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172. • Mann, Vivian And Mari del Carmen Lacarra Ducay And Marcus B. Burke.AN UNEASY COMMUNION. JEWS, CHRISTIANS AND ALTARPIECES OF MEDIEVAL ARAGON . D Giles Ltd, 2010. 



Welcome to our latest catalog, over 200 Titles on the History, Thought, & Language of the Jews of Medieval and Early Modern Spain. This catalog comprises Part I of our present offering in Sephardic & Related Studies. Part II, The Modern History of the Sephardic, Mediterranean, Mizrachi, and Asian Jews, will be available online in the coming weeks.

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SEF-25-2.jpg (82186 bytes)1. • Benjamin, I. J. EIGHT YEARS IN ASIA AND AFRICA, FROM 1846 TO 1855. Hanover, Published By The Author, 1863. Hardcover, 8vo, xxii, 376 pages, map, 21 cm. 2nd edition in the English language with notes and emendations by the author during his stay in America. With a preface by Dr. Berthold Seeman. With a map, wood-cuts, and corresponding notes from Benjamin of Tudela, R. Petachia, Pedro Teixeira and Ritter's Erdkunde. An invaluable source of intimate information concerning the Jews of North Africa, the Middle East and the Far East, including India and China. On the penultimate page we find a "List of Subscribers in Bombay," namely various members of the affluent Sasoon clan. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Politics and government. Jews -- Social conditions. Asia -- Description and travel. Africa, North -- Description and travel. Benajmin II, originally Israel Joseph Benjamin (1818-1864) was a "Romanian explorer and writer born in Falticeni, Moldavia. He engaged first in the lumber trade but after some initial success, he lost his fortune at the age of 25. Influenced by his failure and by the romantic trends of the time, he decided to emulate the medieval traveler Benjamin of Tudela. He styled himself Benjamin II and, in 1845, took to the road in search of the remnants of the Ten Lost Tribes. He traveled first to Egypt, from there through Erez Israel and Syria, and then to Armenia, Iraq, Kurdistan, Persia, India, and China. He came back by way of Afghanistan to Vienna and from there went on to Italy and to Tripoli, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. Wherever his travels took him, he made a point of assembling information concerning the Jewish settlement in that place - the number of Jews of that community, how they earned their livelihood, their customs, and folklore. Although unscientific, his approach was simple and direct, and earned the praise of scholars like A. von Humboldt and A. Petermann. He described his experiences in a Hebrew travelogue, first published in French under the title Cinq annees de voyage en Orient 1846-1851. The Hebrew edition of the book, Sefer Mas'ei Yisrael, as revised by David Gordon, was published in Lyck in 1859. He published at his own expense in 1863 Nathan Hannover's Yeven Mezulah on the 17th-century Chmielnicki massacres in Poland. Over and above his literary endeavors, Benjamin undertook to ease the plight of the Jews of Morocco. He also appealed to Turkey, France, and England in an attempt to ameliorate the condition of the Jews of Kurdistan and Persia. In 1859 Benjamin II began a three-year journey through the United States, describing his travels in Drei Jahre in Amerika. He died in London in poverty while preparing another trip to the Orient" (Berenbaum and Skolnik in EJ, 2007). Benjamin's reports earned the praise of the German scholar Alexander von Humboldt. OCLC lists 19 copies worldwide. Bookplate of Mr. Elkan Nathan Adler whose father was the Chief Rabbi of the British Empire. Water staining on title page. Hinge repair. Wear to binding. Edges of pages, stained. Wear to corners and cover binding. Ex-library. Fair condition. (Sef-25-2) (ID #25200) 200.00.

SPEC-1-21.jpg (108063 bytes)2. • Noah, Mordecai. TRAVELS IN ENGLAND, FRANCE, SPAIN, AND THE BARBARY STATES IN THE YEARS 1813-14 AND 15. Kirk and Mercein; London: John Miller New York, 1819. First edition. 8vo, vi, [2], 431, [1], xlvii pages. Lacks engraved frontis portrait and 3 of 4 engraved plates. Bound in attractive modern cloth with spine label. Noah (1785-1851) was a lawyer, playwright, and journalist. He was born in Philadelphia of Portuguese-Jewish ancestry. "In 1813 [he] was appointed consul to Tunis, with a special mission to Algers. He was instructed to negotiate for the release of some Americans held as prisoners by the Algerine pirates. On May 23, 1813, he sailed from Charleston, but his vessel being captured by the British, he was taken to England and detained two months. In October he arrived in Cadiz, where he contracted with Richard R. Keene, an American who had become a Spanish subject, to effect the release of the twelve Americans … After being detained in France and Spain for more than a year, Noah finally arrived in Tunis. On July 30, 1815, he received a letter from James Monroe, secretary of state, revoking his commission and hinting at irregularities in his accounts. Monroe's treatment of Noah was never satisfactorily explained, though his association with Keene, who had been accused of treason, was doubtless detrimental … In January 1817, however, Noah received a letter from the Department of State which vindicated his conduct and returned several thousand dollars due him in the enterprise which resulted in the release of the American captives" (DAB) . Rosenbach 205; American Travellers Abroad, N17. Faint institutional blind stamp to title page, which shows heavy wear. Remainder of book is good with usual foxing. Final 2 leaves of appendix in facsimile only. An affordable copy of this very important work at one-third the normal price. (spec-1-21) (ID #19875) 1000.00.

SEF-26-1.jpg (98779 bytes)3. • Alliance Israelite Universelle. THE ALLIANCE ISRAELITE UNIVERSELLE: PUBLICATION OF THE TWENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF ITS FOUNDATION. Paris: L’alliance, 1885. Softcover, 8vo, 88 pages. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Societies, etc. At head of title: The Alliance israelite universelle. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide. Bottom of last page carries signature of Rabbi Lasker, and reads “Any donation for the Alliance will be thankfully received by Dr. R. Lasker, 55 Rutland Square”. Yellowing to pages. Binding repaired. Otherwise very good condition. (Sef-26-1) (ID #25114) 125.00.




MX-33-10.jpg (84604 bytes)4. • Aguilar, Grace. edited by Isaac Leeser. THE JEWISH FAITH: ITS SPIRITUAL CONSOLATION, MORAL GUIDANCE, AND IMMORTAL HOPE. WITH A BRIEF NOTICE OF THE REASONS FOR MANY OF ITS ORDINANCES AND PROHIBITIONS. A SERIES OF LETTERS ANSWERING THE INQUIRIES OF YOUTH. 1873. Leather, Philadelphia: Printed by Sherman & Co., for the Rev. Abraham de Sola, Edition: American stereotype ed. 18vo. 446 pages. Grace Aguilar was an English novelist descended from Portugese Maranos. She was an advocate of reform and a foe, despite her close association with Christians, of the conversionists. Plagued with health problems, she died at 31, before her talent could fully mature. Most of her work was published posthumously. This volume appeared in England just a few months before her death. Isaac Leeser had earlier published Aguilar's The Spirit of Judaism, and was an admirer of hers. He made this stereotyped edition available in the United States because of "repeated demand for it having been made lately, " and calls it in his preface "her dying confession of faith. " Isaac Leeser founded the Jewish Publication Society of America and was responsible for the publication of many important works. A rare and desirable work. Singerman 1812. SUBJECT (S): Judaism -- Works to 1900. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide of this edition, NYPL, and Nat. Library of Israel. Bound in attractive gilt embossed cover. Slight wear to covers. First and last few pages tanned. Very good condition. (MX-33-10) (ID #16197) 300.00.

SEF-25-9.jpg (97229 bytes)5. • Burder, Samuel. ORIENTAL CUSTOMS, OR, AN ILLUSTRATION OF THE SACRED SCRIPTURES: BY AN EXPLANATORY APPLICATION OF THE CUSTOMS AND MANNERS OF THE EASTERN NATIONS, AND ESPECIALLY THE JEWS, THEREIN ALLUDED TO: COLLECTED FROM THE MOST CELEBRATED TRAVELLERS...(4 VOLUMES) . London: Printed For Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown And Green, 1827. Leather with raised bands handsome leather labels, 8vo, 4 volumes, 22 cm. A new edition. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Social life and customs. Bible -- Criticism, interpretation, etc. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. Other Titles: Illustration of the Sacred Scriptures. 4 volumes. Volume 1, 466 pages. Volume 2, 503 pages. Volume 3, 567 pages. Volume 4, 616 pages. OCLC lists 4 copies worldwide (US Mil Acad, Sydney, Vancouver School of Theol, Oxford) . Handwritten or script notes on some title pages. Some wear and some stained pages. Otherwise, very good condition. (Sef-25-9) (ID #25207) 425.00.


SEF-35-7cover.jpg (82059 bytes) SEF-35-7first page.jpg (56548 bytes)6. • METHOD HOW TO LEARN TO WRITE AND READ IN SPANISH-HEBREW OR IN ENGLISH \ METODA POR EMBEZAR A ESKRIBIR I MELDAR EN G'UDEO-ESPANYOL I ENGLEZ. New York: La Vara, 1910 - 1920 (?). (FT) Original paper wrappers, oblong 16mo, 6, 48 pages. In Ladino, English, and Yiddish and Judeo-English (!). SUBJECT(S): Ladino language -- Dictionaries -- English. Ladino language --Dictionaries -- Yiddish. Basic primer for Sephardic immigrants, with alphabet, basic vocabulary, and practical phrases such as "Have you any rooms to let?", " Let us go to Eldridge Street" , "Do you belong to a Union?". Includes sample questions and answers for a citizenship test. Phrases are presented in Ladino, English , and Yiddish, and the English is both in Latin and transliterated Hebrew characters (a sort of "Judeo-English"). Published by "La Vara", which was a humorous weekly newspaper, one of the most well known newspapers for the Sephardic community at the time. (Angel, 1981, sephardicstudies [dot] org) OCLC lists only 3 copies worldwide (Louisiana State, NYPL, and Yeshiva University). Original red wrappers brittle and very chipped, repaired with non-archival tape. Pages tanned. Text in good condition. Handwriting on inside front cover. (SEF-35-7) (ID #25341) 225.00.

