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Front-page headlines on political turmoil in the Ukraine greet us every day, but, as is always the case in politics, the past is context for the present.

Indeed, the past 100 years has been a century of tumult for the Jews, Ethnic Ukrainians and other peoples of the region. An abbreviated list of crises, catastrophes, and critical junctures of the period includes WWI, The Russian Revolution, and the Ukrainian War of Independence; the Pogroms of the following decade;  The famine of 1932-33;  The Holocaust; and Two World Wars and the displacement and forced repatriations  that followed. Amid the devastation, communities of all stripes developed cultural, political, and religious movements and a literature to describe variously their blossomings and their annihilation, their grief and their dreams, and their outrage and their calls to arms.

We offer below an assortment of rare imprints representing various facets of life in the Ukraine, Jewish and otherwise, and its diaspora.

A particular strentgh of this collection is a large assortment of Ukrainian language material published in or near the DP camps immediately after the war, including the first Ukrainian edition of George Orwell's Anti-Stalinist classic, Animal Farm.

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  1. Orwell, George. John Chernyatynskyy, translator. KOLGHOSP TVARYN [ANIMAL FARM]. [Munich?]: Prometheus, 1947. Original Wrappers. 8vo. 90 pages. 21 cm. First Ukrainian Edition. In Ukrainian. Translated by Igor Shevchenko under the pseudonym John Chernyatynskyy. Includes a black and white portrait of George Orwell. In the introduction for this edition, Orwell explains his experiences during the Spanish Civil war and his connection to what he describes as “the negative impact of Soviet myth in Western socialist movement.” Shevchenko first read the book in English while living in a displaced persons camp. He chose to publish it under the title “Kolghosp Tvaryn” which directly referenced collectivized farms instead of choosing the more direct translation of “Ferma Tvaryn.” “Shevchenko wrote to Orwell in London, and, working with him by letter, published Animal Farm in Ukrainian. In March 1947, Shevchenko printed around 5, 000 copies to distribute among the Ukrainian refugees in the displaced persons camps of postwar Germany and Austria. But only 2, 000 books were given out; U. S. Soldiers, suspecting the books of being anti-Stalin propaganda, confiscated the rest and handed them over to Soviet authorities to be destroyed.” (Chalupa, “Orwell and the Refugees.”) Subjects: English fiction -- 20th century -- Translations into Ukrainian. OCLC lists one copy worldwide. (British National Library) Some age toning and shelf wear. Small ½ inch tear on cover foredge. Backstrip corners lightly bumped. Institutional stamp (M. Y. H. Youth of CDWU.), previous owner’s name, and number 216 stamped on half-title. Numbered label and hand written number written on cover near top edge. Internally clean and crisp. Very good condition. Rare and important. (UKR-1-24) (ID #33678) $700.00.


  3. Nazaruk, Osyp. RIK NA VELYKII UKRAINI [GREAT YEAR FOR UKRAINE]. Vienna; Vyd. Ukrains’koho Praporu [Ukrainian Banner], 1920. Original Wrappers. 16mo. 344 pages. 15 cm. First Edition. Personal account of the Ukrainian Revolution with a focus on the events of 1919 in the Kamyanets-Podilsky region of western Ukraine. Especially recounting the conflict between the Ukrainian People’s Republic led by Symon Petliura and the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic led by Eugene Petrushevych (mirroring one of the geo-political splits in today’s Ukraine). Subjects: History. Personal narratives. 1917 - 1921 Ukraine -- History -- Revolution, 1917-1921 -- Personal narratives. Ukraine. Age toning and edge wear. OCLC lists 19 copies worldwide. Good condition. (UKR-1-52) (ID #33723) $300.00.






