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2. • (Chasidism) Perl, Joseph. SEFER MEGALEH TEMIRIN. OVADYAH B.R. PETAHYAH. Lemberg: 1864.
139. • Kogan, Barry S, editor. SPINOZA: A TERCENTENARY PERSPECTIVE. No Place (Cincinnati), [1979].
70. • Sasportas, Jacob. Emden, Jacob. SEFER TSITSAT NOVEL TSEVI LE-RABI YAAKOV S´AS´PORTAS. Odessa, 1867.


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SPECIAL ITEMS                                                                   1-5

BIBLIOGRAPHY                                                                    6-9

REFERENCE                                                                           10-17

CABALA                                                                                18-23

FRANCE & FRENCH PERIODICALS                                 24-26

GERMAN LANDS & LANGUAGE                                     27-35

ITALY & RELATED                                                               36-39

SEPHARDICA & RELATED                                                 40-50

AMERICANA & AMERICAN IMPRINTS                         51-58

OTHER COMMUNITY HISTORIES                                     59-61

KARAISM                                                                                 62-67

SABBATEANISM                                                                    68-71

KIMHI & GRAMMAR                                                             72-73

LEXICOGRAPHY                                                                       74-76

SERMONS                                                                                   77-80

BIBLE                                                                                            81-91                

PIRKE AVOT                                                                               92-95

AGGADA                                                                                     96-102

WOMEN                                                                                       103-107

ANTISEMITISM                                                                         108-109

ART, LITERATURE, POETRY                                                  110-113

RAMBAM                                                                                    114-132

RASHI                                                                                           133-138

SPINOZA                                                                                      139-140

YIDDISH                                                                                        141-142

OTHER RELATED TITLES                                                         143-224


RAB-19-6.jpg (397578 bytes) 1. • Eybeschuetz, Jonathan. וחות עדות : כולל כתבי קדש מהגאונים... בענין בין...יהונתן אייבעטשיטץ...ובין יעקב עמדין SEFER LUHOT `EDUT. Warsaw: Lewin-Epstein, 1902. Hardcover, 12mo. 160 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Amulets; Sabbathaians - controversial literature. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Eybeschuetz (1690 or 95-1764) was one of the foremost Talmud scholars in Prague. He moved there in 1715, and preached and ran a yeshivah. He engaged other religious scholars, both Jewish and not, in endless debates and intellectual contests, and was on friendly terms with the Cardinal. Well liked by the Jews of Prague, Eybeschuetz was a dayyan in that city, and was rabbi first of Metz and then of the "Three Communities" (Altona, Hamburg and Wandsbek). His tenure as a leader was not without trouble; the Shabbateans caused him no end of difficulty. Even after appeals to the king and a re-election as rabbi, Eybeschuetz could not quell his attackers, and eventually his yeshivah was closed. Despite all this, he wrote prolifically, and even today his works, with their clear and concise logic, are considered an important part of Talmudic scholarship. (Scholem, EJ) Pages tanned, pencil inside front cover, title page creased, good condition. (RAB-19-6) (ID #21713) 125.00.

k-rab-1-16001_1.jpg (1541322 bytes)2. • (Chasidism) Perl, Joseph. ספר מגלה טמירין עובדיה ב"ר פתחיה ונוסף לו בסופו ביאור המלות הנהוגות בבני עמינו אנשי פולין שהובאו בספר הזה ובשארי ספרים מצדיקי זמננו ‬SEFER MEGALEH TEMIRIN / MEGALLE TEMIRIM. DIE ENDECKTEN GEHEIMNISSE. OVADYAH B.R. PETAHYAH. Lemberg: Gedruckt Bei M. J. Poremba, 1864. Soft cover, 140 pages, 12mo, 24 cm. In Hebrew. Perl (1773-1839) was "born in Tarnopol, where he spent most of his life. In his youth he was attracted to Hasidism and acquired knowledge of the movement's way of life and literature. Under the influence of the maskilim, especially those of Brody in Galicia, Perl joined the Haskalah movement as early as the beginning of the 19th century. Perl was very active in Jewish education and public life. In 1813 he established in Tarnopol the first modern Jewish school in Galicia, whose curriculum, in the spirit of moderate Haskalah, included both general and Jewish studies. He supported and directed the school throughout his life. He sought to modernize the Jewish community of Tarnopol by attempting to enlist the aid first of the Russian government and then, after 1815, of the Austrian government. Perhaps most conspicuous was his vigorous fight against the hasidic movement, which had spread throughout Volhynia and Podolia as well as Galicia. Perl's literary activity began around 1814. In 1814-16, Perl published calendars which contain both scientific information and excerpts from talmudic literature in the vein of the maskilim.” (Werses in EJ, 2007). Bound With: "Divre tsadikim" (12 pages) , three Hasidic responses to "Megalle temirin". Bound with: Mondsayn, Zelig Zevi, IMRE YOSER. Lemberg: S. L. Kugel, Lewin et Comp, 1862 102 pages, In Hebrew. Subject: Hasidim -- Correspondence. Hasidism -- Controversial literature. Hasidism -- Apologetic works. Hasidism -- Parodies, imitations, etc. Parodies, Hebrew. Yiddish language -- Dictionaries - Hebrew. Good Condition. Part of cover missing. Stained pages, some have tear in middle. Wear and tear on spine and binding. (k-rab-1-16). (ID #21667) 225.00.

3. • Harizi, Judah Ben Solomon, 12th/13th Cent. edited by M. E. Stern. SEFER TAHKEMONI. [Vien]: M. B. Shtern, (Bi-Defus E. Fon Shmidboyer ‘im Im Holtsvorteh) , 1854. Cloth, 12mo, 70 pages. 22 cm. In Hebrew with German title page: “Tachkemoni; Mekamen oder Divan.” “ki ha-sefer ha-yak' ar halazeh, asher zeh kemo shesh me’ot shanah, ke-k' eren or bahir... Yatsa le-or be-or hah' Ayim, eneno nidpas rak' shelosh pe’amim....me-et Yehudah ben Shelomoh Alharizi.” Al-Harizi, (1165–1225) was a "Hebrew poet and translator. He was born in Spain, very likely in Christian Toledo, a city that at this time preserved Arabic culture and that he describes with particular detail; however, there are no conclusive proofs of it, and other places have also been suggested. His education in this cultural atmosphere made him familiar with Arabic and Hebrew language and literature...Al-Harizi's most important literary translation is his Hebrew rendering of the maqamat of the Arabic poet Al-Hariri (Bosra, d. 1121), which he entitled Mahbarot Iti'el ("Notebooks of Ithiel"), completed before 1218. His translation of the maqama, an Arabic literary form in rhyming prose, attains the quality of an original composition, and imparts a Hebrew flavor to Al-Hariri's typically Arabic art; it reproduces the elusive word play and ornate style of the original....Al-Harizi himself used this form for his major work Sefer Tahkemoni ("The Wise One"?), completed after 1220; he was among the first to use this genre in Hebrew literature. Its 50 maqamat show Al-Hariri's influence, being at the same time his way of showing the possibilities of the Hebrew language and of defending its usage. The language, rhymed prose with some poems intermingled in the text, is taken from the Bible and is often a mosaic of biblical quotations. The different addressees of the work that appear in the manuscripts are not surprisingly Oriental Jews, as Al-Harizi composed this book in his travels through the Orient, from one country to the other, or, as he says, from Egypt to Babylon.The maqamat of the Tahkemoni begin with a narrative frame introduced by the narrator, Heman the Ezrahite, who represents in many cases the opinion of the writer. The main character, Heber the Kenite, resembles the heroes of the Arabic maqama in his nature, a roguish polymath and rhymester. He appears in many different forms and is only recognized at the end of the narratives, after having shown his abilities and wisdom. The book includes love ditties, fables, proverbs, riddles, disputes, and satirical sketches, such as the descriptions of a flea and a defense by a rooster about to be slaughtered.Apart from its literary merit and brilliant, incisive style, the Tahkemoni also throws valuable light on the state of Hebrew culture of the period, and describes the scholars and leaders of the communities visited by the author. Al-Harizi gives vivid descriptions of the worthies of Toledo, the poets of Thebes, a debate between a Rabbanite and a Karaite, and conditions in Jerusalem. The Tahkemoni also contains critical evaluations of earlier and contemporary poets, although Al-Harizi's appraisal of his contemporaries is not always reliable and occasionally misses their most essential features" (Aharon Mirsky, Avrum Stroll, &Angel Saenz-Badillos in EJ, 2006). OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. Original bright green wrappers, Hebrew and German, present and in Very Good Condition, as is the rest of the paper and internal binding. Wear to outer boards, front hinge repaired, Very Good Condition Thus. (k-ger-1-2) (ID #20893) 200.00.

RAB-34-3.jpg (96881 bytes) 4. • Pozrin, Dov Ber Ben Shnayur Zalman Yitshak. SHEVET AHIM,HEGYONOT AL DEVAR HA-RAAYON HA-TSIYONI VE-SHIVAT AM YISRAEL LEARTSO BE-DEREKH SIPUR. Berditchov: Hayyim Yaakov Sheftil, 1901. Cloth, 111 pages, 8vo, 20 cm. In Hebrew. OCLC lists no copies. Hinge repair. Browning of pages. Ex-library. Wear to edges and corners of cover. Otherwise, good condition. Scarce. (rab-34-3) (ID #21786) 300.00.






MX-13-12018.jpg (70699 bytes) 6. • Adler, Elkan Nathan. ABOUT HEBREW MANUSCRIPTS. London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, New York And Toronto: Oxford University Press Warehouse, 1905. Cloth, 8vo. 177 pages. In English with some Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Manuscripts, Hebrew -- Bibliography. Hebrew literature -- Bibliography. Adler (1861–1946) , was an “Anglo-Jewish bibliophile, collector, and author. Adler, the son of Chief Rabbi Nathan Marcus Adler, was a lawyer by profession and had unusual opportunities to travel under favorable conditions and to build up a remarkable library. He was among the first persons to realize the importance of the Cairo Genizah.” (EJ, Cecil Roth) Bookkplate of Abraham I Katsh is laid in Cover shows some wear and tear. In good condition. (MX13-12) (ID #21353) 95.00.


SPEC-2-11-12.jpg (43372 bytes) 7. • Hirschfeld, Hartwig. DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE OF THE HEBREW MSS. OF THE MONTEFIORE LIBRARY. Farnborough, England: Gregg International Publishers Ltd, 1969. Cloth, 8vo. Xi, 190 pages. Second edition. Gold titles. Bound with:  Neubauer, CATALOGUE OF THE HEBREW MANUSCRIPTS IN THE JEWS’ COLLEGE, LONDON.(total pages: XII, 190; VIII, 64 pages). Shunami 5883, 5871. Facsimile reprint; originally published in 1904 in London and New York by Macmillan. Includes concordance and several indices. "Reprinted from the Jewish quarterly review", vol. XIX-XV, 1902-03. "In the year 1899, the bulk of the Montefiore library and the mss, with the exception of about sixty, were removed to Jews' college, London. These are, however, also included in the catalogue.” (from the Preface) SUBJECT(S): Manuscripts, Hebrew -- Catalogs. Manuscripts -- Great Britain -- Catalogs. Judaism -- Bibliography. OCLC lists no copies worldwide of this edition. Near fine condition. (SPEC-2-11/12z) (ID #20995) 80.00.

SPEC-5-15.jpg (112817 bytes) 8. • (Levinsohn, Isaac Ber) Hermalin, M. D. YITSHAK BER LEVINZOHN: ZAYN BIOGRAFYE, ZAYNE SFORIM, LEBEN, SHTERBEN... ISAAK BER LEVINSOHN: BIOGRAPHY. New York: International Library Publishing Co, 1904. Cloth, 12mo. 77 pages. In Yiddish. Title and author in English on front cover. SUBJECT (S): Isaak Ber Levinsohn. OCLC lists 7 copies worldwide. Very Good Condition in original paper covers. Very Good Condition.(spec-5-15) (ID #21056) 50.00.



10. • Frumkin, Aryeh Leib. ספר תולדות חכמי ירושלם: משנת ה"א ור"ן ליצירה עד ה"א ותר"ל ליצירה / חברו אריה ליב פרומקין... יצא לאור בשלשה חלקים, עם תולדות המחבר ותמונתו, ועם הערות והוספות רבות, מלואים ומפתחות / מאת אליעזר ריבלין... בהשתתפות חכמים וסופרים. ‬ SEFER TOLDOT HAKHME YERUSHALAYIM: MI-SHENAT 5250-5630. Vol II only. Yerushalayim: Defus Salomon, 688-690 [1927-1930]. Cloth, 167 pages, 8vo, 2nd volume, 24 cm. Frumkin (1845-1916) "studied rabbinics in his native Kelme, Lithuania, and at the Slobodka Yeshivah. He visited Erez Israel in 1867, and after two years in Odessa, returned to Jerusalem in 1871. There he began research for a history of the rabbis and scholars of Jerusalem, Toledot Hakhmei Yerushalayim. Frumkin's account of his first visit to Jerusalem, Massa Even Shemu'el (1871) , gives important source material on conditions in Erez Israel at the time. Returning to Lithuania, Frumkin was ordained a rabbi and took a rabbinical post at Ilukste, Latvia. After the 1881 pogroms, Frumkin participated, representing Hovevei Zion, in the consultations held in Germany to consider the plight of Russian Jewry. There he advocated settlement in Erez Israel as a solution, opposing emigration to the United States. With the financial support of Emil Lachman, a wealthy Berlin Jew, he bought land in Petah Tikvah, built the first house there, and began a heroic ten-year period as a farmer-scholar, braving malaria and other dangers, establishing a talmud torah and a small yeshivah, and persuading more settlers to move there from Yehud.” (Michael Berenbaum and Fred Skolnik in EJ, 2007). Vol. 1 includes facsimilies of several sections illustrative of the original edition (Vilna, 1874). Includes bibliography of Frumkin (vol. 1 p. 1-iv). Also includes bibliographical references. Subject: Jewish scholars. Rabbis -- Jerusalem -- Biography. Jerusalem -- Biography. Wear and tear on cover and binding. Otherwise very good condition. (k-rab-1-29) (ID #21680) 50.00.

RAB-23-5.jpg (206703 bytes) 11. • Hyman, Aaron. OTSAR DIVRE HAKHAMIM U-FITGAMEHEM: HU SEFER "BET VA`AD LE-HAKHAMIM" BE-MILUIM UVE-TIKUNIM RABIM... Tel Aviv: Devir, 1933. Cloth, Large 8vo. 4, 465 pages. In Hebrew and Aramaic. First edition. SUBJECT(S): Jews – Quotations; Talmud – quotations. OCLC lists 25 copies worldwide. Hyman (1862–1937) was a "Russian-born London rabbi and scholar. [B]orn in Slutsk, Belorussia, [he] studied at various yeshivot and in 1885 he settled in London. There he officiated as rabbinical supervisor and head shohet of the London community. He also served as an unsalaried rabbi of a congregation. Active in communal life, he helped found the Mizrachi organization of Great Britain and in 1909, the Etz Chaim Yeshivah of London. In 1933 he moved to Tel Aviv... His major work, which took him 12 years to complete, was Toledot Tanna'im ve-Amora'im (3 vols, 1901–11; repr. 1964) , a biographical dictionary of the sages of the Talmud.” (Preschel, EJ) Hinges repaired, covers spotty, wear along spine, bookplate, good- condition. (RAB-23-5) (ID #20467) 40.00.

RAB-21-14.jpg (430824 bytes) 12. • Walden, Aaron Ben Isaiah Nathan. ספר שם הגדולים החדש בו נקבצו ובאו שמות גאוני וגדולי ישראל ... אשר היו מזמן חיים יוסף דוד אזולאי בעל שם הגדולים הראשוןSEFER SHEM HA-GEDOLIM HE-HADASH BO NIKBETSU U-VAU SHEMOT GEONE U-GEDOLE YISRAEL... ASHER HAYU MI-ZEMAN HAYIM YOSEF DAVID AZULAI, BA`AL SHEM HA-GEDOLIM HA-RISHON... New York: Y. Ts. Halevi, 1948. Cloth, 8vo. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Jews - bio-bibliography; Rabbis - bio-bibliography; Hebrew literature - bio-bibliography; Rabbinical literature - bio-bibliography; Rabbis - biography; Holocaust - rabbis. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Bookplate, good condition. (RAB-21-14) (ID #21738) 50.00.


13. • Zevin, Shelomoh Yosef. אישים ושיטות: שורת מאמרים על אישי הלכה ושיטותיהם בתורה ISHIM VE-SHITOT: SHURAT MAAMARIM AL ISHE HALAKHAH VE-SHITOTEHEM BA-TORAH. Tel-Aviv: "bitan Ha-Sefer", 1952. Cloth, 281 pages, 8vo, 25 cm. Zevin (1885-1978) "studied at the Mir yeshivah under R. Elijah Baruch Kamai, and later at Bobruisk under R. Shemariah Noah Schneerson. At the age of 18, he began to correspond on halakhic subjects with some of the greatest contemporary scholars, such as Joseph Rozin and Jehiel Michael Epstein. Zevin was rabbi of several Russian communities, including Kazimirov, where he succeeded his father. On the eve of the establishment of the Soviet regime in Russia (1917-18) , he participated in conferences and conventions in Vilna, Moscow, and Kiev, and was elected as a Jewish representative to the Ukraine National Assembly.” (Hutner in EJ, 2007). Subject: Rabbis -- Biography. Very Good Condition. Institutional bookplate. Wear and tear on cover and binding. Hinge repair. Bumps and slight tear on inside cover. (k-rab-1-18) (ID #21669) 45.00.

SPEC-5-9.jpg (248039 bytes) 14. • Davidson, Israel. THESAURUS OF MEDIAEVAL HEBREW POETRY. New York: Jewish Theological Seminary, 1924. Hardback, Folio. Volume 1 only. In Hebrew. Series: The Library of Jewish classics; SUBJECT (S): Hebrew poetry -- Indexes. Davidson, (1870–1939) , was a scholar of medieval Hebrew literature. Davidson was born in Yonava, Lithuania; at a young age he became an orphan and went to live with his uncle uncle in Grodno, Lithuania. In 1888, after a few years' study at Slobodka yeshivah, he immigrated to the United States. There he earned a living as a street vendor, then as a shop assistant and Hebrew teacher; at night he studied English and other subjects to meet college-entrance requirements. After completing his studies at Columbia University, he was director of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum and chaplain at the Sing Sing prison. In 1905 he began teaching Talmud at the Jewish Theological Seminary, New York, and in 1915 was appointed professor of medieval Hebrew literature. Davidson's first major scholarly publication in English was Parody in Jewish Literature (1907, repr., 1967). (EJ, Habermann) Bookplate of Louis Launer. In very good condition. (SPEC5-9)(ID #21009)  250.00.

SPEC-5-8.jpg (347350 bytes) 15. • Rand, Oscar Z. TOLDOT ANSHE SHEM: TOLDOT HA-RABANIM VEHA-ADMORIM... New York: Be-Hotsaat Hever Ha-Ma`arekhet `al Yad Hevrat Toldot Anshe Shem, 1950. Hardback, Folio. 134 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Rabbis. Ex library in very good condition. (SPEC5-8) (ID #21008) 125.00.





MX-13-15020.jpg (149834 bytes) 16. • Schwarz, Jacob D. RESPONSA OF THE CENTRAL CONFERENCE OF AMERICAN RABBIS CONTAINED IN ITS YEARBOOK, VOLS. I-LX, 1890-1950. New York: Union Of American Hebrew Congregation, 1954. Paper Wrappers, 4to. 229 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Reform Judaism -- Customs and practices. Responsa -- 1800. OCLC lists 25 copies. In very good condition. (MX13-15) (ID #21356) 35.00.



k-rab-2-6001_1.jpg (1709629 bytes)17. • Stern, Adolf. ספר ראשי תיבות : כולל לערך ששה עשר אלף ראשי תיבות הנמצאים בש"ס בבלי וירושלמי, במדרשים וספרי ראשונים ואחרונים, בספרי אגדה SEFER RASHE TEVOT: HA-NIMTSAIM BE-SHAS BAVLI VI-YERUSHALMI BA-MIDRASHIM BE-SIFRE RISHONIM VA-AHARONIM, BE-SIFRE AGADAH. Edition: Mahad. Hadashah U-Metukenet. Romania; Sighet, 1926. Cloth, 271 pages, 8vo, 23 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Abbreviations, Hebrew. Previously published: Sighetul-MarmatIei: Tip. A. Kaufman, 1926. Edition statement and imprint date stamped on title page verso. Other Titles: Rashe tevot; Handbuch der hebraeischen Abbreviaturen. Wear on cover and binding. Brown pages. A Qurater of an inch top of title page missing. Fragile pages. Hinge repair. Otherwise, good condition. (k-rab-2-6) (ID #21605) 30.00.



RAB-20-20.jpg (739492 bytes) 18. • Cordovero, Moses Ben Jacob; Yehuda Zevi Brandwein. ספר אור נערב SEFER OR NE`ERAV. Jerusalem: Research Center Of Kabbalah, 1965. Hardcover, 8vo. 7, 70 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Cabala - early works to 1800. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide. Cordovero (1522-1570) was the most "outstanding kabbalist in Safed before Isaac Luria. His birthplace is unknown, but his name testifies to the family's Spanish origins. He was a disciple of Joseph Caro and of Solomon Alkabez, and a teacher of Isaac Luria.” (EJ, 2007) Very good condition. (RAB-20-20) (ID #21779) 30.00.


19. • Ehrenpreis, Marcus. DIE ENTWICKELUNG DER EMANATIONSLEHRE IN DER KABBALA DES XIII JAHRHUNDERTS. Frankfurt A/M.: J. Kauffmann, 1895. Cloth, 8vo, 48 pages. 22 cm. In German. SUBJECT (S): Cabala. Dr. Marcus (Mordechai) Ehrenpreis (1869-1951) was born in Germany and was a rabbi in Croatia, Sofia-Bulgaria and Sweden, including as the Chief Rabbi of Stockholm for 4 decades. He was also an early Zionist who later moved away from Zionism. In 1934 he was one of the plaintiffs in a Trial against Dr. A. Zander and his Antisemitic articles which presented the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as facts. OCLC lists 19 copies worldwide. Rebound in later cloth. Very Good Condition. (k-ger-1-2) (ID #20892) 75.00.

RAB-21-23.jpg (389150 bytes) 20. • Frenk, Ezriel Nathan. אגדות הזהר; מלקטות, מסדרות, מתרגמות ומבארות מאת ע. נ. פרענק AGADOT HA-ZOHAR. Warsaw: Ahiasaf, 1923. Cloth, 8vo. Xv, 170 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Cabala; Bible. O. T. Pentateuch - commentaries. OCLC lists 18 copies worldwide. "Frenk was born in Wodzislaw to a hasidic family, but he was influenced by the Haskalah at an early age. In 1884 in Warsaw he began to write for the Jewish press, both in Hebrew and in Yiddish, and this remained his lifelong career. He published articles about current events, stories about hasidic life, and extensive studies on various subjects, mainly past and present problems of Poland's Jewry. Some of his historical writings, which had originally appeared in the daily press, were subsequently published in book form... However, the bulk of his writing, including important studies of Polish Jewish life in the first half of the 19th century, remains scattered in various Hebrew and Yiddish newspapers and periodicals.” (EJ, 2007) Simon Greenberg's copy, with his bookplate. Pages tanned, front hinge repaired, minor edgewear, good condition. (RAB-21-23) (ID #21747) 65.00.

k-rab-1-30002.jpg (1676209 bytes)21. • Nass, Raoul B. ספר תמצית וקיצור עיקר חכמת הקבלה ותורת ח״ן:‏ ‏מפי ספר נושן ומלוקט מאוסף ומחובר מפי סופרים וספרים ועל פי שיטת האר״י לוריא, מפי ספרי תלמידו חיים וויטאל‏ SEFER TAMZIT VE KITSUR IKAR HOKHMAT HA-KABALAH VE-TORAT HEN. Nyu York?, Friend Pub. Co, 1950-1959?. Cloth, 106 pages, 8vo, 24 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Cabala. Class Title on title page verso: "Short synopsis of the system of the mysterious philosophy and the mystical metaphysics of the holy Kabbalah by Raoul B. Nass.” Some wear and tear on cover and binding, otherwise very good condition. (k-rab-1-30) (ID #21681) 35.00.