SEF-13-11.jpg (178886 bytes)7. • Blondheim, D. S. LES PARLERS JUDEO-ROMANS ET LA VETUS LATINA; ETUDE SUR LES RAPPORTS ENTRE LES TRADUCTIONS BIBLIQUES EN LANGUE ROMANE DES JUIFS AU MOYEN AGE ET LES ANCIENNES VERSIONS. Paris, E. Champion, 1925. Hardcover, cxxxviii, 247 pages, 26 cm. In French. SUBJECT (S): Romance languages -- Foreign words and phrases. Latin language -- Foreign words and phrases. Jews -- History. Hebrew language -- Influence on Latin. Hebrew language -- Semantics. Linguistica Bible. Latin -- Versions -- Old Latin. At head of title: D. S. Blondheim. Reprinted in part from various periodicals. Bibliographical foot-notes. Blondheim (1884-1934) was a “U. S. Romance scholar. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Blondheim studied at Johns Hopkins University where he became professor of Romance philology in 1924. During his studies at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes in Paris he began to work on the notes left by A. Darmesteter on the Old French glosses, over 1, 000 in number, in Rashi’s talmudic commentaries. Blondheim, after collating these with early manuscripts, restored their original form, established their exact meaning and published them as the first volume of his Les glosses francaises dans les commentaires talmudiques de Raschi. He then proceeded to study each term in all its ramifications, but on his untimely death left only 125 completed studies. They were published posthumously as the second volume of his Glosses, with his biography and a very extensive bibliography. The vast amount of historical and philological documentation gathered by Blondheim offers an invaluable source of information. Blondheim’s minor writings included many other contributions to the medieval Judeo-Romance dialects, e. G, medieval Judeo-French hymns. His indefatigable scientific endeavors did not hinder him from taking an active part in Jewish affairs, both philanthropic and Zionist. Blondheim prepared the first English translation of L. Pinsker’s Auto-Emancipation. His life ended on a tragic note. His manuscripts and papers are now in the National and University Library, Jerusalem” (Banitt in EJ, 2007) . Slight coloring to edges of pages. Light wear to cover corners. Very good condition. (Sef-13-11) (ID #24967) 275.00.

SEF-13-30.jpg (229089 bytes)8. • Crews, Cynthia Mary Jopson. RECHERCHES SUR LE JUDEO-ESPAGNOL DANS LES PAYS BALKANIQUES. Paris, E. Droz, 1935. Softcover, 8vo, 319 pages, 25 cm. In French Series: Societe de publications romanes et francaises. Publications XVI. “Thesis presented to the University of London in June 1930 for the degree of Ph. D. ” SUBJECT (S) ; Ladino language -- Balkan Peninsula. Jews -- Balkan Peninsula -- Languages. Judios en la Peninsula Balcanica. Judeo-espagnol (Langue) -- Balkans. Juifs -- Balkans. Sefarades -- Langage -- Balkans. Judeo-espagnol (langue) . Judeo-espagnol, Balkans. Bibliography on pages 47-50. Wear to edges. Wear to binding and cover binding. Hinge repair. Article tipped in. Tear through top left section of cover. Good condition. (Sef-13-30) (ID #24986) 225.00.




SEF-31-36.jpg (109596 bytes)9. • HEBREW ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS FROM IBERIA. The British Library, 1992-3. Program from an exhibition in the King’s Library, November 1992 – March 1993. Illustration from the Barcelona Haggadah on cover. Background and list of exhibits on inside. Suggestions for further reading on back. (SEF-31-36) (ID #25294) 35.00.



SEF-24-4.jpg (74451 bytes)10. • Bresslau, Marcus Heinrich. Edelmann, Z?evi Hirsch. Dukes, Leopold. Pusey, E. B. TREASURES OF OXFORD: CONTAINING POETICAL COMPOSITIONS BY THE ANCIENT JEWISH AUTHORS IN SPAIN: AND COMPILED FROM MANUSCRIPTS IN THE BODLEIAN LIBRARY, OXFORD PART I. London: R. Groombridge And Sons, 1851. (FT) Hardcover, 8vo, xxiv, 72, 2, 3, 9-65, xxiv pages, facsim, 23 cm. In Hebrew and English . SUBJECT(S): Jewish religious poetry, Hebrew. Hebrew text included in back on p. Xxiv, [9]-65. From the library of Edward Bouverie Pusey. Dukes (Judah Loeb; 1810–1891) , was a “historian of Jewish literature. Dukes was born in Pressburg, Hungary. He was a student of R. Moses Sofer and of R. Hayyim Joseph Pollak; the latter introduced him to secular study. An inveterate, though poor, traveler, Dukes visited most of the important libraries in Europe, researching Jewish manuscripts and uncovering many hitherto unknown medieval works. His research covered various aspects of language and literature: aggadic literature, Bible exegesis, medieval Jewish literature, Hebrew grammar and the masoretic text, and talmudic maxims and truisms” (Levinger in EJ 2007) . OCLC lists 28 copies worldwide. Wear to binding. Torn edges. Bumped corners. Repair to binding. Otherwise good condition. (Sef-24-4) (ID #25163) 115.00.

SEF-23-31.jpg (180000 bytes)11. • Klagsbald, Victor. Klagsbald, David. Attal, Robert. CATALOGUE DES MANUSCRITS MAROCAINS DE LA COLLECTION KLAGSBALD. Paris: Éditions Du Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique, 1980. Paperback, 4to, 156 pages, xiii pages. Of plates. In French. Series: Études de paléographie hébraïque; SUBJECT (S): Manuscripts, Hebrew -- Netherlands -- Amsterdam -- Catalogs. Judaism -- Morocco -- Bibliography -- Catalogs. Manuscrits hébreux -- Pays-Bas -- Amsterdam -- Catalogues. Judaïsme -- Maroc -- Bibliographie -- Catalogues. Bibliothèques privées -- Pays-Bas -- Amsterdam -- Catalogues. Jodendom. Handschriften. Particuliere bibliotheken. Light creasing to cover. Very good condition. (SEF-23-31) (ID #25154) 100.00.

SEF-31-23.jpg (118794 bytes)12. • Vallicrosa, J. Millas. LOS MANUSCRITOS HEBRAICOS DE LA BIBLIOTECA CAPITULAR DE TOLEDO (OFF PRINT FROM AL-ANDALUS: REVISTA DE LAS ESCUELAS DE ESTUDIOS ARABES DE MADRID Y GRANADA, VOL. II 1934) . [Madrid]: [ESCUELAS DE ESTUDIOS ARABES DE MADRID Y GRANADA], 1934. Hardcover library binding with original paper wrappers intact, 8vo, [34] pages. Inscribed by the author. “Hebrew Manuscripts of the Library of Toledo”. Ex-library with few markings, cover and pages tanned. Light damp stain to edges. Binding solid. Good + condition. (SEF-31-23) (ID #25281) 75.00.

13. • Avrin, Leila. THE SEPHARDI BOX BINDING. Jerusalem: Magnes Press, Hebrew University, 1989. Paper wrappers, 8vo, 16 pages, [10] pages plates. Illustrated. Author’s card with signature laid in. Reprint From Library, Archives, And Information Studies. Series: Scripta Hierosolymitana; v. 29; SUBJECT (S): Libraries -- Israel. Information science -- Israel. Book industries and trade -- Israel. Books and reading -- Israel. Juifs -- Livres et lecture. Bibliothèques nationales -- Israël. Bibliothéconomie -- URSS. Bibliothéconomie -- Israël. Livres et lecture -- Israël. Archives -- Accès -- Contrôle. Imprimés hébraïques. Bibliotheekwezen. Archiefwezen. Bibliothèques -- Israël. Industrie du livre -- Israël. Very good condition. (SEF-31-12) (ID #25271) 35.00.

BIB-14-19a.jpg (41251 bytes)14. • Golb, Norman. SPERTUS COLLEGE OF JUDAICA YEMENITE MANUSCRIPTS. Chicago: Spertus College of Judaica Press, 1972. Cloth, 4to. Xv, 116 pages. Illustrated. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Manuscripts, Hebrew – Illinois – Chicago – catalogs; Manuscripts, Hebrew – facsimiles; manuscripts, Judeo-Arabic – Illinois – Chicago – catalogs; manuscripts, Judeo-Arabic – facsimiles; Jews – Yemen (Republic) – intellectual life; Spertus College of Judaica – catalogs. Born in Chicago, Golb (b. 1928) is an historian and a paleographer; he earned his Ph. D. At Johns Hopkins in 1954. “His discoveries have included the identification of Obadiah the Proselyte as author of the oldest Hebrew musical manuscript, the recovery of a Genizah document describing a prominent European convert to Judaism at the beginning of the 11th century; the discovery and decipherment of the earliest extant legal record of the Jews of Sicily and of an original autograph manuscript of Khazarian Jews of Kiev; and the identification of a Hebrew document dealing with the First Crusade. His hypothesis of the existence of a center of Jewish culture in medieval Rouen and of an important yeshivah there has recently been supported by archeological discoveries in that city. In a recent study he has concluded that the Dead Sea Scrolls originated not with a sect at Qumran but in Jerusalem, being hidden away by the Jews at the time of the First Revolt against Rome. ” (EJ) Has dust jacket. Very good condition. (BIB-4-19/20) (ID #19892/3) 30.00.

