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Nr. 69. TORONTO Y.W.H.A. LADIES’ BASKETBALL TEAM, WINNERS OF THE GRIFF CLARK TROPHY. Trading card, Very Small (slightly less than 2”x1”). Toronto, Dominion Chocolates, No Date [1923-24]. Likely the First Trading Card Ever for a Jewish Women's Sports Team.



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    First Appeal by a Famous American for a Jewish State in Eretz Israel


  1. Lazarus, Emma. AN EPISTLE TO THE HEBREWS. New York: Press Of Philip Cowen, 1900. 1st separate edition. Original Wrappers, 8vo, iv, 80 pages. Includes portrait; 22 cm. Singerman 5788. Originally published in fifteen sections in the American Hebrew (which was also published by Philip Cowen) from November 3, 1882 to February 23, 1883. “Princeton English professor Esther Schor has noted that Theodor Herzl was still sitting in cafes and dreaming of Zion — and the word ‘Zionist’ had not yet even been coined — when Lazarus took up the cause in the early 1880s. Schor writes that in ‘Epistle to the Hebrews, ’ a column in the American Hebrew in 1882, “Emma Lazarus became the first well-known American publicly to make the case for a Jewish state’” (Quoted in New Jersey Jewish News, Nov 2, 2006). Lazarus suggested that “assimilated American Jews should recognize their privileged status as well as their vulnerability in America, that all Jews should understand their history in order not to be misled by anti-Semitic generalizations, and that Eastern European Jews should emigrate to Palestine” (Hyman & Moore, 1997). Nr. 6 in the series: “Publications of the Federation of American Zionists. ” SUBJECT(S): Zionism. Jews -- Politics and government. Judaism -- Apologetic works. Jews -- Persecutions -- Europe, Eastern. Ethnic relations. Jews -- Politics and government. Judaism. OCLC lists only 4 copies worldwide (Columbia, Yale, GWU, HUC), none west of Cincinnati. Spine rebacked, otherwise Very Good Condition. Scarce and very important. (women-1-51) (ID #35810) $7500.00.






  3. Lazarus, Josephine. CHANUKA 5666, BY JOSEPHINE LAZARUS; HANDWRITTEN MANUSCRIPT, WITH PRINTERS PROOFS, AND WITH 1ST EDITION OF FINAL PUBLISHED VERSION. Josephine Lazarus Manuscript, 1905. Original Wraps. 4to. [8]; [4]; [16] pages. 29 cm. Autograph manuscript, signed. Contains the original eight page handwritten signed manuscript of Chanuka 5666 by Josephine Lazarus; four page typed blue ink printers notes with editors handwritten corrections on the same, and the final printed version, which appeared in the Souvenir Program of the Maccabaean Feast, Zionist Council of Greater New York, December 27th, 1905. 'Hanuka 5666', on page [8], is how the printed version appears. Lazarus in her article discusses the year of massive bloodletting and Jewish martyrs (1905), and celebrates the new heroic Maccabaean Spirit and Jewish nationalism. Josephine Lazarus (1846-1910) "was the best known of the poet Emma Lazarus's five sisters... Her first published piece was a memorial essay on Emma, followed by a series of literary biographies of contemporary women writers. In 1893, she was one of the few Jewish women invited to speak at the Congress of Religions at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Like the other Jewish speakers at the Congress, Lazarus emphasized the spiritual identity of Judaism, introducing her vision of combining the truths of Judaism and Christianity in a nonsectarian ethical monotheism. She further refined her ideology in 'The Spirit of Judaism, ' published in 1895... Lazarus's life and work provide important insights into a pattern of Jewish identification and assimilation in late nineteenth-century America... Josephine Lazarus's legacy is of a woman yearning for a Judaism that satisfies both the intellect and the spirit, a Judaism that can connect the past with the present and the future. Josephine Lazarus died on February 3, 1910. " (Sue Levi Elwell, Jewish Women's Archive, 2014). Subjects: American literature - Women authors. OCLC lists one copy of the Souvenir Program (NYPL). Manuscript and printer's notes housed in folder; all items housed in archival portfolio. Light wear to edges of folder and wraps of Souvenir Program, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (SPEC-41-2) (ID #35415) $4000.00.






  5. [Gratz, Rebecca] Leeser, Isaac. CATECHISM FOR JEWISH CHILDREN: DESIGNED AS A RELIGIOUS MANUAL FOR HOUSE AND SCHOOL. Philadelphia; Stereotyped For The Author By L. Johnson & Co, [1856]. 5616. 1st edition thus. Original Cloth. 12mo. X, 134 pages. 19 cm. Singerman 1437. Dedicated to Rebecca Gratz. Preface to Third edition: “The favourable reception which this manual met with on its first appearance induced me to issue, in 5605, a second edition, differing scarcely from the first; […] About eleven years have now elapsed since this book was reissued; and, as it has by degrees found its way into many schools, I now present it in a manner more permanent than before, --the title slightly changed, and with such verbal corrections here and there as a careful revision has pointed out to be needed. The second edition had indeed not been exhausted by the public demand; but, a calamitous conflagration having destroyed the remainder of the same, a new supply had to be provided, to answer any demand which may be made for it; and it is to be hoped that the Catechism in its new form may be the means of an extended usefulness for many years to come. And, in this connection, I cannot avoid stating that it is a gratifying phenomenon that, notwithstanding the indifference which many express towards religion, there is a deep-seated feeling that something ought and must be done to enlighten the youthful mind. Therefore, if any event in my life can afford me some degree of satisfaction, it is the consciousness of having added one contribution, by this unpretending work, to satisfy the demand for information in the ways of the law of God. […] With these few words the Catechism is again offered to the indulgent kindness of the American and British Israelites, in the full hope that it may be of service to those for whose edification it was composed. ” Subjects: Jewish religious education. Jews - Education - United States. OCLC lists 6 copies. Lightly stained and lightly foxed. Wear to original boards. Good + condition. (SPEC-40-1) (ID #33519) $750.00.






  7. Aguilar, Grace. THE WOMEN OF ISRAEL. COMPLETE IN 2 VOLUMES. New York, D. Appleton & Co, 1851. 1st US Edition. With frontispiece portrait of author. Period Binding, 8vo, 336 pages. [Singerman 1171]. The First Comprehensive Study of Jewish Women by a Jew. This work, by Grace Aguilar (1816-47), published this for her own co-religionists and lamented in the preface that the authors of previous works on the subject “are Christians themselves, and write for the Christian world… the characters of the Old Testament are so briefly and imperfectly sketched, compared to those of the New. ” Aguilar’s secondary motive in publishing this work was to counter the charge “that the law of Moses sank the Hebrew female to the lowest state of degradation, placed her on a level with slaves or heathens, and denied her all mental and spiritual enjoyment. The word of God at once proves its falsity. ” Aguilar believed that the spiritual state of a Jewish community was dependent on the nation in which it existed, and in her survey of the contemporary period she distinguished between the communities of southern and eastern Europe from those in the Protestant north. Only in the latter were the Jews free of persecution and able to reach spiritual heights. The freest community, she observed, was the one in America-”The Hebrew advantages in that land, more numerous even than in England, consist in perfect freedom”-and American Jews had the greatest opportunities to cultivate the Jewish spirit. Aguilar was a prolific nineteenth-century novelist and Jewish historian of Sephardic descent, was known for her works of fiction, but in this 1845 publication she addresses Jewish history from a female perspective. These two volumes consist of a series of biographical essays on Old Testament, Talmudic and modern Jewish women. Aguilar identifies a need for more female biography of scripture, postulating a continuity between the biblical matriarchs and the Jewish women of her generation. Addressing a female readership, Aguilar writes in a didactic and highly evangelical tone characteristic of the period, using her discussion to argue for the emancipation of Jews, particularly Jewish women, who should also have access to all Jewish religious texts Some wear, bit of foxing, Good Condition. (AMR-39-52) XX (ID #31565) $225.00.






