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  1. • Friedberg, Bernhard, 1876-1961. BET EKED SEPHARIM: LEXIQUE BIBLIOGRAPHIQUE DE TOUS LES OUVRAGES DE LA LITTÉRATURE HÉBRAÏQUE ET JUDÉO-ALLEMANDE (TWO VOLUMES). Anvers (Antwerp); B. Friedberg, 1931. Clothbound. 4to. 844 pages. 27 cm. First edition. In Hebrew. Two volumes, quarter leather and red cloth over boards, raised decorative leather on spine, gilt lettering on spine. Title page in Hebrew and French, with added title page in German and English. Paged continuously across two tomes. Issued in parts, 1928-31. Supplemented in the author's Toldot ha-defus ha-`Ivri be-Polanyah (p. 109-111). The "Bibliographical Lexicon of the whole Hebrew and Jewish-German Literature, inclusive of the Arabe, Greek, Italian, Persian, Samaritan, Spanish-potuguese and Tartarian works, printed in the years 1475-1900 with Hebrew Letters. Together with a register of the authors and a table of content from B. Friedberg. " Friedberg (1876-1961) was a "scholar and bibliographer. Friedberg was born in Cracow, and in 1900 moved to Frankfurt, where he worked for the publisher and bookseller Isaac Kauffmann. In 1904 he set up his own firm and by 1906 had published two catalogs; in the same year he and J. Saenger founded the publishing house of Saenger and Friedberg. In 1910 the partnership broke up, and Friedberg entered the diamond trade, moving to Antwerp. When the Nazis occupied Belgium, he lost his valuable library and all his papers. In 1946 he settled in Tel Aviv, continuing to deal in diamonds but with his heart in books and his bibliographical and genealogical research. Beginning in 1896, Friedberg published in Hebrew a number of biographies, e. G, on Joseph Caro, Shabbetai Kohen, and Nathan Spira; family histories, e. G, Schor, Landau, and Horowitz; and a study on the old Jewish cemetery of Cracow, Luhot Zikkaron. Friedberg's first bibliographical effort was a history of Hebrew printing in Cracow, Ha-Defus ha-Ivri be-Cracow, followed by a similar study on Lublin, Le-Toledot ha-Defus ha-Ivri be-Lublin (1901). In 1932 he began publishing a series of works on the history of Hebrew printing, Toledot ha-Defus ha-Ivri; the series included volumes on Poland; on Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, and the Orient; on Central Europe; and on Western Europe. His greatest achievement was his bibliographical lexicon Beit Eked Sefarim. Though Friedberg's works are not always accurate, they are indispensable bibliographical reference books" (Ben-Menahem in EJ, 2007). Subjects: Hebrew imprints. Hebrew literature - Bibliography. Yiddish literature - Bibliography. Wear and scuffing to leather edges and spine, light chafing of leather. Backstrip repaired on volume one. Pages lightly yellowed, but very fresh. Very good condition. A beautiful copy of this scarce set. (SEF41-27) (ID #28329) $500.00.




  3. • (Bulgaria) Baruch, Isidor, editor. ЕВРЕЙСКА ТРИБУНА : ДВУМЕСЕЧНО СПИСАНИЕ ЗА ОБЩЕСТВЕН ЖИВОТ И КУЛЬТУРА. EVREISKA TRIBUNA. YUNI 1926. GODINA 1. KNIGA 1. (ONLY, NO MORE ISSUED? ). Rustschuk, Bulgaria, [N. S. ], 1926. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 111 pages. In Bulgarian. Volume 1, Book 1. Cover Subtitle: "Dvumesechno Spisanie za Obschestven Zhivot I Kultura [Bi-Monthly Magazine for Public Life and Culture]. " Topics include: The Jewish Question, Alcoholism and Jews, Zionist Propaganda, Spanish Research and Sephardic Jews, The Spanish Jews in Bulgaria, The Jewish Youth Movement, The Position of Jews in Russia. OCLC lists only 1 holding (Nat Lib Israel). Lacks backstrip. Cover is chipping at edges. Internal pages are slightly tanned, but all text is clear and binding is tight. Good+ condition. (HOLO2-60-3) (ID #27654) $150.00.


