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We are pleased to publish our latest catalog:

Catalog 179, Rare Jewish Posters from Inter-War Latvia.

Below we offer nineteen inter-war Jewish Latvian posters, printed between 1925 and 1934, the year of the Fascist Coup in Latvia. All were printed with woodcut type on thin paper so that they could be quickly produced and affixed to walls to announce upcoming events. Given the high level of preservation and lack of glue stains, these posters definitely never made it onto any outdoor wall in Riga or elsewhere. Instead, they were tucked away for the next eight or nine decades. Markings indicate that these posters were printed in shops in Riga, Liepaja, Saldus, Kuldiga, and Daugavpils, promoting events in these same cities and towns. All are 100% original posters from almost 100 years ago.

Represented are various strains of Jewish Latvian life. Events of the Revisionist Zionists (Betar), Religious Zionists (Mizrachi), and Socialist Zionists (Hechalutz) are all promoted, as are a variety of cultural events. These events include:

- A night of political debates at the Yidisher Folks-Hoiz of Riga,
- Various plays, both highbrow and shund, of the Yiddish Theatre in Riga,
- A benefit for Jewish Children put on by the Bar-Kochba association,
- A Cantorial concert in the Bet-Midrash of Kurzeme.

Of special note are the literary evenings announced in these posters: a lecture on I.L. Peretz and Sholem Aleichem entitled 'Don-Quixotic Types in Jewish Literature', and a literary reading given by Chaim Zhitlovsky on his tour of Latvia in 1925, a few months before his widely celebrated 60th Birthday of that year.

Yiddish is present, as is Latvian text, and two 1925 posters from Kuldigas (a town in western Latvia famous as the birthplace of Max Weinreich), which promote the Maccabi sports club and the Jewish school system, include German.

As always, every item is offered subject to prior sale and is 100% returnable for any reason. Domestic shipping for posters is generally $6.00 for the first item and $1.00 for each additional item. International shipments are at cost, generally $24.00. Please note that we can professionally linen-back your posters for preservation for about $175.00 each. Please enquire.

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Special thanks to our cataloger, Jonathan Anderson, who researched and described the posters in this collection.

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  1. (Zionist-Revisionist) Betar Of Kurzeme, Latvia. [POSTER; LATVIA BETAR] אַרויספאַר .בית "ר KURZEMES 'BRIT-TRUMPELDORA'. SANAKSME. 20. AUGUSTUM SAKARA AR ŽIDU LEGIONA NODIBINAŠANAS 16. GADU. PIEMINAS DIENU NOTIKS SVETDIEN 20 AUGUSTA. IZBRAUKUMS. UZ BRIT-TRUMPELDORA NOMETNI. LIEGU MEŽA. Liepaja; Spiestuve 'progress', 1933. Original Poster. 100 x 65 cm. Poster for Betar (Berit Trumpeldor) of Kurzeme (Courland) meeting to be held, to commemorate the 16th year of the founding of the Jewish Legion, a Memorial Day will be held, Sunday, August 20th. Sally at the Berit-Trumpeldor Camp. Subjects: Betar – Revisionist Zionist – Latvia – Kurzeme. Berit Trumpeldor Camp – Kurzeme. Jewish Legion – Commemoration Jubilee. Light wear to edges, previously quarter folded, otherwise fresh and clean. Very good condition. (POSTER-2-12) (ID #33316) $425.00.






  3. [Latvia Purim Ball, Jewish Soldiers]. [POSTER; PURIM-BALL] גראַנדיעזער פורים. פאַרשטעלונג-באַל VISI UZ ŽIDU ATVALINATO KARAVIRU S-BAS VAKARU. SESTDIEN. 3. MARTA. PILS. KLUBA TELPAS. GRANDIOZU PURIM. IZRADI BALLI. UZVEDIS: 'IRNIEKS'. LATEINA KOMEDIJA 1 CELIENA.'TIESA ELLE'. 1 CELLENA, SASTADIJIS A FREINKELSS. Daugavpils; Pilsetas Spiestuve-Litografija, 1934. Original Poster. 99 x 71 cm. In Latvian and Yiddish. Saturday, 3rd March, 1934. At City-Club. Evening for the retired Jewish Soldiers. Grandiose Purim, spectacular ball. Special Decorations and costumes. With the plays: 'Tenant' a comedy in one act; 'Hell of the Court of Justice'; written by A Freinkel. The Judgement of Hell. Subjects: Latvia – Purim Ball – 1934. Purim Ball – Theatre. Light wear to edges, previously folded in eighths. Otherwise fresh. Very good condition. (POSTER-2-15) (ID #33319) $425.00.






