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Nr. 188. Elijah Ben Solomon Abraham, Ha-Kohen, Of Smyrna. ספר שבט מוסר SEFER SHEVET MUSAR: LIVRO LUZIO Y ESTIMADO. Izmir; Be-Defus Ibn Tsiyon Binyamin Roditi, 1860.  In Ladino. With printing Press on Title Page.




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  1. Ishmael Ben Abraham Isaac, Ha-Kohen. ספר שבח פסח SEFER SHEVAH PESAH [PESACH HAGADAH COMMENTARY]. Livorno; Eli'ezer Sa'adon, 1789 or 1790. 1st edition. Later Quarter Leather. 4to. [2], 64, [1] leaves [i.e. 134 pages]. 28 cm. Yudlov 339; Yaari 227. With the commentary Shebah Pesah by Ishmail b. Abraham Isaac ha-Cohen (Laudadio Sacerdote) (1723–1811), Rabbi of Modena, scholar, author, and halakhic authority. "Among the works he wrote, besides the responsa, novellae, decision, and sermons contained in his collection, are Zera Emet (Livorno and Reggio 1786-90), a three part compendium of responses; Shebah Pesah, a Passover Haggada commentary; some poetry, including secular; and expert opinions on questions submitted by the Napoleonic government to the Assembly of Notables in Paris in 1806." - HUC, Inventory to the Laudadio Sacerdote (Ishmael Cohen) Collection. Subjects: Haggadot - Texts - Early works to 1800. Haggadot. Judaism - Liturgy. Seder - Liturgy. Texts. Haggadah - Commentaries - Early works to 1800. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide (LOC, Wash U, Toronto, British Library, Yale, Cambridge), none in New York Cincinnati, etc. Some Foxing,staining, and wear to leaves, but generally Very Good Condition and attractive. (SEF-53-15) (ID #35237) $1200.00. xx






  3. Great Britain. Colonial Office. WEST INDIES. TOLERATION LAWS. RETURN TO AN ADDRESS OF THE HONOURABLE THE HOUSE OF COMMONS, DATED 24 JUNE 1831. COPIES OF THE LAWS PASSED BY THE SEVERAL COLONIAL LEGISLATURES, FOR THE RELIEF OF THE CATHOLICS, THE REMOVAL OF THE DISABILITIES OF THE JEWS. London; Ordered By The House Of Commons, To Be Printed, 1832. Stitched Government publication. Folio. 34, [2] pages. 34 cm. First edition. Full title: West Indies. Toleration laws. Return to an address of the honourable the House of Commons, dated 24 June 1831. Copies of the laws passed by the several colonial legislatures, for the relief of the Catholics, the removal of the disabilities of the Jews, and of free persons of colour, during the last six years. (In continuation of Paper, No. 59, presented 19 January 1832.Colonial department, Downing-Street, 5 April 1832. Howick. Ordered by the House of Commons, to be printed, 6 April 1832. Gt. Brit. Parliament. Papers by command; 363. Includes laws passed by the colonial legislatures of Antigua, Barbados, Bahamas, Dominica, Grenada, S. Kitts, Virgin Islands and Tortola, St. Vincent, and Tobago. The Laws passed confer rights on free Negroes: all “who have been in a state of undisputed freedom for the space of seven years, shall be as fully entitled as white persons now are to have exercise and enjoy all civil rights and privileges. ” They remove “certain restraints and disabilities” which “are imposed on such persons as profess the Hebrew Religion. ” And the remove disabilities from Catholics who take an oath swearing allegiance to the Crown. Subjects: Discrimination - Law and legislation - West Indies, British. Discrimination - Law and legislation. Catholics - Legal status, laws, etc. - West Indies, British. (SEF-52-20) (ID #35132) $400.00.