  5. • Rustow, Marina and Sharon Liberman Mintz and Elka Deitsch. Curators. SCRIPTURE AND SCHISM. SAMARITAN AND KARAITE TREASURES FROM THE LIBRARY OF THE JEWISH THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY. AN EXHIBITION DECEMBER 14, 2000 – APRIL 5, 2001. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary of America Library, 2000. Original Softcover. Oblong 8vo. 128 pages. Heavily illustrated (some color). 21 x 23 cm. Introduction: The Makings of a Jewish Schism -- THE SAMARITANS: I. From Scripture to Schism: Samaritan Origins -- II. Samaritan Customs and Ceremonies -- III. The Samaritan Renaissance of Late Antiquity and the Encounter with Rabbinic Judaism -- IV. Samaritan Responses to Arab and Islamic Culture. -- THE KARAITES -- Karaites in the Islamic world -- I. "Search Diligently in the Torah": Karaite Beginnings -- II, Intertwined Worlds: Karaite-Rabbanite Relations in the Genizah Communities -- II. Age of Polemics: Karaites Come under Rabbanite Fire -- IV. Egyptian Karaism The Move Northward: Karaism in Greek, Turkish, and Russian lands -- V. Byzantine and Ottoman Karaism: Compromise and Codification -- VI. Karaites and Krimchaks: The Crimean Communities -- VII. Troki, Lutsk, Halicz, and Kiev: The Eastern European Communities -- VIII. Under the Czars: The Karaites Become a People Apart -- IX. The Firkovich Controversies: Scholarship in the Service of Separatism. The exhibition described in this book explored the works by and about the Samaritans and the Karaites, two ancient Jewish sects that claim to be the sole legitimate interpreters of the biblical religion. Both groups have survived into the modern period. The Samaritans claim to be descended from the tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, who were not deported by the Assyrians in the eighth century. They do not consider themselves Jews. The Samaritans built their own sanctuary on Mt. Gerizim near Shechem (Nablus) in Samaria, where they still practice animal sacrifice once a year on Passover. Today they number roughly 600 souls, half under Israeli rule in Holon and the other half under Palestinian rule in their ancient center at Nablus. The Karaites are an offshoot of Judaism that arose in the eighth century CE in Iraq in opposition to the Talmud and other rabbinic additions to biblical law. They claimed that the true Jewish religion lay in direct interpretation of Scripture by qualified individuals. From Iraq, the sect spread to Palestine, Egypt, Byzantium, the Crimean peninsula, Poland, and Russia. Today there are Karaite communities in Russia, Lithuania, Turkey, Israel, Egypt and the US. Scripture and Schism brought together a fascinating exhibit of medieval manuscripts, early printed books, broadsides, and other works rarely seen on public display, including medieval letters from the Cairo Genizah. They are reproduced on high quality paper in this beautiful exhibition catalog. Additional information and images from the exhibit may be viewed online at SUBJECT(S): Samaritans -- History -- Exhibitions. Samaritans – Bibliography Exhibitions. Karaites -- History -- Exhibitions. Karaites -- Bibliography -- Exhibitions. Includes bibliographical references (pages 127-128). New condition. (JTSAL-1). $25.00




