Item 5955. Zweites Targum Zum Buche Esther: Im Vocalisirten Urtext Mit Sachlichen Und Sprachlichen Erläuterungen

Zweites Targum Zum Buche Esther: Im Vocalisirten Urtext Mit Sachlichen Und Sprachlichen Erläuterungen

Leipzig; W. Friedrich, 1885. Item #28832

FT) Later Cloth. 8vo. XIV, 74 pages. 22 cm. First Edition. In Hebrew and German. Bound in later black cloth with marbled endpages. Title translates as: “Second Targum of the Book of Esther: the vocalists Original text with professional and linguistic explanations. ” Paulus Stephanus Cassel, “convert to Christianity and missionary to the Jews; born Feb. 27, 1821, in Gross-Glogau, Silesia; died Dec. 23, 1892, in Friedenau, near Berlin. His father was a sculptor, and his brother David was docent at the Berlin "Hochschule für die Wissenschaft des Judenthums. " Cassel studied at the gymnasium at Schweidnitz and at the University of Berlin, where he followed with special attention the lectures of Leopold Ranke. In 1849 he edited in Erfurt "Die Constitutionelle Zeitung, " and in 1850-56 "Die Erfurter Zeitung, " in a royalist spirit. He was baptized May 28, 1855, in Buessleben, near Erfurt, and became librarian of the Royal Library and secretary of the Academy in Erfurt in the following year. He remained in Erfurt till 1859. Frederick William IV bestowed the title of professor on Cassel in recognition of his loyal labors. In 1860 he removed to Berlin, where he was a teacher at a gymnasium for a short time, and occupied himself with literary work. In 1866-67 he was a Conservative member of the Prussian Chamber of Deputies. In 1867 Cassel was appointed missionary by the London Society for Promoting Christianity Among the Jews, a position which he retained till March, 1891. At the same time (1867) Cassel was assigned to the pastorate of the Christuskirche in Berlin, remaining in service for twenty-four years. In a pamphlet published a short time before his death, he complains of the inconsiderate treatment he had received at the hands of his Christian friends (see "Sendschreiben an Freunde in Deutschland und England über die Christuskirche in Berlin und Ihr Martyrium Durch die London Society, " Berlin, 1891) . H. L. Strack confesses that it is not clear what induced Cassel to join the Christian Church, though he contends that Cassel's reasons were obviously not mercenary (see Herzog-Hauck, "Real-Encyc. " iii. 744) . Cassel combated anti-Semitism with considerable warmth (in "Wider Heinrich von Treitschke für die Juden, " Berlin, 1880; "Die Antisemiten und die Evangelische Kirche, " 2d ed. , Berlin, 1881; "Ahasverus, die Sage vom Ewigen Juden mit einem Kritischen Protest Wider Ed. Von Hartmann und Adolf Stöcker, " Berlin, 1885; also "Der Judengott und Richard Wagner, eine Antwort an die Bayreuther Blätter") . … The original text of the Second Targum Cassel published in "Aus Litteratur und Gesch. " Berlin and Leipsic, 1885: "Zweites Targum zum Buche Esther, im Vocalisierten Urtext mit Sachlichen und Sprachlichen Erläuterungen Herausgegeben. " An English translation by Aaron Bernstein was published in Edinburgh in 1888.” (From the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia) . The volume we have is solely that of the “Zweites Targum. ” Subjects: Bible. O. T. Esther -- Criticism, interpretation, etc. Original paper wrapper cover and back page aged, covers very lightly soiled. Near fine condition. (GER-33-37).

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