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A handful of Examples.

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Dear friends & colleagues,

Below you'll find 10 example of illustrated Nazi & other Antisemitic publications, all with dramatic images of Jews, Aryan Beauty, or both. Most images can be clicked on for more detail.

As always, all items are 100% returnable for any reason. Domestic postage is usually $4.00 for the first item and $1.00 for each thereafter. International shipping is usually $9.00 for the first item or two and $5.00 for each thereafter, depending on size.

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   1. • Schultze-Naumburg, Paul. KUNST UND RASSE. Berlin, J. F. Lehmanns Verlag, 1928. 1st Edition. Cloth, Bookplate and tiny withdrawal stamp on front endpaper, otherwise Near Fine Condition with no other markings whatsoever. Lacks Jacket? ; 8vo; 144 + ads pages; In German. Much, including photo comparisons, on modern ("degenerate") art's imitation of physical deformity and ugliness. Includes 2 -page bibliography. (ID #670) $150.00. 
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De Joden.jpg (491318 bytes)2. • Graf Von Monts, Hans. DE JODEN IN NEDERLAND. No Place, No Publisher, 1930. 1st Edition (?). Wrappers, No Place (Netherlands), No Publisher (the Author?), No Date (early 1940s?). Paper Wrappers, 8vo. Picture Cover; 8vo; 63 pages; In Dutch. Virulently antisemitic tract with all the usual stereotypes, "compares" the true Dutch to the Jews. Scarce Heavy reliance on Henry Ford, and packed with photos and exaggerated illustrations. Brightly colored cover uses caricatures to show the "growth" of Jewish power in Holland. Wear to covers with a few edge-chips. Internally very clean & solid. Good Condition. (ID #7805) $100.00. 

Frisch und Frei1.jpg (1477559 bytes)3. • Glucker, A.. FRISCH UND FREI! GYMNASTIK DER FRAU IN ALLEN LEBENSLAGEN. Wrappers, Stuttgart, Franckh'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung 1936, 5. Auflage. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 31 pages and 12 photo plates. With 141 illustrations. Fascist celebration of the Aryan Female body beautiful with photos showing exercises for strength and beauty. Picture cover. Very Good Condition (ID #12812) $50.00. 


Joden zijn1a.jpg (742783 bytes)Joden Zijn2.jpg (1553217 bytes) Joden Zijn4.jpg (1574346 bytes)4. • Van De Wiele, Jef.. JODEN ZIJN OOK MENSCHEN. . Wrappers, Steenlandt, Brussels, 1942. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 32 pages. Antisemitic cover with drawing of demonic Jew. Loaded with photos ridiculing Jews.ustreerd. In Flemish. Chapters include: De Diaspora; Waarom tegen de Joden?; De Parasieten; Het monster sluipt binnen; & De maskers af. This copy with the stamps of the Brussels and Antwerp addresses for the Belgian Fascist Volksverwering ("Bloed en Bodem") on the rear cover. Very Good Condition. (ID #12813) $125.00. 


dehaas.jpg (39485 bytes)5. • Haas, Jan de.. NUCHTER BEKEKEN: DE JODEN IN NEDERLAND; HERINNERINGEN, FEITEN, CIJFERS EN UITSPRAKEN OVER DE JODEN.. Wrappers, Rotterdam, Uitgave Nenasu, No Date [1941-2?]. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 29 pages. Antisemitic cartoon on front cover. Scarce. Light foxing to top edge of cover, spine expertly repaired, otherwise Very Good Condition. (ID #12814) $125.00. 



 6. • Diebow, Hans, compiler.. DER EWIGE JUDE. 265 BILDDOKUMENTE. GESAMMELT VON HANS DIEBOW . Wrappers, München : Zentralverlag der NSDAP, 1938. Paper Wrappers, 4to, 128 pages. 25 cm. Dramatic Antisemitic illustration on cover of Jew holding gold coins in one hand and a whip in the other, with the Soviet Union under his arm. "Documentary" on Jewish degeneracy and deceit, with 265 photos offered up as proof and to illustrate the information offered up. An important and often cited tool in the Nazi arsenal to turn non-Jewish Germans against the Jews. In German. Some wear to covers, still much better than usually found. Internally very good and solid. (ID #12815) $500.00. 