  9. Frank, Anne. WEET JE NOG? VERHALEN EN SPROOKJES. Amsterdam, Contact, 1949. 1st edition, first printing. Original illustrated publisher’s boards in the extremely rare dustjacket. Small 8vo, 64 pages. Published 2 years after the famous diary. Designed and illustrated by Kees Kelfkens. Rare first edition of this collection of simple stories and fairy-tales for Dutch children, written by Anne Frank at the age of 14, while in hiding. Primo Levi suggested that Anne Frank is frequently identified as a single representative of the millions of people who suffered and died as she did because "One single Anne Frank moves us more than the countless others who suffered just as she did but whose faces have remained in the shadows. Perhaps it is better that way; if we were capable of taking in all the suffering of all those people, we would not be able to live. " Otto Frank, Anne’s father spent the remainder of his life after publication of the Diary as custodian of his daughter's legacy, saying, "It's a strange role. In the normal family relationship, it is the child of the famous parent who has the honor and the burden of continuing the task. In my case the role is reversed. " An outstanding copy, in the exceedingly rare 1st edition dust jacket, which has a dime-size spot of damage on the spine (no text affected), and a touch of edgewear. A very nice copy. (kh-2-12) (ID #34933) $1000.00.






  11. Frank, Anne (1st Edition, 1st Printing Of The Anne Frank Diary). HET ACHTERHUIS. DAGBOEKBRIEVEN 12 JUNI 1942 - 1 AUGUSTUS 1944. Uitgeverij Contact, Amsterdam, 1947. . Original publisher’s boards, with the exceedingly rare dust jacket, 12mo, ix 252 pages. First Edition of The Diary of a Young Girl, a book which continues to hold its place at the top of many literary lists: the most famous diary of modern times, the most famous work by a teenager, most famous work on the Holocaust, most famous 20th Century work by a Jew. Primo Levi suggested that Anne Frank is frequently identified as a single representative of the millions of people who suffered and died as she did because "One single Anne Frank moves us more than the countless others who suffered just as she did but whose faces have remained in the shadows. Perhaps it is better that way; if we were capable of taking in all the suffering of all those people, we would not be able to live. " Otto Frank, Anne’s father spent the remainder of his life after publication of the Diary as custodian of his daughter's legacy, saying, "It's a strange role. In the normal family relationship, it is the child of the famous parent who has the honor and the burden of continuing the task. In my case the role is reversed. " He recalled his publisher's explaining why he thought the diary has been so widely read, with the comment, "he said that the diary encompasses so many areas of life that each reader can find something that moves him personally. " Simon Wiesenthal expressed a similar sentiment when he said that the diary had raised more widespread awareness of the Holocaust than had been achieved during the Nuremberg Trials, because "people identified with this child. This was the impact of the Holocaust, this was a family like my family, like your family and so you could understand this" (Wikipedia, 2012). Very Good Condition in a worn but attractive dust jacket from the second printing, also from 1947. 1st edition dust jackets are essentially never seen (we have seen one offered for sale in the last 20 years); 2nd printing jackets from dec 1947, which this is, are also extremely rare. An attractive copy of this monumental and rare work, much nicer than usually seen. (kh-2-4) (ID #34767) $7500.00.






  13. Holdheim, Samuel [1st Edition Of Holdheim’s Most Important Work]. UEBER DIE AUTONOMIE DER RABBINEN UND DAS PRINCIP DER JÜDISCHEN EHE; EIN BEITRAG ZUR VERSTÄNDIGUNG ÜBER EINIGE DAS JUDENTHUM BETREFFENDE ZEITFRAGEN. Schwerin, C. Kürschner; In Commission Der Plahn'schen Buchhandlung, Berlin,, 1843. 1st edition. Period Wrappers, 8vo, xii, 263 pages 26 cm. In German. Includes bibliographical references. Title translates as, “On The Autonomy of the Rabbis and ahe Principle of Jewish Marriage; A Contribution to Understanding About Some Relevant Jewish Issues of the Day. ” Samuel Holdheim (1806 –1860) was a “German rabbi and author, and one of the more extreme leaders of the early Reform Movement in Judaism. A pioneer in modern Jewish homiletics, he was often at odds with the Orthodox community…. The most important work by Holdheim appeared under the title Die Autonomie der Rabbinen, (Schwerin and Berlin, 1843). In this he pleads for the abolition of the antiquated Jewish marriage and divorce regulations mainly on the ground that the Jews do not constitute a political nation. The Jewish religious institutions must be rigidly kept distinct from the Jewish national ones, to which latter belong the laws of marriage and divorce. The laws of the modern states are not in conflict with the principles of the Jewish religion; therefore these modern laws, and not the Jewish national laws of other days, should regulate Jewish marriages and divorces (see Samuel Hirsch in Orient. Lit, 1843, No. 44). The importance of this book is attested by the stir it created among German Jewish communities, many members of which found in its attitude the solution of the problem of how loyalty to Judaism could be combined with unqualified allegiance to their German nationality. Evidence of its incisive character is furnished also by the polemical literature that grew out of it. In these discussions such men as A. Bernstein, Mendel Hess, Samson Raphael Hirsch, Zacharias Frankel, Raphael Kirchheim, Leopold Zunz, Leopold Löw, and Adolf Jellinek took part” (Wikipedia, 2015). SUBJECT(S): Judaism and state. Marriage (Jewish law). OCLC lists 28 copies worldwide. Spine cocked, otherwise Very Good Condition, an attractive copy. (women-4-8) (ID #35821) $400.00.






  15. Le’ah Bat Tovim. FUN A MAMEN TSU MAMES: A POR POSHETE KLOLIM. Varshe (Warsaw); Lewin-Epstein, 1922. Paper Wrappers. 12mo. 19, [1] pages. 19 cm. In Yiddish. Numbered 0525 (of how many?), finely printed on letterpress in red and black ink; coptic (braided thread) binding with illustrated cover. Translates roughly as “From One Mother to All the Mothers. ” Early Secular Yiddish tract on how to be a good mother. Subjects: Child rearing. Parenting. Child psychology. OCLC lists only two copies (Lib Congress, HUC). Light soiling to covers, with outer edges lightly bumped and chipped. Internally clean and fresh. Very good condition. Scarce and interesting. (HOLO2-97-47) (ID #29528) $400.00.






