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Can You Translate The Unthinkable?
A Catalog of Holocaust Imprints
Issued in Three Parts: Part I

105.• Vorobeichic, Moshé Raviv. EIN GHETTO IM OSTEN - WILNA.  Zurich and Leipzig: Orell Fussli, (1931)  First Edition.

92.• Drumont, Edouard; editor. LA LIBRE PAROLE ILLUSTRÉE. 51 ISSUES FROM THE DREYFUS AFFAIR PERIOD. Paris, 1894-1895.


146.• Klasse, Piet. WIJ WAREN GETUIGEN--DERTIG TEKENINGEN. Amsterdam, Uitgeverij Vrij Nederland, 1946.

135.• (Postcard): LA PERSECUTION DU PEUPLE JUIF. France, 1938.




Welcome to our latest catalog, a collection of over 700 important and unusual Holocaust titles which we are issuing in three parts, organized by sub-topic.

Part I is below; It focuses on events and history leading up to the Shoah, and also looks at specific sub-groups of people and their adaptations and actions during the Holocaust. Finally, we also include a few items from other great Ethnic conflicts involving the US in the mid-20th Century

Parts II and III will examine other aspects of the Shoah.

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1.         • ALMANACH DES SCHOCKEN VERLAGS AUF DAS JAHR 5698. Berlin : Der Verlag. , 1937-38. Paper wrappers. , 12mo. 177 pages. In German. SUBJECT (S) : Jewish literature – Germany – periodicals; Jewish almanacs – Germany. OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. Spine faded and creased, very good condition. (GER-20-14B) (ID #21799) $40.00.










2.         • ALMANACH DES SCHOCKEN VERLAGS AUF DAS JAHR 5699. Berlin : Der Verlag. , Schocken Books, 1938-39. Paper wrappers. ,  12mo. 153, 26 pages. In German. This final volume, Nr. 6, includes a "Gesamtverzeichnis der Verlagswerke im Herbst 1938." SUBJECT(S) : Jewish literature - Germany - periodicals; Jewish almanacs - Germany. OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. Light wear with spine sunned. Very good condition (HOLO2-57-1). (ID #26252) $50.00.


3.         • ALMANACH DES SCHOCKEN VERLAGS. Other volumes available on request.








4.         • SCHOCKEN READER II, WINTER 1947-48. New York: Schocken Books, 1946. Paper wrappers, 12mo, 21 cm. 48 pages. Publisher’s catalog, containing excerpts of books about to be published, a Yiddish translation contest, and five reproductions of drawings from the Bible by Rembrandt, including "Boaz measuring out the barley for Ruth". Authors include Kafka (the first publication of the Muir's translation Kafka's parables), Agnon, Buber, Lazare ("The Jews as a Nation"), Bickermann, and Lewisohn; and a contest: "Can You Translate the Untranslatable?" Under Arendt's (uncredited) editorship (David Anthony, The Patron: A Life of Salman Schocken: 347) Schocken produced this annual reader, a catalog and anthology in the German tradition. Arendt had edited and introduced Lazare's Job's Dungheap for Schocken that year. For an account of Arendt's time at Schocken, see Anthony 341ff and Young-Bruehl's biography 189-91. OCLC lists five copies worldwide (Christian Theol. Seminary, Holocaust Memorial Center, Bard, HebrewUnion College, National Library of Israel). Very good condition. (Holo2-30-6) (ID #26097) $30.00.







5.         • WRITINGS OF PHILIP FRIEDMAN: A BIBILIOGRAPHY. New York, [Privately Published], 1955. Softcover. Stapled. 4to. 34 pages. 28 cm. A bibliography of works by Philip Friedman, a Polish-Jewish historian and author. During World War II, he went into hiding in Lvov. After liberation, he organized what came to be the Jewish Historical Institute, which extensively documented the fate of Polish Jewry. He was a member of the YIVO staff and directed the Jewish Teachers’ Institute in New York. Includes index [pages 31-34]. OCLC lists 12 copies. Back cover detached and chipping, but present. Good condition. (HOLO2-45-22) .  (ID #26586) $85.00.









6.         Arad, Yitzhak. DOCUMENTS ON THE HOLOCAUST: SELECTED SOURCES ON THE DESTRUCTION OF THE JEWS OF GERMANY AND AUSTRIA, POLAND, AND THE SOVIET UNION. Jerusalem: Yad Vashem. 1978. Paperback, 8vo, 403 pages. Edited by Yisrael Gutman, Abraham Margaliot; translations by Lea Ben Dor. Very good condition. (H-19)  (ID #12307) $35.00.











7.         • B’nai B’rith. Anti-Defamation League. A SELECTED AND ANNOTATED RESOURCE LIST OF MATERIALS ON THE HOLOCAUST. New York, The New York Times Company, 1972. Paper Wrap. 8vo. 64 pages. 22 cm. Includes preface by Elie Wiesel. A selected bibliography of works pertaining to the holocaust, with a brief description. SUBJECT (S) : Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Bibliography. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) , in literature -- Bibliography. Includes indexes. Nice, clean copy with tight binding. Very good condition. (HOLO 2-31-5).  (ID #26209) $40.00.










9.         • Boers, M. A.; Hartgerink, M. J.; Hommes, H.; Leeuw, A. J. Van Der. DE ILLEGALE PERS OVER NA-OORLOGSCHE PROBLEMEN. DE PLOEG WIL OPWEKKEN TOT BEZINNING OP ONZE NA-OORLOGSCHE TAAK. Assen, Van Gorcum, 1945. Paper Wraps. 8vo. 75 pages. 21 cm. Cover Title: “De Illegale Pers Over Na-Oorlogsche Problemen. ” Contents/Inhoud: Interpretatie van de gebreken en stroomingen van deze tijd; Plannen voor toekomstige hervormingen, speciaal in Nederland (Sociale en Economische); De basis van ons staatsapparaat; Hervorming van ons staatsapparaat. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, University of Groningen) . Cover and title page are slightly discolored with some stains, but all text is clear. Internal pages are darkened at edges. Binding it tight. Good condition. (HOLO2-41-7) (ID #26662) $50.00.


10.       • Fabritius, Albert. BESAETTELSESTIDENS ILLEGALE BOGER. ET BIBLIOGRAFISK FORSOG. Kobenhavn, Magasin Du Nord, 1945. 1st Edition. Paper Wrappers, Very Good Condition; 8vo; 35 pages; In the original Danish. Earlier & more thorough version of Wolff I #811. Robinson & Friedman #666. 1 of only 1000 copies printed. Appearing shortly after the liberation of Denmark, this is a bibliography of illegal books published by the Danish underground during the German occupation. As early as this was published, Fabritius was certainly already compiling it while Denmark was still occupied--at a time when the discover of such activity would have meant hard labor if not death. (HOLO2-34-43) (ID #3942) $200.00.



11.       • Buschardt, Leo; Albert Fabritius & Helge Tonnesen. BESAETTELSESTIDENS ILLEGALE BLADER OG BOGER 1940-1945: EN BIBLIOGRAFI. Kobenhavn, Det Konglige Bibliotek, 1954. Paper Wrappers, Very Good Condition; 8vo; 201 pages; In the original Danish. Robinson & Friedman #668. Expanded later version of their #666. Bibliography of illegal books, handbills, newspapers, Danish Exile publications, etc. Published by the internal & external Danish underground during the German occupation. Mass-produced letter from publisher laid in. (HOLO2-34-19/20/21) (ID #6526/7/6558) $150.00.


13.       • Buschart, Leo, Et Al, editors. DEN ILLEGALE PRESSE 1940-45 EN ANTOLOGI. København, Gyldendal, 1965. 1st Edition (?). Paper Wrappers, Very Good Condition; 8vo; 564 pages; Massive anthology of articles from the underground press in Denmark under the Nazi occupation. Buschardt is the author of the standard bibliography of illegal publication s during the occupation. (HOLO2-34-47) (ID #6497) $45.00.


15.       • Fishman, David Eliot, 1957-; Nadler, Allan; Yivo Institute For Jewish Research. EMBERS PLUCKED FROM THE FIRE: THE RESCUE OF JEWISH CULTURAL TREASURES IN VILNA. New York: Yivo Institute For Jewish Research,, 1996. Paper wrappers, 8vo. , v, 20, 20, v pages. , [4] p. Of plates: illustrated. Complete text of essay in English and Yiddish. 4 pages of black and white photographs. SUBJECT (S) : Yivo Archives. Note(s) : "This essay is adapted from an address delivered on January 31, 1996, at a celebration honoring the return of YIVO's archives from Vilna..." Includes bibliographical references. Errata slip laid in. Very good condition. (BIB-17-1)  (ID #24335) $30.00.










16.       • Friedlander, Henry. ON THE HOLOCAUST; A CRITIQUE OF THE TREATMENT OF THE HOLOCAUST IN HISTORY TEXTBOOKS ACCOMPANIED BY AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY. New York Anti-Defamation League Of B'Nai B'Rith, 1973. Softcover, 31 pages, 8vo, 23 cm. SUBJECT (S) : Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) . Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Bibliography. Jews -- Persecutions -- Germany -- Bibliography. Annotated bibliography on pages 11-30. Underlining throughout. Lightly tanned cover and first few pages. Good + condition. (HOLO2-50-19) (ID #26126) $30.00.




17.       Gutman, Israel, editor. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE HOLOCAUST. 4-VOLUME BOXED SET. Jerusalem: Yad Vashem/Macmillan, 1990. Cloth, 4to. Probably the most important single reference on the Holocaust. A must for every scholar and collector. Light staining to text block of volume 4. Very good condition. (HOLO2-34-73)  (ID #24310) $200.00.












18.       • Kam, J. P. Van Der. ZUIVERING EN ILLEGALITEIT: EEN STEM UIT DE ILLEGALE WERELD. Rotterdam, T. D., 1945. Paper Wraps. 8vo. 16 pages. 20 cm. In Dutch. Series: Catalogus van pamfletten 1940-1945; no. 299. Title translates to “Purification and Illegality: A Voice From the Illegal World. ” Publisher’s note laid in indicates that it was printed during the occupation but was not disseminated until after liberation. SUBJECT (S) : Verzetsbewegingen. Politieke zuiveringen. Tweede Wereldoorlog. Omslagtitel. Uitg. V. D. Verzetsgroep T. D.; tijdens de bezetting gedrukt; blijkens een bijgevoegde mededeling echter door "technische moeilijkheden" pas na de bevrijding verspreid. OCLS lists 23 copies worldwide. Cover has some staining, especially at edges, and pages are darkened but all text is clear. Very good condition. Rare and important. (HOLO2-39-14) (ID #26603) $175.00.









19.       • Kowalski, Isaac. DI GEHEIME DRUKEREI: FUN YIDISHN UNTERGRUND IN LITA UN VEIS-RUSLAND. [THE SECRET PRESS OF THE YIDDISH UNDERGROUND MOVEMENT]. New York, 1953. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 72 pages. In Yiddish. With a foreword by Itzik Remba and Dr. N. Sverdlik. Inscribed by author in year of publication, Very Good Condition in Very Good attached illustrated dust jacket (spec-14-18)  (ID #26459) $30.00.











20.       • Piekarz, Mendel. editor. A-SHOAH VEHA-GEVURAH BA-ASPAKLARYAH SHEL HA-`ITONUT HA-`IVRIT: BIBLIYOGRAFYAH. #5-6. Jerusalem, [Yad Vashem], 1966. Coth. 4to. Xi, 368 pages, viii.; vi, [371-896] pages, i. In Hebrew. Title page, preface and table of contents also in English and Yiddish; geographical index also in English. Volumes 1-2 of a four-volume set (Numbers 5-6 of eight piece series) containing bibliographical references to the daily press and weeklies in Hebrew from September 1939 to the end of 1950. Monthlies, quarterlies, and similar publications are listed through 1960. The volumes show the reactions to the Holocaust of the Hebrew press both in Palestine and in the Diaspora. Title translates to English as: “The Jewish Holocaust and Heroism Through the Eyes of the Hebrew Press: A Bibliography. ” Series: Mif`ale ti`ud meshutafim. Yad va-shem, rashut ha-zikaron la-Shoah vela-gevurah. Yivo, makhon le-mehkar Yehudi. Sidrah bibliyografit, 5-8. SUBJECT(S) : World War, 1939-1945 -- Jews -- Bibliography. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Bibliography. Dust jackets, now covered in protective mylar, have some minor-moderate wear with damp stains to back cover of Vol. 2. Internal pages of Vol. 2 are slightly wavy from water exposure, but are still clean. Very good condition. (HOLO2-55-8). (ID #26345) $50.00.







21.       • Robinson, Jacob, and Yehuda Bauer, editors. GUIDE TO UNPUBLISHED MATERIALS OF THE HOLOCAUST PERIOD. VOLUME I. Jerusalem: Hebrew University Institute of Contemporary Jewry, 1970. Cloth; 4to. 245 pages. Title page in Hebrew on verso. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Bibliography -- Catalogs. Very Good condition. (HOLO2-34-58)  (ID #14168) $75.00.












21A.    • Bauer, Yehuda; Shmuel Krakowski; & Ahron Weiss; editors. GUIDE TO UNPUBLISHED MATERIALSOF THE HOLOCAUST PERIOD. Vol. IV, Only.  Jerusalem, Hebrew University, Institute of Contemporary Jewry, 1977. 1st Edition. Paper Wrappers,  8vo, Softcover. Large 8vo. 389 pages. 25 cm. Madrikh le-homer arkhiyoni be- toldot ha-Shoah. Hebrew title page added. Six Volumes were eventually issued. Vols. 3-5 constitute parts 1-3 of Yad Vashem archival material.  Very Good Condition in Very Good Jacket. (HOLO2-57-14). (ID #5837) $65.00.










22.       • Robinson, Jacob, and Yehuda Bauer, editors. GUIDE TO UNPUBLISHED MATERIALS OF THE HOLOCAUST PERIOD. VOLUME V (ONLY). Jerusalem, Hebrew University, Institute of Contemporary Jewry, 1979. Paper Wrappers; 4to. 436 pages. Title page in Hebrew on verso. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Bibliography -- Catalogs. Added title page: Madrikh le-homer arkhiyoni be-toldot ha-Sho'ah. Edited by Y. Bauer. Vols. 3-5 constitute pt. 1-3 of Yad Vashem archival material. Excellent condition. (HOLO2-57-15). (ID #14171) $75.00.










23.       • Robinson, Jacob; Philip Friedman; Benzion Dinur; Salo W. Baron. GUIDE TO JEWISH HISTORY UNDER NAZI IMPACT. New York : Yivo. , 1960. Cloth. , 4to. Xxxi, 425 pages. First edition. Has become the standard bibliography for works on the Holocaust up to 1960. SUBJECT (S) : Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) – bibliography; Jews – Germany – history – 1933-1945 – bibliography. CONTENTS: The Jewish catastrophe in historical perspective. --Reference tools. --Research: institutions, methods, and techniques. --Documentation. SERIES: Yad Washem Martyrs' and Heroes Memorial Authority, Jerusalem. Yivo Institute for Jewish Research, New York. Joint documentary projects. Bibliographical series,; no. 1; Variation: Yad va-shem, rashut ha-zikaron la-Shoah vela-gevurah.; Mifalim meshutafim.; Sidrah bibliyografit; no. 1. An historian and lawyer, Robinson (1889-1977) was born in what is now Lithuania and graduated from the University of Warsaw law school. He helped establish a Hebrew school system after WWI, and in 1922 was admitted to the bar and elected to the young Lithuanian parliament. As the Nazis gathered power in Germany, Robinson put together a secret committee to protect Jewish rights, and used his position and connections to help German Jews emigrate to Lithuania. In 1940, he left Lithuania for New York, where he continued to work for European Jewry, establishing the Institute of Jewish Affairs, assisting the prosecution at the Nuremburg trials, helping the UN establish the Human rights Commission, and drafting Israel's Reparation Agreement with West Germany. (EJ, 2007) Ex library. Front hinge starting, otherwise good condition. (Holo2-11-17)   (ID #20868/25913) $30.00.