SEF-23-18.jpg (95971 bytes) SEF-23-18illus.jpg (167230 bytes)16. • Metzger, Thérèse. LES MANUSCRITS HÉBREUX COPIÉS ET DÉCORÉS À LISBONNE DANS LES DERNIÈRES DÉCENNIES DU XVE SIÈCLE. Paris: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Centro Cultural Português, 1977. Hardcover, 4to, xxi, 229 pages, 38 leaves of illustrated plates. Includes a fold-out charts. In French. Series: Cultura medieval e moderna, 6; Variation: Cultura medieval e moderna, 6. SUBJECT (S): Jewish illumination of books and manuscripts. Illumination of books and manuscripts, Medieval -- Portugal -- Lisbon. Manuscripts, Hebrew -- Portugal -- Lisbon. Iluminación de libros y manuscritos -- Portugal -- Lisboa Manuscritos hebreos -- Portugal -- Lisboa Hebreeuwse handschriften. Geïllustreerde handschriften. Sed-Rajna, Gabrielle. Manuscrits hébreux de Lisbonne. Originally presented as the author's thesis, Strasbourg. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. Very good condition. (SEF-23-18) (ID #25148) 65.00.

SEF-27-22.jpg (117420 bytes)17. • Miller, Elliott. THE JEWS OF SANDOR: AN EXHIBITION ORGANIZED BY THE MAURICE SPERTUS MUSEUM OF JUDAICA. Chicago: Spertus College Of Judaica Press, 1975. Paper wrappers, square 8vo, [13]pages. With 21 black and white photographic portraits of people from the Jewish community in Sandor, “an agrarian village in Iraqi Kurdistan which ceased to exist as a unit when its people emigrated to Israel in 1950” (from Introduction) . Light soil and blue pencil mark on cover. Very good condition. (SEF-27-22) (ID #25238) 40.00.

SEF-23-23.jpg (123110 bytes)18. • Mintz, Sharon Liberman. TEXT AND CONTEXT: THE DEVELOPMENT AND DISSEMINATION OF MEDIEVAL SEPHARDIC CULTURE: AN EXHIBITION, OCTOBER 28, 1992-FEBRUARY 5, 1993, THE LIBRARY OF THE JEWISH THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY OF AMERICA, NEW YORK. New York: Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1993. Paperback. 8vo. 107 pages. SUBJECT (S): Sephardim - Civilization - Exhibitions; Jews - Spain - Civilization - Exhibitions. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide (Library of Congress, Univ of Maryland Col Park, Univ of N Carolina Chapel Hill, Ohio State Univ, Univ of Pennsylvania) . Very slight buckling to pages. Very Good condition. (SEF-23-23). (ID #17908) 75.00.

BIB-3-7.jpg (467130 bytes)19. • Rosenthal, A. CATALOGUE 72: RARE, UNUSUAL & STANDARD BOOKS IN SPANISH & PORTUGUESE ON MANY SUBJECTS, INCLUDING BOOKS ON SPAIN & PORTUGAL AND LATIN AMERICA IN OTHER LANGUAGES, WITH AN IMPORTANT APPENDIX OF SPANISH & PORTUGUESE JUDAICA. Oxford: A. Rosenthal, Ltd, 1960s?. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 110 pages. Illustrated. SUBJECT (S): Catalogs, booksellers' – England; Antiquarian booksellers – England; Rare books – catalogs, booksellers'; Catalogs, booksellers' – Great Britain. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide (Princeton, Univ of Texas-Austin, Central Conn. State Univ, New York Public Library, Univ van Amsterdam) . Writing, stamp and small tear on front near top, good condition. (BIB-3-7) (ID #19852) 30.00.

20. • Salomon, H. P. ARQUIVOS DO CENTRO CULTURAL PORTUGUÊS XVII. THE MONITORIO DO INQUISIDOR GERAL OF 1536: BACKGROUND AND SOURCES OF SOME "JUDAIC" CUSTOMS LISTED THEREIN. Paris: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Centro Cultural Português, 1982. Paper wrappers, Large 8vo. 41-64 (i.e. 25) pages. Nine pages of facsimile plate illustrations. In English, Portuguese, and Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Portugal – civilization – periodicals; Inquisition – Portugal. ISSN: 0590-966X. One signature is detached, otherwise good+ condition. (MX-16-11) (ID #19835) 50.00.

21. • Zucker, George K. INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORY FOR SEPHARDIC AND ORIENTAL JEWISH STUDIES. Cedar Falls: University of Northern Iowa, 1990. Spiral, 8vo. 81 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S) Sephardim -- Study and teaching -- Directories. Jews, Oriental -- Study and teaching -- Directories. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. In very good condition (Bible-6-20) (ID #21085) 40.00.

SEF-14-6.jpg (136141 bytes)22. • LIBRO CATÁLOGO, SUEÑO DE ESPAÑA. 500 AÑOS DE LIBROS EN LADINO. Salamanca, Tesitex, S.L., 09/2000. Paperback, ISBN: 84-89609-42-X 140 pages. Exhibition catalog. Printed on high quality, heavy glossy paper. Loaded with color illustrations. Very Good Condition. (sef-14-6) (ID #24799) 100.00.





SEF-31-33.jpg (155029 bytes)23. • HISTORIA DE LA EDAD DE ORO: “EL JUDAISMO ESPANOL”. Paris: Alianza Israelita Universal Colegio Sefardi De Barcelona, 1991. Plastic-clip bound, 4to, 22 pages. Color illustration on cover. Illustrated throughout, includes musical notation, and poetry. In Spanish and French. “History of the Golden Age: Spanish Judaism”. Very good condition. (SEF-31-33) (ID #25291) 75.00.

24. • A JOURNEY THROUGH JEWISH SPAIN. Madrid: Secretaria General De Turismo, ca 2000. Paper wrappers, narrow 8vo, 32 pages. In English. Brief but informative illustrated guide to the Jewish quarters of Spain. Very good condition. (SEF-35-4) (ID #25338) 30.00.


SEF-13-14.jpg (262135 bytes)25. • TRIUMPH OF FAITH: THE LEGACY OF THE JEWS OF SPAIN. Jerusalem: Eretz Ha-Tzvi Inc, 1992. Softcover, 4to, 81 pages, illustrated (some color) , 27 cm. SUBJECT(S): Sephardim -- History. Jews -- Spain -- History. Cover title. At head of title: 1492-1992. A special issue of Eretz magazine. Other Titles: Legacy of the Jews of Spain; Eretz magazine. OCLC lists 7 copies worldwide. Wear to edges of cover binding and edges. Light wear. Very good condition. (Sef-13-14) (ID #24970) 40.00.

26. • Kohn-Zedek, Josef. THE TENTS OF SHEM: BEING AN ACCOUNT OF THE TRIAL OF JACOB BEN ISAAC, OF THE CITY OF MADRID, IN THE YEAR 5250 A.M., WHO WAS ACCUSED OF THE MURDER OF A CHRISTIAN CHILD. London: N. P. Valentine, 1883. Hardcover, 8vo, 16, 112 pages. In Hebrew. 1st edition. Sefer ohole Shem. Kohen-Zedek (1827–1903) , was a “Hebrew poet, writer, and publicist. Kohen-Zedek, who was born in Lvov, studied rabbinics with Solomon Kluger in Brody and S. J. Nathanson in Lvov. He first engaged – unsuccessfully – in business and then turned to literature and journalism. He published a number of collections of his patriotic poetry in honor of the Austro-Hungarian emperor – from whom he received a gold medal for art and science in 1851 – and an anthology of contemporary poetry dedicated to Moses Montefiore, Neveh Kehillah. Kohen-Zedek edited a number of more or less short-lived Hebrew periodicals: Meged YeraIm, OAr khokhmah, Ha-Yehudi ha-NiI, and Or Torah. His weekly Ha-Mevasser, which included a literary supplement, Ha-Nesher, was the first Hebrew paper in Galicia; some of the best Hebrew writers and scholars contributed to it. He himself wrote in a lively and original meli? Ah style…. Of some scholarly importance are his Sefat Emet, a polemic against Michael Rodkinson; Ohole Shem: Tents of Shem, Being an Account of the Trial of Jacob and Isaac of the City of Madrid in the Year 5202, on blood libels; Divrei ha-Yamim le-Malkhei Arefat, an edition of Joseph ha-Kohen 's chronicle with Kohen-Zedek’s introduction; and Even Bohan, an annotated edition of Kalonymus b. Kalonymus’ satirical work. …He has been called "the last publicist of the Galician Haskalah"”(Kressel in EJ, 2007) . OCLC lists three copies worldwide (Columbia, Hebrew U, Staatsbibliothek Zu Berlin) . ATtractive gold embossed border on cover. Wear to backstrip. Hinges repaired. Bookplate on inside front cover. Other wise good condition. (Rab-46-20B). (ID #25111) 200.00.

