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From Nr. 125. Raban, Zeev, Illustrator. Hebrew Verses by Avi-Shai. CHAGAYNU. OUR HOLIDAYS A PICTURE BOOK.... New York, Jerusalem, 1928. 1st edition.




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  1. Graphic Archives and Museum (Jerusalem). EXHIBITION OF JEWISH BOOK PLATES. TAVEY SEFER YEHUDI'IM. Jerusalem, The Museum, 1956. Paper Wrapper, Paper Wrappers, Small Oblong 8vo, 99, xvi pages. In Hebrew and English. Many illustrations of Jewish bookplates and information about them. Indispensable to Judaica ex libris collectors. Few small chips to cover and spine, otherwise Very Good Condition (BIBLIOG-32-10) (ID #31851) $65.00.






  3. Pevsner, Zalman; David Idelovitch. KOVETS MAAMARIM LE-DIVRE YEME HA-`ITONUT BE-ERETS YISRAEL. VOLUME 2 (ONLY). Tel Aviv: Salomon's Press, 1936. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 224 pages. In Hebrew. Illustrated. English title: Kovets maamarim (Collection of articles) on the history of newspapers in Palestine. SUBJECT(S): Hebrew newspapers; Hebrew periodicals. OCLC lists 19 copies worldwide. Covers edgeworn and rubbed, postage stamp on title page, good condition. (GER-29-1) (ID #20376) $125.00.







  5. Simon, Leon. AHAD HA-AM. London: English Zionist Federation, 1927. Softcover, 12mo, 8 pages. Series: Zionist thinkers and leaders; no. 4. Simon (1881–1965), was an “English Zionist leader, Hebrew writer, and British civil servant. Born in Southampton and educated at Manchester Grammar School and Oxford, in 1904 Simon entered the service of the General Post Office, becoming director of telegraphs and telephones (1931–35) and director of the savings bank (1935–44). For his services, he was knighted in 1944. Simon received a Jewish and Hebrew education from his father, a Manchester rabbi. He was particularly influenced by Ahad Ha-Am, who settled in London in 1907. He was also a member of the group of Zionists who were influenced by Chaim Weizmann and supported his political efforts during World War I that led to the Balfour Declaration (the Hebrew version of the Declaration was written by Simon). Simon was a member of the Zionist Commission that visited Palestine in 1918 and took part in laying the cornerstone of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Later he served as chairman of the university's Executive Council (1946–49) and Board of Governors (1950–53). In 1945–46 he was a member of the Commission of Inquiry into Jewish Education in Palestine, on behalf of the British government. The only Jew on the commission, Simon objected to the conclusion that English should be the language of instruction in higher education…. Simon was a brilliant writer in both English and Hebrew. He published essays and articles in English on Zionism and Hebrew culture and literature. Some of his essays were collected in Studies in Jewish Nationalism (1920). He edited the anthology Aspects of The Hebrew Genius: Essays on Jewish Literature and Thought (1910) and wrote The Case of the Anti-Zionists: A Reply (1917) and Zionism and the Jewish Problem (1918) [sic, 1915]. Together with Leonard Stein, he edited Awakening Palestine (1923). Simon's main work in English is his translation of Ahad Ha-Am's writings, which were first published in journals and later in books (a list of translations and their editions is to be found in Goell, Bibliography, 83–84). In collaboration with J. Heller, Simon wrote a book entitled Ahad Ha-Am: Asher Ginzburg (Heb, 1955; Eng, 1960), and together with I. Pograbinski he edited the second edition of Ahad Ha-Am's letters (6 vols, 1956–60).” He lived in Israel in the 1950s and 60sand held a number of posts in the Israeli government. (Kressel in EJ, 1977). SUBJECT(S): Ahad Haam. Cover title. Includes bibliography: page 8. Slight chip to top right corner of cover. Slight, minimal tear through the bottom section of cover. Ex- library. Yellow pages. Otherwise, good condition. (mx-31-13) (ID #25574) $125.00.






  7. (Blowstein, Rachel) Mordecai Newman. THE PIONEER WOMAN [SPECIAL ISSUE] IN COMMEMORATION OF RACHEL BLOWSTEIN. [No Place], 1941. Original Wrappers. Quarto. 8, 9 pages. 32 cm. In English and Yiddish. Printed in blue ink with Yiddish and English covers, includes two photographic illustrations on each title page. The Pioneer Woman in Commemoration of Rachel Blowstein; Chalutzah and Poet of Palestine; Ten Years After her Death. This commemorative publication contains poems “My Motherland” and “Perhaps” by Rachel Blowstein; “Rachel-Her Life and Works” by Shalom Hektin; “Rachel Among Writers” by Rachel Katzenelson; “Rachel the Poetess” by E. Silberschlag; letters and reminiscences from Rachel Blowstein; and “Rachel: In Memoriam” by Mordecai Newman. Rachel (Rachel Blowstein) was born in Russia in 1890. Arriving in Palestine with her sister in 1905, she did agricultural work in Rehovot and at the girls' training farm in what is now kvutzat kinneret. It was in memory of those early pioneering days that she later composed her famous song 'Ve-Ulai' ('Perhaps'). In 1913 she went to Toulouse, France, to study agriculture. At the ourbreak of World War I she was ordered out of France and had to return to her native Russia. In 1919 she was able to go back to Palestine, but poor health prevented her from resuming the farm work she loved and she taught in a Jerusalem school. She died in Tel-Aviv in 1931 and was buried at Kvutzat Kinneret. Her early writings were in Russian but after 1920 she began to write poetry in Hebrew. An anthology of her poems, 'Shirat Rachel' was published posthumously in 1939. Already before her death, Rachel's poetry had become the common possession of the new generation in Palestine. Many of her songs have been set to music and are widely sung. Completely 20th century in her style and mood, creating pearls of beauty out of a simple life of labor and personal frustration, she has answered a deeply-felt need of a pioneering population. Today, this famous Israeli poet is known publicly simply as Rachel or Rachel the poetess. As of March 2011, Rachel Blowstein will most likely be commemorated with a portrait on an Israeli Shekel bill. This commemoration volume is not listed on OCLC or the National Library of Israel database. Subjects: Zionism. Arts, Israeli. Yizkor. Light wear to covers, with lightly bumped and lightly torn edges. Otherwise clean and fresh. Good + condition. (HOLO2-95-19) (ID #29362) $75.00.






