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  1. • (Costa Rica) Baruch, Bernardo. CONTRA APIONEM JUDAICUM: EN DEFENSA DE LA DIGNIDAD JUDÍA-COSTARRICENSE. San José; C. R. , Elul, 1988. Soft cover. 228 Pages. 21 cm. First edition. In Spanish. "In defense of the Jews of Costa Rica" was written by Bernardo Baruch, an attorney who lives in San Jose, who is known for his work of scholarship on Cervantes and Talmudic stories in Don Quixote as well as his works on political science and immigration law in Costa Rica. In this work Baruch engages in polemic with a Zionist organization in Costa Rica, with the inclusion of documents and rebuttals, while simultaneously critiquing the rhetorics of anti-semitism and of dictatorship. Quotes by Immanuel Kant and Martin Buber on the back cover. OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide. Covers slightly worn, with remnants of tape in the middle of back cover, index slightly browned, pages crisp. An important work! (LATAM1-14) $125.00.




  3. • (Mexico) Stern, Norton B. BAJA CALIFORNIA: JEWISH REFUGE AND HOMELAND. Los Angeles, Dawson's Book Shop, 1973. Cloth bound. 69 pages. 23 cm. First edition. Baja California travels series; 32. Blue cloth lettered in gilt. Includes bibliographical references, 2 illustrations, decorative endpages. One of 600 copies printed by Grant Dahlstrom at The Castle Press. This book chronicles Jewish activity on the Peninsula from the 1880's to the 1970's, with particular reference to the Ensenada area. Subjects: Jews - Mexico - Baja California (Peninsula) . Jews - California - San Diego. Jews - Territorialism. Ex-lib copy of Temple Israel Library; light soiling to cloth. Very good+ condition. (LATAM1-36) $40.00.




  5. • (Segall, Lasar) Resnick, Salomon (Director). JUDAICA: PUBLICACIÓN MENSUAL. ANO XIII, NUMERO 155. MAY 1946. Buenos Aires, Editorial Perspectivas, 1946. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 47 pages. 23 cm. In Spanish. "Judaica, Monthly Publication. " Issue 155 dedicated to the painter Lasar Segall, the Brazilian Jewish painter and sculptor, with a dozen b/w reproductions of his paintings and sketches throughout, a biography of his life, his essay "Sobre Arte" (On Art) and "El mundo y los colores" (The color of the world) , and a dozen essays by various contemporary Argentinian Jewish writers and critics on the painter. Laid in Judaica index for issues 151 to 155. The editor; "Salomon Resnick (1894–1946) , writer, journalist, lecturer, translator from Yiddish into Spanish, and community leader. Born in Russia, he immigrated to Argentina in 1902 as his father, Rabbi Moses Resnick, was hired by the JCA (Jewish Colonization Association) to serve the religious needs of the agricultural colonies. There, Salomon Resnick became a Spanish teacher. In 1914, he moved to Buenos Aires, where he started his literary career in the journal Juventud; in 1917 he joined the magazine Vida Nuestra publishing essays, articles, and translations from Yiddish writers. In 1918 he joined the founders of the daily Yiddish Di Presse as a journalist and editor; and from 1923 to 1933 he established and edited with Leon Kibrick the Spanish weekly Mundo Israelita, still appearing in the early 21st century. In 1923 Resnick launched the monthly Spanish journal Judaica, editing it until his death; this was his most outstanding project devoted to the promotion of Jewish culture through the publication of scholarly articles from all lines of thought, both Jewish and non-Jewish. As a community leader in 1923, Salomon Resnick participated in the foundation of the Sociedad Hebraica Argentina, a cultural and sport center oriented to Spanish-speaking Jews. He was named director of its newly created library. In 1924 Resnick was appointed director of public information of JCA; in 1938 he took part in the foundation of the Argentinean branch of YIVO – Yiddishn Wisnshaftlechn Institute (Jewish Research Institute) and was elected its first president; and from 1944 until his death he held the position of local director of the JDC – Joint Distribution Committee, Public Relations Office. He wrote four books: Dos formas de nacionalismo espiritual judío: Ajad Haam y Dubnow (1931) , La literatura de la post-guerra (1931) , Esquema de la literatura judía (1933) , and Cinco ensayos sobre temas judíos (1943) . His translations include the writings of most important Yiddish writers, such as Sholem *Asch, *Shalom Aleichem, Sholem Yankev *Abramovitsh (Mendele Mokher Seforim) , and I. L. *Peretz. Resnick has been recognized as the preeminent expert in the Spanish version and interpretation of Yiddish literature. Over the years, he received many posthumous tributes in Latin America and Israel. His personal library was donated to Tel Aviv University by his family. " –Taken from the Encyclopedia Judaica. Subjects: Jews -- Periodicals. Jews -Latin America -- Periodicals. OCLC lists 24 holdings worldwide. Frayed edges on paper wrapper edges, slight tear to back strip on top and bottom, other then browned aging internal pages are in excellent condition. Very good condition. (LATAM1-18) $30.00.