  7. • .Danzig, Neil. KATALOG SHEL SERIDE HALAKHAH U-MIDRASH MI-GENIZAT-KAHIR BE-OSEF E.N. ADLER SHEBE-SIFRIYAT BET HA-MIDRASH LE-RABANIM BA-AMERIKAH. CATALOGUE OF FRAGMENTS OF HALAKHAH AND MIDRASH FROM THE CAIRO GENIZAH IN THE E. N. ADLER COLLECTION OF THE LIBRARY OF JTS. Nyu-York? & Jerusalem: Jewish Theological Seminary Of America & Shocken, 1997. ISBN: 9654560224 9789654560221. Cloth, 8vo, 87, 362, xvi pages, plus [12] pages of plates (facimiles of genizah fragments) 29 cm. In Hebrew. Title page and introduction also in English. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. This very-well received work elicited many reviews in the Jewish Studies press; see Steven Fine: "Review of Neil Danzig, A Catalog of Fragments …" in Hebrew Studies, vol. 41 (2000); as well as Ezra Chwat, "Danzig's Catalog of Halakhah and Midrash Fragments in the E.N. Adler Collection and its Usage as a Research Tool," in Jewish Quarterly Review 90, 3-4 (2000): 405-415. The book also received this praise from Heidi G. Lerner & Seth Jerchower in their "The Penn/Cambridge Genizah Fragment Project: Issues in Description, Access, and Reunification" (Philadelphia, 2006): "Danzig's 1997 catalog of Rabbinic fragments at the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, while oriented upon the holdings of one local collection, exhaustively provides cross-matches and concordances. "The Cairo Geniza is a collection of almost 280,000 Jewish manuscript fragments found in the Genizah or storeroom of the Ben Ezra Synagogue in Fustat, presently Old Cairo, Egypt. Some additional fragments were found in the Basatin cemetery east of Old Cairo, and the collection includes a number of old documents bought in Cairo in the later 19th century. It is presently dispersed among a number of libraries, including the libraries of Cambridge University and the University of Manchester…. In 1896, English travelers Agnes S. Lewis and Margaret D. Gibson returned from Egypt with fragments from the genizah they considered to be of interest, and showed them to Solomon Schechter at Cambridge. Schechter, already aware of the Genizah but not of its significance, immediately recognized the importance of the material. He later went to Egypt, acquired many documents, and brought the contents of the Genizah to scholarly and popular attention….The Taylor-Schechter collection at Cambridge has nearly 193,000 fragments (137,000 shelf-marks); there are a further 31,000 fragments at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Also, the John Rylands University Library in Manchester holds a collection of over 11,000 fragments…" (Wikipedia, 2011). SUBJECT(S): Cairo Genizah -- Catalogs. Rabbinical literature -- Manuscripts -- Catalogs. Geonic literature -- Manuscripts -- Catalogs. Midrash -- Manuscripts -- Catalogs. Hebreeuwse handschriften. Geniza-fragmenten. When available, often priced at double our price. New Condition. (ID #27923) $35.00.




  9. • .Mintz, Sharon Liberman. Charm, Havva. Deitsch, Elka. IMAGE AND IMPRESSION: RARE PRINTS FROM THE COLLECTION OF THE LIBRARY OF THE JEWISH THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY OF AMERICA /. New York: Library Of The Jewish Theological Seminary Of America,, 2002. ISBN: 0873340892Paper Wrappers, Square 8vo (8-1/4" X 8-3/4"), 127 pages. Illustrations on every leaf, some in color. 22 cm. Contents: Sanctuary and synagogue: the experience of the Portuguese and Ashkenazic Jews in Amsterdam; Visions of glory: engraved portraits of Jewish personalities, 1600-1900; From Eve to Esther: images of women in biblical prints; Culture and costume: depictions of Jewish dress across five centuries. "The 5, 500 prints in the library's collection include portraits, biblical scenes, topography, customs and ceremonies, depictions of life cycle events, caricatures and costume prints. The collection documents every conceivable aspect of Jewish life and culture and represents a vibrant visual record of the Jewish people over the last five hundred years" (JTSA). "This catalog was issued in conjunction with the exhibition Culture and costume: depictions of Jewish dress across five centuries, held at the Library from December 12, 2002 to March 31, 2003." SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Civilization -- Exhibitions. Jews -- Social life and customs -- Exhibitions. New Condition. (ID #27876) $30.00.