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Thus speaks1a.jpg (278550 bytes)7. • "THUS SPEAKS THE TALMUD." THE CASE OF JUDAHISM [SIC] VS. CHRISTIANITY WITH EVIDENCE FROM THE JEWISH RABBI SCRIPTURES. Wrappers, No Place, Twentieth Century Crusaders, No Date (1930s?).Paper wrappers, 12mo, 40 pages. Antisemitic cartoon on cover. Extremely Antisemitic pamphlet, advising readers about the Jewish conspiracy to control the world and suggesting, on the inside rear cover, that people read the Protocols. The Authors state that they base this work on the 1936 German work "The Moral Code of the Jews," which is, itself, based on work by Dr. August Rohling (!) and others. Singerman 0455; He lists only 5 copies. OCLC also lists only 5 copies worldwide. Very Good+ Condition. (ID #12816) $125.00.

schumann.jpg (49488 bytes)8. • Schumann, Arthur. DIE KOMMUNISTISCHEN KAPITALISTENKNECHTE. München, Verlag Frz. Eher nachf., g.m.b.h., 1932. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 47 pages. 22 cm. In German. Jewish-Bolshevik plot to control world finance. Etc. Guillotined for filming, but still complete. Dramatic photomontage cover--with Jewish faces, coins, soldiers, star of david, etc-- has quarter-sized chip obscuring some of the title and 2 corner chips as well. Still useful. OCLC lists 4 copies worldwide. Scarce. $50.00


roosevelt.jpg (36686 bytes)9. • Leers, Johann von. KRÄFTE HINTER ROOSEVELT. Berlin-Steglitz : T. Fritsch, 3. Aufl., 1942. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 189 pages; 21 cm. In German. LCCN: 45-31273. WWII-era anti-American book, paints Roosevelt as a puppet of the Jews. Dramatic photomontage of Roosevelt in front of prominent American Jews and an American flag with 6- instead of 5-pointed stars. "Literaturverzeichnis" on pages 185-189. SUBJECT(S) Jews -- United States. Jewish question. Geographic: United States -- Politics and government -- 1933-1945. Some wear, paper starting to brown, but solid. Good Condition. (#13032) $150.00


irish.jpg (36842 bytes)10. • American Nazi Party. COMMUNISM IS IRISH! Arlington VA: American Nazi Party, no date (1960? No zip code). Paper Wrappers, 8vo, [4] pages. Sarcastically apologetic Nazi tract: "So we apologize. We were wrong. Communist is NOT JEWISH!---It is Irish! Marx was Irish, The Atom spies were Irish, the Hollywood Ten were Irish, the Canadian spy ring, with O'Rosenberg and O'Cohen as leaders, - was Irish…" No copies listed on OCLC. Scarce. Very Good Condition. (#13033) $125.00


fichte.jpg (27338 bytes)11. •Ravage, M. E. (Marcus Eli), A REAL CASE AGAINST THE JEWS... [AND COMISSARY TO THE GENTILES]. No Place [Hamburg Germany?], No Publisher [ Deutsche Fichte-Bund], no date [1937?]. 1st edition thus. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 14 pages. Reprinted from: Century magazine, v. 115, no. 3-4, January and February, 1928. Crude cover illustration of a Jew leading a WASPy type by a nose-ring. Includes letter, laid in, from the Deutsche Fichte-Bund, to "Friends of the Fichte Association" introducing their reprint of these 2 articles from "a time when international Jewry believed to have nearly attained its desired goal of world domination, and when they didn't reckon with the awakening of a nation which exposed the destructive aims of the Jews [i.e. Germany under Hitler]….Studey these cynical Ravage confessions of 1928, and realize that our fight for freedom from the Jewish racketeer, parasite and war profiteer is not our fight alone, but that it is your fight as well!…." Not in Singerman, though he lists the original German-English edition of 1936 (Nr. 0374), noting that Singerman notes that "A Jewish writer's satire...is utilized by the Nazi propaganda machine s a confession by a Jewish renegade." LCCN: nuc 87-699366. SUBJECT(S) Jews -- Apologetic writings. Jewish question. OCLC lists 3 copies of this edition (as well as German- and post 1968 US reprints). None mention the presence of the letter. Light wear to wrappers, especially at staples, but Good condition. $150.00


12. • YOUPINO. [Paris?] : N.E.F., No Date (1940-44). Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 12 pages, chiefly illustrated 21 cm. In French. Cover title. With a full page cartoon for each page, traces the life of a Jew--from the baby who is mean to the other kids, to the schoolboy who cheats at marbles, to the war profiteer, to, finally the man who is evicted from France by stone-throwing French youths.  OCLC lists 1 solitary copy (Texas), and we were unable to locate a single copy in the major universities of Europe (including France!). Judith K. Proud cites this pamphlet in her article on anti-enemy propaganda of the Vichy Regime ("Perrault, Pétain, and the politicisation of the Fairy Tale" in EUROPA Number 3 1997. See online at http://www.intellectbooks.com/europa/number3/proud.htm). SUBJECT(S) Antisemitism -- France. Fascist propaganda -- France. Not a perfect copy, with the staple rusted out, but the paper remains good and the illustrations are sharp and dramatic. Good condition thus. $250.00

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