Jerusalem, Magnes, 1973. Item #27180

(FT) Original Publisher’s Cloth. 8vo. 280 pages. Port. 24 cm. In Hebrew with added English title page: “Studies in Literature. ”  CONTENTS: Dovvsarsky, Z. Browse from the first Hebrew play - Dan, Y.. Formation of SW trends that the Ten Martyrs - Hiinin, Y.. King David and the outbreak of ground water - spray, S.. Story, across the river, of MJ Berdichevsky - Browse Abmkoratio Onuchautio - Miron, D. Chapters Mevo L. Guilt of Samaria "- Mirsky, A.. Examples Discussion Poetry Spain - Pagis, D.. 'Drink not to write Einach - Porat, Z.. Jewish Talmud speaks - Pines, S.. Darkness a great light - Finkelstein, A.. A.. Halevy. Interpreting Briita obscure books - Fleischer, H. Poetry and poetry matters. - Cardboard - Blum, R.. The meaning of the titular color singing Yocheved Bat Miriam - Sherman, H.. Ten new songs Yehuda Halevi - Shaked, C.. Seal time - Tishby, Y.. Enlightenment concept of Herman writings assessment Shapiro.  SUBJECT(S) : Hebrew literature, Modern. Aggada. Includes bibliographical references.  Very good condition.  (FEST1-47).

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