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Dear Friends,

Welcome to our latest catalog of over 100 Important Jewish Festschriften & Related Works.

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Festschriften honor the work of an individual or institution by collecting together more great scholarship. We have ourselves recently been honored by inclusion in a marvelous online (and previously real-world) exhibit on the history of the Jewish Book Trade. The exhibit, entitled "Printer, Publisher, Peddler: The Business of the Jewish Book," was produced by the University of Pennsylvania and curated by Arthur Kiron and can be viewed at www.library.upenn.edu/exhibits/cajs/PrinterPublisherPeddler. Please have a look when you are able (but order your books first!)

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Special thanks to our talented cataloguers, Cicily Corbett, Nora Pittis, & Alex Deschamps.


1. • Berlin, Charles, compiler and editor. INDEX TO FESTSCHRIFTEN IN JEWISH STUDIES. Cambridge: Harvard College Library, and New York: Ktav, 1971. Cloth; 8vo. Xl, 319 pages. Title page in Hebrew on verso. With subject and author indexes, bibliographic references, corrigenda, and errata. Festschriften -- Jews -- Indexes. Jews -- Bibliography. Juifs -- Bibliographie. Études juives -- Bibliographie. Mélanges (Recueils) -- Bibliographie. Excellent condition. (CT-5) (ID #14818) $30.00.



2. • Marcus, Jacob Rader & Albert T. Bilgray. INDEX TO JEWISH FESTSCHRIFTEN. Cincinnati, Hebrew Union College, 1937. 1st Edition. Cloth, Very Good Condition; 4to (large) 154 pages; Guido Kisch's Copy "Includes all the Festschriften...devoted specifically to Juedische Wissenschaft...that have been available to us up to 1936...This Index consistes of some 4, 000 entries referring to the scientific articles contained in fifty-three Festschriften. Every article has been listed alphabetically according to the author's surname, the title, and as many subject headings as was deemed advisable. " (ID #1706) $80.00.


FEST-2-2-scharfstein.jpg (2174376 bytes)3. • (Agudat Ha-Morim Ha-`Ivrim Bi-Nyu-York) Scharfstein, Zevi. SEFER HA-YOVEL SHEL AGUDAT HA-MORIM HA-`IVRIM BI-NYU-YORK U-SEVIVOTEHA: LI-MELOT SHELOSHIM SHANAH LE-KIYUMAH. 1944. Cloth, New York; ha-Agudah. 8vo. 479 pages, 14 leaves of plates. Illustrated. In Hebrew. Scharfstein was an American "Hebrew educator, journalist, and publisher. A prodigious contributor to the Hebrew press, his column in the American Hebrew weekly Hadoar dealt with political and, especially with literary events. From 1907 Scharfstein also published educational texts embracing Hebrew literature, Jewish education, Bible, and Hebrew language. His historical works as a Jewish educator include Ha-Heder be-Hayyei Ammenu (1943) and Toledot ha-Hinnukh be-Yisrael ba-Dorot ha-AHaronim (5 vols., 1960-66) and his autobiographical works comprise Arba'im Shanah ba-Amerikah (1955-56). Among his contributions to Hebrew lexicography is OZar ha-Ra'yonot va-ha-Pitgamim (3 vols., 1966). From 1940 Scharfstein was editor of the educational periodical Shevilei ha-Hinnukh"[Eisig Silberschlag in EJ]. SUBJECT(S): Jews - Education - United States; Jewish teachers - New York (State) - New York. Gilt lettering on cover and spine. Fading to spine. Some bumping to edges and corners. Small stain to edges of textblock. In Very Good condition. (FEST-2-2). (ID #17685) $45.00.

4. • (American Jewish Archives) Marcus, Jacob Rader, Ed. ESSAYS IN AMERICAN JEWISH HISTORY: TO COMMEMORATE THE TENTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FOUNDING OF THE AMERICAN JEWISH ARCHIVES. Cincinnati, The American Jewish Archives, 1958. 1st Edition. Cloth, Very Good Condition in Very Good Jacket; Large 8vo; 17 + 154 pages; Unlike most festschriften, this one includes a 32-page index. Contents Include: The Sale of a Negro Slave in Brooklyn in 1683 (by Abraham Duker) Hebrew Grammar and Textbook Writing in Early Nineteenth-Century America (by William Chomsky) The Founders of "Wissenschaft des Judentums" and America (by Guido Kisch) Some Unrecorded American Judaica Prited before 1851 (by Edwin Wolf 2nd) The Motivation of the German Jewish Emigration to America in the Post-Mendelssohnian Era (by Selma Stern-Taeubler) Rabbi Sabato Morais' Report on the Hebrew Education Society of Philadelphia (by Menahem G. Glen) The Writings of Jacob Rader Marcus (by Herbert C. Zafren) (Fest-4-1) (ID #2110) $50.00.

5. • (Baeck, Leo) Reichmann, Eva G., Ed. WORTE DES GEDENKENS FÜR LEO BAECK. Heidelberg, Lambert Schneider, 1959. 1st Edition. Cloth, 8vo; 263 pages; Primarily in German with some English. 9 sections to this moving memorial to Baeck (1873-1956): Der Mann (11 essays, including pieces by Adolf Leschnitzer & H. G. Adler), Das Werk (7 essays, including pieces by Hugo Bergmann & Max Gruenewald), Der Rabbiner und Lehrer (9 essays, including a memorial tribute by Nelson Glueck), Worte des Abschieds (24 essays & items including pieces by Robert Weltsch & Norman Bentwich), Dokumente, a Tafel der Lebensdaten, a Quellenverzeichnus, and others. Very Good condition in Very Good Jacket (fest-4-11) (ID #17655/2243) xx $50.00.

6. • (Baron, Salo Wittmayer). ESSAYS ON JEWISH LIFE AND THOUGHT PRESENTED IN HONOR OF SALO WITTMAYER BARON. New York, Columbia University Press, 1959. 1st Edition. Cloth, Large 8vo, 30 + 458 pages. Contents include: The Correspondence of Tobias ben Moses, the Karaite, of Constantinople (by Zvi Ankori) ; The Messianic Self-Consciousness of Abraham Abulafia: A Tentative Evaluation (by Abraham Berger) ; The Cloakmaker's Strike of 1910 (by Hyman berman) ; Felix Libertate and the Emancipation of Dutch Jewry (by Herbert I. Bloom) ; Morality and Religion in the Theology of Maimonides (by Ben Zion Bokser) ; The Lafayette Committee for Jewish Emanicpaption (by Abraham G. Duker) ; The Background of the Berlin Haskalah (by Isaac Eisenstein-Barzilay) ; Aspects of the Jewish Communal Crisis in the Period of the Nazi Regime in Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia (by Philip Friedman) ; Types of Lectures in the Babylonian Academies (by Samuel K. Mirsky) ; On the Cultural history of Yiddish Rime (by Uriel Weinreich) ; "It Can't Happen here!" An Episode in the Failure fo Achieve Territorial Unification of Franconian Jewry in the Mid-Fifteenth Century (by Arthur J. Zuckerman); etc Very Good condition in Very Good dust jacket. A beautiful copy. (fest-4-7). (ID #2153) $75.00.

7. • (Basler Synagogue) ZUM ZENTENARIUM DER BASLER SYNAGOGE: 1868-1968. EINE FESTSCHRIFT. Basel, Israelitische Gemeinde, 1968. 1st Edition. Cloth, Very Good Condition Lacks jacket? ; 8vo; 73 pages; Secitons include: Juedische Persoenlichkeiten in basel (by Guido Kisch), Zur Architektur der Synagoge (by Jonas Hechel), Die juedische Bevoelkerung in den letzten 100 Jahren (by Joel Guttmann), Zur Historiographie der Juden in Basel (by Kisch), etc. (ID #5881) $45.00.

FEST-3-1-bensira.jpg (458716 bytes)8. • (Ben-Sira, Moshe Y). Estermann, I; Prince, M. B. ; Many, A; Luz, Z. ; Gorelick, J, ; Klein, R. SYMPOSIUM IN MEMORY OF THE LATE DR. MOSHE Y. BEN-SIRA (1927-1967): DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS, TECHNION-ISRAEL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, HAIFA. 1969. Paper Wrappers, Haifa. 8vo. 77 pages. Illustrated. Frontis Portrait. SUBJECT (S): Semiconductors - Congresses. OCLC lists 12 copies worldwide. Slight shelf wear. Some bumping to corners. Ex-library with minimal markings. In Very Good condition. (FEST-3-1). (ID #17695) $30.00.

9. • (Benderly, Samson) Soltes, Mordecai Et Al. DR. SAMSON BENDERLY: LEADER IN AMERICAN JEWISH EDUCATION. [A FESTSCHRIFT]. 1949. Cloth, Large 8vo, blue cloth with gold lettering, frontispice photo, 116 pages. A reprint of the Samson Benderly tributye issue of the magazine Jewish Education (Vol 20, Nr 3) . Very Good Condition. (fest-5-1) (ID #17730) $20.00.

10. • (Berlin) Geiger, Ludwig. GESCHICHTE DER JUDEN IN BERLIN I. ALS FESTSCHRIFT ZUR ZWEITEN SÄKULAR-FEIER. IM AUFTRAGE DES VORSTANDES DER BERLINER GEMEINDE BEARBEITET. NACH DEN AKTEN DES GEH. STAATS-, DES MINISTERIAL-, DES STADT- UND DES GEMEINDE-ARCHIVS, NACH GEDRUCKTEN QUELLEN. UND DEN MATERIALIEN DES HERRN L. LANDSHUTH. Berlin: J. Guttentag, 1871. Cloth; 12mo. Vii, 207 pages. First edition. Volume I of a 2-volume work. Gilt titles; spattered edges. In German. Ludwig Geiger (son of Abraham) was a German literary historian and professor at Berlin University. Geschichte der Juden in Berlin was one of many works on German Jewish history. Geiger "was a vigorous exponent of liberalism and Reform Judaism and an opponent of political Zionism. In 1911, in his birthday letter to the kaiser, he courageously protested against the social discrimination to which German Jews were subjected. From 1909 he edited the leading Jewish newspaper, Allgemeine Zeitung des Judentums. " (Rudolf Kayser, EJ) SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Germany -- Berlin. Top of spine chipped, and front edge bumped. Binding tight and interior in very good condition. (GR-4-8) (ID #16024) $80.00.

11. • (Berlin) Holzman, Michael. GESCHICHTE DER JÜDISCHEN LEHRER-BILDUNGSANSTALT IN BERLIN: EINE FESTSCHRIFT ZUR FEIER DES FÜNFZIGJÄHRIGEN BESTEHNS DER ANSTALT AM 8. NOVEMBER 1909. Berlin: H. S. Hermann, 1909. Hardcover. 8vo. 169 pages. First edition. In German. Photo plates throughout book. SUBJECT (S): Jews-Education. OCLC lists 17 copies worldwide. Beautifully rebound in attractive black cloth with gilt lettering. Dampstains throughout book, with no damage to text or plates. (GERN-3-17). (ID #16730) $150.00. 