27. • Mezan, Saul. DE GABIROL À ABRAVANEL: JUIFS ESPAGNOLS, PROMOTEURS DE LA RENAISSANCE. Paris: Lipschutz, 1936. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 155 pages. In French. SUBJECT (S): Philosophy, Jewish; Philosophy, Medieval; Jews – Spain; Renaissance. OCLC lists 26 copies worldwide. Tanned, covers chipped, yellow tape on spine with author's name, good condition. (MX-16-6) (ID #19830) 100.00.

SEF-23-15.jpg (92756 bytes)28. • Netanyahu, Benzion. DON ISAAC ABRAVANEL, STATESMAN AND PHILOSOPHER. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1953, 1968. Cloth, 8vo. Xii, 350 pages. SUBJECT (S): Abravanel, Isaac, 1437-1508. CONTENTS: Portugal: Happy Haven; Spain: Land of Persecution; Naples: Scene of trouble; Venice: The last Refuge; World Outlook; View of History; Political Concepts; Messianism. Born in Warsaw, Netanyahu (b. 1910) and his family moved to Tel Aviv in 1920, and in 1940, he moved to the Unite States. Beginning in his youth, he was active in the Zionist-Revisionist Party, and then the New Zionist Organization. He was editor in chief of the Encyclopedia Hebraica and the Encyclopaedia Judaica, and a professor at Dropsie College, the University of Denver, and Cornell University. (Cohen, EJ) Edgewear and small tears to jacket, Very Good condition in Good jacket. (SEF-23-15/SEF-10-15) (ID #25109/20911) 30.00.

28A. • Netanyahu, B. DON ISAAC ABRAVANEL. Statesman and Philosopher. Cornell University Press, 1998. Softcover, 350 pages. 9780801484858. This new edition includes revisions in the text, notes, and bibliography. Very Good Condition. (SEF-22A-11) (ID #25062) 30.00.

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91. • Dapiera, Solomon Ben Meshullam, Simon Bernstein. DIVAN. New York, Hotsa’at “alim”, 1942. (FT) Hardcover, 8vo, 132 pages. 24 cm. In Hebrew. Edition: Hotsa? Ah hadashah ve-metukenet. Dapiera was a “Neo-Hebraic poet of North Spain; died after 1417. He was a relative of Meshullam ben Solomon Dapiera, who flourished, probably in southern France, in the earlier part of the thirteenth century, and who, in several extensive poems, declared against the "Moreh Nebukim" of Maimonides. Before the troubles which came upon him and the Jews in Spain generally, Dapiera seems to have been rich, and charitable to the needy. Forced to leave his native place, he took refuge in Saragossa at the house of Benveniste ben Labi, the Mæcenas of Hebrew scholars, where he became tutor to Benveniste's two sons, with one of whom, Don Vidal Joseph ibn Labi, he exchanged many letters and poems. Through the recommendation of his host, to whom he was not related, as Grätz avers, he became a favorite with Don Meïr Alguadez” (Gottheil & Kayserling in EJ, 1901) . Added title page: The diwan of Salomo b. Meshullam Dapiera; edited by Simon Bernstein. Lightwear to cover and edges. Wear to cover binding. Cloth cover bound on upside down. Otherwise, very good condition. (Sef-33-29) (ID #25334) 45.00.

92. • Gerondi, Jonah Ben Abraham. שערי תשובה ; מאת ... מאת רבינו יונה גירונדי... ונלוה אליו ספר היראה מהמחכר SHA`ARE TESHUVAH. Vacz: Administration Des Tel Taplios, 1916. Cloth, (FT) 8vo. 99 pages. In Hebrew. English title: The gates of repentance. SUBJECT(S): Ethics, Jewish. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (JTSA) . Gerondi (1200-1263) was a Spanish rabbi, and cousin of Nahmanides. His hometown was Gerona, but he lived many years in Barcelona, and spent the end of his life in Toledo, where he built a yeshiva. Much of his preaching and writing concerned ethics. Gerondi's books on ethics were widely read, in which "he protested forcefully against the many Spanish Jews who disregarded the mitzvot and against widespread sexual immorality. "(EJ, Kupfer) Owner's name on fly leaf, pages tanned, boards a little worn, spine repaired, good- condition. (RAB-21-15) (ID #21739) 50.00.

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95. • Ibn Ezra, Abraham Ben Meir; Joseph Zedner. VA-YOSEF AVRAHAM: HU PERUSH HA-RABA` AL ESTER. London: David Nutt, 1850. Cloth, 12mo. 35 pages. In Hebrew. English title: Abraham Aben Ezra's commentary on the book of Esther. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Bible. O. T. Esther – commentaries. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. Ibn Ezra (1089-1164) was a Spanish scholar. He traveled extensively, to the countries in North Africa, to Rome, and through Europe as far as Northern France. He sought acquaintance with scholars wherever he traveled, forming a particular friendship with Judah Halevi. In some locations he found cold comfort, such as in Rome: his poem “Nedod Hesir Oni” expresses Rome's unwelcome to his. In others, such as in France, he was welcomed, and his scholarly impact was felt for centuries thereafter. Most of his writing was a direct result of the wandering life; while traveling he wrote poetry, commentaries on the bible, grammars, scientific works, and translations. (Heller-Wilensky, EJ) Ex library. Has been rebound and professionally repaired, good condition. (SPEC-2-5) (ID #20114) 150.00.

96. • Ibn Ezra, Moses; Bialik, Hayyim Nahman; Rawnitzki, Yehoshua Hana. SHIRE MOSHEH BEN YA`AKOV IBN `EZRA. Jerusalem: Devir, 1928. Cloth, (FT) 4to. 2 v. In 1, 142 pages. In Hebrew. Ibn Ezra, (also known as Abu Harun; c. 1055–after 1135) , Spanish Hebrew poet and philosopher. Born in Granada, he was a pupil of Isaac ibn Ghayyat in Lucena, "the city of poetry. " In his youth Moses acquired a very comprehensive Jewish and Arabic education. He appears to have held an honored position in the province of Granada, since his name is qualified by the Arabic title "\ahib al-shurta" (lit. "head of the police, " but also "his excellency") . Ibn Ezra encouraged Judah Halevi in his early poetic efforts and invited him to come to Granada where he supported him, and the two formed a lasting friendship. In 1090 a decisive change took place in his life: Granada was captured by the Almoravides, its Jewish community was destroyed, and the members of the Ibn Ezra family dispersed. It is not known why Ibn Ezra remained in Granada for a while. After much effort and suffering he also succeeded in fleeing to Christian Spain but he was not allowed to return to his native city for which he yearned all his life. (EJ, Staff) In good condition. (heblit1-4) (ID #24813) 60.00.

97. • Ibn Janah, Abu Al-Walid Marwan; Yehudah Ibn Tibon; Michael Wilensky. SEFER HARIQMA: KITAB AL-LUMA. VOLUME 2 (OF TWO) ONLY. Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, 1930. Hardcover, 4to. Facsimile illustrations. Volume two (of two) only. SUBJECT(S): Hebrew language – grammar. OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. SERIES: Scripta Academiae Literarum Judaicarum: Corpus grammaticorum et exegetarum judaeorum. Ibn Janah was an early 11th century Spanish grammarian and lexicographer, possibly from Cordoba, Spain, about whom not much is certain. Though he earned his living through medicine, he studied and wrote about Jewish and Arabic language and literature. (EJ, 2007) Spine repaired with cloth tape, owner's stamp on t. P, covers a little worn, good condition. (RAB-30-15) (ID #20732) 35.00.

98. • Maimonides, Moses, 1135-1204. Averroes; 1126-1198. ; Kitab Al-Kulliyat. ; Ibn Tibon, Mosheh; 13th Cent. Muntner, Sussmann; 1897-1973. HANHAGAT HA-BERIUT: BE-TARGUMO SHEL MOSHEH IBN-TIBON. Yerushalayim: Mosad Ha-Rav Kuk, 1957 . (FT) Half cloth, large 8vo. 254, xviii pages. In Hebrew. Preface and introduction. In English. Title in English: Regimen Sanitatis: Letter on the Hygiene of the Body and of the Soul. “Supplemented by the First Hebrew Edition of Regimen Sanitatis by Averroes (Ibn Rushd) Series: Ketavim refuiyim ; kerekh 1; Translator Moses ibn Tibbon came from a “ family of translators, philosophers, and exegetes, based in southern France…(Moses) resided in Montpellier, but spent some years in Naples with his brother-in-law Jacob Anatoli. He was the most prolific translator in the family; he produced translations of philosophical as well as technical scientific treatises. The authors he rendered into Hebrew, from Graeco-Arabic, Arabic and Judaeo-Arabic, include the following: Euclid, Geminus, Theodosius, Themistius, Maimonides, Hunayn b. Ishaq, Abu Bakr al-Razi, Ibn al-Haytham, al-Hassar, Ibn al-Jazzar, Al-Farabi, Avicenna, Ibn al-Sid al-Batalyawsi, Averroes, Jabir Ibn Aflah, and al-Bitruji. Like his father, Moses also wrote original works of philosophy and exegesis… It is hard to overestimate the influence of the Ibn Tibbon family. With their translations, they created a philosophical library in Hebrew and coined a technical terminology that would be used by translators and original authors throughout the middle ages. Their original works were important as well. This is especially the case with Samuel, Moses, and Jacob Anatoli, who laid the foundations for a Maimonidean tradition of philosophy and exegesis in Europe. ” (Robinson & Melammed, EJ, 2007) SUBJECT(S): Hygiene -- Early works to 1800. Medicine, Arab. Ex-library with usual markings. Damp stain and buckling to covers. Text in very good condition. (RAB-43-10) (ID #24762) 65.00.

