Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Press, 1971. Item #27393

Original Publisher’s Cloth. 8vo. Xxvi, 474 pages ills. Facsims. 23 cm. In French, English and German. “Albright (1891–1971) was a U. S. Biblical archaeologist and Semitics scholar. His students include most of the prominent archaeologists of the later 20th and early 21st century in the United States and Israel, among them G. E. Wright, N. Glueck, and B. Maisler (Mazar) . He also trained such eminent biblicists and Semiticists as J. Bright, F. M. Cross, D. N. Freedman, and W. Moran. Albright was the foremost biblical archaeologist of modern times, combining a devotion to evangelical Christianity with a scientific approach to the problems of archaeology and the Bible. ” (EJ) CONTENTS: “William Foxwell Albright: a personal appreciation, ” by Wendell Phillips; “Passive and ergative in Hebrew, ” by Francis I. Andersen; “Altisraelitische Erweckungsbewegungen, ” by Hans Bardtke; “Josua und Retterideal, ” by M. A. Beek; “The identity and date of the unnamed feast of John 5: 1, ” by John Bowman; “Le cadre littéraire de Michée V: 1-5, ” by J. Coppens; “Phoenician elements in Isaiah 52: 13-53: 12, ” by Mitchell Dahood; “Bemerkungen zum Verständnis zweier aramäischer Briefe aus Hermopolis, ” by Herbert Donner; “Isaiah 6: 1 : "his train filled the temple", ” by G. R. Driver; “Die Psalmen als Geschichtsquelle, ” by Otto Eissfeldt; “Textkritisches zu Deuterojesaja, ” by Karl Elliger; “Father and son as terminology for treaty and covenant, ” by F. Charles Fensham; “A re-study of an elephantine Aramaic marriage contract (AP 15) , ” by Joseph A. Fitzmyer; “Zur Einwirkung der gesellschaftlichen Structur Israels auf seine Religion, ” by Georg Fohrer; “The structure of Psalm 137, ” by David Noel Freedman; “Tafel, buch und blatt, ” by Kurt Galling; “Tell el-Kheleifeh inscriptions, ” by Nelson Glueck; “The redaction of the plague narrative in Exodus, ” by Moshe Greenberg; “Scripture and inspiration, ” by Jonas C. Greenfield; “History and cult in the Old Testament, ” by E. Hammershaimb; “Yahweh and Mari, ” by Herbert B. Huffmon; “Elia und das Gottesurteil, ” by A. Jepsen; “The identity of the suffering servant, ” by Arvid S. Kapelrud; “The junctural origin of the west Semitic definite article, ” by Thomas O. Lambdin; “The converse tablet: a litany with musical instructions, ” by W. G. Lambert; “Punic art in Italy, ” by Sabatino Moscati; “Edom and Judah in the sixth-fifth centuries B. C. , ” by J. M. Myers; “The scene on the drinking mug from Ugarit, ” by Marvin H. Pope; “Remarks on the method of comparative mythology, ” by Helmer Ringgren; “The Ugaritic texts and the textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible, ” by Stanislav Segert; “Some reflections on the formation of the feminine in Semitic languages, ” by A. Van Selms; “Amos VI: 13-14 und I: 3 auf dem Hintergrund der Beziehungen zwischen Israel und Damaskus im 9. Und 8. Jahrhundert, ” by J. Alberto Soggin; “Zwei alttestamentliche Königsnamen, ” by J. J. Stamm; “Inscription d'Anam, roi d'Uruk et successeur de Gilgamesh, ” by R. J. Tournay; “Erstgeborene und Levitene : Ein Beitrag zur exilisch-nachexilischen Theologie, ” by W. Zimmerli. SUBJECT(S) : Oude Testament. Oriëntalistiek. Exegese. Old Testament. Festschriften. Bible. O. T. Bible. A. T. Includes bibliographical references. Very good condition. (FEST1-61).

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