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Last month we published Catalog 159: Rabbinics and Medieval Judaism in Hebrew..

We are now pleased to published

Catalog 160: Rabbinics and Medieval Judaism in Non-Hebrew Languages
(with a few Hebrew titles included at the end!)

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  1. Amsel, Nachum. THE JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MORAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES. Northvale, N. J., J. Aronson, 1994. Publishers cloth. 8vo. IX, 505 pages. 24 cm. First edition. A compendium of responses to contemporary ethical issues written by the orthodox rabbi Nachum Amsel. Subjects: Jewish ethics. Judaism - 20th century. Judaism - Doctrines. Judaism and social problems. Great condition in good jacket. (BIBLIOG-29-14) (ID #30006) $30.00.






  3. Iakerson, S. M. (Semen Mordukhovich); Jewish Theological Seminary Of America., Yivo Institute For Jewish Research. EVREISKAIA SREDNEVEKOVAIA KNIGA: KODIKOLOGICHESKIE, PALEOGRAFICHESKIE I KNIGOVEDCHESKIE ASPEKTY = THE HEBREW BOOK IN THE MIDDLE AGES: CODICOLOGICAL, PALAEOGRAPHICAL AND BIBLIOGRAPHICAL ASPECTS = SEFER HA-‘IVRI BIME HA-BENAYIM. Moskva [Moscow], Rossiiski Gos. Gumanitarnyi Universitet, 2003. ISBN: 5728107397 Cloth, 8vo, 253 pages. Includes 20 plates of color facsimiles 25 cm. In Russian and Hebrew with summary also in English. "A publication of Project Judaica, a joint program of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and the YIVO Institute of Jewish Research"--P. [2]. Corrigenda slip tipped in at end. Includes bibliographical references (p. 225-[238]) and indexes. Includes bibliographical references (p. 225-[238]) and indexes. SUBJECT(S): Manuscripts, Hebrew -- History. Paleography, Hebrew. Manuscripts, Medieval. “Shimon Iakerson is the preeminent scholar in the field of Hebrew incunabula (books printed before the year 1501) , and the author of several books on the subject. In addition to his curatorial duties at the Russian Museum of Ethnography, he is the senior researcher at the St. Petersburg branch of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 2005, he received the first Honorable Medal presented at the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress in Jerusalem for his two-volume work, "Catalogue of Hebrew Incunabula from the Collection of the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America" (New York and Jerusalem, 2004-2005). In 2009, he won the Antsiferov Award, an international prize in honor of the historian N. P. Antsiferov, for his overall contributions to the field of St. Petersburg studies for his most recent work, "Jewish Treasures of Petersburg: Scrolls, Codices, Documents” (Library of Congress, 2011). OCLC lists 30 copies worldwide. Light wear, about Very Good Condition (spec-7-24) (ID #27806) $100.00.






  5. Bavier, Richard. THE STUDY OF JUDAISM; BIBLIOGRAPHICAL ESSAYS. New York; Published By Ktav Pub. House For Anti-Defamation League Of B'Nai B'Rith, 1972. Publishers cloth. 8vo. 229 pages. 24 cm. First edition. “Judaism is among the least known of the religious traditions of the West, and is also among the most difficult to seek out and study. The bibliographical essays before us do much to improve matters. They are not simply lists of books, but thoughtful essays on important problems in the study of Judaism. They address serious students in the field of religion who are not experts in the study of Judaism. They recount what comes first and what comes afterward, what may be important in one way, what in another. Their collective testimony is not that the study of Judaism is too complex for the nonspecialist, but that it is a very serious and engaging undertaking. ” (Dustjacket description) Contents include: Introduction / by Jacob Neusner - Judaism in New Testament times / by Richard Bavier - Rabbinic sources / by John T. Townsend - Judaism on Christianity: Christianity on Judaism / by Frank Talmage - Modern Jewish thought / by Fritz Rothschild and Seymour Siegel - The contemporary Jewish community / by Lloyd Gartner - The Holocaust: anti-Semitism and the Jewish catastrophe / by Henry Friedlander. Subjects: Judaism - Study and teaching - Bibliography. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) - Bibliography. Études juives - Bibliographie. Judaïsme - Bibliographie. Holocauste, 1939-1945 - Bibliographie. JUDAISMO - BIBLIOGRAFIAS. PROSELITISTAS Y PROSELITISMO JUDIO - BIBLIOGRAFIAS. Judaïsme - Bibliographie. Shoah - Bibliographie. Great condition in poor jacket. (BIBLIOG-29-30) (ID #30023) $30.00.