  17. Levinger, Elma Ehrlich; Sara Miller; Ruth Atlas Binstock; Eva Herbst; Fannie Barnett Linsky. Music and Occasional Co-Authorship by Samuel Goldfarb Or Samuel Schulman. PLAYS FOR NEW YEAR SUKKOTH HANUKKAH PURIM PASSOVER LAG B'OMER SHABUOTH AND FOR OTHER OCCASIONS [ALL BY JEWISH WOMEN; 16 PLAYS FOR FESTIVALS AND HOLIDAYS; INDIVIDUALLY BOUND; HOUSED IN PUBLISHER’S RED CLOTH SLIPCASE]. Cincinnati; Dept. Of Synagog And School Extension Of The Union Of American Hebrew Congregations, 1921-1929. Original Wraps. 8vo. 12; 32, [4]; 24, [2]; 32, [4]; 16; 13, [4]; 25; 35; 13; 16; 20; 19; 19; 11; 27; 19 pages. 20 cm. Pastedown label on cloth slipcase: ‘Plays For New Year Sukkoth Hanukkah Purim Passover Lag B'Omer Shabuoth And For Other Occasions. ’ Every play of Elma Ehrlich Levinger dated 1923; her plays include: “The unlighted Menorah: a Chanukah fantasy of the time of Felix Mendelssohn, in one act”; “The light of Israel: a Chanukah play in four acts”; “A sick Purim; a modern Purim play in one act”; "Let there be light, ’ a pageant in seven episodes”; “How Succoth came to Chayim; a modern play in one act”; “Ruth of Moab; a springtime play in one act”; “The golden staff; a Succoth operetta” with music by Samuel Goldfarb. By Samuel Schulman and Sara Miller: “The spirit of Judaism: a pageant”. By Ruth Atlas Binstock: “Harvest festival; a pageant in four scenes”. By Miss Eva Herbst: Ruth; a harvest pageant”. Plays by Fannie Barnett Linsky: “America and the Jew; a pageant for Thanksgiving day”; “A Purim fantasy, a play in one act”; “The Sabbath angel. A play in two acts”; “Old pictures in new frames. A group tableaux for any holiday”; “The counting of the days; a Lag b'Omer cycle”; “Happy New Year; a play in one act, a prologue and an epilogue. ” All plays published by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations Department of Synagogue and School Extension, which was initially established as the Department of Synagogue Extension in 1903, to provide for and advance Sabbath schools for the instruction of the young and to aid and encourage the development of new and young congregations. Elma Ehrlich Levinger (1887 – 1958) “Active in an array of Jewish women’s and youth organizations, Elma Ehrlich Levinger was also the author of over thirty books for children and several for adults—all of which emphasize the importance of maintaining Jewish identity in America. Levinger used both drama and the short story as a means of educating young people and women about Jewish history and traditions, hoping to encourage them to participate in Jewish social life. ” (Jewish Women’s Archive Encyclopedia). Subjects: Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix, 1809-1847. Drama. Hanukkah - Drama. Sukkot - Drama. Ruth (Biblical figure) - Drama. Sukkot - Drama. Purim –Drama. Jewish drama. Tableaux, Religious. Rosh ha-Shanah - Drama. All plays are listed on OCLC; however, none exceed 15 listings. No listings on OCLC for a boxed set such as ours (extra space in the box suggests that it may have been designed to hold other titles as well). Light rubbing to cloth of slipcase, with rip to corner of lid; wraps of two plays lightly soiled, otherwise all plays near fine. Very Good+ Condition. (MX-36-22) (ID #31186) $550.00.





    The First Woman to Publish a Hebrew Dictionary


  19. Lindo, Abigail; Sabato Morais. ME'IR 'EN BENE HA-NE'URIM = A HEBREW AND ENGLISH VOCABULARY: FROM A SELECTION OF THE DAILY PRAYERS, INTENDED FOR THE USE OF SCHOOLS AND YOUNG BEGINNERS. London; S. Solomon, 1848. Original Cloth. 12mo. 109, [1] pages. 19 cm. “A Hebrew and English vocabulary: from a selection of the daily prayers, intended for the use of schools and young beginners. By a lady. Revised by Sabato Morais and under the sanction of David Meldola. ” - Title page. Attractively printed and designed. Lists the root in a separate parallel column to the Hebrew word with English translation adjacent. Draws upon Kehilath Jahacob by Jacob Rodrigues Moreira. Abigail Lindo (1803-1848), Hebrew Lexicographer. Subjects: Hebrew language - Glossaries, vocabularies, etc. Hebrew language. Glossaries, vocabularies, etc. OCLC lists 8 copies of this edition. Very clean and fresh, light foxing to endpages. Very good + condition. (WOMEN-2-43) (ID #35812) $200.00.






  21. Menken, Adah Isaacs. INFELICIA. Philadelphia; New York; Boston, 1868. 1st edition, first printing, of Author’s only book. Original Publisher’s Cloth, Brown cloth cover stamped in gold, 16mo, 7-124 pages; 15 cm. Singerman 2085 (for the 126 page edition). Singerman notes as well that he "saw the rarer 124 page edition without the publisher's statement [about Dickens]." Poems. The true first edition, first printing, dedicated to Charles Dickens but without his warm letter thanking her reproduced, as appeared in later printings. The success of this book meant that later editions appeared the same year in London as well as in the US (published by Lippincott) but with more pages (141 & 126, respectively) and the Dickens letter reproduced. Includes some poems with Jewish themes, such as “Judith (‘Oh forget not that I am Judith! /And I know where sleeps Holofernes’), ” “Hear, O Israel (‘The God of Jacob is our Shield’), ” etc. Menken (1835-1868) was “Internationally famous for her starring role in the equestrian melodrama Mazeppa, in which she was stripped on stage to a flesh-colored body stocking, lashed to the back of the ‘wild horse of Tartary, ’ and sent flying on a narrow ramp above the theater, Adah Isaacs Menken consistently defied social mores. She cropped her black hair and smoked cigarettes, and publicly disparaged conventional married life. Menken represented an early example of the cult of personality, blurring her private life with her public persona. … She married four times in the course of seven years. Her second marriage, in 1859, was to the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, John C. Heenan…. One of the most glamorous celebrities of the 1860s, Menken also cultivated a literary following. She wrote poetry and developed relationships with the likes of Walt Whitman, Charles Dickens, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Alexandre Dumas, and Algernon Swinburne. George Sand was a close friend to the actor and was godmother to Menken’s second child…. A major bone of contention to this day is the authenticity of her Jewishness. Though scholars have some evidence that Menken was raised a Catholic and converted to Judaism only after marrying her first husband, Menken herself once publicly rebuked a journalist who labeled her a convert by announcing that she was ‘born in that faith [Judaism], and have adhered to it through all my erratic career. Through that pure and simple religion I have found greatest comfort and blessing. ’ Whatever her origins, it is clear that Menken was fervently Jewish in her adult life. After moving to Cincinnati with her first and only Jewish husband, Alexander Isaacs Menken, Adah learned Hebrew fluently, studied classical Jewish texts, and contributed many poems and essays to The Israelite, a weekly founded by Rabbi Isaac M. Wise. Her poems indicate a passionate temperament, deeply committed to a kind of proto-Zionism and even messianism. Many are collected in the posthumously published volume Infelicia [this volume]. Menken viewed herself as a modern Deborah, calling on Jews to rise up against persecution in Turkey and protesting the kidnapping of a six-year-old Jewish boy in Bologna by representatives of the Catholic Church. She was one of the few Jews in America to protest when Lionel Nathan was denied the seat in the English Parliament to which he had been elected. And, at the height of her acting career, she refused to perform on Jewish High Holidays. On her deathbed at age thirty-three, suffering from what may have been peritonitis or tuberculosis (or both), and treated by the personal doctor of Napoleon III, Menken was visited by a rabbi. Adah Isaacs Menken died on August 10, 1868, in Paris. She is buried in the Jewish section of Montparnasse Cemetery” (Ackerman, 2014). The book is also cited in Podeschi, J. B. Dickens & Dickensiana,; B295(2); Wolff, R. L. 19th cent. Fiction,; 4738. OCLC lists 28 copies of this rare first printing. Light wear to cloth, stains to title and half title, otherwise a nice clean book, about Very Good- Condition. (AMR-45-45) (ID #34572) $750.00.