  5. Sason, Yosef Ben Meir; Yitshak Amarag’'i. ספר מוסר השכל :‏ ‏פור קי מילדין איז׳וס די ישראל אין לאס נוג׳יס אסאב׳יר קאמינוס די איל דייו ברוך הוא SEFER MUSAR HASKEL: POR KE MELDEN IZOS DE YISRAEL EN LAS NOG'ES ASAVER KAMINOS DE EL DIYO BARUKH HU’. Saloniki; Bi-Defus Shel... Daniyel Fragi, 1848-1849. Original Cloth. 12mo. 62 leaves [i.e. 112 pages]. 19 cm. In Ladino. Significant work of Vernacular Musar Literature written by Isaac Bekhor Amarachi and Joseph ben Meir Sason, drawing heavily upon sections of the Shevet Yehudah by Solomon Ibn Verga. Discusses rabbinic and secular knowledge, and includes references to the Damascus affair, smallpox epidemics and vaccinations, Shabbetai Zevi and messianic movements, astronomy, geography and medicine. Printed Salonika 1843, 1849, 1892. Subjects: Ladino literature. Jewish ethics – 1750-1945. OCLC lists only one copy of this edition (YU), only 2 copies of other editions (U Amsterdam & JTS). Hinges starting, pages wavy and dampstained, lightly foxed. Otherwise Good condition. Rare (SEF-53-14) (ID #35236) $375.00.






  7. SEPHER TORAH NEVI’IM UKETHUVIM - IL LIBRO DI LA LEHASHEM, LOS PROPHITOS… COMPLETE IN 2 VOLUMES. Constantinople, A. H. Boyagian, 1905. 8vo, Original Cloth & period leather, 560 + 634 leaves. Jewish Bible In Hebrew and Ladino (in rabbinic type) on facing pages. Heavy wear to 3 leaves, with some loss of text, other general wear to leaves. Bindings do not match each other, though from the same period and are strong (SPEC-35-9A) (ID #30791) $500.00.






  9. Mahzor. Rosh Ha-Shanah. 1793. מחזור : לימים נוראים ... ומסודר כס' האר'י ז"ל וכס' חמדת ימים נוראים ונוסף ... ס' אוצר נחמד כולו ... וסדר העבודות MAHZOR LE-YAMIM NORA’IM. Saloniki; Bi-Defus Mordekhai Nahman U-Mishnehu David Yisra’elig'ah, 1793. Original full tooled leather binding. 8vo. 162 leaves [i.e. 324 pages]. 19 cm. Mahzor for Rosh Hashanah and fast days, ending with fast of Gedalia. Originally issued in two volumes, with liturgy for Yom Kippur, not included here. Attractively bound in leather and gilt, with Rosh ha-Shanah on spine, name on binding: Haim Shelomoh Alazraki. Subjects: Rosh ha-Shanah - Liturgy - Texts. Judaism -- Sephardic rite - Liturgy - Texts. Tefillot. Mahzor. Hemdat yamim. Gilt spine and boards, with red morocco onlays for spine label and for owner's name. Boards are beautiful and in good condition. Leaves and spine show extensive worming, with some loss of text. (SEF-53-13) (ID #35235) $325.00.






  11. (Serbia) Great Britain. Foreign Office, Correspondent, Addressee.; Great Britain.; Parliament.; House Of Commons,. CORRESPONDENCE RESPECTING THE CONDITION AND TREATMENT OF THE JEWS IN SERVIA [sic]. London; Harrison And Sons, 1877. Original Cloth. Folio. 359 pages. 33 cm. First edition. In English and French. Principalities. No. 1 (1877). Correspondence respecting the condition and treatment of the Jews in Servia: 1867-76; presented to the House of Commons by command of Her Majesty, in pursuance of their address dated February 15, 1877. Contains 644 Papers. In 1861 the Servian (Serbian) Jews were deprived of their rights and were to be expelled. The community enlisted the support of the British Consul in Belgrade to alleviate their situation. This document reproduces the ongoing correspondence between the community, the British Government, the Alliance Israelite Universal and J M Montefiore as the President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews in trying resolve these difficulties. The correspondence includes letters from Sir Francis Goldsmid (first Jew to become an English barrister and member of Parliament for Reading), Lord John Russell (an English prime minister who was Foreign Secretary at this time) and others. Subjects: Jews, Serbian - Social conditions - 19th century. Jews - Serbia - Persecutions. Jews - Social conditions - 19th century. Serbia - Foreign relations - Great Britain. Great Britain - Foreign relations - Serbia. OCLC lists 2 copies (Alberta, CJH). Bound in original cloth and marbled boards. Pre-war Jewish Community Library stamp, Light rubbing to boards; light foxing throughout, overall very clean and fresh. Very good condition. Rare and important. (SEF-52-34) (ID #35146) $750.00.