GER-28-15.jpg (459348 bytes)99. • Nahmias, Joseph Ben Joseph. פירוש על ספר משלי PERUSH `AL SEFER MISHLE. Berlin: Hevrat Mekitse Nirdamim, 1911. Cloth, (FT) 8vo. Xxii, 196 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Bible. O. T. Proverbs – commentaries. OCLC lists 13 copies worldwide. SERIES: Sefarim ha-yotsim le-or `al yede hevrat Mekitse nirdamim. Nahmias was a 14th century “biblical commentator in Toledo. Nahmias belonged to an ancient and distinguished Spanish family. Apart from the fact that he studied under Asher b. Jehiel, little is known of his life. His reputation rests upon his biblical commentary which apparently originally encompassed most of the Bible. The following parts have been published with introductions by M. A. Bamberger: Esther (1891) , Proverbs (1912) , and Jeremiah (1913) . Bamberger also published Nahmias' commentaries to Avot (1907) and to the piyyut Attah Konanta (1909) , on the order of the Temple service for the Day of Atonement. His commentary to the tractate Nedarim has been preserved in manuscript. Nahmias is also known to have translated many parts of Maimonides' Guide of the Perplexed. ” (EJ, 2007) Ex library, good condition. (GER-28-15) (ID #20261) 125.00.

100. • Nahmias, Joseph Ben Joseph. PERUSH MEGILAT ESTER. פרוש מגלת אסתר / להרב ר׳ יוסף נחמיאש נדפס פעם ראשונה ע״פ כתבי מינכען ... עם הוספות מראה מקום הפסוקים והמאמריםהגהות ובאורים ע״י משה ארי׳ באמבערגער Krakow: Ts. D. Lindenboym, 1899. Hardcover, (FT) 8vo. 30 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Bible. O. T. Ester - commentaries. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (Brandeis, JTSA) . Nahmias was a 14th century "biblical commentator in Toledo. Nahmias belonged to an ancient and distinguished Spanish family. Apart from the fact that he studied under Asher b. Jehiel, little is known of his life. His reputation rests upon his biblical commentary which apparently originally encompassed most of the Bible. The following parts have been published with introductions by M. A. Bamberger: Esther (1891) , Proverbs (1912) , and Jeremiah (1913) . Bamberger also published Nahmias' commentaries to Avot (1907) and to the piyyut Attah Konanta (1909) , on the order of the Temple service for the Day of Atonement. His commentary to the tractate Nedarim has been preserved in manuscript. Nahmias is also known to have translated many parts of Maimonides' Guide of the Perplexed. " (EJ, 2007) Pages tanned and chipped, boards worn, good- condition. (RAB-21-8) (ID #21732) 50.00.

101. • Paduka, Bahya Ben Joseph Ibn; Yehuda Ibn Tibon; Saul Israel Hurwitz. תורת חובוב הלבבות לרבינו בחיי בן יוסף אבן פקודה TORAT HOVOT HA-LEVAVOT LE-RABENU BAHYA BEN YOSEF IBN PAKUDAH. Berlin: Yidisher Ferlag, 1922. Hardcover, (FT) 12mo. 139 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Jewish ethics. OCLC lists 19 copies worldwide. Pages tenned, spine faded, good+ condition. (GER-28-29) (ID #20275) 100.00.



SEF-19-6jewish sermon.jpg (142428 bytes)102. • Horowitz, Carmi, . THE JEWISH SERMON IN 14TH CENTURY SPAIN: THE DERASHOT OF R. JOSHUA IBN SHU`EIB. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University, Center for Jewish Studies: Distributed by Harvard University Press, 1989. Paperback, 8vo, ix, 206 pages; 24 cm. ISBN: 0674474554. 0674474562 (paperback. ) . Includes indexes. Bibliography on pages 191-200. Subjects: Ibn Shuaib, Joshua, 14th cent. Derashot `al ha-Torah. Jewish sermons--History and criticism. Judaism--Spain--History. Series: Harvard Judaic monographs; 6 . Very good condition. (SEF-19-6) (ID #10620) 15.00.



SEF-32-1.jpg (133935 bytes)103. • Al-Nakawa, Israel Ibn; and Hyman Gerson Enelow. SEFER MENORAT HA-MA’OR. New York: The Bloch Publishing Company, 1929-1932. (FT) Hardcover, 8vo, 4 volumes, facsims, 25 cm. In Hebrew with English introduction to each volume in separate pagination. SUBJECT(S): Descriptor: Jewish ethics. Jewish ethics -- Early works to 1800. Prayer -- Judaism -- Early works to 1800. Judaism -- Liturgy -- Early works to 1800. Jewish way of life -- Early works to 1800. Preface and introduction in English. Added title page: Menorat ha-maor: from a unique manuscript in the Bodleian Library, Oxford edited by H. G. Enelow. Includes bibliographical references. Frontispieces in vols 3 & 4. “Menorat Ha- Meor" [the illuminating candelabra] is a seminal Mussar (ethics) work by Mediaeval Rabbi Israel Alnaqua, who died at the stake. Israel ben Joseph Alnaqua was an ethical writer and martyr. He lived in Toledo, Spain and died at the stake, together with Judah ben Asher, in the summer of the year 1391. He is the author of an ethical work in twenty chapters, entitled "Menorat ha-Maor" (Candlestick) . The work commences with a long poem, an acrostic on the author's name. Then follows a preface in rimed prose. The introduction to each chapter is headed by a poem, giving the acrostic of his name, Israel. It was printed in 1578. A manuscript of it is in the Bodleian. An abridgment of it was published at Cracow, 1593, under the title "Menorat Zahab Kullah" (Candlestick Wholey of Gold) . It is divided into five sections, which contain observations (1) on laws in general; (2) on education; (3) on commerce; (4) on the behavior of litigants and judges in court; and (5) on conduct toward one's fellow men. This is supplemented by a treatise, consisting of Talmudic and midrashic sayings and maxims, which was published in German (in Hebrew characters) in Wagenseil's Belehrung der Jüd. -Deutschen Red-und Schreibart, " Königsberg, 1699. (JE, 1901) . Enelow (1877–1934) , was a “U. S. Reform rabbi, scholar, and writer. Enelow, who was born in Kovno, Lithuania, went to the U. S. As a young man, age 16, and was ordained by Hebrew Union College in 1898. Enelow served as rabbi of Temple Israel, Paducah, Kentucky, Temple Adath Israel, Louisville, Kentucky, and Temple Emanu-El, New York. During World War I, Enelow served in France with the Jewish Welfare Board. He was vice president of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, its president, and a member of both the American Historical Association and the American Jewish Historical Society. Enelow was instrumental in having chairs for Jewish studies established at Harvard and Columbia. Enelow's four-volume edition of Israel Al-Nakawa 's Menorat ha-Ma'or was an important contribution to Jewish scholarship. A collection of manuscripts was presented in his memory to the Jewish Theological Seminary, New York, by his friend Mrs. Nathan Miller. His private library of over 20, 000 volumes was also willed to the Seminary” (Berenbaum and Skolnik in EJ 2007) . Ex library with usual markings. Complete four volume set. Bumped corners and edges. Very good condition. (Sef-32-1) (ID #25295) 250.00.

104. • Chavel, Charles B. ; Nahmanides. COMMENTARY ON THE TORAH: GENESIS. New York: Shilo Publishing House, 1971. Cloth, 8vo. Xiii, 621 pages. SUBJECT (S): Bible. O. T. Pentateuch - commentaries. Dust jacket has three 1-2 inch long tears on the front and several small tears on the back along the top edge. Chavel (1906-1982) , a Polish immigrant, "was one of the most productive American writers in rabbinical literature. " After bring ordained in Chicago at the Hebrew Theological College, he was a rabbi in Louisville and Edgemere, Long Island. He published early commentaries on the Bible and Talmud and more than half a dozen books on Nahmanides, the 13th century Spanish rabbi. (Hurvitz, EJ) Ex library, very good condition. (BIBLE-3-5) (ID #24184) 30.00.

SEF-22A-13.jpg (222765 bytes)105. • Cole, P. THE DREAM OF THE POEM. Hebrew Poetry from Muslim and Christian Spain, 950-1492 (Lockert Library of Poetry in Translation): Hebrew Poetry from Muslim and ... (Lockert Library of Poetry in Translation). Princeton University Press, 2007. Softcover, 576 pages. 9780691121956. Hebrew culture experienced a renewal in medieval Spain that produced what is arguably the most powerful body of Jewish poetry written since the Bible. Fusing elements of East and West, Arabic and Hebrew, and the particular and the universal, this verse embodies an extraordinary sensuality and intense faith that transcend the limits of language, place, and time.Peter Cole's translations reveal this remarkable poetic world to English readers in all of its richness, humor, grace, gravity, and wisdom. The Dream of the Poem traces the arc of the entire period, presenting some four hundred poems by fifty-four poets, and including a panoramic historical introduction, short biographies of each poet, and extensive notes. (The original Hebrew texts are available on the Princeton University Press Web site.) By far the most potent and comprehensive gathering of medieval Hebrew poems ever assembled in English, Cole's anthology builds on what poet and translator Richard Howard has described as "the finest labor of poetic translation that I have seen in many years" and "an entire revelation: a body of lyric and didactic verse so intense, so intelligent, and so vivid that it appears to identify a whole dimension of historical consciousness previously unavailable to us." The Dream of the Poem is, Howard says, "a crowning achievement." (SEF-22A-13) (ID #25064) 30.00.

