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Nr. 6. SOSUA - REFUGEE HAVEN IN THE CARIBBEAN. Dominican Republic Settlement Association, New York, 1941. 1st edition. Original photographic wrappers, Folio. (Rear Cover Illustration)



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  1. KINET ELMISIRIA [ELEGY FOR THE MARTYRS OF THE GERMAN OCCUPATION] Tunis: Castro, No Date (1945-46?). Paperback. 1st edition. Original printed paper wrappers, small 8vo, 8 pages, uncut. Judeo-Arabic in Hebrew and Latin characters. Lamentation about the victims of the Nazi rule in Tunisia. Tunisia was under the Nazi rule from November 1942 until May 1943. The Jews were required to wear a yellow patch and provide for the needs of the German army. Many Jews were shot to death in their homes or during the Death Marches. About 4, 000 Jews were sent to concentration camps in Tunisia and few were sent to extermination camps in Europe. See EJ, Vol. XV, cols. 1447-8. Judeo-Arabic dirges. Each verse appears in Hebrew and in French script. SUBJECT (S) : Judeo-Arabic poetry -- Tunisia. Kinot. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) . A copy sold at auction for over $1100 in 2012. OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide (JTS, Princeton, NLI) . Damage to lower left cover with loss of about 20 letters from of latin-transliteration of Judeo-Arabic text (all Hebrew Font text in tact). Good Condition (holo2-125-21). (ID# 36083) $950.00



    One of the First US Reports on the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising



  3. World Jewish Congress. LEST WE FORGET: THE MASSACRE OF THE WARSAW GHETTO. New York, The World Jewish Congress, 1943. First edition, published September 1943. Original Paper Wrappers, 40 pages, 8vo. Published the same year as the uprising, one of the first seperate reports published in the US. Important. With what may be the first ever published map of Treblinka, as well as a map of the Warsaw Ghetto on the rear cover. "The ghosts of the heroes of the ghetto battle will forever honor the streets....But persistent reports in the press in spring and summer 1943 indicate that not only their spirit but also their successors survive and carry on the fight there. The curtain may not yet have been rung down" (conclusion). Very Good+ Condition. An Ouststanding Copy. (Holo2-125-22) (ID #36021) $750.00.




    The Report that Saved the Jewish DPs



  5. Harrison, Earl Grant. THE PLIGHT OF THE DISPLACED JEWS IN EUROPE: A REPORT TO PRESIDENT TRUMAN. New York, United Jewish Appeal For Refugees, Overseas Needs And Palestine On Behalf Of Joint Distribution Committee, United Palestine Appeal, National Refugee Service, 1945. 1st edition thus. Softcover, 15 pages, portrait, 8vo, 23 cm. "The Document that Stirred the World." Listed by the US Holocaust Museum in Washington as a "Primary Source and Documentation" title on Displaced Persons. Commissioned by President Harry S Truman, the report documented and described the health and living conditions of the DPs, their long- and short term needs, how these needs were not being being met--and how Jewish survivors were being housed side by side with their former torturers. CUNY Prof. David Nasaw recently (May 25, 2015) wrote that "Such inhumane forced gatherings of victim and victimizer would not be remedied until the fall of 1945, and then only after a scathing report by Earl Harrison, dean of the University of Pennsylvania Law Scholl and a special adviser to President Truman, who charged that the Jews in the refugee camps were being treated 'as the Nazis treated them except that we do not exterminate them'" (The Nation, p. 6) SUBJECT (S): World War, 1939-1945 -- Refugees. World War, 1939-1945 -- Jews. Released by The White House on September 29, 1945. OCLC lists 16 copies worldwide. Lightly rubbed, Very Good Condition. Important. (Holo2-19-21) (ID #35941) $600.00.






  7. Horski, Stefan. NO. 28932 MÓWI--: ORANIENBURG. W Poznaniu: Rotograwiura Drukarni sw. Wojciecha pod Zarzadem Panstwowym, 1947. 1st edition. Portfolio, Folio-size, [4] p., xvi leaves of plates, all illustrations. 32 cm. Text in Polish. 16 duotone watercolors of camp life, each accompanied by a textual description of a paragraph or two in the introduction. SUBJECT(S): Geographic: Oranienburg (Concentration camp) -- Pictorial works. Sachsenhausen (Brandenburg, Germany: Concentration camp) -- Pictorial works. OCLC lists only 3 sets worldwide (Yale, U of Illinois, NANTERRE-BDIC in France), none in New York and None in Poland. Extremely scarce. Some images from this portfolio (not originals, but prints, from this very edition, the same as these) are on display via the Museum of the Jews in Poland (in Warsaw) Former owner's numbers in margins of plates, not affecting images. Plates and introduction in Good Condition; Original portfolio with dramatic color graphic on cover is present, but lacks spine and shows heavy wear. (holo2-125-9) (ID #35939) $2000.00.