RAB-20-7.jpg (386289 bytes) 22. • Nissim, Shelomoh Ben Eliyahu.פר אדרת אליהו : בקנאו קנאת ה׳ ... נגד ספר הויכוח על קדמות ספר הזהר וקדמות חכמת הקבלה וקדמות הנקודות והטעמים SEFER ADERET ELIYAHU: BE-KANO KIN`AT H... NEGED SEFER HA-VIKUAH `AL KADMUT SEFER HA-ZOHAR VE-KADMUT HOKHMAT HA-KABALAH VE-KADMUT HA-NEKUDOT VEHA-TE`AMIM. Vilna: A. Ts. Katsinelinboygen, 1885. Cloth, 12mo. 39 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Cabala - history and criticism; Hebrew language - vocalization; Tropes (Jewish) ; Luzzatto, Samuel David, 1800-1865; Zohar - authorship. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide (Stanford, Columbia, Spertus Institute, JTSA, Univ of Manchester). Ex library. Boards worn, water stains throughout, good- condition. (RAB-20-7) (ID #21766) 60.00.

23. • Bloch, Philipp. DIE KABBALAH AUF IHREM HOHEPUNKT UND IHRE MEISTER. Pressburg, Adolf Alkalay & Sohn, 1905. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 46 pages. Schriften der "Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Wissenschaft des Judentums.” Missing the cover and first few pages. Wear to binding and back cover. Brown, stained pages. (mx-31-10) (ID #21422) 50.00.


RAB-23-17.jpg (97056 bytes) 24. • Institut International D'Études Hébraïques. MÉLANGES DE PHILOSOPHIE ET DE LITTÉRATURE JUIVES. TOMES I ET II. Paris: Presses Universitaires De France, 1957. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 334 pages. In French. SUBJECT (S): Judaism – periodicals – French; Philosophy, Jewish – periodicals. ISSN: 0479-558X. Water stains throughout, spine torn, good- condition. (RAB-23-17) (ID #20479) 60.00.






RAB-20-19.jpg (519732 bytes) 25. • Meiri, Menahem Ben Solomon; Chanoch Albeck. ספר בית הבחירה על מסכת יבמות SEFER BET HA-BEHIRAH `AL MASEKHET YEVAMOT. Berlin: Ts. H. Itskovski, 1922. Cloth, 4to. Viii, 465 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Talmud. Yevamot - commentaries. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide. A member of the anti-Maimonides faction, Meiri (1249-1316) was born and lived in Perpignan, Provence, and was a member of an important family. He corresponded with Solomon ben Abraham Adret, though Meiri did not completely support restriction of thought and inquiry, as his acquaintance did; he himself had a great interest in secular studies. Meiri was influential due to an "extraordinary literary fecundity" and his ability to synthesize the work of others into a unified Jewish culture. Due to the length of his writings, many works were not published until even the 20th century. Bet ha-behirah took him more than a decade to write, and is an incredibly dense study of the Talmud. He also, among other things, commentaries on Proverbs and Psalms, a commentary on the Haggadah, and Sefer ha-Middot, a guide to conduct. (Ta-Shma, EJ) Some pages tanned, bumped corners, bookplate, front hinge repaired, good condition. (RAB-20-19) (ID #21778) 30.00.

26. • Kohn, Roger. LES JUIFS DE LA FRANCE DU NORD DANS LA SECONDE MOITIÉ DU XIVE SIÈCLE. Louvain-Paris: E. Peeters, 1988. Cloth, 8vo. Xli, 358 pages. Gilt titles. First edition. In French. Series: Collection de la Revue des études juives 5. Documents in Old French. Illustrated with 31 tables and 4 illustrations. Includes index. Includes bibliographical references (pages [xiii]-xli). Roger Kohn is an archivist and librarian. And a mensh. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- France, Northern -- History. Juifs -- France -- histoire -- 14e siècle. Juifs -- France (Nord) -- Histoire. Juifs -- France -- Politique et gouvernement. Joden. Sociale geschiedenis. France, Northern -- Ethnic relations. France -- relations interethniques. France (Nord) -- Histoire. France -- Histoire -- 14e siècle. 4.280. Wear to binding, otherwise very good condition. (mx-32-1) (ID #21424) 40.00.


k-rab-1-4001_1.jpg (707722 bytes)27. • (Hamburg-Altona-Wandsbeck) Duckesz, Eduard; Salomon Buber. IVAH LE-MOSHAV: KOLEL TOLDOT HA-RABANIM SHE-YASHVU `AL KISE HA-RABANUT SHEL SHALOSH KEHILOT AHU, ALTONA, HAMBURG, VANDSBEK: `IM 24 TEMUNOT VE-TSIYURIM. Kraków:yotse La-Or `al Yede S. A. Greber, Poland; Kraków, 1903. Cloth, 12 mo, 23 cm. Illustrated. In Hebrew with titlepage. Duckesz was "born in Szelepcsény, Hungary, and studied at the Pressburg (Bratislava) yeshivah. In 1889 he became rabbi at the Klaus synagogue and dayyan in Altona, Germany. His scholarly efforts were devoted to the history of the three sister communities Altona, Hamburg, and Wandsbeck. He fled to Holland in 1939 but was interned in Westerbork by the Nazis in 1943 and sent to the Auschwitz extermination camp in 1944 where he perished.” (Michael Berenbaum and Fred Skolnik in EJ, 2007). Solomon Grayzel's copy, with his bookplate. SUBJECT(S): Rabbis -- Germany -- Hamburg-Altona (Hamburg) -- Biography. Rabbis -- Germany -- Hamburg - Biography. Rabbis --Germany -- Wandsbek -- Biography. Jewish epitaphs -- Germany. Added Title Page: Iwoh lemoschaw enthaltend Biographien und Grabstein-Inschriften der Rabbiner der drei Gemeinden Altona, Hamburg, Wandsbeck...mit Anmerkungen von Salomon Buber, Lemberg. Very Good Condition. Some wear on the cover. Coloring on pages. (k-rab-1-4) (ID #21655) 150.00.

RAB-34-2.jpg (78789 bytes) 28. • Levi, Giuseppe and Ludwig Seligmann. PARABELN, LEGENDEN UND GEDANKEN AUS THALMUD UND MIDRASCH. Leipzig: Leiner, 1863. Cloth, xiii, 400 pages, 8vo. In German. Series: Schriften-- herausgegeben vom Institute zur Forderung der Israelitischen Literatur; 8. 1862/1863. OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide (Universitatsbibliothek Hamburg, Staatsbibliothek Zu Berlin, Forschungsbibliothek Erfurt). Solomon Grayzel's copy with signature. Wear to binding. Stained pages. Ex-library. Wear to edges and cover binding. Otherwise, good condition. (rab-34-2) (ID #21785) 75.00.



k-rab-1-19.jpg (1076141 bytes)29. • Lewy, J. EIN WORT ÜBER DIE "MECHILTA DES R. SIMON". Breslau, 1889. Cloth, 40 pages, 8vo. In German. Lewy (1841-1917) "studied at the Breslau Jewish Theological Seminary. At the opening of the Hochschule fuer die Wissenschaft des Judentum in Berlin in 1872, he became its lecturer in Talmud. In 1883 he returned to the Breslau Seminary in the same capacity and as Seminarrabbiner. Apart from his erudition in all branches of Jewish and general scholarship, Lewy brought a keen analytical sense and conjectural brilliance to the field of talmudical studies. He combined this freedom of enquiry with deep piety and strict observance. Lewy's scholarly output is relatively small in quantity, but terse in style and free of polemics. It mainly appeared in the annual reports of the Hochschule and the Breslau seminary.” (Rothschild in EJ, 2007). From library of Shalom Spiegel with bookplate. Series: Jahresbericht des Jüdisch-theologischen Seminars "Fraenckel'scher Stiftung". Good Condition. Wear and tear on cover and binding. Includes one page membership list with many names. (k-rab-1-19) (ID #21670) 75.00.

30. • Nobel, Josef. THABOR: BETRACHTUNGEN ÜBER DIE HAFTARAS VOM GANZEN JAHRE. Frankfurt A. M.: J. Kauffman, 1899. Cloth, 8vo. Vi, 352 pages. In German. SUBJECT (S): Jewish sermons; Sermons, German. OCLC lists 18 copies worldwide. Wear to cover and binding. Slight chippings on bottom and top edges of cover binding. Inscription on inside cover. Otherwise, good condition. (k-mx2-2) (ID #21412) 30.00.

k-rab-3-28009.jpg (181481 bytes) 31. • Eidelberg, Shlomo. JEWISH LIFE IN AUSTRIA IN THE XVTH CENTURY: AS REFLECTED IN THE LEGAL WRITINGS OF RABBI ISRAEL ISSERLEIN AND HIS CONTEMPORARIES. Philadelphia: Dropsie College, 5722-1962. 1st Edition. Cloth, 8vo; 140 pages; Important work. Slight mark on top section of cover binding. Otherwise, very good condition. (k-rab-3-28) (ID #21387) 60.00.

32. • Gudemann, Moritz. DAS JÜDISCHE UNTERRICHTSWESEN WAHREND DER SPANISCHARABISCHEN PERIODE, NEBST HANDSCHRIFTLICHEN ARABISCHEN UND HEBRAISCHEN. Wien, Carl Gerold's Sohn, 1873. 1st edition. Cloth, 8vo, ii, 198, 62 pages, 23 cm. Mayer Sulzbereger's copy, with bookplate. Subject: Jewish Spain. Jews -- Education -- History. Jewish learning and scholarship. Front cover not attached to binding. Hinge repair. Paper browning. Wear to edges and cover. Otherwise, good condition. (rab-33-1) (ID #21625) 75.00.

33. • Kisch, Guido. THE JEWS IN MEDIEVAL GERMANY; A STUDY OF THEIR LEGAL AND SOCIAL STATUS. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1949. First Edition; First Printing. Cloth, 8vo; xv, 655 pages; 24 cm. Bibliography on pages 565-605. First edition. Kisch received the I. Hirschfield award for "Best non-fiction work on Jewish history" for this work. Hinge repair. Tears to corners of cover, binding, and top section of jacket. (k-mx-1-8) (ID #21396) 50.00.

34. • Kisch, Guido. FORSCHUNGEN ZUR RECHTS- UND SOZIALGESCHICHTE DER JUDEN IN DEUTSCHLAND WAHREND DES MITTELALTERS. Sigmaringen, Jan Thorbecke Verlag, 1978. 2nd Revised Edition. 1st Printing. Cloth, 8vo, 336 pages. 24 cm. Bibliography on pages 269-299. Kisch's own copy. Slight yellowing to pages. Wear to cover. Otherwise, very good condition. (k-mx-1-6) (ID #21394) 85.00.

k-rab-1-23001_1.jpg (1136701 bytes)35. • Lippe, K. RABBINISCH-WISSENSCHAFTLICHE VORTR ÄGE. Drohobycz, Selbstverlag Des Verfassers; Druck Von A. H. Zupnik, 1897. Cloth, 112 pages, 22 cm. In German. Wear and tear on cover and binding. Stained pages. Book not attached to cover, otherwise in good condition. (k-rab-1-23) (ID #21674) 75.00.






36. • MA’ARIV ‘ARAVIM... LE-LEL KIPURIM... Livorno (Leghorn): No Publisher, 1796. Quarter-leather, 16mo (small) , 46 leaves. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. Mahzor. Yom Kippur. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (Harvard & BHU). Wear to boards, pen mark on title page, Good+ Condition. Scarce. (IT-7-3) (ID #21597) 300.00.



k-rab-2-13.jpg (23014 bytes) 37. • Reggio, Isaacus. משכרת י׳׳ש׳׳ר :תשורה לאוהיו MAZKERET YASHAR: TESHURAH LE-OHAVAV. Vienna: Gedruckt Bei Franz Edlen Von Schmid, Austria; Vienna, 1849. Hardcover, 46 pages, 12mo, 18 cm. In Hebrew. 1st edition. Reggio (1784-1855) was “one of the founders of the Collegio Rabbinico Italiano. He published an Italian translation of the Pentateuch, with a Hebrew commentary (Vienna, 1821) , and wrote Ma'amar Torah min ha-Shamayim ("The Torah as Divinely Revealed, " Vienna, 1818) to prove the divine authority of the Pentateuch. Among his other biblical works are a poetic version in Italian of the Book of Isaiah (Udine, 1831) ; a Hebrew introduction to the Scroll of Esther (Vienna, 1841) ; and Italian translations of the books of Joshua, Ruth, and Lamentations, and of Pirkei Avot. In Ha-Torah ve-ha-Filosfyah (Vienna, 1827) , written under the influence of Mendelssohn, Reggio tried to show that reason and philosophy were compatible with the Torah. His Iggerot Yashar (1834–36) are exegetic, historical, and philosophical notes in the form of letters to friends. He also edited some of the writings of Leone di Modena and wrote Behinat ha-Kabbalah (Gorizia, 1852). Reggio published other works on Kabbalah and philosophy in Bikkurei ha-Ittim ha-Hadashim under the pseudonym Iashar. His autobiography, Mazkeret Yashar, appeared in Vienna (1849). His Hebrew correspondence with S. D. Luzzatto was collected by V. Castiglione (1902) ; it shows their mutual esteem and friendship. Reggio also wrote some halakhic and pedagogical works, one of which appeared in English: A Guide for the Religious Instruction of Jewish Youth (London, 1855). His views on Judaism did not always conform to tradition and led to polemics with German rabbis as well as his own father, Abraham Reggio. ” (Rabello in EJ, 2007). SUBJECT(S): Named Person: Reggio, Isaacus. Wear on cover and binding. Stained pages. Hinge repair. Bookplate. Otherwise good condition. (k-rab-2-13) (ID #21612) $150.00. 

38. • Azulai, Hayyim Joseph David (1724-1806). Vital, Hayyim Ben Joseph (1542 Or 3-1620). SEFER LEV DAVID. Lyck: Nidpas be-vet ha-defus shel... Tsevi Hirsh Funetsall, 1861. Cloth, 16mo (small) , 68 leaves; 18 cm. Musar Ve-Hanhagot Be-Lamed Bet Perakim…. Shishah perakim ha-rishonim meyuhasim le-Hayim Vital. In Hebrew. Azulai (known by his Hebrew acronym Hida, Hayyim Yoseph David Azulai; 1724–1806) , was a “halakhist, kabbalist, emissary, and bibliographer. … He studied under some of the outstanding Jewish scholars of his age including Jonah Navon, Isaac ha-Kohen Rapoport, and Hayyim ibn Attar. Azulai attained early eminence in Jewish studies and was regarded by the Jewry of the Ottoman Empire and of Italy as the leading scholar of his generation” (EJ 2007). Penn lists a copy of this edition, with 68 leaves, and OCLC lists 1 copy of this edition as well. SUBJECT(S): Jewish ethics. Light wear to paper, bound in modern boards, small number on spine, otherwise Very Good Condition. A Nice Copy. (IT-7-2) (ID #21596) 125.00.

39. • Immanuel Ben Solomon, Heinrich Brody. מחברות עמנואל MAHBEROT IMANUEL. Berlin: Eshkol, Germany; Berlin, 1926. Cloth, 239 pages, 8vo, 24 cm. In Hebrew. Immanuel ben Solomon (c. 1261-1335) was "born in Rome, a scion of the Zifroni family, Immanuel moved in circles of scholars and poets. At times he was in charge of the correspondence of the Jewish community of Rome and addressed the community on festive occasions. The supposition that he held a high post in the community has not been proven, nor has the assumption that he was a physician been substantiated. Immanuel left Rome for unknown reasons, but his departure may have been connected with the papal edict of expulsion issued against the community in 1321. Mahbarot, his best known literary work, comprises poems and melizot (a type of rhymed prose, found in medieval Spanish-Jewish literature).” (Cassuto, Umberto, and Angel Sáenz-Badillos in EJ, 2007). Sefer 1. Mahberot 1-8. Wear and tear on cover and binding. Lacks backstrip (spine covering) , otherwise good condition. (k-rab-1-25) (ID #21676) 65.00.


k-rab-1-21001_1.jpg (623565 bytes)40. • Falaquera, Shem Tov Ben Joseph, Moritz David. ראשית חכמה RESHIT HOKHMAH. Berlin; M. Poppelauer, 1902. Cloth, 92 pages, xi pages, 12mo, 23 cm. In Hebrew. "Falaquera, Shem Tov ben Joseph (1223/8-after 1290) , philosopher, translator, commentator, poet, and encyclopedist. Falaquera was born in Spain between 1223 and 1228; his last known work refers to events in 1290. We do not know how Falaquera supported himself. Repeated references to poverty in some of his writings may indicate personal indigence. We also have no evidence whether he ever married or had a family. With only a few exceptions, Falaquera's references to women were generally quite negative and even misogynist.” (Jospe in EJ, 2007) SUBJECT(S): Philosophy, Jewish. Title on added title page: Propädeutik der Wissenschaften Reschith Chokmah... Hrsg. Von Moritz David. Other Titles: Sefer reshit hokhmah; Reschith Chokmah. Very Good Condition. Wear and tear on cover and binding. (k-rab-1-21) (ID #21672) 60.00.



RAB-21-15.jpg (595119 bytes) 41. • Gerondi, Jonah Ben Abraham. שערי תשובה ; מאת ... מאת רבינו יונה גירונדי... ונלוה אליו ספר היראה מהמחכר SHA`ARE TESHUVAH. Vacz: Administration Des Tel Taplios, 1916. Cloth, 8vo. 99 pages. In Hebrew. English title: The gates of repentance. SUBJECT(S): Ethics, Jewish. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (JTSA). Gerondi (1200-1263) was a Spanish rabbi, and cousin of Nahmanides. His hometown was Gerona, but he lived many years in Barcelona, and spent the end of his life in Toledo, where he built a yeshiva. Much of his preaching and writing concerned ethics. Gerondi's books on ethics were widely read, in which "he protested forcefully against the many Spanish Jews who disregarded the mitzvot and against widespread sexual immorality. "(EJ, Kupfer) Owner's name on fly leaf, pages tanned, boards a little worn, spine repaired, good- condition. (RAB-21-15) (ID #21739) 50.00.


k-rab-1-22001_1.jpg (1471838 bytes)42. • Joseph, Saul Abdalla, Samuel Krauss. גבעת שאול: ספר כולל ביאור מספיק לשירי ר׳ יהודה הלוי GIVAT SHAUL: SEFER KOLEL BEUR MASPIK LE-SHIRE R. YEHUDAH HA-LEVI. Vina (Vienna): Sh. Krois, 1923. Cloth, 406 pages, xxxi, 8vo, 23 cm. In Hebrew. Joseph, (1849–1906) was a merchant-scholar in China. Born in Baghdad, he was a merchant and money changer by profession. At the age of 18, he traveled to India and China, finally settling in Hong Kong. He was an interesting example of a scholar who dwelt in an environment foreign to Judaism and yet played an active role in Hebrew literature and culture. Writing for the Hebrew newspapers Havazzelet and Ha-Levanon, he published articles on the Jews of China and on medieval poetry. His profound knowledge of the Bible, the Hebrew language, Arabic literature, and the oriental way of life enabled him to understand Spanish Hebrew poetry. (EJ, Ratzaby) SUBJECT(S): Judah, ha-Levi, 12th cent. -- Criticism and interpretation. Includes bibliographical references and index. Other Titles: Title on title page verso: Gibeath Saul. Wear on binding. Good Condition. (k-rab-1-22/spec1-15) (ID #21673/20986) 40.00.


k-rab-3-29008.jpg (58653 bytes)43. • Epstein, Isidore. THE 'RESPONSA' OF RABBI SOLOMON BEN ADRETH OF BARCELONA (1235-1310) AS A SOURCE OF THE HISTORY OF SPAIN. London, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner, 1925. 1st Edition. Cloth, 8vo, 122 pages. "Studies in the Communal Life of the Jews in Spain as Reflected in the "Responsa.” Wear to binding, yellow pages. Good condition. (K-RAB-3-29) (ID #21457) 80.00.





k-rab-2-8001_1_1.jpg (960566 bytes)44. • Gaspar Y Remiro, Mariano, Adolfo Bonilla San Martin. LOS CRONISTAS HISPANO-JUDIOS: DISCURSO LEIDO ANTE LA REAL ACADEMIA DE LA HISTORIA. Granada: El Defensor De Granada, 1920. Cloth, 79 pages, 8vo. In Spanish. “Discurso leído ante la Real Academia de la Historia.” Wear on cover and binding. Ex-library with minimal marks. Brown, fragile pages, minor chippings on edge of 2 leaves. Otherwise good condition. (k-rab-2-8) (ID #21607) 40.00.



46. • Netanyahu, Benzion. DON ISAAC ABRAVANEL, STATESMAN AND PHILOSOPHER. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1953. Cloth, 8vo. Xii, 346 pages. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Abravanel, Isaac, 1437-1508. CONTENTS: Portugal: Happy Haven; Spain: Land of Persecution; Naples: Scene of trouble; Venice: The last Refuge; World Outlook; View of History; Political Concepts; Messianism. Born in Warsaw, Netanyahu (b. 1910) and his family moved to Tel Aviv in 1920, and in 1940, he moved to the Unite States. Beginning in his youth, he was active in the Zionist-Revisionist Party, and then the New Zionist Organization. He was editor in chief of the Encyclopedia Hebraica and the Encyclopaedia Judaica, and a professor at Dropsie College, the University of Denver, and Cornell University. (Cohen, EJ) Worn at corners and ends of spine, good condition. (SEF-10-15) (ID #20911) 30.00.

k-rab-3-15005.jpg (172080 bytes) 47. • (Turkey) Goodblatt, Morris S. JEWISH LIFE IN TURKEY IN THE XVITH CENTURY, AS REFLECTED IN THE LEGAL WRITINGS OF SAMUEL DE MEDINA. New York: Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1952. Cloth. 8vo. 240 pages. SUBJECT (S): Jews - Turkey - History; Joden. Gilt lettering on spine. Ex-library with usual markings.Wear on binding and corners of cover. Otherwise, very good condition. (k-rab-3-15) (ID #21309) 60.00.

48. • Twersky, Isadore. RABAD OF POSQUIÈRES, A TWELFTH-CENTURY TALMUDIST. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1962. Cloth, 8vo. Xii, 336 pages. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Talmud; Abraham ben David, of Posquieres, 1125 (ca. ) -1198. SERIES: Harvard Semitic series, ; v. 18; “[Twersky was b]orn in Boston, Massachusetts [in 1930], the son of R. Meshullam Zalman Twersky (Tolnaer Rebbe) , a member of the well-known hasidic dynasty, [and he] was ordained as a rabbi by the Isaac Elchanan Yeshiva (University). He also studied at Harvard where he was a faculty member from 1956, professor of Hebrew literature and philosophy, and chairman of the Department of Near Eastern Languages from 1965.”(staff, EJ) Tanned dust jacket. Foxed edges. Very good condition. (SEF-10-12) (ID #20908) 30.00.

49. • Urbakh, Simhah Bunem. MISHNATO HA-FILOSOFIT SHEL RABI HASDAI KRESKAS. 1961. Cloth, 8vo. 442 pages. SUBJECT(S): Crescas, Hasdai, 1340 (ca. ) -1410. OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide. SERIES: `Amude ha-mahashavah ha-Yisreelit ; 3; Variation: Urbakh, Simhah Bunem, ; 1913-; `Amude ha-mahshavah ha-Yisreelit ; 3. Has tanned dust jacket with tear at top of spine. Ex library. Very good condition. (SEF-10-13) (ID #20909) 125.00.

