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1. Bhatti, Anil; & Johannes H. Voigt, editors. JEWISH EXILE IN INDIA 1933-1945. New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors, 2001. Cloth 8vo, 195 pages. ISBN : 8173042373. While a considerable amount of international research on exile and emigration of persecuted Jews from central Europe, to North and South America and other parts of the western world and soviet Union was carried out in 1970s and 80s, almost no scholarly effort had, until now, been directed towards such migration to India. The present volume seeks to fill this gap in some measure. This volume has emerged from contributions by Indian, German, & Israeli scholars from a variety of disciplines presented at an interdisciplinary symposium held at New Delhi and papers invited by the editors subsequently. Untapped sources from British, German and Indian Archives have been analyzed in order to map out the political and social parameters of this emigration movement and its cultural and intellectual interpretations. $40.00 

2. Ahir, D.C., editor. DR. AMBEDKAR ON JEWS AND NEGROES. New Delhi, Bluemoon Books, 1998. Paperback, 21 cm, 30 pages. ISBN: 8187190280. Contents: Preface I. Dr. Ambedkar on Jews and Negroes 1. Slavery in Rome 2. Jews and Servility 3. Negroes and Slavery 4. Slavery and Untouchability 5. Negroes in America 6. Slaves and Untouchables 7. Jews and Untouchables; Conclusion. $30.00

3. Ahmad, Barakat. MUHAMMAD AND THE JEWS: A RE-EXAMINATION. New Delhi : Vikas, 1979. x, 140 pages. Includes maps; 25 cm. ISBN 070690804X. At head of title: Indian Institute of Islamic Studies. Includes bibliography on pages 127-134. Also includes index. Subjects: Muhammad, Prophet, d. 632 -- Relations with Jews. $40.00 

4. Ananda [sic]. HINDU VIEW OF JUDAISM. New Delhi, APC, 1996. Cloth, 8vo, xx, 299 pages. Includes appendices, 23cm. A study in comparative religion from a Vivekanandan perspective. Historical aspects are dealt with and theologies compared and contrasted. $35.00

5. Benjamin, Joshua M. THE MYSTERY OF ISRAEL'S TEN LOST TRIBES AND THE LEGEND OF JESUS IN INDIA. New Delhi, Mosaic Books, 2001.Cloth, 8vo, ix, 150 pages. Includes tables, figures, references, & index. 23cm. ISBN: 8185399573. $30.00

6. Caravella, Miriam Bokser. THE HOLY NAME : MYSTICISM IN JUDAISM. Punjab, India : Radha Soami Satsang Beas, 1989. Cloth, 8vo, xx, 300 pages. 23 cm. Includes index and bibliographical references on pages 283-288. Subjects: Mysticism -- Judaism. Spiritual life -- Judaism. Cabala -- History. $35.00

7. Goodman, Hananya, editor. BETWEEN JERUSALEM AND BENARES : COMPARATIVE STUDIES IN JUDAISM AND HINDUISM. Delhi, Sri Satguru Publications, 1997. Cloth, 8vo, xiii, 344 pages. Includes tables, notes, & index. 23cm. The book stands at the crossroads between Jerusalem and Benares and opens a long awaited conversation between two ancient religious traditions. It represents the first serious attempt by a group of eminent scholars of Judaic and Indian studies to take seriously the cross-cultural resonance among the Judaic and Hindu traditions. The essays in the first part of the volume explore the historical connections and influences between the two traditions, including evidence of borrowed elements and the adaptation of Jewish Indian communities to Hindu culture. The essays in the second part focus primarily on resonance between particular conceptual complexes and practices in the two traditions, including comparative analyses of representations of Veda and Torah, legal formulations of dharma and halakhah and conceptions of union with the Divine in Hindu Tantra and Kabbalah. Contents include: Acknowledgments Preface by David Shulman; 1. Introduction : Judaism and Hinduism: Cultural Resonances by Hananya Goodman; 2. The Love and Hate of Hinduism in the Work of Jewish Scholars by Wendy Doniger Part I : HISTORICAL ENCOUNTERS; 3. Lexical Borrowings in Biblical Hebrew from Indian Languages as Carriers of Ideas and Technical Concepts by Chaim Rabin; 4. Abraham and the Upanishads by David Flusser; 5. Between Jews and Greeks : The Indian Model by Francis Schmidt; 6. A Hindu Response to the Written Torah by D. Dennis Hudson; 7. Yom Kippur : The Festival of Closing the Doors by Shalva Weil Part II : CULTURAL RESONANCES; 8. Veda Torah : The Word Embodied in Scripture by Barbara A. Holdrege; 9. From Dharma to Law by Bernard S. Jackson; 10. Union and Unity in Hindu Tantrism by Elizabeth Chalier-Visuvalingam; 11. Union and Unity in Kabbalah by Charles Mopsik; & 12. Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook and Sri Aurobindo : Towards a Comparison by Margaret Chatterjee Contributors. ISBN: 8170305225 . $40.00