  23. Perl, Gisella, Dr. I WAS A DOCTOR IN AUSCHWITZ [IN JACKET]. New York: International Universities Press, 1948. Original Publisher’s cloth in the scarce dust jacket. 12mo, 189 pages. 1st edition. The author was a doctor who, among other medical procedures, performed clandestine abortions to save pregnant women from extermination and experimentation at Auschwitz. Includes accounts of Dr. Josef Mengele's experiments on twins. Bound in the original brown cloth, stamped in black. Edelheit 3091: "Eyewitness testimony by a Rumanian Jewish doctor of her experiences in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. " Laska 1485: "A strong statement on medical perversities by an eye-witness physician. ". Jacket has a bit of edgewear to top of spine and rear panel, corners a touch bumped, otherwise Very Good copy in Very Good- jacket. Very nice copy of this important and scarce work. (HOLO2-117-71A) (ID #35107) $575.00.






  25. Tollik, Janina. NIGDY WIECEJ! REPRODUKCJE OBRAZÓW JANINY TOLLIK; CZTERY LATA PRZEZYC OSWIECIMIA. Oswiecim; Panstwowe Muzeum, 1951. Original portfolio. 4to. [16] plates. 25x35 cm. First edition. Portfolio of 16 plates. 'Never Again! '; Reproductions of Paintings by Janiny Tollik, survivor of four years in Auschwitz; most of the plates are depictions from the women's camp. Each plate contains title in Polish, Russian, French, and English. Originally issued with introductiory pamphlet by Zygmunt Balicki; absent. The artist, Janina Tollik (1910-1994), an artist in the 30's; was arrested as a resistance member in 1941, and survived Auschwitz. In the years 1941-1945 she made many sketches of the prison and camp. After the war, she continued her studies in Brussels. A series of her paintings about Auschwitz was exhibited in Belgium, France and Luxembourg; after returning to Poland in 1949, she created the series 'Never Again' released in 1952 in the form of an album. Subjects: Panstwowe Muzeum w Oswiecimiu. Art - Holocaust – Janina Tollik. OCLC lists 9 copies. Light wear to edges of portfolio, minor foxing to two of the plates; introductory essay absent. Otherwise clean and fresh. Good + condition. (HOLO2-113-51) (ID #33168) $1500.00.





  27. Brewer, Joan Scherer; Lynn Davidman; Evelyn Gross Avery. SEX AND THE MODERN JEWISH WOMAN: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY. Fresh Meadows, N. Y.; Biblio Press, 1986. Original Wraps. 4to. 37, B1-B88 pages. 28 cm. First edition. Contains references to works published between 1960-1985 about Jewish women and sexuality, sexual attitudes and behaviors of American Jews, and sexual norms and attitudes within the Jewish tradition. Excludes works about Israeli women, spouse abuse, and pornography. Includes introductory essays and references arranged under thirteen topics, e. G, aging and sexuality. Miscellaneous addenda. Author index. Subjects: Sex - Religious aspects - Judaism - Bibliography. Jewish women - Sexual behavior - Bibliography. Women in Judaism - Bibliography. Judaism - Abstracts. Religion and Sex - Abstracts. Sexual Behavior - Abstracts. Women - psychology - Abstracts. Jewish women - Sexual behavior. Sex - Religious aspects - Judaism. Women in Judaism. Light shelf wear, otherwise very clean and fresh. Very good + condition. (WOMEN-1-31) (ID #35742) $30.00.






  29. Cantor, Aviva. A BIBLIOGRAPHY ON THE JEWISH WOMAN: A COMPREHENSIVE AND ANNOTATED LISTING OF WORKS PUBLISHED, 1900-1978. Fresh Meadows, N. Y.; Biblio Press, 1979. Original Wraps. 4to. 53 pages. 28 cm. First edition. Groundbreaking work. Single sided mimeographed. Annotated bibliography on Jewish Women, covering anthologies, history/herstory, religious life and law, in the United States and Canada, in Israel, in the Holocaust and resistance, other countries, children's books, poetry, and reference works. “Aviva Cantor (born 1940) was a co-founder in 1968 of the Jewish Liberation in New York, a Socialist Zionist organization, and served as founding editor of its Jewish Liberation Journal. JLP was among the first Jewish groups to advocate the two-state solution (1968) …. In 1976, she initiated and co-founded Lilith, the independent Jewish Feminist quarterly magazine, which she served as co-founding editor through 1987, and for which she wrote regularly. …Cantor has written five alternative Passover ceremonies…the fifth one, The Egalitarian Hagada…. Is a gender- and generation-inclusive…. She compiled, edited and annotated several editions of The Jewish Woman, 1900-1985: A Bibliography…. Her children's book manuscript, Tamar's Cat: A Story of the Exodus, won first prize in the Sydney Taylor Children's Book Manuscript Contest” (Wikipedia, 2015). Subjects: Jewish women - Bibliography. Jewish women. Bibliography. Clean and fresh. Very good + condition. (WOMEN-1-32) (ID #35743) $100.00.






  31. Cantor, Aviva; Ora Hamelsdorf. THE JEWISH WOMAN, 1900-1985: A BIBLIOGRAPHY. Fresh Meadows, N. Y.; Biblio Press, 1987. Original Wraps. 4to. IX, 193 pages. 28 cm. Second edition. Partially annotated by Aviva Cantor with 1983-1986 citations compiled by Ora Hamelsdorf; editorial coordinator: Doris B. Gold; editorial assistant: Judith Pearl. “This work includes an introductory essay evauating trends in writing about Jewish women and a bibliography. The bibliography is divided into two parts. Part I is a reprint of the first edition (1979) with supplements. Part II covers the years 1980-1986. More than 4, 000 items pertaining to such subjects asd Jewish women in history/herstory, Jewish women in religious life and law, Jewish women in the United States and Canada, Jewish women in Israel, Jewish women in other countries, Jewish women in the Holocaust and Resistance, and Jewish women in poetry are listed. The bibliography also lissts unpublished papers, recent women's conferences, studies and surveys, and bibliographies. It includes references to part I and II and an index to authors. ” - #861, Judaica Reference Sources, Second Edition, Cutter and Oppenheim. Subjects: Jewish women - Bibliography. Juives - Bibliographie. Jewish women. Institutional stamps and markings on outer edges and title page; pencilled notation on first endpage, otherwise clean and fresh. Good + condition. (WOMEN-1-33) (ID #35744) $30.00.






  33. Ichud Habonim. SISTERS OF EXILE: SOURCES ON THE JEWISH WOMAN. New York, N. Y.; Ichud Habonim Labor Zionist Youth, [197?]. Original Wraps. 8vo. 152 pages. 25 cm. Presumed first edition, no date. Collection of biographies, historical and literary selections, on Jewish women. Contents: Women in the Bible; Women in the Talmud; Sketches from Early History; Entering the Modern World (with selections from Bertha Meyer and Gluckel of Hamelin); Just Yesterday (selections from Pauline Wengeroff, H. N. Bialik, Hannah Senesh, Henrietta Szold, Zivia Lubetkin); Women in Palestine (Golda Meir, Dvora Dayan, Ada Maimon); Women in Kibbutz (Muki Tsur, Yonina Talmon, Yonah Golan); Women Today (Trude Weiss-Rosmarin, Andre Chouraqui, Judy Groner, Shulamit Aloni, Zina Smith Blau). Contains Sephardic folk songs, holocaust memoirs, Israeli feminist theory, 18th century Salons, etc. Subjects: Jewish women. Light wear to wraps, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (WOMEN-2-9) (ID #35772) $30.00.






  35. Kohut, Adolph. BERUEHMTE ISRAELITISCHE MAENNER UND FRAUEN IN DER KULTURGESCHI CHTE DER MENSCHHEIT. LEBENS- UND CHARAKTERBILDER AUS VERGANGENHEIT UND GEGENWART. EIN HANDBUCH FUER HAUS UND FAMILIE. 2 volumes (complete). Leipzig, A. H. Payne, 1901. 432 pages each Volume Shunami #2614 "Mit zahlreichen Portraets und sonstigen Illustrationen" Excellent resource. Ex-library. Edges rubbed. Volume II missing spine, inner-pages clean, overall very good conditon. (GER-41-27) (ID #31141) $200.00.