25.       • Steinbach, Alexander Alan; editor. JWB CIRCLE: IN JEWISH BOOKLAND. LITERARY SECTION. DECEMBER 1967 – KISLEV 5728. (SECTION TWO ONLY) . New York, National Jewish Welfare Board, 1967. Newsletter. One sheet- (two sided) . 43cm. Miscellaneous reviews of Jewish books. This issue includes: “Tragedy of Jewish People in Lyrical Laments, ” “More Than 2, 000 Artists at Work in Israel, ” “Mr. Katz Attempts to Rationalize Holocaust, ” “Each Generation Has to Re-Win Liberties, ” “Jewish Ethics – A Partisan’s Interpretation. ” Nice, clean copy. Very good condition. (HOLO2-41-20) (ID #26675) $30.00.









26.       • Steinbach, Alexander Alan; editor. JWB CIRCLE: IN JEWISH BOOKLAND. LITERARY SECTION. OCTOBER 1967 – TISHRI 5728. (SECTION TWO ONLY) . New York, National Jewish Welfare Board, 1967. Newsletter. 43cm. Miscellaneous reviews of Jewish books. This issue includes: “A Civilization Worthy of Being Preserved, ” A Novel Inspired by the Eichmann Trial, ” “Melancholy Testament to Man’s Inhumanity, ” “Pope Turned Back on Contemplated Slaughter, ” “Ramifications of Act of Injustice in France, ” “Tries to Create a Secularist Ideology, ” “Pages Breathe Hatred for the State of Israel. ” Previous owner’s name atop front page. Small rips at top, and several creases throughout, but all text is clear. Good condition. (HOLO2-47-1)  (ID #26265) $30.00.








27.       • Wigoder, Geoffrey, Introduction. ORAL HISTORY DIVISION: CATALOG NO. 3. Jerusalem, Keter Publishing House, 1970. 1st Edition. Paperback,  8vo, 311 pages. "Supersedes the two previous catalogues published by the [Oral History] Division [of the Hebrew University's Institute of Contemprary Jewry] and incorporates all interviews recordeduntil the end of 1968." Lists 977 interviewess with a brief summary of their testimony. This catalog is divided by subject, which include: Jewish Communities (223 interviews); World War II: The Holocasut Resistance adn Rescue (414 interviews); The Antecedents to the State of Israel (108 interviews); The History of the Yishuv (91 interviews); Youth Movements ( 93 interviews); etc. Writing on cover and spine. Light wear. Text in Very Good Condition. (HOLO2-34-69) Very Good Condition. (ID #15120) $50.00.










28.         Ettinger, Markus. PSYCHOLOGIE UND ETHIK DES ANTISEMITISMUS IM ALTERTHUM, MITTELALTER UND IN DER NEUZEIT. Vienna, M. Gottlieb, 1891. Cloth. 8vo. 29 pages. 24 cm. In German. SUBJECT (S) : Jewish question. Antisemitismus. OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. Ex-library with stamps. Title page is darkened, and edges of several pages have minor water damage, but all text is clear. Good condition. (HOLO2-45-7) .  (ID #26571) $30.00.










29.       • Bauer, Bruno. DIE JUDENFRAGE. Braunschweig, F. Otto, 1843. Cloth. Small 8vo. 115 pages. 21 cm. In German. Boards with a cloth spine. Bauer argued that Jews can achieve political emancipation only if they relinquish their particular religious consciousness, since political emancipation requires a secular state, which he assumes does not leave any "space" for social identities such as religion. According to Bauer, such religious demands are incompatible with the idea of the "Rights of Man. " True political emancipation, for Bauer, requires the abolition of religion. SUBJECT (S) : Jews -- Germany. Judenemanzipation. OCLC lists 26 copies worldwide. Damp stains to boards and masking tape label on spine. Damp stains to upper corner of internal pages, but all text is clear. Good condition. (HOLO2-55-6) . (ID #26343) $225.00.








30.       • Bauman, Zygmunt. MODERNITY AND AMBIVALENCE. Ithaca, N. Y. , Cornell University Press, 1991. Cloth. 8vo. Vii, 285 pages. 24 cm. Bauman, a Polish sociologist who was driven out of Poland by an anti-Semitic campaign, addresses the attempts of modern society to remove personal threats, and how its failure to do so affects rationality, especially with regards to Judaism and the holocaust. ISBN: 0801426030. SUBJECT (S) : Civilization, Modern -- 20th century. Modernism (Aesthetics) Ambivalence. Postmodernism. Jews -- Cultural assimilation. Jews -- Intellectual life. Modernismo (Estética) Ambivalencia Postmodernismo Modernisme (cultuur) Civilisation -- 20e siècle. Modernisme (Esthétique) Ambivalence. Postmodernisme. Juifs -- Acculturation. Juifs -- Vie intellectuelle. Postmoderne Ambivalenz Assimilation (Soziologie) Moderne Geographic: Juden . "First published 1991 by Polity Press"--T. P. Verso. Includes bibliographical references and index. Light wear to dust jacket including slight discoloration of spine. Highlighting on eleven pages, mostly in introduction and first chapter. Otherwise very good condition. (HOLO22-28-24) (ID #25952) $30.00.







31.       • Bernstein, Peretz. JEW-HATE AS A SOCIOLOGICAL PROBLEM. New York: Philosophical Library, 1951. Cloth. 8vo. 300 pages. A fundamental study in the underlying causes of antagonism, hatred and violence as it exists in anti-Semitism. The author was President, General Zionist Org. In Israel. Bernstein (Fritz; 1890–1971) was a “Zionist leader, publicist, and Israel politician. Bernstein, who was born in Meiningen, Germany, studied commerce. From 1930 to 1935 he was chief editor of the Dutch Zionist weekly, in which he fought for "unconditional Zionism, " both in relations with non-Jews and in debate with the socialist and the religious Zionists. In Jew-Hate as a Sociological Problem he tried to prove that anti-Semitism is a sociological phenomenon which cannot be eliminated by better knowledge, by persuasion, or by education. He also rejected the theory that the Jews in the Diaspora have negative traits which encourage anti-Semitism. Bernstein was a member of the Knesset from its inception until 1965, and minister of commerce and industry in 1948–49 and from 1952 to 1955. When the Liberal Party was established he was elected one of its two presidents. Following the party split in 1964, he became honorary president of the larger faction which retained the name of the Liberal Party. Bernstein continued his journalistic activities during his political career. He often opposed the left wing in his articles and advocated a business-oriented policy” (Jozeph Michman [Melkman] in EJ) SUBJECT(S) : Antisemitism. Ex-library with spine label residue and institutional stamp. Text in very good condition. (SEF-5-5).  (ID #25918/17893) $30.00.


32.       • Bernstein, Peretz. JEW-HATE AS A SOCIOLOGICAL PROBLEM. New York: Philosophical Library, 1951. Cloth. 8vo. 300 pages. A fundamental study in the underlying causes of antagonism, hatred and violence as it exists in anti-Semitism. The author was President, General Zionist Org. In Israel. Bernstein (Fritz; 1890–1971) was a “Zionist leader, publicist, and Israel politician. Bernstein, who was born in Meiningen, Germany, studied commerce. From 1930 to 1935 he was chief editor of the Dutch Zionist weekly, in which he fought for "unconditional Zionism, " both in relations with non-Jews and in debate with the socialist and the religious Zionists. In Jew-Hate as a Sociological Problem he tried to prove that anti-Semitism is a sociological phenomenon which cannot be eliminated by better knowledge, by persuasion, or by education. He also rejected the theory that the Jews in the Diaspora have negative traits which encourage anti-Semitism. Bernstein was a member of the Knesset from its inception until 1965, and minister of commerce and industry in 1948–49 and from 1952 to 1955. When the Liberal Party was established he was elected one of its two presidents. Following the party split in 1964, he became honorary president of the larger faction which retained the name of the Liberal Party. Bernstein continued his journalistic activities during his political career. He often opposed the left wing in his articles and advocated a business-oriented policy” (Jozeph Michman [Melkman] in EJ) SUBJECT(S) : Antisemitism. Gilt lettering on cover. Small tag from ZOA Book and Gift Shop tipped in. Small stain to edge of textblock. Top edge blue. Dustjacket shows some creasing and bumping to edges. Dustjacket is in Good condition. Book is in Very Good condition. (SEF-5-5).  (ID #17893) $20.00.


33.       • Birnbaum, Nathan; und Hugo Herrmann, translators. EDOM : BERICHTE JUDISCHER ZEUGEN UND ZEITGENOSSEN UBER DIE JUDENVERFOLGUNGEN WAHREND DER KREUZZUGE.  Berlin, Judischer Verlag, 1919. Cloth,  8vo,  79 pages.  21 cm.  Spine repaired, Good+ Condition. (HOLO2-34-52)  (ID #6064) $35.00.


34.       • Brandeis, Louis. THE JEWISH PROBLEM: HOW TO SOLVE IT. New York, The Zionist Essays Publication Committee, 1915. 1st edition. Paper Wraps. 16 pages. 23 cm. First Edition. Series: Zionist Essays. No. 1. Contents includes: “What the Problem Is, ” “Liberalism and Anti-Semitism, ” “Democracy and Nationality, ” “Jewish Nationality, ” “Assertion of Jewish Nationality, ” “Zionism, ” “Zionism A Fact, ” “Zionism and Patriotism, ” America’s Demand. ” “Louis D. Brandeis's ‘The Jewish Problem: How to Solve It’ is a speech that Brandeis delivered to the Eastern Council of Reform Rabbis in 1915; it was quickly reprinted and very widely distributed. Brandeis, who would later serve on the U. S. Supreme Court, had recently assumed the leadership of American Zionism, a social movement aimed at securing a Jewish homeland in Palestine. In The Jewish Problem: How to Solve It, Brandeis articulates his personal vision of the mission of Zionism and its role not only for Jews but also for the betterment of civilization. His main purpose is to convince his audience that there is absolutely no contradiction between loyalty to America and an allegiance to the Zionist purpose—indeed, that the two loyalties reinforced each other and could never be in conflict. Reform Jews, in particular, tended to resist Zionism, contending that America, not Palestine, was the ‘promised land’ and that Zionism might arouse suspicions among other Americans that Jews were not fully committed citizens of the United States. Brandeis, whose brand of Zionism owed a great deal to his commitment to and experience in American progressive social reform, reflects these concerns in this document. His heavy emphasis on democracy and freedom and his apparent indifference to Zionism as a religious cause indicate his own views; Brandeis's words in The Jewish Problem: How to Solve It are calculated to appeal to both relatively secular and thoroughly Americanized Jews” (Milestone Documents, 2010) . SUBJECT(S) : Jewish question. Jews -- Restoration. OCLC lists only 7 copies worldwide. Underlining and margin notes on several pages, but all text is clear. Good condition. (HOLO2-37-23) (ID #26410) $200.00.


35.       • Braylan, Marisa; Feierstein, Daniel; Galante, Miguel; Jmelnizky, Adrian. REPORT ON ANTI-SEMITISM IN ARGENTINA: 1998 (ONLY) . Buenos Aires, Argentina; Social Research Center Of DAIA, 2000. Stapled Wrappers. 8vo. 45 pages. 23 cm. Series: Report on Anti-Semitism in Argentina. SUBJECT (S) : Antisemitism -- Argentina -- Periodicals. Geographic: Argentina -- Race relations -- Periodicals. General Info: Also issued in Spanish with title: Informe Sobre Antisemitismo En La Argentina. Light wear to cover. Previous owner’s initials on inside cover, otherwise clean copy. Very good condition. (HOLO2-28-21) (ID #25949) $35.00.









36.       • Bridges, Horace James. JEW-BAITING. AN OLD EVIL NEWLY CAMOUFLAGED,. New York, International Press, 1923. Cloth. 12mo. 77 pages. 19 cm. Bridges examines the rising tide of anti-Semitism and its causes, with particular attention to Hilaire Belloc’s “The Jews. ” SUBJECT (S) : Jewish question. Named Person: Belloc, Hilaire, 1870-1953. Jews. "Published by request of the Brooklyn society for ethical culture. " OCLC lists only 22 copies worldwide. Stamp and name from previous owner on inside of cover and front endpage. Pages are slightly darkened but all text is clear. Nice, clean copy with tight binding. Very good condition. (HOLO2-39-19) (ID #26608) $75.00.









37.       • Brunner, Constantin. DER JUDENHASS UND DAS DENKEN. Berlin, Philo Verlag Und Buchhandlung, 1922. Stapled Wrappers. 8vo. 50 pages; 21 cm. First Edition. In German. Brunner (given name: Leopold Wertheimer) was a German Jewish philosopher who lived in Germany until 1933, when, with the rise to power of the Nazi party, he moved to The Hague. With the Second World War, Brunner's books were burned, but his German disciple Magdalena Kasch managed to save the bulk of his writing from destruction by the Nazis. SUBJECT(S) : Antisemitism -- Germany. Jews -- Germany. Antisemitismus. Pages slightly discolored, fraying at ends. Cover is slightly stained with writing in pencil on front. Good condition. (HOLO2-28-10) (ID #25938) $30.00.








38.       • Cohn, Norman Rufus Colin. WARRANT FOR GENOCIDE: THE MYTH OF THE JEWISH WORLD-CONSPIRACY AND THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF THE ZION. New York, Harper & Row, 1969. Paperback, First Harper Torchbook Edition, 8vo. , 303 pages. 16 pages of photos and illustrations. A classic work. SUBJECT (S) : Jews -- Germany -- History. Some underlining. Good + condition. (HOLO2-38-2) (ID #26421) $30.00.











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62.       • Sachs, Hanns. PERSECUTION IN THE MIDDLE AGES AND IN OUR TIME. Boston, [S. N. ], 1940. Stapled. 3 pages. 28 cm. Dr. Sachs was a Vienna-born psychoanalayst whose study included the application of psychoanalysis to civilization and religion. He was a close friend of Sigmund Freud. Jews -- Persecutions. Caption title: "Delivered at the Boston Jewish Book Week Program at Lecture Hall, Boston Public Library, Thursday, December 26, 1940." OCLC lists 4 copies. Light bumping at edges, but all text is clear. Very good condition. (HOLO2-35-19)  (ID #26150) $50.00.










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64.       • Scholl, Carl. DAS JUDENTHUM UND SEINE WELTMISSION. Leipzig, Robert Friese, 1880. Softcover. 8vo. 26 pages. 21 cm. In German. Philosemitic treatise, denouncing Antisemitism. Reprinted from, "Es werde Licht! Monatsblätter zur Förderung der Humanität, Jahrg. XI (1880) , Februarheft, ” a monthly magazine published by Scholl to espouse free religious beliefs and speak out against anti-Semitism. Title translates to English as, “Judaism and Its World Mission. ” For more on Scholl, see Dagmar Herzog’s fascinating article, “Carl scholl, Gustav Struve, and the problematics of philosemitism in 1840s Germany: Radical Christian dissent and the reform Jewish response, ” ( in JEWISH HISTORY Volume 9, Number 2, 53-72). SUBJECT(S): Judaism. Religion. Judentum.  OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide.  "Surplus - Duplicate" stamp on cover, book plate on front end page.  Internal pages are darkened with some damp stains but still nice.  Margin notes on one page.  All text is clear.  Good condition. Important imprint from the Judenfrage debates of 19th Century Germany.  (HOLO2-49-17). (ID #26324) $150.00.







