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We are pleased to publish our latest catalog:

Catalog 189:
Rare and Important Titles in Rabbinics and Medieval Judaica.

Included in this catalog are many titles from the private collection of leading Jewish bibliographer Joshua Bloch (1907-1957). Bloch headed the Jewish Division of New York Public Library for 33 years, founded and edited the Journal of Jewish Bibliography, and, himself, authored a number of important works.

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  1. [Azriel Hildesheimer gift inscription and stamp] Moshe Leib Lyeitsch Rosenbaum. SHA’AREI EMET AND BEIT ARYEH. Pressburg, 1866. Hardcover, 8vo, 40 leaves, 24.5 cm. On title-page a handwritten self dedication: “Gift from the author, Azriel Hildesheimer” and ink stamp of the rabbi. On the inner side of the bidning Ex-Libris of (his grandson), Rabbi “Azriel Hildesheimer”. Rabbi Azriel Hildesheimer (1820-1899) was among the leading Torah authorities of his generation. Disciple of the Aruch LaNer and of Rabbi Yitzchak Bernays of Hamburg. He served as Rabbi of Eisenstadt in years 1851-1869, and during that time established there one of the major Yehsivot of Hungary and Germany. In 1869 he was appointed as Rabbi of Berlin, where he established the Beit Midrash LaRabbanim. He led Orthodox Jewry in Germany. Binding repair. Chipped and worn cover, edges, and corners. Some lightly stained pages. Good condition. (Hag-2-6) (ID #27522) $325.00.






  3. Altschüler, Moritz. COD. HEBR. MONAC. 95: DIE PFERSEE-HANSCHRIFT; HEFT 1 [TALMUD. SELECTIONS. ALTSCHÜLER. 1908. PFERSEE-HANDSCHRIFT]. Leipzig; Lumen, 1908. Original Portfolio. Folio. 8 pages; 18 fascimiles. 36 cm. Limited edition. Limited to 500 copies. This is number 216. In German. Volume 1 of Orbis antiquitatum; Religions-und kultur-geschichtliche Quellenschriften im Urtext, Umschrift und ubersetzung. Photographic Reproduction. Die Pfersee-Handschrift: Cod. Hebr. Monac. 95. Babylonian Talmud, Parchment Manuscript, France, 1342 – Cod. Hebr. 95. “There is also only one complete extant manuscript of the Babylonian Talmud (Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Cod. Heb. 95). It was written 'on the twelfth of the month of Kislev, in the year 103 of the sixth millennium' (1342) by Solomon b. Samson, probably in France (facsimile edited by H. Strack, 1912). At the end of this manuscript several minor tractates are added. ” (EJ 2008; Hebrew Manuscripts). Portfolio consists of purple wraps, intricately designed; foreword laid in. Subjects: Talmud - Manuscripts - Germany - Münich. OCLC lists 7 copies. Faint institutional marks on second page of laid in foreword; light wear to portfolio, otherwise fresh and clean. Very good condition. (ART-22-29) (ID #33406) $375.00.






  5. Jonah Ben Abraham Gerondi; Elijah Ben Solomon. SHAARE TESHUVAH + SEFER HA-YIRAH + BARAK HA-SHAHAR [THREE VOLUMES BOUND TOGETHER]. Konigsberg; Gruber et Langrien + Vilna: Rom, 1859-1863. Original mixed boards. 12mo. 56, 8, 16 leaves [i. E. 112, 16, 32 pages]. 17 cm. First edition. In Hebrew. Three books bound in one. Sha'are teshuvah and Sefer Ha-Yirah both by Jonah ben Abraham Gerondi – the cousin of Nahmanides; the last by the Vilna Gaon, Elijah ben Solomon. Gerondi titles often printed together throughout the nineteenth century, only four listings on oclc for the Konigsberg printing. The first work, Sefer sha'are teshuvah, is missing the title page and approbation verso, otherwise complete (likely a Konigsberg printing); second titled, Sefer Ha-Yir'ah, is complete; third title, Barak Ha-Shahar by the Vilna Gaon is complete as well. The latter two volumes have separate title pages. Subjects: Jewish ethics - To 1492. Fear of God - Judaism. Repentance - Judaism Bible. Proverbs - Commentaries. Bible. Lamentations - Commentaries. Bible. Ecclesiastes - Commentaries. Bible. Ezekiel - Commentaries. Pages lightly soiled and aged; later boards worn, loose. Otherwise fresh and clean. Scarce volumes. Good condition. (RAB-58-31) (ID #34470) $400.00.






