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71. • Tolkaczew, Zinovij. KWIATY OSWIECIMIA. [THE FLOWERS OF OSWIECIM]. No Place (cracow?), 1946. 


Welcome to our latest catalog, a mix of over 90 titles in Judaica. 

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Topics, In Order:




mx15-1a.jpg (1567101 bytes)1. • Roukhomovsky, Suzanne. GASTRONOMIE JUIVE. CUISINE ET PATISSERIE … DE RUSSIE, D’ALSACE, DE ROUMANIE ET D’ORIENT. Paris: Flammarion, 1929. Paper Wrappers , 12mo. 252 pages. In French. Illustrated. SUBJECT (S): Cookery, Jewish. OCLC lists eight copies worldwide. In good condition. (MX15-1) . (ID #21372) $120.00. 





MX13-16.jpg (1572282 bytes) MX13-16a.jpg (1570611 bytes)2. • Nathan, Joan. JEWISH COOKING IN AMERICA. New York: Alfred A Knopf, 1998. Hardback, 8vo. 518 pages In English. 2nd edition. ISBN 0375402764; 335 kosher recipes; SUBJECT (S): Jewish cookery. Jews -- United States -- Social life and customs. Joden. Kookkunst. Photographic illustrations throughout book. (MX13-16) (ID #21357) $30.00. 





3. • WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN JEWRY: 1926. New York: Jewish Biographical Bureau. , 1926. Cloth. , 8vo. 680 pages. SUBJECT (S): Jews – United States – biography – periodicals; Jews – Canada – periodicals; Jews – biography – periodicals. Ex-library with usual marks, light wear, good condition. (k-AMR-35-19) (ID #21292) $60.00. 

MX13-12.jpg (1262187 bytes)4. • Adler, Elkan Nathan. ABOUT HEBREW MANUSCRIPTS. London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, New York And Toronto: Oxford University Press Warehouse, 1905. HARDBACK, 8vo. 177 pages. In English with some Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Manuscripts, Hebrew -- Bibliography. Hebrew literature -- Bibliography. Adler (1861–1946) , was an “Anglo-Jewish bibliophile, collector, and author. Adler, the son of Chief Rabbi Nathan Marcus Adler, was a lawyer by profession and had unusual opportunities to travel under favorable conditions and to build up a remarkable library. He was among the first persons to realize the importance of the Cairo Genizah. ” (EJ, Cecil Roth) Bookkplate of Abraham I Katsh is laid in Cover shows some wear and tear. In good condition. (MX13-12) (ID #21353) $95.00. 



MX13-1.jpg (882754 bytes)5. • Madden, Frederic. HISTORY OF JEWISH COINAGE AND OF MONEY IN THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT. San Diego: Pegasus Publishing Co, 1967. Hardback, 8vo. 350 pages. In english . SUBJECT (S): coins in the Bible. Numismatiek. Bijbel. Book is illustrated with woodcuts and a fold-out plate of alphabets. In very good condition. (MX13-1) (ID #21342) $30.00. 





Mx13-2.jpg (2090659 bytes)6. • Reifenberg, Adolf. ISRAEL’S HISTORY IN COINS FROM MACCABEES TO THE ROMAN CONQUEST. London: East And West Library, 1953. Hardback, 8vo. 46 pages. In English . Illustrated. SUBJECT (S): Coins, Jewish. Munten. Book has original dust jacket, small stain on the cover, contains the bookplate of Abraham I Katsh. Author: “(1899–1953) , Israel expert in soil chemistry, archaeologist, and numismatist. Reifenberg, who was born in Berlin, studied agricultural chemistry and graduated from Giessen University. A Zionist from his youth, he was among the first halutzim who arrived in Erez Israel from Germany after World War I. After working as an agricultural laborer at Kinneret for two years, he joined (1922) the laboratory for agricultural chemistry of the mandatory government. In 1924 he became a member of the staff of the Institute of Chemistry of the newly founded Hebrew University. He later founded and was head of its department of soil science. Reifenberg was also an archaeologist and numismatist. He built up one of the finest collections of Palestinian and ancient Jewish coins (presented after his death to the State of Israel) , and in 1951 became the first president of the Israel Numismatic Society. Together with L. A. Mayer, he examined several ancient synagogues such as the one at Eshtemo'a (Samoa) , south of Hebron, and that of Naveh in Hauran. ” (EJ editorial staff) In good condition. (MX13-2) (ID #21343) $30.00. 

MX13-8.jpg (1057481 bytes)7. • Romanoff, Paul. JEWISH SYMBOLS ON ANCIENT JEWISH COINS. New York: American Israel Numismatic Association, Inc., 1971. Hardback, 8vo. 79 pages. In English. Plate IllustrationsSUBJECT (S): Numismatics, Jewish. Signs and symbols. Coins, Jewish. OCLC lists twenty copies worldwide. Book is ex library, back inside cover has library markings and due date card. In good condition. (MX13-8) (ID #21349) $30.00. 






MX12-21.jpg (3238990 bytes)8. • Emmanuel, Issac Samuel. גדולי שלוניקי לדורותם GEDOLE SALONIKI LE-DOROTAM. Tel-Aiv: Defus A. Strod U-Vanav, 1936. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Greece -- Thessalonike¯. Epitaphs -- Jews. Epitaphs -- Greece -- Thessalonike¯. Cover shows some wear otherwise in very good condition. (MX12-21) (ID #21340) $110.00. 





MX13-11.jpg (1376498 bytes)9. • Falaquera, Shem Tob Ben Joseph Ibn. Trans by Levine, M Herschel. FALAQUERA’S BOOK OF THE SEEKER (SEFER HA-MEBAQQESH) . New York: Yeshiva University Press, 1976. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. 118 pages. In English . SUBJECT (S): Jewish Ethics. Author: “(c. 1225–1295) , philosophical author and translator. Little is known about Falaquera's life. Born in Spain, it appears that he lived in the border provinces of Spain and France. He was a prolific writer, well versed in Islamic and Greek philosophy, but was not an original thinker. His writings are representative of the scientific and philosophic thought of the Jews of his time. ” (EJ, Moshe Nahum Zobel) In good condition. (MX13-11) (ID #21352) $30.00. 




