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Below you'll find our latest offering of Antisemitic & related titles. These are made available to scholars, museums, libraries educators & others interested in the study of Antisemitism.  We reserve the right to refuse sale of these items to anyone.

Citations of "Singerman" refer to: Singerman, Robert. ANTISEMITIC PROPAGANDA: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY AND RESEARCH GUIDE (New York, 1982).

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Antisemitica: 1-154

Holocaust Denial: 155-157

Anglo-Israelism: 158-163

Jews in Christian Prophecy: 164-166

Other Related Conspiracy: 167-168

 Nazism, Nazi Race Theory, & European Fascism 169-194


1. • (Protocols) Nilus, S. translated & edited by Aage H. Andersen "ZIONS VISES PROTOKOLLER" (DEN JØDISK VERDENSEROBRINGSPLAN) .København: "den Ny Tid"s Forlag,1940. 1st Edition Thus. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. 99 pages. 4 Photos & Maps. Picture Cover. Very Good Condition. Holocaust-era Danish edition of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Published just prior to the Nazi invasion of Denmark. Ads for other Antisemitic works at rear (ID # 6544) $100.00

2. • Aldag, Peter. JUDEN BEHERRSCHEN ENGLAND. Berlin: Nordland, 1939. Vol. II of Juden in England. Stands on its own. Cloth; 8vo. 390 pages. In German. Holocaust-era. OCLC lists thirteen copies worldwide. Pages brown. Inside clean; binding very tight. Very good condition in good jacket. (AS-1) (ID #13526) $150.00

3. • Allen, Gary. KISSINGER: THE SECRET SIDE OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE. Seal Beach, California: '76 Press, 1976. Paper, 16mo. 139 pages. Singerman 1336. "Kissinger is part of the Council on Foreign Relations' 'shadow government' in Washington. It is suggested that he is Moscow's man in Washington, and his policy of détente signals America's destruction. " Edgewear and pages browning; good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13788) $35.00

4. • AMERICAN BULLETIN: THE WHITE MAN'S VIEWPOINT. NR. 46. FEB 25, 1936. New York: American Bulletin, 1936. Text on front page: "America for the Americans." Front page quotes the Talmud as saying, "...And You Shall Consume the Peoples of the World" and includes an Antisemitic cartoon. Urges readers to attend the Nationalsocialistic [sic] meetings. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Front page has stain on top corner; two 1/2" tears; otherwise, very good condition. (AS-4) (ID #13837) $135.00

5. • Andersen, Aage H. JØDISKE LEVEREGLER UDDRAG AF TALMUD BILAGT FOTOKOPIEREDE DOKUMENTATIONER. DE JØDISKE SKRIFTKLOGE FARISÆERS BELÆRING OG LOVUDLÆGNING EFTER DE 5 MOSEBØGER. .København: Eget Forlag,1939. 1st Danish Edition. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. 66 pages. Picture Cover & 17 facsimiles. Contemporary previous owners stamps on title page, Good Condition. You know the game--take quotes out of context from the Talmud to prove the evil Jewish conspiracy. Especially interesting as a Holocaust-era publication just prior to the Nazi invasion of Denmark. Ads for other Antisemitic works at rear (ID # 6543) $75.00

6. • Armstrong, George Washington. THIRD ZIONIST WAR. Fort Worth, Texas: Judge Armstrong Foundation, 1951. Wrappers; 8vo. 70 pages. Calls for impeachment of President Harry S. Truman, Secretary of State Dean Acheson, and Justice of the Supreme Court Felix Frankfurter; prosecution of members of B'nai B'rith, ADL, AJC and others as traitors; banishment of Zionists, and cancellation of U. S. Membership in the United Nations and the Atlantic Pact. Singerman 0828. "Regards the war in Korea as a Zionist war to expand the world communist empire under the guise of a United Nations 'police action. ' General Douglas MacArthur was prevented by Truman, a Zionist stooge, from invading North Korea and defeating communism there. " OCLC lists eight copies worldwide. Cover creased with 1/2" tear at top and some soil and browning; very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13779) $100.00

7. • Arthos. OUT OF THEIR OWN MOUTHS: THE JEWISH WILL FOR POWER AND THE AUTHENTICITY OF THE "PROTOCOLS.". New York: American Nationalist Press, 1938. Wrappers; 12mo. 12 pages. Singerman 0444. "Cites spurious Hebrew scriptures, rabbinical literature, and modern Jewish authors as expressions of the Jewish program of world rule over the gentiles. Translated from La Vita Italiana, December 15, 1937." "Arthos" is a pseudonym. OCLC lists six copies worldwide. Sunned; some staining; one-inch tear on back page; two small tears on left-hand edge of front page. Good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13805) $125.00

8. • Bachiller Del Monte (Pseud. ). LA ALIANZA DE LAS HIDRAS: O EL PACTO DEL PANDEMÓNIUM ENTRE EL ANTICRISTO Y LOS NEOVÁNDALOS CONTRA LA CIVILIZACIÓN DE 20 SIGLOS. Buenos Aires: Editorial "Sol de Mayo", 1944. Paper wrapppers; 8vo. 301 pages. Errata slip laid in. Holocaust-era Antisemitic diatribe from Argentina. Subject: Jews -- Controversial literature. Pages brown; cover edges and spine chipping; otherwise, good condition. (S-3) . (ID #10220) $100.00

9. • Bakony, Itsvan. EL COMUNISMO CHINO Y LOS JUDIOS CHINOS. Buenos Aires: Gota de Agua, No Date [1953? ]. Paper Wrappers; 8vo. Antisemitic. Subject: Antisemitism. Very good condition. (S-3) . (ID #10194) $75.00

10. • Bakony, Itsvan. QUE ES EL JUDAISMO? . Buenos Aires: Gota de Agua, 1976. Paper Wrappers; 8vo. Antisemitic. Part of the series, "Biblioteca de Secretos Politicos." Subject: Antisemitism -- Argentina. Small water stain on back cover [! ]; otherwise, in very good condition. (S-3) . (ID #10191) $75.00

11. • Beamish, Henry Hamilton, Adrien Arcand, and Robert Edward Edmondson. THE GREATEST WAR IN HISTORY NOW ON! INTERNATIONAL JEWISH SYSTEM AGAINST NATIONAL PATRIOTISM. New York, 1937. Wrappers, 16mo. 23 pages. Singerman 0385. Contents: "Segregate the Jews, " by Beamish; "A Jewish Criminal Plan, " by Arcand; and "A Self-Preservation Fight, " by Edmondson. Text on back cover: "Communism is Jewish. " OCLC lists one copy worldwide. Some cover soil and foxing; very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13787) $125.00

12. • Beaty, John. THE IRON CURTAIN OVER AMERICA. Barbourville, VA, Chsetnut Mountain Books, 1962. Cloth, 8vo, 267 pages. Ralph Lord Roy: "The most extensive pieceof Anti-Semitic Literat ure in the history of America's Racist Movement" Singerman #0829 "Contends that America is being communized by Khazar Jews following directions from their Kremlin headquarters. The Democratic Party has already been captured by the Khazars who guide Truman and Roosevelt before him. " Includes 28-page index Slihgt water damage to bottom of last 30 pages, thus Good Cond Lacks Jacket. (ID #3723) $40.00

13. • Beaty, John. THE IRON CURTAIN OVER AMERICA. Dallas, Wilkinson Pub Co, 1952. Cloth, Very Good Condition Lacks Jacket; 8vo; 268 pages; Ralph Lord Roy: "The most extensive pieceof Anti-Semitic Literat ure in the history of America's Racist Movement" Singerman #0829 "Contends that America is being communized by Khazar Jews following directions from their Kremlin headquarters. The Democratic Party has already been captured by the Khazars who guide Truman and Roosevelt before him. " (ID #1426) $50.00

14. • BENJAMIN FRANKLIN AND THE JEWS. No Place, No Publisher, No Date. Flyer; 32mo. One page (i. E. Pocket-sized broadside) . Anti-Jewish sentiment, ascribed to Franklin. "The above is taken from an address delivered by Benjamin Franklin before the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. A few letters of the text have been obliterated, without obscuring meaning; otherwise, very good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13770) $50.00

15. • Benson, Ivor. THE ZIONIST FACTOR: THE JEWISH IMPACT ON TWENTIETH CENTURY HISTORY. Costa Mesa, California: Noontide Press, 1992. Reprint. Wrappers; 8vo. 205 pages. Right-wing conspiracy writer documents the Jewish Presence in the 20th Century. Controversial thesis that the Anglo-Saxon international bankers such as Morgan and Rockefeller were not a problem only the Jewish ones such as Schiff, Warburg and Rothschild. Not in Singerman. OCLC lists nine copies worldwide. Excellent condition. (AS-2) (ID #13734) $75.00

16. • Besser, Klaus. DAS TOLLE JAHR; DIE GEHEIMLEITUNG EINER REVOLUTION. Munich: Ludendorffs, 1940. Wrappers; 8vo. 61 pages. Appendix pages 55-61. In German. Extended rant on the Jews, Freemasons, 1848, WW I, etc. Lionel Kochan writes in the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust that Ludendorf, a General and early Nazi Putsch in 1923, founded in 1926 the "Tannenbergbund, to whose 'German God Awareness' he devoted himself. The pseudoreligious body worshiped the ancient Norse gods and circulated countless pamphlets denouncing the 'Jewish-Masonic-Bolshevik' conspiracy..." (NY: 1990, pp. 920-921) . OCLC lists 4 copies worldwide. Series: Laufenden schriftenbezuges; Heft 5; Freemasons. Germany. Geographic: Germany -- History -- Revolution, 1848-1849.Excellent condition. (AS-3) (ID #13808) $75.00

17. • Bie[Drzynski], Richard, and Alfred Muehr. DIE KULTURWAFFEN DES NEUEN REICHES: BRIEFE AN FUEHRER, VOLK UND JUGEND. Jena: E. Diederichs, 1933. First edition. Wrappers; 8vo. 157 pages. In German. Antisemitic. Published immediately following Hitler's seizure of power, a celebration of the cultural weapons of the New Germany. OCLC lists 13 copies worldwide. Germany-Intellectual life. Some soil and foxing to cover; edges bumped. Few margin marks in light pencil. Very good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13767) $75.00

18. • Bodmer, M. J. , (Pseud. ) , edited by Ernst Jaeckh. EIN NEUER STAATENBUND UND DAS OSTJUDENPROBLEM. Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt Stuttgart-berlin 1916 Paper Wrappers 36 pages. WW I-era analysis. "Der deutsche Krieg" series; Politische Flugschriften 73. Heft Some wear to wrapper, Good Condition; (#4810)$85.00

19. • Boutmy, N. L. A G. (Butmi, Georgii Vasil'evich) OBZALOVACÍ RECI. SVAZEK II. ZIDÉ V ZEDNÁRSTVU A V REVOLUCI. I. ZIDÉ V ZEDNÁRSTVU A V REVOLUCI. II. ROZKLAD KRÁLOVSKÉ DYNASTIE. III. ZKÁZA FRANCOUZSKÉHO LODSTVA. VENOVÁNO SVAZU RUSKÉHO NÁRODA.V Praze (Prague): Nakladem Vlastnim,1907. 1st Edition Thus. Paper Wrappers, 8°. 72 pages. Antisemitic, Anti-Masonic tract. Translated from the 4th Russian edition by Jiri Hora. Includes bibliographical references. Soupis èsl. Literatury I/1. 79. (Anklagereden. Volume II. Die Juden in der Fraumauerei und in der Revolution. Gewidmet der Union des russischen Volkes) Light wear & foxing to covers, chips at spine, Good+ Condition. (ID# 7822) $50.00

20. • Brandt, Martin - MOSES SMITH - LUMPHANDLAREN FRÅN GHETTOT SOM BLEV NORDENS NYE GULDKONUNG. Göteborg: Nordisk Litteratur, 1937. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 192 pages. Includes Picutre cover with Antisemitic Jewish charicature. Claims that low-life Jewish "Lumpen-traders" are taking over the Scandinavian economy (i.e. Moses Smith instead of Adam Smith); Brandt includes Bonniers publishing company as an example. Some edgewear, Good Condition. $125.00

21. • Brenner, A. JUDARNAS SPEL OM PALESTINA. Tierp: Svea Rikes Förlag 1936. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 24 pages. Nazi-era Antisemitic tract. Ads for other Antisemitic & Nazi works at rear. (Svea Rikes Förlag translates as Swedish Nation Publishers). Picture Cover. Very Good Condition. $75.00

22. • British People's Party; Institute Of Historical Review. FAILURE AT NUREMBERG. Torrance, California: Institute of Historical Review, 1983. Wrappers; 8vo. 42 pages. Reprint. Holocaust Denial. "First published ca. 1947 by the British People's Party" on verso of title pages. Text on front cover: "An Analysis of the Trial, Evidence and Verdict. " With six pages of illustrated publisher's advertisements following text. Endorsement on back cover by novelist Taylor Caldwell. OCLC lists ten copies worldwide. Very good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13752) $65.00

23. • Butz, A. R. THE HOAX OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY. Torrance, Cal. : Institute for Historical Review, 1979; copyright 1976. Cloth; 8vo. 315 pages. Illustrated with maps, diagrams, and photographs; contains index, notes, references, tables, charts, and five appendices. Holocaust denial literature. Singerman 1316: "A 'scholarly' attempt to demolish the legend that six million Jews were exterminated by the Nazis in World War II. The myth of the Jewish 'holocaust' was invented by Zionists and Jews to advance their cause for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine, according to Butz, an American professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences. His work is probably the most controversial of all the 'myth of the six million' books. " The classic revisionist survey of the World War 2 Holocaust of the Jews of Europe, with a critical focus on a range of issues relating to the internment and experience of Jews at the various Nazi concentration camps, the author marshalling his evidence and logic to suggest that the fatalities numbers are wildly exaggerated. With an interesting supplemental essay by the author on the world controversy over 'Holocaust revisionism', the religious and political aspects of the Holocaust, and how revisionists are attacked, persecuted, etc. By opponents. Extremely rare, especially in the hardcover. Jacket bears slight soil and edgewear. Excellent condition in very good dust jacket. (AS-1) (ID #13533) $100.00

argentina-judia.jpg (23610 bytes)24. • Calderón, Horacio. ARGENTINA JUDÍA: REFLEXIONES SOBRE LA POLÍTICA EXTERIOR ARGENTINA EN LA CUESTIÓN ISRAELITA Y PALESTINENSE. Buenos Aires: Editorial Legión, 1976. Second edition. Paper wrappers; 12mo. 200 pages. 18 cm. Anti-Zionist. "Tratado de extradición entre la Argentina y el 'Estado de Israel'" on pages 49-56. Bibliography on pages 195-196. Subject: Jews. Zionism -- Controversial literature. Subject: Argentina -- Foreign relations -- Israel. Israel -- Foreign relations -- Argentina. Argentina. Treaties, etc. , 1958-1962 (Frondizi) . Light wear to cover, Very good condition. (S-3) (ID #10192) $75.00

