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We are pleased to offer you this selection of books and articles by the great scholar of Modern Jewish History and Nazi Culture, George L. Mosse.

In particular, many of these offprinted articles by Mosse, appearing as they did in highly specialized academic journals, are now difficult to find even in established Jewish and Holocaust Libraries.

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George Lachmann Mosse (September 20, 1918, Berlin, Germany – January 22, 1999, Madison, Wisconsin) was a German-born American cultural historian. The author of over 25 books, on topics as diverse as constitutional history, Protestant theology, and the history of masculinity, he is best known for his studies of Nazism. In 1966, he and Walter Laqueur founded The Journal of Contemporary History, which they co-edited.

Mosse was born in Berlin to a well-to-do Jewish family which published the major liberal newspaper in Germany the Berliner Tageblatt, as well as the Berliner MorgenzeitungVolkszeitung, and the 8-Uhr Abendblatt. The family left Germany the day after Hitler was appointed Chancellor, although George, away at school in southern Germany, did not leave until March 31, 1933.

After Mosse immigrated to the United States from the UK in 1939, he attended Haverfort College and received his B.A there in1941. He then pursued his interest in English Protestant history at Harvard, where he studied with the medievalist Charles Howard McIlwain and received a PhD there in 1946. His dissertation dealt with the struggle for sovereignty between king and Parliament in the early seventeenth century and was published under the title The struggle for sovereignty in England, from the reign of Queen Elizabeth to the Petition of Right in 1950.

In 1945 Mosse became a member of the History Department faculty at the State University of Iowa, and was assigned to a newly established core course on the history of Western civilization, established just in time for the return of large numbers of veterans from WWII. In 1955 he left the State University of Iowa to take a position as associate professor of European history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he was recruited to build up the European history program. He served on the faculty until his retirement in 1988. In addition, Mosse taught at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem from 1969 to 1985. He also held several visiting professorships across the US, Europe, Israel, and South Africa.

While Mosse's early scholarship focused on the study of English constitutional history, Puritanism, and the Reformation, after his arrival at the University of Wisconsin his interest shifted towards modern German history and the history of Anti-Semitism. In 1964 his seminal volume The Crisis of German Ideology: Intellectual Origins of the Third Reich was published. This work gave a new perspective on the study of the genesis of Nazism and right-wing movements in general. This book was followed by several others that challenged the conventional approaches to the origins of Nazism and fascism: Nazi Culture (1966), The Nationalization of the Masses (1975), and Toward the Final Solution(1977). His Fallen Soldiers investigated the cult of the war dead in Western Europe during and after the First World War. He was also interested in the history of German-Jewish relations and cultural co-habitation.

Then in the 1980, much of Mosse’s work analyzed the concepts and perceptions of beauty, sexuality, and policies of public and social hygiene, in particular the political implications of perceived deviations from the norms of nineteenth century middle class society. His research resulted in two books, Nationalism and Sexuality (1985) and The Image of Man(1996).

In total, Mosse authored more than twenty-five books, including his autobiography Confronting History (2000). He published a great number of articles in academic journals and contributed to many volumes of essays. He was also a founding editor of the influential Journal of Contemporary History together with Walter Lacquer.

He received five honorary doctorates and was also awarded the Award for Scholarly Distinction of the American Historical Association, the Leo Baeck Medal, the Premio Aqui Storia, the Premio Prezzolini, and the Goethe Institute's Goethe-Medaille.

Mosse died on January 22, 1999 in Madison. In his will he endowed a program at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and stipulated that this money be used for furthering academic exchange and collaboration between the departments of history at the University of Wisconsin and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He also left funds in support of gay and lesbian studies, and scholarships in Jewish and modern European history. Among other beneficiaries were The Leo Baeck Institute in New York, the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the Gay and Lesbian Studies department at the University of Amsterdam, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. (Wikipedia & LBI)


