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Part II



Nr. 2. Chojrew. רעליגיעזע שול־ארגאניזאציע ״חורב״ אין פוילען : (קאנגרעס פוילען און גאליציען).
Warsaw, No date (ca. 1927).





We are pleased to publish:

Catalog 171: The Jews of Eastern Europe, Before and After the Holocaust, Part II.

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1.   S. D. Meirowitz. MISPED MAR. Vilna; E. Matz, 1881. Later Wrappers. 12mo. 24 pages. 18cm. Only edition. In Hebrew. Eulogy for Czar Alexander II (1818-81) following his assassination. Relates all the good the Czar performed for Russia and the Jews. Although the Russian-Jewish experience was not as harsh under the reign of Alexander II compared to that of his father, Czar Nicholas I, nevertheless new policies were implemented to encourage Jewish assimilation. Subjects: Czar Alexander II – Eulogy. No listings on OCLC. Very Good condition. Rare. (SPEC-36-8) (ID #31320) $300.00.


2.   Chojrew. רעליגיעזע שול־ארגאניזאציע ״חורב״ אין פוילען : (קאנגרעס פוילען און גאליציען). RELIGYEZE SHUL-ORGANIZATSYE "HOREV" IN POYLEN: (KONGRES POYLEN [POYLN] UN GALITSYEN [GALITSYN]). Poland, Warsaw, Poland, Warsaw, No date (ca. 1927). 8vo, Paper-wrappers bound together with a string, 8vo, 54 pages, illustrated with 26 photos, mostly portraits, in Yiddish. Original period photo-montage cover. Chojrew was an educational organization active from 1924 to 1940. Affiliated with the Agudas Israel in Poland, it maintained a network of orthodox Jewish schools throughout Poland for boys of all ages. The central office in Warsaw was organized at the Second National Agudas Israel Conference in 1924 and was a response to the development of Jewish secular schools, which were viewed as a threat to traditional Jewish orthodox values. Before the founding of Chojrew most religious schools were in private hands and were not organized. The Chojrew network included 1) preparatory or junior yeshivot 2) yeshivot gedolot, or yeshivot for older boys 3) elementary schools, or khadorim, with secular studies 4) khadorim without secular studies 5) summer camps 6) libraries 7) An Association of Religious Teachers and a teachers’ placement service. As of 1937 Chojrew maintained a total of 580 institutions with 73,311 students of which 150 schools and 18,000 students were located in Vilna. OCLC lists only one copy worldwide (Spertus Insitute of Jewish Studies). Edgewear to covers, with a few chips at margins, no loss of text or illustration, pages tanned, overall very good condition (YIDCHI-5-22) (ID #29838) $200.00.




3.    Kupovetsky, Mark. editor. DOKUMENTI PO ISTORII I KULTURE EVREEV V ARKHIVAKH BELARUSI: PUTEVODITEL’. [JEWISH DOCUMENTARY SOURCES IN BELARUS ARCHIVES: A GUIDE]. Moscow, RGGU [Russian State University For The Humanities], 2003.  Hardcover. 8vo. 606 pages. 23 cm. In Russian with introduction and table of contents also in English. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Belarus -- History -- Sources. Archival resources -- Belarus -- Catalogs. Geographic: Belarus -- Ethnic relations -- History -- Sources. "Izdanie Project Judaica"--Part [2]. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. ISBN: 572810567X. New Condition. (JTS1-10) (ID #28221) $30.00.


4.    Kupovetsky, Mark. editor. DOKUMENTI PO ISTORII I KULTURE EVREEV V ARKHIVAKH MOSKVI: PUTEVODITEL’. [JEWISH DOCUMENTARY SOURCES IN MOSCOW ARCHIVES: A GUIDE]. Moscow, RGGU [Russian State University For The Humanities], 1997.  Hardcover. 8vo. 502 pages. 23 cm. In Russian with introduction and table of contents also in English. ISBN: 5728102115; 9785728102113. SUBJECT(S): Archives -- Russia (Federation) -- Moscow -- Directories. Jews -- Soviet Union -- History -- Sources. Manuscripts, Hebrew -- Soviet Union. Includes indexes. New Condition. (JTS1-9) (ID #28220) $30.00.


5.    Sallis, Dorit. JEWISH DOCUMENTARY SOURCES IN RUSSIA, UKRAINE AND BELARUS: A PRELIMINARY LIST. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary Of America, 1996. Original Softcover. 8vo. Vii, 164 pages. 23 cm. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Russia (Federation) -- History -- Sources -- Bibliography -- Union lists. Jews -- Russia (Federation) -- History -- Manuscripts -- Union lists. Archives -- Russia (Federation) -- Union lists. Jews -- Ukraine -- History -- Sources -- Bibliography -- Union lists. Jews -- Ukraine -- History -- Manuscripts -- Union lists. Archives -- Ukraine -- Union lists. Jews -- Belarus -- History -- Sources -- Bibliography -- Union lists. Jews -- Belarus -- History -- Manuscripts -- Union lists. Archives -- Belarus -- Union lists. "A publication of Project Judaica"--Part [iii]. Includes portions of: “Dokumental’nye materialy po istorii evreev v arkhivakh SNG I stran Baltii: predvaritel’nyi spisok arkhivnykh fondov.” New Condition. (JTS1-11) (ID #28222) $25.00.


6.   Cohen, Chester G. SHTETL FINDER: JEWISH COMMUNITIES IN THE 19TH AND EARLY 20TH CENTURIES IN THE PALE OF SETTLEMENT OF RUSSIA AND POLAND, AND IN LITHUANIA, LATVIA, GALICIA, AND BUKOVINA, WITH NAMES OF RESIDENTS. Bowie, Maryland; Heritage Books, 1989. Softbound. 4to. III, 145 pages. 28 cm. Second printing. Cover title reads: “Shtetl Finder Gazetteer.” The Shtetl Finder Gazetteer contains entries for over 2, 000 Jewish communities in eastern Europe, giving locations and lists the names of some Jews known to have lived in each community as compiled from newspapers, book subscriber lists, directories, etc. Subjects: Jews - Russia - Directories. Jews - Poland - Directories. Jews - Austria - Directories. Siedlung. Geschichte (1800-1817). Verzeichnis. Russia - Gazetteers. Poland - Gazetteers. Austria - Gazetteers. Institutional stamps on endpages, otherwise fresh. Very good condition. (GENE-1-19) (ID #29931) $35.00.