  5. Ukrainain Committee In Cezchoslovakia. RIK PRATSI: UKRAÏNSʹKOHO HROMADSʹKOHO KOMITETU CHSR [YEAR OF LABOR: UKRAINAIN COMMITTEE IN CEZCHOSLOVAKIA. Prague; [No Publisher], 1922. Original Wrappers. 8vo. 45 pages. 23 cm. First Edition. In Ukrainian. Informational pamphlet about the work of the Ukrainian Committee in Czechoslovakia “An immigrant aid organization established in the summer of 1921 in Prague. The group was initiated by Mykyta Shapoval, who used his connections with the Czechoslovak authorities to secure government funds for the committee's organizational and relief work. The committee had a medical and sanitary department under the leadership of S. Litov that ran a clinic and provided aid to invalids. It also initiated the establishment of the Ukrainian Husbandry Academy in Poděbrady (1922) and the Ukrainian Higher Pedagogical Institute in Prague (1923). Initially the UHK represented all Ukrainians in Czechoslovakia, but eventually some émigré circles broke away from it because of ideological and political differences. In 1925 the Czechoslovak government withdrew its financial support, and the committee was replaced by several new organizations. The president of the UHK was Shapoval, and its most active members were Nykyfor Hryhoriiv and Mykola Halahan.” (Encyclopedia of Ukraine) Subjects: Immigration. Ukraine. Czechoslovakia. OCLC  lists 2 copies worldwide (University of California, University of Toronto.) Light shelf wear and age toning. Very good+ condition.  (UKR-1-51) (ID #33722) $200.00.





  7. Jacob Botoshansky (Ya'akov Botoshanski). BESARABYE: LEGENDN, MAYS´ES, BILDER. BESSARABIA: CUENTOS Y LEYENDAS. Paper Wrappers, Buenos Ayres (Buenos Aires): Farlag "Oyfgang", 1928. Cloth, 12mo, 125 pages. 19 cm. In Yiddish. Beautiful modernist Yiddish typographical design on cover making use of the letters in both the Author's name and the word "Besarabye." SUBJECT(S): Bessarabia (Moldova and Ukraine) in literature. OCLC lists only 6 copies worldwide (Harvard, Florida Atlantic, Indiana, Texas-Austin, Utah, McGill), only one in the Northeast US. Paper brown and fragile as one would expect. First 12 leaves are detached but present with no text loss, title page has edgechips (no loss of text). Moderate wear to cover, otherwise Good Condition. (YID-11-19) (ID #16841) $50.00.




  9. Sallis, Dorit. JEWISH DOCUMENTARY SOURCES IN RUSSIA, UKRAINE AND BELARUS: A PRELIMINARY LIST. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary Of America, 1996. Original Softcover. 8vo. Vii, 164 pages. 23 cm. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Russia (Federation) -- History -- Sources -- Bibliography -- Union lists. Jews -- Russia (Federation) -- History -- Manuscripts -- Union lists. Archives -- Russia (Federation) -- Union lists. Jews -- Ukraine -- History -- Sources -- Bibliography -- Union lists. Jews -- Ukraine -- History -- Manuscripts -- Union lists. Archives -- Ukraine -- Union lists. Jews -- Belarus -- History -- Sources -- Bibliography -- Union lists. Jews -- Belarus -- History -- Manuscripts -- Union lists. Archives -- Belarus -- Union lists. "A publication of Project Judaica"--Part [iii]. Includes portions of: “Dokumental’nye materialy po istorii evreev v arkhivakh SNG I stran Baltii: predvaritel’nyi spisok arkhivnykh fondov. ” New Condition. (JTS1-11) (ID #28222) $25.00.






  11. Paneyko, Alexander. UKRAINS’KA STENOHRAFIIA [UKRAINIAN STENOGRAPHY]. Munich; Nakladom Yaroslava Romanyshynoho, 1947. Original Wrappers. 8vo. 93 pages. 22 cm. Second Edition. Manual of Ukrainian hand writing and short hand published shortly after the second official revision of Ukrainian Orthography in 1945. Subjects: Shorthand - Stenography - Ukrainian. Some separation at back strip near top and bottom edges. Light age toning and shelf wear. Good condition. (UKR-1-50) (ID #33721) $50.00.






  13. Pelenskyj, Eugene. UCRAINICA: V ZAKHIDNO-EVROPEIS'KYKH MOVAKH: VYBRANA BIBLIOHRAFIIA = UCRAINICA: SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY ON UKRAINE IN WESTERN-EUROPEAN LANGUAGES. Munich; Scientific Sevcenko Society, 1948. Original Wrappers. 8vo. 111 pages. 23 cm. First Edition. In Ukrainian, English and German. Also includes bibliographic entries for texts in French and Spanish. Selected bibliography of texts written in outside of Ukraine in Western-European languages relating to Ukrainian history, geography, language, and economy among other topics. Subjects: Bibliography. Ukraine -- Bibliography. Ukraine. Previous owner’s inscription on half title page. Foxing to wrappers. Age toning, and edge wear present. Top fore edge corner has open tears, affecting front wrapper, title page, and preface. Back strip missing one inch piece near head. Some starting at rear hinge though, text bloc binding is solid complete. Good condition. (UKR-1-41) (ID #33710) $55.00.