  7. Judah, Ha-Levi; Yehudah Ibn Tibon; Hartwig Hirschfeld. DAS BUCH AL-CHAZARI DES ABU-L-HASAN JEHUDA HALLEWI = SEFER HA-KUZARI = KITAB ALHUG'AH VA-ALDALIL FI NATSR AL-DIN AL-DALIL. Leipzig; O. Schulze, 1887. Original quarter calf and boards. 8vo. XLIX, 361 pages. 23 cm. First edition. In Judeo-Arabic (Arabic text in Hebrew characters); foreword and table of contents in German. The Kitab al Khazari, commonly called the Kuzari, is one of the most famous works of the medieval Spanish Jewish philosopher and poet Rabbi Yehuda Halevi, completed around 1140. Its title is an Arabic phrase meaning Book of the Khazars, while the subtitle 'The book of refutation and proof on behalf of the most despised religion' shows its purpose and context in medieval Jewish thought. Divided into five parts ('ma'amarim' - articles), it takes the form of a dialogue between the rabbi and a pagan, in this book the pagan was the then mythologized by Jews pagan king of the Khazars who was invited to instruct him in the tenets of the Jewish religion. Originally written in Arabic, the book was translated by numerous scholars (including Judah ibn Tibbon) into Hebrew and other languages. In 1887 the Arabic original was published for the first time by Hartwig Hirschfeld. Parallel to his Arabic edition, Hirschfeld also published a critical edition of the Ibn Tibbon translation of the text, based upon six medieval manuscripts. Hirschfeld published the first German translation from the Arabic original, and in 1905 his English translation from Arabic appeared. Hartwig Hirschfeld (1854-1934) “English Orientalist; born at Thorn, Prussia. He studied at Posen, at the universities of Berlin and Strasburg, and at Paris under Derenbourg. In 1887 he edited Judah ha-Levi's 'Cuzari' in Arabic and Hebrew, and translated it into German. Hirschfeld was professor of Biblical exegesis, Semitic languages, and philosophy at the Montefiore College, Ramsgate, England, from 1889 to 1896, and then became master in Semitic languages and sublibrarian at Jews' College, London” - 1906 JE. Attractively bound in original quarter leather, with gilt title, raised bands; marbled boards, decorative endpages. Subjects: Judaism - Apologetic works. Kuzari. Buch Al-Chazari. Light wear to edges, otherwise very clean and fresh. Very good condition. (GER-44-56) (ID #33795) $500.00.






  9. Levinsohn, Isaac Baer (1788-1860). TE`UDAH BE-YISRAEL. Vilna ve-Horodna,: A. Y. Ha-Madpisim Menahem Man Ben Barukh [Ve]-Imhah Zimel Ben Menahem Nahum, 1828. 1st Edition. 12mo, xii, 193 pages. 21 cm. 1st edition of Levinsohn's most important work. Levinsohn was one of the founders of the Haskalah in Russia. "He also was known as Ribal (initials of Rabbi Isaac Baer Levinsohn)…From 1820-23 he spread the ideas of the Haskalah as a private tutor in wealthy homes in Berdichev and other towns….Levinsohn's connections with the Russian government gave him authority in Haskalah circles and protected him against the fury of his fanatical opponents. In his memoranda he tried to persuade the Russian authorities to mitigate the persecution of the Jews (his memorandum against the kidnapping of children for military service) and to introduce reforms in the spirit of the Haskalah. He supported a plan for agricultural settlement of Jews, especially those who had lost their livelihood owing to expulsion from the countryside and border areas….Levinsohn's literary work was mainly polemical and propagandistic. It dealt with the social, internal, and external position of the Jews in Eastern Europe. He started his public advocacy of the Haskalah by writing satires, mainly imitations of those by Perl and Erter….In 1823, Levinsohn completed his most influential work Te'udah be-Yisrael ("Testimony in Israel") which, because of Orthodox opposition, did not appear until 1828 (Vilna)….[In it h]e characterized the Hebrew language as "the bond of religion and national survival," uniting all the dispersions of Israel into one people. He severely criticized the traditional Hadarim ("Hebrew schools") which he dubbed "Hadrei mavet" ("rooms of death"). He denounced their talmudic-centered curriculum, their unsystematic method of instruction, and their employment of corporal punishment. He objected to the use of Yiddish and demanded its replacement by "pure" German or Russian. He demonstrated that great Jews of the past knew foreign languages and studied the sciences, and explained the advantages of such studies, both in business and in relations with the authorities. He devoted considerable space to the advocacy of manual labor, especially farming, and criticized Jewish fondness for petty trading. The book had a great impact on Russian Jewish life. Groups formed in many towns which undertook to carry out Levinsohn's proposals. Even a part of Orthodox Jewry received the book sympathetically; only the Hasidim regarded it as a dangerous work. They banned the book and labeled an adherent of the Haskalah with the pejorative epithet te'udke. The Russian government awarded him a prize of 1,000 rubles for Te'udah be-Yisrael.…His contemporaries called him "The Russian Mendelssohn." For the modern reader, only his first book, Te'udah be-Yisrael, is of some historical value. By his personality and literary activity, Levinsohn undoubtedly did much to strengthen the moderate Haskalah. Certain ideas formulated in Te'udah be-Yisrael, such as educational reform and the transition to a life of labor and agriculture, later became a part of the programs of Hibbat Zion, Zionism, and other organizations and movements which preached "the productivization" of the Jewish masses and their adaptation to life in the modern world" (Yehuda Slutsky in EJ, 1972). Repair to title page, with some loss of text. Otherwise Very Good Condition in Good period binding. (HEB-1-22) (ID #18450) $400.00.