  7. Gershom Bader. THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TALMUDIC SAGES. Northvale, N. J., Jason Aronson, 1988. Hardcover, 8vo, xii, 876 pages, 24 cm. Other Titles: Unzere gaystIge riezen. Translation of: Unzere gaystIge riezen. Includes index. Bader (1868-1953) was a “Hebrew and Yiddish journalist and writer. Bader, who was born in Cracow, taught there after attending rabbinical seminaries outside Galicia. From 1893 until 1912 he lived in Lvov, where in 1904 he founded the first Yiddish daily in Galicia, the Togblat, and contributed regularly to Ha-Maggid and other Hebrew papers. From 1896 to 1912 he published and edited the Yidisher Folkskalender, a popular Galician literary almanac. He translated Genesis into Polish and published Hebrew language textbooks. His anthologies, Leket Perahim and Zer Perahim, helped to popularize Hebrew literature and in 1896 he edited the fifth volume of the literary miscellany Ozar ha-Sifrut. From 1896 to 1912 he produced the Lukhes annuals in Yiddish, and from 1903–04 a parallel Hebrew annual miscellany, Hermon. In 1912 Bader settled in New York, where he contributed to the Togblat and the Jewish Morning Journal. Of his Yiddish plays, the most successful was Dem Rebens Nign, produced in 1919. His writings include: Helkat Mehokek, a life of Jesus; Medinah va-Hakhameha, a lexicon of Galician Jewish cultural figures; and Mafte’ahe le-Rashei Tevot…, a dictionary of talmudic abbreviations; Jewish Spiritual Heroes; and his memoirs, Mayne Zikhroynes” (Kressel in EJ, 2007). Light wear to edges of dustjacket. Very good condition. (Heb-16-11) (ID #26707) $50.00.






  9. Marx, Alexander. STUDIES IN JEWISH HISTORY AND BOOKLORE. New York; The Jewish Theological Seminary Of America, 1944. Publishers cloth. O. Xiii, 458 pages. 24 cm. First edition. With 26 essays on publishing, book collectors, libraries, scholarship, and bibliographers, written by Alexander Marx (1878–1953) , “historian, bibliographer and librarian. Born in Elberfeld, Germany, Marx grew up in Koenigsberg (East Prussia). His studies were interrupted by a year in a Prussian artillery regiment where he excelled in horsemanship. Later he studied at the University of Berlin and at the Rabbiner-Seminar (Berlin) , marrying in 1905 Hannah the daughter of D. Z. Hoffmann, rector of the Seminar. In Berlin, he was influenced by Moritz Steinschneider. In 1903 Marx accepted Solomon Schechter's invitation to teach history at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and be its librarian. His mastery of the materials of history and of languages became proverbial. He published articles in many languages and was at home in classical and Semitic languages. Marx contributed monographs and articles to journals on a wide variety of subjects, published two volumes of collected essays (Studies in Jewish History and Booklore (1944); Essays in Jewish Biography (1947) ) , and with Max L. Margolis wrote A History of the Jewish people (1927, 1962). This pioneering work, stressing economic and social life, organization and legal status, offers the general reader a soundly researched, authoritative, and objective Jewish history in one volume. Marx amassed a private collection of 10, 000 books. The JTS library on his arrival in 1903 contained 5, 000 volumes and 3 manuscripts. At his death it possessed 165, 000 books and over 9, 000 Hebrew, Samaritan, Aramaic, and Yiddish manuscripts, comprising the largest Judaica collection in the world. Marx's ability to determine a manuscript's age merely by looking at it was legendary. His annual reports of the library's growth, containing a detailed description of materials acquired, were eagerly awaited by bookmen and scholars. In 1926 Marx was elected to the Medieval Academy of America; he served as president of the American Academy for Jewish Research (1931–33) , president of the Alexander Kohut Memorial Foundation, vice president of the American Jewish Historical Society, and member of the publications committee of the Jewish Publication Society of America. ” (EJ 2008) Subjects: Jews - History. Jewish literature. Jewish literature - Bibliography. Jewish scholars. Juifs - Histoire. Liteérature juive. Littérature juive - Bibliographie. OCLC lists 127 copies. Cloth worn, light penmarks on contents page, otherwise fresh. Good + condition. (BIBLIOG-29-19) (ID #30012)xx $30.00.