25. • Campbell, Sam H. , Rev. THE JEWISH PROBLEM IN THE UNITED STATES. No Place, No Publisher (KKK) , No Date (ca 1950? ) . Wrappers, Tall 12mo. 11 pages. Singerman 0142. "Describes the Jews as a growing menace to American institutions because of their hostility to Christ and Christianity and their criminal activities (bootlegging, prostitution) . No one dares to publicize their plots for world control for fear of being accused of 'persecuting' the innocent Jews. Appears to be a Ku Klux Klan publication, though not identified as such. " OCLC lists nine copies worldwide. Excellent condition. (AS-3) (ID #13801) $100.00

26. • Capell, Frank A. HENRY KISSINGER, SOVIET AGENT. Metairie, Louisiana, Sons Of Liberty, 1974. Paperback, Near Fine Condition; 8vo; 120 pages; Reprt of Singerman #1297 (He lists 3 copies, none of this ed) C onspiracy piece by author of THE STRANGE DEATH OF MARILYN MONROE "Claims that Kissinger, the American Secretary of State, was recruited by the Soviet Spy network while serving with the U. S. Army in Germany at the close of World War II. Kissinger's career at Harvard and in the Nixon administration is examinied in the light of his furtherance of the International Conspiriacy. Much of Capell's "evidence" is based on the testimony of a defecting Soviet intelligence officer" (Singerman p. 294) (ID #902) $75.00

27. • Carlsson, Alvin DEN HEMLIGA GRUNDEN TILL VÄRLDSOLYCKORNA. EN VARNING TILL SVERIGES FOLK. 1928 (E. P. Holmvall). 46 pages. Illustrated. Tidig nazistpropaganda av grövsta sort. Antisemitic. Excellent Condition. $75.00

28. • Chamberlain, Houston Stewart. DIE GRUNDLAGEN DES NEUNZEHNTEN JAHRHUNDERTS. COMPLETE 2 VOLUME SET. Munich, F. Bruckmann, 1906. Slight wear & rubbing to covers, Good Condition both Volumes; 12mo; 1240 pages; Singerman lists the translation (#67) , quoting Norman Cohn: "[The] Bible of the whole voelkisch-racist movement" Singerman calls this book "Of the utmost importance for its influence on Adolf Hitler [and, by the way, Alfred Rosenberg]" Singerman continues (citing Cohn) : "Here all history was presented as a bitter struggle between spirituality, embodied in the German 'race, ' and materialism, embodied in the Jewish 'race'--the only two pure races for all the others were but 'chaos of peoples. ' In Chamberlain's view the Jewish 'race' had been relentlessly striving, down the ages, to secure absolute dominion over all other nations. If once [sic] this 'race' were decisively defeated, the Germanic 'race' would be free to realize its own divinely appointed destiny--which was to create a new, radiant world, transfused with a noble spirituality and mysteriously combining modern technology and science with the rural, hierarchical culture of earlier times. " The author was also the husband of Richard Wagner's daughter. A very important book. This edition, issued on the eve of the Nazi siesure of power in Germany, is issued as an "ungekürzte Volksausgabe"--an unabridged, complete, popular edition. (ID #8048) $125.00

29. • Chamberlain, Houston Stewart. LEBENSWEGE MEINES DENKENS. Hardcover, 8vo, München, F. Bruckmann, 1942., 3rd Edition. 8vo, viii, 414 pages, plus 2 pages of ads. Original papercovered cloth. Houston Stewart Chamberlain (1855-1927), was the son of a British admiral. in 1908 he married Eve von Bülow, the first daughter Richard Wagner and Cosima von Bülow, settled in Bayreuth and became a German citizen in 1916. He wrote the 2 volume "Foundation of the 19th Century," a work Norman Cohn called "[The] Bible of the whole voelkisch-racist movement." Chamberlain characterized the Teutons as the race of creative culture, a race that would be responsible for the defending of Christian culture from the influences of Judaism. Ziegenfuß I, 186. Paper slightly brown, with some light wear to cover. Overall a nice copy, Good+ Condition. (ID #12543) $75.00

30. • Chamberlain, Houston Stewart. RASSE UND PERSOENLICHKEIT. Munich: F. Bruckmann, 1925. Cloth, 8vo, 200 pages. Contents: Deutsche weltanschauung. --Kultur und politik. --"Katholische" universitäten. --Die rassenfrage. --Die preussische rasse. --Ein brief über Heinrich Heine. --Hermann Levi. --Uber dilettantismus. --Die natur als lehrmeisterin. --Goethe, Linné und die exakte wissenschaft der natur. --Richard Wagners regenerationslehre. --Richard Wagner und die politik. --Die bedeutung des todes bei Richard Wagner. --Die Bayreuther festspielgedanken. --Vorwort zur vierzehnten auflage der grundlagen des XIX. Jahrhunderts. SUBJECT (S) Subject: Race. Geographic: Germany -- Civilization. OCLC lists 19 copies worldwide. Boards bumped; spine chipping. Pages lightly foxed; some underlining in pencil. Owner's name in ink on title page. Good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13740) $100.00

31. • Cherep-Spiridovich, Maj. -Gen. , Count. THE SECRET WORLD GOVERNMENT OR "THE HIDDEN HAND"/ THE UNREVEALED IN HISTORY/ 100 HISTORICAL "MYSTERIES" EXPLAINED. Hawthorne, California: The Christian Book Club of America, 1986. Reprint of 1926 edition published in NYC by The Anti-Bolshevist Publishing Association. Paper; 8vo. 203 pages. Text on front cover: "By all means, let us have courage to compound our sympathy not only from the tears of Jews but also from the blood of Christians...Let us distil this sympathy into a program of peace-peace, the result of order; order, the offspring of law; and law, the child of justice. " Except of text on back cover: "AN APPEAL TO THE 500, 000, 000 CHRISTIAN ARYANS...The foreign, domestic and religious assaults are co-ordinated by the Hidden Hand, which controls $300 billion and the press...Aryans! You calmly contemplated the extermination in cold blood of 30, 000, 000 Russians by the foes of CHRIST. You ignore that in Austria 85% of the Christian girls are violated and infected before their marriage by the same foes of CHRIST, as officially proved (see "L'Autriche Juive" by F. Trocase) ... All those who wish to prevent the otherwise IMMINENT catastrophe for the White Race are requested to join our League. " Contains index and twelve appendices. Frontispiece photo of the author. Illustrated with one photograph of Edward Rothschild V. Singerman 0174. "The 'Hidden Hand' is the occult 'Judeo-Mongolian World Government, ' led by the Rothschilds and 300 all-powerful Jewish Masons. " OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Cover sunned; slight chip in spine. Very good condition. (AS-1) (ID #13532) $75.00

32. • Christian Nationalist Crusade. THE JEWISH QUESTION AS DEALT WITH BY THE POPES. 57 EDICTS DESIGNED TO PROTECT THE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY FROM JEWISH AGGRESSION AND OPPOSITION HAVE BEEN ISSUED BY 29 POPES DOWN THROUGH THE CENTURIES. Los Angeles: Christian Nationalist Crusade, [1955? ]. Wrappers; 8vo. 4 pages. Singerman 1230. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Bit of edgewear; very good condition. (AS-4) (ID #13836) $75.00

33. • Christian Nationalist Crusade. THE PHYSICAL APPEARANCE OF JESUS. St. Louis, Missouri: Christian Nationalist Crusade, [1940's? ]. Wrappers; 16mo. 4 pages. Black and white portrait Jesus on cover. Purports to be reprint of a letter to Tiberius Caesar from Pontius Pilate describing appearance and manner of Jesus. Publisher's note: "The obnoxious Jews of modern times are imposters. They bear little or no blood relationship to Judah and Israel of Bible times. Jesus bore no resemblance to the obnoxious Jew of our day. It is an insult to our Lord to call Him a "Jew" and mean what we mean today when we say "Jew. " OCLC lists one copy worldwide. Very good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13768) $100.00

34. • Church, John Merrick. B'NAI B'RITH: AN INTERNATIONAL ANTI-CHRISTIAN, PRO-COMMUNIST JEWISH POWER. New York: Robert Edward Edmondson, [1937? ]. Wrappers; 4to. 16 pages. Singerman 0389. OCLC lists two copies worldwide. Slight browning; edges bent; very good condition. (AS-4) (ID #13833) $125.00

35. • Claason, George S. , Ed. CATHOLIC JEW KU KLUX KLAN: WHAT THEY BELIEVE WHERE THEY CONFLICT. Chicago: Nutshell, 1924. Wrappers; 12mo. 64 pages. Not in Singerman. OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. Pages brown. Very good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13753) $100.00

36. • Darré, R. Walther. HET BOERENDOM ALS LEVENSBRON VAN HET NOORDRAS. 's-Gravenhage, Netherlands: Volk en Bodem, 1928. Cloth; 8vo. 574 pages. In Dutch. "The Peasantry as the lifesource of the Nordic Race. " Frontispiece photo of author in Nazi uniform. Includes material contrasting the Nordic Race to the Semitic, Slavic, & other races. Following text are two indices and copies of two documents, one signed H. Himmler and the other, Adolf Hitler. Ed. 5./ "'Dit werk ontstond uit een voor mij nodzakelijke stellingname tegen het in 1927 verschenen boek van Kern: Stammbaum und artbild der Deutschen'. --Voorwoord bij den eersten Duitschen druk. " Spine sunned; pages brown and foxed. OCLC lists one copy worldwide. Good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13773) $250.00

37. • Dearborn Independent, The (Henry Ford). THE INTERNATIONAL JEW, THE WORLD'S FOREMOST PROBLEM. Four Volume Set (Complete). Dearborn, Michigan: Published by the Dearborn Publishing Co, 1920-1922. Paper Wrappers, 12mo. 20 cm. Singerman 0103, 0117, 0118, & 0132: "the most well- known American contribution to the literature of anti-Semitism." The preface to vol 4 notes that "the work of the 'Dearborn Independent' was undertaken at a disadvantage because of the tremendous emphasis of the American mind on racial peace and because of the ease with which racial propagandists can make a purely economic and political matter assume the aspects of a religious controversy." The titles of some of the articles are: "How Jews Gained American Liquor Control," "The Jewish Element in Bootlegging Evil," "The Jewish Associates of Benedict Arnold," and "Benedict Arnold and Jewish Aid in Shady Deal" as well as "The Economic Plans of International Jews" to name a few. “A Reprint of…Selection(s) of Articles from "’The Dearborn Independent’". Includes Vol I (The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem); Vol. II (Jewish Activities in the United States); Vol. III (Jewish Influence in American Life); & Vol. IV (Aspects of Jewish Power in the United States). The scarce full set, here in its original, 1920s edition. Good Condition $300.00

38. • Deeg, Peter; Julius Streicher, Publisher. HOFJUDEN. Nürnberg: Verlag Der Stürmer, 1938. Cloth; 8vo. 547 pages. In German. 3 indices pages 471-547. Gold-embossed cover. Frontispiece plate in color; illustrated with 43 black and white plates. Foldout family tree (Goldschmidt and Goldschmidt-Rothschild) at back of book. Anti-Jewish text from possibly the most important Antisemitic press in Germany, Julius Streicher's DER STÜRMER press. A beautifully bound book (why? ! ? ) . Series: Variation: Juden, Judenverbrechen und Judengesetze in Deutschland von der Vergangenheit bis zur Gegenwart ; ; Bd. 1, T. 1. Corners bumped; rear board shaken; 1/2" tear at top left of front board; but overall, good, attractive condition. (AS-3) (ID #13811) $175.00

esperanza.jpg (24934 bytes)39. • Degreff, Walter. ESPERANZA DE ISRAEL. Buenos Aires: Francisco A. Colombo, 1938. 1st edition (NOT a translation). Paper wrappers; 12mo. 185 pages. 19 cm. Antisemitic book, with Antisemitic image on cover. Subject: Antisemitism -- Argentina. Pages uncut. Spine heavily chipped; covers otherwise good, front cover reattached with non-archival repair. Internal paper & binding remain excellent, though. (SP-4) (ID #10181) $85.00



40. • DER AHNENPASS. Berlin: Verlag für Standesamtswefen G. M. B. H. , [Late 1930's? ]. Wrappers; small 8vo. 48 pages. 10 pages of specific instructions regarding racial categories, terms, etc. , and 38 pages of genealogical ancestry forms. Nazi Germany required all Germans to fill out an "Ahnenpass" (ancestry passport) like this one with one's genealogy going back four generations to prove that there were no Jewish ancestors. This one is blank, save for an owner's Fascist stamp on the inside cover. (ID #13817) $50.00

41. • Dumoulin, Pierre. L'AFFAIRE GRYNSPAN: UN ATTENTAT CONTRE LA FRANCE! Paris: Jean-Renard, 1942. Wrappers; 8vo. 161 pages. Illustrated with facsimiles of letters. In French. From Vichy France. The Grynspan Affair (Greenspan's shooting of a German diplomat in Paris on Nov. 7, 1938, after learning of his parent's deportation from Germany) was used as a pretext to launch Kristallnacht throughout Germany. Important Antisemitic work. OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. Subject: Jews -- Germany. Jews -- France. Named Person: Grynszpan, Herschel Felbel. Pages brownin, some chipping, first signature detached but present; some spine chipping. Fair to Good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13807) $100.00

42. • Edmondson, Robert Edward. ROOSEVELT'S JEWISH ANCESTRY. Stoddartsville, PA, The Author, 1936. 10th edition [i. E. Printing]. Folded broadside, 8vo, 4 pages. Singerman 0350 (a stated 7th edition) . Includes charts proving the author's case, as well as circumstantial evidence, such as the fact that FDR supports radicalism, etc. SUBJECT(S) : Jews -- Genealogy. Named Person: Roosevelt family. OCLC lists a 4 LEAVED (not paged) 7th edition from 1936 published in Wichita (1 copy worldwide) ; this may be an error or may be distinct from that here, which we describe based on Singerman. Tiny stain along top margin, Very Good Condition (ID #13840) $100.00