  15. Chonigsman, J. A. Naiman. EVREI UKRAINY: KRATKII OCHERK ISTORII [ESSAYS OF HISTORY OF JEWS IN UKRAINE] VOL. 1 AND 2. Kiev; Ukrainian-Finnish Institute Of Management And Business, 1992 and 1995. First volume in later boards, second volume in original wrappers. 8vo. 156 and 272, [4] pages. 20 cm. First Edition. In Russian. The “authors prepared 'The Essays of History of Jewish in Ukraine’ to publication in two volumes. They will be published in Kiev (Ukraine) and Germany soon. It is the first attempt in Ukraine to review on the documentary basis the main periods of the Jew’s life in the area of present-day Ukraine for two thousand years - from the first Jewish communities in the colonies of Crimea, founded by ancient Greeks, till now; from the first persecutions of Jews - the fascist genocide and the state antisemitism in the former Soviet Union. [...] We hope this book will be interesting and useful to those, who is holding the attention on the history of the Jewish people.” (Preface) Subjects: Jews -- Ukraine -- History. Ukraine -- Ethnic relations. Both volumes ex-library, with volume one rebound in later boards. Small tear to lower front cover of second volume. Both have inscriptions on title page. Very good condition. (UKR-1-35) (ID #33704) $325.00.






  17. Goldelman, Salomon. ZHYDIVS’KA NATSIONAL’NA AVTONOMIYA V UKRAINI 1917 - 1920 [JEWISH NATIONAL AUTONOMY IN UKRAINE 1917-1920]. Munich; Dniprowa Chwyla, 1967. Original Wrappers. 8vo. 138 pages. 24 cm. First edition. In Ukrainian. Half-title in German, English, French, Hebrew and Yiddish. Description of Jewish communities and Jewish-Ukrainian relations during the Ukrainian revolution. Salomon Goldelman was a member of the Jewish Social Democratic Labor Party (Poalei Zion) and served as deputy minister of trade and industry and of labor in the Directory of the Ukrainian National Republic. Subjects: Jews -- Ukraine -- Politics and government -- 20th century. Age toning to back strip. Light shelf wear. Very good + condition. (UKR-1-38) (ID #33707) $40.00.






  19. Heiman, Leo. UKRAINIANS AND THE JEWS. New York; The Ukrainian Congress Committee Of America, 1961. Original Wrappers. 8vo. 12 pages. 25 cm. Offprint. Reprinted from The Ukrainian Quarterly Vol. XVII, No. 2, Summer 1961. Opinion piece by an Israeli correspondent for the London Daily Mail. Describing examples of Soviet antisemitism, the conditions of Ukrainian Jews in the Soviet Union, and the relationship of Ukrainian Jews to The State of Israel. Subjects: Jews -- Ukraine. Antisemitism -- Ukraine. OCLC lists 6 copies worldwide. (Harvard, Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies, Univ. Of Wisconson, Univ. Of Canberra, Univ. Of Toronto, Univ. Of Regina) Light edge wear and age toning. Some staining to front wrapper. Good + condition. (UKR-1-36) (ID #33705) $50.00.






  21. Hertz, Jacob Sholem. DI YIDN IN UKRAYNE: FUN DI ELTSTE TSAYTN BIZ NOKH TAH VETAT. Nyu York, Unzer Tsayt Farlag, 1949. 1st Edition. Cloth, Rear board scuffed, otherwise Very Good Condition; 8vo; 262 pages; 24 cm. Includes added title page in English: "The Jews in the Ukraine, from the earliest times through 1648-1649." 1 of only 2000 copies printed. Good condition. (EE-3-35) (ID #7654) $45.00.