50. • Yehuda Shamir; Moses, Ha-Kohen Of Tordesillas. RABBI MOSES HA-KOHEN OF TORDESILLAS AND HIS BOOK ‘EZER HA-EMUNAH—A CHAPTER IN THE HISTORY OF THE JUDEO-CHRISTIAN CONTROVERSY VOL 1 (ONLY). Coconut Grove, FL: Field Research Projects, 1972. Paper Wrappers, Folio. 254 pages, maps. In English. SUBJECT (S): Judaism – Apologetic works. Moses, ha-Kohen, of Tordesillas. Abner, of Burgos, b. Ca. 1270. In very good condition. (MX17-2) (ID #21482) 55.00.


RAB-21-24.jpg (479463 bytes) 51. • Roshgolin, Zalman Dov. הגיוני לב: יכלכל סקירות קצרות על ענינים שונים ודרושים למועדים ולכמה שבתות השנה ... קצת הערות והארות בדברי HEGYONE LEV: YEKHALKEL SEKIROT KETSAROT `AL INYANIM SHONIM U-DERUSHIM LA-MO`ADIM ULE-KHAMAH SHABTOT HA-SHANAH... KETSAT HE`AROT VE-HEAROT BE-DIVRE HALAKHAH. Jerusalem: S. H. Zuckerman, 1927. Cloth, 8vo. 105 leaves. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Jewish sermons, Hebrew - United States; Jewish law. OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide. Ex library in library binding. Pages wrinkled from water, otherwise clean, good condition. (RAB-21-24) (ID #21748) 45.00.


RAB-21-17.jpg (551321 bytes) 52. • Sivitz, Moshe Shimon. ספר חקר דעת:‏ ‏... דרושים ... בכל פרשה ... לפי צורך הדור והזמן ... וביאורים ... במקראות ומאמרי חז״ל, ופילפולא SEFER HEKER DA`AT: DERUSHIM... BE-KHOL PARASHAH U-FARASHAH. VOLUME 2, SEFER SHEMOT. (ONLY). Jerusalem: Bi-Defus Ha-Ahim Solomon, 1902. Cloth, 8vo. In Hebrew. Volume two (of two) only. SUBJECT(S): Jewish sermons, American; Jewish sermons, Hebrew - United States; Bible. O. T. Pentateuch - commentaries; Hadran; Diskin, Moses Joshua Judah Loeb, 1817-1898 - eulogies. OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide. Sivitz (1855-1936) was born and educated in Lithuania. Shortly after becoming a rabbi at the age of thirty, he emigrated to the United States, where he served as rabbi in Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Though he dwelt in the United States for most of his life, Sivitz found Americans to be materialistic and impious. An opponent of Reform Judaism who would not preach in English, he was also at odds with many Jewish leaders in the U. S. (EJ, 2007) Pages tanned, hinges repaired, good condition. (RAB-21-17) (ID #21741) 50.00.

53. • Dov Aryeh Ber Leib Friedman. DERECH EMUNA: SHULCHAN ARUCH LEBENAI HANE’URIM. Philadelphia, S.S. Rosen, 1899. Original boards, 8vo, 4, 64 pages. Goldman 302. A pedagogic text teaching Jewish Religion and Morals. Spine replaced, binding repaired, corners chipped. Some dampstaining, previous owner’s bookplate. Good Condition. (k-amr-2-4) (ID #21590) 50.00.

54. • Geffen, Tobias. LEV YOSEF: MAARAKHOT VE-HADRANIM AL MASEKHTOT...DERASHOT LE-SHABATOT U-MOADIM. [St. Louis]: Moineshter Printing Ko, 1924. Cloth, 8vo. 239 pages, frontis. In Hebrew. OCLC lists 7 copies worldwide. Geffen, (1870–1970) , was a U. S. Orthodox rabbi. Geffen, who was born in Kovno, Lithuania, studied first under Isaac Elhanan Spektor and later at the Slobodka Yeshivah. After holding a rabbinic position in Kovno he went to the U. S. In 1903 and served congregations in New York and Canton, Ohio. In 1910 he was appointed to Congregation Shearith Israel, Atlanta, Georgia, where he remained active until the end of his life. Geffen published an autobiography in Yiddish and several volumes containing sermons, responsa on Jewish law and talmudic dissertations. He was a zealous teacher and an energetic worker for public causes, and these qualities, together with his talmudic scholarship, gave him an authoritative position among Orthodox Jews in the southern U. S. (EJ, Staff) In good condition (SPEC1-18) (ID #20989) 125.00.

55. • Kranzler, George. THE FACE OF FAITH: AN AMERICAN HASSIDIC COMMUNITY. Baltimore: Baltimore Hebrew College Press, 1961. Cloth , 4to. 117 pages. In English, frontis, illustrated. Ex library with usual markings in very good condition, with a very good jacket. (MX17-4) (ID #21484) 45.00.

rab17-4.jpg (656057 bytes) 56. • Morantz, David. TALMUDIC TALES. Kansas City, 1934. Cloth , 12mo. 195 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Legends, Jewish. Note(s): "This series of Talmudic tales appeared in the Kansas City Kansan as daily columns.” (RAB17-4) (ID #21687) 30.00.



57. • Robinson, [Zvi] H.[irsch]. TSOHAR, OR LIGHT: BEING A COLLECTION OF ESSAYS, COMMENTS, EXPOSITIONS OF THE BIBLE, AS APPLIED TO CONTEMPORARY TIMES. 1967. , Springfield, MA: Loring & Axteli, 1902. Cloth, 8vo, 23 cm. 55, 58, [2] pages. Includes frontis portrait of author. In English and Hebrew. Goldman 1027: "Robinson worked as a merchant in Springfield, MA, and he contributed to Hebrew journals….There are many references to American themes, (e.g.: on America as the standard-bearer of progress…a eulogy for President William McKinley…on America's victory in the 1898 Spanish-American war)….Not all copies contain the portrait of the author." SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Miscellanea. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide (Brandeis, Yale, Newberry, Princeton, JTSA, YU) Light wear, Good Condition. (heb-6-51) (ID #19813) 125.00.

58. • Shohet, Shaul Yedidyah. SEFER TIFERET YEDIDYAH:... SHEELOT U-TESHUVOT VOL 2 (ONLY). St. Louis: Moineshter, 1920. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Responsa -- 1800-1945. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide (Stanford University, Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies, Princeton University, Jewish Theological Seminary, University of Texas at Austin) Some water marks, in fair condition (SPEC1-19). (ID #20990) 50.00.


59. • (Naxos, Greece) Reznik, Jacob. LE DUC JOSEPH DE NAXOS CONTRIBUTION A L’HISTOIRE JUIVE DE XVIE SIECLE. Paris: Librairie Lipschutz, 1936. Cloth, 8vo. 270 pages. In French. Contains several copies of historic documents. SUBJECT (S): Jews in Naxos. Nasi, Joseph, 1520-1579. OCLC lists twenty-six copies worldwide. Minimal marginalia, book has sustained some water stains. In good condition. (MX12-19) (ID #21338) 60.00.

RAB-34-6.jpg (118721 bytes) 60. • (Russia) Anapolski, Tsevi Hirsh. SIAH EREV:... HAMISHAH SIHOT... Odesa: Bi-Defus L. Nittshe ve-Shutafo A. Tsederboim, 1863. Cloth, 28 pages, 23 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Russia. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (NYPL). Bound with: BEIT HAMIDRASH. Wien, 1865. 116 pages, Ex-library. As issued with original blue title page, blue and yellow middle pages and green end page. Ex-library. Hinge repair. Wear to edges and corners of cover. Stained pages. (rab-34-6/7z) (ID #21789) 200.00.




MX-13-19022.jpg (191283 bytes) 62. • Ankori, Zvi. KARAITES IN BYZANTIUM: THE FORMATIVE YEARS, 970-1100. New York: Columbia University Press, 1959. Cloth, 8vo. 546 pages. In English. Frontispiece. SUBJECT (S): Karaites. Karaieten. In good condition. (MX13-19) (ID #21360) 95.00.

63. • Davidson, Israel. SAADIA'S POLEMIC AGAINST HIWI AL-BALKHI: A FRAGMENT ED. FROM A GENIZAH MS. New York: Jewish Theological Seminary OF America, 1915. Cloth, Softcover,104 pages, 8vo. In Hebrew and English. SUBJECT (S): Karaites controversial literature; Philosophy Jewish; Cairo Genizah; Hiwi al-Balhi, 9th century. Davidson (1870–1939) was a scholar of medieval Hebrew literature. “He was born in Yonava, Lithuania…In 1888, after a few years' study at Slobodka yeshivah, he emigrated to the United States…. After completing his studies at Columbia University, he was director of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum and chaplain at the Sing Sing prison. In 1905 he began teaching Talmud at the Jewish Theological Seminary, New York, and in 1915 was appointed professor of medieval Hebrew literature. Among the most important works are…Saadia's Polemic against Hiwi al-Balkhi (1915) ” and numerous others. (Habermann, EJ) Ex-library with usual markings. Hinge repair. Wear to corners of cover. Otherwise, good condition. (rab-33-4) (ID #21628) 100.00.

65. • Nemoy, Leon. KARAITE ANTHOLOGY: EXCERPTS FROM THE EARLY LITERATURE. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1952. Cloth, 8vo. Xxvi, 412 pages. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Karaites; Jewish literature – translations into English. CONTNETS: Anan ben David; Benjamin al-Nahawandi; Daniel al-Kumisi; Jacob al-Kirkisani; Salomon ben Jeroham; Japheth ben Eli; Sahl ben masliah; Jeshuah ben Judah; Moses ben Abraham Dar'i; Moses ben Samuel of Damascus; Aaron ben Elijah; Samuel ben Moses al-Magribi; Ibn al-Hiti; Elijah ben Moses Basyatchi; Karaite liturgy. Nemoy (1901-1997) was born in Balta, Russia, studied languages in Odessa, and emigrated to the US in 1923, receiving a Ph. D from Yale in 1929. He was a librarian both in Russia and In the Unites States. Before emigrating, he worked at the Society for the Propagation of Knowledge in Odessa, the Academic Library of Odessa, and the University Library of Lvov, Poland. He began his career at Yale in 1923, eventually becoming the first curator of Hebrew and Arabic literature at the Sterling Memorial Library, and overseeing the acquisitions of Alexander Kohut Memorial Collection of Judaica and the Sholem Asch Collection. Nemoy's scholarly activities were mainly devoted to research on the history of the Karaites, including important translations and editions of Arabic, Hebrew, and Aramaic literature. (EJ, 2007) Good condition. (SEF-12-10) (ID #20942) 30.00.

66. • ANOTHER COPY. Ex library. Good condition. (SEF-12-11) (ID #20943) 30.00.

MX-13-18021.jpg (108760 bytes) 67. • (Wieder, Naphtali). REVUE DE L’HISTOIRE DES RELIGIONS. Presses Universitaires De France, Juillet-Septembre 19. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. 74 pages. In French. Periodical. This particular issue is titled “Compte rendu de l’ouvrage de Naphtali Wieder: The Judean Scrolls and Karaism.” (MX13-18) (ID #21359) 30.00.








RAB-20-6.jpg (456363 bytes) 68. • Kahana, David. תולדות המקבלים, השבתאים והחסידים :‏ ‏על־פי מקורות ישנים וחדשיםTOLDOT HA-MEKUBALIM, HA-SHABTAIM VEHA-HASIDIM `AL-PI MEKOROT YESHANIM VE-HADASHIM. VOLUME 1, EVEN NEGEF. EVEN HA-TO`IM.--KEREKH. (ONLY). Tel Aviv: Devir, 1926. Cloth, 8vo. 153 pages. In Hebrew. Volume one (of two) only. SUBJECT(S): Jews - biography; Cabala; Shabbethai Tzevi, 1626-1676. Kahana (1838-1915) who "was born in Odessa, published his first article in Ha-Meliz in 1866. He became known through his monographs on kabbalists, Shabbateans, and Hasidim which were first published in Ha-Shahar, and then in book form. His main work in this field is concentrated in his two-volume Toledot ha-Mekubbalim, ha-Shabbeta'im ve-ha-Hasidim. Kahana also wrote numerous studies on other periods of Jewish history, in particular a number of articles on medieval grammarians and poets published in Ha-Shilo'ah.” (EJ, 2007) Ex library. Pages tanned, good condition. (RAB-20-6) (ID #21765) 60.00.

RAB-20-5.jpg (465855 bytes) 69. • (Shabbethai Tzevi) Kahana, David. תולדות המקבלים, השבתאים והחסידים :‏ ‏על־פי מקורות ישנים וחדשים TOLDOT HA-MEKUBALIM, HA-SHABTAIM VEHA-HASIDIM `AL-PI MEKOROT YESHANIM VE-HADASHIM. VOLUME 2, EVEN OFEL. EVEN MILUIM (ONLY). Tel Aviv: Devir, 1926. Cloth, 8vo. Xi, 191 pages. In Hebrew. Second edition. Volume two (of two) only. SUBJECT(S): Jews - biography; Cabala; Shabbethai Tzevi, 1626-1676. Kahana (1838-1915) who "was born in Odessa, published his first article in Ha-Meliz in 1866. He became known through his monographs on kabbalists, Shabbateans, and Hasidim which were first published in Ha-Shahar, and then in book form. His main work in this field is concentrated in his two-volume Toledot ha-Mekubbalim, ha-Shabbeta'im ve-ha-Hasidim. Kahana also wrote numerous studies on other periods of Jewish history, in particular a number of articles on medieval grammarians and poets published in Ha-Shilo'ah.” (EJ, 2007) Pages tanned, title page detached, good condition. (RAB-20-5) (ID #21764) 40.00.


k-rab-1-7001_1.jpg (1511452 bytes)70. • Sasportas, Jacob. Emden, Jacob. קיצור ציצית נובל צבי / אשר חיבר יעקב ששפורשטש‬ נדפס פעם ראשונה באמשטרדם, ובפעם שניה ע"י יעקב עמדין בדפוס שלו עם הערותיו. SEFER TSITSAT NOVEL TSEVI LE-RABI YAAKOV S´AS´PORTAS. Odessa, 1867. Cloth, 52 leaves [i. e, 104 pages], 8vo, 22 cm. In Hebrew. "Nidpas pa`am rishonah be-Amsterdam, uve-fa`am sheniyah `a.y. Ya`akov `Emdin ba-defus shelo `im he`arotav." Sasportas was "born and educated in Oran (North Africa) and became widely known for his talmudic erudition. After his appointment as rabbi of the Tlemçen community the neighboring communities also recognized his authority. However, when he was 37 years old he was dismissed by the government; he then proceeded to wander throughout Europe, visiting many communities in Germany, Italy, and England. His main ambition was the rabbinate of Amsterdam, but he did not achieve it until 1693, when he was 83 years old. Personal bitterness deriving from his lack of a congregation which could serve as a base for his activities colored his attitude in many disputes. He was a staunch defender of the rabbinate and the traditional halakhah and throughout his life was involved in polemical disputes. (Dan in EJ, 2007). SUBJECT(S): Sabbathaians. Shabbethai Tsevi, 1626-1676. Stained pages. (k-rab-1-7) (ID #21658) 200.00.

71. • Shamosh, Amnon. MARRANO MOUNTAIN: TALES OF THE EXPLUSION FROM SPAIN; 1492-1992. Rishon Lezion, Israel: Massada, 1992. Hardback, 8vo. 131 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Sephardim -- Fiction. Marranos -- Portugal -- Fiction, Nasi, Gracia, ca. 1510-1569 -- Fiction. Shabbethai Tzevi, 1626-1676 -- Fiction. OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide. In like new condition. (MX12-10) (ID #21329) 50.00.


k-rab-2-17006_1.jpg (907093 bytes)72. • Kimhi, David, Elijah Hoechheimer Levita, , Moses Ben Hayyim Cohen, Yitshak Ben Aharon Rittenberg. SEFER MIKHLOL. Lik: Pettsall, Poland; Lyck, 1862. Cloth, xii, 202 pages, 12mo, 19 cm. In Hebrew. Kimhi was “a grammarian and exegete of Narbonne, Provence. The son of Joseph Kimhi and brother and pupil of Moses Kimhi, David was a teacher in his native town and was active in public causes. He is known to have participated in the judgment (between 1205 and 1218) of several contentious persons from Barcelona who dishonored the memory of Rashi. During the Maimonidean controversy of 1232, he undertook a journey to Toledo to gain the support of Judah Ibn Alfakhar for the Maimonideans. He was prevented from reaching his destination because of illness but his strong defense of Maimonides and the latter's followers together with Ibn Alfakhar's critique of Kimhi have been preserved in the correspondence between them.” (Talmage in EJ 2007). SUBJECT(S): Hebrew language -- Grammar. Other Titles: machlul; helek ha-dikduk. Wear on cover and binding. Ex-library with usual markings. Stained pages. Othwerwise, good condition. (k-rab-2-17) (ID #21616) 150.00.

73. • Ibn Janah; Abu Al-Walid Marwan. SEFER HA-RIKMAH. Frankfurt A. M.: No Publisher, 1865. Cloth, 8vo. Xiv, 252 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Hebrew language – grammar. OCLC lists 23 copies worldwide. Ibn Janah was an early 11th century Spanish grammarian and lexicographer, possibly from Cordoba, Spain, about whom not much is certain. Though he earned his living through medicine, he studied and wrote about Jewish and Arabic language and literature. (EJ, 2007) Marbled edges. Owner's name on title page, slight water stain on some pages, corners bumped, good+ condition. (MX-20-7) (ID #21562) 100.00.


74. • Darmesteter, Arsene; Solomon Ben Isaac; Louis Brandin; Julien Weill. LES GLOSES FRANÇAISES DE RASCHI DANS LA BIBLE. Paris: Durlacher, 1909. Cloth, 8vo. 147 pages. In French. SUBJECT (S): French language – Old French – glossaries, vocabularies, etc; Bible. O. T. -- commentaries; Bible. O. T. -- glossaries, vocabularies, etc. OCLC lists 19 copies worldwide. Darmesteter (1846-1888) was a French philologist, who taught at the Ecole de Hautes Etudes, the Sorbonne, and the Ecole Rabbinique. “He soon concentrated on the French words used by medieval Bible and Talmud commentators, Rashi in particular... His most important work in this field is the dictionary of Rashi's la'azim in the Bible (Les gloses franLaises de Rashi dans la Bible, 1909) , and in his Talmud commentary Les gloses franLaises dans les commentaires talmudiques de Rashi (1929). ”(EJ) Ex library. Water stains around edges throughout, pages tanned, good- condition. (BIBLE-5-11) (ID k

75. • Urbino, Solomon Ben Abraham, 15th Cent; Wilheimer, J. OHEL MO’ED. Vien (Vienna): Bi-Defus G. Brog, 641 [1881].1st edition thus. Cloth, 12mo, iv, 355 pages. 20 cm. “Ve-‘atah yatsa le-or shenit. A. Y. Yonah Villhaimer." "The first known Hebrew lexicographer in Italy during the fifteenth century was Perez Trabot….The second lexicographer was Solomon ben Abraham of Urbino. He lived during the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. In 1500 he compiled a dictionary of Hebrew synonyms, thus becoming the second lexicographer to produce such a work. The dictionary, entitled Ohel Mo'ed (based on Exodus 28:43 and other places in Tanakh, especially in Pentateuch), was published in Venice by Marco Antonio Giustiniani in 1548. A new edition, published in Vienna by Georg Brög in 1881, included annotations by Leopold Dukes (1810-1891), Wolf Heidenheim (1757-1832) and Jonas Willheimer" (Brisman, History and Guide to Judaic Dictionaries…, 2000, p. 50). Subject Hebrew language -- Synonyms. OCLC lists 25 copies worldwide. Paper browning but good. This copy appears to be missing the German language title page, otherwise complete. About Very Good Condition. (ID #20894) 350.00.

76. • Nathan Ben Jehiel, Of Rome; Alexander Kohut; Samuel Krauss; Benjamin Mussafia. SEFER `ARUKH HA-SHALEM: HALO HU SEFER HE-`ARUKH ASHER BO NIKVETSU KOL HA-MILOT HA-HAMUROT BA-TALMUD U-MIDRASHIM. [Israel]: No Publisher, 1969. Cloth, 8vo. 438 pages. In Hebrew. English title: Dictionary of Talmudic Hebrew language. SUBJECT(S): Hebrew language, Talmudic – dictionaries – Hebrew. Nathan ben Jehiel was an 11th century Italian lexicographer. He wrote his famous Arukh while leading the yeshiva in Rome; it is “a lexicon of the Talmud and the Midrashim, containing all the talmudic terms in need of explanation, ” not only explaining the words, but giving their etymologies. (EJ, 2007) Corner bumped, Library of Congress stamp on end paper, good condition. (MX-20-17) (ID #21571) 100.00.


RAB-23-8.jpg (136576 bytes) 77. • Bunin, Isaac. DIVRE YITSHAK: KOLEL DERUSHIM... New York: I. Bunin, 1931. Cloth, 8vo. 87 leaves. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Jewish sermons, Hebrew – United States. OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide. Has Author’s name and address stamp. Covers soiled, hinges repaired, owner's name on fly leaf, good- condition. (RAB-23-8) (ID #20470) 30.00.




RAB-23-16.jpg (174249 bytes) 78. • Doctor, Mordecai. KOVETS NEUMIM: LI-ZEMANIM, LE-`INYANIM ULE-MIKRIM SHONIM BE-HAYE HA-LEUM, HA-MISHPAHAH VEHA-YAHADUT, VE-NILVU `ALEHEM NEUMIM AHADIM BI-SEFAT ANGLIT. New York: A. H. Rozenberg, 1922. Hardcover, 12mo. 113, 21 pages. In English and Hebrew. English title: Sermons and addresses. SUBJECT(S): Occasional sermons, Jewish; Jewish sermons, Hebrew. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. Hinges starting, tape label on spine, owner's name on title page, ends of spine torn, good- condition. (RAB-23-16) (ID #20478) 30.00.


RAB-23-21.jpg (125521 bytes) 79. • Fine, Samuel M. SEFER ETAN SHEMUEL: RA`AYONOT VE-HEGYONOT LE-YAMIM NORAIMU-MO`ADIM. St. Louis: Salz & Gelllman, 1934. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 112 pages. In Hebrew. English title: Aison Schmuel: contains thoughts, material and sermons for the High-Holidays and other occasions. SUBJECT(S): Festival-day sermons – Jewish; Jewish sermons, Hebrew – United States; Fasts and feast – Judaism. OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. Covers creased, writing on back, owner's stamp on title page, tape label on spine, good condition. (RAB-23-21) (ID #20483) 30.00.


k-rab-2-11006_1.jpg (1273249 bytes)80. • Nahmanides, Adolph Jellinek. תורת ה׳ תמימה : דרשה TORAT H. TEMIMAH: DERASHAH. Leipzig: Heinrich Hunger, 1853. Cloth, 40 pages, 12mo, 20 cm. In Hebrew. Jellinik (1820/1-1893) “was born in a village near Uhersky Brod (Ungarisch Brod) , Moravia, into a family which he believed to be of Hussite origin. After attending the yeshivah of Menahem Katz (Wannfried) in Prostejov (Prossnitz) , in 1838 he moved to Prague where he was influenced by Solomon Judah Rapoport, Michael Jehiel Sachs, and Wolfgang Wessely. Moving to Leipzig in 1842, he studied philosophy and Semitics at the university there, assisted Julius Fuerst in editing the Orient, and in 1845 was appointed preacher in the new synagogue which was established under the guidance of Zacharias Frankel. Although he opposed the radical views of his brother, Herman Jellinek, he enthusiastically hailed the freedom resulting from the 1848 revolution. Together with Christian clergymen he then founded the Kirchlicher Verein fuer alle Religionsbekenntnisse, an association open to all religious denominations, and would have represented it at the Frankfurt German National Assembly (1848) but for the intervention of the Saxonian minister of religious affairs. He was also on the board of an association (Verein zur Wahrung der deutschen Interessen an den oestlichen Grenzen) formed to support Germans in the Slav countries. In 1857 he was appointed preacher at the new Leopoldstadt synagogue in Vienna, remaining there until he went to the Seitenstetten synagogue in 1865. In 1862 Jellinek founded the Beit ha-Midrash Academy where public lectures were delivered by himself, Isaac Hirsch Weiss, and Meir Friedmann. A scholarly periodical, also called Beit ha-Midrash, was published under its auspices. ”( Scholem, Gershom, and Meir Lamed in EJ, 2007). SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Apologetic works -- Early works to 1800. "Mokhiah Be-zeh ha-derush maalat ha-Torah ve-Yisrael le-ene ha-amim.” Includes bibliographical references. Wear on cover and binding. Stained pages. Hinge repair. Otherwise, very good condition. (k-rab-2-11) (ID #21610) 65.00.


