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We are pleased to publish our latest catalog:

Catalog 174, The Holocaust: A Catalog in Two Parts.

Part I, below, includes imprints in the following areas

while Part II, which can be accessed HERE, includes these sections:

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Holocaust Catalog Part I - Sections:


  1. Karski, Jan. STORY OF A SECRET STATE. Boston; Houghton Mifflin Co., 1944. Original boards. 8vo. Vi, 391 pages. 20cm. First edition. Endorsed by the Council on Books in Wartime, a non-governmental organization established in the United States during World War II with the motto “Books are weapons in the war of ideas”. Describes the experiences of the author, Jan Karski, during his time as a member of the Polish resistance. Karski travelled throughout Poland and wartime Europe as a courier of the Polish government-in-exile providing some of the earliest reporting about the Warsaw Ghetto and the Holocaust. Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 --Personal narratives, Polish. World War, 1939-1945 -- Poland. Poland -- History -- Occupation, 1939-1945. Printed by Kingsport Press, in Kingsport, TN, variant of other printing by H. Wolff in New York. Dust jacket, protected in mylar covering, has edgewear, some light creasing to authors portrait on back cover, corners slightly bumped, and a small piece missing along top edge of back strip connected to thin 1 inch open tear along external front joint, otherwise good + condition. Light staining to boards, text block clean and fresh. Very good condition in Almost Very Good Jacket. A Quite Nice Copy. (HOLO2-110-29) (ID #32524) $125.00.
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  3. Poland, Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych; THE MASS EXTERMINATION OF JEWS IN GERMAN OCCUPIED POLAND: NOTE ADDRESSED TO THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE UNITED NATIONS ON DECEMBER 10TH, 1942, AND OTHER DOCUMENTS. London, New York; Published On Behalf Of The Polish Ministry Of Foreign Affairs By Hutchinson & Co. , [1943]. Stapled as issued in original wrappers. 8vo. 16 pages. 22 cm. National Government Publication. Printed in red and black ink. One of the first official announcements of the Holocaust. Jan Karski-Kozielski, a Polish Government emissary in occupied Poland, bribed his way into a German concentration camp and witnessed the mass extermination of Jews. "In November 1942 he arrived in London to report on German atrocities in occupied Poland. He reported to the Polish Government, Szmul Zagielboin and Ignacy Schwartzbart (Jewish members of the Polish National Council), Anthony Eden (the British Foreign Minister) and the British parliament. In America, he reported in Washington to President Roosevelt and in New York to the International Jewish Council. As a result, the Allied governments issued a statement that the people responsible for atrocities would be punished. On 10 December 1942, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a note to Allied and neutral governments on the mass extermination of Jews in German-occupied Poland and requested retaliatory bombing of German cities. Both the British and American governments refused to act" (Andrzej Dabrowa, "Breaking the Enigma code: Polish contribution to victory"). Lucy Dawidowicz cites the book in her now classic work, "The Holocaust and the Historians" (Harvard, 1983, p. 167) , as an example of the Polish Government in Exile's statements on the murder of Jews in Poland. Indeed, the report could not be more explicit in its description of the horrors nor in its plea for help: "The new methods of mass slaughter applied during the last few months confirm the fact that the German authorities aim with systematic deliberation at the total extermination of the Jewish population of Poland and of the many thousands of Jews whom the German authorities have departed to Poland from Western and Central European countries and from the German Reich itself. The Polish Government consider it their duty to bring to the knowledge of the Governments of all civilised countries the following fully authenticated information received from Poland during recent weeks, which indicates all too plainly the new methods of extermination adopted by the German authorities." The report then elaborates: "The actual process of deportation was carried out with appalling brutality. At the appointed hour on each day the German police cordoned off a block of houses selected for clearance, entered the back yard and fired their guns at random, as a signal for all to leave their homes and assemble in the yard. Anyone attempting to escape or to hide was killed on the spot. No attempt was made by the Germans to keep families together. Wives were torn from their husbands and children from their parents. Those who appeared frail or infirm were carried straight to the Jewish cemetery to be killed and buried there. On the average 50-100 people were disposed of in this way daily. After the contingent was assembled, the people were packed forcibly into cattle trucks to the number of 120 in each truck, which had room for forty. The trucks were then locked and sealed. The Jews were suffocating for lack of air. The floors of the trucks were covered with quicklime and chlorine. As far as is known, the trains were despatched to three localities - Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor, to what the reports describe as 'Extermination camps.' The very method of transport was deliberately calculated to cause the largest possible number of casualties among the condemned Jews. It is reported that on arrival in camp the survivors were stripped naked and killed by various means, including poison gas and electrocution. The dead were interred in mass graves dug by machinery." Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 - Jews - Poland. World War, 1939-1945 - Poland - Atrocities. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) - Poland. Jews - Poland. Staples with minor rust, light ageing and light soiling to front wrap, internally very clean and fresh. Very Good condition. A copy with similar rust stains sold in June 2013 at auction for over USD 3800. Rare and very important. (HOLO2-97-48) (ID #29529) $3000.00.






  5. Abádi, Evrin. ABÁDI ERVIN: ELMONDOM…: MY STORY…: 1942 - 1945. No Place (Budapest?), No Publisher (The Author?), 1947. Original wrappers. 8vo. [5] leaves, 27 leaves. Oblong. 30x21 cm. First Edition. In Hungarian and English. "I shall tell", Aharon (Ervin) Abádi's illustrated memoire of the Holocaust. The book is loaded with Abadi’s powerful black and white drawings of life in the camps and under Nazism on every page. Copy no. 347 out of a limited numbered edition of 500 copies, published with the assistance of the Joint organization. On the third page appears a dedication handwritten by Abádi, in Hungarian; on the fourth page appears a portrait photo of Abádi, signed underneath. Aharon (Ervin) Abádi (1918-1979), Israeli author, journalist, graphic designer, native of Hungary. Abádi was born in Budapest. When still very young his genial artistic talent was revealed and he was sent to study art in Rome. When persecutions on racial basis started in Fascist Italy, he was forced to return to Hungary. With the rise of Nazi regime into power in Hungary, joined the founders of the Zionist underground, was captured and sent to labor camps. Later on was sent to Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Was freed in 1945, when the camp was liberated, being seriously ill with typhoid. Made Aliya to Israel in 1950 and started to draw, write books and create graphic designs. Subjects: Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Personal narratives. Jews, Hungarian -- Persecutions. Concentration camp inmates -- Germany -- Biography. World War, 1939-1945 -- Personal narratives, Jewish. World War, 1939-1945 -- Personal narratives, Hungarian. World War, 1939-1945 -- Prisoners and prisons, German. OCLC lists 4 copies worldwide. (NYPL, USHMM, Univ. Of Houston, Tel Aviv) Minor stains and edge wear. A few small tears to cover on top edge. Good + condition. (HOLO2-112-10) (ID #32694) $1700.00.