43. • Elsom, John R. LIGHTNING OVER THE TREASURY BUILDING, OR, AN EXPOSE OF OUR BANKING AND CURRENCY MONSTROSITY-AMERICA'S MOST REPREHENSIBLE AND UN-AMERICAN RACKET. Boston: Meador, 1941. Cloth; small 8vo. 128 pages. Fourth edition. Banker's conspiracy, with various Antisemitic insinuations regarding the Rothschilds, and, for example: "...the Jews became, for the most part, the money lenders and goldsmiths of England. They for some reason had no compunction of conscience on the matter. They lived outside the pale of the teachings of the New Testament and ignored the unmistakable commands of the Old regarding usury. " And: "As much as we may disapprove of Hitler, his regimentation and his ambitions, it must be recognized that he put into effect a money system by which goods and services were transferred without paying a toll to those 'Who toiled not-neither did they spin. '" Text on title page: "A clear and concise treatise of the banking and money system of the United States as manipulated by the international bankers, by whom governments are controlled, wars promoted, peoples exploited and the real wealth of the nation gathered unto themselves through the process of mortgage and foreclosure-together with a constitutional remedy for our national dilemma. 'All Other Reforms Wait on Money Reform' So Why Wait to Reform Money?" Singerman 0582. "Widely circulated and frequently reissued. ". Banks and banking -- United States. Currency question -- United States. Finance -- United States. Pages brown; owner's stamp on flyleaf and inside front cover. Jacket sunned with some tears. Very good condition in good jacket. (AS-3) (ID #13781) $65.00

44. • Eriksson, Elof, Foreword. SEMI-GOTHA. FRÅN GHETTON TILL RIDDARHUSET. EN RASBIOLOGISK STUDIE. COMPLETE (? ) IN 2 VOLUMES .Stockholm: Nationens Förlag,1939. 1st Edition (?). Paper Wrappers, 12mo. 161+ 179 pages. Frontis Illustrations of Jewish symbols in each volume. Fine condition. Antisemitica. Holocaust-era Antisemitic Swedish Nazi race book set from this fascist publisher. Though the title doesn't indicate it, the focus of this set is the Jews. Ads for other Antisemitic titles at rear. Scarce $150.00

45. • Espinosa, Benito José. TEORÍA Y PRÁCTICA DE LA PENETRACIÓN SIONISTA EN LA ARGENTINA. Buenos Aires: Asociación Patriótica Argentina, 1965. Paper Wrappers; 12mo. 57pages. 20 cm. Series: Colección Puma Includes bibliography. Antisemitic. Subject: Zionism -- Argentina. Jews -- Argentina. Pages brown and lightly foxed; cover slightly worn. Good condition. (S-3) . (ID #10201) $75.00

face_on_the.jpg (42976 bytes)46. • FACE ON THE BARROOM FLOOR: THE MYSTERY OF THE GRIN. No Place, No Publisher, No Date (1960s) . One page broadside; 8vo. Twocartoons; one on each side of the page. 1 is Antisemitic: "Face On The Barroom Floor/ The Mystery of The GRIN. " The other is general Anti-press/Anti-conspiracy: "'Freedom Of The Press'? !" OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Excellent condition. (AS-3) (ID #13806) $75.00


47. • Father Coughlin's Friends. AN ANSWER TO FATHER COUGHLIN'S CRITICS. Royal Oak, Michigan: The Radio League of the Little Flower, 1940. Wrappers; 12mo. 164 pages. Text on cover: "By all means, let us have courage to compound our sympathy not only from the tears of Jews but also from the blood of Christians..."Let us distil this sympathy into a program of peace-peace, the result of order; order, the offspring of law; and law, the child of justice. " Contains index and twelve appendices. Singerman 0531. "This effort to clear Father Coughlin of charges that he is a Nazi sympathizer and Jew-baiter fails because of its extensive 'documentation' linking the Jews with the masterminding and financing of the Russian revolution. " Cover sunned; spine chipping. Very good condition. (AS-1) (ID #13531) $50.00

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contubernio.jpg (22547 bytes)49. • Ferrer Benimeli, José Antonio. EL CONTUBERNIO JUDEO-MASÓNICO-COMUNISTA: DEL SATANISMO AL ESCÁNDALO DE LA P-2. Madrid: ISTMO, [1982? ]. Paper wrappers; 12mo. 445 pages. Illustrated with plates. 18 cm. Antisemitic. Series: Colección Fundamentos ; 78 Series: Libro de bolsillo ISTMO Bibliography on pages 409-445. ISBN: 8470901214 Subject: Conspiracies -- Spain -- History. Subject: Spain -- Politics and government. Cover slightly worn; otherwise, in very good condition. (S-3) . (ID #10205) $75.00


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judiointernacional.jpg (28654 bytes)51. • Ford, Henry. translated by Enrique Montaldo. EL JUDÍO INTERNACIONAL. Buenos Aires, Luz Ediciones Modernas, No Date (1940s-1950s). Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 380 pages. In Spanish. SUBJECT(S): Jewish question. Jews -- United States. OCLC lists 7 copies worldwide. Wear to wrappers, heavy at spine, paper browning but solid. Fair condition (ID #10219) $100.00



52. • Franz, Erwin. DER JUDISCHE MARSCH ZUR MACHT; EINE QUELLENSAMMLUNG ALS BEITRAG ZUR JUDENEMANZIPATION IN BADEN, 1806-1933. MIT 18 BILDTAFLN... Karlsruhe IN Baden, K. Moninger, 1943. Hardbound, Edgewear to boards, paper browning, rear hinge tear, Good Cond. ; Large 8vo; 188 pages; "Quellenangabe" on pages 157-158. Nazi antisemitic analysis of the rise of Jewish Power in Baden (ID #4329) $175.00

53. • Freeman, I. M. THE DEVIL'S DISCIPLES: MASTERS OF ILLUSION. Reedy, W. Virginia: Liberty Bell, 1977. Paper; 8vo, 110 pages. Includes several appendices. Singerman 1373. "'The Devil's Disciples' major effort is currently the promotion of a One-World Dictatorship in which they shall be the dictators and we the slaves. It is a conspiracy of monstrous dimensions and it is led by the Jews. The Jewish conspirators represent the body of the octopus and all the perverse, diabolical deeds which emanate from this conspiratorial body function as the tentacles which are at this moment, crushing the life out of us and destroying our society. To attack these tentacles is futile, for they are replaced by others and the result is simply that we have expended our energy merely in order to replace one plague with another' (p.6) " OCLC lists four copies worldwide. Cover soil; back corner bent. Some underlining and margin notes. Good condition. (AS-1) (ID #13519) $100.00

54. • Fritsch, Theodor. DIE ZIONISTISCHEN PROTOKOLLE: DAS PROGRAMM DER INTERNATIONALEN GEHEIMREGIERUNG: AUS DEM ENGLISCHEN UEBERSETZT NACH DEM IM BRITISCHEN MUSUEM BEFINDLICHEN ORIGINAL: MIT EINEM VOR- UND NACHWORT VON THEODOR FRITSCH. Leipzig: Hammer-Verlag, 1933. Wrappers; 8vo. 80 pages. In German. Includes several appendices. Antisemitic. From the year of Hitler's ascendancy. Based on Viktor E. Marsden's translation of Sergei Nilus' publication. Cf. P. 7./ Includes bibliographical references on page 78, and index. Other Titles: Protocols of the wise men of Zion. OCLC lists six copies worldwide. Descriptor: Jews. Communism -- Russia. Socialism and antisemitism. Buenos Aires bookseller's stamp inside front cover. Cover detached; pages browning. Good condition. (AS-1) (ID #13521) $75.00

55. • Greene, Nathaniel. [Winsch, Gert]. DOUBLECROSS IN PALESTINE. Scotch Plains, N. J. , Flanders hall, 1941. Paper Wrappers, small 8vo, 61 pages. 21 cm. Series: A Flanders Hall Book-of-the-Hour. American edition of Singerman 0574 (He does not offer a listing of this work, however) : "Seemingly aimed at Jewish readers to convince them that Britian does not deserve their support in the ware now underway in Europe. Argues that Britain's pro-Arab position in Palestine is a far greater crime than Germany's anti-Jewish excesses which the author defends as warrented in light of Jewish war-profiteering in World War I and the inability of Eastern European Jews to assimilate in Germany. " Singerman also indicates that this American edition "was published...under the Flanders Hall imprint, a Nazi propaganda mill operating out of Scotch Plains, New Jersey. " SUBJECT(S) : Jews -- Palestine. Palestinian Arabs. Geographic: Palestine -- Politics and government. Very Good Condition (ID #13838) $125.00

56. • Grieb, Conrad. JUSTICE LIKE CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME. AN OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT TRUMAN. Chicago: Pioneer News Service, [ca. 1946]. Wrappers; 8vo. 8 pages. Reprint. Singerman 0652. "America was persuaded by Jewish hate propaganda to declare war on Germany and, at war's end, to wreck the German economy and reduce her people to starvation by implementing the Morgenthau Plan. " World War, 1939-1945 -- Causes. (ID #13751) $100.00

57. • Griffin, Des. DESCENT INTO SLAVERY? . Clackamas, Oregon: Emissary, 1987. Paper; 8vo. 354 pages. Illustrated. Contains index. The sequel to Fourth Reich of the Rich. A look behind the scenes of international politics and the sinister world of secret societies, individuals and organizations all bent on establishing a one world order. Singerman 1432. "A totally Antisemitic book, dealing with the International Bankers and 'the story of their total involvement in the Illuminati plot to create a totalitarian One World government. '" Banks and banking, International. World politics -- 1945-. OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. Author inscribed. Very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13774) $75.00

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59. • Hebenbrock, Walter. MIT DER NSD, NACH POLEN. MIT 3 FAKSIMILES UND 8 ABBILDUNGEN. Berlin: Zentralverlag der NSDAP, Franz Eher Nachfolger GMBH, 1940. Erlebter Krieg, Band I. Wrappers; 12mo. 102 pages. In German. Illustrated with photographic plates and facsimiles. Of course includes descriptions of the "Jewish parasites" etc. The author encounters on the march through Kracow, Lodz, Warsaw, and the rest of Poland. OCLC lists one copy worldwide. World War, 1939-1945 -- Personal narratives, German. Named Corp: Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt. Geographic: Poland -- History -- German occupation, 1939-1945. Cover soil; spine detaching; lower right corner bent. Good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13812) $175.00

60. • HET JODENDOM, NEVENVADER DER VRIJMETSELARIJ. DESZELFS HUIDIGE WETTEN EN GODSDIENSTIGE GEBRUIKEN. (VERTAALD UIT DE CIVILTA CATTOLICA.) . 's-Hertogenbosch: Mosmans, 1883. Quarter leather; 8vo. 388 pages. In Dutch. 19th Century conspiracy theory on Jewry as the creators of Freemasonry. Gilt embossed spine. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Ex-library copy with minimal markings. Edgewear; some foxing. Binding very tight. Very good condition. (AS-1) (ID #13528) $135.00

61. • HET JODENVRAAGSTUK. Den Haag, De Residentiebode, 1930. 1st Edition. Paper Wrappers, Some wear, Good Condition; 8vo; 248 pages; 22 cm. Antisemitic. Why Christians should beware of the Jews. Cites the Protocols of the Elders of Zion for evidence. Some wear, Good Condition. (ID #5106) $100.00

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67. • International Organization For The Elimination Of All Forms Of Racial Discrimination. ZIONISM & RACISM: PROCEEDINGS OF AN INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM. Tripoli, Libya: International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, 1977. Paper, 8vo. 254 pages. Singerman 1421. "This Arab-supported symposium excoriates Zionism as a racist movement. " Some cover soil; very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13783) $75.00

68. • J. C. W. [Sic]. TWEE BIGGEN IN EEN BEDSTEE OF KLUCHTIG AVONTUR VAN DEN JOOD DAVID. Rotterdam: J. Bergé, No Date (ca. 1890) . Zevende Duizend. Wrappers; small 16mo. 32 pages. In Dutch. A poem, apparently Antisemitic. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Pages brown; very good condition. (AS-4) (ID #13818) $100.00

69. • Kamp, Joseph P. THE BIGOTS BEHIND THE SWASTIKA SPREE. New York: Headlines, 1960. Wrappers, 16mo. 39 pages. Annotated. Order blank for other Headlines publications laid in. Singerman 1043. "Manifestations of Antisemitism, such as the painting of swastikas on synagogue buildings, are inspired and encouraged by the Jews. Kamp identifies the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, and the Anti-Defamation League as the principal exploiters of anti-Jewish vandalism which they in fact created in order to gain publicity and to raise funds to attack patriotic American anti-communists in the guise of combatting 'antisemitism. '" OCLC lists ten copies worldwide. Pages browning; very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13792) $60.00

70. • Keep America Committee. HATE ART. Los Angeles, California: Keep America Committee, (1950's? ) . Wrappers; 8vo. 4 pages. Illustated with black and white photographs and a sketch. Not in Singerman. Links contemporary art, specifically art by Jewish artist Bernard Rosenthal, with International Communism, the UN, NATO, SEATO, NAACP, ACLU, Rockefeller Foundation, etc. , etc. , in a plot to take over our Constitutional Republic. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Lightly sunned. Very good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13758) $100.00

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72. • Kessemeier, Theodore. D.F.B. INFORMATIONS-ZENTRALE APRIL 1940. Hamburg: D. F. B. , 1940. Typed sheet; 4to; four pages. Letter dated April 1940, addressed "Dear Sir, " and signed by Kessemeier, "Dir. Of Organization. " Includes envelope addressed to Abingdon Book Shop, NYC. (postmarked 08.5.40) . Quotes two letters, one from a Norwegian and the other from a Dane. The former says, "I...am against my government because I am convinced of the fact that it is under the influence of the Jews. " He attributes improved living conditions in Germany to the positive actions of Adolf Hitler. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Has been folded in quarters; detached in two along one fold; top edge chipping. Fair condition in fair envelope. (AS-4) (ID #13823) $100.00