106. • Davidson, Israel. THESAURUS OF MEDIAEVAL HEBREW POETRY. New York: Jewish Theological Seminary, 1924. Hardback, Folio. Volume 1 only. In Hebrew. Series: The Library of Jewish classics; SUBJECT (S): Hebrew poetry -- Indexes. Davidson, (1870–1939) , was a scholar of medieval Hebrew literature. Davidson was born in Yonava, Lithuania; at a young age he became an orphan and went to live with his uncle in Grodno, Lithuania. In 1888, after a few years' study at Slobodka yeshivah, he immigrated to the United States. There he earned a living as a street vendor, then as a shop assistant and Hebrew teacher; at night he studied English and other subjects to meet college-entrance requirements. After completing his studies at Columbia University, he was director of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum and chaplain at the Sing Sing prison. In 1905 he began teaching Talmud at the Jewish Theological Seminary, New York, and in 1915 was appointed professor of medieval Hebrew literature. Davidson's first major scholarly publication in English was Parody in Jewish Literature (1907, repr., 1967). (EJ, Habermann) Bookplate of Louis Launer. In very good condition. (SPEC5-9) (ID #21009) 250.00.

SEF-16-12.jpg (121079 bytes)107. • Feliu I Mabres, Eduard and Jaume Riera I Sans. POEMES HEBRAICS DE JUEUS CATALANS: (SEGLES XI-XV) . 1976. Softcover, 8vo, 212 pages, 23 cm. In Catalan. Series: Llibres del mall; 22. SUBJECT (S): Hebrew poetry, Medieval -- Spain -- Translations into Catalan. Includes bibliographical references. Wear to edges of cover. Light wear. Very good condition. (Sef-16-12) (ID #25002) 125.00.

108. • Gabriol, Ibn; Paula O. Benardete; David N. Barocas. KETER MALHUTH. New York: Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture, 1972. Paper wrappers, (FT) 4to. 447 pages. Facsimiles. In Hebrew, English, and other languages. SUBJECT(S): Sephardim. OCLC lists 16 copies worldwide. SERIES: Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture Tract; 10; Variation: Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture. ; Tract ; 10. Very good condition. (SEF-10-28) (ID #20922) 70.00.

109. • Garibay K. ; Angel Maria. PROVERBIOS DE SALOMÓN Y SABIDURÍA DE JESÚS BEN SIRAK. [Mexico]: Editoral Porrua, 1973. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 233 pages. In Spanish. Second edition. SUBJECT (S): Bible. O. T. Proverbs – Spanish; Bible. O. T. Apocrypha. Ecclesiastics – Spanish. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. SERIES: Sepan cuentos ; núm. 54. Tanned, good condition. (SEF-12-2) (ID #20934) 60.00.

110. • Harizi, Judah Ben Solomon, 12th/13th Cent. Reichert, Victor Emanuel. (Eng. Trans. ) . THE TAHKEMONI OF JUDAH AL-HARIZI VOLUME 1 ONLY. Jerusalem: R. H. Cohen's Press, 1965. Red cloth in dust jacket, 8vo. 233, [62] pages. In Hebrew and English. Facsimile of the original text published in Constantinople, 1578. Foreword and translation in English. OCLC lists only 1 copy worldwide (Harvard) . Ex-library with usual markings. Jacket stained, with small chips and edgewear. Small stain to covers. Very good condition in Good jacket. (RAB-42-3) (ID #24675) 35.00.

SEF-16-5.jpg (98782 bytes)111. • Ibn Gabirol and Elena Romero. POESIA SECULAR. Madrid: Ediciones Alfaguara, 1978. Hardcover, lxxiii, 532 pages, 23 cm. In Spanish. Edition: Edicion bilingue. Series: Clasicos Alfaguara; 16. Hebrew and Spanish. Bibliography on pages lxxi-lxxiii. Wear to edges of dust jacket. Light wear to binding. Very good condition. (Sef-16-5) (ID #24995) 45.00.




SEF-13-28.jpg (87969 bytes)112. • Ibn Gabirol and Senior Sachs. SEFER SHIRE HA-SHIRIM ASHER LI-SHELOMOH BEN GABIROL... ; HOVERET RISHONAH. Paris Typographie De L. Guerin, 1868. (FT) Softcover, 8vo, 167 pages, 23 cm. In Hebrew. Note(s): Titles on added title pages: Carmina sancta; Cantiques de Salomon ibn Gabirol. No more published. Other Titles: Carmina Sancta. ; Cantiques de Salomon ibn Gabirol. Sachs (1815-1892) was a “Hebrew scholar. Born near Kovno, Lithuania, Sachs lived for two years in Brody, studying Hebrew scholarly and philosophic literature, and specializing in German and other ancient and modern languages. For two years he taught in Raseiniai, where he befriended the novelist Abraham Mapu. In 1856, Baron J. Guenzburg took him to Paris to teach his son and grandson; Sachs remained there until the end of his life. His studies encompassed several aspects of medieval Jewish literature, especially religio-philosophical thought and the Hebrew poetry of Spain. From ancient manuscripts he published many selections, concentrating especially on Solomon ibn Gabirol. His articles and studies, written only in Hebrew, were published in the Hebrew periodicals from the 1840s on. Among the pamphlets and journals which he edited were Kanfei Yonah; Ha-Palit; Ha-Te? Iyyah, a journal that published old manuscripts with notes; and Kikayon Yonah. He also compiled a list of books and manuscripts in the Guenzburg library, Reshimot Sefarim Kitvei Yad; and Shir ha-Shirim Asher li-Shelomo Gevirol. He edited Kerem 'Emed from 1854 to 1856” (Kressel in EJ, 2007) . OCLC lists 13 copies worldwide. Bound in modern handsome paper wrappers. Wear to binding and edges. Staining on first 10 pages. Good condition. (Sef-13-28) (ID #24984) 200.00.

MX-20-7.jpg (494954 bytes)113. • Ibn Janah; Abu Al-Walid Marwan. ספר הרקמה SEFER HA-RIKMAH. Frankfurt A. M.: No Publisher., 1865. Cloth, (FT) 8vo. Xiv, 252 pages. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Hebrew language – grammar. OCLC lists 23 copies worldwide. Ibn Janah was an early 11th century Spanish grammarian and lexicographer, possibly from Cordoba, Spain, about whom not much is certain. Though he earned his living through medicine, he studied and wrote about Jewish and Arabic language and literature. (EJ, 2007) Marbled edges. Owner's name on title page, slight water stain on some pages, corners bumped, good+ condition. (MX-20-7) (ID #21562) 100.00.

114. • Jehuda Ha-Levi (Hallevi / Halevi) Brody, H, editor. DIWAN DES ABU-I-HASAN JEHUDA HA-LEVI. ZWEITER BAND: NICHTGOTTESDIENSTLICHE POESIE. HEFT 3 ONLY (PAGES 213 - 334). Berlin, Itzkowski, 1903. 1st Edition. Original paper wrappers, 8vo, 121 pages. Slight wear to covers and spine. Slight damp stain to bottom of some pages. Pages uncut. (K-mx2-46) Very Good Condition. (ID #25077) 50.00.

115. • Jöel, M. DON CHASDAI CRESKAS' RELIGIONSPHILOSOPHISCHE LEHREN IN IHREN GESCHICHTLICHEN EINFLUSSE. Breslau: Schletter (H. Skutsch) , 1866. Rebound in modern paper wrappers, 8vo. 83 pages. First edition. In German and Hebrew. Creskas was a Spanish philosopher, theologian and statesman. His activities as a merchant and communal leader can be traced as far back as 1367. As a delegate from the Catalonian Jewish community he negotiated with the king of Aragon for the renewal and extension of Jewish privileges in 1383. Throughout his life he sought to protect the rights of Spanish Jews and worked with various governments to this end. He is seen as one of Spinoza's chief influences. Jöel was a religious philosopher who researched, among other Jewish figures, Creskas (EJ) . OCLC lists 26 copies worldwide. Missing original covers. Very Good condition. (GERN-2-22) . (ID #16708) 50.00.

116. • Katsh, Abraham I. POEMS FROM THE BARCELONA MAHZOR OF THE 13TH CENTURY. Philadelphia: Jewish Quarterly Review, 1967. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 12 pages (pages 347-359) . "Reprinted from The Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Volume of The jewish Quarterly Review. " SUBJECT(S): Poetry. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Katsh (1908-1998) was born in Poland and emigrated to the U. S. In 1925. In 1933, he began teaching at New York University, and over the following three decades taught Hebrew education, culture, language and literature there. In 1957 He founded the National Association of Professors of Hebrew in American Universities, and was elected president of Dropsie College in 1967, where he served until 1976. His scholarship won him many awards and fellowships, including the Jewish Teachers Association of New York's Avodah Award, the Rabbi Kaniel Prize of the Municipality of Haifa, and the first Charles Kramer Research Fellow of the Institute for Jewish Policy Planning and Research of the Synagogue Council of America. Katsh is well known for his studies of Hebrew manuscripts and fragments from Russia and Eastern Europe, his translations, and his essays on Jewish studies in the United States. (EJ) Covers slightly worn and darkened, good condition. (Katsh-2-6) xx (ID #19610) 20.00.

