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Nr. 7.• Koen-Sarano, Matilda. KUENTOS DEL FOLKLOR DE LA FAMIYA DJUDEO-ESPANYOLA. Jerusalem: 1986.     

Nr. 28.• Bet Ha-Tefutsot `al Shem Nahum Goldman. לוב: קהילה שהייתה LUV: KEHILAH SHE-HAYTAH [LIBYA, AN EXTINCT JEWISH COMMUNITY.]. Tel-Aviv: 1980.


Nr. 45.• (Yugoslavia) Savez Jevrejskih Opstina Jugoslavije. JEVREJSKI ALMANAH 1954. Beograd: 1954.


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1.         Benayahu, Meir. היחסים שבין יצודי יוון ליהודי איטליה: מגירוש ספרד עד תום הריפובליקה הויניציאנית HA-YEHASIM SHE-BEN YEHUDE YAVAN LI-YEHUDE ITALYAH: MI-GERUSH SEFARAD `AD TOM HA-REPUBLIKAH HA-VINITSIANIT. Tel-Aviv: Ha-Makhon Le-Heker Ha-Tefutsot. 1980. Paper wrappers.  8vo. 364 pages. First edition. SUBJECT(S): Jews – Greece – history; Jews – Italy – history; Printing, Hebrew – history; Rabbis – Greece; Rabbis – Italy; Greece – ethnic relations; Italy – ethnic relations. SERIES: Pirsume ha-Makhon le-heker ha-tefutsot ; sefer 30; Very good condition. (SEF-8-13a) (ID #25983) $125.00.






2.         • Rosenthal, A. CATALOGUE 72: RARE, UNUSUAL & STANDARD BOOKS IN SPANISH & PORTUGUESE ON MANY SUBJECTS, INCLUDING BOOKS ON SPAIN & PORTUGAL AND LATIN AMERICA IN OTHER LANGUAGES, WITH AN IMPORTANT APPENDIX OF SPANISH & PORTUGUESE JUDAICA. Oxford: A. Rosenthal, Ltd. 1960. Paper wrappers. 8vo. 112 pages, 7 illustrated. SUBJECT (S): Catalogs, booksellers' – England; Antiquarian booksellers – England; Rare books – catalogs, booksellers'; Catalogs, booksellers' – Great Britain. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide (Princeton, Univ of Texas-Austin, Central Conn. State Univ, New York Public Library, Univ van Amsterdam) . Ex-writing with minimal markings; Writing, stamp on cover, minor pen marks on inside pages. Good condition. (BIB-3-7) (ID #26018) $30.00.





3.         Yeshiva University. THE SEPHARDIC JOURNEY, 1492-1992. New York: Yeshiva University Museum. 1992. Cloth. 8vo. 420 pages. Illustrated. SUBJECT (S): Sephardim – exhibitions; Judaism – liturgical objects – exhibitions; Jews – Spain – exhibitions; Sefarden; Spain – ethnic relations – exhibitions. “This catalogue accompanies the Yeshiva University Museum exhibition The Sephardic Journey: 1492-1992, November 13, 1990-December 31, 1992. Both the exhibition and the catalogue commemorate the Quincentenary of the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain and Columbus' arrival in America. ” ISBN: 0945447043. Ex library with spine sticker and minimal markings, near fine condition. (SEF-8-9a) (ID #25979) $35.00.








4.         • Ben Giat, Aleksander.  אננה מאריאה, או, איל קוראסון די מוז׳יר : רומאנסו מויי איזמוביינטי ANNA MARIA, O, EL KORASON DE MUZ'ER: ROMANSO MUI EZMUVIENTE. Kairo: Estamparia Karmona I Zara, 5665. Paper Wrappers, 12mo, 112 pages. 15 cm. 1904-05. Edition: “Tresera ves est Ampado. ” In Ladino. SUBJECT (S): Ladino literature. Yaari number: 445./ Besso number: 27. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide (Brandeis, Harvard, Yale, NYPL, Cambridge) . Light wear, Very Good Condition. (heb-3-25) (ID #25957) $225.00.