  11. Blumenfield, Samuel M. MASTER OF TROYES; A STUDY OF RASHI, THE EDUCATOR. New York: Published for the Jewish Institute of Religion [By] Behrman House., 1946. Cloth., 8vo. Xii, 208 pages. SUBJECT (S): Jews – education – history; Rashi, 1040-1105. CONTENTS: Part I. Education in France in the time of Rashi; Part II. Jewish education in the days of Rashi; Part III. Rashi and his contribution to education. “Born in Letichev, Russia, Blumenfield [1901-1972] was superintendent of the Chicago Board of Jewish Education until 1954, and also headed Chicago's College of Jewish Studies as dean, and later as president. From 1954 until his retirement in 1968, he served as director of the Department of Education and Culture of the Jewish Agency (American Section). ”(Spotts, EJ). Very good condition. (k-rab-3-14) (ID #26714) $45.00.






  13. Mauskopf, Aaron. THE RELIGIOUS PHILOSOPHY OF THE MAHARAL OF PRAGUE. Cloth, 8vo, New York: B. Morgenstern, 1966. 2nd edition. Cloth, 8vo, 108 pages. 24 cm. Judah Loew ben Bezalel, ca. 1525-1609. "An outgrowth of a doctoral thesis for the Teachers' Institute of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America." Includes bibliographical references. Includes three sections: I. Philosophy of Torah; II. Philosophy of Ethics; III. Philosophy of History. OCLC lists 17 copies worldwide of this edition, as well as 8 copies of the 1949 1st edition. Very Good Condition. (MX-34-33) (ID #13230) $50.00.






  15. Pool, David De Sola [Yehuda Halevi]. JEHUDA HALEVI’S DEFENSE OF HIS FAITH. New York, Union Of Orthodox Jewish Congregations Of America, 1925. Original Stapled Paper Wrappers. 16mo. 32 pages. 17 cm. Series: The Jewish Library. Vol. 4. SUBJECT (S): Judaism. Judah, ha-Levi, 12th cent. Kitab al-hujjah. From a series “designed to bring home to the average intelligent Jew life and the contribution of the Jews to both the fullness of Judaism as creed and common treasury of man. ” –Foreword. Jehuda Halevi was a Spanish Jewish physician, poet and philosopher. He is considered one of the greatest Hebrew poets, celebrated both for his religious and secular poems, many of which appear in present-day liturgy. OCLC lists 13 copies worldwide. Front cover has a few marks, but still nice. Internal pages are bright and clean. Very good condition. (SEF40-6) (ID #28346) $100.00.






  17. Goldwurm, Rabbi Hersh, Ed. THE RISHONIM: BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF THE PROMINENT EARLY RABBINIC SAGES AND LEADERS FROM THE TENTH-FIFTEENTH CENTURIES. Brooklyn, NY, Mesorah, 1986. Original Publisher’s Cloth. 8vo. 224 pages. Illus. 24cm. First Edition, Second Impression. Series: The ArtScroll History Series. “The period of the ‘Rishonim’ was the epoch of such glorious figures as Rambam, Rashi, Ramban, the Tosafists, Maharam Rothenburg, Rif, Shmuel HaNaggid and many, many more. This volume presents brief biographies of nearly 300 of the major Rishonim and their works. ” –jacket. CONTENTS: The Migrations of Torah --- The Sephardic Lands --- France and Germany --- Provence --- Italy --- Chronological Perspective --- Sefarim Composed by the Rishonim. SUBJECTS: Rabbis -- Biography. Jewish Scholars -- Biography. Based on the research of Shmuel Teich. Nice, clean copy in Very Good Condition with good jacket. (BIBLIOG-27-27) (ID #30090) $30.00.