  1. Mosse, George L. AMISTAD Y CONCIENCIA NACIONAL: PROMESA Y FRACASO DE NACIONALISMO ALEMÁN. [Rumbos - Offprint], 1981. Original Wraps. 8vo. [29-46] (ie. 18) pages. 24 cm. Offprint. In Spanish. “Amistad y conciencia nacional: Promesa y fracaso de nacionalismo alemán,” in Rumbos, 5, otoño 1981. 'Friendship and Nationhood: About the Promise and Failure of German Nationalism' (later published in an English language version in Journal of Contemporary History, XVII, 2, April 1982). Situates the nineteenth century conception of friendship as autonomy of personal relationships, and its coexistence and accentuation of patriotism, and the violent shift undergone, and the ideas underlying, towards a nationalism without personal autonomy, and without room for the concept of friendship, in the twentieth century. None on oclc, thought located at the George Mosse Archives in Wisconsin. Subjects: Friendship – Nationalism – Patriotism – Autonomy. Philosophy of Friendship. National Socialism. Totalitarianism. Light edge wear. Very good condition. (MOSS-1-7) (ID #32659) $20.00.






  3. Mosse, George L. ANATOMY OF A STEREOTYPE. [New German Critique - Offprint], 1987. Original Wraps. 8vo. [163-168] (ie. 6) pages. 25 cm. Offprint. “Anatomy of a Stereotype,” in New German Critique, 42, Fall 1987. Review by George Mosse of 'Difference and Pathology: Stereotypes of Sexuality, Race, and Madness' by Sander L. Gilman and 'Jewish Self-Hatred: Anti-Semitism and the Hidden Language of the Jews' by Sander L. Gilman. A short but concise review by Mosse concerning stereotypes and the latency of discrimination in society; on 'the medicalization of Jews' in Germany, German-Jewish consciousness, Yiddish, and the position of Jewishness in German stereotypes; also reviews as well Gilman's earlier work on insanity (Seeing the Insane) and iconography of insanity. With reference to early twentieth century German barracks language and anti-semitic motifs. Subjects: German-Jewish relations – stereotypes – discrimination. Anti-semitism. Anatomy – Gestures – Stereotypes. Very good condition. (MOSS-1-10) x (ID #32662) $20.00.






  5. Mosse, George L. THE ASSIMILATION OF MACHIAVELLI IN ENGLISH THOUGHT: THE CASUISTRY OF WILLIAM PERKINS AND WILLIAM AMES. [Huntington Library Quarterly - Offprint], 1954. Original Wraps. 8vo. [315-326] (ie. 7) pages. 24 cm. Offprint. “The Assimilation of Machiavelli in English Thought: The Casuistry of William Perkins and William Ames,” in Huntington Library Quarterly, XVII, 4, August 1954. 'Shows that Machiavellian policy coincided with the Christian policy of the seventeenth-century Protestant casuists William Perkins (The Works of William Perkins – collected sermons) and William Ames (The Marrow of Sacred Divinity, A Fresh Suit of Human Ceremonies.) in justifying un-Christian actions with Christian ends, offering a practical divinity parallel to Machiavelli's practical statecraft. Discussion centers primarily on the various casuistic arguments of Perkins and Ames, with notes referring to their works and to criticism on the casuists. ' (#301; Niccolo Machiavelli: An Annotated Bibliography; edited by Silvia Ruffo-Fiore). Subjects: Casuistry – Machiavelli. William Perkins – William Ames – Machiavelli. Protestantism – Puritanism - Christian Thought – Reformation – Statecraft. None on oclc. Fresh and clean. Very good condition. (MOSS-1-16) (ID #32668) $20.00.






  7. Mosse, George L. THE CORPORATE STATE AND THE CONSERVATIVE REVOLUTION IN WEIMAR GERMANY. Bruxelles; Editions De La Librairie Encyclopedique, 1965. Original Wraps. 8vo. [213-242] (ie. 30) pages. 24 cm. Offprint. “The Corporate State and the Conservative Revolution in Weimar Germany,” in Gouvernés et gouvernants, 5e partie, Période contemporaine, Recueils de la Société Jean Bodin pour l’histoire comparative des institutions, t. 26, Bruxelles, Editions de la Librairie Encyclopédique, 1965. Essay by George Mosse exploring the positions and intellectual foundations of the 'third force' in Wiemar Germany, that of the conservative revolution of Weimar era corporatists and volkists who were opposed to bolshevism, the bourgeois republic, parliamentarism, and capitalism. The ideas of Strasserism and similar tendencies are explored, which helped foster a national socialist revolution, but found themselves opposed to the nazi party. Subjects: Anti-capitalism – Third Way – National Socialism. Weimar Germany. Conservatism – Anti-Democratic. Nazism. OCLC lists one copy at Tel Aviv Univ. Light shelf wear, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good condition. (MOSS-1-6) (ID #32658) $30.00.