  9. (Gottheil, Richard; Henrietta Szold; & Israel Friedlaender) Margulies, Morris; Tamar De Sola Pool; Samuel Margoshes. THREE ZIONIST RISHONIM IN AMERICA. New York: British Rishonim of the United States, 1961. Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 31 pages "A Yiddish journalist, editor, and Zionist leader born in Galicia, Margoshes early joined the Zionist movement, and emigrated to the United States in 1905. From the Jewish Theological Seminary he received his rabbinical degree in 1910 and later a doctorate in Hebrew literature. From Columbia University he received his doctorate in philosophy. After engaging in various communal, educational, and relief activities before, during, and after World War I, he began his long association with the New York Yiddish daily, The Day, in 1922. He served as editor (1926-42), English columnist, and commentator on Jewish events. Margoshes espoused the causes both of Zionism and of Diaspora Jewry. For him the survival and growth of the Jewish people everywhere were of prime importance. The strengthening of the State of Israel, while a necessary means to achieve this objective, was for him not an end in itself. Hence, he emphasized the need for Yiddish as well as Hebrew, and the building of an American center of Judaism as well as the Israel center, both interdependent and influencing each other's development, economically, politically, and spiritually. As vice-president of the Zionist Organization of America, he participated in World Zionist congresses and served on the Zionist General Council for many years" (Liptzin, EJ). SUBJECT(S): Richard J. H Gottheil, 1862-1936; Henrietta Szold, 1860-1945; Israel Friedlaender, 1876-1920. OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. Includes complimentary card from Brith Rishonim. Small smudges to rear cover. Sun-faded around edges of covers. Small traces of discoloration inside front cover. Otherwise in Very Good condition. (AMRN-14-4). (ID #17433) $50.00.






  11. (Jacob Israel de Haan) Moshe Yehuda Gleicher. FUN AMSTERDAM BIZ YERUSHALAYIM. Brooklyn, N.Y.: M. Gleicher, 1978. Hardcover, 8vo, 232 pages. In Yiddish. Biography of Jacob Israel de Haan. “From Amsterdam to Jerusalem: The Story of Dr. Yaakov Yisrael De Han Z”L” With photographs. Haan (1881–1924), was a “Dutch poet and novelist, international jurist, and journalist, politically active in Palestine during the early years of the Mandate until assassinated. Born in Smilde, De Haan was the son of a cantor and the younger brother of the authoress Carry van Bruggen. Marked by a complex personality, his life was full of contradictions: extreme generosity opposing cruelty and downright meanness, a lucid rationality versus a strong inclination towards mysticism. A remarkable constancy in his life on the other hand lies in an emotional and at the same time practical sense of justice. A further complicating factor was De Haan's homosexuality...De Haan started his career as a teacher and editor of the children's page of Het Volk, the leading Dutch Socialist newspaper. Having abandoned the Jewish faith he became active in the Socialist movement. In 1904 he published the novel Pijpelijntjes, which depicted candidly and without apology the homosexual relationship between two young men. Its publication led to a scandal and to his dismissal as teacher and editor...In the meantime he began to study law and married a non-Jewish woman. A few years after his marriage he returned to the Orthodox faith and Judaism became the main theme in his poetry. At a time when the Jewish contribution to Dutch literature was significant, De Haan became its main protagonist as a self-styled Poet of the Jewish Song...During these years, as De Haan developed his Jewish poetry, he took to Zionism and became a member of the Mizrachi movement. Disappointment in his legal career, compounded by the spiritual conflict into which his marriage to a non-Jewish woman had brought him, and his growing Jewish-national consciousness persuaded him to go to Palestine to witness and take part in the Zionist experiment. He was appointed Palestinian correspondent for the leading Dutch newspaper Het Algemeen Handelsblad, receiving a handsome salary. Covering thousands of pages, he wrote perhaps the most vivid, humorous and moving chronicle of life in Palestine in the years following World War I. In January 1919 he arrived in Jerusalem an ardent Zionist, watched by the Mandatory government because of his anti-Arab utterances. He also played a part in the legal defense of Zionists who were prosecuted for defending themselves in the anti-Zionist riots in the spring of 1920. Together with Jabotinsky he became lector at the Law School that had been established by the British...Evidently, at the end of his life De Haan was planning to expose more embarrassing failings in the National Home, e. G, the embezzlement of Zionist funds by Chaim Kalvarisky, who administered a program for Arab-Jewish rapprochement. Whatever the real reasons, the highest echelons of militant Palestine Zionism had decided to eliminate him and on June 30, 1924, he was shot to death on the orders of the Haganah, the first known political assassination in the Zionist movement. The news of his death drew worldwide attention, including in the Arab countries. After the hate-campaign against De Haan, his murder deeply embarrassed the Zionist organization, but at the time it could divert suspicion to the Arabs because of the well-known fondness of the deceased for Arab boys. Only in the 1960s was the Zionist responsibility gradually revealed. The enigmas in De Haan's life can be perceived to resonate posthumously. At present he is still regarded as the champion of both Dutch homosexual liberation and international anti-Zionist Jewish Orthodoxy” (Boas & Giebels, EJ, 2007). OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. Very good condition. (YID-17-8) (ID #30898) $50.00.