12. • (Berlin) Sellenthin, H. G. (Hans Gerd) Jüdische Gemeinde Zu Berlin. GESCHICHTE DER JUDEN IN BERLIN UND DES GEBÄUDES FASANENSTRASSE 79/80. JÜDISCHES GEMEINDEHAUS BERLIN, 27. SEPTEMBER 1959. 1959. Paper Wrappers, LCCN: 77-244797 Berlin: Vorstand der Jüdischen Gemeinde zu Berlin. 8vo, 130 pages. 24 cm. Includes illustrations, facsimiles, maps & portraits. In German. "Festschrift anlässlich der Einweihung des Jüdischen Gemeindehauses. " SUBJECT (S): Jews -- Germany -- Berlin -- History. Light wear, margin notes & some underlining, Otherwise Very Good Condtion. (ID #17717) $25.00.

13. • (Berlin) Strauss, Herbert A. & Kurt R. Grossmann. GEGENWART IM RÜCKBLICK: FESTGABE FUR DIE JÜDSICHE GEMEINDE ZU BERLIN 25 JAHRE NACH DEM NEUBEGINN. Heidelberg, Lothar Stiehm, 1970. 1st Edition. Cloth, 8vo, 374 pages. Large fold-out geneaological chart of the Gebrueder Veit presen t at rear. In English & German. Beautiful Contributors include: Walter Breslauer, Ernest Hamburger, Shalom Adler-Rudel, Max Birnbaum, Michael Munk, Wolfgang Hamburger, Hans-Erich Fabian, Robert Kempner, Steven Schwarzschild, Manfred Swarsensky, Harris Hirschberg, Joachim Prinz, Max Nussbaum, Georg Salzberger, Curt Wilk, Felix Hirsch, Elizabeth Feist-Hirsch, Hanns Reissner, Werner Behr, Herman Pineas, Gerd Ehrlich, Werner Rosenstock, Hans Steinitz, etc. Very Good Condition. (GER-10-17-DW) (ID #17048) $40.00.

14. • (Berliner, A[Braham]). edited by A. Freimann and M. Hildesheimer. FESTSCHRIFT ZUM SIEBZIGSTEN GEBURTSTAGE A. BERLINER'S: GEWIDMET VON FREUNDEN UND SCHÜLERN. Frankfurt: J. Kaufmann, 1903. Half leather; 8vo. Xxxi, 376, 130 pages. Marbled boards and edges. First edition. 1 of only 300 copies printed. In German and Hebrew. Title page in Hebrew on verso. Tissued frontispiece portrait of Berliner. "Bibliographie der Schriften und Aufsätze des Dr. A. Berliner": pages [vii]-xxxi. Berliner was a German scholar and author with a vast knowledge of rabbinic literature and of ancient and modern languages. He was editor for many years of the Magazin fuer die Wissenschaft des Judentums (with a Hebrew supplement, Ozar Tov). Aus dem Leben der deutschen Juden im Mittelalter, originally published in 1861, is a history of German Jewry. (EJ) SUBJECT(S): Hebrew philology. Judaism -- History. Jews -- History. OCLC lists 25 copies worldwide. Jewish Cultural Reconstruction sticker on inside front cover. Stamp of Frankfurt Realschule on title page and their shelving number on the verso. Ex-library. Cover scuffed and peeling; backstrip not present. Dampstains, mainly to margins of book. Text in very good condition. (GER-10-14) (ID #16958) $135.00.

FEST-3-15-bettan.jpg (297513 bytes)15. • (Bettan, Israel) Central Conference Of American Rabbis. ISRAEL BETTAN MEMORIAL VOLUME. 1961. Cloth, New York. 8vo. 164 pages. Frontis portrait. Srael Bettan: his life and personality, by S. S. Cohon. -Israel Bettan: his influence, by S. B. Freehof. -Israel Bettan as teacher, by A. S. Goldstein. -The textual sermon, by E. E. Pilchik. -The pulpit lecture, by B. J. Bamberger. -The High Holy Day sermon, by J. R. Narot. -The literary lecture, by S. B. Freehof. -The occasional sermon, by R. I. Kahn. Some sermons of Israel Bettan": p. 63-82./ "Bibliography of Israel Bettan's writings, compiled by Theodore Wiener": p. 52-62. SUBJECT (S): Jewish Preaching. Gilt lettering on spine. Some bumping to edges of dustjacket. Slight shelfwear to book. Mark of previous owner. (FEST-3-15). (ID #17710) $20.00.

16. • (Blanc, Haim) Wexler, Paul; Borg, Alexander; Somekh, Sasson. STUDIA LINGUISTICA ET ORIENTALIA MEMORIAE HAIM BLANC DEDICATA: VOLUME 6. 1989. Paperback, Wiesbaden: O. Harrassowitz, 1989. Paperback. 8vo. 314 pages. SUBJECT (S): Linguistics; Language and languages; Taalwetenschap; Oriëntalistiek. Slight bumping to edges. Bottom corner slightly curved. Minor crease to rear top corner and subsequent pages. Stain to front cover. Otherwise in Very Good condition. (FEST-4-2). (ID #17722) $30.00.

FEST-2-7-bravmann.jpg (1827687 bytes)17. • (Bravmann, M.M.) Journal Of The Ancient Near Eastern Society Of Columbia University. NEAR EASTERN STUDIES IN MEMORY OF M.M. BRAVMANN: JOURNAL OF THE ANCIENT NEAR EASTERN SOCIETY OF COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, VOLUME 11: 1979. 1979. Paper Wrappers, 2, New York: Columbia University, Ancient Near Eastern Society. 8vo. 130 pages. SUBJECT (S): Middle East - Periodicals. Some bumping to edges. Clean text. Tight binding. In Very Good condition. (FEST-2-7/3-13). (ID #17689) $30.00.


18. • (CCAR) Korn, Bertram Wallace, Ed. RETROSPECT AND PROSPECT: ESSAYS IN COMMEMORATION OF THE SEVENTY -FIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FOUNDING OF THE CENTRAL CONFERENCE... New York, CCAR, 1965. 1st Edition. Cloth, 8vo, 272 pages. OF AMERICAN RABBIS 1889-1964. 10 essays on the history of the Conference and related topics. Warmly inscribed by the editor Very Good condition in sunned Very Good Jacket. A very nice copy. (fest-4-8). (ID #5370) $50.00.

19. • (Dubnow) Rawidowicz, editor. SEFER SHIM`ON DUBNOV; MAAMARIM, IGROT. 1954. Cloth, London, Valtam, Mass., Hotsaat Erret. 458 pages. 25 cm. Includes portrait and facsimiles, as well as "Sifre Shim`on Dubnov u-maamarav be-`Ivrit" on pages 236-239; and "Dubnov be-sifrut ha-`Ivrit, bibliyografyah"on pages 221-235. In Hebrew. "Shim`on Dubnov, hayav u-mif`alo. --Igrot Dubnov. " Added title page: "Simon Dubnov in memoriam, essays and letters. " Paper starting to brown, but clean and solid, Very Good Condtion. (fest-3-23) (ID #17720) $30.00.

20. • (Dubnow, Simon) Elbogen, Ismar, Josef Meisl, and Mark Wischnitzer, Eds. FESTSCHRIFT ZU SIMON DUBNOWS SIEBZIGSTEM GEBURTSTAG (2. TISCHRI 5691). Berlin: Jüdischer Verlag, 1930. Cloth; 8vo. 294 pages. First edition. In German. Bibliographical annotations. Festschrift on the occasion of Dubnow's 70th birthday. 24 articles on the development of Jewish historical studies and historians including those on Damascus Affair of 1840, Thedore Herzl, and Jewish life in Eastern Europe. Last article is a bibliography of the writings of Dubnow. Dubnow was an "historian and political ideologist...whose lifework was the study of Jewish history, of the relevant source material, and its "sociological" interpretation. " (Thoedor Meisl, EJ) Elbogen was a scholar, teacher, and public figure; author of many books, mainly on Jewish history. (EJ) SUBJECT(S): Jews. Jews -- History. Ex-library. Cover soiled and edgeworn. Archival repair to spine; backstrip peeling. Dampstains to interior; pages somewhat wrinkled. Binding tight; text in good condition. (GER-9-2) (ID #16913) $100.00.

21. • Elbogen, I. EIN HEBRÄISCH-ITALIENISCHES GLOSSAR PHILOSOPHISCHER AUSDRÜCKE. Berlin: Itzkowski, 1903. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 11 pages. Offprint from the "Festschrift zum 70. Geburtstage A. Berliner's." Very good condition. (O-1) (ID #15148) $20.00.

22. • Elbogen, I. ZU DEN HEBRÄISCHEN BERICHTEN ÜBER DIE JUDENVERFOLGUNGEN IM JAHRE 1096. Breslau: Favorke, 1916. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 24 pages. Off-print from the "Festschrift zum siebzigsten geburtstage Martin Philippsons. " Cover brown; otherwise, in very good condition. (O-1) (ID #15158) $25.00.

23. • Elbogen, Ismar. AUS DER FRÜHZEIT DER VEREINE FÜR JÜDISCHE GESCHICHTE UND LITERATUR. Berlin, 1927. Paper wrappers, 8vo. 7 pages. Offprint from the Festschrift für Prof. Moritz Schaefer. Very good condition. (O-1) (ID #15143) $25.00.

FEST-1-2-finkel.jpg (437795 bytes)24. • (Finkel, Joshua) Hoenig, Sidney Benjamin; Stitskin, Leon D. JOSHUA FINKEL. FESTSCHRIFT IN HONOR OF DR. JOSHUA FINKEL: SEFER HA-YOVEL LI-KHEVOD DR. YEHOSHU`A FINKEL. 1974. Cloth, 2, New York: Yeshiva University Press. 8vo. 190, 226 pages. Portrait. In English and Hebrew. Finkel (1904-1983) was an American "orientalist and scholar, [who was] born in Warsaw, Poland, and was taken to the United States in 1913. He was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary...[and] spent the years 1924-26 in research in Egypt, where he procured the manuscripts of the three Arabic epistles of al-Jahiz (c. 776-868), a celebrated Muslim polygraph, which he published in Cairo in 1926. From 1937 [on] he taught Semitic languages at Yeshiva University. His later interest in psychoanalysis produced some studies in which he applied psychoanalytic theories to Jewish cultural phenomena" [Abraham Solomon Halkin in EJ]. SUBJECT(S): Littérature rabbinique - Histoire et critique; Juifs - Histoire; Judaïsme - Histoire, Rabbinical literature - History and criticism; Jews - History; Judaism - History; Semitic philology. Some chipping to spine. Small penmark to upper edge of textblock. Very slight bumping to textblock. Gilt lettering on spine is faded. Otherwise Very Good condition. (FEST-1-2/11). Xx (ID #17675) $75.00.