  9. Mosse, George L. E. NOLTE ON ‘THREE FACES OF FASCISM’. [Journal Of History Of Ideas - Offprint], 1966. Original Wraps. 4to. [621-625] (ie. 5) pages. 26 cm. Offprint. “E. Nolte on ‘Three Faces of Fascism’,” in Journal of the History of Ideas, XXVII, 4, October-December 1966. Review of conservative historian Ernst Nolte's 1963 work Der Faschismus in seiner Epoche (Fascism In Its Epoch; translated into English in 1965 as The Three Faces Of Fascism), by George L Mosse, whom highlights the conceptual framework of Nolte's work, which gives it its great importance, that of a Hegelian reading of the hidden foundations of structure; fascism is theorized as both the betrayal by the bourgeoisie of their own revolution, and anti-marxist without transcendence. Not on OCLC, but held at the George Mosse Archives in Wisconsin. Subjects: Nolte – Three Faces of Fascism – Reviews. Offprints – George L. Mosse. Clean and fresh. Very good condition. (MOSS-1-4) (ID #32656) $20.00.






  11. Mosse, George L. FASCISM AND THE INTELLECTUALS. [Weidenfeld And Nicolson - Offprint], 1968. Original Wraps. 8vo. [205-226] (ie. 21) pages. 22 cm. Offprint. “Fascism and the Intellectuals,” in The Nature of Fascism: Proceedings of a Conference Held by the Reading University Graduate School of Contemporary European Studies, Edited by Stuart J. Woolf, London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1968 (Reading University Studies on Contemporary Europe. Studies in Fascism, 2). An incisive essay detailing the ideological and cultural formation of intellectuals becoming fascists; the intellectual fascist attempted a spiritual and artistic rejuvenation through the nationalist total state; the post-1918 period, with figures such as Gentile, Celine, Pound, Benn, la Rochelle, Maurras and others portrayed. The position of the intellectual in ideology is outlined; with an interesting comparison between the inability to understand fascism of the older liberal Croce to the ability of the young anti-fascist humanist socialist such as Roselli to comprehend the figure of the fascist intellectual. Subjects: Fascism – Ideology – Intellectuals. Romanticism, idealism, nationalism – anti-semitism. None listed on oclc. Wraps worn, otherwise fresh and clean. Good + condition. (MOSS-1-15) (ID #32667) $20.00.






  13. Mosse, George L. FASCIST AESTHETICS AND SOCIETY, SOME CONSIDERATIONS. [Journal Of Contemporary History - Offprint], 1996. Original Wraps. 8vo. [245-252] (ie. 8) pages. 21 cm. Offprint. “Fascist Aesthetics and Society, Some Considerations,” in Journal of Contemporary History, XXXI, 2, April 1996. Short essay by Mosse on recent scholarship on Fascist Aesthetics, and the need for further research on the topic, which has been neglected all but in Italy. The notion of the fascist man, the use of greek classicism, fascism as civic religion; the author pinpoints the role of fascist gesture and manipulation of symbols which played a crucial role in fascism's appeal. Subjects: Fascism – Aesthetics. Very good condition. (MOSS-1-12) (ID #32664) $20.00.






  15. Mosse, George L. FIN DE SIÈCLE: CHALLENGE AND RESPONSE. [BMGN, CVI, AFL. 4 - Offprint], 1991. Original Wraps. 8vo. [573-580] (i. E. 8) pages. 23 cm. Offprint. “’Fin de siècle’: Challenge and Response,” in Bijdragen en medelingen betreffende de geschiedenes der Nederlanden, CVI, 4, 1991. Essay concerning the shared 'challenge to established society' of fin-de-siecle aesthetic, literary, and political movements, with emphasis on exponents in German expressionism. Discusses the 'recovery of the body' through sexuality and youth movements; middle-class response, official marginalization, and Nazism's label of Degenerate Art. Not on OCLC, but held at the George Mosse Archives in Wisconsin. Subjects: Fin De Siecle – Essays - George L. Mosse. Light edge wear to wraps, overall fresh and clean. Very good condition. (MOSS-1-2) (ID #32654) $20.00.