5.         Blau, Joshua.  הספרות הערבית היהודית : פרקים נבחרים = אלמ תאר מן אלנצוץ באללגה אלערביה אליהודיה  HA-SIFRUT HA-‘ARVIT HA-YEHUDIT: PERAKIM NIVHARIM. AL-MUKHTAR MIN AL-NUTSUTS BIAL-LUGAH AL- ARABIYAH AL-YAHUDIYAH. Yerushalayim: Hotsa'at Sefarim a. Sh. Y. L. Magnes, Ha-Universitah Ha-'ivrit, 1980.  Softcover, 8vo, 276 pages, 22 cm. In Judeo-Arabic. Series: ha-Sidrah le-zekher Maks Shlesinger. Mekorot; kerekh 4; Variation: Sidrah le-zekher Maks Shlesinger. Mekorot; kerekh 4. SUBJECT(S): Judeo-Arabic literature. Judaism -- History -- Medieval and early modern period, 425-1789 -- Sources. In Judeo-Arabic; pref. In English and Hebrew. Title on added title page: al-Mukhtar min al-nusus bi-al-lughah al-Arabiyah al-Yahudiyah. Title on added title page: Judaeo-Arabic literature. Includes bibliographical references. Also issued online. Other Titles: Mukhtar min al-nutsuts biAl-lugah al-Arabiyah al-Yahudiyah. Mukhtar min al-nusus bi-al-lughah al- Arabiyah al-Yahudiyah. Judaeo-Arabic literature. Wear and chipping to cover edges. Light wear. Otherwise, very good condition. (Sef-29-10) (ID #26004) $135.00.


6.         Ibn Giyat, Aleksander.  אונה מוז׳יר טיריב׳לי :‏ ‏פ׳אטו אקונטיסאדו UNAH MUZ'ER TERIVLE: FATO AKONTESADO. 1907. Paper Wrappers, 12mo, 68 pages. 16 cm. 1907. In Ladino. SUBJECT (S): Ladino literature. Yaari no. 459. “t Rezladado por Aleksander Ibn Giyat. ” OCLC lists only 2 copies worldwide (NYPL, YU) , none outside New York. Binding repaired, wear to blank orange wrappers, Good+ Condition. (heb-3-27) . Scarce. (ID #25959) $300.00.


7.         Koen-Sarano, Matilda. KUENTOS: SIPURIM ME-HAVAI HA-MISHPAHAH HA-YEHUDIT-SEFARADIT. KUENTOS DEL FOLKLOR DE LA FAMIYA DJUDEO-ESPANYOLA. Jerusalem: Kanah. 1986. Paper boards. 8vo. Xxix, 390 pages. In Hebrew and Ladino on facing pages. Illustrated. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Sephardim – folklore; Folk literature, Ladino; Folk literature, Ladino – translations into Hebrew; Legends, Jewish; Sephardim – social life and customs; Sarano Family; Koen-Sarano, Matilda, 1939- -- family. Has dust jacket that is slightly worn along top edge. Very good condition. (SEF-8-11a) (ID #25981) $150.00.






8.         Melamed, Meir Masliah. סדור המרכז: לפי מנהג הספרדים ועדות המזרח SIDUR HA-MERKAZ: LEFI MINHAG HA-SEFARADIM VA-`ADOT HA-MIZRAH. Jerusalem: Hotsaat Ha-Merkaz Ha-Hinukhi Ha-Sefaradi Bi-Yerushalayim. 1983. Paper boards.   8vo. 718 pages. “1a ed. Por el Centro Educativo Sefaradí de Jerusalem. ” In Aramaic, Hebrew, Ladino, and Spanish. SUBJECT(S): Siddurim – texts; Judaism – Sephardic rite – liturgy – texts; Siddur (Sephardic) . OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. Owner's name inside cover [Sam Camhi? ], ex library, very good condition. (SEF-8-10a) (ID #25980) $50.00.


9.         St. Pierre, Bernardin De. translated Into Ladino by Aleksander Ben Giat. PABLO Y VIRZINIA: ROMANSO... Yerushalayim (Jerusalem): Estamparia De Shelomoh Yisrael Sherezli, 1911. Paper Wrappers, 12mo, 23 pages. 15 cm. In Ladino. Series: Edision Shayish; SUBJECT (S): Ladino literature. Ya`ari number: 561. “imitado del franses por Aleksander Ben Giat...” OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide (Brandeis, Harvard, Stanford, NYPL, Cambridge, YU) . Lacks blank orange wrappers, Otherwise Very Good Condition. (heb-3-26) (ID #25958) $200.00.