117. • Kayser, Rudolf. THE LIFE AND TIME OF JEHUDAH HALEVI. New York, Philosophical Library, 1949 . Cloth , 8vo. 176 pages. In English. SUBJECT (S): Arabs -- Spain. Jews -- History. Judah, ha-Levi, 12th cent. Kayser, (1889–1964) , was a German author and a literary journalist. After studying in Berlin, Munich, and Wuerzburg, Kayser was for several years a teacher in Berlin. In 1919 he joined the editorial staff of the S. Fischer publishing house and became editor in chief of the literary periodical Die Neue Rundschau in 1924. Kayser was dismissed from these posts by the Nazis in 1933, settled in the U. S. Two years later, and held the chair of German and European literatures at Brandeis University from 1951 to 1957. His Jewish interests found expression in the essays and reviews that he contributed to Jewish periodicals, which included the Neue Juedische Monatshefte, Der Jude, and Historia Judaica, and in books such as Moses Tod (1921) , Spinoza, Bildnis eines geistigen Helden (1932) , and The Life and Time of Jehuda Halevi (1949) . His biographical studies also include Stendhal, oder das Leben eines Egotisten (1928) , and Kant (1935) (EJ, Liptzin) . In very good condition. (MX17-15) (ID #21495) 30.00.

SEF-31-12.jpg (117487 bytes)118. • Malachi, Zvi. THE LOVING KNIGHT: THE ROMANCE: AMADIS DE GAULA AND ITS HEBREW ADAPTATION (TURKEY, C.1541) . [Lod]: Haberman Institute For Literary Research, 1982. Paperback, 8vo, 95 pages. Illustrated. Series: A. M. Haberman memorial studies in medieval literature ; 1. SUBJECT (S): Spanish language -- Translating into Hebrew. Civilization, Medieval, in literature. Knights and knighthood in literature. Translating and interpreting. Love in literature. Romans. Amadís de Gaula (anoniem) Amadís de Gaula (Spanish romance) Amadís de Gaula (Spanish romance) -- Translations into Hebrew -- History and criticism. Light wear. Very good condition. (SEF-31-11) (ID #25270) 75.00.


SEF-26-5.jpg (101091 bytes)119. • Nahmanides, Feliu I Mabres, Eduard. EL LLIBRE DE LA REDEMPCIO: I ALTRES ESCRITS DE MOSSÉ BEN NAHMAN DE GIRONA. Girona: Ajuntament De Girona; Barcelona: Universitat De Barcelona, 1993. Softcover, 8vo, 272 pages, 21 cm. In Catalan. SUBJECT (S): Redemption -- Judaism -- Early works to 1800. Bible. O. T. Pentateuch -- Criticism, interpretation, etc. Bible. O. T. Ecclesiastes -- Sermons. Includes bibliographical references (pages 253-256) and indexes. OCLC lists 28 copies worldwide. Bumped corners and edges. Very good condition. (Sef-26-5) (ID #25118) 125.00.


SEF-23-13.jpg (52160 bytes)121. • Ognibeni, Bruno. LA SECONDA PARTE DEL SEFER ‘OKLAH WE’OKLAH: EDIZIONE DEL MS. HALLE, UNIVERSITÄTSBIBLIOTEK. Madrid: Instituto De Filología Del CSIC, Fribourg: Université De Fribourg, 1995. Paper wrappers, 4to, liii, 556 pages. Includes facsimiles. In Italian. Series: Textos y estudios "Cardenal Cisneros" de la Biblia Poliglota Matritense, 57; SUBJECT (S): Masorah. Masora. Includes bibliographical references and index. Other Titles: Sefer Oklah weoklah; Okhlah ve-okhlah. Slight wear to spine, small dent to corner of front cover, and first 100 pages. Very good condition. (SEF-23-13) (ID #25147) 100.00.

122. • (Saadia Gaon) . JEWISH QUARTERLY REVIEW. Vol XXIII, Nos. 2 and 3. October 1942 - January 1943. Philadelphia, Dropsie College, 1943. Paper wrappers, 8vo 8" - 9" tall, 401 pages. Issue devoted to Saadia Gaon. Includes "Saadia and his Relation to Palestine" by Abraham Neuman, "Saadia's Theory of Knowledge" by Israel Efros, "The Quest for Certainty in Saadia's Philosophy" by Abraham Joshua Heschel, "Saadia's Siddur" by Louis Ginzburg and "Saadia Gaon - Champion for Jewish Unity Under Religious Leadership" by Solomon Zeitlin, and articles by Harry Austryn Wolfson and Solomon Skoss. (Mx-7-39) (ID #25072) 30.00.

123. • Urbakh, Simhah Bunem. MISHNATO HA-FILOSOFIT SHEL RABI HASDAI KRESKAS. 1961. Cloth, (FT) 8vo. 442 pages. SUBJECT(S): Crescas, Hasdai, 1340 (ca. ) -1410. OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide. SERIES: `Amude ha-mahashavah ha-Yisreelit ; 3; Variation: Urbakh, Simhah Bunem; 1913-; `Amude ha-mahshavah ha-Yisreelit ; 3. Has tanned dust jacket with tear at top of spine. Ex library. Very good condition. (SEF-10-13) (ID #20909) 125.00.

124. • Usque, Samuel; translated by Martin Cohen. CONSOLATION FOR THE TRIBULATIONS OF ISRAEL. Paperback, 8vo; 354 pages. Includes notes, bibliography and index. SERIES: Judaica Texts & Translations, Second Series; 1. In dustjacket, very good condition. (SEF-27-6/ mx-32-5/ k-mx2-3B/ SEF-27-6b) (ID #25157/21425/25105/25159) 30.00. xxxx



SEF-27-6B.jpg (101713 bytes)125. • Usque, Samuel; translated by Martin Cohen. CONSOLATION FOR THE TRIBULATIONS OF ISRAEL. 8vo; 354 pages. Includes notes, bibliography and index. SERIES: Judaica Texts & Translations, Second Series; 1. Ex library. Covers slightly bowed. Very good condition. (SEF-9-17/ k-mx2-3) (ID #19433/21413) 30.00. xx

126. • Venturah, Eliyahu Ben Avrah. (Eliyahu Ben Avraham) Hayyim Abraham Ben Shabetai Nehamah; Printer. Ashkenazi, Sa`adyah Ben Yehuda He-Levi; Printer. SEFER KOKHVA DE-SHAVIT: ... `AL KETSAT ME-DIVRE HA-SHAS ... Saloniki: Bi-Defus Hayim Avraham Ben Shabtai Nehamah Ve-Sa`adi Ha-Levi, 1798. (FT) Hardcover, 4to, 144 leaves. In Hebrew. Rashi-script. Eliyahu ben Avraham (1450-1526) was the rabbi of Constantinople and Chief Rabbi of the Turkish Empire. Beautiful, ornately decorated title page. Bound in modern boards, with cloth spine and corners. Heavy rag paper in good condition. Some foxing. SUBJECT(S): Talmud -- Commentaries. Ex-library with institutional stamp on title page. Hinges repaired with brown paper tape, small amount of scotch tape present. Wear to boards and spine. Small corner piece missing from title page and last page (no text loss) . OCLC lists only 3 copies worldwide (Brandeis, JTS, and HUC) . Very good condition. (SEF-35-26) (ID #25390) 325.00.

127. • Yehuda Shamir; Moses, Ha-Kohen Of Tordesillas. RABBI MOSES HA-KOHEN OF TORDESILLAS AND HIS BOOK ‘EZER HA-EMUNAH—A CHAPTER IN THE HISTORY OF THE JUDEO-CHRISTIAN CONTROVERSY VOL 1 (ONLY) . Coconut Grove, FL: Field Research Projects, 1972 . Paper Wrappers, Folio. 254 pages, maps. In English. SUBJECT (S): Judaism – Apologetic works. Moses, ha-Kohen, of Tordesillas. Abner, of Burgos, b. Ca. 1270. In very good condition. (MX17-2) (ID #21482) 55.00.

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SEF-22A-12.jpg (89752 bytes)129. • Goldstein, David; Goldstein, David. HEBREW POEMS FROM SPAIN. The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, 2007. Softcover, 192 pages. 9781904113669. The years 950-1200 are often called the Golden Age of the Jews in Spain. During this period, the Jews reached a peak of achievement in all aspects of their life-political, spiritual, and cultural. They produced great works of literature and philosophy; their poetry represents a peak of literary achievement unparalleled in Hebrew until the twentieth century. The poets of the Golden Age forged the language of the Hebrew Bible into a magnificent instrument for the expression of every facet of their experience--love and friendship, war and exile, philosophy and prayer. Their poems reflect their overarching consciousness of Israel's relationship with God and their deep concern with the fate of the Jewish people in exile. Not until modern times did Hebrew poetic genius flourish again with such freedom and with such intensity. This volume conveys in modern English something of the greatness of that literature while as far as possible preserving the poetic values and beauty of the Hebrew original. Brief notes on the work of each of the thirteen poets represented put the poems in their proper perspective and do much to elucidate their meaning. The poets included are Dunash Halevi ben Labrat, Joseph ibn Abithur, Isaac ibn Kalpon, Samuel Hanagid, Solomon ibn Gabirol, Isaac ibn Gi'at, Moses ibn Ezra, Judah Halevi, Abraham ibn Ezra, Joseph ibn Zabara, Judah Alharizi, Shem Tob ben Palquera, and Todros ben Judah Abulafia. 'Remains the only anthology in English devoted entirely to the Golden Age with selections from all the major and some minor poets presented in verse translations. The book is a gift to the academic world and to all readers interested in the literary achievements of the Jews.' From the Foreword by Raymond ScheindlinAbout the AuthorDavid Goldstein was Curator of Hebrew Books and Manuscripts at the British Library. His translation of The Wisdom of the Zohar, also published by the Littman Library, was awarded the Webber Prize in 1987. Raymond Scheindlin is Professor of Medieval Hebrew Literature at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. Very good condition. (SEF-22A-12) (ID #25063) 30.00.