  7. Kaplan, Yisrael. DOS FOLKS-MOYL IN NATSI-KLEM: REYDENISHN IN GETO UN KATSET. Minkhen: Aroysgegebn Fun Der Tsentraler Historisher Komisye Baym Ts. K. Fun Di Bafrayte Yidn In Der Amerikaner Zone In Daytshland, 1949. (FT) Original paper wrappers, 8vo, 61 pages. First Edition. In Yiddish. "Voice of the People in the Nazi Vise". Published in the American Zone of Occupation in Germany. On the Yiddish vocabulary that evolved in the camps and ghettos during the Holocaust. Fascinating! SUBJECT(S): Yiddish language -- Terms and phrases. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. Cover and pages tanned. Otherwise very good condition. (HOLO2-106-5) (ID #24788) $125.00.






  9. (Madagascar) Stoll, Samuel J. AN APPEAL TO JEWISH REASON. [New York?]; S. J. Stoll, 1944. Original wrappers, hole punched bound in period folder. 4to. 23 pages. 29 cm. First edition. Both a polemic and detailed report, this piece presents moral arguments and statistics proposing the possibility of Jewish settlement in Madagascar. Written three years after the abandonment of the Nazi’s Madagascar resettlement plan. “This is not a rebellion against Zionism. The writer is a Zionist. Nor is it a rebellion against Palestine. The Jewish pioneers have convincingly demonstrated how truly Utopian Palestine can become in Jewish hands. It is a rebellion against a world situation which is not of our making and which cannot be unmade by us, which in the first instance presents us with a “Jewish problem” too enormous to be solved in a dozen Palestines, and then holds Palestine out to us as a solution to that problem, and finally snatches Palestine away from us when we reach out to take it. […] To the total war that is being waged against us on every front there can be but one answer: total Jewish victory. Let us by a single master stroke confound our enemies and rise from slavery and Ghetto and concentration camp to freedom and sovereign statehood and world power. We can do this and must and will do it in Madagascar. And in so doing we shall enjoy the first installment of sweet vengeance: the partial dismemberment of Germany.” (Page 16) Subjects: Jews -- Relocation -Madagascar. Jews -- Government policy -- Europe. OCLC lists only 1 copy worldwide (Harvard). Some shelf wear to folder, internally crisp and bright. Very good + condition. Very Scarce and Very Important. (HOLO2-109-15) (ID #32472) $650.00.






  11. [Jewish Central Information Office]. THE GERMAN POGROM, NOVEMBER 1938: AN ACCOUNT OF FACTS. [Amsterdam; Jewish Central Information Office], [1939]. Hole punched in period folder. 4to. [various pagination]. 27 cm. First edition. Extremely early report outlining the horrors of Kristallnacht and its aftermath through personal accounts collected by the Jewish Central Information Office. “The following reports, based upon truthful observations, and trustworthy accounts, by eye-witnesses, provide no more than a cursory view of the German November Pogrom. What really did happen, is worse by far than anything described in these pages. Even to this day it has not been possible as yet to write a comprehensive account, giving exact figures, because the Jews of Germany, even those that have already left the country cannot be moved to speak, for fear of retaliation.” (Page [1]) Subjects: German Pogrom – November, 1938. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide. (Tel Aviv Univ.) Hole punched report in period folder. Pages have light age toning. Covers have some tears. Unobtrusive period Jewish institutional stamp. Title page loose. Good + condition. Quite Scarce (HOLO2-109-1) (ID #32230) $375.00.






  13. [Nazi Pro-Zionist Millenialist Tract] Cohen, Abraham [Kurt Reiss]. FLUCH UND UNENTRINNBARES GESCHICK DER JUDEN. Saaz C. S. R. (Czech Republic), Kurt Reiss, 1935. Original printed wrappers. 4to. 11 pages. 30cm. In German. Compact tabloid format internally, with broadsheet printed covers. Title translates as “The Curse and Inescapable Destiny of the Jews.” Written by Kurt Reiss, under the pseudonym Abraham Cohen. This Antisemitic, millenarian polemic situates itself alongside the numerous Antisemitic conspiracy theories clinging to the fringes of early Nazi propaganda, a kind of millenialist Nazi-Zionism that calls for the Jews to be returned to Palestine to bring about the second coming of Jesus. In this piece, Reiss celebrates Hitler as “the latest confirmation“ that the Jews are the “chosen people”, and sees Hitler as a “guide” and “shepherd” that will prevent the assimilation of the Jewish people and help bring them to Palestine to facilitate the final “salvation”. “Kurt [Reiss] left school at the age of 15 and developed an interest in religion. He believed that the Jews should recognize Jesus Christ as their Messiah. He also attempted to secure patents for mechanical inventions. Kurt convinced the family to emigrate to Canada. According to a family member Kurt suffered from mental illness. He was unable to work and spent his days writing notes about his daily activities and his religious ideas. His sister Lola always took care of him.” (Leo Baeck Institute) OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide. (Yeshiva Univ., National Libr. Of the Czech Republic, Natl. Libr. Of Germany) Some age toning and light shelf wear. Text clean and bright. Very good condition. Unusual and an important example (HOLO2-112-2) (ID #32684) $200.00.