  5. Association Bar-Kochba. [RIGA ASSOCIATION BAR-KOCHBA CHILDRENS BENEFIT POSTER] הִסתַדְרוּת באַר קאָטשבאַ. אויגוסט 1925 .5-יאָריגן יוביליי. גראַנדיאַזער קינדער-פעסטBIEDRIBA 'BAR-KOCHBA'. 2 AUGUSTA S.G. EDINBURGAS MEZA, EDINBURGAS II STACIJAS PRETIM, PLKST 3 D. LILIE BERNU SVETKI! NOMETNE!! LOTEREJA ALLEGRI!! 4 AUGUSTA L.S.B. LAUKUM, VALDEMARA IEL . NO 56-67 PLKST 3 DIENA. GRANDIOZIE BERNU SVETKI. BERNU ROTALAS U. SACKSTES. Riga; Spiestuve 'vards' Riga, 1925. Original Poster. 60 x 46 cm. In Latvian and Yiddish. Association Bar-Kochba. Fifth Year Jubilee. Grand childrens events. August 2nd 1925, 4th August 1925. Children's play, races, camp. Kinder-fest. Bar Kochba was a zionist youth organization in interwar Riga. Subjects: Association Bar Kochba, Riga – Jubilee celebration – fifth year. Childrens Festivals – Riga. Yiddish – Posters – Riga. Light edge wear, lightly soiled, folded in quarters. Otherwise fresh. Very good condition. (POSTER-2-4) (ID #33308) $350.00.






  7. Betar – Latvia (Zionist-Revisionist; Sports) . [POSTER; BETAR] בית "ר EBREJU JAUN. KULTURAS UN SPORTA BIEDR. TRUMPELDORA VARDA. OTRDIEN 10. MARTA PL. 9: 30 VAK. PETERPILS VIESNICAS ZALE. J. TRUMPELDORA. 16 NAVES DIENA. SVINIGA. AKADEMIJA. REFERES: ŽIDU VALODA. E. ŠEFTELS, M. JOELSONS, B. LEVINSONS, U.C.. Liepaja; Spiestuve 'progress', 1933? Original Poster. 100 x 62 cm. In Latvian, with Hebrew (Betar Logo) . Betar (Berit Trumpeldor) . The New Jewish Culture and Sports Society. On behalf of Trumpeldor. Friday, 10th of March, 9: 30 am, Peterpils Gym [Peterpils Street in Daugavpils; or Peterpils = Petrograd Gym]. J. Trumpeldor. 16 deaths daily. A solemn ceremony, at the Academy. Speeches Given on: Jewish Language. By E. Seftels, M. Joelsons, B. Levinsons, and others. Subjects: Betar – Sports Society. Berit Trumpeldor – Latvia. Light edge wear, previously folded in eighths. Very good condition. (POSTER-2-18) (ID #33322) $525.00.






  9. City Club; Jewish Gymnasium. [POSTER; JEWISH LITERARY EVENING] מאָטאָ: טיפן פון יידישער דאָןקיכאָוטישקייט .אַ גרויסע אָוונט ŽIDU VAKARA GIMNAZIJA. LIELU VAKARA. MOTTO: DONKICHOTISMA TIPI ŽIDU LITERATURA. SESTDIEN 10. MARTA. VAKARA 9 PLKST. PEC PROGRAMMAS VIESIGA SADZIVE AR DEJU, LAIMES AKAM.. Daugavpils; Pilsetas Spiestuve-Litografija, 1934? Original Poster. 70 x 100 cm. In Latvian and Yiddish. Printed on blue paper. At the Jewish Gymnasium, Saturday, 10th of March, 9 pm, a Great Evening, Motto: Don-Quixotic Types of Jewish Literature. I. L. Peretz (Meshugener Batlen) and Sholem-Aleichem (Menahem Mendel) . After the Program, an evening of dancing and happiness. Subjects: Yiddish Literature – Literary criticism – Latvia. Yiddish culture – Latvia. Previously eighths folded, light edge wear, some minor tear at edges, otherwise clean and fresh. Good + condition. (POSTER-2-13) (ID #33317) $425.00.