73. • Kessemeier, Theodore. D.F.B. INFORMATIONS-ZENTRALE FEBRUARY 1940. Hamburg: D. F. B. , 1940. Typed sheet; 4to; four pages. Letter dated February 1940, addressed "Dear Sir, " and signed by Kessemeier, "Dir. Of Organization. " Complaint about ingratitude of Finns toward the Germans, and about the employment of "uncivilized negroes" in army troops. "What a mistake the French Government makes believing a large number of coloured soldiers can accomplish anything in a modern technical war! ...these masses of coloured soldiers are nothing but good enough to stop the bullets. " He wonders if more ignorants will be found "willing to be slaughtered for Jewish interests. " OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Has been folded in quarters; detached in two along one fold; top edge chipping. Fair condition. (AS-4) (ID #13822) $100.00

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76. • Klein, Henry H. ZIONISM RULES THE WORLD/ ZIONISM AND SLAVERY VERSUS AMERICANISM AND FREEDOM/ ZIONISM IS USING COMMUNISM/ STOP ZIONISM AND SAVE AMERICA/ ZIONIST MYSTERIES/ ZIONISM IS TREASON! / THE THREAT-THE FULFILLMENT. New York: Henry H. Klein: 1955. 1st edition. Wrappers, 12mo. 12 pages. Blames Zionism, the "instrument for the fulfillment of the protocol plan for world conquest, " for all the evils of the world since the convention of the first zionist congress in Basle, Switzerland, in 1897, including World War II. Singerman 0934, noting that "Only reprint edition [has been] seen by compiler [i. E. Singerman], " and he lists no known copies of the original. OCLC also lists no copies worldwide. Excellent condition. (AS-3) (ID #13799) $200.00

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81. • Laudyn, Stephanie. A. J. Zielinski and W. K. , translators. A WORLD PROBLEM: JEWS-POLAND-HUMANITY; A PSYCHOLOGICAL AND HISTORICAL STUDY. PART I. Chicago: American Catalogue Printing Co. , 1920. Cloth, 8vo. 365 pages. Pictorial front board. Singerman 0105. "Deplores the alliance of Germany, Russia, and Jewry against the national independence of Poland. " Jews -- Poland. Jews -- Soviet Union. Some edgewear and browning; very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13785) $150.00

82. • Leese, A. S. BOLSHEVISM IS JEWISH! London: Imperial Fascist League, 1939. First edition. Wrappers, 8vo. 8 pages. Holocaust-era pamphlet. "Bolshevism represents one of the final stages in the deliberate Jewish programme for World Domination. ..It is State Capitalism, run by Jews in the Jewish interests. The Jews being a non-creative and unproductive nation have failed utterly in the grand farce of the Five-Year-Plan, because it was never in them to create but only to exploit what has been created by the work of others...." Singerman 0254. OCLC lists three copies worldwide. Much underlining in red pencil; otherwise, very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13798) $100.00

83. • Leroy, P. L. THE HOLY SEE AND THE JEWS! FROM THE SPECIAL NUMBER - 1939. OF THE INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF SECRET SOCIETIES. PARIS, FRANCE. New York: E. N. Sanctuary, [1940? ]. Wrappers, 8vo. 12 pages. Holocaust-era imprint. Singerman 0554. "Selections from papal bulls against the Jews. " OCLC lists one copy worldwide. Some browning; bit of cover soil. Very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13797) $100.00

84. • Liberty Lobby. CONSPIRACY AGAINST FREEDDOM: A DOCUMENTATION OF ONE CAMPAIGN OF THE ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE AGAINST FREEDDOM OF SPEECH AND THOUGHT IN AMERICA. Washington, D. C. : Liberty Lobby, 1986. Paper; 8vo. 228 pages. Four appendices and index. Illustrated with photocopies of memos and announcementsAntisemitism cloaked in an "expose" of the ADL-led conspiracy to enslave America. Excellent condition. (AS-1) . (ID #13513) $40.00

85. • Liek, Walter. DER ANTEIL DES JUDENTUMS AM ZUSAMMENBRUCHE DEUTSCHLANDS. Munchen, J. F. Lehmann, 1919. Paper Wrappers, Pre-war library stampt, Good Condition; 8vo; 16 pages; 24 cm. Flugblatt aus "Deutschlands Erneuerung" Monatsschrift fur das deutsche Volk. "Die Rassenhygiene ist so klug geworden, die 'heimlichen' Krankheiten offen vor aller Welt zu eroertern" (ID #4943) $75.00

protocolos.jpg (30715 bytes)86. • LOS "PROTOCOLOS": LOS SECRETOS DE LOS "SABIOS DE SIÓN". Paperback, 8vo, Buenos Aires: Editorial "Primicia", 1976. Paper Wrappers, 12mo, 130 pages. 19 cm. In Spanish. Includes appendix: "Resoluciones de las Naciones Unidas condenatorias del Sionismo Internacional y del Estado de Israel." Translation of Protocols of the wise men of Zion. OCLC lists 3 copies worldwide. SUBJECT(S): Zionism -- Controversial literature. United Nations -- Israel. Wear to covers with tears at top and bottom of spine, but good condition overall. (ID #12893) $100.00

87. • Ludendorff, Erich. AUF DEM WEG ZUR FELDHERRNHALLE: LEBENSERINNERUNGEN AN DIE ZEIT DES 9-11-1923, MIT DOKUMENTEN IN 5 ANLAGEN. Munich: Ludensdorffs, 1937. Cloth; 8vo. 156 pages. In German. Lionel Kochan writes in the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust that Ludendorf, a General and early Nazi Putsch in 1923, founded in 1926 the "Tannenbergbund, to whose 'German God Awareness' he devoted himself. The pseudoreligious body worshiped the ancient Norse gods and circulated countless pamphlets denouncing the 'Jewish-Masonic-Bolshevik' conspiracy..." (NY: 1990, pp. 920-921) . Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945. Named Corp: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei. Geographic: Germany -- History -- 1918-1933. Color photograph of General Ludendorff on jacket. Newspaper clipping "Hitler's Demands" glued to flyleaf. Pages brown. Some tears; 2" missing piece on jacket. Very good condition in good jacket. (AS-3) (ID #13810) $60.00

88. • Marr, W (ilhelm). JUDARNES SEGER ÖFWER GERMANERNE BETRAKTAD FRÅN SOCIAL OCH POLITISK STÅNDPUNKT. Upsala: Esaias Edquist, 1881. Paper Wrappers, 8vo 64 pages Translated from the German (First German edition was published in 1873). . Previous owner's unobtrusive pencil notations & mini-bookplate on title page, otherwise a Fine copy. $50.00

89. • Marsden, Victor E. , Trans. PROTOCOLS OF THE MEETINGS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION. TRANSLATED FROM THE RUSSIAN TEXT BY VICTOR E. MARSDEN FORMERLY RUSSIAN CORRESPONDENT OF "THE MORNING POST.". London: The Britons, 1933. 2nd Reprint. Wrappers; 8vo. 75 pages. Singerman 0259. "The Marsden translation has become the standard English text. " One of the most famous pieces of anti-semitic propaganda in history. Last page contains text of a letter from Lord Sydenhamon the "protocols, " which appeared in the Spectator of August 27, 1921. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Cover sunned; some foxing to pages. Small chip in upper-left hand corner of front wrapper, and one-inch tear to bottom. Non-archival repair to spine. Good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13735) $200.00

91. • Marsden, Victor E. THE PROTOCOLS OF THE MEETINGS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION: WITH PREFACE AND EXPLANATORY NOTES; TRANSLATED FROM THE RUSSIAN TEXT BY VICTOR E. MARSDEN FORMERLY RUSSIAN CORRESPONDENT OF "THE MORNING POST.". No Place, No Publisher, 1934. Certainly a reprint (ca. 1970s) . Paper; 8vo. 299 pages. Illustrated with photographs and facsimiles. Singerman 0294. "At head of title: United we fall, divided we stand. Pages 7-97 are extracts from the International Jew series in the Dearborn Independent, 1920-22; text of the Protocols on pp. 142-226. Identity of author of "Preface and Explanatory Notes" not provided. A unique edition and worth acquiring. " A bit of cover soil; "Translated by Victor M. Marsden" written in pen on front cover; otherwise, excellent condition. (AS-3) (ID #13778) $50.00

president_knows.jpg (22259 bytes)92. • McConnell, Harrison F. THE PRESIDENT KNOWS!  Asheville, North Carolina: Pelley, 1938. Wrappers, 12mo. 46 pages. Annotated. Singerman 0442. "The attorney for the Silvershirt League of America charges that the New Deal is administered by the Knights of Israel. Communism, he says, is 'as old as Judaism. '" OCLC lists ten copies worldwide. Staples rusted; very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13793) $100.00


93. • Meinvielle, Julio. EL JUDÍO EN EL MISTERIO DE LA HISTORIA. Buenos Aires: Ediciones Theoria, 1975. Paperback, small 8vo. 150 pages. 5th Edition. Meinvielle (1905-1973) was a leading Argentine Catholic Antisemite who, during the Spanish civil, maintained an ongoing debate with Jacques Maritain, defending the war as a Holy War (see his "Qué saldrá de la España que Sangra, " published in 1937 by the Jóvenes de la Acción Católica Argentina) . For more on Meinvielle, see Graciela Ben-Dror, "The Catholic Church in Argentina and the Jewish town during the Holocaust, 1933-1945" (doctoral thesis in philosophy, in Hebrew, defendant in 1993 in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) . In the Sixties, Meinvielle was the spiritual and ideological leader of the violent Antisemitic group Tacuara. Subject: Judaism -- Relations -- Christianity. Christianity and other religions -- Judaism. Jews -- History. Pages brown; some cover soil. Good condition. (S-3). (ID #10189) $65.00

94. • Meyer-Christian, Wolf. ANGLO-ZIDOVSKA ALIANCE: VZNIK A VYVOJ KAPITALISTICKE NADVLADY NAD SVETEM. Prague: Nakladatelstvi Orbis, 1942. "Na Okraj Nove Doby" 44-45. Wrappers, 8vo, 100 pages. In Czech. Illustrated with photographic plates, maps, and tables. Holocaust era Antisemitic Czech book on the British-Jewish Alliance. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Spine chipped; cover soil and light foxing. Good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13741) $125.00

95. • Mun, Richard. DIE JUDEN IN BERLIN. Leipzig: Hammer-Verlag, 1924. Cloth; 8vo. 143 pages. In German. Bibliography on pages 126-137. Often cited as an "authoritative source" on modern Antisemitic websites (for example, of Jewish Ritual Murder) . Discusses the negative role of Jews in the history of Berlin & German politics, especially in the early 20th Century, but also historically. Subjects: 1. Antisemitism--Germany. 2. Berlin--Jews-History. OCLC lists fourteen copies worldwide. Slight wear to cover; edges brown. Very good condition. (AS-1) (ID #13517) $150.00

96. • Nicklin, J. Bernard. SIGNPOSTS OF HISTORY. Destiny Publishers Merrimac, MA 1956. Cloth 8vo; 203 pages. Prophetic work proves that the Devil, through Rusia, will attack England, the true Chosen People Who will be aided by the United States--Very possibly this will take place in 1957. This belief (that the true Jews settled in Britain and became the basis of the Anglo Saxons--and that today's so-called Jews are impostors) , called Anglo-Israelism or British-Israelism , is at the coreof the beliefs of many in the American Militia Movement. Fine in fine jacket (#1334) $50.00

vieille-france.jpg (22145 bytes)97. • Nilus, Sergiei. LA CONSPIRATION JUIVE CONTRE LES PEUPLES. "PROTOCOLS", PROCÈS-VERBAUX DE REUNIONS SECRÈTES DES SAGES D'ISRAËL. 8vo, Paris, "La Vieille-France", 1920. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 143 pages. 22 cm. Protocols of the wise men/elders of Zion, in French. SUBJECT: Jewish question. Communism. OCLC lists 4 copies worldwide. Some wear to wrappers, internally ver nice, Good+ Condition overall. (ID #13536) $100.00


enquequedamos.jpg (17318 bytes)98. • Nunez, David. EN QUE QUEDAMOS? SON O NO SON DEICIDAS LOS JUDIOS? . Buenos Aires, Editorial Presencia En El Mu, 1967. Paper Wrappers, Very Good Condition In Spanish; 8vo; 165 pages; Nunez claims not to be an Antismite--as a catholic he doesn't hate anyone--not Jews, not anyone--but he does hate the bad thigns some Jews do--and then, of course, he goes on to names them all, quoting even the Protocols to back up his arguments. It's the same old story, here with a Catholic Latin American twist (ID #5183) $75.00

99. • Patriotic Tract Society. THE JEW CREATED COMMUNISM. St. Louis: Patriotic Tract Society, [1930's? ] Flyer; 32mo. One page (i. E. Pocket-sized broadside) . "Leading Jew Magazine Admits It!" "'The Bolshevist Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains....'" OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Very good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13771) $50.00

100. • Pfaus, Oscar C. WE ACCUSE! Chicago: Oscar C. Pfaus, 1940. Typed sheets; 4to; four pages. "Press Statement Made at Chicago. " Not in Singerman. Diatribe by a German-American against British imperialism and in favor of the "New Germany. " Pfaus displays his anti-Semitism as in his references to "English-Jewish" 'colonization' of Arabian Palestine" and "English-Jewish terror in the Irish Free State". (ID #13820) $75.00

101. • Pinay, Maurice. EL MOTOR SECRETO DEL COMUNISMO. Buenos Aires: Gota de Agua, No Date [ca 1970?]. Paper Wrappers; 8vo. Antisemitic. According to the author, International-Jewry is, of course, the secret motor of Communism. Part of the series, "Biblioteca de Secretos Politicos." Subject: Antisemitism -- Argentina. Minor waterstaining and cover soil; otherwise, in very good condition. (S-3) . (ID #10190) $75.00

102. • Pranaitis, Rev. Iustinius Bonaventura. THE TALMUD UNMASKED--THE SECRET RABBINICAL TEACHINGS CONCERNING CHRISTIANS. Reedy, West Virginia, Liberty Bell Publications, Wrappers, Small 8vo, 88 pages. Reprint of Singerman #32: "presents a concoction of spurious pa ssages from the Talmud condoning ritual murder & hatred of Jesus and all non-Jews. [Roman Catholic] Father Pranaitis was a witness for the prosecution in the infamous Beilis trial in Kiev. This reprint is publiched by perhaps the most prodigeous American Antisemites of the 1970s, Libery Bell Publications. Very Good Condition. (ID #2823) $100.00