  15. American Joint Distribution Committee. TWENTY-ONE YEARS OF JOINT DISTRIBUTION COMMITTEE ACTIVITY OVERSEAS: CHARTS SHOWING WHERE, WHEN AND HOW RECONSTRUCTIVE WORK AND EMERGENCY AID HAVE BEEN ADMINISTERED: 1914-1935. New York; American Joint Distribution Committee, 1935. Hole-punched leaves in period folder. 4to. [13 leaves], [4] pages. 30 cm. First Edition. 13 full page color charts and period infographics, with one double sized fold out chart describing the organizational structure of the Joint Distribution Committee. Charts are smartly designed, with clear influences from the early 20th century German Plakatstil and interwar Art Deco styles. The chart and map data, presented in unique ways, describes various reconstruction expenses, rates of Jewish employment, Jewish population distribution, Jewish school locations, and loan amounts. The concluding summary report describes “the steps taken in the United States and abroad to bring aid to the Jews of Germany to continue to help the Jews in Eastern Europe” with a somber acknowledgement of the “tragic story of the Jews of Germany since the advent of the Nazi regime.” Subjects: American Joint Distribution Committee. WWI – Reconstruction. Germany. Poland. Jewish population in Europe. No copies on OCLC. Illustrations and text bright and crisp. Very good +condition. Scarce and very displayable. An excellent piece (HOLO2-112-6) (ID #32690) $400.00.






  17. (Anti-Hitler Children's book) Clia. KRIEBELTJE DE BOSKABOUTER. [The Netherlands];No Publisher, No Date [1943? 1945?]. Original Illustrated Wrappers. 8 vo. [8] pages. 19x29 cm. Illustrated. First edition. Color illustrations throughout the text with three full page color illustrations. Illustrations attributed to "CLIA." Oblong children’s picture book with illustrations in color, and the story of Kriebeltje (translates as "Tickle") the wood gnome. The satirical story involves Kriebeltje being blown from a tree into a trash heap where he is tormented by Alfie the caterpillar, a cartoon caterpillar drawn with the face of Adolf Hitler. Kriebeltje is saved after an ant eats the Hitler look alike caterpillar, and is flown back home by a dragon fly. The Royal Dutch library, in their OCLC description, suggests that publication may be from 1945 or that, instead, this may be an underground anti-Nazi publication for children from 1943 (see OCLC). For more images from the book, see Subjects: Children – WWII. Caricatures and cartoons. Humor. German occupation, 1940-1945. OCLC lists only 1 copy worldwide. (Koninklijke Bibliotheek). In mylar protective cover. Miminal toning, consistent with age. Illustrations and text clean and bright. Very good - condition. (HOLO2-110-18) (ID #32515) $750.00.






  19. Friedman, Philip, Preface. Introduction by G. Taffet. ZAGLADA ZYDOSTWAS POLSKIEGO: ALBUM ZDJEC. EXTERMINATION OF POLISH JEWS: ALBUM OF PICTURES. Lodz, Centraln Zydowska Komisja..., 1945. 1st Edition. Paper Wrappers, Oblong 4to, 18,104,15 pages. Robinson & Friedman #3574. Probably the single most important documentary photo book on the Holocaust ever published, useful not only as part of the documentary record, but also as part of the historiography of the Holocaust, since this book became the defining collection of photographic images from the period, not only for Ashkenazi Jews, but also for the world at large (especially Europe) . Text is in Polish, Yiddish, Hebrew, English, Russian & French (not German!). A substantially damaged copy recently sold at auction for over $975.00; here we offer an excellent copy with minimal edge wear. (HOLO2-101-37A) (ID #7473) $900.00.






  21. Ganin, Zvi. THE JEWISH RESPONSE TO ANTI-SEMITISM IN THE CONTEXT OF INTERGROUP RELATIONS IN BOSTON AND NEW YORK CITY, 1938-1948. Waltham, MA; Brandeis University, 1971. Spiral bound leaves, xerographic production as issued. 4to. Ii, 117pages. 28 cm. First edition. Presented to Dr. Nathan M. Kaganoff April, 1971. A detailed examination of the response of Jewish communities in New York City and Boston to overt and increasingly politicized antisemitism during the late 1930’s through the 1940’s. “This study begins by describing the incidents of overt anti-Semitism in two specific places at a particular time, and by investigating the Jewish response to them. This is followed by evaluation of the role of public opinion within the Boston and New York Jewish communities and that of the non-Jewish press in pressuring Mayor LA Guardia of New York City and Governor Saltonstall of Massachusetts to take action against the assaults on Jewish children.” (Introduction) “Zvi Ganin is the author of ‘Truman, American Jewry, and Israel, 1945-1949, ’ and ‘Kiryat Hayyim: Experiment in an Urban Utopia (in Hebrew) ’ and has written extensively on American Jewish and Israeli history. He lives in Israel.” (Syracuse University Press) Subjects: Antisemitism. Jews – New York. Jews – Boston. American Jewish Congress. American Jewish Committee. Anti-Defamation League. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide. (Natl. Libr. Of Israel) Spiral binding, with two small library labels. Very light shelf wear. Very good + condition. (HOLO2-109-12) x (ID #32239) $100.00.






  23. Greybrook, Alfred A.; Claire L. Greybrook. MEMOIRS OF ALFRED A. GREYBROOK AND CLAIRE L. GREYBROOK [MANUSCRIPT]. Millswood, South Australia, Author’s Manuscript, November 1968. Plastic binder. 4to. 2, [1], 105 pages. Photocopy typescript. Manuscript of memoirs from 1938 through 1940 by Alfred and Claire Greybrook. Throughout these memoirs, Alfred recounts his time as a prisoner at Sachsenhausen, his subsequent release and immigration to Australia. Claire writes about her struggle obtaining immigration papers, the care of her family and many friends, and the harrowing voyage to Australia through mine infested waters. “Years ago I completed our Memoirs 1938/1940 in the German language. However after I left the Griesbach-Greybrook Family Tree to future generations, I would like that for all times it may be known WHY, WHEN and from WHERE our family came to Australia. There are so many Australians of German Descent, who know practically nothing about their forefathers. So I translated the Memoirs from German into English to the best of my ability. It is my ardent desire that this book and the Family Tree from generation to generation will always be passed on to the eldest son of the Greybrook family.” (Foreword) Subjects: Concentration camp inmates -- Germany -- Sachsenhausen (Brandenburg) Deportation -- Germany. Holocaust survivors -- United States. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Personal narratives. Jews, Polish -- Persecutions -- Germany. Kristallnacht, 1938. World War, 1939-1945 -- Deportations from Poland. No copies listed on OCLC. Bright and fresh. Bound in manuscript binder that has some shelfwear. Very good + condition. (HOLO2-107-40) (ID #32030) $100.00.