  7. • Avigdor, Jacob. EL SABADO JUDIO / DER YIDISHER SHABES . Mexico; Departamento Religioso De La Kehila Ashkenazita De Mexico, 1962. Mexico; Departamento Religioso De La Kehila Ashkenazita De MexicoNT|Paper wrappers. 39, 24 pages. 21 cm. First edition. Hebrew, Yiddish and Spanish.Rabbi Yaakov (Jacob) Avigdor was a Galician born Talmudist and chief Rabbi, who survived the holocaust and emigrated to Brooklyn in 1946, which he left for Mexico City in 1952, serving there as chief Rabbi of the Ashkenazi community for the last fifteen years of his life. This text on the Jewish community of Mexico city, and on the laws of Sabbath, includes a laid in typewritten letter in Hebrew from Rabino Dr. Jacob Avigdor. OCLC lists 7 copies worldwide. Paper wrappers over stapled pamphlet. Staples rusting, lightly soiled covers with a small pen mark on upper back cover. Text crisp. Very Good Condition. (LATAM1-16) $50.00.








  9. • Bet Ha-Tefutsot (Tel Aviv, Israel) . לה נאסיון: בעקבות יהודי ספרד ופורטוגל באיזור הקאריבי. LAH NASYON: BE-`IKVOT YEHUDE SEFARAD U-FORTUGAL BA-EZOR HA-KARIBI (LA NACION: THE SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE JEWS IN THE CARRIBEAN) . Tel-Aviv; Bet Ha-Tefutsot `al Shem Nahum Goldman, 1981. Paper Wrappers. [44] pages. 22 cm. First edition. In Hebrew and English. Illustrated, some in color, with maps. "La Nacion" the Spanish and Portuguese Jews in the Carribean, catalog of an exhibition held at Beth Hatefutsoth, Tel Aviv, spring 1981. Exhibition curators: David Silber, Daniella Luxemburg. Subjects: Sephardim - Latin America. Jews - Latin America - History. OCLC lists four copies worldwide. Covers lightly soiled and scratched. Excellent Condition. (LATAM1-37) $30.00.




  11. • Böhm, Günter. HISTORIA DE LOS JUDÍOS EN CHILE. Santiago De Chile; Editorial Andrés Bello, 1984. Softcovers. XIV, 441pages. First edition. In Spanish. History of the Jews in Chile, volume 1, the Colonial Period, Francisco Maldonado de Silva, 1592-1639. With over a dozen plates, maps, and photographs throughout. This volume from the history of the the Jews in Chile focuses on Francisco Maldonado de Silva, a Marrano physician who defied the inquisition and declared himself openly as Jewish, only to undergo years of torture and eventual death in an auto-da-fe with eleven others. Subjects: Jews -- Chile -- History. Jews -- Chile -- Biography. Marranos -- Chile -- Biography. Inquisition -- Chile. Slightly worn edges and covers. Very good +condition. (LATAM1-32) (ID #28168) $65.00.




  13. • Böhm, Günter. MANUEL DE LIMA: FUNDADOR DE LA MASONERIA CHILENA. Santiago; Universidad De Chile, 1979. Softbound. 100 [101] pages. 24cm. First edition. In Spanish. Illustrated with 42 leaves of plates: reproductions of photographs, handwritten documents, newspaper listings, letters, drawings, charts, paintings and four fold out geneological charts. The biography of Manuel de Lima y Sola, a Sephardic Jew and one of the early founders of the Chilean Masonic Lodge in the early 19th century. Subjects: Freemasonry -- Chile. Lima y Sola, Manuel de, 1818-1908. Freemasons. Chile -- Biography. OCLC lists 20 copies worldwide. Slight wear to covers. Very good+condition.(LATAM1-33) $55.00.