    Kristallnacht-Era Leipzig Jewish Business Directory



  9. [Leipzig Business Directory - Kristallnacht FÜHRER DURCH DEN BRÜHL UND DIE BERLINER PELZBRANCHE. JAHRGANG 1938. ADREßBUCH FÜR DEN RAUCHWAREN-HANDEL, DIE FELLVEREDELUNGS- UND PELZWAREN-INDUSTRIE, DAS KÜRSCHNER- UND MÜTZENMACHER-HANDWERK. [ADRESSBUCH]. Leipzig: Kuhwald, 1938. 1st printing of the 1938 edition. October, 1938. Original illustrated wrappers, 12mo (small), 191 pages, including many, many period ads. Published just one month prior to Kristallnacht, which was as brutal in Leipzig as nearly anywhere, this is a Name and Address Directory of the world’s leading Fur business district, the Brühl, and its counterpart in Berlin, both very heavily Jewish. Divided into 2 sections, one for the Brühl in Leipzig, and the other for Furriers in Berlin. In the 19th and early 20th Century, the “Brühl” had become synonymous with the Leipzig fur and Tobacco trade. It was the name of the large street where the trade was concentrated (also including Nikolai- and Reichs-strasse). The Brühl reached it’s highest density with 794 shops in 1928. Of these, about 58 percent were Jewish run and owned. In the period 1926-1930, the Brühl controlled about one third of the world market in furs. With the great depression, followed by the Nazi seizure of power in 1933, the fur trade went into decline. For political reasons the fascist leadership limited the import quotas for goods from the USSR, such as raw fur. And, of course, increasingly, Jewish merchants in the Brühl were discriminated against and expelled. Many fled to England or the United States, where they established new fur businesses. Following Kristallnacht, which came only 1 month after the publication of this guide in October 1938, it became impossible for Jewish furriers to function. Some of the most famous Jewish fur traders included: Julius (Judel) Ariowitsch (1855-1908); Chaim Eitingon (1857-1932), known as "Fur King from Brühl", founder of the Ez Chaim Synagogue and the Jewish hospital; the Frankel family; the Harmerlin Family; John B. (John [Joel] Berend) Oppenheimer & Company; F. Weiss (1893-1982); and Theodor Wolf (1833). OCLC lists only one holding worldwide (German National Library). Light wear, occational pencil scribbles, overall Very Good Condition. Quite rare and important. (holo2-125-28) (ID #36055) $950.00.






  11. SOSUA - REFUGEE HAVEN IN THE CARIBBEAN. Dominican Republic Settlement Association, New York, 1941. 1st edition. Original photographic wrappers, Folio, 12 pages. 31 cm. Photographic illustrations throughout. In July 1938 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt convened in Evian, France, a meeting to discuss 'The Organization of the Emigration and Resettlement of Political Refugees and Those Persecuted by Reason of Race or Religion. ' Despite the grand title, the conference achieved very little. While every other country in the world, including the United States, closed its borders to Jewish refugees, Rafael Trujillo, the totalitarian ruler of the Dominican Republic, invited 100, 000 Jews to come to his island. His motives may have been politically driven - he wanted a “whiter” population and a more economically successful and prosperous country - but he offered life to concentration-camp-bound Jews, an offer they would certainly not refuse, whatever the ulterior motives. However bureaucratic difficulties in the countries from which the Jews were to leave, both in their countries of origin and the countries of passage, and the slow pace adopted by the institutions responsible for the implementation of the project, its success was less than satisfactory and ultimately only one thousand visas were issued, and just 650 Jews actually made it to the Island. The refugees were settled in the tiny seacoast town of Sosua, then mostly jungle land, located in the Puerto Plata province that Trujillo had established with funding provided by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. Today, only some 20 of the original Jewish families remain in Sosua. See A. Wells, Tropical Zion: General Trujillo, FDR, and the Jews of Sosúa (2009); and M. A. Kaplan, Museum of Jewish Heritage Catalogue, Dominican Haven: The Jewish Refugee Settlement in Sosua (2008). SUBJECT(S): Agricultural colonies -- Jews -- Dominican Republic. Human settlements -- Jews -- Dominican Republic. Political refugees -- Jews. Other Titles: “Sosua, a human experiment. ” OCLC Worldcat lists only 3 copies worldwide (Indiana State Lib, Harvard, UWisc), none in New York. A similar copy sold for over $750 at auction in 2012. Very Good+ Condition. A beautiful copy. (holo2-125-30) (ID #36057) $600.00.






  13. Áldor, Péter (Illustrator); Fodor József (Foreword). 1944. Budapest, Független Magyarorzág Kiadása, 1945. 1st edition. original Paper Wrappers, 4to, [48] pages. Unpaginated. Text in Hungarian. Mostly illustrations. One of the first collections of Holocaust drawings published after the war. Original illustrated wrappers with red lettering on front cover. A pictorial album by Holocaust survivor Péter Áldor, depicting the atrocities of the German occupation and the repression of the local fascists. This work is profusely illustrated with 18 heart-gripping sketches illustrating in all its horror, human madness and misery. Light stains and wear to cover, internally extremely clean, Overall Very Good Condition, a nice copy. (Holo2-125-25) (ID #36025) $1500.00.