  13. (Herzl) Georg, Manfred (Manfred Cohn George); Theodor Herzl. Fwds by Albert Einstein and Thomas Mann. THEODOR HERZL, SEIN LEBEN UND SEIN VERMÄCHTNIS [AUTHOR INSCRIBED]. Berlin-Wien-Leipzig; Ralph A. Höger, 1932. Publishers cloth. 8vo. 279, [1] pages. 20 cm. First edition. In German. Inscribed by Georg, the author, on endpage, dated September 1941. ‘Theodor Herzl, his life and his legacy. ’ With frontispiece portrait of Herzl and 18 accompanying photographs. A detailed biography of the life and work of Theodore Herzl written on the eve of Hitlers ascent to power; with a forward by Albert Einstein on Herzl and a forward by Thomas Mann on constructive work in Palestine. Written by Manfred George (1893–1965), born Manfred Cohn Georg, a “journalist and editor. Born in Berlin, he took a degree in law and became a prominent newspaper editor and writer. Georg excelled as a political writer and as a film and drama critic. Among his books is Theodor Herzl, sein Leben und sein Vermaechtnis (1932). When the Nazis came to power, Georg went to Prague, worked there for several years, and in 1938 immigrated to the U. S. In New York, he took over Aufbau (subtitled ‘Reconstruction’), founded in 1924, originally the newsletter of the German-Jewish ‘New World Club. ’ Under his editorship, Aufbau became a German-language weekly representing the German-Jewish immigrant community and acquired a circulation of more than 30, 000. George was one of the outstanding figures of America's German-Jewish community.” (EJ 2007). Subjects: Biography - Herzl, Theodor, 1860-1904. Exile Literature – German Jewish Authors. OCLC lists 12 copies, but only 1 copy in the US (Yale). Light shelf wear to cloth, otherwise fresh. Very Good+ Condition. (MX-36-7) (ID #31171) $200.00.






  15. Makover, Abraham B. MORDECAI M. NOAH, HIS LIFE AND WORK FROM THE JEWISH VIEWPOINT. New York; Bloch Pub. Co, 1917. Softbound. 12mo. 96 pages. 19 cm. First edition. A biography written on the Sephardic Jew Mordecai M. Noah, American diplomat and writer, NYC politician, and founder of the failed Ararat refuge project, he is remembered as an early Zionist, especially in this biography by Makover, a member at the time of writing of the Intercollegiate Zionist Association of America. Subjects: United States; Zionism; Noah, M; M; (Mordecai Manuel); 1785-1851; Biographies. Slightly foxed and worn covers, with a small tear at edge. Edges browned. Pages fresh. Pen mark dedication on cover page. Good+ condition. Scarce. (SEF-41-15) (ID #28317) $100.00.






  17. Maimon, Judah Leib. SEFER-SHEMUEL: ZIKARON LEHA-RAV SHEMUEL MOHLIVER BI-MELOT `ESRIM VE-HAMESH SHANAH LI-FETIRATO. Jerusalem: Ha-Mizrahi, 1923. Cloth, 8vo. 189 pages. Illustrated. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Zionists – Soviet Union – biography; Babbis – Soviet Union – biography; Mohilewer, Samuel, 1824-1898. CONTENTS: Li-tekufat ha-`esrim ve-hamesh, me-et Meir Berlin. --Toldot Rabi Shemuel, me-et Y. L. Ha-Kohen Fishman. --Igrot Tsiyon, me-et Yitshak Rivkand. --Gadol ve-gibor, me-et A. Y. Ha-Kohen Kuk. --Shalosh pegishot, me-et M. Usishkin. --Hirhurim le-yom ha-zikaron, me-et Hayyim Pik. --De`otav ve-hashkefotav shel Rabi Shemuel, me-et Yosef Mohiliver. --ha-Rav ha-askan (zikhronot) me-et Mordekhai ben Hilel ha-Kohen. --Rishon le-Tsiyon, me-et Sh. Tshernovits. --Zikhronot, me-et Y. L. Epil. --Reshimah bibliyografit, me-et Zafran (p. [182]-184) --Kol kore me-et Merkaz ha-Mizrahi ha-`Olami. OCLC lists 19 copies worldwide. Maimon (1875-1962) was a leader of religious Zionism; after years of work in Eastern Europe, he settled in Israel in 1913. In Israel he helped found Mizrachi, the educational organization, and when he was expelled from Israel by the Turks during WWI, he continued to advance Mizrachi's interests in the United States. He was on the first ship – literally – back to Palestine after the war. After the State of Israel was established, Maimon briefly worked in the government; he was elected to the First Knesset. A "prolific" writer, after his retirement from government service, he devoted himself solely to literary pursuits. (Goldshlag, EJ) Hinges repaired, endpapers tanned and chipped, otherwise good+ condition. (RAB-19-4) (ID #20581) $50.00.






  19. Padua Gómez, José. ISRAEL Y LA CIVILIZACIÓN; SEMBLANZES DE JAIM N. BIALIK. México, Ediciones Metrópolis, 1950. Paper wrappers; 8vo; 142 pages. Ports. 23 cm. With biographies and photographs of Bialik, Brandeis, Carvajal, Guggenheim, Ha-Levi, Herzl, Jabotinsky, Luzzatti, Meyerbeer, Wassermann, and Zamenhof. Subjects: Jews--Biography. Civilization--Jewish influences. Personalized with charming stamp of owner. Fair condition with detached and brittle front cover. (SP-1) (ID #10085) $50.00.






  21. Remba, Isaac. ZSHABOTINSKIS TEG UN NEKHT: ERINERUNGEN FUN ZAYN PRIVAT-SEKRETAR. Pariz (Paris), No Publisher (The Author?), 1951. Hardcover, 8vo, 317 pages. In Yiddish. Biography of Jabotinsky. Foreword by Yosef Kloyzner. “Jabotinsky’s Days and Nights: Memories from his Personal-Secretary”. Title in French: “Les Jours et Nuits de Jabotinsky”. Subjects: Jabotinsky, Vladimir, -- 1880-1940.; Revisionist Zionists -- Biography.; Revisionist Zionism. Jabotinsky, Vladimir (Ze'ev; 1880–1940), was a “Zionist activist, soldier, orator, writer and poet; founder of the Jewish Legion during World War I. Jabotinsky greatly influenced a large section of the Jewish people and as head of the Betar movement was the undisputed source of inspiration to masses of Jewish youth, particularly in Eastern Europe…In Turkey's declaration of war on the Allied Powers, he foresaw at once her defeat and the inevitable dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire. It was essential, he decided, that the Zionist movement should abandon its neutral stand in order to achieve its aims in Palestine at the end of the war…The official Zionist leadership, which insisted on remaining neutral in the war, also condemned Jabotinsky's "legionist" propaganda and actually forced him to leave the Zionist Organization. The only public figures who cooperated with him were Pinhas Rutenberg, Meir Grossman, and Joseph Cowan, while Chaim Weizmann gave him discreet support. By 1916 Jabotinsky's lonely but energetic campaign had won him substantial support in Britain, but it was only after the death in June 1916 of War Minister Kitchener, who had determinedly opposed any "eastern front,” that the winds began to favor his efforts. In 1917 the British government consented to the formation of Jewish units. The first to be established was the "38th Battalion of Royal Fusiliers" under Patterson's command in England, which was joined in 1918 by the 39th (American) and 40th (Palestinian) Battalions. These were later consolidated into the "First Judean Regiment" with the menorah as its insignia…Jabotinsky himself joined the 38th Battalion as a lieutenant and was decorated for heading the first company to cross the Jordan. His book The Story of the Jewish Legion (1945), first published in Russian (1928), is a monument to this chapter in Jewish history” (Schechtman, EJ, 2007). OCLC lists 26 copies worlwide. Very good condition. (YID-17-10) (ID #30900) $50.00.