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71.       • Sombart, Werner, Et Al. JUDENTAUFEN. Munich, Georg Muller Verlag, 1912. Paper Wraps. 8vo. 146 pages. 23 cm. In German. Essays on Jewish thought, life, & assimilation including whether Jews should be baptized or not. Title translates to English as, “”Jewish Baptisms. ” SUBJECT (S) : Jews -- Germany -- Social conditions. Jews -- Conversion for Christianity. Zionism. Jews in the Diaspora, Judaism; social history; social conditions, relations; assimilation, acculturation, emancipation. Joden in de diaspora en jodendom; sociale geschiedenis; sociale toestanden en verhoudingen; bijzondere onderwerpen; assimilatie, acculturatie, emancipatie. Judenmission. Additional Authors: Beiträge von Hermann Bahr, Richard Dehmel, Matthias Erzberger, Herbert Eulenberg, H. H. Ewers, Ludwig Geiger, Ludwig Gurlitt, Carl Hauptmann, Arthur Landsberger, Heinrich Mann, Fritz Mauthner, Friedrich Naumann, Paul Natorp, Max Nordau, Frank Wedekind, Israel Zangwill. OCLC lists 20 copies worldwide. Cover is darkened with some minor chipping at edges and small tear at top of spine, but no loss of paper. Internal pages are uncut, nice and clean. Very good condition. (HOLO2-45-3) . (ID #26567) $45.00.







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73.       • Tamarin, Alfred. SEVEN ARTS FEATURE SYNDICATE. JEWS MUST BE “NICE: ” THE CASE OF A PSYCHOANALYST WHO NEEDS A CURE. New York, Seven Arts Feature Syndicate, 1937. Newsletter, Legal Sized. 2 pages. The Seven Arts Feature Syndicate was a weekly, New York-based, Ango-Jewish weekly periodical in the 1930s. “Recently there was a published novel, ‘’The Spectacle of a Man, ’ written by a New York physician under the pseydonym [sic] of John Coignard. Mr. Coignard has definite views on how to cure the Jews so as to kill anti-Semitism. In this interview he presents his views, which in many respects have a rather humorous – though not always intentionally so – aspect. Read it – think it over – and smile, if you feel like it. ” –Editor. OCLC lists one copy (National Library of Israel) , although which issue is unclear. Crease through middle of sheets and some wear to edges, but all text is clear. Very good condition. (HOLO2-37-29) (ID #26416) $55.00.







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85.       • THE GREAT JEWISH MASQUE: OR, THE ASS IN THE LION'S SKIN. London, Britons Publishing Society, . Stiff Paper Wrappers, No Date. Wrappers; 16mo. 36 pages. The scarce edition published by the Britons Publishing Society,  the Antisemitic British society which published the first English language edition of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Antisemitic. Not in Singerman Descriptor: Judaism -- Controversial literature. Antisemitism. OCLC lists two copies worldwide. Cover sunned; interior foxed. Good condition. (HOLO2-53-13). (ID #13518) $75.00.











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92.       • Drumont, Edouard; editor. LA LIBRE PAROLE ILLUSTRÉE. 2E ANNÉE, NO 56 (4 AOUT 1894) – 3E ANNÉE, NO 107 (27 JUILLET 1895) . 51 ISSUES FROM THE DREYFUS AFFAIR PERIOD. Paris, [S. N. ], 1895. Paper Wraps. 4to. 51 issues. Most issues are 8 pages. Ill. 38 cm. In French. No. 72 is not included. 2e Annee issues wrapped individually; 3e annee is loosely bound. An illustrated weekly supplement to the daily anti-Semitic newspaper “La Libre Parole, ” published by Edouard Drumont, founder of the Antisemitic League of France who attacked the role of Jews in France and argued for their exclusion from society. These issues span the initial trial of Alfred Dreyfus, in whose conviction the newspaper played a fundamental role. Issues include a full page, color political cartoon, frequently of anti-Semitic nature; several pages of articles interspersed with black and white drawings; and a full page of black and white satirical cartoons, also often of anti-Semitic nature on the back cover. Cover titles include: “Les Poursuites - T'as pas le bras assez long, mon bonhomme! ” below a cartoon of a man in Orthodox garb wielding a whip with the words “Judeo-Maconnique, ” beside him; "A propos de Judas Dreyfus - Francais, voila huit annees que je vous le repete chaque jour! !" below a drawing of Drumont holding a “traitre” with pincers; “Savonnage infructueux - Juifs, chez nous, en France, le sang, seul, lave une tache comme celle-la! ” above a Jewish man marked “traitre” being washed by another with bags of money; “Les fantasies de M. Emile Zola, ” below several depictions of Zola, who would later play a key role in exonerating Alfred Dreyfus; “Nos Etrennes, ” below a drawing of a Jew in a guard’s uniform with legs severed and a sword through his chest; “Quel temps de chien! ... Il pleut rudement sur la temple, depuis quelque temps, ” below a depiction of a Jew being hit with various objects with labels such as “Dreyfus Traitre, ” and “Affaire Kohn de Toulouse; ” “Nous sommes f…ichus! La galere fait eau partout! ! ! ” below a drawing of several Jews in a sinking boat titled ‘Le Youtre; ’ “La Revanche! Certain groupe de peintress se decide enfin a se mobiliser pour reprendre l'Alsac et la Lorraine" below a mob with a banner reading ‘The Jews Have no Homeland; ’ “Mauvais Presage. Deux de nos Ministres profitent de la Mi-Careme pour essayer les costumes des fetes de Kiel. Accueil plutot froid...! ” below a derogatory depiction of Hanotaux and Robit as Jews; ” “Le Droit d'accroissement. Vous pouvez digerer tranquillement les biens que vous avez si noblement acquis, M. Le Baron; nous avons ici une mine de ressources: le pain des pauvres! ! ! ” below an image of Rothschild brothers; “A nous le phenol! Le Baron Hirsch, sur les bedits penefices des Lots Turcs, a l'intention de se payer l'Ile de Chypre pour y deverser la youterie ambulante qu'il a sur les bras depuis 3 ans et s'y faire proclamer Roi, ” below an image depicting Cyprus as a dumping ground for Jewish Cholera victims; “J'ai tres vivement la sentiment de la race a laquelle nus appartenons et que je considere come la premiere arisocratie du monde, ” depicting the Jews as the nobility; “L'Immonde youtre Oppert dit de Blowitz; ” “Rothschild le Petroleur; ” ‘Naquet, le defenseur des pauvres youppins. Enfants, n'y touchez pas! ” Other pieces: "Discussion de l'interpellation de M. Denis, relative a la revocation d'un Tresorier-payeur general et a la predominance des Juifs dans l'Administration francaise..." “Affirmons toujours aux Goyms que nous sommes de leur nationalite mais, n'oublions pas que nous representons le peuple Juif. ” Anti-Semitic cartoons include: “Un bon petit commerce, ” depicting a Jewish storekeeper reselling junk goods at huge profit margins; “Comment M. Jacob epousa Mlle. Rebecca; ” “Youpin maitre chanteur, ” depicting a Jewish man and woman blackmailing another man; “Juiverie, ” depicting several derogatory scenes; “Un petit chien qui n'aime pas les Youtres; ” “Astuce et Pharmacie; ” SUBJECT (S) : Satire, French -- Periodicals. Antisemitic writings -- France -- Periodicals. Caricatures and cartoons -- France -- Periodicals. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. Cover of issue 77 is detached but present. Pages are tanned and worn with some foxing; rubbing and small tears at the edges, but all text is clear and color images are vibrant. Very good condition. (HOLO2-55-20) . (ID #26357) $750.00.



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96.       • Kernholt, Otto. VOM GHETTO ZUR MACHT. DIE GESCHICHTE DES AUFSTIEGS DER JUDEN AUF DEUTSCHEM BODEN. Leipzig, Berlin, Theodor Weicher, 1921. 1st Edition. Paper Wrappers, Paper Wraps. 8vo. x, 319 pages. 23 cm. "Anmerkungen und Quellennachweise" on pages 297-306. Antisemitic. Occationally cited on modern Antisemitic webpages. Front cover detached but present, previous owner's number on spine and endpaper, paper browning but good and solid throughout. Good condition. (HOLO2-57-8). (ID #7854) $75.00.










97.       • Madole, James. editor. NATIONAL RENAISSANCE BULLETIN. VOL. 15, NOS 1 & 2. JAN-FEB 1964. New York, National Renaissance Party, 1964. Newsletter. Stapled. 6 pages. 28 cm. Bimonthly periodical published by the racist, Antisemitic, and neo-fascist NRP. The main article is an attack on “Group Libel Law, ” with the American Jewish Congress bearing the brunt of the NPR’s malice. Also includes a listing of “vital books on racial nationalist topics available this month. ” OCLC lists 12 copies worldwide. Very good condition. (HOLO2-47-18) . (ID #26367) $65.00.



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99.       • Nielsen, Harold. MORDOKAJ OG HAMAN: EN STUDIE. Kjøbenhavn, Eget Forlag, 1st Edition (?). Wrappers, 1945? Couple pencil marks & minor marginal dampstains, o/w VG; 8vo; 47 pages; Danish Antisemitic tract, presumably from just before liberation. (HOLO2-34-27) (ID #6462) $75.00.



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101.     • Schemann, Ludwig, 1852-1938. DIE RASSE IN DEN GEISTESWISSENSCHAFTEN : STUDIEN ZUR GESCHICHTE DES RASSENGEDANKENS. München : J. F. Lehmann, 1928. Hardcover, 8vo. , 480- pages. In German. Printed in black letter type. Volume One of Three [Allgemeiner Teil], but stands on its own. “Race in the Humanities: Studies on the History of Racial Thought” Schemann was known for translating the works of French racial theorist Gobineau, but changing the ideas to support Germany as the superior race, and Jews inferior and a “racial enemy”. He was later awarded by the third Reich for his work. SUBJECT (S) : Race. Ethnology. With publisher’s advertisements laid in. Light wear to covers. Good + condition. (HOLO2-34-5) (ID #26166) $150.00.









102.     • Schulz, F.O.H. JUDE UND ARBEITER, EIN ABSCHNITT AUS DER TRAGÖDIE DES DEUTSCHEN VOLKES. Berlin-leipzig, Nibelungen-Verlag, 1934. 1st Edition. Paper Wrappers, 8vo; 191 pages. [11] pages of plates. In German. 25 cm. "Quellen- und Literaturverzeichnis" on pages 75-181. "Herausgegeben vom Institut zum Studium der Judenfrage in Zusammenarbeit mit der Antikomintern (Gesamtverband Deutscher Antikommunistischer Vereinigungen) E. V."  Piece of dust jacket laid in.  Few chips to spine, otherwise Very Good Condition.  (HOLO2-57-5). (ID #8456) $70.00.










103.     • Staerk, Willy. DAS RELIGIOSE LEBEN DER WESTEUROPAISCHEN JUDENHEIT VORNEHMLICH DEUTSCHLAND, UND SEINE WERTUNG VOM CHRISTLICHEN GOTTESGEDANKEN... Berlin, Furche Verlag, 1926. Paper Wrappers, Very Good Condition; 8vo; 21 pages; ...AUS. Weimar-period German-Christian condemnation of Judaism. (HOLO2-34-71) (ID #4908) $100.00.











104.     • Stengel, Dr. Theo & Dr. Herbert Gerigk. LEXIKON DER JUDEN IN DER MUSIK...ZUSAMMENGESTELLT IM AUFTRAG DER REICHSLEITUNG DER NSDAP. Berlin, Bernhard Hahnefeld, 1941. Cloth,  8vo,  404 pages.  In German. Nazi publication on Jewish control of music. Forward followed by almost 400 pages of indicies by name & by work title Produced by the Instituts der NSDAP [Nazi Party] zur Erforschung der Judenfrage. MIssing title page. Wear to spine. Good condition. (H17)   Boards worn & slightly warped & stained, hinges starting. Good Lacks Jacket? . (ID #732) $90.00.












105.     • Vorobeichic, Moshé Raviv. EIN GHETTO IM OSTEN - WILNA.  Zurich and Leipzig: Orell Fussli, (1931) . Slim crown octavo, original half orange cloth, orange & black photographic boards. First edition of Vorobeichic's pre-WWII photo-essay on Lithuanian Jews, with 64 black-and-white photographic images and photocollages. Lithuanian-born photographer Moshé Raviv-Vorobeichic trained at the Bauhaus in the 1920s and after studying at the École de Photo Ciné in Paris, "returned to visit his family and photographed life in the Jewish community of Vilnius. The result was Ein Ghetto im Osten, Wilna... His use of the book format as a progression of pictures to be leafed through is unique with regard to the reportage style that was just carving a niche for itself at the time" (Open Book, 18) . "Pushing the envelope of the documentary form... Vorobeichic also introduced cinematic cutting and montaging techniques... A poignancy has been added in hindsight: it was made at the beginning of a desperately traumatic time for European Jewry" (Parr & Badger, 130) . With preface by poet Zalman Chnéour in both Hebrew and German. Makes for a wonderful book, not only for it's powerful Vishniac-style photos and intense design but also as an excellent example of Western Jewish fascination/replusion at the Ostjude as exotic. Images from another copy (in not as good condition) can be viewed at Scarce. Lazar Ran, in his epic 3 volume “Jerusalem of Lithuania,” called this work “The most important pictorial source on the old Vilna ghetto streets” (vol III, p 33). Light wear to cover, with corners a bit rounded. Otherwise Very Good Condition. (bib-18-11B) (ID #26468) $500.00.






106.       (Abrahams, Israel) Kohut, George Alexander, editor. WOODEN SYNAGOGUES. Warsaw, Arkady, 1959. Cloth. Small 4to. 218, [1] pages. Ill. Maps (1 fold col. ) plans. 28 cm. First English language edition. A detailed pictorial record of wooden synagogues throughout Poland, many of which have been destroyed by the Nazis. Includes almost 50 pages of text alongside pictures as well as 150+ pages of “illustrations” including photographs, structural designs and a foldout map showing the locations where wooden synagogues currently stand (or previously stood) in Poland. SUBJECT(S) : Synagogues -- Poland. Synagogue architecture. Bibliography: pages 216-[219]. Corp Author: The Institute of Polish Architecture of the Polytechnic of Warsaw. Dust jacket has some wear and tears at edges. Cloth boards and internal pages are nice and clean. Very good condition. (SPEC-14-14).  (ID #26455) $100.00.








107.     • [Organisation Committee]. OFFICIAL CATALOGUE OF THE POLISH PAVILION AT THE WORLD'S FAIR IN NEW YORK, 1939. Warsaw, [Drukarnia Polska], 1939. Cloth. 8vo. 503 pages. Ill. Plans. 21 cm. From the year that Poland was taken over by Nazi Germany, beginning the Holocaust in the epicenter of European Jewry. A guide to the Poland Pavilion area of the World’s Fair 1939, held in New York. Topics include: “The Past and Future of Poland, ” “Art, ” “Science, ” “Social Welfare, ” “Industrial Production, ” “Agriculture. ” SUBJECT (S) : Art, Polish -- Exhibitions. Named Conf: New York World's Fair (1939-1940) Polish pavilion -- Catalogs. Geographic: Poland -- Description and travel. Poland -- History. Cover title: Poland. Spine title: Poland, New York, 1939. Includes index. Other Titles: Polish pavilion at the World's Fair in New York. Cover is worn with some fading to spine and light damp stains. Very good condition. (HOLO2-49-13) .  (ID #26320) $35.00.