  11. Great Synagogue; Herman Jadlovker; H. Rabinovitz. POSTER; GREAT SYNAGOGUE SERVICE] גרויס סינאַגאָגע. גאַטעסרינסט. הערמאַן יאַדלאָווקער LIELA SINAGOGA. PIEKTDIEN 16. MARTA PLKST. 6.51 VAKARA. UN SESTDIEN, 17. MARTA PLKST. 9.30 RITA. DIEVKALPOJUMS. IZP. NO VIRSKANTORA. KAMERDZIEDATAJA. HERMANA JADLOVKERA. AR PASTAVOŠO SINAGOGAS KORI H. RABINOVICA KGA VADIBA. Liepaja; Spiestuve 'progress', 1934. Original Poster. 71 x 53 cm. In Latvian and Yiddish. At the Great Synagogue, Friday, 16th March, at 6: 51 pm and Saturday, March 17th at 9: 30 am, 1934, Worship Service. Herman Jadlovker; with the existing synagogue choir, chaired by Mr. H. Rabinovich. Subjects: Great Synagogue – Latvia – Services – 1934. Light wear to edges, previously quarter folded. Clean and fresh. Very good condition. (POSTER-2-16) (ID #33320) $275.00.






  13. J. Suchovs. [RIGA JEWISH PEOPLE'S CENTER CONCERT POSTER] יידישע פאָלקס-הויז.זונטאָג, אפריל 2 ד. י. אַפשטיידס-קאָנצערט. אַני מאָלק ŽIDU TAUTAS NAMA. JEZUS-BAZNICAS IELA NO 2. ANI MOLK. ATVADIŠANAS KONCERTS. PIE KLAVIEREM: J SUCHOVS. Riga; Drukatava 'splendid' Riga, [1930s]. 1933? Original Poster. 53 x 35 cm. In Yiddish and Latvian. Original poster for a concert given at the Jewish People's Center, The Yidisher Folks-Hoiz of Riga. No date. Ani Molk; with J. Suchovs on Piano; Farewell Concert; A New Program! ; Sunday, April 2nd, 9 at night; at Jewish People's Center, Jesus-Church Street number 2; Tickets from 30 cents, available everyday from the secretary of the people's house. Printed by Drukatava 'Splended' of Riga, Street 21. Subjects: Latvia – Riga – Jewish People's House. Concert – Yiddish – Riga. Yidisher Folks-Hoiz – Riga – Posters. Folded in center. Light wear and soiling to edges, minor tear on right portion of edge, otherwise fresh. Very good condition. (POSTER-2-2) (ID #33306) $275.00.






  15. Jewish School Board. [POSTER; YIDDISH SCHOOL CULTURAL EVENT] דער שולראַט פון דער יידישער שטאָטישער שלום-עליכם גרונטשול. אַ פּראָפּאַגאַנדע-אָוונט. ווייַט פאָלקבילדונג . PILSETAS ŽIDU ŠOLEM-ALEICHEMA. PAMATSKOLAS SKOLAS PADOME. SARIKO SAKARA AR II. TAUTAS IZGLITIBAS NEDELU. PIEKTDIEN, 31. MARTA, PLKST. 9 VAKARA LATVIESU BIEDRIBAS ZALE [UGUNDSZESEJU LAUKUMA]. TAUTAS IZGLITIBAS. PROPAGANDAS VAKARU.. Liepaja; Spiestuve 'progress', [1930s]. 1933? Original Poster. 50 x 64 cm. In Yiddish and Latvian. Printed on bright pink paper. The State Jewish School Board. Sholem-Aleichem Elementary School. A Propaganda Evening. For the People's Education (folk-bildung) . Friday, 31st March, 9 pm, at the Latvian Society Hall (ugunsdzeseju area) . National Education Week. Program: Choral Songs; Lecture by A Freidberg (The Educational Ideal of the Schools) ; H. Etkina (of Riga) Performs 'The Nation and Culture'. Free Admission. Subjects: Sholem Aleichem Elementary School – Latvia. Yiddish Culture – Latvia. Previously folded in eighths, light wear to edges. Very good condition. (POSTER-2-10) (ID #33314) $375.00.