  11. • Elkin, Judith Laikin. editor. RESOURCES FOR LATIN AMERICAN JEWISH STUDIES. Ann Arbor, Michigan, Latin American Jewish Studies Association, 1984. Original Stapled Paper Wrappers. 8vo. Xiii, 60 pages. Subtitle: "Proceedings of the First research conference of the Latin American Jewish Studies Association, held on the Cincinnati campus of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion on October 30-November 1, 1982." CONTENTS: Using Jewish Reference Sources for the Study of Latin American Jewry: A Bibliography. / Arnona Rudavksy – United States Library Collections on Latin American Jews / Richard D. Woods and Arnona Rudavsky – United States Archival Resources for the Study of Jews in Latin America / Thomas Niehaus and Maria Hernandez-Lehmann – Disappearing Memories: The Loss of Jewish Records in Latin America / Robert M. Levine – Program of the First Conference of the Latin American Jewish Studies Association. Laid In: Signed letter from the editor; LAJSA Newsletter, Feb. 1984; facs. Of NY Times article on LAJSA conference (March 11, 1984). Minor wear to cover; internal pages are bright and clean. Very Good Condition. (SEF44-5) (ID #28405/6) $30.00. .




  13. • Kaganoff, Nathan M; Menahem Kaufman; Mira Levine. GUIDE TO AMERICA-HOLY LAND STUDIES 1620-1948. VOLUME 4: RESOURCE MATERIAL IN BRITISH, ISRAELI AND TURKISH REPOSITORIES. 1984. New York: Arno Press, 1984. Hardcover. 8vo. 208 pages. VOLUME 4 of 4. This volume stands on its own. SUBJECT (S): Americans-Palestine-History-Sources-Bibliography. Very Good condition (SPEC-19-5). (ID #26713) $30.00.






  15. • Stern, Malcolm H. FIRST AMERICAN JEWISH FAMILIES: 600 GENEALOGIES, 1654-1988. Baltimore, Md.: Ottenheimer Publishers, 1991. 3rd [and final] edition., updated and revised. Paperback, oblong folio, ix, 442 pages. 28 x 36 cm. Includes index. The American Sephardi Federation suggests that, "If you are studying Sephardic genealogy, the best place to start is with th[is] volume." This work, as the title describes, features 600 massive fold-out family trees with approximately 50,000 names (!) It details families who first arrived in North America prior to 1840, and follows those families (Jewish and non-Jewish branches) down until 1988! When it first appeared in 1960, the book "marked a milestone in the study of American Jewish genealogy," says the American Jewish Archives; it was also a major research source for Stephen Birmingham's best-selling book The Grandees. An archivist at one of America's oldest Synagogues has declared, "We own the hardback edition that goes up to 1977 and we use it constantly. It consists entirely of family trees of every family of Jewish origin that came to America before 1840 (including Non-Jewish descendants). Every name is indexed in the back and there are cross-references when a name appears in more than one tree. Included with the names are places and dates of birth, marriage, death, and immigration." Stern, the compiler, was a rabbi, synagogue musician, historian and genealogist of early American Jewry. He was the grandnephew of Rabbi Joseph Krauskopf. He served as a chaplain in the U. S. Army Air Corps during World War II. In 1950 he became the official genealogist for the American Jewish Archives (Korn, EJ). The book is now, unfortunately, out of print, though demand for it continues to grow, mirroring the ever-increasing interest in Jewish Genealogy. ISBN: 0870684434 LCCN: 92-244221 SUBJECT(S): Jews -- United States -- Genealogy. Geographic: United States -- Genealogy. Light wear to edges. Very good condition. (Sef 43-10) (ID #28121) $150.00.



  17. • 'Abud, Nisim Mosheh. SEFER OTSAR HA-HOKHMAH:... ME-'AM LO'EZ KOHELET EN LADINO E KE EMBEZA DOTRINOS I SENSIAS DEL SE[FER] DE SHELOMOH HA-MELEKH... SONTRAIDAS DE GEMARA I MIDRASHIM. Konstantinoplah: Empremeriah El. Numesmatides, 1897. Hardcover, 8vo, 6, 192 pages, 27 cm. In Ladino. SUBJECT (S): Bible. O. T. Ecclesiastes -- Commentaries. Ladino commentary on Ecclesiastes by Nisim Mosheh 'Abud. Ladino and Hebrew introductions by author. Title page has Arabic inscription. Other Titles: Me-? Am lo? Ez. Ecclesiastes. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (Yale, US Holocaust Museum). Stained pages. Inscription inside front cover. Chipping to pages and edges of cover. Hinge repair. Tape fix on last page. Otherwise, good condition. (Heb-40-25) (ID #27917) $275.00.