108.     • Budrewicz, Olgierd. Jagielski, Jan. THEY LIVED AMONG US: POLISH JUDAICA. Warsaw, Polish Tourist Information Centre, 2000. Paper Wraps. [12] pages. Ill. Ports. Maps. 19 cm. A tourist guidebook to Poland, with an emphasis on the Jewish population. Cover subtitle: “Memorial to the Ghetto Heroes in Warsaw. ” SUBJECT (S) : Jews -- Poland -- History -- Guidebooks. OCLC lists two copies worldwide (University of Oxford, US Holocaust Memorial Museum) . Light wear to cover. Very good condition. (HOLO2-49-15). (ID #26322) $60.00.










109.     • Geissler, Ewald. NATIONALE FREIHEIT UND DICHTUNG. Langensalza, H. Beyer (Beyer & Mann) , 1931. Paper Wraps. 8vo. 76 pages. 22 cm. In German. Series: Pädagogisches Magazin, Heft 1343. Schriften zur politischen Bildung. VIII Reihe: Nationalistic content from the Weimar Republic period. Das Erbe des deutschen Geistes, Heft 10. (“Educational magazine. Issue 1343rd: Writings on political education. Series VIII: The legacy of the German spirit, volume 10 National freedom and poetry. ”) OCLC lists 21 copies worldwide. Pages are uncut. Ex-library with minimal markings. Printed green wrappers detached but present with damp stains and tear along spine. Internal pages are darkened slightly with some water stains, but all text is clear. Good condition. (HOLO2-47-22) . (ID #26308) $30.00.









110.     • Ninck, Werner. JUGEND IN NOT: EIN BEITRAG ZUR FRAGE DER GESCHLECHTSBEZIEHUNGEN DER JUGENDLICHEN IN STADT UND LAND. Därstetten; Bern: Zu Beziehen Durch Dr. W. Ninck, 1935. Paper Wraps. 8vo. 40 pages. In German. Title translates to English as: “Youth at Risk. ” Nazi-era publication warning of the degeneracy of youth brought about by the disintegration of society and reflecting the fear that society was on the brink of disaster. OCLC lists 6 libraries worldwide. Front cover detached, but included, with small stains, darkening and ripping on some corners. Lacks backstrip. Pages have some darkening but text is clear and internal binding is in tight. Good condition Scarce. (HOLO2-29-20)  (ID #26229) $125.00.











111.       GESTALTEN DER WELTGESCHICHTE ZEITGENÖSSISCHE MINIATUREN BERÜHMTER PERSÖNLICHKEITEN AUS VIER JAHRHUNDERTEN. Altona-Bahrenfeld: Cigaretten-Bilderdienst, 1936. Stiff embossed paper covers. Folio size. 111 pages. Gold embossed cover. 200 full color collector cards mounted inside, along with numerous text illustrations. Binding design is by Walter Hönemann, graphic Design by Carl Ernst Poeschel. Contents include Humanism, Reformation, Renaisdance, Thirty Years' War, Absolutism, Revolution, Goethe, liberation wars, German Romanticism Very Good Condition. A beautiful copy (as-5-3)  (ID #26250) $50.00.









112.     • Bernstein, David. SEVEN ARTS FEATURE SYNDICATE. FAMILY TREE OF ANTI-SEMITISM: TRACING ANCESTRY OF MODERN JEW-BAITING. New York, Seven Arts Feature Syndicate, 1938. Newsletter, Legal Sized. 4 pages. The Seven Arts Feature Syndicate was a weekly, New York-based, Ango-Jewish weekly periodical in the 1930s. “Anti-Semitism in all its forms and manifestations made unprecedented strides during 5698, sweeping over countries that had never before known it. Here Mr. Bernstein examines the genealogy of anti-Semitism, going back to the 17th century in this unique and fascinating analysis of the family tree of Jew-hatred . ” –Editor. OCLC lists one copy (National Library of Israel) , although which issue is unclear. Crease through middle of sheets, but all text is clear. Very good condition. (HOLO2-37-32) (ID #26419) $65.00.








113.     • Clinchy, Everett R. THE STRANGE CASE OF HERR HITLER. New York, The John Day Company, 1933.  The John Day Pamphlets No. 24. Paper wrappers; 12mo. 30 pages. Extremely early American examination of Hitler.  Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945.Very good condition. (HOLO2-40-8) (ID #26016) $65.00.











114.     • Herf, Jeffrey. NAZI PROPAGANDA FOR THE ARAB WORLD. New Haven, CT, Yale University Press, 2009. Softcover. 8vo. Xv, 320 pages. 25 cm. “A groundbreaking history connecting Nazi Germany’s Arabic-language propaganda during World War II to anti-Semitism in the Middle East in the decades since. ” SUBJECT (S) : World War, 1939-1945 -- Propaganda. Nazi propaganda -- Arab countries -- History -- 20th century. Antisemitism -- Arab countries -- History -- 20th century. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) Nationalsozialismus. Propaganda. Antisemitismus. Geographic: Germany -- politics and government -- 1933-1945. Nordafrika. Naher Osten. Araber. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN: 9780300145793. Uncorrected advanced reading copy with publisher’s press release laid in. Nice, clean copy. Very good condition. (HOLO2-51-7). (ID #26627) $30.00.








115.     • Larsen, Stein Ugelvik; Bernt Hagtvet, Jan Petter Myklebust, Eds. WHO WERE THE FASCISTS : SOCIAL ROOTS OF EUROPEAN FASCISM. Bergen : Universitetsforlaget, 1980. Cloth, 8vo, 816 pages, illustrated. A massive, detailed work. Contents: pt. 1. On the theoretical study of comparative fascism -- pt. 2. Varieties of fascism in Austria -- pt. 3. The fascist core countries: Germany and Italy -- pt. 4. Fascism in Eastern Europe -- pt. 5. The diffusion of fascism in Southern and Western Europe -- pt. 6. Fascism and national socialism in the Nordic countries -- pt. 7. Comparing fascist movements. ISBN: 8200053318. Inscribed in pencil by previous owner, occasional pencil marks; very slight wear to cover, block clean and tight. (Holo2-42-14)  (ID #26533) $135.00.






116.     • Mendoza, Juan C. De. LA ARGENTINA Y LA SWASTICA. Buenos Aires, Ediciones Victoria, 1941. Paperback, 12mo, 188 pages, 18 cm. Subjects: Germans in the Argentine Republic. Propaganda, German. National Socialism. Anti-Nazi publication, the cover showing Nazism as a big black spider. Pages browning and fragile, cover attached to book with tape- non-archival repair. Fair condition. (HOLO2-50-4)  (ID #12199) $60.00.


117.     • Miale, Florence R.; Selzer, Michael. THE NUREMBERG MIND : THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE NAZI LEADERS. New York : Quadrangle/The New York Times Book Co. , 1975. Cloth, 8vo. , xiv, 302 pages. Illustrated with photos and Rorschach tests. SUBJECT (S) : War criminals -- Germany -- Psychology. Rorschach Test. Nuremberg Trial of Major German War Criminals, Nuremberg, Germany, 1945-1946. Criminels de guerre -- Allemagne -- Psychologie. Rorschach, Test de. Nuremberg, Procès de, 1945-1946. Criminal Psychology. Rorschach Test. Social Behavior Disorders. Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei. Light pencil underlining throughout. Good + condition in good + jacket. (HOLO2-38-7)  (ID #26426) $30.00.









118.     • Miller, Franz; Fort, Peter Von Le; Harster, Hermann. SO KÄMPFTE UND SIEGTE DIE JUGEND DER WELT: XI. OLYMPIADE BERLIN 1936. München Knorr & Hirth, 1936. Cloth. Large 8vo. 154, [5 pages]. Ill. 26 cm. In German with German, French and English photo captions. Edition: 2. Auflage. A commentary, with 124 photographs, of the Olympic games in Berlin, 1936. Title translates to English as, “They Willl Fight and Conquer the Youth of the World. 11th Olympics, Berlin 1936.” Jeugd.  Olympic Games (11th : 1936 : Berlin, Germany).  OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Staats und Univ. Bremen, Universitatsbibliothek Bayreuth, Universitatsbibliothek Munchen, Eth-Bibliothek Zurich).  Pages are slightly darkened, but all text and photographs are clear.  Very good condition.  (HOLO2-45-19). (ID #26583) $35.00.









119.     • Mosse, George L. 1918- (George Lachmann) . THE NATIONALIZATION OF THE MASSES: POLITICAL SYMBOLISM AND MASS MOVEMENTS IN GERMANY FROM THE NAPOLEONIC WARS THROUGH THE THIRD REICH. New York, H. Fertig,, 1975. Cloth, 8vo. , xiv, 252 pages. 16 pages of plates. First American Edition. Contents: The new politics -- The aesthetics of politics -- National monuments -- Public festivals: foundations and development -- Public festivals: the theatre and mass movements -- Organizations take a hand -- The workers' contribution -- Hitler's taste -- The political cult. SUBJECT (S) : Nationalism -- Germany -- History. Mass society. Signs and symbols -- Germany. National characteristics, German. Nationalisme -- Allemagne -- Histoire. Société de masse. Signes et symboles. Allemands. Germany -- Politics and government -- 1789-1900. Germany -- Politics and government -- 20th century. Allemagne -- Politique et gouvernement -- 1789-1900. Allemagne -- Politique et gouvernement -- 20e siècle. Spine tanned. No dust jacket. Very good condition. Mandatory for any Holocaust library. (HOLO2-27-27) (ID #26070) $30.00.






120.     • Nederlandsche Beweging Voor Eenheid Door Democratie. WEEST OP UW HOEDE! FEITEN EN GEGEVENS OVER DOEL EN STREVEN DER N.S.B. VERZAMELD DOOR DEN PERSDIENST DER NEDERLANDSCHE BEWEGING VOOR EENHEID DOOR DEMOCRATIE. No place (Utrecht) , Nederlandsche Beweging Voor Eenheid Door Democratie, no date (1937) . Wrappers; 8vo. 58 pages. Dutch Antifascist pamphlet. E. D. D. -Serie. No. 4. Second edition. In Dutch. Contains much material on anti-Semitism. "Facts and data concerning the goals of the N. S. B. Collected by the press service of the Dutch movement for Unity and Democracy. " OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Very good condition. (H-35) (ID #14264) $125.00.








121.     • Raab, Earl. THE ANATOMY OF NAZISM. New York, Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai Brith, 1961. Paper wrappers, National socialism. Paper wrappers; 8vo. 40 pages. Bibliography: pages 39-40. Illustrated. Excellent condition. (H-17) (ID #15722) $50.00.











122.     • Reich, Wilhelm. MASSENPSYCHOLOGIE DES FASCHISMUS; ZUR SEXUALÖKONOMIE, DER POLITISCHEN REAKTION UND ZUR PROLETARISCHEN SEXUALPOLITIK. Kopenhagen, Verlag Für Sexualpolitik, 1933. Paper Wrappers. 289 pages. Second Edition. Reprint, no date (1970? ) In German. In the book, Reich explores how fascists come into power, and categorized the rise as a symptom of sexual repression. The book was seen as being so critical of the Nazi regime that it was banned by the Nazis when they came to power. He later fled Germany disguised to Austria. Reich was expelled from the International Psychoanalytical Association in 1934 for political militancy. SUBJECT(S) : Government. Political Systems. Psychoanalytic Interpretation. Psychology, Social. Sex. Massapsychologie. Nationaal-socialisme. Fascism. Social psychology. Sex. Slight wear to cover and small tears on spine. Short note on title page. Good condition. (HOLO2-28-9) (ID #25937) $30.00.








123.     • Richter, Walter, editor. DIE OLYMPISCHEN SPIELE 1936: IN BERLIN UND GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN. (2 VOLS) . Altona-Bahrenfeld, Cigaretten-Bilderdienst, 1936. Cloth. 4to. 127, 165 pages. In German. Band 1: Die Olympischen Winterspiele. Vorschau auf Berlin. Band 2: Die XI. Olympischen Spiele in Berlin 1936. Edition: 101 -200. Tausend. Band 1 enthalt eine ausfuhrliche Geschichte der IV. Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, einen Ruckblick auf die Olympischen Spiele seit dem Jahre 1896 und eine Darstellung der technischen und sportlichen Vorbereitungen fur die Spiele der XI. Olympiade Berlin 1936. Band 2 ist eine Chronik der glanzvollen Veranstaltungen, der Spiele und der Kampfe der XI. Olympiade, Berlin 1936, soll die Erinnerung wachhalten. (“Book One contains an extensive history of the fourth Winter Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a retrospect of the Olympic Games since 1896 and a preview of the technical and sporting preparations for the Games of the eleventh Olympiad in Berlin 1936. Preview includes foldout map of the planned Olympic Village. Book Two “chronicles the brilliant events of the Games and the struggle of the XI. Olympics Berlin 1936 to preserve the memory. ”) SUBJECT(S) : Berlin -- Olympische Spiele (1936) . Garmisch-Partenkirchen -- Olympische Spiele (1936) . OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide with a complete set. Volumes lack backstrips and have some bumping to corners of covers. Volume Two has some stains at edges of cover. Internal pages are slightly darkened, but all text and pictures are clear. Good condition. (HOLO2-45-25). (ID #26589) $95.00.





124.     • Wolff, Paul. WAS ICH BEI DEN OLYMPISCHEN SPIELEN 1936 SAH. Berlin, K. Specht Verlag, 1936. Cloth. 4to. 5-24, 1-112, 25-31 pages. Ill. Ports. 28 cm. In German. 31 pages of text in German and 112 pages of portraits by Paul Wolff, an official photographer of the games. Title translates to English as, “What I Saw at the 1936 Olympic Games. ” SUBJECT (S) : Olympische Spelen. Bildband. Named Corp: Berlin -- Olympische Spiele (1936) . Olympic Games (11th.1936, Berlin, Germany) . OCLC lists 30 copies worldwide. Some wear to cover, especially along spine. Internal pages are darkened slightly at edges, but all text and portraits are clear. Very good condition. (HOLO2-45-23). (ID #26587) $35.00.











125.     • (Antisemitic) Untermyer, Samuel and Fr. Charles Coughlin. TEXT OF SAMUEL UNTERMEYER'S [SIC] "SACRED WAR" SPEECH AUGUST 7, 1933...AND FATHER COUGHLIN'S COMMENTS, MARCH 16 1942. Hollywoood, CA, Sons of Liberty, 1970. Wrappers,  Small 8vo,  16 pages.  Reprint by this modern hate-group. Full title: TEXT OF SAMUEL UNTERMEYER'S [SIC] "SACRED WAR" SPEECH AUGUST 7, 1933, UPON HIS RETURN FROM THE WORLD-WIDE INTERNATIONAL JEWISH BOYCOTT CONFERENCE AT AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND AND FATHER COUGHLIN'S COMMENTS MARCH 16, 1942. Singerman #608: "Untermyer's declaration of an economic boycott against German goods is followed by Coughlin's article from SOCIAL JUSTICE, March 16, 1942, suggesting that theJews declared war on Germany in 1933. World War II is seen as a Jewish-inspired war to rescue 600, 000 German-Jewish aristocrats from Nazism. Only reprint edition [has been] seen by compiler"--and Singerman lists only one library as owning a copy of this reprint. Very good condition. (HOLO2-34-70)  light sunning to spine, overall Very Good Condition. (ID #703) $75.00.