103. • (Protocols) . Nilus, S. edited by Ejvind Hansen. JØDEFAREN : BEVISMATERIALE.København, Eget Forlag, No Date [1930? ] Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 43 pages. Includes photos. Subject : Jews -- Controversial literature. Light wear, Very Good Condition. (ID #12982) $85.00

104. • R. E. Legant. IS COMMUNISM JEWISH? . Detroit: Don Lohbeck, Agent, (ca. 1947) . Wrappers; 32mo. 16 pages. Singerman 0713. "Argues in the affirmative. " With list of "Real Jewish Names" of the 24 "leading founders of world Communism, all Jews" after Marx, Lenin, and Trotsky. OCLC lists one copy worldwide. Pages brown. Very good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13762) $100.00

1890.jpg (23089 bytes)105. • (Randt, Johan) JUDARNE OCH DEN TYSKA STATEN Stockholm: Ulrik Fredriksons Förlag, 1890. Second edition. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 76 pages. "The Jews and the German State." Antisemitic. Translated from the German. Includes Antisemitic charicatures on front and rear covers. Covers chipped at edges, spine repaired with tape. Paper and internal binding is very good. $100.00


106. • Ravage, M.E. (Marcus Eli). ZWEI JÜDISCHE AUFSÄTZE VOM JUDEN MARCUS ELI RAVAGE: (A REAL CASE AGAINST THE JEWS) UND (COMMISSARY TO THE GENTILES). 1937. Wrappers, Erfurt, U. Bodung-Verlag,1936. 1st edition thus. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 35 pages. 21 cm. Bilingual, German & English. "Aufklärungsdienst am Deutschen Volke. Lasst Juden sprechen!" Translation of two Century magazine articles from 1928 (vol. 115, nr. 3-4), here published by one of the most virulently Antisemitic publishers of the Nazi era. Singerman lists the American English (only) edition (Nr. 0374), noting, "A Jewish writer's satire...is utilized by the Nazi propaganda machine s a confession by a Jewish renegade." Series: Welt-Dienst-Bücherei, Heft 5. OCLC lists no copies of this 1936 edition, though they do list a 1935 edition of 19 pages and a 1937 3rd revised edition of 35 pages. So, this appears to be the first edition of 35 pages. SUBJECT(S): Judaism -- Apologetic works. Lacks front cover, rear cover detached, internal paper & binding are excellent; Good Condition thus. (ID #13546) $150.00

107. • Reed, Douglas. THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION. Durban, Natal, South Africa, Dolphin Press, 1978. Cloth, 8vo, 587 pages. Singerman #1408: "A major assault on Zionism and communism as twentieth-century manifestations of Illuminist-inspired doctrines of world revolution. Preface by Ivor Benson. " Much on Louis Brandeis. Singerman locates only 1 copy. Very Good Condition in Very Good jacket. (#5114) $100.00

108. • Richardson, W. L. KNOW YOUR ENEMY: THE COMMUNIST-ZIONIST DESTROYERS OF THE HOLY LAND. Aberfeldy, Scotland: W. L. Richardson, Lawers, [1948? ]. Wrappers; 4to, 8 pages. Know-Your-Enemy Series #11. Not in Singerman. Interesting Statehood-era Antisemitic/Antizionist Christian rant. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Pages brown; three-inch tear in first page; very good condition. (AS-4) (ID #13819) $150.00

109. • Robnett, George W. CONQUEST THROUGH IMMIGRATION: HOW ZIONISM TURNED PALESTINE INTO A JEWISH STATE. Hawthorne, Cal. : Omni, 1968. Paper; 8vo. 407 pages. Illustrated; contains index. Anti-Zionist. Singerman 1198: "An expose of Zionism subversion. While some readers may view this book as simply another study of Jewish-Arab relations and not antisemitic, the author's anti-Jewish bias is clearly delineated by his epilogue in the 1976 edition renamed Zionist Rape of the Holy Land. Here Robnett offers his views on the 'Zionist cabal' and its debilitating effect on Western civilization. " Cover sunned. Slight edgewear. Owner's address label on inside front and back covers. Very good condition. (AS-1) (ID #13530) $50.00

110. • Rockwell, [George Lincoln]. AMERICA NEEDS LEADERS AMRICA NEEDS YOU! ! NEW COURSE SHOWS YOU HOW TO LEAD!. Arlington, Virginia, No Publisher (Nazi Party? ) , No Date (1950s? ) . Wrappers; 4to. 8 pages; folds out into large 18" x 24" poster. Advertisement for course in Legal, Political, and Psychological Warfare; 26 lessons; e. G. , "legal methods of harassing and stopping illegal race-mixing rioters. How to appear before a grand jury with evidence of conspiracy by the Jew-Communist and nigger agitators, etc. " Of course, full of the worst Antisemitic attacks. Not in Singerman. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Slight browning; very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13803) $200.00

111. • Romanescu, Traian. LA GRAN CONSPRIACION JUDIA. NO. 2 (ONLY) . Mexico, No Publisher, No Date (1960s-1970s) . Wrappers; 8vo. 48 pages. Numbered pages 57-104. In Spanish. The full text runs 472-538 pages (depending on edition) , so this appears to be 1 part of about 10? "Traduccion del rumano por el autor. " OCLC lists eight copies worldwide of complete edition. Jews -- Politics and government. Antisemitism. Communism. Very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13809) $40.00

112. • Rosenberg, Alfred. AN DIE DUNKELMÄNNER UNSER ZEIT: EINE ANTWORT AUF DIE ANGRIFFE GEGEN DEN "MYTHUS DES 20. JAHRHUNDERTS". Munich, Hoheneichen Verlag, 1935. 1st Edition (?). Paper Wrappers, Top margin of title page clipped (i. E. To remove previous owner's name) , Very Good Condition. ; 8vo; 112 pages; Inside of rear wrapper advertises other Rosenberg works for sale by the Nazi Party Central Publishing House Title translates as: ON THE OBSCURANTISTS OF OUR TIME: AN ANSWER TO THE ATTACKS ON THE "MYTH OF THE 20TH CENTURY. " (ID #8364) $85.00

113. • Rosenberg, Alfred. DER MYTHUS DER 20. JAHRHUNDERTS. Munich, Hoheneichen Verlag, 1935. Cloth, Spine sunned, light wear to cloth, slight internal binding crack, Good, Solid, Condition. ; 8vo; 712 + ads pages; In German. One of the Nazi's sacred texts. Ads are for other Nazi texts. Much on Jews, Jewish Finance and the German master-race. (ID #8051) $85.00

114. • Rosenberg, Alfred. UNMORAL IM TALMUD MIT EINER EINLEITUNG UND ERLÄUTERUNGEN. Munich: Deutscher Volksverlag, 1933. Edition: 15 tausend. Wrappers; 8vo. 48 pages. "Immorality in the Talmud, With an Introduction and Comments. " Inside covers and back of book advertise other Nazi works for sale, including two by Adolf Hitler. OCLC lists 4 copies worldwide. Front cover detaching; corners chipped off; back cover has some tears; book has been creased; but interior in very good condition. (AS-4) (ID #13816) $150.00

115. • Rudolf, E. V. Von. (Pseud. ) . DE JODENSPIEGEL: JODENDOM EN ANTISEMITISME IN DE WERELDGESCHIEDENIS. Amsterdam: Westland, 1943. Cloth; 12mo. 219 pages. In Dutch. Cover decorated with shield of Dutch Fascist youth organization. Illustrated with many photographs. E. V. Von Rudolph is pseudonym for Rudolph von Elmayer-Vestenbrugg. OCLC lists four copies worldwide. Cover neatly reinforced at hinge; corners bumped; pages brown. Inside clean. Good condition thus. Scarce (AS-1) (ID #13524) $100.00

116. • Rydgren, Mauritz) DET JUDISKA VÄRLDSHERRADÖMET. Växjö: Smalandspostens Boktryckeri A.-B, 1923. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 32 pages. Swastika on front with cover title of "En Ropande Röst I Öknen." Very Good Condition. $75.00

117. • Salburg, Edith Graefin. DER TAG DES ARIERS: EIN BUCH DER ZEIT. Berlin: Schliessen, 1935. Cloth, small 8vo, 288 pages. In German. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Near fine in very good jacket. (AS-2) (ID #13736) $200.00

118. • Sanctuary, E. N. ; World Alliance Against Jewish Aggressiveness. ARE THESE THINGS SO? BEING A REPLY TO THIS QUESTION PROPOUNDED BY A JEWISH HIGH PRIEST OF THE FIRST CHRISTIAN MARTYR 1900 YEARS AGO: A STUDY IN MODERN TERMITES OF THE HOMO SAPIENS TYPE. Woodhaven, N. Y. : Community Press, 1934. Wrappers; 8vo. 413 pages. With index and three appendices, including a foldout chart of the "Abolitions of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto, 1848." Singerman 0299. "Condemns the Jews ('conspiring termites') , progressive educators ('termites in education') , religious modernists ('religious termites') , liberal theologians, freemasons, international bankers, and all other subversives promoting Jewish Bolshevism. Germany is applauded for crushing its 'termites. ' Vindicates the Protocols of Zion and warns of sinister occult forces undermining Christian faith. " Jews. Antisemitism. Protocols of the wise men of Zion. Cover soiled with some foxing; otherwise, very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13772) $125.00

119. • Saunders, Philip K. LOOK TO THE ROCK. Ridgefield, Conn, Brython Press, 1947. 1st Edition. Cloth, Very Good Condition Lacks Jacket; 8vo; 184 pages; Bibliography on pages 185-186. Anglo-Israelist title, "proving" that the Anlglo-Saxons are, in fact, the true descendents of Joseph. Somewhat unusual, though, in that, unlike many Anglo-Israelist tracts that denouce modern Jews as frauds, this one calls on the reuniting of modern Jews and Anglo_Saxons to for the new "United Israel. " Saunders' proofs are impecable [! ], showing, for example, how "Ezekiel's vision on the Mesopotamian Plain turned out, after 2500 years, to be a 1917 vintage British Army biplane, " etc. , etc. , etc. Fascinating wackiness (ID #5415) $100.00

120. • Schulz, F.O.H. (Fritz Otto Hermann). JUDE UND ARBEITER, EIN ABSCHNITT AUS DER TRAGÖDIE DES DEUTSCHEN VOLKES. Berlin-Leipzig: Nibelungen-verlag,1934. 1st Edition. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. 191 pages. Contemporary spine label removed, otherwise Very Good Condition. In German. 25 cm. "Quellen- und Literaturverzeichnis" on pages 75-181. "Herausgegeben vom Institut zum Studium der Judenfrage in Zusammenarbeit mit der Antikomintern (Gesamtverband Deutscher Antikommunistischer Vereinigungen) E.V." Very Good Condition. (ID #8455) $80.00

121. • Schure, Edouard. translated by F. Rothwell. RAMA AND MOSES: THE ARYAN CYCLE AND THE MISSION OF ISRAEL. Ryder & Son London 1910. Cloth, 12mo; 147 pages. A passionate, albeit nonsensical, racial, aryan-supremicist and religious history of mankind. The Arc of the Covenant is shown to be a powerful weapon, very similarly to how it was portrayed in Indiana Jones Paper browning, not fragile. Solid. Very Good Condition;; Scarce title (#3966) $125.00

122. • Schwier, W (Erner) . VRIJMETSELARIJ EEN VOLKSVIJANDIGE ORGANISATIE. Amsterdam: Westland, 1941. Cloth; 8vo. 175 pages. In Dutch. Illustrated with 32 pages of photographic plates. Index to plates, glossary, and register included following text. Anti-freemasonry. Dutch Fascist publication with much Antisemitic content as well. OCLC lists seven copies worldwide. One-inch band has been cut from top edge of title page (i. E. To remove owner's name) , and several clippings and photographs pasted onto blank flyleaf and back of title page. Spine shaken. Good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13746) $75.00

123. • Scyzoryk, Víctor Raúl. CONFABULACIÓN JUDEOSIONISTA-CAPITALISTA-MARXISTA ANTIARGENTINA. Buenos Aires: Ediciones Tercera Teoría, 1976. Paperback, 12mo. 190 pages. Antisemitic. Author's goal is an Argentina "sin Judismo." Subject: Antisemitism -- Argentina. Foxing and soil on cover; otherwise, very good condition. (S-3) . (ID #10200) $75.00

wake_up_america.jpg (47983 bytes)124. • Seaboard White Citizens Councils. AMERICA WAKE UP. FOR THE SAKE OF THE LITTLE ONES AROUND YOUR KNEES. No Place (Washington? ) , No Publisher (Seabord White Citizens Councils? ) No Date (Early 1960s? ) . 4to; one page. Illustrated with a cartoon of Jew pouring poisonous "Brotherhoodism" into a funnel ("Press") that goes into John Q. Public's head. Publisher's name, address and phone number are stamped at upper right hand of page. Not in Singerman. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Very Good+ condition. (AS-4) (ID #13831) $100.00

jewspapers.jpg (66768 bytes)125. • Seaboard White Citizens Councils. PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE: JEWSPAPERS. Washington, D. C.: Seaboard White Citizens Councils, No Date (1960s). One letter-sized broadside. Antisemitic cartoon of Jew holding the leash on the Press Rat, who is in turn holding a hatchet labeled "Lies." Jew is telling the Rat Press to "do a real hatchet job on that Gentile John Kasper." Other virulent text. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Very good condition. (AS-4) (ID #13615)$100.00

126. • Serra Y Caussa, Nicolás. LOS JUDÍOS Y LA MASONERÍA. Buenos Aires: Ediciones de Restaurador, 1950. Paper wrappers; 8vo. 81 pages. 24 cm. Antisemitic. Judeo-Masonic conspiracy title. Subject: Freemasonry. Jews. Pages starting to brown, but solid; slight chipping at bottom of spine, about Very Good condition. (S-3) . (ID #10198) $75.00

cuestionnazi.jpg (24494 bytes)127. • Silveyra, Carlos M. LA CUESTIÓN NAZI EN LA ARGENTINA. Buenos Aires, Editorial "Patria" [1939]. Paper wrappers; small 8vo. 92 pages. 2 l. 20 cm. Antisemitic. Holocaust-era Argentinian Fascist "expose" of the Jewish-Communist conspiracy (international & in Argentina), and its efforts to hurt Nazi Germany and support the Soviet Union & International Bolshevism. "2a Edition," Stamped on cover. Subject: Communism -- Argentina. Fascism -- Argentina. Pages brown, with some foxing. Some chipping and cracking of spine. Good condition. (S-3) . (ID #10188) $85.00