  13. Meyer, Abraham; Andre Chouraqui. 80 מכתבים של אברהם מאיר : לבניו המשרתים בצבא צרפת במלחמת העולם הראשונה, 1918־1914 80 MIKHTAVIM SHEL AVRAHAM ME'IR: LE-VANAV HA-MESHARTIM BI-TSEVA TSARFAT BE-MILHEMET HA-OLAM HA-RISHONAH, 1914-1918 = 80 LETTRES D'ABRAHAM MEYER. Jerusalem; Les Tresors Du Maghreb, 1998. Original Cloth. Folio. 237, 377 pages. 35 cm. First edition. Limited numbered edition. Letters in French and Judeo-Arabic on opposite pages; also in Hebrew and Judeo-Arabic in Hebrew letters. Contains facsimiles of original Judeo-Arabic manuscript correspondence, their transcription into printed Hebrew characters, and their translation into Hebrew and French. Title page, preface, and summary, are in Hebrew and French. 80 Letters of Abraham Meyer to his five sons mobilized during the war, 1914-1918. Contains a genealogical tree of the Meyer family. Subjects: Jews - Algeria - Ain Temouchent - Correspondence. World War, 1914-1918 - Jews - Algeria - Ain Temouchent - Correspondence. Jews. Meyer, Abraham, 1848-1929 - Correspondence. Me’ir, Makhluf, 1886-1950 - Correspondence. Me’ir, Makhluf, 1886-1950. Meyer, Abraham, 1848-1929. OCLC lists 16 copies. Clean and fresh. Very good condition. (SEF-52-37) xx (ID #35149) $80.00.






  15. Rajpurkar, Joseph Ezekiel, translator. THE HISTORY OF ANTIOCHUS EPIPHANES, OR, THE INSTITUTION OF THE FEAST OF DEDICATION. Bombay: Bene-Israel Improvement Society: Printed At Gunput Crushnaji's Press, 1866. 1st Marathi edition. Original Wrappers, 12mo, [19] pages; 19 cm. Text in Marathi. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- History -- 586 B. C. -70 A. D. Hanukkah. Jews -- India. Bene-Israel. Antiochus IV, King of Syria, approximately 215 B. C. -164 B. C. Bible. Apocrypha. Maccabees. Marathi. 1864. Scroll of Antiochus. Marathi.; Megilat Antiyokhos; Institution of the feast of dedication. €œTranslated from Hebrew into Marathi by Joseph Ezekiel Rajpurker, teacher in David Sassoon's Benevolent Institution and secretary to the Bene-Israel Improvement Society. € Joseph Ezekiel Rajpurkar was born in Bombay in 1834. His school and college education proceeded in British Christian missionary schools; he began his career in 1860 as an assistant teacher in the David Sassoon Benevolent Institute and within five years rose to become the Head-Master - a post he held for over 40 years. He gained his elementary knowledge of Hebrew from his father, but went on to master the Hebrew language through his own efforts. He was a self-taught Hebraist; was very religious and served as a lay-minister. In 1871, he was the first Bene Israel to be appointed Examiner in Hebrew Language at the Bombay University for the Matriculation examination, as well as for graduate and post-graduate levels. Later, he was appointed Examiner in Arts. He was the first Bene Israel to be made a Fellow of the Bombay University in 1879. In 1890, he was the first Bene Israel to be appointed Justice of the Peace. Joseph maintained a record of events in the community that are used by researchers to this day. He spent years translating several Hebrew books and Hebrew Prayer books into Marathi for the benefit of the Bene Israel community. OCLC lists 7 copies worldwide (JTSA, NYPL, Stanford, Harvard, Bar Ilan, NLI, TAU). Very Good Condition. (SEF-47-33) (ID #33100) $400.00.





  17. Agustin Ladron De Guevara, Jose Maria De; Maria Luisa Salvador Barahona. ENSAYO DE UN CATALOGO BIO-BIBLIOGRAFICO DE ESCRITORES JUDEO-ESPANOLES-PORTUGUESES DEL SIGLO X AL XIX [TWO VOLUME SET]. Madrid; J. P. Turanzas, 1983. Original Wraps. 8vo. XIX, 664 pages. 22 cm. First edition. In Spanish. Two volume set. 'Bio-bibliographical Catalog of Judeo-Spanish-Portuguese Writers of the 10th through 19th Centuries. ' Bibliography, alphabetically organized by name, of Jewish writers from the Iberian peninsula from the eleventh through the nineteenth centuries; contains biopic and bibliography of published writings and manuscript holdings. Subjects: Judaism - Bibliography. Sephardic authors - Bibliography. Judaism. Sephardic authors. Clean and fresh. Very good + condition. (SEF-52-1) (ID #35113) $50.00.