8. Israel, Benjamin J. THE BENE ISRAEL OF INDIA: SOME STUDIES. Delhi, Orient Longman, 1984. Cloth, 8vo, 248 pages. ISBN : 0861314557 The studies in this volume deal with the history and religious evolution, as well as some social and demographic aspects of the Bene Israel, a small community of Jews who have lived for many centuries on the west coast of India, just south of Bombay. The author attempts to analyze its reunification with world Jewry since the eighteenth century, and its strong Indian character in relation to its assimilation in Israel. The number of Bene Israel in India has dwindled over the discrimination and persecution elsewhere, they demonstrate how a minority community can live with honor and in complete harmony with fellow Indians. $45.00

9. Israel, Rachanel Rukmini. THE JEWS OF INDIA : THEIR STORY. New Delhi, Mosaic Books, 2002. Paperback, 25 cm, 82 pages. Includes bibliography & glossary. This book is a simple account of the Jews of India--- the story of their arrival in the country, their religious beliefs and customs, and their integration into Indian society. While addressed essentially to young people, the book will also serve to introduce adult readers to this minutest of Indian 'minorities.' Incidentally, it will also provide young Indian Jews an account of their place in the vast mosaic of Indian society and their significance as an Indian community, despite their small numbers. ISBN: 8190129708. $25.00

10. Katz, Nathan, editor. STUDIES OF INDIAN JEWISH IDENTITY. New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors, 1999. Cloth, 8vo, 203 pages. Includes tables & plates. 23cm. The Seven contributions in this volume analyze the historical, social and religious identity in three distinct communities of Indian Jews: the Cochin Jews, the Bene Israel and the "Baghdadi" Jews. This book is an attempt at 'self definition'. It raises basic questions like-who the Jews of India are, are they Jewish or Indian? It then proceeds to answer them by delving deep into cultural mechanisms by which India's Jews came to define themselves and how they were defined by others. In doing this it explores the conditions by which a group's identity is established and maintained, how it responds to changing conditions and how it anticipates and structures a future. ISBN: 8173040710. $35.00

11. Parasuram, T.V. INDIA'S JEWISH HERITAGE. New Delhi, Sagar Publications, 1982. Cloth, 8vo, xi, 136. Includes plates. 23cm. Contents include: Preface 1. Early Jewish contacts with Kerala; 2. Some Jewish Kingdoms; 3. A new beginning; 4. Jewish merchant princes of Cochin; 5. Back to Jerusalem; 6. The Shingli tunes; 7. The Bene Israel of Bombay; 8. A new Baghdad : Discovery of Calcutta; 9. Attempts to be recognized as "European;" 10. The Ashkenazim or German-Polish Jews; & 11. Summing up. $35.00

12. Ratanshah, Ervad; and R. Motafarm. MYSTICISM AND MYSTIC SECTS AMONG THE JEWS, THE MOHMEDANS AND THE ZOROASTRIANS : A COMPARATIVE STUDY. Mumbai, K.R. Cama Oriental Institute, 1996. Paperback, 8vo, xviii, 157 pages. Includes notes, references, & index. 22cm. $40.00

13. Shenhar-Alroy, Aliza. JEWISH AND ISRAELI FOLKLORE. New Delhi : South Asian Publishers, 1986. Cloth, 8vo, 114 pages. Includes bibliographical references and index Subjects: Jews -- Folklore. Jewish folk literature -- History and criticism. $30.00