  17. Mosse, George L.; Pier Francesco Listri. GEORGE L. MOSSE (1985) [ISSUE 3 OF QUADERNI DEL PREMIO PREZZOLINI]. Firenze; Ed. Felice Le Monnier, 1990. Original Wraps. 16mo. [3], 61, [1] (ie. 65) pages. 17 cm. First edition. In Italian. 'George L. Mosse, [1985]'. Issue 3 of Quaderni del Premio Prezzolini. Contains lectures delivered at a conference in honor of George L Mosse, with introductory essay on the biography and work of Mosse, and various essays by noted Italian and Italian-Jewish journalists, historians, and literary critics Enrico Nistri, Antonio De Benedetti, Massimo L. Salvadori, Rosellina Balbi, Luciano Tas, Marcello Staglieno, and Ze'ev Mankovetz on Mosse; most essays specifically devoted to the history of Racism and Fascism. Includes three essays by Mosse, an acceptance speech (Discorso di ringraziamento), 'views on racism' (Come vedo il razzismo), and 'the historian must destroy the myths' (Lo storico deve distruggere I miti). Volume not listed on the Bibliography of the works of George L. Mosse on the Madison-Wisconsin George L. Mosse program in history website. OCLC lists one copy (Sistema Bibliotecario Ticinese). Subjects: Festschrift – George L. Mosse. Historiography – Italian Fascism. History of Racism. Near fine. Great condition. (MOSS-1-14) (ID #32666) $40.00.






  19. Mosse, George L. GERMANS AND JEWS; THE RIGHT, THE LEFT, AND THE SEARCH FOR A "THIRD FORCE" IN PRE-NAZI GERMANY. New York, H. Fertig, 1970. 1st Edition. Cloth, 8vo, 260 pages, 21 cm. Includes bibliographical references. Subjects: Antisemitism--Germany. Jews--Germany--Intellectual life. Right and left (Political science). Germany--Politics and government--20th century. Very good condition in good jacket. (ComHist-12-22) (ID #10603) $40.00.






  21. Mosse, George L. HISTORY, ANTHROPOLOGY AND MASS MOVEMENTS. [American Historical Review - Offprint], 1969. Original Wraps. 8vo. [447-452] (ie. 6) pages. 24 cm. Offprint. Review: “History, Anthropology, and Mass Movements” by George L. Mosse, originally published The American Historical Review, Vol. 75, No. 2 (Dec, 1969). Review of 'Rage, Culture, and Evolution: Essays in the History of Anthropology' by George W. Stocking, Jr. 'Geschichte der Anthropologie' by Wilhelm E. Mühlmann 'The Rise of Anthropological Theory: A History of Theories of Culture' by Marvin Harris. A short review and study of recent debates in the historiography of Anthropology, between emphasis on sociology of knowledge (cultural materialism) or technoeconomic determinism; Mosse makes an excellent critique of the theoretical fallacies in the works in review, and brings into play the writings of Claude Levi Strauss as an excellent example of anthropological work which can assist in understanding mass movements and 'popular knowledge', owing to the emphasis on myth, symbols, and the intersection of the unconscious and social reality which Levi Strauss utilizes. Not on OCLC, but held at the George Mosse Archives in Wisconsin. Subjects: Anthropological theory – Marxism – Sociology of Knowledge. Mass movements – Symbols. Levi Strauss. Light shelf wear. Very good condition. (MOSS-1-3) (ID #32655) $20.00.