  17. Kuldiga Jewish Elementary School. [POSTER; KULDIGA JEWISH SCHOOL CELEBRATION] KULDIGAS PILSETAS ŽIDU PAMATSKOLA. SARIKO SESTDIEN, 19. DECEMBRI 1925. G., NOTEIKTI PULKST. 7.5 VAKARA - LIELAJA ŠILLERA ZALE. SKOLAS SVETKUS. PROGRAMA: … DEJA PIE LABAS RAGU MUZIKAS LIDZ PULKST. 4 NO RITA.. Kuldiga; N. Jevlampjeva Tipografija, 1925. Original Poster. 51 x 32 cm. In Latvian and German. Printed on pink paper. Poster announcing the: Kuldiga Jewish Elementary School Celebration (Schulfest, Judische Grundschule) , Saturday, 19th December, 1925, starting at 7: 30 pm, containing a night of plays (Chana and her 7 children) , songs (Jacob's Dream; Deborah's Song; Elijah the Prophet) , ballet, gymnastics; after the show, dance to the sound of good horn music until four in the morning (Tanz bei guter honrmusik bis 4 uhr morgens) . Published by the school board (Der Schulrat = Skolas Padome) . Subjects: Kuldiga Jewish Elementary School – 1925 – Celebrations. Kuldiga (Goldingen) , Courland, Latvia. Light wear to edges, previously folded in half; otherwise fresh. Very good condition. (POSTER-2-7) (ID #33311) $300.00.






  19. Kuldigas Maccabi. [POSTER; KULDIGAS MACCABI SPORTS] KULDIGAS EBREJU SPORTA-KULTURAS BIEDRIBA 'MAKKABI'. SESTDIEN, 12. DECEMBRI, 1925. G. LATV. SADRAUDZIGAS BIEDRIBAS TELPAS GRANDIOZA MANTU IZLOZE (LOTEREJA ALEGRI). SEZONAS ATKLĀŠANA. SKATVINGROŠANA. SAVIESĪGA DZIVE. Kuldiga; N. Jeviampjeva Tipografija, 1925. Original Poster. 64 x 44 cm. In Latvian and German. Printed on blue paper. Kuldigas Jewish Sports-Cultural Society 'Maccabi'. Saturday, 12. December1925. G. Latv. Commonwealth Society premises; Great lottery from 3 o'clock until 7 o'clock evening. Evening at 9: 30, season opening, with a program of ice skating contents and gymnastics. Golding Judischer Sport-Kultur Verein 'Makkabi'; Lotterie-Allegri; Schauturnen. Poster announces upcoming events held by Maccabi, and directs where to obtain tickets, and ticket prices. Subjects: Maccabi Sports – Kuldiga – Winter Sports – 1925. Gymnastics – Maccabi. Kuldigas – Goldingen – Latvia – Jewish Maccabi Sports. Light edge wear, quarter folded, otherwise fresh. Very good condition. (POSTER-2-8) (ID #33312) $500.00.






  21. Kurzeme Beth-Midrash; Cvi Fridlands; S. Zegora. [POSTER; CANTORIAL CONCERT] EBR. LUGŠANAS NAMA. PETERA IELA NO 13. Liepaja; M. Elkes Tipografija, . 1925? Original Poster. 50 x 64 cm. In Latvian. Printed on bright orange paper. Poster for prayers with choir and conductor, S. Zegora, and cantor Cvi Fridlands. Friday this year 4 December at 4 evening. Saturday this year December 5 at 9 am. To be held at the Hebrew House of Prayer, Kurzeme Beit-Midrash, Peter Street 12, with participation from the Riga Great Synagogue (Gogola Street) cantor Cvi Fridlands, with choir under conductor S. Zegora. Cantorial concert held at the Kurzeme (a district of Riga) Beth-Midrash, date not cited. Printed in Liepaja. Subjects: Riga Cantors – Concert – Kurzeme Beth Midrash. Cantors – Latvia. Light wear to edges, previously quarter folded. Very good condition. (POSTER-2-5) (ID #33309) $175.00.