  23. Brandeis, Louis Dembitz. PROCEEDINGS OF THE BAR OF THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES AND MEETING OF THE COURT IN MEMORY OF ASSOCIATE JUSTICE LOUIS D. BRANDEIS, DECEMBER 21, 1942. Washington, 1942. Softcover, 8vo, 56 pages, 28 cm. SUBJECT (S): Biography; Government publication; National government publication. Brandeis (1856–1941), was a “U. S. Jurist, the first Jew to be appointed to the U. S. Supreme Court. Brandeis was born in Louisville, Kentucky, the youngest of four children of Adolph and Frederika Dembitz Brandeis. Brandeis formed a law partnership in Boston with a former classmate, and by the age of 30 he had achieved financial independence, thanks both to the success of his legal practice and to a deliberately frugal style of living. When Woodrow Wilson was elected president in 1912 on a platform of the New Freedom, he turned to Brandeis for counsel in translating ideas of political and social reform into the framework of legal institutions. In 1916 Wilson nominated Brandeis as a justice of the Supreme Court, precipitating a contest over confirmation in the Senate that lasted more than four months…confirmation was finally voted on June 1, 1916” (Freund in EJ 2007). Ex-library with usual markings. Light staining to cover. Lightly bumped corners and edges. Good condition. (Sef-18-1) (ID #25509) $150.00.






  25. Shumbow, Joseph Shalom, Ed. THE BRANDEIS AVUKAH ANNUAL OF 1932--A COLLECTION OF ESSAYS ON CONTEMPORARY ZIONIST THOUGHT. Boston, Avukah, 1932. 1st Edition. Cloth, 8vo, 808 +Adv pages. A very attractive copy of this scarce and important Zionist Brandeis item Kind of a Brandeis Festschrift. Avukah is the Ameircan Student Zionist Federation. Book includes a tissue-covered frontis drawing of Brandeis, "A Sonnet to Justice Louis D. Brandeis on His Seventy-fifth Birthday" by Dr. George Alexander Kohut, 20 pages of greetings to Brandeis (from the likes of Einstein, A. S. Ochs, etc.), Brandies' "Call to the Educated Jew,” over 500 pages of articles on Zionism and Palestine, 124 pages on "American Jewry, Avukah and Zionism (Authors include Jabotinsky, David De Sola Pool, StephenS. Wise, Harry Savitz, etc.), a 70-page bibliography of Zionism, a 10"x16" fold-out reproduction of a handwritten letter by Brandeis, etc. Bright giltbust of Brandeis on front cover. Small closed tear to fold out facsimile of letter. (k-mx2-38) Ex-library with usual marks, otherwise Very Good Condition. (ID #5440) $125.00.





  27. Ish-Shalom, Michael. KIVRE AVOT, LE-HEKER MESOROT HA-KEVARIM HA-`IVRIYIM BE-ERETS-YISRAEL. Israel: Jerusalem, 1948. Cloth, 8vo. 200 pages. Map. In Hebrew. Series: Sifriyah le-folklor ve-etnologyah,; sefer 5 SUBJECT(S): Tombs -- Palestine. In good condition. (SPEC-1-3) (ID #24812) $50.00.






  29. Benjamin Mazar. TOLDOT HA-MEHKAR HA-ARKHEOLOGI BE-ERETS-YISRAEL. Jerusalem: Bialik Foundation Of The Jewish Agency For Palestine, 1936. Cloth, 12Mo. 159 Pages, illustrated, fold out maps. In Hebrew. English title: HISTORY OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPLORATION IN PALESTINE. In good condition, in a good jacket. (MX18-25) (ID #21527) $95.00.






  31. Kohl, Heinrich; Carl Watzinger. Antike Synagogen in Galilaea. Leipzig; J. C. Hinrichs'sche Buchhandlung, 1916. Clothbound. Folio. V, [1] 231 pages. 36 cm. First edition. In German. Title translates as: “Ancient Synagogues in Galilee.” Volume contains 18 pages of full size plates, with 306 illustrations inset of the text. Carl Watzinger (1877–1948), was a “German archaeologist. Watzinger taught as lecturer in Berlin (1905), assistant professor in Rostock (1905–09), and professor in Giessen (1909–16) and Tuebingen (from 1916 until his death). Together with E. Sellin, he directed excavations at Jericho and published the excavation report (1913). He also collaborated with H. Kohl in clearing ancient synagogues in the Galilee; the publication of their results Antike Synagogen in Galilaea (1916) remains to this day the basic study of the earlier type of synagogues in Israel.” (2007 Encyclopedia Judaica) Heinrich Kohl (1877-1914) was a German architect and architectural historian, who spent two years with Watzinger during the archaeological excavations conducted in Galilee in 1905 and 1907, as well as a few years studying the findings and compiling the notes and illustrations which make up this volume. Kohl perished in the first few months of the Great War; he is praised for his work and research on the ancient synagogues in the preface by Watzinger. The expeditions, and the publication of this volume, were printed under the auspices of the Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft, that of the German Orient Society. Subjects: Synagogues -- Israel -- Galilee. Church buildings -- Israel -- Galilee. Jewish architecture. Cloth worn and lightly soiled. Endpages lightly foxed. Pages aged, with some light pencil marks in the margins on a handful of pages. Otherwise, clean copy. Good condition. (ART-14-3) (ID #28933) $250.00.





