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8vo. 222 pages. In Hebrew. Hebrew version of "Judaism in Islam" SUBJECT (S) : Islam - relations - Judaism; Judaism - relations - Islam; Koran. Surat al-Bagarah - commentaries; Koran. Surat Al`Imran - commentaries. Katsh (1908-1998) was born in Poland and emigrated to the U. S. In 1925. In 1933, he began teaching at New York University, and over the following three decades taught Hebrew education, culture, language and literature there. In 1957 He founded the National Association of Professors of Hebrew in American Universities, and was elected president of Dropsie College in 1967, where he served until 1976. His scholarship won him many awards and fellowships, including the Jewish Teachers Association of New York's Avodah Award, the Rabbi Kaniel Prize of the Municipality of Haifa, and the first Charles Kramer Research Fellow of the Institute for Jewish Policy Planning and Research of the Synagogue Council of America. Katsh is well known for his studies of Hebrew manuscripts and fragments from Russia and Eastern Europe, his translations, and his essays on Jewish studies in the United States. (EJ) Very good condition. (Katsh-1-17/ 2-5) x13.

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