    Hitler's "Smoking Gun" Against the Jews


  25. Kaufman, Theodore N. GERMANY MUST PERISH!. Newark, N. J.; Argyle Press, 1941. Original Wrappers. 8vo. 96 pages. 19 cm. Second edition. Map drawn by Kaufman, on inside back cover titled, “Map Showing Possible Dissection of Germany and Apportionment of Its Territory.” Second edition of “Germany Must Perish!” in illustrated wrappers with media pull quotes on the back cover from Time Magazine, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Philadelphia Record. After accusations by the Nazis that the book was partly responsible for the eviction of Jews in Hanover, Germany the book was reprinted and widely reviewed in the United States. Kaufman steadfastly defended his thesis against the doubt and fear regarding its impact. An interview with Kaufman from the September 26, 1941 Canadian Jewish Chronicle reads, “’My book, ’ he said, ‘is a voice of doom to the Germans. Can you imagine what they think when they read in their own language – and Germany Must Perish is translated into German, you know – that all Germans will be sterilized? Ha, they are afraid! That’s why they write about the book. It hit home. ’ […] ‘Jews must come out into the open and fight this evil. Do you know that I risked my life by signing my name to this book? But we cannot afford to compromise. Germany and Germanism need not have anti-Semistims for a scapegoat. The next Fuehrer won’t have anti-Semitism, as there won’t be enough Jews in Germany. But those Germans will find some sort of whipping boy, unless we lick Germany and eradicate her from the face of the earth. ’” Initially self-published and obscure, the anti-German book became a central strategic piece for infamous Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. Goebbels referenced the book throughout World War II claiming it as proof of a Jewish threat to the Nazis, writing in “his diary August 3, [1941], ‘He really could not have done it better and more advantageously for us if he had written the book to order. I will have this book distributed in millions of copies in Germany, above all on the front, and will write a preface and afterword myself. It will be most instructive for every German man and for every German woman to see what would happen to the German people if, as in November 1918, a sign of weakness were given. ’” (Herf, page 112, “The Jewish Enemy”) However this mass publication plan never came to fruition, because Goebbels “feared copyright problems. The U. S. Was still not in the war, and he worried that the U. S. Might retaliate by stripping German works in the U. S. Of copyright protection.” (Bytwerk, 2012) Instead, edited and editorialized selections of the book were published in the widely circulated Nazi pamphlet DAS KRIEGSZIEL DER WELTPLUTOKRATIE alongside claims “that Kaufman was a close associate of Franklin D. Roosevelt, a member of his Brain Trust, and that Roosevelt himself had dictated some of Kaufman’s words.” (Bytwerk, 2012) Subjects: World War, 1939-1945. Kaufman, Theodore N. Germany -- Politics and government. Subjects: World War, 1939-1945. Kaufman, Theodore N. Germany -- Politics and government. Pangermanism. National characteristics, German. National socialism. Germans -- Foreign countries. World War, 1939-1945. Geographic: Germany -- History -- 1933-1945. Germany -- Politics and government. OCLC lists 13 copies worldwide. Some rubbing, and edge wear. Spine is just noticeably shelf-cocked. Hinges fully and securely attached, but starting slightly. Text block is fresh and clean. Very good + condition. (HOLO2-109-63) (ID #32128) $500.00. See Next Item






  27. Diewerge, Wolfgang; Joseph Goebbels. DAS KRIEGSZIEL DER WELTPLUTOKRATIE: DOKUMENTARISCHE VERÖFFENTLICHUNG ZU DEM BUCH DES PRÄSIDENTEN DER AMERIKANISCHEN FRIEDENSGESELLSCHAFT THEODORE NATHAN KAUFMAN. "DEUTSCHLAND MUSS STERBEN" ("GERMANY MUST PERISH") VON WOLFGANG DIEWERGE. Berlin; NSDAP, 1941. Original Wrappers. 4to. 31 pages. 28 cm. First edition. “The war aims of the world plutocracy…” is a pamphlet written by Wolfgang Diewerge (1906-1977), a Nazi propagandist in Joseph Goebbels' Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. “This pamphlet is one of the more astonishing propaganda productions of the Third Reich. Theodore N. Kaufman was the 31-year old owner of a theatrical ticket agency in Newark, New Jersey who published at his own expense a 100-page book titled Germany Must Perish! In March, 1941. It called for the sterilization of the German population and the dismemberment of Germany, with its land being turned over to neighboring states. The book received no serious attention in the U. S., but the Nazis discovered it in July 1941. They played it up big, claiming that Kaufman was a close associate of Franklin D. Roosevelt, a member of his Brain Trust, and that Roosevelt himself had dictated some of Kaufman’s words. Late in September 1941, this pamphlet by Wolfgang Diewerge appeared in an edition, according to Goebbels, of five million. Goebbels had originally wanted to translate Kaufman’s whole pamphlet into German, but feared copyright problems. The U. S. Was still not in the war, and he worried that the U. S. Might retaliate by stripping German works in the U. S. Of copyright protection. Goebbels himself wrote the last page of the pamphlet, but did not add his name, since he preferred Diewerge’s pamphlet to seem ‘unofficial. ’ A month after publication, the Nazis released a four-page flyer to remind Germans of Kaufman’s plan. Diewerge claims the Kaufman’s book appeared at about the same time as the July 1941 meeting between Roosevelt and Churchill on the presidential yacht Potomac, though the first edition was actually published in March 1941. Kaufman rather enjoyed the publicity, and put out a paperback edition after the Nazi furor. Kaufman remained a mainstay of German propaganda for the remainder of the war, his last major appearance coming in a late-1944 pamphlet titled Never!, which collected every manner of Allied threat against Germany. ”(Bytwerk, 2012). Subjects: Germany. Nazi State. Anti-semitism. Propaganda. OCLC lists 20 copies worldwide. Lightly aged. Clean and fresh. Very good condition. (HOLO2-109-64) (ID #32129) $200.00.