  19. Goldwurm, Rabbi Hersh, Ed. THE RISHONIM: BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF THE PROMINENT EARLY RABBINIC SAGES AND LEADERS FROM THE FIFTEENTH-SEVENTEENTH CENTURIES. Brooklyn, NY, Mesorah, 1989. Original Publisher’s Cloth. 8vo. 252 pages. 24cm. First Edition, First Impression. Series: The ArtScroll History Series. “This book tells the story through the lives and accomplishments of those who made it happen. It presents the sages and leaders who taught and shaped the continuing destiny of Israel… Their ideas, accomplishments, and books are here. And by coming to know them, we come to appreciate better the indestructibility of the nation of Torah. ” –jacket. CONTENTS: Turkey-Greece --- Eretz Yisrael --- Italy --- Poland and Lithuania --- Austria --- Germany --- Bohemia --- Moravia --- Chronological Perspective --- Sefarim Composed by the Early Acharonim. SUBJECTS: Rabbis -- Biography. Jewish scholars -- Biography. Talmud -- Criticism, interpretation, etc. -- History. Judaism -- History -- Medieval and early modern period, 425-1789. Nice, clean copy in Very Good Condition with good jacket. (BIBLIOG-27-28) (ID #30091) $30.00.






  21. Heinemann, Benno. THE MAGGID OF DUBNO AND HIS PARABLES. New York, P. Feldheim., 1967. Cloth., 8vo. Xvii, 283 pages. SUBJECT (S): Jewish parables; Legends, Jewish. Inscription on inside front cover (not from author). Light wear to jacket. Very Good condition in good jacket. (RAB-11-14) (ID #18243) $30.00.






  23. Hyamson, Moses. "GOLDEN RULE" HILLEL. New York, Jewish Welfare Board, 1915. Stapled. 8vo. 9 pages. 19 cm. “Reprinted from the Menorah Journal, v. 1, no. 2.” A brief introduction to the life and teachings of the famed Jewish religious teacher, Hillel. SUBJECT (S): Named Person: Hillel, 1st cent. B. C. /1st cent. OCLC lists only 4 copies worldwide (Columbia University, Hebrew Union College, University of Pennsylvania, National Library of Israel). Cover lightly soiled with small chip on edge. Small stain on pages 6-7 but all text is clear. Good condition. (HOLO2-37-12) (ID #26399) $75.00.







  25. Hartman, David. MAIMONIDES; TORAH AND PHILOSOPHIC QUEST. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society Of America, 1976. Hardcover, 8vo, xv, 296 pages, 22 cm. 1st edition. SUBJECT (S): Jewish philosophy. Philosophy, Medieval. Jewish law -- Philosophy. Philosophie juive. Philosophie medievale. Droit juif -- Philosophie. Maimonides, Moses. Maimonide, Moise. Includes index. Bibliography on pages 269-288. Wear to edges of dust jacket. Light wear. Very good condition. (Rab-46-3) (ID #24734) $30.00.






  27. Leaman, Oliver. MOSES MAIMONIDES. London And New York, Routledge, 1990. Original Softcover. 8vo. Xii, 190 pages. 23 cm. Series: Arabic Thought and Culture. This study reveals the significance of Maimonides to contemporary philosophical and theological problems, and will be of great interest to philosophers, theologians, Islamicists, and medievalists. Includes index. Bibliography: pages 183-186. Bookstore pricing sticker on back cover. Otherwise a nice, clean copy in Very Good Condition. (SEF39-8) (ID #28540) $30.00.






  29. Rabinowitz, Jacob J; Maimonides, Moses. THE CODE OF MAIMONIDES. BOOK THIRTEEN: THE BOOK OF CIVIL LAWS. New Haven, Conn: Yale University Press., 1949. Cloth., Original Publisher's Cloth. 8vo. Xxiv, 345 pages. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Jewish law. SERIES: Yale Judaica series, V. 2. “Born in Volkovysk, Poland, Rabinowitz, after teaching for several years in Vitebsk, left in 1900 for Switzerland, where he started to write. Upon his return to Russia in 1904, he became active in Zionist affairs and began his long career as journalist and author. From 1907 until his departure for Erez Israel in 1910, he was active in the Odessa Committee, becoming M. M. Ussishkin's principal aide. In Erez Israel he first settled in Petah Tikvah, but moved to Tel Aviv in 1923. Together with A. Barash he founded the literary journal Hedim (1922) , which became a forum for both the old and young generations of writers and an outstanding expression of the literary milieu in Erez Israel from the time of the Third Aliyah. His own contributions consisted of monographs on various authors. In addition, he wrote a regular column for Davar, contributed to many literary periodicals, and published translations” such as this one. (Kressel, EJ). Backstrip sunning, chipping at edges. Internal pages clean and bright. Very good condition in good jacket. (RAB-14-17) (ID #28024) $30.00.