  19. Bloch, Joshua. JEWISH LIFE IN ORIENTAL COUNTRIES; A LIST OF BOOKS AND MANUSCRIPTS EXHIBITED AT THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY MARCH 30TH TO DECEMBER 31ST, 1926. New York; The New York Public Library, 1927. Original Wraps. 4to. 15 pages. 26 cm. First Separate edition. "Reprinted February 1927 from the Bulletin of the New York public library of November 1926." Prepared and arranged by Joshua Bloch. Manuscript items are annotated and described at length. Bibliography of items organized under the following categories: The Genizah and some of its fragments; Passover Haggadah according to various Oriental Rites; Jews in China; The Samaritans and their literature; The Jews of Yemen and their literature; The Karaites and their literature; Jews in Persia and their literature; Jews in India; Hebrew Bibles from the Orient; Early Oriental Imprints; Miscellaneous – mostly Ritualistic items. Subjects: Jews - Social life and customs - Bibliography. Manuscripts, Hebrew - Catalogs. Hebrew literature - Bibliography. Hebrew literature. Jews - Social life and customs. Manuscripts, Hebrew. Bibliography. Wraps soiled; internally clean and fresh. Good + condition. (SEF-52-38) (ID #35150) $50.00.






  21. Cohen, Hayim J.; Zvi Yehuda. יהודי אסיה ואפריקה במזרח התיכון, 1971־1860:‏ ‏ביבליוגראפיה מוערת YEHUDE ASYAH VE-AFRIKAH BA-MIZRAH HA-TIKHON, 1800-1971: BIBLIYOGRAFYAH MU'ERET = ASIAN AND AFRICAN JEWS IN THE MIDDLE EAST, 1860-1971: ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY. Jerusalem; Division For The Study Of Asian And African Jewry, The Institute Of Contemporary Jewry, 1976. Original Cloth. 4to. 19, 453, XXVII pages. 29 cm. First edition. In Hebrew and English. Title pages and prefaces in English and Hebrew. Entries in Hebrew, English, and French. “This is an annotated bibliography of books, pamphlets and articles in periodicals and newspapers, covering the years 1860-1971. The bibliography is arranged by subject in two main divisions: A. Jewish Communities of the Muslim Middle East and B. Jews of Asia and Africa in Palestine/Israel. Author and place name indexes are included. ” - #251, Judaica Reference Sources, Second Edition. Subjects: Jews - Bibliography. Jews - Middle East - Bibliography. Juifs - Moyen-Orient - Bibliographie. Light soiling to upper portion of backstrip; otherwise clean and fresh. Good + condition. (SEF-51-3) (ID #34976) $30.00.






  23. Kayserling, Meyer. BIBLIOTECA ESPAÑOLA-PORTUGUEZA-JUDAICA. DICTIONNAIRE BIBLIOGRAPHIQUE DES AUTEURS JUIFS, DE LEURS OUVRAGES ESPAGNOLS ET PORTUGAIS ET DES OEUVRES SUR ET CONTRE LES JUIFS ET LE JUDAISME. Strasbourg; Trubner, 1890. Later Boards. 4to. XXI, 155 pages. 26 cm. First edition. In French, Portuguese and Spanish. Meyer Kayserling's Biblioteca española-portugueza-judaica (1890) is a hallmark of Iberian and Jewish bibliography. It reveals the importance, richness, and variety of the culture produced by the Jews of Spain and Portugal, both the exiles of 1492 and the many converted Jews - the 'New Christians' or 'conversos' - who returned to Judaism between the sixteenth and the eighteenth centuries. Many of the editions included in Meyer Kayserling's bibliography are exceedingly scarce. Attractively bound in later decorative boards and gilt title. Subjects: Jews - Spain - Biobibliography. Spanish literature - Bibliography. Hebrew literature - Bibliography. Portuguese literature - Bibliography. Spanish literature - Jewish authors - Bio-bibliography. Portuguese literature - Jewish authors - Bio-bibliography. Jews - Spain - Bio-bibliography. Hebrew literature. Jews. Portuguese literature. Portuguese literature - Jewish authors. Spanish literature. Spanish literature - Jewish authors. Bibliography. Bio-bibliography. Later cloth soiled; lightly aged internally; otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (BIBLIOG-35-1) (ID #34227) $200.00.






