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Dear Friends,

A Short list of some recent acquisitions in immigration, radical, American, & Intellectual history.

Please note that these books are not yet listed our online searchable database.

As always, all items are 100% returnable for any reason. Domestic postage is $4 for the first item and $1 for each thereafter. International shipping is $5 per volume surface or $9 per volume Global Priority Air (less if books are light). Since many of these items are small, we'll give you a break if we can.

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1. Adamic, Louis, A Nation of Nations (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1944, 1945; “First Edition.”). Cloth, 8vo, 399 pages. Adamic was a Jewish immigrant from northern Yugoslavia. Very Good Condition in Good jacket. $20.00

2. Adamic, Louis, The Native’s Return: An American Immigrant Visits Yugoslavia and Discovers His Old Country (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1934; “first edition”). Cloth, 8vo, 369 pages. Adamic was a jewish immigrant from northern Yugoslavia. Front inside hinge shaken, Good Condition. $20.00

3. Allen, Frederick Lewis, Only Yesterday: An Informal History of the Nineteen-Twenties (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1931.) Cloth, 8vo, 370 pages. Very Good Condition. $20.00

4. Bowers, Claude G., The Tragic Era: The Revolution After Lincoln (New York: Blue Ribbon Books, 1929). Cloth, 8vo, 567 pages. For decades, a key book in Reconstruction interpretation. Pencil marginalia on 3 pages, Good Condition. $20.00

5. Broehl, Wayne G., Jr., The Molly Maguires (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1964.) Cloth, Large 8vo, 409 pages. Very Good Condition in Good jacket. $35.00

6. Commons, John R., and John B. Andrews, Principles of Labor Legislation: fourth revised edition (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1936; first published 1916). Cloth, 8vo, 606 pages. Good+ condition. $20.00

7. Constantine, J. Robert, ed., Letters of Eugene V. Debs. (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1990.) 3 vols. Complete. Cloth, 8vo, 591 pages. Very Good Condition in Very Good Jackets. $55.00

8. DeVoto, Bernard, The Course of Empire (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1952.) Cloth, 8vo, 647 pages. Very Good Condition in Good Jacket. $20.00

9. Eaton, Allen H., Immigrant Gifts to American Life: Some Experiments in Appreciation of the Contributions of Our Foreign-Born Citizens to American Culture (New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 1932) Cloth, Large 8vo, 185 pages. Many photo plates. Ex-library with minimal marks, Good Condition. $20.00

10. George, Henry, Progress and Poverty: An Inquiry Into the Cause of Industrial Depressions and of Increase of Want with Increase of Wealth. The Remedy (New York: Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, Fiftieth Anniversary Edition, thirteenth printing, 1940; first printed 1879). Cloth, 8vo, Very Good Condition in Good jacket with edgewear. $20.00

11. Grose, Howard B., Aliens or Americans? (Dayton, Ohio: Home Missionary Society of the United Brethren Church, 1906.) Cloth, 12mo, 337 pages. Loaded with photo plates of immigrants and scenes (Jews, Germans, Italians, Germans, Slovaks, etc.) , as well as graphs charts, statistics, etc. Also includes color fold-out color map of Europe at rear, showing "Races of Immigrants Fiscal Year 1905." Italians top the list, followed by Hebrew, Polish, German, Scandinavian, etc. This is part of “Forward Mission Study Courses, edited under the auspices of the Young People’s Missionary Movement”. Interesting period snapshot of immigration to the US in the context of the movement to Americanize (through Protestantization and other methods) the immigrant masses. Inside hinges starting to break, front and back, otherwise Good Condition. $40.00

12. Halstead, Murat, The Story of the Philippines. The Eldorado of the Orient. Personal Chracter Sketches of and Interviews with Admiral Dewey, General Merritt, General Aguinaldo and the Archbishop of Manila (Chicago: J.S. Ziegler & Co., 1898). Cloth, large 8vo, 151 pages. Loaded with photo plates. Cover worn, front inside hinge starting to break, otherwise Good Condition. $20.00

13. Holbrook, Stewart H., The Yankee Exodus: An Account of Migration from New England (New York: Macmillan, 1950; “first printing”). Cloth, Large 8vo, 398 pages. Very Good+ Condition. $30.00

14. Jenks, Jeremiah W. , and W. Jett Lauck, The Immigration Problem (New York, Funk & Wagnalls, 1911; 1917 edition). Cloth, 8vo, 605 pages. Ex-library with usual marks, front inside hinge breaking through, otherwise Good Condition. $20.00

15. Mitchell, John, Organized Labor: Its Problems, Purposes and Ideals and The Present and Future of American Wage Earners (Philadelphia: American Book and Bible House, 1903).Half-leather binding, Large 8vo, 436 pages. Marbled boards & endpapers. Backstrip (spine covering) heavily torn, rear inside hinge starting to break, Internal paper & binding are good. $40.00

