. New York, American Jewish Congress, 1944. Paper Wrappers. 4vo. Each issue is typically 16 pages. Congress Weekly was the official publication of The American Jewish Congress, which pioneered the use of law and social action as tools in combating prejudice and discrimination. Contents includes: “The Anti-Semitism of Voltaire” by Alfred Werner; “The Negro and Anti-Semitism” by J. X. Cohen; “Restoration of Jewish Rights: A Statement by the World Jewish Congress; ” “Stirrings in American Israel” by Samuel Kreiter; “Hebrew – Force for Survival: A Letter from Palestine” by Solomon Itzhaki; “The Dreyfus Case is Closed” by Samuel Kreiter; “City Without Jews” by Harold RIbalow; “Torchbearer for Judaism” by Samuel Kreiter; “A Christian Zionist” by David Schwartz; “Repatriation of Jews in Poland; ” “Problems of Displaced Jews; ” “When Jews Settled in Poland” by Harold Berman; “Palestine Repudiates Terrorism” by Solomon Itzhaki; “Palestine Jewry Hails Dr. Wise” by Solomon Itzhaki; “Romain Rolland, Lover of Israel” by Alfred Werner; “Hungary Since the Occupation; ” “Must They Go Back? Problem of Refugees Who Have Found Homes” by Meir Grossman; “Jews in the Polish Army; ” “A Palestine Pipeline to Victory” by David Schwartz; “Factors in Modern Anti-Semitism” by Jacob Lestchinsky; “Passover in the Ghetto” by A. Alperin; “The Final Struggle in Poland’s Ghettos: A Report From the Jewish Underground; ” “The Lemberg Dreyfus Case” by N. Kantor; “The Situation in Poland; ” “In Tribute to Stephen S. Wise; ” “Reeducation of Germany” by Wolf Blattberg; “The Palestine Resolution; ” “Diagnosis and Cure: The Fight on Anti-Semitism; ” “Outlawing Jaw Discrimination” by Nathan D. Perlman; “Proceedings of Conference to Combat Anti-Semitism; ” “The Fight for Security: Cleansing Ads of Discrimination” by J. X. Cohen; “American Policy on Palestine: The Task of Rescue; ” “The War Refugee Board Hiding With the Underground; ” “The Philadelphia Story of Discrimination” by J. X. Cohen; “Not Nazis But Germans” by James Lestchinsky; “Job Discrimination in Boston” by J. X. Cohen; “Counting Jewish Noses” by Harry Salpeter; “Assorted Hate-Mongers” by J. L. Teller; “Moses and Aaron: An Episode of Zionist History” by Martin Rosenbluth; “The Danish Case: A Summary; ” “An Eyewitness Story of the Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto; ” Slight discoloration to most colors. Several issues have tape on binding. Internal papers all in good condition. (HOLO2-28-25) (ID #25953) $325.00.