  15. [Coetzee, C. S; R. J. Montgomery, D. B. Sole]. REPORT ON CONDITIONS IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN GERMANY. No Place (Cape Town?), No Publisher, 1945. 1st edition. Original Paper Wrappers, small 8vo, 40 pages. 21 cm. Includes 9 pages of photos. Printed by the Cape Times in Cape Town with a printing date of July 9, 1945. One of the first photographic report on the concentration camps to be published outside Europe (perhaps the first) and one of the first published anywhere. Includes material on Dachau, Belsen, & Buchenwald. "Published by authority…. The Acting Prime Minister, in reply to questions in Parliament regarding conditions in the German concentration camps, state that the Union's [i. E. South Africa's] High Commissioner in London had been requested to take steps for the preparation of a fully documented report" (p 3). Contents: Introductory statement by the Union government -- A visit to Dachau / C. S. Coetzee, R. J. Montgomery -- Report on Belsen camp / C. S. Coetzee, D. B. Sole -- Appendix I. Report of the United Nations War Crimes Commission -- Appendix II. Report of American editors on German camps -- Appendix III. Buchenwald camp: the report of a British Parliamentary delegation -- Appendix IV. Extracts from the official published report of the Joint Committee representing the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States of America, named to investigate atrocities and other conditions in concentration camps in Germany. SUBJECT(S): World War, 1939-1945 -- Concentration camps -- Germany. Atrocities. OCLC lists only 4 copies worldwide (Nat Lin So Africa, US Dept of State, Royal Dutch Lib, NYPL), only 2 in the US. Light wear Very Good Condition, scarce (holo2-125-18) (ID #36044) $750.00.






  17. Dekel, Ephraim, Introduction. BRYCHA 1945-1948. HOME THROUGH THE VALE OF TEARS. OYF DEM LAYDNSVEG KEYN ERETZ YISRAEL = BI-NTIV HA-YISURIM LA-MOLEDET. No Place, No Publisher, 1948. 1st edition. Later Cloth with covers bound in, Oblong 4to, Aproximately 100 leaves, mostly photographic plates. Includes 175 photographic illustrations. Introductory text and captions (many of Biblical origin) in English, Hebrew and Yiddish. “This album seeks to present a …picture of the wanderings of the 'remnants' of European Jewry - wanderings that began at the conclusion of the last war and still continue…” (From the introduction). A collection of 175 black and white photographs documenting the “Bericha” - - the 'illegal' underground flight of surviving European Jews into Palestine immediately following the Holocaust. This was the great exodus of European Jews following the holocaust, who illegally crossed the borders of Soviet-occupied lands and made their way as illegal immigrants to the shores of Palestine. Special sections of this album are dedicated to children and orphans who took part in this immigration effort, and another section documents the famous journey of the ship Exodus. Compiled by Ephraim Dekel, a high-ranking Haganah officer and architect of the Bericha escape-route. SUBJECT(S): Jewish refugees. Emigration and immigration. Jewish refugees. Berih? Ah (Organization) Israel -- Emigration and immigration -- Pictorial works. Staining to first 10 leaves, heavy wear to original cover, which is bound in, but photographic and text pages are very good--clear, solid, and powerful. A Good Copy. (holo2-125-10) (ID #35959) $900.00.






  19. Lurie, Esther. JEWESSES IN SLAVERY. YEHUDIYOT BA-SHI`BUD. Palestine: Sifriat Poalim Workers' Book Guild, (1945). First edition. Original illustrated wrappers, 12mo, 43, 10 pages. Text in English and Hebrew. 13 drawings made by a Jewish woman of her fellow inmates while in the concentration camp at Leibitsch which consisted of 1200 Jewish women who had been deported from the Kaunas Ghetto in East Prussia. “Lurie was liberated by the Red Army on 21 January 1945. In March 1945 she reached a camp in Italy, where she met Jewish soldiers from Palestine who were serving in the British army. One of them, the artist Menahem Shemi, organized an exhibition of drawings from the camps, which resulted in the publication of a booklet Jewesses in Slavery. This contained drawings by Lurie from Stutthof and Leibitz and was published by the Jewish Soldiers' Club of Rome in 1945. Lurie also created stage sets for the military song and dance group in the camp, which was founded by Eliahu Goldberg and Mordechai Zeira. Lurie reached Israel (Palestine) in July 1945 and was received with great excitement. Her stories were published in the press and her drawings were exhibited in exhibitions. In 1946 she was again awarded the Dizengoff Prize for a sketch Girl with Yellow Badge, which she had made in the Kovno ghetto” (World ORT and Beit Lohamei Haghetaot, 2001). SUBJECT(S): World War, 1939-1945 -- Personal narratives, Jewish. Women in art. OCLC Worldcat lists 18 copies worldwide. Spine repaired, otherwise Very Good Condition. (holo2-125-38) (ID #36065) $1200.00.