7.   Fisher, Krysia; Web, Marek. THE REISENS OF KOYDANOVO. New York: YIVO Institute For Jewish Research, 2006. Paper-wrappers, 4to, 33 pages, many colorful prints. Celebrates the lives of Kalman Reisen and his five children: Rebecca, Abraham, Sarah, Hirsh and Zalman; in particular, it tells the story of the brothers Abraham and Zalman, whose names are among the most prominent in the history of the modern Yiddish culture, and in the history of the YIVO Institute as well. It is also a story of an East European Jewish family which, typically, was fated to live through wars, revolutionary upheavals, emigration, and the horrors of the Holocaust. (from the introduction). SUBJECT(S): Biography. No copies on OCLC. (YIDCHI-5-1) (ID #29688) $100.00.


8.   Gilboa, Jehoshua A.גחלים לוחשות : ילקוט מספרות עברית ומספרות יידיש בברית המועצות GEḤALIM LOHASHOT: YALKUT MI-SIFRUT ʻIVRIT UMI-SIFRUT YIDISH BI-VERIT HA-MOʻATSOT.  Tel Aviv: M. Noiman, 1953. Cloth, 8vo, 381 pages. 23 cm. SUBJECT(S): Hebrew literature -- Soviet Union. Yiddish literature -- Translations into Hebrew. Yiddish literature -- Soviet Union. Very Good Condition. (GER-38-51) (ID #29053) $30.00.


9.   Grzybowski, Kazimierz. POLAND IN THE COLLECTIONS OF THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS; AN OVERVIEW. Washington; Library of Congress, 1968. Illustrated wraps. 4to. III, 26 pages. 27 cm. First edition. An overview of the Library of Congress and of the development of the Poland (including Jewish & non-Jewish material) collections; with detailed descriptions of rare books, materials on Polish history, Bibliographies, Old Polish law books, Religious books, Philosophy, and Manuscripts. Describes the Polish Jewish community, and the manuscripts held in the collection. Subjects: Poland - Bibliography - Catalogs. Fresh and clean. Great condition. (BIBLIOG-30-17) (ID #30145) $30.00.


10.                Jeshurin, Ephim H. 100 יאר מאדערנע יידישע ליטעראטור  100 YOR MODERNE YIDISHE LITERATUR: BIBLIOGRAFISHER TSUSHTEYER. New York; Educational Committee Worksmen Circle, 1965.  Publishers cloth. 8vo. 635 pages. 24 cm. First edition. In Yiddish. Title page verso: One hundred years modern Yiddish literature; bibliography. Extensive compendium of Yiddish literature, including alphabetical listing of authors and their works, with added focus to political and aesthetic schools. Includes English and Yiddish appendix of Ephim H. Jeshurin's bibliographical works and offprints. Subjects: Yiddish literature - History and criticism - Bibliography. Jews - Education - Bibliography. Jiddisch. Bellettrie. Light wear to cloth, light soiling on endpages, overall fresh and clean. Very good condition. (BIBLIOG-29-17) (ID #30009) $35.00.


11.                Kligsberg, Moses. CHILD AND ADOLESCENT BEHAVIOR UNDER STRESS: AN ANALYTICAL TOPICAL GUIDE TO A COLLECTION OF AUTOBIOGRAPHIES OF JEWISH YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN IN POLAND (1932-1939) IN THE POSSESSION OF THE YIVO INSTITUTE FOR JEWISH RESEARCH: TERMINAL PROGRESS REPORT. New York; Yivo Institute for Jewish Research, 1965. Original wraps. 4to. [68] pages. 28 cm. First edition. In English, with a one page Yiddish abstract at the end. Monograph concerned with the content and analytic tools to study the collection of Autobiographies from Poland. Written by Moses David Kligsberg (1901-1975), born in Warsaw, in a family of rabbinic lineage. “In 1917 Moses Kligsberg joined the Yugnt Bund Tsukunft, the young people's organization of the Jewish Labor Bund. He was a member of the Central Committee of the Tsukunft and secretary of its Warsaw branch. From 1921 to 1923 he worked as a librarian at the Groser Bibliotek in Warsaw. Thereafter he taught natural science, mathematics and general studies to youth workers in night schools run by the unions. From 1930 until the outbreak of the Second World War, Moses Kligsberg was Secretary of the Gezelshaft tsu Farshpreytn Bildung tsvishn Yidishe Arbeter (Organization for Educating Jewish Workers), and ran their night school. At the same time he was involved in numerous cultural and educational projects for the Tsukunft. … In 1938 Moses Kligsberg's monograph Yugnt psikhologye un sotsialistishe dertsiung (Youth Psychology and Socialist Education) was published by the Kultur Lige. Thus began Moses Kligsberg's specialization in 'yugnt forshung' (youth research). In 1939 he sent the manuscript of his unpublished article "Di psikhologye fun shpil un estetishn genus" to YIVO in Vilna, and was then invited by Max Weinreich to participate in the YIVO aspirant (YIVO research fellow). With the outbreak of the second World War Moses Kligsberg found refuge in as-yet unoccupied Vilna as a YIVO aspirant. There he began a project of analyzing the collection of youth autobiographies under the title "Perzenlekhe tsiln un gezelshaftlekhe idealn bay der yidisher yugnt in poyln". In 1940, when the Soviet army occupied Vilna, Moses Kligsberg sent his collected notes and materials to the newly-established YIVO in New York. Moses Kligsberg was granted a special visa and came to New York via Kobe (Japan) in April, 1941. He joined the YIVO staff as Max Weinreich's assistant in charge of research projects. In that capacity, after the war Moses Kligsberg corresponded with East European Jewish refugees around the world, asking them to collect materials for YIVO again. As secretary of the contest committee, he organized and administered three YIVO essay contests: 1) Autobiographies of Immigrants (1942); 2) The Experience of Jewish soldiers in World War II (1946); and 3) Supplementary Contest among participants in the autobiographies contest (1953). He was the project manager for the Yiddish language publication of Herman Kruk's Vilna Ghetto diary and oversaw several other YIVO publication projects. He was also a consultant to the Max Weinreich Center for Advanced Jewish Studies. For over thirty years Moses Kligsberg was in charge of all publicity work for YIVO. In 1950 he was appointed editor of the Yedies fun yivo (YIVO News), which position he retained until the end of his days. He wrote the Yiddish version of the Yedies, which was originally translated to English by Shlomo Noble, and later was translated and written by others. … Though lacking in formal degrees, Moses Kligsberg had scholarly ambitions and considered himself a sociologist. It was his lifelong ambition to write a sociological analysis of Jewish youth in Poland based on the Vilna YIVO autobiographies which came out of the contest that took place before World War II. The book never came to be, but Kligsberg wrote and published numerous articles related to the autobiographies and/or Jewish youth inYIVO Bleter / The YIVO Annual, and other journals. Notably, his 100-page article "Di yidishe yugnt bavegung in poyln tsvishn beyde velt milkhomes" (The Jewish Youth Movement in Poland between the Two World Wars), appeared in Studies on Polish Jewry 1919-1939 in 1974. Since his arrival in the United States, Moses Kligsberg was an active member of the American branch of the Jewish Labor Bund. He was secretary of the Foreign Delegation of the Tsukunft, and as such maintained correspondence with Bund and Tsukunft leaders around the world, many of whom were also his personal friends from Poland. Moses Kligsberg helped organize and coordinate Bund youth groups and activities in New York, including a branch of SKIF, the children's movement of the Bund. He was an editor, together with Alexander Erlich and Sholem Hertz, of Yugnt veker, the magazine published by the Bund in the United States. Moses Kligsberg was also a founder and driving spirit of Camp Hemshekh, the Catskills (New York) summer camp run by the Bund from 1959-1978.“ (YIVO) Subjects: Jews - Poland - Biography. Jews - Poland - History - 20th century. Antisemitism - Poland - History. Jews - Persecutions - Poland. Psychophysiology. OCLC lists 7 copies. In Great condition. (BIBLIOG-30-14) (ID #30142) $125.00.