  431. Kaplan, Israel, editor. FUN LETSTEN CHURBN [FUN LETZTEN KHURBAN / KHURBN / CHURBAN]: TSAYTSHRIFT FUR GESHIKHTE FUN YIDISHN LEBN BETN NATSI-REZSHIM. FROM THE LAST EXTERMINATION: JOURNAL FOR THE HISTORY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE DURING THE NAZI REGIME. Complete Run, Nrs 1-10. In Very Good Condition. Munich, Central Historical Commission, 1947-48. First Edition. Paper Wrappers, Includes photos with captions in English & Yiddish, as well as many important articles in Yiddish. One of 8000 sets issued. In Yiddish with English Cover, table of contents, & photo captions for all issues. Important journal lasting 10 issues which written & published by Jewish DPs themselves to document crimes and survival in the Holocaust. The publisher's decision to include the English table of contents, probably in part to insure the journal's use in future war crimes trials, makes these first hand accounts especially user-friendly today, almost 60 years later. Robinson & Friedman #1247: "The Historical Commission [was] established in 1945 under the auspices of the Central Committee of Liberated Jews in the U. S. Zone. [It] Ceased operations early in 1949. Details of the activities of the Munich center can be found in No. 1247 [Fun Letsten Churbn]..." Hagit Lavsky notes in the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust (Gutman, ed., 1990, p. 383) that, "Commemoration and documentation projects [by Jewish DPs] included the work of the Tsentraler Historisher Komisiye (Central Historical Commission), established in December 1945 by the Central Committee in Munich, to assist in bringing Nazi criminals to trial. A network of regional committees was set up under the commission's auspices whose task it was to take evidence and collect documentary material, including material on DPs. In August 1946, the commission published the first issue of the monthly FUN LETZTEN HURBAN." Published under DP-Publications License US-E-3 OMGB, Information Control Division. Issue I: Our Proof; Grteeting; Why do we Need a Historical Commission; After the Liberation; Guns in the Ghetto of Riga; The Herop Melamed of Bialystok; The Tragedy of Chelmno; The First Concert in the Ghetto of Vilna; Radom (Reports of Witnesses); Jewish Folklore During the Nazi Time; Ghetto Songs: "Maistas," "Our Life," "Blockade;" Two Nazi Documents; Pictures Out of the Nazi Period; List of Articles Concerning Jewish Life During the Nazi Regime in the Press of Sharit Haplatah; Activity Report; & Chronicle. Issue 2: Guns in the Ghetto of Riga, by I[srael]. Kaplan; Life and Death of Dubno Ghetto, by M. Weisberg; Crying Graves, by A. Weisbrod; Labour camp at Mielec (reports of witnesses), by I. Kohs; Nazi word of honour, by Dr. M. Schatner; At the Ghetto of Czestochow (pages), by W. Gliksman; Jewish Folklore during the Nazi Time, by by I[srael]. Kaplan; Let us keep silent (Being sung in camp); Dwellings of Ghetto (Being sung in camp);Two Nazi Documents (with explanations); List of articles concerning Jewish Life during the Nazi Regime in the Press of Shaarith Ha-Plata; Activity Report; Chronicle. Issue 3: Polish Jewish Soldiers as War Prisoners (memoirs) ; A Chapter on Sielce (Eye-Witness Report) ; The Last Forty-Five Children in Kielce; Slaughter at the Oceanside (Eye-Witness Report) ; My Experiences During the War (From the Series of Children's Reports) Expressions Used in the Ghetto of Lodz; Lullaby (Ghetto Song) ; The Ghetto of Lodz (Ghetto Song) ; Photographs of the Nazi Period; Bibliographical List of Articles on Jewish Life under the Nazis Published in the Press of the Shaarith Ha-Plata; ; List of Camps; Report on Activites of the Central Historical Commission; etc.Issue 4: The Extermination of jews in East-Galicia; Tchernowitz (Cernauti) ; In The Frests of White Russia (Eye-Witness Report) ; "Bua" (Camp-Song), Nazi DOcuments with Comments; Polish Jewish Soldiers as War Prisoners (memoirs) ; My Experiences During the War (From the Series of Children's Reports) ; Lullaby (Ghetto Song) ; Photographs of the Nazi Period; Bibliographical List of Articles on Jewish Life under the Nazis Published in the Press of the Shaarith Ha-Plata; ; List of Camps; Report on Activites of the Central Historical Commission; etc. Issue 5: March from Kaufering-camps by Israel Kaplan; From Schwabhausen to Dachau, by Dr. L. Goldstien; On the March from Muehldorf by Rabbi Elchanan Person; On the March from Hessenthal by Dr. Mordchai Glatstein; My Experiences during the War (From a Series of Children's Reports) by Jakob Lewin; Mama bless me!. ([Concentration] Camp-song) ; Oh Potates [sic]..(Ghetto-song) ; Photographs of the Nazi Period; Bibliographical List of Articles on Jewish Life under the Nazis; List of Camps; Report on Activites of the Central historical Commission; etc.Issue 6: Treblinka (Eye-Witness Report), by H. Sperling; Camps in East Galicia, by L. Welitschker; Sobibor (Eye-Witness Report), by J. Menche; Through ghetto's [sic] and C[oncentration]. Camps (Eye-Witness Report), by L. Rucaschweski; Din-Torah, by Sz. Glube; Near Kossowo in Polesei (Eye-Witness Report), by D. Liebowitz; In Camp Kodlotschowo (Eye-Witness Report), by I. Samsonowitz; My Experiences during the War (from the Series of Children's Reports), by Rosa Pinczewski; Jewish Folklore during the Nazi Time: 1. The peoples [sic] word under Nazi muzzle, by Israel Kaplan [&] 2. Specifical [sic] ghetto-words and anecdotes, by M.I. Fajgenbaum; The prisoners of Zamosc (Camp-song); "Bone"-the ration-cards (ghetto-song); Nazi Documents (with translations); Photographs of the Nazi Era; Bibliographical list of articles on Jewish life under the Nazis published in the Press of Shaarith Ha-Plata; Report on Activities of the Central Historical Commission; News of the Central Historical Commission.Issue 7: Extermination of Lithuanian Jewry (Introduction) by I. Kaplan / Extinction of Jews of Kovno / Bialistok / Experiences of an "Aryan" Jewess by Anna Holcman / Ghetto-songs and Camp-songs.Issue 8: Work on the Airport of Kaunas, by Israel Kaplan; Destruction of Kaunas Jewry, by Dr. Samuel Grinhaus; Women in the forced labour of the ghetto of Kaunas, by Raphael Lewin; The big workshops of th ghetto of Kaunas, by Moshe Segalson; The workers in the big ghetto workshops, by Dr. Elijahu Altman; The repair-workshops in the ghetto of Kaunas, by Ing. Fajwel Goldschmidt; Porick (Eye-Witness Report), by Sonia Rubinstein; Voloshin (Eye-Witness Report), by Joseph Schwarcberg; Memories from the ghetto of Stanislwow, by Lusia Gerber; My Experiences during the War (from the Series of Children's Reports), by Fania Olitzki; Hard Luck (ghetto-song); The "airport worker" (ghetto-song); The committee-man (ghetto-song), by Nathan Markowski; Nazi Documents (with translations); Photographs of the Nazi Era; Bibliographical list of articles on Jewish life under the Nazis published in the Press of Shaarith Ha-Plata; Historical questionnaires; Printed matters received by the archive. Issue 9: The Destruction of the Scholl and Teachers of Kaunas; Vocational Schools in the Ghetto of Kaunas; The Orchestra of the Ghetto Kaunas; The Rising in the Ghetto of Tutchin; Liquidation of the Camp Kloga; Miadel and Surroundings (Eye-Witness Report); Meals in the Ghetto of Lodz; My Experiences during the War (from the Series of Children's Reports); Brigades (song); Nazi Documents; Photographs of the Nazi Period; Bibliographical List of Articles on Jewish Life under the Nazis Published in the Press of the Shaarith Hapleita; Report on Ac tivities of the Central Historical Commission; Chronicle; Printed editions received in our Files; Corrections and Remarks; & Suppliment-Map of the Ghetto of Kaunas.Issue 10: The Fighting Underground at the Ghetto of Kaunas (Memoirs of a Partisan), by Rachi Ben Elieser; From the Ghetto to the Wilderness, by Motl Brick; The Hospital of the Kaunas Ghetto, by Dr. Moshe Berman; Medical examinations a the labour office in the Kaunas Ghetto, by Dr. Jacob Nochimowski; The Fortress of Death, by Michael Gelbrtunk; Secret Postal Service a the Kaunas Ghetto, by phraim Silberman; Kejdani, by David Wolpe; Vidukle, by Hirsh Hirshovitz-Levitan; Yonava, by A. Sliberman; Resistanc[e] Movement in thee Concentration Camp Auschvitz-Birkenau, by J. Eiger; Death of the "Messenger" (Eye-Witness Report), by Ceshe Shilling; With two little children through Auschvitz, by Ester Weiss; Libau (Liepaja), by Moshe Edelstein; Shidlovtze, by Dr. Abraham Finkler; Mielnitze (Eye-Witness Report); In a Hungarian Forced Labour Batallion, by Moshe Dov Taub; Lezajsk, by J. Kanner; My experiences during the war (from the series of children's reports), by Genia Shurz; Jewish Folklore: Ghetto and Concentration Camp Sayings; The Big Action (Ghetto Song), by Sima Jashunski; Lithuanian Partisans (Ghetto Song); Nazi Documents (with translations); Photographies [sic] of the Nazi Era; Bibliographical list of articles on Jewish life under the Nazis, published in the Press of Shaarith Ha-Plata; Report on Activities of the Central Historical Commission; Chronicle, Printed matters received by the archive, Index of all the published copies, [of] "From the Last Extermination." Issue 1, the scarcest issue, has tears but is solid; other issues are all in Very Good Condition. A Rare Complete set in much better condition than usually found. (holo2-122-53) (ID #35479) $1000.00.