  23. Mosse, George L. THE INFLUENCE OF JEAN BODIN’S ‘REPUBLIC’ ON ENGLISH POLITICAL THOUGHT. [Medievalia Et Humanistica - Offprint], 1948. Original Wraps. 8vo. (ie. 11) 24 cm. Offprint. “The Influence of Jean Bodin’s ‘Republic’ on English Political Thought,” in Medievalia et Humanistica, V, 1948. A short essay by Mosse detailing the impact of the political philosophy and conceptions of sovereignty of Jean Bodin on Elizabethan and Jacobean thought. A survey of the period literature, as well as contemporary scholarly studies; with interesting comparisons of the impact of Machiavelli and Bodin on the period. Subjects: Jean Bodin – Political Philosophy – English Thought. Light wear to wraps, overall fresh and clean. Very good condition. (MOSS-1-20) (ID #32672) $20.00.






  25. Mosse, George L. THE INFLUENCE OF THE VÖLKISCH IDEA ON GERMAN JEWRY. New York: Leo Baeck Inst, 1967. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 83-114 pages. Offprint from Studies of the Leo Baeck Institute. Slight shelf wear, small hole near top of front cover, very good condition. (GER-19-5) (ID #18950) $40.00.






  27. Mosse, George L. IST DER NATIONALISMUS NOCH ZU RETTEN? ÜBER GERECHTFERTIGTEN UND UNGERECHTFERTIGTEN NATIONALISMUS. [Festschrift Fur Jost Hermand - Offprint], 1996. Original Wraps. 8vo. [37-47] (ie. 11) pages. 21 cm. Offprint. In German. “Ist der Nationalismus noch zu retten? Über gerechtfertigten und ungerechtfertigten Nationalismus,” in Responsibility and Commitment, Festschrift für Jost Hermand, Ed. Klaus Berghahn et al, Frankfurt am Main, Peter Lang, 1996. Originally presented as a lecture for the 1995 Annual Chaim Weizmann Lecture in Humanities, and later published in English (in 'Israel Studies' 1997) as 'Can Nationalism Be Saved? About Zionism, Rightful and Unjust Nationalism'. A reexamination of various zionist schools of thought that prevailed in the 1920's and 1930's, with an emphasis on Martin Buber; also develops a history of the concept of nationalism from the French Revolution to the present. Subjects: Nationalism – Zionism. Chaim Weizmann Lecture in Humanities. Light shelf wear, very good condition. (MOSS-1-11) (ID #32663) $20.00.






  29. Mosse, George L. LA IMAGEN DEL HOMBRE: LA CREACIÓN DE LA MASCULINIDAD MODERNA. Madrid: Talasa Ediciones, 2000. Paperback, 8vo. 251 pages. Illustrated. First edition. In Spanish. SUBJECT (S): Masculinity; Men. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (Universidad de Monterrey, Puvill Libros S A). Fine condition. (GER-19-1) (ID #18946) $30.00.






  31. Mosse, George L. MAX NORDAU AND HIS ‘DEGENERATION’, INTRODUCTION TO MAX NORDAU, DEGENERATION. [New York; Howard Fertig -Offprint], 1968. Original Wraps. 8vo. [XV-XXXIV] (i. E 20) pages. 22 cm. Offprint. “Max Nordau and His ‘Degeneration’,” Introduction to the 1968 edition of 'Degeneration' (Entartung, originally published 1892); published New York, Howard Fertig. This masterful introduction to the ideas of Max Nordau against the backdrop of fin-de-siecle Europe and concurrent positions in zionism, socialism, and cultural criticism, has been continuously reprinted in the English edition of Nordau's Degeneration since the first appearance. Not on OCLC, but held at the George Mosse Archives in Wisconsin. Subjects: Max Nordau – Entartung – English Edition – Introduction. George L. Mosse – Offprint. Fin De Seicle. Light wear to wraps, overall fresh and clean. Very good condition. (MOSS-1-1) (ID #32653) $20.00.






  33. Mosse, George L. MEDICINE AND MURDER. [Studies In Contemporary Jewry - Offprint], 1990. Original Wraps. 8vo. [315-320] (ie. 6) pages. 24 cm. Offprint. “Medicine and Murder,” in Studies in Contemporary Jewry, VI, 1990. Review of Robert Jay Lifton, The Nazi Doctors. Mosse' review highlights the connection of the social role of physicians and genocide; the why and how doctors trained in healing could be transformed into mass murderers. Subjects: Nazi Doctors – Auschwitz. Review. Light shelf wear. Very good condition. (MOSS-1-8) (ID #32660) $20.00.