126.     • Gottlieb, Moshe. THE FIRST OF APRIL BOYCOTT AND THE REACTION OF THE AMERICAN JEWISH COMMUNITY. Philadelphia, Maurice Jacobs, 1968. Paper Wraps, Stapled. 41 pages. Reprinted from American Jewish Historical Quarterly vol. 57, No 4 (1968) , pages 516-556. On 1 April 1933, the Nazis carried out the first nationwide, planned action against Jews: a boycott targeting Jewish businesses and professionals. It was both a reprisal and an act of warning. On the day of the boycott, the SA stood menacingly in front of Jewish-owned department stores and retail establishments, and the offices of professionals such as doctors and lawyers. Throughout Germany, rare acts of violence against individual Jews and Jewish property occurred. Article subject written on cover and some underlining on first page, but all text is clear. Otherwise, internal pages are nice and clean with secure binding. Very good condition. (HOLO2-37-1) (ID #26388) $30.00.








127.     • Gottlieb, Moshe. IN THE SHADOW OF WAR: THE AMERICAN ANTI-NAZI BOYCOTT MOVEMENT IN 1939-1941. Philadelphia, Maurice Jacobs, 1972. Paper Wraps, Stapled. 16 pages. Reprinted from American Jewish Historical Quarterly vol. 62, No 2 (1972) , pages 146-161. The author examines the development of the boycott movement in America. Article subject written on cover. Internal pages are nice and clean with secure binding. Very good condition. (HOLO2-37-4) (ID #26391) $30.00.










128.     • Tenenbaum, Joseph, B. 1887. THREE YEARS ANTI-NAZI BOYCOTT. New York : Joint Boycott Council Of The American Jewish Congress And Jewish Labor Committee, 1936. Paper wrappers, 8vo. , 15 pages. Tenenbaum was “a leader in U. S. Jewish life, serving as chairman of the executive committee of the American Jewish Congress (1929–36) , as vice president of that organization (1943–45) , and as a member of the administrative committee of the World Jewish Congress (1936) . He was the founder and chairman of the Joint Boycott Council (1933–41) , an organization that promoted the boycott of German materials in the United States before and during World War II. As president of the American and the World Federation of Polish Jews, Tenenbaum twice visited Poland after the war to bring aid to the remaining Jews there” (Gottlieb, EJ, 2007) . SUBJECT(S) : Anti-German boycotts -- United States. Germany -- Economic conditions -- 1918-1945. OCLC lists only 6 copies worldwide. Very good condition. (HOLO2-38-15) (ID #26433) $325.00.










129.     • Coopersmith, Harry; National Jewish Welfare Board.; American Association For Jewish Education. SELECTED JEWISH SONGS FOR MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES. New York, Jewish Welfare Board, 1943. 1st edition. Softcover, 16mo, 96 pages, 14 cm. Musical score, songs. Holocaust-era songbook for Jewish soldiers fighting in WW II. SUBJECT (S) : Songs, Jewish. Jewish hymns. War songs, American. “Includes hymns and songs in English, Hebrew and Yiddish, suitable for Sabbath and festival days and other social and cultural group meetings. ”—Preface with music. Light wear to binding and edges. Otherwise, very good condition. (Holo2-58-4) (ID #26497) $30.00.











130.       (Postage Stamps) . DEUTSCHES REICH GENERALGOUVERNEMENT STAMPS: GERMANIC CITIES OF POLAND. Poland, [German Reich], 1943. Postage stamps for use in Nazi occupied Poland. Four stamps in denomination of 2, 4, 6 and 10 zloty. Each stamp displays a structure or city scene above the inscription “Deutsches Reich Generalgouvernement. ” Interesting use of actural images on stamps to show that, really, Poland was historically German, anyway (!). Perforation: 13-3/4, 14 -1/4. Mich Nr. 113 – 116. Unused, no gum; very good condition. Interesting display item. (HOLO2-55-12)  (ID #26349) $30.00.





131.     • (Large Poster) PROCLAMATION OF THE GERMAN CIVIL AUTHORITY. Haarlem (Holland), April 29, 1942. 21.5"x31.5". Text in English. Printed poster with professionally hand painted Jewish star. Nazi-issued poster requiring Jews to wear in public a Star of David on their clothing. According to the proclamation, distribution of the Jewish Stars will be at Synagogue Lange Begijnstraat 31, Haarlem. The synagogue at the address, founded in 1841, was destroyed by fire in 1953. As the proclamation is in English rather than Dutch, we presume this to be a high quality film prop used in a high-budget English-language film about the Holocaust. Crudely reinforced on back, a few tears at the extreme margins. Excellent display item. $1000.00








132.       Novitch, Miriam. Dawidowicz, Lucy S. Freudenheim, Tom L. SPIRITUAL RESISTANCE : ART FROM CONCENTRATION CAMPS, 1940-1945 : A SELECTION OF DRAWINGS AND PAINTINGS FROM THE COLLECTION OF KIBBUTZ LOCHAMEI HAGHETTAOT, ISRAEL. New York : Union Of American Hebrew Congregations, 1978. Paper wrappers, square 8vo. , 71 pages. The scarcer 1st edition. With black and white and color reproductions, and essays by Lucy Dawidowicz and others. Catalog of an exhibition that traveled to 8 major museums. SUBJECT (S) : Jewish art -- Exhibitions. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) , in art -- Exhibitions. Concentration camps in art -- Exhibitions. World War, 1939-1945 -- Concentration camps -- Europe -- Pictorial works - Exhibitions. Schilderkunst. Concentratiekampen. Tweede Wereldoorlog. Bet lohame ha-getaot (Lohame ha-Getaot, Israel) -- Art collections -- Exhibitions. Very good condition. (HOLO2-38-9) (ID #26428) $30.00. 

132A.  • Novitch, Miriam. Dawidowicz, Lucy S. Freudenheim, Tom L. SPIRITUAL RESISTANCE: ART FROM CONCENTRATION CAMPS, 1940-1945: A SELECTION OF DRAWINGS AND PAINTINGS FROM THE COLLECTION OF KIBBUTZ LOHAMEI HAGHETAOT, ISRAEL. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society Of America,, 1981. Cloth, square 4to, 237 pages. Illustrated, some color. An expanded edition of the catalog, published in 1978, of the traveling exhibition held at the Baltimore Art Museum and other museums. First 40 pages are essays Miriam Novitch, Lucy Dawidowicz, Tom L. Freudenheim. 116 black and white and color reproductions of work by 48 artists who recorded life in the ghettos and concentration camps. The art SUBJECT (S) : Jewish art -- Catalogs. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) , in art -- Catalogs. Concentration camps in art -- Catalogs. Concentration camps -- Europe -- Pictorial works -- Catalogs. Includes maps and bibliographical references. Very good condition in very good jacket. (ART-9-16A)  (ID #25769) $30.00.





133.     • (Photos). MIEDZYRZEC-PODLASKI HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL CEREMONY. ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHS (2) . Paris, Photo Mardyks, 1946. Two sheets. 17 x 23 cm. Two photographs from the service at a memorial in Paris, France in memory of the Holocaust victims from Miedzyrzec-Podlaski, Poland. One photo is of the headstone with inscription: “A La Memoire de nos chers parents, freres, sceurs et amis lachement assassines par les Nazi. 1939-1945. A Miedzyrzec-Podlaski n'oublions jamais ces crimes. ” (“In memory of our dear parents, brothers, sisters and friends assassinated by the Nazis. 1939-1945. Miedzyrzec-Podlaski Never Forget These Crimes. ”) Inscription is also in Yiddish. Second photo is a wide shot of the memorial with a surrounding crowd, 19 of whom are numbered in pen. Names of relatives and/or friends lost are listed on reverse of photograph in Yiddish with corresponding numbers. Reverse side of each photograph also contains stamp from photographer as well as their benevolent society (“Association de Secours Mutuels: Miedzyrzec-Podlaski et ses Environs”) . Sepia toned, with scalloped edges. Very good condition. Price for both photos. (HOLO2-55-18). (ID #26355) $150.00.






134.     • Adriana, M. J. & G. H. Wallagh. NACHT OVER NEDERLAND--JOURNALISTIEKE REPORTAGE VAN VIJF BEZETTINGSJAREN 1940-1945. Rotterdam, Werkgemeenschap Publicon, 1945. 1st Edition. Wrappers,  Small 4to,  102 pages. Loaded with photos and cartoons. Includes chapters on antisemitism, Dutch Fascism, slave labor, concentration camps, deportations, the underground etc. A comprehensive eyewitness overview of the occupation from immediately after the war. In the original Dutch. Missing half of backstrip. Good + condition. (HOLO2-40-3)    Front hinge shaken, Very Good Condition. (ID #1553) $60.00.










135.     • POSTCARD TITLED: LA PERSECUTION DU PEUPLE JUIF. France, [None Stated], 1938. Postcard. 15 x 12 cm. Postcard sold to raise funds for refugees and development in Palestine. Image on front depicts a mother protecting her child from a double-headed eagle (a symbol which has both Germanic and Russian roots) . The child is lying on flags bearing the Star of David. Reverse side contains quote from Bernard Lazare, French Jewish literary critic: "Nous sommes toujours le vieux peupl a la nuque dure, l'indocile et rebelle nation; nous voulons etre nous-memes, ce que nous ont fait nos aieux, notre histoire, nos traditions, notre culture et nos souvenirs, et nous saurons bien conquerir ce droit que est le notre d'etre non seulement des hommes, mais aussi des Juifs. ” The quote translates to English as, “We are still the old hard-necked people, the stubborn and rebellious nation, we want to be ourselves, what we have done our ancestors, our history, our traditions, our culture and our memories, and we know well conquer this right that is ours to be not only men but also Jews. " OCLC lists no copies. Light bumping to corners and reverse side is slightly tanned, but still nice. Very good condition. (HOLO2-51-30) . (ID #26646) $30.00.







136.     • Blatter, Janet. ART OF THE HOLOCAUST. New York: Rutledge Press, 1981. Cloth, 4to, 272 pages, chiefly illustrations, maps (on lining papers) , 31 cm. "A Layla Productions book. " Bibliography on pages 270-272. Art from the whirlwind / Janet Blatter -- The legacy of Holocaust art / Sybil Milton -- The first response, 1933-1939 -- Ghettos -- Transit camps -- Prisons and POW camps -- The illegals -- Concentration camps -- The first observers -- Memory -- The artists: biographies. Subjects: Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) , in art. Art, Jewish. Jewish artists -- Biography. Added author: Milton, Sybil. ISBN 0831704187. Very good condition in good jacket. (H-19) (ID #12313) $50.00.









  137.   • (Buchenwald) Julsgaard-Larsen, S. BUCHENWALDSANGEN: DANMARKS POLITI'S SLAGSANG I TEKST OG TEGNINGER. Kjøbenhavn?, Samlerens Forlag, 1945. 1st Edition. Paper Wrappers, 4to,16 pages. "Buchenwald songs: Battle Song of Denmark Polis in Text and Pictures" (When the Nazis took over Denmark, virtually the entire Danish police force was arrested and sent to concentration camps) Bright full-color watercolors of life in Buchenwald on every page and on the front cover. (HOLO2-25-19) Light wear, very good condition. (ID #5852) $200.00.













138.     • Firster, Richard Leland. , Levin, Nora. THE LIVING WITNESS. ART IN THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS. MUSEUM OF AMERICAN JEWISH HISTORY, OCTOBER 18-NOVEMBER 19, 1978. Philadelphia, Museum Of American Jewish History, 1978. Paper Wraps. 48 pages. Ill. 22 cm. A collection of drawings by concentration camp victims taken from an exhibit at the Museum of American Jewish History. SUBJECT (S) : Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) , in art -- Exhibitions. Concentration camp inmates as artists -- Corp Authors: National Institute on the Holocaust (Philadelphia, Pa. ) , International Conference on the Lessons of the Holocaust (1st, 1978, Philadelphia, PA. ) . Biography. Includes bibliographical references (page 46) . OCLC lists only 25 copies worldwide. Margin notes or underlining on three pages, but all text is clear. Issue of The Jerusalem Post, January 17, 1986 laid in as well. Very good condition. (HOLO2-37-9) (ID #26396) $30.00.








139.     • Friedman, Towiah. WE SHALL NEVER FORGET : AN ALBUM OF PHOTOGRAPHS, ARTICLES, AND DOCUMENTS. Haifa : T. Friedman,, 1965. Hardcover, oblong small 4to. , 144 pages. Inscribed by the author. Illustrated with photos and facsimiles on every page. SUBJECT (S) : Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Pictorial works. War criminals -- Germany -- Portraits. Eichmann, Adolf, 1906-1962 -- Portraits. Light wear to covers. Very good condition. (HOLO2-38-5A) (ID #26424) $35.00.


140.     • Friedman, Towiah. WE SHALL NEVER FORGET : AN ALBUM OF PHOTOGRAPHS, ARTICLES, AND DOCUMENTS. Haifa : T. Friedman,, 1965. Hardcover, oblong small 4to. , 144 pages. Inscribed by the author. Illustrated with photos and facsimiles on every page. SUBJECT (S) : Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Pictorial works. War criminals -- Germany -- Portraits. Eichmann, Adolf, 1906-1962 -- Portraits. Binding slightly cracked at spine. Otherwise, very good condition. (HOLO2-38-5) (ID #26423) $30.00.






141.     • Gehrmann, Lucas; Marianne Greber, Eds. JUDENPLATZ WIEN 1996: WETTBEWERB, MAHNMAL UND GEDENKSTÄTTE FÜR DIE JÜDISCHEN OPFER DES NAZIREGIMES IN ÖSTERREICH 1938-1945. COMPETITION, MONUMENT, AND MEMORIAL SITE DEDICATED TO THE JEWISH VICTIMS OF THE NAZI REGIME IN AUSTRIA, 1938-1945. Vienna: Folio,, 1996. Hardcover, 8vo, 126 pages. ISBN 3852560462. All material in German and English, Illustrated (some color) . Presents the procedural rules and selection process for the competition, documentation of the nine entries, essays by Simon Wiesenthal, Ortolf Harl, Wolfgang Fetz; Ammon Barzel; Phyllis Lambert, Robert Statt and Harald Szeemann. Issued in conjunction with an exhibition held at Kunsthalle Wien, March 19-April 28, 1996. In October 2000 the winning design by the British artist Rachel Whiteread, showing a stylized library of untitled books in a 70-sq. -m. Space, was unveiled on the historic Judenplatz in the heart of the city of Vienna (EJ) . SUBJECT(S) : Holocaust memorials -- Austria – Vienna; Holocaust memorials -- Competitions -- Austria – Vienna; Jews -- Austria -- Vienna – History; World War, 1939-1945 -- Monuments -- Austria – Vienna; Monuments -- Austria -- Vienna. Slight wear at cover corners and spine ends, otherwise in very good condition. (Holo2-30-4) (ID #26095) $30.00.