  11. Moses Ben Maimon. THE REASONS OF THE LAWS OF MOSES. London, James Nichols, 1827. 4to, 451 pages. First edition. From the “More Nevochim” of Maimonidies. With notes, dissertations and a life of the author by James Townley. First appearance in English of Maimonidies’ Guide to the Perplexed. The translator, James Townley presents here the “Ta’amei HaMitzvoth” (rationales of the commandments) in the third part of Maimonides’ Moreh Nevuchim. Engraved frontispiece of phylacteries and mezuzah. An uncut copy. Light stains, contemporary boards, worn, spine repaired. (Spec-12-5) (ID #25533) $500.00.






  13. Nikelsburger, Jacob. KOUL JACOB IN DEFENCE OF THE JEWISH RELIGION: CONTAINING THE ARGUMENTS OF THE REV. C.F. FREY, ONE OF THE COMMITTEE OF THE LONDON SOCIETY FOR THE CONVERSION OF THE JEWS, AND ANSWERS THERETO. New York; John Reid, 1816. Original Boards. 8vo. 79 pages. 23 cm. First American edition. In English, with some Hebrew. Singerman 0260. Kol Ya’akov = Koul Jacob, in Defence of the Jewish Religion. Nikelsburger takes up the cudgels with an apostate Jew, Rev. Frey, so intent on converting his former coreligionists to Christianity that he is willing to take liberties with Scripture. As the author puts it in his opening letter to Frey: “In your eagerness to convert the Jews to your way of thinking, you make no scruples of converting and perverting the prophets, by turning their words to a meaning, which you conceive to (ID #34455) $450.00.






  15. Solomon Ben Abraham, 1610?-Ca. 1683. SEFER RATSUF AHAVAH VE-HU MAHBERET BE'UR DIBURE HA-TOSAFOT HA-SHAYAKHIM LE-INYAN DERASHA... ASHER HIBARTI SHELOMOH ALGAZI. Frankfurt De-Odrah: Yohanan Kristif Bekman, 1692. 452 [1691 or 1692]. Cloth, 8vo, 104 leaves. 22 cm. Subject (s): Tosafot -- Early works to 1800. Aggada -- Early works to 1800. Homiletical illustrations, Jewish -- Early works to 1800. Other titles: Ahavat 'Olam; Apiryon Shelomoh. OCLC lists 7 copies worldwide. JTS keeps their copy, which lacks the final 4 leaves, in their rare book room. Bit of margin wear to first and final leaves, minor worming here and there, otherwise a nice copy. (heb-37-12) (ID #27637) $425.00.







