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Dear Friends,

We are pleased to offer, on behalf of a client, the following core-collection of approximately 200 volumes in Anglo-Jewish History.

All items are in Good condition or better, with the majority of the items in Very Good to Fine condition. Approximately half are pre-war publications, with many of these dating from the late and even early & mid 19th Century. A few date to the 18th Century.

This collection includes not only most of what have become the standard works on Anglo-Jewish history and bibliography, but also a number of rarities and items seldom seen for sale.

Some of these highlights include:

We offer this collection as a lot for the price of $12,000, returnable after inspection. It is offered first-come, first-served, and subject to prior sale.

If the collection remains unsold, we will consider selling it in parts. Please let us know if you would like to discuss this with us.

Please contact us to make arrangements for purchase or with any questions.

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Our Next list, Yizkor Books and Jewish Community Histories, will also feature some British material. Please let us know if you would like to automatically receive our lists.

Many thanks,

Dan Wyman


1. Abrahams, I. and S. Levy (Eds.) Macaulay on Jewish Disabilities. Manuscript dedication “ To Reginald Vivian Feldman on his barmitzvah. S. Levy 20.1.1917”. Jewish Historical Society, 1910

2. Abrahams, Israel By-Paths of Hebraic Bookland JPSA 1920

3. Adler, Herman Anglo-Jewish Memories and other Sermons Routledge 1909

4. Adler, Marcus Nathan The Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela Oxford University Press, 1907

5. Alexander L. Festival Service. According to the Order of the Polish and German Jews. Vols. II (Day of Atonement Part 1), III (Day of Atonement Part 2), IV (Tabernacles) and VI (Pentecost). Vol III Contains Alexander’s attack on David Levi, his rival publisher and on the Chief Rabbi who endorsed the latter’s Prayer Book. Also, Alexander’s subscribers list, considered a valuable historical resource. Alexander’s worshippers could read in their machzorim (on Yom Kippur, no less) this description of their Chief Rabbi. “..my dignified opponent...seemed bent on revenge...thus roused to action, this inhuman fiend...with his bible and prayer book in hand, began hatching every diabolical plan to effect my utter ruin...” London 1807

6. Ascamot Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation 1953 

7. Author unknown A Universal History from the Earliest Account of Time Compiled from Original Authors & Illustrated with Maps, Cuts, Notes &c. Vol X Book II. The Grecian and Asiatic History. (Includes “The History of the Jews”) London. T. Osborne 1747

8. Barnett, Arthur The Western Synagogue through two centuries Vallentine Mitchell 1961

9. Barnett, Lionel D. (Ed) Bevis Marks Records Vol I. Early history of the congregation from the beginning until 1800 Oxford University Press, 1940

10. Barnett, Lionel D. (Ed) Bevis Marks Records Vol II. Abstracts of the ketubot of the congregation from earliest times until 1837 Oxford University Press,1949

11. Barnett, Lionel D. (Ed) Bevis Marks Records Vol III. Abstracts of the ketubot and of civil marriage of the Spanish & Portuguese congregation 1837-1901 Jewish Historical Society, 1973

12. 1887 Exhibition. Dr. Graetz and others Papers read at the Anglo-Jewish Exhibition Royal Albert Hall 1887 1888

13. 1887 Exhibition. Joseph Jacobs and Lucien Wolf Bibliographical Guide to Anglo-Jewry 1888

14. 1887 Exhibition. M.D. Davis (Ed.) Hebrew Deeds of the English Jews before 1290 1888

15. Barnett, Lionel D. (Trans.) El Libro de los Acuerdos. Being the records and accompts of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue of London 1663-1681 Oxford University Press, 1931

16. Barnett, R.D. Bevis Marks Records Vol IV. The Circumcision Register of Isaac & Abraham De Paiba 1715-1775 Jewish Historical Society, 1991

17. Blank, Joseph E. The Minutes of the Federation of Synagogues. A 25 Year’s Review Rabinowicz 1912

18. Board of Deputies The First Annual Report 1881. And “The Deputies” A Short Historical Survey 1760-1937 by Sidney Salomon. 2 booklets. 

19. Brown, M.D. David Salomon’s House. Catalogue of Mementos Printed Privately 1968

20. Catalogue Anglo-Jewish Art and History Exhibition Victoria & Albert Museum and East & West Library 1956

21. Chesterton, A.K. and Joseph Leftwich The Tragedy of Anti-Semitism Robert Anscombe & Co 1948

22. Collins, Dr. Kenneth (Ed.) Aspects of Scottish Jewry Glasgow Jewish Representative Council 1987

23. Davis, Moshe Let My People Know. Proposals for the development of Jewish education 1971

24. Dukes Place Laws of the Congregation of the Great Synagogue Dukes Place. Revised and Re-enacted AM 5587. Hebrew and English London 1827

25. Duschinsky, Dr. C. The Rabbinate of the Great Synagogue London 1756-1842. No.242 of 250 copies. Humphrey Milford/Oxford University Press, 1921

26. Endelman, Todd. M. The Jews of Georgian England 1714-1830 JPSA 1979

27. Englander, David (Ed.) A Documentary History of Jewish Immigrants in Britain, 1840-1920 Leicester University Press 1994

28. Gaster, Haham Dr. Moses History of the Ancient Synagogue of Spanish and Portuguese Jews, Bevis Marks. 1701-1901. 200th Anniversary Volume 1901. For presentation only.

