POLAND FIGHTS. NUMBERS 6 (1941), 10, 18, 19, 20, 70 (Sept 20, 1944)

New York: Polish Labor Group, 1941-1944. First Edition. Item #27499

1941-1944. 1st edition. Very Good Condition; 8vo; 5 issues from the first 3 years of this fascinating bi-weekly support newsletter/magazine started prior to US entry into WWII. Membership and leadership of the Polish Labor Group (later the American Friends of Polish Democracy) was heavily Jewish, and included various American antifascists, Socialists & labor leaders. The masthead includes such names as Robert MacIver (Chairman) , Louis Adamic, David Dubinsky, Algernon Lee, Louis Bromfield, Morris R. Cohen, Fiorello La Guardia, Arthur Garfield Hays, Louis Hollander, Sidney Hook, Max Lerner, Gunnar Myrdal, etc. Some of the articles in this run include: The Underground Struggle; Polish-Jewish Underground Collaboration; German Invaders and Polish Intellectuals; Working people of Poland fights [sic] anti-semitism; Partial destruction of the Ghetto wall; Discussion of Polish Antisemitism; Polish Slavery under Hitler's "New Order"; News from the Ghetto; The Undergroudn Jewish paper against Nazi orders; In a Nazi Concentration Camp [survivor tells about Mauthausen & Dachau]; Jewish Ghetto; The professors of Cracow University in a Concentration Camp; New Criminal Code for Poles & Jews; The Fate of the Polish Intelligensia; The Attitude of the American Jewish Workers; Humor in Occupied Warsaw; The Hell of the Concentration Camp in Oswiecim; Treblinka A Ghetto for Women; Two Jewish Ghettos in One Town; etc. Issues for 1941 are published by American Friends of Polish Democracy. The periodical began June 5, 1941, and ceased publication with vol. 6 no. 87 in June/July of 1946. Vols. 1-2 lack volume numbering, using only the issue number; Volumes 3-6 include volume numbers but continue the issue numbersing scheme from Volumes 1 & 2. (HOLO2-34-74A).

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