10.         Grand, Samuel and Tamar Grand. EXPLORING THE JEWISH HERITAGE IN SPAIN. New York: Spanish National Tourist Offices, 1979. Softcover, 8vo, 18 pages, illustrated, 22 x 28 cm. Loaded with photos of synagogues and sites. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Spain. Spain -- Description and travel. Booklet folded in half. Light wear to cover edges and corners. Very good condition. (Art-11-16) (ID #25734) $75.00.


11.         Hornik, M. P. Castro, Americo. COLLECTED STUDIES IN HONOUR OF AMERICO CASTRO'S 80TH YEAR. Oxford, Lincombe Lodge Research Library, 1965. Hardcover, 8vo, 482 pages. S. 479-482: Americo Castro. Selected bibliography. The Richard Kronstein foundation for the promotion of Jewish and cognate studies. Castro (1885–1972) , was a “Spanish historian and literary critic. Castro was a professor at the University of Madrid and later at Princeton University. He interpreted the culture and history of Spain as a result of the coming together of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, which created a peculiarly Hispanic form of life, different both from the East and from the civilization of Western Europe. The expulsion of 1492 was in Castro's view the result of uncontainable pressures from below. He believes that the preoccupation with purity of lineage in Christian Spain from the 15th century on was a transfer of a Jewish concept, due to the infiltration of converts into Christian society. The use of secrecy and informers by the Inquisition was a continuation of methods used by Jewish tribunals. Ultimately, according to Castro, it was the Jews and their descendants the Conversos who were responsible for the discrimination by the Spaniards against the New Christians because of the latter's blood or race and for the cruel and unjust methods employed by the Inquisition and the maltreatment of those who were brought to trial before it. These were all derived from Jewish sources and traditions. Castro relied on "evidence" from the Bible, from the origin of the Spanish aristocracy, from medieval Jewish authors like Santob de Carrion (Shem Tov ben Ardutiel) , R. Moses Arragel, R. Asher ben Yehiel, R. Solomon ben Adret, and others. Castro's evidence is based entirely on a basic misunderstanding of the sources, of the Jews' understanding of the biblical text, and of the essence of Jewish law” (Scholberg in EJ 2007) . OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (National Library of Sweden) . Heavily warped by waterdamage, but completely usable with no explicit damage (plates were not printed on glossy paper, but rather high-grade flat paper, so they did not stick) . Ex-library with usual markings. Staining to cover. Staining on edges of pages. Good condition. Important and scarce. (Sef-18-17) (ID #25525) $300.00.


12.       • Alvarez, Jesus. JUDIOS Y CRISTIANOS ANTE LA HISTORIA. Madrid; Aguilar, 1972. Softcover, 8vo, 377 pages, 21 cm. In Spanish. Special Attention to Spain. Series: Coleccion literaria. Coleccion ensayistas. SUBJECT (S): Judaism -- Relations -- Christianity. Christianity and other religions -- Judaism. Juifs -- Histoire. Bibliography on pages 369-373. Light wear to binding and book. Good condition. (Sef-29-17) (ID #26011) $35.00.







13.       • Grand, Samuel and Tamar Grand. EXPLORING THE JEWISH HERITAGE IN SPAIN. New York: Spanish National Tourist Offices, 1979. Softcover, 8vo, 18 pages, illustrated, 22 x 28 cm. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Spain. Spain -- Description and travel. OCLC lists 12 copies worldwide. Very good condition. (Sef-29-20) (ID #26013) $30.00.


14.       • (Majorca) Braunstein, Baruch, . THE CHUETAS OF MAJORCA; CONVERSOS AND THE INQUISITION OF MAJORCA. Scottdale, Pa. Mennonite Publishing House, 1936. 1st edition. Related Titles: Conversos and the Inquisition of Majorca. Xv, 227 pages, 26 cm. Issued also as thesis (pH. D. ) Columbia University. Bibliography on pages 203-220. Series: Columbia University. Oriental studies, volume 28. Very Good Condition. (SEF-35-32) (ID #10621) $65.00.