  15. • Centro Cultural Israelita Y Biblioteca Max Nordau. CENTRO CULTURA ISRAELITA Y BIBLIOTECA MAX NORDAU LA PLATA EN TRIGESIMO SU ANIVERSARIO 1912-JUNIO-1942. La Plata, 1942. Paper Wrappers. Folio. 60 pages. First edition. In Yiddish and Spanish. The Hebrew Cultural Center and Library Max Nordau, La Plata, thirty-year anniversary, 1912-June-1942. This anniversary edition printed in blue, black, and red ink, of the Centro Max Nordau, which at this time would not only have been a secular Jewish library and school in La Plata but also a Bundist association, contains numerous b/w photographs, essays, and historical tracts on the history of the center and contemporary cultural activities involved in, reports on recent changes within Jewish labor and theatre groups, an interview with the Circulo Juvenil Israelita (Young Jewish Circle) "Peretz Hirschbein" (Hirschbein was a famous Yiddish language playwright who, for a few years earlier in the century had lived in an Jewish agricultural colony in Argentina) , and correspondence of the Center, amongst other contents. With laid-in newspaper clippings in Yiddish from the early 1970's. Subjects: Jews - Argentina - Intellectual life - La Plata. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Paper wrapper loose with slight tears at edges; bumped edges and a loose signature (pages 29-32) . Good + condition. (LATAM1-23) $150.00.




  17. • Comunidad Bet El. בת אל COMUNIDAD BET EL: 1963-1976. Buenos Aires; Comunidad Bet El, 1976. Soft Bound. [120] Pages. 30 cm. First edition. In Spanish. A collection of memories, opinions, notes, photographs, and documents from the Bet-El Congregation Community in Buenos Aires over a thirteen year period. Subjects: Conservative Judaism -Argentina . OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide. Spine slightly bent, but in excellent condition. Very Good. (LATAM1-8) $75.00.



  19. • Elazar, Daniel Judah; Peter Medding. JEWISH COMMUNITIES IN FRONTIER SOCIETIES: ARGENTINA, AUSTRALIA, AND SOUTH AFRICA. New York; Holmes & Meier, 1983. Hardcover. 8vo. IX 357 pages. 24 cm. First edition. A work comprising various studies on the immigration, communities, cultural and political experiences of Jewish migrants to Argentina, Australia, and South Africa. Subjects: Jews - Argentina - Politics and government. Jews - Australia - Politics and government. Jews - South Africa - Politics and government. OCLC lists 314 copies worldwide. Slight indent on bottom of back cover, publishers plastic wrap unopened, with slight holes in the plastic, showing dust that has settled on the top edges. Very good+condition. (LATAM1-35) $30.00.




  21. • Federación Sionista De Chile. FORO, EL JUDÍO EN LA SOCIEDAD CONTEMPORÁNEA: 23 Y 24 DE JULIO DE 1966, SANTIAGO, CHILE. Santiago De Chile; Federación Sionista De Chile, Dep. De Difusión, 1966. Paper wrappers.128 pages. 19 cm. First edition. In Spanish. "Forum: the Jew in Contemporary Society" is a collection of discussions and interventions on Zionism, Israel, education, and culture, conducted by various professors from Argentina and Chile during a two day forum held by the Zionist Federation of Chile. Subjects: Zionism - Chile. Jews - Chile. OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. Paper wrappers over bound and stapled signatures. Covers soiled, pages lightly browned, some pencil marks on title page. Very good condition. Important. (LATAM1-42) $75.00.