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SEF-15-1.jpg (68425 bytes) SEF-15-1fold out.jpg (339837 bytes)132. • Adler, Elkan Nathan. AUTO DE FE AND JEW. London, New York [Etc. ] H. Frowde, 1908. Hardcover, 8vo, 195 pages, 4 facsim, 22 cm. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Portugal. Jews -- Spain. Jews -- Persecutions. Inquisition -- Spain. Inquisition -- Portugal. Chapters IX to XXXVI are devoted to an examination, and partly a precis, of H. C. Lea's History of the inquisition of Spain. Cf. Pref. "Some authorities": pages 181-189; "The bibliography of J. Mendes dos Remedios": pages 190-195. Adler (1861–1946) , was an “Anglo-Jewish bibliophile, collector, and author. Adler, the son of Chief Rabbi Nathan Marcus Adler, was a lawyer by profession and had unusual opportunities to travel under favorable conditions and to build up a remarkable library. He was among the first persons to realize the importance of the Cairo Genizah. He visited Egypt in 1888 and 1895–96 and brought back approximately 25, 000 fragments from the Genizah. His library ultimately included about 4, 500 manuscripts of which he published a summary Catalogue of Hebrew Manuscripts in the Collection of E. N. Adler. He also had a collection of some 30, 000 printed books in Judaica and in general fields. In order to make good the embezzlements of a business associate he sold his library in 1923 to the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in New York and the duplicates of the printed books (including many incunabula) to the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, thus helping to raise both of these libraries to positions of significance. Adler's published writings were mainly based on his travels and on materials in his own collection. Among them are About Hebrew Manuscripts, a collection of bibliographical essays; A Gazetteer of Hebrew Printing; Jews in Many Lands; Auto de Fe and Jew; History of the Jews of London; Jewish Travellers; and articles on the Samaritans and on the Egyptian and Persian Jews. Adler played an active role in English-Jewish communal affairs, especially as regards educational and overseas matters, and was an early member of the Hovevei Zion in England. His personal archives are at the library of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America” (Roth in EJ 2007) . Pencil markings on pages. Lightly bumped corners. Name inscribed on blank cover page. Very good condition. (Sef-15-1) (ID #25397) 30.00.

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SEF-24-5.jpg (187072 bytes)148. • Slouschz, Nahum. HA-ANUSIM BE-PORTUGAL. Tel-Aviv: Devir, 1931. (FT) Hardcover, 8vo, 185 pages, 24 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Portugal -- History. Marranos -- Portugal -- History. Portugal -- History -- Manuel I, 1495-1521. Portugal -- Ethnic relations. Includes bibliographical references. Slouschz (1871–1966) , was a “scholar and writer, archaeologist and historian, traveler and translator. Born in Smorgan near Vilna, son of David Solomon Slouschz, rabbi, maskil, and early Zionist, Slouschz was taken as a child to Odessa. Odessa became the center of the Hovevei Zion movement and of the Hebrew renascence, and Slouschz took an active part in those political and cultural activities. He wrote on a variety of subjects for the Hebrew press both in Russia and in Erez Israel, and for a time edited a Russian-Jewish paper, Odesskaya Gazeta (1897) . During World War I Slouschz was involved in activities to influence the French government in agreeing to the Balfour Declaration , and he visited the United States in the same cause. While in New York he contributed to the Hebrew and Yiddish press, and acted as editor of the Jewish Morning Journal. In 1919 Slouschz settled in Erez Israel, where he revived the Palestine Exploration Society and edited its publications” (Berenbaum and Skolnik in EJ 2007) . OCLC lists 35 copies worldwide. Lightly bumped corners and edges. Wear to binding. Good condition. (Sef-24-5) (ID #25164) 45.00.

149. • Yerushalmi, Yosef Hayim. THE RE-EDUCATION OF MARRANOS IN THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY. Cincinnati: Judaic Studies Program University of Cincinnati, 1980. Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 16 pages. Yerushalmi is a U. S. Scholar of medieval and modern Jewish history. Yerushalmi was born in New York, graduated from Yeshiva University, took his doctorate at Columbia, and was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in 1957. A specialist in Sephardic and Marrano studies, he is editor of Studia Sephardica. Among his many works are: From Spanish Court to Italian Ghetto; Isaac Cardoso, a Study in 17th Century Marranism and Jewish Apologetics (1971) , and "The Inquisition and the Jews of France in the Time of Bernard Gui, " in: Harvard Theological Review, 63 (1970) , 317-376; Haggadah and History (1973) ; The Lisbon Massacre of 1506 and the Royal Image in the Shebet Yehudah (1976) . He has also prepared excellent editions of M. Kayserlings' Bibliotheca espanola-portugueza-judaica (1971) ; and A. Herculano's History of the Origin and Establishment of the Inquisition in Portugal. (EJ editorial staff) SUBJECT(S): Marranos; Marranen. Old mailing label on back cover. Very good condition. (SEF-9-5). (ID #19421) 30.00.

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152. • Another Copy. Ex-library with minimal markings, Otherwise, very good condition. (Sef-35-30) (ID #25429) 75.00.



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155. • Gaster, Moses; David De Sola. SEDER HA-TEFILOT: KEFI MINHAG KEHILAT HA-KODESH SEFARADIM SHA`AR HA-SHAMAYIM BE-LONDON: `IM TIRGUM ANGLI MI-YESUD DAVID DI AHARON DI SOLAH... ; U-TEFILAT BAR MITSVAH ME-ET...BINYAMIN ARTOM... ; VE-LUAH HA-MO`ADIM VEHA-SHABATOT...ME-ET MOSHEH DI AVRAHAM . MENAHEM GASTER. VOLUMES 1 AND 3. London: H. Frowde, 1901, 1904. Leather, (FT) 8vo. Xxx, 245, 69; xvi, 280 pages. In English and Hebrew; includes music. Volume 1 and 3 (of 3) only. SUBJECT(S): Judaism – prayer-books and devotions; Judaism – liturgy – texts. OCLC lists 13 copies worldwide. Gaster (1856-1939) was born in Bucharest, but studied in Braslau, where he was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary of Breslau in 1881. In 1885 he was expelled from Romania due to his political activism on the part of that country's Jews. He moves to England, where he began teaching Slavonic literature at Oxford University in 1886. Aside from his scholarship, Gaster was an active Zionist. “He accompanied L. Oliphant on his visits to Rumania, Constantinople, and Erez Israel, and also played a considerable part in the establishment of Zikhron Ya'akov and Rosh Pinnah in Palestine, the first colonies settled by Rumanian Jews. ” He was also elected as a vice president at the first four Zionist Congresses. (Roth, EJ) Vol 1 has red leather covers, vol 3 has brown leather. Gilt dentelles, marbled endpapers, all edges gilt; gilt title on spine. Edgeworn, moisture stain on first few pages of vol 1, first few pages of vol 3 stuck together. Good condition. (SEF-10-9) . Price per volume. Please indicate which is needed. (ID #20906) 75.00.

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SEF-15-8B.jpg (222217 bytes)159. • Narkiss, Bezalel. THE GOLDEN HAGGADAH. London: British Library, 1997. Softcover, 8vo, 71 pages, color illustrations, 30 cm. Contents: The Golden Haggadah -- The full-page Biblical miniatures -- The artists of the Biblical miniatures -- The models for the Biblical miniatures -- The Jews of Barcelona and the patrons of the Golden Haggadah. SUBJECT (S): Descriptor: Jewish illumination of books and manuscripts. Manuscripts, Hebrew. Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts. Documentation, information science and librarianship. Philosophy and religion. Arts and crafts. Manuscrits hebreux. Enluminure juive. Judaisme -- Liturgie -- Textes. Includes bibliography. Narkiss (1926–) , is a “Jewish art historian. Narkiss was born in Jerusalem, the son of Mordechai Narkiss , director of the Bezalel Art Museum. He studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and then taught history for five years at a secondary school in Haifa. It was only after his father's death, while examining and arranging his papers, that Narkiss found his vocation; to establish Jewish art as a specialized academic discipline. Through Narkiss' seminal work, the study of Jewish art has been transformed into a specialized academic discipline. He stressed the relationship of the style to that of the general art of the region, while pointing to specific Jewish elements and iconography. Narkiss published widely on the subject of illuminated Hebrew Manuscripts, and his major work on the subject, Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts, has appeared in several editions” (Fraiman in EJ 2007) . Bend to lower right corners. Bumped edges. Wear to cover spine color. Very good condition. (Sef-15-8) (ID #25404) 30.00.


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