MX12-20.jpg (3295133 bytes)10. • Kordova, Lea-Nora, and Labovitz, Annette and Eugene. OUR STORY: THE JEWS OF SEPHARAD: CELEBRATIONS AND STORIES. New York: Coalition For The Advancement Of Jewish Education, 1991. Paper Wrappers. , 4to. Book ii, 45, 44 p.: ill. In English. Some Illustrations. SUBJECT (S): Judaism -- Sephardic rite -- Customs and practices. Sephardim -- Social life and customs. OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. Cover slightly bent, in very good condition. (MX12-20) (ID #21339) $30.00. 





MX15-6.jpg (5160818 bytes)11. • Lambert, Phyllis and Bellaert, Joan. FORTIFICATION AND THE SYNAGOGUE: THE FORTRESS OF BABYLON AND THE BEN EZRA SYNAGOGUE, CAIRO. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1994. Paper Wrappers , 4to. 279 p.: ill (some col. ) , maps, plans. In English. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Egypt -- Cairo. Synagogues -- Egypt -- Cairo. Fortification -- Egypt -- Cairo -- History. Ben Ezra Synagoge (Cairo) Synagogen. Vestingwerken. Restauratie. In very good condition. (MX15-6) xx (ID #21376) $40.00. 





12. • New York) David De Sola Pool; Tamar De Sola Pool. AN OLD FAITH IN THE NEW WORLD: PORTRAIT OF SHEARITH ISRAEL, 1654-1954. New York: Columbia University Press, 1955. Cloth. 4to. 595 pages. Illustrated. SUBJECT (S): Judaism-United States-New York State-Congregation Shearith Israel. Ex-library with usual markings. Wear on binding and corners of cover. Otherwise in Very Good condition. (AMRN-14-16) . (ID #21314) $30.00. 





MX12-16.jpg (3586760 bytes)13. • Reiner, Elchanan. ארבעת בתי־הכנסת הספרדיים ע״ש ר׳ יוחנן בן זכאי THE YOCHANAN BEN ZAKKAI FOUR SEPHARDI SYNAGOGUES. Yerushalayim: Ha-K?eren Li-Yerushalayim, 1980. Paper Wrappers. , 12mo. 47 pages. In English and Hebrew. Illustrated. SUBJECT(S): Jerusalem -- Buildings, structures, etc Synagogues -- Jerusalem. Sephardim -- Jerusalem. OCLC lists five copies worldwide (Library of Congress, University of Maryland College Park, Hebrew Union College, University of Washington, University of Cape Town) . Cover shows some wear. Very good condition. (MX12-16) . (ID #21335) $30.00. 





MX12-19.jpg (1127108 bytes)14. • Reznik, Jacob. LE DUC JOSEPH DE NAXOS CONTRIBUTION A L’HISTOIRE JUIVE DE XVIE SIECLE. Paris: Librairie Lipschutz, 1936. Cloth. , 8vo. 270 pages. In French. Contains several copies of historic documents. SUBJECT (S): Jews in Naxos. Nasi, Joseph, 1520-1579. OCLC lists twenty-six copies worldwide. Minimal marginalia, book has sustained some water stains. In good condition. (MX12-19) (ID #21338) $60.00. 






MX12-10.jpg (561282 bytes)15. • Shamosh, Amnon. MARRANO MOUNTAIN: TALES OF THE EXPLUSION FROM SPAIN; 1492-1992. Rishon Lezion, Israel: Massada, 1992. Hardback, 8vo. 131 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Sephardim -- Fiction. Marranos -- Portugal -- Fiction, Nasi, Gracia, ca. 1510-1569 -- Fiction. Shabbethai Tzevi, 1626-1676 -- Fiction. OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide. In like new condition. (MX12-10) (ID #21329) $50.00. 



16. • (Turkey) Goodblatt, Morris S. Jewish Life in Turkey in the Xvith Century, As Reflected in the Legal Writings of Samuel De Medina. . New York: Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1952. Cloth. 8vo. 240 pages. SUBJECT (S): Jews - Turkey - History; Joden. Gilt lettering on spine. Ex-library with usual markings.Wear on binding and corners of cover. Otherwise, very good condition. (k-rab-3-15) (ID #21309) $60.00. 


MX13-19.jpg (997159 bytes)17. • Ankori, Zvi. KARAITES IN BYZANTIUM: THE FORMATIVE YEARS, 970-1100. New York: Columbia University Press, 1959. Cloth, 8vo. 546 pages. In English. Frontispiece. SUBJECT (S): Karaites. Karaieten. In good condition. (MX13-19) (ID #21360) $95.00. 






MX13-18.jpg (2590368 bytes)18. • (Wieder, Naphtali) . REVUE DE L’HISTOIRE DES RELIGIONS. Presses Universitaires De France, 0. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. 74 pages. In French. Periodical. This particular issue is titled “Compte rendu de l’ouvrage de Naphtali Wieder: The Judean Scrolls and Karaism. ” (MX13-18) (ID #21359) $30.00. 







MX13-6.jpg (4753694 bytes)19. • BABYLONIAN JEWISH CENTER, GREAT NECK, NEW YORK: THIRD ANNIVERSARY GALA, NOVEMBER 2000. None. , 2000. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. 189 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Book commemorating the anniversary of the Babylonian Jewish Center, depicts advertisements and notes from center members. (MX13-6) (ID #21347) $40.00. 






MX15-5.jpg (173510 bytes)20. • Adler, Michael. A JEWISH CHAPLAIN ON THE WESTERN FRONT 1915-1918. Reprinted From “the Jewish Guardian”, 1920. Paper Wrappers , 8vo. 32 pages. In English. No record in OCLC. Adler, (1868–1944) , was an English minister and historian. Born into an immigrant Russian-Jewish family, he later adopted the name Adler. In 1890 he was appointed minister of the newly founded Hammersmith Synagogue in London, and was for many years minister of the Central Synagogue. In World War I he served as senior Jewish chaplain to the armed forces. He published, mainly in the Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England (of which he was president, 1934–36) , a number of fundamental essays on the history of the Jews in England in the Middle Ages, based largely on documentary sources. (EJ, Roth) In good condition. (MX15-5) (ID #21375) $75.00. 