  31. Cohen, Boaz. SAADIA ANNIVERSARY VOLUME. New York: [The Press of the Jewish Publication Society], 1943. Cloth, 8vo. 346 pages. Gilt titles; blind-stamped cover. First edition. In English and Hebrew. Series: Its Texts and studies; v. 2; Variation: American Academy for Jewish Research; Texts and studies; v. 2. Contents: Baron, S. W. Saadia's communal activities. --Cohen, Boaz. Quotations from Saadia's Arabic commentary on the Bible from two manuscripts of Abraham ben Solomon. --Gandz, Solomon. Saadia gaon as a mathematician. --Wolfson, H. A. The Kalam arguments for creation in Saadia, Averroes, Maimonides and St. Thomas. --Elbogen, Ismar. Saadia's Siddur. --Higger, Michael. Saadia and the treatise Soferim. --Halkin, A. S. The relation of the Samaritans to Saadia gaon. --Freimann, Aron. Saadia bibliography (pages 327-330). "Essays on Rabbi Saadia ben Joseph, a native of Fayyum, Egypt, and gaon of Sura, the thousandth anniversary of whose death was commemorated by Jews in the year gone by... Edited by Professor Boaz Cohen. "--Editorial statement. Bibliographical footnotes. Index. SUBJECT(S): Saadiah ben Joseph, gaon, 892? -942. Institutional Stamps; else very good condition. (RAB-3-6) (ID #17294) $50.00.






  33. Heschel, Abraham Joshua, 1907-1972. THE QUEST FOR CERTAINTY IN SAADIA’S PHILOSOPHY. New York: Philip Feldheim, 1944. Paper wrappers, 8vo., 67 pages. Reprinted from the Jewish Quarterly Review, Volume 33, numbers 2 & 3, and Volume 34, Number 4. 1st edition as such. Published when Heschel was only 37 years old, while at HUC. Heschel, “U. S. Scholar and philosopher, descended on his father's side from Dov Baer (the Maggid) of Mezeritch and Abraham Joshua Heschel of Apta (Opatow); on his mother's side from Levi Isaac of Berdichev. After traditional Jewish studies, he obtained rabbinic ordination (semikhah). At the age of 20 he enrolled in the University of Berlin, where he obtained his doctorate, and at the Hochschule fuer die Wissenschaft des Judentums, where he also taught Talmud and received a second, liberal rabbinical ordination. In 1937 Martin Buber appointed him his successor at the central organization for Jewish adult education (Mittelstelle fuer juedische Erwachsenenbildung) and the Juedisches Lehrhaus at Frankfurt on the Main. Deported by the Nazis in October 1938 to Poland, he taught for eight months at the Warsaw Institute of Jewish Studies. He immigrated to England where he established the Institute for Jewish Learning in London. In 1940 he was invited by Julian Morgenstern to teach at Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, where he was associate professor of philosophy and rabbinics for five years. From 1945 he taught at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (JTS) as professor of Jewish ethics and mysticism. In 1946 he married Sylvia Strauss, who gave birth to Susannah Heschel, who followed in the footsteps of her father as a scholar of Judaism. Heschel visited Israel and called for the renewal of the prophetic vision in Zion. He served as professor at JTS until his death, combining his professional activities with extensive social action. Heschel wrote books and studies on medieval Jewish philosophy – on Saadiah Gaon, Solomon ibn Gabirol, Maimonides, and Don Isaac Abrabanel – as well as on Hasidism. He became one of the most influential modern philosophers of religion in the United States, where his work is widely recognized in Jewish and Christian circles. ” (Rothschild and Meir, EJ, 2007) Cover and pages slightly tanned. Very good condition. (RAB-36-13) (ID #24588) $60.00.






  35. Saadia Ben Joseph. VERSION ARABE D'ISAÏE DE R. SAADIA BEN IOSEF AL-FAYYOU^MI^. VOLUME TROISIEME (ONLY). Paris, E. Leroux, 1896. Later Cloth. 8vo. Vii, 116 pages. 25 cm. In French. Title translates to English as, “Arabic Version of Isaiah from R. Saadia Ben Iosef al-Fayyou^mi^. Volume Three. ” Subtitle: “publie´e avec des notes he´brai¨ques et une traduction franc¸aise d'apre`s l'arabe. ” SUBJECT (S): Bible. French. O. T. Isaiah. Derenbourg. OCLC lists 17 copies worldwide. Edited and translated by Joseph Derenbourg. Nice, clean copy in Very Good condition. (SEF37-8) (ID #28468) $70.00.