25. • (Freehof, Solomon B.) Jacob, Walter, Frederick C. Schwartz & Vigdor W. Kavaler, editors. ESSAYS IN HONOR OF SOLOMON B. FREEHOF: PRESENTED BY THE RODEF SHALOM CONGREGATION ON THE OCCASION OF HIS SEVENTIETH BIRTHDAY: . Pittsburgh, Rodef Shalom Congregation, 1964. 1st Edition. Cloth, Large 8vo; 331 pages; AUGUST 8, 1962. Includes a bibliography of Freehof's works. Guido Kisch's Copy Much on Freehof himself. Other contents include: The Talmud and the Medieval Papacy (by Solomon Grayzel) ; Halakhah in the Church Fathers (by jacob J. Petuchowski) ; A Judeo-Arabic Epitome of the Yosippon (by M. Sanders & H. Nahmad) ; The Lunar and Solar Caldndars in Ancient Israel (by Abba Hillel Silver) ; etc. Very Good Condition. (fest-5-2) (ID #2246) $40.00.

26. • (Friedlaender, Israel) American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. MEMORIAL MEETING, ISRAEL FRIEDLAENDER, BERNARD CANTOR, WHOSE LIVES WHO SACRIFICED JULY 5, 1920, IN THE CAUSE OF ISRAEL AND IN THE SERVICE OF HUMANITY. 1920. Cloth, New York: No Publisher, 8vo. 93 pages. SUBJECT (S): Friedlaender, Israel (1876-1920) Cantor, Bernard (1892-1920). Tissued portraits of both men preceding information about each. Louis Finkelstein's copy with his ownership signiture on the front end paper. Finkelstein was a longtime leader of JTSA, beginning with his ordination there in 1919; "A year after his ordination he began teaching Talmud there, and in 1924 he began teaching theology; from 1931 he was professor of theology. He also assumed more and more administrative responsibility, as assistant to the president (1934), provost (1937), president (1940), and chancellor (from 1951–1972)." JTSA is listed as one of the organizations participating in the memorial (AMRN-9-19A). Very Good Condition (ID #17648) $50.00. 

27. • (Friedlaender, Israel) American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. MEMORIAL MEETING, ISRAEL FRIEDLAENDER, BERNARD CANTOR, WHOSE LIVES WHO SACRIFICED JULY 5, 1920, IN THE CAUSE OF ISRAEL AND IN THE SERVICE OF HUMANITY. New York: No Publisher, 1920. Cloth. 8vo. 93 pages. SUBJECT (S): Friedlaender, Israel (1876-1920) Cantor, Bernard (1892-1920). Gilt lettering on cover and binding-lettering on binding faded. Ex-library with usual markings. Tissued portraits of both men preceding information about each. Slight damage to corners. A few light smudges on some pages. Otherwise in Good condition. (AMRN-9-19). (ID #17384) $35.00.

FEST-3-10-friedman.jpg (1137056 bytes)28. • (Friedman, Theodore) Golinkin David; Balter, Mauricio. BEER TUVYAH: MI-KITVE YUVYAH FRIDMAN: MUGASHIM LO BI-SHENOT GEVUROTAV/ BE'ER TUVIA: FROM THE WRITINGS OF RABBI THEODORE FRIEDMAN... 1991. Cloth, Jerusalem: Masorti Movement. 8vo. 106, 317 pages. In English and Hebrew. Presented to him by his students and admirers SUBJECT (S): Responsa - 1800; Conservative Judaism; Jewish sermons; Israel and diaspora; Religion and state - Israel. OCLC lists 13 copies worldwide. Description of condition. (FEST-3-10). (ID #17706) $30.00.

FEST-3-19-gamoran.jpg (448503 bytes)29. • (Gamoran, Emanuel) Grand, Samuel; Gamoran, Mamie Goldsmith. EMANUEL GAMORAN, HIS LIFE AND HIS WORK [SEFER GAMORAN]. 1979. Paper Wrappers, New York, N. Y.: Emanuel Gamoran Memorial Fund. 8vo. Viii, 165 pages. Portrait. Gamoran, 1895-1962, "was primarily responsible for a revolution in the curriculum and methods of Jewish religious education in the US. " -R. J. Wechman. SUBJECT (S): Jewish religious education - United States; Jewish teachers - United States - Biography. OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. Ex-library with usual markings. Some slight edgewear. Minor creasing to top right corner. Else in Very Good condition. (FEST-3-19). (ID #17714) xx $25.00.

FEST-2-1-gaster.jpg (1834429 bytes)30. • (Gaster, Theodor Herzl) Marcus, David. THE GASTER FESTSCHRIFT: THE JOURNAL OF THE ANCIENT NEAR EASTERN SOCIETY OF COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, VOLUME 5: 1973. 1973. Paper Wrappers, New York: ANE Society. 8vo. 453 pages. Illustrated. "The Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society is proud to dedicate this special issue to Professor Theodor Herzl Gaster on the occasion of his retirement from Barnard College and Columbia University. " Includes bibliographical references; Theodor Gaster bibliography (p. [445]-453). A tribute to Theodore Gaster with important articles by distinguished scholars including R. D. Barnett, J. Blau, J. Bowman, L. Casson, D. Daube, G. Driver, M. Eliade, H. L. Grinsberg, E. Greenstein, W. Hallo, D. Marcus, M. Smith, R. Werblowsky. SUBJECT(S): ALL Godsdiensten; Oudheid; Civilization, Semitic; Middle East - Antiquities; Bible. O. T. Binding and signatures loose but present. Edges slightly bumped. Otherwise in Good condition. (FEST-2-1). (ID #17684) $20.00.

FEST-1-3-friedner.jpg (754146 bytes)31. • (Gebirtig, Mordechai) Friedner, Moshe Z. MUKDASH LE-MORDEKHAI GEBIRTIG. 1968. Paper Wrappers., Tel Aviv: Mahazor 5 shel bogre ha-Gimnasyah ha-`Ivrit bi-Krakov, 8vo. 14 pages. Illustrated. In Hebrew, cover title in Hebrew and Yiddish. Gebirtig was a Yiddish poet who "attained fame as a Yiddish bard, composing both words and melodies for his songs. His songs were sung throughout the Diaspora long before literary critics recognized their value and originality. Gebirtig's most famous song, Undzer Shtetl Brent ('Our Town is Burning'), was written in 1938 under the impact of the Polish pogrom in Przytyk. The tragic topicality of the theme and the prophetic vision of the doomed shtetl-culture made this song into a hymn which is often sung at Jewish memorial assemblies. The poet was murdered by the Nazis in June 1942, together with his wife and two daughters. However, his last songs, written in the Cracow Ghetto, were miraculously saved. A selection of Hebrew translations of his poems appeared in 1967 under the title Ha-Ayarah Bo'eret ('The Town is Burning') " [Melech Ravitch in EJ]. SUBJECT(S): Poets, Yiddish. OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. Very minor shelf wear. Ribbon used to hold the book together is present, tied, and clean. Portrait on front cover. In Very Good condition. (FEST-1-3). (ID #17676) $30.00.

32. • (Ginsberg, H. L.) Haran, Menahem, editor. ERETZ-ISRAEL. ARCHAEOLOGICAL, HISTORICAL AND GEOGRAPHICAL STUDIES. VOLUME 14: H.L. GINSBERG VOLUME. Jerusalem, Eretz-Israel…, 1978. Cloth, 4to, xii, 130, 194 pages. Includes 8 plates. Festschrift for H.L. Ginsberg. Text is in English, French and Hebrew, with 19 essays in English. Summaries in English of the Hebrew essays. Near Fine Condition in Near Fine Dust Jacket (ID #13298) $15.00.

FEST-3-4-ginzberg.jpg (422071 bytes)33. • (Ginzberg, Louis) American Academy For Jewish Research. LOUIS GINZBERG: JUBILEE VOLUME ON THE OCCASION OF HIS SEVENTIETH BIRTHDAY. ENGLISH SECTION. 1945. Cloth, New York, The American academy for Jewish research. 8vo. Ix, 446 pages. Frontis Portrait. Published simultaneously with the Hebrew section. / Relations between Jewish and Christian courts in the Middle Ages. -Marcus, Ralph. Jewish and Greek elements in the Septuagint. -Marmorstein, A. The introduction of R. Hoshaya to the first chapter of Genesis rabba. -Neuman, A. A. The Shebet Yehudah and sixteenth century historiography. -Sonne, Isaiah. The schools of Shammai and Hillel seen from within. -Sperber, Alexander. Specimen of a Targum edition. -Spiegel, Shalom. Noah, Daniel, and Job, touching on Cannaanite relics in the legends of the Jews. -Strauss, Leo. Farabi's Plato. -Torrey, C. C. A revised view of First Esdras. -Wolfson, H. A. Maimonides on negatives attributes. Goldman, Solomon. The portrait of a teacher. -Cohen, Boaz. Bibliography of the writings of Prof. Louis Ginzberg. -Albright, W. F. The list of Levitic cities. -Baron, S. W. Levi Herzfeld, the first Jewish economic historian. -Bickerman, E. J. The date of Fourth Maccabees. -Cohen, Boaz. Civil bondage in Jewish and Roman law. -Efros, Israel. Saadyah's second theory of creation in its relation to Pythagoreanism and Platonism. -Gandz, Solomon. Complememtary fractons in Bible and Talmud. -Ginsberg, H. L. Psalms and inscriptions of petition and acknowledgement. -Gordis, Robert. Studies in the relationship of Biblical and rabbinic Hebrew. -Kisch, Guido. SUBJECT (S): Jewish literature. Gilt lettering on spine. Some bumping to top and bottom of spine. Very minor shelfwear. Text is clean. Binding is tight. In Very Good condition. (FEST-3-4). (ID #17700) $100.00.

FEST-2-4-glueck.jpg (655277 bytes)34. • (Glueck, Nelson) Hebrew Union College. SYMPOSIA AND ADDRESSES OF THE INAUGURATION OF DR. NELSON GLUECK AS THE FOURTH PRESIDENT OF THE HEBREW UNION COLLEGE, MARCH 12-15, 1948, AT CINCINNATI, OHIO... 1948. Paper Wrappers, Cincinatti. 8vo. 188 pages. Symposia include The Future of Torah in America (Jacob R. Marcus, Samuel S. Cohon, Mordecai Kaplan & Abraham Neuman) & The Preservation of American Judaism. Contributors include: Leo Baeck, Dr. Jonah B. Wise, Dr. Joshua Loth Liebman, Dr. Jacob R. Marcus, et al. SUBJECT(S): Jews. Ex-library with minimal markings. Title penned on spine. Slight bumping to corners and edges. Very slight staining to textblock. In Very Good condition. (FEST-2-4). (ID #17686/5030) xx $40.00.

FEST-3-12-goldberg.jpg (2599447 bytes)35. • (Goldberg, Abraham) Bernstein, S. SEPHER HAYOVEL: COLLECTION OF ESSAYS ON THE OCCASION OF THE FIFTIETH BIRTHDAY OF ABRAHAM GOLDBERG. 1934. Cloth, New York: Abraham Goldberg Jubilee Committee. 8vo. 54, 127, 81 pages. Portrait. Text in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish. Added title pages in Hebrew and Yiddish. Features poetry by Raskin, essays by Zevi Scharfstein, Dr. Joshua Bloch, Kalman Weitman, S. Bernstein, G. Bader, D. Persky, biography of Goldberg by A. Spicehandler, et. Al. Vintage. OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide. Gilt lettering. Bottom and top of spine are shaken. Slight bumping to corners. Else in Very Good condition. (FEST-3-12). (ID #17708) $40.00.