MX13-7.jpg (2548324 bytes)21. • American Jewish Committee. THIS IS OUR HOME: AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE LEAFLET SERIES. New York: American Jewish Committee, 1957. Spiral bound, 8vo. 214 pages. In English. Fiftieth Anniversary edition. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- United States. Table of contents: 1. The American pattern -- 2. The New World and the Old -- 3. Prelude to freedom -- 4. Group life in America -- 5. The hands of Esau -- 6. Proclaim liberty -- 7. The fight for freedom -- 8. The brothers' war -- 9. Science looks at anti-semitism -- 10. For those who are searching -- 11. Jewish labor in the United States -- 12. Land without peasants -- 13. Jewish education for modern needs -- 14. Bread to the hungry. OCLC lists twenty copies worldwide. Ex library copy. In good condition (MX13-7) (ID #21348) $30.00. 





22. • (Lincoln) Hertz, Emanuel, editor. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, THE TRIBUTE OF THE SYNAGOGUE. New York, Bloch Publishing Company, 1927. 1st Edition. Cloth, 8vo, xxi, 682 pages. Sermons and writings on Lincoln (many are Eulogies from 1865) by 66 American Rabbis Includes reprints of some of the original title-pages. Ex-library with usual markings. Wear on cover and binding. Yellow pages. Hinge repair. Otherwise, good condition. (k-rab-3-18) Ex-library, but good and solid, Good Condition. (ID #21312) $40.00. 

MX13-9.jpg (2767915 bytes)23. • Nathan, Marvin. THE ATTITUDE OF THE JEWISH STUDENT IN THE COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES TOWARDS HIS RELIGION: A SOCIAL STUDY OF RELIGIOUS CHANGES. New York: Bloch Publishing Company, 1932. Hardback, 8vo. 6 p. l., 5-264 p. diagrs.pages. In English . SUBJECT(S): Judaism. Students -- United States. Jews -- United States. Students -- Religious life. Psychology, Religious. Attitude (Psychology) Book has original dust jacket, papers listing comments on the book is inlaid. Front of dust jacket has a stain. In good condition.(MX13-9) (ID #21350) $30.00. 





MX13-15.jpg (2032651 bytes)24. • Schwarz, Jacob D. RESPONSA OF THE CENTRAL CONFERENCE OF AMERICAN RABBIS CONTAINED IN ITS YEARBOOK, VOLS. I-LX, 1890-1950. New York: Union Of American Hebrew Congregation, 1954. Paper Wrappers, 4to. 229 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Reform Judaism -- Customs and practices. Responsa -- 1800. OCLC lists 25 copies. In very good condition. (MX13-15) (ID #21356) $35.00. 





MX13-10.jpg (1003291 bytes)25. • Sklare, Marshall. OBSERVING AMERICA’S JEWS. Hanover: Brandeis University Press: Published By University Press Of New England, 1993. Hardback, 8vo. 302 pages. In English. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- United States -- Identity. Judaism -- United States. Jews -- United States -- Attitudes toward Israel. Public opinion -- United States. Joden. Israel -- Foreign public opinion, American. United States - Ethnic relations. Author: "(1921-1992), U.S. sociologist. Born in Chicago, Sklare was a study director in the Division of Scientific Research of the American Jewish Committee (1953-66), and from 1966 he was professor of sociology at Yeshiva University. Sklare was a leading expert in the field of sociology of U.S. Jewry; his work is widely quoted, especially Conservative Judaism; an American Religious Movement (1955) and an edited volume, Jews: Social Patterns of an American Group (1958); Riverton Study: How Jews Look at Themselves and Their Neighbors (1957, with M. Vosk) analyzes Jewish attitudes in a community setting; Jewish Identity on the Suburban Frontier; a Study of Group Survival in the Open Society (1967) is a study of the attitudes of suburban Jews toward themselves. Sklare directed numerous research projects under the auspices of the American Jewish Committee, chiefly using the techniques of survey research." (EJ, Werner J Cahnman). Book has original dust jacket, no markings, in fine condition. (MX13-10) (ID #21351) $30.00. 


MX12-8.jpg (403045 bytes)26. • THE JEWISH COMMUNITY OF PRAGUE. Jewish Community Of Prague, 2002. Aper Wrappers, 12mo. 30 pages. In English. Color Photograph illustrations. No record in OCLC. In fine condition. (MX12-8) (ID #21327) $35.00. 






MX12-12a.jpg (2391522 bytes) MX12-12b.jpg (2059431 bytes)27. • Carlebach, Elisheva. THE DEATH OF SIMON ABELES: JEWISH-CHRISTAIN TENSION IN SEVENTEENTH CENTURY PRAGUE. New York: Center For Jewish Studies, Queens College, CUNY, 2001.        Paper Wrappers, 8vo. 44 pages. In English. Illustrated. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Czech Republic -- Prague -- History -- 17th century Abeles, Simon, 1682-1694 -- Death and burial. Abeles, Lazar, 17th cent. -- Trials, litigation, etc. Catholic Church -- Czech Republic -- Prague -- History -- 17th century Prague (Czech Republic) -- Ethnic relations. OCLC lists 25 copies worldwide. In fine condition. (MX12-12). (ID #21331) $35.00. 



MX12-13.jpg (184882 bytes)28. • Carlebach, Elisheva. DIVIDED SOULS: THE CONVERT CRITQUE AND THE CULTURE OF ASHKENAZ 1750-1800. New York, Berlin: Leo Baeck Institute, 2003. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. 24 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Germany -- History -- 18th century. Christian converts from Judaism -- Germany -- History -- 18th century. Asjkenaziem. Bekering. In fine condition. (MX12-13) . (ID #21332) $30.00. 





MX12-3a.jpg (4851348 bytes)MX12-3b.jpg (2632011 bytes)29. • Carlebach, Naphtali. JOSEPH CARELBACH AND HIS GENERATION: BIOGRAPHY OF THE LATE CHIEF RABBI OF ALTONA AND HAMBURG. New York: Joseph Carlebach Memorial Foundation, Inc. , 1959. Cloth, 8vo, 316 pages, English, several photographs, frontis. SUBJECT (S): Carlebach, Joseph, 1883-1942. Max Grenewald’s Copy, inscribed by Carlebach’s son. No markings, in very good condition. (MX12-3) (ID #21322) $30.00. 