12.                Mohrer, Fruma; Marek Web. GUIDE TO THE YIVO ARCHIVES. Armonk, N. Y.; M. E. Sharpe, 1998. Publishers cloth. 4to. XXV, 400 pages. 26 cm. First edition. This is the first repository-level finding aid to the archives (over 1, 400 collections) of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in New York. It includes a brief history of the institute and archives, descriptive entries on each collection, a detailed index of key words and subject headings, and information on the archive's basic services. Subjects: Jewish archives - Catalogs. Joden. Geschiedenis. YIVO Institute for Jewish research. Archiv. YIVO Archives. - Catalogs. New York (NY) - Yivo Institute for Jewish Research – Archives. Light shelf wear. Great condition. (BIBLIOG-29-15) (ID #30007) $100.00.


13.                Muneles, Otto. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SURVEY OF JEWISH PRAGUE: THE JEWISH STATE MUSEUM OF PRAGUE. Prague, Orbis, 1952. 1st Edition. Cloth, 8vo, 562 pages. Original Publisher's Cloth. 8vo. 562 pages. illus. 22 cm.  SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Czech Republic -- Prague -- Bibliography. Joden. Named Corp: Zidovske múzeum v Presove. This volume was the first published in the Series: "Jewish Monuments in Bohemia and Moravia." Ex-library with minimal markings. Very good condition in good jacket. (SPEC23-33) Very Good Condition Lacks Jacket. (ID #27445) $65.00.



14.                 Katsis, Leonid. editor. JUDAICA ROSSICA: ISSUE 1. Moscow, RGGU [Russian State University For The Humanities], 2001. Softcover. 8vo. 243 pages. 20 cm. In Russian with some Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Former Soviet republics -- History -- Periodicals. Jewish literature -- Former Soviet republics -- History and criticism -- Periodicals. New Condition. (JTS1-13) (ID #28224) $25.00.


15.                Adler, Dr. C. MEMORIAL MEETING (IN MEMORIAM) ISRAEL FRIEDLAENDER, BERNARD CANTOR, WHOSE LIVES WERE SACRIFICED JULY 5, 1920, IN THE CAUSE OF ISRAEL AND IN THE SERVICE OF HUMANITY. New York, American Funds For Jewish War Sufferers, Joint, 1920. Original Publisher’s Cloth. 8vo. 7-100 pages, ports. 24 cm. Friedlaender (1876–1920) was a scholar, Zionist and community activist. On July 10, 1920 he and Bernard Cantor (1892–1920), a U. S. Reform rabbi, were murdered by Soviet troops in Kiev, Ukraine while volunteers on a Joint Distribution Committee relief programs for Jewish victims of post-World War I antisemitism in Eastern Europe. SUBJECT(S): Named Persons: Friedlaender, Israel, 1876-1920. Cantor, Bernard, 1892-1920.  Carnegie Hall, New York City, Thursday evening September 9, 1920.  Very Good Condition. (ID #27124) $75.00.


16.                Beilis, Mendel. די געשיכטע פון מיינע ליידען DI GESHIKHTE FUN MAYNE LAYDEN [LAYDN]. New York: Mendel Beilis Publishing Co, 1925. Cloth,  4to. 264 pages. Illustrated. In Yiddish. SUBJECT (S): Trials (murder) – Ukraine – Kiev; Blood accusation – Ukraine; Jews – Soviet Union; Jews – persecutions; Antisemitism – Russia – history; Beilis, Mendel, 1874-1934 – trials, litigation, etc.; lUshchinskii, Andrei, d. 1911. OCLC lists no English copies worldwide. Beilis was “victim of a blood libel charge in Russia in 1911. On March 20, 1911, the mutilated body of Andrei Yushchinsky, a 12-year-old boy, was discovered in a cave on the outskirts of Kiev. The monarchist rightist press immediately launched a vicious anti-Jewish campaign, accusing the Jews of using human blood for ritual purposes.” Scientists, scholars, politicians, and clergy from around the world wrote in his defense, he was defended by some of Russia's most competent lawyers, and the jury found him not guilty. Beilis and his family eventually moved to Israel and then the United States. (Turtel, EJ) Gilt lettering on front and spine. Bumped corners, spine faded and loose, but present, otherwise very good condition. (ComHist-18-19) (ID #29312)  $30.00.