FEST-2-10-schneiderman.jpg (815611 bytes)36. • (Goldstein, Israel) Schneiderman, Harry, editor. TWO GENERATIONS IN PERSPECTIVE: NOTABLE EVENTS AND TRENDS, 1896-1956. 1957. Cloth, New York: Monde Publishers. 8vo. 458 pages. Includes frontis portrait. Sixty years in modern Jewish history. This volume is dedicated to & published in honor of Dr. Israel Goldstein, whose 60th Birthday was widely celebrated in 1956. Essays by: Julius Silver, Jacob Kaplan, Moshe Kol, Alex Rose, Philip Rubin, Pierre van Passen, Nahum Goldmann, Levi Eshkol. Foreword by Louis Finkelstein. Essays by 26 contributors on the significant events in world history affecting Jews & Jewish life in the past 60 years A full biography of Dr. Goldstein & selected exerpts from his addresses, books & other writings are included in the volume. Schneiderman (1885-1975), was an American "editor and organization executive. In addition to editing numerous periodicals and reference works, he also compiled The Jews in Nazi Germany (1933, 19352) and was coeditor of the Contemporary Jewish Record (1938-45), and chairman of the editorial board of Who's Who in World Jewry (1955, 19652). Schneiderman was a founder and officer of the Jewish Book Council of America" [Harry J. Alderman in EJ]. SUBJECT(S): Jews - History - 1789-1945; Jews - History - 1945; Judaism; Jews - United States - History. Gilt lettering on spine. Author's name penned on spine. Very slight shelf wear. Minor staining to top of textblock. Marks on front endpaper. Slight creasing near spine on all pages. Otherwise in Very Good condition. (FEST-2-10). (ID #17690) $50.00. 

FEST-1-10-schneiderman.jpg (380137 bytes)37. • Another Copy. Ex-library with usual markings. Very slight bumping to edges. Gilt Lettering on spine. In Very Good condition. (FEST-1-10). (ID #17683) $50.00.

38. • (Goldziher, Ignace/ Juldtsihar, Ijnas) Löwinger, Samuel, editor. GOLDZIHER MEMORIAL VOLUME. PART I ONLY (OF 2) . 1948. Paper Wrappers , Budapest: Globus. 8vo, 434, 44 pages. Primarily in English with some German and a 44 page Hebrew section. Includes Frontis photo. SUBJECT (S): Semitic philology. Ex-library with usual marks. Heavily water wrinkled, but quality paper has held up very well with no trace of any darkening, chipping etc. Good Condition thus. The second volume was published in Jerusalem. Fest-5-3) (ID #17731) $75.00.

FEST-2-6-goodman.jpg (254558 bytes)39. • (Goodman, Paul) Cohen, Israel. THE REBIRTH OF ISRAEL: A MEMORIAL TRIBUTE TO PAUL GOODMAN. 1952. Cloth, Westport, Conn.: Hyperion Press. 8vo. 388 pages. Frontis Portrait. An anthology of leading authors at the time such as Cecil Roth, Abba Eban etc. Discussing the Zionist movement. This was written as a tribute to the late Anglo Jewish Historian, Paul Goodman. It has foreward by the Rev Israel Brodie, as well as an introduction by Professor Selig Brodetsky. With material on the Mediaeval Aliyah, Rabbi Jehuda Hai Alkalai and Israeli Literature. Complete with Tables. SUBJECT (S): Zionism - History; Zionisme. Gilt lettering on spine. Ex-library with usual markings. Slight bumping to top and bottom of spine. Dust jacket is torn, shipped, and shaken but present. In Very Good condition. (FEST-2-6). (ID #17688) $30.00.

40. • (Graetz, Heinrich) Meisl, Josef. HEINRICH GRAETZ. EINE WÜRDIGUNG DES HISTORIKERS UND JUDEN ZU SEINEM 100. GEBURTSTAGE 31. OKTOBER 1917 (21 CHESCHWAN) . Berlin: Louis Lamm, 1917. Cloth; 8vo. 184 pages. In German. Frontispiece photograph of Dr. Graetz. Bibliography. Heinrich Graetz was a German historian and champion of Orthodoxy, author of the eleven-volume "Geschichte der Juden, " which superseded all previous histories of the Jewish people. OCLC lists 20 copies worldwide. Ex-library. Binding has been repaired. Good condition. (GR-6-12) (ID #15927) $100.00.

41. • (Graetz College) Passow, Isidore David and Samuel Tobias Lachs. GRATZ COLLEGE, ANNIVERSARY VOLUME: ON THE OCCASION OF THE SEVENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FOUNDING OF THE COLLEGE, 1895-1970. Philadelphia, Gratz College, 1971. 1st Edition. Cloth, 8vo; 283, 26 pages; Includes a genealogical table, music & bibliographical references. 25 cm. Some Contents include: A Note on Disinterment in Jeremiah (by Morton Cogan) The Ancestral Heritage of the Gratz Family (by Sidney Fish) Some aspects of the Development of the Ivrit Be-Ivrit in America (by Elazar Goelman) Midrash Hallel and Merkabah Mysticism (by Lachs) Rabbinic Homilies and Cognate Languages (by Nahum Waldman) Financial Arangements for a Widow in a Cairo Geniza Document (by Gershon Weiss) etc.Boards very slightly bowed, Good Condition. (fest-4-7) (ID #5231) $40.00.

42. • (Grötzingen) Metzger, Sigmund, and Ulrich Schadt. FESTSCHRIFT ZUM HUNDERTJÄHRIGEN JUBILÄUM DER ERBAUUNG DER SYNAGOGE IN GRÖTZINGEN. Karlsruhe-Grötzingen: Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Karlsruhe-Grötzingen, 2002. Wrappers; small 8vo. 50 pages. In German. Illustrated. Contents are a facsimile of the 1899 edition of "Festschrift zum hundertjährigen Jubiläum der Erbauung der Synagoge in Grötzingen; " and new material by Pastor Ulrich Schadt (p. 34-50). Includes bibliographical references (p. 41-43). SUBJECT(S): Synagogues -- Germany -- Grötzingen (Karlsruhe) -- Design and construction. Jews -- Germany -- Grötzingen (Karlsruhe) -- History. OCLC lists one copy worldwide (US Holocaust Museum). Excellent condition. (LB-2) (ID #15471) $35.00.

FEST-3-9-guggenheim.jpg (1966023 bytes)43. • (Guggenheim, Josef) Ineichen, Gustav. "LIEBE DEINEN NÄCHSTEN, ER IST WIE DU": JUDAICA FÜR JOSEF GUGGENHEIM ZUM 60. GEBURTSTAG. 1990. Cloth, Wiesbaden: In Kommission bei L. Reichert. 8vo. 152 pages. Portrait. In German. Articles chiefly in German; two in English, and one in French. / Includes bibliographical references. SUBJECT (S): Judaism; Judaism - 20th Century. OCLC lists 20 copies worldwide. Very minor shelfwear. Some rippling to dustjacket. Text is clean. Binding is tight. In Very Good condition. (FEST-3-9). (ID #17705) $50.00.

44. • (Guttman, Jakob) Vorstande Der Gesellschaft Zur Förderung Der Wissenschaft Des Judentums. FESTSCHRIFT ZUM SIEBZIGSTEN GEBURTSTAGE JAKOB GUTTMANNS. Leipzig: Buchhandlung Gustav Fock, G. M. B. H., 1915. 1st edition. Half cloth, 8vo, 283 pages. Marbled covers and edges. In German with sections in Hebrew. Book is a series of articles about Jewish religious philosophy and religious history divided into four sections. Beautiful black and white marbled covers with green marbling on edges. Backstrip is slightly worn in some places Dr. Max Grunewald's copy, with his name stamp on front endpaper. SUBJECT (S): Jews, Judaism, Talmud. Old dampstains to margins, slight bowing to boards and paper, ex-library with usual marks, Good Condition. (GERO-2-7). (ID #16981) $50.00.

FEST-3-17-hahn.jpg (1933784 bytes)45. • (Hahn, Hugo) Congregation Habonim (New York, N. Y. ). LIVING LEGACY: ESSAYS IN HONOR OF HUGO HAHN. 1963. Cloth, New York. 8vo. Vii, 121 pages. Portrait. Dedication to Hugo Hahn, by E. W. Norden. -A rabbi from Germany, by F. S. Brodnitz. -Habonim-"And all the past is future, " by G. Jacoby. -Gedankensplitter zur Religiosität des Juden, by D. Baumgardt. -The enigma of Jewish survival, by A. Leschnitzer. -The first days, the first years-reminiscences, by M. Gruenewald. -A short-lived national Jewish fraternity, by K. Wilhelm. -Leopold Zunz and the Jewish community, by N. N. Glatzer. -An unpublished letter of Franz Rosenzweig, by F. Schwarzschild. -The art of the ceremonial object, by S. Kayser. -Rabbiner in Erez Jisrael, by E. Simon. -Jewish theology for the interrregnum, by A. A. Cohen. -Erneutes gespräch, by G. Löffler. -Four unpublished letters to Moses Mendelssohn, by F. Bamberger. -Religious issues on campus, by A. Jospe. -An unknown letter by Abraham Geiger, by A. Altmann. SUBJECT (S): Judaism; Joden; Jodendam. Slight edgewear. Minimal bumping to spine. Some marginalia in pencil. Else in Very Good condition. (FEST-3-17). (ID #17712) $30.00.

FEST-3-5-halpern.jpg (355284 bytes)46. • (Halpern, Ben) Albert, Phyllis Cohen; Malino, Frances. ESSAYS IN MODERN JEWISH HISTORY: A TRIBUTE TO BEN HALPERN. 1982. Cloth, Rutherford [N. J. ]: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press ; London: Associated University Presses. 8vo. 343 pages. Frontis Portrait. Ben a personal appreciation / Marie Syrkin - Early modern Jewry: The socioeconomic background of the expulsion and readmission of the Venetian Jews, 1571-1573 / Benjamim Ravid. The Portuguese Jews of seventeenth century Amsterdam: cultural continuity and adaptation / Daniel M. Swetschinski, Frankism as a "cargo cult" and the Haskalah connection: myth, ideology, and the modernization of Jewish consciousness / Hillel Levine. Attitudes toward Jewish communal autonomy in prerevolutionary France / Frances Malino - Modern Jewry: Nonorthodox attitudes in nineteenth-century French Judaism / Phyllis Cohen Albert. The study of the Jewish intellectual: some methodological proposals / Paul R. Mendes-Flohr. Historical sociology and ideology: a prolegomenon to Yehezkel Kaufmann's Golah v'Nekhar / Laurence J. Silberstein. Flexibility as a political asset: B'nai B'rith and the American Jewish Congress Movement, 1915-1918 / Isaac Neustadt-Noy - Zionism: Zion and Judenstaat: the significance of the "Uganda" controversy / Ehud Luz. The disturbing of Karl Marx: Ber Borochov's achievement / Sanford Ragins. Louis Lipsky: the early years of his Zionist career / Deborah Lipstadt. Chaim Weizmann as political strategist: the initial years, 1918-1920 / Jehuda Reinharz - The work of Ben Halpern: a tentative intellectual profile / Edward S. Goldstein. Annotated bibliography of published works / Edward S. Goldstein. SUBJECT (S): Jews - History - 70-1789; Jews - History - 1789-1945; Zionism - History; Juifs - Histoire - 70-1789; Juifs - Histoire - 1789-1945; Sionisme - Histoire; Joden; Zionisme. Gilt lettering on spine. Some bumping to edges of dusjacket. Very minor bumping to edges of book. In Very Good condition. (FEST-3-5). (ID #17701) $25.00.