15.       • Ramon Alberch I Fugueras. ELS JUEUS A LES TERRES GIRONINES. [Girona]: Diputació De Girona: Caixa D'Girona, 1988. Paper Wrappers , 8vo. 95 pages. Illustrated. In French. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Spain -- Gerona (Province) -- History.  Gerona (Spain: Province) -- Ethnic relations.   OCLC lists three copies worldwide. In very good condition. (SEF-12A-9)  (ID #25966) $75.00.








16.       • Romano, David. PER A UNA HISTÒRIA DE LA GIRONA JUEVA, VOL 1. Girona: Ajuntament De Girona. 1988. Paper wrappers. 8vo. Various pagings. Illustrated. Volume one (of two) only. First edition. SUBJECT(S): Jews – SpainGerona – history; Gerona (Spain) – ethnic relations. OCLC lists 29 copies worldwide. ISBN: 8486837022. A little edgeworn, very good condition. (SEF-8-26a) (ID #25995) $75.00.









17.       • (Amsterdam) Fuks-Mansfeld, R. G. DE SEFARDIM IN AMSTERDAM TOT 1795: ASPECTEN VAN DE ONTWIKKELING VAN EEN JOODSE MINDERHEID IN EEN HOLLANDSE STAD. Wilp: De Auteur, Comprint, 1989. Softcover, 8vo, 237 pages, 22 cm. In Dutch. SUBJECT (S): Sefarden. Proefschriften (vorm) . Amsterdam (stad) . Met lit. Opg. reg. - Met een samenvatting in het Engels. OCLC lists 22 copies worldwide. Light wear to edges. Very good condition. (Sef-29-12) (ID #26006) $30.00.


18.       • (Birmingham, UK) Mendes, Abraham Pereira. SERMONS (DELIVERED TO THE BIRMINGHAM HEBREW CONGREGATION) . 1855, 0.  4to, xii, 200 pages. English interspersed with Hebrew. “First among the Sephardim to publish a volume of sermons in English. ” (JE, Vol. III, pp. 486-7) . Abraham Pereira Mendes (1825-93) , a native of Kingston, Jamaica, served as minister of the Montego Bay community until 1851, when he was called to England to lead the Birmingham Hebrew Congregation. In 1858 he relocated to London, becoming Dayan of the Sephardic community. Finally, from 1883 until his death a decade later; he ministered to Cong. Jesuat Israel of Newport, Rhode Island. His son, Henry (Haim) Pereira Mendes, minister of Cong. Shearith Israel of New York, was instrumental in the founding in 1897 of the Union of Orthodox Congregations of the United States and Canada. Very Good Condition. (Spec-12-1) (ID #25529) $225.00.


19.       • (Egypt) Masriya, Yahudia. LES JUIFS EN EGYPTE. Genèva, Éditions De L'Avenir, 1971. Paper Wrappers , 8vo. 75 pages. In French. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Egypt -- History.  Egypt -- History.   OCLC lists three copies worldwide (Princeton, New York Public Research Library, University of Oxford) In good condition. (SEF-12A-8)  (ID #25965) $30.00.