  29. Olevski, Rafael and Dawid Rosental and Paul Trepman. UNDZER CHURBN IN BILD, OUR DESTRUCTION IN PICTURES. Bergen Belsen, Undzer Shtime, 1946. Later Cloth over original cardstock, Oblong folio, 38 double-sided leaves. Published under the auspices of the Central Committee of the Liberated Jews in the British Zone. The text is in English, Hebrew, Yiddish and German. Each language has its own title page. Printed on Cardstock. Contains 115 photographs of the destruction of the Jews by the Nazis. Each page contains 3 or 4 pictures. The introduction of the book poignantly describes its purpose: "The incentive to produce this collection gave us our deepest desire to show the world the crimes of Germany, to give expression to the throttled cry of pain of the Jews. The desire to bring back our memories of Jewish Settlements which drowned in torrents of Jewish Blood. May the world have this knowledge and ponder on it. When words are too weakened too poor to convey the destruction and extermination of Jewish life, may these pictures found by accident on arrested SS soldiers, speak for themselves of the bestiality which will forever bring shame on human kind. " Attached paper front coversheet in facsimile only, mounted on front cover. Original coverboard, now inside, has chipped corners and other light wear as often found, very clean and solid inside. (HOLO2-101-36) (ID #30716) $800.00.






  31. Poland. Ministerstwo Informacji. BESTIALITY UNKNOWN IN ANY PREVIOUS RECORD OF HISTORY. London; Stratton House, 1942. Original illustrated wraps. 12mo. 56 pages. 19 cm. First edition. ‘A Record of the German Barbarities in Poland in the First Six Months of 1942.’ With two page map of concentration camps in Germany. Extremely detailed early report concerning Nazi atrocities, executions, concentrations camps, the extermination of the Lublin ghetto, etc.; “Destruction of the Jewish Population” is one section in ‘Documents from Poland’. “As early as 1940, the Government Delegate alerted London about the persecution of Jews in Poland. Thereupon, the Polish government-in-exile sent a note on this subject to allied governments (May 3, 1941). Also in 1941, the Polish Ministry of Information in London published a booklet on the persecution of Jews in Poland, entitled ‘Bestiality Unknown in Any Previous Record of History’ and based on information received from occupied Poland. In January 1942, the Ministry issued another publication, ‘The New German Order in Poland. ’ Both publications created a stir throughout the allied world, which after 1941 could no longer plead ignorance of the persecution of Jews in Poland.” ("The Polish Underground State: A Guide to the Underground, 1939-1945" Stefan Korbonski) Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 - Poland. World War, 1939-1945 - Atrocities. OCLC lists 17 copies. Rust and small tears at staples, otherwise Very Good condition. (HOLO2-104-27B) (ID #31816) $500.00.






  33. Rossmann, Zdenek; Členové Illegálního Výboru Ksč V Mauthusenu. MAUTHAUSEN. Praha; Vydává KSC Kraj Praha, [1940s]. Later boards. 4to. [56] pages. 31cm. Illustrated. First Edition. In Czech. Harrowing photographs from the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp depicting murdered prisoners, SS guards, camp facilities, and the area surrounding the camp. Compiled and released by the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia to commemorate the victims of Mauthausen. Layout and graphic design by Zdenek Rossmann, an avante garde Czech designer associated with the Bauhaus School. Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 -- Atrocities -- Pictorial works. World War, 1939-1945 -- Prisoners and prisons, German -- Pictorial works. Mauthausen (Concentration camp) -- Pictorial works. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide. (Harvard, Museum of Jewish Heritage, USHMM, Univ. Of S. Florida, Wake Forest Univ., Natl. Libr. Of the Czech Repbulic.), none west of the Carolinas. A copy sold at auction in 2013 for over USD 700. Rebound in period boards, small library stamps on front and rear free end pages. Some staining and light age toning. Good condition. (HOLO2-112-8) (ID #32692) $550.00.






  35. Yad Va-Shem, Rashut Ha-Zikaron La-Shoah Vela-Gevurah. YAD VASHEM BULLETIN, NO 1-10: 1957-1961. Jerusalem: Yad Washem-Remembrance Authority For The Disaster And The Heroism, 1957-1961. Original Boards. 4to. Pages. 28 cm. First edition. A single volume containing numbers 1 through 10 of this newsletter, published from April, 1957 through to April, 1961. In April, 1957 “another publication appeared from the authority, the Yad Vashem Bulletin, which in addition to relating information about victims, survivors, and rescuers, it also mentioned forthcoming Yad Vashem publications and documents such as the Shavli Ghetto Diary by Dr. A. Yerusalmi, and also listed publications received by the Yad Vashem library. The authority began disseminating research on the Shoah, documentation, conference anthologies, and scores of diaries and memoirs.” ( Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 -- Jews. Some rubbing and light shelfwear, otherwise very good condition. (HOLO2-107-25) (ID #32013) $225.00.





  37. JEWISH SOCIAL STUDIES: A QUARTERLY JOURNAL DEVOTED TO CONTEMPORARY AND HISTORICAL ASPECTS OF JEWISH LIFE. CLASSIFIED INDEX OF ARTICLES, VOLS I-V. The Conference on Jewish Relations, 1943. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 4 pages. In English. Index of articles from the Holocaust period. (AMR-27-50) (ID #31535) $30.00.