17.                Frederic, Harold, 1856-1898. THE NEW EXODUS: A STUDY OF ISRAEL IN RUSSIA. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons; London: W. Heinemann, 1892. Hardcover, 8vo, 300 pages. Gilt title on cover and spine. Includes frontispiece portrait of Alexander III and 8 illustrated plates. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Soviet Union. Jewish question. Juifs -- Russie. Juifs. Light wear to spine. Very good condition. (SPEC-13-9) (ID #26481) $40.00.


18.                Miller, Philip E. KARAITE SEPARATISM IN NINETEENTH-CENTURY RUSSIA: JOSEPH SOLOMON LUTSKI’S EPISTLE OF ISRAEL’S DELIVERANCE. Cincinnati, Hebrew Union College Press, 1993. Original Publisher’s Cloth. 8vo. Xix, 252 pages. Map. 24 cm. In English and Hebrew. Series: “Monographs of the Hebrew Union College. Number 16.” CONTENTS: The Beginnings of Separatism – Solomon Babovich and the 1795 Mission to St. Petersburg/The Karaite Calendar Controversy – Simhah Babovich and the Crisis of 1827 – Epilogue: From Separate Identity to Assimilation – The Epistly of Israel’s Deliverance. SUBJECT (S): Karaites, Jews -- Ukraine -- Crimea. Includes bibliographical references (pages 245-252). Light wear to jacket, but still solid. Internal pages are nice and clean. Very Good Condition. (SEF42-31)  (ID #28395) $40.00.


19.                Moskovskaya Evreyskaya Religionoznaya Obschina [Moscow Jewish Religious Community]. EVREYSKIY KALENDAR 1957-1958 (5718). Moscow, Moskovskaya Evreyskaya Religionoznaya Obschina [Moscow Jewish Religious Community], 1957.  Original Stapled Wrappers. 32mo. 32 pages. 12 cm. In Russian and Hebrew. Pocket calendar of Jewish months and holidays for 1957-1958 (5718). Also includes “Molitva za Mir” [Prayer for Peace] and Kadish. Scarce Soviet Era religious Jewish imprint. OCLC lists one copy (National Library of Israel). Small stain on Hebrew cover. Otherwise a nice, clean copy in very good condition. (SEF37-7) (ID #28467) $75.00.


20.                Moskovskaya Evreyskaya Religionoznaya Obschina [Moscow Jewish Religious Community]. EVREYSKIY KALENDAR 1965-1966 (5726). Moscow, Moskovskaya Evreyskaya Religionoznaya Obschina [Moscow Jewish Religious Community], 1965.  Original Stapled Paper Wrappers. 32mo. 32 pages. 12 cm. In Russian and Hebrew. Pocket calendar of Jewish months and holidays for 1965-1966 (5726). Also includes “Molitva za Mir” [Prayer for Peace] and Kadish. Scarce Soviet Era religious Jewish imprint. OCLC lists only one copy (National Library of Israel). Nice, clean copy in very good condition. (SEF37-6) (ID #28466) $75.00.


21.                Iliowizi, Henry. IN THE PALE: STORIES AND LEGENDS OF THE RUSSIAN JEWS. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1897. 12mo. 367 pages. Contents: Ezra and Huldah. -The Baal-Shem and his golem. -Friends in life and death. -Czar Nicholas the First and Sir Moses Monteflore. -The Czar in Rothchild's castle. -The legend of the ten lost tribes. -The legend of the B'nai Mosheh. Iliowizi was a Russian-born rabbi and author who immigrated to the U. S. In 1880. He wrote stories, poems, plays, as well as many articles. (JE) Singerman 5185. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Russia -- Fiction. Legends, Jewish -- Russia. Tales -- Russia. Jewish fiction. Russia -- Social life and customs -- Fiction. Very Good Condition (EE-3-26) (ID #16506) $40.00.


22.                Solodukho, Yu. A, edited by Neusner, Jacob. SOVIET VIEWS OF TALMUDIC JUDAISM. Leiden, Brill, 1973. Cloth. 8vo. Xii, 112 pages. 25 cm. Series: Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity; v. 2; ISBN: 9004037373 9789004037373. Slavery in the Hebrew society of Iraq and Syria in the second through fifth centuries A. D. --On the question of the social structure of Iraq in the third to the fifth centuries A. D. --The Mazdak movement and rebellion of the Hebrew population of Iraq in the first half of the sixth century A. D. --The Persian administrative-legal, socio-economic, and everyday lexicon in the Jewish-Iraqi literary monuments of the Sasanian period. --Concerning certain Persian borrowings in the Babylonian Gemara. SUBJECT (S) Jews -- Iraq -- Babylonia. Judaïsme -- Histoire -- 10-425 (Période talmudique) Joden. Title Subject: Talmud -- Criticism, interpretation, etc. Includes bibliographical references. Baruch Bokser’s copy with short note on inside back cover. Very good condition. (BRILL 1-5) (ID #25864) $30.00.


23.                Tsentsiper, L. [Aryeh Leib?]. עשר שנות רדיפות: מגילת הגזרות על התנועה הציונית ברוסיה הסוביטית ʻEŚER SHENOT REDIFOT: MEGILAT HA-GEZEROT ʻAL HA-TENUʻAH HA-TSIYONIT BE-RUSYAH HA-SOVYEṬIT  Tel Aviv: Ha-Vaadah Ha-Historit Shel Berit "kibuts Galuyot", 1930.  Boards, tall 8vo, 276 pages. Illustrated with photographs. In Hebrew. Title translates to: “Ten years of persecution: the Soviet Zionist movement in Russia” SUBJECT: Descriptor: Zionism -- Soviet Union -- History. OCLC lists 24 copies worldwide. Spine rebound in cloth tape. Wear to covers. Pages lightly tanned. Good condition. (HEB-44-1) (ID #28960) $95.00.