142.     • Geyer, Harold C. ALL MEN HAVE LOVED THEE, A SONG OF FRANCE. New York, R. R. Smith, 1941. Hardcover, Folio, 197 pages, 25 x 34 cm. Includes powerful illustrations—etchings, mock-facsimilies, line drawings—on nearly every page. A brutal visual and textual condemnation of the Nazi occupation of France, and resistance to the occupation, drawn and written from the perspective of French partisans. Geyer, (1905-2005) was a “Raconteur extraordinaire, poet, lecturer, painter, writer, photographer and master of etching…he first fused his varied talents while living in his beloved Troyes, France. His first illustrated book was All Men Have Loved Thee, A Song of France. Mr. Geyer inaugurated the Etching Workshop in New York's Town Hall. After the publication of his second book, The Long Way Home, he was elected an Associate of the National Academy of Design. He created over 200 etchings, many of which are exhibited in national collections in Washington and Paris” (NYT, 2005) . SUBJECT(S) : World War, 1939-1945. France -- Civilization. France -- Politics and government -- 1914-1940. Text and illustrations on lining-papers. Wear to edges and corners Lacket Jacket Otherwise, good condition. (Art-6-1B) (ID #25640) $40.00.







143.     • Grass, Gunter; Mann, Vivian B.; Gutmann, Joseph; Schwartz, Sheila. DANZIG 1939, TREASURES OF A DESTROYED COMMUNITY: THE JEWISH MUSEUM, NEW YORK. 1980. Paperback, Detroit: Published by Wayne State University Press for the Jewish Museum, New York, 8vo. 141 pages. Illustrated. Ceremonial art & history of the Danzig Jewish community. SUBJECT (S) : Judaism - Liturgical objects - Exhibitions; Jews - Poland - Gdansk - History; Religieuze voorwerpen; Joden. Silver gilt lettering on spine. Portrait on endpapers. Slight bumping to corners. In Very Good condition. (ART-2-8) .  (ID #17647) $20.00.









144.     • Jewish Pictorial Review Association. JEWISH PICTORIAL REVIEW. VOL 1, NO 1. SUMMER 1948. ILUSTRIRTE YOM-TEV BLETER: FAR YOMIM-TOYVIM UN A GANTS YOR. New York, Jewish Pictorial Review Association, 1948. Paper Wraps. 4to. 47 pages. 28 cm. In Yiddish. 1ST issue! Back cover with caption in English. Includes numerous pictures and articles on Jewish art, history, music and state building in Israel. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. Covers are slightly worn with some pencil marks in margins and closed tear. Internal pages are nice and clean, in very good condition. (HOLO2-51-21) .  (ID #26640) $50.00.










145.     • Katholische Diasporakinderhilfe Paderborn. POSTCARD TITLED: LIVES OF THE CHILDREN IN THE CATHOLIC COUNTRY. Paderborn, Katholische Diasporakinderhilfe Paderborn, 1945. Postacard. 12x10 cm. Postcard sold to raise funds for Catholic children who, as a result of the war, live in minority populations in German, Nordic and Baltic regions. Front image depicts various religious imagery as drawn by a south German child. On the reverse side is printed: “... Denn fur solche ist das Reich Gottes. " “Helft den bedurftigen Diaspora-Kindern! Ein suddeutsches Kind malte dies Bild: . Trauriges Los der Diaspora-Kinder! ” Translates to English as: “...because for such is the kingdom of God. ” “Help the deserving diaspora children! A south German child painted this picture: happy lives of the children in the Catholic country. Sad fate of diaspora children! ” OCLC lists no copies. Nice, clean copy. Very good condition. (HOLO2-51-31) . (ID #26647) $30.00.








146.     • Klasse, Piet. Introduction by Jan H. De Groot and Ed. Hoornik. WIJ WAREN GETUIGEN--DERTIG TEKENINGEN. Amsterdam, Uitgeverij Vrij Nederland, 1946. 1st Edition. Cloth, Waterstain to spine (paper OK) , wear & slight bow to boards. Internally Very Good Condition.; Oversize 4to; 68 pages; 30 full-page illustrations by Theun De Vries. Pages alternate short poems on Nazism & the occupation with powerful Grosz-type exagerated drawings of the Nazi occupation of Holland, including the persecution of the Jews. Published by the Free Netherland Press. (ART-12-8) (ID #3763) $150.00.











147.     • League Of Fighters For Freedom and Democracy. WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN/NOUS N'AVONS PAS OUBLIE/WIR HABEN ES NICHT VERGESSEN. Warsaw, Polonia Publishing House, 1960. 2nd Edition. Cloth, Large 4to; 267 pages; Over 300 powerful photos on high-quality paper. An important book. Very good + condition in VG+ jacket, with slipcase. (ART-12-9) (ID #25856) $125.00.  












148.     • League Of Fighters For Freedom and Democracy. WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN/NOUS N'AVONS PAS OUBLIE/WIR HABEN ES NICHT VERGESSEN. Warsaw, Polonia Publishing House, 1960. 2nd Edition. Cloth, Large 4to; 267 pages; Over 300 powerful photos on high-quality paper. An important book. Very slight bowing to boards, Very Good Condition Lacks Jacket; (ART-12-10/ ART-12-8) (ID #3907/25855) $125.00.










149.     • Mazur, Tadeuz; & Jerzy Tomaszewski, editors. WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN. NOUS N'AVONS PAS OUBLIE. WIR HABEN ES NICHT VERGESSEN. 1961. 1st Edition Thus. Paper Wrappers, Light wear, Good Condition in Good Jacket; 8vo; Abridged edition. Warszawa: Polonia Publishing House, 159 pages. Includes 118 (! ) pages of photo plates. Pfroduced by the Zwiazek Bojownikow o Wolnosc I Demokracje. A dramatic album of photos showing Nazi atrocities against Jews and Poles. (HOLO2-50-18)  (ID #8596) $50.00.




150.     • Lieshout, Jan W. V. Van. DE STAMBOOM VAN EEN MUSEUM. DEEL 2: VAN SLAGVELD NAAR VREDETEKEN. Overloon, Nationaal Oorlogs- En Verzetsmuseum, 2001. Paper Wraps. 8vo. 112 pages. Ill. 24 cm. 5e Herziene Druk. In Dutch. A guide through the "silent witness" exhibit at the National War and Resistance Museum in Holland. Series: De stamboom van een museum, dl. 2. ISBN: 9080190624. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide. Nice, clean copy with tight binding. Very good condition. (HOLO2-41-4)  (ID #26659) $40.00.










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154.     • Memorial De La Shoah. HOLLYWOOD ET LA SHOAH. LE PERSECUTION DES JUIFS ET LA SHOAH VUES PAR LE CINEMA ET LA TELEVISION AMERICAINE DE 1933 A NOS JOURS. Paris, Memorial De La Shoah. Musee, Centre De Documentation Juive Contemporaine, 2010. Paper Wraps, Brochures. 28 pages. 21 cm. Title translates to English as, “The Persecution of Jews and the Holocaust Views From the Cinema and the American Television 1933 to Nowadays. ” Memorial de la Shoah’s mission is to support projects in all areas of history and research into the Shoah, education and transmission, memory, solidarity and Jewish culture. The pamphlet is a guide to the film festival from May 25 – Oct 31. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Very good condition. (HOLO2-41-30) .  (ID #26685) $30.00.









155.     • Mocsanyi, Paul. ART IN A CONCENTRATION CAMP: DRAWINGS FROM TEREZIN. 1945.  New York: No Publisher (New School), 1968. Paper Wrappers, Oblong 8vo, 42 pages; 20 x 24 cm. Catalogue of an exhibition held at the New School Art Center, New York City, Feb. 13-Mar. 16, 1967. Reproduces 23 drawings & paintings from the exhibition, 13 by children (5 are in color) and 10 by adults. Foreword dated February 1968. SUBJECT(S): Theresienstadt (Concentration camp) -- Pictorial works. Catalogue of an exhibition held at the New School Art Center, New York City, Feb. 13-Mar. 16, 1967./ Foreword dated February 1968. Very Good Condition. (ART-12-6) (ID #13590) $75.00.









156.     • Mórawski, Karol; Glebocki, Wieslaw.  SZTUKA I KULTURA ZA MURAMI. . Warszawa: Snaideckich, 1978. Paper Wrappers, Square 8vo, 25 pages. Loaded with plates of Artwork. 19 cm. In Polish. At head of title: Zydowski Instytut Historyczny w Polsce. Image at left is one of the works of art shown in the book. OCLC lists 13 copies. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Poland. Art, Jewish -- Poland.  Warsaw (Poland) -- Pictorial works.  Very Good Condition. (H-41) (ID #13999) $50.00.











158.     • (Ponary) Aizenberg, Isidoro; Flug, Arthur. GENOCIDE AMONG THE FLOWERS: SEYMOUR KAFTAN’S PONARY PAINTINGS. Bayside, NY: Queensborough Community College, 2010. Softcover, oblong 4to. , 28 pages. Full color catalog from an exhibition at the Harriet and Kenneth Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and Archives. High quality reproductions of 26 oil paintings by Kaftan, a holocaust survivor who records his memories of life in the Vilna Ghetto and in the Ponary concentration camp. He includes Yiddish captions in his boldly colored and detailed paintings. Text from the diary of a Polish man who lived in Ponary and was a eyewitness to the atrocities. No copies on OCLC. New condition. (ART-7-9)  (ID #25667) $45.00.







159.     • Pourquery, Didier, editor. LE MONDE MAGAZINE. FILMER LES CAMPS. Paris, Memorial De La Shoah, 2010. Paper Wraps. 18 pages. In French. Contents Includes: “Filmer les camps, de Hollywood a Nuremberg, ” “Ford, Fuler, Stevens: une aventure commune. ” OCLC lists no copies. Nice, clean copies. Very good condition. (HOLO2-39-18) (ID #26607) $30.00.











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161.     • Rutkowski, Adam, editor. Introduction by Bernard Mark. MECZENSTWO, WALKA, ZAGLADA ZYDOW W POLSCE, 1939-1945. 1960. 1st Edition. Cloth, Ex-library with minimal markings, otherwise Very Good Condition.; 4to; Warsaw: Wydawn. Ministerstwa Obrony Narodowej, 29 cm. Printed on heavy, glossy paper. 541 powerful numbered photos, plus approximately 40 pages of accompanying text, indices, etc. For example, includes bibliography on pages 2-6, as well as a 6-page index to photo contents and photographers. 1 of only 6000 copies printed. An English-language edition was apparently published under the title of "The Agony, struggle and destruction of the Jews in Poland, 1939-1945, " though OCLC lists only 4 libraries worldwide which list a copy (Yale, Clark, Belmont Abbey College, & UNC-Charlotte) . And no copies in either language appear to be offered for sale anywhere on the net. A massive work with photo after damning photo documenting the destruction of the Polish Jews. (Holo2-25-17) (ID #8601) $400.00.








162.     • Schoenberner, Gerhard. PERMANENT EXHIBIT, HOUSE OF THE WANNSEE CONFERENCE: GUIDE AND READER. Berlin, Gedenkstätte Haus Der Wannsee-Konferenz, 1992. Softcover. 8vo. 146 pages. Ill. Maps. 23 cm. A collection of photographs with accompanying text from the permanent exhibit documenting the meeting in which Nazi officials discussed the deportation to Eastern Europe and execution of European Jews. SUBJECT (S) : Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Exhibitions. Antisemitism -- Germany -- History -- 20th century -- Exhibitions. Named Corp: Gedenkstätte Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz (Berlin, Germany) -- Exhibitions. Named Conf: Wannsee-Konferenz (1942 : Berlin, Germany) -- Exhibitions. Other Titles: House of the Wannsee Conference, permanent exhibit. ISBN: 3894682396. OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide. Six sheets laid in with “topics for seminars” in English and Hebrew. Nice, clean copy with a tight binding. Very good condition. (HOLO2-51-3).  (ID #26623) $30.00.








163.     • Tolkaczew, Zinovij. FLOWERS OF OSWIECIM. No Place (cracow?), Moses H. Rubin, 1947. Cloth, Square 4to; 6, 32 pages; 27 cm. "The Flowers of Auschwitz." Drawings of children in Auschwitz. 33 plates of drawings & 6 pages of text. Text in Hebrew. Wiener Library # I:1671.  Text in Polish, English, & French. Captions are in Polish, English, French, Russian and German. Cover title is "Kwiaty Oswiecimia  The Flowers of Auschwitz  Les Fleurs d Oswiecim." Endpapers tanned. Hinges repaired. Good condition. (MX14-8) (ID #26470) $175.00.









164.     • United Jewish Appeal. THIS SHALL TELL ALL AGES: ART, MUSIC, AND WRITINGS OF THE HOLOCAUST. New York: The Appeal, 1981. Paperback, 4to, unpaged, 1 volume, illustrations, music, 30 cm. Subject Yiddish literature -- Translations into English. Subject: Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Literary collections. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Songs and music. Added Author: United Jewish Appeal. No copies listed on OCLC. Very good condition. (H-11) (ID #12076) $40.00.









165.     • Yad Va-Shem. JEWISH CREATIVITY IN THE HOLOCAUST. EXHIBITION OF JEWISH CREATIVITY IN THE GHETTOES AND CAMPS UNDER NAZI RULE (1939-1945) . HA-YETSIRAH HA-YEHUDIT BA-SHOAH: TA`ARUKHAH `AL HA-YETSIRAH HA-YEHUDIT BA-GETAOT UVA-MAHANOT, TAHAT SHILTON HA-NATSIM (1939-1945). [Jerusalem], Yad Va-Shem, 1979.   Paper Wraps. 8vo. 35 pages. Ill. 21 cm. Entire text in English, Hebrew and Yiddish. SUBJECT(S) : Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Exhibitions. "Presented by Yad Vashem in cooperation with the World Council for Yiddish and Jewish and Jewish Culture the World Jewish Congress, and the Jewish Agency. " OCLC lists 18 copies worldwide. Notes on title page from previous owner. Otherwise a nice, clean copy with tight binding. Very good condition. (HOLO2-45-20). (ID #26584) $30.00.








166.     • Young, James Edward. AT MEMORY'S EDGE : AFTER-IMAGES OF THE HOLOCAUST IN CONTEMPORARY ART AND ARCHITECTURE. New Haven, Yale University Press, 2000. Cloth. 8vo. 248 pages. Illustrations. 25 cm. Contents: Art Spiegelman's Maus and the after-images of history -- David Levinthal's Mein Kampf : history, toys, and the play of memory -- Sites unseen Shimon Attie's acts of remembrance, 1991-1996 -- Memory, countermemory, and the end of the monument : Horst Hoheisel, Micha Ullman, Rachel Whiteread, and Renata Stih and Frieder Schnock -- Memory against itself in Germany today : Jochen Gerz's Countermonuments -- Daniel Libeskind's Jewish Museum in Berlin : the uncanny arts of memorial architecture -- Germany's Holocaust memorial problem--and mine. ISBN: 0300080328. SUBJECT (S) : Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) , and architecture -- Germany. Symbolism in architecture. Deconstructivism (Architecture) -- Germany. Holocaust memorials -- Germany. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) , and art. Holocaust memorials -- Germany -- History. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) , in art. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Influence. Beeldende kunsten. Bouwkunst. Holocaust. Gedachtenis. Includes bibliographical references and index. Light wear on cover, including small stains. Nice, clean copy. Very good condition. (HOLO2-28-4) (ID #25932) $30.00.