  21. Peis, Günter. NUREMBERG COURT CARTOONS: PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE JUDGES AND PROSECUTORS: CARTOONS OF THE DEFENDANTS. Nuremberg: Verlag Nürnberger Presse, 1945. Original Paper Wrappers, Large 8vo, [54] pages. 27 cm. In English. Following seven full-page photos of buildings, judges, at prosecutors at the trials, each leaf contains a full-page cartoon on one side and a short biography and description of their crimes, with a facsimile of their signature, on the opposite page. Includes a total of 21 full-page cartoons. Günter Peis (1927-2012) was an Austrian journalist and a pioneer in modern investigative journalism. Following the war, the 17 year old Peis went to an American sponsored program for 10 months, ending up at a journalism school in Munich under the direction of Erich Kästner. From there he was sent as delegate to the Nuremberg trials as an observer, He was the youngest (19) journalist present and was given special access to witness the executions of von Ribbentrop, Keitel, and others. He went on to publish famous accounts of Hess in Spandau Prison (1951), of former SS Sturmbannführer Alfred Naujocks who was hiding in Hamburg under a false name, and of love letters between Hitler and Hitler’s lover Maria Reiter. Unlike the supposed Hitler diaries published in 1983, these were deemed to be authentic by experts. He also published other works on the Nazis in WW II. (Wikipedia. De, 2012) SUBJECT(S): uremberg Trial of Major German War Criminals, Nuremberg, Germany, 1945-1946 -- Pictorial works. Judges -- Germany -- Nuremberg -- Portraits. Public prosecutors -- Germany -- Nuremberg -- Portraits. War criminals -- Germany -- Nuremberg -- Caricatures and cartoons. Named Corp: International Military Tribunal -- Pictorial works. OCLC lists only 5 copies worldwide (US Holocaust Museum, Wisc Vet Museum, UTexas, NEDERLANDS INST VOOR OORLOGSDOCUMENTATIE, Tel Aviv U). The US Holocaust Museum keeps their copy in their Rare Book Room. Wear to spine & covers, covers sunned, light wear, but solid and clean. Good+ Condition. (HOLO2-119-6) (ID #36020) $1800.00.






  23. Pór, Dezso; Zsadányi Oszkár. TE VAGY A TANU! UKRAJNÁTÓL AUSCHWITZIG. Budapest; Kossuth, 1947. Original Cloth. 8vo. 482, [12] pages. 25 cm. First edition. In Hungarian. 'You are the Witness! From Ukraine to Auschwitz. ' With 12 pages of plates (printed in blue ink). Includes name register of Hungarian Jewish victims of the holocaust on pages 209-482. Finely bound in buckram with gilt title. Subjects: Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) - Registers of dead – Hungary. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) - Registers of dead - Ukraine. Holocaust survivors - Hungary – Registers. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) Jews - Persecutions - Hungary. Jews - Persecutions. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945). OCLC lists 18 copies. Light wear to cloth; pages lightly aged, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (HOLO2-115-20) (ID #36026) $850.00.






  25. Taslitzky, Boris. Presente Par Julien Cain. 111 [CENT-ONZE] DESSINS FAITS A BUCHENWALD, 1944-1945. 1945. 1st edition. Loose sheets as issued, in later custom clamshell box with original portfolio cover mounted on front. 4to. One of 3200 Numbered Copies. 111 plates of drawings, the first 100 relating to Buchenwald, plus 6 portraits, and 5 aquarelles in color. Captions in French, English, and Russian. 26 cm. Title page and preface in French. Boris Taslitzky began painting at the age of fifteen and attended the academie Montparnasse and the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris between 1925 and 1933. In 1933, he joined the Association of Revolutionary Writers and Artists (A. É. AR) where he became general secretary of the section of Painters and Sculptors, and then in 1935, he joined the Communist Party. In 1936, during the presentation of Quatorze Juillet, by Romain Rolland, Taslitzky participated in the exhibition that brought together Picasso, Léger, Matisse, Braque, Jean Lurcat, Laurens and Pinion in the lobby of the Alhambra Theatre. Taslitzky was captured in June 1940, escaped in August and joined the Resistance. He was arrested again in November 1941, sentenced to two years in prison, and then on July 31, 1944 was deported to Buchenwald, where he manages to make some two hundred drawings showing life in the camps. "If I go to hell, I will make sketches. Besides, I have experience, I've been there and I've drawn!... ", he later said. His mother died at Auschwitz. In 1946, Taslitzky exhibited his works which were inspired by the Resistance and Deportation, winning the Prix Blumenthal. He was later awarded the Military Cross and Military Medal and in 1997 he received the insignia of Chevalier of the Legion of Honour under the Resistance and Deportation. He was both witness and actor in the story of French Resistance and the Holocaust. SUBJECT(S): Concentration camps -- Pictorial works. Buchenwald (Camp de) Guerre mondiale 1939-1945. Prisonniers et déportés. Camps allemands. Buchenwald. Album. Concentration camps. Pictorial works. Wear to original illustrated cover, which has been mounted on front of box, but no damage to illustration. Illustrations in near fine condition. Moving, early, and important. (holo2-125-44) (ID #36072) $1800.00.