30. • Instituto Cultural Judaico Marc Chagall. HISTORIAS DE VIDA: IMIGRACAO JUDAICA NO RIO GRANDE DO SUL. LIFE STORIES: JEWISH IMMIGRATION IN RIOGRANDE DO SUL. Porto Alegre: Instituto Cultural Judaico Marc Chagall, 1989. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. 104 pages. In English and Portugese. Illustrated. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Brazil -- Rio Grande do Sul -- Interviews -- Audiotape catalogs. Immigrants -- Brazil -- Rio Grande do Sul -- Interviews -- Audiotape catalogs. Children of immigrants -- Brazil -- Rio Grande do Sul -- Interviews -- Audiotape catalogs. Judíos en Brasil. Instituto Cultural Judaico Marc Chagall -- Catalogs Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) -- Emigration and immigration -- History -- 20th century -- Sources -- Audiotape catalogs. (ID #21336) $30.00. 

31. • Khazars) Koestler, Arthur, . THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE: THE KHAZAR EMPIRE AND ITS HERITAGE. New York: Random House, 1976. 1st American edition. Cloth, 8vo, 255 pages: map; 22 cm. ISBN: 0394402847. Includes index. Bibliography on pages 241-246. Subjects: Khazars. Ex-library with usual markings. Very good condition in good jacket. (k-rab-3-19) (ID #21313) $40.00. 

MX12-18.jpg (2802349 bytes)32. • Klepfisz, Heszel. דאס ווונדער פון מזרח־אייראפעישן יידנטום DOS VUNDER FUN MIZREH-EYROPEISHN YIDNTUM. Tel-Aviv: Veltrat Far Yidish Un Yidisher Kultur, 1985. Cloth, 8vo. 404 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Hasidism -- History. Judaism -- Poland -- History. OCLC lists thirty copies worldwide. Clean copy, corners slightly dented. Very good condition (MX12-18) (ID #21337) $30.00. 





MX12-22.jpg (143951 bytes)33. • Paris, L. Cerf. LES JUIFS DE RUSSIE; RECUEIL D’ARTICLES ET D’ETUDES SUR LEUR SITUATION LEGALE, SOCIALE ET ECONOMIQUE. Paris, L. Cerf, 1891. Cloth, 12mo. 477 pages. Fold out maps. In French. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Soviet Union. Book contains Solomon Grayzel’s bookplate, was Grayzel’s copy. In fine condition. (MX12-22) (ID #21341) $150.00. 





MX12-15a.jpg (1960055 bytes)MX12-15b.jpg (1791266 bytes)34. • Privat, Editeur. HISTOIRE DES JUIFS EN FRANCE. Toulouse: La Commission Française Des Archives Juives, 1972. Hardback. , 8vo. 478 pages. In French. Photographs throughout the book. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- France -- History. Pencil marginalia on last page. In very good condition. (MX12-15) (ID #21334) $50.00. 



35. • Roth, Cecil. HISTORY OF THE JEWS OF ITALY. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1946. Cloth, , 8vo, 575 pages. Includes photos. Maps on endpapers. Fully indexed. Now a classic. Wear on binding and corners of cover. Yellow pages. Otherwise, Very Good Condition. (k-rab-3-22) (ID #21316) $40.00. 

MX13-17.jpg (668227 bytes)36. • Salomon, Sidney. THE JEWS OF BRITAIN. London: Jarrolds, 1938. Cloth, 12mo. 208 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Great Britain. Jews -- Civilization. Jewish question. Ex Library copy. Review of book has been taped in to front and back endpapers. In good condition. (MX13-17) (ID #21358) $30.00. 






MX12-11b.jpg (1136349 bytes)37. • Shulvass, Moses. ‏חיי היהודים באיטליה בתקופת הריניסאנס HAYE HA-YEHUDIM BE-ITALYAH BI-TEKUFAT HA-RENESANS. (JEWISH LIFE IN RENAISSANCE ITALY). New-York: `ogen, 1955. Hardback, 8vo. 359 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Italy -- History. Renaissance -- Italy. Italy -- Ethnic relations. "Shulvass was a scholar and educator. Born in Plonsk, Poland, he studied in Berlin. He lived in Erez Israel from 1938 to 1948 and then emigrated to the United States where he eventually became professor of Jewish history at the College of Jewish Studies in Chicago. His publications in many languages include historical studies on Italian Jewry. Of special interest are his books Roma vi-Yerushalayim ("Rome and Jerusalem," 1945), Hayyei ha-Yehudim be-Italyah bi-Tekufat ha-Renaissance ("Jewish Life in Renaissance Italy," 1955), and his biographical sketch of Samuel David Luzzatto with documentary supporting material, Pirkei Hayyim (1951)." (EJ, Schlang, Eisig Silber) Book is in very good condition. (MX12-11). (ID #21330) $40.00. 


MX12-6a.jpg (3358722 bytes)38. • Tamir, Vicki. BULGARIA AND HER JEWS: THE HISTORY OF A DUBIOUS SYMBIOSIS. New York: Sepher-Hermon Press, Inc For Yeshiva University Press, 1979. Hardback, 8vo. 314 pages. In English. Maps on endpapers and several photos. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Bulgaria -- History. Dust jacket intact, in very good condition. (MX12-6) . (ID #21325) $40.00. 



39. • Yidisher Visnshaftlekher Institut. היסטארישע שריפטן HISTORISHE SHRIFTN. Varshe: Kooperativer Farlag "kultur-Lige",, 1929. Hardback , (FT) Folio. In Yiddish with abstracts in German. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Europe, Eastern -- History. Jewish socialists -- Europe, Eastern -- History. Jews -- History. Europe, Eastern -- Ethnic relations. OCLC lists 18 copies worldwide. Coverboards becoming detached. In fair condition. (MX15-7) (ID #21377) $40.00. 