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    Three Original Paintings by Magda Frank (a similar paintingby Magda Frank is in the Collection of the Holocaust Museum in Washington)

  67. Frank, Magda. [MAGDA FRANK PAINTING] [UNTITLED]. [Madga Frank], [20th c]. Paper. 28 by 20 cm. Vertical. Watercolor and charcoal on paper, mounted on board. Portraiture painting by Frank Magda (1914-2010) a Hungarian Jewish sculptress and artist, she escaped from Hungary during the holocaust (though most of her family perished), and lived most of her adult life in Paris and Buenoes Aires; her sculptures are on display at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, the National Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, the Oscar Niemeyer Museum and Casa Museo Magda Frank; her public art sculptures can be found in several cities in France. Great condition. (HOLO2-108-49) (ID #31811) $500.00.






  69. Frank, Magda. [MAGDA FRANK PAINTING] [UNTITLED]. [Madga Frank], [20th c]. Paper. 34 by 24 cm. Vertical. Watercolor and charcoal on paper. A painting of the camps; painted by Frank Magda (1914-2010) a Hungarian Jewish sculptress and artist, she escaped from Hungary during the holocaust (though most of her family perished), and lived most of her adult life in Paris and Buenoes Aires; her sculptures are on display at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, the National Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, the Oscar Niemeyer Museum and Casa Museo Magda Frank; her public art sculptures can be found in several cities in France. Great condition. (HOLO2-108-51) (ID #31813) $500.00.






  71. Frank, Magda. [MAGDA FRANK PAINTING] 45. [Madga Frank], [20th c]. Paper. 22 by 19 cm. Horizontal. Watercolor and charcoal on paper, mounted on board. ‘45’, a painting of the camps; painted by Frank Magda (1914-2010) a Hungarian Jewish sculptress and artist, she escaped from Hungary during the holocaust (though most of her family perished), and lived most of her adult life in Paris and Buenoes Aires; her sculptures are on display at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, the National Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, the Oscar Niemeyer Museum and Casa Museo Magda Frank; her public art sculptures can be found in several cities in France. Great condition. (HOLO2-108-50) (ID #31812) $500.00.






  73. Korzen, Natan. NOSN KOZSHEN [NATAN KOZSEN] GEDENK BUKH. Toronto; H. Korezen, 1948. Publishers cloth. 4to. 91 pages. 26 cm. First edition. In Yiddish. “Natan Korzen Memorial Book”. With 19 illustrations, including photographs of Natan Korzen and examples of his works (portraiture, some village scenes). With an introduction from Melech Rawicz (1893-1976), a yiddish writer, part of “Khalastre”. “Nathan Korzen, who perished in the bloom of his life in the Wilna ghetto, was a member of a young group of Polish painters, and was considered one of the important Jewish artists in Poland. The members of his family in Plotzk were engaged in various arts and crafts, and little Nathan loved to observe the handwork of his uncles, who were goldsmiths and silversmiths. His grandfather and father owned a workshop for the manufacture of copper goods, among them Jewish ritual objects. Eager to take up formal art studies, Nathan left his home and went to Warsaw. Professor Tadeusz Pruszkowsky of the Art Academy there recognized right away his outstanding talents and enabled him to enroll at the Academy. While still a student, Korzen already exhibited his work at a Jewish Gallery in Warsaw. Having finished his studies successfully, he soon became known as one of the finest painters of portraits in Poland. Leading personalities commissioned him to do their portraits and he was never short of work. He also painted from nature, and whenever he visited Plotzk, which is set in beautiful surroundings, he went out of town to paint the countryside. He spent many days at the picturesque village of Kazimierz, which attracted many painters because of its lovely setting. As the art critic Yehiel Aronson states in his appreciation of Korzen, he was not affected by the surrealistic school of PostImpressionism, since he was gifted with the ability to express his longings realistically on canvas. Korzen lived in Wilna at the outbreak of the war, as he thought that from there it would be easier to escape to the West. His hopes did not materialize, and he stayed on in the Ghetto, where he took part in the cultural life of the oppressed Jews. Murderous hands put an end to his creative life. His brother Harry, who resides in Toronto, published there a book in his memory in 1948. Regrettably only very few of his pictures were saved from destruction and some of them are to be found in the collection of Dr. Simchowicz of Tel Aviv.” (Plotzk Yizkor; 1967; pgs. 65-66) Subjects: Jewish artists - Poland. Korzen, Natan. OCLC lists 13 copies. Light wear to cloth, previous owners name and faint institutional stamp on endpage, otherwise fresh and clean. Very good condition. (HOLO2-108-17) (ID #31759) $100.00.






  75. Another Copy, ARTHUR SYZK’S COPY, INSCRIBED TO HIM BY THE AUTHOR. Toronto; H. Korezen, 1948. Publishers cloth. Light wear to edge of cloth, otherwise fresh and clean. Very good + condition. (HOLO2-108-17A) (ID #31760) $200.00.






  77. Pomerantz, A. A RAYZE IN DER TSUKUNFT/ A RAIZE IN DER TSUKUNFT. New York;, 1944. Original illustrated Boards. 8vo. 94 pages. 24 cm. First edition. Inscribed by author. In Yiddish. Title in Yiddish with Romanized title on opposite side. Illustrated title page. Title translates as, “A Trip in the Future.” Both covers beautifully illustrated in period fashion: Front cover is illustrated by Zuni Maud, rear cover is illustrated by William Gropper depicting the allied defeat of Hitler. Alexander Pomerantz was a Yiddish author, journalist, and literary critic. Born in Grodno, Byelorussia, he immigrated to the U. S. In 1921. Pomerantz lived in the Soviet Union from 1933-1935, and as a communist until the early 1950’s wrote many articles and books in support of the U. S. S. R. Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 -- Russia (Federation) Soviet Union. Gropper and Maud. OCLC lists 17 copies worldwide. Previous rebacking to spine. Front hinge starting. Fore corners bumped. Some shelf wear. Very good condition. (HOLO2-110-16) (ID #32513) $55.00.