  27. Vihar, Béla. Woodcuts by Shraga Weil [Sraga Weil]. SÁRGA KÖNYV. ADATOK A MAGYAR ZSIDÓSÁG HÁBORÚS SZENVEDÉSEIBOL. 1941-1945. Hechaluc kiadás. Budapest, 1945. (1945). Original Illustrated Paper Wrappers, Small 8vo, 216 pages. Eredeti borítóval. Includes 9 powerful original linocut illustrations, and cover design, by Shagra Weil. Also includes a bit of music.Title translates as "The Yellow Book. Data on the War Losses of Hungarian Jewry. 1941-1945." One of the earliest book about the Hungarian Holocaust. Published by Hechaluc (Hehalutz), the Zionist resistant movement, whose legendary headquarters was located at the Üvegház (Glasshouse) in Budapest, a former glass-store. During the Holocaust about 3000 people found shelter there and it was the center for producing fake identification documents to save Hungarian Jews from persecution. Shraga Weil (Ferenc Ferdinánd; 1918-2009) was a Hungarian born Israeli painter. He studied at the Academy of Art in Prague and École des Beaux Arts in Paris. During WWII he was active in the Zionist underground movement in Budapest, working in the workshop for forging documents. After the war he sailed for Palestine on an illegal immigrant ship and became a member of Kibbutz Ha'ogen where he lived until his death. In 1959 Weil was awarded the Dizengoff Prize for painting. He created the doors of the main entrance to the Knesset building and the President's residence in Jerusalem. Weil painted the wooden panels in the Israeli Hall at the Kennedy Center. Sándor Groszmann (Alexander Grossmann, Ben Erec; 1909-2003) was a journalist and publisher, one of the main activists of the Hungarian Zionist movement and co-founder of "Hashomer Hatzair" in Hungary. He was one of the leaders at the "Glasshouse". "When the argument arose about whether to absorb more Jews into the 'Glass House' as they might endanger the lives of those already living there, he said: 'For the sake of one hundred thousand Jews it is worth to endanger our own lives'". (Gur, D.; 2007). After the liberation he was the secretary of JDC (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) in Budapest and member of the board of the Hungarian Zionist Association and of the "Eretz-Israel" office. In 1949 he left Hungary and after living in Austria and Israel he settled down in Switzerland where he started to publish books and the periodical "Jöv?" (Future). [Bibl.: Gur, D.: Brothers for Resistance and Rescue. The Underground Zionist Youth Movement in Hungary during Word War II. Jerusalem-New York, 2007; Cohen, A.: The Halutz Resistance in Hungary, 1942-1944. New York, 1986.]. Paper aged, Very Good Condition. (holo2-125-27) (ID #36029) $750.00.






  29. Friends Of Democracy. THE GESTAPO, HITLER'S SECRET POLICE--THE NAZI SCOURGE IN GERMANY, THE CONQUERED COUNTRIES [AND] THE UNITED STATES. Kansas City, Mo., & New York, Friends Of Democracy, Inc., 1941. 1st edition. Original Black wrappers, Newspaper-sized elephant folio, 32 pages. 43 cm tall. Loaded with photos, illustrations, portraits, facsimiles, and diagrams. Documentary and pictorial evidence of the Gestapo's activities, produced before the US had entered the was as a call to arms against the Gestapo. Much on early concentration camps, driving the Jews out of Vienna, mass shootings in Poland, Gestapo persecutions in Holland, Norway, Bulgaria, Rumania, Paris. Also includes material on Gestapo agents in the US, with some Nazi spies posing as Jewish refugees. Final page asks, "What Can We Do About the Gestapo?" and calls on Americans to defeat Hitlerism and to support the nations in Europe who are fighting Germany—and to do this now, while they are still able to fight. "This means all-out aid to Britain now!...Nazism, the root, is the real foe that threatens us. It's evil plant, the Gestapo, will perish when Nazism is destroyed. " SUBJECT (S): National socialism. Propaganda, German. World War, 1939-1945 -- United States -- Public opinion. National socialism. Propaganda, German. Geheime Staatspolizei. Printed on good quality paper which has held up very well, a bit of wear, stray mark on front cover, horizontal crease, about Very Good Condition. Dramatic and important as a pre-war appeal to the American public. (holo2-125-8) (ID #35958) $1800.00.