  33. Jolliffe, Thomas Robert. LETTERS FROM PALESTINE: DESCRIPTIVE OF A TOUR THROUGH GALILEE AND JUDAEA, WITH SOME ACCOUNT OF THE DEAD SEA, AND OF THE PRESENT STATE OF JERUSALEM. London; James Black, 1820. Later Cloth. 8vo. VIII, 377 pages. 21 cm. Second edition. “Second edition, to which are added, Letters from Egypt.” With illustrated frontispiece, four engraved plates, and map. “The rapid sale of the first impression of the Letters from Palestine, induced the publisher to recommend an extension of the series.” (Advertisement, VIII). Early nineteenth century travelers description through Palestine and Egypt, by Thomas Robert Jolliffe (1780-1872), who served as a member of parliament for some time. Subjects: Middle East - Description and travel. OCLC lists 15 copies. Lacks boards and backstrip. Light edge wear, light soiling to endpages, last leaf aged, otherwise fresh. Good condition. (SPEC-39-41) (ID #32952) $400.00.






  35. Brett, Samuel; R. Burton. A JOURNEY TO JERUSALEM, CONTAINING THE TRAVELS OF FOURTEEN ENGLISHMEN IN 1667, TO THE HOLY LAND, AND OTHER MEMORABLE PLACES NOTED IN SCRIPTURE.: TO WHICH IS PREFIXED, MEMORABLE REMARKS UPON THE ANCIENT AND MODERN STATE OF THE JEWISH NATION. …. Hartford; Printed By J. Babcock, 1796. Later Boards. 12mo. 132 pages. 17 cm. Second (?) edition of Singerman 0077. Continued from title page: “Together with a relation of the great council of the Jews in the plains of Hungary, in 1650, to examine the Scriptures concerning Christ. - By Samuel Beert [i. E, Brett], an English gentleman there present.: With an account of the wonderful delusion of the Jews by a false Messiah at Smyrna, 1666.” R. Burton is a pseudonym of Nathaniel Crouch. First published in 1672 in London; the first edition to appear in America was a German-language version published in 1792 in Lancaster. The First American English edition was printed in Philadelphia, 1794 (Singerman 0077); this 1796 edition not listed in Singerman. Contains one of the earliest English language accounts of Sabbatai Zevi. Bound in quarter leather and wooden boards. Subjects: Christian pilgrims and pilgrimages - Palestine - Early works to 1800. Jews - History. Lost tribes of Israel. Shabbethai Tzevi, 1626-1676. Judaism -- History -- Medieval and early modern period, 425-1789. Palestine - Description and travel - Early works to 1800. Jerusalem - Description and travel -- Early works to 1800. OCLC lists 29 copies for this edition. Boards worn and rubbed, endpages lightly soiled, internally, lightly foxed, very fresh and clean. Very good + condition. (KH-1-25) (ID #32091) $650.00.






  37. Beskow, Natanael. I PALESTINA OCH SYRIEN. Stockholm, Birkagardens Forlag, 1926. Softcover, 8vo, 173 pages, illustrations, 22 cm. In Swedish. SUBJECT (S): Geographic: Palestine -- Description and travel, 1914- Syria -- Description and travel, 1900-. Beskow (1865 -1953) was a “Swedish theologian and school headmaster. He was also active as a preacher, writer, artist, pacifist and social activist. Beskow published a number of collections of sermons. He also made substantial contributions as a hymn writer. Beskow was born in Hallingeberg (now Vastervik Municipality), Smaland. In 1912 he founded Birkagarden together with Ebba Pauli. Birkagarden was the first of Sweden’s so-called “settlements”; Beskow was director of Birkagarden from 1912 until 1946. He was also headmaster of the boarding school at Birkagarden from 1916 to 1930, as well as honorary doctorate of theology at Lund University in 1918, and president of the Swedish Association for Christian Social Life, which he established, from 1918 to 1943. Beskow was a radical pacifist. He was also involved with the campaign for women’s suffrage in Sweden (which was granted in 1919), and with the labor unions. Beskow was often engaged in leading negotiations, and became a prominent negotiator” (Wikipeida 2010). OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Wear to binding. Bumped cover corners and edges. Good condition. (Holo2-65-2) (ID #27834) $50.00.






  39. Linenburg, H. YERUSHALAYIM: BLUMEN VOM HEILIGEN LANDE: NEBST TOPOGRAPH-HISTORISCHEN UND STATISTISCHEN NOTIZEN VON DEN BEDEUTENDSTEN STÄTTEN DASELBST. Jerusalem; H. Linenburg, [1900?]. Olive Boards. 16mo. [28] pages. 11 x 16 cm. In German and Hebrew. Mounted displays of 12 pressed flowers (dried flower arrangements under transparent protective sheets) from various locations in the Holy Land (including Rachel’s Tomb, Jaffa, Mount Moriah, Western Wall). Each plate has Hebrew biblical quote appropriate to place where these specific flowers were found. Title page in German and Hebrew; captions on plates (pressed flowers) in Hebrew, German, and French. Cover boards of olive wood, with inlaid decoration. It appears that various other editions were printed over a thirty year period, in editions including English and Russian as well. Subjects: Flowers - Pictorial works. Plants - Palestine. Wild flowers - Palestine. Botany - Palestine. Flowers - Israel. OCLC lists 20 copies. Leather backstrip rubbed, with some loss at top and bottom. Internally clean and fresh. Very good condition. (SPEC-36-61) (ID #32149) $50.00.