  37. Kohut, Adolph. BERUEHMTE ISRAELITISCHE MAENNER UND FRAUEN IN DER KULTURGESCHI CHTE DER MENSCHHEIT. LEBENS- UND CHARAKTERBILDER AUS VERGANGENHEIT UND GEGENWART. EIN HANDBUCH FUER HAUS UND FAMILIE. (FIRST VOLUME ONLY). Leipzig, A. H. Payne, 1901. Cloth with gilt lettering. Shunami #2614 "Mit zahlreichen Portraets und sonstigen Illustrationen" Excellent resource. Corners bumped, otherwise very good condition. (GER-41-26) (ID #31140) $100.00.






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  53. Fleischer, Nat. RECKLESS LADY; THE LIFE STORY OF ADAH ISAACS MENKEN. New York; Press Of C. J. O'Brien, 1941. Original Wraps. 8vo. 36 pages. 22 cm. First edition. Biography of Adah Isaacs Menken (1835–1868) written by noted American boxing writer Nathaniel Stanley Fleischer. Contains six black and white photographic plates. Adah Menken was a “U. S. Actress, known mainly for her flamboyant way of life. The first of her four husbands was a musician, Alexander Isaac Menken, whose name she kept after he divorced her. Her stage career began in 1856 in New Orleans... The first American actress to wear flesh-colored tights, she made her most spectacular appearance in the play Mazeppa (adapted from Byron's poem) in which she rode up a steep ramp strapped to a fiery horse. She mixed in the circle of American literary bohemians that included Walt Whitman, Bret Harte, and Mark Twain. In London in 1864 her Mazeppa angered the press, but she won the literati with her poems. Dickens, Charles Reade, and Rossetti were her friends. Swinburne described her as the world's delight and claimed she was his mistress. She enjoyed triumph in Paris in 1866, won over Gautier and George Sand, and became the mistress of the elder Dumas. Though she invented fanciful accounts of her origin, which was obscure, she took a militant pride in her Jewishness. In 1857 she led a protest against the exclusion of Jews from the House of Commons. She never performed on the Day of Atonement and kept a Hebrew Bible under her pillow. Her two books of poems, Memoirs (1856) and Infelicia (1868), teem with biblical allusions. She died in Paris, and Baron Lionel de Rothschild erected a memorial on her grave in Montparnasse. ” - 2008 EJ. Subjects: Menken, Adah Isaacs, 1835-1868. OCLC lists 21 copies. Light soiling to wraps, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (WOMEN-2-7) (ID #35770) $125.00.






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  63. Frank, Anne. ANNE FRANK: DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL. West Hatfield, Mass.; Pennyroyal Press with Jewish Heritage Publishing, 1985. Full Morocco. Folio. [196] pages. 35 x 23 cm. Two volumes housed in linen slipcase. Het Achterhuis, the Diary of Anne Frank, with illustrations, deluxe letterpress printed edition. One of 350 numbered copies, signed by Joseph Goldyne and Barry Moser. Gray morocco by Ellenport of Boston, stamped in blind, with quarter gray morocco and linen matching chemise for the tissued plates, slipcased. 14 x 9 inches (35 x 23 cm); text volume unpaginated (with ten plates), the chemise with ten pencil signed plates. Goldyne's work comprises etching, aquatint and roulette. Anne Frank’s Diary, appearing first in Dutch as “HET ACHTERHUIS: DAGBOEKBRIEVEN 12 JUNI 1942-1 AUGUSTUS 1944” and later in English as “The Diary of a Young Girl,” is a work which continues to hold its place at the top of many literary lists: the most famous diary of modern times, the most famous work by a teenager, most famous work on the Holocaust, most famous 20th Century work by a Jew, etc…. Primo Levi suggested that Anne Frank is frequently identified as a single representative of the millions of people who suffered and died as she did because "One single Anne Frank moves us more than the countless others who suffered just as she did but whose faces have remained in the shadows. Perhaps it is better that way; if we were capable of taking in all the suffering of all those people, we would not be able to live." Otto Frank, Anne’s father spent the remainder of his life after publication of the Diary as custodian of his daughter's legacy, saying, "It's a strange role. In the normal family relationship, it is the child of the famous parent who has the honor and the burden of continuing the task. In my case the role is reversed." He recalled his publisher's explaining why he thought the diary has been so widely read, with the comment, "he said that the diary encompasses so many areas of life that each reader can find something that moves him personally." Simon Wiesenthal expressed a similar sentiment when he said that the diary had raised more widespread awareness of the Holocaust than had been achieved during the Nuremberg Trials, because "people identified with this child. This was the impact of the Holocaust, this was a family like my family, like your family and so you could understand this" (Wikipedia, 2012). This edition comprised a commemoration of the fortieth anniversary of the death of Anne Frank. This title has sold at auction in 2007, 2009, & 2011 for over USD 1550. Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 - Jews. Frank, Anne, 1929-1945. Netherlands - History - German occupation, 1940-1945. Near Fine Condition. Beautiful and Powerful. (HOLO2-105-48) (ID #30888) $1300.00.






  65. Frank, Anne. HET ACHTERHUIS. DAGBOEKBRIEVEN 12 JUNI 1942 - 1 AUGUSTUS 1944. Uitgeverij Contact, Amsterdam, 1948. Original publisher’s boards, 12mo, ix 252 pages. First Edition, 3rd printing, of The Diary of a Young Girl, from the year after the first printing. This is a book which continues to hold its place at the top of many literary lists: the most famous diary of modern times, the most famous work by a teenager, most famous work on the Holocaust, most famous 20th Century work by a Jew. Primo Levi suggested that Anne Frank is frequently identified as a single representative of the millions of people who suffered and died as she did because "One single Anne Frank moves us more than the countless others who suffered just as she did but whose faces have remained in the shadows. Perhaps it is better that way; if we were capable of taking in all the suffering of all those people, we would not be able to live. " Otto Frank, Anne’s father spent the remainder of his life after publication of the Diary as custodian of his daughter's legacy, saying, "It's a strange role. In the normal family relationship, it is the child of the famous parent who has the honor and the burden of continuing the task. In my case the role is reversed. " He recalled his publisher's explaining why he thought the diary has been so widely read, with the comment, "he said that the diary encompasses so many areas of life that each reader can find something that moves him personally. " Simon Wiesenthal expressed a similar sentiment when he said that the diary had raised more widespread awareness of the Holocaust than had been achieved during the Nuremberg Trials, because "people identified with this child. This was the impact of the Holocaust, this was a family like my family, like your family and so you could understand this" (Wikipedia, 2012). Wear and discoloring to spine, but not bad, Good Condition. (r-1-4A) (ID #34150) $300.00.





  67. Montagu, Lilian Helen. LETTERS TO ANNE & PETER [AUTHOR INSCRIBED]. London; Mamelok Press, 1944. Original Cloth. 12mo. IX, 137 pages. 19 cm. First edition. Inscribed by Lily Montagu in pen on ffe. Addressed to Jewish parents and their children; stories from the Torah written for a young audience. Written by Lilian Helen Montagu (1873–1963), a “social worker, magistrate in the London juvenile courts, suffragist, writer, religious organizer, and spiritual leader. ” - EJ 2008. Subjects: Bible stories, English. OCLC lists 10 copies. Institutional stamp on first endpage, light wear to cloth, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (WOMEN-1-6) (ID #35717) $30.00.