  35. Mosse, George L. THE MYSTICAL ORIGINS OF NATIONAL SOCIALISM. [Journal Of The History Of Ideas - Offprint], 1961. Original Wraps. 4to. [81-96] (ie. 16) pages. 26 cm. Offprint. “The Mystical Origins of National Socialism,” in Journal of the History of Ideas, XXIII, 1, January-March 1961. Essay by George L. Mosse exploring the ideas of late 19th century mystical ideologies which are at the origins of Nazism; that of race mysticism, occultism, theosophy, the idealism of deeds, etc. Madame Blavatski, the Diederichs publishing house, Guido von List, Swedenborg, Lietz, and the ideas of others are explored as they impacted across Germany in the period preceding Nazism. Not on OCLC, but held at the George Mosse Archives in Wisconsin. Subjects: Mysticism – National Socialism. Occultism – Theosophy – National Socialism. George L. Mosse – Offprints. Light wear to wraps, overall fresh and clean. Very good condition. (MOSS-1-5) (ID #32657) $20.00.






  37. Mosse, George L. THE POLITICAL CULTURE OF ITALIAN FUTURISM: A GENERAL PERSPECTIVE. [Journal Of Contemporary History - Offprint], 1990. Original Wraps. 8vo. [253-268] (ie. 16) pages. 21 cm. Offprint. “The Political Culture of Italian Futurism: A General Perspective,” in Journal of Contemporary History, XXV, 2-3, April-July 1990. A reevaluation of the impact on fascist politics of the cultural orientation of Italian Futurism; special emphasis is laid on the transitions in European nationalism since the French Revolution, the revolution in communications, and the futurist incorporation of modern technology into a nationalist system as a vital symbol. Emphasis is laid on the influence of Futurists on proto-fascist poets and artists throughout the continent (Yeats, T. S. Eliot, Benn, etc. ). Subjects: Futurism – Fascism. Italian Fascism – Writer and Artists. Light bumping to corner, otherwise fresh and clean. Very good condition. (MOSS-1-13) (ID #32665) $20.00.






  39. Mosse, George L. POLITICAL STYLE AND POLITICAL THEORY – TOTALITARIAN DEMOCRACY REVISITED. Jerusalem: The Israel Academy OF Sciences And Humanities, 1984. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 167-176 pages. Offprint from Totalitarian Democracy and After. SUBJECT (S): Politics and government. Fine condition. (GER-19-12) (ID #18957) $20.00.






  41. Mosse, George L. PURITAN RADICALISM AND THE ENLIGHTENMENT. 1960. Paper wrappers, 4to. 16 pages. Offprint from Vol. XXIX, No. 4, December, 1960 Church History. Fine condition. (GER-19-17) (ID #18962) $20.00.






  43. Mosse, George L. PURITANISM RECONSIDERED. [Archiv Für Reformationsgeschichte - Offprint], 1964. Original Wraps. 8vo. [37-47] (ie. 11) pages. 23 cm. Offprint. “Puritanism Reconsidered,” in Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte, LV, 1, 1964. Essay by Mosse concerning recent scholarly studies on the history and ideology of puritanism as a social phenomenon; the grounds for an even finer sifting of the ideas of the sects, after the major theologians, is proposed. With last page German summary of the article. Subjects: Puritanism – History. None on oclc. Clean and fresh. Very good condition. (MOSS-1-18) (ID #32670) $20.00.






  45. Mosse, George L. REVIEW OF 'ROBERT GREVILLE, LORD BROOKE' BY ROBERT E. L. STRIDER. [Renaissance News - Offprint], 1958. Original Wraps. 8vo. [207-210] (ie. 4) pages. 23 cm. Offprint. Review article originally published in Renaissance News, XI, 3 (1958). Review of the work “Robert Greville, Lord Brooke” (Harvard, 1958) by Robert E. L. Strider. A short and favorable review by Mosse on a work dealing with the life and ideas of the Puritan thinker Robert Greville; Mosse comments mostly upon the interesting aspects of Greville's Platonism brought through in the work by Strider; the only point of contention concerns the dismissal of economic and social history, which Mosse thinks is crucial, rather than those of theological debates, to understanding the decline of the church. William Ames, and the Huguenots, are brought into the discussion. Subjects: Review essay – Robert Greville – Puritanism. Robert Greville – Platonism. None on oclc. Clean and fresh. Very good condition. (MOSS-1-17) (ID #32669) $20.00.