47FEST-1-7-bentwich.jpg (976110 bytes). • (Hebrew University) Bentwich, Norman De Mattos. HEBREW UNIVERSITY GARLAND: A SILVER JUBILEE SYMPOSIUM. 1952. Cloth, London: Constellation Books. 8vo. Ix, 133 pages. The limitations of political science, by Viscount Samuel. -The psychological root of the law, by L. Baeck. -Jewish slavery and emancipation, by I. Berlin. -Twent; y-five years of archæology, by E. L. Sukenik. -The expansion of the Hebrew language, by Sir. L. Simon. -Philosophy at the University and the Jewish mind, by L. Roth. -The study of classics in the Hebrew University of Jerusalm, by C. Wirszubski. -On teaching history in Jerusalem, by R. Koebner. -Teaching of English in Israel, by A. A. Mendilow. -Oriental studies in Israel, by S. D. Goitein. -Science in Israel and the National Research Council, by S. Sambursky. -Development of the Hebrew University, by S. Brodetsky. -The Freiends of the Hebrew University, 1926-1951, by N. Bentwich. Some chipping to edges of dustjacket. Mark of previous owner on front endcover. Very minor bumping to edges of book. Otherwise in Very Good condition in Good Jacket. (FEST-1-7). (ID #17680) $25.00.

FEST-1-8-bloom.jpg (351269 bytes)48. • (Hedenu) Bloom, Hyman E. HEDENU: SEFER HA-YOVEL. 1936. Cloth, Nyu York: Postar Press. 8vo. 216, 105 pages. Illustrated. Frontis Portrait. In English and Hebrew. Hedenu was the student publication of the "Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS, better known today as Yeshiva University) during the 1920's and 1930's? [and] was probably first published in the early 1920's...Each issue of Hedenu consists of two parts - English and Hebrew. The English articles consisted of editorials, stories, news of events, book reviews, poetry, and scholarly Torah articles. The Hebrew articles dealt primarily with Torah topics. (Yitzchok Levine, jewishpress.com). SUBJECT(S): Judaism. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (NYPL, Univ of Cape Town. ). Signed by Hyman E. Bloom. Back cover missing. Front cover shaken but present. (FEST-1-8). (ID #17681) $100.00.

49. • (Hirsh, Benjamin) Edelstein, Menahem M. , editor. BARKAI: KOVETS LE-ZEKHER R. BINYAMIN HIRSH. 1946. Paper Wrappers. , Bruklin, Hotsaat Agudat "Barkai. " 130 pages. Includes portrait. 23 cm. In Hebrew. Contents: Me-kitve `izvono shel Hirsh; Li-demuto shel ha-manoah; Divre `iyun ve-mehkar: hash`arat ha-nefesh, me-et M. Kanik. Kivunim be-hinukh ha-`Ivri, me-et M. Ha-Levi. Kavim kelaliyim be-torat ha-"migu, " me-et N. Shapira; Be-`olamenu: Erets Yisrael be-khor ha-barzel shel ha-Milhamah ha-`olamit ha-sheniyah, me-et M. Rudanski. Heshbonenu `im ha-amim, me-et M. Kimel; Sifrut yafah: Be-khefar, A. L. Shvartsburg; Barkai: mahutah shel Agudat "Barkai" u-fe`uloteha, me-et D. Sherman. Added title page: "Barkai, in memory of Benjamin Hirsh; editorial board, Menahem M. Edelstein, Michael Canick [and] Meyer Kimmel. " Va`ad ha-ma`arekhet, Menahem M. Edelshtein, Mikhael Kanik [ve-]Meir Kiml. SUBJECT (S): Jews -- United States -- Biography. OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. Chip at bottom on spine into leaves, no text affected, Good Condition thus. (Fest-5-4) (ID #17732) $75.00.

FEST-3-16-sefer.jpg (1505185 bytes)50. • (Isaacs, Bernard) Nobel, Moshe; Weine, Max. SEFER B. AYZIKS/ SEFER B. ISAACS. 1977. Cloth, 2, New York. 8vo. 184, 100 pages. Illustrations. Various parts in Hebrew, Yiddish, & English. Preface by Max Waine. SUBJECT (S): Jewish educators. OCLC lists 20 copies worldwide. Some chipping to top edges of dustjacket. Gilt lettering on spine and covers. In Very Good condition in Very Good Jacket. (FEST-3-16). (ID #17711) $20.00.

51. • (Israelitische Religionsgesellschaft zu Frankfurt a. M.) FESTSCHRIFT ZUR JUBILÄUMS-FEIER DES 50 JÄHRIGEN BESTEHENS DER UNTERRICHTSANSTALTEN DER ISRAELITISCHEN RELIGIONSGESELLSCHAFT ZU FRANKFURT A. M. Frankfurt: Louis Golde, 1903. Cloth; 8vo. 44, 28, 29, 45, 31, 27 pages. First edition. In German. Frontispiece plate. Illustrated with diagrams, 5 photographic plates, and foldout table. Bibliographical annotations. "Programm no. 478." Beilage zum Jahresbericht, 1903. "In the early 19th century Frankfurt became a center of Reform Judaism and the movement thrived until World War II. In 1851 a group of Orthodox rabbis set up a parallel community. The two entities, one known as the Israelite (composed of both Reform and Orthodox Jews) and the separatist group known as the neo-Orthodox Israelitische Religionsgesellschaft (Israelite Religious Society), coexisted until 1939, when the Nazis forced their merger. " (Hadassah Magazine) This work, which contains six articles, is a volume celebrating 50 years of the Israelitische Religionsgesellschaft. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Education -- Germany -- Frankfurt am Main. Jewish religious education -- Germany -- Frankfurt am Main. OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide. Ex-library. Bound in contemporary decorative boards, retaining original wrappers. Dampstained. Boards warped and peeling; backstrip not present. Pages wrinkled and stained. Text in good condition. (GER-7-36) (ID #16749) $100.00.

FEST-3-18-jung.jpg (371784 bytes)52. • (Jung, Leo) Kasher, Menahem; Lamm, Norman; Rosenfeld, Leonard. SEFER HA-YOVEL LI-KHEVOD HA-RAV DR. ELIYAHU YUNG: LI-MELOT LO SHIV`IM SHANAH/ THE LEO JUNG JUBILEE VOLUME: ESSAYS IN HIS HONOR ON THE OCCASION OF HIS SEVENTIETH BIRTHDAY, 5722·1962. 1962. Cloth, New York: The Jewish Center. 8vo. 258, 242 pages. Facsims. In English and Hebrew. Jung (1892-1987) was an American Orthodox rabbi. "He pursued rabbinical studies at Hungarian yeshivot and received his rabbinical ordination from the Rabbinical Seminary of Berlin (1920). Jung emerged as one of the best-known spokesmen of neo-Orthodoxy in America. He became professor of ethics at Yeshiva University in 1931 and held a similar position at Stern College for Women from 1956. Active in efforts to regularize kashrut supervision in New York, Jung was appointed chairman of the New York State Advisory Board for Kashrut Law Enforcement in 1935. He was associated with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee as chairman of its cultural committee (from 1940) and was a trustee of the National Jewish Welfare Board from 1928. Jung was at one time identified with the Agudath Israel organization, and was a member of its supreme council until 1929. He withdrew on account of its refusal to cooperate in the Jewish Agency for Palestine, of whose first council he became a member. A noted writer and editor, Jung started the Jewish Library in 1928, and edited eight volumes. His Harvest; Sermons, Addreses, Studies appeared in 1956. Jung's 70th birthday was commemorated by the Leo Jung Jubilee Volume (ed. By M. M. Kasher, 1962) " [Isaac B. Gottlieb in EJ]. SUBJECT(S): Judaism. Gilt lettering on spine. Gilt lettering on covers of dusjacket. Illustration on cover. Some chipping to dustjacket. Ex-library with minimal markings. Remains of tipped-in paper on rear endpaper. Bit of color bleeding onto title page, otherwise Very Good condition. (FEST-3-18). (ID #17713) $25.00.

53. • (Kabakoff, Jacob) Nash, Stanley, editor. MIGVAN: MEKARIM BA-SIFRUT HA-'IVRIT UVE-GILUYEHAH HA-AMERIKANIYIM: MUGASHIM LE-YA'AKOV KABAKOV BI-MELOT LO SHIV'IM SHANAH. Lod (Israel): Makhon Haberman le-mehkere sifrut, 748 [1988]. Cloth, Large 8vo, 519 pages. 25 cm. In Hebrew. "hitkin ve-'arakh Shelomoh Nash. " Title on added title page: "Migvan; studies in Hebrew literature. In Honor of Jacob Kabakoff. " Subject: Hebrew literature -- History and criticism. Hebrew literature, Modern -- United States -- History and criticism. ISBN: 9653510010. New Condition. (fest-4-4) (ID #16801) $25.00.

54. (Kaplan, Mordecai M.) Davis, Moshe. MORDECAI M. KAPLAN: JUBILEE VOLUME ON THE OCCASION OF HIS SEVENTIETH BIRTHDAY. ENGLISH SECTION. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1953. Cloth, 8vo, ix, 549 pages. Includes portrait. 24 cm. Published simultaneously with the Hebrew section. Includes bibliographical references. Articles include: "World Religion and national Religion," by Leo Baeck; "Bibliography of the Writings of Professor Mordecai M. Kaplan, " by Gerson D. Cohen; "The Teacher in Talmud and Midrash, " by Max Arzt; "Church and state Debates in the Jewish Community of 1848, " by Salo W. Baron; "The Kehillah of New York, 1908-1922, " by Norman Bentwich; "'Outside Books, '" by Joshua Bloch; "Letter and Spirit in Jewish and Roman Law, " by Boaz Cohen; "Kaufman Kohler and Roman Law, " by Smuel S. Cohon; "Osrael Friedlaender's Minute Book of Achavah Club (1909-1912) , " by Moshe Davis; "Prophecy, Wisdom, and Apocalypse, " by Israel Efros; "Judaism as a System of Symbols, " by Louis Finkelstein; "Gleaning in First Isaiah, " by H. L. Ginsberg; "Deuteronomy 23: 8, 9, " by Nelson Glueck; "The First Chapter of Abot de Rabbi Nathan, " by Judah Goldin; "The Song of Songs, " by Robert Gordis; "The Multiplication of the Mitzvot, " by Simon Greenberg; "A Contra Christianos by a Marrano, " by A. S. Halkin; "The Role of Memory in Biblical History, " by Leo L. Honor; "Freedom and Authority, " by H. M. Kallen; "Defining Jewish Art, " by Stephen S. Kayser; "Educational Abuses and Reforms in hanoverian England, " by Cecil Roth; "Yidishkayt and Yiddish, " by Max Weinreich; "Maimonides and Gersonides on Divine Attributes as Ambiguous Terms, " by H. A. Wolfson; & "Sociological Analysis of Israel, " by Benjamin Wolfman. LCCN: 53-7712 SUBJECT: Judaism. Kaplan, Mordecai Menahem, 1881- Near Fine Condition. (ID #13293) $30.00.

