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We Find Good Homes for Nice Jewish Books



Dear Friends,

We are fortunate to offer to you an outstanding collection of over 725 recently published titles in Jewish Studies of the highest academic caliber. All are in excellent condition, most with no signs of wear whatsoever

Over 90% are cloth-bound, English-language publications from top university publishers. There are also a handful of similarly high quality books in German & Hebrew.

Most items were published in the last 10 years, a large number in the last 5, and these represent the cutting edge of research in Jewish Studies.  And the handful of pre-1990 titles present are, for the most part, either well-known publications which have come to be seen as classics, or they are simply important locally produced histories that have not gone out of date.

This entire collection is now available for purchase for $14,000, less than $20.00 each. 

We are not now in a position to sell individual items out of this lot, though, if we were, the average price would be about 50%-75% higher, around $35.00-$40.00 each, with some items fetching 3 and 4 times the $22.00 figure.

This collection has been catalogued, but only in hard-copy format.

If you would like to review the catalog for possible purchase, please contact us at the address above to request a copy.

Because of the high cost of producing this list on a custom basis, we request serious enquiries only.

I look forward to your enquiry.


Dan Wyman