  37. Rosenblatt, Samuel. SAADIA GAON: THE BOOK OF BELIEFS AND OPINIONS. New Haven: Yale University Press., 1948. Cloth., 8vo. Xxxii, 496 pages. SERIES: Yale Judaica series, vol. 1; Rosenblatt (1902–) , son of the famous Hazzan Josef (Yossele) Rosenblatt, was “born in Bratislava and was taken to the United States in 1912. He received a rabbincal degree from the Jewish Theological Seminary (1925); studied in Jerusalem on a fellowship from the American Schools of Oriental Research; and received a Ph. D. From Columbia (1927). From 1927 Rabbi Rosenblatt served Congregation Beth Tefiloh in Baltimore, Maryland. He headed the Baltimore Board of Rabbis (1952–); Mizrachi (1938–42); and the American Jewish Congress (1942–47). Associated with Johns Hopkins University from 1930, Rosenblatt taught Jewish literature until 1947, and thereafter oriental languages”(EJ). Very good condition. (BIBLE-12-2) (ID #28764) $35.00.







  39. Epstein, Isidore. THE "RESPONSA" OF RABBI SOLOMON BEN ADRETH OF BARCELONA (1235-130) AS A SOURCE OF THE HISTORY OF SPAIN: STUDIES IN THE COMMUNAL LIFE OF THE JEWS IN SPAIN AS REFLECTED IN THE "RESPONSA" AND THE RESPONSA OF RABBI SOLOMON B. ZEMAH DURAN AS A SOURCE OF THE HISTORY OF THE JEWS IN NORTH AFRICA. New York, Ktav Publishing, 1968. Original Publisher’s Cloth. 8vo. Two Volumes in One Book. Xxiii, 122, vii, [2], 108 pages. 24 cm. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Africa, North. Jews -- Spain. Adret, Solomon ben Abraham, 1235-1310. Teshuvot sheelot. Duran, Simeon ben Zemah, 1361-1444. Sefer ha-tashbats. Reprint of two works first issued in 1925 and 1930, respectively, with new prolegomenon by Solomon B. Freehof. Includes bibliographical references. Green cloth with gilt lettering on cover and spine. Nice, clean copy in Very Good Condition. (SEF44-35) (ID #28439) $35.00.






  41. Zimmels, H. J. ASHKENAZIM AND SEPHARDIM: THEIR RELATIONS, DIFFERENCES, AND PROBLEMS AS REFLECTED IN THE RABBINICAL RESPONSA. [N. P. ], Gregg International Publishers Limited, 1969. Original Publisher’s Cloth. 8vo. Xiv, 347 pages. 21 cm. Comparison of the two main centers of Jewish Life, Ashkenazim [Germany, Central Europe] and Sephardim [Spain, later North Africa]. With a foreword by the Chief Rabbi Israel Brodie of the United Hebrew Congregations. This volume constitutes a general survey of the relations and differences between these communities in language, Liturgy, Poetry, the approach to the Bible, Talmud, Halakha etc. With a selection of Responsa ["She'elot u-teshuvot' a. K. A. Shu"t] and subject index at end. Republished with additional notes by the author. Originally issued in 1958. Series: “Jews’ College Publications. New Series, No. 2.” CONTENTS: A General Survey of the Relations Between the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim – The Differences Between the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim – A Selection of Responsa on Questions Relating to Differences Between Ashkenazim and Sephardim. SUBJECT (S): Sephardim. Judaism -- Customs and practices. Responsa. Ashkenazim. Includes bibliographical references. With a foreword by Rabbi Israel Brodie, Chief Rabbi of Great Britain and the Commonwealth (1948–1965). Various newspaper clippings relating to the title subject laid in. Nice, clean copy in Very Good Condition. (SEF42-8) (ID #28371) $30.00.






  43. Another Copy. 3rd Edition. London, Marla Publications, 1976. Hardcover. 8vo. 347 pages. Dustjacket over cloth with gilt lettering to spine. Bookjacket bumped at bottom, book in flawless condition. Very good condition. (SEF41-1) (ID #28303) $30.00.