  23. • Filial Rosenberg. MEMORIA DE LOS ROSENBERG. Buenos Aires; Liga Argentina Por Los Derechos Del Hombre, 1983. Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 20 pages. 22 cm. First Edition. In Spanish, with some Yiddish. In Memory of the Rosenbergs is a pamphlet devoted to preserving the memory of the fate of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. It was published by the "Filial Rosenberg" (Rosenberg Section) of the "Liga Argentina por los Derechos del Hombre" (Argentina League for the Rights of Man), in 1983, the year the Dictatorship's Dirty War in Argentina was officially declared over. The Argentina League for the Rights of Man was founded in the 1930's as a left-wing composite of lawyers and activists opposed to political repression and dictatorship, and, though an illegal organization for decades, was instrumental in bringing about commissions of truth and testimony on the disappearances of the dictatorship era. This pamphlet contains a beautiful illustration of the Rosenbergs embraced on the front cover, and a series of historical vignettes about the life, arrest, repression, trial, execution, and the demonstrations of international solidarity with the accused from around the world. This pamphlet was written as both a memoriam for the Rosenbergs, and as a document setting out a history of a previous instance of a state terror in the guise of democracy executing political enemies, so as to better demonstrate the necessity for testimony and commissions in the present (that of testimony of the families of the Disappeared). Includes poems by the Rosenbergs themselves, a poem by Rachel Alperovich, a translation from a Yiddish newspaper declaring the need for human rights, and a few b/w photograph reproductions throughout. With a laid-in 4 page pamphlet, of an earlier printing, on the subject of the innocence of the Rosenberg's and about their execution, written by Michael and Robert Meerpol, the sons of the Rosenbergs. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Slightly yellowed pages. Very Good Condition. Very Scarce. (LATAM1-21) $75.00.




  25. • Guberek, Simón. YO VÍ CRECER UN PAÍS. VOL I ONLY (OF II) . Bogotá; Fundación Simón Y Lola Guberek, 1987. Paperback. 313 Pages. 17 cm. Volume one, second edition. In Spanish. Colección literaria (Fundación Simón y Lola Guberek) number 18. Simon Guberek is a Russian born Jewish writer, who emigrated to Bogota, Colombia, at a young age; this book is about his early life. Title translates as, "I saw a country grow". Subjects: Jews -- Colombia -- Biography. Guberek, Simón, 1903. Colombia -- Description and travel. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Ex-Libris Office of Human Relations B'nai B'rith Bogota. Spine slightly creased, pages a touch browned, in near perfect condition. Very Good Condition. (LATAM1-4) $30.00.




  27. • Gutkowski, Hélène. VIDAS ... EN LAS COLONIAS: RESCATE DE LA HERENCIA CULTURAL. Buenos Aires; Ed. Contexto, 1991. Soft Cover. 219 pages. 26 cm. First Edition. In Spanish. A documentary study of Jewish settlers and major protagonists of agricultural colonization in Argentina in the late 19th and early 20th century. With dozens of photographs and sketches throughout, several interviews, and a history of the JCA (Jewish Colonization Association) . Slightly warped spine, otherwise in excellent condition. (LATAM1-13) $75.00.




  29. • Herbst, Mordejai (editor) . GUIA DE KASHRUT EN LA ARGENTINA / HA-MADRIKH LE-KHASHRUT BE-ARGENTINAH. Buenos Aires, Aroysgegebn Durkhn Religyezn…, 1972. Paper Wrappers. 12mo. 36, 35 Pages. First edition. In Hebrew, Yiddish and Spanish. "Guide to Kashrut in Argentina", "Aroysgegebn durkhn Religyezn oyfkler departament bay der ha-Rabanut ha-rashit li-yehude Argentinah un Ihud bate ha-keneset be-Argentina"; Department of religious clarification of the higher Rabbinate of the Republic of Argentina and the Federation of Orthodox Synagogues of Argentina. Includes laid-in errata slip from the publishers. Subjects: Jews - Dietary laws - Directories - Argentina. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide. Pages wavy, no dampstains. Covers slightly soiled, with a few ink marks. Text crisp. Good + Condition. (LATAM1-20) $50.00.




  31. • Hojman, Baruj. ײדישע קאלאניזאציע אוון אגראר־קאאפעראציע אין ארגענטינע YIDISHE KOLONIZATSYE UN AGRAR-KOOPERATSYE IN ARGENTINE. Buenos Aires; [Los Hijos Del Autor], 1961. Hard bound.166 Pages. 24 cm. First edition. In Yiddish; preface in Spanish and Yiddish. Title in Spanish reads Colonizacion y cooperacion agraria judia en la Argentina (Jewish colonization and agrarian cooperation in Argentina) . A history of the Jewish colonies, and of the J. C. A. , Jewish Colonization Association, in Argentina. Subjects: Jewish Colonization Association; Agricultural colonies; Jews. OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. Some small stains, on cover and title pages, with some pen inscriptions on title page. Very Good Condition. (LATAM1-6) $50.00.