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  71. [Gratz, Rebecca] Gratz, Joseph. 1840 BANK CHECK SIGNED BY JEWISH PHILANTHROPIST JOSEPH GRATZ, BROTHER OF REBECCA GRATZ. 1840. Original manuscript bank check, typlical of period. Drawn on the “Otsego County Bank, Cooperston [NY], Jan 4 1840.” For 252.24 “Cashin [?] of the Mechs. & Farming Bank Albany. Pay to Joseph Gratz or order Two Hundres and Fifty Two 24/100 Dollars. [Signed] H [?] Scott, Cash. ” On the reverse side, it is boldly signed, “Jo Gratz” and then other endorsers as the check is passed down the line. Interestingly, Gratzburg is the original Name of Cooperstown, NY. And though the story now seems more legend than fact, The Mills Commission concluded in 1907 that Abner Doubleday invented baseball in Cooperstown, New York in 1839, just a year before this check was written there. Rebecca Gratz (1781 - 1869) was a “preeminent Jewish American educator and philanthropist. ” Her parents “were observant Jews and active members of Philadelphia’s first synagogue, Mikveh Israel. ” In 1801, at the age of 20, Rebecca “helped establish the Female Association for the Relief of Women and Children in Reduced Circumstances, which helped women whose families were suffering after the American Revolutionary War. In 1815, after seeing the need for an institution for orphans in Philadelphia, she was among those instrumental in founding the Philadelphia Orphan Asylum…. Under Gratz' auspices, a ‘Hebrew Sunday School’ was started in 1838. Gratz became both its superintendent and president, and assisted in developing its curriculum, resigning in 1864. Gratz was also one of the founding members of the Female Hebrew Benevolent Society, around November 1819. In 1850, she advocated in The Occident, over the signature A Daughter of Israel, for the foundation of a Jewish foster home. Her advocacy was largely instrumental in the establishment of such a home in 1855…. Gratz is said to have been the model of Rebecca, the daughter of the Jewish merchant Isaac of York, who is the heroine in the novel Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott” (Wikipedia, 2015) Her brother, Joseph was secretary of the Congregation Mickveh Israel for many years and a director of the Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb (JE, 1906). A few period pinhole cancellations, as is typical for this kind of item, old creases, but very good condition, nice and clean with no flaws. Interesting artifact from a leading early American Jewish family. (women-4-7) (ID #35820) $75.00.





  73. Goldman, Emma, Alexander Berkman; Harry Weinberger. SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES. OCTOBER TERM, 1917. EMMA GOLDMAN AND ALEXANDER BERKMAN, PLAINTIFFS-IN-ERROR, AGAINST THE UNITED STATES, DEFENDANT-IN-ERROR. NO. 702: BRIEF ON BEHALF OF THE PLAINTIFFS-IN-ERROR. New York; Weinberger,, 1917. Original Wraps. 8vo. VI, 109 pages. 23 cm. First edition. Harry Weinberger, attorney for the plaintiffs-in-error. Actively opposed to the first world war, Goldman and Berkman were arrested in July, 1917, and charged with conspiring against the draft. This document encompasses a legal brief calling for the charges to be dropped. Goldman and Berkman defended themselves in the trial however; though they did take up similar points of defense as that laid out by Weinberger in this self-published book. Weinberger (1888-1944) was the son of Hungarian immigrants. He obtained his law degree studying nights at New York University Law School while he worked during the day as a stenographer. He was admitted to the bar in 1908. A staunch believer in civil liberties, Weinberger defended many aliens, immigrants, anarchists, and other radicals, including Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman, whom he believed had been deprived of their rights. He also developed an expertise in copyright law, representing many writers, including Eugene O'Neill. Subjects: World War, 1914-1918 - Draft resisters - United States. Trials (Conspiracy) - United States. Draft - United States. Goldman, Emma, 1869-1940, plaintiff in error -- Trials, litigation, etc. Berkman, Alexander, 1870-1936, plaintiff in error - Trials, litigation, etc. OCLC lists 19 copies. Wraps rebacked with tape, light soiling to wraps, otherwise fresh and clean. Very good + condition. (KH-1-15) (ID #32081) $650.00.






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  131. National Council of Jewish Women. . PROCEEDINGS OF THE FIRST CONVENTION OF THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF JEWISH WOMEN: HELD AT NEW YORK, NOV. 15, 16, 17, 18 AND 19, 1896. . Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society of America, 1897. Hardcover. Large 8vo, 426 pages. 24 cm. Proceedings of the first convention of the National Council of Jewish Women: “an organization which came into being as a result of the Congress of Jewish Women, one of the denominational congresses of the World's Parliament of Religions held at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. … The sections are members of the city, county, and state federations of women's clubs, and are actively cooperative in all work for the public welfare. During the Spanish-American war the council within one week set its sections to work in aid of the soldiers and sailors, and in several places was the first organized body to take any steps for their relief. It raised ten thousand dollars in money an equal amount in goods, and a nurse was sent to the army; the members were, during the continuance of the war, among the most active workers in the service of relief. It cooperated with the National Red Cross Society, the regimental auxiliaries, and the various state organizations. Through the influence of the council, 72 women have been placed on Sabbath-school boards of congregations; interest in the schools has been greatly increased thereby, and, what is of signal importance, the age of confirmation, in a number of communities, has been raised. It maintains fifteen mission schools. The philanthropies of the council, numbering 85, are supported by voluntary subscription, and include settlements, clubs, libraries, free baths, night-schools, manual-training classes, household-schools, employment bureaus, penny provident funds, classes for crippled children, ice funds for consumptives, recreation-rooms, and gymnasiums. The following meetings have been held: first triennial, New York, Nov, 1896; Omaha Exposition, Oct, 1896; Chautauqua summer assembly, July, 1897, 1898; second triennial, Cleveland, March, 1900; first annual executive, New Orleans, La, Feb, 1901; third triennial, Baltimore, Md, Dec, 1902. The present officers, elected in 1900, are: president, Hannah G. Solomon; first vice-president (resigned); second vice-president, Babette Mandel, Chicago, Ill.; recording secretary, Gertrude Berg, Philadelphia, Pa.; corresponding secretary, Sadie American, New York city; treasurer, Bertha A. Selz, Chicago, Ill. It has (Nov, 1902) 7, 000 members, in 70 sections; 15 junior sections, with 500 members; 89 study circles in religion, and 12 in philanthropy. ” - 1906 JE. Subjects: Jewish women - United States - Congresses. Jewish women. National Council of Jewish Women. National Council of Jewish Women. Conference proceedings. Dark green cloth with gilt lettering and emblem. Solid, tight binding. Clean pages. Very Good Condition. A quite nice copy. (SPEC-27-28) (ID #16383) $100.00. xx




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  137. (Photo Trading Card, Likely the First Ever for a Jewish Women's Team) TORONTO Y.W.H.A. LADIES’ BASKETBALL TEAM, WINNERS OF THE GRIFF CLARK TROPHY. Trading card, Very Small (slightly less than 2”x1”). Toronto, Dominion Chocolates, No Date [1923-24]. “Dominion Athletic Stars” Sports Card (Card Nr 14) from a “series of 120 pictures of Canadian athletes” which were given away in Dominion Chocolate Bars in the mid-1920s. This card features a photo on the front of the champion “Toronto Y.W.H.A. Basketball Team,” featuring 8 female team members in their YWHA jerseys, plus their 2 coaches. The Canadian Jewish Review of June 8, 1923, reported that “at the Primrose Club last Tuesday, the Y.M. and Y.W.H.A. of Toronto celebrated their victories in sports by tendering a banquet to the winning teams and presenting the cups and trophies to the successful players. The best feature of the evening was the presentation of the Griff Clark Trophy to the Y.W.H.A. basket ball team, champions of the city.” Text on reverse. Quite probably the only explicitly Jewish women’s sports team featured on a mass-market trading card in the 1920s, possibly even the first ever. Light wear, photo is clear, Good Condition. (women-4-13) $500.00