RAB-23-3.jpg (227636 bytes) 81. • Cohen, Jacob Abraham. OTSAR HA-TEHILIM: HALAKHAH VE-AGADAH. VOLUMES 2 & 3 ONLY (OF 3). Chicago: J. A. Cohen, 1947. Cloth, 8vo. 384, 313 pages. Volumes two and three (of three) only. SUBJECT(S): Bible. O. T. Psalms – commentaries. Ex library with minimal markings. Good+ condition. (RAB-23-3) (ID #20465) 50.00.




RAB-21-34.jpg (378304 bytes) 82. • Eliezer, Of Beaugency; John W. Nutt. פירושי...על נביאים אחרונים: ישעיהו PERUSHE `AL NEVIIM AHARONIM: YESHA`YAHU. London: Joseph Baer & Co, 1879. Paper wrappers, 12mo. 145, xxx pages. In Hebrew with English introduction. English title: Commentaries on the Later Prophets. I. Isaiah. SUBJECT(S): Bible. O. T. Isaiah - commentaries. OCLC lists 20 copies worldwide. Eliezer was a twelfth century Biblical commentator in Northern France. Little is known for sure about his life, and only three of his commentaries have come down, though he is known to have written several more. He was an admirer of Rashi, and his ideas and language reflect Rashi's, as well as other earlier French exegetes such as Samuel ben Meir and Joseph Kara. (EJ, 2007) Back cover missing, back endpaper creased and torn, otherwise good condition. (RAB-21-34) (ID #21758) 75.00.

83. • Hoffmann, David. MEKHILTA DE-RABI SHIMON BEN YOHAI 'AL SEFER SHEMOT: MELUKETET MI-TOKH MIDRASH HA-GADOL... Frankfurt A. M.: Kaufmann, 1905. Cloth, 8vo, xvi, 180 pages. 26 cm. In Hebrew with added German title page. Bound with: Hoffmann, David, ZUR EINLEITUNG IN DIE MECHILTA DE-RABBI SIMON BEN JOCHAI, Frankfurt, 1906, 15 pages. Subject: Bible. O. T. Exodus -- Commentaries. Simeon ben Yohai, 2nd cent. Born in Hungary in 1843, Hoffmann was first a teacher and then rector of the Rabbinical Seminary in Berlin, succeeding Israel Hildesheimer, the Seminary's founder, in 1899. He wrote more than half a dozen books, and numerous essays and articles, some of which covered the Seminary. (Singer, JE) Light wear, Lacks pages 33-49, otherwise Good+ Condition. (heb-1-26) (ID #21683) 75.00.

RAB-23-2b.jpg (108721 bytes) 84. • Moskowitz, Meyer. SEFER IMRE ME’IR: PERUSH `AL TEHILIM. New York: Moinester Publishing Company, 1940. Cloth, 8vo. 79 pages. In Hebrew. First edition. SUBJECT(S): Bible. O. T. Psalms – commentaries. OCLC lists 19 copies worldwide. Ex library. Covers and end papers water stained, otherwise good condition. (RAB-23-2) (ID #20464) 30.00.




k-rab-2-10001.jpg (972079 bytes)85. • Alshekh, Moses.ROMEMOT EL: BEUR SEFER TEHILIM / SHE-HIBER MOSHEH ALSHEKH. Varsha: Defus Yitshak Goldman U-Varukh Kopelovitishts, 1875. Cloth, 432 pages, 8vo, 23cm. Alshekh “studied in Salonika under Joseph Taitazak and Joseph Caro, and then emigrated to Erez Israel, settling in Safed, where he gained prominence as an halakhic authority, a teacher in two talmudic academies, and a preacher. He was active in communal affairs and was a member of the rabbinical court of Joseph Caro, who conferred upon him the full ordination which had been reintroduced by R. Jacob Berab. In turn, in 1590, Alshekh ordained Hayyim Vital, who was his disciple in halakhah. His major field of interest was halakhah but, acceding to requests to preach on Sabbaths, in the course of preparing his sermons he occupied himself also with Bible exegesis. He also engaged in the study of the Kabbalah, from which he derived the fundamentals of his religious philosophy. According to one tradition, Isaac Luria sought to dissuade him from pursuing kabbalistic studies.” (Preschel, Tovia, and David Derovan in EJ, 2007). Library Info: Restricted BS1429. X31 A4 1875. SUBJECT(S): Bible. Psalms -- Commentaries, Homiletical. Bible. Psalms. Hebrew. 1875. Wear on cover and binding. Yellow pages. Stained pages. Hebrew inscriptions on front and back title pages including: “This book belongs to Rav Avraham Bar Dov Rabinowitz” (k-rab-2-10) (ID #21609) 60.00.

k-rab-2-3001_1.jpg (1159843 bytes)86. • Arnheym, Hayim. SEFER BE-MIDBAR: REVI`I LE-HAMISHAH HUMSHE TORAH HUH HUMASH HA-PIKUDIM (VOL 4 OF 5 ONLY). Glogau: Prausnitz, 1841. Cloth, 104, 6 pages, 12mo. In Hebrew. Schr. Series: Torat Moshe... meturgam 'ashkenazit u-mevo'ar bi-mekomot ha-tserikhim be'ur me'et Hayim ha-LeviArnheym ; 4; Colophon: “Druck von B. L. Monasch in Krotoschin.” Wear on cover and binding. Hinge Repair. Ex-library with minimal markings. Stained pages and cover. Inside front and back cover have notes in it, otherwise in good condition. (k-rab-2-3) (ID #21602) 75.00.



k-rab-3-9041.jpg (53391 bytes) 87. • Braude, William G. THE MIDRASH ON PSALMS, VOLUME 1. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1959. Cloth, 8vo. Xxxvi, 563 pages. Inscribed by author. SUBJECT (S): Bible. O. T. Psalms – commentaries. SERIES: Yale Judaica series, ; v. 13. Braude (1907-1988) was born into a rabbinic family in Lithuania; they moved to the United States in 1920, living first in New York, then in Denver, and then in Ohio. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1929, and was ordained at Hebrew Union College in 1931. He became rabbi at temple Beth El in Providence, Rhode Island a year later. While living in Providence, Braude earned a Ph. D at Brown, later joining the faculty there. He later taught at Yale, the hebrew University in Jerusalem, and Leo Baeck College. A Reform rabbi, Braude was at the right-most end of the reform spectrum, arguing for the return of traditional practices, including head coverings at services, dietary laws. In 1965, he joined Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. At a civil rights march in Montgomery, Alabama. (EJ, 2007). Signed by author. Dust jacket has slight tears around the edges. Otherwise, good condition. (k-rab-3-10/k-rab-3-8) (ID #21303/21300) 45.00.

88. • ANOTHER COPY. Wear on edges of cover and binding. Otherwise, good condition. (k-rab-3-11/12) (ID #21304/5) 40.00. 

89. • Hacohen, Adam. BEURIM HADASHIM `AL YIRMEYAHU YEHEZKEL VE-KHOL SIFRE TERE `ASAR SIFRE EMET EKHAH VE-KOHLET: HU TORAT HA-ADAM HELEK RISHON. Vilna: Bi-Defus Y. R. Rom,lithuania; Vilna, 1858. Cloth, 8vo. Xx, 200 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Bible. O. T. Prophets -- Commentaries. Covers chipped, writing inside front and back covers, in fair condition (SPEC1-13) (ID #20984) 70.00.

k-rab-2-7002_1.jpg (675834 bytes)90. • Marcus, Ralph. LAW IN THE APOCRYPHA. New York, Columbia University Press, 1927. Cloth, 116 pages, 8vo, 26 cm. Marcus (1900-1956) was “born in San Francisco the son of the talmudic scholar Moses Marcus, Marcus was educated at Columbia, where he wrote his doctoral dissertation on Law in the Apocrypha (1927) , and at Harvard where he studied with Harry A. Wolfson (1925–27). He taught at the Jewish Institute of Religion, at Columbia (1927–43) , and at the University of Chicago (1947–56).” (Feldman in EJ, 2007). Series: Columbia University oriental studies, ; v. 26; Standard No: LCCN: 29-9822. SUBJECT(S): Jewish law. Judaism -- Customs and practices. Title Subject: Bible. O. T. Apocrypha -- Criticism, interpretation, etc. Thesis (Ph. D. ) --Columbia University, 1928. "Printed in Austria. "…. "It was originally planned to include all matters of religious and civil law... But... It was found necessary to confine the treatment of halakic matters to the more important ceremonial observances. "--Pref. "Bibliographical note" on pages [xiii]-xiv. "Abbreviations" on pages [xv]-xvi. Wear on cover, edges and binding. Hinge repair on back cover. Otherwise, Very Good condition. (k-rab-2-7) (ID #21606) 30.00.


k-rab-2-12005_1.jpg (1930478 bytes)91. • Rosmarin, Aaron. MOSES IM LICHTE DER AGADA. New York, The Goldblatt Pub. Co, 1932. Cloth, 157 pages, 8vo, 23 cm. In German. SUBJECT (S): Aggada. Named Person: Moses (Biblical leader). "Literaturverzeichnis" on pages 7-14; "Bibliographie" on pages 151-152. Wear on cover and binding. Hinge repair. Otherwise, very good condition. (k-rab-2-12) (ID #21611) 40.00.







k-rab-1-2001.jpg (715416 bytes)92. • מחקרי אבות כולל פרקי אבות עם באור CHAPTERS ON ETHICAL MAXIMS; OR, ETHICS OF THE FATHERS. New York [Shulsinger Bros.], 1945. 272 pages, 8vo, 2nd ed, with additions from Talmudical sources. In Hebrew with English title page. "First edition, Chicago, 1915."Other Titles: Mishnah. Avot. With a commentary by Rabbi Jacob Levinson. Very Good Condition. (K-Rab 1-2) (ID #21653) 30.00.






RAB-21-11.jpg (708322 bytes) 93. • Wulliger, Mordechai. רדס מרדכי: מאמרים על כל התורה, חמש מגילות, מועדים ותקופות השנה SEFER PARDES MORDEKHAI: MAAMARIM `AL KOL HA-TORAH, HAMESH MEGILOT, MO`ADIM, U-TEKUFOT HA-SHANAH, TEHILIM, PIRKE AVOT, VE-ARBA`IM SUGYOT HA-SHAS VE-`INYANIM SHONIM. Mukacevo: No Publisher, 1928. Cloth, 8vo. 156 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Bible. O. T. -- commentaries; Talmud - commentaries. OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide. Pages tanned, hinges repaired, good condition. (RAB-21-11) (ID #21735) 50.00.




rab17-7.jpg (2793520 bytes) 94. • Hirsch, Samson Raphael. PIRKE AVOT. CHAPTERS OF THE FATHERS. Jerusalem ; New York: Feldheim, 1979. Cloth, 8vo. 117 pages. In English and Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Mishnah. Avot -- Commentaries. Hrisch, (1808-1888) , was a rabbi and a writer; leader and foremost exponent of Orthodoxy in Germany in the 19th century. Born in Hamburg, Hirsch studied Talmud with his grandfather Mendel Frankfurter there. His education was influenced by the enlightened Orthodox rabbis Jacob Ettlinger and Isaac Bernays, and by his father, R. Raphael (who had changed his surname from Frankfurter to Hirsch) , an opponent of the Reform congregation at the temple in Hamburg but also a supporter of hakham Bernays who included secular studies in the curriculum of the talmud torah of that city. (EJ, Katz) In very good condition in a very good jacket. (RAB17-7) (ID #21690) 30.00.

95. • Petrover, Yosef Aryeh Ben Shemuel. . SEFER DIVRE YOSEF: BEURIM ‘AL PIRKE AVOT BE-DARKHE HA-MUSAR VEHA-EMUNAH, ‘IM TOLDOTEHEM U-FERUSHEHEM SHEL AVOT HA-UMAH. VOL 3 [ONLY]. Petah Tikvah: Y. A. Ben Sh. Petrover, 1993. Hardback , 8vo. 377 pages. In Hebrew. Vol 3. SUBJECT(S) Mishnah. Avot -- Commentaries. , OCLC lists nine copies worldwide. In fine condition. (MX12-1) (ID #21320) 30.00.


RAB-23-19meaggadot.jpg (97598 bytes) 96. • Melamed, Ezra Zion. PARASHIYOT ME-AGADOT-HA-TANAIM: MUGAHOT, MENUKADOT U-MEFORASHOT, BE-TSERUF MAVO. Jerusalem: Kiryat Sefer, 1954. Hardcover, 8vo. 78, 134 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Aggada – commentaries; Tannaim – commentaries. OCLC lists 20 copies worldwide. “Born in Shiraz, Persia, Melamed [1903-1994] was taken to Palestine by his father, R. R. Melamed, when he was two. He worked at the Ministry of Education (1952–56) , and was appointed professor of Bible at the Hebrew University (1964) and of Talmud at Bar Ilan (1961) and at Tel Aviv (1964) universities. He was elected to the Hebrew Language Academy in 1956 and to the Higher Archaeological Council in 1963. He was awarded the Israel Prize in 1987 for Torah literature and commentary on the sources. Melamed's major works are in the fields of talmudic literature. Because of his involvement with the Persian and other Oriental communities (whom he served as honorary rabbi) and his familiarity with their traditions of custom and language, Melamed served as an important source on such community traditions.” (EJ, 2007) Shalom Spiegel's copy with his bookplate. Has dust jacket. Good condition. (RAB-23-19) (ID #20481) 50.00.

RAB-23-13.jpg (55748 bytes) 97. • Nissim Ben Jacob Ben Nissim Ibn Shahin; H. Z. Hirschberg. HIBUR YAFEH MEHA-YESHU`AH. Jewusalem: Mosad Ha-Rav Kuk, 1954. Cloth, 8vo. 82, 119 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Aggada; Folk literature, Judeo-Arabic. SERIES: Sifriyat mekorot ; 15. Nissim was an 11th century North African talmudist. Hibur.., his best known work, is a collection of early Hebrew stories and folktales, “designed to strengthen belief, faith, and morality among the people and to raise their spirit.” (EJ, 2007) Ex library in library binding. Good condition. (RAB-23-13) (ID #20475) 30.00.



RAB-19-14.jpg (510071 bytes) 98. • Vais, Yekutiel. רעש גדול : אגדה על תרי״ג מצות RA`ASH GADOL: AGADAH `AL TARYAG MITSVOT. Buenos Aires: H. Y. Vilah, 1936. Cloth, 8vo. 822 pages. Frontispiece portrait. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Commandments, six hundred and thirteen. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide. Ex library. Boards darkened and chipped around edges, pages tanned, good condition. (RAB-19-14) (ID #21721) 65.00.



rab17-12.jpg (2858796 bytes) 99. • Chajes, Zevi Hirsch. THE STUDENT'S GUIDE THROUGH THE TALMUD. London, East And West Library, 1952. Cloth, 8vo. 290 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Tradition (Judaism) Aggada. Talmud -- Introductions. Hirsch, (1805-1855) , was a rabbinic scholar. Chajes was born in Brody, Galicia, where he studied Talmud and rabbinics under R. Ephraim Zalman Margulies and other prominent rabbis. His father was a highly educated banker who resided for fifteen years in Florence before settling in Brody. The boy was taught French, German, and Italian by his father, and also instructed in secular subjects such as natural sciences, history, and Latin. (Encyclopedia Hebraica) In very good condition (RAB17-12) (ID #21695) 30.00.


MX-13-14019.jpg (84208 bytes) 100. • Hamburger, Jacob. GEIST DER HAGADA: SAMMLUNG HAGADISCHER AUSPRUCHE AUS DEN TALMUDEN UND MIDRASCHIM UBER BIBLISHCE, DOGMATISCHE, MORALISCHE UND ANTIQUARISCHE GEGENSTANDE IN APLHABETISCHER ORDNUNG: BUCHSTABE. Leipzig: L. Schnauss, 1857. Hardback, 8vo. 138 pages. In German. SUBJECT (S): Aggada -- Encyclopedias. Some water marks, back cover is missing. In fair condition. (MX13-14) (ID #21355) 65.00.



101. • Hyman, Aaron. BET VA’AD LA-HAKHAMIM: MAFTEAH LE-KHOL HA AGADOT. London: Goodmansfields, 1902. Cloth, 8vo. 272 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Talmud -- Quotations. OCLC lists 21 copies worldwide. Hyman (1862–1937) , was a Russian-born London rabbi and scholar. Born in Slutsk, Belorussia, he studied at various yeshivot and in 1885 he settled in London. Active in communal life, he helped found the Mizrachi organization of Great Britain and in 1909, the Etz Chaim Yeshivah of London. In 1933 he moved to Tel Aviv. All his books have become indispensable aids to rabbis and scholars, and a number of new editions of them have appeared. (EJ Preschel, Tovia) Envelope with the name Mrs. Louis Petchesky, 400 Crown Street, Brooklyn NY laid in. Some pencil markings, covers slightly detached, minor moisture marks, in fair condition. (MX12-4) (ID #21323) 30.00.

102. • Mordekhai Tsevi Ben Binyamin. SEFER MAFTEAH HA-AGADOT BMI-KOL HA-SHAS. MAFTEAKH GOAGODOUS: LI-METSO DEVAR HEFETS... HA-MESUDAR BE-SEDER ALEF-BET. Vilna: Bi-Defus Ha-Alamanah Veha-Ahim Rom, 1880. Cloth, 16mo (small). 200 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Aggada -- Indexes. OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide (Stanford University, Hebrew Union College, Yale University Library) In good condition. (SPEC1-14) (ID #20985) 150.00.


RAB-20-15.jpg (606828 bytes) 103. • Epstein, Louis M; Ben Tsiyon Alkala'i. לשאלת העגונה LI-SHEELAT HA-`AGUNAH. New York: No Publisher, 1940. Cloth, 8vo. 272 pages. 1st edition. In Hebrew. Presentation copy, inscribed by author. An Important work. SUBJECT(S): Agunahs. Abandoned wives. Epstein (1887-1949) was an American "Conservative rabbi and authority on Jewish marriage law. [He] was born in Anyksciai, Lithuania. When his father, Rabbi Ezriel Epstein, went to the United States to accept a pulpit, he left his son behind to study at the yeshivah in Slobodka. He graduated from Columbia University and was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York in 1913. He served in various congregations in Dallas, Texas, and Toledo, Ohio, before assuming the leadership of Beth Hamedrosh Hagdol in Roxbury, Massachusetts, in 1918 and then becoming rabbi of Kehilath Israel in Brookline, Massachusetts, where he served for the remainder of his career. Epstein was president of the Rabbinical Assembly and chairman of its committee on Jewish Law. He was instrumental in framing various proposals in Jewish law, the best known being a method of solving the agunah problem published in his Li-She'elat ha-Agunah. Under Epstein's proposal, the husband would authorize the wife to act as his agent for the purpose of a get. This innovation was accepted by his colleagues but was abandoned by the Rabbinical Assembly because of the opposition of the Orthodox rabbinate and of some members of the faculty of the Jewish Theological Seminary.” (EJ, 2007) Wear at spine and corners, good+ condition. (RAB-20-15) (ID #21774) 80.00.

RAB-23-10b.jpg (308559 bytes)RAB-23-10.jpg (182336 bytes) 104. • Levin, Joseph Baer. SEFER YAD HA-LEVI: YIKHLOL BE-HELEK HALAKHAH: HADRAN `AL HA-SHAS VE-HADRAN `AL MISHNAYOT, HIDUSHE HALAKHOT U-VEURE SUGYOT BA-SHAS U-SHEELOT U-TESHUVOT: VE-YIKHLOL BE-HELEK HA-DERUSH, DERUSHIM LA-YAMIM HA-NORAIM ULE-KHOL HA-HAGIM VE-`AL ROV SHABTOT. HA-SHANAH VE-KHEN GAM TESHUVAH... BE-TAKANOT `AGUNOT. New York: Ahim Shulzinger, 1949. Cloth, 4to. 270, 76, 18 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Jewish sermons; Hadran; Responsa – 1800-1948; Agunahs. OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. Ex library. Hinges repaired, water stains in margins throughout, good- condition. (RAB-23-10) (ID #20472) 45.00.

105. • Berkovits, Eliezer. JEWISH WOMEN IN TIME AND TORAH. Hoboken, N. J.: KTAV, 1990. Cloth, 8vo. 143 pages. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Women in Judaism; Women – legal status, laws, etc. (Jewish law). ISBN: 0881253111. Has dust jacket with faded spine. Near fine condition. (MX-20-14) (ID #21568) 85.00.

106. • Friedman, Zevi Hirsch. TSEVI HEMED: KUNTRES RISHON: KOAH HA-TORAH. New York: The Friedman Art Press, 1924. Cloth, Narrow folio. 36 leaves. In Hebrew. First edition. SUBJECT(S): Responsa – 1800-1948; Sex – religious aspects – Judaism; Husband and wife – religious aspects – Judaism. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (Stanford, NY Public Library). Marbled edges. Bumped upper corner, good condition. Scarce. (MX-20-18) (ID #21572) 200.00.

rab17-1.jpg (1509515 bytes) 107. • Lerner, Anne Lapidus. WHO HAST NOT MADE ME A MAN": THE MOVEMENT FOR EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN IN AMERICAN JEWRY. New York: American Jewish Committee, Institute Of Human Relations, 1977. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. 38 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Women in Judaism. Jewish women -- United States. Feminism -- United States. In very good condition (RAB17-1) (ID #21684) 30.00.





RAB-23-15.jpg (159878 bytes) 108. • Bernfeld, Simon. SEFER HA-DEMA`OT: MEORA`OT HA-GEZEROT VEHA-REDIFOT VE-HASHMADOT. VOLUME 1 ONLY (OF 3). Berlin: Eshkol, 1923. Hardcover, 8vo. Volume one (of three) only. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- persecutions. "Bernfeld was born in Stanislav, Galicia, and was educated in Koenigsberg and Berlin. In 1886 he was appointed chief rabbi of the Sephardi community of Belgrade, Serbia; he remained there until 1894, when he returned to Berlin and devoted himself to scholarly pursuits. He continued his literary work until his death, despite blindness in his later years. Bernfeld wrote several monographs in Hebrew on Jewish history and philosophy, the earliest published when he was only 19." (Klausner, EJ) Bookplate, front joint split, good condition. (RAB-23-15) (ID #20477) 35.00.

