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8vo; ISBN: 0881253707. Hoboken, N.J. : New York, N.Y: KTAV Pub. House ; In association with Sephardic House, 1991. Cloth, 8vo, ix, 237 p. ; 24 cm. The Library of Sephardic history and thought; Includes bibliographical references (p. 225-232) and index.; Contents include: 1. EXPULSION: Historical Background, Reactions to the Expulsion, The Sephardic Diaspora, The Expulsion: Why?, Accepting Suffering, Religious Understanding of History; 2. REACTIONS TO THE EXPULSION: Anti-Rationalism and Rationalism, Acceptance and Rebellion, Halakhah, Kabbalah, Kabbalistic Ethics; 3. THE CONVERSOS: The Judaism of the Conversos, Jewish Attitudes Toward the Conversos; 4. RETURN AND RECONCILIATION: Spiritual Struggles, The Western Sephardic Tradition; 5. THE ERA OF SABBATAI SEVI: Philosophy versus Kabbalah, anti-Halakhic Tendencies, Acceptance versus Rebellion, Sabbatai Sevi, Rabbi Moshe Hagiz; 6. THE PROMISED LAND: MAINTAINING A DREAM: Preparing for Redemption in Israel, The Shadarim, Faith and Despair; 7. THE FOLK MIND AND SPIRIT: Rabbi Yaakov Huli, Folk Wisdom and Intellectual Wisdom; 8 MUSAR: ETHICS AND MORAL GUIDANCE: Musar Study and Musar Practices. Musar Teachings, Relationship with Hassidism; 9. ACCEPTANCE AND REBELLION: PRELUDE TO MODERNITY: A New Approach, The Blood Libels in Damascus and Rhodes in 1840; 10. SEPHARDIC HASKALAH: Grace Aguilar: Jewish Spirituality, Eliyhu Benamozegh: Jewish Ethics, Rabbi Israel Moshe Hazan, Rabbi Yehudah Yaakov Nehama: Defending Tradition, Rabbi Henry Pereira Mendes, Traditional Communal Framework; 11: SECULAR SEPHARDIC LITERATURE: Elia Carmona, Angel Pulido, La America, Poetry; 12. RELIGIOUS RESPONSES TO MODERNITY: Attitude toward Secular Education, Rabbi Elilyahu Hazan, Rabbi Reuben Eliyahu Israel, Halakhah and Modernism, Rabbi Benzion Uziel; 13 ISRAEL AND THE NATIONS: Israel and Humanity, Maintaining Uniqueness and Universality, Conversion to Judaism, Zionism; EPILOGUE: Notes, Bibliography Index. New condition, Very Good Condition in Very Good jacket. (sef-8-23-dw)xx.

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