167.     • Young, James Edward. THE TEXTURE OF MEMORY: HOLOCAUST MEMORIALS AND MEANING. New Haven, Yale University Press, 1993.  Cloth, 8vo. Xvii, 398 pages. Illustrations. 27 cm. Examines Holcaust monuments and museums in Europe, Israel, and America, exploring how every nation remembers the Holocaust according to its own tradtions, ideals, and experiences, and how these memorials reflect their place. Contents: Introduction: The texture of memory -- pt. 1. Germany : the ambiguity of memory. The countermonument : memory against itself -- The sites of destruction -- The Gestapo-Gelände : topography of unfinished memory -- Austria's ambivalent memory -- pt. 2. Poland : the ruins of memory. The rhetoric of ruins: the memorial camps at Majdanek and Auschwitz -- The biography of a memorial icon: Nathan Rapoport's Warsaw Ghetto Monument -- Broken tablets and Jewish memory in Poland -- pt. 3. Israel : Holocaust, heroism, and national redemption. Israel's memorial landscape; forests, monuments, and kibbutzim -- Yad Vashem: Israel's memorial authority -- When a day remembers: a performative history of Yom Hashoah -- pt. 4. America: memory and the politics of identity. The plural faces of Holocaust memory in America -- Memory and the politics of identity: Boston and Washington, D. C. ISBN: 0300053835. SUBJECT (S) : Holocaust memorials -- Europe. Holocaust memorials -- Israel. Holocaust memorials -- United States. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) , in art. Art, Modern -- 20th century.  (ID #25933) $30.00.








168.     • Borowski, Tadeusz. THIS WAY FOR THE GAS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN; AND OTHER STORIES. New York: Penguin, 1976. Paperback,  8vo, 180 pages. Contents: This way for the gas, ladies and gentlemen. --A day at Harmenz. --The people who walk on. --Auschwitz, our home (a letter) . --The death of Schillinger. --The man with the package. --The supper. --A true story. --Silence. --The January offensive. --A visit. --The world of stone. Subjects: Borowski, Tadeusz, 1922-1951 --Translations into English. Concentration camps--Poland--Fiction. Poland--Social life and customs--Fiction. Selected and translated [from the Polish] by Barbara Vedder. Uniform Title: [Short stories. English. Selections]. Very Good condition. (H-17) (ID #11954) $30.00.








169.     • Rosenfarb, Chawa. געטא און אנדערע לידער : אויך פראגמענטן פון א טאג בוך GETO UN ANDERE LIDER: OYKH FRAGMENTN FUN A TOG BUKH. Montreal, Canada, Hershman, 1948.   Cloth. 8vo. 102 pages. Ill. 24 cm. Almost certainly the first edition, though the U of British Columbia lists a copy the same in all respects except for a publication date of 1946—probably a typo. In Yiddish. Rosenfarb is a Holocaust survivor – having experiences stints the Lodz Ghetto, Auschwitz concentration camp and Sasel work camp – and author of Yiddish poetry and novels, a major contributor to post-World War II Yiddish Literature. SUBJECT(S) : Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Poetry. Poems. Title on half t. P. : Di balade fun nekhtikn vald. Title on t. P. Verso: Ghetto and Other Poems. Includes dust jacket. Nice, clean copy. Very good condition with some wear to dust jacket, especially at spine. Scarce. (HOLO2-45-14). (ID #26578) $100.00.








170.     • Elie Wiesel. AGAINST DESPAIR. New York: United Jewish Appeal, 1973. Softcover, 15 pages, portrait, 20 cm. SUBJECT (S) : Israel-Arab War, 1973. Jews -- History. First annual Louis A. Pincus memorial lecture delivered at the National Conference of the United Jewish Appeal, Dec. 8, 1973. Wiesel is a “journalist, novelist, professor, human rights activist, and Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Born in Sighet, Romania, in a town that became part of Hungary in 1940, Wiesel was raised in a fervently Orthodox and hasidic milieu. Prior to 1944, life in Sighet seemed normal, at least to a young studious boy. The Germans invaded Hungary in March 1944, Jews were ghettoized in April, and in May 1944, Elie, his parents, and three sisters were deported along with the rest of Sighet’s Jews to Auschwitz, where his mother and younger sister were killed and he survived with his father and two older sisters. He remained in Auschwitz until the infamous death marches of January 1945 and then was forcibly evacuated to Buchenwald, where his father died from exhaustion, starvation, and despair. After his liberation at the Buchenwald concentration camp on April 11, 1945, he was among the 400 Jewish war orphans transferred by the Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants (Children’s Aid Society) to France, where he was later reunited with his older sisters, Hilda and Bea. From 1948 to 1951, he studied philosophy, psychology, and literature at the Sorbonne, and continued his Jewish learning with a talmudic scholar named Shushani, a figure who later would appear in a number of his novels and lectures. He supported himself by writing for the French newspaper L’Arche and the Israeli daily Yedioth Aharonoth. Wiesel was drawn to the writings of the contemporary French existentialists Albert Camus, Andre Malraux, and Jean-Paul Sartre, and the Catholic writer Francois Mauriac, who encouraged the young reporter to write about the suffering of the Jews in the Nazi death camps… Wiesel received a number of international honors, including the Nobel Peace Prize; Grand-Croix de la Legion d’Honneur; Gra-Cruz da Ordem Nacional do Cruzeiro do Sul; Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary; the King Hussein Award of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; and more than 100 honorary degrees from universities worldwide. In awarding him the Peace Prize, Nobel Committee Chairman Egil Aarvik characterized Wiesel as "a man who has gone from utter humiliation" to become a "messenger to mankind… to awaken our conscience, because our indifference to evil makes us partners in the crime. " In 1987, using his Nobel Prize money, he and his wife, Marion, established the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity, which organizes international conferences in pursuit of strategies to combat hatred and indifference. Refusing to surrender to despair, Wiesel’s literary works and public activism continue to stress “the importance of remaining human in an inhumane world, of affirming hope in man – in spite of man” (Manheimer and Fetterman in EJ, 2007) . OCLC lists 28 copies worldwide. Lightwear, seal broken at edge. Very good condition. (Holo2-58-5)  (ID #26498) $30.00.


171.     • Elie Wiesel. OUR JEWISH SOLITUDE. New York: United Jewish Appeal, 1975. Softcover, 12mo, 12 pages, 20 cm. SUBJECT (S) : Jews – History. Solitude -- Religious aspects – Judaism. Cover title. "The United Jewish Appeal, David Ben Gurion Award, presented to Elie Wiesel, 1975." "With the presentation of the first David Ben Gurion Award, the American Jewish community will be initiating a new precedent for the recognition of excellence and leadership in Jewish life" on page 2 of cover. Wiesel is a “journalist, novelist, professor, human rights activist, and Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Born in Sighet, Romania, in a town that became part of Hungary in 1940, Wiesel was raised in a fervently Orthodox and hasidic milieu. Prior to 1944, life in Sighet seemed normal, at least to a young studious boy. The Germans invaded Hungary in March 1944, Jews were ghettoized in April, and in May 1944, Elie, his parents, and three sisters were deported along with the rest of Sighet’s Jews to Auschwitz, where his mother and younger sister were killed and he survived with his father and two older sisters. He remained in Auschwitz until the infamous death marches of January 1945 and then was forcibly evacuated to Buchenwald, where his father died from exhaustion, starvation, and despair. After his liberation at the Buchenwald concentration camp on April 11, 1945, he was among the 400 Jewish war orphans transferred by the Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants (Children’s Aid Society) to France, where he was later reunited with his older sisters, Hilda and Bea. From 1948 to 1951, he studied philosophy, psychology, and literature at the Sorbonne, and continued his Jewish learning with a talmudic scholar named Shushani, a figure who later would appear in a number of his novels and lectures. He supported himself by writing for the French newspaper L’Arche and the Israeli daily Yedioth Aharonoth. Wiesel was drawn to the writings of the contemporary French existentialists Albert Camus, Andre Malraux, and Jean-Paul Sartre, and the Catholic writer Francois Mauriac, who encouraged the young reporter to write about the suffering of the Jews in the Nazi death camps… Wiesel received a number of international honors, including the Nobel Peace Prize; Grand-Croix de la Legion d’Honneur; Gra-Cruz da Ordem Nacional do Cruzeiro do Sul; Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary; the King Hussein Award of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; and more than 100 honorary degrees from universities worldwide. In awarding him the Peace Prize, Nobel Committee Chairman Egil Aarvik characterized Wiesel as "a man who has gone from utter humiliation" to become a "messenger to mankind… to awaken our conscience, because our indifference to evil makes us partners in the crime. " In 1987, using his Nobel Prize money, he and his wife, Marion, established the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity, which organizes international conferences in pursuit of strategies to combat hatred and indifference. Refusing to surrender to despair, Wiesel’s literary works and public activism continue to stress “the importance of remaining human in an inhumane world, of affirming hope in man – in spite of man” (Manheimer and Fetterman in EJ, 2007) . OCLC lists only one copy worldwide (Eden-Webster Library) . Lightwear. Slight stain to cover, Very good condition. Very Scarce. (Holo2-58-6) (ID #26499) $150.00.


172.     • Foppema, Yge. SPIJKERSCHRIFT, MEI 1940-MEI 1945. Amsterdam, De Bezige Bij, 1945. Paper Wraps. 8vo. 59 pages, ii. 22 cm. In Dutch. Second printing. A collection of poetry by Dutch writer Foppema on the topic of the Dutch resistance. SUBJECT (S) : World War, 1939-1945 -- Poetry. "Een deel van de verzen in deze bundel is tijdens de bezetting ondergronds verspreid. De eerste druk werd verzorgd door de drukkerij Luctor et emergo in Den Haag en is met deze drukkerij bij het bombardement van 3 maart 1945 vernietigd. "--Leaf at end. Internal pages are darkened, but all text is clear and binding is tight. Very good condition. (HOLO2-39-12) (ID #26601) $50.00.









173.     • Gillon, Adam, translation and Introduction. "HERE TOO AS IN JERUSALEM": SELECTED POEMS OF THE GHETTO. New York: Polish Review?, 1965. Paper wrappers, 8vo, 24 cm. 24 pages. Reprinted from: The Polish Review, v.10, no.3, 1965. 8-page introduction to 17 poems by various authors, including Mieczyslaw Jastrun, Czeslaw Milosz and Tadeusz Rozewicz. Gillon is an author of several volumes on Polish literature and an award-winning translator. ‘The Polish Review’ is a multidisciplinary English-language scholarly journal, in continuous publication by the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America since 1956. OCLC lists one copy worldwide (National Library of Israel) . Very good condition. (Holo2-30-11) .  (ID #26102) $75.00.









174.     • Haft, Cynthia. THE THEME OF NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN FRENCH LITERATURE. The Hague, Mouton, 1973. Cloth. 8vo. 227 pages. 24 cm. Series: New Babylon. Studies in the Behavioral Sciences, 12. Inscription from author on title page. SUBJECT (S) : French literature -- 20th century -- History and criticism. French literature -- Themes, motives. Concentration camps in literature. Littérature française -- 20e siècle -- Histoire et critique. Camps de concentration dans la littérature. Konzentrationslager (Motiv) Literatur. Time: Geschichte 1940-1970. Geschichte 1945-1970. Geographic: Französisch. Bibliography: pages [213]-225. Light wear to dust jacket. Book itself is nice, clean copy with tight binding. Very good condition. (HOLO2-37-6) (ID #26393) $40.00.









175.     • Hektin, Shalom. THE GHETTO BOY. New York, Hebrew Educators Committee For Labor Palestine, For The Jewish Children’s Book Club, 1944. Paper Wraps. 8vo. 31 pages. Ill. Map. 22 cm. Holocaust-era imprint. Two short stories, “The Ghetto Boy, ” and “The Brothers, ” translated from Yiddish. SUBJECT (S) : Jewish children -- Fiction. Halutzim -- Fiction. Pioneers -- Israel -- Fiction. Translation of “The Ghetto Boy, ” by Rebecca Shmookler Imber. Translaton of “The Brothers, ” by Ada Auerbach. OCLC lists three copies worldwide (Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Johns Hopkins University, Bowling Green State University) . Nice, clean copy with secure binding; very good condition. (HOLO2-49-26) .  (ID #26333) $50.00.









176.     • Johansen, Jahn Otto. MIN JIDDISCHE MAMMA. No Place, J. W. Cappelens Forlag A. S. , 1970. Cloth, Very Good Condition in Very Good Jacket; 8vo; 197 pages; Scandinavian Holocaust Novel. (HOLO2-34-41) (ID #6541) $25.00.


177.     • Kader, Boris. דערוואכונג : א דראמע אין 3 אקטן פון דעם אידישן לעבען אין נאצי־דייטשלאנד  DERVAKHUNG: A DRAME IN 3 AKTN FUN DEM IDISHN LEBN IN NATSI-DAYTSHLAND. Chicago: Farlag Arbeter Velt,, 1941.  Stiff paper wrappers, small 8vo, 112 pages. Boldly illustrated cover. Early (1941) expose of Jewish life in Germany under Hitler. Contains a 1-page folded promotional insert on green paper. Second printing. In Yiddish. Includes music to the theme song, “Hope, Always Hope! ”. SUBJECT(S) : Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Drama. The author lived from 1882-1958 …. From a contemporary review in the “Observer”: ‘The Awakening’ is the story of a Jewish character in modern Germany who, because of the present regime, changes his whole philosophy of life. An internationalist and an assimiliationist, the chief character becomes a Jewish nationalist. ” OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide. Cover worn at edges and spine, and partially separated at binding, otherwise in good condition. (Holo2-30-5) (ID #26096) $50.00.








178.     • Katzenelson, Itzhak. דאס ליד פונעם אויסגעהרגעטן יידישן פאלק DOS LID FUNEM OISGEHARGETN YIDISHN FOLK. New York, YKUF, No Date (1963?) Paper Wrap. Oblong book, 18 x 22 cm. 79 pages. Ills. In Yiddish. Limited Edition of 3, 000 copies; black cover with silver lettering. Katzeneleson was a Russian-born poet who lived in the Warsaw ghetto and later the Auschwitz concentration camp. This poem gives a shattering account of what he saw and expresses his horror and grief, his protest and helplessness. It is widely considered one of the greatest literary expressions of the tragedy of the Holocaust. English Title: Poem of the Murdered Jewish People. SUBJECT(S) : World War, 1939-1945 -- Poetry. Tape around edges of front and back cover. Library stamp on title page. Pages and binding in good condition. (HOLO2-29-9) (ID #26080) $75.00.








179.     • Katzenelson, Itzhak. דאס ליד פונעם אויסגעהרגעטן יידישן פאלק DOS LID FUNEM OISGEHARGETN YIDISHN FOLK. New York, YKUF, 1963.  Another Copy, not limited edition.  Small stain on front cover, bent corner on back cover. Pages and binding are in very good condition. (HOLO2-29-8) (ID #26079) $75.00.











180.     • Kohn, Murray J. THE VOICE OF MY BLOOD CRIES OUT. THE HOLOCAUST AS REFLECTED IN HEBREW POETRY. New York, Shengold Publishers, 1979. Cloth. 8vo. 224 pages. 24 cm. A collection of poetry from leading Hebrew poets reflecting on the Holocaust. ISBN: 088400063X. Abstract: Poetic sources on the Holocaust subject. SUBJECT (S) : Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) , in literature. Hebrew poetry, Modern -- History and criticism. Gedichten.  Holocaust. Hebreeuws. Lyrik Judenvernichtung (Motiv)  Geographic: Hebräisch. Bibliography: pages 219-224.  Minor bumping at edges of dust jacket.  Pages are clean with tight binding.  Very good condition.  (HOLO2-35-24)  (ID #26155) $30.00.