40. • Braude, William G. THE MIDRASH ON PSALMS, VOLUME 1. New Haven: Yale University Press. , 1959. Cloth. , 8vo. Xxxvi, 563 pages. SUBJECT (S): Bible. O. T. Psalms – commentaries. SERIES: Yale Judaica series, ; v. 13. Braude (1907-1988) was born into a rabbinic family in Lithuania; they moved to the United States in 1920, living first in New York, then in Denver, and then in Ohio. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1929, and was ordained at Hebrew Union College in 1931. He became rabbi at temple Beth El in Providence, Rhode Island a year later. While living in Providence, Braude earned a Ph. D at Brown, later joining the faculty there. He later taught at Yale, the hebrew University in Jerusalem, and Leo Baeck College. A Reform rabbi, Braude was at the right-most end of the reform spectrum, arguing for the return of traditional practices, including head coverings at services, dietary laws. In 1965, he joined Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. At a civil rights march in Montgomery, Alabama. (EJ, 2007). Very good condition. (k-rab-3-9) (ID #21302) $45.00. xxxxxx

41. • Jos Athias; Johannes Leusden; Johann Simonis; Everardus Van Der Hooght; Heinrich Opitz; Wolf Heidenheim; August Hahn; Isaac Leeser. TORAH, NEVI’IM U-KETUVIM. BIBLIA HEBRAICA. Philadelphiæ: J. W. Moore, Edition: Editio Stereotypa, 1929. Hardback, 12mo. 252 pages. In French. Illustrated. SUBJECT (S): In good condition. (MX15-2) . (ID #21373) $30.00. 

MX13-5.jpg (1995761 bytes)42. • Koehler, Ludwig and Baumgartner, Walter. LEXICON IN VETERIS TESTAMENTI LIBROS AND SUPPLEMENT. Leiden, E. J. Brill,, 1958. Hardback, 8vo. 1138 pages, In German . SUBJECT (S): Hebrew language -- Dictionaries -- English. Hebrew language -- Dictionaries -- German. Aramaic language -- Dictionaries -- English. Aramaic language -- Dictionaries -- German. Hébreu (Langue) -- Dictionnaires anglais. Hébreu (Langue) -- Dictionnaires allemands. Araméen (Langue) -- Dictionnaires anglais. Araméen (Langue) -- Dictionnaires allemands. About Walter Baumgartner: “From 1947, he was professor of Semitic languages at Basle. Baumgartner's position among biblical scholars and orientalists is assured by the results of his work in the field of Bible and Semitic philology. His important studies on the Aramaic sections of the Bible include: Das Buch Daniel (1926) and the Aramaic sections of L. Koehler and W. Baumgartner's Lexicon in Veteris Testamenti Libros (1953, 1958, 1967 ff. ) . In his doctoral dissertation, Die Klagegedichte des Jeremia... (1916) , he employed critical methodology to prove that the monologues of Jeremiah were not later additions but may be attributed to the prophet himself. ” (EJ, Zev Garber) Ex-library with usual marks. In very good condition. Extra shipping charges apply. (MX13-5) (ID #21346) $350.00. 

MX15-8_0001.jpg (2583012 bytes)MX15-8.jpg (2254712 bytes)43. • Tedesche, Sidney, Trans. THE BOOK OF MACCABEES. Tel-Aviv, Israel: Massadah-Pec Press LTD, 0. Hardback , 4to. 78 pages. In English. Illustrated by Jacob Shacham. Front cover has foil plate illustration. Book in Cardboard sleeve. No record in OCLC In very good condition. (MX15-8) (ID #21378) $30.00. 




44. • Maimonides, Moses; Hershman, Abraham M. THE CODE OF MAIMONIDES. BOOK FOURTEEN: THE BOOK OF JUDGES. New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press. , 1949. Cloth. , 8vo. Xxv, 335 pages. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Jewish law; Courts, Jewish; Judges (Jewish law) . SERIES: Yale Judaica series; v. 3. "Hershman was born in Neustadt, Poland, immigrating to the U. S. In 1896. Ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (1906) , he served in Syracuse, New York, then went to Detroit's Congregation Shaarey Zedek (1907) , which he led until 1946, when he became rabbi emeritus. Founder and president of the Detroit Zionist Organization, Hershman was also principal of the Division Street Talmud Torah, Detroit's first Jewish communal school; delegate to the first American Jewish Congress; and a founder of the Jewish Community Council. " (Katz, EJ) Ex library with usual markings. Very good condition. In dust jacket, very good condition. (k-rab-3-6) (ID #21298) $30.00. 

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49. • Maimonides, Moses. translated by Mendell Lewittes. THE BOOK OF TEMPLE SERVICE. New Haven: Yale University Press. 1957. Cloth. , 8vo. Xxvii, 525 pages. First edition. Gold titles. Illustrated with 2 pull-out figures after page 498. Yale Judaica Series, Volume XII. The Code of Maimonides, Book Eight. Includes bibliographical notes, list of abbreviations, glossary, scriptural references, and index. SUBJECT (S): Jewish law. Judaism -- Customs and practices. Ex-library with usual markings. Very good condition. Dust jacket, very good condition. (k-rab-3-4) (ID #21296) $45.00. 

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51. • SEFER TOLDOT ALEKSANDROS HA-MAKDONI. THE BOOK OF THE GESTS OF ALEXANDER OF MACEDON, A MEDIAEVAL HEBREW VERSION OF THE.... Cambridge, MA, Medieval Academy of America, 1962. 1st Edition. Cloth, Very Good Condition Lacks Jacket? ; 8vo; 109, 227, x pages;..ALEXANDER ROMANCE. Mediaeval Academy of America; Publication no. 75. Bibliography on pages 223-227. In Hebrew & English "Based chiefly on the Historia de preliis, by Leo, archpresbyter. " Ex-library with usual markings. Wear on binding and corners of cover. (k-rab-3-17) (ID #21311) $60.00. 