24.                Weber, J. -B. (John Baptiste); Walter Kempster. LA SITUATION DES JUIFS EN RUSSIE. No Publisher, 1893?. Softcover, 8vo, 24cm, 146 pages. In French. Translation in part of: “Report of the commissioners of immigration upon the causes which incite immigration to the United States, 1892.” Members of the Immigration Commission: J. B. Weber, chairman, J. N. Cross, Walter Kempster, Joseph Powderly, and H. J. Schulteis. OCLC lists 25 copies worldwide. Damp stains on cover, bumping to edges and corners, natural yellowing of pages. Cover partially detached from block, otherwise in very good condition. (Spec-15-7) (ID #30647) $50.00.



25.                Buchholtz, Anton. GESCHICHTE DER JUDEN IN RIGA BIS ZUR BEGRÜNDUNG DER RIGISCHEN HEBRÄERGEMEINDE IM J. 1842. Riga: N. Kymmel, 1899. Later Paper Wrappers, 8vo. Iv, 161 pages. In German. First edition. SUBJECT (S): Jews – Latvia – Riga.  Some edgewear. Good+ condition. (GER-37-81) (ID #28738) $45.00.



26.                Adolph Moses; Henry Gersoni. THE RELIGION OF MOSES [BOUND WITH] SKETCHES OF JEWISH LIFE AND HISTORY. New York; Louisville, 1873; 1894. Cloth, Later cloth. 16mo. XIII, 138; V, (3) 9-224 pages.16 cm. Singerman 4734 (Moses) & Singerman 2391 (Gersoni) The Religion of Moses, printed in Louisville, Kentucky by Flexner Brothers, 1894, first edition; by Adolph Moses, a rabbi, author, and editor of the journal Zeitgeist. He became a medical doctor later in life. He was head of Congregation K. K. Adath Israel, Louisville, Kentucky. ‘Sketches of Jewish Life and History’, by Henry Gersoni, printed in New York by Hebrew Orphan Asylum Printing Establishment, 1873, first edition; contains seven illustrations; stories of Jewish Lithuania, written by Henry Gersoni, an American rabbi and journalist; born in Wilna, Russia, 1844; died in New York June 17, 1897. “Sketches of Jewish Life and History’ (New York), of which the first, ‘The Singer's Revenge, ’ is an adaptation from the Hebrew of M. A. Ginzburg's ‘Tikkun Laban ha-Arami, ’ and the second, ‘The Metamorphosis of a Lithuanian Boy, is to some extent autobiographical.” (1906 Jewish Encyclopedia). Both volumes bound in later cloth, with gilt title on spine. Subjects: Judaism - Reform movements. Moses (Biblical leader). Fiction (American). OCLC lists 8 copies of Sketches, 28 copies of Religion of Moses. Light soiling to title page of Sketches, otherwise both volumes fresh and clean. Great condition (AMR-44-10) (ID #31548) $150.00.


27.                Agranovskii, G, Guzenberg, I. LITOVSKII IERUSALIM: KRATKIY PUTEVODITEL’ PO PAMYATNYM MESTAM EVREYSKOY ISTORII I KUL’TURY V VIL’NYUSE. Vilnius, Lituanus, 1992.  Paper Wrap. 8vo. 71 pages. Ill. 22 cm. In Russian. English Title: Lithuanian Jerusalem: A Quick Guide to the Memorial Places of Jewish History and Culture in Vilnius. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Lithuania -- Vilnius -- History. Geographic: Vilnius (Lithuania) – Guidebooks. Includes bibliographical references (page 71). Slight fraying at binding. Light staining on front and back covers. Pages are in very god condition. (HOLO2-29-7) (ID #26078) $75.00.


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70.                Sourek, Karel & Hanna Volavkova, editors. STARY ZIDOVSKY HRBITOV V PRAZE: PRUVODCE HRBITOVEM A VYBER Z JEHO NEJDULEZITEJSICH PAMATEK ZE XIV.-XIX. STOLETI. Prague, Umelecka Beseda V Praze,. Paper Wrappers, no date. Very Good Condition; 8vo; 21, 41 pages; 21 cm. Pruvodce po museich, galeriich a pamatnicich ceskych; sv.3. Includes 1 map. Plates are of Jewish Grave scenes & stones (EE-3-3) (ID #5066) $30.00.


71.                Steinbarg, Eliezer; Arthur Kolnik, Woodcuts. MESHOLIM [ELIEZER STEINBARG’S WORKS; VOLUME 1]. Tshernovits; Komitet Af Aroystsugaben Eliezer Shteynbarg Shriftn, 1932.  Publishers cloth. 8vo. 320 [14] pages. 32 cm. First edition. “Eliezer Shteynbargs shriftn; Band 1”. Published in Czernowitz. Includes 14 plates of beautiful and original woodcut prints by Arthur Kolnik; each woodcut print is protected in thin tissue paper. Bound in black cloth with letterpress printed gilt lettering. “Mesholim”, a collection of his fables, appeared shortly after his death and became a bestseller. Eliezer Shteynbarg (1880–1932), “Yiddish writer and educator. Born in Lipkany, Bessarabia, Eliezer Shteynbarg (originally Shteynberg) received a traditional Jewish education but independently mastered German and Russian classics. Like his cousin Yehudah Steinberg (Shteynberg; a pioneer of modern Hebrew education), Eliezer directed a private, secular school, with Hebrew as the language of instruction. From 1919 on, he lived in Czernowitz (Chernivtsi) where he ran, among other things, a Yiddish children’s theater. As the most distinguished figure in the Tshernovitser Yidisher Shulfareyn (Czernowitz Association of Jewish Schools) and in the Jewish Cultural Association of Romania (founded in 1921), Shteynbarg played a leading role in the cultural life of Romanian Jews. He lived in Brazil from 1928 to 1930, and then returned to Czernowitz.” (YIVO Encyclopedia). The second volume of Steinbarg’s works, entitled “Mayselekh”, was published in 1936 in Czernowitz in a limited edition of 160 copies, a more readily available second edition of which was published in Tel Aviv in 1956. Both volumes were illustrated by Arthur Kolnik (1890–1972), “French painter and printmaker. Kolnik was a native of Stanislavov, Galicia, and studied at the School of Fine Arts in Cracow. He fought as an officer in the Austro-Hungarian Army in World War I, and was wounded. After the war, he went to Czernowitz (then Romania), where he took part in the intellectual life of the city, and became a close friend of the Yiddish poet, Itzik Manger. In 1921, with Reuven Rubin, he went to the United States where they had a joint exhibition under the sponsorship of Prince Bibesco, the Romanian minister. Kolnik returned to Czernowitz, where he made woodcuts. Among the books he illustrated was one of fables by Eliezer Steinbarg. In 1931 he settled in Paris. As a printmaker and painter, Kolnik depicted the ghetto dwellers of Eastern Europe. He presented them with sympathy and understanding, the human forms being very sharply outlined and the whole space freely divided into patterns of geometric planes.” (EJ 2008) Subjects: Jewish parables. Fables, Yiddish. OCLC lists 12 copies worldwide. Backstrip starting, light wear to cloth, otherwise clean and fresh. Very good + condition. A beautiful and important book. (ART-18-6)  (ID #30498) $300.00.