  23. L. Berzs, M. Cernobrovs, J. Tankelis, H. Meiksins. [RIGA JEWISH PEOPLE'S CENTER YOUTH MEETING POSTER] אין לאַקאַל פון יידישן פאָלקס-הויז .אַ יוגנט-מיטינג .דעבאַטן ŽIDU TAUTAS NAMA. JEZUSBAZNICAS IELA NO 3. JAUNATNES SAPULCE, PAR TEMAM: LATVIJA - ARZEMES - STRADNIEKU VIENIBA. Riga; Sp. 'extra' Jaunavu, [1930's]. 1933? Original Poster. 32 x 50 cm. In Latvian and Yiddish. Youth Meeting Debates at the Jewish Peoples Center (Yidisher Folks-Hoiz) of Riga; Sunday, 5th November, 8: 30 at night. Debate topics include Latvia and Workers; debate between L. Berzs, M. Cernobrovs, J. Tankelis, H. Meiksins. Original poster printed on bright pink waxy paper, side by side Latvian and Yiddish. Of note, is that the street address of the Jewish People's House changed number. Subjects: Latvia – Riga – Jewish People's House. Youth Meeting – Yiddish – Riga. Yidisher Folks-Hoiz – Riga – Posters. Previously folded down center, light edge wear, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (POSTER-2-3) (ID #33307) $275.00.






  25. Mizrachi Zionist Organization; Rabbi Mordechai Nuroka. [POSTER; MIZRACHI LECTURE] מאָטאָ: טיפן פון יידישער דאָןקיכאָוטישקייט .אַ גרויסע אָוונט SVETDIEN, 4 MARTA PL. 9 VAK. REFERATS. NO. SAEIMAS DEPUTATA, RABINA. M. NUROKA. PAR TEMATU: 'SAEIMA UN VALDIBA'. CIONISTU ORG. 'MIZRACHI'. Liepaja; Spiestuve 'progress', 1934? Original Poster. 100 x 64 cm. In Latvian and Yiddish. Report, Sunday, 4th March, 9 pm. From member of parliament, Rabbi M. Nurok. On the Theme 'Parliament and the Government'. Zionist Org. Mizrachi. “Rabbi Max (Mordekhai) Nurok (1879–1962) , of Courland, became known as the leader of Latvia’s Mizrahi movement. ” (Yivo Encyclopedia) Subjects: Mizrachi – Mordekhai Nurok – Speech. Corner torn, with minor text loss, previously folded in eighths, light edge wear, otherwise fresh. Very good condition. (POSTER-2-14) (ID #33318) $300.00.






  27. Riga Jewish Theatre Ensemble; Moses Surits; Jacob Gordin. [POSTER; RIGA YIDDISH THEATER] שה מוריץ. דער נאַר. מוזיקאַלישע קאָמעדיע. ריגער יידישער מעוטים טעאַטער RIGAS ŽIDU MINORITATES TEATRIS. MULKIS. PIEKTDIEN, 3 FEBRUARI. SAKUMS PLKST. 8.30 V. MOZESA SURICA. 25 GADU SKATUVES DARBIBAS JUBILEJU. Riga; Tipografija 'splendid', 1928? Original Poster. 72 x 49 cm. In Yiddish and Latvian. With portrait Moshe Suritz in center. The Jewish Theatre of Riga (Jewish Minority Theatre) , will show The Fool (Der Nar – Mulkis) a comedy in four acts, by Jacob Gordin, at 8.30 pm, Friday, 3rd of February. With Orchestral accompaniment. Twenty fifth anniversary (yubilee fun bavustn shoishpiler) . Subjects: Jewish Theatre Riga – Riga Yiddish Theatre, Gas 6. Jacob Gordin – Yiddish Playwright. Der Nar – The Fool – Yiddish Theatre. Light edge wear, previously quarter folded, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (POSTER-2-9) (ID #33313) $400.00.