  25. Mintz, Sharon Liberman; Lisa Anne Rotmil. TEXT & CONTEXT: THE DEVELOPMENT AND DISSEMINATION OF MEDIEVAL SEPHARDIC CULTURE: AN EXHIBITION, OCTOBER 28, 1992-FEBRUARY 5, 1993. New York: Library Of The Jewish Theological Seminary Of America, 1993. Original Cloth. O. 107 pages. 23 cm. Edition. Text and context; Development and dissemination of medieval Sephardic culture. Catalog of an exhibition held at the Jewish Theology Seminary showcasing medieval Sephardic books and prints held at the JTSA Library. Contains 80 black and white plates. Contents: Bible, Liturgy, Rabbinics, Kabbalah, Philosophy, Literature, Science, Printing, Amsterdam, London. Subjects: Sephardim - Civilization - Exhibitions. Jews - Spain - Civilization – Exhibitions. Sephardim - History - Exhibitions. Judaism - History - Medieval and early modern period, 425-1789 - Exhibitions. Jewish publishing - History - Exhibitions. Jewish publishing. Judaism - Medieval and early modern period. Institutional stamps on backstrip, title page, and outer edges. Condition. (SEF-51-43) xx (ID #35016) $30.00.






  27. Moreen, Vera Basch. MINIATURE PAINTINGS IN JUDAEO-PERSIAN MANUSCRIPTS. Cincinnati; Hebrew Union College Press, 1985. Original Wraps. 4to. 56 pages. 26 cm. First edition. 1 microfiche inserted in pocket. Nine color illustraions. Important monograph, detailing manuscripts from various locations, dating 17th-19th centuries. “Persian Jews took part in or sponsored the production of miniatures to illuminate manuscripts. In some of the Shahin and ‘Imrani manuscripts, and in those of the classical poetry in Hebrew transliteration, large colored miniatures of exceptional beauty were incorporated. It is not clear who the artists were who drew these pictures. It is quite possible that in some cases non-Jewish workshops were responsible for the execution of the illustrations in Judeo-Persian manuscripts. A study of the miniatures is by J. Gutmann, in: SBB, 8 (1968), 54–76. An illustrated catalogue of miniatures in Judeo-Persian manuscripts is provided by V. B. Moreen, Miniature Painting in Judeo-Persian Manuscripts (1985). ” (EJ, 2008). Subjects: Jewish illumination of books and manuscripts - Iran - Catalogs. Illumination of books and manuscripts - Iran - Catalogs. Jews in art - Catalogs. Jews - Iran - Intellectual life. Light wear to wraps, otherwise fresh. Very good condition. (ART-22-50) xx (ID #33427) $200.00.






  29. Sklare, David Eric; Haggai Ben-Shammai; Yusuf Al-Basir. כתבי היד בערבית־יהודית באוספי פירקוביץ׳. חיבורי יוסף אלבציר: קטלוג לדוגמה: מקורות ומחקרים KITVE HA-YAD BE-ARVIT-YEHUDIT BE-OSFE FIRKOVITS. KATALOG LE-DUGMAH: MEKOROT U-MEHKARIM = JUDAEO-ARABIC MANUSCRIPTS IN THE FIRKOVITCH COLLECTION; THE WORKS OF YUSUF AL-BASIR. Jerusalem: Ben-Zvi Institute For The Study Of Jewish Communities In The East, 1997. Original Wraps. 8vo. 139 pages. 24 cm. First edition. In Hebrew. Bibliography of the works of al-Basir in the Firkovitch collection, with texts and studies on his writings. “Joseph b. Abraham al-Basir (called the Seer, a euphemism for 'the Blind') was a widely traveled theologian, a polyglot, and a student of Rabbanite lore. He was held in high esteem by the Karaites as a religious authority. His works include al-Muhtawi ('The Compendium, ' or, in Hebrew, Sefer Ne'mot), a theological study which reveals deep Mu’tazilite influence. Consisting of 40 chapters, the book presents a Karaite adaptation of the kalam doctrines, as well as polemics against Christians and pagans. He also left an epitome of his major work, al-Tamyiz, and a book on inheritance and on ritual cleanliness, al-Istibsar ('Investigation'). ” - EJ 2008, Judeo-Arabic Literature. Subjects: Manuscripts, Judeo-Arabic - Russia (Federation) - Saint Petersburg- Catalogs. Arabische handschriften. Judeo-arabisch. Archives. Manuscripts, Judeo-Arabic. Basir, Joseph ben Abraham, ha-Kohen ha-Ro'eh al-, active 11th century - Archives – Catalogs. Clean and fresh. Very good condition. (SEF-51-12) (ID #34985) $200.00.