  23. Rabinovich, I. A. V POISKAKH SUD'BY: EVREISKII NAROD V KRUGOVOROTE ISTORII: KNIGA VTORAYA. Moskva; Mezhdunarodnye Otnosheniia, 2002. Publishers boards. 8vo. 574 pages. 22 cm. Illustrated. First edition. 8 leaves of black and white photographs. Title translates as, “In Search of Destiny: the Jewish People in the Cycle of History: Book 2” “This book, which is the second part of the trilogy, describes the fate of the Jews of tsarist Russia after the fall of the autocracy. Subjects include: the Jewish question in the Ukrainian People's Republic of 1917-1920, the spiritual life of the Jews in the Soviet Union in the 20's and 30's of the last century, the failed Jewish land management in Soviet countries, the situation of Jews in Soviet Belarus and in the territories of Belarus and Ukraine as part of Poland. Considerable attention is paid to the anti-Semitic policies of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. The final part of the book describes the total destruction of the Jews in the Soviet Union, occupied by the Nazis during the war, and a thorough examination of the role of the Judenrat in the Nazi plans for the ‘Final Solution’ of the Jewish question. ” (Publisher’s description) Subjects: Jews – History. Ex-Library with usual markings. Light shelf wear, text clean and bright. Very good condition. (EE-6-15) (ID #32406) $100.00.





  25. Dushnyck, Walter. IN QUEST OF FREEDOM 1918-1958: IN COMMEMORATION OF THE FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF UKRAINIAN INDEPENDENCE. New York; The Ukrainian Congress Committee Of America, 1958. Original Wrappers. 16mo. 26 pages. 18 cm. Contains black and white portraits of notable Ukrainian leaders, as well as photographs of demonstrations and assemblies held during the Ukrainian National Revolution of 1918. Essay commemorating and analyzing the independent Ukrainian government, with an examination of the post-World War II situation in Ukraine. Subjects: Ukraine -- History -- Autonomy and independence movements. Ukraine -- Politics and government -- 1917-1945. Ukraine -- Politics and government -- 1945-1991. Some age toning and edge wear, text block clean and crisp. Good + condition. (UKR-1-23) (ID #33677) $30.00.






  27. Dushnyck, Walter. MARTYRDOM IN UKRAINE: RUSSIA DENIES RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. New York; The America Press, 1947. Original Wrappers. 12mo. 45 pages. 19 cm. First Edition. An examination of the persecution of Ukrainian Catholics by the Soviet Union in post-war Europe. Subjects: Persecution -- Ukraine. Freedom of religion -- Ukraine. Catholic Church -- Ukraine. Catholic Church, Roman -- Russia -- Ukraine. Ukraine -- History, Religious. Front wrapper detached. Edge wear with some small tears. Light age toning. Duplicate stamp on front wrapper and previous owner’s name on title page. Good condition. (UKR-1-11) (ID #33662) $50.00.






  29. Fedenko, Panas. UKRAINE: HER STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM. Augsburg: Free Ukraine, 1951. Original Wrappers with dust jacket. 8vo. 80 pages. 21 cm. First Edition. Fold out map of Ukraine, showing political and demographic borders. An examination of the role of Ukraine in the post-war world. While explaining the struggle for Ukrainian independence, Fedenko describes the importance of Western awareness and support against Soviet control. “Panas Fedenko (1893-1981) was a Ukrainian politician, historian and publicist, one of the leaders of the USRPD (Ukrainian Workers’ Social Democrat Party). [...] He worked at the Ukrainian Pedagogical Institute and the Ukrainian Free University in Prague as a professor.” (Special Collections of the Slavonic Library) “After World War Two, Panas Fedenko settled in Germany. He continued his political work and participated in the Ukrainian National Council’s proceedings. In 1951 he published the book Ukraine’s Freedom Struggle, in which he, as a direct participant, tried to shed light on the national liberation struggle in the first half of the twentieth century.” (The Day. 10 February 2004) Subjects: Ukraine -- History. Ukraine. Ukraine - Foreign Countries. Dust jacket has some rubbing and light edge wear. Fore edge corners bumped. Some shelf wear, and age toning. Very good condition (UKR-1-18) (ID #33671) $60.00.






  31. Gambal, Marie S. RUS, UKRAINE AND MUSCOVY, RUSSIA. Scranton, P. A; Ukrainian Workingmen's Association, 1937. Staple bound leaves. 12mo. 23, [1] pages. 28cm. An essay about the history and development of the Ukrainian national identity. Discussing the sovereignty of Ukraine, the intersections of Ukrainian and Russian culture, and Ukrainian culture and language. Marie S. Gambal was an active contributor to the Ukrainian Weekly (Svoboda). Subjects: Ukraine. Ukrainian Identity. Light age toning and shelf wear. Very good condition. (UKR-1-4) (ID #33653) $30.00.