29. George II, Regis An Act to repeal an Act of the Twenty sixth Year of His Majesty’s Reign, intituled, An Act to permit Persons professing the Jewish Religion to be naturalized by Parliament; and for other Purposes therein mentioned. “Printed by Thomas Baskett, Printer to the King’s most Excellent Majesty; and by the Assigns of Robert Baskett. 1754”

30. Goldschmidt-Lehmann, Ruth Anglo Jewish Bibliography 1971-1990 Jewish Historical Society, 1992

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33. Hanessia, Moses b. Isaac The Sepher Hashoham. (The Onyx Book) Vol I Edward Goldston/Jewish Historical Society, 1947

34. Ha-Nessia, Rabbi Mose ben Isaac. Ed. Benyamin Klar Sefer Hashoham. Fasc I Mekize Nirdamim, Jerusalem 1946

35. Hands, L. Some Difficulties Which Beset The Jewess With Special Reference To Her Legal Position. Bayswater, England : Burt & Sons, Printers, [1917?]. Paper wrappers, 16 pages. Cover title. "Printed for Private Circulation." Bibliography on page 16. Topics discussed include: Social Conditions, Political Oppression, Legal Status of Women, Divorce: The Husband's Rights, Divorce: The Wife's Position, The Childless Widow, Marriage with the Descendants of Aaron, Polygamy, Neglect of Legal Precautions, Need for Registration of Marriages, Immigrant Rabbis and Civil Law, & Need for a Central Rabbinic Authority. Includes a 2-page mimeographed "ADDENDA" by the author tipped in: "The accompanying paper [i.e. pamphlet] on 'Some Legal Difficulties which beset the Jewess,' was prepared for the International Conference of Women Zionists which was held in London in July, 1920. Since then, the subject has been much discussed and the writer desires to add a few words." Topics in the addenda include: "Practical Difficulties in Connection with Reform," "The Rabbinical Conference," "The Task Which Lies Before Women," & "Divorce by Mutual Consent." 6 copies are listed in OCLC. Harvard & the Library of Congress both list copies (with the questionable date of 1917), but neither listing indicates the presence of the Addenda (which would suggest a date of 1919-20).

36. Henriques, H.S.Q. The Jews and the English Law. Oxford University Press, 1908

37. Hertz, Dr. J.H. (The Chief Rabbi) The Battle for the Sabbath at Geneva. Oxford University Press, 1932

38. Hirtz, Mathieu (Trans. Hester Rothschild) Prayers and Meditations for every Situation and Occasion of Life P. Vallentine 1882

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100. Tovey, D'Blossiers, LLD Anglia Judaica, or the History & Antiquities of the Jews in England. (A fine copy with wide margins, in the original binding.) James Fletcher, Oxford 1738. Containing the manuscript inscription of N.M. Wilson, dated 20 May 1802. In Lloyd Gartner's article on Jewish Historiography for the EJ, Tovey's work is the earliest example listed of "a number of local [Jewish] histories by more or less well informed Christian scholars [which] appeared in the 18th Century, before any similar work by a Jew made its appearance….all of them serving to prepare the ground for more consistent and thorough treatment of Jewish historical material." (EJ, 8:560) The title page is also reproduced in EJ, on page 6:755.

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Jewish Historical Society of England Transactions etc. and “Small Publications”

110. Transactions Etc. The complete series of Transactions, recently called “Studies” Vol I 1893-4 through No. 37 (2001), Indexes, Miscellanies Jewish Historical Society

111. Lucien Wolf Memorial Lectures 14 booklets 1942-1954. In this series, eminent scholars, jurists and statesmen addressed contemporary problems. Among them the Master of Balliol on “Toleration and Democracy” in 1942 (!) and “Minorities and the Democratic State” Jan Masaryk in 1943. Jewish Historical Society and Oxford University Press,

112. Arthur Davis Memorial Lectures 14 booklets including some bound. Leading scholars, writers and researchers starting with the first lecture by Israel Zangwill on “Chosen Peoples” (1918) and including Sir Leonard Wooley on “The Excavations at Ur and the Hebrew Records” (1929), “Changes in Jewish Outlook” by Rabbi Leo Baeck (1947) and “The Record of European Jewry” by Cecil Roth (1950) George Allen & Unwin and Fredrick Muller

113. Various A further number of Jewish Historical Society publications; some later incorporated into the Transactions or Miscellanies, others not.