  139. YWHA SILVER MEDAL, 1916-1917 ALL ROUND GYM CHAMPS. No Place, No Maker’s Mark, 1917. Silver medallion with blue and white inlay, double-sided approximately 1 inch across. Medal awarded to Rae Neiman, with YWHA insignia and laurel leaves on front, engraved on rear: “All Round Gym Champs 1916-1917 Rae Neiman.” No stamps, but appears to be sterling. Light age patina, Very Good Condition. (women-4-14) $125.00




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  161. Jewish Home Institute (New York, N. Y.). GENERAL GUIDE FOR ASSOCIATE TEACHER: FESTIVAL COURSE [5 VOLUMES IN ONE]. New York; Jewish Home Institute, Under The Direction Of The Bureau Of Jewish Education, 1927-1928. Original Wraps. 8vo. 8; 15; 29; 19; 16 pages. 23 cm. First edition. General Guide for Associate Teacher: Festival Course. Four course guides and one general guide for the associate teacher of the Festival courses at the Jewish Home Institute. Contains the 'General Guide for Associate Teacher' (dated 1927), 'Chamisho Osor Beshvot Guide for Associate Teacher' (1928), 'Pesach Guide for Associate Teacher' (1928), 'Purim Guide for Associate Teacher' (1928), 'Shovuot Guide for Associate Teacher' (1928). Instructions, programs, suggestions for teachers of the Jewish Home Institute courses, designed for the attendance of Jewish mothers to help bring religious education into the home. Subjects: Purim - Customs and practices. Purim - Study and teaching. Shavuot - Study and teaching. Tu bi-Shevat - Study and teaching. Passover - Study and teaching. Jewish Home Institute (New York, N. Y.) - Associate Teacher's Guide – 1928. OCLC lists 1 copy (HUC). Light wear and soiling to wraps, slight edge tear to the Pesach guide, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (WOMEN-1-40) (ID #35751) $65.00.





  163. Mt. Sinai Nurses’ Alumnae Association (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.). CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS OF THE NURSES’ ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION OF MT. SINAI HOSPITAL, JANUARY 1950. Philadelphia; Mt. Sinai Nurses’ Alumnae Association, 1950. Original Wraps. 16mo. 12 pages. 13 cm. 1950 edition. 10 articles and accompanying sections of each article for the Nurses' Alumnae Association of Mt. Sinai Hospital, “Organized December 29, 1911; Revised September 1, 1938; Revised January, 1950” - p. 1. The Mt. Sinai Hospital Nurses’ Alumnae Association was organized on December 29, 1911; its stated objectives were to “promote harmonious relationship among the Alumnae, Hospital and School of Nursing, to provide for professional growth and development of its members and to give mutual help in time of need. ” The organization merged into the AEMC (Albert Einstein Medical Center School of Nursing) Nurses’ Alumnae Association in 1954. Subjects: Mt. Sinai Hospital Nurses' Alumnae Association – Constitution – By-Laws – 1950. One listing at Penn (located in the Alumni Association of the Albert Einstein Medical Center School of Nursing records and historical collection); none listed on OCLC. Very clean and fresh. Very good condition. (WOMEN-2-11) (ID #35774) $50.00.






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  167. Rodeph Sholom Sisterhood; Pauline W. Steigerwald; Fannie Hurst. CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS OF THE RODEPH SHOLOM SISTERHOOD, REVISION OF 1948. [INSCRIBED BY PAULINE W. STEIGERWALD]. New York; Rodeph Sholom Sisterhood, 1948. Original loose leaves. 4to. [6] pages. 28 cm. First edition. Typewritten mimeographed Constitution and By-Laws of the Rodeph Sholom Sisterhood, 7 West 83rd Street, Revision of 1948. Contains 12 articles, and numerous sections. With attached typewritten mimeographed and hand signed letter from the President of the Rodeph Sholom Sisterhood, Pauline W. Steigerwald, about the enclosed Amended By-laws, and inviting attendance to see the guest speaker of the Sisterhood, Miss Fannie Hurst. Contains attached letter envelope, addressed to Mrs. Louis Schlechter, Oct 26th, 1948. Subjects: Rodeph Sholom Sisterhood – 1948 Constitution and By-Laws. Fannie Hurst – Rodeph Sholom Sisterhood - Ephemera. None listed on OCLC. Light wear, otherwise fresh. Good + condition. (WOMEN-2-40) (ID #35807) $50.00.





  169. Central Synagogue Sisterhood. SISTERHOOD STORY. New York; Central Synagogue, 1969. Original Wraps. 16mo. 19, [1] pages. 23 x 10 cm. First edition. “Sisterhood Story, Central Synagogue, Lexington Avenue at 55th St. New York City. ” Brochure on the history of the Central Synagogue, the Sisterhood and preceding activities involving social work, current activities, bulletin, and membership description of the Sisterhood of the Central Synagogue. Subjects: Reform Judaism – Central Synagogue – Sisterhood. No Copies on OCLC. Light wear to wraps, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. Rare. (WOMEN-2-32) (ID #35796) $50.00.









  171. National Federation Of Temple Sisterhoods. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL FEDERATION OF TEMPLE SISTERHOODS. Run of Proceedings for first 15 years of the organization, including the first convention, the following six biennial assemblies (which replaced the convention), plus the first 15 annual reports, Complete for this period, 1913-29. First edition. Bound in 2 volumes. No City [Cincinnati]; No Publisher [National Federation Of Temple Sisterhoods], 1913-1929. Period Cloth. 8vo. 92, 76, 82, 127, 175, 184, 192, 112, 152, 139, [36]. Includes typescript index of volumes years VI-X at rear. Detailed proceedings of the National Federation meetings, with reports from the local sections, information of membership, fundraising, activities, etc. Subjects: Reform Judaism - United States - Societies, etc. Jewish women - United States - Societies and clubs. Jewish women - Societies and clubs. Reform Judaism - Societies, etc. National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods. OCLC lists only 2 holdings worldwide (Columbia, AJA). Cloth rubbed, but otherwise solid and Very good condition. (WOMEN-1-21A) (ID #35732) $600.00






  173. National Federation Of Temple Sisterhoods. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL FEDERATION OF TEMPLE SISTERHOODS: TWENTY-FOURTH AND TWENTY-FIFTH ANNUAL REPORTS, NOVEMBER 1, 1935-OCTOBER 31, 1937, AND THE TWELFTH BIENNIAL ASSEMBLY, NEW OREANDS, LA, JANUARY 15-19, 1937. [Cincinnati]; [National Federation Of Temple Sisterhoods], 1938. Original Wraps. 8vo. 209, [3] pages. 26 cm. First edition. Twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth annual reports of the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods; September, 1938. Detailed proceedings of the National Federation meeting, with reports from the local sections, information of membership, fundraising, activities, etc. Subjects: Reform Judaism - United States - Societies, etc. Jewish women - United States - Societies and clubs. Jewish women - Societies and clubs. Reform Judaism - Societies, etc. National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods. OCLC lists only 2 copies worldwide (Columbia, AJA). Light wear to wraps, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (WOMEN-1-21) (ID #35732) $75.00.