  33. Granovsky, A. A. UKRAINE: BATTLEGROUND FOR FREEDOM. [New York?]; Organization For The Rebirth Of Ukraine, 1944. Original Wrappers. 12mo. [3] pages. 20cm. First Edition. Short informational pamphlet by A. A. Granovsky, the President of the Organization for the Rebirth of Ukraine, a US based support group for the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. This essay calls for support from the United Nations in helping to establish an independent Ukraine. In making his case, Granovsky references Ukrainian armed resistance to Nazi invasion and other events from the long standing Ukrainian struggle for independence, which he believes illustrate the “indomitable will of the Ukrainian masses to freedom and an independent national state.” Subjects: Nationalism -- Ukraine. Ukraine -- History -- Autonomy and independence movements. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide. (Univ. Of Syracuse, Univ. Of Minnesota) Light age toning and shelf wear. Very good + condtion. (UKR-1-19) (ID #33672) $75.00.






  35. Granovsky, A. A. UKRAINE'S CASE FOR INDEPENDENCE. Washington D. C; American Peace Society, 1940. Original Wrappers. 8vo. 10 pages. 25 cm. First Edition. Reprinted from World Affairs, Vol. 103, No. 1, pp. 25-34. March, 1940. An essay describing the history of the Ukrainian independence movement, and the importance of the establishment of an independent Ukraine during the beginning of World War II. Granovsky, the president of the US based Organization for the Rebirth of Ukraine, was closely tied to the Ukrainian struggle for independence and the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. Subjects: Ukraine -- History -- Autonomy and independence movements. Ukraine -- International status. OCLC lists 7 copies worldwide. (Stanford, Yale, Univ. Of Illinois, Indiana Univ, Harvard, Univ. Of Minnisota, Univ. Of Toronto.) Light age toning and shelf wear. Previous owner’s name. Very good + condition. (UKR-1-22) (ID #33676) $50.00.






  37. Hahn, O. [Paul I. Petrenko] TRAHEDIYA: MYKOLA KHVYLOVY. [Munich?]; Prometheus, 1947. Original Wrappers. 8vo. 77 pages. 21 cm. First Edition. “One of the first (and most detailed) studies of the works of famous Ukrainian writer, born in the city Trostianets. [Trahediya] Khvylovy (1893-1933) was written in exile, in a camp for internally displaced people (1947) by literary critic Paul I. Petrenko (1903-1982), under the pseudonym O. Hahn.” (Sumy News) Khvylovy was a prominent Ukrainian Bolshevik author who, after the arrest of a close friend, renounced Stalin and committed suicide. Subjects: Authors, Ukrainian -- Biography. Political activists -- Ukraine -- Biography. OCLC lists 24 copies worldwide. Light age toning and shelf wear. Writing in ink in center of front cover. Previous owner inscription on title page. Good condition. (UKR-1-39) (ID #33708) $150.00.






  39. Hlynka, Anthony. THE STRUGGLE OF FREEMEN. Detroit, MI; Ukrainian Cultural Society, 1942. Original Wrappers. 16mo. 26 pages. 18 cm. First Edition. Frontispiece portrait of Anthony Hlynka, a Canadian Journalist, immigration activist and politician that served in the Canadian House of Commons from 1940 to 1949. “The chief aim of this pamphlet is to stress the vital importance of not only winning this war, but also to make certain that we shall win the peace. It is also vitally important that the four great human freedoms proclaimed, by the president of the United States of America, be maintained i. E. - freedom of speech and expression, freedom of every person to worship God in his own way, freedom from want freedom from fear [...] The Ukrainian case for freedom and independence is clearly explained in the following speech of Mr. Anthony Hlynka, a Member of the Dominion Parliament of Canada, who is the Ukrainian descent and is perfectly acquainted with the struggle of Ukrainians for Independence. With utmost confidence and respect to Mr. Hlynka, the author of the delivered speech in the House of Commons of the Dominion of Canada on Monday, Fevruary 2, 1942, I faithfully recommend a carefull consideration of this pamphlet to all serious minded statesmen.” (Bilovus, Preface) Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 -- Peace. Ukraine. Ukrainian Independence. Previous owner’s name on front cover. Light shelf wear and age toning. Very good condition. (UKR-1-17) (ID #33669) $50.00.






  41. Hryhorijiv, Nikifor. DEMOCRACY: ITS CHANNELS AND TASKS. Detroit; Ukrainian Community Council, 1940. Original Wrapper. 8vo. 47 pages. 22cm. First Edition. Translated from Ukrainian by C. H. Andrusyshen. A treatise on democracy, exploring the roles and motivations of various European governments during the interwar period. Subjects: Democracy. World politics. OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide. Bottom fore edge corner bumped, some light age toning and rubbing to covers. Good + condition. (UKR-1-5) (ID #33655) $100.00.