20.       • (Egypt) Tcherikover, Avigdor. יהודים במצרים בתקופה ההלניסטית־הרומית לאור הפאפירולוגיה YEHUDIM BE-MITSRAYIM BA-TEKUFAH HA-HELENISTIT-HA-ROMIT LE-OR HA-PAPIROLOGYAH. Yerushalayim, Hevrah Le-Hotsa'at Sefarim a. Y. Ha-Universitah Ha-ivrit, 1945.   Softcover, 8vo, 12, 272, 1, 32 pages, 23 cm. In Hebrew and English. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Egypt -- History. “Yatsa la-or be-siyua Ha-keren' A. Sh. Aleksander Kohut. ” Added title page: The Jews in Egypt in the Hellenistic-Roman age in the light of the papyri. “The English text is but a brief summary of the Hebrew original”--Pref. “Luah ha-kitsurim”: page [9]-12.Tcherikover (Avigdor; 1894–1958) , was an “historian. Tcherikover was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, into a family of maskilim. Emigrating to Palestine in 1925, Tcherikover became one of the first teachers at the Hebrew University, and the first professor of ancient history. A general historian by training, Tcherikover first wrote in the field of Hellenistic history; his Die Hellenistischen Staedtegruendungen von Alexander dem Grossen bis auf die Roemerzeit became the basic work in this field. Later he devoted himself entirely to the study of Jewish history during the Graeco-Roman period and became one of the most distinguished scholars in the field. The other important field of Tcherikover's work on the history of the Diaspora in Egypt was based on his research of papyri. Among the tens of thousands of Greek papyri found in Egypt from the end of the 19th century onward, papyri which mentioned Jews or matters connected with Jews were also discovered. Tcherikover initiated systematic research of the Jewish papyri, publishing many studies and a comprehensive research work, Ha-Yehudim be-Mizrayim ba-Tekufah ha-Helenistit-ha-Romit le-Or ha-Papirologyah (‘The Jews in Egypt in the Hellenistic-Roman Age in the Light of the Papyri”) . Tcherikover's scholarly work is outstanding for construction, clarity of thought, lucidity of presentation, precision of detail, and general historic perception” (Fuks in EJ 2007) . Tears to corners and edges of cover. Wear to binding. Good condition. (Sef-18-8)  (ID #25516) $40.00.


21.       • (Eretz Israel) Shva, Shlomo. הימים היפים HA-YAMIM HA-YAFIM. Tel Aviv: A. Levin Epshtayn, 1972.   Hardcover, 8vo, 241 pages, illustrated, 24 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Palestine -- History. On verso of title page: Those beautiful days. Light wear to binding. Chipping to edges of cover jacket. Very good condition. (Sef-29-5) (ID #26000) $35.00.


22.       • (France) Anchel, Robert. LES JUIFS DE FRANCE. Paris, J. B. Janin, 1946. 291 pages, plates, port. 12mo, 21 cm. An important history of the Jews of France up through Napoleanonic times, printed at the end of the Second World War. Much on the Middle Ages, Marranos in France, etc. In French. Series: La Roue de fortune. Standard No: LCCN: 47-22466. SUBJECT (S): Jews – France. Joden. Stained, brown pages. Staining to cover around the edges and binding. Otherwise, good condition. (mx-31-8) (ID #25571) $30.00.


23.       • (India) Goodman, Hananya, editor. BETWEEN JERUSALEM AND BENARES: COMPARATIVE STUDIES IN JUDAISM AND HINDUISM. Delhi, Sri Satguru Publications, 1997. Cloth, 8vo, xiii, 344 pages. Includes tables, notes, & index. 23cm. The book stands at the crossroads between Jerusalem and Benares and opens a long awaited conversation between two ancient religious traditions. It represents the first serious attempt by a group of eminent scholars of Judaic and Indian studies to take seriously the cross-cultural resonance among the Judaic and Hindu traditions. The essays in the first part of the volume explore the historical connections and influences between the two traditions, including evidence of borrowed elements and the adaptation of Jewish Indian communities to Hindu culture. The essays in the second part focus primarily on resonance between particular conceptual complexes and practices in the two traditions, including comparative analyses of representations of Veda and Torah, legal formulations of dharma and halakhah and conceptions of union with the Divine in Hindu Tantra and Kabbalah. Contents include: Acknowledgments Preface by David Shulman; 1. Introduction: Judaism and Hinduism: Cultural Resonances by Hananya Goodman; 2. The Love and Hate of Hinduism in the Work of Jewish Scholars by Wendy Doniger Part I: HISTORICAL ENCOUNTERS; 3. Lexical Borrowings in Biblical Hebrew from Indian Languages as Carriers of Ideas and Technical Concepts by Chaim Rabin; 4. Abraham and the Upanishads by David Flusser; 5. Between Jews and Greeks: The Indian Model by Francis Schmidt; 6. A Hindu Response to the Written Torah by D. Dennis Hudson; 7. Yom Kippur: The Festival of Closing the Doors by Shalva Weil Part II: CULTURAL RESONANCES; 8. Veda Torah: The Word Embodied in Scripture by Barbara A. Holdrege; 9. From Dharma to Law by Bernard S. Jackson; 10. Union and Unity in Hindu Tantrism by Elizabeth Chalier-Visuvalingam; 11. Union and Unity in Kabbalah by Charles Mopsik; & 12. Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook and Sri Aurobindo: Towards a Comparison by Margaret Chatterjee Contributors. ISBN: 8170305225 . Fine in find dustjacket. (SEF-27-15) (ID #11157) $40.00.