  47. Mosse, George L. REVIEW: THE TREE OF COMMONWEALTH (EDMUND DUDLEY). [Mediaeval Academy Of America - Offprint], 1949. Original Wraps. 4to. [267-269] (ie. 3) pages. 26 cm. Offprint. An offprint from Speculum, A Journal of Mediaeval Studies, Vol. XXIV, April, 1949, No. 2. A brief review by George L. Mosse of the reissue of 'Tree of Commonwealth', edited by D. M. Brodie, 1949. The Tree of Commonwealth was written in 1509 during the imprisonment of Edmund Dudley, who was soon to be executed owing to the clamour of the landed classes after his period of royal treasurer, wherein he conspicuously mulcted the landed and merchant classes to the benefit of Henry VII. Mosse welcomes the republication of this volume, as it is a great benefit to Tudor studies; his review serves to bring into relief all the failing points of D. M. Brodie's introduction and editing, specifically the claims concerning a new political thought of Dudley. Subjects: Edmund Dudley – Tree of Commonwealth – Political Philosophy – Tudorism. Review – Tree of Commonwealth. Lightly bumped edges, otherwise fresh. Very good condition. (MOSS-1-19) (ID #32671) $20.00.






  49. Mosse, George L. RUSHING TO THE COLORS: ON THE HISTORY OF VOLUNTEERS IN WAR. Jerusalem: Historical Society OF Israel & Zalman Shazar Center For Jewish History, 1986. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 173-184 pages. Offprint from Religion, Ideology and Nationalism in Europe and America. SUBJECT (S): War; Volunteerism. Very good condition. (GER-19-13) (ID #18958) $20.00.






  51. Mosse, George L. SIR JOHN FORTESCUE AND THE PROBLEM OF PAPAL POWER. [Medievalia Et Humanistica - Offprint], 1952. Original Wraps. 8vo. [89-94] (ie. 8). 25 cm. Offprint. “Sir John Fortescue and the Problem of Papal Power,” in Medievalia et Humanistica, VII, 1952. Short essay by George Mosse on the conceptions of sovereignty, divine law, and natural law as reflected by English juridical scholars influenced by the papacy in the period before Henry VIII and the reformation; emphasis is on the works of Sir John Fortescue (1394-1480), Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales and the author of the De Laudibus Legum Angliae, an influential treatise on English law. Subjects: Sir John Fortescue – English Law – Papal Law. Conceptions of Soveriengty. None on oclc. Light shelf wear. Very good condition. (MOSS-1-21) (ID #32673) $20.00.






  53. Mosse, George L. ÜBER KRIEGSERINNERUNGEN UND KRIEGSBEGEISTERUNG. [Berlin, Duncker & Humblot - Offprint], 1991. Original Wraps. 8vo. [27-36] (ie. 10) pages. 24 cm. Offprint. In German. “Über Kriegserinnerungen und Kriegsbegeisterung,” in Kriegsbegeisterung und mentale Kriegsvorbereitung. Interdisziplinäre Studien, herausgegeben von Marcel van der Linden und Gottfried Mergner unter Mitarbeit von Herman de Langen, Berlin, Duncker & Humblot, 1991. Offprint from a volume of essays devoted to scholarship on early twentieth century german militarist ideology and the subjective and social factors contributing to war enthusiasm. Mosse's essay opens with a quote from Vidal Nacquet's Assassins of Memory, and goes on to explore the 'myth of the fallen soldier'; the use of war myths across party lines and two world wars. Subjects: World War 1 – World War 2 – German militarism – German nationalism – German soldiers myths. Light edge wear, otherwise fresh and clean. Very good condition. (MOSS-1-9) (ID #32661) $20.00.