  19. • American Society Of Sephardic Studies; Isaac Jack Levy (editor). AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SEPHARDIC STUDIES SERIES 1. New York City; Sephardic Studies Program, Yeshiva University, 1969. Paper wrappers. 8vo. 112 pages. 22 cm. Serial publication, annual; series 1, 1968-1969. In English with some Ladino and some Hebrew. From the foreword: "This collection of essays is the official annual publication of the American Society of Sephardic Studies, an autonomous organization of academicians and scholars dedicated to the study of Judeo-Iberian and Islamic cultures as well as all interrelated influences of and upon the Sephardim in their adopted countries as the result of their exile from Spain in 1492." With essays on 18th century sephardic ballads from Bosnia, 18th century Sephardic manuscripts from Italy, Judeo-Spanish romance melodies, Maimonides, Talmudic scholarship in Spain, Yeshivat Minhat Areb, etc. Subjects: Sephardim - Periodicals. Ladino literature - Periodicals. OCLC lists 10 holdings worldwide. Covers lightly soiled. Excellent condition. (SEF41-2) (ID #28304) $50.00.




  21. • American Society Of Sephardic Studies; Rachel Dalven (editor). THE SEPHARDIC SCHOLAR, SERIES 3. New York City; American Society Of Sephardic Studies, Yeshiva University, 1978. Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 110 pages. 23cm. Serial journal, annual; series 3, 1977-1978. In English with French, Ladino, and Spanish. Including frontispiece maps of the Mediterranean. With essays on Sephardic letters, poetry, and customs, in Libya, Spain and Portugal; on the expulsion from Portugal, and on Sephardim psychology. Subjects: Sephardim -- Periodicals. Ladino literature -- Periodicals. Ladino literature -- History and criticism -- Periodicals. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide. Minor chafing at top edge of cover, light soiling to edges. Very good + condition. (SEF41-3) (ID #28305) $30.00.




  23. • Attias, Moshe; Arturo Capdevila, Carlos Ramos-Gil. SUPERVIVENCIA DEL JUDEOESPAÑOL. Jerusalén, Instituto Central De Relaciones Culturales Israel-Iberoamérica, España Y Portugal, 1964. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 61 pages. In Ladino. SUBJECT (S): Ladino poetry – history and criticism; Ladino language – Israel. OCLC lists 20 copies worldwide. SERIES: Cuadernos israelíes,; 9. CONTENTS: La romanza sefardí, por M. Attías. --Los sefardíes, por A. Capdevila. --El romancero sefardí, por A. Capdevila. --La lengua española en Israel, por C. Ramos Gil. Tanned, otherwise very good condition. (MX-16-5) (ID #19829) $30.00.




  25. • Cabral, Leonor Scliar. ROMANCES E CANCOES SEFARDITAS: DO SEC. XV AO XX: TRADUZIDOS DO JUDEU-ESPANHOL. Sao Paulo, SP, Massao Ohno Editor, 1990. Original Softcover. 8vo. 100, [3] pages. Illus. 22 cm. In Portuguese "with poems in Ladino with Portuguese translation. " SUBJECT (S): Ladino poetry. Romances, Ladino. Ladino poetry -- Translations into Portuguese. Sephardim -- History. Includes bibliographical references (pages [99]-[101]). OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide. Nice, clean copy in very good condition. (SEF39-20) (ID #28524) $100.00.




  27. • Institut Sépharade Européen. LOS MUESTROS: LA BOZ DE LOS SEFARADIM = LA VOIX DES SEPHARADES -= THE SEPHARDIC VOICE (NO. 14-16 ONLY). Brussels, R. Capuia, 1994. Original Paper Wrappers. 4to. 62; 62; 63 pages. Illus. In Ladino, English and French. Numbers 14-16: April, June and September of 1994. SUBJECT (S): Sephardim -- Periodicals. Jews -- Periodicals. Ladino language -- Periodicals. Sefarden. Subscription stickers on covers, light wear to edges; otherwise nice clean copies in very good condition. (SEF39-23) (ID #28527) $55.00.