72.                Teatrul Evreiesc De Stat Din Bucuresti. TEATRUL EVREIESC DE STAT BUCURESTI: IN ANUL JUBILIAR 100, 1876-1976. PROGRAM [I.E. PART] NO. 1. Bucharest: Teatrul Evreiesc De Stat Din Bucuresti?, 1976.  Wrappers, oversized 4to, 13 in, various paging (about 75 pages). Profusely illustrated. On cover: Caiet--program nr. 1. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Jewish theater in Bucharest, with articles in Romanian, Yiddish and English translation, program material, in Romanian and Yiddish. Photographs, and advertisements. “Jewish Theatre in Romania has a tradition dating back 130 years. Documents show that in 1876 the writer and artist Avram Goldfadenstarted the first professional Jewish theatre in the world, in a public park in the Romanian town of Iasi. A few months later, Goldfaden moved with his theatre company to Bucharest. The first review of the work of the Jewish Theatre was written by the eminent Romanian poet Mihail Eminescu. Since then the Jewish Theatre has held a particular place in Romanian Theatre…. In its uninterrupted 130 year history, the last 56 as a State institution, the Jewish Theatre of Bucharest has developed a distinguished profile and occupies a unique position in Yiddish language art worldwide” (Moti Sandak, 2012). OCLC lists no copies of this edition. Ex-library, Slight wear, otherwise in very good condition. (Spec-15-10) (ID #30650) $125.00.


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74.                Volavkova, Dr. Hana. THE SYNAGOGUE TREASURES OF BOHEMIA AND MORAVIA. Prague, Sfinx & Centrotex, Ltd,. Cloth, Very Good Condition in Very Good Jacket; 8vo; 28+38+98 pages; A detailed listing & description of some of the 10, 000 textile holdings of the Jewish museum in Prague. Leo Jung's numbered copy (#156), presented to him by Cenrotex (the Czech textile exporting corporation), co-publihsers of the book. (ART-9-20A) (ID #2059) $60.00.


75.                Volavkova, Hana. THE PINKAS SYNAGOGUE. Praha, Statni Pedagogicke Nakladate, 1955. Cloth, 8vo, 212 pages. Very Good Condition. Includes 68 photo plates. (COMHIST-18-26) Very slight bowing to baords, otherwise Very Good Lacks Jacket?. (ID #1797) $45.00.



76.                Arones, Feivish. ויהי - און געווען איז-- VAYEHI UN GEVEN IZ…. Bene Berak, Israel, 1978.  Paper-wrappers, 8vo, 112 pages, in Yiddish, illustrated, music. Inscribed by author. Content is divided in 2 parts: A. Lider and B. Fun Birbaydzan biz Bney Brak. Arones was born 1897 in Dvinsk, Latvia, very passionate for theatre, was a founding member of Yiddish Artists Union 1917 in Kharkov, and helped to organize several theatres, was an actor at Yiddish State Theatre of U. S. S. R in Moscow and wrote several articles about the Yiddish theatre. OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. Outer-cover is worn, overall very good condition (HOLO2-89-73) (ID #29600) $100.00.




77.                Batkin, Stanley I. THE TENZER FAMILY TREE: INCLUDING THE FEILER AND ZAHL FAMILIES. New Rochelle, N. Y.; S. I. Batkin Co, 1977. Portfolio. 4to. 54 leaves. 30 cm. First edition. Compiled and edited by Stanley I. Batkin. Includes brief family history, 25 family tree plates, compilation of names and addresses and introductory letter addressed to Stanley Batkin's cousins. Published in loose-leaf format in original folder, printed in red and black ink, on fine paper. Signed and numbered by genealogist Batkin; Number 541 of 600 copies. Subjects: Tenzer family. Feiler family. Zahl family. Great condition. (GENE-1-21) (ID #29933) $100.00.




78.                J. Szuw, editor. YALDUTAYNU. JALDUTEJNU NR 5 (DEC. 1938) , NR 7 (FEB 1939) , NR 8-9 (MARCH 1939) , NR 10 (MAY 1939) [INDIVIDUAL ISSUES]. Vilna, Centr. Komn. Osw. “Chojrew”, 1938-39. Original Wrappers, 8vo, 16 pages each. Appears to be a children’s supplement to the magazine "Das Wort". Each issue includes photos, poetry, stories, etc. for Orthodox Jewish children. In Hebrew. Certainly could not have survived more than another issue or two before the Nazi invasion of Sept 1, 1939. Subjects: Children's periodicals, Hebrew – Lithuania. None on OCLC. Scarce. Light wear and aging, but solid, Good Condition. Price is Per Issue (period-1-2). (ID# 31888). $50.00.