109. • Berkovits, Eliezer. FAITH AFTER THE HOLOCAUST. New York, KTAV Pub. House, 1973. Cloth, 8vo. 180 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Holocaust (Jewish theology) Holocauste, 1939-1945 -- Aspect religieux -- Judaïsme. Holocaust. Jodendom. Berkovits, (1908–1992) , was a theologian and a Jewish philosopher. Berkovits was born in Oradea, Romania, in 1908. He received his rabbinical ordination in 1934 at the Berlin ("Hildesheimer") Rabbinical Seminary, where he studied under Rabbi Jehiel Jacob *Weinberg , (author of the Seridei Esh) ; as well as from the Mir yeshivah and the rabbinate of Hungary. In parallel, he earned a doctorate in philosophy at the Friedrich-Wilhelms (now Humboldt) University of Berlin, where he studied under Wolfgang Kohler, one of the founders of Gestalt psychology. After escaping Germany in 1939, Berkovits served as a communal rabbi in Leeds, England (1940–46) ; Sydney, Australia (1946–50) ; and Boston, Massachusetts (1950–56). In 1958 he accepted the chair of the philosophy department at the Hebrew Theological Seminary in Skokie, Illinois, which he held until 1975. At that time, at the age of 67, Berkovits relocated to Jerusalem, where he lived and worked until his death. During his lifetime, Berkovits wrote 19 books and hundreds of essays and articles, covering every major area of Jewish philosophy. (EJ, Hazony) Ex library, in good condition in a good jacket. (k-HOLO2 10-4) (ID #20827) 30.00.


RAB-19-12.jpg (351541 bytes) 110. • Grade, Chaim; E. D. Shapir. צמח אטלס TSEMAH ATLAS. BOOK 2. Tel Aviv: 'am 'oved, 1968. Cloth, 8vo. 414 pages. In Hebrew. Volume two (of two) only. SUBJECT(S): Yeshivas -- fiction. Grade (1910-1982) , born in Vilna, was a Yiddish writer. He was first published in 1932, in Dos Vort, and his first book, Yo, was published four years later. As a member of the Yung Vilne group, Grade "ought both to synthesize secular Yiddish culture with new currents in world literature, and to bring the impoverished Jewish home into contact with the progressive forces of contemporary society.” After WWII, which he spent in Russia, he became a kind of Jewish national poet, as he worked to confront the tragedy in his writing. (EJ, 2007) Cloth on front cover wrinkled from moisture, otherwise very good condition. (RAB-19-12) (ID #21719) 75.00.


RAB-21-35.jpg (188816 bytes) 111. • Samuel, Ha-Nagid; Abraham Meir Habermann. שירי ידידת ואחוה SHIRE YEDIDUT VE-AHVAH. Tel-Aviv: Mahbarot Le-Sifrut Be-Siyu`a Mosad Ha-Rav Kuk, 1945. Cloth, 12mo. 188 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Hebrew poetry, Medieval. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Ex library. Cocked, corners bumped, water stains inside covers and on first and last few pages, good- condition. (RAB-21-35) (ID #21759) 45.00.









k-rab-2-2003_1.jpg (2374989 bytes)112. • Raffalovich, Samuel. מטבעות היהודים ספר כולל תלדות המטבעות בישראל MATBEOT HA-YEHUDIM: SEFER KOLEL TOLDOT HA-MATBEOT BE-YISRAEL... Yerushalayim: Bi-Defus S. Tsukerman (Ephraim Deinard), 1913. Softcover, vi, 6, 199 pages, 35 plates, 8vo, 24 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Coins, Jewish. Other Titles: Coins of the Jews, history of Jewish coinage. Facsimile cover glued on to original paper. Spine repaired and replaced. Facsimile cover mounted onto front endpaper, which was inscribed on the reverse by the publisher (Ephraim Deinard! ) Benjamin Smith, the mentor of Jacob Neusner. Wear to the cover. Stained pages. First 3 pages, chippings in lower left corner. Last 10 pages have small chips in lower left corner. Otherwise in good condition. (k-rab-2-2) (ID #21601) 75.00.

113. • Zalmanoff, Samuel. SEFER HANIGUNIM BOOK OF CHASIDIC SONGS. Nichoah, 1957. Cloth, 8vo. In English. In very good condition. (MX19-23) (ID #21553) 80.00.



RAB-20-24.jpg (514946 bytes) 114. • Ben Joseph, Tanhum, Of Jerusalem; Barukh Avraham Toledano.למרשד אלכאפי : המדריך המספיק SEFER AL-MURSHID AL-KAFI: HA-MADRIKH HA-MASPIK. Tel Aviv: No Publisher, 1960. Cloth, 8vo. 223 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Hebrew language, post-Biblical - dictionaries; Hebrew language - dictionaries - Judeo-Arabic; Maimonides, Moses, 1135-1204 - dictionaries. OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide. Tanhum ben Joseph (c. 1220-1291) was a "philologist and biblical exegete. Few biographical details are known of him. As his name indicates, either he or his family originated from Jerusalem, and according to Bacher, he lived for some time in Erez Israel and subsequently went to Egypt, where he died. Tanhum had an extensive knowledge of philosophy, and knew a number of languages, including Arabic and Greek, and it would appear that he knew medicine. He had a profound knowledge of all the biblical exegetes and grammarians who had preceded him. He was the last representative of the rational school of biblical exegetes in the East, but the "central pillars" upon which he based his works were "the words of the revered Rabbi Moses b. Maimon in his scientific outlook and his religious beliefs, and the words of R. Jonah Ibn Janah in grammar and philology.” Al-Murshid al-Kafi [is] a lexicon giving in alphabetical order the nouns and verbs in Maimonides' Mishneh Torah. This work is of considerable importance on account of the new Hebrew terms which he coined, and it constitutes the greatest codex of Maimonides' work.” (EJ, 2007) Shalom Spiegel's copy with his bookplate. Boards slightly worn, good+ condition. (RAB-20-24) (ID #21783) 100.00.

RAB-20-10.jpg (888290 bytes) 115. • Gershoni, Yehudah. ספר משפט המלוכה : על הלכות מלכים להרמב״ם MISHPAT HA-MELUKHAH: `AL HILKHOT MELAKHIM LEHA-RAMBAM. New York: Saphrograph, 1949. Cloth, 4to. 411 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Jewish law; Mainomides, Moses, 1135-1204. Mishneh Torah; Kings and rulers in rabbinical literature. OCLC lists 18 copies worldwide. Ex library. Corners bumped, front hinge starting, paper stuck to back cover, good condition. (RAB-20-10) (ID #21769) 50.00.



RAB-34-8.jpg (145958 bytes) 116. • Finkelstein, Louis. MAIMONIDES AND THE TANNAITIC MIDRASHIM. Philadelphia, Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning, 1935. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 49 pages (pp. 469-517) 24 cm. "Reprinted [i.e. offprinted] from the Jewish quarterly review, new series, v. 25, no. 4." SUBJECT: Midrash. Very Good+ Condition. (rab-34-8) (ID #21792) 30.00.





rab17-14.jpg (1457207 bytes) 117. • Forchheimer, Paul. LIVING JUDAISM: THE MISHNA OF AVOTH WITH THE COMMENTARY AND SELECTED OTHER CHAPTERS OF MAIMONIDES TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH AND SUPPLEMENTED WITH ANNOTATIONS AND A SYSTEMATIC OUTLINE FOR A MODERN JEWISH PHILOSOPHY. Jerusalem ; New York: Feldheim Publishers, 1974. Cloth, 8vo. 240 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Judaism and science. Mishnah. Avot -- Commentaries. In very good condition in a very good jacket. (RAB17-14). (ID #21697) 30.00.


k-rab-3-6b044.jpg (75545 bytes) 118. • Hershman, Abraham M; Maimonides, Moses. THE CODE OF MAIMONIDES. BOOK FOURTEEN: THE BOOK OF JUDGES. New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press, 1949. Cloth, 8vo. Xxv, 335 pages. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Jewish law; Courts, Jewish; Judges (Jewish law). SERIES: Yale Judaica series; v. 3. "Hershman was born in Neustadt, Poland, immigrating to the U. S. In 1896. Ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (1906) , he served in Syracuse, New York, then went to Detroit's Congregation Shaarey Zedek (1907) , which he led until 1946, when he became rabbi emeritus. Founder and president of the Detroit Zionist Organization, Hershman was also principal of the Division Street Talmud Torah, Detroit's first Jewish communal school; delegate to the first American Jewish Congress; and a founder of the Jewish Community Council.” (Katz, EJ) Ex library with usual markings. Very good condition. In dust jacket, very good condition. (k-rab-3-6) (ID #21298) 30.00.

119. • Hershman, Abraham M; Maimonides, Moses. THE CODE OF MAIMONIDES. BOOK FOURTEEN: THE BOOK OF JUDGES. New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press, 1949. Cloth, 8vo. Xxv, 335 pages. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Jewish law; Courts, Jewish; Judges (Jewish law). SERIES: Yale Judaica series; v. 3. "Hershman was born in Neustadt, Poland, immigrating to the U. S. In 1896. Ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (1906) , he served in Syracuse, New York, then went to Detroit's Congregation Shaarey Zedek (1907) , which he led until 1946, when he became rabbi emeritus. Founder and president of the Detroit Zionist Organization, Hershman was also principal of the Division Street Talmud Torah, Detroit's first Jewish communal school; delegate to the first American Jewish Congress; and a founder of the Jewish Community Council.” (Katz, EJ) Ex library with usual markings. Very good condition. (k-rab-3-6) (ID #21453) 30.00.

120. • Klein, Isaac; Moses Maimonides. THE CODE OF MAIMONIDES, BOOK TWELVE: THE BOOK OF ACQUISITION. New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press, 1951. Cloth, 8vo. Xv, 335 pages. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Jewish law; Property (Jewish law). OCLC lists 18 copies worldwide. CONTENTS: Sales; Original acquisition and gifts; Neighbors; Agents and partners; Slaves. SERIES: The code of Maimonides; bk. 12; Yale Judaica series; v. 5; Variation: Maimonides, Moses, ; 1135-1204.; Mishneh Torah; English; bk. 12. "Klein, born in Ruthenia, was taken to the United States in 1921. He was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary (1934). During World War II Rabbi Klein was an American Army chaplain overseas, earning six battle stars, and helped to reestablish many devastated European Jewish communities. He was rabbi in Springfield, Massachusetts (1934-53) , and from then in Buffalo, New York. He wrote Ten Commandments in a Changing World (1944) and an English translation and commentary on The Code of Maimonides, Book Twelve: Book of Acquisition (1951). Rabbi Klein served as president of the Rabbinical Assembly, and wrote many of its important responsa, including problems of abortion according to Jewish law, autopsy according to Jewish law, questions of medical ethics, halizah, and the marriage of kohen and convert.” (Reimer, EJ) Ex library with usual markings. Cover binding faded. Very good condition. (RAB-25-4) (ID #21455) 35.00.

k-rab-3-7042.jpg (48139 bytes) 121. • Rabinowitz, Jacob J; Maimonides, Moses. CODE OF MAIMONIDES-BOOK THIRTEEN-THE BOOK OF CIVIL LAWS. New Haven, Conn: Yale University Press, 1949. Cloth, 8vo. Xxiv, 345 pages. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Jewish law. SERIES: Yale Judaica series; v. 2; “Born in Volkovysk, Poland, Rabinowitz, after teaching for several years in Vitebsk, left in 1900 for Switzerland, where he started to write. Upon his return to Russia in 1904, he became active in Zionist affairs and began his long career as journalist and author. From 1907 until his departure for Erez Israel in 1910, he was active in the Odessa Committee, becoming M. M. Ussishkin's principal aide. In Erez Israel he first settled in Petah Tikvah, but moved to Tel Aviv in 1923. Together with A. Barash he founded the literary journal Hedim (1922) , which became a forum for both the old and young generations of writers and an outstanding expression of the literary milieu in Erez Israel from the time of the Third Aliyah. His own contributions consisted of monographs on various authors. In addition, he wrote a regular column for Davar, contributed to many literary periodicals, and published translations” such as this one. (Kressel, EJ) Ex library with usual markings. In dust jacket, good condition. (k-rab-3-7) (ID #21299) 30.00.

122. • ANOTHER COPY. Ex library with usual markings. Faded binding cover. Otherwise, very good condition. (RAB-14-17) (ID #21454) 30.00.

rab17-10.jpg (1229866 bytes) 123. • Maimonides, Moses and Hyamson, Moses. משנה תורה THE MISHNEH TORAH. New York, 1937. Cloth, 8vo. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Jewish law -- Early works to 1800. Maimonides, The most illustrious figure in Judaism in the post-talmudic era, and one of the greatest of all time, Maimonides was born in Cordoba, Spain, to his father Maimon, dayyan of Cordoba and himself a renowned scholar and pupil of Joseph ibn Migash. He continues his genealogy, "the son of the learned Joseph, son of Isaac the dayyan, son of Joseph the dayyan, son of Obadiah the dayyan, son of the rabbi Solomon, son of Obadiah" (end of commentary to Mishnah) ; traditions extend the genealogy to R. Judah ha-Nasi. Posterity even recorded the day and hour and even minute of his birth, "On the eve of Passover (the 14th of Nisan) which was a Sabbath, an hour and a third after midday, in the year 4895 (1135) of the Creation" (Sefer Yuhasin). Maimonides' grandson David gives the same day and year without the hour (at the beginning of his commentary to tractate Rosh Ha-Shanah). (EJ, Staff) In very good condition (RAB17-10) (ID #21693) 60.00.

k-rab-3-16004.jpg (65057 bytes) 124. • Maimonides, Moses. Translated by Solomon Gandz. Edited by Julian Obermann. . SANCTIFICATION OF THE NEW MOON. New Haven: Yale University Press.  1956. Cloth, 8vo. Lx, 160 pages. First edition. Gold titles. Illustrated with diagrams. Yale Judaica Series, Volume XI. The Code of Maimonides, Book Three, Treatise Eight. Astronomical Commentary by Otto Neugebauer. Translation of: Kidush ha-hodesh. Includes bibliographical notes, list of abbreviations, glossary and index. SUBJECT (S): New moon (Judaism) -- Early works to 1800. Ex-library with usual markings. Very good condition. In dust jacket, very good condition. (k-rab-3-16) (ID #21310) 30.00.

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k-rab-3-1040.jpg (82996 bytes) 126. • Maimonides, Moses. translated by Herbert Danby. THE BOOK OF OFFERINGS. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1963. Cloth, 8vo. XxI, 236 pages. Third printing. Gold titles. Yale Judaica Series, Volume IV. The Code of Maimonides, Book Nine. Includes bibliographical notes, list of abbreviations, glossary and index. SUBJECT (S): Jewish law. Judaism -- Customs and practices. OCLC lists 20 copies worldwide of this edition. Ex-library with usual marks, Very Good Condition in Very Good Jacket. (k-rab-3-1) (ID #21293) 30.00.



k-rab-3-4037.jpg (87611 bytes) 127. • Maimonides, Moses. translated by Mendell Lewittes. THE BOOK OF TEMPLE SERVICE. New Haven: Yale University Press. 1957. Cloth, 8vo. Xxvii, 525 pages. First edition. Gold titles. Illustrated with 2 pull-out figures after page 498. Yale Judaica Series, Volume XII. The Code of Maimonides, Book Eight. Includes bibliographical notes, list of abbreviations, glossary, scriptural references, and index. SUBJECT (S): Jewish law. Judaism -- Customs and practices. Ex-library with usual markings. Very good condition. Dust jacket, very good condition. (k-rab-3-4) (ID #21296) 45.00.


k-rab-3-5036.jpg (80803 bytes) 128. • Maimonides, Moses; Klien, B. D. THE CODE OF MAIMONIDES, BOOK SIX: THE BOOK OF ASSEVERATIONS. New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press, 1962. Cloth, 8vo. Xxv, 273 pages. SUBJECT (S): Jewish law; Oaths (Jewish law). SERIES: Code of Maimonides; bk. 6; Yale Judaica series; v. 15; Variation: Maimonides, Moses, ; 1135-1204.; Mishneh Torah; English; bk. 6. Maimonides (1135-1204) , “known in rabbinical literature as "Rambam" from the acronym Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon...[was a] rabbinic authority, codifier, philosopher, and royal physician.” Born in Cordoba, Spain, he was “[t]he most illustrious figure in Judaism in the post-talmudic era, and one of the greatest of all time. ”(EJ) Ex library with usual markings. Very good condition. In dust jacket, very good condition. (k-rab-3-5) (ID #21297) 30.00.

128A. • Maimonides, Moses. translated by Solomon Gandz and Hyman Klein. THE BOOK OF SEASONS. New Haven: Yale University Press. 1961. Cloth, 8vo. xxxiv, 633 pages. First edition. Gold titles. Yale Judaica Series, Volume XIV. The Code of Maimonides, Book Three. Translation of: Sefer zemanim. Includes bibliographical notes, list of abbreviations, glossary, scriptural references, index, and appendices. SUBJECT (S): Jewish law. Very Good+ Condition. (SPEC-2-7) (ID #19683) $50.00. 

129. • Moses Maimonides; Gotthold Weil. ÜBER DIE LEBENSDAUER. Basel, Karger, 1953. Staples , 8vo. 59 pages. In very good condition. (MX17-11) (ID #21491) 35.00.

130. • Tauber, Israel. EZRAH RAANAN: KETSAT HEAROT AL TOLDOT HA-RAMBAM VE-AL DERAKHAV U- FESAKAV ASHER LIKATETI MI-PI SEFARIM VE-SOFRIM. Pressburg:vays, 1862. Paper Wrappers, 12mo. 38 leaves. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Maimonides, Moses, 1135-1204. Added t. P.: Esrach raanon. Fragile acidic paper. In fair condition (SPEC1-1) (ID #20972) 50.00.

131. • Tauber, Jack. HAZON YA`AKOV, BEUR `AL HA-RAMBAM HILKHOT TALMUD TORAH. Tel Aviv: Zioni, 1964. Cloth, 8vo. 109 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Maimonides, Moses, 1135-1205. Mishneh Torah -- commentaries. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. Has rubbed dust jacket. Ex library. Good condition. (SEF-12-16) (ID #20948) 30.00.

rab17-13.jpg (1063138 bytes) 132. • Yellin, David and Abrahams, Israel. MAIMONIDES;. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society Of America, 1903. Cloth, 16mo. 239 pages. Illus. In English. SUBJECT (S): Maimonides, Moses, 1135-1204. Maimonides, Moses, 1135-1204. In very good condition (RAB17-13) (ID #21696) 30.00.






RAB-21-29.jpg (796856 bytes) 133. • Isserlein, Israel Ben Pethahiah; Barukh Ben Avraham, Mi-Kosov; Mosheh, Sofer Setam Mi-K. K. Prshevorsk; Yesha`yah Ben Mosheh Shemuel Gross. ילקוט ישעיה: פירוש יקר על רש״י ... וקונטרס קצורי דרשות ... ופירוש ... על חמש מגילות: ספר שלשה עמודי זהב YALKUT YESHA`YAH: PERUSH YEKAR `AL RASHI... VE-KUNTRES KITSURE DERASHOT... U-FERUSH... `AL HAMESH MEGILOT: SEFER SHELOSHAH `AMUDE ZAHAV. Brooklyn: Ya'akov Postar, 1939. Cloth, 8vo. In Hebrew. Complete, three volumes in one. SUBJECT(S): Jewish sermons, Hebrew; Rashi, 1040-1105. Perush Rashi 'al ha-Taorah; Bible. O. T. Pentateuch - commentaries; Bible. O. T. Five Scrolls - commentaries. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (Yeshiva Univ). Inscription on fly leaf, tape mark on spine, good condition. (RAB-21-29) (ID #21753) 50.00.

k-rab-3-14006.jpg (190275 bytes) 134. • Blumenfield, Samuel M. MASTER OF TROYES; A STUDY OF RASHI, THE EDUCATOR. New York: Published for the Jewish Institute of Religion [by] Behrman House, 1946. Cloth, 8vo. Xii, 208 pages. SUBJECT (S): Jews – education – history; Rashi, 1040-1105. CONTENTS: Part I. Education in France in the time of Rashi; Part II. Jewish education in the days of Rashi; Part III. Rashi and his contribution to education. “Born in Letichev, Russia, Blumenfield [1901-1972] was superintendent of the Chicago Board of Jewish Education until 1954, and also headed Chicago's College of Jewish Studies as dean, and later as president. From 1954 until his retirement in 1968, he served as director of the Department of Education and Culture of the Jewish Agency (American Section). ”(Spotts, EJ). Yellowing of pages. Wear to binding. Otherwise, good condition. (k-rab-3-14) (ID #21448) 50.00.

135. • ANOTHER COPY. Ex-library with usual markings. Wear on cover and binding. Some pages slightly bent at edges. Otherwise, good condition. (k-rab-3-14) (ID #21308) 45.00.

rab17-8.jpg (1241973 bytes) 136. • Liber, Maurice. Trans: Szold, Adele. RASHI. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society Of America, 1938. Cloth, 278 pages, map, geneal. table. In English. SUBJECT(S): Rashi, 1040-1105. Liber, (1884-1956), was chief rabbi of France and a scholar. Born in Warsaw, Liber went to Paris with his parents at the age of four. He graduated from the Ecole Rabbinique de Paris in 1907 and began lecturing on Jewish history there. In 1911 he was appointed assistant to the chief rabbi of Paris, serving as an army chaplain and receiving the Croix de Guerre during World War I. In 1920 Liber became rabbi at the Rue de la Victoire synagogue, in 1921 lecturer in the history of rabbinic Judaism at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, and in 1927 succeeded his teacher Israel LMvi as professor. He was appointed director of religious education by the Paris Consistoire in 1930 and, two years later, head of the Ecole Rabbinique. In 1934 Liber was appointed chief rabbi of France par interim, to assist the aging IsraLl LMvi in his task. (EJ, Staff). Ex-library, good condition. (RAB17-8) (ID #21691) 30.00.

rab17-6.jpg (1624235 bytes) 137. • Rashi. Pearl, Chaim, Trans. RASHI, COMMENTARIES ON THE PENTATEUCH. PERUSH RASHI `AL HA-TORAH. ENGLISH. SELECTIONS. New York, Norton, 1970. Cloth, 8vo. 256 pages. In English. Series: The B'nai B'rith Jewish heritage classics; SUBJECT (S): Bible. O. T. Pentateuch -- Commentaries. In very good condition in a very good jacket. Copy 2 has not dust jacket. (RAB17-6) (ID #21689) 30.00.



RAB-21-21.jpg (476217 bytes) 138. • Bentsher, Barukh. מצות השם: כולל תרי"ג מצות כסדר התורה, ע"פ דעת הרמב"ם, רמב"ן, סמ"ג: גם תקוני תשובה על העבירות: גם סדר עבודת תמידין ומוספין ושאר עבודת צבור שהיו בבית המקדש לאמרם כל אחד בזמנו ; ונתוסף עוד הגהות והוספות תקונים / מאת יוסף בהגאון בונם גינס. MITSVOT HA-SHEM: KOLEL TARYAG MITSVOT KE-SEDER HA-TORAH, 'A.P. DA'AT HA-RAMBAM, RAMBAN, SEMAG: GAM TIKUNE TESHUVAH 'AL HA-'AVEROT: GAM SEDER 'AVODAT TEMIDIN U-MUSAFIN U-SHE'AR 'AVODAT TSIBUR SHE-HAYU BE-VET HA-MIKDASH LE-AMERAM KOL EHAD BI-ZEMANO ;. VE-NITVASEF 'OD HAGAHOT VE-HOSAFOT TIKUNIM / ME-ET YOSEF BEHA-GA'ON BUNEM GINS. New York: Grois, 1975. Cloth, 8vo. 248 pages. In Hebrew. Reprinted, with additions, from the 1875 edition. SUBJECT(S): Commandments, Six hundred and thirteen. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (New York Public Library). Very good condition. (RAB-21-21) (ID #21745) 30.00.



k-rab-1-33005_1.jpg (1250963 bytes)139. • Kogan, Barry S, editor. SPINOZA: A TERCENTENARY PERSPECTIVE. No Place (Cincinnati), Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, [1979]. First Edition. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, xiii, 106 pages. Contains essays by Gottschalk, Popkin, Feuer, Savan and Mihaly. Very Good, in original wrappers. (k-rab-1-33) (ID #21650) 40.00.





k-rab-1-32004_1_1.jpg (725443 bytes)139A. • Hessing, Siegfried (editor). DREIHUNDERT JAHRE EWIGKEIT. SPINOZA-FESTSCHRIFT 1632-1932. The Hague, 1962. 2. Vermehrte Auflage. 8vo. Cloth with dustjacket. XLII, 205 pages. Contributions by David ben Gurion, Brucar, Brunner, Dubnow, Einstein, Freud, Gebhardt, Hessing, Klausner, Romain Rolland, Siegel, Wassermann, Arnold Zweig, and others. Bookplate, light wear to cloth, Very Good Condition. (ID #21648) (k-rab-1-33) 30.00.






k-rab-1-31003_1.jpg (1924228 bytes)140. • Wolfson, Harry Austryn. FROM PHILO TO SPINOZA: TWO STUDIES IN RELIGIOUS PHILOSOPHY. Behrman House, 1977. ISBN: 0874412625. ISBN-13: 9780874412628. Paperback, 12mo, 64 pages. Wolfson (1887-1974) was born in Belorussia, and emigrated to the Unites States in 1903. He attended Harvard, and then became a member of its faculty in 1915. He was a member of the American Academy for Jewish Research, the Mediaeval Academy of America, the American Oriental Society, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. A scholar of Spinoza and Crescas, Wolfson particularly focused on heir relation to earlier philosophers, such as Aristotle, Plato, and the Islamic philosopher Averroes. (Hyman, EJ) Very Good Condition. (K-rab-1-31) (ID #21649) 50.00.