55. • (Kaplan, Mordecai M.) Davis, Moshe. SEFER HA-YOVEL LE-KHVOD MORDEKHAI MENAHEM KAPLAN LE-M'LAT LO SHIVIM SHANAH. HELEK IVRI. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary, 1953. Cloth, 8vo, x, 287 pages. Includes portrait. 24 cm. Published simultaneously with the English section. Includes 17 essays in Hebrew, including (titles translated): "Philosophy and Religion, " by Samuel Hugo Bergman; "The Human Path, " by Martin Buber; "The Story of Hannah and Her Seven Sons in Hebrew Literature, " by Gerson D. Cohen; "Novellae of Solomon ibn-Ardret to the Tractate of Megillah, " by Zalman Dimitrovsky; "Teaching of Patriotism, " by Ben Zion Dinur (Dinaburg) "Jewish Communal Life in Yemen, " by Shelomo Dov Goitein; "Why Was Jeremiah Ignored in the Book of Kings?, " by Joseph Klausner; "Peskit de Rav Kahana, Shekalim, " by Bernard Mandelbaum; "On Maimonides' Ethics, " by Simon Rawidowicz; "Mendelssohn's Political Ideas, " by Nathan Rotenstreich; "How to Approach the Study of the Bible, " by Joseph Schaechter; "At the Crossroads (Jewish Education in the 20th Century), " by Zevi Scharfstein; "Philanthropinism and Jewish Education, " by Ernst Simon; "The Problem of Bi-Culturalism and its Relation to Contemporary Jewry, " by Arieh Tartakower; "Language and Phraseology in the Tractate of Aboth d'Rabbi Nathan, " by N. H. Tur-Sinai; & "In Monte Dominus Videbitur: The Martyrs of Blois and the Early Accusations of Ritual Murder, " by Shalom Spiegel. SUBJECT: Judaism. Named Person: Kaplan, Mordecai Menahem, 1881- Near Fine Condition. (ID #13294) $30.00.

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FEST-3-2-kaufman.jpg (747163 bytes)58. • (Kaufmann, David) Brann, M; Rosenthal, Ferdinand. GEDENKBUCH ZUR ERINNERUNG AN DAVID KAUFMANN: HRSG. VON M. BRANN UND F. ROSENTHAL. 1900. Cloth, Breslau: Schles. Verlags-Astalt. 8vo. Lxxxvii, 682pages, 112 pages. In German and Hebrew. Kaufmann (1852-1899), was an Austrian scholar "of unusually wide and thorough knowledge and produced an astonishingly large number of works in his short life-almost 30 books and over 500 smaller essays and book reviews. His work was distinguished also for its literary style. A complete bibliography was compiled by M. Brann, in Gedenkbuch zur Erinnerung an David Kaufmann (ed. M. Brann and F. Rosenthal, 1900). Though Kaufmann dealt with every area of Jewish scholarship, he contributed especially to history, medieval Jewish philosophy, history of religion, and the history of Jewish art. Kaufmann took an active stand against attacks on the Jewish community and the Jewish religion". [Moshe Nahum Zobel et all in EJ]. SUBJECT(S): Jews. Colored endpapers. Some bumping to edges. Cover and spine repaired, Good condition thus. (FEST-3-2). (ID #17696) $100.00.

FEST-1-1-kelman.jpg (1102836 bytes)59. • (Kelman, Wolfe) Chiel, Arthur A. PERSPECTIVES ON JEWS AND JUDAISM: ESSAYS IN HONOR OF WOLFE KELMAN. 1978. Cloth, New York: Rabbinical Assembly. 8vo. 483 pages. Frontis Portrait. Kelman (1923-1990), an American Conservative rabbi, was born in Vienna and educated in Canada. He served in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II. He was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1950 and from then served as executive vice-president of the Rabbinical Assembly. He also served as visiting rabbi of the West London Synagogue in England. His writings have appeared in the American Jewish Yearbook and Conservative Judaism. Kelman has taught homiletics at the Jewish Theological Seminary" [Jack Reimer in EJ]. SUBJECT(S): Judaism - History. Gilt lettering on spine. Some bumping to edges of dustjacket and edges of book. Personal note written and signed by Wolfe Kelman. In Very Good condition. (FEST-1-1/2-3). (ID #17674) $30.00.

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61. • Another Copy.  Edgeworn; front hinge starting. Owner's stamp on flyleaf. Very good condition. (GR-6-8) (ID #15923) $150.00.

62. • (Krauss, Samuel). SEFER HA-YOVEL LE-PROFESOR SHEMU'EL KROIS LE-MILE'ET LO SHIV`IM SHANAH MINHAH HI SHELUHAH ME-ET HAVERAV, YEDIDAV VE-TALMIDAV. Yerushalayim, R. Mass, 1936. 1st Edition. Cloth, Rebound, Jewish institutional marks, dampstains, spine marks Lacks Jacket? ; 8vo; xxiii, 328 pages; Solid Condition. In Hebrew (ID #5356) $55.00.

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66. • Maccabi World Union. SEFER HA-YOVEL 1921-1971/ JUBILEE-BOOK: LIBRO-MACABEO, 1921-1971. 1971. Paper Wrapper, [Tel Aviv]: Histadrut `olamit Makabi kenes ha-Yovel, 1971. Paper Wrapper. 8vo. 95, 244 pages. Contains portrait and illustrations. In Hebrew and English. "Maccabi World Union, The international Jewish sports organization which bears the name of Judah Maccabee had its origin in the belief of young Eastern European Jews involved in the growing movement for a national home in Palestine at the end of the 19th century that one essential prerequisite was the improvement of the physique of ghetto youth. To this end, gymnastics clubs were founded in a number of Eastern and Central European countries. During the war, the activities of the constituent branches of the World Union virtually ceased. The birth of the State of Israel gave the movement a new focus and a new impetus, and from 1948 onward all the activities of Maccabi were oriented toward Israel, where the headquarters of the entire movement were established in Tel Aviv. By 1969, 38 countries were affiliated to the World Union, and the membership was estimated to be about 200, 000. A Maccabi world congress is held every three years. The congress elects a president, a chairman, and an executive which consists of representatives from continental and territorial organizations in addition to a number of World Maccabi leaders, who reside in Israel. From 1957 the president was M. W. U. Heth and the chairman Pierre Gildesgame (1903-1981) who lived in London. [Yehoshua Alouf & Menahem Savidor in EJ]. OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. Creasing to covers. Some bumping to all edges. Some creasing to corners and subsequent pages. Otherwise in Good condition. (FEST-4-8). (ID #17727) $65.00.

67. • Maimonides Octocentennial Committee. CELEBRATION OF THE EIGHT HUNDREDTH BIRTHDAY OF MOSES MAIMONIDES. 1935. Paper Wrappers, New York, No Publisher (The Committee), 8vo, 8 pages. Includes suggestions on why and how to observe the birthday, including suggested lectures, papers, music, theatre, and exhibitions; Study units for Jewish schools; a Maimonides Sabbath; Library & Museum Exhibits, etc. Very light wear to cover, Very Good Condition (fest-4-10) xxxxxxxx (ID #17654) $30.00.

FEST-3-6-margolis.jpg (830779 bytes)68. • (Margolis, Max Leopold) MAX LEOPOLD MARGOLIS, SCHOLAR AND TEACHER: [ED. BY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION DROPSIE COLLEGE FOR HEBREW AND COGNATE LEARNING]. 1952. Cloth, Philadelphia, [Penn. ]: Alumni Association Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning. 8vo. Xii, 124 pages. Frontis Portrait. Message, by E. A. Margolis. -Foreword by A. A. Neuman. -Preface. -The life of Professor Max Leopold Margolis: an appreciation, by R. Gordis. -The contributions of M. L. Margolis to the fields of Bible and rabbinics, by F. Zimmermann. -The contribution of Max Leopold Margolis to Semitic linguistics, by E. A. Speiser. -Margolis' work in the Septuagint, by H. M. Orlinsky. -Max L. Margolis' contribution to the history and philosophy of Judaism, by J. Bloch. -Bibliography of the works of Max L. Margolis, by J. Reider (p. 61-124). Gilt lettering on spine. Some bumping to top and bottom of spine. Minor shelf wear. Overall in Very Good condition. (FEST-3-6). (ID #17702) $20.00.

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70. • (Marx, Alexander). SEFER HA-YOVEL LI-KHEVOD ALEKSANDER MARKS: LI-MELOT LO SHIV'IM SHANAH/ BET HA-MIDRASH LE-RABANIM BE-AMERIKAH. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary, 1950. 1st Edition. Cloth, 8vo, 9+547 pages. In Hebrew. Institutional bookplate & stamp on foredge, otherwise only slight wear, Good Condition. (ID #17652) $75.00.

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FEST-1-6-menze2.jpg (551579 bytes)73. • (Menczel, Joseph Schlomo Dr.) Ments'el-Ben-Tovim, Pu'ah. LEBEN UND WIRKEN: UNSER ERZIEHERISCHES WERK IN MEMORIAM DR. JOSEF SCHLOMO MENCZEL, 1903-1953: LIFE AND WORK: OUR EDUCATIONAL ENDEAVOUR IN MEMORIAM DR. JOSEPH SHLOMO MENCZEL, 1903-1953. 1983. Paper Wrappers., Jerusalem: Dr. J. S. Menczel Memorial Foundation, 8vo. Xxiii, 231 pages. Illustrated. In German, English, and Hebrew. SUBJECT (S): Educators - Israel - Biography. OCLC lists only 1 copy worldwide (McGill). Some bumping to edges. Creasing to lower corner and subsequent pages. Some creasing to cover. Small stains to cover. Otherwise in Good condition. (FEST-1-6). (ID #17679) $50.00.

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FEST-3-3-mirsky.jpg (432865 bytes)75. • (Mirsky, Samuel Kalman) Appel, Gersion. SEFER ZIKARON LI-SHELOMOH KALMAN MIRSKI: MEHKARIM BE-HALAKHAH UVE-AGADAH, BE-SIFRUT HA-DOROT UVE-VAHASHEVET YISRAEL/ SAMUEL K. MIRSKY MEMORIAL VOLUME: STUDIES IN JEWISH LAW, PHILOSOPHY, AND LITERATURE. 1970. Cloth, Jerusalem: Sura Institute for Research ; New York: Yeshiva University. 8vo. 285, 316 pages. Portrait. In English and Hebrew. Essays in Hebrew and English by fine Jewish scholars. Contributors include. Norman Lamm, Walter Wurzberger, etc. SUBJECT (S): Jews - Civilization; Jewish law; Rabbinical literature; Judaism - history - modern period, 1750-. Gilt lettering on both covers and spine. Mottling on covers and spine. Text and binding clean and tight. In Very Good condition. (FEST-3-3). (ID #17699) $25.00.