  433. Kaplan, Israel, editor. FUN LETSTEN CHURBN [FUN LETZTEN KHURBAN / KHURBN / CHURBAN]: TSAYTSHRIFT FUR GESHIKHTE FUN YIDISHN LEBN BETN NATSI-REZSHIM. FROM THE LAST EXTERMINATION: JOURNAL FOR THE HISTORY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE DURING THE NAZI REGIME. Nr. 2. Sept. 1946. Munich, Central Historical Commission, 1946. First Edition. Paper Wrappers, small 8vo, 104 pages. Includes 11 photos with captions in English & Yiddish. One of 8000 issued. In Yiddish with English Cover, table of contents, & photo captions. Articles include: Guns in the Ghetto of Riga, by I[srael]. Kaplan; Life and Death of Dubno Ghetto, by M. Weisberg; Crying Graves, by A. Weisbrod; Labour camp at Mielec (reports of witnesses), by I. Kohs; Nazi word of honour, by Dr. M. Schatner; At the Ghetto of Czestochow (pages), by W. Gliksman; Jewish Folklore during the Nazi Time, by by I[srael]. Kaplan; Let us keep silent (Being sung in camp); Dwellings of Ghetto (Being sung in camp);Two Nazi Documents (with explanations); List of articles concerning Jewish Life during the Nazi Regime in the Press of Shaarith Ha-Plata; Activity Report; Chronicle. Published under DP-Publications License US-E-3 OMGB, Information Control Division. Very Good+ Condition. (holo2-122-51) (ID #14281) $85.00.






