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We offer an excellent collection of 235 pre-war photos of one of the centers of Jewish life in Eastern Europe, Lvov (Lviv/Lemberg).

Lvov7.jpg (186262 bytes)Between the world wars, when many of these photos were taken, Jews in Lvov thrived in the professions, trades, journalism, education, and cultural life, despite the difficult economic and international situation and Antisemitic policies of the Polish government. Lvov was the third largest Jewish community in Poland, and Jews composed one-third of the city’s total population of approximately 120,000. Lvov was the home of the Yiddish State Theater and of Martin Buber. The city boasted forty-four synagogues, tens of newspapers and magazines in Hebrew, Yiddish, and Polish, and was an important center of the Zionist movement. Then came the Holocaust...
Lvov1.jpg (292496 bytes)

This collection of original photos, taken between about 1898 and1930,  was printed in the 1970s by the George Landau of the Lvov Government Historical Museum from the original glass negatives then in the Museum's posession. All photos are marked on the rear with the Museum's stamp.

Some photos contain expressly Jewish themes, such at Synagogues and Jewish institutional buildings. Lvov3.jpg (238746 bytes)Others include the names of Jewish merchants or signs in Hebrew or Yiddish. Still others are not obviously Jewish at first glance, but include notations on the rear stating, for example, that the location became the Jewish Ghetto during the Holocaust.

Lvov5.jpg (185082 bytes)In many ways, the photos represent the best of both worlds from a curator's perspective--1st generation crystal clear images made from original negatives (not 2nd or 3rd generation copies), and printed on modern, quality photo paper.

Lvov4.jpg (269400 bytes)In 1992, these actual photos were displayed in the New York region as part of an exhibition entitled, "Lvov: Heartland of the Jewish Past." Copies of the program are available on request.


Lvov6.jpg (197311 bytes)A sampling of  the photos in this collection are reproduced on this page (click on the thumbnail to see a larger version).


Price for the entire collection is $6,000.00

Please contact us to make arrangements for purchase.