Vin, Gedrukt Bai’ Anton Shmid, 1819. Item #27046

(ft) Hardcover, Folio, 200 leaves, 33 cm. 1st edition. In Hebrew. SUBJECT(S) ; Karo, Joseph ben Ephraim, 1488-1575. Yoreh de’ah -- Commentaries. Other Titles: Kereti u-feleti. Eybeschuetz (1690/95-1764) was a “talmudist and kabbalist. Eybeschuetz, a child prodigy, studied in Poland, Moravia, and Prague. In his youth, after the death of his father, he studied in Prossnitz under Meir Eisenstadt and Eliezer ha-Levi Ettinger, his uncle, and in Vienna under Samson Wertheimer. He married the daughter of Isaac Spira, the av bet din of Bunzlau. After traveling for some time he settled in Prague in 1715, and in time became head of the yeshivah and a famous preacher. When he was in Prague he had many contacts with priests and the intelligentsia, debating religious topics and matters of faith with them. He became friendly with Cardinal Hassebauer and also discussed religious questions with him. Through the help of the cardinal, Eybeschuetz received permission to print the Talmud with the omission of all passages contradicting the principles of Christianity. Aroused to anger by this, David Oppenheim and the rabbis of Frankfurt had the license to print revoked. The people of Prague held Eybeschuetz in high esteem and he was considered second only to David Oppenheim. In 1725 he was among the Prague rabbis who excommunicated the Shabbatean sect. After the death of David Oppenheim, he was appointed dayyan of Prague. Elected rabbi of Metz in 1741, he subsequently became rabbi of the “Three Communities, ” Altona, Hamburg, and Wandsbek. Both in Metz and in Altona he had many disciples and was considered a great preacher…Eybeschuetz was considered not only one of the greatest preachers of his time but also one of the giants of the Talmud, acclaimed for his acumen and particularly incisive intellect. Thirty of his works in the field of halakhah have been published. His method of teaching aroused great enthusiasm among the pilpulists, and his works, Urim ve-Tummim on ? Oshen Mishpat, Kereti u-Feleti on Yoreh De’ah, and Benei Ahuvah on Maimonides, were considered masterpieces of pilpulistic literature. To the present day they are regarded as classics by students of the Talmud. They are unique in that the many pilpulim they include are in most cases based on clear, logical principles that give them their permanent value. His homiletic works, Ya’arot Devash, Tiferet Yonatan, and Ahavat Yonatan, also found many admirers. In succeeding generations his reputation was sustained by these works. Since his works were not printed in his lifetime, it is clear that his great influence among his contemporaries must have derived from the power of his oral teaching and from his personality, both of which were highly praised by many writers. Of his books on the Kabbalah, only one was printed, Shem Olam, but during his lifetime Eybeschuetz was considered a great kabbalist...” (Scholem in EJ, 2007) . OCLC lists 13 copies worldwide. Hinge repair. Chipping and wear to cover corners and edges. Stained pages. Good condition. (Heb-30-13).

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