Paris : J. Bril, 1866. Item #26761

(FT) Cloth hardcover, 21, 24, 40 pages, illustrated, 8vo, 25 cm. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S) : Talmud. Rosh ha-Shanah -- Commentaries. Contains Zekhut adam by David Maroka Martika and Sefer Sha'shu'im by Yosef Zabara. Cover title: Sefer Yen Levanon. Other Titles: Yen Levanon. ; Sefer Yen Levanon. ; Jen Libanon. Brill (1836-1886) was " a pioneer of the Hebrew press in Palestine. Brill left his native Russia in the late 1850s, and after much wandering went to Erez Israel. He married the daughter of Jacob Saphir , and settled in Jerusalem from where he sent reports to Hebrew newspapers in the Diaspora. Together with Joel Moses Salomon and Michael Cohen he established Jerusalem's second Hebrew printing press, and began publishing the monthly Ha-Levanon, the first Hebrew periodical to appear in Palestine. A year later the publication was suspended and Brill went to Paris. There he revived his paper in 1865, first as a biweekly and later as a weekly. After the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71) he moved to Mainz, where he established a Hebrew printing press and published Ha-Levanon as a Hebrew supplement to Der Israelit, the Orthodox German weekly. Ha-Levanon supported the halukkah and the Jerusalem rabbis. A staunch defender of religious tradition, Brill also pleaded the cause of settlement in Erez Israel along the lines attempted by members of the old yishuv, outside the Jerusalem walls, and in Petah Tikvah. After the Russian pogroms of 1881 and the rise of Hibbat Zion, Brill returned to Erez Israel at the head of a small group of Jewish farmers from Belorussia who settled in Mazkeret Batyah (Ekron) . However, he became embroiled in an argument concerning the policy of the agricultural school, Mikveh Israel, and with other settlers and left the country disillusioned. In 1884 he settled in London and began publishing the short-lived Yiddish weekly, Ha-Shulamit. Shortly before his death he revived Ha-Levanon in London, but only 11 issues appeared" (Kressel and Elkoshi in EJ, 2007) . OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (JTS, Univ of Leeds) . Ex-library. Spine repair. Wear to covers. Light staining to some pages. Good condition. (HEB-19-21).

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