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    THE RIOTS OF 1929



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For a decade he faced severe privations until he contracted tuberculosis and went to the Denver Sanatorium for Consumptives in 1900 to recuperate. There he remained for almost ten years, maturing as a Yiddish poet, publishing his poems, ballads, fables, and translations in leading dailies, periodicals, and literary almanacs. In his early 30s, he undertook to translate the Bible into a modern Yiddish which would combine scholarly precision with simple idiomatic language, a task to which he devoted the rest of his life. While at work on this translation, he prepared, together with Charles D. Spivak, his physician and the co-founder of the sanatorium, a Yiddish dictionary, first published in 1911, which defined about 4, 000 Hebrew and Aramaic words used in Yiddish and which went through many editions as a basic reference work. Returning to New York in 1909, Yehoash had to struggle to make a living, even though his fame was worldwide and Yiddish periodicals in many lands gladly published his contributions. In January 1914, he left for Erez Israel and settled in Rehovot. He mastered classical Arabic and translated portions of the Koran and Arabian tales into Yiddish. When the Ottoman Empire entered World War I, he returned to New York and published the story of his experiences in three volumes of travel sketches, Fun New York biz Rekhovot un Tsurik (‘From New York to Rehovot and Back, ’ 1917–18; Eng. The Feet of the Messenger, 1923). His sojourn in Erez Israel as well as his knowledge of Arabic proved useful to him in his work on the translation of the Bible. Although he had published a Yiddish rendering of several biblical books including Isaiah and Job in 1910, he realized the inadequacy of this initial attempt and began anew. His more adequate rendering, starting with Genesis, appeared in installments in the New York daily Der Tog from 1922. At the time of his death only the Pentateuch translation had been published, but the rest of the biblical books were printed from his manuscripts. His version was hailed as a contribution of national significance. The translator drew upon idiomatic treasures of various Yiddish dialects, upon the Khumesh-Taytsh (the Old Yiddish, word-for-word translation of Pentateuch), vocabulary used by melammedim in Ashkenazi schools for many generations, and expressions of the Ze'enah u-Re'enah (Tsene-Rene), with its archaic patina. Yehoash was thus able to retain the rhythm and flavor of the Hebrew to a larger extent than preceding Bible translators. The two-volume edition, with parallel Hebrew and Yiddish texts, distributed in tens of thousands of copies, became a standard work for Yiddish-speaking homes throughout the world. In 1949, Mordecai Kosover edited Yehoash's notes to the Bible, which afforded an insight into the translator's many years of wrestling with the sacred text. Yehoash, who also translated Longfellow's Hiawatha and the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyam into Yiddish, was far ahead of his time in terms of his own poetry. When the first edition of his Gezamelte Lider (‘Collected Poems’) appeared in 1907, he was widely hailed as a first-rank artist. His lyrics were reprinted in anthologies and school texts, and were translated into many languages. An English translation, Poems of Yehoash, by Isidore Goldstick, appeared in 1952, and a Hebrew version (1957) was a cooperative venture by a number of significant Hebrew writers, including Jacob Fichmann and Dov Sadan. Yehoash's two later lyric volumes (1919 and 1921) linked him with Inzikhism, the modernist trend of introspection in post-World War I Yiddish poetry, the leaders of which acclaimed him as their forerunner. Yehoash gave expression in his lyrics to his awareness of a divine force permeating the universe. He re-imagined in verse biblical and post-biblical legends, tales from medieval Jewish chronicles, and hasidic lore, versified fables from the Talmud, Aesop, La Fontaine, and Lessing, and created new fables of his own. He wrote romantic, ghostly ballads, but he also felt the spell of Peretz, his lifelong friend, and strove for classical purity and perfection in rhythm and rhyme. Yehoash also influenced American Jewish poetry in English, notably the modernist work of Louis Zukofsky.” (EJ 2007) Subjects: Yiddish literature - Palestine. Palestine -Description and travel. Authors, Yiddish - New York (State) - Biography. Authors, Yiddish - Israel - Biography. Light wear to cloth, light soiling to outer edges, endpapers starting on volume 3, otherwise fresh. Good + condition. (YID-16-10) (ID #30811) $75.00.





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  189. Lazaron, Morris. HOMELAND OR STATE: THE REAL ISSUE. Baltimore: Maran, 1940. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 15 pages. Interesting Jewish anti-Zionist tract, calling for curtailment of Jewish emigration to Palestine (and acknowleging the large numbers of German Jews fleeing Nazism) and taking the position that Jews should demand full citizenship wherever they live, not try to make Palestine a Jewish state and encourage more Antisemitism. OCLC lists two copies worldwide (Florida, HUC). (P-2-52) Very Good condition. (ID #13153) $50.00.








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  261. Wolfsberg, Oskar. PROFESSOR HAYIM AHARON (HERMAN) STRUCK. Jerusalem; Department Of Youth Affairs World Zionist Organization, 1946. Original Boards. 16mo. 75 pages. 17 cm. Illustrated. First edition. [4] leaves of black and white portraits. In Hebrew. Commemorative biography of Herman Struck, including four reproductions of his portrait etchings. “Struck, born into an Orthodox Berlin family, studied at the Berlin Academy under Max Koner, where Hans Meyer introduced him to the art of etching. Struck joined the Zionist movement at an early age. In 1903, after several study trips throughout Europe, he visited Palestine and, on his way back to Germany, stopped in Vienna and met Herzl. This meeting inspired the famous portrait etching of the Zionist leader. During World War I Struck served with the German army in Lithuania. There he came in contact with East European Jews and was deeply impressed by their way of life. Skizzen aus Litauen, Weissrussland und Kurland (1916) and Das ostjuedische Antlitz (1920) reflect this experience. In 1923 he moved to Palestine and settled in Haifa. Struck's favorite technique was copper etching and its related processes although he did lithographs as well. His early work, done in pure etching, was usually signed with his Hebrew name, Hayyim Aharon ben David. From 1902 he mixed etching with vernis mou and aquatint. A master of his craft and an excellent teacher, Struck taught graphic techniques to such fellow artists as Chagall, Liebermann, Israels, and Corinth. His book Die Kunst des Radierens (19235), a popular guidebook for artists and connoisseurs, provides technical explanations and practical instruction. Struck excelled as a portraitist. Among his sitters were Ibsen, Nietzsche, Freud, and Einstein. He also did landscapes, Jewish types and scenes from Jewish life as well as many ex libris. Struck, who remained an Orthodox Jew, participated in Jewish public life and attended several Zionist congresses as one of the leaders of the Mizrachi Party. He was a member of the London Society of Painters, Etchers and Engravers.” (EJ 2007) Subjects: Biography – Herman Struck OCLC lists 18 copies worldwide. Some light edgewear with minimal rubbing to boards. Binding is starting slightly in the middle, at page 32, but otherwise solid. Some pages uncut, plates are clean and bright. Very good condition. (ZION-3-1) (ID #32371) $75.00.