  29. • Mansour, Jacob. הלהג הבגדדי היהודי. THE JEWISH BAGHDADI DIALECT: STUDIES AND TEXTS IN THE JUDEO-ARABIC DIALECT OF BAGHDAD. Or-Yehuda, The Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center, The Institute For Research On Iraqi Jewry, 1991. Original Publisher's Cloth. 8vo. 329, xxi pages. Illus. 25 cm. In English with added Table of Contents and summaries in Hebrew. Series: Studies in the History and Culture of Iraqi Jewry, 7. Translation of: `Arvit ha-Yehudit shel Bagdad. Kerekh 1-2. SUBJECT(S): Judeo-Arabic language -- Dialects -- Iraq -- Baghdad. Jews -- Iraq -- Baghdad -- Social life and customs. Arabisch. Joden. Dialecten. Geographic: Baghdad (Iraq) -- Social life and customs. Includes bibliographical references (pages 313-316) and indexes. Nice, clean copy in very good condition. (SEF39-11) (ID #28517) $100.00.




  31. • Papo, Eli'ezer. תרגמת אלכתאב פלא יועץ : אות אל״ף־[אות ה׳א] . TARJAMAT AL-KITAB PELE YO'ETS: OT ALEF-OT HE. G'erbah [Jerba]: Bi-Defus Ha-Shutafim R. David 'aidan [Ve]-Ya'akov Hadad, 1930. Hardcover, 8vo, 1 volume (various pagings), 20 cm. In Judeo-Arabic. SUBJECT(S): Descriptor: Ethics, Jewish -- 1750- Judeo-Arabic. OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (JTS). Bumped corners and edges. Yellowing of pages. Worming to front and back cover. (Heb-33-13) (ID #28042) $200.00.








  33. • Szajkowski, Zosa. THE LANGUAGE OF THE JEWS IN THE FOUR COMMUNITIES OF COMTAT VENAISSIN. New York, Yiddish Scientific Institute, 1948. 1st Edition. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 87 pages. In Yiddish & English with some French. With a preface by Max Weinreich. The Jews of Bordeaux, Avignon and Comtat Venaissin were primarily Sephardic. Very good condition. (SEF-36-3) Very Good Condition. (ID #2524) $35.00.


  35. • Elzas, Barnett A. JOSEPH SALVADOR: JEWISH MERCHANT PRINCE WHO CAME TO SOUTH CAROLINA. Charleston, Daggett Printing Co, 1903. Original Stapled Wrappers. 8vo. 11 pages. 21 cm. Reprinted from the News and Courier. Subtitle: "He Raised a Million Pounds for the British Government at Two Hours' Notice and was Held in High Esteem in England – English Historians Know Nothing of his Later Career, which is Fully Revealed in the Records Here – He Came to this State, where he Owned 100, 000 Acres of Land, and, After a Residence of Two Years, Died in Charleston, at the Age of 86 – He was the Uncle and Father-in-law of the Patriot Francis Salvador. " OCLC lists 17 copies worldwide. Nice, clean copy in Very Good Condition. (SEF44-31). (ID #28434) $100.00.




  37. • Elzas, Barnett A. MOSES LINDO: A SKETCH OF THE MOST PROMINENT JEW IN CHARLESTON IN PROVINCIAL DAYS. Charleston, Daggett Printing Co, 1903. Original Stapled Wrappers. 8vo. 18 pages. 21 cm. Reprinted from the Charleston News and Courier, Jan. 1903. A collection of excerpts from local newspapers mentioning Moses Lindo, Inspector-General of Indico in Charleston [Charles-Town], descendent of Isaac Lindo, one of the earliest "Jew Brokers" of London (1697) who immigrated to South Carolina in 1756. –EJ, 2007. OCLC lists 20 copies worldwide. Some wear to cardstock covers, including small chip to corner (no loss of text). Very Good Condition. (SEF44-34) (ID #28438) $100.00.




