KHLEB I VOLIA [BREAD AND LIBERTY]. NRS 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 14, 17

1903—1905. Item #18616

London. 4to. 8 or more pages per issue. Some issues illustrated. In Russian. An Official publication of Russian anarchists. Total of 24 nrs in 21 issues were published. Contents include: editorial "Anarchism and Politics" denying any significance to legal methods of the class struggle: labor unions, parliament, etc (Nr 3) , editorial "On definition of our tactics" with anarchist perspective on Marxist theory (Nr 4) , editorial "On definition of our tactics. Part 2" on tactics of revolutionary terrorism (Nr 5) , editorial "On definition of our tactics. Part 4" on tactics of general strike (Nr 7) , editorial "Peaceful solution or Revolution?" on limits of political upheaval in Russia (Nr 8) , "Open letter to Russian socialist-revolutionaries" with critical coverage of the International socialist congress in Amsterdam in August 1904 (Nr 14) , & editorial in support of peasants' uprisings in Russian countryside (Nr 17) . OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide (Houghton Library at Harvard U, Pennsylvania State U, Brown U, U of South Carolina, U of Wisconsin) . All on fragile newsprint, browned with paper chipping, minor tear and wear otherwise in good condition Price is per issue (RUS-7-935).

Price: $100.00