24.       • (India) Israel, Benjamin J. THE JEWS OF INDIA. New Delhi: Centre For Jewish And Inter-Faith Studies, Jewish Welfare Association, 1982. Softcover, 12mo, 64 pages, 23 cm. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- India -- History. India -- Ethnic relations. Added essay: The Jewish contribution to India on pages 56-64. Bibliography on page 55. OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide (Hebrew Union, U of Haifa, U of South Florida) . Light wear to edges. Light staining to cover. Otherwise, very good condition. (Sef-29-15)  (ID #26009) $30.00.







25.       • (Iraq) Bar-Mosheh, Yitshak. יציאת עיראק : זכרונות משנות 1945-1950  YETSI AT IRAK: ZIKHRONOT MI-SHENOT 1945-1950. Yerushalayim: Va'ad 'adat Ha-Sefaradim Bi-Yerushalayim Be-Hishtatfut Ha-Mahlakah Li-Kehilot Sefaradiyot Shel Ha-Histadrut Ha-Tsiyonit Ha-olamit, 1977.   Hardcover, 8vo, 14, 365 pages, 25 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Persecutions -- Iraq. Bar-Mosheh, Yitshak. Iraq -- Ethnic relations. Title on added title page: Exodus from Iraq. Other Titles: Exodus from Iraq. Wear to binding. Light wear. Wear to edges of cover, in dust jacket. Good condition. (Sef-29-4) (ID #25999) $30.00.






26.       • (Iraq) Ben Porat, Mordechai. TO BAGHDAD AND BACK: THE MIRACULOUS 2,000 YEAR HOMECOMING OF THE IRAQI JEWS. Jerusalem, Hewlett, NY: Gefen Publishing House. 1998. Paper boards. 8vo. 367 pages. Illustrated. SUBJECT (S): Jews – Iraq – history -- 20th century; Jews – Iraq – migrations; Ben Porat, Mordechai, 1923-; Israel – emigration and immigration; Iraq – emigration and immigration; Israel – politics and government. Laid in is a photocopy of a newspaper article on the author. Ex library with bookplate and spine sticker, very good condition. (SEF-8-15a) (ID #25985) $40.00.






27.       • (Iraq) Haddad, Ezra Y. אבני־דרך: לתולדות היהודים בבבל־עיראק מחרבן הבית הראשון ועד לעליה ההמונית  AVNE-DEREKH: LE-TOLDOT HA-YEHUDIM BE-BAVEL-`IRAK ME-HURBAN HA-BAYIT HA-RISHON VE-`AD LA-`ALIYAH HA-HAMONIT [MILESTONES IN THE HISTORY OF THE JEWS IN BABYLON-IRAQ FROM THE BABYLONIAN CAPTIVITY 597 B. C. TO THE MASS EXODUS TO THE STATE OF ISRAEL, 1951 A. D]. Tel Aviv: Irgun Yotse `irak Be-Yisrael. 1970. Paperback.   8vo. 91 pages. Illustrated. SUBJECT(S): Jews – Iraq – history; Jews – IraqBabylonia – history. OCLC lists 18 copies worldwide. Inscribed. Light spots of covers, edges and title page, spine torn, good condition. (SEF-8-14a) (ID #25984) $50.00.