128. • Smith, Gerald L. K. MR. SMITH RETURNS FROM WASHINGTON: A SENSATIONAL REPORT ON THE NATION'S CAPITAL. Los Angeles: Christian Nationalist Crusade, [1950? ]. Wrappers, 32mo. 47 pages. Frontispiece photograph of the author. Argues that "Washington, D. C. , is ruled, manipulated, browbeaten, coerced, blackmailed, bribed and corrupted by the Jews and financiers of New York City and their collaborating henchmen in 48 states and in every nation on earth. " It is not too late for loyal American patriots to join the Christian Nationalist Crusade and "free this Christian land from Christ-hating bondage, from the hidden hand government, from diplomatic treason, and from the vile corruptions which now plague us. " Singerman 0892. OCLC lists three copies worldwide. Jews in the U. S. -- Anti-Semitic writings. United States -- Politics, 1953- United States -- Anti-Semitic writings. Pages browning; very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13790) $125.00

129. • Smith, Gerald L. K. MY FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT. St. Louis, Missouri: Christian Nationalist Crusade, [1940's? ]. Wrappers, 32mo. 40 pages. Frontispiece photograph of the author. "EDITOR'S NOTE-Mr. Smith in this article discusses 23 conspiring, plotting and murderous attempts that have been made to destroy him and end his career. The survival of Gerald L. K. Smith is one of the phenomena of this, or any, century. " Singerman 0816. "Autobiographical pamphlet by one of America's most well-known Jew-baiters. " OCLC lists one copy worldwide. Right-wing extremists -- United States. Named Person: Smith, Gerald L. K. (Gerald Lyman Kenneth) , 1898- Pages browning; very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13791) $75.00

130. • Smith, Gerald L. K. THE CRIME OF CRIMES. St. Louis, Missouri: Christian Nationalist Crusade, 1948. Wrappers, 32mo. 16 pages. Printed in red ink. Frontispiece photo of the author. Not in Singerman. Deplores the defeat of the Munt-Nixon Bill, the purpose of which was "curbing and outlawing the criminal practices of the Communist Party. The bill was defeated in the Senate, however, through pressure brought by Communists and their ilk. Three thousand Jew Communists picketed the White House and the Senate in opposition to any and all attempts to outlaw the Communist Party....Right at this very hour free love camps are being operated under the official direction of the Communist Party. White women who are members of the Communist Party are used scientifically and deliberately as seducers for recruiting Negroes and others into the Party...." OCLC lists two copies worldwide. Subversive activities -- United States. Named Corp: Communist Party of the United States of America. Pages browning; very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13795) $125.00

131. • Smith, Gerald L. K. THE PLOT TO UNDERMINE THE REPUBLIC. BASED ON INTERVIEWS IN WASHINGTON, D. C., AND ELSEWHERE. Los Angeles: Christian Nationalist Crusade, [1953? ]. Wrappers, 32mo. 64 pages. Illustrated with photographic portraits. Frontispiece photo of the author. Singerman 0893. "America is being subverted by Christ's enemies; i. E. , the Jews and communists. " OCLC lists four copies worldwide. Pages browning; very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13794) $100.00

132. • Staerk, Willy: DAS RELIGIÖSE LEBEN DER WESTEUROPÄISCHEN JUDENHEIT VORNEHMLICH DEUTSCHLAND, UND SEINE WERTUNG VOM CHRISTLICHEN GOTTESGEDANKEN AUS. Furche Verlag Berlin 1926 Paper Wrappers 8vo; 21 pages. Weimar-period German-Christian condemnation of Judaism. Very Good Condition. (#4908) $100.00

figurer_och.jpg (189079 bytes)133. • Stjernkrantz, Karl. FIGURER OCH RÖSTER. Stockholm: Svea Rikes Förlag, 1932. Paper Wrappers, 4to, 118 pages. Original illustrated wrappers with Antisemitic caricatures on the front cover. Antisemitic poems. (Svea Rikes Förlag translates as Swedish Nation Publishers). Lacks front end paper, a few closed edge-tears & edgewear to cover, Good Condition. $75.00


134. • The Cross and The Flag. THE ANTI-CHRIST. Los Angeles: The Cross and the Flag, No Date. Flyer; 32mo. One page (i. E. Pocket-sized broadside) . Antisemitic. Quotes "one of Hollywood's highest paid Jew scenario writers, whose name is Ben Hecht" on the crucifixion of Christ. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Very good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13769) $50.00

135. • THE GREAT JEWISH MASQUE: OR, THE ASS IN THE LION'S SKIN. London: Britons, No Date. Wrappers; 16mo. 36 pages. "This is a reprint ... Of a book published about 20 years ago in South Africa. " Antisemitic. Not in Singerman Descriptor: Judaism -- Controversial literature. Antisemitism. OCLC lists two copies worldwide. Cover sunned; interior foxed. Good condition. (AS-1) (ID #13518) $75.00

136. • THE JEWISH PERIL. No Place, No Publisher, No Date (1960s? ) . One mimeographed page. Scurrilous enumeration of ways in which Jews are a peril to the nation and the world. Text at bottom of page: "REMEMBER THE JEW IS A LOWER FORM OF LIFE. ONE DROP OF JEWISH BLOOD IN YOUR FAMILY DESTROYS YOUR WHITE BLOOD FOR EVER...ORGANIZE! ! STOP THE JEW! !" Reverse has cartoon caricatures of thirteen Jewish stereotypes: "Actor or Communist organizer, " "Friendly loan operator, " etc. , plus childish sketch of "Mrs. F. D. R. " wearing Star of David earrings. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Excellent condition. (AS-4) (ID #13834) $100.00

137. • Trocase, François. Cuthbert Reavely, translator and Annotator. SPOTLIGHT ON THE JEW; BASED ON L'AUTRICHE JUIVE (F. TROCASE) . London: Vigilant, 1938. Wrappers; 8vo. 105 pages. Holocaust-era, from the time of the Anschluss, for which the author is here, presumably, trying to build international support. " Includes bibliographical references. Singerman 0456. "Austria faces the menace of Jewish domination. " OCLC lists six copies worldwide. Spine warped with 1" tear at top; staples have left rust marks; one signature loose. Good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13780) $125.00

139. • Untermyer, Samuel and Fr. Charles Coughlin. TEXT OF SAMUEL UNTERMEYER'S [SIC] "SACRED WAR" SPEECH AUGUST 7, 1933, UPON HIS RETURN FROM THE WORLD-WIDE INTERNATIONAL JEWISH BOYCOTT CONFERENCE AT AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND AND FATHER COUGHLIN'S COMMENTS MARCH 16, 1942. Hollywoood, CA, Sons Of Liberty, No Date (1970s). Paper Wrapper, 8vo, 16 pagesReprint by this modern hate-group. Singerman #608: "Untermyer's declaration of an economic boycott against German goods is followed by Coughlin's article from SOCIAL JUSTICE, March 16, 1942, suggesting that theJews declared war on Germany in 1933. World War II is seen as a Jewish-inspired war to rescue 600, 000 German-Jewish aristocrats from Nazism. Only reprint edition [has been] seen by compiler"--and Singerman lists only one library as owning a copy of this reprint. Very Good+ Condition. (#703) $75.00

Joden Zijn4.jpg (1574346 bytes)Joden Zijn2.jpg (1553217 bytes)Joden zijn1a.jpg (742783 bytes)140. • Van De Wiele, Jef. JODEN ZIJN OOK MENSCHEN. Wrappers, Steenlandt, Brussels, 1942. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 32 pages. Antisemitic cover with drawing of demonic Jew. Loaded with photos ridiculing Jews. In Flemish. Chapters include: De Diaspora; Waarom tegen de Joden?; De Parasieten; Het monster sluipt binnen; & De maskers af. Very Good Condition. (ID #12813) $125.00


141. • Van Hyning, Lyrl Clark. FREEMASONRY IS JEWRY. Chicago: Women's Voice, [1950's? ]. Wrappers; 4to. 4 pages. Author is daughter and wife of Masons, whose thesis is that she has been horrified to discover that the organization to which she has always held allegiance is a Jewish-controlled, anti-Christian, anti-American institution. "Nothing is so vital as the truth about the control of Masonry by the Jews; it is the Key to the devil's plan of destruction and chaos. It is the Eye of the Octopus-not Communism but Judaism. " Not in Singerman. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Scarce. Excellent condition. (AS-3) (ID #13802) $175.00

142. • VON DER FLIMMERKISTE ZUR FILMKUNST. Berlin, Reichsfilmkammer, No Date (1935-40? ) . Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 20 pages. Original German Propaganda brochure about the history of German Film and Cinema. Interesting Antisemitic section about the rule of Jews within the movies: they are basically being portrayed is only being interested in sordid and degenerate sex related topics...'proofed' with a three verse poem and several sample photos from Jewish Movies. Several pages contents with lots of photographs and illustrations. Includes artwork by Peter Pewas (born Walter Emil Hermann Schulz) . We could find no copy on OCLC, nor in the major online European library catalogs, presume quite scarce. Crease to cover, few stray marks, Good+ Condition. (ID #13534) $150.00

orgullojudio.jpg (44520 bytes)143. • Vries De Heekelingen, H. De (Herman). EL ORGULLO JUDIO. Buenos Aires: Editorial La Mazorca, 1944. 1st edition. Paper wrappers; 8vo. 130 pages. 20cm. Holocaust-era Antisemitic tract from Argentina. Black handprint with star of David makes for a dramatic cover illustration. Subject: Judaism -- Latin America. Pages brown; a few margin notes in pencil. Small crack in spine. Good condition with Good jacket. (S-3) . (ID #10215) $75.00


144. • Wächtler, Fritz. DIE NEUE HEIMAT: VOM WERDEN DER NATIONALSOZIALISTISCHEN KULTURLANDSCHAFT. München, Deutscher Volksverlag, 1940. 1st edition. Cloth, Large 8vo, 199 pages. (chiefly illustration. ) 23 cm. In German. Superb German Photobook from 1940 about the new German Architecture and about how the Liberal and Jewish Architecture, Politics and Advertising destroyed the traditional German Architecture (mostly in the German cities). Loads and loads of photographs of examples of the decadent and ugly old and of the beautiful and aesthetic new German Architecture, including the huge buildings of the German state, of Albert Speer and Adolf Hitler and a good number of pictures of the new SS and SA villages. About 200 photos in all. Brings to mind Leni Riefenstahl's Olympia, but in a more mass-appeal, less ultramodern way. SUBJECT(S) : Germany -- Pictorial works. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide of this 1st edition (and 22 copies total of any edition). Very Good Condition. (ID #13839) $85.00

145. • WESTFÄLISCHE LANDESZEITUNG ROTE ERDE. AMTLICHES BLATT DER NATIONAL-SOZIALISTISCHEN DEUTSCHEN ARBEITER PARTEI. Thursday, 1st October 1942. Newspaper, Folio, 4 pages. Official Newspaper of the NSDAP in Westfalen (Dortmund, Bochum, etc.). Contains photos, stories of progress in the war, lots of German propaganda, The newspaper is normal daily newspaper size. Large Swastika Eagle on Front Cover. Articles include stories about the Japanese War Effort, Antisemitic pieces, Endloesung (Final Solution) for the Jews in Bulgaria, etc. Has 1article clipped out of back page, impacting the article on the Jews in Bulgaria. Otherwise Good condition, very displayable. (ID #13535) $25.00

146. • Williams, Robert H. THE ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE AND ITS USE IN THE WORLD COMMUNIST OFFENSIVE. No Place (reedy, Wv?), No Publisher (Liberty Bell?) , 1947. Reprint. Stapled Wraps, Very Good Condition; 8vo; 44 pages; Singerman #0726: "Argues that the ADL is a communist-front organization advancing the cause of the communist Yiddish-speaking "Master Race" (ID #3322) $60.00

147. • Williams, Robert H. THE ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE AND ITS USE IN THE WORLD COMMUNIST OFFENSIVE. Hollywood, California: Closer-Ups, 1947. Closer-Ups Supplement No. 1. Wrappers, 8vo. 44 pages. 0726 in Singerman. "Argues that the ADL is a communist-front organization advancing the cause of the communist, Yiddish-speaking 'Master Race. '" OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide. Edges brown. Stamp of "Women's Voice, Chicago, Ill. " on last page. Very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13777) $75.00

148. • Williams, Robert H. THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER--AS PICTURED IN "THE JEWISH UTOPIA". Union, NJ, Christian Educational Soc'ty, 1957. Wrappers, Very Good Condition; 8vo; 74 pages; Singerman #986: "Claims to find 'the complete plans of the Zionists, in their own words, for world domination" in the pages of Michael Higger's THE JEWISH UTOPIA (Baltimore, 1932) . " Here's a representatively insightful sentence from p. 15: "Obviously, the raceless, characterless [statue of a] "man", [sic] standing on the world, is the UNESCO ideal toward which all of us must work, the blending of all the races of mankind into one composite, raceless, nationless, homeless, characterless, faceless brown slob--utterly lost from all heritage and completely subject to the will of the Zionist "master race"--which, while producing the propaganda to cause us to blend, quickens the tribal pride ofthe Jews to keep them from blending. " (ID #1458) $100.00

149. • Williams, Robert H. THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER-AS PICTURED IN "THE JEWISH UTOPIA" WITH SLIGHT REVISIONS. Union, N. J. : Christian Educational Association, 1957. Wrappers; 8vo. 74 pages. Cover contains the text: "THE JEWISH UTOPIA"' discovered by the author in an unlisted Jewish collection in the library of the University of Texas, is the authentic and complete plan of the Zionists for world domination. It pictures the ultimate "new social order" which the Zionists hope to establish after they have used Communism, democracy and a third world war to gain their ends. THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER is an analysis of "The Jewish Utopia", with photographs and excerpts from the original text. Singerman 0986. "Claims to find 'the complete plans of the Zionists, in their own words, for world domination' in the pages of Michael Higger's The Jewish Utopia (Baltimore, 1932) . " Subject: Zionism. Antisemitism. Utopias. Named Person: Higger, Michael, 1898-1952. Jewish utopia. OCLC lists ten copies worldwide. Very good condition. (AS-1) (ID #13529) $75.00