76. • (Mirsky, Samuel Kalman) Bernstein, S; Churgin, Gershon. SEFER YOVEL: LI-KHEVOD SHEMUEL KALMAN MIRSKI LI-MELOT SHELOSHIM SHANAH LE-`AVODATO HA-BERUKHAH BI-SEDEH HA-MADA` VE-HARBATSAT HA-TORAH BE-AMERIKAH. 1958. Cloth, Nyu-York: Va`ad ha-Yovel, 1958. Cloth. 8vo. 558 pages. Portrait. In Hebrew. Mirsky (1899-1967) was a "rabbinic scholar, religious Zionist, and Hebraist. Mirsky's main scholarly achievement lay in the publication of medieval critical texts, such as Ahai Gaon's She'iltot (4 vols., 1959-66) and two commentaries on Alfasi, Perush Rabbi Yehudah ben Binyamin Anav (1955) and Perush Rabbi Yonatan ha-Kohen mi-Lunel al-Megillah u-Mo'ed Katan (1956). Only the first part of his new edition of the 13th-century halakhic compendium by Zedekiah b. Abraham Anau, Shibbolei ha-Leket (1966), with an extensive introduction, appeared. Mirsky also published collections of his own articles and edited two books of essays on the leading figures and institutions of modern Jewish scholarship, Mosedot Torah be-Eiropah (1957) and Ishim u-Demuyyot be-Hokhmat Yisrael be-Eiropah (1959). He contributed many articles to periodicals, some in English, some in Hebrew. Two of his originally written autobiographical articles for Genazim appeared in Hadoar (Nov. 3 and 10, 1967). [Eisig Silberschlag in EJ]. SUBJECT(S): Jews; Judaism. Gilt lettering on cover and spine. Very minor bumping to edges. Some staining to titlepage. In Very Good condition. (FEST-4-9). (ID #17728) $100.00.

77. • (Morais, Sabato) Congregation Mikveh Israel. COMMEMORATION OF THE ONE HUNDRETH ANNIVERSARY OF THE BIRTH OF THE REVEREND DOCTOR SABATO MORAIS: WEDNESDAY EVENING, APRIL 18, 1923, LYAR 2, 5683. Philadelphia: The Congregation Mikveh Israel, 1924. Half Cloth. 8vo. 63 pages. 3 leaves of plates. OCLC lists 13 copies worldwide. Marbled covers and edges. Chipping to back cover. Mild dampstains throughout. Ex-library with usual markings. Light writing on table of contents with no text damage. (AMRN-5-7). (ID #17148) $100.00.



FEST-1-9-tramer.jpg (2566644 bytes)78. • (Moses, Siegried) Tramer, Hans. IN ZWEI WELTEN: SIEGFRIED MOSES ZUM FÜNFUNDSIEBZIGSTEN GEBURTSTAG. 1962. Cloth, Tel-Aviv: Verlag Bitaon. 8vo. 650 pages. Portrait. In German. Compendium of over 35 scholarly articles written by such thinkers as Scholem, Arendt, Ernst Simon, Alexander Altmann, Bentwich, Robert Weltsch, and others, in honor of the 75th birthday of Siegfried Moses, a leader in the Government of Israel and among the German-Jewish emigres to that country. The articles generally deal with Zionism and the history of Israel and with German-Jewish history. Also some articles on Jewish philosophy and mysticism. The articles are in German, save for two in English and one in Hebrew (by Agnon). SUBJECT(S): Jews. Gilt lettering on cover and spine. Slight bumping to edges and corner. Non-archival repair. Ribbon present and in Good condition with only slight fraying near bottom and some staining. (FEST-1-9). (ID #17682) $40.00.

79. • Neuman, Abraham A. LANDMARKS AND GOALS: HISTORICAL STUDIES AND ADDRESSES. Philadelphia, Dropsie College Press, 1953. 1st Edition. Cloth, ; 8vo; 370 pages; Guido Kisch's copy. Very Good Condition (fest-4-2) (ID #2008) $40.00.

80. • Another Copy. Ex-library with usual marks. Cloth sunned but otherwise Very Good Condition (fest-4-3) (ID #17649) $30.00.

FEST-2-14-newman.jpg (672164 bytes)81. • (Newman, Louis) Shapiro, Alexander M; Cohen, Burton I., editors. STUDIES IN JEWISH EDUCATION AND JUDAICA IN HONOR OF LOUIS NEWMAN: LI-LEMOD ULE-LAMED. 1984. Cloth, New York: Ktav Pub. House. 8vo. Xiii, 219 pages. Frontis portrait. Newman was the Director of the Bureau of Jewish Education in Boston, and theoritician for the Akiba Academy in Philadelphia Contents include: Ramah Philosophy and the Newman Revolution (by Shuly Rubin Schwartz) The Evolution and Uniqueness of the Jewish Educational Structure of Greater Boston (by Daniel Margolis) Sports and Jewish Education: A Personal and Curricular Note (by Sheldon Dorph). SUBJECT(S): Jewish Religious education - United States. Gilt lettering on spine. Very minor bumping to edges. In Very Good condition. (FEST-2-14). (ID #17694) $20.00.

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FEST-3-7-revel.jpg (1320685 bytes)83. • (Revel, Barnard) Poupko, Bernard Aaron; Rose, Isaac Bertram. EIDENU: MEMORIAL PUBLICATION IN HONOR OF RABBI DR. BERNARD REVEL/ EDENU: SEFER ZIKARON...LE-ZEKHER RABENU HA-GAON DOV REVEL...ROSH YESHIVAT RABENU YITSHAK ELHANAN. 1942. Cloth, New York: Shulsinger Bros.. 8vo. 64, 137 pages. Fronstis Portrait. In English and Hebrew. Issued by the students of the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary. Revel (Dov ; 1885-1940), was an American "educator and scholar, leader of modern Orthodoxy. In 1915, as rosh yeshivah, Revel began reorganizing the Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary in New York, opening it to laymen and teachers as well as rabbinical students; and in 1916 he founded Talmudical Academy, the first combined academic high school-yeshivah in the U. S. In 1928, despite strong opposition from those who feared that Torah study would be undermined, Revel founded Yeshiva College as an extension of the seminary. It was the first liberal arts college under Jewish auspices and represented the first attempt to offer a traditional talmudic education with a modern course of secular studies on the higher level based on the principle of Torah im Derekh Erez. His scholarly interests included Targum Jonathan, Josephus, Jubilees, the development of ancient exegesis, Karaism, and, especially, the evolution of halakhah. He published his doctoral dissertation for Dropsie College, Karaite Halakah and its Relation to Sadducean, Samaritan and Philonian Halakah (1913), which refuted A. Geiger's claim that Karaism was a continuation of Sadduceeism" [Sidney B. Hoenig in EJ]. SUBJECT(S): Judaism. OCLC lists 19 copies worldwide. Gilt lettering on both covers and spine. Some fading to spine. Ex-library with minimal markings. In Very Good condition. (FEST-3-7). (ID #17703) $30.00.

84. • (Saadia Gaon) Finkelstain, Louis. RAB SAADIA GAON: STUDIES IN HIS HONOR. 1980. Cloth, [New York] Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1980. Cloth. 8vo. Xi, 191, 10 pages. Finkelstein (1895-1991) was an American Conservative rabbi, scholar, and educator. He "wrote and edited many books and articles on general problems in religion, sociology, culture, and ethics. He not only stimulated and assisted the research of other scholars but continued his own primary research and publication. He published more than a hundred critical investigations of fundamental documents of Judaism, exploring the historical and social conditions reflected in liturgical texts, for example in the prayers Shema, Amidah, Birkat ha-Mazon, Hallel, and proving their antiquity, dating some of them very early, possibly as biblical; exploring the composition of several of the tannaitic Midrashim; and investigating the principal teachings and doctrines of Pharisaism, His social and economic studies of the Pharisees, especially his Pharisees (2 vols., 1938, 19663), roused controversy because of his assertions that economic and social conditions influenced the formation of Pharisaic ideology, These studies lifted the discussion of historical problems from the parochial or purely doctrinal to the broad plane of social history. Finkelstein's Jewish Self-Government in the Middle Ages (1924, 19642) remained an important source for medievalists and students of post-talmudic halakhah and institutions. In all his scholarly work Finkelstein exhibited a fastidious attention to detail, particularly to textual variants in manuscripts, early printed editions, and citations in geonic and post-geonic literary works, and an awareness of what is central in each period. In both his scholarly and his administrative activities, he made enormous contributions to the understanding and acceptance of the values and insights of talmudic-rabbinic Judaism" [Judah Goldin in EJ]. Gilt lettering on spine. Some bumping to edges. Slight sunfadding. Otherwise in Very Good condition. (FEST-4-5). (ID #17725) $40.00.

FEST-2-5-ravid.jpg (474528 bytes)85. • (Scharfstein, Zevi) Ravid, Zvulun. SEFER SHARFSHTAIN: MEASEF LE-DIVRE HINUKH, MEHKAR VE-SIFRUT YAFAH: MUGASH LE-PROFESOR TSEVI SHARFSHTAIN LI-MELOT LO SHEMONIM VE-HAMESH SHANIM. 1970. Cloth, Tel Aviv: Histadrut ha-morim be-Yisr ael. 8vo. 421 pages. Illustrated. Hebrew. Scharfstein was an American "Hebrew educator, journalist, and publisher. A prodigious contributor to the Hebrew press, his column in the American Hebrew weekly Hadoar dealt with political and, especially with literary events. From 1907 Scharfstein also published educational texts embracing Hebrew literature, Jewish education, Bible, and Hebrew language. His historical works as a Jewish educator include Ha-Heder be-Hayyei Ammenu (1943) and Toledot ha-Hinnukh be-Yisrael ba-Dorot ha-AHaronim (5 vols., 1960-66) and his autobiographical works comprise Arba'im Shanah ba-Amerikah (1955-56). Among his contributions to Hebrew lexicography is OZar ha-Ra'yonot va-ha-Pitgamim (3 vols., 1966). From 1940 Scharfstein was editor of the educational periodical Shevilei ha-Hinnukh" [Eisig Silberschlag in EJ]. SUBJECT(S): Jews - Education - United States. OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. Slight bumping to edges and corner. Includes note from book committee. In Very Good condition. (FEST-2-5). (ID #17687) $75.00.