  263. Charlotte Elizabeth. JUDAH’S LION. New York; Charles Scribner, 1852. Cloth, Publishers cloth. 16mo. 335, [1] pages. 17 cm. Second Scribner printing. This novel is considered to be the first English language ‘Zionist Novel’ (it predates George Eliot’s ‘Daniel Deronda’ by thirty years); the story concerns the return of an English Jew (Alick) to the Holy Land; it binds together English and Jewish history. This was the last novel the author wrote. Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna (1790-1846) wrote on the plight of English factory workers, was well known in her time for her novels and her Orange-Protestant essays and poems, was passionate about gardening, a pioneer of deaf education, and also wrote children’s stories. In her later years she defended the rights of Judaism, and in her last three years was a close friend of Moses Montefiore, owing to her fundraising on behalf of the Jews of Mogador in 1844 (she raised the most money of anyone for the Jewish community in the besieged Moroccan coastal city), her public protest against the policies of Tsar Nicholas I towards Jews, and her 1844 letter to the Bishop of Jerusalem, entitled ‘Israel’s Ordinances. ’ “As Tonna’s health deteriorated rapidly, the Montefiores became devoted friends. When she set out on her final journey to Ramsgate from London, it was Montefiore who bade her farewell at the train station and handed her a basket of grapes.” (Pg. 215; ‘Moses Montefiore: Jewish Liberator, Imperial Hero’; by Abigail Green). Her work, "Days of Old, ’ by Charlotte Elizabeth (Mrs. Tonner)” was part of the sixth volume published by the American Jewish Publication Society in 1847 (Jewish Miscellany no. VI; which also includes two works by Isaac Leeser, “Rachel Levi, A Tale” and “The Jews and Their Religion”), two years after the society was founded by Isaac Leeser (EJ 1906; American Jewish Publication Society). Bound in black cloth with gilt title on spine. Subjects: Jews - Fiction. Fiction (English). Bound in black cloth with gilt title on spine. Error in pagination; p. 11 misnumbered 1; p. 191 misnumbered 91; p. 301 misnumbered 30. Subjects: Children's stories. Jews - Juvenile fiction. Voyages and travels. Anti-Catholicism. Conversion. Women as authors. Juvenile literature - 1852. Publishers' cloth bindings (Binding) – 1852. Palestine - Juvenile fiction. OCLC lists 7 copies. Previous owners inscription on first endpage (Mary Wallis, May 1852), edge wear and light soiling to cloth; overall very clean and fresh. Very good condition. (AMR-44-29) (ID #31576) $275.00.






  265. Charlotte Elizabeth. JUDAH’S LION. New York; John S. Taylor, 1843. Cloth, Publishers cloth. 12mo. 358 pages. 19 cm. First US edition. Singerman 0833. This novel is considered to be the first English language ‘Zionist Novel’ (it predates George Eliot’s ‘Daniel Deronda’ by thirty years); the story concerns the return of an English Jew (Alick) to the Holy Land; it binds together English and Jewish history.This was the last novel the author wrote. Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna (1790-1846) wrote on the plight of English factory workers, was well known in her time for her novels and her Orange-Protestant essays and poems, was passionate about gardening, a pioneer of deaf education, and also wrote children’s stories. In her later years she defended the rights of Judaism, and in her last three years was a close friend of Moses Montefiore, owing to her fundraising on behalf of the Jews of Mogador in 1844 (she raised the most money of anyone for the Jewish community in the besieged Moroccan coastal city), her public protest against the policies of Tsar Nicholas I towards Jews, and her 1844 letter to the Bishop of Jerusalem, entitled ‘Israel’s Ordinances.’ “As Tonna’s health deteriorated rapidly, the Montefiores became devoted friends. When she set out on her final journey to Ramsgate from London, it was Montefiore who bade her farewell at the train station and handed her a basket of grapes.“ (Pg. 215; ‘Moses Montefiore: Jewish Liberator, Imperial Hero’; by Abigail Green). Her work, "Days of Old,’ by Charlotte Elizabeth (Mrs. Tonner)” was part of the sixth volume published by the American Jewish Publication Society in 1847 (Jewish Miscellany no. VI; which also includes two works by Isaac Leeser, “Rachel Levi, A Tale” and “The Jews and Their Religion”), two years after the society was founded by Isaac Leeser (EJ 1906; American Jewish Publication Society). Bound in black cloth with gilt title on spine. Subjects: Jews - Fiction. Fiction (English). Bound in original cloth with gilt title on spine. Subjects: Jews - Fiction. Fiction (English). OCLC lists 17 copies. Light tear to cloth at top, lightly foxed endpages, previous owners dedication on endpage, light foxing throughout, overall, clean and fresh. Very good condition. (AMR-39-32) (ID #31537) $1100.00.






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  269. Lamdan, Isaac, Nahum Gutman. MASADAH: PO’EMAH. Tel Aviv: "devir", 1950. Original boards. 4to. 80 pages. 33 cm. In Hebrew. An fine luxury edition of the epic poem written by Isaac Lamdan, and illustrated by Nahum Gutman, one of Israel’s best known painters. Bound in brown boards, with 14 block print illustrations. “Lamdan's magnum opus, Massadah (1927), an epic poem in blank verse of six cantos, comprising 35 poems, established his reputation. The poem reflects the spirit of the young pioneers of the 1920s who had left behind them not only the memory of the brutal senseless murders of defenseless Jews, but also their shattered illusions about the possibility of establishing a free, revolutionary society in Eastern Europe. Massadah, the last fortress which continued to hold out against the Romans even after the fall of Jerusalem in 70 C. E, in Lamdan's poem symbolizes Eretz Israel, the last stronghold of the destroyed Eastern European Jewish communities.” (EJ 2007) Subjects: Palestine - Antiquities - Poetry. OCLC lists 23 copies worldwide. Original jacket present but defective. Endpages lightly aged, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (ART-18-28) (ID #30585) $100.00.






  271. Michener, James A. THE SOURCE. Random House, New York, 1965. Hardcover, 909 pages, 8vo. First edition. A survey of the history of the Jewish people and the land of Israel from pre-monotheistic days to the birth of the modern State of Israel. The Source uses for its central device a fictional tell in northern Israel called "Makor" (Hebrew: "source"). Map end pages. In dust jacket with wear to edges. Otherwise, good condition. (Holo2-19-51) (ID #23586) $50.00.






