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eretz-israel.jpg (26053 bytes)1. • (Ginsberg, H. L. ) Haran, Menahem, editor. ERETZ-ISRAEL. ARCHAEOLOGICAL, HISTORICAL AND GEOGRAPHICAL STUDIES. VOLUME 14: H.L. GINSBERG VOLUME. Jerusalem, Eretz-Israel…, 1978. Cloth, 4to, xii, 130, 194 pages. Includes 8 plates. Festschrift for H.L. Ginsberg. Text is in English, French and Hebrew, with 19 essays in English. Summaries in English of the Hebrew essays. Near Fine Condition in Near Fine Dust Jacket (ID #13298) $30.00. 


kaplanenglish.jpg (6568 bytes)2. • (Kaplan, Mordecai M.) Davis, Moshe. . MORDECAI M. KAPLAN: JUBILEE VOLUME ON THE OCCASION OF HIS SEVENTIETH BIRTHDAY. ENGLISH SECTION. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1953. Cloth, 8vo, ix, 549 pages. Includes portrait. 24 cm. Published simultaneously with the Hebrew section. Includes bibliographical references. Articles include: "World Religion and national Religion, " by Leo Baeck; "Bibliography of the Writings of Professor Mordecai M. Kaplan, " by Gerson D. Cohen; "The Teacher in Talmud and Midrash, " by Max Arzt; "Church and state Debates in the Jewish Community of 1848, " by Salo W. Baron; "The Kehillah of New York, 1908-1922, " by Norman Bentwich; "'Outside Books, '" by Joshua Bloch; "Letter and Spirit in Jewish and Roman Law, " by Boaz Cohen; "Kaufman Kohler and Roman Law, " by Smuel S. Cohon; "Osrael Friedlaender's Minute Book of Achavah Club (1909-1912) , " by Moshe Davis; "Prophecy, Wisdom, and Apocalypse, " by Israel Efros; "Judaism as a System of Symbols, " by Louis Finkelstein; "Gleaning in First Isaiah, " by H. L. Ginsberg; "Deuteronomy 23: 8, 9, " by Nelson Glueck; "The First Chapter of Abot de Rabbi Nathan, " by Judah Goldin; "The Song of Songs, " by Robert Gordis; "The Multiplication of the Mitzvot, " by Simon Greenberg; "A Contra Christianos by a Marrano, " by A. S. Halkin; "The Role of Memory in Biblical History, " by Leo L. Honor; "Freedom and Authority, " by H. M. Kallen; "Defining Jewish Art, " by Stephen S. Kayser; "Educational Abuses and Reforms in hanoverian England, " by Cecil Roth; "Yidishkayt and Yiddish, " by Max Weinreich; "Maimonides and Gersonides on Divine Attributes as Ambiguous Terms, " by H. A. Wolfson; & "Sociological Analysis of Israel, " by Benjamin Wolfman. LCCN: 53-7712 SUBJECT: Judaism. Kaplan, Mordecai Menahem, 1881- Near Fine Condition. (ID #13293) $30.00. 

kaplanhebrew.jpg (7439 bytes)3. • (Kaplan, Mordecai M.) Davis, Moshe. . SEFER HA-YOVEL LE-KHVOD MORDEKHAI MENAHEM KAPLAN LE-M'LAT LO SHIVIM SHANAH. HELEK IVRI. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary, 1953. Cloth, 8vo, x, 287 pages. Includes portrait. 24 cm. Published simultaneously with the English section. Includes 17 essays in Hebrew, including (titles translated): "Philosophy and Religion, " by Samuel Hugo Bergman; "The Human Path, " by Martin Buber; "The Story of Hannah and Her Seven Sons in Hebrew Literature, " by Gerson D. Cohen; "Novellae of Solomon ibn-Ardret to the Tractate of Megillah, " by Zalman Dimitrovsky; "Teaching of Patriotism, " by Ben Zion Dinur (Dinaburg) ; "Jewish Communal Life in Yemen, " by Shelomo Dov Goitein; "Why Was Jeremiah Ignored in the Book of Kings? , " by Joseph Klausner; "Peskit de Rav Kahana, Shekalim, " by Bernard Mandelbaum; "On Maimonides' Ethics, " by Simon Rawidowicz; "Mendelssohn's Political Ideas, " by Nathan Rotenstreich; "How to Approach the Study of the Bible, " by Joseph Schaechter; "At the Crossroads (Jewish Education in the 20th Century)," by Zevi Scharfstein; "Philanthropinism and Jewish Education, " by Ernst Simon; "The Problem of Bi-Culturalism and its Relation to Contemporary Jewry, " by Arieh Tartakower; "Language and Phraseology in the Tractate of Aboth d'Rabbi Nathan, " by N. H. Tur-Sinai; & "In Monte Dominus Videbitur: The Martyrs of Blois and the Early Accusations of Ritual Murder, " by Shalom Spiegel. SUBJECT: Judaism. Named Person: Kaplan, Mordecai Menahem, 1881- Near Fine Condition. (ID #13294) $30.00. 

newtrends.jpg (10024 bytes)4. • Ginsberg, Harold Louis. . NEW TRENDS IN THE STUDY OF THE BIBLE. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1968. Paper Wrappers, 12mo, 25 pages. 18 cm. (ID #13291) $10.00. 