  43. Kuropas, Myron B. THE SAGA OF UKRAINE: AN OUTLINE HISTORY. VOL 1: THE AGE OF ROYALTY. VOL 2: THE AGE OF HEROISM. Chicago; Mun Enterprises, Youth Of ODWU, 1960. Original wrappers. 8vo. 63 and 74 pages. 22cm. First Edition. Two Volumes. Published for Captive Nations Week, a congressionally declared week of awareness-raising in the U. S. Focused on oppressed nations under Communist or other non-democratic government control. This two volume history was intended to provide an English language primer for an understanding of Ukrainian history and culture. Subjects: Ukraine -- History -- Outlines, syllabi, etc. OCLC lists 29 copies worldwide. Small ownership stamp on cover and title page of first volume. Light shelf wear to both volumes. Very good + condition. (UKR-1-8) (ID #33659) $50.00.






  45. Martovych, Oleh (Pseud.). UKRAINIAN LIBERATION MOVEMENT IN MODERN TIMES. Munich: Scottish League For European Freedom, 1951. Original Wrappers with dust jacket. 4to. 176 pages. 21cm. Illustrated. Second edition, updated. Includes black and white period photographs and one color reproduction of a drawing by M. Ivassiuk. No. 5 of the series "Today's World, Handbooks of Current World Affairs. " Introduction by John F. Stewart. “Oleh R. Martovych (a pen name), Ukrainian economist and journalist. One of the prominent members of the Ukrainian anti-Nazi Resistance Movement. Member of the Regional Military Staff of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (U. P. A). Chairman of the Initiative Commission of the Supreme Ukrainian Liberation Council (U. H. V. R.). Member of the Ukrainian Liberation Council - Foreign Representation. “ (Introduction) Subjects: Ukraine -- History. Nationalism -- Ukraine. Jacket has some edge wear, with an open tear at top corner leading to 2 inch closed tear. Back strip is bumped at top corner, with ¾ inch piece missing. Pages show some age toning, but are clean. Good + condition. (UKR-1-2) (ID #33651) $30.00.






  47. Organization Of Ukrainian Nationalists. ORHANIZATSIIA UKRAÏNS’KYKH NATSIONALISTIV 1929-1954 [ORGANIZATION OF UKRAINIAN NATIONALISTS 1929-1954]. Paris, 1955. Original Wrappers. 8vo. 446, LII, [4] pages. 25 cm. First Edition. In Ukrainian. Includes 52 pages of black and white photographs of important OUN member portraits, events and grave sites. Includes score with music and lyrics comprised of a selection titled “Unknown Soldier” by Oleg Olzhych. Explaining and commemorating the history of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists from its founding in 1929 until 1954. “Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists [Організація українських націоналістів; Orhanizatsiia ukrainskykh natsionalistiv, or ОУН (OUN)]. A Ukrainian political movement dedicated to the establishment of an independent Ukrainian state. The OUN arose from the merger of the Ukrainian Military Organization (UVO) and several nationalist student associations—the Group of Ukrainian National Youth, the League of Ukrainian Nationalists, and the Union of Ukrainian Nationalist Youth[…] According to its initial declaration the OUN's goal was to establish an independent, united national state on Ukrainian ethnic territory. This goal was to be achieved by a national revolution led by a dictatorship that would drive out the occupying powers and set up a government representing all regions and social groups. The economy was to be a mixture of private ownership, nationalization, and co-operation. The OUN rejected all party and class divisions and presented itself as the dominant force in Ukrainian life at home and abroad. Defining itself as a movement, not a party, it condemned the legal Ukrainian parties in Galicia as collaborationist. Blaming the socialist and liberal camps for the failure of the Ukrainian struggle for independence (1917–20), the OUN stressed the importance of a strong political elite, national solidarity, and reliance on ‘our own forces.’ It was attracted to B. Mussolini's fascist regime, which appeared to have saved Italy from anarchy. By the 1930s differences in outlook had appeared in the OUN: Konovalets and most of the PUN were pragmatic realists who thought in terms of traditional militaristic authoritarianism, whereas the younger members were integral nationalists who espoused a romantic, irrational devotion to the nation.” (Encyclopedia of Ukraine) Subjects: Ukrainian Nationalism. Ukraine History. OCLC lists no copies. Wrappers detached, but complete. Binding intact. Light age toning and wear. Good condition.  (UKR-1-40) (ID #33709) $50.00.