  79. Union Of American Hebrew Congregations. SPIRITUAL RESISTANCE: ART FROM CONCENTRATION CAMPS, 1940-1945: A SELECTION OF DRAWINGS AND PAINTINGS FROM THE COLLECTION OF KIBBUTZ LOCHAMEI HAGHETTAOT, ISRAEL. New York; Union Of American Hebrew Congregations, 1978. Original Wrappers. 4to. 71 pages. 26 cm. Illustrated. First edition. Contains nearly 40 pages of reproductions of art made in concentration camps. An explanatory and descriptive guide for a touring exhibition of artwork sourced from the large collection of Kibbutz Lochamei Ha Ghettaot. “The artist of the camps defied Nazi regulations on canvas, paper, tissue – in pen, or ink or color wrung from tattered clothing – to demonstrate their transcendence of the horror of the moment. While many of these artists never stepped from the camps, the strength of their will survives. ‘Spiritual Resistance is a representative sample of the work of some of these arts. Chosen with loving care, the net impression of the exhibit is not one of horror but one of deep faith – of commitment to tomorrow.” (Foreward). Subjects: Jewish art -- Exhibitions. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945), in art -- Exhibitions. Concentration camps in art -- Exhibitions. World War, 1939-1945 -- Concentration camps -- Europe -- Pictorial works -- Exhibitions. Underlining with pencil and ink, some writing on top right corner of front wrapper, some shelf wear. Good condition. (HOLO2-107-19) (ID #32005) $30.00.






  81. Veth, Anne Cornelis; Illustrated by Karel Leendert Links. ONDERGRONDSCHE BORRELINGSKES. [The Hague]; Kraft Durch Schadenfreude, 1945. Original Illustrated Wrappers. 16mo. [36] pages. 18 cm. Illustrated with over 36 Anti-Nazi cartoons. First edition. De Jong #623. Written by Anne Cornelis Veth and Illustrated by Karel Leendert Links. Published anonymously and clandestinely during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Illustrated throughout the text with anti-Nazi caricatures. Colophon on final page roughly translates as, “On 1 April 1945 (Easter) came this work as the second piece of Ondergrondsche Knock-Out-Press. Offset printed on wood-free paper. The drawings and calligraphy from the same hand. The proceeds will benefit the victims of the current tyranny, whose end is in sight, as the hordes of oppressors meet their destruction on our home soil by the masterly strategy of the English, Americans and Russians.” Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 -- Netherlands -- Poetry. Caricatures and cartoons. Humor. German occupation, 1940-1945. OCLC lists 4 copies worldwide. (British Libr., UC Berkely, Northwestern, Bibliotheque Nationale de France.) Light shelf wear, with minimal staining and light rubbing. Text block clean and fresh. Very good + condition. (HOLO2-110-17) x (ID #32514) $150.00.






  83. Weinke, Wilfried. VERDRÄNGT, VERTRIEBEN, ABER NICHT VERGESSEN: DIE FOTOGRAFEN EMIL BIEBER, MAX HALBERSTADT, ERICH KASTAN, KURT SCHALLENBERG. Weingarten; Kunstverlag Weingarten, 2003. Publishers cloth. 4to. 303 pages. 29 cm. First edition. In German. ‘Supplanted, Displaced, but Not Forgotten. The Photographs of Emil Bieber, Max Halberstadt, Erich Kastan, Kurt Schallenberg. ’ Published on the occasion of an exhibition held Jan. 14-Apr. 4, 2004 at Altonaer Museum in Hamburg. Principally illustrated collection of the photographs of several famous German-Jewish photographers who were exiled in the Nazi period and their work forgotten until recently, the portraiture includes that of Kaiser Wilhelm, Freud, and others. Subjects: Photography - Germany - Hamburg - History - 20th century. Jewish photographers – Germany - Hamburg - Biography. Expatriate artists. Artists - Germany - Hamburg - Biography. Judenverfolgung. Photographie. Schallenberg, Kurt. Bieber, Emil. Halberstadt, Max. Kastan, Erich. Deutschland. Light soiling to cloth, without jacket, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (HOLO2-108-35) (ID #31796) $30.00.





  85. Kaczerginski, Szmerke [Inscribed]. DOS GEZANG FUN VILNER GETO. Pariz: Farband Fun Di Vilner In Frankraykh, 1947. Paper-wrappers, folio, 52 pages. Inscribed by Kaczerginski in year of publication "Undzer Untergang.Minchen-Pariz 5/XI 1947." 'Songs of the Vilna Ghetto'. Includes unaccompanied melodies as well as words accompanying music in Yiddish syllables. Kaczerginski (1908–1954), was a Yiddish writer and cultural activist. Born in Vilna. During the first period of Nazi occupation Kaczerginski ended up in the Vilna ghetto. Kaczerginski was very involved in the ghetto’s cultural activities. After escaping the Ghetto, in 1946, Kaczerginski left for Poland, settling temporarily in Lódz where he was a contributor and editor of the organ of Po‘ale Tsiyon. He collected Holocaust folklore materials, particularly songs, and out of that work grew the collections Dos gezang fun vilner geto. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. Cover shows edgewear, lacks rear cover, pencilled scribbles on back page, otherwise very good condition. (HOLO2-98-16) (ID #30269) $175.00.






  87. Glick, Hirsh; Nachman Mayzel. LIDER UN POEMES. New York; IKUF, 1953. Original Wraps. 8vo. 62 pages. 23 cm. First edition. In Yiddish. “Songs and Poems” of Hirsh Glick, including “Zog nit keynmol,” with a lengthy biographical foreword from Nachman Mayzel, the literary critic and left wing cultural activist. Poems by Hirsh Glik (1922–1944): “Born in Vilna, Hirsh Glik began to write under the influence of his older friends from Yung-Vilne; he issued his first publications in 1940. Glik is famous for his ghetto poetry, especially the “Partisaner lid” (The Partisan Hymn; 1943), which became a symbol of Jewish resistance.” (Yivo Encyclopedia; Yiddish Literature after 1800). Subjects: Glick, Hirsh, 1922-1944. Holocaust Poetry. Jewish Resistance. Wraps lightly soiled, edges worn, some internal wear, otherwise clean. Good condition. (HOLO2-108-18) (ID #31761) $100.00.