52. • (Jt) Guenzburg, Mordecai Aaron. ספר ימי הדור, הוא תולדות הימים החדשים מראשית ימי השנוים בצרפת בשנת תק״ל עד ימי מסע נאפאלעאן לארץ רוסיא בשנת תקע״ב SEFER YEME HA-DOR: HU TOLDOT HA-YAMIM HE-HADASHIM MI-RESHIT YEME HA-SHINUYIM BE-TSAREFAT BI-SHENAT 530 `AD YEME MASA` NAPOLE`ON LE-ERETS RUSYA BI-SHENAT 572. Vilna: Yosef Reuven Bar Menahem Min Rom. , 1860. Cloth. , 12mo. 130 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Europe – history -- 18th century; Europe – history – 1890-1900. OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide. Guenzburg (1795-1846) was an itinerant teacher until 1835, when he and Solomon Salkind created Lithuania's first modern Jewish school, in Vilna. He was a moderate Haskalah advocate, a practical man who opposed radical change. He wrote on French and Russian history, published two volumes of letters and short writings by his contemporaries, and an autobiography that stylistically influenced later Haskalah writers. (EJ, 2007) Ex library with minimal markings, Some pages nicely repaired, tear at top of spine, good condition. (RAB-21-5) (ID #20653) $150.00. 

MX13-13.jpg (1390304 bytes)53. • Gaster, Moses. THE EXEMPLA OF THE RABBIS: BEING A COLLECTION OF EXEMPLA, APOLOGUES AND TALES CULLED FROM HEBREW MANUSCRIPTS AND RARE HEBREW BOOKS. New York: Ktav Publishing House, Inc. , 1968. Hardback, 8vo. 314 pages. In English and Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Exempla, Jewish. Tales. Book reads in Hebrew from one direction and English from the other. Gaster (1856–1939) , was a “rabbi, scholar, and Zionist leader. Gaster was born in Bucharest and studied at the University of Breslau and the Jewish Theological Seminary of Breslau, where he was ordained in 1881. He taught Rumanian language and literature in the University of Bucharest, 1881–85, published a popular history of Rumanian literature, Gaster's abilities as a scholar and an orator gave him an outstanding position both in the Anglo-Jewish community and in those areas of intellectual life in which he became a recognized authority, e. G. , folklore and Samaritan literature. ” (EJ, Cecil Roth) Ex- Library. In very good condition. (MX13-13) (ID #21354) $40.00. 


MX13-3.jpg (1279901 bytes)54. • Glicksberg, Abraham. EDUCATIONAL VALUES IN THE SHULCHAN ARUCH. New York: Shengold Publishers, 1984. Hardback, 8vo. 131 pages. In English. The standard code of Jewish law is discussed by the author as a source of educational values, both in a historical and a contemporary perspective. ISBN 0884001059. SUBJECT(S): Jewish religious education. Éducation religieuse juive. Karo, Joseph ben Ephraim, 1488-1575. Shulhan `arukh. Karo, Joseph, 1488-1575. Sulhan `Arûk. Book contains inscription: To my teacher and my guide. To professor Abraham I Katsh and family a friend in need is a friend in deed. Clean copy, in very good condition. (MX13-3) (ID #21344) $30.00. 




MX12-5.jpg (3261150 bytes)55. • Golomb, Elhanan H. JUDAH BEN SOLOMON CAMPANTON AND HIS “ARBA’AH KINYANIM”. Philadelphia: The Dropsie College For Hebrew And Cognate Learning, 1930. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. 110 pages. In English and Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Campanton, Judah ben Solomon. Arba'ah Kinyanim. A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Doctor of Philosophy in the Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning. Clean copy, cover has some wear. In very good condition. (MX12-5) (ID #21324) $30.00. 





MX13-14.jpg (1429902 bytes)56. • Hamburger, Jacob. GEIST DER HAGADA: SAMMLUNG HAGADISCHER AUSPRUCHE AUS DEN TALMUDEN UND MIDRASCHIM UBER BIBLISHCE, DOGMATISCHE, MORALISCHE UND ANTIQUARISCHE GEGENSTANDE IN APLHABETISCHER ORDNUNG: BUCHSTABE. Leipzig: L. Schnauss, 1857. Hardback, 8vo. 138 pages. In German. SUBJECT (S): Aggada -- Encyclopedias. Some water marks, back cover is missing. In fair condition. (MX13-14) (ID #21355) $65.00. 






MX12-4a.jpg (2147268 bytes)57. • Hyman, Aaron. BET VA’AD LA-HAKHAMIM: MAFTEAH LE_KHOL HA AGADOT. London: Goodmansfields, 1902. Cloth, 8vo. 272 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Talmud -- Quotations. OCLC lists 21 copies worldwide. Hyman (1862–1937) , was a Russian-born London rabbi and scholar. Born in Slutsk, Belorussia, he studied at various yeshivot and in 1885 he settled in London. Active in communal life, he helped found the Mizrachi organization of Great Britain and in 1909, the Etz Chaim Yeshivah of London. In 1933 he moved to Tel Aviv. All his books have become indispensable aids to rabbis and scholars, and a number of new editions of them have appeared. (EJ Preschel, Tovia) Envelope with the name Mrs. Louis Petchesky, 400 Crown Street, Brooklyn NY laid in. Some pencil markings, covers slightly detached, minor moisture marks, in fair condition. (MX12-4) (ID #21323) $30.00. 



MX12-2.jpg (4004404 bytes)58. • Katz, Ahser Anshel. ספר נחל הברית על הלכות מילה : ... דיני הילדים שלא נימולו כהוגן ... ועליו באור אבי בנחל ... וזכרון צבי SEFER NAHAL HA-BERIT ‘AL HILKHOT MILAH: . .DINE HA-VELADIM SHE-LO NIMOLU KA HOGEN. .VE-‘ALAV BEUR AVI HA-NAHAL. .VE-ZIKHRON TSEVI. VOL 2 [ONLY]. No Publisher, 1974. Hardback, 4to, 377 pages, in Hebrew. Vol 3. SUBJECT(S): Responsa OCLC lists four copies worldwide (Standford University, Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Hebrew Union College) . Gold title lettering, marbled pages edges. In very good condition. (MX12-2) (ID #21321) $30.00. 