  31. (Ramah) Septimus, Bernard. HISPANO-JEWISH CULTURE IN TRANSITION: THE CAREER AND CONTROVERSIES OF RAMAH. Cambridge, Mass.; Harvard University Press, 1982. Original Cloth. 8vo. IX, 180 pages. 24 cm. First edition. “This study of the sometimes stormy career of a brilliant and colorful talmudist offers a broad picture of medieval Hispano-Jewish culture. Meir Abulafia (ca. 1165-1244), commonly called Ramah, was born into the old Jewish aristocracy of Muslim Spain and educated in the best Judeo-Arabic tradition, but lived his whole life under the new political and cultural realities of Christian Spain. Mr. Septimus portrays Ramah's career as a lawyer, exegete, poet, and theologian in an age of rapid cultural change. His book describes the intellectual cross-fertilization and conflict that resulted from new connections with European Jewish communities to the north. It focuses, in particular, on the great controversy over the philosophical rationalism of Maimonides, which Ramah initiated and in which he played a major role. This clash dominated Jewish intellectual history for three centuries and parallels important developments in Latin Christendom. ” (Publishers Description). Subjects: Rabbis - Spain - Toledo - Biography. Resurrection (Jewish theology) - History of doctrines. Abulafia, Meir, approximately 1180-1244. Maimonides, Moses, 1135-1204. Abulafia, Meir, ca. 1180-1244. Toledo (Spain) - Biography. Very good+ condition. An Outstanding Copy (SEF-47-19A)xx (ID #35221) $65.00. xx






  33. (Abraham Ibn Esra) Bacher, Wilhelm, 1850-1913. ABRAHAM IBN ESRA ALS GRAMMATIKER. EIN BEITRAG ZUR GESCHICHTE DER HEBRÄISCHEN SPRACHWISSENSCHAFT. Strassburg, K. J. Trübner, 1882. Original Cloth. 8vo. 192 pages. 24 cm. First edition. In German, with Hebrew. 'Abraham ibn Ezra as a grammarian; a contribution to the history of Hebrew linguistics'. Abraham Ibn Ezra als Grammatiker first appeared in the Jahresbericht der Landes-Rabbinerschule in Budapest: für das Schuljahr 1880-81. Extensive discussion of the Grammatical Treatises of Abraham Ibn Ezra, written by Wilhelm Bacher, (1850–1913) “Hungarian Semitic scholar. … In 1876 he was ordained and appointed rabbi of Szeged, Hungary, and the following year professor at the newly founded rabbinical seminary in Budapest, where he taught biblical exegesis, Midrash, homiletics, and Hebrew poetry and grammar. From 1907 until the end of his life he was head of the seminary. … Bacher helped lay the foundations for the study of Hebrew grammar from the talmudic period to the end of the Middle Ages. ” - 2008 EJ. “Abraham ibn Ezra, the genial and many-sided writer, was the first to carry the grammatical knowledge that had been perfected in Spain to the other European countries that offered him, refuge between 1140 and 1167; namely, Italy, southern and northern France, and England. He offered full and interesting information, in pure Hebrew diction, not only in his exegetical works, in which the grammatical comments at times become entire treatises, but also in special grammatical works. The most popular of these are 'Moznayim, ' written about 1140 at Rome, where he translated Hayyuj's works; and 'Sefer Zahot, ' a work on linguistic 'purity' or 'correctness, ' written in 1145 at Mantua. His other grammatical works are: 'Yesod Dikduk' (c. 1145); 'Safah Berurah, ' written in southern France; 'Yesod Mispar'; the 'Sefer ha-Shem, ' in part grammatical; and 'Sefat Yeter, ' a defense of Saadia against Dunash. Ibn Ezra's grammatical works, the first of this kind written in Hebrew, although based for the greater part on his Arabic sources, bear the stamp of his original mind. They also have the merit of presenting the essentials of grammar within a small compass and in an interesting way. ” - 1906 JE, Hebrew Grammar. Subjects: Ibn Ezra, Abraham ben Meïr, 1089-1164. Hebrew Grammar. Medieval Hebrew Linguistics. Light wear to cloth, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (GER-44-55) (ID #33794) $65.00.