  89. American Palestine Campaign. THE ROMANCE OF A PEOPLE: A MUSICAL AND DRAMATIC PAGEANT IN NINE EPISODES, EIGHT INTERLUDES AND A PROLOGUE: PORTRAYING THE HIGHLIGHTS IN FOUR THOUSAND YEARS OF JEWISH HISTORY. [New York]; The News, [1930s]. Original wrappers. 4to. [16] pages. 31 cm. First Edition. “Proceeds to American Palestine Campaign for the Settlement of German Jews in Palestine.” Quote from statement by Louis Lipsky inside back cover: “No one contends that Palestine is capable of receiving all or even the greater part of those Jews who are being crushed by the Nazi Regime.” Subjects: Jews -- History -- To 1200 B. C. -- Drama. Jews -- Illinois -- Chicago. OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide. (Brown, HUC, Brandeis, Univ. Of Florida, USHMM, Chicago History Museum, Univ. Of Illinois at Chicago, Johns Hopkins, American Jewish Historical Society, Natl. Libr. Of Israel.) Light stain along lower fore-edge. Light cover soiling and spotting. Good + condition. (HOLO2-112-20) (ID #32709) $100.00.






  91. Lederer, Eva. NAGYMÉLTÓSÁGÚ BELÜGYMINISZTER ÚR !: APPLICATION BY EVA LEDERER. Budapest, [1940?]. Single leaf with double sided printing. 4to. [1] pages. 28 cm. First Edition. In Hungarian. An application by the well-known Jewish opera-singer to the Hungarian government for, presumably, an exit permit from Budapest. This document bears the signature of Eva Lederer, the famous opera-singer, who was able to receive a Shutzpass from Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg. Wallenberg’s protective passports saved thousands of Hungarian Jews during the war, allowing them safe travel out of Hungary. Esteemed classical pianist Annie Fischer and her husband, musicologist Aladar Toth, both of whom fled Budapest, are referenced on the document, presumably as Lederer’s Swedish contacts. Subjects: Schutzpass. Refugees – Hungary. Raoul Wallenberg. Vertical and horizontal creases from previous folds. Small section, approx. 1.5 x 1.75 inches (38mm x 44mm), has been cut out of the leaf, possibly to reuse an official stamp or photograph that may have been affixed. Good + condition. A very significant association piece. (HOLO2-112-7) (ID #32691) $250.00.






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  185. Berg, Mary. WARSAW GHETTO. A DIARY. [New York], L. B. Fischer, 1945t. Cloth. 12mo. 253 pages. 21 cm. The diary of Mary Berg was among the first eye-witness accounts of the Warsaw Ghetto tragedy. Berg, the daughter of a Polish-Jewish art dealer, started her diary on her fifteenth birthday, shortly after the Germans invaded Poland in 1939. The following year she and her family were forced into the Warsaw Ghetto. From the Ghetto's beginnings, Berg recorded the Jewish struggle to continue daily life amidst ever-increasing hunger, restrictions, and Nazi sadism. She witnessed the Great Deportation of July 1942 (in which some 300,000 Jews were "driven like cattle to the Umschlagplatz on Stawki Street to their death") from the windows of Pawiak Prison in which her family were held due to the American citizenship of Berg's mother. In 1943, her family was sent to an internment camp in France, and a year later they were exchanged for German prisoners and received papers for entry to the United States. Soon after her arrival, Berg rewrote her diary from her original shorthand and prepared it for publication with the help of S.L. Shneiderman. It was first published as a Yiddish serial in 1944, and L.B. Fischer published the book in English in 1945. Mary Berg disassociated herself from Shneiderman in 1957 and has attempted to fade from public view ever since. The diary, despite its acclaim, has never been re-printed in English since 1945. (University of Maryland Libraries, 2012). SUBJECT(S): World War, 1939-1945 -- Atrocities. Jews -- Poland -- Warsaw. World War, 1939-1945 -- Personal narratives, Jewish. Geographic: Poland -- History -- Occupation, 1939-1945. A copy in a frayed jacket sold for over $700 at auction in 2011. Very good condition in good jacket. (HOLO2-106-13) (ID #31211) $50.00.






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  223. Friedman, Philip. JEWISH RESISTANCE TO NAZISM: ITS VARIOUS FORMS AND ASPECTS. [1960]. Original wrappers. 8vo. 195-214 pages. 22 cm. Offprint. Explores the roles, patterns and multifaceted examples of Jewish resistance to Nazism throughout World War II. Offprint from: European resistance movements, 1939-1945; First International Conference of the Resistance Movements held at Liège-Bruxelles-Breendonk, 14-17 September 1958. “Friedman was a member of the YIVO staff and director of the bibliographical series of the Joint Documentary Projects of YIVO and Yad Vashem. Almost all Friedman's postwar publications dealt with the Holocaust period, on which he became a leading expert.” (EJ 2007) Subjects: Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Historiography. World War, 1939-1945 -- Jewish resistance. World War, 1939-1945 -- Underground movements -- Jews. Anti-Nazi movement. OCLC lists one copy worldwide. (Kings College of London) Light shelfwear, very good condition. (HOLO2-107-32) (ID #32022) $30.00.






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  233. Jacobsen, Hans Adolf; Erich Zimmermann. GERMANS AGAINST HITLER, JULY 20, 1944. [Bonn]; Press And Information Office Of The Federal Government Of Germany, 1969. Original Wraps. 8vo. 360 pages. 25 cm. Fifth edition. English translation by Allan and Lieselotte Yahraes. Rear pocket with fold out “Synchronoptical Table.” A new compilation and a substantial extension of the publication issued by the Bundeszentrale für Heimatdienst in 1952 as a special supplement to the weekly newspaper 'Das Parlament' and also as a brochure [under title: 20. Juli 1944]. Offical West German Government bibliography, history, and narratives of manifestations of Anti-Hitler passive and active resistance until the 1944 bomb plot. Encompasses military, students, church, and liberal resistance activities, catholic workers, and social democrats; Interestingly, it does not include communist resistance actions and groups. Profusely illustrated with portraits of German military officers involved in the bomb plot. Subjects: Anti-Nazi movement. Ciencia Politica. Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945 - Assassination attempt, 1944 (July 20). Light soiling to wraps, otherwise fresh. Very good condition. (HOLO2-105-5) (ID #30770) $30.00.






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  244. (Volumes 2 & 3 also available at $30.00 each)







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