  29. Riga Yiddish Theatre. [RIGA YIDDISH THEATRE POSTER] דער חופה טאג. ריגער ידישער טעאַטער RIGAS ŽIDU TEATRIS. HAIMA ŠELKANA UN MARAS ŽITLOVSKAS. KAZU DIENA. SESTDIEN, S.G. 15. JUNIJA, PLK. 9. Riga; Biletes Dabujamas Rotšteina Konditoreja 15 Maija Iela 7, [1930's]. Original Poster. 61 x 42 cm. In Latvian and Yiddish. Original poster from the Latvian Yiddish Theatre. No date given. Riger Idisher Teater. Der Chuppah Tog = Kazu Diena [The Wedding Day]. A play in three acts, opening June 15th, under the artistic directorship of V. Hana, starring Haim Selkana and Mara Zitlovskas; actors: A. Balins, S. Brezs, M. Blums, J. Gasels, J. Julins, Ch. Kusners, M. Surics, R. Smargonskis, A. Sermans and J. Sneiders; tickets on sale starting may 15th, at Rotstein Bakery, 7 street. Subjects: Latvia – Interwar – Yiddish Theatre. Yiddish theatre – Posters. Riga Yiddish Theatre. Quarter folded, lightly soiled, otherwise clean and fresh. A perfect wedding present! Very good condition. (POSTER-2-1) (ID #33305) $300.00.






  31. Riga Yiddish Theatre. [POSTER; RIGA YIDDISH THEATER] דער קאָמעדיאַנט. סטודענטן ליבע. דער קאָפּריזנער מיליאָנער .ריגער יידישער מעוטים טעאַטער . חתונה אין שטעטל RIGAS ŽIDU MINORITATES TEATRIS. SVINIGS ARTS UN IZRADE PIRMIZRADEL. KOMEDIANTS. A. BLUMA MUZ. KOMEDIJA 3 CELIENOS. STUDENTU MILA. STUDENTU MILA. MUZ KOMEDIJA 3 CEL. MILJONARA UNTUMI. MUZ KOMEDIJA 3 CEL. KAZAS PILSETINA. MUZ KOMEDIJA 3 CEL. Riga; Sp 'extra', . 1926? Original Poster. 71 x 50 cm. In Latvian and Yiddish. Printed in red, black, and brown ink. Poster calendar announcing the upcoming plays at the Riga Yiddish Theatre, Saturday 15th, May to Tuesday, 18th May. On Saturday, 15th May, 8: 45 pm, the Premier of Komediants (Der Komediant) , a comedy in three acts, a play by A. Blum, directed by B. Vitler, set design by L. Hercmark, music by I. Fleisman, conducted by B. Traugots. Komediants is also performed Saturday, 15th of May and Monday, 17th of May, at 8: 45 pm. On Saturday, 16th May, at 3: 30 pm, Studentu Mila (Studentn Libe) 'Student Love', a comedy in three acts, to be performed. On Monday, 17th May, at 3: 30 pm, Der Miljonara Untumi (der koprizner milioner) , a musical comedy in three acts. On Tuesday, 18th of May, 8: 45 pm, Kazas Pilsetina (a Khatuna in Shtetl) 'A Shetl Wedding', a musical comedy in three acts. Riger Idisher Teater, Skolas Iela no. 6. Subjects: Riga Yiddish Theatre – Play list. Light edge wear, small tear along fold line, previously folded in fourths, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (POSTER-2-17) (ID #33321) $275.00.






  33. Saldus Jewish Cultural Society. [SALDUS THEATRE AND DANCE] כל נדרי SALDUS ZIDU KULTURAS BIEDRIBA. SARIKO: SALDUS SADRAUDZIGAS B-BAS TELPAS SVETDIEN, 20. DECEMBRI 1925. G. IZRADI: [KOL-NIDRE] VESTURISKA DRAMA NO SPANIJAS INKVIZICIJAS LAIKIEM, 4 CELIENOS NO J. SARKAUSKY. PEC TEATRA DEJA AR AMORA PASTU. SPELES PIRMKLASIGS RAGU ORKESTRS. SAKUMS NOTEIKTI PL. 6.5 VAKARA, BEIGAS 3. NO RITA. [Saldus; None Listed], 1925. Original Poster. 45 x 31 cm. In Latvian, with Hebrew. Printed on light brown paper. Kol-Nidre is printed upside down in relation to the Latvian text. Saldus Jewish Culture Association; Arranges at the Saldus Commonwealth, B-Bas [Brivibas? ] Premises, Sunday 20th December, 1925, Performance: Kol-Nidre, a Historical Drama of the Spanish Inquisition, in 4 acts, by J. Sarkausky. After the play, a Dance by Amora Pastu, with horns and orchestra. Begins 6.30 pm, ends at three in the morning. Tickets in advance can be obtained from Mr Perlman's Sweets Shop, 6 Upesmuiza Street. Subjects: Saldus, Latvia – Jewish Cultural Association. Jewish Theatre – Saldus, Latvia. Light weat to edges, previously folded in half. Very good condition. (POSTER-2-6) (ID #33310) $275.00.