  273. Smolenskin, Perez; Reuven Brainin. NAKAM BERIT [THE FIRST ZIONIST NOVEL IN HEBREW]. Nyu York; Hotsa’at "kadimah", 1918. Original wrappers. 16mo. 60 pages. 15 cm. First American edition. In Hebrew. With preface by Reuven Brainin, published by Kadimah, printed at the Grayzel Press. “The first Zionist novel in Hebrew (Kressel, 2: 520), it originally appeared under a pen name in Ha-Shahar (Vol. 11) and was published in book form as Nakam Berit (Vienna: Georg Brag, 5644, [1884]). The American edition, which was issued as no. 2 in the Sifriyah Amamit Series, was an important edition because ‘most of the readers of [Ha-Shahar] in Russia never saw this work. It was restricted from public circulation because of censorshiop. ’ (KA).” (Goldman, Hebrew Printing in America, #472) “Perez Smolenskin (1840 or 1842–1885), Hebrew novelist, editor, and publicist. A leading exponent of the Haskalah in Eastern Europe and an early advocate of Jewish nationalism, Smolenskin is best known for the important Hebrew monthly Ha-Shachar which he founded in 1868, and edited – 12 volumes in all – until his death. […] In great measure, Smolenskin laid the foundations for the Zionist movement which gradually took shape in the following two decades. At the same time he anticipated the concept of a spiritual center, which was later to be argued so forcibly by Ahad Ha-Am. Smolenskin's percipience may be discerned in the repeated warnings expressed, in both his articles and stories, that the pogroms in Russia and the antisemitism in Germany were no temporary aberrations, but merely the first manifestations of worse horrors to come. He foresaw danger threatening the entire people, and maintained that only Eretz Israel could offer a real refuge, where all the tribes of the dispersion could be gathered into a single nation. Nekam Berit (in Ha-Shachar, 11 [1883]), a story describing the return of an assimilated youth to his people following the Russian pogroms, remains a veritable testament to Smolenskin's nationalism.” Subjects: Hebrew novels – Zionism – Russia. OCLC lists three copies (Tulane, JTSA, Stanford). A similar copy sold at auction in 2013 for $800.00. Some wear and staining to wrappers, corner bumped, Good Condition. (MX-36-15B) (ID #31243) $450.00.






  275. Uris, Leon. EXODUS [AUTHOR INSCRIBED]. Franklin Center, Pa.; Franklin Library, 1977. Full leather. 8vo. 718 pages. 25 cm. Limited edition. Signed by the author. Illustrated by Harlan M. Krakovitz. Originally published 1958. “Exodus, one of the greatest fiction sellers in American history, depicts the establishment of the State of Israel [by survivors of the Holocaust]. Before writing it, Uris read 300 books on Israel and the Middle East, traveled throughout Israel, and interviewed 1, 200 people there. … Several of Uris' novels were made into motion pictures, the film version of Exodus by Otto Preminger being released in 1960. Uris also wrote a photo essay, Exodus Revisited (1960).” (EJ 2008) Bound in grey leather with fulll panel gilt decoration on front and back, spine has two raised bands, red title block, gilt lettering and decoration. Red moire endpapers and red ribbon marker bound in. All edges gilt. Subjects: Jews - History - 20th century - Fiction. Holocaust survivors - Fiction. Jewish refugees - Fiction. Jewish fiction. Exodus 1947 (Ship) - Fiction. Jewish fiction. Historical fiction. Palestine - Emigration and immigration - Fiction. OCLC lists 23 copies. Fine. Great condition. (SPEC-36-45) (ID #32133) $50.00.





  277. LET US SING THE SONGS OF ISRAEL / LOMIR ZINGEN ALE INEYNEM. New York, 1950. Original cover, 47 pages, 14 cm. In Yiddish with English cover on rear. Cover title. “Every Tuesday at 7: 30 P. M. Over station WMCA; presentation of Horowitz-Margereten.” Songs in Yiddish and Hebrew, with transliteration. Introduction in Yiddish and English. Charming color illustration on cover of conductor and singing audience. Period ads for Matzoh and noodles inside covers. Light browning to front and back cover. Light wear. Otherwise, very good condition. (Heb-20-8) (ID #26923) $50.00.






  279. American Palestine Campaign. THE ROMANCE OF A PEOPLE: A MUSICAL AND DRAMATIC PAGEANT IN NINE EPISODES, EIGHT INTERLUDES AND A PROLOGUE: PORTRAYING THE HIGHLIGHTS IN FOUR THOUSAND YEARS OF JEWISH HISTORY. [New York]; The News, 1930's. Original wrappers. 4to. [16] pages. 31 cm. First Edition. “Proceeds to American Palestine Campaign for the Settlement of German Jews in Palestine.” Quote from statement by Louis Lipsky inside back cover: “No one contends that Palestine is capable of receiving all or even the greater part of those Jews who are being crushed by the Nazi Regime.” Subjects: Jews -- History -- To 1200 B. C. -- Drama. Jews -- Illinois -- Chicago. OCLC lists 10 copies worldwide. (Brown, HUC, Brandeis, Univ. Of Florida, USHMM, Chicago History Museum, Univ. Of Illinois at Chicago, Johns Hopkins, American Jewish Historical Society, Natl. Libr. Of Israel.) Light stain along lower fore-edge. Light cover soiling and spotting. Good + condition. (HOLO2-112-20) (ID #32709) $100.00.





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  283. Sitehon, Haim, Solomon Judah Leib Rapoport and Jekuthiel Asher Zalman Zausmer. SEFER ERETS HAYIM: KOLEL INYANIM HA-NOGIM LE-ERETS YISRAEL BA-DINIM U-MINHAGIM VE-TAKANOT VE-HASKAMOT SHEL HA-RISHONIM VEHA-AHARONIM. Yerushalayim, 1967. Later boards, 8vo, 165 leaves, 25 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S): Jewish law -- Palestine. Edited with notes, by S. L. Rapoport and J. A. S. Zausmer. Other Titles: Erets Hayim. Wear to cover binding. Chipping and wear to cover corners, edges and binding hinge. Light yellowing to edges of pages. Otherwise, good condition. (Heb-20-3) (ID #26919) $100.00.







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