Rabochaya Partiya, 1908-1912. Item #29250

(FT) Original Newspaper. Folio. First four issues are 12 pages each (36cm) ; remainder are 4-6 pages each (48cm) . In Russian. Title translates to English as, "Truth: Labor Newspaper. " The original Pravda was founded in 1905 by Spilka, a breakaway party from the Revolutionary Ukrainian Party. In October 1908 Leon Trotsky was called in to edit the newspaper and pick it up from its insignificant and run down state. After several issues, the Spilka left the newspaper to Trotsky – the subtitle "Organ Ukrainskago Soyuza 'Spilki' [Organ of the Ukrainian Union 'Spilka'] appears only on the first two issues – who converted it into a Russian social democratic newspaper aimed at Russian workers. The editorial staff consisted of Trotsky and, at various times, Victor Kopp, Adolf Joffe and Matvey Skobelev, who tried to avoid the factional issues that divided Russian émigrés and concentrated on the issues of interest to Russian workers. The newspaper published its last issue on April 23, 1912. CONTENTS OF ISSUES AVAILABLE: No. 3: Pered Pervym Maya [Before May First] -- Rabochie I Dzhaparidze [Workers and Dzhaparidze]. No. 5: Imperializm I Revolyutsiya [Imperialism and Revolution] -- Za Sotsialdemokratiyu [For Social Democracy! ]. No. 6: Tsar I Evropa [Tsar and Europe]. No. 7: Zhelezo I Krov' [Iron and Blood] -- Karl Marks I Rossiya v 1909 g. [Karl Marx and Russia in 1909]. No. 8: Natsional'naya Bor'ba I Edinstvo Proletariata [National Struggle and the Unity of the Proletariat] -- M. Gorkiy I Sotsialdemokratiya [M. Gorky and Social Democracy]. No. 10: Na Partiynuyu Dorogu [On the Party's Path] -- Itogi Antialkogol'nago Syezda [Results from the Anti-Alcoholism Congress]. No. 12 (inc. Supplement) : V 3-ey Dume [In the 3rd Dimension] -- K Mezhdunarodnomu Sotsialdemokraticheskomu Kongressu v Kopengagene [For an International Social Democratic Congress in Copenhagen]. No. 15: BalkanskiyVopros I Sotsialdemokratiya [The Balkan Question and Social Democracy] -- Kooperativy I Sotsializm [Cooperatives and Socialism]. No. 18-19: Za Sotsialdemokratiyu! [For Social Democracy! ] -- Kapitalizm I Revolyutsiya [Capitalism and Revolution]. No. 20: K Vozrozhdeniyu Partiy [To Revive the Party] -- Russkie Rabochie I Evreyskoe Bezpravie [Russian Workers and the Jews Without Rights]. No. 21 (inc. Supplement) : Spasiteli Trona I Altara [Saviors of the Throne and Altar] -- Vneshnyaya Politika Kontr-Revolyutsii [Foreign Politics of Counter-Revolution]. No. 22: Politika ne Zavisit ot Lichnosti [Policy is not Dependent on the Individual] -- Voyna I Internatsional [War and the Internationl]. No. 23: Otkrytoe Pis'mo k Tovarischam "Spilkovtsam" [Open Leter to the Comrades of "Spilka"] -- Tsarizm v Persii [Tsarism in Persia]. No. 25: Lenskaya Boynya I Otvet Proletariata [Lenskaya Massacre and the Proletariat Response] -- Protiv Pogromschikov: Protest Evreyskikh Rabochakh [Against the Rioters: Jewish Workers' Protest]. Non-archival tape to front of No. 1 with some damage to text. Some light wear and closed tears to edges of several issues, but no other loss of text. Good Condition. (RUS-11-12b) . Price is per issue.

Price: $100.00