Tel-Aviv, Keneset, 1956. Item #27495

Hardcover, 8vo, 398 pages, portraits. In Hebrew. Steinman (1892-1970) was a “Hebrew writer. Born in Obodovka, Steinman was ordained a rabbi, and began to write at an early age, but it took some time before his first stories appeared in print. Steinman pursued literary work and was also a part-time Hebrew teacher in Odessa. He contributed regularly to Ha-Zefirah and worked on translations, which were not published until a later date. During this period, he began to publish long stories, as well as essays and articles. In 1920 he left Russia. During those unsettled times, having been mistaken for the Yiddish writer Baynush Steinman, a rumor was spread of his death, and he was eulogized in the Hebrew daily press and in literary periodicals, as well as in foreign-language publications. Steinman published “Teshuvah le-Maspidai, ” in Ha-? Efirah. Settling in Warsaw, he continued his regular contributions of stories, essays, and articles to Ha-Zefirah and wrote for Der Moment. Steinman founded the monthly, Kolot, which provided a forum for young writers. It was also the first attempt to compare the thought of R. Na? Man of Bratslav and Aaron Samuel Tamares with those of St. Francis of Assisi, Ibsen, and others. During his Warsaw period he published a collection of stories, a novel, a collection of articles, and two Yiddish books of essays and stories on the pogroms against Ukrainian Jews…. In later years he also undertook a massive project designed to make the resources of Jewish culture more readily available by rendering the texts in his own version and adding his own introductory notes and essays. The first book, Be’er ha-Hasidut, was followed by a series of nine books on Hasidism and a collection of hasidic stories, Kankan ha-Kesef. He also wrote Be’er ha-Talmud, on the Talmud” (Kressel in EJ, 2007) . OCLC lists 1 copy worldwide (U of Manitoba) . Hinge repair. Chipping and wear to dust jacket, fragile. Bumped cover corners and edges. Otherwise, good condition. (Hasid-4-15).

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