  45. Golinkin, David. THE RESPONSA OF PROFESSOR LOUIS GINZBERG. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary Of America, 1996. Hardcover. 8vo. 352, 126 pages. Port. Facsim. 24 cm. SERIES: “Moreshet series, V. 16.” CONTENTS: Introduction -- Regarding Jewish law -- Liturgy -- Orah Haim -- Yoreh Deah -- Even Haezer -- Miscellaneous responsa -- Questions to which no answers have been found -- Reports of the Committee on the interpretation of Jewish law, 1917-1926 -- Indices -- Mavo -- Teshuvah bi-devar yenot ha-kesherim veha-pesulim le-mitsvah -- Teshuvah be-`inyan hazra`ah malakhutit. ISBN: 9654560216. Abstract: Some of the one hundred previously unknown and mostly unpublished responsa written by Prof. Ginzberg between 1913 and 1953. SUBJECT (S): Responsa -- 1948- Jewish law. Conservative Judaism -- Customs and practices. Talmoed. Responsum. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. New Condition. (JTS1-27) (ID #28237) $25.00.





  47. (Bloch, Joshua) Berger, Abraham, Et Al, editors. THE JOSHUA BLOCH MEMORIAL VOLUME: STUDIES IN BOOKLORE AND HISTORY. New York, New York Public Library, 1960. 1st Edition. Cloth, Large 8vo, 219 pages. Includes 36-page (! ) bibliography of Bloch's (1890-1957) publications, plus a 3-page index to that bibliography. Harry Austryn Savitz' copy with his bookplate & underlining on a few pages. Divided into the following six sections: Books and Booklore, Biblical Studies, Rabbinics, Language and Folklore, History, and Bibliography. Contents include: Medieval Hebrew Manuscripts as Bindings in the Libraries and Archives of Hungary (by Alexander Scheiber); The Terms Yoshbei and Am-Haaretz (by Ch. W. Reines); A Judeo-Greek Lament (by Benjamin Schwartz); The Valentin Affair (by Jacob R. Marcus); Cochin and Some Prominent Jewish Personalities (by Walter J. Fischel); etc. Very good condition. (BIB-23-6) Very Good Condition Lacks jacket?. (ID #3779) $30.00.






  49. Appel, Gersion. editor. SAMUEL K. MIRSKY MEMORIAL VOLUME; STUDIES IN JEWISH LAW, PHILOSOPHY, AND LITERATURE. SEFER ZIKARON LI-SHELOMOH KALMAN MIRSKI: MEHKARIM BE-HALAKHAH UVE-AGADAH, BE-SIFRUT HA-DOROT UVE-VAHASHEVET YISRAEL. Jerusalem, “sura” Insitute For Research; New York, Yeshiva University, 1970. Original Publisher’s Cloth. 8vo. 285, 316 pages. Port. 24 cm. In English and Hebrew. “Mirsky (1899–1967) was a Russian-born rabbinic scholar, religious Zionist, and Hebraist. ” (EJ) SUBJECT(S): Rabbinical literature. Judaism -- History -- Modern period, 1750 - , Mirsky, Samuel Kalman, 1899-1967. Includes Mirsky bibliography: pages 309-316. Very good condition. (FEST1-58). Xx (ID #27296) $30.00.






  51. Belkin, Samuel. editors. THE ABRAHAM WEISS JUBILEE VOLUME: STUDIES IN HIS HONOR PRESENTED BY HIS COLLEAGUES AND DISCIPLES ON THE OCCASION OF HIS COMPLETING FOUR DECADES OF PIONEERING SCHOLARSHIP. New York, Abraham Weiss Jubilee Committee, 1964. Original Publisher’s Cloth. 8vo. 168, 633 pages. Ports. 24 cm. In English and Hebrew. Contributions by Samuel Belkin, Meyer Feldblum, Chanock Albeck, Abraham Herschel and many others. With bibliography of his writings. Weiss (1895–1970) was an East European Talmudic scholar who was also active in the World Zionist Organization for many years. SUBJECT(S): Weiss, Abraham, 1895-1970. Talmud. Includes bibliographical references [pages 5-15 (Hebrew section) ]. Added Hebrew Title Page: “Sefer yoval le-khvod ha-Rav Dr. Avraham Vais: ke-ot ha`aratsah be-`ad terumato ha-kabirah, anu magishim lo kovets mehkarim mehaverav ve-talmidav. ” Includes bibliographical references. Gilted edges. Very good condition. (FEST1-40). (ID #27278) $50.00.








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