  35. (Azulai, Hayim Yosef David) Benayahu, Meir. רבי חיים יוסף דוד אזולאי RABI HAYIM YOSEF DAVID AZULAI. Yerushalayim; Mosad Ha-Rav Kuk, 1959. Original Cloth. 8vo. 608 pages. 25 cm. First edition. In Hebrew. Two volumes in one: Toldot hayav -- Mehkarim u-mekorot. Each volume has separate title page and frontispiece portrait of the author. Contains fold out map of Azulai's travels, and genealogical tables of the Azulai family. Extensive monograph and biography of the life and writings of Hayyim Joseph David Azulai (known by his Hebrew acronym Hida, Hayyim Yoseph David Azulai; 1724–1806), “halakhist, kabbalist, emissary, and bibliographer. Azulai was born in Jerusalem; he was descended on his father's side from a prominent family of rabbis and kabbalists from Spain while his mother was a daughter of Joseph Bialer who had gone to Erez Israel with Judah Hasid in 1770. He studied under some of the outstanding Jewish scholars of his age including Jonah Navon, Isaac ha-Kohen Rapoport, and Hayyim ibn Attar. Azulai attained early eminence in Jewish studies and was regarded by the Jewry of the Ottoman Empire and of Italy as the leading scholar of his generation. He was highly esteemed, too, by the Jews of Germany, especially after the publication of his works. ” - 2008 EJ. Monograph written by the scholar Meir Benayahu (1924–2009 ), longtime director of the Ben-Zvi Institute for Research on Oriental Jewish Communities. Subjects: Rabbis - Biography. Rabbis. Azulai, Hayyim Joseph David, 1724-1806. Front hinge loose, light soiling to cloth, otherwise clean and fresh. Good + condition. (SEF-52-40) (ID #35152) $90.00.






  37. (Isaac Ben Sheshet Perfet) Hershman, Abraham M. RABBI ISAAC BEN SHESHET PERFET AND HIS TIMES. New York: The Jewish Theological Seminary Of America, 5704-1943. Original Cloth. 8vo. XII, 263 pages. 24 cm. First edition. Major study of the writings and life of Isaac Ben Sheshet Perfet and Jewish history in 14th century Spain and North Africa. Isaac Ben Sheshet Perfet (Ribash) (1326–1408), was a “Spanish rabbi and halakhic authority. Perfet was born in Barcelona, where he studied under such eminent scholars as Perez ha-Kohen, Hasdai b. Judah Crescas (the grandfather of the philosopher), and Nissim b. Reuben Gerondi, and where he later acted unofficially as rabbi. In 1370, Isaac, together with Nissim and five other Jewish notables, was arrested on a false charge and imprisoned for several months. After acquittal, he moved to Saragossa, where he accepted the position of rabbi, only to be involved in the first of the many controversies and family tragedies that were to embitter his career. In Saragossa he made strenuous efforts to secure the abolition of certain objectionable customs. He did not succeed, but brought upon himself the opposition of the local scholars. Finally he decided to leave for Calatayud but was persuaded to change his mind. Faced with continued disharmony in the community, he moved to Valencia, where from 1385 he acted as rabbi. The anti-Jewish riots of 1391 drove him to North Africa. A close reading of the Valencia court records reveals that the authorities asked Perfet to convert as a way to stop the riots. After he refused, they trumped up a charge against him that would have resulted in his death unless he converted. This time Perfet relented and he converted, thereby becoming a Marrano. He was baptized on July 4, 1391, which was the Ninth of Av. A year and a half later, he managed to leave Valencia for North Africa and resume his life as a Jew. A number of his responsa deal with the issue of those compelled to convert to Christianity. After a short stay at Miliana, he finally settled in Algiers, where he was enthusiastically welcomed. ” - 2008 EJ. Subjects: Isaac ben Sheshet Perfet, 1326-1408. Previous owners bookplate on endpage, light wear to cloth, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (SEF-51-20) (ID #34993) $30.00.






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