  49. Ostroverkha, Mykhailo. HROZNA KALYNY: V UKRAINSKIKH SICHOVYKH STRILSTIV = BOYS LIKE FALCONS. New York; [None Listed], 1962. Original Wrappers. 8vo. 132 pages. 22 cm. Illustrated. First Edition. In Ukrainian. Black and white period photographs and line drawings. Line drawing frontispiece portrait of the author. Ukrainian title translates as “Terrible Kalyny: With the Ukrianian Sich Riflemen.” The author’s memoir of his experience with the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen. “The unit was formed in August 1914 [within the Austro-Hungarian Army] on the initiative of the Supreme Ukrainian Council. It was composed of members of different Ukrainian paramilitary organizations in Galicia, led by Frank Schott, and participated in hostilities on the Russian front. After World War I, with Austria's disintegration, the unit became the regular military unit of the West Ukrainian People's Republic. During German and Austrian occupation of Ukraine in 1918 the unit was stationed in southern Ukraine. Former unit soldiers participated in the formation of Sich Riflemen, a military unit of the Ukrainian People's Republic. In 1919 the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen expanded into the Ukrainian Galician Army. They participated in the Polish-Ukrainian War around Lviv and suffered heavy losses. On May 2, 1920, the unit was disbanded. “ (Wikipedia) Involved with Ukrainian National politics throughout the early half of the 20th century, Ostroverkha edited and contributed to many periodicals of the time. His Ukrainian translation work included Machivelli’s “The Prince.” Resettling from Germany to the United States after World War II he continued to contribute to the cause of Ukrainian Independence. (Wikipedia) Subjects: World War, 1914-1918 -- Ukraine -- Personal narratives, Ukrainian. Authors, Ukrainian -- 20th century -- Biography. OCLC lists 19 copies worldwide. Light shelf wear and light age toning to covers. Very good + condition. (UKR-1-30) (ID #33698) $100.00.






  51. Pachovskyi, Vasyl. UKRAYINTSYI, YAK NAROD [UKRAINIANS AS A NATION]. New York; [No Publisher], 1917. Original Wrappers. 8vo. 16 pages. 20cm. First Edition. In Ukrainian. Pachovskyi was a proflic but little known poet and author. His writings focused on topics of Ukrainian nationalism and independence, and is seen as an early proponent of these positions. (Wikipedia) Subjects: Ukrainians -- History. Nationalism -- Ukraine. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Labels on cover. Previous owner’s name on title page. Some light age toning and shelf wear. Very good condition. (UKR-1-48) (ID #33718) $125.00.






  53. Prychodko, N; Willson Woodside. COMMUNISM IN REALITY. [Toronto; New Canadian Pub. Co. ], [1950?]. Original Wrappers. 12mo. 64 pages. 19 cm. First Edition. Anti-Stalinist essay written by a novice journalist in Toronto. Prychodko, a Ukrainian gulag survivor, discusses his experiences, history, and analysis of Stalinist practices, both in regard to Soviet occupation of Ukraine, World War II and the growing concern of the cold war. Subjects: Communism. Communist strategy. World politics -- 20th century. Communism -- Ukraine -- History -- 20th century. Some shelf wear and light rubbing to covers. Light age toning. Good + condition. (UKR-1-20) (ID #33674) $50.00.






  55. Revyuk, Emil. POLISH ATROCITIES IN UKRAINE. New York; United Ukrainian Organizations Of The United States, 1931. Original Wrappers. 8vo. Vii, 512 pages. 28cm. First Edition. Contains foldout map of Eastern Europe with population information. A collection of news articles and individual accounts of Polish military action in Eastern Galicia, a contested territory outside of Soviet Ukraine, during the early years of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalist and other militant nationalist groups fighting for Ukrainian Independence. Compiled by Emil Revyuk, the editor for Svoboda, a Ukrainian American newspaper that is still being published. Subjects: Galicia (Poland and Ukraine) -- History. Poland -- Politics and government, 1918. Rubbing to wrappers, back strip missing, inch piece near head and shows wear at foot. Light age toning to pages, with some edge wear. Good condition. (UKR-1-3) (ID #33652) $30.00.






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