59. • Kimhi, David, Elijah Hoechheimer Levita, , Moses Ben Hayyim Cohen, Yitshak Ben Aharon Rittenberg. ספר מכלול SEFER MIKHLOL. Liḳ : Peṭtsall, Poland; Lyck. 1862. Hardcover, xii, 202 pages, 12mo, 19 cm. In Hebrew. Kimhi was “a grammarian and exegete of Narbonne, Provence. The son of Joseph Kimhi and brother and pupil of Moses Kimhi, David was a teacher in his native town and was active in public causes. He is known to have participated in the judgment (between 1205 and 1218) of several contentious persons from Barcelona who dishonored the memory of Rashi. During the Maimonidean controversy of 1232, he undertook a journey to Toledo to gain the support of Judah Ibn Alfakhar for the Maimonideans. He was prevented from reaching his destination because of illness but his strong defense of Maimonides and the latter's followers together with Ibn Alfakhar's critique of Kimhi have been preserved in the correspondence between them.” (Talmage in EJ 2007). Standard No: LCCN: he 67-1747. SUBJECT(S): Hebrew language -- Grammar. Other Titles: machlul; helek ha-dikduk. Wear on cover and binding. Ex-library with usual markings. Stained pages. Othwerwise, good condition. (k-rab-2-17). $100.00

60. • Kimhi, David, William Chomsky. DAVID KIMHI'S HEBREW GRAMMAR (MIKHLOL) SYSTEMATICALLY PRESENTED AND CRITICALLY ANNOTATED. Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning.; Rose Adler Fund. Philadelphia, Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning, 1933. Hardcover, 120 pages, 8vo, 25 cm. Chomsky(1896-1977) “was a U.S. educator. Born in Russia, Chomsky went in 1913 to the United States, where he studied first in Baltimore while teaching Hebrew in a local Jewish school. From 1922 Chomsky served on the faculty of Gratz College, in Philadelphia, becoming its chairman in 1949. From 1954, he also lectured at Dropsie College on Hebrew language and literature and Jewish education. His writings include hundreds of essays in Hebrew and in English that appeared in scholarly journals and in the two U.S. pedagogic magazines, Sheviley Hachinuch and Jewish Education. His articles stress the centrality of classical Hebrew language and literature in the curriculum of the Jewish school. Chomsky claims that without familiarity with Hebrew classics there can be neither vigorous creativity nor intelligence in Jewish life, for in the majority of important writings which the pupils will come to know, more than half of the vocabulary is biblical.” (Pilch in EJ 2007). Dissertation: Thesis (Ph. D.)--Dropsie College, 1926. Standard No: LCCN: 33-33918. SUBJECT(S): Hebrew language -- Grammar. “Published with the aid of the Rose Adler Fund." Wear on cover and binding. Ex-library with usual markings. Some yellow pages. Otherwise, good condition. (k-rab-2-18). $65.00

MX12-1.jpg (3606393 bytes)61. • Petrover, Yosef Aryeh Ben Shemuel. ספר דברי יוסף : ביאורים על פרקי אבות בדרכי המוסר והאמונה, עם תולדותיהם ופירושיהם של אבות האומה SEFER DIVRE YOSEF: BEURIM ‘AL PIRKE AVOT BE-DARKHE HA-MUSAR VEHA-EMUNAH, ‘IM TOLDOTEHEM U-FERUSHEHEM SHEL AVOT HA-UMAH. VOL 3 [ONLY]. Petah Tikvah: Y. A. Ben Sh. Petrover, 1993. Hardback , 8vo. 377 pages. In Hebrew. Vol 3. SUBJECT(S) Mishnah. Avot -- Commentaries. , OCLC lists nine copies worldwide. In fine condition. (MX12-1) (ID #21320) $30.00. 



62. • (Rashi) Blumenfield, Samuel M. MASTER OF TROYES; A STUDY OF RASHI, THE EDUCATOR. New York: Published for the Jewish Institute of Religion [By] Behrman House. , 1946. Cloth. , 8vo. Xii, 208 pages. SUBJECT (S): Jews – education – history; Rashi, 1040-1105. CONTENTS: Part I. Education in France in the time of Rashi; Part II. Jewish education in the days of Rashi; Part III. Rashi and his contribution to education. “Born in Letichev, Russia, Blumenfield [1901-1972] was superintendent of the Chicago Board of Jewish Education until 1954, and also headed Chicago's College of Jewish Studies as dean, and later as president. From 1954 until his retirement in 1968, he served as director of the Department of Education and Culture of the Jewish Agency (American Section) . ”(Spotts, EJ). Ex-library with usual markings. Wear on cover and binding. Some pages slightly bent at edges. Otherwise, good condition. (k-rab-3-14) (ID #21308) $45.00. 

63. • (Saadya Gaon) Rosenblatt, Samuel. SAADIA GAON: THE BOOK OF BELIEFS AND OPINIONS. New Haven: Yale University Press. , 1948. Cloth. , 8vo. Xxxii, 496 pages. SERIES: Yale Judaica series, vol. 1; Rosenblatt (1902–) , son of the famous Hazzan Josef (Yossele) Rosenblatt, was “born in Bratislava and was taken to the United States in 1912. He received a rabbincal degree from the Jewish Theological Seminary (1925) ; studied in Jerusalem on a fellowship from the American Schools of Oriental Research; and received a Ph. D. From Columbia (1927) . From 1927 Rabbi Rosenblatt served Congregation Beth Tefiloh in Baltimore, Maryland. He headed the Baltimore Board of Rabbis (1952–) ; Mizrachi (1938–42) ; and the American Jewish Congress (1942–47) . Associated with Johns Hopkins University from 1930, Rosenblatt taught Jewish literature until 1947, and thereafter oriental languages”(EJ) . Ex-library with usual markings. Very good condition, dustjacket very good condition. (k-rab-3-3) (ID #21295) $35.00. 


MX13-4.jpg (955700 bytes)64. • Jacobson, B. MEDITATIONS ON THE SIDDUR: STUDIES IN THE ESSENTIAL PROBLEMS AND DREAMS OF JEWISH WORSHIP. Tel Aviv: Sinai Publishing, 1966. Hardback, 8vo. 185 pages. In English . SUBJECT (S): Judaism -- Liturgy. Prayer -- Judaism. Siddur. Dust jacket present, marginalia throughout first half of book, some pages have been dog-eared. In good condition. (MX13-4) (ID #21345) $30.00. 