otsarlashonhatalmud.jpg (16543 bytes)5. • Kasovsky, Chayim Yehoshua. OTSAR LESHON HA-TALMUD: SEFER HA-MAT'IMOT (KONKORDANTSYA) LE-TALMUD BAVLI. Volumes 2, 3, 20, 21, 22, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 41, & Index only. Yerushalayim: Misrad ha-hinukh veha-tarbut shel Memshelet Yisra'el [Ministry of Education and Culture-Government of Israel and Jewish-Theological Seminary of America], 1954-1982. Cloth, 4to. 28 cm. In Aramaic and Hebrew. Includes Latin title page: "Thesaurus Talmudis; concordantiae verborum, quae in Talmude Babilonico reperiuntur. " Vol. 41, the final volume, is edited by Biniamin Kosowsky. We have available the following volumes: SUBJECT: Talmud -- Concordances. Near Fine Condition. (ID #13296) Price per volume: $20.00 (vol. 41 is $30.00)

otsarlashonhatan.jpg (12113 bytes)6. • Kosowsky, Biniamin. . OTSAR LESHON HA-TANA'IM: SEFER HA-MAT'IMOT (KONKORDENTSIA) LE-SIFRE (BA-MIDBAR, DEVARIM) .Volumes 3, 4, & 5 only. Yerushalayim: Bet ha-Midrash la-Rabanim ba-Amerikah, 1970-. Cloth, 4to. 28 cm. LCCN: 72-953377 "Sefer 'Ba-midbar' `arakhti ve-sidarti `al pi mahadurat Hayim Sha'ul Horovits, Yerushalayim, 726. Sefer 'Devarim' ... `al pi mahadurat Eli`ezer Aryeh Finkelshtain ... Nyu York 729." Includes title page in Latin: "Otzar leshon Hatanna'im; thesaurus "Sifrei" concordantiae verborum quae in "Sifrei" Numeri et Deuteronomium reperiuntur." SUBJECT: Sifrei -- Concordances. Near Fine Condition. (ID #13297) Price per volume: $20.00. 

greek.jpg (8433 bytes)7. • Lieberman, Saul. . SELECTIONS FROM GREEK AND JEWISH PALESTINE; AND HELLENISM AND JEWISH PALESTINE. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1962. Paper Wrappers, 12mo, 25 pages. 18 cm (ID #13289) $10.00. 



jtsa.jpg (11303 bytes)8. • Lieberman, Saul. TOSEFTA KI-FESHUTAH: BE'UR AROKH LA-TOSEFTA. SEDER NASHIM [ONLY]. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1973. Cloth, Large 8vo, 299 pages. In Hebrew. Includes bibliographical references and English title page: "The Tosefta according to Codex Vienna, with variants from Codices Erfurt, London, Genizah Mss. And Editio Princeps (Venice 1521) ; together with references to parallel passages in Talmudic literature, and a brief commentary. " SUBJECT: Tosefta -- Commentaries. Near Fine Condition. (ID #13295) $25.00. 

jtsa-v1.jpg (6105 bytes)9. • Rosenthal, E. S. , editor. PERAKIM: SEFER HA-SHANAH SHEL MEKHON SHOKEN LE-MEHKAR HA-YAHADUT LE-YAD BET HA-MIDRASH LE-RABANIM BE-AMERIKAH. P'RAQIM: YEARBOOK OF THE SCHOCKEN INSTITUTE FOR JEWISH RESEARCH OF THE JEWISH THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY OF AMERICA. VOLUME I [ONLY]. Yerushalayim, Shoken, 1967-68. Cloth, 12mo, 224 pages. 23 cm. In Hebrew, with English title page and table of contents also in English. Includes bibliographical references. Articles include A. M. Habermann on "Poetry as a Preserve of Forgotten Words and Meanings, " Jacob Katz on the "History of the Judenloge in Frankfurt, a chapter in the relations between Jews and Freemasons, " A Mirsky on defining poetry in liturgical literature, J. Katzenstein on Tyre in the El-Amarna letters, I. Tishby on "The Controversy about the Zohar in the Sixteenth Century in Italy, " and Notes by Saul Lieberman. An important scholarly resource. LCCN: 70-955322 SUBJECT: Jews -- History. Judaism -- History. Hebrew literature -- History and criticism. Near Fine Condition. Offered for sale elsewhere at over four times this price. (ID #13292) $25.00. 

amos.jpg (9612 bytes)10. • Spiegel, Shalom.  AMOS VS. AMAZIAH. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1957. Paper Wrappers, 12mo, 62 pages. 18 cm. (ID #13290) $10.00. 



seventhday.jpg (5165780 bytes)11. • Vinaver, Chemjo. YOM HASHEVI`I.THE SEVENTH DAY: A FRIDAY EVENING SERVICE, FOR CANTOR AND CHOIR. New York, Rabbinical Assembly of America and United Synagogue of America, 1946.Cloth, 4to, 80 pages of music. 31 cm. For cantor, soli, mixed chorus (SATB) and organ; romanized Hebrew words. SUBJECT: Synagogue music -- Sabbath services. OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. Near Fine Condition. (ID #13288) $20.00.