  17. , Ashkenazi, Shmuel; Dov Jarden. OTSAR RASHE TEVOT: BA-LASHON UVA-SIFRUT MI-YEME KEDEM VE-AD YAMENU. Jerusalem; Hotsa'at Reu'ven Mas, 1965. Original Cloth. 8vo. 600 Columns. 25 cm. First edition. In Hebrew. Added English title page: Ozar rashe tevot; thesaurus of Hebrew abbreviations. Thesaurus of Abbreviations in the Hebrew Language and Literature from Ancient to Current Days. “The work, published in Jerusalem by Mass in 1965, incorporated the material collected by Handler, Halpern and others with abbreviations that had come into being since the publication of the earlier works. The Otsar was immediately accepted as an important reference work and reissued several times. ” - Brisman, p. 119, A History and Guide to Judaic Dictionaries and Concordances. Subjects: Abbreviations, Hebrew - Dictionaries. Rabbinic Acronyms. Hebrew language - Dictionaries. Abbreviations, Hebrew. Hebrew language. Dictionaries. Light soiling to cloth and outer edges, previous owners notes on first endpage, otherwise very clean and fresh. Very good condition. (BIBLIOG-36-3) (ID #34296) $50.00.






  19. Morais, Sabato; Julius H Greenstone; Samuel David Luzzatto. ITALIAN HEBREW LITERATURE. New York; Jewish Theological Seminary Of America, 1926. Publishers cloth. 8vo. VI, 244 pages. 24 cm. First separate edition. With essays on the writings of Shabbetai Donnolo, Nathan Ben Yehiel, Immanuel of Rome, Elias del Medigo, Azariah de Rossi, David Nieto, Samuel David Luzzatto, Philoxene Luzzatto; biographical sketches of Samuel Alatri, Isaac Artom, Allesandro Malvano, etc. By Sabato Morais; edited by Julius H. Greenstone; with a foreword by Henry S. Morais. Includes "A critical and hermeneutical introduction to the Pentateuch, " by S. D. Luzzatto: p. [93]-152. The author, Sabato Morais was an “American rabbi; born at Leghorn, Italy, April 13, 1823; died at Philadelphia Nov. 11, 1897. The Morais family came originally from Portugal, being probably among the large number of Jews who fled thence from the Inquisition. At the time of Sabato's birth Italy was in the thick of her great struggle for freedom … he formed a close friendship with Joseph Mazzini; and that patriot's struggle for Italian freedom was warmly seconded by Morais. … In 1850, owing to the withdrawal of Isaac Leeser, the pulpit of the Mickve Israel congregation at Philadelphia, PA, became vacant, and Morais was an applicant for the post. He arrived in Philadelphia on March 17, 1851, and was elected April 13 following, the synagogue services in the interval being conducted by him. … When, in 1867, Maimonides College was established in Philadelphia, Morais was made professor of the Bible and of Biblical literature; and he held the chair during the six years that the college existed. For a number of years thereafter he felt the urgent need of an institution for the training of Jewish ministers on historical and traditional lines; and the declarations of the Pittsburg Conference in 1885 urged him to immediate action. After a considerable agitation of the subject he succeeded, in conjunction with a few others, in establishing (Jan, 1886) the Jewish Theological Seminary at New York. He was at once made president of the faculty and professor of Bible, holding both posts until his death. Unquestionably the establishment of the seminary constitutes Morais' most lasting influence upon Judaism in America. The directors of that body have fittingly recognized his memory by naming the chair of Biblical literature and exegesis ‘the Sabato Morais professorship. ’ In 1887 the University of Pennsylvania conferred upon him the honorary degree of doctor of laws, he being the first Jew so honored by that institution. ” (1906 Jewish Encyclopedia) Subjects: Hebrew literature - Italy. Jews - Italy - Biography. Bible. O. T. Pentateuch - Criticism, interpretation, etc. With the signature of previous owner (Ravid) on endpage. Very fresh and clean. Great condition. (BIBLIOG-33-50A) (ID #31956) $75.00.






  21. Ashkenazi, Shmuel; Dov Jarden. OTSAR RASHE TEVOT: BA-LASHON UVA-SIFRUT MI-YEME KEDEM VE-AD YAMENU. Jerusalem; Hotsa'at Reu'ven Mas, 1978. Original Cloth. 8vo. 600 Columns. 25 cm. Later edition. In Hebrew. Added English title page: Ozar rashe tevot; thesaurus of Hebrew abbreviations. Thesaurus of Abbreviations in the Hebrew Language and Literature from Ancient to Current Days. “The work, published in Jerusalem by Mass in 1965, incorporated the material collected by Handler, Halpern and others with abbreviations that had come into being since the publication of the earlier works. The Otsar was immediately accepted as an important reference work and reissued several times. ” - Brisman, p. 119, A History and Guide to Judaic Dictionaries and Concordances. Subjects: Abbreviations, Hebrew - Dictionaries. Rabbinic Acronyms. Hebrew language - Dictionaries. Abbreviations, Hebrew. Hebrew language. Dictionaries. Light shelf wear, light soiling to rear board. Pages with columns 177-240 discolored, otherwise clean and fresh. Good condition. (BIBLIOG-36-4) (ID #34297) $40.00.