MX15-3.jpg (2018579 bytes)65. • דער אוקראינער איד אין אוקראינע און אמעריקע. DER UKRAINER ID IN UKRAINIA UN AMERIKA: THE UKRAINIAN JEW IN THE UKRAINE AND THE UNITED STATES. New York, National Conference ov Ukranian Jewish Organizations, 1944. First Edition; First Printing. Paper wrappers, 4to. 160 pages. In Yiddish, with English blurb at beginning. Maps on endpapers. Holocaust-era imprint, much on horrors of the period. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Ukraine. Jews -- United StatesOCLC lists seven copies worldwide. Good Condition. (MX15-3). xx (ID #21374) $100.00. 


66. • (Acwa) . THE BLACK BOOK OF POLAND ... New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1942. Cloth, 8vo, xiv, 615 pages, plates (part double) portraits, maps (1 fold. ) plans, facsims. (Part double) . "Copyright ... By the Polish Ministry of Information. " "The black record of German barbarism from the close of the war in Poland, which ended October 6, 1939, until the end of June, 1941."--p. [v]. London edition (Hutchinson & Co. , Ltd. ) has title: The German new order in Poland. Subjects: World War, 1939-1945. World War, 1939-1945 -- Pictorial works. Poland -- History Occupation, 1939-1945. Wear on cover and binding. Gerald Shaw's copy, with stamp. Staining to inside of front and back cover. Hinge repair. (k-rab-3-13) (ID #21307) $40.00. 

67. • Friends Of Democracy. THE PROPAGANDA BATTLEFRONT, VOL. I, NOS. III, IV, V, VI, VII, IX, & X. MARCH 15, APRIL 10, APRIL 30, MAY 29, JUNE 25, AUGUST 24, SEPTEMBER 27, 1943. New York: Friends OF Democracy, Inc. , . Paper wrappers. , 4to. 3, 5, 4, 4, 4, 5, 4 pages. Antifascist periodical. SUBJECT (S): Propaganda – periodicals; World War, 1939-1945. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide. Good condition; cover detached and chipped. (MX-2-30) (ID #19301) $100.00. 

68. • Friends Of Democracy. THE PROPAGANDA BATTLEFRONT, VOL. III, NO. 7. New York: Friends OF Democracy, Inc. , 1945. Paper wrappers. , 4to. 4 pages. Antifascist newspaper. SUBJECT (S): Propaganda – periodicals; World War, 1939-1945. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide. Good condition; marginalia. (MX-2-37) (ID #19302) $20.00. 

69. • Poland. Ministerstwo Informacji. THE BLACK BOOK OF POLAND ... New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1942. Cloth, 8vo, xiv, 615 pages, plates (part double) portraits, maps (1 fold. ) plans, facsims. (Part double) . "Copyright ... By the Polish Ministry of Information. " "The black record of German barbarism from the close of the war in Poland, which ended October 6, 1939, until the end of June, 1941."--p. [v]. London edition (Hutchinson & Co. , Ltd. ) has title: The German new order in Poland. Subjects: World War, 1939-1945. World War, 1939-1945 -- Pictorial works. Poland -- History Occupation, 1939-1945. Wear on cover and binding. Gerald Shaw's copy, with stamp. Staining to inside of front and back cover. Hinge repair. (k-rab-3-12) (ID #21306) $40.00. 

70. • Thomas, Katherine. WOMEN IN NAZI GERMANY. London: V. Gollancz, 1943. Cloth, 8vo, 102 pages, 19 cm. An account of Nazi policies towards women and the family. Includes sections on "Playing With Soldiers "; "Women Under The Weimar Republic"; and "The Russian Bombshell. " Women -- Germany -- History. World War, 1939-1945 -- Women. Femmes -- Allemagne -- Histoire. Guerre mondiale, 1939-1945 -- Travail des femmes. Women -- Germany -- History -- 20th century. National socialism and women -- Germany. World War, 1939-1945 -- Women -- Germany. World War, 1939-1945 -- Germany. Geographic: Germany -- Social conditions -- 1933-1945 Bent cover. Good condition. (MX14-1) (ID #21361) $45.00. 

flowers_of--inside.jpg (129241 bytes) 71. • Tolkaczew, Zinovij. KWIATY OSWIECIMIA. [THE FLOWERS OF OSWIECIM]. No Place (Cracow?), 1946. Hardcover, 4to; 6, 32 pages; 27 cm. "The Flowers of Auschwitz." Drawings of children in Auschwitz. 33 plates of drawings & 6 pages of text.Wiener Library # I:1671. Text in Polish, English, & French. Captions are in Polish, English, French, Russian and German. Cover title is "Kwiaty Oswiecimia The Flowers of Auschwitz Les Fleurs d Oswiecim." A smaller edition, with fewer plates, was published the year before by Wydawn. Lwowskiego Antykwariatu Naukowego "Mol Ksiazkowy" in Cracow. Very Light Wear To Boards, Internally Crisp As The Day It Was Printed; Overall Very Good+ Condition. An Exceptionally Nice Copy. (MX14-8) (ID #21368) $175.00. 


72. • (Abrahams, Israel) Kohut, George Alexander, editor. JEWISH STUDIES IN MEMORY OF ISRAEL ABRAHAMS BY THE FACULTY AND VISITING TEACHERS OF THE JEWISH INSTITUTE OF RELIGION. New York Arno Press 1980. Reprint of the 1927 ed. published under the auspices of the Alexander Kohut Memorial Foundation by the Press of the Jewish Institute of Religion, New York. Cloth, Very Good condition; 8vo; 458 pages; Handsome volume with tissue-guarded frontis engraving of Abrahams. In English and German. Contents include a forword by Stephen S. Wise, Israel Abrahams and the Reform Jewish Movement in England (by Maurice Harris) , Einige neure Theorien ueber den Ursprung der Pharisaeer und Sadduzaeer (by Ismar Elbogen) , A Collection of Yemenite Piyyutim (by Levy Ruben) , Notes on some Midrashic Texts (by Felix Perles) ; Leone da Modena and the Christian Hebraists of his Age (by Cecil Roth) , The Inheritance of illegitimate Children according to Jewish law (by Chaim Tschernowitz) , Solomon Pappenheim on Time and Space and his Relation to Locke and Kant (by Harry Austryn Wolfson) , etc. Wear on binding. Very good condition. (k-rab-3-24) (ID #21318) $50.00. 

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