14. Silliman, Jael. JEWISH PORTRAITS - INDIAN FRAMES : WOMEN'S NARRATIVES FROM A DIASPORA OF HOPE. Calcutta, Seagull Books Pvt. Ltd., 2001. Cloth, 8vo, x, 198 pages. Includes illustrations, references & index. 23cm. An invaluable cultural document shaped from personal exploration, through the lives of four generations of Baghdadi Jewish women, of a social and cultural history of Baghdadi Jews in Calcutta, India. The author discovers, through the lives of her fore-mothers, how, despite being widely dispersed across Asia, they 'dwelled in travelling', creating a moving geography of Baghdadi Jewish culture. We see how they negotiate multiple identities, including that of emergent Indian nationalism, and how they perceive and shape their Jewishness and their gender in response to changing cultural and political contexts. This book also traces the trajectory of a Jewish presence in one of the most hospitable cities of the Diaspora. These rich family portraits convey a sense of the singular roles women played in building and sustaining a complex Diaspora in what Silliman calls 'Jewish Asia' over the past 150 years. Her sketches of the everyday lives of her foremothers-from the social and political relationships they forged to the food they ate and the clothes they wore-bring to life a community and a culture, even as they disclose the unexpected and subtle complexities of the colonial encounter as experienced by Jewish women. Contents include: Acknowledgements Preface : Narratives of Diaspora; 1. Introduction : Indian and Colonial Frames; 2. Farha : Crossing Borders, Maintaining Boundaries; 3. Mary : Coming Home to the Mound of Olives; 4. Flower : Meeting India at the Midnight Hour; 5. Jael : Indian Portrait, Jewish Frame; & 6. Conclusion : Dwelling in Travelling. Silliman, born into the Baghdadi Jewish community of Calcutta, was educated at Loreto House, a Catholic school in Calcutta, and later at a boarding school in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. A scholarship took her to Wellesley College. She continued her graduate studies at Harvard University and the University of Texas at Austin, and received her doctoral degree in International Education at Columbia University. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Women's Studies department at the University of Iowa. Her publications include the co-editorship of Dangerous Intersections : Feminist Perspectives on Population, Environment and Development and the forthcoming Sex, Race and Surveillance : Feminist Perspectives from the US, as well as numerous articles in the area of gender and economic development, and third world women's movements. ISBN: 8170461987. $40.00

15. Venkateswarlu, D. HUMANISM AND JEWISH AMERICAN DRAMA. New Delhi, Prestige Books, 1990. Cloth, 8vo, 194 pages. 23 cm. ISBN: 8185218196. Attempts to establish a perspective on some of the major themes in Jewish drama and indeed the Jewish literature itself. The Jewish writer wrestles with the traditional stereotypes in order to create an authentic Jew who is to make eventually an enduring metaphor of ever-shifting aesthetic priorities. Includes bibliographical references on pages 185-191. Includes index. Subjects: American drama -- Jewish authors -- History and criticism. Jews -- United States -- Intellectual life. Humanism in literature. Jews in literature. Other titles: American drama. $40.00

16. Yohanan Ben, David. INDO-JUDAIC STUDIES : SOME PAPERS. New Delhi, Northern Book Centre, 2002 . Cloth, 23 cm, vi, 126 pages. Contents include: Introduction. 1. Gandhi and the Zionists (including C.F. Andrews and the Jews). 2. The Jews of India. 3. Art. 4. From the archives. Indo-Judaic Studies has been gathering momentum ever since India and Israel established full diplomatic relations some ten years ago. This book is an important historical contribution to the subject as it contains hitherto unpublished material gleaned mainly from public and private archives in India and Israel. The author presents Mahatma Gandhi and C.F. Andrews in a new light. He traces the "lost" periods of the Bene Israel sojourn in India: their early settlement; the medieval and Moghul periods; and their heyday under the Marathas. The section on art deals with a fabulous collection that contains Indian miniatures and manuscripts taken by Nadir Shah when he took the Koh-i-noor and the Peacock throne. The diary kept by the Zionist emissary to India in 1936, Dr. Olsvanger, is published in full in English translation together with his correspondence with Pandit Nehru. The reader is introduced to the papers of Hermann Kallenbach, Gandhi's soul friend, and gets a peep into Indian and Israeli archives with one document going back to 1826." ISBN:8172111312 $40.00