  23. Guttmann, Jacob. DIE SCHOLASTIK DES DREIZEHNTEN JAHRHUNDERTS IN IHREN BEZIEHUNGEN ZUM JUDENTHUM UND ZUR JÜDISCHEN LITERATUR. Breslau; M. & H. Marcus, 1902. Original Wraps. 8vo. VII, 188 pages. 24 cm. First edition. In German. 'Scholasticism of the thirteenth century and its relations to Judaism and Jewish literature. ' “In Die Scholastik des 13. Jahrhunderts in ihrem Beziehungen zum Judentum und zur juedischen Literatur (1902), Guttmann discussed the influence of Maimonides, Gabirol, and Isaac Israeli upon William of Aurenge, Albertus Magnus, Duns Scotus, Roger Bacon, and others. ” - 2008 EJ. Jacob Guttmann (1845–1919), was a “historian of Jewish philosophy. Born in Beuther (Bytom), Silesia, Guttmann studied at the University of Breslau, and at the Jewish Theological Seminary of that city. His doctoral thesis dealt with the relation between Spinoza and Descartes (De Cartesii Spinozaeque philosophiis, 1868). He served as a rabbi in Hildesheim from 1874 to 1892, and in Breslau from 1892 until his death. From 1910 he was president of the German Rabbinical Assembly (Rabbinerverband). Guttmann published a number of monographs, each of which gives a detailed exposition of the doctrine and sometimes of the sources of some medieval Jewish philosophers. ” - 2008 EJ. Subjects: Scholasticism. Jewish philosophy. Maimonides. Duns Scotus. Light soiling to wraps, light bumping to edges. Pages uncut, never before read. Very good condition. (GER-45-13) (ID #33819) $30.00.






  25. Iakerson, Shimon. CATALOGUE OF HEBREW INCUNABULA FROM THE COLLECTION OF THE LIBRARY OF THE JEWISH THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY OF AMERICA = KATALOG HA-INKUNABULIM HA-`IVRIYIM ME-OSEF SIFRIYAT BET HA-MIDRASH LE-RABANIM BA-AMERIKAH. New York And Jerusalem, The Jewish Theological Seminary Of America, 2004-2005. Original Publisher’s Cloth. 4to. 2 volumes. 670, 568, lxxvii pages. Illus. Facsims. Maps. 31 cm. In Hebrew and English. The library of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America is the largest and most extensive collection of Hebraic and Judaic material in the western hemisphere. The collection of incunabula represents products of all the printing presses we know of as well as all the groups of books that were published in anonymous ones. This catalogue “describes the 127 Hebrew incunabula in the [JTSA] collection – the largest in the world – printed beginning from the 1460s until 1501… The breadth of the collection showcases the unique qualities of Hebrew printing found first in Italy and later in Spain, Portugal and Turkey in the areas of Bible, Talmud, biblical commentaries, halakhah, prayer, linguistics, ethics, literature, history, philosophy and science. ” SUBJECT (S): Incunabula -- New York (State) -- New York -- Bibliography -- Catalogs. Hebrew imprints -- New York (State) -- New York -- Catalogs. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. Heather gray cloth with stamped drawing on covers and red lettering on spine. Ornate maps of 15th century European presses on lining papers. Volumes stored in matching cloth-covered slipcase. New, Fine Condition in Fine Slipcase. (ID #27028) $375.00.