  31. Mark, Bernard. די יידישע טראגעדיע אין דער פוילישער ליטעראטור. DI YIDISHE TRAGEDYE IN DER POYLISHER LITERATUR. Varshe [Warsaw]: Farlag "Yidish Bukh," 1950. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 157 pages. 21 cm. In Yiddish. Title on title page verso: "Tragedia zydowska w literaturze polskiej." Includes errara slip. Review copy, with stamp on title page. SUBJECT(S): Jews in literature. Polish literature -- History and criticism. Edgewear to wrappers, as usually found, Very Good Condition. (H-42-9) (ID #14056) $30.00.






  33. Strauss, Herbert A., Ed. Steven W. Siegel, compiler. JEWISH IMMIGRANTS OF THE NAZI PERIOD IN THE USA. VOLUME 1: ARCHIVAL RESOURCES. New York, Munich, London, Paris, K.G. Saur, 1978. Original Publisher's Cloth. 8vo. xxviii, 279 pages. Jews -- United States -- Social conditions. Refugees, Jewish -- United States. Jews -- Germany -- History -- 1933-1945. Geographic: United States -- Emigration and immigration. Germany -- Emigration and immigration -- History -- 1933-1945. Note(s): Sponsored by the Research Foundation for Jewish Immigration. Blue cloth with gilt lettering on covers and spine. Nice, clean copy in very good condition. (H-31-6). (ID #14151) $30.00.









  35. Taffet, Gershon; Friedman, Philip [Introduction]. EXTERMINATION OF POLISH JEWS - ALBUM OF PICTURES. ZAGLADA ZYDOSTWA POLSKIEGO - ALBUM ZDJEC. UNICHTOZHENIE EVREEV V POL'SHE - AL'BOM SNIMKOV. EXTERMINATION DES JUIFS EN POLOGNE - ALBUM DE PHOTOGRAPHIES. Lodz, Central Jewish Historical Committee In Poland, 1945. Later black cloth, Oblog 4to. Robinson & Friedman #3574. Probably the single most important documentary photo book on the Holocaust ever published, useful not only as part of the documentary record, but also as part of the historiography of the Holocaust, since this book became the defining collection of photographic images from the period, not only for European Jews, but also for the world at large (especially Europe). In was published in 1945 by survivors with memories still fresh and a need to document what they and their communities had gone through. 252 black and white photos, showing the Jewish settlements at the onset of German occupation, the ghettos into which they were later crowded, and finally photographs of the atrocities committed in the forced labor camps and the extermination camps. Another section of the book is dedicated to the Jewish partisan movements. Text is in Polish, Yiddish, English Russian & French (not German! ). A substantially damaged copy recently sold at auction for over US 975-00. This copy attractively bound in black cloth with original damaged cover bound in. Internal pages are clean and in outstanding condition. A Very Good Copy. (HOLO2-101-37) (ID #35940) $500.00.






  37. Belfer, Itzchak. HA-SHO'AH: TSIYURIM VE-RISHUMIM. / THE HOLOCAUST: PAINTINGS AND DRAWINGS. Yerushalayim: Irgun ha-artsi shel asire ha-Natsim leshe-`avar be-Yisra'el, 1971. 1st edition. Cloth, Folio, [56] pages, chiefly illustrations. 33 cm. In Hebrew, with introduction and captions in Hebrew, English, and Yiddish. LCCN: 71-953670 The artist "was born in Poland in 1923, and was brought up in the Janusz Korczak Home in Warsaw….Belfer has brought forth in his paintings the deepest expression of the torment in which the Jews of Europe found themselves on their last journey." SUBJECT(S): Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Pictorial works. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945), in art. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Poetry. Stamp on endpaper. Very Good Condition in Good but soiled jacket. (H-42-3) (ID #14069) $30.00.






  39. Kaczkowski, Adam; Kazimierz Smolen. AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU. Oswiecim; Panstwowe Muzeum, 1970. Original Cloth. 8vo. X, 80 pages. 23 cm. First edition. Text in Polish, English, French, and German. Haunting photographs by Adam Kaczkowski. Text edited by Kazimierz Smolen. “... The Editors wish to honour the XXV Anniversary of the liberation of the camp" -Page vii. Illustrated with full page black and white photographs throughout of the camps and camp memorials. Subjects: Holocaust memorials--Poland--Pictorial works Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) Concentration camps - Poland. Concentration camps. Auschwitz (Concentration camp). Birkenau (Concentration camp). OCLC lists 26 copies. Light edge wear to jacket, otherwise very clean and fresh. Very good condition in Very Good Jacket (HOLO2-124-11) (ID #36076) $200.00.