RAB-19-9.jpg (576348 bytes) 141. • Danzig, Abraham Ben Jehiel Michal; Joseph Ben Ephraim Karo. יי אדם : הועתק מהספר חיי אדם בלה״ק שחבר אברהם דאנציג ... עש שטייען אלע דינים פון דעם שולחן ערוך אורח חיים אונ אנדערע פוסקים [עם חכמת אדם נעתק מהספר חכמת אדם בלה״ק ... דער צווייטר טייל פון דעם חיי אדם, דרינען שטייען דיא דינים פון אנדערע פוסקים] HAYE ADAM: HU`ATAK MEHA-SEFER HAYE ADAM BE-L. HA-K. SHE-HIBER AVRAHAM DANTSIG... ES SHTEYEN ALE DINIM FUN DEM SHULHAN `ARUKH ORAH HAYIM UN ANDERE POSKIM... [`IM HOKHMAT ADAM NE`TAK MEHA-SEFER HOKHMAT ADAM BI-L. HA-K... DER TSVAITER TAIL. FUN DEM HAYE ADAM, DRINEN SHTEYEN DI DINIM FUN SHULHAN `ARUKH YOREH DE`AH UN ANDERE POSKIM]. Vilna: Ha-Almanah Veha-Ahim Rom, 1912. Cloth, 8vo. 168, 80 pages. Complete, two volumes bound together. In Yiddish. SUBJECT(S): Jewish law - modern period; Judaism - customs and practices. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (JTSA , George Washington Univ), none west of DC. Pages tanned, boards worn, front fly leaf torn, good condition. Scarce. (RAB-19-9) (ID #21716) 175.00.


RAB-20-1.jpg (397675 bytes) 142. • Vend, Benjamin. שראל׳ס אוצרות : געדאנקען, מיינונגען און דער בליק פון די אלטע אידישע חכמים אויף כמעט אלץ וואס דעם מאדערנעם מענשן אינטערעסירט צו וויסן ISRAEL'S TREASURES: QUOTATIONS FROM THE SCRIPTURES AND TALMUD WHICH REPRESENT THE VIEWS OF ISRAEL'S ANCIENT SAGES ON ALMOST EVERY TOPIC THAT A MODERN PERSON IS INTERESTED IN. YISROELS OYTSRES: GEDANKEN, MEYNUNGEN UN DER BLIK FUN DI ALTE IDISHE HOKHMIM. OYF KIMAT ALTS VOS DEM MODERNEM MENSHN INTERESIRT TSU VISN. New York: Hebrew Publishing Company, 1926. Cloth, 8vo. 148, 188 pages. In English and Yiddish. SUBJECT(S): Talmud - quotations; Bible. O. T. -- quotations. Ex library. Gift inscription, very good condition. (RAB-20-1) (ID #21760) 30.00.



143. • BEIT HAMIDRASH. Wien, 1865. Cloth, 116 pages, 8vo. Ex-library. Original blue title page, blue and yellow middle pages and green end page. Bound with: Anapolski, Tsevi Hirsh. SIAH EREV:... HAMISHAH SIHOT...Odesa: Bi-defus L. Nittshe ve-shutafo A. Tsederboim, Ukraine. 1863, 28 pages. Hinge repair. Wear to edges and corners of cover. Ex-library. Some stained pages. Otherwise, good condition. (rab-34-6/7z) (ID #21790) 200.00.

144. • SEFER TOLDOT ALEKSANDROS HA-MAKDONI. THE BOOK OF THE GESTS OF ALEXANDER OF MACEDON, A MEDIAEVAL HEBREW VERSION OF THE ALEXANDER ROMANCE. Cambridge, MA, Medieval Academy of America.1st Edition. Cloth. 8vo; 109, 227, x pages. Mediaeval Academy of America; Publication no. 75. Bibliography on pages 223-227. In Hebrew & English "Based chiefly on the Historia de preliis, by Leo, archpresbyter.” Ex-library with usual markings. Wear on binding and corners of cover. (ID #21311) 60.00.

145. •ספורי כלילה ודמנה \ תרגמו מערבית בידי אברהם אלמאליה, עם מבוא מאת המתרגם SIPURE KALILA V'DIMNA. Tel-Aviv, Dvir, 1926. Cloth, xviii, 155 pages, 8vo, 25 cm. In Hebrew. Other Titles: Kalilah wa-Dimnah. Hebrew; Fables of Bidpai; Hebrew. Ex-library with usual markings. Wear on cover and binding. Minimal water stain in lower corner of binding on first 20 pages. Otherwise, very good condition. (k-rab-2-14) (ID #21613) 50.00.

RAB-20-23.jpg (480809 bytes) 146. • . מדרש הלל, או, ספר המעשים MIDRASH HALEL O SEFER HA-MA`ASIM. Warsaw: Traklin, 1924. Cloth, 8vo. 46 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Hallel. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. SERIES: Midrashim va-agadot. Bookplate, hinges repaired, pages tanned, good condition. (RAB-20-23) (ID #21782) 50.00.





k-rab-1-3001_1.jpg (636368 bytes)147. • Aschkenazi, Eli`ezer. טעם זקנים: קבוץ חבורים... בעניני החכמה ןהאמונה והמדע. TA`AM ZEKENIM: KOVETS HIBURIM U-KETUVIM VE-SHIRIM BE `INYENE HA-HOKHMAH VEHA-EMUNAH VEHA-MADA. Frankfurt Am Main: J. Kauffman, 1854. Cloth, 12mo, 78 pages, xii p; 22 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Hebrew literature. Geonic literature. Very Good Condition. Some wear on the binding, staining on some pages. Title Page has slight tear in top corner. (k-rab-1-3) (ID #21654) 100.00.






k-rab-1-20_1_1.jpg (1359233 bytes)148. • Eleazar Ben Jacob, Ha-Bavli, Heinrich Brody. דיואן: קובץ שירי רבי אלעזר בן יעקב הבבלי DIVAN: KOVETS SHIRE ELAZAR BEN YAAKOV HA-BAVLI. Jerusalem: Hotsaat Mekitse Nirdamim, 1935. Cloth, 159 pages, 8vo, 25 cm. In Hebrew. English Title page. "Eleazar (c.1195-1250) seems to have been a sort of house poet for the well-to-do Jewish families of Iraq. He represents himself as a disciple of Moses ben Sheshet al-Andalusi, who introduced him to the techniques of Andalusian poetry. In addition to its importance to poetry, the diwan is a historical source of utmost significance for the history of Iraqi Jews during the 13th century. It provides a glimpse into the wealthy and highly educated leading Jewish families in Baghdad, Basra, Mosul, Wasit, Hilla, and other places in Iraq. The diwan is replete with the names (more than 400) of not only the contemporary geonim but also of eminent Jewish personalities, among them physicians, scholars, astronomers, administrators, keepers of the mint, and other state dignitaries in the service of the Abbasid caliphate in its declining years. The high-sounding titles of the Jewish notabilities indicate the social level and the great role played by them both in the community and in state and society. With the help of Arab chronicles, particularly of Ibn al-Fuwati, these personalities can be identified in their historical perspective.” (Fischel, Walter, and Angel Sáenz-Badillos in EJ, 2007). From the Jewish Theological Seminary of America Library with bookplate. Series: Sefarim ha-yotsim la-or al yede hevrat Mekitse nirdamim; SUBJECT(S): Hebrew literature, Medieval. Added title page: Diwan of Eleasar ben Jaakob ha-Babli. Wear on the cover and binding. Few tears, otherwise Very Good Condition. (k-rab-1-20) (ID #21671) 85.00.

RAB-21-26.jpg (477552 bytes) 149. • Epstein, Jacob Nahum. מכילתא דרבי שמעון בן יוחאי,‏ ‏עפ״י כתבי יד מן הגניזה וממדרש הגדול MEKILTA DE-RABI SHIMON BEN YOHAI: `AL PI KITVE YAD MIN HA-GENIZAH MI-MIDRASH HA-GADOL: `IM MAVO, HILUFE GIRSAOT VE-HE`AROT. Jerusalem: Hierosolymis Mekize Nirdamim, 1955. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 58, 303 pages. Illustrated. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Bible. O. T. Exodus - commentaries. SERIES: Sefarim ha-yotsim la-or `al yede Hevrat mekitse nirdamim. Epstein (1878-1952) was born in Brest-Litovsk and studied in Vienna and Berne. In 1925 he became a professor at the then-new Hebrew University. "He formulated the basis for a new approach to talmudic studies in which he trained generations of scholars. Early in his career Epstein devoted studies to books of the Bible and the Elephantine papyri, but the major portion of his life's work was dedicated to rabbinical literature, particularly to the Mishnah text. In the field of geonic literature, Epstein edited the geonic commentary to the sixth order of the Mishnah , the introduction to which had studies on the she'iltot of R. Aha Gaon. His contribution to the modern study of rabbinical literature was of far-reaching importance. Epstein's essays and reviews appeared in many learned periodicals, and he was cofounder and coeditor of the quarterly Devir, and edited the first 23 volumes of the quarterly Tarbiz. He was an active member of the Vaad ha-Lashon and presided over several of its committees.” (staff, EJ) Ex library. Tanned, tears to backstrip, good condition. (RAB-21-26) (ID #21750) 40.00.

RAB-23-14.jpg (102531 bytes) 150. • Falk, Ze'ev W. HEBREW LAW IN BIBLICAL TIMES: AN INTRODUCTION. Jerusalem: Wahrmann Books, 1964. Cloth, 8vo. 179 pages. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Jewish law – history. Has faded dust jacket. Very good condition. (RAB-23-14) (ID #20476) 30.00.




151. • Farbridge, Maurice H. JUDAISM AND THE MODERN MIND. New York: Macmillan, 1927. Cloth, Large 12mo. Xi, 300 pages. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Judaism -- 20th century. CONTENTS: Judaism and some of its modern substitutes; The greatness of the Bible; Bible difficulties—moral and scientific; Judaism and miracles; Judaism and the higher criticism; Is the Bible inspired? ; Jewish tradition—its nature and significance; The authority of Jewish tradition; Should we change our form of service? ; Summary. Has dust jacket. Occasional light pencil marginalia, a little tanned, good condition. (SEF-12-7) (ID #20939) 30.00.

152. • Federbush, Simon. THE JEWISH CONCEPT OF LABOR. New York: Torah Culture Department of the Jewish Agency, 1956. Cloth, 8vo. Viii, 63 pages. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Labor – religious aspects – Judaism. OCLC lists 25 copies worldwide. CONTENTS: Judaism's economic law; Collective: the Jewish view; Sages, society, and socialism; Labor—blessing or a curse; Evaluation of labor; Slavery and its prohibition; The Jewish labor law. Good+ condition. (SEF-12-15) (ID #20947) 30.00.

RAB-21-7.jpg (747504 bytes) 153. • Freeman, Meyer. נחלת מאיר: ... חידושים וביאורים של ש״ס בבלי וירושלמי SEFER NAHALAT MEIR: VE-HU HIDUSHIM U-VEURIM `AL SHAS BAVLI VI-YERUSHALMI. New York: No Publisher, 1928. Cloth, 4to. 125 pages. In Hebrew. First edition. SUBJECT(S): Talmud - commentaries. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. Advertisement for the book laid in. Ex library. Small tear on spine, good condition. (RAB-21-7) (ID #21731) 45.00.






RAB-20-2.jpg (416030 bytes) 154. • Getzow, Nachman Zevi. על נהרות בבל דברי ימי בבל ועתותיה : מצב בני ישראל בין העמים בארץ ההיא `AL NAHAROT BAVEL: SHE-SHAM YASHEVU AVOTENU: DIVRE YEME BAVEL VE-`ITOTEHA: MATSAV BENE YISRAEL BEN HA-`AMIM BA-ARETS HA-HI. Warsaw: Lewinski, 1878. Cloth, 8vo. 152 pages. In Hebrew. English title: The Jews in Babylonia: their history (political social and spiritual conditions) , and their literature: Midrash and Talmud. SUBJECT(S): Jews in Babylonia; Jew - Iraq - Babylonia - history; Babylonia - history. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (Univ of California-Berkeley, Johns Hopkins Univ). Pages tanned, boards worn, hinges repaired, good condition. (RAB-20-2) (ID #21761) 125.00.


k-rab-1-11003_1.jpg (810227 bytes)155. • Gross, Siegmund, Menahem Ibn-Sarûq. MENAHEM BEN SARUK: MIT BERÜCKSICHTIGUNG SEINER VORGÄNGER UND NACHFOLGER; EIN BEITRAG ZUR GESCHICHTE DER HEBRÄISCHEN GRAMMATIK UND LEXICOGRAPHIE. Breslau: Schletter, 1872. Cloth, 112 pages, 8vo, 8". In Hebrew. Mayer Sulzberger's copy, with his bookplate. Standard SUBJECT (S). Identifier: Hebrew language; Grammar; Hebrew language; Lexicography; Menahem ben Saruq. Good Condition. Wear and tear on binding and cover. First 16 pages present in facsimile only, bound in somewhat crudely. (k-rab-1-11) (ID #21662) 50.00.



k-rab-1-1001_1.jpg (874985 bytes)156. • Harkavy, Albert. קורות הכתות בישראל / מאת אברהם אליהו הרכבי. ‬ LE-KOROT HA-KITOT BE-YISRA’EL. Varsha: Y. Elefin, 1895. Cloth, 19 pages; 21 cm. In Hebrew. OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide (JTSA, Yale, Florida). Subject: Jewish sects -- History. Harkavy (1835–1919) was a “scholar of Jewish history and literature. Harkavy was born in Novogrudok, Belorussia. He studied at Lithuanian yeshivot and at the universities of St. Petersburg, Berlin, and Paris. On his return to Russia in 1870 he began teaching ancient Oriental history. The opposition in certain circles to the appointment of a Jew to a university lectureship prompted the Russian government to cancel his post, and he was transferred to the department of Jewish literature and Oriental manuscripts at the Imperial Library in St. Petersburg. In 1877 he was made head of that department, remaining in that position for the rest of his life.” (Poliak in EJ, 2007). From the library of Mayer Sulzberger, with his bookplate. Sulzberger was an American jurist and communal leader; first president of the American Jewish Committee, a founder of the J. P. S, and officer of many Jewish institutions of higher learning. His book collection formed the nucleus of the JTS collection, the largest collection of Jewish books in the world outside of Israel. Fair Condition, stains on pages, but complete. (K-Rab 1-1) (ID #21201) 40.00.

RAB-23-12.jpg (184503 bytes) 157. • Hurwitz, S. L. SEFER HA-MEZUZAH: `IM OR HA-MITSVOT. `EREKH HA-MITSVOT VE-TA`AME HA-MITSVOT BI-KHLAL VE-MITSVAT MEZUZAH BI-FRAT... `IM KUNTERES HA-HALAKHAH. `INYENE HA-HALAKHAH BE-NOGE`A LE-MITSVOT VE-KHAVANAH, VE-`INYENE HA-HALAKHAH SHEBA-MITSVAT MEZUZAH,. `AL-PI GEDOLE HA-POSKIM. New York: Salanter Talmud Torah, 1925. Cloth, 8vo. 210 pages. In Hebrew. First edition. English title: The sefer ha-mesusa: all the commandments and their reasons. Includes list of board members and donors. SUBJECT(S): Mezuza; Commandments (Judaism). OCLC lists 22 copies worldwide. Corners bumped, smudge on title page, front hinge repaired, good condition. (RAB-23-12) (ID #20474) 35.00.

k-rab-1-5001.jpg (1483232 bytes)158. • Isaiah Ben Mali; Di Trani, Coronel, Nahman Nathan. בית נתן: שנוי נוסחאות במסכת ברכות מתלמוד בבלי BET NATAN: SHINUI NUSHAOT BE-MASEKHET BERAKHOT MI-TALMUD BAVLI UVE-SOFO PISKE YESHAYAH MI-TRANI HA-RISHON. Vienna: Gedruckt Bei A. Della Torre, Austria; Vienna, 1854. Cloth, 8vo, 56 pages, 26 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Talmud. Berakhot -- Criticism, Textual. Added Title Page: Beth Nathan; sive, Lectiones varias tractatus Berachoth...et decisiones Jesaiae di Trani. Good Condition. Some wear and tear on the cover. Stained pages. (k-rab-1-5) (ID #21656) 110.00.

159. • Karo, Joseph Ben Ephraim. אבקת רוכל : בו ליקט וקבץ שאלות ... בדיד ממונות, ואיסור והיתר, ותזובותיו ... SEFER AVKAT ROKHEL: BO LIKET VE-KIBETS SHEELOT... BE-DINE MAMONOT, VE-ISUR VE-HETER, U-TESHUVOTAV... Laiptsig (Leipzig): Y. Fishel, 1858-1859. 208 leaves ; 25 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Responsa -- 1040-1600. Note(s): "Nidpas be-faam ha-rishon be-k. K. Saloniki [551, 1791 or 1792], ve-atah nidpas me-hadash shenit... Uve-seder naeh... Beve-hagahah meduket..." OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide (Stanford, JTS, Yale, NYU Law, YU, Cambridge). Solomon Grayzel's copy with bookplate. Inscription on front page. Stained pages. Hinge repair. Wear to edges and corners of cover. Otherwise, good condition. (rab-34-5) (ID #21788) 125.00.

RAB-21-12.jpg (321553 bytes) 160. • Kook, Abraham Isaac. פרקים במשנתו העיונית של הרב קוק: סדרת שיחות PERAKIM BE-MISHNATO HA-`IYUNIT SHEL HA-RAV KUK: SIDRAT SIHOT. VOLUME 1: EMUNAH (ONLY, OF 3). Jerusalem: Amanah, 1960. Paper wrappers, 8vo. In Hebrew. Volume one (of three) only. SUBJECT(S): Faith (Judaism). OCLC lists 21 copies worldwide. Kook (1865-1935) , born in Latvia, was a religious Zionist and the first Ashkenazi chief rabbi In Erez Israel. He was ordained a rabbi in 1888, serving in Zaumel, Bausk, and after migrating, in Jaffa. Stuck in Euope during WWI, Kook temporarily led a congregation in London and encouraged Zionist activity there; after the war he was made chief rabbi of Jerusalem. His devotion to Israel as a religious entity often brought him conflict with other Zionists, both secularists and other rabbis who held practical interests above religious ones. (Zinger, EJ) Ex library. Covers soiled, good condition. (RAB-21-12) (ID #21736) 30.00.

RAB-23-4.jpg (79190 bytes) 161. • Levin, Judah Zevi. TE`UDAT HISHTALMUT HA-ENOSHIYUT. Jerusalem: M. Nyuman, 1949. Cloth, Large 8vo. 574 pages. In Hebrew. First edition. SUBJECT(S): Man (Jewish theology) ; Messianic era (Judaism). Ex library. Warped and with occasional dampstains in margins, text clean, good- condition. (RAB-23-4) (ID #20466) 30.00.





RAB-21-30.jpg (403319 bytes) 162. • Lewin, Benjamin Manasseh. נר שבת תלמוד קטן למתחילים גמרא: כולל בתוכו נר שבת, נר יום הכפורים, נר חנוכה ואור לארבעה עשר: עם פירוש רש׳׳י ותוספות רב, הקדמה ומבוא בראשו ובאורי־מלים בסופו NER SHABAT: TALMUD KATAN LE-MATHILIM GEMARA: KOLEL BE-TOKHO NER SHABAT, NER HAVDALAH, NER YOM HA-KIPURIM, NER HANUKAH VE-OR LE-ARBA`AH `ASAR: `IM PERUSH RASHI VE-TOSAFOT RAV, HAKDAMAH U-MAVO BE-ROSHO U-VEURE-MILIM BE-SOFO. Jerusalem: Alumah, 1940. Cloth, 8vo. 3, 48 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Candles and lights - Judaism; Fasts and feasts - Judaism; Talmud - study and teaching. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (Univ of Florida). Lewin (1879-1944) was a "rabbinic scholar, educator, and authority on geonic literature. Born in Gorodets, Russia, into a wealthy hasidic family and orphaned at an early age, Lewin studied at various yeshivot and for a time served in the Russian army. He came under the influence of A. I. Kook, who was then rabbi at Bausk, Latvia, and served as a tutor in his house. When Kook left to become rabbi in Jaffa, Lewin continued his studies at the Berlin Rabbinical Seminary and Berne University. In Berne he edited the journal for Jewish studies and Jewish religious thought Tahkemoni. In 1912 he went to Erez Israel, where he served as a teacher and later as head of the religious schools network Nezah Yisra'el. He also founded the short-lived Alummah Society for Jewish Studies, for which he edited the publication Alummah. Lewin's major and pioneering work was in the field of geonic studies... He also reconstructed from Genizah material and early rabbinic literature parts of the lost Sefer Metivot.” (EJ, 2007) Front free end paper detached, tape mark on spine, otherwise good+ condition. (RAB-21-30) (ID #21754) 60.00.

k-rab-1-17001_1.jpg (980041 bytes)163. • Mahrich, Jehiel. ספר הדעות והמדות: אשר תזרח עליהן שמש הגבואה ... אחוזים ... בשרשי וענפי התורה, הנבאים והכתובים, ונוזלים מן לבנון הרלב"ג / חובר והוכן מאת יחיאל בן-שלמה מהריח. ‬ SEFER HA-DEOT VEHA-MIDOT: ASHER TIZRAH ALEHEM SHEMESH HA-GAVOAH... AHUZIM... BE-SHORSHE ANFE HA-TORAH, HA-NEVIIM YEHA-KETUVIM, VE-NOZLIM MIN LEVANON HA-RALBAG / HUBAR VE-HUKHAN ME-ET YEHIEL BEN-SHELOMOH MAHARIAH. Varsha: Bi-Defus S. H. Orgelbrand, 1865. Cloth, 100 pages, 8vo, 22 cm. In Hebrew. Parallel title: Hadeoth wehamidoth. Subject: Conduct of life. Very Good Condition. Wear and tear on the cover and binding. Stained pages. (k-rab-1-17) (ID #21668) 75.00.