  33. • Isaacson, Jose. ELOGIO DE LA POESÍA. Buenos Aires, Libreria Hachette, 1963. Original paper. 76 pages. 20 cm. First edition. In Spanish. "In praise of poetry" is a collection of poems by Jose Isaacson, Argentinian Jewish existentialist writer and literary theorist of the pre-dictatorship era. Slightly rubbed and warped spine, semi-legible ink marks facing title page, internal pages in perfect condition. Otherwise Very Good Condition. (LATAM1-5) $30.00.




  35. • Klein, Hermann. GEMEINSCHAFTSNOT - NOTGEMEINSCHAFT! . Buenos Aires; No Publisher (Eugenio Villas?) , 1940. Paper wrappers. 11 pages. 23 cm. First edition. In German. "Community Emergency - Emergency Association! " was a sermon delivered by Rabbi Hermann Klein, concerning the "catastrophic community emergency that plagues the Jewish community today", namely, the need for solidarity amongst all Jews in Berlin. Rabbi Hermann Klein, Hungarian born, was a Rabbi in Berlin, and perished in Riga in 1942. His cousin and friend Eugenio Villas of Buenos Aires is given a dedication on the title page; most likely Villas reprinted this sermon as a pamphlet after Klein sent it to him. With institutional blind stamp on last page. Subjects: Jewish sermons - German. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide. Slightly browned and soiled covers, bumped topmost edge. Very Good Condition. (LATAM1-26) $150.00.




  37. • Klenicki, Leon. IDENTITY IN DISPERSION: SELECTED MEMOIRS FROM LATIN AMERICAN JEWS. Cincinnati; Jacob Rader Marcus Center Of The American Jewish Archives, 2000. Paper Wrappers. Octavo. 96 pages. 23 cm. First edition. "Supplement to the American Jewish archives journal" -Cover. Table of contents: Judaism in my personal experience / Edith Blaustein -- Two experiences in identity: Colombia and the United States of America / Leon Birbragher -- The Judeo-Argentine experience: an inexhaustible search / Manuela Fingueret -- A Jewish Colombia "vinencia" / Gladys Kuzman de Kattan -- Argentina: time remembered / Leon Klenicki -- A place in time: Argentina as the dwelling place of Jews / Santiago Kovadloff -- A half century ago: the Jewish experience in Argentina / Isaias Lerner -- At the shores of the La Plata river I sat and I wept / Alejandro Lilienthal -- My identity as a Brazilian Jew / Anita Novinsky -- The Jewish experience in Chile: one man's recollections / Jose Dvoredsky Roitman -- Problems of Jewish identity in Chile / Patricio Rubel. Subjects: Jews - Latin America. Paper wrapper creased at spine, bumped corners, near flawless condition. Very good condition. (LATAM1-34) $30.00.




  39. • Knapheys, Moises; Wolf Bresler. גאלדענער בוך פון ײדישן ארגענטינע = ספר הזהב של אנשי־שם בארגנטינה ALBUM DE ORO JUDEO-ARGENTINO. Buenos Aires; [Knapheys], 1973. Hardcover. 345 Pages. 33 cm. First edition. In Yiddish and some Spanish. Celebrating one hundred years of Jewish life in Argentina, profusely illustrated with black and white photographs. Subjects: Jews - Argentina – Biography. OCLC lists 16 copies worldwide. Red cloth over boards, with silver debossed title, marbled endboards. Edge of back cover barely bumped, in near flawless condition. Very Good +. (LATAM1-9) $75.00.




  41. • La Congregacion (Buenos Aires) . LA CONGREGACION, ÓRGANO DE LA CONGREGACIÓN ISRAELITA DE LA REPÚBLICA ARGENTINA (EXTRAORDINARIO): ANO XXIII, NO. 110.. Buenos Aires; La Congregacion, 1965. Soft Bound Periodical. 120 [24] pages. 26 cm. Serial Publication In Spanish, with some Hebrew. Title translates as "Organ of the Jewish Congregation of Buenos Aires" with a picture of the synagogue of Buenos Aires on the cover. Contains studies on the Talmud written by various professors; analyses of the Jewish community in Buenos Aires, and a Hebrew calendar for the year 1965. Contains a laid in typewritten note inserted in the cover, n. D. , on the history of the congregation. Subjects: Judaism – Periodicals – Argentina. OCLC lists 7 holdings of various issues worldwide. Paper covers, slight tears at edges, minor pen marks in the margins on a few pages, yellowed edges, text crisp. In good condition. (LATAM1-11) $50.00.




