New York: Doubleday, 1994. Item #32814

Original Cloth. 8vo. XXXI, 720 pages. 24 cm. First edition. Contains the following: Rabbinic literature as a whole. Defining rabbinic literature and its principal parts; Distinguishing documents by distinctive characteristics: rhetoric and topic; Documentary coherence and differentiation: the four logics of coherent discourse in rabbinic literature; The dialectical argument in rabbinic literature - The Mishnah and its exegesis. The Mishnah; The Tosefta; The Talmud of the land of Israel; The Talmud of Babylonia - The reception of Scripture: the three types of Midrash-exegesis in rabbinic literature. Midrash: writing with Scripture ; Mekhilta attributed to R. Ishmael (Exodus) ; Sifra (Leviticus) ; Sifré to Numbers; Sifré to Deuteronomy; Genesis Rabbah; Leviticus Rabbah; Pesiqta deRab Kahana; Pesiqta Rabbati; Song of Songs Rabbah; Ruth Rabbah; Lamentations Rabbati; Esther Rabbah part one - Writing without authors: the sage in rabbinic literature. Rabbinic literature and individual sages: writing without authors; Tractate Abot (the fathers) ; Abot deRabbi Nathan (the fathers according to Rabbi Nathan) - The Targumim. The Targumim in the context of rabbinic literature / Paul V. McCracken Flesher - Conclusion. Rabbinic literature and the formation of Judaism. Subjects: Rabbinical literature - History and criticism. Judaism - History - Talmudic period, 10-425. Fresh in great jacket. Very good + condition. (NEUSNER-2-32).

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