  27. Jacob Ben Hayyim Ibn Adonijah; Christian D Ginsburg. HAKDAMAT YAAKOV BEN HAYIM N. ADONIYAHU HA-NIMTSET BE-MIKRAOT GEDOLOT = JACOB BEN CHAJIM IBN ADONIJAH'S INTRODUCTION TO THE RABBINIC BIBLE. London; Longmans, Green, Reader, And Dyer, 1867. Original Cloth. 8vo. VIII, 91 pages. 23 cm. Second edition. Hebrew and English in parallel columns; with explanatory notes by Christian D. Ginsburg. Jacob Ben Hayyim ben Isaac Ibn Adonijah was a Masorite and printer; born about 1470 at Tunis (hence sometimes called Tunisi); died before 1538. He left his native country in consequence of the persecutions that broke out there at the beginning of the sixteenth century. After residing at Rome and Florence he settled at Venice, where he was engaged as corrector of the Hebrew press of Daniel Bomberg. Late in life he embraced Christianity. Jacob's name is known chiefly in connection with his edition of the Rabbinical Bible (1524-25), which he supplied with Masoretic notes and an introduction which treats of the Masorah, of 'kere' and 'ketib, ' and of the discrepancies between the Talmudists and the Masorah. The value of his activity as a Masorite was recognized even by Elijah Levita, who, however, often finds fault with his selections (second introduction to 'Massoret ha-Massoret, ' ed. Ginsburg). Jacob's introduction to the Rabbinical Bible was translated into Latin by Claude Capellus ("De Mari Rabbinico Infido, " vol. Ii ch. 4, Paris, 1667), and into English by Christian D. Ginsburg (Longham, 1865). ” - 1906 JE. Subjects: Masorah. Criticism, interpretation, etc. Bible. Old Testament. - Criticism, Textual. Very clean and fresh in original binding. Very good + condition. (RAB-58-13) (ID #34452) $125.00.






  29. Rakover, Nahum. OTSAR HA-MISHPAT: MAFTEAH BIBLIYOGRAFI LA-MISHPAT HA-IVRI = A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF JEWISH LAW: MODERN BOOKS, MONOGRAPHS AND ARTICLES IN HEBREW. Jerusalem; Harry Fischel Institute For Research In Jewish Law, 1975. Original Cloth. 8vo. 546 pages. 25 cm. First edition. In Hebrew. Bibliography of Jewish Law, contains 12, 098 entries. A comprehensive bibliography of books, journal articles and other published materials written in Hebrew on Jewish Law, in just about every field of law. The author, Nahum Rakover, professor emeritus at Bar-Ilan University, is an Israeli former Deputy Attorney General in Israel; a leading researcher in the area of applying traditional Jewish rabbinic law to Israel's state legal system; a prolific author on Jewish law and associated with the Mishpat Ivri movement, and is the author of over 30 books and 200 articles. In addition to important monographs, he has compiled several bibliographies on the use of Jewish law in Israeli judicial opinions, legislative deliberations, and scholarship. Subjects: Jewish law - Bibliography. Jewish law. Bibliography. Light wear to cloth, overall very clean and fresh. Very good condition. (BIBLIOG-36-15) (ID #34308) $30.00.






  31. Solomon Ben Joseph Ganzfried; Moses Sofer. KESET [KESSES] HA-SOFER. DINE KETIVAT SEFER TORAH, TEFILIN U-MEZUZOT U-MEGILAT ESTER VE-TIKUNEHEM. Varsha (Warsaw), Bi-Defus Meir Yehiel Halter Ve-Shutafo, 1899. Period boards, 16mo (small), [80] pages. “Meluk'at U-meh'ubar me-et [ha-Rav] Shelomoh Gantsfrid me-Ungvar.” “Shlomo Ganzfried (or Salomo ben Joseph Ganzfried; Ungvar, 1804 – 30 July 1886, Ungvar) was an Orthodox rabbi and posek best known as author of the work of Halakha (Jewish law), the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch ("The Abbreviated Shulchan Aruch"), by which title he is also known. Ganzfried was born in 1804 in Ungvar, in the Ung County of the Kingdom of Hungary (present-day Ukraine). His father Joseph died when he was eight. Ganzfried was considered to be a child prodigy and Ungvar's chief rabbi and Rosh yeshiva, Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Heller assumed legal guardianship; Heller was known as "Hershele the Sharp-witted" for his piercing insights into the Talmud. Heller later moved to the city of Bonyhád, and Ganzfried, then fifteen, followed him. He remained in Heller's yeshiva for almost a decade until his ordination and marriage…. In 1830, he…accepted the position of Rabbi of Brezovica (Brezevitz). In 1849, he returned to Ungvar as a dayan, a judge in the religious court. At that time Ungvar's spiritual head, Rabbi Meir Ash, was active in the Orthodox camp, in opposition to the Neologs. Through serving with Ash, Ganzfried realised that in order to remain committed to Orthodoxy, ‘the average Jew required an underpinning of a knowledge of practical halakha (Jewish law) ’. It was to this end that Ganzfried composed the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch. This work became very popular, and was frequently reprinted in Hebrew and in Yiddish. This work often records more stringent positions. Rabbi Ganzfried remained in the office of Dayan until his death on July 30, 1886” (Wikipedia, 2014). SUBJECT(S): Scribes, Jewish. Torah scrolls (Jewish law). OCLC lists 3 copies of this edition (GWU, Harvard, Penn), none in New York and none outside the East Coast. (rab-59-5) (ID #34561) $50.00.