16. Rawlings, Isaac D., The Rise and Fall of Disease in Illinois . Vol II only. (Springfield, Ill.: State Department of Public Health, 1927). Cloth, Small 4to, 493 pages. Printed on heavy, glossy paper. Many photos, maps, graphs, tables, etc. This volume only, but stands on its own. Very Good Condition. $40.00

17. Rawson, Marion Nicholl, New Hampshire Borns a Town (New York: E.P. Dutton, 1942 “First edition”). Cloth, 8vo, 319 pages. Very Good Condition. $20.00

18. Sadlier’s Excelsior Studies in the History of the United States for Schools. By the Author of Sadlier’s Elementary History. Excelsior Series of Catholic School-Books. (New York: William H. Sadlier, 1879 and 1896, 1907 and 1910; revised to 1913.) Used in Catholic parochial schools. Gives Catholic interpretation of U.S. history at a time of intense anti-Catholicism. Tears to boards & backstrip, inside hinges starting to break, writing on inside covers & blank endpapers. Fair condition, but internally solid. $20.00

19. Van Dyne, Frederick, Citizenship of the United States (Rochester, N.Y.: The Lawyers’ Co-operative Publishing Co., 1904). Full leather, 8vo, 385 pages. Lawyers' legal reference. Ex-library with minimal marks. Lacks backstrip (spine covering), front and rear board coming loose, internal paper and binding good. $20.00

20. Balz, Albert G. A. IDEA AND ESSENCE IN THE PHILOSOPHIES OF HOBBES AND SPINOZA. New York Columbia University Press, 1918. 1st edition. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 86 pages. 25 cm. Tiny institutional mark on cover, small tears to spine ends, otherwise Very Good Condition. $50.00

21. Bye, Raymond T. CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IN THE UNITED STATES. Philadelphia, The Committee on Philanthropic Labor of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends, 1919. 1st edition. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, iv, 106 pages. Includes map & folding tables. 24 cm. Paper Wrappers. Very Good Condition. $50.00

22. Cleverdon, Catherine Lyle THE WOMAN SUFFRAGE MOVEMENT IN CANADA. Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1950. 8vo, 324 pages. Includes portraits. 23 cm. Paper Wrappers. The original dissertation--the true 1st edition, of this classic Canadian Feminist history. Written over fifty years ago, it remains the only complete account of the suffragist struggle which took place there. Tiny institutional mark on cover, otherwise Very Good Condition. $40.00

23. David, Henry THE HISTORY OF THE HAYMARKET AFFAIR. New York, Farrar & Rinehart , 1936. 1st edition. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, xii, 579, [1] pages. 21 cm.. Tiny institutional mark on cover, otherwise Very Good Condition. $35.00

24. Heffner, William Clinton HISTORY OF POOR RELIEF LEGISLATION IN PENNSYLVANIA 1682-1913. Cleona, Pa., Holzapfel Pub. Co., 1913. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 302 pages. Very Good Condition. $30.00

25. Jones, Louis Thomas THE QUAKERS OF IOWA. Iowa City, Ia., The State historical society of Iowa, 1914. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 300 pages. 24 cm.. Tiny institutional mark on cover, light wear to cover & blank front end paper, otherwise Very Good Condition. $30.00

26. Maclean, Grace Edith "UNCLE TOM'S CABIN" IN GERMANY. Philadelphia/New York : University of Pennsylvania/D. Appleton, 1910. 8vo, 101 pages. 26 cm. Paper Wrappers. Very Good Condition. $75.00

27. Robinson, James Howard THE GREAT COMET OF 1680 A STUDY IN THE HISTORY OF RATIONALISM. Northfield, Minn., [Press of the Northfield News], 1916. 8vo, vii, 126 pages. 24 cm. Paper Wrappers. Very light wear to cover, Very Good Condition. $75.00

28. Shields, Emily Ledyard THE CULTS OF LESBOS. Menasha, Wis., George Banta publishing company, 1917. 8vo, xviii, 100 pages. Paper Wrappers. Very Good Condition. $100.00

29. Hoffmann, Karl. DIE ANTHROPOSOPHIE RUDOLF STEINERS UND DIE "MODERNE GEISTESWISSENSCHAFT" EIN PRINZIPIELLER VERGLEICH. Giessen, Published by the author, 1928.Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 104 pages. Doctoral Dissertation. Tiny institutional mark on cover, otherwise Very Good Condition. $100.00

30. Och, Joseph von. DER DEUTSCHAMERIKANISCHE FARMER EIN BEITRAG ZUR GESCHICHTE DER DEUTSCHEN AUSWANDERUNG. Columbus, Ohio, The Author, 1913. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, xx, 248, pages. Doctoral Dissertation for Universität Freiburg. Includes 1 map. Tiny institutional mark on cover, otherwise Very Good Condition. $125.00