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Rahel's home became the meeting-place of men like Schlegel, Schelling, Steffens, Schack, Schleiermacher, Alexander and Wilhelm von Humboldt, Lamotte-Fouqué, Baron Brückmann, Ludwig Tieck, Jean Paul Richter, and F. Von Gentz. During a visit to Carlsbad in 1795 she was introduced to Goethe, whom she again saw in 1815, at Frankfort-on-the-Main. After the death of her father in 1806 she lived successively in Paris, Frankfort-on-the-Main, Hamburg, Prague, and Dresden. This period was one of misfortune for Germany; Prussia was reduced to a small kingdom and her king was in exile. Secret societies were formed in every part of the country with the object of throwing off the tyranny of Napoleon; Rahel herself belonged to one of these societies. In 1814 she married, in Berlin, Karl August Varnhagen von Ense (b. Feb. 21, 1785, at Düsseldorf; d. At Berlin Oct. 10, 1858), after having been converted to Christianity. At the time of their marriage, Varnhagen, who had fought in the Austrian army against the French, belonged to the Prussian diplomatic corps, and their house at Vienna became the meeting-place of the Prussian delegates to the Vienna Congress. She accompanied her husband in 1815 to Vienna, and in 1816 to Carlsruhe, where he was Prussian representative. After 1819 she again lived in Berlin, where Varnhagen had taken up his residence after having been retired from his diplomatic position. Though not a productive writer herself, Rahel was the center of a circle of eminent writers, scholars, and artists in the Prussian capital. A few of her essays appeared in print in "Das Morgenblatt, " "Das Schweizerische Museum, " and "Der Gesellschafter, " and in 1830 her "Denkblätter einer Berlinerin" was published in Berlin. Her correspondence with David Veit and with Varnhagen von Ense was published in Leipsic, in 1861 and 1874-75 respectively. ” (1906 Jewish Encyclopedia) Ludmilla Assing was also a “German authoress; born in Hamburg Feb. 22, 1821; died March 25, 1880, in Florence, Italy. She was the daughter of Dr. David Assing and Rosa Maria Assing, sister of Varnhagen von Ense. After the death of her parents she removed to Berlin to reside with her uncle Varnhagen. While in his house she formed the acquaintance of several noted men and women of that time, among whom were Alexander von Humboldt, Prince Pückler-Muskau, Bettina von Arnim, and many others. In 1861 she took up her residence in Florence, where she passed the rest of her life. She married a lieutenant of the Italian army, Cavaliere Grimelli, from whom she was divorced two years later (1875). Ludmilla founded in Florence a public school, in which instruction in German was compulsory. Toward the close of her life she became afflicted with brain trouble, from which she never recovered, her death occurring in the insane asylum of San Bonifazio, Florence. As a writer, Ludmilla Assing belonged to the school of Varnhagen. Her literary activity was chiefly directed toward biography. She translated from the Italian Mazzini's works (Hamburg, 1868, 2 vols.), and the works of Piero Cironi. She wrote also in Italian. The posthumous works of her uncle were edited by her, and for this she was sentenced, in 1863, to eight months', and again, in 1864, to two years', imprisonment by the Prussian government for disrespect to the king and queen, because the works of Varnhagen that were published under her direction disclosed some scandals of the court. As she was residing in Florence at that time, the intended punishment did not affect her. She was pardoned, however, in 1866, but she preferred, nevertheless, to remain in Italy. ” (1906 Jewish Encyclopedia) Subjects: Authors, German -- 19th century -- Correspondence. Intellectuals -- Germany -- Correspondence. Jewish women -- Germany -- Correspondence. Varnhagen, Rahel, 1771-1833 -- Correspondence. Veit, David, 1771-1814 -- Correspondence. Germany -- Intellectual life. Light wear to covers. Lightly bumped corners. Pages very clean and fresh, with occasional light spotting in margin and occasional signs of aging. Very good condition. (GER-40-8) (ID #29061) $100.00.






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  295. Kohler, Rose. THE SPIRIT OF THE SYNAGOGUE. Large American bronze plaque, No Date (1921). Bronze circular plaque with Biblical verse: “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations” (Isiah 56:7). Featuring several low-relief ritual synagogue scenes, including the blowing of the shofar, the blessing of the lulav, the reading of the Torah, and a Priestly blessing. With a central female allegorical figure holding a Torah scroll. Hebrew Decalogue at top and Hebrew “Sh’ma Yisra’el” at side. 12.25 inches in diameter, with hanger on rear. An article in the May 21, 1921 Reform Advocate about the piece relates that it was “designed to represent the Synagog [sic] as a contrast to a panel recently painted for the Boston Library, wherein the Synagog [sic] was outrageously misrepresented as a disheveled old woman. In the present plaque the Synagog is symbolized as a radiant young women and the accompanying symbolization reflects the Jewish spirit as buoyant and continuously unfolding its message that ‘My house shall be a house of prayer for all nations.’” The Artist, Rose Kohler, was the daughter of Reform movement leader Kaufmann Kohler, and the granddaughter of Reform leader David Einhorn. The Jewish Women’s Archive notes that “Kohler’s best-known works include…The Spirit of the Synagogue, a detailed medallion with an inscription that reads ‘My House shall be called a House of Prayer for all peoples,’ replicas of which can be found in religious centers throughout the country…. She wrote many articles on the origins and development of Jewish art.” (JWA, 2015). See also Who Was Who in American Art (1985). Very Good Condition (women-4-15) $750.00




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  323. Margolin, Anna. LIDER [AUTHOR INSCRIBED]. Nyu York; Oryos Pres, 1929. Later Cloth. 8vo. 140 pages. 22 cm. First edition. In Yiddish. Author Inscribed on title page. “In 1929, eighty of Margolin’s poems were published in a volume entitled Lider. In this collection, she examined her relationship with Reuben Iceland, as well as her feelings of isolation as a foreigner and as a woman. In America, her book did not receive the acclaim she had anticipated, but in Warsaw, important critics wrote about her work with enthusiasm. After the publication of Lider, Margolin had six poems published and then became silent. Her last poems appeared in 1932. Although she continued to write, she no longer allowed her works to be published. ” - Jewish Women's Archive. Anna Margolin (pseudonym of Rosa Lebensboym; 1887–1952), was a “Yiddish poet and journalist. Born into a maskilic family in Brest-Litovsk, Belorussia, Margolin studied in the Odessa Jewish gymnasium. She came to the United States for the first time in 1906 and, working as a secretary for the philosopher Dr. Chaim Zhitlowsky, began to publish in the Yiddish press. Subsequently, as secretary for the Yiddish anarchist newspaper Di Fraye Arbeter Shtime, she published short stories under the pseudonym Khava Gros. She lived in London, Paris, and Warsaw (1910–11). After she married the writer Moyshe Stanvski, the couple immigrated to Palestine, but the marriage was short-lived, and, after she bore a son, she left her husband, returning first to Warsaw, and then, in 1914, to New York. As a writer and editor for the Yiddish newspaper Der Tog, Margolin wrote a weekly column, 'In der Froyen-Velt' ('In the World of Women') under her own name, as well as articles under the pseudonym Clara Levin. In 1919 she married the Yiddish poet Reuben Iceland. She began to write poems under the pseudonym Anna Margolin in 1921, which she published in the prominent Yiddish papers and literary journals of the day in New York, Warsaw, and other Yiddish centers. She published a single volume of her own poems, Lider ('Poems, ' 1929) and edited an anthology, Dos Yidishe Lid in Amerike ('The Yiddish Poem in America, ' 1923). Her poems received the warmest acclaim from her contemporary Yiddish critics. Both then and now, Margolin has been perceived as the quintessential modernist woman poet. ” - EJ 2008. Subjects: Yiddish poetry. OCLC lists 24 copies. Hinges starting, internally clean and fresh. Good condition. (WOMEN-2-34) (ID #35801) $300.00.






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