  43. • Lewin, Boleslao. LA INQUISICIÓN EN HISPANOAMÉRICA, JUDÍOS, PROTESTANTES Y PATRIOTAS.. Buenos Aires, Paidos, 1967. Paperback. 285 pages. 19 cm. Third edition. In Spanish. "The Inquision in Hispanic America. Jews, Protestants, Patriots. " Previously published in 1950 under title, "El Santo Oficio en América". Illustrated with facsimiles of documents on glossy paper. Table of contents: Historia y bibliografia de la inquisicion -- Los conversos, el racismo hispano y la inquisicion -- Origenes del Santo Oficio en España -- Hipocresia y "teologia" inquisitoriales -- Los marranos en las indias -- Los protestantes en las colonias españolas -- El Santo Oficio en el nuevo mundo -- Funcionamiento de la inquisicion en las ciudades sin tribunal -- La inquisicion y los adalides de la independencia. Subjects: Inquisition -- Latin America. Inquisition -- Spain. OCLC lists 93 copies worldwide. Covers and edges soiled, pages slightly browned; text crisp. Good+ condition. (LATAM1-30) $40.00.




  45. • Liebermann, Jose. LOS JUDIOS EN LA ARGENTINA. Buenos Aires; Editorial Libra, 1966. Paper board. 275 (3) Pages. First Edition. In Spanish. "The Jews in Argentina" is a scholarly analysis of Jewish impact in the agrarian revolution, science, literature and education in Argentina, written by Jose Liebermann, entomology specialist, resident of Argentina. This work was awarded in the competition sponsored by the AMIA (Asociacion Mutual Israelita Argentina) to celebrate the first anniversary of Jewish settlement in Argentina: "Past, present and future of the Jews in Argentina. " The jury that awarded the prize was made up of Dr. Leon Dujovne, Professor Lazarus Schallman and writers Joseph Mendelsohn, Z. Wasserzug and Jacob Botoschansky, under the chairmanship of Dr. Tobias Kamenszain, president of the AMIA. Worn, slightly stained first pages, text crisp. Good+Condition. (LATAM1-1) $30.00.




  47. • Liebermann, José. APORTES DE LA COLONIZACIÓN AGRARIA JUDÍA A LA ECONOMIA NACIONAL. Buenos Aires; Comité Judío Americano, Oficina Sudamericana, 1976. Stapled Paper Wrappers. 39 Pages. 26 cm. First edition; Cuadernos de estudios judíos In Spanish. Written by the Argentinian Jose Liebermann, entomology specialist; an extension of his analysis in "Los Judios en la Argentina" to encompass, in monograph form, the impact of Jewish communities upon improvements in agricultural techniques throughout South America. Subjects: Agricultural colonies - Jews - South America - History. OCLC lists 23 copies worldwide. Slightly worn, minor pen lines in a few margins, slight tear on corner on back cover. Text crisp. Very Good Condition. (LATAM1-2) $30.00.




  49. • Marchevsky, Elías A. LE TEJEDOR DE ORO: MEMORIAS DE UN COLONO JUDIO. Buenos Aires; Editorial Bastion, 1964. Softcover. 283 pages. First edition. 20cm. In Spanish. "The Golden Weaver" is the memoir of a Russian Jewish settler in Argentina; a farmer in Pringles, Coronel Suarez and Rivera. Subjects: Jews - Argentina - Biography. Jewish farmers - Argentina - Rivera - Biography. Jews - Colonization - Argentina - Rivera. OCLC lists 26 copies worldwide. Backstrip worn and creased, back cover lightly soiled and lightly warped at edge near spine, pages very lightly browned. Very good condition. (LATAM1-25) $40.00.




  51. • Marquez, Horacio Asiaín. ATRAVESANDO EL PUENTE: Ó, YO FUÍ ANTISEMITA. Montevideo; Confraternidad Judeo-Cristiana, 1962. Paper wrappers. 54 pages. 20 cm. First edition. In Spanish. "Crossing the Bridge, or, I was an Anti-Semite" is a late, posthumous work and philosemitic tract by the Uruguayan senator Horacio Marquez, a nationalist catholic writer and head of various literary associations. His main thesis is that anti-semitism exists owing to a lack of roots, to the fact that "no human societies whose traditions date back more than a few centuries ... Other than the Jewish people … very few human associations have their own memory. " Includes frontispiece biography and portrait of the author. OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide. Stable bound. Lightly soiled covers, with slight tear on bottom of front cover, staples rusting, pages slightly yellowed at edge, internal body clean and crisp. Very Good Condition. (LATAM1-17) $30.00.