79.                HIAS-ICA Emigration Association. די אידישע עמיגראציע DI YIDISHE EMIGRATSYE. ORGAN FUN DEM YIDISHN EMIGRATSYE-FARBAND "HIAS-EMIGDIREKT" DIE JÜDISCHE EMIGRATION. ZEITSCHRIFT FÜR AKTUELLE FRAGEN DER JÜDISCHEN WANDERUNG UND INFORMATIONSBLATT FÜR JÜDISCHE EMIGRANTEN. 10 Issues. 1925 Nrs. 1/2, 3, 4, 5/6, 7/8, 1926 Nr.13, 1927 Nr.14, 1928 Nr. 5, 6/7, 8/9. Berlin, HIAS-Emigdirekt, 1925-28. 1st Edition. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. Aprox 64 pages each issue. Periodical existed 1925-1930. In Yiddish. Later issues include German section as well as German-language cover with table of contents and publishing information in German. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Migrations -- Periodicals. OCLC lists 3 holdings worldwide, only 1 in the US (U of Amsterdam, Tresoar-Netherlands, UCLA). Chipping & occasional marks to some covers, otherwise Good solid condition, far better than generally seen. A nice run of 10 issues.  (EE1-5) (ID #18836) $275.00.


80.                HIAS-ICA Emigration Association. די אידישע עמיגראציע DI YIDISHE EMIGRATSYE. ORGAN FUN DEM YIDISHN EMIGRATSYE-FARBAND "HIAS-EMIGDIREKT" DIE JÜDISCHE EMIGRATION. ZEITSCHRIFT FÜR AKTUELLE FRAGEN DER JÜDISCHEN WANDERUNG UND INFORMATIONSBLATT FÜR JÜDISCHE EMIGRANTEN. Nr 7/8, July-Aug 1925.. Berlin, HIAS-Emigdirekt, 1925. 1st Edition. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. 64 pages. Periodical existed 1925-1930. In Yiddish. Includes German-language title on rear cover. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Migrations -- Periodicals. OCLC lists 3 holdings worldwide, only 1 in the US (U of Amsterdam, Tresoar-Netherlands, UCLA). Old Jewish institutional stamp on cover, cover chipped, otherwise  Good Condition.  (ee-1-6) (ID #18837) $35.00.


81.                HIAS-ICA Emigration Association. די אידישע עמיגראציע DI YIDISHE EMIGRATSYE. ORGAN FUN DEM YIDISHN EMIGRATSYE-FARBAND "HIAS-EMIGDIREKT" DIE JÜDISCHE EMIGRATION. ZEITSCHRIFT FÜR AKTUELLE FRAGEN DER JÜDISCHEN WANDERUNG UND INFORMATIONSBLATT FÜR JÜDISCHE EMIGRANTEN. Nr. 26/27 (sequential) Aug-Sept 1928. (Nr.8/9 for 1928). Berlin, HIAS-Emigdirekt, 1928. 1st Edition. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. 70, 10 pages. Periodical existed 1925-1930. In Yiddish with German section (10 pages) at rear. Also includes German-language cover with table of contents and publishing information in German. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Migrations -- Periodicals. OCLC lists 3 holdings worldwide, only 1 in the US (U of Amsterdam, Tresoar-Netherlands, UCLA). Bit of edgechipping to Yiddish (front) cover, otherwise Good solid condition, far better than generally seen. (ee-1-7) (ID #18838) $35.00.


82.                Jabotinsky, Vladimir; Michel Berchin. РАЗСВѢТЪ : ОБЩЕСТВЕННО-ПОЛИТИЧЕСКАЯ И ЛИТЕРАТУРНАЯ ЕЖЕНЕДѢЛЬНАЯ ГАЗЕТА, ПОСВЯЩЕННАЯ ЕВРЕЙСКИМЪ ИНТЕРЕСАМЪ. RAZSVIET: OBSHCHESTVENNO-POLITICHESKAIA I LITERATURNAIA EZHENEDIELNAIA GAZETA, POSVIASHCHENNAIA EVREISKIM INTERESAM. [BROKEN RUN; ISSUES 1, 3, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 20, 22, 23, 24, 26, 30, 31, 34, 35, 37, 41, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 51]. Paris; Rassviet, 1926.  Original paper wrappers. 4to. (25 issues): [2], 16 pages each number. 31 cm. All articles in Russian, with advertisement and marginalia in Yiddish, Hebrew, French, and English. Loose broken run of 25 issues of the weekly periodical Razsviet (“Dawn”) from the year 1926. All issues in blue or brown paper covers. The periodical Razsvet (Berlin, Paris; 1922–1934), served as the organ of the recently created Revisionist Zionist movement, and was aimed at Russian Jewish émigrés. The founder of Revisionist Zionism, Vladimir Jabotinsky, served as the main editor of Raszviet. Advertisements in the periodical are for Zionist publishers and distributors across the globe, for Yiddish theatre performances, and other matters important for the journal’s milieu. The editor “Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky (1880–1940), Zionist leader, founder of Revisionist Party. … In 1923 Jabotinsky founded the youth organization Betar as a platform for his increasingly right-wing militant Zionism. Emphasizing the concept of hadar (Heb, pride), Betar demanded strong discipline and military training. This movement soon spread throughout Poland and the Baltic States, as well as to Palestine and North and South America, occasioning both great loyalty among its ranks and severe attacks from other Jewish movements that regarded it as emulating the militarist and fascist youth movements then gaining strength in Italy and Germany. In 1925, Jabotinsky established the World Union of Zionist-Revisionists; under his strong leadership this movement seceded from the World Zionist Organization.” (Yivo Encyclopedia) Periodicals with the same title have an interesting history: “Razsvet: Title given to four different Russian Jewish periodicals. The first Razsvet (Dawn) was a weekly published in Odessa from May 1860 to May 1861. The journal’s target audience was Russian maskilim, and its goal, in addition to spreading Haskalah, was to fight for emancipation. … The second weekly Razsvet was published in Saint Petersburg from September 1879 to February 1883. The editors received permission to publish through the publication’s official editor, Aleksander Zederbaum. Its true editors were Mikhail Kulisher (1847–1919), followed by Ya‘akov Rosenfeld (1839–1885) and Grigorii Bogrov (1825–1885). After 1882, Rosenfeld edited Razsvet alone. Among its prominent contributors were the orientalist Daniil Khvol’son and the poet Shimen Frug. … Also known as Razsvet was the weekly organ of the Zionist Organization in Russia, published in Saint Petersburg (Petrograd) from January 1907 until the paper was shut down by the censor in June 1915. It had replaced the Zionist monthly Evreiskaia zhizn’ (1904–1907), but after this Razsvet was banned in turn, it was replaced by a new weekly, which reverted to the name Evreiskaia zhizn’. The editor of Razsvet was Avraham Idelson (1865–1921), and among the prominent contributors were Yitsak Grünbaum and Vladimir Jabotinsky. As was the case with its previous namesakes, this Razsvet supported Russian Jewry’s struggle to attain national rights, and at the same time actively participated in Russian internal politics. The last Razsvet (Berlin, Paris; 1922–1934), the organ of the Revisionist Zionist movement, was aimed at Russian Jewish émigrés. Its publishers included Shlomo Epshtein and Vladimir Jabotinsky.” (Yivo Encyclopedia). It appears that with the cessation of this periodical in 1935, Jabotinsky never again published in Russian (See the entry for Vladimir Jabotinsky in “An Anthology of Jewish-Russian Literature: 1801-1953” by Maxim Shrayer). Subjects: Jews - Periodicals. Jews, Russian - Periodicals. Zionism - Periodicals. Revisionist Zionism - Periodicals. Advertisements. Russian e´migre´ judaica periodicals. Russian e´migre´ political periodicals. Russian e´migre´ literary periodicals. Six listings on OCLC (Colombia, DLC, Indiana, Amherst, UNC Chapel Hill, Penn, Deutsche Natl Biblio). First issue contains minor pencil and ink marks to front cover and light wear to corner, otherwise, all issues clean, with some wear to edges. Good condition. (RUS-20-1) (ID #30743) $300.00.