  41. Mórawski, Karol; Glebocki, Wieslaw. SZTUKA I KULTURA ZA MURAMI. Warszawa: Snaideckich, 1978. Paper Wrappers, Square 8vo, 25 pages. 19 cm. In Polish. Loaded with plates of Artwork. Title translates as "Art and Culture for the Walls." At head of title: Zydowski Instytut Historyczny w Polsce. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Poland. Art, Jewish -- Poland. Warsaw (Poland) -- Pictorial works. Very Good Condition. (H-41-11) (ID #13999) $50.00.






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  249. Tsentraler Yidisher Historisher Komisie In Poyln. מעטאדאלאגישע אנווייזונגען צום אויספארשן דעם חורבן פון פוילישן יידנטום. METODOLOGISHE ONVAYZUNGEN TSUM OYSFORSHN DEM HURBN FUN POYLISHN YIDNTUM. Lodz: [Tsentraler Yidisher Historisher Komisie In Poyln], 1945. 1st edition. Original Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 46 pages; 21 cm. Title translates as “Methodological Instructions for the Investigation of the Destruction of Polish Jewry. ” From the series, “Oysgabes fun der Tsentraler Yidisher Historisher Komisie baym Tsentral-Komitet fun Poylishe Yidn, ” nr. 5. A very important manual produced for those going into the DP camps and elsewhere to interview survivors for documentation of war crimes and to locate information about victims and survivors. Divided into sections with different questionnaires and options for different populations and situations. Laura Jockusch has written a great deal on this early movement to immediately begin to document the Holocaust: “After Poland was completely liberated in spring 1945, the CZKH established up to twenty-five branches throughout the country, with Regional Historical Commissions in Kraków, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Bialystok, and Katowice, and transferred its headquarters to Lódz. The branches of Kraków, under the auspices of Michal Borwicz, Josef Wulf, and Nella Thon-Rost, and Warsaw, headed by Hersz Wasser, played a particularly active role. In Allied-occupied Germany, historical commissions operated among the Jewish Displaced Persons (DP) population in the American and the British Zones. In the British Zone, a historical commission crystallized in the DP camp Belsen on October 10, 1945, in the framework of the cultural officeof the Central Committee of Liberated Jews in the British Zone. The initiators – among them the Polish-born journalists Paul Trepman, Dovid Ro-sental, and Rafael Olewski along with the actor Sami Feder – aimed at recording the recent catastrophe by collecting “pictures, photographs, all kinds of publications, songs and stories in all languages, clothing and uniforms, urns of the dead and burnt, lists of people resettled, murdered, witnesses, prisoners; books and Torah scrolls – everything, relating to the Hitler era. ” (from “Khurbn Forshung – Jewish Historical Commissions in Europe, 1943-1949”). One of only a handful of books in Yiddish published in 1945 in Poland. SUBJECT(S): Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Poland. Jews. OCLC worldcat lists 14 copies worldwide. Spine rebacked with clear tape, light wear, Good+ Condition. Important. (holo2-125-46) (ID #36074) $375.00.






  251. American ORT Federation. ORT ECONOMIC REVIEW. Vol V, Nr 2. Dec, 1945 (only). New York, American ORT Federation. 1945. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 98 pages 23 cm. Articles include: "ORT Fifty Years of Jewish Relief in Eastern Europe;" "First Aid and Personal Rehabilitation for Displaced Persons;" " Americans and Japanese in Siberia, 1918-1919;" etc. Quarterly Periodical began publishing in 1941. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Periodicals. Jews -- Charities. Heavy wear & chipping to covers, Internally clean & tight with a few stains. Good Condition Thus. (H-43-7) (ID #14087) $30.00.






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  257. DE VERDWIJNING VAN ANNEKE BEEKMAN EN REBECCA MELJADO [THE DISAPEARANCE OF ANNEKE BEEKMAN & REBECCA MELJADO). No Place (amsterdam), Nederlands-Israel. Kerkgen., 1954. 1st edition. Original Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 105 pages. In the original Dutch. Not in Wolff nor Robinson & Friedman. Published by the Nederlands-Israelietisch- & Portugees-Israelietisch- Kergenootschaps. Two of the Anne Franks who survived, but certainly not without their own set of scars. This is the heart wrenching story of the repeated "kidnapping" of these two girls by the foster families who had raised them during the war and, after liberation, refused to give the girls up. The autorities and Jewish community, of course, wanted the Girls returned. The book includes the entire drama with documents and newspapaper articles. Very Good Condition (H-41-2) (ID #14039) $30.00.






  259. American Jewish Conference. Committee On Preliminary Studies. A SURVEY OF FACTS AND OPINIONS ON PROBLEMS OF POST-WAR JEWRY IN EUROPE AND PALESTINE. New York city, 1943. Paperback, 4to, 4 p. L. 11-143 pages, 27 x 20 cm. "Documents" on pages 111-143. Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 -- Jews. Jewish question. Reconstruction (1939-1951). Very Good condition. (H-43-12) (ID #12390) $30.00.