RAB-21-2.jpg (388526 bytes) 164. • Neusner, Jacob. STUDY GUIDE TO TRADITION AND CHANGE. New York: National Academy For Adult Jewish Studies For The Committee On The Philosophy Of The Conservative Movement, 1959. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 34 pages. SUBJECT (S): Conservative Judaism - examinations, questions, etc; Tradition and change - examinations, questions, etc. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide. Neusner (b. 1932) was born in Hartford, Connecticut, and was ordained rabbi at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. He served on the faculties of Columbia University, the University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee) , Dartmouth College, and Brown University. He was also active in several professional organizations and learned societies; in 1968-69 he served as president of the American Academy of Religion. (Goodblatt, EJ) Ex library. Water stains on covers and some pages, good condition. (RAB-21-2) (ID #21725) 50.00.

RAB-20-11.jpg (773952 bytes) 165. • Rusoff, Elijah. ספר כסא אליהו : שו״ת ופלפולים SEFER KISE ELIYAHU: SH. U-T. U-PILPULIM. Bronx, NY: Rusoff, 1955. Cloth, 4to. 96 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Responsa -- 1900-. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Gilt title and embossed cover. Owner's name on fly leaf, bumped corners, good condition. (RAB-20-11) (ID #21770) 30.00.





RAB-21-1.jpg (696097 bytes) 166. • Rusoff, Elijah. ספר כסא אליהו : שו״ת ופלפולים SEFER KISE ELIYAHU: SH. U-T. U-PILPULIM. Bronx, NY: Postar Press, 1955. Cloth, 4to. 96 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Responsa -- 1900-. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Owner's name on flyleaf, very good condition. (RAB-21-1) (ID #21724) 30.00.






RAB-21-10.jpg (695169 bytes) 167. • Tchernowitz, Chaim. קצור התלמוד: מסכת ברכות עם ביאור מפורט ומספיק על יסוד מדעי KITSUR HA-TALMUD: MASEKHET BERAKHOT... New York: Va'ad Ha-Yovel, 1945. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 96 pages. In Hebrew. Third edition. SUBJECT(S): Talmud. Berakhot - commentaries. OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. Tchernowitz (1871-1948) was born in Russia and studied in Lithuania; he was ordained in Kovno in 1896, after which he moved to Odessa and started a yeshiva that later became a rabbinical seminary. He emigrated to New York in 1923, where he taught at the Jewish Institute of Religion. As a teacher, he desired to combine traditional Jewish education with modern research and teaching methods. (Mikliszanski, EJ) Velvet-like paper covers with gilt title. Covers a little faded, owner's name small on title page, good+ condition. (RAB-21-10) (ID #21734) 40.00.

RAB-23-9.jpg (129394 bytes) 168. • Tishby, Isaiah; Joseph Dan. MIVHAR SIFRUT HA-MUSAR: PERAKIM NIVHARIM BE-TSERUF TSIYUNIM BE'URIM U-MEVO'OT: ME'OT 10-12. Jerusalem: M. Newman, 1970. Hardcover, Large 8vo. Xxiv, 357 pages. In Hebrew. First edition. English title: Hebrew ethical literature: selected texts... Originally designed to be issued in 3 volumes, of which only this volume was published. SUBJECT(S): Jewish ethics. Tishby (1908-1992) was a “scholar of Kabbalah, Shabbateanism, ethical Hebrew literature, and Hasidism. Born as Sandor Schwartz in Sanislo, Hungary, Tishby received a traditional rabbinic education but soon became interested in secular literature and scholarly work. He wrote stories, articles, and poems in Hungarian, publishing a collection of Hungarian poems. He settled in Palestine in 1933 and studied at the Hebrew University, joining its department of Hebrew literature in 1951 (professor from 1955). He wrote the article on hasidic thought in the Encyclopaedia Hebraica, which was also published as a separate book—Torat ha-Hasidut ve-Sifrutah (1966). Other studies of his deal with the messianic element in Hasidism, kabbalistic messianism in 16th-century Italy, and the messianic theology of M. H. Luzzatto and his circle. In 1979 he was awarded the Israel Prize for Jewish Studies.” (Dan, EJ) Shalom Spiegel's copy with his bookplate. Has dust jacket. Good+ condition. (RAB-23-9) (ID #20471) 35.00.

RAB-23-11.jpg (260458 bytes) 169. • Warhaftig, Shillem. DINE `AVODAH BA-MISHPAT HA-`IVRI: `IM NISPAH DINE HA-`AVODAH BE-ANGLIYAH UVE-YISRAEL. VOLUME 1.ONLY (OF 2). Tel Aviv: Moreshet, 1969. Cloth, 8vo. 19, 532 pages. In Hebrew. Volume one (of two) only. English title: Jewish labour law: with appendix, labour law in England and Israel. SUBJECT(S): Labor laws and legislation (Jewish law) ; Labor law and legislation – Israel; Labor law and legislation -- England. SERIES: Pirsume ha-Fakultah le-mishpatim shel ha-Universitah ha-`Ivrit ; mis. 23. OCLC lists 28 copies worldwide. Ex library with minimal markings. Spine faded, good+ condition. (RAB-23-11) (ID #20473) 50.00.


k-rab-1-6001_1.jpg (1600918 bytes)170. • Zuri, Jacob Samuel. שיטת הטענות SHITAT HA-TEANOT. London: M. L. Tseylingold. Great Britain; England; London, 1933. Soft cover, 8vo, paper wraps, 176 pages, 25 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Civil procedure (Jewish law). Added title page.: System of actions. Fair Condition. Half of front cover torn off, back cover has tear in it. Staining on some pages. Pencil markings. But complete and useable. (k-rab-1-6) (ID #21657) 40.00.


RAB-21-16.jpg (440175 bytes) 171. • Zuri, Jacob Samuel. ההיפותיקי א)אחריות כל הנכסים ב)שעבוד כל הנכסים HA-HIPOTEKE: 1.AHARAYUT KOL HA-NEKHASIM 2.SHIBUD KOL HA-NEKHASIM. London: Hotsaat Ha-Hevrah Le-Mehkar Ule-`arikhat Ha-Mishpat Ha-`ivri, 1944. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 79 pages. In Hebrew. English title: Treatise of Hebrew civil law: Hypotheka. SUBJECT(S): Mortgages (Jewish law) ; Liens (Jewish law). SEREIS: Torat ha-mishpat ha-ezrahi ha-`Ivri. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (JTSA). Zuri (1884-1943) was a lawyer and legal scholar. Born in Poland, he also lived in Palestine, France, and England. [His] "single scholarly purpose was to introduce into the European study of Greek, Roman, and Islamic law the data of the Jewish legal tradition. He published most of his 31 works in Hebrew, because, as a Zionist, he hoped to lay the foundation for a system of legislation for the coming Jewish state.” (EJ, 2007) Pages lightly tanned, covers a little soiled, with small tears, good condition. (RAB-21-16) (ID #21740) 50.00.

172. • Grayzel, Solomon. THE CHURCH AND THE JEWS IN THE XIIITH CENTURY: A STUDY OF THEIR RELATIONS DURING THE YEARS 1198-1254, BASED ON THE PAPAL LETTERS AND THE CONCILIAR DECREES OF THE PERIOD. Philadelphia: Dropsie College, 1933. 1st Edition. Cloth, 8vo; 377 pages; Includes 6-page bibliography & 13-page index. Includes a fair amount on England, also on elsewhere in Europe. Chippings and wear to binding. Missing front and back cover. Otherwise, very good condition. (Comhist1-9) (ID #21443) 50.00.

173. • Auerbach, B. H. (Rabbi Tzvi Binyomin). BERIT AVRAHAM: SEDER HA-MILAH... 1860. Frankfurt am Main, No Publisher. Cloth, 8vo, vi, 122 pages. 21 cm. In Hebrew & German, with added title page and table of contents in German as well. SUBJECT(S): Circumcision. OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide (Columbia, Harvard, Florida), none east of Florida. Rabbi Tzvi Binyomin Auerbach of Halberstadt was notorious for partially forging Sefer HaEshkol. Scarce. Lacks backstrip (spine covering), some foxing, paper and binding Good Condition. (rab-21-36) (ID #21189) 150.00.

174. • Jung, Moses. THE JEWISH LAW OF THEFT WITH COMPARATIVE REFERENCES TO ROMAN AND ENGLISH LAW. Philadelphia: Dropsie College, 1929. Wrappers, 8vo. Vi, 145 pages. 1924 Dropsie College Ph. D. Thesis. Includes bibliographical references and index. SUBJECT (S): Larceny (Jewish law). A thorough definition of genebah, the taking of physical property. Jung places genebah in the context of the whole of Jewish law and contrasts and compares it to Roman and English law. Hinge repair. Wear to edges and corners of cover, slight chippings. Otherwise, good condition. (rab-33-3) (ID #21627) 40.00.

rab17-16.jpg (1252602 bytes) 175. • Abramson, Shraga. MASEKHET AVODAH ZARAH: KETAV YAD BET HA-MIDRASH LE-RABANIM BI-NYU YORK. New York: Bet Ha-Midrash Le-Rabanim Be-Nyu York?, 1957. Cloth, 4to. 248 pages.: facsims. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Talmud. Avodah zarah -- Commentaries. Abramson, (19l5- ) , is a rabbinic scholar. Born in Ciechanowiec, in the district of Bialystok, Poland, he received rabbinic ordination in 1936, in which year he emigrated to Erez Israel where he continued his education in various yeshivot and at the Hebrew University. He served on the faculty of the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York from 1952 until 1958, the final year as associate professor. (EJ, Francus) In very good condition. (RAB17-16) (ID #21699) 75.00.

176. • Asher Feldman. THE PARABLES AND THE SIMILES OF THE RABBIS. Cambridge [Eng. ] The University Press, 1924. Cloth, 8vo. Ix p, 1 l, 290 p, 1 l. 23 cm. In English. SUBJECT (S): Midrash. Parables. Rabbijnse literatuur. Metaforen. Midrash. Paraboles. In very good condition. (MX19-4) (ID #21534) 45.00.

177. • Baruk, Henri. TSEDEK: WHERE MODERN SCIENCE IS EXAMINED AND WHERE IT IS ATTEMPTED TO SAVE MAN FROM PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT. Binghamton, N. Y, Swan House Pub. Co, 1972. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. xx, 291 pages. illus. In English. SUBJECT(S): Descriptor: Jewish ethics. Note(s): Translation of the author's Civilisation hébraïque et science de l'homme, with 3 chapters of his Tsedek, droit hëbraïque et science de la paix. "Professor Henri Baruk's titles" on pages 289-291. Ex library in very good condition (MX19-22) (ID #21552) 40.00.

178. • Bath Yehudah, Geulah. אלה תולדות רבי יהודה ליב הכהן מימון ELEH TOLDOT: RABI YEHUDAH LEB HA-KOHEN MAIMON. Yerushalayim: Mosad Ha-Rav Kuk, Israel; Jerusalem, 1964. Cloth, 122 pages, 12mo, 20 cm. In Hebrew. Standard No: LCCN: he 65-1321. SUBJECT(S): Named Person: Maimon, Judah Leib, 1875-1962. Ex-library with usual markings. Some staining on title page. Wear on cover. Otherwise Very Good condition. (k-rab-2-5) (ID #21604) 30.00.

rab17-15.jpg (1668189 bytes) 179. • Berkovits, Eliezer. GOD, MAN, AND HISTORY; A JEWISH INTERPRETATION. New York, Jonathan David, 1959. Cloth, 8vo. 202 pages. In English SUBJECT (S): God (Judaism). Revelation (Jewish theology). Godsbegrip. Berkovits, (1908-1992) , was a rabbi and a theologian. Berkovits was born in Oradea (Nagyvarad) , Transylvania, and was ordained at the Hildesheimer Rabbinical Seminary (1934). After serving in the rabbinate in Berlin, he left Germany for England in 1939, where he was a rabbi in Leeds during 1940-46. He officiated in Sydney, Australia, from 1946 to 1950, then went to the United States, where he served until 1958 as a rabbi in Boston and subsequently as chairman of the department of Jewish philosophy of the Hebrew Theological College in Chicago. (EJ, Halkin) In very good condition in a good jacket. (RAB17-15) (ID #21698) 30.00.


180. • Berman, Jacob, Shemuel Bornshtain. הלכה לעם: הלכות מוסברות ומבוארות על פי המקורות וסדורות מחדש למקרא העם ולמורה עם תלמיד HALAKHAH LA-AM: HALAKHOT MUSBAROT U-MEVOAROT AL PI HA-MEKOROT U-SEDUROT ME-HADASH LE-MIKRA HA-AM ULE-MOREH IM TALMID. Yerushalayim: ha-Mahlakah le-hinukh ule-tarbut toraniyim ba-golah shel ha-Histadrut ha-tsiyonit ha-olamit, 1975. Cloth,  8vo, 22 cm. In Hebrew. Contents: Sefer 1. Mekore ha-halakhah, Be-kumekha, Tsitsit u-tefilin, ha-Tefilah, Keriat ha-Torah, Bet-ha-keneset, Berakhot. -- sefer 2. Shabat, Yom Tov... Teshuvah... Rosh ha-shanah ve-Yom ha-kipurim... Yeme zikaron, Purim ve-Hanukah. -- sefer 4. Kidush ha-Shem, Mitsvot she-ben adam la-havero, Nis´uin u-mishpahah, Ben Yis´rael la-amim. SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Liturgy. Jewish law. Fasts and feasts -- Judaism. Handwritten letter on inside cover. Very Good Condition. (k-rab-1-27/28) (ID #21678/9) 30.00. xx

rab17-5.jpg (1446559 bytes) 182. • Besdin, Abraham R. MAN OF FAITH IN THE MODERN WORLD, REFLECTIONS OF THE RAV VOLUME 2 (ONLY). Hoboken, NJ, KTAV Publ. House, 1989. Cloth, 8vo. 164 pages. Ill. In English. SUBJECT (S): Judaism. Ex library with usual markings in very good condition in a very good jacket (RAB17-5) (ID #21688) 30.00.



183. • Bettan, Israel. STUDIES IN JEWISH PREACHING: MIDDLE AGES. Cincinnati: Hebrew Union College, 1939. Cloth; 8vo. Xi, 404 pages. First edition. Series: The Henry and Ida Krolik memorial publications, volume 1. Bettan was a rabbi and professor at Hebrew Union College. SUBJECT (S): Jewish preaching. Bookplate and owner’s name on endpaper, Very Good Condition. (RAB-1-13) (ID #21621) 30.00.

rab17-3.jpg (1676677 bytes) 184. • Bial, Morrison David. THE QUESTIONS YOU ASKED: QUESTIONS ON JEWISH BELIEF AND THE ANSWERS OF A LIBERAL RABBI. New York: Behrman House, 1972. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. Description: xii, 115 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Judaism -- Miscellanea. In very good condition. (RAB17-3) (ID #21686) 30.00.



185. • Bornstein-Makovetsky, Leah. Medina, Shmuel. MAFTEAH LI-SHEELOT U-TESHUVOT R. SHEMUEL DI MEDINAH. Ramat-Gan: Universitat Bar-Ilan, Ha-Makhon Le-Heker Ha-Yahadut Ba-Mizrah, 1979. 8vo. 70, 261 pages; 25 cm. In Hebrew. Series: Maftehot, 6; Variation: Maftehot. SUBJECT(S) Responsa -- 1040-1600 -- Indexes. In very good condition (Bible6-8) (ID #21049) 45.00.

k-rab-1-8001_1.jpg (1221869 bytes)186. • Briskin, Yehoshua Ben Hayim Yis´rael. |ספר תו יהושע: כולל דיני הנהגת אדם בדבר ברכת הנאות גוף ונפש מכל מיני מאכלים ומשקים שבעולם מסודר ע״פ סדר אלפא ביתא SEFER TAV YEHOSHUA: KOLEL DINE HANHAGAT ADAM BI-DEVAR BIRKHAT HANAOT GUF VA-NEFESH MI-KOL MINE MAAKHALIM U-MASHK IM SHEBA-OLAM MESUDAR A. P. SEDER ALFA BETA. Varsha: Bi-Defus E. Boymritter. Poland;warsaw, 1895. 94 pages, 8vo. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S) Jewish law. Good Condition. Wear and tear on the cover and binding. Corners of first few pages are missing. Stained pages. Front cover page has markings. (k-rab-1-8) (ID #21659) 75.00.

187. • Chodos, Rafael. THE JEWISH ATTITUDE TOWARDS JUSTICE AND LAW. Los Angeles: R. Chodos ; Leiden, The Netherlands: Distributed By E. J. Brill Booksellers, 1984. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. 101 pages. [1] leaf of plates: col. Ill. In English. SUBJECT (S): Jewish law -- Philosophy. Comparative law. Law -- Egypt. Egyptian literature -- Relation to the Old Testament. In very good condition (MX19-9) (ID #21539) 30.00.

rab17-17.jpg (1893563 bytes) 188. • Cohen, J. Simcha. TIMELY JEWISH QUESTIONS, TIMELESS RABBINIC ANSWERS. Northvale, N. J.: J. Aronson, 1991. Cloth , 8vo. 364 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Responsa -- 1800. Judaism -- Customs and practices. Jewish law. Judaism -- Liturgy. In very good condition in a very good jacket. (RAB17-17) (ID #21700) 30.00.





rab17-20.jpg (1112690 bytes)189. • Efron, Benjamin. CURRENTS AND TRENDS IN CONTEMPORARY JEWISH THOUGHT. New York, Ktav Pub. House, 1965. Cloth, 8vo. 311 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Jewish learning and scholarship. Juifs -- Savoir et érudition. In very good condition. (RAB17-20) (ID #21703) 30.00.






k-rab-2-9007_1.jpg (1269175 bytes)190. • Finkelstein, Louis. THE BELIEFS AND PRACTICES OF JUDAISM. New York: Devin-Adair, 1941. Paperback, 92 pages, 12mo, 21 cm. Finkelstein (1895-1991) “was born in Cincinnati. His father, an Orthodox rabbi, supervised his early Jewish education. He graduated from the College of the City of New York (1915) and took his Ph.D. at Columbia University (1918). Ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1919, Finkelstein served for more than ten years as rabbi of Congregation Kehilath Israel in New York City, but his close association with the seminary continued. A year after his ordination he began teaching Talmud there, and in 1924 he began teaching theology; from 1931 he was professor of theology. He rose to prominence early. He was president of the Rabbinical Assembly from 1928 to 1930 at the age of 33. He was groomed by Cyrus Adler as his successor. He also assumed more and more administrative responsibility, as assistant to the president (1934), provost (1937), president (1940), and chancellor (from 1951–1972).Under his leadership the seminary attained national prominence in both Jewish and interfaith activities, expanding its academic scope by initiating the Institute for Religious and Social Studies, for example, and its public education work through the Jewish Museum and the radio and television program The Eternal Light, among other innovations.” (Goldin, Judah, and Michael Berenbaum in EJ, 2007). SUBJECT(S): Judaism. Includes bibliographical references (page 88) and index. Personalized note to Mr. Edward Kalsky, on title page from the author. Wear on the binding and cover. Hinge repair. Otherwise, very good condition. (k-rab-2-9) (ID #21608) 40.00.

RAB-34-7.jpg (180552 bytes) 191. • Finkelstein, Louis. THE SOURCES OF THE TANNAITIC MIDRASHIM. Philadelphia, Dropsie College, 1941. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 32 pages. Offprint from the Jewish Quarterly Review, New Series, Vol XXXI, no. 3 Very Good Condition. (rab-34-7)  (ID #21791) 30.00.






rab17-19.jpg (1677979 bytes)192. • Freehof, Solomon Bennett. RECENT REFORM RESPONSA. Cincinnati [Ohio]: Hebrew Union College Press, 1963. Cloth, 8vo. Xi, 232 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S) Responsa -- 1800-1948. Responsa -- 1948- Reform Judaism -- Customs and practices. Jewish law -- Reform Judaism. Ex library with bookplate. Freehof, (1892-1990) , was a U. S. Reform rabbi and scholar. Freehof, born in London, was taken to the United States in 1903 by his parents, who settled in Baltimore. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati (1914) and a year later was ordained at Hebrew Union College, whose faculty he then joined. After serving as a chaplain with the American forces in Europe during World War I, Freehof became professor of liturgy at Hebrew Union College. (EJ, Halkin) In very good condition in a good jacket (RAB17-9) (ID #21692) 30.00.


k-rab-1-10001_1_1.jpg (748219 bytes)193. • Friedmann, Meir. סדר אליהו רבה וסדר אליהו זוטה:‏ ‏נספחים לסדר אליהו זוטא [והם שלשה פרקי דרך ארץ ושבעה פרקי ר׳ אליעזר שנתוספו בהוצאות על שם אליהו זוטא SEDER ELIAHU RABBA AND SEDER ELIAHU ZUTA (TANNA D'BE ELIAHU). Jerusalem, Wahrmann Books, 1902. Cloth, 1 volume (various pagings) facsims, 8vo, 23 cm. In Hebrew. Simon Greenberg's copy, with his signature and address written. Friedmann was "born in Horost, Slovakia. From 1843 to 1848 he studied in Ungvar at the yeshivah of his relative Meir Asch. Between 1848 and 1858 he underwent several crises and changes. Successively, he lived as an ascetic Hasid preparing for immigration to Erez Israel, temporarily came under the influence of the Haskalah, returned to the study of the Talmud and was ordained, married, and became a farmer; his wife died, he was impoverished, and he became a maggid. In 1858 he settled in Vienna and attended the university as a non-matriculated student. From 1864 on he served as librarian, Bible teacher to adults, and Talmud teacher to the young at the bet midrash in Vienna. After 1894 he also taught at the rabbinical seminary there.” (Benedikt in EJ, 2007). SUBJECT(S): Seder Eliyahu (anoniem) Added title page in Hebrew: Seder Eliyahu rabah. Introductions in German. Other Titles: Tanna de-vei Eliyahu; Pirkei de-Rabbi Eliezer; Pseudo-Seder Eliahu zuta; Seder Eliahu zuta. Very Good Condition. Wear and tear on the binding and cover. Ex-library with minimal marks. (k-rab-1-10) (ID #21661) 100.00.

194. • Frisch, Ephraim. AN HISTORICAL SURVEY OF JEWISH PHILANTHROPY: FROM THE EARLIEST TIMES TO THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. New York: The MacMillan Company, 1924. Hardback, 12mo. 196 pages. In English. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Charities. Frisch (1880–1957) , a U. S. Reform rabbi who was born in Lithuania, was taken to the United States in 1888. He received rabbinic ordination at Hebrew Union College (1904) , and held pulpits in Pine Bluff, Ark. (1904–12) , Far Rockaway, N. Y. (1912–15) , New York City (1915–23) , and San Antonio, Tex. (1923–42). After becoming rabbi emeritus of the San Antonio congregation in 1942, Frisch settled in New York. An active member of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, he served on several of its committees. He was an outspoken liberal on social questions and an active supporter of the American Civil Liberties Union and Americans for Democratic Action.” (EJ, Temkin, Sefton D) Alexander Marx’s copy, signed by the author in an inscription dated July 17, 1924. Some water stains on edges of pages, otherwise in very good condition. (MX12-9). (ID #21328) 30.00.

MX-13-3017.jpg (49555 bytes) 195. • Glicksberg, Abraham. EDUCATIONAL VALUES IN THE SHULCHAN ARUCH. New York: Shengold Publishers, 1984. Hardback, 8vo. 131 pages. In English. The standard code of Jewish law is discussed by the author as a source of educational values, both in a historical and a contemporary perspective. ISBN 0884001059. SUBJECT(S): Jewish religious education. Éducation religieuse juive. Karo, Joseph ben Ephraim, 1488-1575. Shulhan `arukh. Karo, Joseph, 1488-1575. Sulhan `Arûk. Book contains inscription: "To my teacher and my guide. To professor Abraham I Katsh and family a friend in need is a friend in deed." Clean copy, in very good condition. (MX13-3) (ID #21344) 30.00.


