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Additional Illustrated Catalogs from the
Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary



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The library of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America is the largest and most extensive collection of Hebraic and Judaic material in the western hemisphere.

We are proud to again offer their publications for sale. Below we make available 3 additional beautiful illustrated catalogs from important exhibitions of the last several years.


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1.      Kinsberg, Ari G. M.; Sharon Liberman Mintz.
People of faith, Land of promise: an exhibition in celebration of 350 years of Jewish life in America: May 5-September 7, 2004

New York City; Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary
4to. 120 pages. 27 cm. Only edition. This collection of printed ephemera and canonical texts depicts the development of Jewish cultural and religious life from the seventeenth through the twentieth centuries, from the first communities in the Caribbean to the mass immigration of the first quarter of the twentieth century. This catalog was published in conjunction with the exhibition People of Faith - Land of Promise held at the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary from May 5, 2004 to September 7, 2004. Catalog written by Ari G.M. Kinsberg, guest curator; exhibition coordinated by Sharon Liberman Mintz, curator of Jewish Art. Dedicated to the memory of Rabbi Abraham Karp.

The publication details the sources of 103 color photographic reproductions of Jewish Americana manuscripts, printed books, periodicals, archival papers, photographs, lithographic prints, letters, and etchings that are to be found in the extensive library of the Jewish Theological Seminary. “This exhibition underscores the various ways in which uprooted communities and individuals reconstituted themselves in a new land. The challenges of maintaining and reshaping Jewish identity in the face of assimilation and unstable socioeconomic conditions spurred the creation of fraternal and charitable organizations alongside religious institutions. Jewish life flourished not only through the development of communal structures, but also through the efforts of individuals in business, literary arts and politics.    

Like its constituent Jewish communities, America was in the process of inventing and reinventing itself in response to new conditions. From the late-nineteenth-century era of mass immigration through the twentieth century, Jewish life metamorphosed with its environment. American culture was translated and disseminated to the Jews, for example, through the publication of a bilingual (Yiddish-English) Constitution and Declaration of Independence in 1891. This cultural diffusion flowed in both directions. Judaism was introduced to popular American culture through such literary ventures as Emma Lazarus's innovative Songs of a Semite.”  Subjects: Jews - United States - History - Exhibitions. Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Library - Exhibitions. United States - Ethnic relations - Exhibitions. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide. New condition. (JTS-2-1) (More on this exhibition at  $30.00






2.      Mintz, Sharon Liberman; Elka Deitsch

Past perfect: the Jewish experience in early 20th century postcards: an exhibition, October 7-December 30, 1997

New York City; Library, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1998

Softbound. 8vo. 84 pages. 21 cm. Only Edition. Color photographic reproductions of 171 postcards, including a large fold out poster of “Synagogues of the World” as depicted in postcards in rear pocket located at the endpage. Translations from the Yiddish for Jewish New Year's postcards by Rabbi Jerry Schwarzbard.  Issued in conjunction with the exhibition, which was held at the Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary of America, this collection details the foundations and tropes of postcards detailing Jewish life, celebrations, and institutions from the late 19th through the early 20th century.

With the focus on Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jewry, Rosh Ha-Shanah, Jews in the first world war, and a comprehensive collection of postcards of synagogues from around the world. These postcards supply a panoramic view of Jewish daily life, both religious and secular, in the period preceding the devastation of European Jewry. The colorful images that adorn these postcards provide a nostalgic view into a bygone world. Subjects: Jews - Social life and customs - Exhibitions. Postcards - History - 20th century - Exhibitions. New Year cards - Exhibitions. New condition. (JTS-2-2) (More on this exhibition at  $30.00









3.      Mintz, Sharon Liberman; Elka Deitsch; Havva Charm

Precious possessions: treasures from the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary: an exhibition May 14, 2001-August 20, 2001

New York; CommonPlace Publishing for the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary, 2001
4to. 112 pages. 27 cm. Only edition. Blue cloth with gilt lettering, decorative endpages, and 100 plates of color photograph reproductions. Catalog of the exhibition Treasures from the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary, held May 14-August 30, 2001 at the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary, curated by Sharon Liberman Mintz, Elka Deitsch, and Havva Charm. A beautifully illustrated volume of rare printed material from the extensive library of the Jewish Theological Seminary, this collection affords a graphic representation of over ten centuries of Jewish scholarship, spanning the spectrum of Bible, liturgy, rabbinics, kabbalah, science, literature, philosophy and philology, specifically the Genizah, Ketubbot, Megillot, Incunabula, broadsides and prints, Americana, bookplates, and early 20th century Jewish postcards. A number of plates have their finest features and details reproduced in an enlarged portion, oftentimes comprising two full pages of the book, for example: “Zionist New Year’s Greeting” from 1906, or the “Fourth Day of Creation”, an engraving from 1600. Many other plates, such as the “Portae Lucis” (Gates of Light) from 1516, or the “Sefer Minhagim” (Book of Customs) from 1593, are reproduced twice on the same page to give an enlarged view upon the fine features of a specific characters of representative figures of the drawings or print adjacent.

“This exhibition reflects the scope of the library's vast holdings and presents a splendid overview of the riches and resources found in the collection. In addition to the 370,000 volumes in the general collection, the library's special collection currently comprises eleven thousand Hebrew manuscripts, thirty thousand fragments from the Cairo Genizah and twenty thousand rare printed books, including the largest collection of Hebrew incunables in the world. The Jewish art collection boasts an outstanding assemblage of ketubbot and megillot, as well as a diverse selection of broadsides and rare engravings from the sixteenth through the twentieth centuries. The bookplate, postcard, music and Americana collections allow scholars to study the cultural history of Jewry in the twentieth century. These materials, gathered from all corners of the globe and representing communities from North America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe , have established the library of the Jewish Theological Seminary as a preeminent American center of Jewish scholarship.     The pieces shown here are not merely artifacts; they are agents of Jewish identity that reflect human experience and progression while ensuring the perpetuation of Jewish spirit and knowledge.” Subjects: Judaism -- Liturgical objects. Jewish art and symbolism. Manuscripts, Hebrew -- Bibliography -- Exhibitions. Incunabula -- Bibliography -- Exhibitions. Early printed books -- Bibliography -- Exhibitions. Hebrew imprints -- Bibliography -- Exhibitions. New condition.  (JTS-2-3) (More on this exhibition at  $30.00