  435. Kaplan, Israel, editor. FUN LETSTEN CHURBN [FUN LETZTEN KHURBAN / KHURBN / CHURBAN]: TSAYTSHRIFT FUR GESHIKHTE FUN YIDISHN LEBN BETN NATSI-REZSHIM. FROM THE LAST EXTERMINATION: JOURNAL FOR THE HISTORY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE DURING THE NAZI REGIME. Nr. 3. Nov. 1946. Munich, Central Historical Commission, 1947. First Edition. Paper Wrappers, small 8vo, 101 pages. Includes 13 photos with captions in English & Yiddish. One of 8000 issued. In Yiddish with English Cover, table of contents, & photo captions. Articles include: Lachwa, by I.K. [Israel Kaplan?], Aaron Schworin, Chaim Shklar, & Abraham Feinberg; Polish Jewish Soldiers as War Prisoners (memoirs), by Mendel Lifschitz; A Chapter on Siedlce (Eye-Witness Report), by Getzl Weissberg; Comments on the Photographs of Siedlce, by Fritz Heft; The Last Forty-Five Children in Kielce, by Sara Kerbel; The "Jewish Band" (Eye-Witness Report), by Isaac Feierstein; The Problem of Productivization [sic] in the Warsaw Ghetto, by Eng. Isaiah Bluman; In Treblinke (Eye-Witness Report), by Simcha Bunim Lesky; Luck (Eye-Witness Report), by Meyer Roitman; Slaughter at the Oceanside (Eye-Witness Report), by Miriam Zweig; In the Transport from the Death Camp Balkenheim (Eye-Witness Report), by Maurice Kraus; Brezna (Eye-Witness Report), by Malke Beilinsky; In Budapest (Eye-Witness Report), by Alimelech Vider; In the Woods of Polesie, by Samuel Praude; My Experiences During the War (From the Series of Children's Reports), by Arieh Milch; Expressions Used in the Ghetto of Lodz, by I. Rosenbaum & M.I. Feigenbaum; Lullaby (Ghetto-song); The Ghetto of Lodz (Ghetto-song), by Jonathan Karp; Nazi Documents with comments; Photographs of the Nazi period; Bibliographical list of articles on Jewish life under the Nazis. [sic] published in the Press of Shaarith Ha-Plata; List of Camps; Report on Activities of the Central Historical Commission; News of the Central Historical Commission. Some marks and wear, closed tear to cover, Good Solid Condition. (holo2-122-49) (ID #19086) $75.00.






  437. Kaplan, Israel, editor. FUN LETSTEN CHURBN [FUN LETZTEN KHURBAN / KHURBN / CHURBAN]: TSAYTSHRIFT FUR GESHIKHTE FUN YIDISHN LEBN BETN NATSI-REZSHIM. FROM THE LAST EXTERMINATION: JOURNAL FOR THE HISTORY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE DURING THE NAZI REGIME. Nr. 4. March 1947. Munich, Central Historical Commission, 1947. First Edition. Paper Wrappers, small 8vo, 112 pages. Includes 10 photos with captions in English & Yiddish, & 2 maps. One of 8000 issued. In Yiddish with English Cover, table of contents, & photo captions. Articles include: The Extermination of Jews in East-Galicia, By Dr. Philip Friedmann; Polish Jewish Soldiers as War Prisoners (Memoirs), by Mendel Lifschitz; Tchernowitz (Cernauti), by Dr. Jakob Ungar; In the forests of White Russia (Eye-Witness Report): a) Around Woloshin, by Mosche Mejerson, b) In the Braslav area, by Mosche Trejster, [&] c) At Radun, by Lieb Lewin; My Experiences During the War (From the Series of Children's Reports), by Daniel Burstin; Lullaby (Ghetto-song); "Buna" (Camp-song); Nazi Documents with Comments; Photographs of the Nazi Period; Bibliographical List of Articles on Jewish Life under the Nazis Published in the Press of the Shaarith Ha-Plata; Report on Activites of the Central Historical Commission; News of the Central Historical Commission. Very Good Condition. (holo2-122-50) (ID #14283) $85.00.






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  440. p> 


    Some additional individual issues are also available. Please ask





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