  39. • Elzas, Barnett A. DOCUMENTS RELATIVE TO A PROPOSED SETTLEMENT OF JEWS IN SOUTH CAROLINA IN 1748. Charleston, Daggett Printing Co, 1903. Original Stapled Wrappers. 8vo. 15 pages. 21 cm. Reprinted from the Charleston News and Courier, Feb. 1903. A collection of excerpts from documents providing insight into the establishment of the Jewish community in Charleston, S. C. OCLC lists 16 copies worldwide. Some wear to cardstock covers, including small chip to corner (no loss of text). Very Good Condition. (SEF44-33) (ID #28437) $75.00.






  41. • Elzas, Barnett A. DR. ELZAS IN COLUMBIA: MAKES FURTHER INTERESTING "FINDS" IN THE STATE HOUSE [AND] STORY OF A LONG LOST SEAL: PROVES THE AGE OF THE HEBREW BENEVOLENT SOCIETY. Charleston, Daggett Printing Co, 1903. Original Stapled Wrappers. 8vo. 8 pages. 21 cm. Reprinted from the Sunday News, Nov. 1903. ABSTRACT: Dr. Elzas tells of visiting the Secretary of State's office and despairing over the storage conditions for the historical documents stored there. He tells of finding rich sources regarding the history of the Jews of South Carolina, including valuable information about Henry Moses, Samuel Levy, Montague Simons, Haym Solomons, Levy Solomon, Mordicai Lyon, Moses Simons, and Henry Harris. In the following article he tells of the seal for the Hebrew Benevolent Society and of a long-held but mistaken belief about the date of the founding of the society. Subtitle: Jewish Merchants in Charleston in Revolutionary Day – A Jew who Paid Quit Rents in 1739 – Summary of Testimony Given in an Examination of Citizens who had Remained in Charleston During the British Occupation and whose Loyalty to the Patriot Cause had been Questioned – Who was "Moses, with the Big Nose? " OCLC lists 7 copies worldwide. Worn at edges with no loss of paper. Very Good Condition. (SEF44-29). (ID #28432) $125.00.




  43. • Elzas, Barnett A. ELZAS VS HUHNER: A FINAL WORD IN THE JEWISH ENCYCLOPAEDIA CONTROVERSY. Charleston, Daggett Printing Co, 1903. Original Self-Wrappers. 8vo. 4 pages. 21 cm. Reprinted from the News and Courier. Subtitle: "Dr. Barnett A. Elzas Establishes the Justice of his Criticisms of Mr. Huhner's article 'Charleston' [in the Jewish Encyclopedia] by Reference to Authorities in this State whom None can Gainsay. " SUBJECT (S): Jews -- South Carolina -- Charleston. OCLC lists 13 copies worldwide. A few minor, closed tears to egdes, but no loss of paper. Very Good Condition. (SEF44-27). . (ID #28430) $55.00.





  45. • Elzas, Barnett A. A HISTORY OF CONGREGATION BETH ELOHIM, OF CHARLESTON, S.C. 1800-1810. Charleston, News And Courier And Daggett Print Co, 1902. Original Stapled Wrappers. 8vo. 13 pages. 21 cm. Reprinted from the Charleston News and Courier, November 1902. Subtitles: "Compiled from Recently Discovered Records, " and "Inscribed to the present members of K. K. B. E. " Includes annual lists of congregation members 1800-1810. SUBJECT (S): Jews – South Carolina. OCLC lists 17 copies worldwide. Nice, clean copy in Very Good Condition. (SEF44-25) (ID #28427) $110.00.



  46. • Another Copy. Dampstains and soiling throughout, but all text is clear. "Compliments of B. A. E [Barnett A. Elzas]" handwritten atop front cover. Good condition thus. (SEF44-25a) (ID #28428) $100.00.