  35. Socialist-Zionist Party Daugavpils. [POSTER; SPEECHES BY SOCIALIST-ZIONIST FEDERATION] אַ קאָלעקטיווער פאַרטראָג: וואָס לערנען און די געשעענישן אין עסטרייַך 'BRENER' KLUBA TELPAS. Daugavpils; Pilsetas Spiestuve Litografija, [1934]. Original Poster. 86 x 47 cm. In Latvian and Yiddish. Printed on bright pink paper. Two separate events, speeches presented by the Socialist-Zionist Party Dagavpils, the Hechalutz Organization of Daugavpils, and the Socialist-Zionist youth federation. Workers of all nationalities welcome. At the Brener Club Building, 80 Green Street, Saturday 24th February, 9 pm, a collective report on 'What the events in Austria teach us'. On tuesday, 27th February, 9 pm, at the Tel-Hai Academy, speeches by M. Zands, M. Blachs, S. Benjamins, and Z Gordins. The poster ends with the slogans: Down with Fascism! In Defense of the Austrian Proletariat! Long Live Socialist Democracy! Long live socialism! Includes lengthy paragraphs, in Yiddish and Latvian, concerning the events (of the February Uprising in Austria against Fascism) , content of speeches (the threat of fascism) , and the need for socialism. Subjects: Socialist-Zionist Federation Daugavpils (Dvinsk) Latvia. Hechalutz (Dvinsk) – Speeches. February Uprising – Austria – Socialist Zionist Response. Previously folded in eighths, light edge wear, otherwise fresh. Very good condition. (POSTER-2-11) (ID #33315) $625.00.






  37. Zhitlovski, Chaim [Chaim Zhitlowsky]. [POSTER; CHAIM ZHITLOVKSY LECTURE] זאָל פון געווערבע-פאַריין. זשיטלאָווסקי. דער גייסטיקער קאַמף פון ידישן פאָלק .AMATNIEKU B-BAS ZALE. PIEKTDIEN, 1925 GADA 6 MARTA. DR CH. ŽITLOVSKI. LASIS PAR TEMATU: ŽIDU TAUTAS GARIGA CINA. [Riga; None Listed], 1925. Original Poster. 93 x 63 cm. In Yiddish and Latvian. Printed in red and black ink, with decorative border. Poster for a talk by Chaim Zhitlovksy. At the Artisans Freedom Hall [B-Bas = Brivibas], Friday, March the 6th, 1925. Dr. Chaim Zhitlovksy, will read from: The Spiritual Struggle of the Jewish People. Beginning at half past nine [the time of the lecture is only given in the Yiddish at bottom]. Tickets available from 'echo-reklama' Audeja iela 2, Etingera gramatu veikala un Biblioteka Brivibas iela 15, un papermeistera rakstamlietu veikala aspazijas bulv 7 (offices of 'echo-advertisement' Audeja street 2, Ettinger Bookstore and Library at Brivibas street 15, and paper and stationery store Aspazija Blvd 7.) All the ticket locations are to be found in downtown Riga. The work being read from, The Spiritual Struggle of the Jewish People for Freedom, was finished by Chaim Zhitlovsky during his lecture tour across Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania in 1924-1925. His 60th birthday celebration in November, 1925, was celebrated by twenty thousand people across the world. Subjects: Yiddish Literature – Yiddish Philosophy – Chaim Zhitlovsky – Lecture Tour. Chaim Zhitlovksy – Spiritual Struggle of the Jews People – Yiddish Tour – Latvia. Condition. (POSTER-2-19) (ID #33323) $725.00.