  53. • Merkin, Moises. סילועטן פון דרום־אמעריקע: באגעגענישן אױף װאנדערװעגן און רײזע אײנדרוקן SILUETN FUN DOREM AMERIKE: BAGEGENISHN OYF VANDERVEGN UN RAYZE EYNDRUKN. Buenos Aires; M. Merkin, 1946. Hard Bound. Octavo. Book Size. 245 Pages. 24 cm. First edition. Yiddish, with Spanish title on back cover: Siluetas de Sud America (Silhouettes of South America) . Subjects: Jews - Argentina - Social life and customs - South America - Biography. OCLC lists 17 copies worldwide. Leather over boards, paper covers. Slightly yellowed pages. Ink dedication in Yiddish on title page. Very Good Condition. (LATAM1-7) $50.00.




  55. • Mirelman, Víctor A; Natalio Mazar (translator) . EN BÚSQUEDA DE UNA IDENTIDAD: LOS INMIGRANTES JUDÍOS EN BUENOS AIRES, 1890-1930. Buenos Aires; Milá,, 1988. Paperback. IX, 426 pages. 20 cm. First edition. In Spanish. "Jewish Buenos Aires, 1890-1930: In Search of an Identity. " Contains a map of Buenos Aires, numerous charts of population statistics, and an extensive bibliography on scholarly literature concerning Argentinian Jews. This work, a thorough examination of the history of the Jewish community in Buenos Aires from 1890 to 1935, was written by Victor Mirleman, a native of Argentina, who currently teaches Jewish history at Spertus. Previously, Dr. Mirelman taught at The Hebrew University, Columbia University, and The Jewish Theological Seminary. He is a leading expert in the history of the Jews in Latin America. An edition in the English language, published in 1990, is also available. Subjects: Jews - Argentina - Buenos Aires - History - Ethnic relations. Minor yellowing to page edges, minor wear to covers, backstrip repaired at top. Otherwise Very Good condition. (LATAM1-24) $30.00.




  57. • Postal, Bernard; Malcolm H. Stern. AMERICAN AIRLINES TOURIST'S GUIDE TO JEWISH HISTORY IN THE CARIBBEAN. [New York]; American Airlines, 1972. Spiral Bound book. 96 pages. 15 cm. This pocket size travel guide presents Jewish history and sights in 16 islands in the Caribbean. In blue ink, Illustrated throughout with maps and drawings of synagogues. Tabs provide quick access to each chapter. Subjects: Jewish travelers - Caribbean Area - Directories. Jews - Caribbean Area - History. Jews - West Indies - History. Jewish travelers - West Indies - Directories. OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide. Edges lightly soiled and dusty. Very good+ condition. (LATAM1-39) $30.00.




  59. • Postal, Bernard; Malcolm H. Stern. A JEWISH TOURIST'S GUIDE TO THE CARIBBEAN. [New York]; American Airlines, 1971. Paper Wrappers. 64 pages. 23 cm. Illustrated. This pocket size travel guide presents Jewish history and sights in 16 islands in the Caribbean. Subjects: Jews - West Indies - Description and travel. OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide. Edges and covers lightly soiled. Very good+ condition. (LATAM1-40) $30.00.


  61. • Raicher, Rosa Perla. URUGUAY, LA COMUNIDAD ISRAELITA Y EL PUEBLO JUDÍO. Montevideo: Universidad Hebrea De Jerusalén, 2003. Softcover. XIV, 260 pages. 23 cm. First edition. In Spanish. 8 pages of plates, some in color. Title translation: "Uruguay's Jewish community and the Jewish people". Back cover description: Rosa's research focuses on the first fifty years of existence of the Uruguayan Jewish community, and covers the various stages in their development and integration in the country. At the same time, this study provides demographic, social, economic and political aspects of Uruguay, the position of the Uruguayan state and society in respect to the Jewish community, as well as to the situation of Jews in the world, the changes that affected the Jewish people and influences in Uruguay, particularly in the era of the Holocaust, and the support provided by Uruguay for the establishment of the state of Israel. Subjects: Jews - Uruguay - History. Uruguay - Ethnic relations. Covers very lightly worn. Very good+ condition. (LATAM1-44) $60.00.




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