83.                Lestschinsky, Jakob; editor. שריפטן פאר עקאנאמיק און סטאטיסטיק SHRIFTN FAR EKONOMIK UN STATISTIK. [SCHRIFTEN FÜR WIRTSCHAFT UND STATISTIK] BAND I. Berlin, Judisches Wissenschaftliches Institut, Sektion Für Wirtschaft Und Statistik, 1928.  Paper Wraps. Large 4to. 262, 34 pages. In Yiddish with additional German title page and summaries. Title translates to English as: “Writings of Economics and Statistics.” Lestschinsky was a Russian-born pioneer in sociology, economics, and demography of Jewish life. He helped found the Zionist Socialist Party. SUBJECT(S): Economics. Statistics. OCLC lists 20 copies worldwide. Yiddish title page has unobtrusive inscription from pervious owner in margins. Covers worn with some chipping. Approx. 1” tear at bottom of spine; lacks part of backstrip. Internal pages are tanning at edges, but all text is clear. Good+ condition. (SPEC16-22). (ID #26837) $60.00.


84.                Steinherz, Samuel, editor. JAHRBUCH DER GESELLSCHAFT FÜR GESCHICHTE DER JUDEN IN DER CZECHOSLOVAKISCHEN REPUBLIK. VOLUME 7 (VII) only. Prague, Gesellschaft Fuer Geschichte, 1935. 1st Edition. Cloth, 8vo, 483 pages. In German. Yearbook of the "association of historical study of the Jews in the Czech Republic." Contains articles by various writers regarding Jewish culture, history, religion, local communities and folklore. Published annually between the years 1929-1937. Contains tables, photos, facsimiles, maps and diagrams. A treasure-trove of information on the Jews of Bohemia & Moravia.  9 volumes were published in total. Light wear, no tears to fold outs at rear, Very Good Condition.  (GER-39-9) (ID #28769) $150.00.


85.                (Yugoslavia) Savez Jevrejskih Opstina Jugoslavije. JEVREJSKI ALMANAH 1959-60. Beograd: Savez Jevrejskih Opstina Jugoslavije, 1960. Cloth, 4to. 344 pages. Photos. A triennial periodical (published every three years). SUBJECT(S): Jews – Yugoslavia. Covers show edgewear. Pages are darkened, have some marks, good condition. (SEF-45-14) (ID #30975) $50.00.


86.                Yidisher Visnshaftlekher Institut. באַריכט פון דער קאָנפערענץ פון דעם ײדישן װיסנשאַפטלעכן אינסטיטוט : אָפגעהאַלט אין װילנע פון 24טן ביזן 27טן אָקטאָבער 1929. BARIKHT FUN DER KONFERENTS FUN DEM YIDISHN VISENSHAFTLEKHN INSTITUT: OPGEHALTN IN VILNE FUN 24TN BIZN 27TN OKTOBER 1929. Vilne: [Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut ], 1930. Paper wrapper, 8vo, 172 pages. In Yiddish, with summary in English. Conference publication. SUBJECT (S): Yiddish language -- Congresses. Title on cover: Sprawozdanie z konferencji Zydowskiego Instytutu naukowego/ Proceedings of the Conference of the Yiddish Scientific Institute. "YIVO (acronym for Yidisher Visnshaftlekher Institut) INSTITUTE FOR JEWISH RESEARCH, the principal world organization conducting research in Yiddish and about the history and culture of Yiddish-speaking Jewry. Until 1955, its English designation was the Yiddish Scientific Institute. YIVO sought from its inception to collect and preserve material mirroring Jewish life and to study various Jewish problems objectively and empirically. In this endeavor, YIVO was guided by three basic principles: (1) the peoplehood of Jews, especially as united by the Yiddish language; (2) the enrichment of the life of that people by means of Jewish scholarship; and (3) the application of the most modern methods of research in the quest for a better understanding of Jewish identity and Jewish group phenomena" (Liptizin & Kuznitz, EJ, 2007). OCLC lists 16 copies worldwide. Cover chipped, pages brittle and browning, no text loss. Otherwise good + condition. (YID-20-4) (ID #31607) $65.00.