150. • Winrod, Gerald B. PHILIP DRU: ADMINISTRATOR. Wichita, Kansas: Defender, 1938. Five unbound pages; 8vo. Text on first page: "IMPORTANT! Advance Proof of an Article Which Will Appear in the March Issue of the Defender Magazine". Antisemitic. Not in Singerman, though a full 28 entries are listed for Winrod in Singerman's index (as well as 4 entries about him) , including Nr. 0917, a 1954 publication by Winrod, titled "Philip Dru Comes To Life Again, " in which Winrod "Relates...Philip Dru: Administrator to the 'Jew-Deal' Dictatorship of President...Roosevelt. " OCLC lists one copy worldwide. Bottom edges bent; pages browning; very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13804) $150.00

151. • Winsch, Gert. LE REGIME ANGLAIS EN PALESTINE. Berlin: Mueller, 1939. Wrappers; 8vo. 96 pages. In French. Series: Vrai visage de l'Angleterre / Office d'information allemand ; ; no. 2; Variation: Angleterre sans masque ; no. 2. Illustrated with photographs and facsimiles of letters. Singerman 0574 is English version, Britain's Domination of Palestine. "Seemingly aimed at Jewish readers to convince them that Britain does not deserve their support in the war now underway in Europe. Argues that Britain's pro-Arab position in Palestine is a far greater crime than Germany's anti-Jewish excesses which the author defends as warranted in light of Jewish war-profiteering in World War I and the inability of Eastern European Jews to assimilate in Germany. An American edition, Doublecross in Palestine, by 'Nathaniel Greene, ' was published in 1941 (? ) under the Flanders Hall imprint, a Nazi propaganda mill operating out of Scotch Plains, New Jersey. " Subject: Palestine -- History -- 1917-1948. OCLC lists nine copies worldwide. Cover soiled and worn; corners bumped; pages brown. Inside clean; binding very tight. Good condition. (AS-1) (ID #13525) $75.00

152. • Women's Voice. THE KEY TO THE MYSTERY. Chicago: Women's Voice, [1955]. Tabloid Newspaper size; 4to. 16 pages. Singerman 0933. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Pages brown and brittle; several tears along folded edge, but good condition considering poor quality of the paper. (AS-4) (ID #13832) $65.00

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154. • Zoilo Scyzoryk, Jacques. INVASIÓN SIONISTA. Buenos Aires: Editorial "Continente Indoamericano", 1969. Paperback, 8vo. 163 pages. Illustated. Antisemitic. Subject: Zionism -- Controversial literature. Arab-Israeli conflict. Very Good Condition. (S-3) . (ID #10199) $75.00


155. • Hoffman, Michael A. , Ii. THE GREAT HOLOCAUST TRIAL. Torrance, California: Institute for Historical Review, 1985. Second edition. Wrappers; 8vo. 95 pages. Illustrated with black and white photographs and facsimiles of newspaper clippings. Holocaust denial literature. A report by a revisionist publisher - IHR - on the trial of Ernst Zundel in Canada in 1985. This guy was a real bright bulb. Zundel, a German immigrant, was a leading publisher of revisionist material in Canada, questioning and debating the facts of the Holocaust, and was a frequent target of the Jewish Defense League. Included in this book is background material of a biographical nature on Zundel. Zundel is once again in prison in Canada. He evidently emigrated to the United States and married an American citizen some time ago, but was rounded up and deported, illegally say Zundel supporters, by the Bush administration shortly after 9/11. Zundel also published much information on UFO's and on Nazi UFO research. A search on Google will bring up the latest on the Zundel case. Some "investigators" believe that the Antisemetic charges are a smokescreen by the Bush administration to get rid of another UFO researcher so they continue to hide the alternative electro-gravitic propulsion systems while they make billions off the last drops of oil (! ) . Named Person: Zündel, Ernst, 1939- -- Trials, litigation, etc. Very good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13733) $50.00. 

156. • Stäglich (Staeglich) , Wilhelm. AUSCHWITZ, A JUDGE LOOKS AT THE EVIDENCE. Hardcover, 8vo, ISBN: 0939484323. Costa Mesa, Calif, Institute for Historical Review, 1990. 2nd ed. Cloth, 8vo, ix, 376 pages. Includes 21 pages of plates; also maps, appendices, footnotes, bibliography and index. 24 cm. Translation of: Der Auschwitz-Mythos. Includes bibliographical references (p. [363]-369) and index. The author, German artillery officer stationed at Auschwitz, refutes all evidence of Nazi crimes in the camp. He later served as a Judge in West Germany (!). Book is (supposedly) based upon his observations and experiences at the camp, which he visited several times as on officer of an anti-arcraft detachment assigned to defend the industrial complex attached to Auschwitz. Very Good Condition in Very Good Jacket. (ID #13729) $50.00.

157. • Veale, F. J. P. THE VEALE FILE. VOL I: ADVANCE TO BARBARISM--THE DEVELOPMENT OF TOTAL WARFARE FROM SERAJEVO TO HIROSHIMA. Torrance, CA, Inst. For Historical Review, 1983. 1st US Edition. Paperback, 8vo, 239 pages. Holocaust denial/poor Germany title published by the Institute for Historical Reivew. An individual title, stands on its own. Light wear to covers. Good+ Condition. (ID #3017) $25.00.


158. • Fasken, W. H. ISRAEL'S RACIAL ORIGIN AND MIGRATIONS. London: Covenant, 1934. Cloth; 8vo. 98 pages. Bibliography on pages 93-94. Foreward by Dr. W. Pascoe Goard. Contains margin notes, appendices, acknowledgements, and an 18"-24" folded map illustrating Israel's migrations in rear pocket. Anglo-Israel title, claiming that the British Isles contain the true descendents of the ancient Hebrews. This is an attempted co-ordination of ethnology, history and the bible in a study of Israel's racial origin and migrations. Subject: Jews. Anglo-Israelism. Boards lightly bumped; owner's name on flyleaf. Very good condition in very good jacket. (AS-2) (ID #13742) $80.00.

159. • Goard, Wm. Pascoe. J. H. Harrison Hill, Foreword and Appendices. THE POST-CAPTIVITY NAMES OF ISRAEL. Thousand Oaks, California: Artisan, 1989. Paper, 8vo. 126 pages. "A reprint of 1934 edition by Covenant Publishing Company, Britain. " Includes bibliographical references and index. OCLC lists eight copies worldwide. Lost tribes of Israel. Israel -- Name. Owner's stamp on cover page. Some wrinkles in plasticized back cover. Very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13782) $40.00.

160. • Hawkins, H. Periam. THE BRITISH-ISRAEL A.B.C. London: Covenant, No Date. Wrappers, 12mo. 81 pages. Arranged as a dictionary of alphabetical entries such as 'Abraham" and "Anglo-Saxons. " By the author of The A. B. C. Guide to Astronomy. Shows in both works that "'Guidance, not blind chance, is the Secret of the Universe. '" Argues here that Saxons are the true Israelites, and that the wonderful prophecies of the Old Testament are fulfilled in the destiny of the British Empire and the United States of America. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Scarce. Some edgewear and soil to cover; otherwise, very good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13789) $200.00.

161. • Milner, W. M. H. THE ROYAL HOUSE OF BRITIAN AN ENDURING DYNASTY: WITH A TABULAR PEDIGREE SHOWING ALL THE DESCENTS OF THE ROYAL HOUSE FROM DAVID AND AARON; THIRD REVISED EDITION. ISSUED UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE BRITISH-ISRAEL ASSOCIATION. London: R. Banks, 1904. Wrappers, 8vo. 16 pages. Not in Singerman. Argues that Britain is "the rightful possessor of Jacob's Stone, " and that the Royal House of Britain are the true descendants of David. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Edgewear; corners bent; good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13796) $200.00.

162. • Harris, Reader. THE LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL. London: Covenant, 1921. "Sixth Edition, With Photograph of the Author. " Wrappers, small 8vo. 61 pages. Frontispiece photo of the author. Presumes the supremacy of the British race and aspires to the conversion of the Jews to Christianity. Anglo-Israelism. Spine chipped; some foxing. Good condition. (AS-3) (ID #13786) $50.00.

163. • Benham, Charles O. 101 EVIDENCES PROVING THE DIVINE ORIGIN AND DESTINY OF THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING PEOPLES: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. Washington: National Forecast, 1946. Wrappers; 12mo. 122 pages. Anglo-Israel title. Text on cover: "Startling Facts, Once Strangely Hidden, Herein Unveiled "THE MOST DYNAMIC DISCOVERY OF MODERN TIMES!" "THE KEY TO THE WORLD DEADLOCK" "FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS. " Text on title page "A survey of Scriptural Prophecies, which by their fulfillment, disclose astounding phenomena of supernatural design. This book contains facts from beneath the surface of our nation's history, which distinctly fingerprint God's chosen people, proving convincingly that Great Britain and the United States of America are the modern Israel of God, and as such, heirs of special Divine Covenants. " OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Slight wear to cover; lower left-hand corner missing Very good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13754) $125.00.


164. • Davis, George T. B. ISRAEL RETURNS HOME ACCORDING TO PROPHECY. Philadelphia: The Million Testaments Campaigns, 1950. Wrappers; small 8vo. 114 pages. Frontispiece photo; illustrated with photographs. A review of the founding of the modern state of Israel by one who presents it as the fulfillment of bible prophecy. Interesting contemporary black and white photographs. Previous owner's name on flyleaf. Water damage, stray marks in pen; last page torn, but binding tight; good reading copy. Fair condition. (AS-2) (ID #13750) $30.00. 

165. • Odom, Robert Leo. ISRAEL'S PROPHETIC PUZZLE. Washington: Israelite Heritage Institute, 1987. Paper, 8vo. 109 pages. Notes and bibliography. Appendix explaining Israel's calendar. "This study on Messianic thought is an overview of the covenant relationship between God and His people from the time of Abraham to the time of the Prophets. Detailed consideration is given to the prophecies of Daniel 8 and 9." Messiah -- Prophecies. Bible. O. T. Daniel IX, 24-27 -- Criticism, interpretation, etc. Excellent condition. (AS-3) (ID #13784) $45.00. 

166. • Sale-Harrison, L. THE REMARKABLE JEW: HIS WONDERFUL FUTURE: GOD'S GREAT TIMEPIECE. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: Evangelical Press, 1928. Seventh edition. Cloth; 12mo. 122 pages. A history of Biblical prophecy as pertains to Palestine & its Jewish people, with particular reference to events during the 1930's & prophecy about its future. "His wonderful future" is to believe in Christ. Jews. Jews -- Restoration. Bible -- Prophecies. Not in Singerman. OCLC lists 22 copies worldwide. Excellent condition. (AS-3) (ID #13775) $30.00. 


167. • Christian Nationalist Crusade. DANGER! WARNING! Tulsa, Oklahoma: Christian Nationalist Crusade, (1947? ) . Wrappers; 16mo. 16 pages. Centerfold map of the "proposed Negro Communist state to be carved out of the South. " African American segregation. Text on cover: "Pro-Stalin politicians and alien-minded traitors in cooperation with blind sentimentalists are attempting to force Negro Rule/Negro-White Intermarriage/Negro Invasion of White Schools/ White Man, Awaken!" OCLC lists two copies worldwide. Front cover torn off; lower right corner of cover and pages chipped off; pages brown; fair condition. (AS-2) (ID #13757) $65.00. 

168. • Coleman, John. DIPLOMACY BY DECEPTION: AN ACCOUNT OF THE TREASONOUS CONDUCT BY THE GOVERNMENTS OF BRITAIN AND THE UNITED STATES. Carson City, Nevada: Joseph Publishing Company, 1993. Paper, 8vo, 267 pages. Illustrated with photographs. With index, notes, and family tree of Saudi Arabia's Wahabi Dynasty. Subject: Secret societies. Conspiracy. Geographic: United States -- Politics and government. United States -- Foreign relations -- 20th century. Great Britain -- Politics and government. Great Britain -- Foreign relations -- 20th century. OCLC lists eight copies worldwide. Near fine. (AS-2) (ID #13739) $50.00. 


169. • Bayer, R. DE DEUTSCHE NARR. Munich: Deutschen Volksverlags, (1940? ) . Wrappers; 16mo. 16 pages. In German. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Pages brown. Very good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13761) $100.00

170. • Bleichröder, S. DAS NEUE WECHSELRECHT UND DAS NEUE SCHECKRECHT. AUSZUG AUS DEM WECHSELGESETZ VOM 21. JUNI 1933 UND DEM SCHECTGESETZ VOM 14 AUGUST 1933 NEBST HINWEISEN UND VERGLEICHENDEN ANMERFUNGEN. Berlin: Bleichröder, 1933. Wrappers; 8vo. 39 pages. In German. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Water stain on upper left corner of book. Good condition. (AS-4) (ID #13813) $125.00

171. • Blokzijl, Max. Peter Beekman, Illustrator. MAX BLOKZIJL'S LUISTERAARS ANTWOORDEN. Utrecht: Nenasu, 1942. Cloth; 8vo. 185 pages. In Dutch. Illustrated with sketches. Blokzijl was the leader of the Dutch Fascist NSB. Herein is the text of some of his radio explanations, complete with text drawings. "Pro's en Anti's geven hun antwoord op de belangwekkende radiopraatjes. " OCLC lists four copies worldwide. Radio broadcasting -- Netherlands. World War, 1939-1945 -- Propaganda. Pages browned; jacket chipped at corners and spine. Good condition in fair jacket. (AS-2) (ID #13748)xx $125.00

172. • Bock, J. L. De. ICK DIEN: HET BOEK VAN DEN ARBEIDSDIENST. The Hague: Hamer, 1942. Cloth; 8vo. 314 pages. In Dutch. Cover decorated with shield of Dutch Fascist youth organization. Illustrated with many photographs. Period celebration of the Dutch (compulsory) work brigades that were part of life under the Nazi Occupation. Not expressly Antisemitic, a good example of Fascist Dutch ideas about work, culture, beauty, youth, nation, race, etc. Subject: Service, Compulsory non-military -- Netherlands. World War, 1939-1945 -- Economic aspects -- Netherlands. Named Corp: Netherlands (Territory under German Occupation, 1940-1945) . Nederlandsche arbeidsdienst. OCLC lists thirteen copies worldwide. Spine frayed with tears at corners; binding reinforced; pages brown. Good condition. (AS-1) (ID #13523) $60.00

