Stuttgart And Paris, Item #17817

1904. 4to. Booklet. 16 pages. In Russian. Osvobozhdenie was founded and edited by Peter Struve (1870—1944) , a prominent Russian liberal politician and philosopher. Struve started his political carreer as one of founding members of the Bolshevik party. In 1905 he joined a liberal Kadet (consitutional democrats) party and become one of its leaders. During the Russian Civil war he served as a minister in the White generals' governments of Gen. Vrangel and Gen. Denikin. After emigration from Russia in 1920 edited Russian newspapers in Prague and Paris and thaught at the Universities of Prague and Belgrade. Osvobozhdenie was published in Stuttgart from July 1, 1902—October 15, 1904, and in Paris from October 1904—October 18, 1905. SUBJECT(S) : Russia -- Politics and government -- Periodicals. Account of the Russian-Japanese war. In excellent condition (RUS-2-186) . OCLC lists 21 copies worldwide.

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