OTKLIKI BUNDA [RESPONSES of the BUND]. Vols I—II. Nrs 1—5. Individual Loose Issues.

Geneve, Item #17811

1909—1911. 2do. Vol I, Nr 1: 36 pages; Vol I, Nr 2: 36 pages; Vol I, Nr 3: 24 pages; Vol II, Nr 4: 32 pages, illustrated; Vol II, Nr 5: 20 pages. In Russian. Russian publication of the Emigre Bund committee. Started in March 1909, ceased with in February 1911. Vol I, Nr 1: a few items translated from Yiddish Bund publication "Shtimme fun Bund", discussion of the Azef affair, report on the 3rd congress of the Jewish socialist democratic party in Galicia; Vol I, Nr 2: accounts of Antisemitism and Jewish emigration from Russia; Vol I, Nr 3: discussion of the national autonomy issue in the program of the Russian Social Democratic Party; Vol II, Nr 4: discussions of national autonomy, status of Yiddish language, Jewish emigration, a list of provocateurs in the party organizations; Vol II, Nr 5: report on the 8th conference of the Bund, obituary to Paul Zinger, founder of the German Social Democratic Party, discussion of Antisemitism in Poland. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide (Harvard U. , Library of Congress, U. Of Illinois, Indiana U. , U. Of Pittsburgh) . All issues uncut in unused excellent condition (RUS-3-159-163) . Price is per issue.

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