173. • DE VEERTIENDE DECEMBER 1941 BESLISSEND VOOR DE TOEKOMST VAN ONS VOLK. Utrecht: Uitgave Nenasu, 1941. Wrappers; small 8vo. 46 pages. In Dutch. Illustrated with many photographs. NSB (Nationaal SocialistischeBeweging) pamphlet, glorifying the cooperation of the German and Dutch peoples. "The Fourteenth December 1941 Decisive For The Future Of Our People. " OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Pages brown. Very good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13764) $75.00

174. • DEUTSCHES FRAUENSCHAFFEN IM KRIEGE: JAHRBUCH DER REICHSFRAUENFUEHRUNG 1941. Dortmund: Westfalen-Verlag, 1941. Cloth; 12mo. 129 pages. In German. OCLC lists nine copies worldwide. Pages brown with 2-inch waterstain through half of book; otherwise, good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13756) $75.00

175. • Dwinger, Edwin Erich. DIE LETZTEN REITER. Jena, Eugen Diederichs Verlag, 1935. Cloth, Wear to cloth, front hinge shaken, Good Condition Lacks Jacket; 8vo; 450 pages; Nazi-approved ultra-nationalistic military novel from Nazi-era Germany, (ID #828) $25.00

176. • Eickstedt, Egon von, Freiherr. RASSENDYNAMIK VON OSTASIEN, CHINA UND JAPAN, TAI UND KMER VON DER URZEIT BIS HEUTE. Hardcover, 8vo, Berlin, W. de Gruyter, 1944. Cloth, xii, 648 pages. Includes 86 plates and aproximately 200 text illustrations, maps, etc. 23 cm. In German. Bibliography on pages 562-643. SUBJECT(S): Ethnology -- Asia. Geographic: Asia -- History. Note(s): mit 86 Tafelabb. u. ca. 200 Textabb., gr.8°. 23,3 x 15,0 cm. XII,648Egon Freiherr von Eickstedt (1892-1965), a German Anthropologist and Ethnologist, deutscher Anthropologe und Ethnologe, was the leader of the Breslauer Fernost-Expedition of 1937-39 and the German India-Expedition of 1926-29. Rebound in cloth. Exlibrary with usual marks, Good Condition (ID #13730) $75.00

177. • Fabritius, Silvia. Heike Heeman, Trans. ADOLF HITLER AND EVA BRAUN ON THE OBERSALZBERG. DOKUMENTATION IN PICTURES. Berchtesgaden-Obersalzberg, Germany: Silvia Fabritius, No Date (1970s? ) . Wrappers; 4to. 120 pages. Pictorial cover. Picture book of black and white photographs with captions, of Hitler and Eva Braun with their closest associates; many photographs taken by Eva Braun herself. Text of Adolf Hitler's will included. Not in Singerman. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Spine rubbed; lower right-hand corner of front wrapper bent. Very good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13731) $75.00

178. • Hitler, Adolf. REDEVOERING, GEHOUDEN DOOR ADOLF HITLER TER GELEGENHEID VAN DE OPENING VAN DE 3DE OORLOGS-WINTERHULPACTIE IN HET BERLINIJNSCHE SPORTPALEIS. No Place (Berlin? Amsterdam? ) , No Publisher, 1941. Wrappers; small 8vo. 24 pages. In Dutch. OCLC lists two copies worldwide. Cover soil; pages brown; quarter-inch tear in bottom edge. Good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13759) $75.00

179. • Kesselmeier, Theodore [?]. "THE RULES OF ATROCITY PROPAGANDA" BY SIDNEY ROGERSON. Hamburg: Falken, No Date (late 1930s) . Typed sheet; 4to; two pages. "No. 1292 Engl. " Book review format, showing how the British will use propaganda against Germany. Rogerson, reviewer says, is Head of the Propaganda Department of Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd. , and his book has been included in "The Next War Series" of the Times' military expert Liddell Hart. Book proves "the cold-blooded and unrestricted manner in which Britain has prepared this latest war against Germany. " OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Has been folded in quarters. Edges chipping; one copy detached in two along one fold; fair condition. (AS-4) (ID #13827) $50.00

180. • Kesselmeier, Theodore [?]. POLITICS AND PHRASEOLOGY. Hamburg: Falken, [1939-40? ]. Handbill; 4to; two pages. "No. 1272 Engl. " Anti-British tract. OCLC lists one copy worldwide. Imperialism. Geographic: Great Britain -- Politics and government -- 19th century. Great Britain -- Politics and government -- 20th century. Has been folded in quarters. Chipping along edges; one copy detached at fold; fair condition. (AS-4) (ID #13830) $40.00

181. • Kesselmeier, Theodore [?]. THE CONDITIONS OF THE WORKERS IN THE RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!  Hamburg: Falken, [1939? ]. Handbill; 4to; two pages. "No. 1332 Engl. " Propaganda leaflet aimed at English speakers. Britain despite its wealth has not been able to solve its unemployment problem. Life for workers in Britain is far worse than for workers in Germany. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Has been folded in quarters. One corner has small tear; detached in two along one fold; fair condition. (AS-4) (ID #13828) $50.00

182. • Kesselmeier, Theodore [?]. THE FRENCH YELLOW BOOK: BRITAIN AND FRANCE AGAIN REVEAL THEIR RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE WAR. Berlin: No Publisher, No Date [1939? ]. Handbill; 4to; two pages. Marked "Official. " Claims that Yellow Book published by the French Government on the events leading up to the war is full of lies, and thereby proves the Western Powers' responsibility for the war. Refers to Polish attacks on Germans. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Has been folded in quarters. Top and bottom edges chipping; fair condition. (AS-4) (ID #13826) $50.00

183. • Kesselmeier, Theodore [?]. WHAT IS 'CANT'? . Hamburg: Falken, [1939? ]. Handbill; 4to; two pages. "No. 1322 Engl. " Illustrated with a French political cartoon. Accuses Britain of distorting facts through "cant. "-a doctrine that allows them to abuse other countries and build their empire. Refers to the Times of London "seriously" advancing the claim that the English had sprung from the lost 10 tribes of Israel. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Has been folded in quarters. Chipping along left edge; good condition. (AS-4) (ID #13829) $60.00

184. • Kessemeier, Theodore. D.F.B. INFORMATIONS-ZENTRALE NOV. 3 1940. Hamburg: D. F. B. , 1940. Typed sheet; 4to; four pages. Letter dated Nov. 3rd 1940, addressed "Dear Friend, " and signed by Kessemeier, "Dir. Of Organization. " Includes envelope addressed to Abingdon Book Shop, NYC. (postmarked 11.5.40) . Tries to refute propaganda and rumors, such as that the Belgians, Dutch, and Germans are suffering from starvation. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Has been folded in quarters; top edge chipping. Good condition in fair envelope. (AS-4) (ID #13824) $35.00

185. • Kessemeier, Theodore. DEUTSCHER FICHTE-BUND E. V. NOVEMBER 1940. Hamburg: D. F. B. , 1940. Typed sheet; 4to; one page. Letter dated November 1940, addressed "Dear Friend, " and signed (printed) by Kessemeier. Envelope included. Typed on Christmas letterhead. Wishes that mankind may soon be blessed with "Peace on Earth" after Germans have brought the war to a victorious termination. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Has been folded in quarters. Good condition in fair envelope. (AS-4) (ID #13825) $40.00

186. • Kessemeier, Theodore. DEUTSCHER FICHTE-BUND E. V. UNION FOR WORLD VERACITY. Hamburg: D. F. B. , 1940. Typed sheet; 4to; one page. Letter dated January 1940, addressed "Dear Friend, " and signed by Kessemeier, "Dir. Of Organization. " Complaint about the "ruthless British methods of intercepting, censoring and wantonly destroying the mail sent from neutral countries to German addresses. " OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Has been folded in quarters; top edge chipping. Good condition. (AS-4) (ID #13821) $35.00

187. • Laagland, Herman. BEKNOPTE GESCHIEDENIS VAN HET NOORDRAS. Amsterdam: Der Vaderen Erfdeel, 1938. Cloth; 8vo. 135, I-XVI pages. In Dutch. Holocaust-era Dutch Fascist title on the history of the Nordic Race Illustrated with maps, timelines, and sixteen pages of photographic plates following the text. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Pages brown with some foxing; owner's stamp on flyleaf; spine, and edges chipping; no title page. Fair condition. (AS-2) (ID #13745) $150.00

188. • Martin, Rudolf. RICHTLINIEN FUER KÖRPERMESSUNGEN UND DEREN STATISTISCHE VERARBEITUNG MIT BESONDERER BERÜCKSICHTIGUNG VON SCHUELERMESSUNGEN. Munich: J. F. Lehmanns Verlag, 1924. Wrappers; 8vo. 59 pages. Illustrated with 20 photographs, 4 tables, and several diagrams. In German. Not explicitly race science, but part of the German science of body measurement comparison & study. SUBJECT (S) Subject: Anthropometry. Child care. Children -- Health and hygiene. OCLC lists 22 copies worldwide. Ex-library with minimal markings. Front cover detached; otherwise, very good condition. (AS-4) (ID #13815) $50.00

189. • RETTSSAKEN MOT B. DYBWAD BROCHMANN VED VOSS HERREDSRETT 5-8 MAI 1947: STENOGRAFISK REFERAT. Bergen, Norway: Hans Martinussens Forlag, 1947. Wrappers; 8vo. 381 pages. In Norwegian. Stenographic transcript of Postwar Collaboration Trial of Norwegian social reformer B. D. Brochmann, author of "An Open Letter to Hitler, " who apparently led a small nationalist Christian Democratic party in Norway. Though Brochmann was not a Nazi, he was a member of Parliament under Quisling and defended him after liberation. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Pages brown; some edgewear. This copy belonged to Viggo Starcke, who was Minister-Without-Portfolio in the first post-war Danish government and is inscribed to him on the flyleaf. Loosely inserted are several mimeographed pages about Brochmann and a typed (unsigned) , possibly incomplete, letter on author's letterhead (dated 11 febr. 1950) to Starcke saying, in part, "...I hope you have not allowed yourself to be frightened by the press's persecution and description of me. I have only been chosen as a scapegoat-but was never either a national socialist or a traitor. You will be aware that when the masses experience certain unpleasant and inexplicable things and disappointments, so the 'authorities' now, just as before, find scapegoats and victims to calm the masses and give release to their passions. Also in the witch times there were inexplicable things and the 'authorities' who didn't know the causes, satisfied the public with witchhunts and witchburnings. The same thing happened in 1918-33 in Germany to the Jews..." Very good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13763) $200.00

190. • Schöll, Friedrich. NORDISCHE LEBENS-BEJAHUNG ODER CHRISTLICHER ERLÖSUNGSGLAUBE. Eisenach, Im Erich Röth Verlag, 1935. 1st Edition. Paper Wrappers, Period pencil underlining & notes inside rear cover, otherwise Very Good Condition. ; 8vo; 62 pages; Appears to be a Nazi Aryan Christian tract, from the Nazi's attempt to build a fascist alternative to the existing church in Germany. Part of the "Deutscher Glaube im Aufbruch" series edited by Dr. Wilhelm Hauer, Dr. Hermann Buddensieg & Wilhelm Schloz. Sections include: Kampf und Liebe, Sünde oder Spannung, Das Schöpferosche unde die Erlösung, Der Tod und das Symbol des Kreuzes, Zweisamkeit als Erlösung, etc. (ID #6669) $125.00

191. • Schroetter, Kurt, and Walther Wuest. TOD UND UNSTERBLICHKEIT: AUS INDOGERMANISCHEM WEISTUM. Berlin: Ahnenerbe-Stiftung Verlag, 1940. Cloth; 12mo. 85 pages. In German. "Death & Immortality: From Indo-Germanic Wisdom. " Poems and short prose pieces from the Upanishads through Greeks and Romans and ending, at the pinnacle, one would suppose, with Hitler. OCLC lists five copies worldwide. Immortality; German philosophy. Edgewear to cover; pages sunned; some markings in pencil. Good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13760) $75.00

192. • Suren, Hans. MENSCH UND SONNE: ARISCH-OLYMPISCHER GEIST. Berlin: Scherl, 1936. Cloth; 8vo. "Man and Sun: Aryan-Olympic Spirit. " 258 pages. In German. Frontispiece photo. Illustrated with about 100 photographs of nude, oiled German sun worshippers, and women and children engaging in sports and outdoor activities. Hans Suren, a former German Army officer with colonial service in the tropics, believed that nudism must be used as a form of soldierly conditioning and sun worship. He strove to recreate the naked, carefree German tribes that existed before contact with Rome or Christianity. Published under the aegis of National Socialism at the time of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, a tasteful celebration of the human form, featuring men and women, nude, in the midst of outdoors activities, e. G. Sport, harvesting, and play, the author expressing through various essays and fulsome photography the 'Aryan Olympic spirit' of physical health and physical idealism, vigor, the sculpted form in strength and beauty; Diagram at back of book: "Muster fuer meinen Nachtchurz. " Subject: Aryan supremacy. OCLC lists eleven copies worldwide. Cover sunned and scratched; spine frayed. Interior very tight and clean. Good condition. (AS-1) (ID #13522) $100.00

193. • WILT U DE WAARHEID WETEN? HITLER ZOOALS MEN HEM AAN U GETOOND HEEFT, EN ZOOALS HIJ IN WERKELIJKHEID IS. No Place (Amsterdam?), Hauptabteilung für volksauflärung und propaganda, 1940. Paper Wrappers, 8vo; 48 pages; "Do you want to know the truth?" From occupied Holland. Dutch-language Booklet describes Hitler as a wonderful, caring, peace-loving leader. Profusely illustrated with photographs of Hitler among children, pets, flowers, the elderly, smiling Nazi youth, and so forth. "Im auftrage des Reichskommissars für die besetsten Niederlandischen gebiete herausgegeben von der Hauptabteilung für volksauflärung und propaganda." OCLC lists twelve copies worldwide. Pages brown with some chipping to front cover and spine; otherwise very good condition. (AS-2) (ID #2994) $100.00

194. • WUERTTEMBERGISCHE LANDESBUEHNE/ WERKGESTALTUNG JAHRESHEFT 1940. Stuttgart, 1941. Wrappers; 8vo. 40 pages. In German. Season program of plays and where they will be performed, loaded with photos on glossy paper. Interesting embossed cover with drama-mask-shaped chariot on swastika-spoked wheels pulled by a Pegasus. OCLC lists no copies worldwide. Cover lightly sunned. Very good condition. (AS-2) (ID #13765) $35.00