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    The First Jewish Prayerbook Published in German Following the Holocaust


    Dienemann, Max, translator. Siegfried Guggenheim, editor. AUS DEN GEBETEN ISRAELS [FIRST JEWISH PRAYERBOOK PUBLISHED IN GERMAN FOLLOWING THE HOLOCAUST]. Frankfurt Am Main: B. Wolpe/ Bauerschen Giesserei, 1948. 1st edition. Original Paper Wrappers, 4to, 38 pages; 26 cm. The First Jewish Prayerbook Published in German Following the Holocaust. "Dem andenken an meinem freund und lehrer Dr Max Dienemann Rabbiner in Offenbach 1920-1939…. Nach der zu diesem Druck im Jahre 1938 hergestellten Ubersetzung von Rabbiner Max Dienemann Offenbach am Main. " Originally translated by Dienemann in 1938, but never published until this printing, after the Holocaust. Printed on deluxe Buttenpapier from the Rheinland. Includes 80-word handwritten signed letter from Guggenheim laid in. Guggenheim was chairman of the Offenbach Jewish Community from 1933-1939 and was imprisoned at Buchenwald. OCLC-Worldcat lists 8 copies worldwide. Wear to Spine, otherwise Very Good Condition. (Holo2-125-16) (ID #36041) $75.00.






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    The First German Language Hagadah Published on German Soil after the Holocaust


  301. Zentralrat Der Juden In Deutschland. HAGADAH SHEL PESAH = FAMILIEN-HAGADA MIT DARSTELLUNG UND VERLAUF DES SEDER-ABENDS. Dusseldorf; Zentralart Der Juden In Deutschland, 1960. Original Boards. 4to. 94 pages. 28 cm. First edition. In Hebrew and German. The first German-language Hagadah published in Germany following liberation, produced for the newly blossoming community rebuilding Jewish life on German soil. Bearbeiet von Jean Schwarz. Illustrated throughout. Subjects: Judaism - Liturgy - Texts. Passover - Prayers and devotions. Judaism - Liturgy. Passover. OCLC lists 3 copies (Harvard, Natl Libr Israel, Univ Bremen). Light wear, Very Good Condition. (HAG-16-23A) (ID #35853) $300.00.






  303. Shemuel David Ungar, Ha-Levi; Yosef Mosheh Ungar, Ha-Levi; Bezalel Ben Abraham Ashkenazi. HAGADAH SHEL PESAH NE'OT DESHE: HIDUSHE AGADAH VE-DIVRE MUSAR VE-HIT ORERUT, VE-KITSAT HIDUSHE HAGADAH SHEL PESAH. Mt. Kisco, N. Y.; Ha-Yeshivah Menaytra, 1950. Original Cloth. 8vo. [9], 102 [i. E. 203], [21] pages. 24 cm. First edition. First appearance. In Hebrew. Yaari no. 2392; Yudlov no. 4171. “Edited and Printed by Yeshiva Press, Mt. Kisco, N. Y. ”. Hagadah Shel Pesah Ne'ot Desheh ("Lush meadows"): Haggadah with the commentary of Rabbi Shmuel Dovid Ungar (1886-1945), the rabbi of Nitra and dean of the last surviving yeshiva in Nazi occupied Europe. His son, Sholom Moshe (1916–2003), was named Rav of Nitra by the survivors of that city and reopened the Nitra Yeshiva. In 1946 he and his brother-in-law, Rabbi Weissmandl, moved the Nitra Yeshiva to Somerville, New Jersey. In 1948 the yeshiva was moved again to its present site in Mount Kisco, New York. This Haggadah was printed at the short lived printing press at the Yeshiva in Mount Kisco, a vocational education experiment for Yeshiva students. Subjects: Haggadot – Texts. Seder - Liturgy - Texts. Judaism - Liturgy – Texts. OCLC lists 6 copies. Light soiling to cloth, front hinge loose, wine stains to edges throughout, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (HAG-16-3) (ID #35832) $275.00.






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  311. Flinker, Moishe. YOUNG MOSHE'S DIARY; THE SPIRITUAL TORMENT OF A JEWISH BOY IN NAZI EUROPE. Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, 1965. Cloth, 8vo, 126 pages, facsims, portraits, 22 cm. Translation of ha-Na'ar Mosheh. Subjects: Holocaust, Jewish, 1939-1945 -- Personal narratives. World War, 1939-1945 -- Personal narratives, Jewish. Introductions by Shaul Esh and Geoffrey Wigoder. Includes frontis photo. Very good condition in good jacket. (H-27-1) (ID #12486) $30.00.






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  315. Elberg, Yehudah. צווישן מארגן און אוונט : ראמאן. TSVISHN MORGN UN OVNT: ROMAN. Tel-Aviv: Yisroel-bukh, 1987. Cloth, 8vo, 375 pages. 23 cm. In Yiddish. LCCN: 87-164330. Novel. Between Morning and Evening. Fiction. Very Good Condition. (H-43-5) (ID #14115) $40.00.






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