28.       • (Libya) Bet Ha-Tefutsot `al Shem Nahum Goldman. לוב: קהילה שהייתה LUV: KEHILAH SHE-HAYTAH [LIBYA, AN EXTINCT JEWISH COMMUNITY.]. Tel-Aviv: Bet Ha-Tefutsot. 1980. Paper wrappers.   8vo. 50 pages. In English and Hebrew. Photograph illustrations. SUBJECT(S): Jews – Libya; Jews – Libya – history – exhibitions; Libya – ethnic relations – exhibitions. OCLC lists 7 copies worldwide. “The exhibition “Libya: An Extinct Jewish Community” was initiated by the Cultural Center of the Jews of Libya, Tel-Aviv, 61 Yehuda Halevi St. On the occasion of the Libyan Jewry Week in Israel (March 15-22, 1980) . ” Covers slightly worn, donation sticker inside cover, very good condition. (SEF-8-12a) (ID #25982) $75.00.





29.       • (Libya) Goldberg, Harvey E. ; Mordecai Ha-Cohen. THE BOOK OF MORDECHAI: A STUDY OF THE JEWS OF LIBYA. SELECTIONS FROM THE HIGHID MORDEKHAI OF MORDECHAI HAKOHEN: BASED ON THE COMPLETE HEBREW TEXT AS PUBLISHED BY THE BEN-ZVI INSTITUTE, JERUSALEM. Philadelphia: Institute For The Study Of Human Issues. 1980. Cloth. 8vo. Xii, 226 pages. Map. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Jews – Libya; Joden; Libya – ethnic relations. ISBN: 0897270053. Ex library with bookplate and spine sticker, occasional marginalia and dog ears, otherwise very good condition. (SEF-8-3a) (ID #25973) $75.00.






30.       • (London) Lionel D Barnett. EL LIBRO DE LOS ACUERDOS: BEING THE RECORDS AND ACCOMPTS OF THE SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE SYNAGOGUE OF LONDON FROM 1663 TO 1681. Oxford: O. U. P., 1931. Cloth , 8vo. 143 pages. In English. Translated from the original Spanish and Portuguese [and edited] by Lionel D. Barnett. Barnett, (1871–1960) , was a British orientalist. Barnett, who was born in Liverpool, was keeper of the department of oriental printed books and manuscripts at the British Museum from 1908 to 1936. He was an authority on Indian literature, and lectured in Indian history at the London University School of Oriental and African Studies until 1946. (EJ, Kahane) Ex library with the usual markings. In good condition. (SEF-12A-10)  (ID #25967) $30.00.





31.       Lowenstern, Edward S. EXOTIC JEWISH COMMUNITIES OF EURASIA AND AFRICA. Northbrook, Ill. Whitehall Co., 1971. Softcover, 8vo, 63 pages, map, 23 cm. SUBJECT (S): Jewish diaspora. Bibliography on pages 61-62. OCLC lists 23 copies worldwide. Light staining to front and back cover. Light wear. Otherwise, very good condition. (Sef-29-16)  (ID #26010) $65.00.


32.       Mikhlalah Le-Hinukha. Sh. David Yelin. JEWS OF THE DIASPORA: A SELECT COLLECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHS OF JEWS IN PARTS OF THE WORLD, OTHER THAN ISRAEL AND THE UNITED STATES: PRESENTED AT THE ANNUAL DINNER, TAVERN ON THE GREEN, NEW YORK CITY, NOVEMBER 20, 1989 (VOLUME 2) . Hoboken, N. J.: KTAV Pub. House, 1989. Paperback, Aprox 40 leaves, unpaginated, illustrated, 31 cm. Photos or maps on most leaves, most are early 20th Century photographs. Printed entirely on heavy glossy paper. Series: Photographic album series; volume 2. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Portraits. OCLC lists 7 copies worldwide. Wear to edges of cover and corners. Crease marks on back cover. Good condition. (Art-8-13) (ID #25680) $60.00.


33.       • (Netherlands) Blom, J. C. H. R. G. Fuks-Mansfeld, and Ivo Schoffer Schoffer. GESCHIEDENIS VAN DE JODEN IN NEDERLAND. Amsterdam: Balans, 1995. Hardcover, 8vo, x, 502 pages, illustrated, 24 cm. In Dutch. On the Sephardica and Ashkenazi communities. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Netherlands -- History. Joden. Netherlands -- Ethnic relations. Includes bibliographical references on pages 483-487 and index. Light wear and slight chipping to edges of dust jacket. Articles laid in. Very good condition. (Sef-29-11) (ID #26005) $50.00.


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An Important Translation by Isaac Leeser


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