  48. • Elzas, Barnett A. HUHNER VS ELZAS: THE NEW YORKER OBJECTS TO DR. ELZAS'S CRITICISMS [WITH] EVIDENCE IN REBUTTAL: DR. ELZAS SUBSTANTIATES HIS FIRST CRITICISMS. Charleston, Daggett Printing Co, 1903. Original Stapled Wrappers. 8vo. 16 pages. 21 cm. Reprinted from the News and Courier. A correspondence between Huhner and Elzas on the criticisms of Huhner's article in the Jewish Encyclopaedia. Subtitle: "Some Correspondence that Does not Affect the Questions at Issue – Faulty Encyclopaedias Cited in Defence of an Error – Stands by His Story of Salvador – Is not Familiar with Tory Records of this State – Thinks Lushington's Company was Composed of Jews – Continental Officers from Other States Credited to South Carolina – Thinks the Act of 1811 Created First Free School Commissioners in Charleston. " SUBJECT (S): Jews -- South Carolina -- Charleston. OCLC lists 12 copies worldwide. Vertical crease throughout. Very Good Condition. (SEF44-28). (ID #28431) $55.00.




  50. • Elzas, Barnett A. THE JEWS OF CHARLESTON… A REVIEW OF THE ARTICLE "CHARLESTON" IN VOL. 3 OF THE JEWISH ENCYCLOPAEDIA. Charleston, Daggett Printing Co, 1902. Original Stapled Wrappers. 8vo. 21 cm. Reprinted from The Charleston News and Courier, December 1902. A sharp critique of the accuracy of the article, "Charleston" from the Jewish Encyclopaedia by L. Huhner. The review spawned a series of correspondence between Elzas and Huhner on the accuracy of each other's historical claims. "Compliments of the author, " written atop front cover. OCLC lists 16 copies worldwide. Vertical crease throughout, but all text is clear. Very Good Condition. (SEF44-32a). (ID #28436) $55.00.

  52. • Another Copy. No inscription, but a nice, clean copy in Very Good Condition. (SEF44-32). (ID #28435) $55.00.




  54. • Elzas, Barnett A. THE JEWS OF SOUTH CAROLINA: RECORD OF FIRST NATURALIZATION IN THE PROVINCE. [Charleston], [Daggett Printing Co. ], 1903. Original Self-Wrappers. 8vo. 4 pages. 21 cm. Reprinted from the News and Courier. Subtitle: "Dr. Elzas Makes Some Interesting Discoveries in the State House in Columbia – The Text of the Act of 1697 for the Making Aliens Free and for Granting Liberty of Conscience to all Protestants. " OCLC lists 12 copies worldwide. Nice, clean copy in Very Good Condition. (SEF44-30). (ID #28433) $75.00.





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  352. • THE PRATO HAGGADAH. [New York, Jewish Theological Seminary], 2006 (ca. 1300). [. Leather, Full leather, 14 x 21 cm, 160 pp + commentary. The Prato Haggadah (Spain, ca.1300) is an unfinished illuminated manuscript of 85 leaves, written on fine calf parchment. Folios 1–53 are written in a square Sephardic script and folios 54–68 are written in a square Italo-Ashkenazic script, using a different ink. The illumination of 30 pages is virtually complete. 58 are unfinished, with preparatory drawings and possibly some gesso and color, 50 have text only and the remaining pages are blank. Many of the pages have illuminated initial word panels, comparable to illuminated initials in Christian or secular manuscripts. Throughout, illustrations accompany the text, such as the depiction of the four sons, and illustrations of matza and maror (bitter herbs). Preparatory drawings depicting the story of Noah and the flood appear at the end of the manuscript. Margins are replete with fanciful drawings of hybrid creatures, imaginary birds, drolleries and climbing vines. The codex is especially fascinating because it demonstrates the making of a manuscript in the Middle Ages, enabling us to view its illumination after the text was written: the preparatory drawings, the laying down of gesso in order to cushion the gold leaf, the application of gold and silver leaf, and ultimately the application of pigments. The skill of the artist is of a very high order, both in the preparatory drawings and in the completed pages, whose brilliant colors look as fresh today as when they were applied. Printed and bound as an exact replica of the highest quality of the 13th Century illuminated manuscript in appropriate leather boards and parchment-like leaves. Limited edition of 250 copies. A treasure to behold. (ID #27559) $4,700.00.




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