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FEST-2-12-silberman.jpg (1159868 bytes)87. • (Silberman, Curt C.) Strauss, Herbert Arthur; Reissner, Hanns Gunther, editors. JUBILEE VOLUME DEDICATED TO CURT C. SILBERMAN. 1969. Cloth, New York, American Federation of Jews from Central Europe. 8vo. Xii, 132 pages. Frontis portrait. Geleitwort des Präsidenten des Council of Jews from Germany, by S. Moses. -Editor's note, by H. A. Strauss. -The three regions of German-Jewish history, by W. J. Cahnman. -From Kiev via Brody to Pankow, by F. Grubel. -Facing the people, by M. Gruénewald. -Services to the Jewish aged in North America, by K. G. Herz. -Sacred tradition in Judaism, by J. Maier. -Germans and Jews-is there a bridge? By J. Prinz. -The American anti-Nazi boycott, by H. G. Reissner. -Missverstandenes Schlussgesetz, by A. Schueler. -A note on the nature of ideal society-a rabbinic study, by S. Schwarzschild. -Nicht vom Winde verweht: Zwischenbilanz einer Flüchtlingsgeneration, by H. Steinitz. -Immortality in the Bible, by H. Stransky. -Liberalism and conservatism in Prussian legislation for Jewish affairs, 1815-1847, by H. A. Strauss. SUBJECT (S): Jews - Germany - History. Gilt lettering to spine and cover. Very minor bumping to edges. In Very Good condition. (FEST-2-12). (ID #17692) $25.00.

FEST-2-13-silberman.jpg (1018221 bytes)88. • Another Copy. Very minor bumping to edges. Ex-library with usual markings. In Very Good condition. (FEST-2-13). (ID #17693) $25.00.



FEST-1-5-silver.jpg (2659011 bytes)89. • (Silver Abba Hillel) Silver, Daniel Jeremy. IN THE TIME OF HARVEST: ESSAYS IN HONOR OF ABBA HILLEL SILVER ON THE OCCASION OF HIS 70TH BIRTHDAY. 1963. Cloth, New York: Macmillan; London: Collier-Macmillan. 8vo. Viii, 459 pages. Portrait. Contains a bibliography of the writings of Abba Hillel Silver. Contributors include David Ben Gurion, Izhak Ben-Zevi, and Abba Eban. Contains a bibliography of the writings of Abba Hillel Silver. SUBJECT (S): Judaism; Jews - History. Some bumping to corners and top of spine. Gilt lettering on cover and spine. Colored endpapers. Protective slipcase has chipping and bumping to all edges. Bottom of box is shaken and unhinged. Slipcase is in Fair condition. Book is in Very Good condition. (FEST-1-5). (ID #17678) $25.00.

90. • (Solheim, Magne). FOR ISRAEL OG EVANGELIET: FESTSKRIFT TIL MAGNE SOLHEIM PÅ 60-ÅRS DAGEN 11. JUNI 1971. Olso, Den Norske Israelmisjon, 1971. 1st Edition. Paper Wrappers, Very Good Condition. ; 8vo; 182 pages; Messianic Jewish Festschrift. Includes "Jøden I Norsk Litteratur (by Sverre P. N. Ullnæss) Allikevelisr aelsmisjon--også I dag (by Pastor Jancu Moscovici) a Bibliography of Solheim--mostly works on Jewish Evangelism (by Tormod Engelsviken) etc. (ID #6540) $40.00.

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FEST-3-11-steinberg.jpg (725836 bytes)93. • (Steinberg, Isaac Nachman) Ravitch, Melech; Jeshurin, Ephim H. YITSHAK NAHMAN SHTAYNBERG: DER MENTSH, ZAYN VORT, ZAYN OYFTU, 1888-1957/ I.N. STEINBERG: MEMORIAL BOOK, 1888-1957. 1960. Cloth, New York: I. N. Steinberg Book Committee. 8vo. 670 pages. Frontis portrait and photos. In Yiddish with English table of contents. I. N. Steinberg: memorial book, 1888-1957. SUBJECT (S): Jews - Soviet Union - Biography; Jews - Biography. Slight bumping to top and bottom of spine. Ex-library with minimal markings. Very slight bumping to corners. Otherwise in Very Good condition. (FEST-3-11). (ID #17707) $30.00.

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96. • (Sulzberger, Mayer) Morris, Roland S.; Louis Marshall; Solomon Solis-Cohen. ADDRESSES DELIVERED IN MEMORY OF MAYER SULZBERGER, MEMORIAL DAY, MAY 30, 1923. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society Press, 1924. Cloth. 12mo. 55 pages. Black and white frontis photograph of Sulzberger facing title page. Contains addresses by Roland S. Morris, Louis Marshall and Solomon Solis-Cohen. SUBJECT (S): Sulzberger, Mayer (1843-1923). Gilt lettering on binding and cover. Covers and binding sun faded in places. Ex-library with usual markings. Area of fraying on top of rear cover. Binding slightly shaken. Otherwise in Good condition. (AMRN-9-22). (ID #17387) $30.00.

97. • Touroff, Nissan 1877-1953) Silberschlag, Eisig. Twersky, Jochanan, Hebrew Teachers College, Boston. SEFER TUROV, HA-`ORKHIM. 1938. Cloth, Boston: Hotsaat Bet ha-midrash le-morim, 8vo, 379 pages. Includes frontis plate. 24 cm. In Hebrew. "During the First World War he [Touroff] headed the important Education Committee (Va'ad ha-Hinnukh) which was responsible for Jewish education in Palestine. He also edited, briefly, the pedagogical journal Ha-Hinnukh and the daily Haaretz. He emigrated to the United States in 1919 and...was one of the founders of the Hebrew Teachers College (now Hebrew College) of Boston in 1921 and its first dean. He also founded the educational magazine Shevilei ha-Hinnukh in 1925" (Silbershlag in EJ). SUBJECT(S) Hebrew literature, Modern. Very Good Condition. (fest-3-20) (ID #17716) $75.00.

98. • (Waxman, Meyer) Rosenthal, Judah. SEFER HA-YOVEL MEIR VAKSMAN: LI-MELOT LO SHEVI`IM VE-HAMESH SHANAH/ MEYER WAXMAN/JUBILEE VOLUME: ON THE OCCASION OF HIS SEVENTY-FIFTH BIRTHDAY. 1966. Cloth, Chicago: College of Jewish Studies ; Jerusalem [etc. ]: Mordecai Newman publishing House Ltd.. 8vo. 274, 153 pages. In English and Hebrew. Bibliography of the writings of Professor Meyer Waxman / by L. Y. Mishkin - Mystic experience and Elijah-revelation in Talmudic times / by J. Cohn - Freedom and determinism in Jewish theology / by S. S. Cohon - Wladyslaw Dzwonkowski, an "enlightened" towianist, on the Jewish problem, 1862 / by A. G. Duker - A new poem by Joseph Abiter / by A. J. Katsh - The religious and psychological motives in the halacha of Rabbi Yohanan and Resh Lakish / by I. Epstein - Historical implications of the ethics of the fathers / by C. Roth - A note on the Guide for the perplexed / by D. S. Shapiro - The informer as a defendant in Jewish criminal procedure / by P. H. Vishny - Judah Halevi on causality and miracles / by H. A. Wolfson. SUBJECT (S): Judaism; Philosophy, Jewish; Rabbinical literature - History and criticism. Fading to dustjacket. Gilt lettering on spine. Some bumping to corners of book and dustjacket. Some bumping to edges of dustjacket. Includes sheet listing the members of the Meyer Waxman jubilee committee. Else in Very Good condition. (FEST-3-14). (ID #17709) $100.00.

99. • (Wolfson, Harry Austryn) Lieberman, Saul. HARRY AUSTRYN WOLFSON JUBILEE VOLUME: ON THE OCCASION OF HIS SEVENTY-FIFTH BIRTHDAY: ENGLISH SECTION [ & ]SEFER HA-YOVEL LIKHVOD TSVI WOLFSON LIMELOT LO SHIV`IM VEHAMESH SHANA: HELEK `IVRI. COMPLETE IN 3 VOLUMES. 1965. Cloth, Jerusalem/New York: American Academy for Jewish Research, 1965. Cloth. 8vo. 881, 274 pages. Contains illustration and portraits. Wolfson (1887-1974) was a historian of philosophy. "Wolfson-whose writings are marked by a mastery of the philosophic literature in the several languages in which it was written, penetrating analysis, clarity of exposition, and felicity of style-wrote many books and articles. His early articles, several of which dealt with issues in the philosophies of Crescas and Spinoza, were followed by his first book, Crescas' Critique of Aristotle, which, though completed in 1918, was not published until 1929. The volume contains a critical edition of part of Crescas' Or Adonai (the section dealing with the 25 propositions which appear in the introduction to the second part of Maimonides' Guide), an exemplary English translation, and an introduction; but of special importance are the copious notes which take up more than half of the volume. In these notes Wolfson discusses, with great erudition, the origin and development of the terms and arguments discussed by Crescas and he clarifies Crescas' often enigmatic text" [Arthur Hyman in EJ]. SUBJECT(S): Judaism - History. Complete in 2 volumes. Gilt lettering on spine. Very minor bumping to edges. Some slight shelf wear. Otherwise, all three volumes in Very Good condition. (FEST-4-6/7). (ID #17726) $60.00.

100. • (Women in the Rabbinate) Zola, Gary Phillip. WOMEN RABBIS: EXPLORATION AND CELEBRATION: PAPERS DELIVERD AT AN ACDEMIC CONFERENCE HONORING TWENTY FIVE YEARS OF WOMEN IN THE RABBINATE, 1972-1992. Cincinnati, Ohio: HUC-JIR Rabbinic Alumni Association Press, 1996. Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 135 pages. SUBJECT (S): Women Rabbis-United States-Congresses; Reform Judaism-United States; Women in Judaism-Congresses. Some small marks on front cover. Letter sent with this copy of the book is inside. In very good condition. (AMRN-6-39). (ID #17200) $20.00.

101. • Zivion (Benzion Hoffman). Kazdan, H. S., editor. FAR FUFTSIK YOR: GEKLIBENE SHRIFTN. 1948. Cloth, Nyu-York: A. Laub, 1948. Cloth. 8vo. 486 pages. In Yiddish. Frontis portrait. Contains photos. Zivion (pseudonym of Benzion Hoffman; 1874-1954) was a "Yiddish journalist and essayist. From 1895 he wrote Hebrew articles and in 1909, the year after his emigration to New York, he edited the U. S. Hebrew journal Ha-Yom. However, his main literary medium was Yiddish. Although he received a doctorate in science and engineering, he preferred to write about rather than practice in these fields. A correspondent to many national and international conferences, he proved to be a skillful interpreter of complex political problems. His readers valued his independent judgment, his simple style, and his mild humor. He popularized scientific subjects in several books and participated in the English-Yiddish Encyclopedic Dictionary (1915). On the semicentennial of his literary activities, a volume of his, Far Fuftsik Yor ("Selected Works, " 1948) appeared under the editorship of H. S. Kazdan" [Melech Ravitch in EJ]. SUBJECT(S): Jewish socialists - United States - Biography; Jews - United States - History; Socialism - United States - History. Minor bumping to edges. Minor staining to first page. Otherwise in Very Good condition. (FEST-4-1). (ID #17721) $35.00.