196. • Golomb, Elhanan H. JUDAH BEN SOLOMON CAMPANTON AND HIS “ARBA’AH KINYANIM”. Philadelphia: The Dropsie College For Hebrew And Cognate Learning, 1930. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. 110 pages. In English and Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Campanton, Judah ben Solomon. Arba'ah Kinyanim. A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Doctor of Philosophy in the Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning. Clean copy, cover has some wear. In very good condition. (MX12-5) (ID #21324) 30.00.

rab17-11.jpg (1351144 bytes) 197. • Gordis, Robert. A FAITH FOR MODERNS. New York, Bloch Pub. Co, 1960. Cloth, 8vo. 316 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Religion. Gordis, (1908-1992) , U. S. Bible scholar, author, and rabbi. Gordis was born in New York City, and ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1932. He served as rabbi of Temple Beth El of Rockaway Park, N. Y, from 1931 until his retirement in 1968, and while there established the first Conservative day school in the United States. (EJ, Robinson) In very good condition in a very good jacket. (RAB17-11) (ID #21694) 30.00.


198. • Guttmann, Alexander. STUDIES IN RABBINIC JUDAISM. 1976. Cloth, 8vo. 92 pages. In English. GUTTMANN, ALEXANDER (1904–1994) , talmudic scholar, son of Michael Guttmann. Guttmann was born in Budapest. He received both his rabbinical diploma and his doctorate in Breslau. Guttmann taught Talmud and was the rabbi authorized to grant ordination at the Hochschule fuer die Wissenschaft des Judentums in Berlin (1935–40). From 1940 he taught Talmud at the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, Ohio, Guttmann published several works and numerous scholarly articles, including Das redaktionelle und sachliche Verhaeltnis zwischen Mischna und Tosephta (1928) and Rabbinic Judaism in the Making (1970). (EJ, Miahly) In very good condition. (MX19-19) (ID #21549) 40.00.

 RAB17-19_0001.jpg (982707 bytes)199. • Kadushin, Max. A CONCEPTUAL APPROACH TO THE MEKILTA. New York: Jewish Theological Seminary Of America, 1969. Paper Wrappers, 12mo. 215 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Mekhilta of Rabbi Ishmael - Commentaries. Kadushin, (1895-1980) , U. S. Rabbinic scholar. Kadushin was born in Minsk, Russia, and emigrated with his family to the United States in 1897. He was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Kadushin held pulpits in New York City (Temple Israel, 1921-26) and Chicago (Humboldt Blvd. Temple, 1926-31) , and was Hillel Foundation director at the University of Wisconsin (1931-42). He taught at the Hebrew High School of New York (1942-52) and at the Academy for Higher Jewish Learning in New York, of which he was also dean (from 1958). He also taught ethics and rabbinic thought at the Jewish Theological Seminary. (EJ, Staff) In very good condition. (RAB17-19) (ID #21702) 30.00.

200. • Karlin, Aryeh. תורת אבן העזר : לשלחן ערוך אבן העזר הלכות כתובות TORAT EVEN HA-EZER: LE-SHULHAN ARUKH EVEN HA-EZER HILKHOT KETUBOT. Yerushalayim: Mosad Ha-Rav Kuk, 1950. Cloth, 25, 237 pages, 8vo, 24 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Ketubah. Named Person: Karo, Joseph ben Ephraim. Even ha-ezer -- Commentaries. Includes bibliographical references. Wear and stain on the cover. Stained pages. Page 231 slight chippings, otherwise, very good condition. (k-rab-2-1) (ID #21600) 30.00.

201. • Katz, Ahser Anshel. SEFER NAHAL HA-BERIT ‘AL HILKHOT MILAH:.DINE HA-VELADIM SHE-LO NIMOLU KA HOGEN.VE-‘ALAV BEUR AVI HA-NAHAL.VE-ZIKHRON TSEVI. VOL 2 [ONLY]. No Publisher, 1974. Hardback, 4to, 377 pages, in Hebrew. Vol 3. SUBJECT(S): Responsa. OCLC lists four copies worldwide (Standford University, Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Hebrew Union College). Gold title lettering, marbled pages edges. In very good condition. (MX12-2) (ID #21321) 30.00.

202. • Katz, Antschel. SEFER NAHAL HA-BERIT `AL HILKHOT MILAH:... DINE HA-YELADIM SHE-LO NIMOLU KA-HOGEN... VE-`ALAV BEUR AVI HA-NAHAL... VE-ZIKHRON TSEVI... Brooklyn: No Publisher, 1973. Hardcover, 4to. SUBJECT(S): Responsa. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. Very good condition. (MX-20-8) (ID #21563) 35.00.

203. • Mahan, W. D. translated by [M. ] McIntosh and [T. H. ] Twyman. THE ARCHKO VOLUME: OR, THE ARCHEOLOGICAL WRITINGS OF THE SANHEDRIM AND TALMUDS OF THE JEWS (INTRA SECUS)... Philadelphia: Antiquarian Book Company, 1905. Cloth, 16mo. Viii, 248 pages. Frontispiece plate. Second edition. Originally published in 1887. Note (s): "These are the official documents made in these courts in the days of Jesus Christ... From manuscripts in Constantinople and the records of the senatorial docket taken from the Vatican at Rome. / Generally regarded as spurious. Cf. James, M. E. Apocryphal New Testament, Oxford, 1924, p. 90, and Goodspeed, E. J. Strange New Gospels, Chicago, 1931, chapter 5. Contents: How these records were discovered. --A short sketch of the Talmuds. --Constantine's letter in regard to having fifty copies of the Scriptures written and bound. --Jonathan's interview with the Bethlehem shepherds; Letter of Melker, Priest of the Synagogue at Bethlehem. --Gamaliel's interview with Joseph and Mary and others concerning Jesus. --Report of Caiaphas to the Sanhedrim concerning the execution of Jesus. --Valleus's notes; "Acta Pilati, " or Pilate's report to Caesar of the arrest, trial, and crucifixion of Jesus. --Herod Antipater's defence before the Roman Senate in regard to the execution of John the Baptist. --The Hillel letters regarding God's providence to the Jews, by Hillel the Third. SUBJECT(S): Jesus Christ -- Trials, litigation, etc. -- Apocryphal and legendary literature. Ex-library. Inscribed to Henry Wallenstein, one of the pillars of early Wichita society. Edgewear; else very good condition. (RAB-2-10) (ID #21620) 20.00.

k-rab-1-14002.jpg (1424035 bytes)204. • Nahmanides, Jacob Meshullam Ben Mordecai Zeev Ornstein, Mordecai Leib Bisliches. ספר אוצר נחמד: והוא חדושי הרמב׳׳ן על מסכת שבת אשר לא נודע לישראל מיום הכתבו עד היום הזה SEFER OTSAR NEHMAD: VE-HU HIDUSHE HA-RAMBAN AL MASEKHET SHABAT. Pressburg: A. Shmid, 1837. Cloth, 64 leaves [i. E. 128 pages], 8vo, 24 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Talmud. Shabbat --Commentaries. Other Titles: Title on title page. Verso; Ozar nechmad; Hidushe ha-Ramban al Masekhet Shabat. Fair Condition. Missing Front Cover. First page torn, with writings. Wear and tear on back cover and spine. Title page. Stained pages. Some pages ripped at the bottom. Back cover with writings. We can have this rebound for you if so desired. Please ask. (k-rab-1-14) (ID #21665) 60.00.

205. • Novak, David. LAW AND THEOLOGY IN JUDAISM. New York, Ktav Pub. House, 1974. Cloth, 8vo. 176 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Descriptor: Responsa -- 1800- Judaism -- Doctrines. Jewish ethics. Responsa -- 1800- Jodendom. Ethiek. Gebruiken. In very good condition (MX19-16) (ID #21546) 30.00.

206. • Parkes, James William. THE JEW IN THE MEDIEVAL COMMUNITY; A STUDY OF HIS POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC SITUATION. New York: Hermon Press, 1976. Paperback, 8vo. 440 pages. Second edition. SUBJECT (S): Jews - history - A. D. 70-; Jews - politics and government; Jews - social conditions; Jewish question; Middle Ages - history. SERIES: His A history of antisemitism. II; Variation: Parkes, James William, ; 1896-; History of antisemitism. II. "A member of the Church of England, Parkes was ordained in 1926 and from 1928 to 1934 was study secretary of the International Student Service in Geneva. Actively aware of the anti-Semitism prevalent in the Central and Eastern European universities, he wrote his earliest book, The Jew and His Neighbour (1930, 1938). He then embarked on what was planned as a comprehensive history of anti-Semitism, the chief responsibility for which he saw in the policy of the Christian Church (The Conflict of the Church and the Synagogue, 1934; The Jew in the Medieval Community, 1938). He wrote a long series of other works on anti-Semitism, the origins of Christianity, the history of Palestine, etc, in all of which he demonstrated a strong sympathy with the Jewish people and appreciation of Judaism as a religious system. Parkes collaborated with many Jewish organizations and was president of the Jewish Historical Society of England (1949-51). His important private library on Jewish history and Jewish-Gentile relations, which he collected at his home in Barley (near Cambridge) and was incorporated in 1956 as a center for the study of relations between the Jewish and non-Jewish worlds, was given by Parkes to the University of Southampton, where the University established a research fellowship for the study of the relations of Jewish and non-Jewish communities. "(Roth, EJ) Hinge repair. Wear to binding. Yellowing of pages. Otherwise, very good condition. (ComHist-9-3) (ID #21450) 35.00.

207. • Plaut, W. Guenther. THE SABBATH AS PROTEST: THOUGHTS ON WORK AND LEISURE IN THE AUTOMATED SOCIETY. Syracuse, N. Y.: Syracuse University, April 1970. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 24 pages. SUBJECT (S): Sabbath; Leisure – religious aspects – Judaism. SERIES: The B. G. Rudolph lectures in Judaic studies. An American Reform rabbi, Plaut (b. 1912) was born in Germany and took a law degree at the University of Berlin. In 1935, he fled the Nazis to the US, and there was ordained at Hebrew Union College. He served as a chaplain in the army during WWII, and led congregations in Chicago, St. Paul, and Toronto, leading the Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto several decades. (EJ, 2007) Very good condition. (MX-20-15) (ID #21569) 40.00.

rab17-22.jpg (1924425 bytes) 208. • Rabinowitz, Louis I. ESSAYS BY RABBI LOUIS I. RABINOWITZ. New York: Religious Dept. Of The Jewish National Fund Of America, 1980. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. 32 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Reclamation of land -- Israel. Jewish law. Contents: The revival of Halacha--The mitzvah of Geulat Ha-aretz--On trees and afforestation--Yom Kippur, the day of the land--Land purchases in Israel on the Sabbath--Trees and afforestation according to Halachah. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide (Spertus Inst of Jewish Studies, New York Public Library Res Library, Yeshiva University, Hebrew Union College, Miyazaki Education Institute). Rabinowitz, (1906-1984) , was a rabbi. Born in Edinburgh, he served as rabbi in the London communities of Shepherd's Bush, South Hackney, and Cricklewood, successively. During World War II he was senior Jewish chaplain with the British army in the Middle East and Normandy. In 1945 he became chief rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregation of Johannesburg and the Federation of Synagogues of Transvaal and the Orange Free State. He was appointed professor of Hebrew at the University of Witwatersrand and head of the Johannesburg bet din. In 1947, in protest against British policy in Palestine, he discarded his war decorations in public. An eloquent preacher, he was also outspoken in his criticism of the South African government's apartheid policy. (EJ, Staff) In very good condition (RAB17-22) (ID #21705) 30.00.

209. • Roth, John K. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?: WRESTLING WITH THE SIXTH COMMANDMENT. Boca Raton, Fla.: Florida Atlantic University, 2006. Paper wrappers, 8vo. Xii, 28 pages. SUBJECT (S): Ten commandments – murder. OCLC lists 7 copies worldwide. SERIES: May Smith lecture on post-Holocaust Christian/Jewish dialogue ; [4]. Very good condition. (MX-20-28) (ID #21582) 30.00.

rab17-2.jpg (2358576 bytes) 210. • Rubin, Shmuel. SEFER `EDUTAN SHEL RABANIM. Bruklin, Nu York: Makhon Le-Hotsaat Sifre Yehudah Ve-Yisrael, 1985. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. 2 v. In 1. 320 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S) Jews -- Dietary laws. Rabbis -- Correspondence. Note(s): "Bo nikbetsu helek gadol mi-karov le-sheloshet alafim mikhtave berakhah ve-`idud mi-gedole ve-hakhme dorenu...” OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide. In very good condition. (RAB17-2) (ID #21685) 50.00.



rab17-18.jpg (846149 bytes) 211. • Rudavsky, David. EMANCIPATION AND ADJUSTMENT; CONTEMPORARY JEWISH RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTS, THEIR HISTORY AND THOUGHT. New York, Diplomatic Press, 1967. Cloth, 8vo. 460 pages. Illus, facsims, ports. In English. SUBJECT (S): Judaism -- History -- Modern period, 1750. Rudavsky, (1903- ) , a U. S. Educator and a professor of Hebraic studies. Rudavsky was born in Bialystok, Poland, and was taken to New York in 1910. From 1932 to 1942 Rudavsky was principal of the Florence Marshall Hebrew High School in New York. He then worked with the Jewish Education Committee (1942-48) , and the Jewish Education Association of Essex County, New Jersey, as executive director (1948-56). A frequent contributor to the journal Jewish Education, he was its managing editor in 1944-46 and associate editor in 1946-48. From 1954 to 1957 he was active with the National Council for Jewish Education as vice-president and then as president. Rudavsky began teaching at New York University in 1945. He became program director of the university's School of Education in 1964, and in 1966 he became acting director of the Institute of Hebraic Studies in the university's graduate division of arts and sciences. (Ej, Staff) In very good condition in a good jacket. (MX19-17) xx (ID #21547) 30.00.

 212. • ANOTHER COPY. In good condition in a fair jacket. (RAB17-18) (ID #21701) 30.00.

213. • (Saadya Gaon) Rosenblatt, Samuel. SAADIA GAON: THE BOOK OF BELIEFS AND OPINIONS. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1948. Cloth, 8vo. Xxxii, 496 pages. SERIES: Yale Judaica series, vol. 1; Rosenblatt (1902–) , son of the famous Hazzan Josef (Yossele) Rosenblatt, was “born in Bratislava and was taken to the United States in 1912. He received a rabbincal degree from the Jewish Theological Seminary (1925) ; studied in Jerusalem on a fellowship from the American Schools of Oriental Research; and received a Ph. D. From Columbia (1927). From 1927 Rabbi Rosenblatt served Congregation Beth Tefiloh in Baltimore, Maryland. He headed the Baltimore Board of Rabbis (1952–) ; Mizrachi (1938–42) ; and the American Jewish Congress (1942–47). Associated with Johns Hopkins University from 1930, Rosenblatt taught Jewish literature until 1947, and thereafter oriental languages”(EJ). Ex-library with usual markings. Very good condition, dustjacket very good condition. (k-rab-3-3) (ID #21295) 35.00.

214. • ANOTHER COPY. Ex-library with usual markings. Wear to binding. Hinge repair. Good condition. (k-rab-3-3) (ID #21456) 30.00.

k-rab-1-9001_1.jpg (1469817 bytes)215. • Samson Ben Zadok, Meir Ben Baruch. ספר תשב״ץ SEFER TASHBATS. Varsha: Y. Goldman, 1875. Cloth, 96 pages, 12mo, 21 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Descriptor: Judaism -- Customs and practices. Jewish law. Other Titles: Tashbats. Responsibility: Shimshon bar Tsadok; kolel 590 minhagim, pesakim ve-dinim shel Meir Yis´rael Maharam mi-Rotenburg. Good Condition. Wear and tear on cover and binding. Lacks backstrip (spine covering). Hinge Repair. (k-rab-1-9) (ID #21660) 100.00.



216. • Scholem, Gershom, Et Al. STUDIES IN MYSTICISM AND RELIGION. MEHKARIM BA-KABALAH UVE-TOLDOT HA-DATOT. Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1967. Cloth, Large 8vo. 387, 235 pages. First edition. Frontispiece tipped-in photograph of Scholem. In English and Hebrew. Presented to Gershom G. Scholem on his Seventieth Birthday by Pupils Colleagues and Friends. Includes bibliographical references and index. SUBJECT (S): Religion. Mysticism. Mysticism -- Judaism. Religion. Mysticisme. Mysticisme -- Judaïsme. Scholem is one of the towering figures of modern Jewish scholarship. This volume contains 16 essays in English, 5 in German, 4 in French, and 12 in Hebrew by distinguished scholars from all over the world, plus a bibliography of Scholem’s works. In jacket, slight chippings to edges. Otherwise, very good condition. (RAB-6-7) (ID #21444) 75.00.

217. • Schwarz, Adolf. HA-GEZERAH HA-SHAVAH. Krakow: Josef Fischer, 1898. Cloth, 8vo. Viii, 149 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Talmud – hermeneutics. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (JTSA). Schwarz (1846-1931) , born in Hungary, was a rabbi in Karlsruhe, and head of the Israelitisch-theologische Lehranstalt in Vienna. (EJ, 2007) Ex library, good condition. (SEF-12-6) (ID #20938) 45.00.

218. • Wanefsky, Joseph. RABBI ISAAC JACOB REINES: HIS LIFE AND THOUGHT. New York, Philosophical Library, 1970. Cloth, 8vo. 171 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Reines, Isaac Jacob, 1839-1915. Very good in a very good jacket. (MX19-2) (ID #21533) 30.00.

k-rab-2-4002_1.jpg (897714 bytes)219. • (Weiss, Isaac Hirsch. Rapoport, Solomon Judah Leib). Epstein, A, S. J. Halberstam. DIVRE BIKORET: LI-KHVOD R. SH. L. RAPOPORT VE-NEGED R. A. H. VEIS. Kraka:bi-Defuso Shel Y. Fischer, Poland; Kraków, 1896. Cloth, 28 pages, 12mo, 22 cm. In Hebrew. Epstein (1841-1918) “was born in Staro-Konstantinov, Russia, to a wealthy family. Epstein leased some land near Kozmin in 1865 and worked it himself for many years, trying to persuade some of the local Jewish poor to do the same. During that period he developed an interest in natural sciences and built a laboratory, where he carried out various experiments. After his father's death Epstein left his farm and took over the family business. In 1861 he traveled to Western Europe, where he met some of the leading figures in Jewish scholarship (S. J. L. Rapoport, Z. Frankel, and M. Sachs) who greatly stimulated his interest in Jewish studies. Gradually, he liquidated his shares in the family business and devoted himself to research. In 1876 he settled in Vienna, where he pursued his studies and contributed articles to learned Hebrew periodicals.” (Avneri in EJ, 2007). SUBJECT(S): Named Person: Weiss, Isaac Hirsch. Rapoport, Solomon Judah Leib. Title Subject: Talmud -- Criticism, Textual. Wear on cover and binding. Stained Pages. Hinge Repair. Otherwise Very Good condition. (k-rab-2-4) (ID #21603) 75.00.

220. • Wolfson, Harry. ESCAPING JUDAISM. New York: Menorah Press, Intercollegiate Menorah Association, 1923. Paper Wrappers, 4to, 54 pages, pamphlet #2. "Reprinted from The menorah Journal for June and August, 1921. Hinge repair. Minimal chippings on edges of cover. Slight water stain near binding on pages. Otherwise, good condition. (P-1) (ID #21440) 50.00.

RAB-20-14.jpg (580831 bytes) 221. • Alfasi, Isaac Ben Jacob. שאלות ותשובות SHE`ELOT U-TESHUVOT. Warsaw: Sh. Sovlaski, 1884. Cloth, 8vo. 100 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Responsa -- 1040-1600. OCLC lists 4 copies worldwide (Univ of Leeds, Brandeis, JTSA, Ohio State Univ). Alfasi was the eleventh century "author of the most important code prior to the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides. In a sense, Alfasi brought the geonic period to a close. The last of the Babylonian geonim, Hai Gaon, died when Alfasi was 25 years old. Alfasi himself was called "gaon" by several early halakhic authorities. Judah b. Barzillai al-Bargeloni sometimes refers to him simply as "the Gaon.” Alfasi was a native of Qal'at Hammad near Constantine, in Algeria, and is therefore sometimes called "ha-Kala'i.” According to Abraham ibn David, Alfasi studied in Kairouan under both Nissim ben Jacob and Hananel b. Hushi'el, but nowhere does Alfasi mention them as his teachers.” (EJ, 2007) Solomon Grayzel's copy with his bookplate. Pages tanned, dent in fore edge. Otherwise very good condition. (RAB-20-14) (ID #21773) 100.00.

222. • Weingarten, Joab Joshua. SEFER HELKAT YOAV. Yerushalayim: Agudat Tadhats, 1963. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. Edition: Mahad. 3. 131 leaves. In Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Responsa -- 1800-1900. Responsa – 1900. OCLC lists three copies worldwide (Yale University Library, Yeshiva University, Hebrew Union College) , none west of Cincinnati. Weingarten, (1847–1922) , was a Polish rabbi. Regarded by Abraham Bornstein of Suchaczew as his most brilliant pupil, he and his teacher exchanged numerous responsa. Weingarten had strong leanings toward Hasidism; from 1880 he was rabbi in several Polish cities and finally in Konskie, being thereafter known as "the Rabbi of Konskie.” He was considered one of the greatest halakhic authorities in Poland, and many Polish rabbis addressed halakhic questions to him, but in his replies, contrary to the usual practice, he does not mention the name of his correspondents. His replies were always brief and to the point; he justified this brevity by stating that his decisions might not be regarded as the final halakhah. He was the author of Helkat Yo'av on the four parts of the Shulkan Arukh (2 pts, 1903–05). A second, revised, edition, with a supplement containing his glosses to the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds, was published in Jerusalem in 1950. In this work he disagreed, at times in disparaging terms, with the views of several accepted halakhic authorities, charging them in the introduction with being ignorant of the stylistic features of Hebrew. His work became a classic among Polish scholars, among whom his novellae circulated. In the appendix to the work, entitled Kabba de-Kashyata, he lists 103 insoluble problems (the numerical value of kabba being 103). His son Meir, who succeeded him as rabbi of Konskie, was killed by the Nazis. (EJ, Alfassi) In good condition. (HOLO2-10-16) (ID #20840) 125.00.

223. • Leslau, Wolf. FALASHA ANTHOLOGY. 8vo. Xiii, 222 pages. Photo illustrations. SUBJECT (S): Judaism; Jews, Ethiopian; Ethiopic literature - translations into English; Falasha; Judaism - anthologies. SERIES: Yale Judaica series, ; v. 6. Very good condition in Very Good Jacket. (SEF-9-18) (ID #19684) $30.00. 

224. • Braude, William G. PESIKTA RABBATI; DISCOURSES FOR FEASTS, FASTS, AND SPECIAL SABBATHS: VOLUME II. New Haven, Yale University Press, 1968. Cloth, 8vo. Vii, 511- pages. SUBJECT (S): Judaism -- doctrines. SERIES: Yale Judaica series, ; v. 18; Braude (1907–1988) was born in Telz, Lithuania, and “was taken to the United States in 1920. He was ordained at Hebrew Union College in 1931. After a year in Rockford, Illinois, he served as rabbi of Temple Beth El, Providence, Rhode Island, from 1932. Rabbi Braude was one of the leaders of the right wing within the Reform movement and advocated a return to traditional practices and became known as one of the leading students of rabbinics in the Reform movement. He was a leading supporter of the Hebrew day school concept, reintroduced the head covering at his services, and argued for respect of the dietary laws and other observances. In 1965 he participated in the civil rights demonstration led by Martin Luther King in Montgomery, Alabama. A member of various scholarly bodies, he also served on many civic agencies, and has lectured widely. His translation with critical notes of the Pesikta Rabbati (1968) represents an important contribution to the study of midrashic literature and is based on manuscripts and early printed editions”(EJ) . Very good condition. (RAB-11-20) (ID #18237) $75.00.