181.     • Mok, Maurits. EUROPA. GEDICHT. [Bussum], Bayard Pers, 1945. Paper Wraps. 8vo. 26 pages. 25 cm. Maurits Mok was an early post-War Jewish Dutch poet whose other works include Aande Vermoorden uit Israel ("To the Murdered of Israel, " 1950) . Much Holocaust-themed poetry in this work as well. SUBJECT(S) : Poetry of places -- Europe. Geographic: Europe -- Poetry. OCLC lists only 18 copies worldwide. Some discoloration at edges of cover. Title page has previous owners’ names. Internal pages are clean with tight binding. Very good condition. (HOLO2-39-17) (ID #26606) $30.00.










182.     • Ramati, Alexander. BARBED WIRE ON THE ISLE OF MAN: THE WARTIME BRITISH INTERNMENT OF JEWS. New York, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1980. Cloth. 8vo. 231 pages. 22 cm. First Edition. A fictional novel based on the true events of German-born Jews who escaped from Holland to England only to be imprisoned. SUBJECT (S) : World War, 1939-1945 -- Isle of Man -- Fiction. World War, 1939-1945 -- Jews -- Fiction. Jews -- Isle of Man -- Fiction. Genre/Form: War stories. ISBN: 0151106711. Light wear to edge of dust jacket and previous owner’s bookplate on front end page, but otherwise very good condition. (HOLO2-49-6) .  (ID #26314) $30.00.









183.     • Richter, Hans Werner. Translated from the German by Geoffrey Sainsbury.  THEY FELL FROM GOD'S HANDS. New York, E.P. Dutton, 1956. First Edition; First Printing.  Cloth, 1st editon. i8vo, 349 pages. 21 cm. Novel. "Ten men and women of different European nationality and political conviction are thrust together in the melting pot of a D.P. camp... Serves as a vigorous indictment of war and of the Great Powers that waged it." LCCN: 56-6297  SUBJECT(S): World War, 1939-1945 -- Fiction. Very Good Condition in Very Good Jacket. A beautiful copy. (HOLO2-57-10) (ID #26256) $45.00.










184.     • Schulstein, Moses (Mosheh Shulshteyn).  A BOYM TSVISHN HURVES: LIDER UN POEMES. . Pariz (i.e. Paris): Oyfsnay, 1947. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 290 pages. 24 cm. In Yiddish. Title on title page verso: "Boim zwischn chourwes." OCLC lists 19 copies worldwide.  SUBJECT(S): World War, 1939-1945 -- Poetry.  Missing front cover, back cover torn with pieces missing. Pages slightly tanned. Text in Good Condition.  (Holo2-34-75) (ID #25928) $50.00.










185.     • Taube, Herman. THE LAST TRAIN: EXODUS TO TASHKENT, A STORY OF LOVE BY COINCIDENCE. New York, Exposition Press, 1966. Cloth. 8vo. 119 pages. 21 cm. First Edition. Inscribed by the author on the title page, dated May 19, 1969. Herman Taube immigrated to the United States, where he wrote for the Jewish Daily Forward, from a European Displaced Persons camp in 1947. This novel is about a former German citizen who flees to Poland, and later to Russia, to escape the war. OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. Dust jacket is lightly worn with some fading on the spine. Book itself has tight binding, in very good condition. (HOLO2-31-18)  (ID #26222) $30.00.









186.     • Timms, Edward; Andrea Hammel; Silke Hassler, Eds. WRITING AFTER HITLER: THE WORK OF JAKOV LIND. Cardiff: University Of Wales Press, 2001. Cloth with dust jacket. 8vo, 22 cm. Xii, 222 pages. Black and white illustrations, bibliography and index. Born in Vienna in 1927, Lind survived in Nazi Germany and then settled in Israel. His novels, written in German and later in English, express the experience of exile and cultural uncertainty. This collection of critical essays is the first comprehensive study of this important writer. ISBN: 0708316158. Excellent condition. (Holo2-30-20)  (ID #26112) $30.00.












187.     • JUDISK KALENDER 5697 (1936 - 1937) . [Stockholm], 1936. Original paper wrappers, 24mo. , 47 pages. In Swedish and Hebrew. Jewish calendar printed in Stockholm, with illustration of the Stockholm synagogue and photo of the Chief Rabbi of Stockholm, M. Ehrenpreis, a list of area synagogues, and blessings and prayers. Includes period advertisements. No copies on OCLC. Scarce. Stamp reading “Provexemplar” (sample) stamped lightly on cover and first page. Very good condition. (HOLO2-38-11) (ID #26430) $125.00.










188.     • KALENDARIUM AUF DAS JAHR 5698 [1937-1938]. Berlin, Schocken Verlag, 1937. Paper Wraps. Stapled. 7 pages. 7 cm (miniature-sized) . In Hebrew with some German. Calendar for the Hebrew year 5698 (1937-1938) . Includes all Jewish holidays in Hebrew; Christian and state holidays are listed in German. When the Nazis introduced their racial laws they exempted Schocken Verlag, a Jewish publisher, from the ban against publishing Jewish authors on the condition that its books would be sold only to Jews. It was later closed down entirely in 1939, at which time the publisher relocated to Mandate Palestine. Not in Wasserman (“Bibliographie des Judischen Schrifttums in Deutschland 1933-1943”); OCLC lists no copies. Clearly, very, very few copies of this little imprint survived; the only copy we’ve ever seen. Nice, clean copy in very good condition. (HOLO2-55-10B).  (ID #26486) $250.00.








189.     • KALENDARIUM AUF DAS JAHR 5699 [1938-1939]. Berlin, Schocken Verlag, 1938. Paper Wraps. Stapled. 7 pages. 7 cm (miniature-sized) . In Hebrew with some German. Calendar for the Hebrew year 5699 (1938-1939) . Includes all Jewish holidays in Hebrew; Christian and state holidays are listed in German. Not in Wasserman (“Bibliographie des Judischen Schrifttums in Deutschland 1933-1943”); OCLC lists no copies. Nice, clean copy in very good condition. (HOLO2-55-10).  (ID #26347) $250.00.










190.     • Brick, Daniel. VARFÖR ANKLAGAR MAN JUDARNA? . Stockholm, Albert Bonniers, 1944. Paper Wraps. 8vo. 95 pages. In Swedish. Holocaust-era Swedish defense of the Jews; Chapters deal with Antisemitism as a form of ethnic hatred and with claims of Aryan superiority, immorality in the Talmud, Jewish avoidance of productive labor, Jewish Bolshevism, Jewish greed, and Jewish plans for world conquest, as well as exposuing typical methods antisemites use and a look at the Swedish Jewish question. Important work by some big names. Foreword by Lydia Wahlstrom and Hugo Valentin. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide (University of Chicago, Harvard University Library, Paris BSG BIB Nordique, University of Basel Universitatsbibliothek, Tel Aviv University) . Moderate wear to cover and some wear to edges of page one, but all text is clear. Very good condition. (HOLO2-45-6) .  (ID #26570) $100.00.








191.     • Brick, Daniel. ANTISEMITISMEN--EN FOLKFARA. [Stockholm] Förbundet Kämpande Demokrati, 1943. Paper wrappers, small 8vo. , 8 pages. Holocaust-era publication. In Swedish. “Antisemitism - A Public Danger”. “During World War II, a Swedish Jew, Daniel Brick, wrote his third version of Why does one accuse the Jews? (1944) where he debunked most of the then ongoing anti-Semitic slandering myths with logical facts. Perhaps it should be re-published unedited (and translated) since the text still stands. Brick, who was the founder of the Swedish Jewish Chronicle, seems to have been forgotten during the years by most of the following generations, who show clear signs of infectious symptoms regarding Jew hate” (Sweden and the Jews, 2010) . SUBJECT(S) : Jews -- Politics and government. Jews -- Social conditions. (OCLC lists only 3 copies worldwide) . Very good condition. (HOLO2-38-20) (ID #26438) $125.00.








192.     • Molotov, V. M. HITLERILÄISTEN HIRMUTEOT: RIKOKSET, ROSVOUKSET, RYOSTOT. SUOMENNOS VIRALLISISTA ASIAKIRJOISTA. USA, Kansallinen Kustannuskomitea, 1942. Paper Wraps. 8vo. 31 pages. In Finnish. Contents: “Murskatkaamme keskiaikaisen barrbarismin edustajat, ” “Väeston Rosvoaminen, ” “Neuvostokaupunkien ja klien hävittäminen, ” “Orjuutus - ja maaorjahallinnon perustaminen, ” “Neuvostoliiton kansojen kulttuurin hävittäminen. Hirmuteot ja väkivalta," "Neuvostomaalaisten sotavankien hävittäminen."   Title translates to English as, "Hitler's Atrocities. Crimes, Banditry, Robbery."  OCLC lists one copy worldwide (National Library of Finland).  Moderate wear to cover.  Internal pages are darkened, but all text is clear and binding is secure.  Very good condition.  (HOLO2-45-5). (ID #26569) $65.00.











193.     • Anne-Frankstichting. ANNE FRANK IN THE WORLD: 1929-1945. DIE WELT DER ANNE FRANK. Amsterdam, Bakker, 1985. Paper Wraps. 4vo. 144 pages. Ill. 23 cm. In German and English. A pictorial timeline of Anne Frank’s life, and World War II in general, from 1929-1945. ISBN: 9035102738. SUBJECT (S) : Jews -- Germany -- History -- 1933-1945 -- Exhibitions. National socialism -- Germany -- Exhibitions. Jews -- Persecutions -- Netherlands -- Exhibitions. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Netherlands -- Exhibitions. Named Person: Frank, Anne, 1929-1945 -- Exhibitions. Geographic: Germany -- Ethnic relations -- Exhibitions. Netherlands -- Ethnic relations -- Exhibitions. Light wear to front cover. Ex-library, with sticker on spine. Initials on title page, otherwise clean copy. Pages and internal binding are in very good condition. (HOLO2-29-6)  (ID #26077) $30.00.








194.     • Frank, Otto Et Al. ANNE FRANK UND IHRE FAMILIE. Amsterdam : Anne Frank Stichting, 2004. Cloth. 12mo. 95 page. Ills. 16 cm. In German. Collection of photographs from Otto Frank with introductions by Victor Levie and Jan van Kooten. SUBJECT (S) : Porträtphotographie -- Familie -- Frank, Otto (1889-1980) -- Bildband. Familie -- Porträtphotographie -- Frank, Otto (1889-1980) -- Bildband. Named Person: Frank, Otto, 1889-1980 -- Porträtphotographie -- Familie -- Bildband. Frank, Anne -- Bildband. “Sonderedition zum Gedenken an den Geburtstag von Anne Frank vor 75 Jahren, 12. Juni 2004.” Corp Author(s) : Anne Frank Stichting.; Anne Frank Haus.; Anne Frank Fonds. Authors: Frank, Otto; Levie, Victor; Verhoeven, Rian; Newman, Arnold; Kooten, Jan van; Frank, Anne. OCLC lists 4 copies wordwide (Gloucester County Library, Swiss National Library, University of Basel Universitatsbibliothek, Zurcher Fachhochschule) . Nice, clean copy with tight binding. Very good condition. (HOLO2-41-6) (ID #26661) $125.00.







195.     • Hellwig, Joachim; Deicke, Günther. EIN TAGEBUCH FÜR ANNE FRANK. Berlin (East) , Verlag Der Nation, 1959. Cloth. 8vo. 134 pages. Ill. 21 cm. Inscription from author on title page, dated 1959. A collection of photographs and documents used in the documentary “The Diary of Anne Frank” with accompanying text. Interesting East German perspective on Anne Frank and the Holocaust via East German film, discussed here with many stills from the East German film. SUBJECT (S) : Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) Title Subject: Diary of Anne Frank (Motion picture) . Writing in pencil on front end page, but otherwise a nice, clean copy with a secure binding. Very good condition. (HOLO2-41-3) (ID #26658) $35.00.









196.     • Piszkalski, Henry J. C. THE PERSONALITY OF ANNE FRANK IN THE LIGHT OF THEORY OF "EXTREME SITUATIONS" BY KARL JASPERS: PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDY. Washington, [S. N], 1980. Softcover. Xlvii, 123 pages. 22 cm. SUBJECT (S) : World War, 1939-1945 -- Jews. Named Person: Frank, Anne, 1929-1945. Cover title: “The Personality of Anne Frank. ” Includes bibliography and indexes. OCLC lists only 5 copies (US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Chaminade University of Honolulu, Middlesex County College Library, Aletta Institute for Women’s History, Nukat Union Catalog of Polish Libraries) . Cover is slightly discolored at the top edge and along the spine, but all text is clear. Underlining on one page in preface, but otherwise this is a nice, clean copy with secure binding. Very good condition. Scarce. (HOLO2-39-26) (ID #26615) $175.00.







197.     • Frank, Anne, 1929-1945.; Hardy, H. J. J.; Barnouw, David.; Stroom, Gerrold Van Der. THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK: THE CRITICAL EDITION. New York: Doubleday, 1989. Half cloth, small 4to. , xi, 719 pages. First Edition. Translation of: Achterhuis. Prepared by the Netherlands State Institute for War Documentation. Black and white photographs and facsimiles throughout. A comparison of the three versions of Anne Frank's diary; Anne's original entries, including never-before-published material; the diary as she herself edited it while in hiding; and the best-known version, edited by her father. SUBJECT (S) : Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Netherlands -- Amsterdam -- Personal narratives. Jews -- Persecutions -- Netherlands -- Amsterdam. Jews -- Netherlands -- Amsterdam -- Diaries. Frank, Anne, 1929-1945 -- Diaries. Amsterdam (Netherlands) -- Ethnic relations. Introduced by Harry Paape, Gerrold van der Stroom, and David Barnouw; with a summary of the report by the State Forensic Science Laboratory of the Ministry of Justice; compiled by H. J. J. Hardy; edited by David Barnouw and Gerrold van der Stroom; translated by Arnold J. Pomerans and B. M. Mooyaart-Doubleday. Jacket price clipped. Very good + condition in Very good jacket. (HOLO2-27-28)  (ID #26071) $30.00.









198.     • JÜDISCHER JUGENDKALENDER DRITTER JAHRGANG. 5691-1930-31. 1929. 1st Edition. Cloth, Berlin, Jüdischer Verlag, 1930-31. Large 8vo; Hardbound, 128 pages. "Dieser Kalender erscheint unter Mitwirkung der Jugendschrift- enkommission der Grossloge fuer Deutschland U. O. B. B. " Weimar-period Jewish youth annual. Includes numerous Jewish songs, stories, crafts, reports, heroes, essays, poems, etc. For German-speaking Jewish adolsecents. Beautiful Illustrations by: Magda Nachman-Acharya, Hans Holbein, Wolfgang Hamburger,  Edith Samuel, Walter Bernauer, Adolf von Sonnenthals, & Marianne Brodsky (7 years old!). Includes fold-out game-board at rear. With Offenbach A.M. archival depot stamp. Damp stain and wear to covers,  text in Good Condition. (HOLO2-50-1) (ID #26116) $150.00.


199.     • JÜDISCHER JUGENDKALENDER. Other years available on request.








200.     • [Volakova, Hana, Ed. ]. I NEVER SAW ANOTHER BUTTERFLY--CHILDREN'S DRAWINGS AND POEMS FROM TEREZIN CONCENTRATION CAMP 1942-1944. New York, Mcgraw-Hill, . Cloth,  4to,  83 pages.  Szonyi (p.137) calls this book "one of the most moving books on the Holocaust. " Ex-library with bookplate and bookpocket. Masking tape and edgewear on jacket. With ribbon bookmark. Very good condition in good jacket. (HOLO2-40-7)   Front hinge starting, o/w Very Good in Almost Very Good Jacket. (ID #1370) $35.00.










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