  33. Levy, M. A. DON JOSEPH NASI, HERZOG VON NAXOS, SEINE FAMILIE UND ZWEI ZWEI JÜDISCHE DIPLOMATEN SEINER ZEIT. EINE BIOGRAPHIE NACH NEUEN QUELLEN DARGESTELLT. Breslau, Schletter (H. Skutsch), 1859. Later boards, 8vo, iv, 57 pages, 24 cm. In German. SUBJECT (S): Nasi, Joseph, 1520-1579. Number 1 in a volume of pamphlets lettered: Iles de la Grece. Bibliographical citations. Levy was a German orientalist and teacher, preeminent in the field of semitic paleography. (JE) Bound in attractive later boards, very good condition. (Rab-44-1A) (ID #34424) $100.00.






  35. (Aszod, Judah). Büchler, Sigmund. DIE LEBENSGESCHICHTE DES RABBI JUDA ASZÓD, 5556-5626. Dunajská Streda; Armin Weisz, 1933. Later wrappers, with original wraps bound in. 8vo. 79 pages. 23 cm. Second edition. In German, with some Hebrew. 'The Life History of Rabbi Judah Aszod'. Written by Sigmund Buchler, Chief Rabbi of Albert-Irsa. This edition published in Dunajska Streda, now part of Southern Slovakia. First edition published 1901, Budapest. Yehudah Aszod (1796–1866), “rabbi and halakhic scholar. A leading figure in the Hungarian Orthodox rabbinate during the mid-nineteenth century, Yehudah Aszód achieved renown both as an expert halakhic adjudicator and as an outspoken opponent of educational and religious reform. Unlike some of his younger Hungarian contemporaries, however, Aszód did not promote a uniformly strict and antimodernist approach. Instead, he exemplified a more pragmatic and less doctrinaire Hungarian Orthodoxy than that which later became the norm. Toward the end of his life, he also gained a reputation as one who possessed great mystical abilities. ” -Yivo Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe. Subjects: Rabbis - Slovakia - Dunajská Streda. Rabbis - Hungary - Pest. Aszod, Judah ben Israel, 1794-1866. OCLC lists 14 copies. Original Wraps show heavy wear, repaired to edges and reattached to with tape, but later wrappers, on the outside, are good. Light soiling internally, lightly bumped corner, otherwise fresh. Good condition. (GER-43-2) (ID #33589) $100.00.






  37. [Yitshak Elhanan Spektor] Aronzohn, Eliezer Hilel Ben Yitshak Ayzik, Ha-Kohen. SEFER EREZ BA-LEVANON: KOLEL DERUSH AL DEREKH MUSAR HASKEL UVE-TOKHO RATSUF HESPED AL... YITSHAK ELHANAN SPEKTOR.... Frankfurt De- Main; Bi-Defus A. Slovattski, 1896. Period Boards. 8vo. 31 pages. 20 cm. First edition. In Hebrew. Funeral Eulogy for Isaac Elhanan Spektor (1817-1896) “rabbi, leader of traditional Jewry in Russia, halakhic authority, and supporter of the Hibat Tsiyon (Love of Zion) movement. Yitshak Elhanan Spektor served as rabbi in various communities in the Russia Empire, the most important of which was Kovno in Lithuania (1864–1896) ” - Yivo Encyclopedia. “He corresponded with the leading rabbis of western Europe, and was the anonymous friend who induced Samson Raphael Hirsch to write 'Ueber die Beziehung des Talmuds zum Judenthum. ' In his later years he was revered by the Jews of Russia; and his death caused mourning in Orthodox communities throughout the world. ” - 1906 JE. Contains the bookstamp of Rabbi Benzion Eisenstadt (bookstamp is in Hebrew and English). Subjects: Eulogies. Jewish funeral sermons. Spektor, Isaac Elhanan, 1817-1896. OCLC lists 8 copies. Outer edge of binding fragile and chipped; aged, with light soiling throughout. Good condition. (GER-44-46) (ID #33785) $225.00.






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